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North Texas Hateriots Attempting Psychological Warfare on Neighbors

Journey - Only The Young

Sturgis 2020 Day 3 Bike Show 80th Annual Motorcycle Rally

Just saw a commercial for Navy Federal Credit Union.

Liquid/Liquid Extraction Kinetics for the separation of Americium and Europium.

So, what if he chooses a White woman?

Will any Bush family member endorse Biden?

Stray Cat Can't Stay Away From Family's House

Nationwide conference: Postponement of the 2020 college football season and all fall sports.

400k deaths by January 20, 2021

Vocal Coach Reacts to Creep Postmodern Jukebox

NEW: Clark County exceeds 800 COVID-19-related deaths with 9 reported in past 24 hours

Wow! Watching "Surviving Jeffrey Epstein" on Lifetime.

Best day for Biden to announce VP?

Saw an Anti-Biden ad on Telemundo

'Evangelicals For Trump' Event In Las Vegas Draws Hundreds Despite COVID-19 Directives

How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Toxic Algae

How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Toxic Algae

There's ALWAYS a tweet.

Hillary Clinton: Biden has 'great choices' for running mate to help defeat 'wannabe authoritarian'

PSA do not have a heart attack upon reading RIP Kamala (not the Senator)

Germany imposes mandatory testing for arrivals from high risk areas

White House wanted tRump to be added to Mt Rushmore!!

'Totally unacceptable': Testing delays force labs to prioritize COVID-19 tests for some, not others

The Unraveling of America -Must Read

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely to win from Safe to Tilt.

South Dakota's governor flattered Trump with a Mt. Rushmore replica including his likeness

Hillary Clinton labels Trump coronavirus executive actions a 'stunt'

WWE Legend Kamala Dies at 70

This is it, right here...

Joe Biden just destroyed one of Trump's biggest attack lines

Protecting yourself?

How to sit down and talk to a trump supporter.

Stock futures slip after Trump signs orders extending coronavirus relief

The Post Office is not a business!

"those who flock to beaches, bars, and political rallies..."

The Trump Pandemic A blow-by-blow account of how the president killed thousands of Americans.

LOL: The ties that bind Trump's debate team members:

This could be the USA in less than 90 days. A dictator who won't leave and uses secret police servic

Trump is fighting the wrong war

Swan outlines how easy it will be for Democrats to win Trump's game of chicken on the COVID

After White House reporters bow out of covering Mike Pence trip, Pence taps Some Guy to fill in

NY governor calls Trump benefits executive order 'laughable'

Cultural appropriation

Glamrock's Big Adventure w/The Mighty Zeppelin w/pics

Every American should be livid that tRump is purposefully ruining the USPS

Primary Partially Suspended: Here's What We Know About the Chaotic Situation at the Polls in PR

Let's get our VP betting pool going!

It's trolling us with tweets

yes they are sabotaging the Post Office

Oh Damn

Twitter and TikTok explore merger as Trump ban looms

TikTok: Trolling CDC Trolls

Man Broke Jaw of 72-Year-Old Partially Disabled Veteran in Spat over Mask: Police

Collective narcissism

Math is hard - The GOP

grateful dead - shakedown street (live-1991) can't believe it's already 25 years ...


Dixieland Delight LOUDEST EVER Alabama vs Missouri 10-13-18

Trump's wall no longer needed

Collective narcissism as it relates

John Cornyn on Ebola vs COVID-19

The Van!

Dogs for Biden

As of midnight tonight

Has anyone seen Joe Biden's plane?

Bill Barr tells Fox News anti-fascist liberals are 'fascistic'

Stonecutter running double trouble on the locust fork of the black warrior river !

The Rev. Al Green

The GOP is using Kanye West

It tweeted about Scaramucci's unflattering appearance on faux nooz I think

Donald Trump says he should be on Mount Rushmore

I missed Fucky Todd this morning, and just saw him this evening. . .

How much fun to sing is this! Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

You're Invited: Stopping Pandemics Virtual Event with Dr. Fauci (National Geographic)

I'm sure someone has already commented on this, but I'm still steaming.

Too Late For Us Now

You think you know, but you are never quite sure

Tony Iommi, FOR THE WIN

If egos drink and drugs had not wrecked it all, Black Sabbath was ready

I know my cred will slip exponentially, but I love this Bee Gees tune!

Is anyone paying attention to Cori Bush in Missouri?

Pleased to discover Endeavour has been recommissioned

Glamrock started it......Three Dog Night - Try a Little Tenderness

Rage against the Revival

Bolivia's Regime Mobilizes Far-Right Paramilitary Groups

For those that are into science and space.........Where is Perseverance .............

Maybe it's time for one of those tests trump took

The most dangerous man in America....


Rob Everyone! That's the goal.

Top 5 NCAA conferences talking about no fall football


Police Officer Accidentally Shot Suspect After Getting Accidentally Tased by Deputy: Cops loony tunes....

Anyone Paying Attention to Dr. Cameron Webb in VA-05?

Question - Coalition for Black Candidates?

Youngbloods - Get Together

That means there could be 5 other habitable planets besides earth....

If only John Bolton had testified.......

Come and get your love baby!

Epic ending to an epic record as far as I'm concerned...

What exactly is this buzzards job requirements?

At Least 97,000 Children in the U.S. Tested Positive in Last 2 Weeks of July

I Wonder - Blind Melon

Personally, I prefer this theory...

I Wonder - Humble Pie ..... So so sick! Steve Marriot at his penultimate best!

Eddie Condon - Jazz at the New School - I Want to Be Happy

Wah Wah - Live!

Maybe The 1% Could Use Some Of Their $50 Trillion

Watching Erin Brockovich, and getting an ATITUDE!

Tree planting initiatives need buy-in from all the stake holders - Case in point...Pakistan

Pack your bags for vacation!

It's getting hard to find humor these days,

Oh Lord...

Don't Stop Me Now

@Endeavour on Masterpiece, CH 22, MPT, 1 a.m.

Hate to post classic rock radio staples, but this Bowie tune is just so great.

Always wanted to do this extended version....

Golden Brown

The most expensive car wash....both outside and inside!


Nuther great 22-20's tune... Such A Fool

Wynton Marsalis - Tribute to Louis Armstrong.

Bill Gates: Wouldn't have predicted US would do so poorly handling pandemic

Little Feat w/Emmylou Harris & Bonnie Raitt! Dixie Chicken!

Louis Armstrong - ST. Louis Blues

Cute compilation of animals kissing others

Sobering U.S. pandemic statistics from Sunday.

The only thing we know for sure about trump

Short & Curlies

Louis Armstrong - Germany - 1959 - Basin Street Blues

Repost cause this Stones tune is just fucking great!

America has no welfare state -- but we sure have a warfare state

The White House reportedly quashed part of an intelligence report that showed Russia is helping...

TB Sheets

Republican strategist says he can't believe GOP Senate is going along with Trump unilaterally...

Into The Mystic live!

Sidney Bechet - Sweet Georgia Brown

Louis Armstrong - Up a Lazy River

Lily, Rosemary & The Jack of Hearts

Van Morrison and The Band - Tura-Lura-Laural

California's public health director resigns amid questions about coronavirus test data

Eight Black Congress/Senate Hopefuls - Come and Learn More About Them

Sen. Blumenthal: Declassify Chilling Foreign Interference Report - MSNBC

For those who can't count...

The Band - Acadian Driftwood

Too Silly for GD

Michael Brown was killed six years ago in Ferguson.

Robert Reich tweet on Big Pharma and COVID-19

Really American video - Surviving Epstein

After a White man repeatedly erased girl's 'Black Lives Matter' chalk drawing, neighbors rally

trump lying about Dems wanting to continue relief bill negotiations

Tahoe father implores tourists to stop visiting after son falls critically ill

As Biden mulls VP choice, women's groups mobilize proactively to counter sexist, racist attacks

Mix of: Metheny, Kossinskaya, Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer, Cann, Glasper

tweet on trump screwing the pooch

Hindemith: 'Harp Sonata' from 2 artists...

School District in Georgia Says Requiring Masks Is Impractical. But Enforces a Lengthy Dress Code

Foo Fighters with Tony Joe White 'Polk Salad Annie', on David Letterman

White House "concocted a positive feedback loop" to trick Trump into thinking he's doing a good job

Lawrence Wilkerson Walks Bill Maher Through Worst Case Scenarios if Trump Loses This Fall

US records under 50,000 new cases for 1st time in 6 days

Pat Timmons-Goodson running for Congress in North Carolina

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new national security law

Why most parents shouldn't home school

Breakfast Monday 10 August 2020

DeathSantis will be interviewed this morning at 8 AM by Clay Travis about college football.

TRANSITION CRISIS Getting from November to January

India's Population Control Plan looks like it would make Poverty Worse

MLB postpones Cardinals' series against Pirates after more test positive for Covid-19

Trump suggests some states may 'pay nothing' as part of unemployment plan

Facebook Fired An Employee Who Collected Evidence Of Right-Wing Pages Getting Preferential Treatment

Online underground music listening party on the first Friday night of every month

'The Lord' Created Executive Orders, Proclaims White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro

Dispatches from 2120 Imagines D.C. a Century From Now

The White House reportedly quashed part of an intelligence report that showed Russia is helping the

Monday TOONs - Small Comfort

NBC Head Reportedly Floated Nicolle Wallace to Replace Chuck Todd on 'Meet the Press'

Damning supercut of Trump's failed COVID predictions as US passes 5 million infections

Alternative to the USPS for voting by mail in my state

This is what happens in a tie.

Don Winslow Films - #ConsequencesForTrump

Jimmy Carter says, "that's ok, I've got 'em. Thanks, though."

8/9/20 Peter Navarro: Trump is 'hardest working president in history'

Fox News clip discredits talking point of right-wing radio

I had an important realization this weekend:

Chicago police return fire as looters hit Mag Mile, smashing windows and confronting officers

What has Trump and/or Pompeo said about Belarus?

Chicago police return fire as looters hit Mag Mile, smashing windows and confronting officers

Some inspiration at the start of another well-being destroying week

The ads must start now, and continue through Nov. 3 how republicans are destroying Social Security

Drive the plastic highway? How a California company's innovative repaving process could lead to the

A strategic suggestion:

Nature: Marine Heatwaves May Push Fish As Far As 2,000 Km In Search Of Temps Cool Enough To Survive

This is brilliant...

The Ravings of Mad King Trump

Not any big news

The Rundown: August 10, 2020

As Ohio Coal/Nuclear Scam Collapses, Pure Absurdity And Corruption Emerge W. Details

Bill Gates says U.S. testing problems are 'mind-blowing'

You're taking a Monday morning pop quiz. Meanwhile, in the class next door ...

The lies our textbooks told my generation of Virginians about slavery

Tanker Grounded Near Mauritius Has Already Leaked 1,000 Tons Of Oil; May Break Apart Completely

Strange - Kasich to speak at Democratic Convention.

Lieu:with conservative control of Supreme Court, WH & Senate, the House can't stop voter suppression

Tom Tomorrow: "Any parent will tell you, children NEVER come home sick from school!"

Nuke 'em all. Let God sort them out.

Touched A Nerve? Trump Flips Out After Anthony Scaramucci Delivers Warning On Fox News

Hmm what "historical mission" do Drumpf's Ukrainian friends think he's going to fulfill?

Brent Terhune wants to put trump on Mount Rushmore

When do you think the pandemic "turning point" will be?

Republicans called her videos 'appalling' and 'disgusting.' But they're doing little to stop her.

Walter Shaub on what Trump's re-election platform amounts to

Why GOP Senators Are Sticking With Trump -- Even Though It Might Hurt Them In November

Rachael Ray and husband safe after Sunday night fire at home in Lake Luzerne

Captive beluga whales released into Iceland sea sanctuary

Lawsuits against superspreader events

"Biden is against God"

I gave Stephanie Ruehle one chance to tell the truth about Dipshits cocktail napkin EOs

It tweeted

Will Cars Rule the Roads in Post-Pandemic New York?

Two billion Christmas cards are sent each year in the US.. huh go figure

"Communist Greenville, SC"

I did it again

Be Prepared.

I Am the C.E.O. of Uber. Gig Workers Deserve Better.

If Trump continues to say that Joe Biden hates God,

9:06 AM: Director of California's health department abruptly resigns

Cartoon: If Biden Wins By Clay Jones -August 10, 2020 9:00 AM

Did you know?

Nearly 100,000 Children In U.S. Tested Positive For COVID-19 In Last 2 Weeks Of July

This is a "news" organization that beams false equivalencies to there fucking moron masses

I'm watching NIKOLA (Please see my post #3)

Trump dupes the press (great article on Judd Legum's website)

China sanctions 11 US citizens including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

Mary Trump: I used to think McConnell greatest traitor since Robert E. Lee. Barr has proven me wrong

"No one has been tougher on Russia than me". Donald J Trump

The government of Lebanon will step down today for its role in the

People Continue Roasting The Pandemic With Hilarious Jokes And Here Are 30 Best Ones This Week

Another post from me on mail in ballots.. (I know I am harping)

Election Threat Update for the American Public: This information is being released for the purpose o

After 150 days of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the best- and worst-performing stocks

Self imposed Apocalypse Rules

A poem for Michael Brown

Trump's Racist Appeal To The Suburbs Is Backfiring

looking for a pointer to the vid of trump v trump from the chris wallace interview....

Adam Rahuba (fake flag burning at Gettysburg) put Ben Shapiro's name on fake Antifa site

GOP senator subpoenas FBI over Russia, defends Biden probe

Schools mull outdoor classes amid virus, ventilation worries

So, I wonder about things like:

84 days?

MSNBC: Biden could announce VP choice as soon as today

Chicago Shootings and Looting: PD describes social media posts encouraged looting.

'Yo Semite' T-Shirts Sell Bigly At Jewish Museum After Trump Gaffe

1 out of every 2,000 Americans alive at the start of the pandemic has now died with COVID.

Don't Take Your Guns To Town

Former WWE wrestler James 'Kamala' Harris dies at 70

Wow. If these are the public records, imagine how damning the FOIAs will be later.

Dreams, do you have them?

Winter is coming: Why America's window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19 is closing

If there is no order in the streets, there is no freedom or democracy.

You raised $2,905.00 on August 9, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Tennessee lawmakers convene for special session on Monday


Knockin' on Heavens Door

Paula Reid (CBS) brings it again:

Major explosions reported in Baltimore, with possible casualties

Chiisana Te No hira - CLANNAD - The Palm Of A Tiny Hand - Lyrics and Translation


Since there's been some discussion of MSNBC reporters and on air personalities...

So I Hear Biden Loses His Train Of Thought From Time To Time Just Like Me

Moderna Clinical Trial numbers show there is "no way" vaccine will be ready by election day, per CNN

U.S. Attorney General Barr says the left wants to tear down system

Some good news....Homeboy Industries

The rigged election and crackdown in Belarus orchestrated by gvt trump takes orders from

Just Curious...

What if Biden picks Zaphod Beeblebrox?

The Flying Train (1902) MoMA FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP

What if Joe Biden picks a younger version of Joe Biden...

Welcome to Nashville, Where We're Just Realizing There's a Pandemic

How bad is COVID-19 in Arkansas? Bad. And teachers are worried.

Portland police arrest a hate crime survivor and Wall of Moms organizer in crackdown

See what I have to put up with - said the murderous Con on Friday

"President T" trending on Twitter, after Trump calls himself that in tweet attacking Ben Sasse

My 79 year old husband gets his meds in the mail. So you fuckers can't fuck with it!

George Conway tweet. If that trumpster still had a soul, this would shrivel it

ACLU Tweet: BREAKING: We're calling for the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security.


Jared Yates Sexton on the Evangelical Right, white supremacy, theocratic fascism & Bill Barr

Yes, Trump is incompetent. But he's becoming alarmingly good at corrupting the government.

600 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 4 deaths

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Unveils New Coronavirus Relief Plan

Howard Fineman suggests the perfect eternal-flame memorial for the Trump presidency, since Rushmore

How to mail in your ballot

Every Day I Lose Respect For People That I've In The Past Respected.....

My usual morning thought


MSNBC: Big Ten Cancels Football

Chicago mayor warns criminals: 'We are coming for you'

Sen. Johnson (R-WI) and Russian disinformation, a long thread

Happy National Book Lover's Day!!

China imposes sanctions on US senators over Hong Kong

"They would steal the dimes off your dead grandmother's eyes."

On this day, August 10, 1984, "Red Dawn" was released.

Lebanese PM to resign after more than a third of cabinet quits

The Trump Pandemic

Ian Anderson has a birthday today.

U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump

Jackie Chan Kung-Fu montage

'I felt like my chest was on fire': Photo shows Dallas police officer shooting protester with pepper

The World's first VR and AR laptop

Trump pretends he has saved the economy while the country's misery deepens

The View from the Tenderloin


trump pressured the ODNI to delete part of a report that concluded Russia aimed to help Trump

Bill Gates: America Offers The Most Worthless COVID-19 Test Results In The World

Trump's voter suppression effort has devolved into farce

Is there a limit on how much can be converted to Roth?

How much has this stock market rise cost us?

What Is Important To The American People-The Destruction Of USPS?Destruction of Medicare & Social...

Swan outlines how easy it will be for Democrats to win Trump's game of chicken on the COVID stimulus

Exhausted? Top Therapists On Fighting 'Pandemic Fatigue'

Stop saying (or believing) that virologists are going to push an unsafe, ineffective vaccine.

Jeff Tiedrich nails Trump's America: "traitors writing foreign policy, thieves writing economic

Lawmakers demand removal of Postmaster General DeJoy over 'nefarious' efforts to destroy the USPS


Senator Markey FTW. Wow!

Moderna To Charge $32-$37/Dose For Covid Vaccine Developed Entirely With Taxpayer Money

How Many Believe Pence Will Not Be On The Ticket?

I just emailed Susan Collins about Trump's attacks on the USPS and SSI/Medicare

Jeet Heer: Reportedly Falwell Jr. boasted about his sex life & large dick to his colleagues & showed

My favorite Bible story

Who Was Behind the Largest Mass Arrest in U.S. History?

To be undecided in this election

Typhoid Louie Gohmert has a ""Special Gift"

As Trump falters, Democrats and Biden eye an elusive prize: Texas

So CNN, with John King, is pushing that the theme that African Americans are "demanding" that

Trump's Latest Executive Orders: Head Fakes and Head Games

'You're the real loser': Scaramucci fires back at Trump over botched handling of coronavirus

Governor DeSantis, your state just set a record......

Dana Goldberg interviews Mary Trump

Antonio Banderas Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis As Spanish Star Celebrates 60th Birthday

Trying to keep up with current news

The arrest of 33 Russian mercenaries amid election chaos in Belarus is testing Putin's patience

'Angry' Michigan Trump voters want 'this nightmare to end' in November

Catholic schools in Massachusetts face wave of closures

Here's how Trump is driving millions of American seniors into poverty

Blumenthal calls classified briefing on Russian interference "absolutely chilling"

85 days out. Now is a great time to 2x check your voter status

Trump on executive orders: the early years

Stephen Hahn, F.D.A. Chief, Is Caught Between Scientists and the President

Trump's schedule, Monday, August 10, 2020

Anyone have experience with hellebores?

Lincoln's mail included advice, warnings and a call to shoot deserters

GA Gov Kemp (former GA SOS who ran his own "election") chief of staff was an ES&S Lobbyist

If Trump loses two more states it's 'ballgame over': AP reporter

Climate change: Satellites record history of Antarctic melting

Ugh! Power company decided to do maintenance in the middle of a hot August day

'It's outrageous': Belarus election result sparks night of defiance and violence

Cooking covid stats in Florida

A fence goes up in Chicago after the mayor scolded residents gathered at Montrose Beach

Who do you want Biden to pick for Veep?

Re: The US Mail....I had an interesting convo with an "Expeditor" on the dock the other day...

Nigerian singer sentenced to death for blasphemy in Kano state

Trump just announced he'll deliver his RNC acceptance speech at Gettysburg or the White House

Just got caught in the mail-slowdown?

Why we washes our patties, junior ...

Just got a Convention goodie box...

Sources: Big Ten votes to cancel football season; no games for Michigan, Michigan State in 2020

Former Aide Confesses to Killing State Senator

TikTok : Put a Finger Down -- Political Spectrum Test

Fox's Ainsley Airhead SHOCKED That Children Can Get Coronavirus Infections

The Twit tweets: "We have narrowed the Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, to be delivered...

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/10/20

It's Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump.

The real reason for these pressers - Molly Jong-Fast tweet.

The Defense Secretary is a coward, backtracks to appease trump.

Just watched a press briefing by the blonde wonder.

Winter is coming: Why America's window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19 is closing

Trump's Social Security payroll tax holiday is the first shot in a class and generational war

Choco JC

Walter Shaub tweet - Appalling abuse of power

Thousands gather at Smash Mouth concert despite coronavirus pandemic

Alan Lictman Has Made His 2020 Presidential Prediction

Why white people must support Black Lives Matter

Our GOTV efforts MUST include masks!!

Really American ad - Dictator Trump

His statement about what he will do to the payroll deductions if reelected must be...

Trump's executive orders are confusing and unconstitutional -- and likely to hurt his own voters.

Abby Broyles (OK-SEN candidate) injured in a hit and run

Minnesota nonprofit with $35M bails out those accused of violent crimes

Monday's swarm of quakes on San Andreas fault being scrutinized by scientists

Natasha Bertrand tweet - Ron Johnson

Trump might give acceptance speech at Gettysburg: "Four whores and seven NDAs ago..."

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump's executive actions are 'a lot different' from Obama's

going through some old music, I forgot all about the gem. very timely...

Middle Age Riot on Devin Nunes

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was opposed by 60% of residents. Here's why the city approved it.

Gov. Hutchinson signs order allowing absentee voting in Arkansas

Joe: I promise you that as president, I will never put politics over the care of our nation's vetera

Message for the Day

It wants its college football

How McKinsey Is Making $100 Million (and Counting) Advising on the Gov't Bumbling Coronavirus...

The 'Blue Shift' Will Decide the Election

Bill Barr is a bloated idiot

I brought home two blueberry pies after the boys got to them

It tweeted

Trump Goes After Sasse After He Decries Executive Actions As 'Unconstitutional Slop'

In the Hamptons, the Rich Are Buying Up Quarantine Mansions for the Whole Family

Trump To Vance: I Would Prefer A Civil, Not Criminal Subpoena

Cartoons 8/10/2020

Trump plans to give his acceptance speech at the site of Lincoln's greatest address, the ...

Here's How Exploding Stars Forged The Calcium in Your Teeth And Bones

Extreme poverty rises and a generation sees future slip away

Col. Kuhdufus Is Committing Election Fraud

States on hook for billions under Trump's unemployment plan

DUer running for office needs DU support, please

A damaging derecho is taking aim at Chicago with widespread wind gusts of 80 to 100 mph.

Trump's Orders on Coronavirus Relief Create Confusion

I just love this game...

Democrats Hold Edge as Battle for Senate Majority Becomes 'Knife Fight'

Dolt45 wants to give his acceptance speech from the Gettysburg battlefield?

Here's a really fun thing to fantasize about

Do we even need the Republican Party? - Jennifer Rubin

Larry Kudlow seems to be confused about Trump's executive orders in cringeworthy interview

What's the last thing Trump's kids tell him, when he's lying in his deathbed?

Lebanese PM steps down after Beirut blast, public anger

Heavy winds in Iowa

About people who have supposedly great track records of predicting elections

So, obedience training is going well...

Guy with a talky cat

Hey DUers! Let's see your masks!

CDC Ad Sirius radio: Limit your news and social media consumption. No link found yet

1 dead, 4 rescued after gas explosion levels Baltimore homes

A couple of quotes of Winston Churchill: ( Trump trolls---look him up)

So Long, and Thanks for All the (Swedish) Fish

A damaging derecho is taking aim at Chicago with widespread wind gusts of 80 to 100 mph.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Great article about effects of Covid 19 on young athletes

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound

Oh Dear. Dogs in love.

2nd College Football Player Describes Extended Complications from Covid

Thank you Skinner

On this day, August 10, 1927, Jimmy Martin was born.

Black Female Federal Officer in uniform, racially profiled by white police officer in Alabama

These dogs are trained to sniff out the coronavirus

There are two types of dogs (Twitter)

Wasn't Nero a fat blond?

Vanderbilt: New analysis shows areas with masking requirements also have slower growth in COVID-19 h

25 Rules of Disinformation

Attacking a worker who's enforcing mask rules is now aggravated battery in Illinois

I decided to start posting some of my old art journals

Seven Days Underground Democratic Underground had its official launch on Inauguration Day, January 2

Markets up so why, if

Twenty years on, a thank you to Skinner, EarlG & Elad

GOP Chair Who Called Mail Voting 'Fraught With Danger' Voted by Mail 22 Straight Times

After eliminating Charlotte and Jacksonville as potential sites for his acceptance

E. Jean Carroll: (Trump) now has deadlines to provide a DNA sample & to sit for a deposition in....

Republicans Go All-in on Kanye West Campaign as a Way to Sink Joe Biden

What a Samurai vs. Mongol Battle Really Looked Like

Perspective on Covid deaths in the US. In a little over 5 months, more than 166,000 fellow citizens

Ohio accepts plan for $300 in federal unemployment aid

Opinions: Trump's inadvertent tax hike

It appears Walt Starr got the final laugh.

Begin Japanolgy theme NHK

Why Trump won't be able to fix November's election: It won't be close

Students, Landlords Overwhelmed As Wash U Restricts On-Campus Housing Options

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure; Morristown, NJ; August 10, 2020

A reminder from Al Franken- GRU paid facebook in rubles for anti-Hillary ads in 2016

Shocking video shows boy, 8, with special needs being HANDCUFFED at his elementary school

New Zealand passes 100 days with no new local cases of COVID/coronavirus

It's TOMORROW!!! U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

An old desktop MAC--how can I make use of it?

I got into the whiskey

Trump lawyers keep up fight against tax records subpoena, plan new legal move

Rescue Pug Helps His Veteran Mom Go Back To College

I am so happy for these beautiful creatures

There's a press conference scheduled for 5 pm (Trump wants to speak to press)

Blast from the past - Louie Gohmert ...

Tornado warning Chicago!

there is some troll posting a GBCW OP in Announcements

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Linked To Autism In Babies, Study Says

I am so confused, I get the market and the economy are different

Germany's Maas confronts Pompeo over pipeline threat

Next few mornings ... Perseids peaking ☄️

More than 80 students quarantined in Tennessee county after exposure to COVID-19 at school

Wait, wait the Con is pressuring Dems?

Word of the Day: Derecho (Long-Lasting, Significant Windstorm)

Antonio Banderas Tests Positive For Coronavirus on 60th Birthday

Next coronavirus peaks will 'by far' exceed the current one, expert warns

What's the deal with Trafalgar Group polls?

DEADLINE: Trump now has deadlines to provide a DNA sample & to sit for a deposition in my case.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 10, 2020

Turkey Flexes Military Muscle in Maritime Feud With Greece

Lukashenko has launched a full out war on innocent protesters using armed military, grenades, and le

Citrus Flavoring Is Weaponized Against Insect-Borne Diseases

The circle is closing in.

E.P.A. to Lift Obama-Era Controls on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas

The GOP has filed a lawsuit against the State of Rhode Island

Portland Medics Arrested and Injured in Protests Say They Were Specifically Targeted by Police

Among possible 2020 voters who have turned 18 since 2016, Biden leads 94-6

The GOP has filed a lawsuit against the State of Rhode Island

Paul Krugman: Trump's Executive Orders Are The Hydroxychloroquine Of Economic Policy

Lawd, we really are F**KED.

'The Lord and the Founding Fathers created executive orders,' says Peter Navarro in defending Trump

The Handmaid's Tale, circa 2020

A picture is worth a thousand words (Contest)

revolution #1

ACLU calls for dissolving of Department of Homeland Security

On this day, August 10, 1928, Jimmy Dean was born.

Annoying YouTube feature:

Why the about face from the Big Ten? Myocarditis has been found in at least five conference athletes

Georgetown Poll: Trump Eroding Support On Economy, big challenges on Indies, Suburbs, Middle Class

GOP senator: 'I hope' pandemic stimulus talks fail -- so the government doesn't spend more money

It's all fun and games until the cat accidentally opens a portal to another dimension (Twitter)


Planet Ceres is an 'ocean world' with sea water beneath surface, mission finds

Trump's New Executive Order Could Gut Social Security

Have a look & LISTEN to this gal.

Op-Ed: Trump just made another huge and illegal power grab. Be very alarmed

GOP senator: 'I hope' pandemic stimulus talks fail -- so the government doesn't spend more money

Ha! Why did drumpf get taken out of his presser?

Someone approached the Con at the podium and he just walked away

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Kamala Harris Did What She Had To

Shooting Outside WH - Potus just was ushered from WH briefing room mid-briefing.

I bet Dump that he was being arrested for a brief moment.

There was a shooting, the fucking moron is saying.

How Do You Know China's Latest Sanctions Are Just KABUKI THEATER?

Someone shot by SS on WH grounds

Okay, who had a Lake Michigan tsunami on their 2020 Bingo card?

Okay, who had a Lake Michigan tsunami on their 2020 Bingo card?

will be glad when Veepstakes side show is over

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 33

Unique kitten surprisingly relaxed during car ride

William Shakespeare: Legendary Wordsmith, Globe Theatre; Va. Descendant Assn. Brandon

I'm concerned. Trump, GOP have no interest in a new deal & unemployment insurance

What Trump's executive order on payroll taxes reall means

Lying With Statistics.

Trump corrects himself about the new fence around the White House

were shots just fired at Wh,while I was emailing

4 Texas Republicans Write Unhinged Letter to AG About God-Given Rights

He is stark raving mad

A private flight from South Bend to Wilmington, Delaware, landed an hour and five minutes ago.

Do-It-Yourself Contact Tracing for 1.3 Million: A Union Jumps In

Raving Mad Things Magat Could Do In Public That The GOP Would STILL Ignore

Why republicans are okay

Joe: Bristol Bay is no place for a mine -- our administration decided that in 2014.

"Wing Ding" from The Lucy Show, circa mid-1960's

The possibility of a foreign entity swaying election by absentee ballots is ludicrous

Ha ha,......faux noise has him in a nice flesh color.....MSNBC??? They've got the

Trump just said the Spanish Flu (1918) ended WW ll

Secret Service shot someone outside the White House, President Trump said

"It's probably treason"

Frankly I dont need to post shit,,,

"Even on Gililligan's Island ..."

Trump claims, erroneously, that Virginia sent out half-a-million incorrect ballot applications ...

Putin is Trump's daddy figure.

Do Trump and his team realize that these press conferences are not working for him?

Who'll Stop The Rain

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; August 10, 2020

HOFer Paul Waner was asked how would he know if he was too old to play anymore.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are expected to win in 2020.

Tiny Hairless Baby Chipmunks Grow Up To Have The Cutest Stripes

Its not both sides "bickering"

Post presser

Sherrod Brown is the only person in America whose hair looks better now than before COVID19

"Please wash your hands"

Ok. I'm listening to this shit show 1 hr late. One song keeps banging in my head.

Death vs Macho...


Drunk Florida Man drives lawnmower on the highway

Heart condition linked with COVID-19 fuels Power 5 concern about season's viability

Actually I trust Trump's ideas!

Trump WeChat ban 'an unwelcome signal' for Chinese community


Republican U.S attorney's general: A bad bunch

Van Jones said Biden will lose if he doesn't pick a black VP.

Medieval solutions to violence in America...

Worried About Mail Delays? Here are Four Ways to Safely Cast Your Ballot Without USPS

trump REALLY just said the 1917 pandemic (it was 1918-1920) resulted in the end of WWII...

Florida reports record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations