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Archives: April 9, 2020

The primary is over and we are onto the GE.

We all need a little Christmas, right this very minute.

"The president's pathology is endangering not just institutions, but lives."

U.S. Death Toll Tops 14,000: CNN

A Natural Coronavirus Experiment Is Playing Out In Kentucky And Tennessee

Joe Biden: " "I'd much prefer to have on -- you know, in-person voting, but it depends.".............

Stephen King Is Sorry You Feel Like You're Stuck In A Stephen King Novel

Yes, I went off the rails and parodied one optimist

I have had enough of this putrid piece of shit . He knows nothing and is DANGEROUS

Email from Amy McGrath, Senate candidate for KY

Joy Behar Plans to Retire From 'The View' in 2022

Drumpf presser drinking game

Jobless Claims Report Thursday Could Hit 7 Million Or Higher

this is how fake Ivanka is. fake fake fake fake

State Farm says it might offer insurance refunds by Friday.

Crowd attends Colombian gang leader's funeral amid lockdown

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 9 April 2020

Something I was thinking of, today...

"Cloroquine helped her get better!

More of today's Teh Stupid. NY Post's "reporter" asking SHITLER about pardon for Joe Exotic

Was that out loud? Sorry.

I AM energized! Can't believe Biden went from never winning a primary


Fauci doesn't think Americans should ever shake hands again. Got it!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 9, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: New York in the 1970s

BROKEN: New White House Chief of Staff Shakes Things Up

Those pesky couriers

Undaunted Sanders Supporters Announce They'll Continue Presidential Campaign Without Candidate

About a mile from Yokota AB is a rock bar and venue

A nice anecdotal story of a Dr. on the front lines at Lincoln Hospital, Bronx.

I've only been voting by mail for 22 years but I think it's the only way to go.

Cats FTW

Just saw the ISS fly directly overhead

I am a Republican and a City Clerk. I have never spoken out about a Tweet by the President, but...

One of my Kindergarteners sent me a note w/ a sweet pic of

Myself and all my friends were hoping for Bernie

Trump like Bush Jr. ignored intelligence reports..

LIstening To C. Hayes, I Realize BS Suspended, Not Ended His Campaign

Messages from above: Colombia's army takes to the skies to enforce quarantine

John Prine's Wife Fiona on Singer's Death: 'No Words to Describe the Grief'

Joe Biden needs to unleash everything possible on Trump!

I really hope we aren't going to give any help to cruise ship lines

Colombia's Indigenous Land Defenders Close Up

Colombian capital to restrict outings by gender during quarantine

Damn I hurt. "And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County"

CDC website drops guidance, anecdotal data on Trump-backed hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment

LOL, wow,this person was REALLY BORED....The Quarantine Machine.....

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Seeking a Friend For the End of the World!

How Astronomy's Largest Telescopic Array Is Revolutionizing Planetary Science

Some insurance companies waiving COVID-19 care costs

How Astronomy's Largest Telescopic Array Is Revolutionizing Planetary Science

Good to hear Tom Perez 'fired up' about facing repugs' election crap.

New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll shows Americans turning against Trump

Ok, this guy is NOT a one hit wonder. YINZER ROCK 4 EVAH

Thank you Bernie Sanders

Pentagon orders troops to wear masks when social distancing can't be maintained

WHO Funding: Trump's Oral Horsefarts vs. Facts. USA and China Contribute Equally.

Air pollution linked to higher rates of death from Covid-19

Feckless, ignorant liars

Broadway will remain closed at least through June 7.

Surprise! Trump Hotels 'Qualify' For Coronavirus Bailout

Mandy Moore, Miranda Lambert and More Stars React to John Prine's Death

When Biden gets elected

Federal Support Ends For Coronavirus Testing Sites As Pandemic Peak Nears

Are you prepared for a political revolution in about a month or so?

Google bans its employees from using Zoom over security concerns

It could happen...Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell all lose in November..

Quit hollerin' at me

More Than 9,000 Coronavirus Cases In Washington; 421 Dead

How to Hold Elections during a Pandemic

Biden leads Trump by 8 points in Quinnipiac poll

On the day of Linda Tripp's death, let's remember and honor Julie Hiatt Steele.

Washington health care unions demand coronavirus hazard pay for workers

CenturyLink field hospital to be dismantled, sent to state with greater need

Kansas coronavirus update: Gov. Laura Kelly condemns A.G., legislators for 'political attack' as dea

For 17 years, Wimbledon has apparently been paying $2 million a year for pandemic insurance

TP45's "home county" of Palm Beach as of today has 1185 cases 205 in the hospital, and 69 deaths...

God, real fresh cooked food

Rachel Said A Failed Response

Aleksandr Dadaev Is Known As The Turkmen President's 'Wallet.' His Next Title Might Be 'Inmate.'

Governor DeSantis, idiot extraordinaire.

FX miniseries "Mrs. America" - about Phylis Schlafly

Wisconsin worried about spike in virus cases due to election

Dem Gov of CO pleading for ventilators for days-now Trump sending them at request of GOP Senator!!..

Democrats guide to a US Senate Majority in 2020 without the US Presidency.

The French Connection: Trump Family Trusts Are Invested in Hydroxychloroquine Maker

Bernie's congressional backers want Biden to buy in on progressive agenda

Dean Phillips (D-MN) offers of Happy Passover

Horrifying eyewitness report from the front lines

Mnuchin, Schumer in talks to strike short-term relief deal

They aren't just incompetent

Ivanka Trump seeks to headline administration's small business recovery effort

When everyone has a phone and a story to tell....

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all the African American voters across the country who..

It is the volunteers who will save us

Trump could win the presidency because Americans are not as good as we think.

Covid 19 Response - Tennessee vs. Kentucky/

Watch this of trump

*Amy K + Katie Porter will be on Lawrence show tonight.

Commercial fishing industry in free fall as restaurants close, consumers hunker down & vessels tie u

Unemployment. Videos with answers if you are having a tough time.

Not anything to go crazy about, but Anthony Scaramucci has endorsed Joe Biden:

the Kennedy Center tried to furlough its Orchestra musicians despite 25 million from stimulus

It just came to me. I think I'll call him Presidump from now on...

So fucking glad to help people

Why didn't any other TV preacher think to do this?

@realDonaldTrump, you're fired.

What would happen if Trump tested positive for the coronavirus?

As much of a failure as trump is, the republican senate has failed more.

Chileans denounce efforts to pardon oppressors of dictatorship

Barack Obama's statement on Joe Biden

Rep. Dean Phillips tweet about John Prine. This will make you smile

Trump Hires Weaponized Clown as Press Secretary

Here's Andrew Cuomo threatening to bail on an interview with his little brother Chris...

#BREAKING: All New Yorkers will be able to vote absentee on the June 23rd primaries.

Discarded gloves and masks .

Scorpions - Always Somewhere

Twittler will give Colorado 1% of ventilators it needs

Coronavirus In New York Came from Europe


Feds loosen coronavirus rules to let essential workers return to work

Rumors have it that health insurance might go up 40% next year

In lieu of his canceling the election, which a president cannot do, Republicans will ...

Federal stockpile of protective equipment nearly depleted, HHS says

Sex toy sales triple during New Zealand's coronavirus lockdown

Colorado Democrat believes Trump awarded ventilators as political favor to vulnerable GOP senator

john prine - this love is real (studio-1995) cross between 'the final cut' by pink floyd

They're not giving up. The latest from (Sanders employee) Matt Orfalea:

Virtual mtg w Dr. William Schaffner: Covid19 update through a public health lens

Crew member of USNS Mercy tests positive for COVID19

Katie Porter endorses biden on lawerence O, bails on the ongoing bernie saga nt

Gov. Reeves urges Mississippi churches to cancel in-person Easter services

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why Coronavirus Is Hitting The Black Community Hardest

HEADS UP MID-SOUTH! Tornado watch issued for much of Mid-South until 2 a.m. Thursday

Trump will end funding for coronavirus testing sites on Friday

It's easier than ever to spot the Fux/Limberger fans these days...

Dear MSM, You are doing it again. Stop it! During the 2016 election campaign, you all gave thAt

Coal Miners With Black Lung Brace for COVID-19

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Economist Gita Gopinath - The Economic Aftermath of Coronavirus

How many US Senate seats the Democrats will have after the 2020 US Senate Elections?

Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts.

Trump Fires Inspectors General as He Grows Insular and Paranoid in His Coronavirus Response

How many murders by incompetence took place today?

Just in: Dump is making Istanka and Damien Kushner

Florida Dems ask DeSantis to give workers retroactive pay to make up for lengthy unemployment delays

These ticklish foxes are adorable!

Republicans Will Kill People To Stay In Power

Carville's saying the Pukes will kill to stay in power

Seth Meyers: 85% of Florida Voters Approve of Dr. Fauci's Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic 4/7/20

As coronavirus fears grow, doctors and nurses face abuse, attacks

What's everyone watching besides Tiger King?

Hawks' Forbidden Love Results in a Rare Hybrid

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Kamala Harris

White House working on plan to cut aid to W.H.O.

Click on the link...then's SHOCKING. And Trump wants to end testing..

All These Wonderful People Sacrificed Their Lives At The Alter Of Trump

Meat plants shutting down as workers get sick

Stephen King's son Joe Hill has another name for the virus - "Captain Trumps"

he comes out every day as the master of ceremonies in a epidemic crisis

(Jewish Group) Idina Menzel, Ilana Glazer, Ben Platt and many more celebs to lead a 'Saturday Seder

'I'm the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse'

(Jewish Group) 'Blazing Saddles' still stands as one of the great comedies

(Jewish Group) 'F**k Kikes' spray-painted on Los Angeles synagogue

(Jewish Group) A census question poses a dilemma for American Jews

Seth Meyers - Trump Wants Everyone to Forget He Ignored Repeated Coronavirus Warnings: A Closer Look

(Jewish Group) No, your quarantine is not comparable to Anne Frank's

No, your quarantine is not comparable to Anne Frank's

We all know why 70% of Coronavirus victims are minorities...

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump's Optimistic, Pandas Mating & Guillermo's Homeschool

An amazingly prophetic song written David Bowie.

6 new polls released today: Trump's low approval ratings early in a crisis defy historical precedent

Charlotte YMCA furloughs 3,700 employees due to COVID-19 closures

John Prine - Hello In There (Live From Sessions at West 54th)

Meanwhile, the Big Con will Con....

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans now say the federal government has done a poor job of preventing cor

Statement from Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

I donated to Joe tonight.

So Dump fired people with living brains

Well, it wasn't a Seder, but I lit candles, poured wine & called on absent friends & dead parents...

This is the new WH Press Secretary

A shout out to WI voters, like these, who stood in hail, rain, & long lines to save our democracy

Restaurant Needed a Rescue. It Had One Bottle of Pappy And someone paid much more than it is worth

The Conservative ideology is dead. Public Debt tops $24 Trillion

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland calls forth 'supernatural heatwave' to kill coronavirus in NYC

Growth rate for new cases nearly static for 4 days.

Nancy Pelosi urges the vote as she throws shade on Trump

Gov Cuomo is not running for president or VP. Funny exchange between

Feds Loosen Virus Rules To Let Essential Workers Return

Am I Reading This Right? The IHME Model Is ***NOT*** Factoring Testing/infection Rate ?!

State NAACP Sues to Force the Release of Inmates Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

He is the Anti-Christ

So when Jared is busy curing pandemics, is war in the Middle East back on?

Is Trump lying about 300 million masks on order?

Tweet of the Day

N.C. Dems want more federal cash to combat hunger during pandemic

Crew member aboard hospital ship Mercy tests positive for COVID-19

Former acting Navy secretary's trip to Guam, which led to his resignation, cost almost a quarter of

John Dean: Nixon was 'corrupt,' but Trump is 'evil' 11/4/2018

I got one question

Why we must wear masks: talking, even breathing, expels microscopic droplets.

I'm wired. Did too much today.

Somebody has been bad.....

Judge says most -- but not all -- of $2.5 million from Silent Sam deal must go back to UNC

Tooning Out The News: Rep. Eric Swalwell and James Smartwood call Rudy Giuliani to talk Stain-Gate

Tooning Out The News: President Trump's coronavirus warning memo demands to be seen and heard!

Anthony Fauci calls out "extraordinary stigma" gays face while standing right in front of Mike Pence

Doesn't it seem like everything Trump is doing of late, is to extend the life of this virus?

Bill O'Reilly to Hannity: Many coronavirus victims 'were on their last legs anyway'

If you do

The Rude Pundit on the end of the primaries

Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows

Democrats guide to a US Senate Majority in 2020.

What I am worried about...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/8/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders

Trump offers two dangerous falsehoods in a largely straightforward briefing

Lockdown wagon

Another great one from BTC.

Want to see how far your exhalation this

Susceptibility of ferrets, cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals to SARS-coronavirus 2

The race to stop the virus spread in Asia's biggest slum

I woke up with "Battle of New Orleans" in my head, so I'll ask.

They say both parties are "the same" and it doesn't matter...

Nearly 80% of hotel rooms in the US are empty, according to new data

Just have to share this one ...

31% Can't Pay the Rent: 'It's Only Going to Get Worse'

It's a step away from damnation.

Hamptons' priciest mansion snatched up in one day by tycoon fleeing coronavirus

Took the kids fishing yesterday and we talked.

U.S. Senate tells members to avoid Zoom over data security concerns: FT

Death Count Expected To Soar As NYC Says It Will Begin Reporting Probable COVID Deaths ...

Breakfast Thursday 9 April 2020

As pandemic deepens, Trump cycles through targets to blame

Sen. Harris makes fundraising moves that fuel speculation of her as Biden's running mate

Know what would be funny?

Coronavirus widespread among Saudi royal family: Report

DIY mask tip: Remember, skivvies come with their own elastic band.

Someone posted this on the Doctor Who /reddit...

Trump (AGAIN!) claims that his daughter created 10 percent of all the jobs in the United States

PSA: "I'm not voting for Biden" translates to "I want Trump to replace RBG."

Pretty sure these guys don't have 6 feet between them.

Mother's Boy really froze yesterday when Dr. Scarf exposed the

Jakarta on verge of massive Eid exodus amid social restrictions, layoffs for low-wage workers

Irish professional photographer captures a beautiful moon photo

Thoughts on law and justice - Wisdom from the ages

What are the "real" numbers?

Goddamn! Well, I declare! Have you seen the like?

Millions of coronavirus infections left undetected worldwide - study

Thursday TOONs - War of the Worlds

The Lincoln Project: Distracted

Another reason there should be massive widespread testing

'WHO IS THIS DUMBA**?': NY Post Reporter Destroyed for Asking Trump Absurd Tiger King Question

Enbridge seeks permits to build Great Lakes oil tunnel

'Never Seen Anything Like It': Cars Line Up for Miles at Food Banks

The European Coronavirus?

What scares me the most now, anyone else?

Can't sleep, frustrated, disgusted, enraged, nauseous.

Illustrations Highlight Bravery of Healthcare Professionals During Coronavirus Pandemic

USS Theodore Rooevelt sailor in ICU after found unresponsive in room on Guam

federal government will end funding for coronavirus testing sites this Friday. you read that right

Will open more wildlife refuge land to hunting, fishing

Remember this quote from March 6 ?

John Prine: American Legend Roger Ebert November 14, 2010

The Lincoln Project endorses Joe Biden

Bipartisan group of senators demands Trump explain intel IG firing

He was never distracted. He just didn't care.

A second, hidden pandemic will follow

Coronavirus May 'Reactivate' in Cured Patients, Korean CDC Says

They know...

What was it the cdc put the number at if cheetox promoted easter?

Need a plan to save our right to vote this fall.

French fighter jet crash averted by defect -- absolutely crazy story

Cartoon: Japan bombs Pearl Harbor - FDR calls attack a hoax

How about a fund to send gloves and masks to people so they have

Count me skeptical, but Mark Cuban says

Ring of Fire, performed by Wall of Voodoo

Nature - We May Now Expect Collapses Of Entire Ecosystems Beginning This Decade

With only one candidate remaining, how can anyone around here still be "Undecided"?

Testing is absolutely necessary. I know that. You know that. Everyone knows that.

My John Prine story

"We are all Fauci" Part Deux

What grade would you give the US Congress ?

So Much For "Energy Dominance" - US Likely To Become A Net Importer Again Before 2020 Ends

NMSP steps up enforcement of governor's Public Health Order

trump's daily televised campaign rally

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor - FDR calls attack a hoax

With Bernie Out, Trump Is Now The Only Socialist In The Race

My mom is sick--UPDATE BELOW

What do Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth II give us that Donald Trump doesn't?

President Obama 2014 - on Pandemics

Mr. Peabody's Lie Train: Bankruptcy Filings Reveal Breadth & Depth Of Peabody's Denialist Funding

We decided to take HBO up on their free trial and started Chernobyl mini series last night.

I need help with a question.. are we still going to have primaries since Sen Sanders has

6.6 million Americans filed for unemployed last week, bringing the pandemic total to over 17 million

Barr says 'draconian' lockdown measures should be reexamined by May

Susan Rice on Morning Joe-Must See.

Barr claims media 'jihad' against Trump over promotion of anti-malaria drug

Hide The Bodies.....

Coronavirus crisis highlights Trump's resistance to criticism, and his desire for fervent praise

I'm a Doctor Recovering From COVID-19. I Can't Get Over the Government's Callousness for Human Life

Coronavirus-wracked nursing home evacuated after most of staff failed to show for two days

Coronavirus-wracked nursing home evacuated after most of staff failed to show for two days

This Is Trump's Fault

The Rundown: April 8, 2020

No New Comics? No Problem!

The morning after the thunderstorm

I hope Biden when he takes office in January

Art of the Week: Week of 4/8/20

Our Easter holiday curfew in Jamaica

Well,has anyone received their $1200?

A fable for our times.

Trump Glitches Badly, Loses Memory During Briefing

DAMN: Fox Shows Trump Getting Cucked by Reporter

Trump fights to purge food stamps recipients despite pandemic

Obama Warned The U.S. To Prepare For A Pandemic Back in 2014.

Trump does not see workers as essential, he sees them as expendable.

Joni Ernst pathetic response to my concerns about removing IG Fine

VOX: Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump

Is it possible for Trump and Mnuchin to steal from US Treasury and not be accountable?

The Nightman Cometh

155 Years Ago Today; The South, and Slavery are Vanquished

JAMES Carville is right-trump will have to cheat to stay in office

Interesting Article About How Did The Virus Start

Honestly I'm pretty enthusiastic about the idea of a candidate who has never owned a share of stock

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-08-2020

Who is protecting the workers

COVID-19 May Be Silently Spreading Across Rural Counties, University of Texas Researchers Believe

Southern Mayors Pushed GOP Governors to Take Action on Coronavirus. Governors Push Back

Trumps crime against the people is on tape; It will become the most watched crime in our history.

"Federal government's support ends for Coronavirus testing: report"

Minnesota landlord charged over eviction attempt during pandemic

America: I literally cannot see my grandkids again until there are tests. WhErE ArE tHe TeStS?

Link for Leilani (Butterfly) go fund me that was just on MSNBC.

Yale Immunology prof answers questions, such as "Will summer save us?" Very informative...

Australia's health authority warns against hydroxychloroquine

If Your State Needs Help With Coronavirus From Trump, Don't Be a Strong Woman Governor

"Dereliction of Duty": Speaker Pelosi Tweets a video condemning Trump's Negligence and Deceit

Stimulus check direct deposit today slated for next week..

Yes, there were 2 other world leaders who ignored warnings:Neville Chamberlain, Joseph Stalin.

Federal funding for testing facilities is being pulled on Friday, even as cases continue to rise

San Diego Residents - City Farmer has gone online!

Art Van Damme was born on this date.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/9/20.

Trump Is Trying To Weasel His Way Out Of This

For the love of God, don't ever again vote for a politician you are hoping will "shake things up."

Tom Lehrer has a birthday today.

Trump's biggest lie, 5 words, "This is their new hoax"...His stupidest comment.

Ship of Fools

Gov Cuomo: Msgs on CA rec'd from CA: "We are so moved by the outpouring of support & solidarity"

Carl Perkins was born on this date-

Social distancing - Kid has had it with stay-at-home parent- and exercise cat

IRS plan: 50 million Americans to receive first stimulus payout today

Playing cards at the kitchen bar with the boys listening to Gordon lightfoot

Pence's office blocks public health officials from appearing on CNN

Maybe next time, vote for a potus who delivers flowery insults instead of overused 4 letter jabs

Khamenei: Mass Ramadan events in Iran may stop over virus

Saw Susan Rice on Morning Joe today

Summer Heat May Not Diminish Coronavirus Strength

Exclusive: Wall Street firm dangled up to 175% returns to investors using U.S. aid programs

Pence's office blocks public health officials from appearing on CNN

How about a SECOND TASK FORCE? Economic-Meadows Mnuchin Kudlow

Scary -

My hope for next year

Body of Gideon McKean, great-grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, found after 5-day search

The latest from Briahna Joy Gray, Sanders' National Press Secretary:

Midday Music for Millennials -- MovieMusicThursday

In shadow of pandemic, Trump seizes opportunity to push through his agenda

Dewine and Acton's theme song

Argh! (not COVID related)

We are well beyond Orwell's 1984

Warrant for journalists from Jerry Falwell Jr. came from Liberty University's own police

Biden finally has an open field. Now he faces a deeply uncertain election

On behalf of fake doctors everywhere ...

Guy Allegedly Punched His Mother After She Hid The Toilet Paper Because He Was Using Too Much

It was 80F yesterday in our area.

Album released on this date in 1969

Great editorial in the NYT about how the virus has exposed inequality in the US:

4/8/20 - 416.96 ppm CO2 - Highest Daily Reading On Record For Mauna Loa Observatory

First Easter in 30 years with no family or friends

Coronavirus is spreading in Texas nursing homes. But the state won't share the details.

Napolitano Blasts Kushner's Virus Surveillance System: 'The Constitution Still Applies'

Nixon vs trump. What do you think of Nixon now?

Mort Drucker, Master of the Mad Caricature, Is Dead at 91

The Word "Moistly"

NY'ers dying at home at 10x the background rate, not being counted as from Covid-19

Who is in the running for Senate? I see...

Something is up with Twitter. It's not refreshing or updating. Going on a hour n/t

And from the stupid white bench........................

As coronavirus cases increase in SC, town of Mount Pleasant emerges as a hotspot

Donnie Death, And Draconian measures

The economy is so bad ...

A glance at social media...the right is in sync with the Russian Twitterbots.

Please don't forget about the primaries for the state races!

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on the End of the Democratic Primaries

Barr is on Faux News trying to undermine efforts to save lives.......

OAN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

SC Gov. McMaster allows furloughed employees released with pay to also receive unemployment

Census Taker vs. Old Lady - SNL

Today's purge of this Stephen King nightmare.

Surprise! Trump Hotels 'Qualify' For Coronavirus Bailout

World's oldest string of yarn shows Neanderthals were smarter than we thought

FedEx & UPS details participation in FEMA-led airlift of COVID-19 relief

First Corbyn, now Sanders: Why the Transatlantic democratic socialist wave is not to be

My suggestion for Joe's ads

SC anti-abortion activist charged with disobeying city coronavirus stay-at-home order

Thank Gawd- Test for covid came back negative

These Striking Animated Charts Show How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Unfolded so Far

Like Reagan, Trump callously allows Americans to die

Rep. Porter, Sara Nelson Propose Idea To Keep More Workers Employed The Last Word MSNBC

Rep. Katie Porter Endorses Joe Biden For President The Last Word MSNBC

Fried Potato Croquettes Recipe

Longtime Memphis lawmaker DeBerry removed from Democratic ballot by state party

caption Trump photo


One more tribute to John Prine...................RIP.................

It's early yet, but my nominee for Tweet of the Day

Trump Will Use Coronavirus To Steal The 2020 Election

Employees at Crosstown restaurant owned by Kimbal Musk wonder where emergency fund is


Sailor from USS Teddy Roosevelt found unconscious, transferred to intensive care

Oh right, that asshole (Today's Big Stuff x Adam Parkhomenko)

Scientists say coronavirus may not end with warmer weather while US plans for life under a new norma

The Fed just unleashed another $2.3 trillion to support the economy

Make of this what you will: Up to 150 Saudi Royals Infected With Coronavirus

I think it finally struck my family

Born on this day, April 9, 1954: Dennis Quaid

DHS warns faith community about increase in online hate speech ahead of Passover and Easter

Senate at stalemate over more COVID-19 aid after Republicans and Democrats block competing proposals

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest Update From Rich Uncle Bodybags

I got my $600 UI bump today.....

DIY N95 Alternative Mask using polyester MERV 13 filter, better fit and safer than just cloth.

Elizabeth Warren for VP, please

Childish, spiteful pricks! Mike Pence's office punishes CNN

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced the Volunteer State will receive 50,000 newly developed COVID-

Democrats stall Trump's $250B business virus aid package

666.....The number of new cases in Florida reported today...

Impeached Trump a hero?

AP: Trump quietly shuts down asylum at US borders to fight virus

A Maundy Thursday service at the Episcopal Monastery of St. John the Evangelist

Somehow i wish the Democrats could get MORE tv time!

An invitation to visit another forum.

BS on Colbert refuses the opportunity to make a "full throated endorsement" of Biden.

John Prine - Illegal Smile

Arriving in the United States on this day, April 9, 1894: Al Jolson

Federal funding for testing facilities is being pulled on Friday, even as cases continue to rise

Robin And Michelle Vos: The Most Dysfunctional People In Wisconsin

tRump talking about science is like

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Trump, who has also admitted that he never read or sought to read a January mem

It Doesn't Matter if Sanders Stays on Primary Ballots.

BS.. "Here's a radical idea: The person with the most votes should be the Democratic nominee"

A Trial of Lopinavir-Ritonavir in Adults Hospitalized with Severe Covid-19

It is time for the Democratic Army to stand up and fight the fight that must be fought

(Jewish Group) CST report notes 'chilling' spread of antisemitic conspiracy theories linked to COVID

follow steak-umm on Twitter (seriously)

Fed fires an even bigger bazooka, expands its shopping list to include junk bonds

I got dressed up and went out this morning

(Jewish Group) Wiesenthal Center Demands Social-Media Platforms Delete Viral Antisemitic Posts


Bernie Sanders Didn't Win the Ideas Primary, Either

In Las Vegas, Coronavirus Job Losses Could Double Those of 2007-09 Recession

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: Curfew On Liquor Sales Starts Thursday



Trump invents voter fraud story to oppose absentee voting -- even though he does it

Observation while doing a Cosco

'It's just a nightmare.' Trash collectors overwhelmed by rising amount of household waste

THANK GOODNESS The Virus can't move sideways!

I can't follow any of these mask making instructions, so I decided to wear

My Self-Isolation Quarantine Diary

'It's Hit Our Front Door': Homes for the Disabled See a Surge of Covid-19

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says US could be open for business in May

Do COVID-19 Vent Protocols Need a Second Look? An amazing article on Medscape. MUST read!

Evangelical field hospital requires health workers to take anti-gay pledge

My VP Poll results from yesterday

Cartoon: The New And Improved Trump Goon ............By Clay Jones -April 9, 2020 9:00 AM

Senator Sherrod Brown Knows How to Save the Soul of the Democratic Party

Opinion in The Wall Street Journal.: Trump's Wasted Briefings.

For Sanders Fans Who Haven't Voted in a Primary Yet:

Nevada Governor closes tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, golf courses

Nevada Governor Sisolak closes tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, golf courses

Dr. Sanjay Gupta remembers Charlotte Figi, the little girl who changed the world

China to reclassify dogs as pets, not livestock, in wake of coronavirus

The Truth About The Toilet Paper Shortage All In MSNBC

Pentagon, Navy in conflict over coronavirus cases on board USS Nimitz (docked in Bremerton, WA)

Art Laffer is being floated as head of a new task force to "reopen" the US economy.

Best term I have heard describing trump administration:

Liberty University police issue arrest warrants for NYT, ProPublica reporters

Toilet Tissue from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)

Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto

On a lighter note.....

WSJ Editorial: Trump's Wasted Briefings

Capitalism's triple crisis

Looks like "Q" himself of QAnon might have just got arrested

Fun with drones and skipping stones !!

More than 1 in 10 American workers lost their jobs in the past 3 weeks

We do have a Sanders Problem because of the Steinist Hires..

The mess that President Biden will inherit...

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major Joshua Bell

Illegible signatures

The Sutra of Hui Neng (Wei Lang) - 6th Patriarch of Zen - The Treasure of the Law

And yet another bash of Biden by Sanders' National Press Secretary!

Tucson church raises money to pay off medical debt

This has been a great forum!!!!!!

Matt Orfalea Doesn't Work for the Sanders Campaign

Anyone else slowly starting to look like Tom Hanks in the movie "Castaway"? n/t

Dead Coronavirus Victims 'Were On Their Last Legs Anyway'

Location-Tracking Firm Helping Trump Get Reelected Now Wants to Cash In On Coronavirus

Severe thunderstorm watch issued for the immediate DC area and points northeast through 4p Thursday.

Kaiser closing many Southern California clinics to slow coronavirus spread

Choose your quarantine buddy carefully.

Q: Unemployment Benefits plus still being paid by your job

Whales filmed having whale of a time during lockdown

Kentucky man faces federal charges for child pornography, just months after Republican pardon

current unemployment rate?

Primary Postmortem Well here we are about to start a General where our very Republic is at stake

Message From The Dead?

Texas Puppy Yawn

Good riddance primaries forum!

When the orange one opens up the economy, we still hold back on spending...

National polling shows reality is starting to catch up with Trump's abysmal coronavirus response

Some Walmart, Costco, Target stores barred from selling nonessential items

Ecuador struggles to bury coronavirus dead; some bodies lost

US void of leadership. Great Wartime President, "not my job!" n/t

Police Raid Church's Drive-In Service, Issue $500 Tickets to Entire Congregation

Willie Nelson to Host 'At Home With Farm Aid' With Neil Young, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp

Pence blocking CNN from his briefings is straight out of Fascism 101

Good primary, everyone.

The Butcher of Mar-a-lago's hoax has now killed 402,285% more Americans than died in the Benghazi.

Bye to Democratic Primaries

My daily dose of squirrel..

Thank you again to all of the dedicated Team Biden DU members! :)

Colombia's great coronavirus heist: Part 1 Let the robbing begin

It's Time to Start the GOTV Campaign for November.


Boris Johnson Leaves Intensive Care As Dominic Raab Warns Of No Early End To Lockdown

I've been taught that a real leader can do any task, barring disability, the organization requires

Face Masks in Short Supply? Try These Face Coverings Instead

If you see this bin floating, you have been inside too long

Up To 150 Members Of The Saudi Royal Family Have Been Infected

Yikes -- at least 150 members of the Saudi royal family are infected with COVID-19

Beating our swords into plowshares.. Baby were back!!

How to send an 'Email' - Database - 1984

Projections based on the previous few days reports don't necessarily predict where things stand

Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer: Senator Mitch McConnell just blocked a bill that provides money

I took an afternoon nap yesterday and discovered something really disturbing.

RIP Democratic Primaries!

Wait for it!

Cartoons 4/9/2020

It took a year: Swedish and 8,000 union members have a deal

GM, Bothell's Ventec get $489.4 million order for ventilators

Midwest Quarantine

2 Everett postal workers have tested positive for COVID-19

Boris Johnson out of intensive care but remains in hospital battling coronavirus

Over 100 Monroe prisoners riot after COVID-19 outbreak

Virginia Man Sues to Prevent Democratic Governor from Ruining Easter Sunday for Christians

In sudden shift to digital school, Monroe kids get laptops

Colombia's great coronavirus heist: Part 1 Let the robbing begin

'Yikes!' Amanpour reacts to Fox News montage about virus

Fux Noise says the coronavirus death toll is inflated. Experts say the opposite.

View's Joy Behar Says She Can't Leave The Program, She Creates Jobs At Breitbart

The American public transportation system appears to be crumbling...

Looking for advice, bereavement related.

NIH clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine, a potential therapy for COVID-19, begins

Is it more likely our war time president

Covid deaths in England and Wales are 70% higher than the "in hospital with positive test" count

The future of our democracy is at stake. A litany of what Trump has done:

Donald Trump threatens to cut funding to 'China-centric' World Health Organisation

NYC could ease coronavirus restrictions in late May, but hampered by lack of testing

Trump's favorite OANN Reporter is One Sketchy Person, with Seemingly Sketchy Family Fiance.

Sales Stopped

Nation's only doctor governor offers sober voice on virus

Colombia's VP breaks down in interview over business ties to narco

What impact will the coronavirus pandemic have on anti-vaxxers?

Biden rolls out new policies in effort to court Sanders supporters

There were better messengers to run a "values" campaign

Governor Newsom's live daily coverage [WATCH LIVE]

Fewer new cases in Mi. But 117 deaths two in my county.

Pink Calls Coronavirus the "Scariest Thing" She's Ever Experienced in Ellen DeGeneres Interview

Governor Whitmer giving her update for Michigan...

Beloved Seattle-area taco truck owner dies from coronavirus

Melania Trump Models a Face Mask

There is a rumor on twitter that Bernie has not withdrawn, but merely

New system will decontaminate N95 masks so they can be reused during coronavirus outbreak

Some sports are slower.

Feds seize coronavirus test kit materials bound for Bellingham hospital and Northwest

What do unintelligent people mean when they say "stupid"?

Fed Chair Powell says U.S. economy deteriorating with alarming speed

Now I am in that most difficult of places.

Two beautiful dogs, but just one chew toy:

4 Americans died in 2012 in Libya and Rs have gone crocodile nuts to this day

Assault charge for man accused of coughing on store worker

Watch this to the end to see what doggo works out:

Hot damn: Biden rolls out Medicare and student debt proposals

Will Liz beat the forum deadline and endorse Joe? stay tuned for the xciting conclusion nt

Tweet of the day!

Maybe this is why CNN caved after 30 minutes...

Kansas GOP leads overturn of Dem governor's limits on church, funeral attendance

The other vulnerable population I am not hearing much about

NEW RULES AT THE WHITE HOUSE. The White House Medical Unit is going to conduct a COVID-19 test on..

Virginia Governor's Press Conferences

So, what are people doing about their sex lives?

Healthcare in America: add to list of things destroyed by trump

Dog represents how I feel about getting up:

need advice on color

Coronavirus Becomes Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

Kim Reynolds' job title is governor. Not Christian faith leader

Another 6.6M Americans file for unemployment benefits as layoffs show no letup

Ugh - It's snowin' hahd now in Maine

Trump family loses bid to move marketing scam lawsuit to arbitration

My quarantine viewing: All the James Bond movies, in order of release

UW Class of 2020 will have virtual graduation ceremony this year

Washington hospitals in good shape to handle future COVID-19 cases

Old but this should be a recurring election ad: "Top White House official in charge of pandemic..."

Trump to launch second pandemic task force, one that does away with irritating medical experts

WTAF?! This is just so stupid...Im all for a little rebellion but, just, NO!

"Laffer Curve," the theory that the more you cut taxes, the more tax revenue comes in.

Petty Pence Blocks CNN From Interviewing Task Force Experts

Georgia postpones primaries again because of coronavirus (was May 19, now June 9)

Working remotely, 'Saturday Night Live' to air new content this week

The Coronavirus Has Not Halted Trump's Power Grab

You raised $4,815.00 on April 8, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Public Service Announcement re: Obama Care

General says coronavirus may affect more Navy ships

Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, in solitary confinement

"Well, they were on their last leg anyway"!

Trump slammed for playing 'disgusting political game' with medical equipment

Pa. Senate defends 'legislative privilege' claim, rejects appeal for redacted expense details

Here they come, the deficit hawks. We knew it was going to come at some point.

Do not use HEPA filters as face masks

'Work from home,' they said. 'We want to see more of your house,' they said."

Wanted urgently: People who know COBOL so states can process unemployment claims

2020 presidential election by gender

Pence bars coronavirus task force members from appearing on CNN: report

BREAKING: Texas Democratic Party Files Federal Lawsuit on vote by Mail due to COVID 19

Vote 2020

How can I put this...hmmm....ok....

The ex-Acting Navy Secretary's last wish was to name a few ships. That didn't happen, so ...

Biden describes call with Trump: It's about taking responsibility

Texas Democratic Party sue on vote by mail due to COVID 19



'Tiger King' memes and Joe Exotic jokes mask the Netflix doc's most chilling takeaway

Looks like we're at 2 Mad Max's out of a possible 5... and it's by the those who called it a "hoax"

Bolsonaro Defends Chloroquine and Resumes Clash with Governors and Mayors in Televised Speech

Bolsonaro Defends Chloroquine and Resumes Clash with Governors and Mayors in Televised Speech

Help. I feel so guilty and I cannot shake it.

Epstein tied to $336K donated to Wexner Center at Ohio State

Keith'll be fine...

An old road that disappeared from DC is revealed through hidden clues

Marie Newman is setting an example for voters in the IL 3rd District

Att. Gen Barr says covid-19 should lead to stricter border control. I say bullshit. It should lead

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds say Jesus has sovereignty over her state and the USA

Stevie Wonder - Superstition - Live Hyde Park 2010

Now's a good time as any to scan film

Sharing pics from google photos

Wimbledon to recoup $141 million through pandemic insurance

Everyday is Like Sunday

Sounds of Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Lung Sounds

Truth is Trump's Kryptonite. That's why he avoids it at all costs.

Pluto addresses the internets in this time of crisis...

Trump officials lay groundwork for May reopening

It's been a long lockdown...

I wonder whether the Pope can excommunicate some of the government officials who have enabled this

Today's shitshow will be one hour late

Trump Continues Looking For 'Targets To Blame'

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Very Appropriate - Stevie Wonder's "You Haven't Done Nuthin"

Your daily "should read" trust me.

What's in Joe Biden's healthcare plan

Voting rights group pushes steps to protect voters during coronavirus pandemic


"You Fucking Ghoul"@ trump..

Democratic super PAC launches ad targeting Trump's 'alternative facts' on coronavirus

ABC Jon Karl is using the language of emotionally battered victims to talk about Trump

Paul McCartney - Hope For The Future

Pandemic sparks partisan brawl over voting by mail

Delusional dump

Battleground North Carolina: The Suburban Vote

The Show Must Go On(line): Watch Free Broadway Musicals Every Friday

Moment the coronavirus infects a healthy cell is captured for the first time using a microscope

LIVE: Telephone Town Hall with Vermonters on the Coronavirus Pandemic

he really is mental (as if we did not know that)

LIVE: Telephone Town Hall with Vermonters on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Silly question about the press briefings: What does the man with the ladder do everyday ???

I am finally getting tested!

A slew of hotels are heeding cities' pleas for help. Trump's aren't.

It will be a long time before the economy recovers -- and it won't be the same.

R0 and cytokine storms revisited

All my paintings look so windy lately, so I thought I'd try copying

Prine (imagine 'greater than' symbol here) Dylan.

Trump family loses bid to move marketing scam lawsuit to arbitration

The genius of Sack - the cartoonist

Trump approval dips as Americans question his handling of coronavirus crisis

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 9, 2020

Chuck Todd is both-sider-ing again! GRRRR!!!!

Pence has reversed position on bogarting info from CNN.

Wimbledon (tennis) paid $2M a year for pandemic insurance (17 yrs.) will collect $141M

Poultry Worker's Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat Plants

Hey Deplorables - are you willing to let him to this to you

'Saturday Night Live' to air show, observe social distancing

Biden Adopts Parts of the Sanders Agenda

Trump Super PAC Bought Campaign's Email List

MGM Ordered to Deliver Unaired 'Apprentice' Footage in Marketing Scam Lawsuit Against Trumps

6 degrees of seperation:

PPE and Ventilators Becomes Patronage in Trump's Hands

Charlatans, carpet baggers, con artists...

Trump properties don't open doors to assist in Pandemic

You need a bit of patience with this one, its a slow roll out. The Agony of Defeat.

Something, something... Be well all...

My Dumb Trumper Sister: "We have to reopen the country! We can't go on like this!"

Cheech and Chong - Basketball Jones

Sea otters eat lunch in pool with colored balls. (It's otter chaos!):

I live in Two Sun, Arid Zone. Hi!

'I Can't Stand It' (Song titles reflecting the present.)

Within a few months, the number of Trumps in the White House is going to be down to zero.

Rightwingers still pushing that covid is a hoax..........

Starting to really enjoy Conan O' Brien.......

Newborn clouded leopards:

After getting ya-yas out, here's a counter, a balance...

The Struggle Continues

Someone had a thread posted here earlier today, but removed that post!

HI update 4/9 - diagnosed 442, up 7, deaths 6, released 251, in hosp. 42

Is Trump trying spike oil prices?

Leftward ho! Biden pivots to progressives

I wonder what will happen to Chicago beaches in July and August

Hawaii jobless claims pass 200K, swamps system, total population 1.4 mil

NY Coronavirus cases exploded today... 10K, up 1.5K over yesterday.

Next best tweet of the day, Barack Obama stylee

Dump just said he talked to Putin

Trump says he cares? Lets go to the tape...

Couple Keeps Rescuing Senior Dogs Everyone Else Gave Up On

I needed to reassure myself about getting the $1200:

please help me out here:

Wear it with pride teleworkers. Wear it with pride. 🇺🇸

There were more than a few teary eyeballs in our house last night.

Trump family loses bid to move marketing scam lawsuit to arbitration


Scared stray pittie becomes a total daddy's girl

Trump just has "good feelings"....

This wild pony is so patient while someone sets him free

The liar in chief said we have the best testing system in the world. 🙄nt


Democrats renew vote-by-mail push as virus upends elections

Hello everyone

This chart is NOT what it suggests it is. Pass it on.

Watch this little kangaroo bounce into his new mom's arms!

Stop watching the goddamn Trump COVID campaign pressers!

OMG As if I could love Kaitie Porter even more! 🤣

Dog Chained Up For 6 Years Is Free For The Very First Time

This is winnie, her favorite part of the day is when the mailman arrives

jason isbell - traveling alone (studio-2012) - an obvious 'i love john prine' kinda song

I just wanna say - helpers?

Pressure Cookers and Pussy Willows

Trump family loses bid to move marketing scam lawsuit to arbitration

John Prine show

WTF is a Billy Graham "commercial" doing on CBS Evening News.

When they said "We suffered under Obama, now you can suffer under Trump!", we were expecting...

Isolation Affects Different People In Different Ways

Something I never noticed about "A League of their Own."

Trump is blaming the Democrats for not playing the GOPers' game of hide the money in Trump's...

The death count is totally exaggerated!

Time to Beat the Drum. We have released The Biden...

I got a text on my phone a couple of hours ago:

Sailors transport a patient across the bow of the hospital ship USNS Mercy, Los Angeles.........

Drove by the (Browns) MUNY parking lot in Cleveland

In my little hell hole here in South Central Michigan.

President Biden: "We should be expanding the number of testing sites & surging the number of tests"

04/10 Mike Luckovich-Voting Danger

If ignorance truly is bliss, Trump must be ECSTATIC! nt

Despite coronavirus, Nancy Pelosi says remote voting in Congress is a long way off

NYC Medics Cut COVID-19 Life-Saving Efforts in Half

Pure Michigan! It was 73F on Wednesday with severe thunderstorms, yesterday it was 68F. I just

It hasn't been said yet but how long before it is

First Swedish hospitals and now French hospitals have pulled Hydroxychloroquine

BREAKING: 72% of Americans ..........

It's a Mile High and Out Of Here!

The Homeless Can't Stay Home

Did anyone see the video of Obama on Nicolle Wallace's show about prevention of pandemic?

Both parties are the same

Did CNN stop airing Trumps late afternoon infomercials?

Greetings my fellow bibliophiles

What kind of things might ya hear in the Fussa Chicken Shack?

Using corn alcohol for auto fuel in hand sanitizer

Saudi, Russia agree record oil cut under U.S. pressure as demand crashes

Coronavirus traces found in Massachusetts wastewater at levels far higher than expected

Democrats Will Text 1 Million Georgians to Boost Vote-By-Mail Efforts

Just announced that all of our community college's summer classes will be online only.

U.S. banks prepare to seize energy assets as shale boom goes bust

Workers in full Hazmat suits bury rows of coffins in Hart Island mass grave as NYC officials confirm

Kansas coronavirus update: Gov. Laura Kelly takes fight over church crowds to Supreme Court

Model suggests how airborne coronavirus particles spread in grocery store aisles

According to Mrs Gibraltar Gretchen just pissed off a whole bunch of people.

Obama warned U.S. to prepare for pandemics back in 2014.

I was looking at taking Spanish at our community college. I was wondering about online