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Amazon testing disinfectant fog at New York warehouse after coronavirus protests

Wiconsin voting lines -

Any news on Wisconsin election Yet?

As bad as this coronavirus thing is going, I am glad beyond relief that Trump

Why TF am I suddenly seeing 5g radio waves are killing us?

#StayHome and help those who can't

Brazil looks to China for coronavirus help as cases rise quickly

What he was actually doing

RL Burnside playing with a big band

Let's not ease up on distancing and isolation just yet. 1800 CV deaths today.

How to see tonight's pink supermoon, the largest full moon of 2020

Trump Has Already Ousted The Top Coronavirus Response Watchdog

OMGOSH.......just got it...tRump is cutting funding for WHO because they,

Josh Marshall TPM possible development in the treatment of covid 19

After Pell acquittal, pope compares 'unjust sentences' to persecution of Jesus

NYT Newsletter: Some People Got to Vote Today

..Hubby just had a pre-op Covid DONT want one!..

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Isn't Holding Back: Trump's Coronavirus Task Force Is 'Clueless'

Remember when we were told about how the Afghan people risked their lives to vote?


This needs to be clear

Schiff coming up on Hayes now

Bubby Locked Her Memories Away. One Passover Released Them.

'Strike again': US scientist predicts coronavirus return in fall

More RL - this is with the Blues Explosion

Should You Wear a Mask to Fight Coronavirus? A Top Doctor Weighs In, Angry It Has Come to This

new Los angeles rule: if no facial covering, essential businesses can refuse you service

Look what I found, all alone on a shelf, today. Maybe I should sell it on Ebay.

3,486 Coronavirus Cases In King County; 230 Dead

Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century on Fighting Tyranny

Murray, leaders 'deeply alarmed' by Pentagon secrecy over military coronavirus cases

Whatcom asks FEMA for $1.34 million for Motel 6 coronavirus quarantine site

So Bernie press secretary Briahna Joy Gray official jumps on the Tara Reade train ...

Nurse says she was suspended after refusing to treat coronavirus patients without a mask

The rally is running out of steam, and for good reason

Yikes. We've got thunderstorms with golf ball-sized hail in the Lansing, MI area with more

Yikes. We've got thunderstorms with golf ball-sized hail in the Lansing, MI area with more

After Surviving COVID-19, This Woman Is Mobilizing Other Survivors To Save Lives

US numbers for today. almost 400,000 total, 33k new for the day

A 'Liberty' Rebellion in Idaho Threatens to Undermine Coronavirus Orders

A 'Liberty' Rebellion in Idaho Threatens to Undermine Coronavirus Orders

Former Fed chief Bernanke sees bad year, no quick recovery

Wisconsin is a trial run

The Bureau of Prisons Just Bought a Ton of Hydroxychloroquine, Trump's COVID-19 Miracle Drug

What the (bleep) is going on here?

'Pharma Bro' wants out of prison to research coronavirus

Is there any update on how the Wisconsin voting is going? I feel so bad for them. Just heard lots

Rulings on Wisconsin Election Raise Questions About Judicial Partisanship

Making Wonders: Art Projects that Engage Kids

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Seeking a Friend For the End of the World!

Making Wonders: Art Projects that Engage Kids

Making Wonders: Art Projects that Engage Kids

A Nurse Bought Protective Supplies for Her Colleagues Using GoFundMe. The Hospital Suspended Her.

Orange Kool Aid

2020 US Senate Election Rating from Safe to Tilt Democratic and Safe to Tilt Republican.

More lies than anyone person in history!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is transferring 28% of his wealth to a new fund that will tackle coronavirus

I just planted a wisteria next to a dying bush in my front yard hoping it will cover it

Judge: R Kelly must remain locked up amid coronavirus crisis

Schiff asks acting intel chief for information on staff changes

Taking out the trash in Australia - Dress up day (don't ask)

When this is over

China Ends Wuhan Coronavirus Lockdown, but Normal Life is a Distant Dream

I have sunburn from the

New White House press secretary downplayed pandemic threat and said Democrats were rooting for virus

We haven't seen Uday & Qusay for a long time.

One chart shows how long the coronavirus lives on surfaces like cardboard, plastic, wood, and steel

Conservative Party submits Doug Ford for tests, fearing he may have contracted socialism

Rachel started with Wisconsin. It's a brilliant start.

States battle each other for equipment in supply chain crunch

Is MF45 and/or anyone else in his crooked admin on any kind of anti-viral drugs?

Coronavirus, anxiety, and the profound failure of rugged individualism

My fridge just said

Too bad we don't have Dolores Umbridge's Magic quill to replace his sharpie. That would be useful.

New effort launched to help dwindling supply in Washington's food banks

Jeffrey Guterman trolls Trump's "Will be interviewed by Hannity, Look forward to it" tweet

Ex-Washington Huskies star Isaiah Thomas donating more than 1,000 meals to Seattle hospital workers

Seattle City Council sends big business tax bid to committee

I rarely disagree with Rachel, but Washington

UW Medicine Seeks Testers For Outbreak Prediction App

LA is apparently requiring masks or no entrance to businesses: GOOD!


John Prine has died

Coronavirus response delayed despite health officials' private alarm

Non-Philadelphians are so confused by local foods it's actually hysterical.

Hey MAGAts, freepers and all Trump cult members:

Should Bernie Have a Better Chance In Wisconsin, Since His Base...

Trump says he didn't see Navarro memos but wouldn't have changed course if he had

If you sailed on these cruise ships, you may have been exposed to coronavirus

Hundreds of NYC first responders return to work after recovering from coronavirus

Americana Legend John Prine Dies at Age 73 Due to Coronavirus

Yeah Florida, keep voting for republicans.

Wisconsin's Warning for the November Election

US Department of Defense give 1 million masks to IDF for coronavirus use

Detroit emergency doctor's ventilator idea is getting global attention

62 million people voted for the murdering moron. They ALL have the victims' blood on their hands.

New White House Press Secretary Said a Month Ago That the Coronavirus Would Never Spread to the U.S.

Quebec Premier names the tooth fairy as an essential service:

NYT Editorial: "Drop the Curtain on the Trump Follies"

My wish may be coming true. Our governors are trying to create their own federal supply system and

Missing kitty story:

FUCK , Fuck, fuck... John didn't make it after all

Trump says $70 billion in coronavirus rescue loans authorized. But where's the cash?

waiting to vote in wisconsin

thanks, president idiotface

John Prine, recent song: "When I Get to Heaven"

An appeal court let Texas keep its "abortions are not essentials."

1 cat, 2 cats - Count yourself lucky

TN Suicide Prevention Network sees 63% increase in text to crisis line

An important message from GEICO's CEO Todd Combs

John Prine - Hello in There. "..old people just grow lonesome...". so true, John and Bette

2020 US Senate Elections the Democrats are going to win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

E Guinea To Expel Brazilian Pastors Over Banned Masses

We Tend to Focus on the News Hog Liar King because, well, if news coverage was toilet paper he'd be

Today I exercised my right to vote in Wisconsin and I voted for Joe Biden.

How can there be anything left to say? We now have over 400,000 confirmed cases that WE KNOW OF

NY C19 cases exploded today... 10,468 new cases.

Vain Donny will not wear a mask.

NRA Loses Court Challenge on Order to Shut California Gun Shops

This virus has put us in a catch 22 situation and I don't think Trump knows how to fix it.

John Prine, Who Chronicled the Human Condition in Song, Dies at 73

beans beans the musical fruit...

Anybody heard from Little Lintsey Graham lately? He must be quarantined in his corona cave

Trump Is 100 Times Worse Than Bin Laden

WI @GOP lawmakers, after making folks stand in line for hours, ask Gov Evers to open GOLF courses!!

Okay, what is this on Chris Cuomo's neck?

Less Driving, Fewer Accidents: Car Insurers Give Millions in Coronavirus Refunds

MI-SEN: GOP challenger outraises Michigan's Sen. Peters in first quarter

Texas Democrats sue to expand mail-in voting amid pandemic

How is what's happening in Wisconsin not like Bloody Sunday?

Trump allies put unproven virus drug to work in Texas

They Turned Out to Vote in Wisconsin During a Health Crisis. Here's Why.

This is an older animation, but fun

Biden: Trump bears 'responsibility' for not using his powers to protect health care workers

Eagle brings back stuffed animal rabbit for dinner

Young Adults, Burdened With Debt, Are Now Facing an Economic Crisis - the 1st of their adult lives

OK, so he is promoting drugs used to treat lupus and malaria

The 1918 pandemic didn't just go to 1918, but to 1921.

Lots of people are saying Trump is immune from COVID-19...

THe Irony

WisconsinPrimary, April 7, 2020: WI's confirmed cases of coronavirus pass 2,500; deaths near 100

Massachusetts runs counter operation against feds for masks

Sailor aboard 4th U.S. aircraft carrier tests positive for coronavirus

The "Killing Americans Guy" a.k.a. K.A.G.

A mayor ordered police to crack down on social gatherings. They found his wife at a bar

They All Retired Before They Hit 40. Then This Happened.

A quote from the Trumpist Prophet and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

OMG--look at this evil woman:

I was laid off/rehire March 14. I tried unemployment two weeks ago, filed a claim online.

Masks for trash service

Social distancing poem by poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera GIF

Jimmy & His Kids Play "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"

Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word

Wisconsin Democrats showed the fuck up.


Hello in there.

Americans struggle to delay mortgage payments as lenders 'can't handle' 1,896% spike amid coronaviru

sigh, so listen ..

Does Coronavirus Live on Surfaces -- and What's the Risk of Infection?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Make Your Own Mask at Home

Are WI Polls closed?

One Thousand Eight Hundred Americans Died Today.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Winner of the Trump's Best Word Bracket

John Prine When I Get to Heaven

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Boris Johnson's Condition Worsens & Wisconsin's Pandemic Primary

John Prine - In Spite of Ourselves

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I'm beginning to think it's a no-brainer for Joe.

The Daily Presser

The first 3 sketches from my "fake"-cation. This is the first time I've ever tried to hint at

Seth Meyers - Trump Says He'll Try Experimental Coronavirus Treatment - Monologue 4/6/20

Thinking about mail-in voting in November. I think DT is ranting about mail-in voting so he can

Only One President in the Last 20 Years Wasn't Worried About a Pandemic

The other thing that happened with the Wisconsin election -

Event Horizon Telescope: Black hole produces twisting jet

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

Stephen Colbert: Olivia Nuzzi dishes out Rudy Giuliani's personal phone number and dives deep on Gov

Oh shit

Still no figures from the SBA?

Howard Dean lays down personal boycott of any news organization airing tRump's propaganda show

Stephen Colbert: Future Peter Navarro warns us about current day Peter Navarro

Republican congressional candidate touts AR-15s to fight 'looting hordes from Atlanta'

Amid ongoing stay-at-home orders, L.A. has some of cleanest air of any major city

Court drops rape, other charges against megachurch leader Naason Joaquin Garcia

Covid-19 being undercounted: States don't count deaths unless confirmed by a test

Stephen Colbert: Supreme Court Blocks Extended Voting In Wisconsin, Forces Voters Out To The Polls

China investigates party member critical of Xi over outbreak

Feds eye looser back-to-work guidance after virus exposure

After WrestleMania] ate Mexican treats [Mario watch]

John Prine: At home with the songwriting legend

U.S. oil state senators to talk crude markets with Saudi officials Saturday: source

Governor to call 'timeout' on budget, suspend all new spending, use cash for essential services

Fox News Should Be Destroyed for This Segment

What an hour or so. Everyone in NE OH good? n/t

Resources for knowledge about COVID-19.

Kentucky man released from prison by ex-Gov. Matt Bevin arrested on federal child porn charges

Okay. Could this be a thing?

Adam Schiff says he won't let tRump and his family enrich themselves off stimulus package

A few years back I got acquainted with John Prine again. I had enjoyed the movie

Judge rules Florida can't block ex-felons from voting over outstanding fees

California inks nearly $1B deal to buy 200 million masks each month

Georgia Governor Weighs 'New Options' After Facing Coronavirus Backlash


Tesla will slash employee pay and furlough employees

Ecuador builds emergency cemeteries due to coronavirus outbreak

Child Rape Charges Against Mexican Megachurch Leader Tossed on Technicality

Child Rape Charges Against Mexican Megachurch Leader Tossed on Technicality

You might want to bookmark this site - TRUMP GOLF COUNT

NASA astronaut's estranged wife charged with lying about space crime allegation

Just for fun, The Best of ScienceBunny

"Fascism is eyeing the Republic like lunch" - Walter Shaub

Need some help with pro-Biden Letters to the Editor for Los Angeles Times...

Atlas: Comet spotted hurtling towards Earth and prompting excitement for blazing flyby appears to ha

In NYC, Coronavirus Is Killing Men Twice As Often As Women

The US is going to emerge from this crisis way more unequal. Millions losing jobs & going deeper in

Trump's decisions in 2018 & 2019 have long-term devastating effects - MUST WATCH

Seeing Chris Cuomo so emotional on the show tonight is breaking my heart

USS Roosevelt Fiasco

Selections this night...

Denmark to Ease Restrictions Next Week After Coronavirus Lockdown

The Republican Death Cult

Hope Is On The Way (Clinical Trial with Good Initial Results)......

The Atlantic com (This Is Trump's Fault }

Pastor who criticized coronavirus 'mass hysteria' dies from illness

If republicans will not allow voting by mail this fall.

Behold, the amazing Oppih

Technology Can Help Get Us Through This

Who was Jeff Bezos before Amazon?

One Million Medals Of Freedom For Our Health Care Workers!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Donating $1 Billion of His Equity in Square to COVID-19 Relief Efforts

swamp dogg & john prine (studio-2020) couple 70+ year old legends, killin' it ...

California Herd Immunity?

Akron lawmaker says Trump should be prosecuted for 'crimes against humanity' over coronavirus drug c

john prine w/the secret sisters - i just called to say i love you (studio-2018) stevie wonder cover

(Jewish Group) Boston-area Chabad Center vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti written in Russian

(Jewish Group) Germany warns of spike in anti-Semitism linked to coronavirus

(Jewish Group) Yale U. Rabbi Abused and Beaten in Antisemitic Robbery Praises Swift Police Response

(Jewish Group) Frida Wattenberg, French Jewish WW2 Children's Rescue Hero, Dies From Coronavirus

Mayo Clinic cardiologist: 'Inexcusable' to ignore hydroxychloroquine side effects

L.A. orders essential workers to wear masks, allows businesses to deny service to customers without

CDC removes unusual guidance to doctors about drug favored by Trump

'60 Minutes' Nabs Bigger Audience Than Trump's Sunday Night Briefing on 3 Cable News Networks

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Stephen Colbert Opening: Trump Won't Be Following CDC Recommendations On Wearing Masks In Public

Plasma treatment being tested in New York may be coronavirus 'game changer'

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans now say the federal govt has done a poor job of preventing CV spread

Trump Broke the Agencies That Were Supposed To Stop the Covid-19 Epidemic

Died, on this day, April 8, 2013: Annette Funicello

The World's Nations Ranked by COVID-19 Deaths per 1 million/population

Local meals for local heroes

Vote 2020 - Stop Trying To Appeal ...

Body discovered, April 7, 2019: Dennis Day, Mouseketeer

What day is it, Lounge? That's right...

Wednesday TOONs 1 - Containment Strategy

Wednesday TOONs 2 - Flattening the Crazy Curve

I wonder if T. Modly is even aware of the uber irony of this quote from his misbegotten speach?

On this day, April 8, 2000: The Bruce Dickinson demands "more cowbell."

Surviving a Sugar Detox

Coronavirus: EU top scientist resigns citing politics and red tape

Coronavirus Hits Men Harder, What Scientists Know About It

Mad World, performed by Curt Smith and his daughter, Diva

Thousands of Americans cannot wait till November, they'll be dead.

NYT: Why Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Flourish. And Why It Matters.

Wisconsin early results yet?

Every time Trump lie's, someone die's.

"RNC is trying to force in-person voting instead of mail-in ballots, putting American lives at risk"

VA Sen. Mark Warner Calls For A Special ACA Enrollment Period During COVID-19 Pandemic

Snowflakes can't handle the truth.

Breakfast. Wednesday 8 April 2020

NASA's 'Worm' Logo Will Return to Space

Doctor/cheerleader Trump.

Mike Gundy's tone-deaf coronavirus rant shows why he's never leaving OK State

I raise this issue periodically -- who is holding up Trump?

Jose Andres Turns D.C.'s Baseball Stadium Into a Community Kitchen

Allsyn Camerota always has people in their rawest moments of grief and

March 2020 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 414.50 ppm; March 2019 411.97 ppm; March 2018 409.41 ppm

Bernie Sanders: We cannot rely on Trump. Congress must lead the way in this unprecedented crisis

Why is Morning Joe repeating the 7:00 segment at 8:00?

After Nov. fixing the shit they broke will be key, so I thought I would start a TODO list 2021

A Comeback To RWNJs About Swine Flu

Faux news and Dr Fauci

You've Got Less Mail: The Postal Service Is Suffering Amid Coronavirus

Trump says he is the country's cheerleader when we need a head coach

PNM Approved To Dump Ownership Of San Juan Coal Plant (Farmington NM)

Can someone explain this to me? Where were the WI national guard?!

Ain't he a peach?

Norway Drops Barents Sea Blocks From Development After Test Wells Come Up Empty ($20 Oil Helping)

Another Something Different

Seven GOP Governors Shun Stay-Home Orders But Grab Disaster Relief

Freedom to treat without interference from either administrators or insurance companies

Trump launches bizarre attack on mail-in voting -- after admitting he voted in Florida by mail

This morning's pink moon

Arizona releases less COVID-19 data than many other states. That could be changing soon

French hospital halts trials of Trump-promoted COVID-19 drug due to worries about heart failure

Album released on this date in 1977

Trump once again gives up the game on voting by mail: 'Doesn't work out well for Republicans'

Arizona releases less COVID-19 data than many other states. That could be changing soon

Here we go..........

We Democrats will fix THAT later.

Do you remember when people used to go to restaurants and eat?

How To Walk Your Human

The City of Milwaukee says 18,803 people voted in person today. Another 56,489...

Let's get a chant going on every platform we can

The President Who Doesn't Want Us To Know What Went Wrong

2020 explained:

Carmen McRae was born on this date.


Trump plans to purge 7 more Inspectors General.

Not ONE more God Damned cent

President wants to replace sacked IGs with pro-Trump partisans you'd see on Fox News: report

David Corn: Will Trump and His Enablers Ever Face Accountability for the Coronavirus Massacre?

Trump is Custer at the Little Bighorn. The American people are his slain men.

The feline has escaped from the burlap.

Storm alert: Wind, hail, possible tornado tonight. Terrible timing. Stay safe!

Happy Rex Manning Day!

What happened to John Bolton? Wasn't there supposed to be a tell all book?

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-07-2020

Half-Shaved Giuliani Goes CRAZY on Fox

Fox News Host Smacked Around by Real Doctor

This year's first 'Morning Dew Diamond'

As we die from the virus, Trump continues to eliminate our government.

The Rundown: April 7, 2020

This Month in Comics: March 2020

The 15 richest Americans, or, why the top marginal income tax rate doesn't really matter

Decisions, decisions - What should I do today?

Tik Tok Doctor - busting the moves!

Tik Tok Doctor - Busting The Moves!

Warning about a spike in cybercrime related to Covid-19....

The Webcomics Weekly #81: This Too Shall Pass (4/7/2020 Edition)

Concatenation - interrelation of different items

With apologies to The Temptations---"I Wish It Would Rain"

Deus ex Machina, folks...

Cartoon: Presidential Malpractice............... By Clay Jones -April 8, 2020 9:00 AM

Trumps Covid-19 strategy be like...

As my mother used to say,


Hoping to defeat Trump this November may be a fools errand.

Trump says it's OK for him to vote absentee but no one else

Coronavirus has people calling the police and shaming neighbors on social media

Trump's Remarks at America CARES: Small Business Relief Update Meeting; April 7, 2020

Wisconsin: I think we're rooting for incumbent Neubauer and challenger Jill Karofsky.

Ready to risk your life to stop a Trump dictatorship from destroying the U.S. & life on this planet?

Stay calm and Benghazi

Acting Navy Secretary 'Moldy' Was Just Another Actor for Trump

Wuhan ends lockdown as health workers buckle under strain

IA-SEN: Democrats target Ernst in bid to expand Senate map

The Triumph of Bullshit

'Death is a welcomed friend': Pastor calls on Christians to defy coronavirus lockdown -- even if it..

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans now say the federal government has done a poor job of preventing cor

How California has contained coronavirus and New York has not

After one reads this latest just think, ignorance from his masses are going to kill people

Coronavirus: Ulster Builds Its Own Field Hospital

The Reality Based Community

Trump Claimed The Feds Have 'Built 18 Hospitals.' FEMA And Army Records Say Otherwise

This pandemic is Trump's Vietnam. He has earned his bone spurs.

Dear fellow Seniors: Do you have a Reverse Mortgage?

Not the Onion! CDC looks at changing guidelines to get EXPOSED asymptomatic people back to work

US cases are doubling every 7 days BUT the US death rate is doubling every 5 days (per JHU data)

Drumpf has the nerve to want four more years to head a

This kid is amazing. Not all heroes wear capes.

A Historian Speaks to the Current Moment

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources

Rain, hail, lawsuits and the coronavirus crisis fail to halt Wisconsin Primary. WISCONSIN ROCKS!!!!!

The latest California peak projections from the University of Washington (April 8, 2020)

PRESIDENT OBAMA Asks Where Are The Tests?


We don't need MORE steenking lists of SHITLER's atrocities but here's a cogent update

Blame SAD for a lot of the fatal outcomes

The Coronavirus Has Not Halted Trump's Power Grab

Big banks took "free money' in 2008. They're turning their back now on small businesses, SBA officia

NLRB Changes Rules to Make It Harder for Workers to Be Represented

Trump Is Trapped. Either He Knew in November or He Didn't.

MMM -- WhatevWednesday

Wordpad MSWord and Libreoffice

JPMorgan sees surge in coronavirus cases after pressuring traders to go to work: report

Disney might check visitors' temperatures when theme parks reopen, chairman says

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/8/20.

Bridge collapses in Italy, newest crumbling infrastructure

Why the "good Germans" didn't stop the Nazis

Question about Trump's Miracle Drug Cure for COVID-19

Dow up more than 250-points a day after the most dramatic U-turn for stocks in 12 years

Arkansas' mayors denied lockdown power

41 Transit Workers Dead: Crisis Takes Staggering Toll on Subways (NYT)

All Trump cares about is the economy. This is disgusting.

Democrats text over 1 million Georgia voters to boost mail voting efforts

Texas doctor tests positive. He had symptoms this past Sunday

Has anyone looked at the air traffic worldwide today?

Majority favors November mail-in ballots if coronavirus not contained: poll

Track world championships rescheduled for July 2022

Time to drink the Kool-aid!

Bernie suspending per CNN

Bernie suspends campaign

Sanders suspends campain

And he's back to ranting about his ratings.

Sen Sanders suspends campaign - will be speaking about 1145 ET today

Bernie Sanders drops out of presidential race

NEJM Stats: ONLY 43.8% Present with fever

LBN? NPR just announced that Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign.

Lt. Gov. Griffin, UAMS announce donation of 100K Hydroxychloroquine tablets for treatment of chronic

Precedent - a thought


Donors, including Bezos, Ballmer and Allen families, give $20 million for coronavirus research

Joe Biden - Presumptive Democratic Nominee - Congratulations!

So a quick, though by no means complete, postmortem of 2020.

Bernie Sanders suspends campaign.

Sword in the rock - updated

"Discovering" new foods

Hey! Did Bernie drop out? I think I heard somewhere that he did.

Bernie, the task force and governor Cuomo


So Bernie waited until the day AFTER his supporters risked their lives

I miss the days when wearing a tan suit was a scandal, think we'll ever see them again?

Sanders will not immediately endorse Biden: MSNBC

Avengers Assemble!

'Murder Most Foul': Unpacking Bob Dylan's new epic -- from Dallas 1963 to the pandemic of 2020

Bernie's about to give his withdrawal speech.

That's it

And now your Twitter moment of Zen.

Tucker Carlson's and Brit Hume's faulty theories about coronavirus deaths being exaggerated

It's time for us all to get cracking against repugs' voter suppression;

The data - an observation

Listening To Bernie Sanders on MSNBC

Now, let's see how quickly we can quit fighting the primary around here.

Where the media is failing?

Intense thunderstorms unleash microbursts, toppling trees around D.C. area,

Needed: another word for "news" that is not true

So....when does this forum go away now that Sanders has suspended? n/t

Ok, Joe, now let's take out the orange a$$hole

I just sent $25 to Joe

The speech you give when you drop out is a testimony to your character.

Check out Pluto Living on YouTube.

Sanders just said he'll stay on the ballot, continue gaining delegates to give him as much leverage

Am I hearing correctly, did Bernie say he is encouraging his voters to still work to gather

"Because of the delegates behind Biden..."

Thank you BERNIE for gracefully dropping out. Let's unify and WIN!

Rolling Stone Article chronicling 25 Essential John Prine tracks ... good stuff

Holy Crap! 938 UK deaths today (4580, adjusted for U.S. population)

''Here's to the Crazy Ones''

Pope condemns those trying to make quick buck off coronavirus

I thought I saw a little 'present' left by a neighbor's dog in my lawn. I was wrong

Johannes Brahms Piano Concerto #1

My Twitter poll on running mate choices for Biden

Now watch Trump call Bernie a loser

Thank You Donkees!!!

U.S. companies criticized for cutting jobs rather than investor payouts

I am an idiot to not know this...

Vietnam to ship 450,000 protective suits to United States

America last: Rep. Porter has receipts showing Trump chose a quick buck over American lives

Statement from Vice President @JoeBiden

Okay I will admit I wanted Bernie to endorse Joe.

Venezuela gasoline shortages worsen as U.S. tells firms to avoid supply - sources

"You've gotta work on your communication-skills, you stupid bitch."

Turn out the lights, the party's over.

$200,000,000,000 In Coronavirus Relief May Get Lost to Fraud The 11th Hour MSNBC

'Death is a welcomed friend': Pastor calls on Christians to defy coronavirus lockdown -- even if it

Death rate rises in counties with high air pollution

I am never going to say a negative thing about Sanders again.

American capitalism has dropped the mask -- and its face is cruel and selfish

JetBlue seeks government permission to suspend flying at some airports as demand drops

To My Fellow Wonderful Biden Supporters: Thank you very much, and let's unify. :)

Trump reaction to Senator Sanders campaign suspension.

Hey Megan, he doesn't read the "intelligence reports", because well there full of

Catholic Priest SHUTS DOWN Fox News Host

Cubans cast aside coronavirus fears to search for scarcer food

Biden will now receive briefings, right?

"I will stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates... "

Who here remembers Chun King?

With no disrespect.

There it is, it's being reported on MSNBC, problems with testing in Houston.

Air Canada to rehire 16,500 workers laid off due to pandemic

I HONESTLY am not paying attention to the Bernie pulling out story, he has endorsed Joe, right?

Bernie won.

4pt mini series on Netflix - "Unorthodox" - captivating to me!

Joe's statement about Bernie

Whopper Of The Day: Trump Claims Ivanka Created 15M Jobs

Millennials get it.

I want political TV ads showing this.

"What We Can Be"

Under Cover Of Darkness The rats go scurrying... By Steve Greenberg

Hunting for life insurance

So now will the Democratic Primaries forum go away?

People need to stop panicking about Sanders

This nurse is treating the sickest coronavirus patients. Trump still wants to deport him.

Andrew Cuomo" All New Yorkers will be able to vote absentee on the June 23rd

2016 discussion questions for you...elections & job-offer behavior

Dicussion of possible fix for the cost of higher education. That's become an election issue, and

Mail in voting.

Sanders just suspended. On cable now

Presidential Election 2020 - Joe vs the Volcano

Gov Andrew Cuomo's Update Apr 8 2020

📺 Tonight! I'm honored to be interviewing former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders

A Senate that cannot communicate during a pandemic

The Sound of Music (quarantine):

Let us go forward together. The struggle continues.

Now that Bernie is dropping out, I feel free to make this post.

Yes, this is all Trump's fault; David Frum counts the ways

"Saluting the heroes of the coronavirus." Each and everyone of them should lose their jobs.


How many people have to die?

US Postal Service is on track to run out of money by June

Statement from Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa

I know a Power Grab when I see one - Sack cartoon

Things are starting to get ugly.

Eight UK doctors died from Coronavirus. All were immigrants.

Why the COVID-19 rate is so low in Germany and so high in the U.S.

Yes, this is all Trump's fault

There was a jerk approaching and making fun of mask wearers in the grocery store today

Fox News Hosts Are Eager To Claim COVID-19 Victory

Trump preemptively orders that nobody shall ever again talk about this once it's over.

"sittin' on a rainbow" - John PRINE

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson 'improving' as intensive care treatment continues

Does it seem reporters are finally taking on Trump?

Who would you like to give the Keynote address at the Democratic Convention?

When Obama was president, I had a savings account

The IGs, the Stock Market, Donald Trump, and the multi-trillion dollar bailout

I updated my candidate preference early.

Congratulations to Joe Biden!

Cartoons 4/8/2020

Cute animal videos please

A Back of the Envelope Calculation of the Mass of Carbon Dioxide in Earth's Atmosphere.

john prine - when i get to heaven (studio-2018) last song on his last record ...

President Trump responds to Bernie Sanders ending his White House bid

WTF: 1/24/20 Trump:China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus.

Trump's "Light at the End of the Tunnel" Is a Delusion

Statement by Pennsylvania elected endorsers of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

CDC Site Deletes Anecdotal Reports Of Docs Using Trump's Touted Anti-Malaria Drugs

WHO pushes back at Trump, countries shouldn't politicize CV if they don't want 'more body bags'

Et ce que il y'as quelle que un qui veut aider- moi avec un petit project?

As coronavirus fears grow, doctors and nurses face abuse, attacks

Is something wrong with G-Mail?

Why 'That Woman From Michigan' Should Be on Joe Biden's Short List for V.P.

There is no difference, she said

In Georgia any day now they're gonna get to (hot damn!) shoot "hordes" of u-know-whats!

New book title for trump COVID-19 response ...

Negligent homicide:

How to defog and prepare an aircraft..........during a pandemic.........

See ya around campus you shitbird in a skin suit

Milwaukee nurse, coming off shift, denied right to vote at 8:03pm last night

CONFIRMED: @tylerperry paid for all groceries during Seniors Hour at 44 Atlanta-area @Kroger store

Bruce Springsteen Pays Tribute to John Prine: 'His Death Just Makes Me Angry'

employees didn't show up at 84 resident nursing home

Which Stage of Grief is the cult and its media in?

Fiona Prine blistered 45 on April 5

How New York City's Emergency Ventilator Stockpile Ended Up on the Auction Block

Dr. Birx Warns Of 'Very Acute' Second COVID-19 Wave If People Stop Social Distancing

Et ce que il y'as quelle que un qui veut aider- moi avec un petit project?

Bernie didn't drop out? Says his name will remain on the ballot until Biden reaches 1951

My heart is breaking! God speed, John Prine!

Inslee introduces grants to aid small businesses hit by economic decline

Lawmakers demand answers on Kushner's Supply Chain Influence

Labor Department vows to protect workers who report unsafe conditions

Trump Overturns Presidential Limo While Touting Effectiveness Of PCP To Treat Coronavirus

Everett Trader Joe's closed due to workers ill with COVID-19

Is anyone else having a problem viewing tweet linked to in a post?

Food manufacturers shift into overdrive to keep shelves full

Habib backs Liias to succeed him as lieutenant governor

Robert Reich --- Dear Bernie,

Humpty Dumpty Rag

538: Voters' Experiences In Wisconsin Amid The Coronavirus Epidemic

Dispatches from a Pandemic (MDs and Nurses from Wuhan)

Community Transit to Further Reduce Service on Monday, April 13

I talked with my 95-year-old father yesterday.

REPOST: JPMorgan sees surge in coronavirus cases after pressuring traders to go to work: report

Who Has No Experience in Pandemics, Got His Job Due to Nepotism, Security Clearance is a Sham

A segment of the population threatened to start a civil war if he was impeached and removed

Hydroxychloroquine expert fact-checks Trump's claims about drug as coronavirus treatment

Not the Onion! CDC looks at changing guidelines to get EXPOSED asymptomatic people back to work

NO!! Charlotte Figi, Colorado Girl Who Inspired CBD Movement To Control Seizures, dies from COVID-19

House panel asks Trump's acting spy chief to explain spate of firings

Nikki Haley says to blame governors, not Trump -- but most Americans disagree

U.S. coronavirus death projection lowered but official warns of 'second wave'

Allen Garfield, elite '70s character actor, dies at 80

Amazon to Suspend Delivery Service That Competes With UPS, FedEx

Thieves target Seattle non-profit, stealing food and hygiene supplies

Bill Murray explaining how Hunter S. Thompson told him to listen to the music of John Prine

Email from Joe Biden (campaign email) regarding Bernie. Subject: Bernie

2 residents at Spokane Veterans Home test positive for coronavirus

Himalayas visible 125 miles away in India for 1st time in 30 yrs after lockdown saw pollution drop.

Gov. Elections moved back and take-out/delivery of booze by restaurants

GOP Urges End Of Quarantine For Lifeless Bipedal Automatons That Make Economy Go

"See it-Snap it-Send it" campaign asks Washington to report pandemic price gougers

Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward to participate in Q&A on coronavirus Wednseday

Gorge highway closure expanded after visitors trespass

"Congratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!"

Intercity Transit to require reservations starting next week due to COVID-19

Help a Worthy Cause & Win a Franken Hand-Drawn Map

Love the new header for DU Primaries.. Thank you!!!!

Trump is desperately seeking to avoid blame

Study Reveals Potential Serious Cardiac Issues Related to Trump's Cure-All Hydroxychloroquine

NEJM 43.8% Present with fever until virus progresses

How Delays and Unheeded Warnings Hindered New York's Virus Fight

Trump set to finally beat Obama in something...

Hundreds in Florida line up for paper unemployment forms

Pope: Coronavirus pandemic could be nature's response to climate crisis

Mississippi doctor makes makeshift respirator

Novelty toilet roll cakes keep Finnish baker in business.

Wisconsin is up Sh*t Creek.

Seven Days, Hundreds of Deaths: New York's Worst Week Yet Tests Its Coronavirus Response

Some John Prine

Profiles in Perfidy, XIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Has he called for his supporters to vote for Biden, yet?

It's all about delegates and influence now

Mattis rebukes Trump over removal of Pentagon inspector general

Everyday Hero: Ohio State student 3D-prints prosthetic arms for free

Biden leads in new poll:

Don't watch that shitshow at this instead..

Biden describes his phone call with Trump about coronavirus response

You raised $675.00 on April 7, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump won't like this poll re Dr. Fauci:

An old silent movie that reflects current times

First venture out into my little city in weeks.

We're RIDIN' with BIDEN! --- C'MON! GET IN! We're taking back America!

Thank you for the new Header, You guys rock!!!!

Thou Shalt Stay the Hell Home!

Just found a streaming service called "Tubi TV."

UK thanks Cuba for 'great gesture of solidarity' in rescuing passengers from coronavirus cruise ship

Is anyone else just really tired?

UK thanks Cuba for 'great gesture of solidarity' in rescuing passengers from coronavirus cruise ship

For your viewing enjoyment

Interesting theory from Seth Abramson re Biden:

Ok to mention Biden here now?

Hannity's latest propaganda actually exposes Trump's epic failures

Leeks: a life & death decision?

The most sycophantic administration. Ever.

Trump Elevates Unqualified Judge as a Reward for Defending Kavanaugh

Capt. Crozier's firing shows the growing Trumpification of the military

QAnon grifter was selling colloidal silver as a coronavirus treatment and cure

Cuban President calls for discipline in view of new epidemic phase

Bernie Sanders Ends His Campaign While Promising To Unite With Biden To Beat Trump.😎 🎨 🦩

Sanders had multiple conversations with Obama ahead of decision to end campaign

Root canal tomorrow.

Repub, GOP, trump, have brought America to her knees

The Doctor is on it -

WATCH Governor Newsom Live here:

Brazil's police arrest robbers of 50,000 masks in Sao Paulo

BTRTN: Our Current Crisis... Lessons Unlearned

The "Again" in "Make America Great Again" refers to a past point when we were 'great', yes?

BTRTN: Our Current Crisis... Lessons Unlearned

Fed eases limit on Wells Fargo to make more small biz loans

In Communist-run Cuba, the private sector helps the needy as coronavirus spreads

What exactly is Kushner's father in law run on other than his long string of failures?

new Covid-19 cases day by day in Iowa

Social distancing ... GOP got religion

Joe Biden 100%

DIY Communion: demand for Jesus' flesh & blood soars

The DnD folk here will get this

Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you can not walk/run/bike close to each other.

Dude! Even the dog is like, "nobody needs to see this"

'Lost In The Mail In The Coronavirus Era': Pandemic Threatens Carriers, Customers, USPS, Elections?

Pandemic deals blow to plastic bag bans, plastic reduction

Walz extends Minnesota's stay-at-home order to May 4

British Dad Hacks Closed McDonald's To Give His Son A Birthday Happy Meal

one of the things that sticks with travelers to Turkey

UnitedHealth accelerates $2 billion in health care support

Cuomo announces all New Yorkers can vote absentee in June state primaries

My neighbor cut my grass!

Detroit cops fight violence spike, social distancing violations with depleted manpower

11 Governorships Are Up For Grabs In 2020. Here's What's Happening.

We should give up, there's nothing we can do

Florida election officials sound the alarm ahead of November

Drop the Curtain on the Trump Follies

Adam Schiff Is Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump's Family Of Grifters

The Supreme Court's disturbing order to effectively disenfranchise thousands of Wisconsin voters

JB Pritzker pulled out a steaming bucket of truth- in public- at his COVID 19 briefing today

Joe Biden: "We Have to Make Our Democracy" Function While Fighting the Pandemic

VP talk could intensify with Harris-DNC fundraising deal

A Bloomberg-backed gun-control group launches online effort to register 100,000 young voters

NRA has laid off more than 60 employees

The Bidens' powerful Passover message - Jennifer Rubin

Did the first "normal" things in 30 days yesterday and today.

Where is the protection product going?

Using vents the "wrong way" or over-using? Maybe not pneumonia doctors are seeing

Covid-19: Cuba Deserves Relief From US Sanctions

Audio: Liberty U. Pres. Jerry Falwell, Jr. Swears Out Warrants for ARREST of Reporters, Photographer

Covid-19: Cuba Deserves Relief From US Sanctions

Police: Bear spray foils robbery, helps officer find robber

A John Prine memory

(Jewish Group) Pesach Sameach (Happy Passover)

16-year-old pilot flies medical supplies to rural hospitals

Do you think Dump in his tiny, tiny mind

Thank you to all the candidates in the democratic primary

Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci say they wear masks in public and insist Donald Trump follow suit after

Kate Bedingfield on Twitter:

Virus May Spread Twice as Fast as Earlier Thought, Study Says

i will now throw my support behind mr biden. that is all

16-year-old pilot flies medical supplies to rural hospitals

Waterless hand cleaners: GoJo, Zep, Fast Orange. etc.

jared k. nickname ... SMALL FRY

Social Security question in the time of Covid...

Feelin' the Bern

Costco to allow first responders, healthcare workers to skip lines to enter stores

Congresswoman: Trump 'failed to prepare' for virus by refusing to stockpile supplies


Know COBOL? Work available now!

PSA from Julia Louis Dreyfuss (for a laugh)

All-time worst article title for 2020: WAPO!

LA Times: Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word

Open Letter to Condemn Trump Administration's Hypocritical Indictment on Drug Charges of Venezuelan

Trump: GOP should fight mail-in voting because it 'doesn't work out well for Republicans'

Open Letter to Condemn Trump Administration's Hypocritical Indictment on Drug Charges of Venezuelan

A nurse in Florida...

Army Corps of Engineers "beginning to run out of time" to build medical facilities ahead of peak inf

I must be so proud. My little county just got named a rural hotspot.


Trump Aides Plan to 'Reopen' Country Next Month

The Hill: US Intelligence Warned in November that Coronavirus Spreading in China Could be 'Cataclysm

Myself and five others did our weekly bike ride

Brazil: Death toll from coronavirus up 20% in one day

Funny school sign.........

Colombia's hospitals unprepared for coronavirus, personnel working under threat: federation

Why I Support Michael Franken (from a friend)( for US senate in Iowa to oppose Ernst)

GOP House candidate threatens to shoot 'looting hordes' in majority-black city

Linda Tripp, dead at 70 from pancreatic cancer

Washington Rushes to Relieve Food Banks, Which Could Be Fully Depleted in Two Weeks

Covid-19 fears grow for indigenous South Americans as Yanomami teen tests positive

Sanders Spoke to Obama Before Dropping Out

Hospitals across US say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word

What's for Dinner, Wed., Apr. 8, 2020

400,000+ infected 14,000+ dead

Are you bored? Like Math and Crafts? Make the most mathmatical Flag on Earth

Washington's projected COVID-19 death total could drop 60% due to social distancing

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-13: He Went To Jared Edition

KY doctor charged. choked teen girl over social distancing

Maduro Offers Love for Migrants, Then Locks Them in Sweltering Camps

Klobuchar: Trump Went From 'I Alone Can Fix This' To 'I Am Backup' All In MSNBC

Humans living in Amazon 10,000 years ago cultivated plants, study finds

ANDY by randy rainbow is fantastic!

Linda Tripp 70...

Humans living in Amazon 10,000 years ago cultivated plants, study finds

What a joy listening to Dr Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University

Trump administration plan to provide millions of free face masks fizzled

Bernie Sanders Appreciation Thread.

Thanks, MAGATs

Obama's 2015 and 2016 WH Correspondents dinner. Worth a watch!

Wanted urgently: People who know a half century-old computer language

Nothing says "Happy Passover" like a jazz hands video from the White House lawn.

White House opposes Democrats' demands for more funds in 'interim' aid package

Anyone know what happened in Nevada

NYC Is Taking Hundreds of Body Bags Out of Houses--and Soon They Will Be Counted

Please, Speaker Pelosi, put your foot down

Coronavirus Exposes Food System Crisis: More Big Ag Consolidation, Deregulation W/O Official Action

Do Re Mi - Covid 19 version

Rumble Viral's Best Dog Moments Caught On Camera (long but hilarious)

Kids are fun

The Primary Forum Is So Full Of Good-Natured Agreement Now

I suppose this post could be filed under "Fools Rush In".

washing machine bit the dust

Will We Ever Live In Bernie Sanders' America?

Billie Joe Armstrong: I Think We're Alone Now (Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

Paradise with an Ocean View.

They should put food preparers on the list to let get tested even if

The Criminally Negligent Shithound starting now

I like to boogie (from "Billy Elliot")

Name a great TV Series that stayed on too long

US intelligence reportedly predicted coronavirus 'could be a cataclysmic event' as far back as Nov.

COVID-19 data in Shelby County shows impact greater on African-Americans, those with pre-existing co

President Trump Lashes Out at Fox News Reporter

"I'm so glad to have a president who isn't politically correct!" - What has that solved?

Coronavirus Is Forcing the GOP to (Tacitly) Admit Its Ideology Is Delusional

"Are you still watching?"

just because it's time... my daily "fuck trump and all republican

Good job CNN.

Kansas Republicans overturn governor's order restricting crowd sizes in churches

Linda Tripp, whose tapes were pivotal in Clinton impeachment scandal, dies

Damning Report Finds White House Ignored Skeletal Horsemen Galloping Through Sky As Early As January

Trump passionately and eloquently defends his daily televised coronavirus MAGA rally reality TV show

Back to School (1986) - Professor Terguson Loses It.

"trump has the mentality of a rapist"

Trump's Approval on economy FELL TO 48%

Zinc? What's next Mercury?..

On this date in 1974

Jaime Harrison (D) slams Lindsey Graham's degraded nurses rant, praises nurses for their sacrifice

what are you seeing in terms of on-line support for Joe Biden?

Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump's "deadly" briefings display "anti-human" psychology

Democrats salivate over Obama coming off sidelines The Hill

This has been stuck in my head for days...(MCR)

How New Mexico Jump Started Aggressive COVID-19 Testing

Andrew Lloyd Webber streaming his musicals free on YouTube

Trump at his virus presser just said it was Jucicial Watch that is claiming the voter fraud.

Green Party makes pitch for Sanders supporters

Trump just implied that Obama does not support Biden because he knows something nefarious...

A Nurse Bought Protective Supplies for Her Colleagues Using GoFundMe. The Hospital Suspended Her.

Malcolm Nance: Stephanie Miller Show Today

Please just shoot me!

Propublica- Yes, Trump Hotels Do Appear to Qualify for Coronavirus Bailout Benefits

The rapist shit has begun in earnest

Joe Biden just finished a live townhall concerning unemployment...have a look

demented death says STATES are supposed to get their own supplies, do their own tests, yes ??

Trump jokes he'll 'look into' pardon for 'Tiger King' after asked by reporter at virus briefing

New Randy Newman song - "Stay Away"

has anyone received their stimulus $$ ?

Happy Passover! A musical greeting from the Israel Philharmonic

John Prine/Linda Tripp

Is it possible for Joe to name his running mate now

Ellen DeGeneres removes YouTube video in which she compares social distancing to 'being in jail'

Bernie Sanders dedication ad

The WHO tells leaders to stop politicizing the coronavirus pandemic 'if you don't want more body bag

Prize-Winning Reporter Writes Book on Melania Trump

Trump: "If we can stay substantially under 100,000" deaths, "I think we did a very good job"

My take on the entire Covid-19 delay

New bipartisan anti-Trump ad to air during Fox & Friends

The Lincoln Project: Sacrifice

Too stupid for words...

*Sherrod Brown on PBS NewsHour now.

You can dedicate a light on a bridge over the Mississippi River to honor a healthcare worker

The funniest stupid Facebook quiz you will ever take. Trust me. 😁 direct link not Facebook

So what happens if we go "substantially above 100,000 deaths"?

Trump is so nasty. Looking for people to fight with at every turn.

Article:Criminality Combines With Mental Pathlogy Yale Psychiatrist Breaks Down How Trumps Briefing

Bill O'Reilly: "Many people who are dying-both here & around world-were on their last legs anyway"

The Pips (without Gladys Knight)

Ivanka Trump to headline administration's small business recovery effort

Ted Lieu on twitter: Swedish Hospitals Scrap Trial of Malaria Drug - Side Effects.

Saudi officials announce Yemen cease-fire amid pandemic

Trump's New Chief of Staff Rattles White House in Crisis Mode

Cheerful RCP averages news for Biden

Golden light

The lady was mean and rotten to the core.

Bolsonaro Says His Health Minister Lacks Humility

Padmasambhava - Guru Rinpoche - Pointing out Instructions to the Old Lady - Dzogchen

Heard this in Sirius XM today, and thought I'd share it:

Two stories about voting by mail in California

When Trump needs an operation, let's call "a person with common sense." Maybe a transit worker.

What does Bailey the Golden Retriever do when he's home alone?

US authorities seize Cayman medical supplies

I can hear the asshole Trump say...

Dennis QUAID, we hardly knew ye - Does Randy need a Pardon for something?!1

trump just tweeted... Mail-In Voting, which is "RIPE for FRAUD," and shouldn't be allowed!

04/09 Mike Luckovich: Unbowed

Shoplifter promises to return all the items taken from local store after caught [re: Sen. Loeffler]

We are all Biden supporters now!

George Conway group endorses Joe Biden

'People Are Fleeing To Appalachia To Escape Covid-19; That Needs To Stop'

Biden up 8 Nationally in new National Poll

'People Are Fleeing To Appalachia To Escape Covid-19; That Needs To Stop'

The view from the Tenderloin

California's overall medical system appears to be working...

It's Time To Say It: Trump Is Handling COVID-19 Like A Dictator

Bernie's out. But he still wants a Connecticut primary.