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I'm trying to think clearly, and am acutely aware that this dilemma is insignificant these days,

Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia governors approve KKK masks as face covers during this minor flu event

How to make a face mask without a sewing machine

a thought? Question? Since the lungs are so involved what about chest x-ray instead of a test?

GM reduces loan refinancing target, may pay up for new debt

Buttigieg launches new PAC to aid down-ballot candidates

Woman With A House Full Of Dogs Fosters Two Adorable Great Danes

Berkshire Hathaway sells part of Delta, Southwest airline stakes

Politics and Prose bookstore free live online author events.

General Honore is on Chris Hayes

Toilet paper cakes---latest baking craze

General Honore is on MSNBC speaking truth to power.

OPEC+ debates biggest-ever oil cut, awaits U.S. efforts

NY-19: House Republicans' biggest recruitment flop

It's the United STATES of America, Donwald!

U.S. airlines apply for U.S. payroll help but terms still unclear

The Coronavirus Test Is Too Hard for Trump

We sure could make good use of General Russell Honore again!

Florida. Double Whammy

How come tRump has no problem with the price of needed medical supplies increasing dramatically but

Butthurt pouter-in-chief refuses to speak to Nancy Pelosi

Politico: 'The Worst Possible Scenario': Never Trumpers Wonder What to Do About Bernie

jackass Peter Navaro is coming up on Anderson Cooper on CNN. Time to switch channels


With Minnesota's political map in play, both sides gear up for legislative fight

HI update - 319 reported, up 34. 3 deaths. 79 released. 18 hospitalized.

AARP Texas Calls For Emergency Medicaid Expansion

Colorado lawmaker returns to frontlines of the coronavirus fight as an ER nurse.

Well another day from the Presser from the fucking Psychopath being asked a question..........

Operatico Politico is BAAACK!!


Trump and Jared

Hey Trump! I dare you to tee off tomorrow and/or Sunday!

Hobby Lobby to close all stores, furlough all workers after defying shutdowns

Experts Warn Of Mental Health Fallout From Mass U.S. Unemployment, Coronavirus Crisis

04/05 Mike Luckovich: C'mon in!

Jim Acosta.....the nemesis of Donald J. Trump.................

Pence says we are most like Italy but they

On Topic: A Farewell to Drumpf


Not Qualified ACA Hater Justin Walker Nominated to DC Circuit by TRUMP

Time for another update of prominent endorsements (Sen, Ex-Sen, Rep, Ex-Rep, Gov, Ex-Gov)

Your health care cannot be tied to your employment. It has to be seen as a human right.

Trump Insists on In-Person Voting for November Election

I hope this not true, but I won't put it pass Trump to make(steal) money from the government,

School supplies: 64,380 gloves, 1,575 masks for PPE drive

Trump: Governors Who Give Him State's Electoral College Votes Get 'Anything They Need' To Fight C19

Trump Tells Gaetz And Nunes To Put On Masks And Gloves

Did you all see the Navy cheering for their Captain? Maybe healthcare and portions of the military

Bexar County now has 313 coronavirus cases as outbreak at nursing home adds 59

Peter Navarro fighting corruption on PPE where people hike up prices and/or send it abroad.

Can Fox news be sued over their COVID-19 coverage?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! On The Road!

This Puppy Mill Dog Is Finally About To Get A Family (long but worth it)

General Electric Workers Want to Build Medical Equipment to Fight Coronavirus.

Wonderful feelings NYC

Trump, 3M clash over order to produce more face masks for US

As Trump Labels Coronavirus Relief Oversight a 'Witch Hunt,' Republicans Pursue Biden Investigation

CNN anchor's emotional interview with widow of 42 YO C19 victim

Trump's War on Solar

I live alone and I'm doling out stuff to myself...

Southern Governors Argue Covid-19 Good Christian Virus That Wouldn't Dare Spread During Church

FT chart shows US destined to become worst affected country in the world

Jared Kushner Says States Should Have Planned Ahead Before Joining The Union

Amazon extends its US and Canada returns window to May 31

Good one from my sister-in-law:

Homemade face masks and coronavirus: New CDC policy and everything you should know

'I'm scared': Johns Hopkins expert says coronavirus is totally unprecedented

Anyone arrested for violating isolation orders will be held without bond

Flattening the curve on coronavirus: What California and Washington can teach the world

Experts Warn Of Mental Health Fallout From Mass U.S. Unemployment, Coronavirus Crisis

Porn Shop - Essential Business

Fox News Moguls Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch Stockpile Attorneys Against Coronavirus Lawsuits

"10 words at the podium could save thousands of lives"

3M fires back at Trump over order to produce more face masks

NRA Sues New York State Governor Over Closure of Gun Stores

Wait...isn't today National Rainbow Day???

Possible coronavirus drug identified by Australian scientists

Biden informs Sanders he is starting VP vetting

Barely contained fury.

There is only one reason for Trump to gather power to control PPE unto himself.

This is a headline every American should see:

Ok.....loving Jimmy Fallon...he looks so damn natural in his own home.

Ben Carson: Donald Trump's 'Courageous' Coronavirus Response Doesn't Get Enough Credit

Rachel issued a blistering plea tonight

Opinion: This hard truth about the mortgage markets isn't being told

I actually believe that this pandemic is just a fire drill....

Friday Talking Points -- Down The Memory Hole

The Daily Show: Heroes of the Pandumbic!

Coronavirus hot spots are 'erupting across the South': report

It's time to put an end to The Apprentice :Bring Your Daughter and Son-In-Law to Work Day Edition

Fox News execs build legal team in anticipation of getting sued for coronavirus misinformation

Scottsdale Church to help Vista Del Camino

Pelosi wants more for small business and individuals in next U.S. coronavirus legislation

The 'resident speaks.

Iowa's governor with a mind-bogglingly stupid take

I understand that Trump doesn't read....

Shenzhen Becomes the First City in China to Outlaw Cat and Dog Meat Consumption

Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Time.

Before Demanding Every Member Cast a COVID-19 Vote, Tom Massie Skipped a COVID-19 Vote For a Fundra

Biden says he'll put a black woman on Supreme Court. This California justice is a leading candidate

German cathedral dusts off relics of St Corona, patron of epidemics

It is the sign of our times.

Captain Crozier Is a Hero. Theodore Roosevelt, my great-grandfather, would agree.

Don't know the source for this drawing, but it is awesome.....😥

Just felt an earthquake in San Diego.

Analysis: Coronavirus stimulus will take national debt to wartime levels

King County plans to move nearly 400 homeless residents to hotels amid COVID-19 outbreak

Trump sent 5,000 rotted masks to Alabama.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin test positive for COVID 19

So, my trip to grocery today

Trump: Won't wear a coronavirus mask because it would interfere with foreign leader meetings

Christopher Cross Tests Positive for Coronavirus: 'Worst Illness I've Ever Had'

I Regret to Inform You That Jared Kushner is Now in Charge of This Blog (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Sweatpants of Glory

Biden Says He Spoke to Sanders to Discuss Running Mate Process

Dinesh D'Souza enlightens us comparing types of socialism to types of rape.

As Trump faces heat on coronavirus response, Republicans try to elevate China's role

Seth Meyers: Trump Brags About Facebook Ranking During Coronavirus Press Conference - 4/2/20

Bremerton's Armed Forces Day Parade postponed amid coronavirus

I just remembered the Kushner slumlord empire.

Seattle announces free parking in the city amid COVID-19 outbreak

Must See: Chicago ER doctors' eyewitness account of the coronavirus crisis inside their ER Dept

Can you fix ventilators? A fuel cell engineer figures it out (AP/Meadville Tribune)

Some gun stores staying open despite Washington's stay-at-home order

Here's when COVID-19 could peak in Washington

Administration says it will reimburse hospitals for treating uninsured coronavirus patients

My better judgment compels me to sign off for this evening. I am to the point where I simply

Trump fires intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson

Mahalo, Sen Warren! Sanders' team also believes the Warren tussle inflicted permanent damage on the

Trump invokes DPA to prevent export of medical goods

Whoaaaaaaaa ahh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhb

Preznit does not like Weijia Jiang's question.

A Differential Pressure Technique for Bubble Characterization in High-Temperature Opaque Systems

Number of deaths per million in world's leading countries...

Seth Meyers- Really!?! with Seth and Amy: McConnell Blames Impeachment for Trump's COVID-19 Response

'Sailing' Singer Christopher Cross Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Trump says oil executives deserve coronavirus tests because 'they gave us millions of jobs'

US Senate seats that Democrats have a greater than 50 percent chance of winning in 2020 are:

An American in Wuhan, what to expect. Plus, the CA & WA Blue way of doing it

How do you compliment women's looks on dating websites?

Trump just fired IG Atkinson

Are you pretty?

Canada arrests Huwawei CFO for extradition to the States & this is how Trump repays us

Well, on the bright side, my son was able to find a way to graduate early from college.

Here we go again...(Atlanta child murder revisionism)

4.9 earthquake in SoCal, while I'm giving report on my busy Covid floor

Hubby went to the grocery store today. Only had a few itemds on list so it should have been a quick

Guys, I just realized we need to do something about this coronavirus problem by January 21st,

Time Magazine: The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic (May 15, 2017)

Dog always runs full speed ahead of his mountain biker dad

today's "nasty" question exchange

MSNBC just reported that DT fired the inspector general who flagged the memo re: the phone call

The coming presidential election this fall is not a referendum on Trump.

i shared this in 2009 when we had economic upheavals ,,

Before covid, it would have been weird to...

Trump to Fire Intelligence Watchdog Who Had Key Role in Ukraine Complaint

BREAKING: The NRA just SUED New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his closure of gun stores amidst the

Chris Cuomo

Quantum principle of relativity.


Trump orders 3M to stop exports to Canada. Trump doesn't realize 3M imports pulp from Canada to make

FDIC announces first bank failure of coronavirus crisis

There was just a thread about washing hair

He fired the inspector general!

Trump's national day of prayer.......results

The Pima County (Az) fiduciary called me today.

Shelby County health officer orders new crackdown for non-essential businesses not following Safer-a

Friday night margarita buzz - ask me anything

This pandemic is going to devastate poor communities and poor countries all over the world.

I'm gonna say by NOT saying that

Porn warning labels bill becomes Utah law amid controversy

Clusters of Coronavirus Popping Up at Nursing Homes All Over Texas

Administration Says It Will Reimburse Hospitals For Treating Uninsured Coronavirus Patients

let's get this friday night going my mag peeps ...

I never EVER want to hear the words "no one could have known" or "the likes of which you have never

It's time.

205 counties and territories now have infections according to worldometers

Lawrence O'Donnell exposes Trump's 'war profiteering'

Ben Rhodes: "The crisis is when the authoritarianism accelerates."

you and me together we could do anything baby ...

Compare Jared and Chelsea -

Hawaii - stuck at home and sewing masks as fast as they can (unlike Jared/Ivanka)

Maybe the WH pool should let the fucker ramble and then say Thank you very much and walk out without

Trump [to] fire intelligence watchdog at center of Ukraine allegations that led to impeachment.

Angel statue will be brought down on Salt Lake LDS Temple as earthquake repairs, renovation work

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that will put Democrats back in the majority.

Trump won't wear a mask because the mask will mess up his orange makeup.

Kushner's virus team members using personal email addresses to coordinate policy

Why are TV hosts interested in what Sanders has to say?

(LA Mayor) Eric Garcetti for 2028!

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/3/20

The Dog House is taking in more dogs from health professionals during COVID-19 outbreak

My friends mom just died from COVID-19.

The Manhattans - Shining Star

Target may limit the number of people entering its stores

Inside Utah's 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' Directive

Is jared plastic or botox man?

WH reporters should ask SHITLER: "Can you define 'ad hominem'?"

Hey, I'm still alive, y'all


5PM TOMorrow NCRM virtual commemoration for 52nd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death

Jared Kushner's spine-chilling new role - Frida Ghitis CNN

Biden Tells Trump: Stop The 'Pettiness' And Reopen Obamacare

Malcolm Nance appeared on Ali Velshi's earlier this afternoon

I knew I've seen Jared Kushner in something else

Coronavirus at beaches? Surfers, swimmers should stay away, scientist says

Why am I not surprised!?

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (Official Audio)

Kushner 'Doesn't Know What The Hell He's Talking About' Com. Of Katrina Task Force

Lawrence: President Donald Trump Is Not A 'Wartime President'

Do you stress over symptoms you'd normally not give a second thought?

Records show people of color disproportionate number of African Americans are infected by COVID-19

Governor Asa Hutchinson says 'shelter at home' is too confusing for

I'm Kinda Glad Trump Fired IG Atkinson

chelsea clinton tweet

QAnon Coronavirus conspiracy theorists are too nuts even for a zombie-apocalypse movie scenario

Watching how Trump is treating Sessions

The last honest to goodness Aerosmith record was better than you may remember

Scripps Research finds 'possible Achilles heel' in the coronavirus

Governor Cooper Coronavirus Briefing April 3rd, 2020 English Version

There will be blood.

Weed Sales at an All-Time 'High' as People Stock Up on Cannabis for COVID-19 Lockdown

Cats can infect each other with coronavirus, study finds

Trump stupid/scary comment of the day: "I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting," Trump sa

Chairman Schiff Reacts To Trump Firing Intel Inspector General - The Last Word - MSNBC

Who else watches "It's A Southern Thing"?

California Megachurch Linked To Spread Of More Than 70 Coronavirus Cases

two new columns added to the Coronavirus count chart: total tests, tests per 1 million

Nancy Pelosi appears briefly in new Dave Chappelle Kennedy Ctr Mark Twain Prize vid on Netflix.

COVID-19 Update: Order offenders face fines; 51 new cases, no new deaths

Hillbilly cowboy entertainment and a good recipe!

Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind endorses Joe Biden

I just saw a Polo Loco commercial

The looming collapse of private health insurance

Joe Biden wins the endorsement of all 40 Democrats in Alaska

Azar announces Medicare For All for COVID patients (yes, seriously)

Remember pivot?

There just was a brassiere 👙 ad on CNN and all the models younger and older

Australian scientists discover head lice drug kills coronavirus in lab

My pillow crap is advertising on CNN. 🤨

33 percent of Cuyahoga County (OH) coronavirus cases are health-care workers

Release: The Winooski Lays Off Only Employee

Federal appeals court refuses to block extension of Wisconsin absentee voting

Trump Strongly Considering Sentencing Mike Flynn to Shaking Hands with Members of the Administration

Has anyone had a MAGAt defend Trump in the last couple of weeks?

Legal analyst Glenn Kirschner argues that Trump could face prosecution after he leaves office

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Alcohol Sales Spike, Trump is #1 & O.J. on the Tiger King

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jennifer Aniston on Quarantine, Cleaning Frenzy & Online Ordering Mistake

Pandemic Grounds Some Commercial Flights but F-35s Continue to Prowl Skies

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats have a greater chance of winning.

Dominican Republic Continues to Lead Region in COVID-19 Deaths With 60

When this is all over, I think there will be one demographic that will suffer far worse than others

President Trump Declares USVI a 'Major Disaster,' Paves Way for Increased Federal Funding

Georgia Beaches Reopen

Trump Insists on In-Person Voting for November Election

Apparently 2% of the Population Dying IS Acceptable To Some

Did Biden Tell Sanders He Will Choose Warren as VP?

It should be made clear to anyone that Trumpy

An Old Conspiracy Theory Known As "Agenda 21" Has Been Given Fresh Life By The Coronavirus Pandemic

I need some help understanding

US Senators up for re-election in 2020 that are likely to leave.

Ron DeSantis was warned about Florida's broken unemployment website last year, audit shows

Crowds Rush to Supermarkets in British Virgin Islands Ahead of 24-Hour Curfew

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Safe Democratic to Tossup to Safe Republican.

Hospital ship USNS Comfort changes criteria for patients

Special Augusta golf reruns to air on TV this weekend and next

The Rude Pundit: Fuck Jared Kushner

Kanachan TV: Try!!! Diet exercises to lose weight with simple movements.

Anger Builds in Congress Over Richard Burr's Coronavirus Stock Trade

Passengers from CV-hit cruise ships allowed to disembark in FL - asymptomatic allowed to leave

An essential business you say?

Trump Sent the Guard to the Coronavirus Front Line but Denied Them Military Care

Cover of NY Daily News "If only it were a muzzle"

Kana Chan TV: Shopping

April 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Norma Torres (D) CA-35th

Any time a reporter asks shithead a question he doesn't like,

Shelter In Place Coping Chart Measured In Cartoon Bears

Ducey Orders Arizona Hair And Nail Salons Closed Amid Criticism

WHO Director advises: ''Fully-funded public health, Remove financial barriers to health care ... ''

Sir Keir Starmer elected as new Labour leader

Should the House impeach Donald Trump again?

Chris Cuomo on life with Covid-19: The beast comes out at night

Tweet of the moment: America's pandemic response in one tweet.

The timing of the firing of the ICIG tells us a lot about the mind of Donald Trump

US Postal Service could shut down by June, lawmakers warn

The Daily Show: Pandumbic

HBO Will Stream 500 Hours of Free Programming, Including Full Seasons of 'Veep,' 'The Sopranos,' 'Si

USA will fragment into quarantined city states

COVID-19: Grand Canyon closes after Navajo Nation pleaded for weeks to stop tourists infecting them

COVID-19: Grand Canyon closes after Navajo Nation pleaded for weeks to stop tourists infecting them

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats have a strong chance of winning.

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-03-20

Day in the Life of a Japanese Casino Worker Pachinko

Ever watch "Parks and Recreation? Know the character Ron Swanson? He's one hell of a woodworker

This seems to be the perfect motto for the Trump administration:

Found This Article

Well, this sounds familiar.

i love this.

How conspiracy theories get started.

2016 TRUMP: what do you have to lose?

Sharing the wealth happens.

This whole thing could have been stopped dead in its tracks in China in 2019

Please help me out DUers - - he's not wearing a mask behind that beautiful Resolute desk

Today, we salute the Heroes of the Pandumbic.

*Sigh* He himself voted by mail. So he is, in fact, very interested in by-mail voting

Guitar lessons on line apps etc (cross posting in several forums)

Russia Arrests Dr For Giving Out Masks

It is just a different kind of death cult

X - Guitar lessons on line apps etc (cross posting in several forums)

Lounge creatures - Guitar lessons on line apps etc ? (cross posting in several forums)

Trump invents Alaska example, ignorant of actual Alaska coronavirus cases 00:32

Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate

what day is it? oh yes, Saturday. Happy Saturday, my DU friends. Coffee thoughts...

Question. After you wash your hands, do you dry them with...

Trump taps former Kavanaugh clerk to fill vacancy on powerful D.C. appeals court

I'm drawing this line now:

How much longer can we keep things shut down?

'Lord of the Flies: PPE Edition': U.S. cast as culprit in global scrum over coronavirus supplies

10 weeks to crush the curve (New England Journal of Medicine)

St. Joseph, Missouri: COVID-19 case at Tyson Foods

I live alone.

Las night the orange pustule said he won't wear a mask. Today...

Benjamin Wittes: Good morning

Coronavirus may cause some food shortages, warns government task force

Insomnia sucks, so I sewed some masks

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- 50 Democrats,50 Republican Democratic Vice President.

Johns Hopkins has a free 5 hour online course on epidemiology for the general public:

Don't be fooled. Cleaning with alcohol is bullshit. After

Fifth Circuit Upholds Atheist Group's Right to Display Altered Nativity Scene

Three nurses have died in Michigan.

Damn You Howell Raines & Your Smart A$$ Attitude Towards Cuomo

Beluga whales are fascinated by the free-wandering penguin at Shedd Aquarium

Does anyone know if a Pres. candidate ever announced their AG pick before VP?

Saturday Morning Bluegrass

Medics at Egypt's main cancer center test positive for virus

Potential GOP calculation re: postal service shutdown in June

When shopping I can no longer ask for help reaching things

Of all the stuff I learned in grade school, I never thought I'd have to protect myself from

Where is that orange fucker this weekend? Golfing? Maybe that's better than soiling the airwaves

Fox News Stars Now Pretend They Never Said What They Said About the Coronavirus

Austin American-Statesman: "My job was to cover the coronavirus pandemic, until I became part of it"

Just doing the math: Best case scenario, one hundred thousand deaths by the 1st of June.

Mr Bloomberg or any patriot listening could

Not wearing a mask proves: "Trump is the stupidest leader in the world."

America is like a patient with a severed artery, who is bleeding out.

11/3/2020 will be America's Bastille Day

Post office may shutter in by mail?

Inappropriate, harmful, and dangerous.

Sen. Bernie Sanders - Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill Withers's Life Was as Rich as His Songs

Coronavirus in Wisconsin: Map and Case Count

Question: when this is over, where is the administration going to say the money comes from?

How's that workplace health insurance working out now?

AP Sources: Shipping tycoon helps Venezuela in quest for gas

America's Point Guard:

AP Sources: Shipping tycoon helps Venezuela in quest for gas

Oh, Great: Ozone Hole Opens Over Arctic Ocean; Currently 3X Size Of Greenland, Breakup Coming Soon

Jared Kushner's explanation of the WH pandemic response

Federal stockpiles belong to all of us


My first thought every morning when I wake up is

president idiotface's favorite rock n roll tune😉

Dahlia Lithwick: From 9/11 to COVID-19

Muddy Waters was born on this date.

Sign This Petition

Hugh Masakela was born on this date.

Rep. David F. Bowen endorses Bernie

Why haven't any of the 5% around the world died of Covid?

I got a Times Pick at the New York Times for my rebuttal to Brett Stephens

Question for twitter/DU tech geeks

The Recession Bread Lines Are Forming in Mar-a-Lago's Shadow

An Isolated Bolsonaro Seeks Support Among Military

Just went to get groceries. Brave

Update COVID 19 WPHL Lab Testing & Cancellation of PPE Orders by FEMA

Was reading comments on a couple of news sites.

Just got a flyer. Two CV cases in my apt complex...

Wondering what's behind Trump's improved poll numbers? His attacks on the press.

Prime example of Trump ineptitude

Congress gave $25 million to help the Kennedy Center weather the coronavirus. Now some politicians w

Wisconsin governor asks Legislature to delay primary election

Retailers furloughed nearly 1 million workers this week. But the troubles are just beginning.

What Did The Oil Companies Know About Climate, And When Did They Know It? Video

Gary Moore was born on this date.

Milliken shifts textile production to health care personal protective equipment

The COVID-19 Demogorgon (aka spike) in action

Weekend TOONs 1 - We Are All Puerto Rico Now

Weekend TOONs 2 - Choose Your Theme Music

Some states receive masks with dry rot, broken ventilators

MMM -- Saturday

This time the penguin meets Beluga whales!

Penguin meets Beluga whales:

Brazil's super-rich and the exclusive club at the heart of a coronavirus hotspot

Post your Mood music for the pandemic

Well this didn't age well, spread it please:

Ky. Governor Vetoes Voter ID Bill

Ky. Governor Vetoes Voter ID Bill

Damn that Tea Party - Roots of medical supply shortages

A lame attempt at weekend morning normalcy

Deer mom reunites with rescued baby.

Trump Org Reportedly Seeking Debt Help From Deutsche As Bank Is Probed By DOJ

Why the Stimulus Package Includes $10 Billion for the U.S. Postal Service

Today, we salute the Heroes of the Pandumbic.

Even Cuomo's people are impressive...

Yale: danger of domestic travel has exceeded the danger of international travel since early/mid Marc

Sanctions should not impede coronavirus fight, EU diplomat says

Democrats need to win 16 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 to get back in the majority.

NY Times: "Viruses are usually deadlier in larger amounts", supports even makeshift face mask use.

How many of us live alone? I haven't sat down and talked to a real person in 3 weeks

Supermarket Report from Minnesota

Oregon sending ventilators to New York

Oregon sending 140 ventilators to NY

It's almost like tRump is standing on 5th avenue...

9 states have yet to issue formal stay-at-home orders amid coronavirus

Sanctions should not impede coronavirus fight, EU diplomat says

Top U.S. watchdog vows 'aggressive' oversight of Trump administration after intel firing

WHO explains Covid-19 and SARS-CoV-2

People in my neighborhood are drawing lyrics, designs, games with chalk in their driveways.

AzRNResister died.

Russia Tried to Use Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassination to Start a Race War

New Rule: There's Always a Mitchell and Webb Sketch

Breakfast: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Finally, an answer: The best fabric to make a face mask is two layers of quilters cotton

HBO NOW free content - can't get the streams to play - hay-elp!

News on Unemployment Claims!

Biden 2020:

Looking for the cat #2 (With clues, if needed)

As the numbers of dead and unemployed grow, Trump looks and sounds smaller

Trump is preparing the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship

I just realized

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

Why these 8 Republican governors are holding out on statewide stay-at-home orders

When will the Obama administration start defending itself, if ever?

I am a New Yorker and I say this, FUCK YOU TRUMP. We will survive despite you.

"Is that a rat?" my wife said.

Singer Pink says she had COVID-19, gives $1M to relief funds

Fool's Gold

Theodore Roosevelt's great grandson: "Cpt Crozier is a Hero. My great grandfather would agree"

Trump administration quietly guts COVID-19 paid leave provision that

Editorial: It's time for the networks to stop live broadcast of Trump's briefings

Fuck Jared Kushner: The Rude Pundit

Washington State Group Is 1st to Sue Fox News for Calling Coronavirus a 'Hoax'

Trump and COVID-19, could he have already had it?

Following the trail of the Great Facemask Heist of 2020.

Dr. Drew is a snake oil salesman. Really terrible stuff here. What a disgrace.

The family that lives in the house across from me just packed up

And now a joke from a "traitor and sexual predator that has Blood on His Hands....................

Donald Trump gained the White House with the help of Putin, white nationalist thugs and

And now for some gallows humor

Heroes of the Pandumbic

The Recession Bread Lines Are Forming in Mar-a-Lago's Shadow

This dreaming puppy is so excited while he's fast asleep

New slang

Families of Americans held abroad demand government support

The Trump presidency must and will die from this virus.

Trump highest approval on 538....45.8%

If COVID19 kills via pneumonia why not fill lungs before

The New Yorker: "Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders"

Coronavirus: Canada to receive 'millions' of masks from China, Trudeau says

COVID-19 Projections

About the 90+year-olds who have "beat" Coronavirus.

China is donating 1,000 ventilators to help New York in coronavirus fight

An execellent idea, considerin we are talking life and death...

Italy is doing 11000 test per million US is doing 4000 test per million. We're screwed ...

NYC State of Emergency : Park Avenue from 34th Street to Upper East Side (March 28, 2020)

First Openly Gay Bishop To Lead The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri With Hope And Vision

Have you heard anything about the test being only 65% reliable?????

St. Louis' Response To The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Was Lauded. Rightly So?

Every Governor and every AG in every state that has laws against price-gouging should

Supplies could be delayed due to confusion from the White House, companies say

Experts think Illinois is flattening the curve

Coronavirus: US 'wants 3M to end mask exports to Canada and Latin America'

Coronavirus: US 'wants 3M to end mask exports to Canada and Latin America'

Hunt for medical supplies creates marketplace of desperation

AOC, exposing the con game, again!

Videos that were ahead of their time....

"The Greatest Generation" lived through the depression and WWII

What do you do when snot accumulates and hardens in your nose?

FOX "News"

And now here it is, your moment of zen.

If this was a movie, Harrison Ford would have thrown Trump out the back of

Search suspended for two members of Kennedy family lost in Chesapeake Bay

I think even on the donated ventilators from China trumps tarriffs are still collected

8,007 Americans are now dead from Covid-19

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing WATCH LIVE ON APRIL 04 3:30PM ET C-SPAN

You raised $1,563.14 on April 3, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Should the Blue States band together to fight CV-19?

Shouldn't Grocery stores be open longer hours?

Here's the letter in which Trump announces that he is firing the ICIG:

With a hat tip to Monty Python (no sound)

Heartless crooks steal $110 from 91 year old woman in Manhattan after offering to escort her home

Help Us Crowdsource Repair Information for Hospital Equipment (iFixit)

What's your estimate of how much longer "shelter at home" will last?

Remember all the excitement among Sanders supporters when Rogan endorsed Bernie?

Olympic Games building firm, cult added to Brazil's slavery 'dirty list'

Brazil's Bolsonaro turns to prayer in coronavirus crisis

Here in the U.S., blue states will innovate and lead our way out of this pandemic.

Hundreds Of Bikers Flood Queens Streets To Attend Funeral

sign in Cleveland O.

Larkin Poe - "Kokomo Blues" (Mississippi Fred McDowell cover)

Seth Abramson nails it:

When Disney reopens it parks that will be the closest thing to an All Clear

unlimited funds for bombers & bombs; homemade masks from T-shirts

The Army warned Trump two months ago that COVID-19 was a 'black swan' on the way to wreck America

A German Exception? Why the Country's Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low

Practice Social Distancing.

chilling chilling thought from John Avarosis -- why Trump is bogarting supplies

Ready to go out.

Brazil coronavirus: medics fear official tally ignores 'a mountain of deaths'

Don't entrust a failed real-estate developer with the federal government's response to a pandemic

Australian PM orders all foreign tourists home after fury at bad behaviour

Biden calls on Trump to appoint coronavirus 'supply commander'

More and more, it feels like dog-paddling against a tsunami.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II @RevDrBarber: If we don't see the need for universal health care


Cartoons 4/4/2020

A Poll That Will Send Shock Waves Thru the White House

Larry David: Bernie Sanders should drop out of 2020 race

Stay the F@#! at home

It's not all bad news; the president's ratings are up

Northwest Folklife Festival postponed


Storm basketball put on hold as WNBA delays start of season

Ride the Ducks Seattle files for bankruptcy after closing

High School Robotics Teacher Using 3D Printers to Churn Out 200 Masks/Week for Health Care Workers

tiedrich tweet: "it probably was a mistake to acquit this idiot...

Care homes face gear shortage, ill staff and the unknown

Woohoo. Publix had dill plants!

"The Villages" (Trump stronghold) update: Criticism of trump in newsletter, resident dies of C-19

Brazil's Virus Hotspot Goes It Alone, Dismissing Bolsonaro

Dear Bernie Sanders: Enough already

Alert! They're right about face masks increasing touching of the face.

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson's pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds has had symptoms of coronavirus

Drive-thru coronavirus testing site could soon close

Alabama county received 5,000 rotted masks from national stockpile

Bill Kristol comment on Trump installing five new IGs.

Bernie's cousin endorses Joe Biden

Okay....Just my guess...

Does Congress have the power to remove a former President's

Brazil's Ex-President on Venezuela: Maduro is Democratic, Guaid Should Be in Prison, US Blockade Ki

Today, we salute the Heroes of the Pandumbic.

How 2 Army generals stopped the spread of coronavirus among their soldiers

No Sew DIY mask -- Thanks, ornotna!

A Faithful Response to "Catholics for Trump"

Brazil's Ex-President on Venezuela: Maduro is Democratic, Guaid Should Be in Prison, US Blockade Ki

Donald Trump Is Gaslighting Andrew Cuomo and Sucking Up to Ron DeSantis

We are witnessing a slow-motion mass killing of the working class.

Fauci Urges Non-Essential Worker to Go Home

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh Is The First Muslim Woman In New Jersey To Run For Federal Office

Pink reveals she has had coronavirus before slamming Donald Trump over US testing

plane has one passenger - gets bumped to first class

COVID-19: Nearly 1,500 Americans killed in 24 hours, the worst single-day death surge in the world


I'd like to see every reporter at those pressers in a mask.


Captain Crozier leaves the Theodore Roosevelt ...

Dow 15,000 very likely as coronavirus pandemic hits U.S. economy: strategist

Question for twitter/DU tech geeks

When Dr. King was shot 52 years ago on this day, he was standing with exploited sanitation workers

Marianne Faithfull in hospital with Covid 19.

Michigan numbers again grim 14,225 cases 540 deaths

I like the Olympus camera that I purchased 40+ years ago.

Seeking coronavirus relief, investment firm with ties to Kushner emails Kushner, Trump admin

So Much for the "Trump Bump?"

Hee Haw Hee

Dr. Fauci Shuts Down 'Dumb Fux & Friends' on Coronavirus Cure: 'We Don't Operate on How You Feel'

A California rocket-maker will start producing simple ventilators

ABC Poll: Majority now disapprove of Trump on coronavirus

Mexican Market Installs Sanitation Tunnel To Disinfect Shoppers Against Covid-19

Schiff proposes postelection 9/11-style commission to study coronavirus response

Facing coronavirus pandemic, Trump suspends immigration laws

Shop Towels for masks? 93% of particles down to 0.3 microns?

Coronavirus stimulus triggers fight over paid leave

Coronavirus wreaks grimmest toll yet in New York state: 630 dead in a day

Coronavirus may cause some food shortages, warns government task force

A question to the studio audience. I was cleaning around the house and had a thought. "Who

FEMA, Racing to Provide Virus Relief, Is Running Short on Front-Line Staff

Trump, McConnell Keep Up Drive to Fill Up Courts Amid Outbreak

Cuba helped Britons aboard the MS Braemar in their hour of need - now we must help Cuba

highest per capita coronavirus mortality rate in the nation: St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

General Semonite should be put in charge of this!

Wisconsin GOP vows Supreme Court appeal on extended voting

COVID-19 and the Criminal Justice System

The "special guests" at today's briefing?

US blocks medical aid to Cuba in show of 'wild west brutality'

To paraphrase Mash's Col. Potter: "Just a hunch---I'll bet Will Roger's never met Trump". nt

Cuban doctors would be welcome in France, says deputy

Trump Organization has laid off about 1,500 employees as pandemic hits business

5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is dangerous fake nonsense, UK says

Colombia asked for explanations on the presence of the US military

Democrats slam Trump's 'dead of night' decision to fire intelligence community IG

Coronavirus at beaches? Surfers, swimmers should stay away, scientist says

Colombia's border with Ecuador becomes coronavirus priority

Washington coronavirus cases: A county-by-county breakdown

Washington small businesses can now apply for coronavirus loans

Trump Organization has laid off about 1,500 employees as pandemic hits business

Hospital in Southern Arizona says it's on the brink of closure because of COVID-19 costs


C'mon people "Jump Around" with us in Wisconsin at 3:00

U.S. Death Toll Climbs as Global Coronavirus Cases Top 1.1 Million

Ford and GM are undertaking a warlike effort to produce ventilators.

It should not pass without notice that the Republican Party, undoubtedly emboldened by the

430,000 People Have Traveled From China to U.S. Since Coronavirus Surfaced

In America, patriots speak truth to power.

At least 70 people infected with coronavirus linked to a single church, health officials say

"Don't worry....We survived Obama and you will survive Trump"

Seattle is one of first in nation to receive powerful new mask decontamination system

The Navy captain fired for sounding coronavirus alarms broke no law--just protocol

Washington state nonprofit files lawsuit saying Fox News misled viewers about coronavirus

Below is all the good things Trump has done for the citizens of blue states.

Did no-one see the last two minutes of Pelosi with Colbert on Thursday?

Death toll climbes to 7000 in USA, total Cases 300,000: Wall Street Journal

California governor humiliates Devin Nunes on national TV

US allies denounce country's strong-arm tactics to procure masks for coronavirus fight

Missing sports? I wanna be on HIS team...

The scramble for the rapid coronavirus tests everybody wants

US allies denounce country's strong-arm tactics to procure masks for coronavirus fight

COVID-19 -- Japan vs US 4/4/20

Maximum number of US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats are going to win.

South Korea: The Lee Cheol Affair- allegations of political corruption

Trump Axed Massive Mask Manufacturing Plan in 2018

Your daily shithound shit show is up and running

Business owners say their personal data is being leaked on federal loan site

Can we invoke Martial law and remove the scab we call president...?

Trump MORE concerned about his ratings and Poll numbers.....

Sources: President Donald Trump says NFL season should start on time

Just saw a parade of 6 cars with balloons and happy birthday signs for one

Cats Are Watching You

'My everything': Missing Kennedy family member's husband pens touching tribute.

Coronavirus reaches South America's Falkland Islands near Antarctica

APR 4 at 7PM ET - Bernie's livestream on next coronavirus relief package

Trump is demonstrating pure cowardice.

Coronavirus reaches South America's Falkland Islands near Antarctica

Cuomo gives important information and details that have literally saved lives while Trump...

About the Con Artist coming to your opinion only...

"Governors are playing politics with ventilator requests" - Don Covid

Trump speaking about 'opening' the country again.

Accustomed to isolation, Patagonians still fear impact of coronavirus

Since donnie death is a "war-time" prez, can we please charge him with war crimes?

Pardon my paranoia, but I heard a couple days who about this big honkin' Russian transport

Donald In The Wind. Caution-ear worm.

When will Trump bring in Mark Burnett to punch up is afternoon specials?

Inside the coronavirus testing failure: Alarm and dismay among the scientists who sought to help

Voters Are Finally Starting to Notice the Trump Administration's Botched Response to the Pandemic

So grim reaper will be playing golf tomorrow?? Praying for a light storm-you know, a sprinkle or

Trump jokes about models discussing COVID-19 death model

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 4, 2020

Single passenger flights: The daily woes of airlines, and the crew still working

Thousands of people are dying and this idiot is politcialzing and attacking The Democratic Party?

I wonder if tRump is thinking that......

My oldest brother called my mom the other night.

Nora the piano playing cat with orchestral support

While the parks are closed, bears are helping out

Scarf hag

Democrats say Trump pick for coronavirus recovery watchdog is not independent enough

Larry David, Who Plays Bernie Sanders On 'SNL,' Says It's Time For The Senator To Drop Out

World's biggest fake calling everything else fake.

General Braga Netto is already the operational president of Brazil and the decision was even communi

Take the gloves off, Joe!

Georgia beaches reopen after governor's executive order

Trump has trouble reading the word "hydroxychloroquine"

I can't take the news today Watching Youtube Chicago/Earth Wind & Fire concert at the Greek Theater

Max Webster is best remembered as Kim Mitchell's 1st band

There it is "I may take it"

Encore: Baby goose follows his rescuer everywhere

A kind -- and I hope simple -- request about posting links from Twitter

Brazil: Bolsonaro's coup celebration barred by judge

I wish a reporter would tell Trump that they keep asking questions is because

trump just criticized ousted Capt Brett Cozier...said "He shouldn't be talking that way in a letter"

Trudeau and some others gets it...............trump on the other hand...............

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats need to win

The way this wolf dog smiles at his favorite person 😍

Officials: Detroit approaching 4,000 COVID-19 cases

Tweet of the Day

President Gavin Newsom 'not anticipating' normal NFL, college football games in the fall

Republicans Are Forcing Wisconsin to Hold an Election in a Coronavirus Pandemic

Steve Earle - About Townes Van Zandt

Have you heard that China did this on purpose?

Who's cuter -- puppies or kittens? 😍

So those with lupus may be immune to COVID-19

Trump Fails to Provide Virginia With Critical Medical Supplies

No ands, ifs or buts, I hate his F'ing guts. He is gutless and I still hate him!!!!!!!!

Different day, same shit.

Senior Stray Dog Has The World's Cutest Face

Wrote a covid lyrics to

Don't piss all over the nation and tell us its spring rains.

Good grief. My boss sent me a corona virus conspiracy video

Virginia Beach has started offering hotel rooms to homeless people to fight the spread of the

How many times will Trump call it the "1917 Flu"?

"Hydroxy chloroquine. Try it."

This country doesn't need a hero like Trump!

Starts 5 CT - Remembering MLK: The Man. The Movement. The Moment.

A question for the ones pushing for Warren to be Biden running mate

Wisconsin infectious diseases expert: Allowing in-person voting Tuesday 'just seems really irrespons

Cat Gets Her Own Little Rug So She Can Join Her Family's Prayer Time

To the greatest page


Covid 19

Dog Insists On Petting All The Pups At Her Doggy Day Care

Trump is dumbfounded about the flare ups.

For any who have not filed their Federal income tax

White House advisor says another coronavirus epidemic like NYC could change US mortality rate

I will not copy and paste the full Associated Press report Presser that was held Today....but I will

Top U.S. watchdog vows 'aggressive' oversight of Trump administration after intel firing

India , Hydroxychloroquine and Don the Con - India banned its export today

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/4/20.

Trump needs to wear a mask made from asbestos.

Netanyahu's embrace of Bolsanaro echoes hidden history of Israeli support for authoritarians in Braz

Rep. Devin Nunes calls California coronavirus plan 'way overkill' the same day Trump praises it

Every once in a while I post

religion money grubbers are really spamming FB today - after their god sent this plague they

A mounting casualty of coronavirus crisis: Health care jobs

just think...none of could possibly hate another human being...

Economic Stimulus,.. a little humor about that.

The Sound of Covid-19 Music . . .

Cat Always Sleeps While Hugging His Favorite Human

Imagine losing a game of volleyball to a dog

Hold me mummy

Top NC Republican Dismisses Ideas To Make Mail Voting Easier

Trump is preparing the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship -- but we can stop him

The WHO Ignores Taiwan. The World Pays the Price. (Taiwan has 24 million people, and only 5 deaths)

Trump can walk down 5th Ave and kill 8,396 Americans in a pandemic and not lose a single supporter


Donald Exotic

Trump says son Baron is happy, but 'not as happy as he could be' amid social distancing

As of today's Coronavirus death count, Trump is now at 2,073 Benghazis.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Trump, Dems clash on boosting mail-in voting during pandemic

Religious groups battle orders to close services

OK, this will be memorable.

Trump Axed Massive Mask Manufacturing Plan in 2018

Empty Posts Have Treasury Scrambling During Meltdown

I keep getting the feeling that Trump is ready to bug out on us

So it sounds like the IRS will use Social Security's Form 1099's to verify income eligibilty for

hi,,new to group..

Backlash grows against Brazil's Bolsonaro even as he moderates tone on pandemic

The latest California peak projections from the University of Washington

Who could have predicted!!!!

To all those churches that want to open...

When the scorched Human disaster is over

caption Jared Kushner photo

Texas radio host gets 25 years behind bars for scamming Christian listeners out of millions

430,000 People Have Traveled From China to U.S. Since Coronavirus Surfaced

Interesting discussion on MSNBC about Medicare For All

The orange shitgibbon will surely break another record.

Top Sanders Advisers Urge Him to Drop Bid

Trump is literally Chernobyl with a fake tan

#BidenDebateBernie is trending on twitter right now

and for those who may not have seen..

Nebraska VBM begins Monday

SC Senate candidate arrested on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor

Aside from Tweeting and watching TV what other tasks has Kushner assigned his father in law?

Arizona up to 52 deaths and 1600 cases

Tweetership ain't Leadership.

Some top Sanders advisers urge him to consider withdrawing

Trump campaigned on "Only I can do it".

Democrats have a stronger chance of winning the 2020 GA US Senate regular election over the special.

are the stimulus checks just an advance on 2020 refunds??????????

Watching Trump's "Narcissistic Press Conference" today...

Will Bernie Sanders condemn this from one of his PAID staffers? Orfalea was hired....

Walmart restricts amount of shoppers at one time to enforce social distancing amid coronavirus

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30

Texas radio host gets 25 years behind bars for scamming Christian listeners out of millions of dolla

430,000 People Have Traveled From China to U.S. Since Coronavirus Surfaced

"He would have worn a dress if he was on the Titanic."

If I were a movie producer, and I need a creepy mortician

Dear POTUS, Just say "I was WRONG, I apologize, I'll do my best to fix it"; Here I'll show you how

TN order to "stay at home" my experience today,

The truth is under heavy assault.

Trump's reasoning ...

Some top Sanders advisers urge him to consider withdrawing

Business Insider: Everything we know about the coronavirus stimulus checks

Private equity firm with ties to Kushner asks Trump administration to relax rules on loan program

Got a "locked in" project to do something you always wanted to do but didn't? had not much reason to be smug about OH CV Stats versus MI's