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The Great Lockdown Is Saving Lives While Increasing Poverty And Hunger Globally

ugh, it is planning to come here

Jeffrey Sachs just called Don the Criminally Negligent Con

Hunger Grows, Food Rots, and the USDA Moves at a Sloth's Speed

Gov. Murphy To Reopen State Parks, Golf Courses In NJ.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey extends stay-at-home order until May 15

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- MT(Bullock-D) is the 51st Democratic US Senate seat next year.

For Your Consideration: Ann Ashford for NE-02

For a feel good moment, tune in to PBS news hour for the last 5 minutes (today)

Man charged in death threat to Inslee over COVID-19 response

Paris Metro

GOP candidate seeks to block ban on religious gatherings

04/30 Mike Luckovich: Stable genius

Boeing to cut local workforce by up to 15% after huge loss

Leadership: A smart leader, surrounds herself/himself with those who are

'White House' Shop Sells the Gift No One Asked for: $100 COVID-19 Commemorative Coins

DUers...this is important information!

Samantha Bee is giving away FREE stamps to help the Post Office.

Elizabeth Warren and AOC partner to block major mergers during coronavirus pandemic

Arizona Democrats Ask Republicans To Denounce A Threat Of Violence By Rally Goer

I think someone is dicking around with the Coronavirus numbers in my county.

Hitler Knows The Spike Is Coming

U.S. will not let Iran buy arms when U.N. embargo ends: Pompeo

I stood here for a while today; Nothing happened.....

Video Shows California Cop Pinning, Punching 14-Year-Old

Jared Kushner mocks the 'eternal-lockdown crowd,' says he hopes the US will be 'really rocking again

So, the allegations against Biden?

By the way, DUers ---

seeing teens/middle/high schoolers out and about in your area? Not here....

Michael Flynn Will Not Stop Trying To Make Frameghazi!!!!!!! Happen

Kauai island no new cases in 2 wks, no active cases....

If Biden is inagurated in January of 2021, how long will it be until the GOP leadership

Having trouble with the IRS site? Try all caps -- yes, really

Coronavirus cases aboard USS Kidd still rising, now 64

(Jewish Group) Coronavirus Crisis Elevates Antisemitic, Racist Tropes

Trump: "I am going to sue that imposter John Barron", Barron "I will counter sue".

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!! Just Another Manic Monday!

Biden weighs naming cabinet officials before election, including Republicans

Roger Stone search warrants reveal new clues -- and mysteries -- about 2016

I got an email from my late SO's sister today. It's been a difficult week because yesterday,

Polls Had Trump Stewing, and Lashing Out at His Own Campaign

USS Roosevelt: Navy launches broader investigation into virus-stricken aircraft carrier

Ownin' All The Libs

U.S. House panel seeks details on agency's talks over Washington Trump hotel

Went to the grocery store today and there are still a few people walking around...

How Long Are We Going to Be Wearing Masks? We Asked the Experts

Did you know that all birds have gizzards?

Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are on Colbert's Late Show tonight - UPDATE, video

I got a letter from the Orange One congratulating himself for the stimulus check.

Activist groups to Washington governor: Extend moratorium on service cutoffs by utilities

To pollwork or not: the missed questions

What Events Will Define Generation Z? In All Likelihood, COVID-19 And Climate Breakdown

McConnell now open to state aid in next virus relief bill

Foreign Consortium Indefinitely Postponses Giant Ethane/Plastics Plant In Ohio

Half of Americans feel economic 'hit' of COVID-19 pandemic: Poll

Based on what I see, Insley is being ignored

I'm sure I've been sicker, I just don't remember when. Six weeks ago a sinus infection. Three weeks

THe WH Menace Has Assaulted Dozens...But Joe Biden...You Know

Everett's Paine Field Airport screening passengers for fevers

Money Quotes In "Planet Of The Humans" A Decade Or More Old Re. Energy Costs And Impacts

Meet Liberatian Robby Soave (Editor of Reason Magazine)

Washington Stay-At-Home Order Will Be Extended, Inslee Confirms

Meet Monty, The Sad Rich Trump Donor Who Only Got $96 Million ​In 'Small Business' Loans

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 30, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: New York in the 70s

Floriduh reopening to begin on Monday, governor says

Reuters U.S. coronavirus outbreak soon to be deadlier than any flu since 1967 as deaths top 60,000

Apocalyptic vision: the unsettling beauty of lockdown is pure sci-fi

COVID-19 crisis intensifies at Wisconsin food plants: 1 dead, 100 more test positive

Trump backtracks after saying U.S. would "very soon" hit 5 million tests a day

Just a pix of a little girl who just caught her first fish

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats win from a landslide to narrow margin.

Watching the last few minutes of Chris Hayes and trying not to vomit.

The moment this fuzzy baby otter realizes he can swim

U.S. asks Mexico for help to investigate oil-for-food pact with Venezuela

Republican math.

The Ohio primary just raised a new red flag for the 2020 election

Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor

I just might be improving a little 🙂

The daily routine

Is there any similarity to forced employment in meat packing plants and share cropping.

If cats could talk to each other

There is one person I dislike as much as Trump: Mitch McConnell

Documents suggest coronavirus task force prioritized which labs got testing supplies

The first 100 days of Donald Trump's coronavirus response

Cop Rescues 60 Animals From A Fire And Then Adopts One

WWE Faces Insider Trading Suit Against McMahons, Triple H

Just saw the report on Cuomo regarding Florida hiding the death total

Update on my wife's unemployment.

Is this Tara Reade thing

The 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

I'm in my fifties and people have begun to die.

Engineer with no medical background got $69 million for ventilators, but never delivered anything..

Dolan delivers the church to Trump and the GOP

Why are people so dumb?

Florida fudging covid19 numbers

Olive the Therapy Dog Learns to Run Again

Trump suffered a key loss in a defamation case brought by the columnist who accused him of rape

*Katie Porter coming up on Lawrence show.

Cop rescues chained-up pittie and falls in love

Women conquer space in Bolivia's Carnival of Oruro

Metal Church - Watch the Children Pray - Live at Wacken Open Air 2016



Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC's campaign manager and former Chief of Staff....

CNNi's Amanpour (April 29) interviews Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 30 April 2020

Mike pence don't need to wear no mask

Judas Priest - Sinner

so, about that curve flattening and the clamor to "reopen"

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 1, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: We Come In Peace

*Fintan O'Toole on Lawrence show.

Brazil's Bolsonaro withdraws name of family friend as police chief

Workplace question

Biden Says He Would Restore Relations With Cuba If Elected

Biden Says He Would Restore Relations With Cuba If Elected

Texas' Coronavirus Cover-Up

The only reply about Biden is the following:

Finton O'Toole just now on Lawrence: "Trump has a complete inability to even fake empathy."

'In Many Ways, the Conflict Never Ended.' Ongoing Violence Threatens Colombia's Peace

Two dozen people deported to Colombia on U.S. flight found to have coronavirus - sources

Two dozen people deported to Colombia on U.S. flight found to have coronavirus - sources

Breaking study shows Coca Cola as possible treatment

Is the government propping up the stock market or something? WTF is going on?

Went to Walmart today. Like no trip ever.

quarantine life

A robin made a nest in my porch fern hanging basket

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The U.S. Hits One Million Cases of Coronavirus

End of Trump's social distancing rules spurs fears of virus rebound

Amazon city resorts to mass graves as Brazil COVID-19 deaths soar

Senators demand answers from Pompeo on Wuhan lab cables

Why do employees at meat packing plants...

FLIPPABLE: Sharon Hirsch for TX-HD66

'There's room for him to move': Progressives press Biden on health care

We CANNOT stand by and let Joe Biden get Al Franken'd.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Coronavirus Ravages the Food Supply Chain

Man skillfully raps Dr. Seuss rhymes over Dr. Dre beats in a must-see mashup

FLIPPABLE: Jeff Whitfield for TX-HD92

Albert Einstein and Theory of relativity Full Documentary HD

Colombia's 'cocaine' hippos are restoring parts of the ecosystem

FLIPPABLE: Joe Drago for TX-HD96

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Sen. Tammy Duckworth - Supporting First Responders

Fertitta predicts Galveston island won't recover fully until 2022

A reminder, the H1N1 epidemic we were told this would be no worse than

FLIPPABLE: Joanna Cattanach for TX-HD108

I would Like to say a Few Words in Defense of my Country.

Seth Meyers: White House Schedules, Cancels and Then Reschedules Coronavirus Press Briefing

Advocates Say Trump Isn't Wasting Time To Snatch Land For Border Wall Even During Pandemic

Anyone ever get their paintings done up as tee shirts?

"Mr. President, could staring at the sun be a possible way of getting light into the body,

Seth Meyers: Guest Representative Katie Porter

All L.A. County residents can now get free coronavirus tests, Mayor Garcetti says

All L.A. County residents can now get free coronavirus tests, Mayor Garcetti says

Texas sending restaurant and retail employees back to work without child care

My Old Man

Seth Meyers - Trump Ignored Coronavirus Warnings; Pence Refused to Wear a Mask: A Closer Look

"I am not f---ing losing to Joe Biden," Trump said

Steve Goodman: A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

I'm gonna eat my donuts

"This ain't the time to follow rules": Texas A&M wants to run human coronavirus tests in its animal

Tesla's Elon Musk shows his true colors

Joe Biden talks remotely with Hillary Clinton about the ACA

The Coming Greater Depression of the 2020s: Economist Nouriel Roubini

Peruvian political cartoonist Carlos Tovar Samanez receives death threats

Andrew Cuomo speaks truth. NY pays KY indirectly.

Joe Biden: The words of a president matter (sounds like the president already)

Texas Democrats seek swift ruling on expanding mail-in votes

Biden dogs the Impeached pResident

Biden: We owe a profound debt of gratitude to the health care workers on the front lines

What is a short-eared dog? Candid Animal Cam meets one of the most elusive mammals of the Amazon

Austin City Hall vandalized with red paint, political graffiti

How the Stunning Scarlet Macaw Came Back From the Brink

How the Stunning Scarlet Macaw Came Back From the Brink

Some say typing trick could help you get stimulus check faster

These 10 wild animal cams will take you on safari

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 2, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Donald O'Connor

*American Experience, CH. 32 NOW.

Teamsters call Tenet Healthcare's executive pay 'lavish' amid pandemic

FLIPPABLE: Brandy Chambers for TX-HD112

FLIPPABLE: Ann Johnson for TX-HD134

Taco Cabana, Pollo Tropical owner will give back $15 million in stimulus loans

Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor

Trump to travel to Arizona Honeywell facility next week amid push to lift coronavirus restrictions

FLIPPABLE: Donna Lake for NC-SD7

FLIPPABLE: Harper Peterson for NC-SD9

FLIPPABLE: Allen Wellons for NC-SD11

Gov. Lee announces salons to open next week, bar closures continue through May

FLIPPABLE: JD Wooten for NC-SD24

FLIPPABLE: Terri LeGrand for NC-SD31

Former TVA chairman blasts TVA for ad promotions during COVID-19 pandemic

I just checked. You only have to be a state resident of Kentucky for 28 days to vote there

News conference, FL governor announces Phase 1 reopening beginning Monday May 4

FLIPPABLE: DeAndrea Salvador for NC-SD39

bottle rockets - lo-fi (studio-2018) this is a pretty dope little ditty ...

Lawrence O'Donnell had Fintan O'Toole on. His critiquing and his words...

As Tennessee Legislature's office building reopens Monday, some workers harbor coronavirus concerns

FLIPPABLE: Emily Nicholson for NC-HD1

Gov. Gavin Newsom will order all beaches and state parks closed Friday

They should order workers back to meat packing houses on one condition

FLIPPABLE: Brian Farkas for NC-HD9

'Horrific Abuse of Power': California Police Launch Investigation After Viral Video Shows Deputy Pun

After giving plan to reopen Texas, Gov. Abbott says going to restaurants, movies is not on his list

I Don't Think Joe Biden Did Anything Like What Donald Trump Brags About Doing

US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats will win from a landslide to narrow margin.

FLIPPABLE: Adam Ericson for NC-HD20

Man dumps more than a thousand face masks on Bay Area freeway. Several stopped to pick them up

Regal Cinemas is switching to Pepsi products, and Coke fans aren't happy

FLIPPABLE: Frances Vinell Jackson for NC-HD45

Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor

FLIPPABLE: Dan Besse for NC-HD74

VW cancels plans to restart Chattanooga car assembly plant on Sunday

Older white voters--a must-get demographic for Trump--are running from him at a breakneck pace

Media groups sue campaign finance board over email vote, contend violation of open meetings law

Insurance for Essential Workers

FLIPPABLE: Tom Jackson for OH-SD24

Detroit father of 10, soon to be 11, dies from coronavirus

FLIPPABLE: Mary Day-Achauer for OH-HD23

Will Shelby County's Voting Machine Issue be Resolved Anytime Soon?

FLIPPALE: Sarah Bitter for OH-HD27

FLIPPABLE: Amy Cox for OH-HD43

More than 70% of inmates, jailers tested at 201 Poplar in Memphis are positive for COVID-19

FLIPPABLE: Zach Stepp for OH-HD55

Nissan expects auto manufacturing to resume by mid-May

How are you guys handling car service / maintenance?

The Bledsoe County Prison COVID-19 Outbreak Is One of the Worst in the Country

Actor Rishi Kapoor passes away, Amitabh Bachchan confirms

Beshear unveils plan to begin phased business reopenings

Half of world's workers 'at immediate risk of losing livelihood due to coronavirus'

Tweet of the Day

C-130s to fly over Frankfort on Friday as part of Operation American Resolve

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/29/20

Stephen Colbert: Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg

The White House Gift Shop (a for-profit company) is selling coronavirus commemorative coins now

Kentucky childcare centers are 'mad as hell' as insurers reject their COVID-19 claims

☦ Forty Days of Pascha: Eastern Orthodoxy

Furloughed gay teacher fired during pandemic after being outed to his employer

A Lexington coal company got millions in virus relief as many smaller businesses wait

☦ 40 Days of Pascha: Eastern Orthodoxy "Behold, the Bridegroom Is Coming"

Clymer proposes putting 'symbol of racial unity' on water tower

Oy, China, what took you so long?!?!?! Heh.

Has Trump's coronavirus response sunk him? Don't bet on it - Cas Mudde

Tyson Foods poultry plant in Robards closes temporarily to bolster safety protocols

Fintan O'Toole: World Has Loved, Hated And Envied The U.S. Now For The First Time We Pity It - MSNBC

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Have you missed me? Everyone: Hell no!

Former Braidy CEO fires back over critical report he deceived company's board, investors

Cetu Javu - Situations (Razormaid Version)

W. Virginia gov's coal companies to appeal lawsuit rulings

Trump's Remarks in Meeting with Governor Edwards of Louisiana; April 29, 2020

Gov. Justice Clarifies Reopening Dates, State Officials Address Contact Tracing Needs

The The ‎- This Is The Day (Original 12" Version)

Tesla Turns A Q1 Profit On The Back Of Regulatory Credit Sales

Biden announces VP committee

The IRS Says You Have Until July 15 To Make 2019 IRA Or HSA Contributions

You Said It: Readers sound off after DeWine's mask reversal

Breakfast , Wednesday 30 April 2020

Experts warn that widely used surgical masks are putting health care workers at serious risk

I wonder what Trump got Melania for her birthday last week?

Thursday TOONs - The Hamberder Must Flow

Dozens of bodies discovered in U-Haul trucks outside Brooklyn funeral home

The two anti-lockdown CA doctors, new RW stars, did a press conference with Kevin McCarthy in 2018

for those who are low risk and don't have any high risk persons in their household?

A meat packing question

It was good to see a union leader for the meat plant workers on MSNBC.

DC police: Suspect arrested for shooting at Cuban Embassy

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

They know he's going to lose big(ly) and they're scared

Nine lives, two homes

Republicans wouldn't care if Trump raped an underage girl or boy

nation suffering pandemic & economic crisis: mature, calming, measured words from POTUS

Tee ball practice is a lot easier when you've got a fielder.

Nestle wins legal challenge to Michigan groundwater extraction

We may be about to witness an historic, perhaps catastrophic event.

I have a fever and the only cure is more

Klobuchar(D-MN) US Senate successor if she becomes the next VPOTUS.

Time: Joke around MD GOP Governor's Office, " I'm gonna call Pence"

COVID-19 crisis intensifies at Wisconsin food plants: 1 dead, 100 more test positive

The last word on Cloroxgate...

who has lost someone to this clusterfuck?

April 30 - Happy Birthday Rep. Robin Kelly (D) IL-2nd

April 30 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bobby Scott (D) VA-3rd

Chris Hayes admitted on Questlove's podcast a couple years ago

Anyone see "After Life" season 2? What did you think of it?

" I won't lose to Joe Biden" - He is really delusional

Kushner Announces Doctors HATE Him After He Discovered One Weird Trick To CURE Coronavirus

??? for our du med experts.

We need the real CDC back, and we need it now

Everything he touches... (CNN Headline)

David Corn: "Over 60,000 Americans dead, and Trump, we're told, is..."

What your cat does when you aren't looking

3.8 million Americans sought jobless benefits last week, extending pandemic's grip

On this day, April 30, 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World's Fair opened in St. Louis.

Trump calls Biden "The sleepy guy in the basement"

What a pandemic plan should look like vs. What Donald Trump is doing

Sea Surface Temps, No El Nino - Every Indicator Pointing To Busy Hurricane Season

A massive asteroid (and some smaller ones) just passed close to Earth

3.84 mil Americans filed for UE last week...(MSNBC)

30 million Americans have filed initial unemployment claims since mid-March

Dogs are being trained to sniff out coronavirus cases

Susan Rice Slams Jared Kushner's 'Ridiculous' Boast About U.S. Coronavirus Response

The "@" character in a hyperlink doesn't carry the complete hyperlink across

Keeping Up with Kamala Harris - Full Frontal w/Samantha Bee

Donald Trump does not want to be in charge of any of this.

News Release: U.S. Department of Labor Issues Statement Commemorating Workers' Memorial Day

There is no possible way I could even consider voting for a candidate who ...

Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor

Trump and Kushner Engage in Revisionist History in Boasting of Success Over Virus

Infected with the coronavirus but not showing symptoms? A physician answers questions

Geneticists May Have Turned The Corner On Restoring American Chestnut - Long, Fascinating Story

I have some very important questions for any business owners here.

Now you can hear Fintan O'Toole's read entire Trump Irish Times commentary:

Why aren't the flags at half staff?

Why We Need To Save The Postal Service Full Frontal on TBS

Stephanie Ruhle just played the clip of Kushner saying Trump had done everything right

Breakfast! Refrigerator Cinnamon Rolls in the Air Fryer

Biden names VP selection committee

The Rundown: April 29, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 4/29/20

There's going to be a new season of Reno 911!

On April 27, 1951, RKO Radio Pictures released "The Thing from Another World."

I am so frustrated at people not wearing masks correctly. Please cover your nose/mouth/chin

Senator Chris Coons shuts down chuck fuck todd on Biden allegations....

Hey IOWA WORKERS!! Rob Hogg coming through for you.

On Remdesivir ... in 1,090 test cases it dropped the mortality rate from 11.6% to 8.0%

SICK: Pence Refuses to Wear Mask at Hospital

How to Manage a Recession

Justin Amash, Third-Party Spoiler? Michigan Experts Are Skeptical

Chris Hayes faces major backlash after segment falsely characterizing Biden accusations as "credible today (4/30) says Texas is definitely in play for the Democrats.

Karen Pence is such a Karen, she's a Karen within a Karen. Karenception.

Birx risks reputation in bid to keep on Trump's good side

(Paris) Rue du Rivoli permanently closed to automobiles

MOTHER TO THE RESCUE! Karen Pence tells Fox that Mike "didn't know masks were required" at Mayo.

Could dogs help detect COVID-19?

donnie's covid19 response falls flat like sending wwe wrestlers on a spy mission.

Unemployment question. Say you worked at a GA bowling

Organizers of today's protest order at the Michigan Capitol asked people not to bring Trump signs so

Wuhan shows the world that the end of lockdown is just the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis

Got my stimulus payment this morning. So how do I contribute to the Biden campaign?

as of yesterday, america has had 54,570 more covid19 deaths than the rest of the word, on average

Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

If there is ever a committee formed to write "it's" obituary,

Republicans made a deal with the devil -- and now the bill is coming due

Apparently Tara Reade's dad wrote a novel with a sex scene that seems very familiar

A friend asked me to share: Trickle up economics, a way out, and small businesses during Covid

Some people ...

Get help with audiobooks from your library

Got our relief $ today, just as promised

Mike Pence is a chicken-shit coward.

You know you've become pathetic when finding hash browns, at the store, fills you with joy

Clinical Improvement in Covid Remdesivir Double Blind Study Is Not Statistically Significant.

The criminal in the WH didn't get what he wanted from Zelensky but it worked with state gorvernors

I want to thank the Governor of Georgia for experimenting with the lives

SC-SEN: South Carolina Senate Moves to Likely Republican

Swedish City Uses Chicken Feces to Keep Crowds Away From Festival

One happy story to tell about home schooling.

East Bay politician under fire for saying let coronavirus kill the elderly, weak and homeless

How the pandemic consumed the labor market

There is a move to get rid of absentee voting. I need your help.

Trump is trying to sell the story that the pandemic is all but over.

Guidelines call for 14-day drop in cases to reopen. No state has met them.

Trump reelection campaign readying first major ad campaign

Pence and the "Mask Scandal"

Trump reelection campaign readying first major ad campaign

#AskTheAG: Barr is taking Twitter questions on coronavirus issues, and it's getting ugly

Carbon Brief - A Week During Which Everything Changed For The Oil & Gas Industry

Snuffles loves his dog biscuits

Shell cuts dividend for first time since World War II as oil demand collapses

Trump dismisses surveys showing Biden lead: 'I don't believe the polls'

In the what else is new department from the traitor....................

The view from the Tenderloin

Back to drinking "cheap" coffee now. Oh, my! So what is your toughest COVID-19 "offering"

Federal Court Slams Jill Stein's Attempt to Decertify Certain Electronic Voting Machines for Use in

Big donor (switched support from Graham to Dem) posts explanation on FB.

Got my stimulus check and sending a small portion to Joe.

Trump has played a character so long there's no real person anymore

New 'Parks & Rec' episode tonight

Talked to Trump supporter yesterday. Looks like No school No Open

Sharpest Drop On Record: Consumer Spending Plummets 7.5% In March

COVID-19 Briefings - FAIL! Rallies! Trump Wants Rallies!

We Are Living In A Failed State

Covid-19 crisis will wipe out demand for fossil fuels, says IEA

MSNBC / NBC hosts i will not watch

Trump Refuses To Believe Polls Showing Him Losing To Biden: 'Made Up Nonsense'

Leadership During Crisis: A Conversation with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (Livestream)

Camera function not working on my HP All-In-One desktop.

Want sourdough, but worried it's too hard?

Midday Music for Millennials -- MovieThursday

Mike Pence's Wife Claims He Didn't Know About Hospital Mask Policy, Contradicting Mayo Clinic

As Covid-19 Deaths Mount in Retail, Walmart Workers Take Matters Into Own Hands With Contact-Tracing

Why Gilead's coronavirus drug is not a "silver bullet"

Be Careful of the Libertarian (And Any Other) Third Party Candidate

'He is going to be defeated unless we intervene. We have critical intell. The key is in your hands'

Biden campaign to appoint Sanders supporters to delegate slots

U.S. intel community says coronavirus "not manmade or genetically modified"

$50,000 reward offered in fatal shooting of Indianapolis mail carrier

Whilst awaiting the advent of an emergency patient here

It's Wayne Kramers birthday today.

Here's Proof Trump Knows He's Losing

Karen Pence on Fox saying Pence didn't know he was supposed to wear a mask

The iconic brands that could disappear because of coronavirus

Stop the Spread of the virus... and his lies

Surf's down in California: Governor will close beaches

Question about instances where someone accuses a high-profile person of a long ago sexual assault:

Macy's plans to reopen all stores in six weeks, starting with 68 on Monday

The new Stone documents appear to implicate Flynn in a massive pre-election Trump-Israeli collusion

Why I thanked Governor Ducey this morning

Former Lindsey Graham donor flips to back Democratic opponent in Senate race

In 2017, Tara Reade was amplifying tweets that attacked #Russia and #Putin, however, in 2018

Every story on how Sweden is staying open during the pandemic

Donald Trump prepares to move into his 2020 campaign by blaming COVID-19 on China and ... Joe Biden

White House ordering selective reserve units to active duty.

Compel supermarkets to buy meat only from CDC compliant meat packing plants.

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 30 2020

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

The friend/neighbor who came forward the other day had to be "reminded" of story, by Tara...

Is Biden announcing his VP choice tomorrow?

SEALs tried to locate US citizen taken by Afghan militants

Georgia's Experiment in Human Sacrifice

I've completed my candidate selection model for 2020...

And in the what else is new new department .........

Biden reaches deal to let Sanders keep hundreds of delegates

Georgia - Kemp - no road test to get drivers license

"The Perpetual Game"

"And Dolly Parton"

AP-NORC poll: Seeking virus data, people struggle with trust

AP-NORC poll: Seeking virus data, people struggle with trust

Chomsky nails it : COVID-19 Has Exposed the US Under Trump as a "Failed State"

See, rich people care

Table for two?

Seattle entrepreneur touting coronavirus vaccine caused uproar

A word from Wonder Woman

Goodell reduces salary to $0, NFL workers taking pay cuts

Oh Say Does That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave.....

Canada set to ban assault-style weapons, including AR-15 and the gun used in Polytechnique massacre

Oh for FS.......the orange piece of shit is on faux noise NOW.......

If you're reading this

Pelosi says the House is looking at coming back in mid-May. Says the next big bill "will be CARES 2

You raised $2,153.00 on April 29, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Trump's Magic: Change the subject. Divert attention. He's a master at it.

Progressive groups join forces to form The Big Send

Jake, did you shut the chute on that corn unit?

ACOSTA: How could you have inherited a broken test if it's a new virus with a new test?

"Trump's hostility towards women and minorities is becoming part of the Republican party's brand."

In Rebuke of Hogan, Rep. Harris to Visit Firms 'Ready to Open'

Looking for a thread

The Most Beautiful Flower Garden In The World Has No Visitors For The First Time In 71 Years

Zero, Zilch, Nada

The paradox of on-line self-diagnosing.

The traitor is defending the traitor Michael Flynn. If this country reelects this POS, this country

chuck prophet - summertime thing (studio-2002) just a fun ass song to buoy your spirits :)

COVID-19 could be the byproduct of another Trump reversal of Obama policy! MUST READ in NEWSWEEK!!

Running for President During a Pandemic

Found On FB, shared to my FB page

Dogs and quarantine and care of their humans

OMG - Karen Pence claims VP was unaware of Mayo Clinic's mask policy

Front-line COVID doctor: We want student loan forgiveness, not hazard pay

Under Trump, Formerly Stalwart CDC Goes Soft On Meat Plants Rachel Maddow 22:41

Jimmy Kimmel Confronts "Dead Inside" Jared Kushner: "What Are You?"

Heard this morning that Moscow Mitch is about to make a family friend deemed unqualified a judge

Good gawd again Reynolds! TestUtah results seem very shaky

Captain Tom Moore, veteran who raised $37m for NHS, turns 100

My Bleeding Heart plant is blooming early, this year

Church donations have plunged because of the coronavirus. Some churches won't survive.

Coronavirus model predicts 100,000 Americans dead by the end of this summer

Michigan journalist assaulted by anti-lockdown protester.

Kentucky governor strikes down GOP's attacks on abortion during pandemic

I just threatened the Toyota dealership where I bought my car.

Biden's Accuser Must Have Watched A Lot Of "Mad Men."

Here comes the smear.

Man shoots mail carrier because he was upset over stimulus check

CA-25: Katie Hill PAC pushing for greater turnout to elect Democrat to her old House seat

When Martians land and start a

What's the odds that Pence doesn't wear a mask..

Former Maine governor who called nonwhite people 'the enemy' wants his job back

How Long Will a Vaccine Really Take? (NYT 4/30/20)

Never forget how much blood Trump voters have on their hands.

Biden campaign reaches deal to allow Bernie Sanders to retain delegates, maintain influence

Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor

Karen Pence: "It was actually after he left Mayo Clinic that he found out that they had a policy of

Merriam Webster has a thought

Biden and Sanders reach agreement on convention delegates

Nancy Pelosi - most recent remark on Biden....


The DU for Joe (Biden) ActBlue link here has now raised over $250,000 to beat Trump in November

Deaths per million from covid-19

He's wearing a mask today

The world gets how Trump and the Republicans are fucking us.

NEW: The @JoeBiden & @BernieSanders campaigns have reached an agreement with the DNC

Karen Pence makes up new excuse for her husband's refusal to wear face mask


Trump predicts 'spectacular' rebound as economy plunges

➡️ LIVE APR 30 at 7PM ET - Sanders, Warren, Jayapal, Pocan: Shared Priorities Covid Relief

Anyone have recommendations for online or virtual Recovery Meetings?

Coronavirus detected on particles of air pollution

FED Court: Trump CANNOT withhold Fed Funds to force local law enforcement to do ICE's bidding

Land 0'Lakes Butter lady: It's amazing how my perspective changed once I learned some facts

Cartoons 4/30/2020

Susan Rice Slams Jared Kushner's 'Ridiculous' Boast About U.S. Coronavirus Response

I was looking for a Love, Actually clip to illustrate body language for a class...

Stacey Abrams wants to be VP. Does anyone else?

Maryland National Guard enlisted to protect Covid test kits from feds

Rapid coronavirus tests make drive-thru debut in county

No end in sight: 100,000 crew on cruise ships stranded at sea

Inslee eases restrictions on elective surgeries amid pandemic

AstraZeneca partners with Oxford University to produce Covid-19 vaccine

New campaign issue for Joe to use

VP candidate Stacey Abrams defends Joe Biden over sexual assault accusation

At the MI Capitol - Armed MAGATs Yelling - Some Senators are wearing bullet proof vests

I want Stacey Abrams as Governor of GA more than VP.

Analysis: Tyson foods helped create the meat crisis it now warns against

Bye Felicia: Forced Retirement for GOP Senators (Lincoln Project)

Tweet of the Day

Journalist: I was assured today by several readers that it's ok to drink bleach

Roger Stone files appeal after saying he is 'praying for a pardon' from Trump

Deadlier than the ordinary flu?

My Favourite Things - Covid-19 version

GOP lawmakers slam proposals for guaranteed income amid pandemic

'It's like my mom never existed': Coronavirus at Charles County nursing home leaves 35 dead

Would LOVE to ask the asshole, Jair Bolsonaro, one question. . .

Any thoughts on Amash entering race as a libertarian?

Just in case: Trump to prep for transition in case he loses

Coronavirus will change everything. Will it be for the better?

Elon Musk's shutdown rant mocked by Mark Cuban, embraced by conservatives

Yom Ha'atzmaut tweet from an Israeli.

Interesting find, in the middle of a patch of garlic

BREAKING: Kemp to lift statewide shelter-in-place for most Georgians on Friday

Michigan judge sides with governor in lawsuit over coronavirus shelter-in-place order

Pelosi says she remains 'satisfied' with Biden's response to sexual assault allegation

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Moscow Mitch says Biden will have to release more information surrounding Tara Reade allegation

Federal appeals court OKs law giving Republicans top spots on FL's election ballots

"The mural action was taken in solidarity with Amazon workers across the country"

Will Trump's name on stimulus checks help win him votes in November?

Online university testing

Interesting picture of some old presidents

Could Susan Rice be Biden's running mate?

Kushner sparks controversy, praising administration response to the virus as 'a great success story

Follow up on my earlier Stimulus post ... $$$ appeared on time per what IRS Get My Payment site

U.S. officials crafting retaliatory actions against China over coronavirus as President Trump fumes

I am sorry, but the Reade story is changing and growing by the minute and I do not buy it

Michigan Gov. Whitmer wins court fight over coronavirus stay-home order

Brooke Baldwin had an interview with a barber in California who said he was

China says it 'expelled' U.S. Navy vessel from South China Sea

Grand-Father's Clock

What happened at the treasured Big Cypress National Preserve was "horrendous"

Weekly jobless claims hit 3.84 million, topping 30 million over past 6 weeks

Karen Pence says vice president didn't know about Mayo Clinic mask policy until he left

I got thru IRS about stimulus. Says it will mail to old address MAY 1. Does anyone have

Tyson Fresh Meats plant to remain closed longer

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/30/20

Newly engaged lesbian couple missing in North Carolina

Newly engaged lesbian couple missing in North Carolina

WA National Guard helps Second Harvest give away $1 million in food a week

With not much else to do I'm thinking of going back into the studio.

Spokane mayor 'extremely optimistic' about possible local reopening

When Agolf Twitler loses, will he try to incite violence?

Maryland GOP governor is hiding his state's testing kits in an undisclosed location

'Most impressive': Trump brags US is 'leader of the world' in COVID-19 deaths 'in a positive way'

On Ms. Reade

My mom recognized me today!!!!!!

Governors were warned of a pandemic years ago, told to stockpile. Why didn't they do more?

Trump says he's 'in charge' of 'fast track' work to produce a coronavirus vaccine

Subway service will halt from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. so trains can be disinfected.

Jill Wine-Banks supports #MeToo & Joe Biden

Marco Rubio joins Rick Scott, says too many of the unemployed don't want to work

Mike Pence Visits the Moon

Lawmakers Vote by Mail to Roll Back Vote by Mail

Trump just showed everyone that he doesn't give a damn about American workers

This news of Trump freaking out about losing to Joe Biden reminds me of that scene in Der Untergang.

While terrorists spread a deadly virus in Michigan

Once again, A giant storm sits and spins over the Northeast.

Chef Andres: People of America! I want to talk about two photos

I can't stand my pulmonologist. I have asthma all my life.

The best weather forecast in the history of television news (Twitter video)

Lawmakers Vote by Mail to Roll Back Vote by Mail

The dramatic moment when the dog attempted to usurp upon the dominion of the cat (Twitter video)

Trump Officials Are Said to Press Spies to Link Virus and Wuhan Labs

Kemp to lift Georgia's shelter-in-place order at midnight

I fear Trump will force The FDA to approve treatments, a vaccine prematurely.

Liberal Groups Launch Letter-Writing Campaign

Florida senators Rubio and Scott ask USDA to stop new rule allowing citrus imports from China

Exchange of the Day

Trump's spinning lies and excuses. He tries to have it both ways...

It is widely understood that "freedom of speech" does not license someone to stand up

I thought this was from the Onion..........

Just watched Lincoln Project ad on You Tube. I was pleased but surprised

ConocoPhillips slashes Alaska production amid glut, pandemic

Today in history... (30 April)

Trump pushing treatment of Flynn just to set up a pardon......

U.S. officials crafting retaliatory actions against China over coronavirus as President Trump fumes

The Global Disinformation Index:

BREAKING: "Liberate Michigan" protest tries to force its way into Legislative Chamber

Trump Officials Are Said to Press Spies to Link Virus and Wuhan Labs

Trump Praise of 'Tormented' Flynn Raises Pardon Speculation

Jared Kushner has failed upward his entire life -- now he's applied that to a viral pandemic

Multiple armed gunmen storm Michigan's State House, State police are protecting @GovWhitmer...

Dallas Restaurateurs Say 25 Percent Capacity Isn't Worth the Risk

Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man

'McConnell says Biden will have to release more information

drive-by truckers - awaiting resurrection (studio-2020) new DBT, pretty damn epic ...

Life goes in circles. The last time I owned any cat was more than 20 years ago. In fact, I owned

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Season Of The Witch

Fauci warns states that reopening too fast is 'tempting a rebound' of infections

Walkway Honors Frontline Workers With Bridge-Sized 'Thank You!'

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 30, 2020

Republican-led states signal they could strip workers' unemployment benefits if they don't return to

Republican-led states signal they could strip workers' unemployment benefits if they don't return to

Denied stimulus checks, mixed-status families file suit against Trump administration

A normal person would have waited 14 days from the first lifting of orders on small business

Louisiana GOP wants to overturn emergency declaration -- and lose federal funding

Trump is 'increasingly unnerved' because his own campaign knows he's losing to Joe Biden: CNN report

Capitol protesters urge an end to Michigan's state of emergency

8 GOP candidates still bragging about Trump's job numbers as unemployment soars

Fake Coronavirus Cure Liability (LegalEagle's Law Review)

Could I say this about "He said, she said"?

Lindsey Graham won't stop attacking workers who've lost their jobs

Trump is the most dangerous terrorist in the world today

Jane Birkin - Jane B

South Texas leaders: Abbott is opening up economy too soon

Trump stimulus letter

Testing testing 1 - 2 - 3 ...

Coronavirus: Russian PM Mishustin tests positive for virus

J. Crew is preparing for a bankruptcy filing that could come this weekend

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Wichita Lineman

What the what??

Coronavirus: President Trump's testing claims fact-checked

Biden Strikes Deal Allowig Sanders to Retain Hundreds of Delegates, Maintain Influence over Party

Tribune Publishing CEO Terry Jimenez was unwilling to hear from workers facing furloughs...

No more putting it off - it's time to start spring training.

Orange one went there .

Biden to join MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss Reade sexual assault allegations

A couple of things Trump supporters aren't demanding the reopening of.

Trump Threatened to Sue His Campaign Manager Over Sliding Poll Numbers

Totally normal federal-state relations, 2020.

Audio: Jerry Falwell, Jr. on Liberals Using COVID-19 to "Expand Socialism," etc.

Polls: Texas Battleground State + Biden widens margins!

Brazil sees record increase in Covid-19 cases - as it happened

Brazil sees record increase in Covid-19 cases - as it happened

On LA's Skid Row, Catholic Worker's 'Hippie Kitchen' adjusts to COVID-19

Pelosi says she remains 'satisfied' with Biden's response to sexual assault allegation.

Tribune CEO Terry Jimenez was unwilling to hear from workers facing furloughs..(X-post from GD)

Pshaw! He's doing one of his lying press conferences on Fox

Bolsonaro says WHO encourages kids to be gay, masturbate

Al Franken Drawing a Map of the US Free Handed from Memory ...

Your Funeral ‎- I Want To Be You

Heads Up: Biden will be on Morning Joe tomorrow!

We can no longer deny how dysfunctional the US economy truly is.

Getting Married Online Is Now Legal In New York, Here's What You Need to Know...

Marion - I Go To Sleep

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Thunberg Donates $100,000 To Support Children During Pandemic

A few more photos of that columbine flower

In 'terrifying' indictment of for-profit system, 12.7 million Americans have lost insurance due to

The Rude Pundit: Trump Believes That People Who Die of Coronavirus Are Losers

This Tune Is Never Going To Cease Being a Devastating Indictment ...

Santana - Soul Sacrifice

'They cut all of our hours'

Sara Nelson,"To lift up the importance of work without protecting people is immoral, has to change"

Moron45 doesn't "want to cast any dispersions"

States with the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita

One Juror Led to Covid Hotspot in Albany Georgia

Stephen Stills, Jack Bruce, Buddy Miles - Black Queen

Trump and Pence's Remarks in Roundtable with Industry Executives

Man pleads guilty to racist threats against black activist

Biden Will Address Tara Reade's Allegation on MSNBC on Friday (NYT)

Michigan Protests" "Why the FUCK hasnt CNN bought up white privilege"

Stay Home Like Trump Did During Vietnam

Coronavirus: Russian PM Mishustin tests positive for virus

Virtual meetings set for drilling plan near national park

You Know That Little Hole in Your Pen Cap? It Could Save Your Life

My Rough and Rowdy Ways

"Broken obsolete tests"?

Richard Harris - MacArthur Park

Planet Of The Humans - EVs, Green Energy in Michael Moore's Confused New Documentary

Remarks by Trump in a Meeting with Governor Murphy of New Jersey

I Was Skeptical of This Hyped, Award-Winning Bourbon from Washington State. Then I Drank It

Proclamation on Loyalty Day, 2020

Ex-Honduran national police chief charged in New York

Ex-Honduran national police chief charged in New York

These Days

I got my husband a present for making it through

Trump Helps Health Insurers Swell Their Profits

Don the Criminally Negligent Con said - Our death totals are strong

An excuse for the AGES, from Mother Pence!

Now this is happening

If armed people storm a state Capitol building,

I Saw This On My Way To The Weed Dispensary Today

FFRF settles suit over HUD open records denial

Sigh. I need some help address some Tucker Carlson sounding bullshit that is making the rounds.

Tonight is Walpurgis Night - and Brown Jenkin has been seen

The letter I got today signed "President Donald J Trump" is the biggest crock of shit I've ever read

"We're testing 5 million people a day..." "Also, we lack the capacity to test all 100 US senators"

APR 30 at 7PM ET - Sanders, Warren, Jayapal, Pocan: Shared Priorities Covid Relief

Michael Moore's Takedown of the Eco Warriors! (Planet of the Humans)

Ari is showing Obama's approach to pandemics from he was a Senator

Sen Cortez Masto-Nevada.. "I'm With Joe 100%" in Spanish & English..

The Renters' Revolution

Biden Accuser Reade's Allegations Match Scene from Dead Father's Novel.

There's a thin line between patriotism and terrorism.

Gretchen please call in the national guard

Taken today: Daylilly

NYT: Stymied in Seeking Benefits, Millions of Unemployed Go Uncounted

GOP senator: 'We should explore' not paying US debt to punish China

A QAnon Devotee Live-Streamed Her Trip to N.Y. to 'Take Out' Joe Biden

guy clark - the guitar (timeless) this ones for my guitar-playing friends ... KILLER!

U.S. Steel Announces More Closures and Expects 2,700 Layoffs

2020 US Senate Elections the Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate in 2021.

Happy Beltane

Lord, help us all!

If 400-700 armed black men stormed a state capital in a red state, how fast would gun control

Club Rules

Local politics during COVID-19.

Trumpers, I'm going to use a term I learned in junior high: "Glittering Generality".

Michigan Gunmen in House Chambers balcony (photo)

Why should I not invite my fellow DUer's to burn this jerk?


Shelter in Poems virtual reading tonight Thu, Apr 30 at 730 pm EST

Probably the greatest political act of our generation

Repent Walpurgis by Procol Harum

GOP senator: 'We should explore' not paying US debt to punish China

Joni Ernst Is Backing Down After Hiding the Names of Her Campaign Staff

Push to Liquidate Murray Means Coal Mines Will Close, Union Says

And now this ..................

30-day delay in Roger Stone beginning prison sentence due to COVID-19

5-year-old coronavirus victim mourned at Detroit funeral

I finally got an order of masks delivered...

Sean Hannity bought 500 New York Yankees tickets for healthcare workers

Kornacki studies at the Chris Matthews school of question-asking

Donna Shalala, on coronavirus oversight board, pays fine for not revealing stock sales

Actually, It's in Trump's Interest to Bail Out Illinois

What precisely is the Gillebrand standard for throwing a male politician under the bus?


Camel - Lunar Sea, Live - Progressive Rock

In the good old days

Starbucks estimates $915M loss from coronavirus impact

Abandoned Ghost Towns Across America You Can Actually Visit

Seattle mayor pans 'Tax Amazon' proposal, but it could go to public vote

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 31

Choosing your quarantine character...

Feds give Paine Field $2 million to update master plan

Hmm- a lot to ponder about that

What am I missing? IMHE (University of Washington) Predicts 72,433 total deaths on August 4th 2020

Early Remdesivir Data for Covid-19 Is Finally Here

Are We Still Doing "Keep America Great"? Trump is going to need a new slogan.

Anyone have some good new music to recommend?

Gov Larry Hogan says test kits he purchased from South Korea are being guarded by the National Guard

Republicans Are Absolutely Deluded if They Think Only Blue States Need a Bailout

Philippines rejects China's territorial label on island

Infectious Disease Expert Spells Out Why Donald Trump's Rally Plan Is 'Not A Good Idea'

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

The United States of sandwiches - each state favorites

Donald Trump threatens new tariffs on China