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Archives: April 29, 2020

I love this Joe Biden ad

Trump Claims His 'Talent' Or 'Luck' Saved Lives As COVID-19 Death Toll Approaches 60K

Gillibrand addresses Reade allegations: 'I stand by Vice President Biden'

Dawkins and Gervais

@VP Pence--His real eyes are hidden under secret skin flaps on his cheeks.

California governor outlines state's phased reopening plan

Pentagon pulls money from overseas projects to pay for border wall

Happy birthday, Maryland!

was there no shit show today?

Bloomberg: If Trump Won't Lead the World, Others Must

Senators Demand Answers About Jared Kushner's Role In Distributing Medical Supplies

Peak Oil?

Biden wins Ohio primary

If Trump Won't Lead the World, Others Must

Coronavirus conspiracy theories make Fauci the villain, because someone has to be

Justin Amash is running for President


Kweisi Mfume will return to Congress after winning Maryland special election to replace Cummings

Get big government money out of our state!

Mike Pence spearheads solution for the cornoavirus crisis

New Zealand Says It Has Won 'Battle' Against COVID-19

"The Fare" (2019) on Amazon Prime

Zoom security issues: Zoom could be vulnerable to foreign surveillance, intel report says

Hairless Great Pyrenees Turns Into A Fluffball

Businesses Seek Sweeping Shield From Coronavirus Liability Before They Reopen

Sweden - not so great

I'm really struggling with looming mass slaughter.

Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than Vietnam War

"A Spoonful of Clorox" by Randy Rainbow

2020 AL US Senate Election- Any chance Sessions runs on the Alabama for Sessions party line?

America's mass hog cull begins with meat to rot in landfills

Quest Diagnostics rolls out direct-to-consumer coronavirus antibody tests

On CNN tonight...New Zealand says it has eliminated the virus...

Michigan is flattening the coronavirus curve and increasing testing capacity

Trump continues to refuse to accept the deadliness of the coronavirus pandemic

Stacey Abrams on Biden allegations

S C I E N C E ! ! !

Congressman Engel has endorsed former VP Joe Biden for President,

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!! Just Another Manic Monday!

After watching the homes of so many folks on TV - in particular their book shelves

IRS stimulus payment recipients lash out against Trump's 'vanity letter'

India coronavirus: The man giving dignified burial to Covid-19 victims

Ohio holds congressional, presidential primary Tuesday after postponing voting due to coronavirus

Two men in Georgia drank disinfectants in efforts to prevent COVID-19, officials say

Free store concept

GDP report set to show just initial wave of coronavirus damage as Fed vows continued aid

Big powers urged to freeze sanctions on Syria, Iran, Venezuela during virus

Illinois man sues Trump, McConnell, and Mnuchin over exclusion of U.S. citizen spouses from relief

One of the basic responsibilities of any medical facility is Infection Control.

A line to use on anyone still "on the fence" about the coming election:

Connelly weighs in on 'The Urbanist': Don't rebuild the West Seattle Bridge

Would you be willing to stop eating meat to force the issue of workplace safety?

Coronavirus In Pierce County: 34 New Cases, 2 More Deaths

I've always been a fan of John McLaughlin

Police protecting Prague mayor after 'Russian murder plot'

Trump halted travel from Europe for 30 days. Officials now say it could be months

Coronavirus strains cash-strapped hospitals, could cause up to 100 to close within a year

Shit: Justin Amash Announces He's Running For President

Turned to Dick Cavett during advertisements on Rachel.......Walter Conkite was on.....

How many have read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair? It was required reading in my history class

California to gradually reopen once testing, tracing improves: officials

Anyone else fail to get a check?

So really, how many of us are not going to eat any more meat???

21 ecumenical leaders in Iowa say religious gatherings should still wait despite easing restrictions

Trump says 'worst days' of coronavirus are 'behind us'

Defeat the right in 3 minutes

'Silent Hypoxics': Docs warn of coronavirus link to mysterious low oxygen symptoms

Golden Retrievers and Husky Meeting Their Best Friend's Newborn Kitten

Rick Wilson is unhappy. So am I. Does Amash WANT that thing to take Michigan?!?

What we know about more COVID-19 test sites opening in Spokane County

How I celebrated getting Trump's letter today.

Major League Baseball by July 4? Here are some ways being considered

Amash launches exploratory committee for Libertarian presidential run

Gonzaga and Whitworth plan to reopen in the fall, presidents say

Major League Baseball by July 4? Here are some ways being considered

Thousands sign up for health insurance during Washington special enrollment; open 2 more weeks

ornotna just posted a song with Terry Bozzio on drums. Go listen - It's badass. I'll wait

Blast from the Past: Captain Scarlet Episode 1, with narrations by Ed Bishop (UFO fame).

Pence Disregards Rules at Mayo Clinic and Doesn't Wear a Mask

Dissecting the Conservative Brain During the Age of Coronavirus (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Obvious trolls are obvious.....

A good friend of mine is a Veterinarian and is employed by the USDA

Hillary endorses Joe

Alaska school board removes 'The Great Gatsby,' 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' from curriculum ov

*Stacey Abrams coming up on Lawrence show.

Biden wins Ohio!

How much of your body is your own ...

I know it was not even close to being the worse thing Mike Pence has done or said in between the

From Mad Magazine: Scenes we'd like to see...

Well, I got my Bloodmoney check in the mail today.. which is weird..

MD-07 Kweisi Mfume (D) -73.22% wins seat Primary Election - Elijah Cummings seat who died.

California May Start School Year in Summer, Governor Newsom Says

Biden Leads In North Carolina

There is nothing that Trump and Pence can do

Open forum., November strategy ideas..

Ok. I am committing right now to writing out a long post about myself. I am giving myself until the

Stimulus check. I do that program to check, it says, my information does not match what they have.

Weird question.

Democrat Kweisi Mfume projected to win special election for the late Elijah Cummings' House seat

The rethugs keep pedaling the idea that that once we open back up (soon) everything will be

Trump Said The Experts Got It Wrong

Just for Laughs Gags: Police Frame Drivers

Moment of silence for the pre-scarf, smiling Dr BIRX - nominated by OBAMA, sworn in by KERRY

Debate question on The West Wing I tried to recall, candidates asked to ask challenger a question:

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Coronavirus Updates: Immunity In Sweden & Trump Ignored Warnings

Trump Says He Was Told 'A Lot More Than Democrats' About Coronavirus in January

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Daily Social Distancing Show: PPP Loans Sapped by Big Businesses


Coronavirus: Doctors Stunned By Damage Seen Inside The Body

This will touch your heart:

Trump's Too Stupid to Do Better. McConnell and His Republicans Have No Excuse.

The Daily Show - Trump's Best Words: Coronavirus Briefing Edition

Shannon Freshour will be running against Jim Jordan

Dr. Osterholm: 'We're Missing The Mark In A Big Way Right Now' On Testing Meet The Press

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Mayor Bottoms - Working with Gov. Kemp to Reopen Georgia Safely

Why do Meat Plants need the president to declare the Defense Production Act to open?

So. .Fred Flintstone's evil twin, billy barr, is going to investigate states because. .freedom. I

Seth Meyers - Trump Says Disinfectant Injection Comments Were Sarcastic - Monologue 4/27/20

Europe: The next pandemic: Rising inequality

Huff Post: What Is Herd Immunity, And Can It Really Help Us Fight Coronavirus?

Anybody know any really rich people who know even richer people?

caution notice (found on facebook)

Desiree Tim's, Ohio 10 against Mike Turner

Governor: Alabama will lift parts of "stay-at-home" order Thursday

Trump Advertisement

(Jewish Group) Documentary airing on PBS explores recent spread of anti-Semitism

Navy Blue Angels, Air Force Thunderbirds Salute COVID-19 Responders With Flyover

Much more lethal than flu

Social Distancing - Black Cat Fever Style 🐱

Pelosi: This Begs The Question What Did The President Know & When Did He Know It - Deadline - MSNBC

Another Vaccine Looking Hopeful

Arizona looks good to flip to blue in November

There was an early warning sign that Pence wasn't going to wear a mask at the Mayo Clinic.

Things you are NOT going to do when we "open up?"

I don't feel right....

how many are wearing face masks in your area?

How a Digital Ad Strategy That Helped Trump Is Being Used Against Him

Why is trump still president while we're in so much danger?

Bad News tweet:

DeWine If You Don't Wear A Mask You Don't Come Into My Building - Easy

Ive said it once Ive said it a thousand times

Alabama houses of worship must remain closed for public gatherings, Gov. Ivey and pastor say

OH-03: Incumbent Joyce Beatty soundly defeats Justice Democrat Morgan Harper

FBI documents reveal communication between Stone, Assange

I feel bitter resentment over the fact that people in charge are even TALKING about opening up.

Stimulus check showed up a few hours ago - I had trouble getting info (SS Disability - non filer)

Is anyone having nightmares?

Why COVID-19 Patients Should Be Going to Hospitals Sooner Amanpour and Company

Trump just repeated his obscene lie that Ivanka Trump "has created many jobs." ..15 M!!

Marshall warns cities not to stray from constitution when making stricter orders than state

'Big problem': Rick Scott frets about lavish unemployment payouts

Alabama coronavirus deaths jumped by 22 overnight; 150 new cases, 44 in Mobile County alone

You can't judge a trend by just a few data points, but this isn't good news...

Pence not wearing a mask because he's "tested regularly" undermines the Trump position on testing.

The orange turd tweets again!

Abbott Says Cinemas Can Reopen. Cinemas Say "No, Thanks."

How does India, a country of 1.3 billion people, have around 1,000 coronavirus deaths?

Netflix announces surprise Michelle Obama documentary

Virginia announces agreement to waive witness for absentee ballots for June primaries

Is anyone aware of a single democrat who has come out in opposition to mail in ballots?

Not 'a great moment in American leadership:' Romney criticizes government response to coronavirus

Just remember our VP pick will probably be our president in 2024

ICU Nurse Battling Covid-19: Biden was so compassionate and so caring, took the time to listen

Senators says it is not safe for lawmakers to return in May

iEcology - mapping online media to expand knowledge on the environment

Tea Party Republican Incompetence Kills More Americans In 2 Months Than Vietnam Did In 9 Years

Bollywood star Irrfan Khan dies aged 53

'Enough Of Him': Nancy Pelosi Tells Impeached tRump To Get Out Of The Way And Let The Adults Work

Doctors struggle to pay bills, telemedicine isn't helping

Coronavirus: Testing Opens For Millions More People In England

Hong Kong airport brings in cleaning robots and disinfection booth

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/28/20

Coronavirus fallout: Pay raises for Alabama teachers, state employees unlikely to happen

Rare inflammatory syndrome seen in US child with Covid-19 [Kawasaki!] Can perm damage heart!]

The algorithms on Google give me pause...

The monster lie that paved Trump's way to the presidency -- and how to defang it

Rep. Justin Amash exploring potential run for president as Libertarian candidate

Lawsuit: US citizens with immigrant spouses should get help

When the truth of a lie becomes dangerous?

Pro-gun advocates rip Mississippi mayor for suspending open-carry law during pandemic

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats win to get back in the majority.

Would New Orleans cancel Mardi Gras 2021? 'Something we have to think about,' mayor says

Video shows Chicago officer shooting subway rider in back

Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. No government should offer them a lifeline-George Monbiot

Tribes urge Treasury to disburse coronavirus relief funding

The person in charge of the Corona Task Force walked into the Mayo Clinic without a mask!

Khruangbin - Time (You and I)

They 'simply don't work.' Moss Point, Gautier sue for millions over automated water meters.

Nearly 70 dead in 'horrific' outbreak at veterans home

Where are the Barry Goldwater, John Rhodes, and Hugh Scott in the Republican Party?

Executive Order on Delegating Authority Under the DPA with Respect to Food Supply Chain Resources

"We are very prepared to handle it." - Donald Trump

Brazil Supreme Court approves investigation into President Bolsonaro

Brazil Supreme Court approves investigation into President Bolsonaro

Stripped Prisoners on Floor Latest Tool of Salvadoran President

Stripped Prisoners on Floor Latest Tool of Salvadoran President

Pence is as stupid and radical as Trump but with extra Jesus to protect him...

'Reopen Mississippi' Protesters Demand Governor to Reopen State Amid Pandemic

Amid coronavirus pandemic, Mississippi Legislature will reconvene on May 18

COVID-19 hotline number emailed by Mississippi agency goes to 'America's hottest talk line'

Fux News Pathetically Tries To Compare Media's Treatment of Biden vs. Kavanaugh allegations.

What my friend did while she's shut in

Note about the virus from my favorite virus-fighter. This was worth sharing!

Sunday afternoons will never be the same.

Mississippi plans to sue Chinese government over coronavirus, attorney general says

Wednesday TOONs - Transmission Accomplished

If Donald Trump had Captained the Titanic...

I am waiting for the day, Trump blames his base...

I am suspicious....the "Rich" are taking Convalesent COVID 19 plasma/ antibodies.

Most Think Trump Doing a Poor Job

New Zealand health official claims 'elimination' of coronavirus as new cases hit single digits

WhatsApp: Israeli firm 'deeply involved' in hacking our users

There's always make believe

Romney hits Trump's coronavirus response:

The CDC is going door to door in metro Atlanta to test residents for antibodies

Trump's History With the Word Sarcasm Is Littered with Excuses and Ignorance

COVID Hammering Russia's Ability To Produce Its Only Real Asset - Oil & Gas

Trump is unravelling - even his supporters can't ignore it now

"Tell me a joke..."

Arizona ranks 49th in COVID-19 testing, but, don't worry, there's going to be a "testing blitz"!

More Republican Bullshit As FL Heads For Another Summer Of Slime; Every Polluting Industry At Trough

Breakfast Wednesday 29 April 2020

No Testing, No Treatment, No Herd Immunity, No Easy Way Out

The (Almost) Worst Case Coronavirus Scenario Is On The Way

Here's the transcript of the president's response when he was asked if he's spoken with the families

Canada mass shooter obtained police car replica at auction

Rick Wilson: Trump's Too Stupid to Do Better. McConnell and His Republicans Have No Excuse.

Our dream has become a nightmare!

Just in case you needed a good laugh today

Good Morning!

What if immunity to covid-19 doesn't last?

Kentucky governor called Tupac Shakur to apologize

Look! It's Another Big Steaming Pile Of GOP Greenwash! More Pipelines, Deregulation, "Innovation"


Watch now trump and the GOP to start backing,

Study: Americans trust Fauci more than Trump or their own governors

Unmarried Women with No Kids Are the 'Healthiest and Happiest, says expert

So, as we will surely pass 60K deaths today, and it is still April,

Edward Kennedy Ellington was born on this date.

It's not just how many tests, but WHEN they were done.

Trump adm asks intel agencies to find out whether China, WHO hid info on coronavirus pandemic

U.S. Economy Shrank at 4.8% Pace in First Quarter

Lonnie Donegan was born on this date-

Herd Immunity appears to be the current GOP plan

Big Jay McNeely was born on this date-

I got my $1,200

Boeing plans to slash 10 percent of its workforce amid pandemic fallout, Max grounding

4/29 This is crazy, 23,000 new #coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours!!!

Trump says he favors payroll tax cuts not 'big distribution' of checks in next stimulus

Clinical trial in COVID-19 patients tests anti-inflammatory drug (IC14)

Willie Nelson has a birthday today.

21 GOP House Members Want Uranium Mining At Two Sites Next To Grand Canyon, W. Weakened Regulations

Breaking News Gilead Remdesivir Trial for Covid-19 Has Met Primary Endpoint

Trump assumes we are cartoon-strip dogs. That's why he is continually yelling "SQUIRREL!"

Otis Rush was born on this date-

Today is Wednesday, April 29th

Algernon Pharmaceuticals in the spotlight with lead drug Ifenprodil as promising coronavirus therapy

Question for acrylic painters

2008 was just a warmup for the "BLACK SWAN FROM HELL"

April 29 - Happy Birthday Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) MI

On this day, April 29, 1993, Mick Ronson died.

April 29 - Happy Birthday Rep. Steven Horsford (D) NV-4th

US economy shrinks 4.8% in Q1

April 29 - Happy Birthday Rep. Joe Morelle (D) NY-25th

How coronavirus turned medical research into a free-for-all

Andrew Yang sues New York over canceled presidential primary

If "herd immunity" is the GOP plan, plan on 3 million dead by

Guy Finds A Dog Running Down The Road -- Then Notices A Note On Her Neck

Dr. Fauci Has Been DISAPPEARED from Trump's Briefings

Trump Going to Work at Noon After Rage-Watching Hours of TV

The Rundown: April 28, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #84: Every Day is New Comic Book Day (4/28/2020 Edition)

Price gouging on Amazon

I used to read the front page of the Stars and Stripes...

'Coronavirus Trutherism:' Chris Hayes On Fox News' Coronavirus Hypocrisy

SpaceX launch: local officials scramble to plan for crowds on heels of coronavirus

Joe Walsh: You can't win, Justin Amash. You can only help Trump get reelected.

Worst Economy in a Decade. What's Next? 'Worst in Our Lifetime.'

Republicans overturned Florida voters' will. They must not win for good.

'It's horrific': coronavirus kills nearly 70 at Massachusetts veterans' home

the most plausible explanation for his potential candidacy is ego

In March, Americans shopped at the grocery store like it was 1996

Cat Makes Sure His Dog Friend Is OK During Thunderstorm

Be Careful of new Gilead announcement, they're not putting any name behind *THEIR* NIAID claim.

Delegate Allotments From Ohio

Andrew Yang sues over New York's canceled presidential primary

Yee Haw! The "kids" are getting stir-crazy... LOL

apple now shows testing sites via apple maps now. but get a load of this...

Has anyone gotten a letter from the Treasury?

We are all screenagers on this bus.

Now I'm seeing TDS posts from Trumplodytes...

Alaina Shearer, for the Ohio 12th, more good news

Florida medical examiners were releasing coronavirus death data. The state made them stop.

Airborne Coronavirus Detected in Wuhan Hospitals

An in the weeds question about policy decisions by Justice Democrats

Pence says he wanted to "look (Mayo Clinic workers) in the eye."

Biden tweet, minutes ago: I couldn't agree with Hillary Clinton more.

On this day, April 29, 1970, U.S. troops entered Cambodia.

Trump: I Was Right, Coronavirus Cases 'Will Go Down to Zero, Ultimately' ----NOW IT'S ONE MILLION

Pence - "Do What I Say, Not What I Do!"

Budowsky: If Joe Biden were president today. An Inspiring OpEd

Coronacapitalists whisper through Trump to all the red state governors:

Dr. Bandy Lee interview #2

Trump admin/campaign on his hideous failure re: COVID19 - blame China and tie Biden to China

Meat plant workers to Trump: Employees aren't going to show up

Jared Kushner, the morning after we hit 1 million cases and more deaths than in the Vietnam War:

Mass layoffs and furloughs have begun in many states, cities and counties.

Allow me to share just one small section of my front garden, this morning

Shit's getting real in Lansing today:

Trump is seizing the courts - only a Democratic win in November can stop him

Federal inmate dies from coronavirus after giving birth on ventilator

3 children in the U.S. with coronavirus treated for rare inflammatory condition

'That's a Lot of Deaths': Kemp Plan Spooks Georgia Coroners

Great ad-Are you better off now compared to four years ago?

GOP faces pressure to get tougher with Trump

Justin Amash Interview Up Next on MSNBC Apprx 11:42 est.

State bankruptcy furor shakes up McConnell reelection bid

'He believed every lie': Actress blames president for coronavirus death of Trump-loving grandfather

The turnip doesn't fall far from the tree

This rare child syndrome might be linked to COVID-19. Here's more about Kawasaki disease.

Happy 87th, Willie!

PBS Is Making Several Ken Burns Documentaries Available for Free to Teachers and Students

When I hear people minimize the seriousness of the corona virus and opine that...

What has been your favorite quarantine "survival" item?

'So what?': Bolsonaro shrugs off Brazil's rising coronavirus death toll

This is kai kai having a pool party with his duckling friends

'So what?': Bolsonaro shrugs off Brazil's rising coronavirus death toll

Close your sweet little eyes

Trump v Fox News: why the president is furious at the conservative network

MMM -- WhatevWednesday

We might just have Biden's running mate right here.

FBI documents reveal communication between Stone, Assange

Yet again, Trump pledges that the coronavirus will simply go away: Washington Post..

JBS Pork Plant Denies Minnesota OSHA Inspectors Investigation

In Istanbul, Momma cat takes sick kitten to ER-which took the cats to a vet

Emergency or not emergency?

Donald J. Trump - the sitcom president.

U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Is Far Higher Than Reported, C.D.C. Data Suggests

The moron is tweeting about Amash

Need advice on pruning. We planted this smoketree about 2 years ago, in Spring, and

Cartoon: Where's Mike Pence? By Clay Jones -April 29, 2020 9:00 AM

Former Sen. Jeff Flake won't vote for Trump, says GOP better off if he loses reelection

Former Staffers Launch Super PAC To Get Sanders Base Out For Biden

NCAA approves recommendations for college athletes to profit from endorsements, social media

Ex-Bush aide has chilling theory about Donald Trump's coronavirus strategy

Channel A News S.Korea shows NK Pro satellite images of Kim's Yacht offshore Apr 21

Suspect charged in fire that destroyed Missouri mosque

Why Haven't We Developed a Vaccine for The Cold, The Most Common Coronavirus?

6 GOP lawmakers who say blue states shouldn't get federal help for virus

Freshour wins [Ohio] 4th race, to face-off against [Jim] Jordan

Where are we at on making effective masks available for everyone? There s a plan for that

Not as bad as the flu ?

Coronavirus testing chief says 'no way on Earth' US can test 5 million a day, despite what Trump say

Dam it I miss Baseball

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 29 2020

SSA $1200 In The Bank Today 4/29/2020 - and hubby

Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Highlights: April 27

"With more testing, the number of cases will go up"

Dr. Ashish Jha: We Must 'Gear Up' For A Resurgence Of COVID-19 In The Fall

Senator Duckworth on the ONE meeting the "reopen America" task force had

Pregnant woman from Eagle Butte (S.D.) is first female federal prisoner to die of COVID-19

May 2nd World Naked Gardening Day.

Trump is forcing workers to go back to meat plants despite outbreaks

Appeals Court Rules Against Kansas Voter Restriction Championed By Kobach

Pic Of The Moment: A Great Success Story

How can he keep

Revealed: the inside story of the UK's Covid-19 crisis

All Of The Trump Children Are Volunteering To Work Multiple Shifts At Meat Packing Plants Next Week

What a Contrast Between Pence and Mayo Clinic Staff!

Teenage kitty:

Navy Will Keep Probing Captain Crozier, Despite Recommending He Get His Job Back

Bowser taps Michelle Obama, Jose Andres, Fenty to help with pandemic response

"How Wind Turbines Make You Sick"... about toxic misinformation

MSNBC host allows Trump cultist to display her ignorance

Cuomo was live doing his daily presser and has taken Mitch to the proverbial woodshed.

President Trump meets Louisiana Gov Edwards in Oval with Drs Fauci and Birx

Need a pick me up?

Airbus: This Is 'Gravest Crisis The Aerospace Industry Has Ever Known'

Flight Attendants Sound Alarm Over Lack Of COVID-19 Protections The Last Word MSNBC

Their plan is simple: Starve us out.

'We have no idea what is going on there': Pa. and local officials call for probe of veterans' nursin

SKETCH - Advertising The Pandemic

Pence thinks not wearing a mask makes him a tough guy. Arrogant asshole is more like it.

Pope Pius XII, accused of silence during the Holocaust, knew Jews were being killed, researcher says

Singapore study predicts end of pandemic by December

Cuomo is slamming the Republicans again today.

Dr. Fauci confirms Remdesivir is successful in treating COVID-19

Appearing nightly, the Quest Diagnostics Air Force

Illinois Lawmaker Denies COVID-19 Deaths: 'They Was Dying Anyway'

He got away with it (disinfectant). I really thought it would bring him down

At Least 52 Infected After Wisconsin Primary

Biden Fundraiser Highlights Klobuchar as 'Potential VP'

The military cadets who are being forced to risk their lives for a reality show.

VP Pence Flouts Mask Rule At Mayo Clinic Visit The Last Word MSNBC

Tumen River of Tears - Lee Jung-pyo

I just got a coronavirus antibody test this morning, results are due Friday.

Just like the Russia investigation, Trump wants Intel agencies to look at everything.

Florida man claims guns found in car belonged to his cousin 'John Wick'

@VP Mike Pence Starts Wearing Mask After Dr. Fauci Says It Will Protect Him from Women

Abrams really seems to be putting herself out there

Don't know about you, but I'm short on cash. SO ---

Fauci on TV now remdesivir

CDC recommends social distancing for pets after some test positive for coronavirus

Costco shopping report, April 29, Eugene, OR

The Next Big Hurdle In Easing Lockdowns: Making Public Transit Safe

Hmmm... Yesterday Pence was at Mayo Clinic without a Mask

The White House Gift Shop is selling coronavirus commemorative coins now

Post a pic of an album that influenced your musical taste. No explanation or review. Only the cover.

Why economics is not a cult, negative oil prices, Newcastle United, Altar boys, America's reckoning

It's still rock & roll to me

Chuck Todd

60,000 death barrier broken 2 months early.

Since we haven't received our stimulus direct deposits I re-checked

De Blasio is stoking anti-Semitism. He's not alone.

How are you Survivng the President Donald Trump Recession?

Beloved NYC teacher dies of coronavirus after twice being turned away for testing

Thoughts on the White House gift shop selling commemorative Covid-19 coins?

Hillary Clinton for VP?

Antibody testing

'Where Is Joe Biden?' According to Some Strategists, Letting Trump Beat Himself.

Just had a flash of understanding

Trump Administration to Redirect WHO Funding to Evangelist Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse, Putt

Trump Praises Coronavirus Response as American Death Toll Eclipses That of Vietnam War

What if immunity to covid-19 doesn't last?

SDOT, Sound Transit mull possible collaboration on West Seattle Bridge project

SD Peeps - Need an Update

About the meat processing plants

Trump signs ExecuTION order forcing meat plants to reopen.

Effective today at 5:00pm, Gaston County Plans to Reopen.

Trump won't use his power to compel companies to make more PPE, instead he uses it to order people

DOW is up 610 points ? Why??

New Texas Polling Biden 47% - Dump 46%

'Horrific Abuse of Power': California Police Launch Investigation After Viral Video Shows Deputy Pun

Flexsteel Industries to close Starkville facility

Cartoons 4/29/2020

Coronavirus US live: Jared Kushner calls America's response 'a great success story'

Former GOP rep dies of covid

Destroyer USS Kidd docks in San Diego after outbreak

Don't let coronavirus failures shake your faith in federalism.

Tribal casino will go smoke-free in response to pandemic

Meat plant workers to Trump: Employees aren't going to show up

Trump, who said the US would hit 5 million daily tests "very soon," says "I DIDN'T SAY IT!"

The waters await, but some boat launches are already open

Prosecutors oppose Martin Shkreli's coronavirus early release, call him 'delusional,' greedy

Mass layoffs begin in cities and states amid coronavirus fallout, threatening education, sanitation,


I guess when this virus thing goes away

Oxford scientists say a vaccine may be widely available by September

Remdevivir Fauci what this means

I got my $1200 direct deposit today. I don't file tax returns & I get monthly S.S. direct deposits.

Trump Administration's Message on Reopening Continues to Be Contradictory

'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Life of Pi' star Irrfan Khan dies at 53

'Governors Don't Do Global Pandemics': Cuomo Faults Others Over Virus

Those on SSI are starting to get the checks...

40 years ago this week: Midwestern Republican congressman leaves party to launch independent...


Health experts from the Trump, Obama, and Bush administrations want the government to pay Americans

Employees who don't return to work won't be eligible for unemployment, per TWC

Clash - Rock the Casbah

IOWA - called back to work and no show? You QUIT. No Unemployment

How many of us can identify with this?

Silence is golden for whales as lockdown reduces ocean noise

That $125 White House Covid-19 "Commemorative Coin" is the most obscene thing I've ever seen

The view from the Tenderloin

Trump In Talks to Sideline Fauci, Birx During Coronavirus Briefings

A phantom plague': Evangelicals are dying of coronavirus in frightening numbers

Another "brave warrior" runs like hell...

Waiting to start my first video doctors appointment

Navy UFO videos explaned

What will it take to reopen the economy in a safe way?

The Pentagon UFO videos look exactly like videos released a couple of years ago

Okay so it's official ... David After Dentist video sums up how I feel everyday now ...

U.S. insurers want taxpayers to back pandemic coverage for businesses

You raised $8,005.00 on April 28, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Fauci from 4/9...... Fauci Slashes U.S. Death Projection to 60,000

I have an ethical question about how to deal with conspiracy-theorists.

Anyone here outside Kentucky contributing to Amy McGrath?

Mississippi Alcohol Sales Up Raising Some Concerns

How I'm Handling Online Teaching (Original Video)

Justin Amash will INCREASE the chance of Trump's being elected

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; April 29, 2020

Hypothesis: Cervical Level Vagus Nerve Injury as Cause of COVID Lung

Costco to require all shoppers to wear face masks

Florida severely under reporting Coronvirus deaths

Essential workers to get free college under new Whitmer plan

My Question of the Day to Mike Pence:

The next thing we will see are people being fired who miss work for COVID 19.

Joe Biden leads trump in Texas poll

Good lawd, I am dreading the Summer.

Joe Biden leads trump in Texas poll

West Wing Presidential Debate

If Biden is serious about winning, he should pick Tammy Baldwin as his running mate

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/29/20

Tammy Duckworth is Biden's safest -- and smartest -- vice presidential pick

Two Guards at an ICE Detention Center With a Major Coronavirus Outbreak Have Died

As states move to reopen, COVID-19 death rate numbers raise a red flag

Georgia's Experiment in Human Sacrifice

Got my stimulus (re-elect Trump) letter on White House letterhead today.

Oscar and the postman. Every morning this ❤

"Real Americans will see through all of this!" Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

UN genocide prevention chief looking into Colombia's mass killing of rights defenders

"No, Trump actually said to inject bleach, it's still the media's fault though"

Joe Arpaio: losing is winning. How lawsuits against the press can be used to do damage.

[WATCH] Governor Newsom Coronavirus Update (link)

Les Paul and Paul with Paul's Les Paul...

My daughter had a Zoom class yesterday. The teacher's internet went out, so ...

Looks like Trump had a phone call with the highest IQs ever assembled on a phone call:

Insiders describe Kushner as 'de facto president' who played key role in delaying coronavirus closur

Kushner predicts much of the country will be 'back to normal' in June

Cuomo Makes Turtle Soup.

Search Engine Optimization and the Tara Reade "allegations"

The zombie fad we've had for the past few expression of unconscious anxiety?

Governor Dewine thought making masks

"Businesses Seek Sweeping Shield From Coronavirus Liability", I've got the perfect shield for ya

Trump says the federal government will not extend its social distancing guidelines

Time Bomb : Lake

Now over 60,000 dead; 1,000,000 infected and the demented and twisted son-in-law

Electoral is now covering general election

53,298 deaths worse than average

500 TSA employees have tested positive for COVID-19

Whew! Just finished a seven-patient slate of COVID-19 tests.

How can I find a thread by the user's name here on DU?

What state and local public parks are opening May 5? Here's what we know.

Obama: "Now is the time to fight for what we believe."

Treasury: Relief checks sent to dead people should be returned

"My Ojibwe father drew the Land O'Lakes maiden. She was never a stereotype."

Anyone have information on how Bloomberg is helping virus victims?

Opinion: America is failing its seniors

Some people who don't wear masks, are predictably bad. Some are a surprise.

"There's another story behind that Land O'Lakes butter box"

Trump's Rural Base Fared Better Than Coastal Cities in SBA Loans

Trump's 'Operation Warp Speed' Aims to Rush Coronavirus Vaccine

Real clear politics electoral map

How many deaths in Federal prisons across the US?

Now we're talking! "Operation Warp Speed"

Washington Coronavirus Updates: 165 New Cases, 21 More Dead

People with mild COVID-19 symptoms can get tested in Skagit without a doctor's order

We just jumped to Over 60K deaths.

Musk Presses for US to Reopen Ahead of Tesla Earnings Report

'Coronavirus used as excuse to roll back Colombia's peace process and democracy'

Bolsonaro Brushes off Questions about Mounting Coronavirus Deaths

Students are filing lawsuits and organizing strikes against universities

Bolsonaro Brushes off Questions about Mounting Coronavirus Deaths

Voters sue over Texas age restriction on voting by mail

Alas, poor dictionary! We knew you well!

About those meat packing plants

Hong Kong airport brings in cleaning robots and disinfection booth

Biden Inches Ahead In Texas

Don Lemon: This is a time when we need our leaders to show up

Biggest Hurdle to Bringing People Back to the Office Might Be the Commute

Washington landlords and lawmakers discuss rent and evictions during coronavirus crisis

Gov. could extend stay-at-home order later this week

AMC, largest cinema chain in US, announces boycott of Universal

$9M in funds to help thousands of low-income households in Washington pay rent, energy bills

Chicken Dance

Eli Lilly Antibody Survey Study (Asymptomatic Individuals)

Now THIS is how you return a stimulus letter!!!

As 'quarantine fatigue' spreads, Fauci says second wave of coronavirus is 'inevitable'

Racing towards 60,000 dead from COVID-19

How accurate is US COVID-19 death count? Some experts say off by 'tens of thousands'

Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration Found Unlawful

Beloved teacher, 30, dies of coronavirus after twice being denied a test

Trump Appointees Manipulated Agency's Payday Lending Research, Ex-Staffer Claims

USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Support for Big Government rises to record levels amid coronavirus crisis

Another not so great day in Michigan 103 new deaths.

Ridiculous Trump-Dummy @TomiLahren Tweets (& DELETES) That Social Distancing is "WILLFUL SLAVERY!"

I've just noticed a disturbing pattern on days of grim economic news

Gov. Doug Ducey expected to announce decision on stay-at-home order

Effective treatment of severe COVID-19 patients with tocilizumab

'My Fellow American': Donald Trump letter to stimulus check recipients raises objections

Deaths now at 20 times that from 9/11

Watch Detroit practice social distancing.

Alaska school removes 'The Great Gatsby' from curriculum for 'controversial' content

did u need a feel good story today well maureen has a feel good story for u


I just heard an airplane fly over, that is the third one

McConnell calls for liability protections in next round of coronavirus relief

Aw good Jebus. Now they're trying to convince us that we need sports to start back up.

Question about the RWNJs

McConnell: Lawsuits against 'brave businesspeople' are 'the second pandemic'

4,419 new deaths in the uk today?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-15: Just What Dr. Trump Ordered Edition

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 29, 2020

The letters going out with Trumps signature when they arrive

Internal ICE Reviews Of Two Immigrant Deaths Stoke Fears About COVID-19 Care

How many deaths are acceptable to open the meat packing plants?

Umm . . . this Quicken Loan graphic is . . . interesting (Twitter)

Tweet of the the month!!!

All this talk about recovery for Trump

Republicans attack House Democrats for listening to doctor and staying home

Should Hillary Clinton be the next HHS Secretary?

Speaker Pelosi: "What did the president know, and when did he know it?

FDA expected to issue emergency authorization for remdesivir.

60,012 and counting.....According to MSNBC

Trump erupts at campaign manager (Brad Parscale) as reelection stress overflows

Hmph! Pandemic is a GREEK word!

I just love our local news!

Trump Appointees Manipulated Agency's Payday Lending Research, Ex-Staffer Claims

GOP congressman: Quarantine health officials without pay to 'see how they like it'

Hawaii labs ability to test is exceeding demand finally...

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 in F Major,

1 Min time lapsed video shows ACOE transforming old offoce into covid hospital

The Newest Fox News Doctor Duo Has Been 'Emphatically' Condemned by Physician Groups

WHO puts out a warning to the world about disinfectants and Covid19

Texas voters sue over age restrictions for mail-in ballots

9 New Ways To Enjoy Korean Ramyun Ramen Recipes hack

9 New Ways To Enjoy Korean Ramyun Ramen Recipes hack

Trump Encouraged Sean Hannity to Go After the New York Times

MEDICARE Applications Raise Anxiety For Seniors In Pandemic; Delays, Penalties

Global coronavirus death toll could be 60% higher than reported

MEDICARE Applications Raise Anxiety For Seniors In Pandemic; Delays, Penalties

FreedomFest Urges People to 'Catch the Vision' in Las Vegas

Boeing lays off 16,000 workers

Medical folks here: I'm looking into buying a fingertip oxy monitor, need a rec

Court hands blow to Dems who sued over Florida ballot order

The world is pitying us.


What chimpanzees (and primitive cultures) could teach Trump about leadership

Justin Amash is an idiot and a putin tool

Amash - I alone can fix, they all dishonest (except me), repubs/dems are the same etc

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson

Major supporter leaves Lindsey Graham for Democratic challenger: "The change South Carolina needs"

Trump erupts at campaign manager as reelection stress overflows

MEDICARE Applications Raise Anxiety For Seniors In Pandemic; Delays, Penalties

A reminder

easily the coolest song about having an asthma attack while gardening ever ...

Rep Justin Amash's Groucho Marx eyebrows, on MSNBC now, keep me from hearing his words.

Today is Willie Nelson's 87th birthday. "Happy Birthday Willie"

Swedish city to use chicken manure to deter crowds

Leaving Off Mask At Mayo Clinic, Pence Said He Wanted To Look Workers 'In The Eye'

Trump was right about something! We HAVE reached 60,000!

GOP Senator Says Georgia Is In Play

Quote: Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Coronavirus stimulus checks: Payments to dead relatives should be returned, Mnuchin says

Blasphemy to be decriminalised in Scottish hate crime bill

Dogs set to be euthanized in Tennessee are airlifted to Omaha to find forever homes

Boeing to shrink workforce, raise cash as coronavirus slams jet industry

Next time, or maybe this fall.

GOP Senator Says Georgia Is In Play

Evidence Casts Doubt on Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Allegations of Joe Biden

The Race To Save Jobs: EU Govts. Step In To Save Wages: France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain

My humbly proposed guide to Vice President Biden on how to select his VP

Trump's Internal Polls Show Him Losing

I think the Democrats are finally besting the Trump gang.

Republican Senate candidate argues that Trump told us to inject disinfectant to "give hope"

Trump May Travel to Arizona

Trump says internet retailers using the post office must pay more

Can you imagine the protests right now if Obama was President through all of this?

Psychologist John Gartner: Trump is a "sexual sadist" who is "actively engaging in sabotage"

Are we sure Dr Fauci is not a time traveler?


Esper Taps Funds From Counter-Russia Programs for Border Wall[

Limited dine-in service to resume at Arkansas restaurants May 11

Steve Sack FTW

No COVID-19 bailouts for firms that use tax havens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says

Funny, isn't it?

The iconic brands that could disappear because of coronavirus

GDP falls by 4.8 percent, bringing longest economic expansion on record to abrupt halt

'White House' selling $100 commemorative COVID-19 coins'

Drug proves effective against virus as economic damage rises

Trump says he plans to resume travel next week with trip to Arizona

Amazon and Target workers plan strike over Covid-19 concerns

Vermont reports zero new cases of covid-19!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lends Support to May 1st Rent Strike

Kushner: "... by July the country's really rocking again"

10,000 nursing home workers vote to strike in Illinois in the face of life-threatening working condi

A suggestion for your stimulus check

What the hell does "negative tests" mean........our local news has this graph

"Social distancing is working, so let's stop social distancing!"

The U.S. plans to lend $500 billion to large companies. It won't require them to preserve jobs...

Status of Tax Filing Requirements

Biden ahead in Texas and Nouth Carolina. THIS ... is why Trump wants "economy open" !!

Fox News to host 'America Together: Returning to Work' town hall with Trump

Poll: Millions of Americans Would Avoid Covid-19 Treatment Over Cost $ Fears; 30K Intens. Care Av.

Putin in a hospital for covid patients and Mike Pence talking to one

Trump erupts at campaign manager as reelection stress overflows

Trump administration won't extend coronavirus social distancing guidelines into May

Gene pool, man...gene pool.

can any of you recall such widespread stupidity and/or ignorance!

Texas AG helped donor fight virus lockout

Ernst & Young Global Limited, UK company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients.

Friday, May 1st, national unemployment rate expected announcement 16%

The Green New Deal Starts in America's Powerhouse - Detroit and the Rustbelt

U.S. Buys 100,000 More Body Bags, Preparing for Coronavirus Worst

U.S. Buys 100,000 More Body Bags, Preparing for Coronavirus Worst

'You could smell the death': Bodies found stored in U-Haul trucks outside Brooklyn funeral home

Trump hopes for "massive" rallies of "25,000" this year

Hertz Misses Lease Payments, in Talks to Avoid Bankruptcy

Housing advocates sound alarm as May rents collide with coronavirus

It's OK to be not OK.

30-Year Old Teacher Dies of Coronavirus After Being Denied Test Twice

Presenting "the trikini":

Labor unions accuse administration of failing to protect workers under coronavirus relief package

The evidence you need to see regarding Reade and Biden

Milo and Niko fluff battle

Trump's 'Operation Warp Speed' Aims to Rush Coronavirus Vaccine

The massive rally statement says it all.

Africa Braces for a Record Wave of Locusts

Nearly 1 in 4 Bernie Sanders backers not supporting Biden