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El Salvador's jails: Where social distancing is impossible

It's so much fun to dump on Trump

El Salvador's jails: Where social distancing is impossible

Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Stormy Monday

Crazy? Genius? Democrat Vernon Jones' right-wing exit strategy

Coronavirus: 17 police officers die of Covid-19 in Peru

Netanyahu 'confident' US will allow West Bank annexation soon

The Composition of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Is Much More Alien Than We Thought

State house looking at returning to session June 11

"Sarcasm" from Trump is like what Trump "grabbing a women's p____" means to him!

Our Noble leader...

Mexico all but empties official migrant shelters under coronavirus

Twitter's most-liked tweet this week: Joe Biden asking Twitter users to not drink bleach

tRump is having a Tweeter fit!

Total slime balls

Michael Flynn......... will Barr "exonerate" him?

Poachers are taking advantage of the pandemic to kill more animals

Amazon did not "invent" home delivery

Trump losing it on twitter

Homeland concludes today

Close Bolsonaro aide to become Brazil Justice Minister: source

Morality test for photographers

The computer algorithm that was among the first to detect the coronavirus outbreak

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 29: Starring Dolores Costello

Dr. Fauci warned in advance that someone needed to tell Trump you can't drink bleach

Flight attendant union to America: Please don't fly for leisure amid coronavirus

It's time for all Americans to demand Trump's resignation.

Biden Accuser, Tara Reade, Allegedly Stole from Non-Profit Organization - The Medium

It's Time to Build

Pompeii ruins show that the Romans invented recycling

Atlanta Restauranteurs Take a Pass on Opening Monday

White House aiming for Trump pivot from virus to economy

1,157 Deaths today, lowest since 4/2/2020.......

CDC Adds 6 New Coronavirus Symptoms

A brilliant leader knows how to assess the mood of a nation

Coronavirus Patients Are Reporting Neurological Symptoms. Here's What You Need to Know

Planet of the humans: A reheated mess of lazy, old myths

Links to Biden's PodCasts

The Atlantic Magazine Article

Mike Larsen's Tweet:

If sunlight kills coronavirus, why not try UV lamps?

Georgia chamber chief: Critics missing the point of Kemp's business reopening plan

USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared

When a president's personality disorder becomes lethal

To Pressure Iran, Pompeo Turns to the Deal Trump Renounced

Trump calls reports he may fire Alex Azar 'fake news'

"We stand behind the president."

Georgia 'jumping the gun' by easing restrictions, ex-FDA head says

Brian Tyler Cohen: Dr. Birx humiliates herself on air over Trump's "injecting disinfectant" claim

U.S. Could Be Weeks From Meat Shortages With Shutdowns Spreading

Wisconsin Beef Plant Shuts Down for Virus Adding to Meat Squeeze

San Juan Mayor Says 'No One' in Puerto Rico Has Received a COVID-19 Stimulus Check

Trump is retweeting shit like crazy

[NEW] Rolling Stones - Living In a Ghost Town

California heat wave draws large crowds to beaches despite stay-at-home order

Farmworkers test positive for COVID-19 at Washington orchard

El Paso Walmart shooting victim dies, raising death toll to 23

If I had my own cooking show ...

Why AREN'T we naming Republicans as terrorists???

I'm waiting for Diet Clorox to come out before I try tRump's latest miracle cure for COVID

SKETCH - Pandemic Protest

Cleaning a floating petri dish: How is a cruise ship sanitized after a coronavirus outbreak?

Trump has gotta go now.

On Trumps limited vocabulary...a different perspective in how he treats female journalist...

White House officials: Trump works so hard he often misses lunch.

I am going in circles. Admit I have a problem in the morning, be in denial 2 hours later, and back

Georgia AG to investigate racist text sent to Atlanta mayor over pandemic

OMG He's using the sarcasm defense again. 🤦🏼‍♀️

White House Will Hold Briefing on Monday

Trump just retweeted.....himself

Really glad I got some $ this week... just did an online grocery order for pickup tomorrow

On Tara Reade's allegations against Biden: Anyone know of any sexual assaulter who stopped at one...

*Hidden Figures, on FX, now.

A unique (so far) gravitational wave signal

Within the next three weeks, by May 17, some Republicans will step forward to oppose Trump.

Remember how livid UV Donnie was at TWHCD

How WFIRST will use warped spacetime to find exoplanets

2020 in a nutshell

"The shoe is on the other foot"

Does anyone know

I need a new laptop. I don't need fancy anything except maybe to watch TV sometimes

The 2020 presidential election will decide either the life or death of America.

Masks for babies NOT.

The most expensive item on my grocery receipt

Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne And More Collaborate On 'Lean On Me' For 'Stronger Together,Tous Ensem

I heard Trump was disinfecting his blood today and the orange disappeared?

The busiest president ever?

One good thing about this moment.

Leonard Pitts: I will not die of stupid

Leader of group peddling bleach as coronavirus 'cure' wrote to Trump this week

Amazon antitrust concerns

Gov Cuomo's Tweet 2 days before Biden Launched his Campaign.. April 23, 2019..

Seeing more bees this spring.

The Capitalism Virus Is Back In a New Wave.

South Carolina receives masks from China

Uhm Trump retweeted himself and agreed with himself

Pygmy Twylyte

Democrats should call for a day of mourning for those who've died of COVID.

Oklahoma Governor - asks Trump to declare the Coronavirus an Act of God

Climate crisis: Releasing bison, reindeer and horses into the Arctic would slow warming, say scienti

For laughs - Randy Rainbow "A SPOONFUL OF CLOROX" - originally posted by catbyte, enjoy

I have a close relative with dementia...

State and local governments brace for huge cuts as feds debate sending help for coronavirus-related

I love Bill Gates.

Stephen Fry says Sweden's streets are 70% less busy and it's not dodging economic fallout

Las Vegan Jimmy Kimmel - Mayor Goodman "hometown embarrassment" should resign

Watching too many YouTube videos. I saw a couple about the stock market crash of 29

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 27 April 2020

It was 63 years ago tomorrow, my parents were married.

San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions.


Elvis Presley.."You'll Never Walk Alone"...4min 2 seconds.

Kinks Corona Lola parody.

Spending most of the day under lockdown, how many hours do you spend on DU on average?

Kinks Corona Lola Parody

Just made a cinnamon bun in a mug. Took me 5 minutes from start to eaten.

Today is Carol Burnett's birthday! 87!

Las Vegan Jimmy Kimmel - Mayor Goodman "hometown embarrassment" should resign

Today..4/26/20, Sunday.10:45 CT,.I posted something on the internet, I have never posted, or

LOL. This is what I have to look forward to.

Anyone else finding themselves in these times kinda wishing you had a bag of some serious drugs?

PUBG Players? Anyone?


NY Post: 'Trump works so hard he often misses lunch'

Coronavirus: Chile To Introduce Controversial Certificate

Schrodinger's Douchebag strikes again

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Even an 'optimistic' oil forecast shows Alaska running out of savings in 2021

A letter to Governor Cuomo

An interesting by-product of Covid 19 -

Atlanta, New Orleans and Orlando are huge conference destinations. Red states need Blue states to

I was being sarcastic again! Trump uses same defense for "Noble" tweet

Time to stop the "Biden has an issue with Young voters meme."

I will consider the position of those who say don't vote Biden. But I require a few things

Today, the U.S. will register its 1,000,000th official case

American Samoa Governor pushes for work to begin on renovations at DoH compound

Just a question for y'all about Social Security and Stimulus Checks.

I never in my wildest imaginings ever thought I would say/think this

Do you think Trump will eventually declare his entire presidency "just being sarcastic"...?

Chuck Todd's Meet The Press opening highlighted Trump's total COVID-19 failure

m. ward - chinese translation (studio-2006) no joke, this is an amazing song ...

what the heck does "das on period" mean???

COVID-19 has brought havoc to nursing homes. Will pandemic end 'warehousing' the elderly?

Governors Report Influx Of Calls About Disinfectant After Trump Treatment Suggestion

California Democratic Party chair must reveal sex abuse report's findings - or resign

Poll: College students prefer Biden by 40%

Boogie All The Way

Menoni: Sailors going back to USS Theodore Roosevelt this week

Georgia's Governor Risks Lives to Reopen His State--Just Not His Family's

A trick to making your N95 mask last longer and easier to put on--especially if you have long hair.

What does America see when they look at the USA now???

Still payless Friday at CNMI PSS but 30% 'owed' salary is released

the postal service - we will become silhouettes (studio-2003) found the pandemic theme song

US Senate seats that Democrats have to win in 2020 to get back in the majority.

Hawaii Supreme Court order mandates quicker release of non-violent inmates

Hawaii Guam Asks To Pause Migration From Pacific Nations During Virus Crisis

Top Russian doctor falls out of 5th floor window during conference call

What this country needs is more government monitoring of the internet

'Heads we win, tails you lose': how America's rich have turned pandemic into profit

Ige Extends Stay-At-Home Order, Quarantines To May 31

Blue State Bailouts? No... it's the Trump Bankruptcy Cluster

Please tell me this is a spoof

On April 19, 1968, Odessey and Oracle, by the Zombies, was released in the UK.

Coronavirus: New Zealand claims no community cases as lockdown eases

Texas' Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic Is About to Enter a New Phase

Federal agencies want to extend nuclear waste site to 2080

Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president in video remarks calling him ...

New Mexico has at least 2,726 coronavirus cases and 99 dead

He came in like a wrecking ball

Omg omg LMFAO!!!

Question: Do you think Biden will "Look forward, not backward" when it comes to prosecuting Trump?

I cut a piece of pie for breakfast and turned around and there were the dogs

Dear Trump Supporter

The Presidential-Debate question that would kill Trump:

Boris Johnson counsels everything and anything to stop a second wave. Looks

Breakfast Monday 27 April 2020

4.5 minutes out of 13 hours

Boris Johnson says too early to ease lockdown as second peak would be disaster

Breaking - Don the Criminally Negligent Con is really pissed

No 10 invites public to submit questions for daily coronavirus press conference

Lujan Grisham fires back at Grants mayor

Trump has gotta go now. Update.

Poor Mitch! He is upset that Nancy has so much power in DC!

Hungary prepares to end legal recognition of trans people


Kim Jong-un is 'alive and well', says South Korea's security adviser

Waiting on a guitar the ANXIETY My son

Russia has more confirmed coronavirus cases than China

It's not like they are not going to die anyway...

Many failures combined to unleash death on Italy's Lombardy

Class-action lawsuit filed against stimulus-check for discriminating against LEGAL immigrants

Trump expands battle with WHO far beyond aid suspension

Sanders Could Lose A Third Of His Delegates, Making For A Messy Convention

Colorado Democrats "cautiously optimistic" about "safer at home," despite concerns over rollout

April 27 - Happy Birthday Senator Cory Booker (D) NJ

'The food supply chain is breaking,' Tyson says as plants close

Leprino Foods shuts down Fort Morgan plant amid "high number" of coronavirus cases

April 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. George G.K. Butterfield (D) NC-1st

April 27 - Happy Birthday Mayor Andrew Ginther (D) Columbus

Today is Monday, April 27

Monday TOONs - If It Ducks Like A Quack...

"The cure may be worse than the Disease"

Pandemic Art

Colorado's Democratic lawmakers call on community, colleagues to denounce hate, bigotry during

All eight people who died from the coronavirus in Richmond were African American.

Could virophages be a way to stop or slow Covid-19?

Essential employees

White House is reviewing expanded guidance on reopening society

Bronx assembly candidate Chantel Jackson stands by anti-vaccine comments

The administration has until May 3 to form a committee to begin transition planning, but...

Do you remember, so long ago

Informed Delivery (USPS) tells me a Notice 1444 from the IRS is here.

CO2 Dulls Thought Processing, Threat Response - And Enclosed Space Concentrations Surprisingly High

Sooner or later all questions of existential risk come down to a global understanding and agreements

Even when there is an effective vaccine available for MOST CV varieties,

In COVID Crisis, Coal Accounting For Barely More Than 15% Of US Generation During Energy Crash

New Zealand claims 'elimination' of coronavirus with new cases in single digits

The press briefing -by Tom Tomorrow

Trump has scrubbed his Twitter feed of many of the rants he posted yesterday.

For $1.75 Billion, Charleston SC Flood Wall Would NOT Protect: Aquarium, Ferry Terminal, AA Museum

First Tropical Depression On Record During April Forms In Eastern Pacific South Of Baja

A 'Rainbow Coalition' of Death Cult Special

Update: Multiple White House officials tell NBC News this morning that there may NOT be a task force

Eleven Of The Twelve Hottest Years In The Instrumental Record Have All Happened Since 2000

Cat Waits Patiently As Grandma Mends His Favorite Toy

What's on this fish's mind? Let's take a look!

Duck Loves It When His Dog Brother Takes Him Swimming

Instead of putting his signature on Stimulus checks, his signature should be on these.

"The Ghost Who Walks". One intense movie!

Will trump tweet fox news latest virus treatment?

I'm no Trump fan, but I think the media is misrepresenting....

260,000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, From Trump on the Virus

Amazon Rainy Season Among Top 10 Lowest On Record; Forests Unusually Dry As Fire Season Approaches

Study Scenario - Most Trees Alive Today Will Not Be Able To Survive In Climate Of 40 Years From Now

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) referred to his state as a "waiting room" for seniors who will soon die.

More $1,200 stimulus checks are on the way. Here are key dates for the next set of payments.

Many failures combined to unleash death on Italy's Lombardy (AP)

Trump Tries Again to Use Sarcasm Defense After 'Noble Prize' Tweet Flub

McConnell's rejection of federal aid for states risks causing a depression, analysts say

The Rundown: April 24, 2020

To solve our problems, marginalize Trump

NYC Comic Shop Forbidden Planet Launches GoFundMe to Stay Open Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

Study of twins reveals genetic effect on Covid-19 symptoms

Dr. Fauci leaving his house for Trump's daily briefing on the Coronavirus...

UFO will wake you up

How Bad It's Gotten In Political Terms In Just 20 Years

Trump's Contempt for the Ex-Presidents Is Costing Us Right Now

Closely watched arthritis drug disappoints as a Covid-19 treatment, studies show

There comes a time when you have to take away the keys from grandpa.

Covid-19 : Neurological and Psychological Effects....

Ricky Gervais posted this four years ago.

Coronavirus in Tennessee: Restaurants reopen as Sunday marks highest jump in new cases

I watched a Japanese chef use an interesting method to make tempura

Really, Michael Moore?

If the virus were a California fire, the airline industry would be the Santa Ana winds.

You are about as useless. . . .

South Korea Confident That Rumors of Kim Jong-un Illness Are Wrong

CNN posts photos of conspiracy theorists' victim and her husband. Why? Why? Why?

And then he told his cult members

Kemp to hold prayer service as some restaurants in Georgia reopen

Today Is The Last Day To Mail In Absentee Ballots For Ohio Primary Election

SCOTUS asks for supplemental briefing about whether battle over Trump financial records ...

COVID-19 is a political bombshell?

Coronavirus Lingers in Air of Crowded Spaces, New Study Finds

Businesses that open early around here will lose my business permanently.

Study challenges reports of low fatality rate for COVID-19

Several days in and it still sounds like a cry for help

BY LAW, When a national emergency is declared the federal government is in charge of the response.

Social distancing could last months, White House coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx says

'The food supply chain is breaking': Tyson Foods raises coronavirus alarm in full-page ads, defends

Texas mayor under investigation after viral photo shows her in nail salon despite stay-at-home order

Funny Story

EXCLUSIVE: Inner brain thoughts of Donald Trump revealed.

Saliva samples preferable to deep nasal swabs for testing COVID-19

Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Pramila Jayapal Endorses Joe Biden

TWO Words, you treacherous murderer! TWO! "I RESIGN" . That is all you have to say to get

NYC to close 100 miles of streets during coronavirus outbreak: Mayor de Blasio

She's been falsely accused of starting the pandemic. Her life has been turned upside down

Next wave of U.S. states set to reopen as coronavirus could push jobless rate to 16%

Court tosses NY case that could have expanded gun rights

The reporter Trump was being "sarcastic" to wasn't even there

"F that."

Biden to hold Virtual Town Hall with Kamala Harris and African-American Leaders

More of THIS please

On this day, April 27, 1947, Pete Ham of Badfinger was born.

Long Island Man Charged Under Defense Production Act with Hoarding and Price-Gouging of Scarce Perso

Save The Date

Electrical question about LED fixtures

CNN Returns to Wuhan After Lockdown


The Twit tweets: Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states

They have decided on a new LAND O LAKES image

At last, we have a cure for all!

Ed Asner gets his groove on for charity (video)

John Kerry in 2004 was the presumptive nominee

Cartoon: Oh Yeah By Clay Jones -April 27, 2020 9:00 AM

This is our president Unfit For Office

Man in gorilla costume breaks into Mt. Juliet home

US could reach 1,000,000 coronavirus cases today, definitely tomorrow.

U.S. Supreme Court rules for insurers over $12 billion Obamacare claims

You raised $1,655.00 on April 26, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

MMM -- MovinOnMonday

I got a question, for the White House and the red state governors on the coronavirus and opening....

Dead Milkmen- The Bleach Boys

Australia rejects Chinese 'economic coercion' threat amid planned coronavirus probe

That's just not right

Jesse Ventura to "test the waters" as a Presidential candidate

Quarantined in France -- this guy doing his best Freddie Mercury on the balcony while playing...

Yes, there gonna be a shortage of food products!

The insane prick is endangering 1,000 West Point grads

Georgia Loses Legal Code Copyright Clash at Supreme Court

Georgia Loses Legal Code Copyright Clash at Supreme Court

Sir, the cats are advancing in the Eastern Front

I don't know what these crazy Republican governors are doing.

Our city's bus service has opened up a new line.

Viral video shows large Chicago house party amid coronavirus pandemic

Hillary's tweet just now--blunt and frustrated.

Are there any prominent Republican congresspersons standing up for trump? Going on talk shows? NT

Kaleigh says Trump is working too hard to eat.

Something I learned trying to jump-start my mom's car

White House scraps Monday coronavirus briefing

Looking for a movie, haven't seen it in decades.

Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president (The "No-duh" answer)

Dan Rather: Apparently we need to add a new definition for "sarcasm"

U.S. deaths soared in early weeks of pandemic, far exceeding number attributed to covid-19

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 27 2020

PA-GOV: Toomey Signals He Might Run for Governor

Hamataro wa Kawaii ne!!!!!!!

Israel and Palestinians COVID-19

I just bought half a tank of premium gas for $7.

Freed of briefing duty, wounded Trump airs full collection of grievances on Twitter.

Rudy W. Giuliani opens his big mouth again and inserts foot.................

Happy birthday, Carol - a blooper video

Colorado lawmakers are looking at how to close a $3 billion budget shortfall. Here's the roadmap.

Pentagon formally releases 3 Navy videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena"

Progressive super PAC prepares $800K ad buy hitting Trump on coronavirus

Not many of you know this but I worked for a company

Trump plots new election strategy: tie Biden to China - and attack them both

Colorado college students, upended by coronavirus, are worried about food, housing & their education

Boy! Trump is running scared!

Metro extends summer shutdown to include the Silver Line to take advantage of pandemic slowdown

I subscribe to the print edition of the strib

Super heroes wear scrubs

I just thought of something!

Trump Surrenders and leaves the battlefield. Trump will not discuss his Coronavirus losses.

She helped inspire 'A League of Their Own.' Now a former Chicagoan's secret gay relationship is...

I have been putting in place a plan in order to return to work.

Donated to Joe Biden through DU today.

Just saw the loser Lara Logan originally from CBS, I see she's now on faux noise.

New York cancels presidential primary, angering Bernie Sanders supporters

Why the DeVos family's backing of the Michigan protests is no surprise

Small Business Relief Program Overwhelmed at Restart

Guaranteed guide to wooing the ladies:

Maybe this explains his foul mood this weekend: Private Republican Memo: 'Don't Defend Trump'

Open Your Eyes! 👀

Got our 1st Hummingbird today 7 mins later our first Oriole of the season!!!

Trump is working too hard to eat?

Pic Of The Moment: Unworthy To Lead

To The People Protesting Stay-At-Home Orders: How Dare You

Apparently spelling isn't the only problem with anti-shutdown protesters

Question about ipad

Skulk of three kits and a vixen

Celebrated Austin artist Christopher Cross temporarily paralyzed due to COVID-19 complications

Trump is what happens when someone tries to act like an expert because they watch the Discovery

Scientists and climate experts endorse Joe Biden for president

Half a Billion Dollars for Medical Gowns: Yarn Maker That Hosted Pence Lands Giant Coronavirus Contr

Trump's disinfectant comments lead to 'stifled giggles' abroad

Texas reports 25297 virus cases, up 2.7% from Sunday - source (Bloomberg News)

Blue states should withhold federal payments

Let's take a tour of the Georgia governor's mansion.

Most Dictators Self Destruct. Why?

New York Democrats cancel 2020 primary, kicking Bernie Sanders off the ballot

Trump falsely blames Democrats for slow unemployment payments

Why don't we just do away with a free press and get all our news from Donald Trump?

Texas mayor violates her own stay-at-home order to visit the nail salon amid coronavirus pandemic

A Fitting Tribute...

Allman Bros.

Lakers return $4.6 million it received from federal loan program designed to help small businesses,

MLB Quiz of the day: HR Leaders in each position

Voting Rights For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Felons At Stake In Florida Trial

Lashing out at 'Lamestream Media', Trump threatens to end White House press conferences

The following candidates' names were removed from the NYS Presidential primary ballot today....

What Face Masks Say About A Person

FFS!!! Bradenton FL 'church' promotes drinking bleach to cure COVID-19. They recommended it to Trump

Covid-19 Is Pulling the Plug on Clean Energy Jobs

At Least He's Not Your Cat-Tossing Local Official

To all Trump Supporters.....this old axiom holds true

The Wind

Georgia's Governor Lets Businesses Reopen. Some Say No Thanks

Dr. Birx More 'Bothered' by Media Than Trump for Injecting Disinfectant Comments

USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared

Pelosi says 'guaranteed income' plan for Americans worth considering as House Democrats push forward

Leader of North Carolina anti-lockdown protests tests positive for COVID-19

ReOpen NC leader says she tested positive for COVID-19

White House refuses to say who's actually getting small business loans

Monroe COVID crisis raises questions about prisons

260,000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, From Trump on the Virus

Well, THIS is a first for my veg garden

Cartoons 4/27/2020

Snohomish County picks favored light rail station locations

Kemp says let's open Georgia for business

In June 1969, Life Magazine published photographs of the 242 American troops killed during one week

Pelosi, top House progressive (Pramila Jayapal) give Biden twin endorsements

If you're in NYC, settle in for the long haul...

Big changes in store for Snohomish County farmers markets

Coronavirus alert: Rare syndrome seen in UK children

Michael E Mann: We predict one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record (20+ storms)

Texas salon owner rips cease-and-desist letter in protest of stay-at-home order

Where Has Jared Kushner Gone in the Fight Against Coronavirus?

5 pm presser is BACK ON , Mon 27 April 2020. 56,000+ dead Americans

Coronavirus has 'been a nightmare' for New York emergency department

I must remember not to tell my son-in-law I need something.

Ken Buck Will Defy Polis and Attend Church May 3

Bill Gates thinks the global shift towards nationalism made the coronavirus response worse

L.A. Lakers received $4.6 million from federal loan program -- but returned it

and there it is. 1 Million confirmed COVID cases.

Trump to 'brief the nation' Monday, White House announces hours after canceling afternoon briefing

The problem with a WPA/CCC is that we don't really need much stuff built

Conspiracy Theorist Makes Up Fake Story Naming U.S. Army Sgt. As Patient Zero


Thriller author eerily predicted global pandemic response

"I was just putting the bins away, and this guy came from over there..."

ReOpen NC leader says she tested positive for COVID-19

There's a fun game going around online asking you to

Kushner Disappears from Pandemic Team

The coming rupture in the U.S.-China relationship will have tragic consequences

Schumer proposes measure to keep Trump's name off coronavirus stimulus checks

Peter Navarro Squirms on CNN When Asked About Trump's Inflated Coronavirus Death Theory

So the orange one has scrubed his Tweeter.

GOP legislators roll out their "Open Ohio" plan ahead of governor

Isaiah Thomas gets hate from 'The Last Dance' viewers who think he's Isiah Thomas

Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Virus Patients Dies by Suicide

School-based health centers, some kids' only health care for miles, see steep drop in patients

Howard Stern: 'I am all in on Joe Biden'

Thurston County COVID-19 cases grow to 100, but most patients have recovered, data show

Here's A MAGA Dance Of Love For Trump At Wisconsin Quarantine Protest

Olympia's homeless response coordinator resigns, leaving city to spread out duties

A plea to DUers on behalf of my sister: Be nice at the grocery store

Complaints of overcrowding, homeless on Metro Transit buses

These two sentences are the key: from Trump's acceptance speech..

Chocolate Samurai (Corona Quarantine Video)

HBO is bringing back...Looney Tunes

Just crossed paths with a Trumper! Ugh!

Trump Cracks Up On Twitter, Hammers On Fox News

May 6 Netflix release of Michele Obama's "Becoming" documentary

More Than 100,000 Americans Have Now Recovered From Coronavirus

The Heat Is On in Arizona..

Doctors worry COVID-19 fears may prompt parents to skip pediatric check-ups

Sanders Advisor: NYS should lose all its delegates

Restaurant parks

Trumps new @PressSec Kayleigh McEnany Makes Fox And Friends A Comedy Show

Dammit. Virus presser cancelled; but the goon is holding a 5PM news conference

'For black folks, it's like a setup: Are you trying to kill us?'

"You arrogant ass. You've killed us"

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Opening a Country With a Closed Mind

ReOpen NC leader says she tested positive for COVID-19

Texas Puppies I am smitten with, Monday 27 April

Meatpacking plants have become coronavirus hotspots across the U.S. In Virginia, ...

DU Poll: If your state hasn't had its primary yet...

[WATCH] Governor Newsom Covid Update (links)

Rural hospitals spiral deeper into red ink amid COVID-19 pandemic

They may be mailing SS recipients checks instead of DD

Washingtonians protest statewide fishing ban at Seattle rally

The US now has 43.5% of all documented active cases in the world

Kelli Ward Urged Anti-Lockdown Protesters to Dress as Health-Care Workers

A former neighbor of Joe Biden's accuser Tara Reade has come forward to corroborate her sexual assau

These American Civil War Myths Just Won't Go Away

Germans Face Fines of Up to 5,000 for Store Owners Who Don't Provide Masks for Staff

More from the poorly educated masses Disinfectant Don loves so much.

"... the virus acts like no pathogen humanity has ever seen"

One million cases

Ok,these folk owe me a cuppa coffee...

A scary, but important, reminder that we're in this for the long haul.

Alec Baldwin- Trump impression mocks president's comments on injecting disinfectants

Antonn Dvork Symphony #8

Will this crisis change the Republican Party? Don't bet on it.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus pass 3m worldwide

A Republican effort to sabotage Obamacare was just rejected by the Supreme Court

Free streaming concerts this week...

Prince of Petworth: Fado will probably not reopen

Trump apologists' defense has been obliterated by 'But Lysol'

My good neighbors brought me a 30 pack of beer yesterday

As campaign 2020 shifts into high gear, Trump's defamation suits pose a chilling prospect for press

GOP memo tells senators to blame Trump's virus failures on 'political correctness'

Accelerated Urgent Care doctors recommend lifting shelter-in-place order

Pompeo declares US un-withdrawn from PARTS of Iran nuclear deal. Because that's how deals work.

Biden Livestream w/Kamala Harris on now.

US was warned of threat from anti-vaxxers in event of pandemic

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/27/20

My plan to get a 'Real ID' driver's license has been temporarily (hopefully) delayed

Watching Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore in the afternoons........

Donald Dump is sending letters to those who got a stimulus direct deposit to praise himself.

Nervous Republicans See Trump Sinking: Report

Justices ask for more briefing in Trump tax-returns cases

Animation making with free tool

U.S. judge rules talc lawsuits against J&J can proceed, testimony limited

Looks as if Michigans number yesterday was a sucker hole.

Without Trump at the coronavirus briefings, America would get more information from the experts

Trump slams cities, states seeking U.S. aid to offset coronavirus losses

Don Lemon is all of us.

I'm fed up with the MSM baiting Fauci and Birx.

I'd live here in a heartbeat!!!

Domestic violence in lock down: From walking on tenterhooks to walking on a knife edge

He Found One of Stalin's Mass Graves. Now He's in Jail.

Iowa Governor Reynolds: Just Live With It...


Barr: "I am directing each of our US Attorneys" to be on lookout for state/local directives

Senator Kamala Harris Confronting Coronavirus

Detroit Students Have a Constitutional Right to Literacy, Court Rules.

USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Six months out, Biden jumps to lead over Trump amid coronavirus concerns

What's for Dinner, Mon., Apr. 27, 2020

Clairvoyant cartoonist!

Coronavirus: 6 Bay Area counties extend shelter-in-place orders through end of May

17 U.S. States Have Formed Regional Alliances To Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

Fredric Chopin Scherzo #3 C-sharp Minor

I feel guilty praying for help now when my probs are so minor compared to most peoples. And you?

VERY cute Lucille Ball-Ginger Rogers video:

McConnell Demands Liability Protections for Business

Kushner Disappears from Pandemic Team

White privilege or just hardcore racists being hardcore racist, or both?

'It's not about you': Democrats bet Trump coronavirus response a 2020 winner for Biden

Louisville musicians make a song for the city amid crisis

One of the leaders of the ReOpen NC group says that she tested positive for COVID-19

How New Zealand relied on science, empathy and health before the economy to defeat Coronavirus

To Pressure Iran, Pompeo Turns to the Deal Trump Renounced

Oxford Leaps Ahead on Coronavirus Vaccine

Exclusive: Oil traders book expensive U.S. vessels to store gasoline, ship fuel overseas in sign of

Big News In Illinois

What dating might look like.

Bloomberg's promises

Well the sorry Governor of Texas is forcing his executive orders over the whole state.

QUESTION: How many weeks can we stay at 20% unemployment before a depression is baked in?

Brazil emerging as potentially next big hot spot as death toll worldwide tops 200,000

Worldometers shows Indiana really paying the Trump tax today.

U.S. judge rules talc lawsuits against J&J can proceed, testimony limited

After the apex, hospitals prepare to treat trauma in frontline medical staff

Well we though 2016 was bad, cause Trump took office?

Now I know why #MayThe4th is trending on Twitter:

AG Bill Barr orders US attorneys to pursue legal action against 'overbearing' COVID-19 rules

FUCKING USELESS: White House document says federal government is a test 'supplier of last resort'

1 in 4 in NYC May Have Been Infected, New Study Finds; Some Parts of State to 'UNPause' May 15

Per MSNBC the presser will actually be a speech about the economy coming back.

Supreme Court orders more arguments in case over Trump's financial records

The Secret Group of Scientists and Billionaires Pushing a Manhattan Project for Covid-19

Faux news has cut ties with Diamond & Silk

McConnell Demands Liability Protections for Business

Trump Comes Unglued And Accuses Fox Of Using Democratic Talking Points

an intense view of America from the Irish Times:

LA Gov. John Bel Edwards extends stay-at-home, non-essential business closure to May 15

Trump Melts Down After Getting Busted Not Showing Up For Work

COVID-19 can be spread by building ventilation, argue Canadian researchers working on an HVAC

dr. brix says, we are missing the big picture?

Trump encourages governors to 'seriously consider' reopening schools

I learned to identify poison ivy at a very early age. I seemed to be especially

Gov. Greg Abbott's stay at home order expires Thursday, and many Texas businesses may open Friday

If Neo in the Matrix was a cat

Ok I saw on Twitter that Trump is sidelining Fauci for two weeks.

US Intel Issued warnings re: Covid 19 in more than a dozen classified briefings for potus in Jan&Feb

Fox News Cuts Ties With Diamond & Silk, Unofficial Trump 'Advisers' Who Spread Bonkers Coronavirus

Trump the workaholic

NEWS: Sanders Campaign Statement on New York Primary

Ks Dept of Health & Education/ Gov Kelly

Trump's no news, news briefing is a dud.

Schrodinger's dictator...

Connecting the dots between heart disease, potential for worse COVID-19 outcomes

The orange one is on the radio again

➡️ APR 27 at 7PM ET - Sanders Town Hall: Effect of Coronavirus on Undocumented Immigrants

I'm beginning to think that Trump just might abandon re-election...

Millions of People Face Stimulus Check Delays for a Strange Reason: They Are Poor

Joe's people or Joe himself needs to address

Trump Works His Ass Off

Hackers Find Missing People For Fun

It's a thank you fest. They walk up, thank Trump, say

President 'I don't take responsibility at all' - Reveals Testing Plan

OMG. Daily Show Drops The Big One.

All You Fascists

In normally functioning democracies, they have public health officials updating the public

President's intelligence briefing book repeatedly cited virus threat

'Tonight is officially Venus's brightest evening in years!

What states get in federal support for a dollar in taxes

Watching current Rose Garden "Show".......

GM CEO Barra's pay dipped to $21.6 million in 2019

On worldometer, you can sort each column that they present.

More happy talk today in the Rose Garden. No promised delivery dates.

Barr to investigate "overbearing measures "?

This is what it looks like when a public official actually cares about those who have died:

Jill Biden hosting LGBTQ town hall right now with Va. Delegate Danica Reom RIGHT NOW

Who gets to decide which "news" outlets are allowed at press briefings?

Boeing says it will need to borrow more money on coronavirus fallout

Apricothellbeast said a truth during his presser -"so much unnecessary death

Tweet of the evening:

Trump: "I can't imagine why." Asked if he takes any responsibility, he says, "No, I don't."

President's intelligence briefing book repeatedly cited virus threat

Damn, that Pence is an incredible suckass.

Oh My God...he is going to bring Flynn back into the Administration after Pardoning him...

Weird transition, Trump mentioned the enormous amount of deaths and then paused ,went into something

well I turned on my tv at 4PM MDT

Just got scheduled for my Stimulus Deposit/Payment in a couple days

trump asked about people taking disinfectants at the presser...

Cat Waits Patiently As Grandma Mends His Favorite Toy

Send your letters back to Trump ...

Colorado, Nevada join Western States Pact to fight coronavirus outbreak

Another WTF!"! Trump Moment

What do the 58K Americans dead in the Vietnam War have in common with the 58K dead from COVID-19?

84-Year-Old Lady Is Best Friends With This Pup

Hell Rhule is tearing the Con a new one

Puppy The Size Of A Tic Tac Box Grows Up To Be A Giant Potato

Someone Recently Urged Mr. Biden To Respond To Reade's Lies

Last question at WH event - 6 weeks..more deaths than

Wait for his smile at the end!

Sen. Sanders Town Hall: Coronavirus Crisis Impacting Undocumented Americans (7PM ET)

As Deaths Mount, Officials Test All Veterans at Nursing Home

Michelle Obama Documentary 'Becoming' to Premiere on Netflix

Wyoming one of four states best positioned to begin reopening, analysis finds

Today's White House shitshow in a nutshell

Listening to Trump is like having a recurrent nightmare

Stranded Little Seal Asks People For Help

How the Electoral College Works

If Trump loses, how does the GOP rebuild? I don't think they can run another racist with the

Meet Orion. He was raised by pigeons. You're gonna wanna turn on that volume.

I can't get to show but so funny. Cow in pool. Hopefully link works. Volume up.

Good news, usually done closer to/after election; their polls likely BAD!

We are now "the old couple next door".

Need to laugh? Here you go!


Utility rate hikes expected in face of pandemic, energy downturn

Newsom chides California beachgoers: 'We can't see images like we saw'

Trump vacilates and confuses with his comments on #coronavirus...............

Kevin Kruse: "President Somebody"

FDA pushed through scores of inaccurate antibody tests without agency review

lifeguards back at the beach so went for the half hour swim 1st time in ages...

"It was somebody else who didn't stop all these problems"!

Top Manhattan ER doc commits suicide, shaken by coronavirus onslaught

Does Getting COVID-19 Make You Immune to It? SciShow News

German doctors pose naked in protest at PPE shortages

Southern Illinois judge temporarily blocks Pritzker's stay-at-home order from applying to GOP state

Soon it will be zero

Trump bet on Kim. Now he's disappeared.

"A career as a woman is completely under attack by a global pandemic"

Southern Illinois judge temporarily blocks Gov. J.B. Pritzker's stay-at-home order from applying to

Trump, at coronavirus presser, acknowledges "Sefayyyy Feff Sefahayyy."

Trump explains why he should be re-elected after losing more Americans than the Vietnam war.

Trump: Governors "are thrilled as they can be, considering there has been so much unnecessary death"

Know your political terms: sado-populism

Muqarnas: Islamic honeycomb architecture

Tweet of Tomorrow

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 April 2020

'Reopen NC' organizer tested positive for COVID-19, says quarantine a violation of civil rights

A moment of silence, please: Fox News Cuts Ties With Diamond & Silk, Unofficial Trump 'Advisers'