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4 brothers (Chris, Ben, Aaron, Matthew Dorr) make money by anti-quarantine sh*t stirring

Voter suppression, GOP operative goes to jail

If WHO says there may not be immunity from being infected, doesn't that mean a vaccine won't work?

Posted this before, but not as a stand alone topic........Barack and all the kids that loved him....

Someone had there narcissist feeling hurt.........and now more people are going to die.....

Phunware, a data firm for Trump campaign, got millions in coronavirus small business help

Just to clarify the medical term for injecting disinfectants into the body is called

Some republicans want Trump to ask Obama to help with coronavirus

Oh, the irony!

yesterday was record for new cases in the US (almost 39,000)

Alexandеr Malofeev -- F.Liszt. "La Campanella"

More Heartbreak from COVID-19

Wow! Ebay winning bid of $565 for Lysol wipes.

North Korea released this video to dispel the rumors that Kim Jong Un is dead:

WH weighing plans to replace Azar

Deep Purple - Child In Time - 1970

Vladimir Putin does not approve this clip.

There were another 35,419 new CV cases in the US today

When Can We Get Back to Normal?

West Point Cadets will have to self-isolate, be tested for Trump's photo op.

Bolsonaro Joined Radical Lockdown Protesters Calling for Democracy To Be Abolished In Brazil

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Amid The Pandemic, U.S. Militia Groups Plot 'The Boogaloo'

Pennsylvania told to expect no more PPE from the feds

Trump goes into hiding from the press

Shouldn't we wait for more information before we dismiss injecting bleach into our bodies?

I thought of the same kind of cure as Trump!

Just a few questions

First, we win the Sanate.

San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions.

Dr. Birx says on Fox that media are very slicey/dicey with their headlines

Trump's pandemic propaganda comes straight from Putin playbook

Blue Oyster Cult - Astronomy

I was curious if Nutrisystem was operating normally? That might be an idea for anyone

Listenng to CNN and the tangerine wankmaggot says...

Everett-based USS Kidd reports more coronavirus cases in outbreak at sea

The health of the American people is not a joke

Which will it be? A, B, C, D, E, or F.....most memorable Trump stupid things said..

New Study: Beating Up Asians Does Not Prevent Coronavirus

What will Trump be watching tomorrow?

tRump has now spilled more red ink than first 41 POTUS combined

Nervous Republicans see Trump sinking & taking Senate with him

VIDEO: Anti-lockdown protesters harass nurse, call her 'fake'.

What, no task force briefing today?

Question: for those that got their direct deposit and used the online tool

GOP anti-Trump video ads

Texts from 80810 or 88022 - are from Trump / MAGAt orgs

hand-washing disposable diapers, rushing to potty train, using newspaper as prices jacked up


Hawaii's governor extends stay-at-home order until May 31

One America Joe Biden For President

30 oil tankers sitting off the coast of CA with no where to unload, act as floating storage tanks

GOP memo urges anti-China assault over coronavirus


Trump's refusal to answer questions yesterday and his whining that the "fake news" media

He Finally Did It !!!!!

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Heading into the packing plant

Outcry As Rich, Saint-Tropez Residents 'Given Coronavirus Tests'

VIDEO: Tips on celebrating Ramadan during the pandemic.

White House weighing plan to replace Azar

Townes Van Zandt Pancho and Lefty

IRS recalls thousands of employees to work and asks them to bring their own safety gear

Meet the Arizona nurse who stood up to the thugs

Best version of "The Girl from Ipanema"

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats are to win in 2020

Time to get a Sat eve buzz on and watch some old AbFab reruns

Saturday Night Live" is once again going virtual this weekend after a successful April 11 airing

Do you know anyone with coronavirus?

The Nude Selfie Is Now High Art (COVID)

Excellent New Ad from Biden.. Featuring the "Imbleached" Assface

Drunker than the lords

He finally did it.

Watch out. It's the Coronacop!

First We Take Manhattan

Capitalists & Ben Sasse Use U.S. Patent Office To Monopolize Profit From Public Health In Pandemics

What to expect between now and Jan 21,2021

Today is World Penguin Day

Biden wants a new stimulus 'a hell of a lot bigger' than $2 trillion

Bugs and Daffy

I just found out: Ian Whitcomb has passed, on 4/19/20...

DeSantis Keeps FL Election Planners Guessing On What Rules Will Be Relaxed For Pandemic

FEMA Diverted Masks From Veterans Hospitals, VA Official Says

Another "acceptable casualty" of the Republican policy that puts human life on the same level with

Happy Saturday Night, everybody. No drinking for me tonight.

Trump's abrupt reversal on Georgia's reopening plan highlights growing tensions with Kemp

I've got a secondhand Chromebook, so...

A spoonful of clorox-Randy Rainbow

Holy crap Brad Pitt is Fauci on SNL!

Brad Pitt opens SNL as Dr. Anthony Fauci...

"We have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China. When it gets


It would be such a shame

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2020.

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion

When science loses its voice

With first quarter fundraising surge, Cunningham outraises Tillis for the first time

Meteor Impact Leaves Giant Crater in Africa, Creates Ejecta Blast Zone

SNL At-Home: Dr. Anthony Fauci Cold Open

My internet product Review reads like my Lounge posts - full of context, tortured detail

Wake Forest Baptist rolls out furloughs for employees, temporary pay cuts for management

SNL At-Home: Weekend Update Home Edition

Virtual rallies on social media show support for 'Safer at Home' order

SNL At-Home: Filter Reporter

Federal Police Names Carlos Bolsonaro as Organizer of Fake News Criminal Scheme

Federal Police Names Carlos Bolsonaro as Organizer of Fake News Criminal Scheme

VA and hydroxychloroquine

SNL At-Home: Grocery Store Ad

Trump Organization Seeking Aid From U.K., Ireland For Golf Resorts

Trump is not the only politician promoting absurd cures

US Church Faces Neglect Allegations After Haiti Child Deaths

US Church Faces Neglect Allegations After Haiti Child Deaths

SNL At-Home: OJ Address

The Republicans already know they're going to lose in 2020 and are in the process of stealing

Hotel bedbugs face severe food shortage

Covid-19 pandemic shines a light on a new kind of class divide and its inequalities

Voting by mail protects public health

The Clash: 'Rock the Casbah'

Kentucky's gravy train is now in danger, thanks to Mitch McConnell's heartless greed

Michigan senator apologizes for wearing Confederate flag face mask

SNL At-Home: Message from Gov. Whitmer

'I Just Can't Do This': Harried Parents Are Giving Up on Home schooling

Claire McCaskill lays into welfare state Mitch McConnell

the moment the words left Trump's mouth it was clear some sort of damage limitation was needed

So they're going to QUARANTINE those poor cadets for two weeks before his speech?

Maximum number of US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 the Democrats are likely to win is-

Poll: Dems would not date a Trump voter

Coronavirus in Austin: SXSW sued over no-refund policy after cancellation

Hundreds at Open Texas rally in Frisco call for end to state's stay-at-home orders

Breakfast Sunday 26 April 2020

Protesters rally at El Paso County Courthouse against restrictions to curb spread of COVID-19

Florida allegedly reporting only tests conducted at STATE labe

This guy was a Dick Tracy cartoon villain I think.

11 more Beaumont Chick-Fil-A employees tested positive for COVID-19, bringing total to 15

GOP pollster: 'It's a total shift from where we were a few months ago'

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Pandemic, Uniting Democrats & Republicans, and His Pets Whiskey & Lulu

Man gets 18 months in prison for threatening to kill Trump

Texas voters overwhelmingly approve of business closures, stay-at-home orders despite blow to state'

The worst part is, this poster won't be enough

Kana Chan TV: 【How to make Sushi】It's amazing that can eat Inari Sushi in America! ★WWE☆Raw★ASUKA☆

New Rule: America's Wet Markets Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Donald Trump set to fall back on xenophobia with re-election plan in tatters

Inside Jim Clyburn's agenda for investigating -- and influencing -- coronavirus spending

Trump attack on Biden highlights president's own past dealings with China

I got an email from Bernie's PAC

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Terrible Towel Edition

Viral TikTok Exposes Double Standard in How Protesters Are Treated

High spirits, honking mark Columbia protest over COVID-19 SC business closings

Saw an ad this morning on MSNBC

El Salvador imposes prisons lockdown after 22 murders in a day

SC unemployment fund will 'run out of money' because of coronavirus, official warns

Trump: Saving Lives By Being A Petulant Manchild 👀

Kushner routes TAX PAYER BOUGHT medical supplies to PRIVATE sellers to re-sell to Gov

Organic Heirloom Plants....Michigan...Boycott

Imagine getting one chance to tell the local paper how you met your partner and this happens

Describe your perfect date.

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-24-2020

Patriots draft pick Justin Rohrwasser says he will 'cover up' tattoo image tied to far-right org.

Steve Dalkowski, hard-throwing pitcher and baseball's greatest what-if story, dies at 80 of CV

Seal getting a tan in Greece :p

Holy Shit they are floating Scarf-face's name as the replacement for Azar?

Things to do while on lock down.

Today is Sunday April 26, 2020

My face masks finally arrived

US has the most COVID cases, why just block immigration? Why not make it both ways?

We stand behind the president

Birx says deaths will be 'dramatically decreased' by end of May, criticizes media coverage as 'very

Oooh, look at all of today's birthdays.

BIRX criticizes media coverage as very slicey and dicey "

Trump's death march to November: If they're not his voters, let 'em die

Rightwing protesters in handmaid's costumes are taking gaslighting to a new level

McEnany, Giuliani, Barr, Birx----"same-same". They've all read Velvet Jones' book. nt

Live from New York.....It's Dr. Anthony Fauci...

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to end up with at least 60 seats.

Words to live by 2020

Massive attack on WHO posted at internet site of jimbakker show

How to Save Summer 2020

He's lucky beyond all imagining. But here's the thing about luck: It runs out

Jack Ma: The billionaire trying to stop coronavirus (and fix China's reputation)

Yemen war: Separatists declare autonomous rule in south

Yemen war: Separatists declare autonomous rule in south

13 hours of Trump: The president fills briefings with attacks and boasts, but little empathy

Experts Believe the Coronavirus Could Be Defeated with the Twenty-fifth Amendment

Republican strategy memo advises GOP campaigns to blame China for coronavirus

Closed Hospitals Leave Rural Patients 'Stranded' as Coronavirus Spreads

Train possibly belonging to North Korean leader spotted in resort town - think tank

An analogy for a Sunday morning...

India's Modi urges citizens follow lockdown as coronavirus cases rise

Land O Lakes finally removed the "squaw" from the package...but they took the land too.

Clinical Features of COVID-19 and Factors Associated with Severe Clinical Course: Systematic Review

Republicans treat Trump like he is the crazy uncle in the attic.

Thanks Celebrities!

Mink found to have coronavirus on two Dutch farms: ministry

BTRTN: Operation Gambit....Kemp Offers Georgia as a Test for What Happens When We Ignore Science

BTRTN: Operation Gambit....Kemp Offers Georgia as a Test for What Happens When We Ignore Science

Wings of a Snow White Dove

Plans to restart Canadian economy do not hinge on coronavirus 'immunity' levels, Trudeau says

DC Stages Live Re-Enactment Of Trump Inauguration


South Korea's big churches reopen with designated seats, size limits

WH staff become stay home parents. Donnie no play anymore. 😩

Trump asks "What is The Purpose?" while we wonder "What was Trump's purpose?"

Dr. Scarf coming up on Jake Tapper nc

Oklahoma Asks Trump to Declare Pandemic an Act of God to Shield Oil Companies

Lol... Nancy Pelosi FTW: "Disinfectant in the body - you know what they call that? ..."

"Nothing says 'never surrender' like the Confederate flag" - Stephen Colbert.

Melania Trump's Birthday Gift

'partisanship recedes, experts lead, and quiet coordination matters more than firing up the base.

More "Facts" I learned from Trump humpers

Why People Stick with Trump and Fox News -- Even When Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19 Lies Do Harm?

was that Brad Pitt playing Fauci on SNL?

Wish you were here


*10:00 PM tonight* - set a reminder for yourself

Gov. Cuomo dares McConnell to pass state bankruptcy bill

Better Task Force Briefing questions for Jim Acostas

Trump's "disinfectant message"

We are sorry. All of our representatives are still busy.

My best spin for Birx

Here is Dr. Fauci Cold Open on SLN........LOLOL.....

Close Tornado Tears Through Town - Madill Oklahoma 4-22-20

At this rate there will 100,000 deaths by June????

Close Tornado Tears Through Town - Madill Oklahoma 4-22-20

If the one in the white house were a regular person,,,

Donald Trump, American Idiot

OK, I'm lost. Now Ben Carson AND Jared are Co-Czars on Trump's Coronavirus Task Force?

Trump and the Briefings. Help me out here.

Speaker Pelosi coming up on AM Joy n/t

Biden seems to be relatively quite at this time


Japan to subsidize 100% of salaries at small companies

Right now, the best possible treatment for Covid-19 is the removal of Trump.

Sunday thoughts are religious thoughts

Relocating a bird nest?

If you're gonna get religion, this is the religion to get:

Now that they have taken away Trumps blow hard news conferences, they should also take away this.

The Rude Pundit: Andrew Cuomo Fucks Mitch McConnell's Shit Up

Is now the time to talk about reducing gun violence?

My plum tree has started to blossom

Finally got my notice from the IRS on when I'll get my relief $

Trump's next Secretary of Health and Human Services?

Santee Cooper's top in-house lawyer fired as utility continues to face uncertain future

4 US State Prisons: 3,300 Inmates Test Positive For CV, 96% With No Symptoms: AR, OH, VA, NC

Open Your Eyes!!11!!

These three players hit for the cycle 3 times in their careers.

For the first time in 6 weeks, Spanish children are allowed to venture outside, as the government...

Jared's shadow task force

Did you file your 2019 taxes yet?

America Is Not Set Up For This

2 Papers, 2 Opposing theories of Nicotine and SARS-CoV-2

Ma Rainey was born on this date.

Trump has a new suggestion how to deal with the virus

Duane Eddy has a birthday today.

'Doesn't that bother you?'Jake Tapper grills Dr. Birx for 'generous approach' to Trump's

Midday Music for Millennials -- SundaySunday

A somber anniversary is approaching--

Jake Tapper grills Dr. Birx for 'generous approach' to Trump's bleach injection idea

For those on SSI, the IRS get my payment finally worked for me.

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 26, 2020?

Reagan's, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:

Trump begins the April 24 #TrumpPressBriefing with this doozy: "We are opening our country and it is

CNN's Tapper drops the hammer on the GOP leadership for standing by while Trump becomes increasing d

To Suppress Covid-19, Test Those With No Symptoms (NYT)

Sen Tom Cotton proposes restricting Chinese students from studying science & tech at US universitie

For the record, I have not sent any fan mail

Questions Arise After Melania Trump's Unemployed Sister Ines Knauss Receives Citizenship

Due to tRump's vanity, USA will not participate in WHO global conference

Insurers feel the heat as chefs, Trump join calls for payouts

"Trump" chuckle

What ever happened to Trump's authority over nukes?

When oil became waste: a week of turmoil for crude, and more pain to come

Rofl. John Brennen to Trump

Susan Sarandon has tweeted a link is support of the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

50 years ago, the greatest race horse in history was born.

"When Trump became President little did he know . . ."

Case Study: Patient with COVID-19 and Multiple Myeloma successfully treated with Tocilizumab

I put my direct deposit info into the IRS site a couple of days ago

Did you know sea otters hold paws while they nap, so they don't drift apart?

Short video that shows Class (Obama) over Ass (trump)

Was Just Watching Nancy On State Of The Union They Cut Away In Mid Sentence To Go To Cuomo

Found him and killed him on this date in 1865


Fwd: You raised $705.00 on April 25, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Fwd: You raised $705.00 on April 25, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

On this date in 1937 the bombing that inspired the painting happened.

For What's Happening Right NOW

New Patriots kicker says he'll cover tattoo related to right-wing militia group

Chow Chow Puppies Fight for Spotlight

You Are Not Alone If You Don't Care About Work During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Is Nina Turner running for president?

Odd thing to be jealous about

Meet Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un's Sister--And Possible Successor In North Korea

May I be blunt?

Renegade Cut: Misinformation for Fun & Profit

Happy Birthday Melanie (sic) is trending on twitter

The same people who voted for him because he says what he means

Brahms Double Concerto

From a Michigander, gotta love SNL

Soundtrack for 2020

"He says what he means"

Biden must dump Summers as advisor or risk splitting the party and losing credibility

Mitch Just Stepped On A Landmine Factory And Blew His Whole Party Up

Why the DeVos family's backing of the Michigan protests is no surprise

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/26/20

From "Starless", the album. A beautiful mix of the Prague Philharmonic and Gaelic

republican attacks on biden: wtf???

SC green-lights unemployment pay for jobless contractors, gig workers, self-employed

New York City needs $7.4 billion in federal aid amid coronavirus: mayor

DC-area hospitals have requested refrigerated trucks

Andrea Mitchel lashes out at Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump's appeasing doctor

Seattle's Leaders Let Scientists Take the Lead. New York's Did Not

Don the Criminally Negligent Con

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will win 20 US Senate Elections in 2020.

When SNL's impersonation has you holding a LaBatt Blue, you need to set the record straight.

WAPO OPED: The cost of Trump's deadly state of denial: BOOM!!!

Huge Texas rattlesnake and badger fight to the death. Aftermath is caught on video

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 26, 2020?



We Stand Behind the President

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 26 2020

Mitch McConnell isn't a 'stable genius,' either (Ouch!)

All Biden has to do is sit back and continue to be his own sweet, smart, caring self.

Lysol-gate, per Jake Tapper.

We are 'guinea pigs' of Kemp's 'experiment' to reopen GA amid COVID-19, Bibb sheriff says

Jane Mayer On How Mitch McConnell Became Trump's 'Enabler-In-Chief'

NOTE:Donny Disinfectant and Don Drano gets responses when describing Trump. Make it stick!!

The Pentagon will have to live with limits on F-35's supersonic flights

I Don't Know If This Has Been Posted Here...

Can you believe the idiot is still a presidential contender?

Beautiful, uplifting, heartwarming. And truly global. All in this together.

The Theodore Roosevelt episode was no isolated incident, but a portent of worse to come.

Q for Dr Birx. What information exactly was Trump "thinking out loud" about that

More people will vote for Biden and more people will vote for Democrats

Trump is keeping the spotlight on his stupid comments about sunlight and disinfectants by

Laura Bassett would like her puppy, please...

Some signs

*LAUGH OF THE DAY* Life of Brian - Trump virus - Obama gif

Out of 13 hours of Trump Covid-19 briefings, just 4.5 Minutes of empathy for victims: analysis

We Won't Lift the Quarantine on Kemp

The COVID boat song

Does "state going bankrupt" equal "federal takeover of state"?

Frau Birx exhibited displeasure that media was still talking about disinfectant.

Ron DeSantis calls Florida 'God's waiting room' for dying seniors at coronavirus press conference

And now word from Gov. Desantis on Florida being a waiting room for seniors............

Maryland governor says Trump's "mixed messages" on disinfectants led to confusion in his state.

My brother lives in Myrtle Beach, S.C. (he's a Trump supporter)

Dr. Anthony Fauci gets the Brad Pitt Treatment!

Serious question. If we reclaim the Senate and the Presidency what are the chances that

Covid question, couldn't find answer to. How soon can you

Question about property lookups. RE Public Records.

Found where the toads overwinter

Dog Stuck In Shelter 1,000 Days Is So Excited To Be Home

Michael Cohen's getting out early and has a book !!

Republican State Senator Dons Confederate Flag Mask, Then Things Get Weirder

People who say they stand behind Trump, stand behind this.

Chubby Husky Throws A Tantrum When He Hears It's Time For A Walk

Now that this is (almost) over

Dr. Birx, Trumps own Josef Mengele,

Trump's disastrous response to the COVID-19 crisis is encouraging white nationalists: report

Cartoons 4/26/2020

So I'm in my bathroom, playing the long game...

Donald J. Trump Is Ignorant About Medicine and Science to a Degree

Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking In Places Where Trump Supporters Protested Stay-At-Home Orders

A question for those more knowledgable

Edmonds may fund $1,000 cash payments for coronavirus relief

And now word from a "doctor" trying to have it both ways..................from Louisiana..........

Infectious Disease Expert: FDA Has 'All But Given Up' Oversight On Antibody Testing

The Twit tweets: I work from early in the morning until late at night, haven't left the White House

Question about posting

For the first time EVER:

An open-pit mine that wasn't: Ridge near Glacier Peak spared

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #5 "Emperor"

Hello! Dear valued citizen, How are you doing today? I know that you will be surprise why I have

More Tulips drawing for Spring

Around Snohomish County, food banks face double the need

GOP lawmaker cut off by CNN's John King with a brutal fact-check after claiming no one took Trump's

Stores want shoppers to wear masks. But some customers refuse

Meghan McCain's Husband Broke The Law By Threatening Employees

The power of a tornado.

Barns full of 300 cars including rare Ferraris, Corvettes, and Porsches were hidden for 30 years. No

IRS recalls thousands of employees to work and asks them to bring their own safety gear

I'm a postal worker. In the coronavirus pandemic, I am my customers' link to the world.

Trump's disastrous response to the COVID-19 crisis is encouraging white nationalists: report

A bobcat (Lynx rufus) jumps over a river with a single leap.

U.S. Unemployment Rate Could Rival Great Depression's: Trump Adviser

Penguins waddling in line

The view from the Tenderloin

Trump administration and Mitch McConnell hit with lawsuit over claims they denied stimulus checks to

Sea Otter squishing his tiny face!

CNN South Korea says North Korea's Kim Jong Un is 'alive and well' despite mounting speculation

FEMA Reportedly Took The 5 Million Masks Ordered For Veterans To Send To Stockpile

Anybody vs Trump


2 million chickens will be killed because of lack of employees at processing plants

Utah Was Really Into Trump's Miracle Cure. Now It Wants Its Money Back.

1. He misspells Nobel 4 times in 3 rage tweets. 2. It's Pulitzer. 🤦🏼‍♀️

First known US coronavirus death caused by massive cardiac event

CDC adds new COVID-19 symptoms to list

Trump, "I am the hardest working President in history."

Trump Is Claiming Coloradans Are Showering Him With Thank You Notes for Ventilators

2020 US Senate and Presidential Election Prediction- 50-50 US Senate and Democratic Vice President.

I believe this is from Milhaud. Outside in glorious sun, catching Vitamin D rays, tad difficult to

May the Cleese be with you

Washington state health care options during coronavirus pandemic

Thousands visit beaches as Southern California experiences heat wave amid coronavirus outbreak

Bellingham small-business owners struggle to find financing during coronavirus changes

Casa Chirilagua Gives Meals to More Than 1,000 Families, Needs Face Masks

2 takeaways RE Memphis alt hospital site, considering gov's reopening

DOJ plans to appeal ruling over secret Mueller grand jury details to Supreme Court

Meet Palantir: A Surveillance Company Founded By Trump Crony Thiel To Track COVID-19

Coronavirus for Kids

"Today was a Difficult Day," said Pooh

One in 3 death certificates were wrong before coronavirus. It's about to get even worse.

Coronavirus for Kids

Why can't we implement responsible solar?

New Michael Moore film is utterly bogus claptrap on solar, wind energy

Louisiana pastor again holds church services, defying house arrest orders

Maryland governor: Trump's "mixed messages" led to confusion

New York clinical trial quietly tests heartburn remedy against coronavirus

'Outrageous,' 'irresponsible': Governors slam McConnell over bankruptcy comments

There are (at least) 55,000 DEAD AMERICANS and our "president" tweets about the media being mean

Awaiting Resurrection

McConnell, Democrats feud over state aid amid coronavirus

Every time I turn on the TV Frau Birx is covering for Trump

New England Patriots drafted a white nationalist...

Trump demands that journalists return their Nobel-prizes they won for their reporting on Russia.

Alvin Lee - The Bluest Blues

Andrea Mitchell lashes out at Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump's appeasing doctor

Oklahoma Gov. defends reopening beyond Trump recommendations

Dr. Birx said that "He Likes To Talk Through Out Loud"

Pompeo warns Iran's space program is 'dangerous'

Tomorrow they will be testing us for COVID-19.

Nancy Pelosi: "Disinfectant in the body. You know what they call that? They call that embalming ...

Trump expands battle with World Health Organization far beyond aid suspension

Stimulus: I'm curious


Trump's emoluments: Just a fancy name for corruption

The contrast between Cuomo and Trump is unnerving. Cuomo is brilliant.

Trump is an EXTREMIST

Thousands of candidates reinventing politics on the fly for the age of pandemic

For Coronavirus update:

A glimmer of good news from Michigan only 41 new deaths.

Schiff Reacts To Trump's White House Briefings: 'Everything Is About Him'

Social Distancing Will Stay Through Summer

38,509 - Number of new U.S. coronavirus (COVID-19) cases - April 26, 2020

With rallies banned, Joe Biden welcomes voters to another kind of show

Okay in the Bat Shit more lunacy.......of only worrying about himself................

Biden's invisible campaign is winning

Trump Seethes About Michael Cohen's Early Release and New Tell-All

Trump Turns Shared Experiences Into Us vs. Them

"But how do you talk without a brain?"

Rick Scott says Americans would rather collect unemployment than go to work

Even if, in his own mind, he was being sarcastic, a briefing for a major global crisis is NOT an

Democrats see Senate suddenly within reach, boosted by Biden's ascent

It was "Obamma's" fault (two "mms" to get it to add up right:

Politico headline:"Trump skips briefing over fears of overexposure." Proof Trump knows nothing.

What an utter buffoon!

Trump, Putin Statement Stirs Concern Among Some

Party on, unemployed Arizonans. Sen. Sylvia Allen says you're being paid too much

Despite shutdown of Pa., most voters support Gov. Tom Wolf's handling of coronavirus crisis

And in California............what coronavirus................

Tweet of the Day

The Left VS The Right

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 26, 2020

And is Food Crisis Looming?

Points for clarity

You Are My Flower

50,000 Detroit public school students to receive free tablets, internet as COVID-19 closes schools

We May Have Hit The Annual Maximum CO2 Observatory at Mauna Loa Unusually Early This Year.

WHO Deletes Misleading Tweet That Spread Paranoia About COVID-19 Reinfection

Heart - Battle of Evermore

Bonus Tweet of the Day

More by Milhaud:

55,070 dead so far...buI like this stuff I really get it - people are surprised that I understand it

Help with a bit of research?

Off-duty cop shoots teenager in head when startled by light. Sheriffs treat cop as victim.No arrest.

SNL's Cecily Strong roasts Trump as Gretchen Whitmer: 'That woman' is 'what Trump calls his wife'

Humm... A reason to get Mike Myers to run away from you.

How the hell did Jr get away with posting this to Hilary?

Grudge alert. Trump is bringing up the 2016 debates and Paul Ryan.

Trump tweet "Thank you President Trump" LOL

People receiving stimulus checks get letter signed by President Donald Trump

Preppers six months ago and now

Is Trump intellectually disabled?

Partial plan for undoing Trump's Corruption

BROKEN: Jarvanka Enterprises Introduces Branded Body Bags

The Federalist: Why Conservative Women are So Pretty

CNN Anchor Stops Lying GOP Senator In His Tracks

Nobel Noblel Pulitzer

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 28: New York in the '70s

jeff tiedrich tweet -- wishing melania a happy birthday

The Neighborhood Resisting Israel's Coronavirus Restrictions

Some Medieval Towns Handled Plagues Better Than Trump's Unequal, Rundown America

Adam Schiff: And then he sinks lower

It's okay for Disinfectant Don, but not the rest of us.

I'm so glad Rudy isn't MY lawyer...🤦🏼‍♀️

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Curbside pickup

HERE'S WHY Trump Pushed Consuming Disinfectants To Treat CORONAVIRUS

The media should be clamoring for the pressers, just without Trump. He was just in the way

Where is my mind?

White House to shift to economic message on coronavirus

Made potato & leek soup using instant potatoes

I saw a group of people tailgating in the mall parking lot

Watermelon In Easter Hay

So, this what's happened to Kim Jong Un!

Mont St. Michel, France.

Amy for VP, Kamala for AG

Trump contrasted with Obama

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020 to end up with 51 seats.

just thinking about birds ......

Brian Tyler Cohen: Anderson Cooper breaks down on air in heartwrenching segment with COVID widow

Hey, teachers, cops, etc. -- Mitch McConnell wants your job, pension. Will he kill the GOP instead?

Trumps tweet just now

Just saw a video on the news about a kid leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Decree to restart Colombia's economy surprisingly prioritizes gambling

Anybody seen the Lysol JUUL meme

Mike Pence. Dan Quayle. Are we sure Stacey Abrams isn't up to the job?

Rudy Giuliani's latest COVID-19 conspiracy theory is that Obama paid a Wuhan virus lab in 2017

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