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Trump Supporters Explained

Republican lawmakers sue to stop governors from protecting the public

Should Congress continue to receive a pension and free healthcare?

Excellent lyrics!

Reminds me of a Purge movie...

Social Security and Medicare Funds At Risk Even Before Coronavirus

Ohio man who disparaged lockdown measures

Coming to a funeral home near you-- the Dan Patrick show!! Sorry Granny and Pawpaw

So Trump is wrong even when he is right!

Is Trump Above the Law? The Supreme Court Is About to Not Decide

Trump Organization, Written Out of U.S. Bailout, Taps Europe Aid

McConnell Says He Favors Letting States Declare Bankruptcy

Stuntmen on quarantine....

Ok, I have fallen in love with Jimmy Fallon's show with him at home.....

Rick Bright: Federal official ousted after clash has long history of working on vaccine preparedness

Donald Trump's Little Prayer ...

Coronavirus crisis could double number of people suffering acute hunger - UN Report from UN World F

Anderson Cooper's response to Las Vegas mayor...

Shout Out to pathologist and the Technologiest

Bumpity bump goes Brian Kemp under Trump's bus.

I got swabbed for the corona virus this afternoon

Biden Leads Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania: Campaign Update (error in article corrected)

10 minutes after claiming he'd never heard of Dr. Bright, Trump mocks reporter praising the doctor

However thoroughly you wash your hands...

I had an "Aha!" Experience at dinner...

Ted Lieu: I guarantee you Trump's statements about Kemp will be part of any employee lawsuit

US Senate Elections Democrats will win in 2020 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Please tell me you guys have seen birds

Both my son and daughter won't be getting highly needed relief checks

Happy B.Day! Peter Frampton 'Baby, I Love Your Way': Oakland, CA Coliseum 7/2/77

Stop telling me that "we will get through this together"

trump lies outright during every briefing.

Trending on Twitter: #SignsYoureACOVIDIOT

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

I think we are need a new model.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Earth Day!

Psychiatrist: Trump Supporters think like 5 year olds

Official ousted in hydroxychloroquine battle

Margaret Glaspy - Killing What Keeps Us Alive

My gawd. We'll likely be at 50,000 dead from Covid-19 tomorrow

Jesus. 47,663 deaths per worldometers.

'It's just gut-wrenching, right?' -- This doctor described watching her 4-year-old battle COVID-19

On the Beach, Full Movie 1:51:46

Fox News Poll: Biden Leads in Michigan 49% to 41%

Before US can end coronavirus lockdown, here's what needs to happen

Biden scores endorsements from Al Gore and Jay Inslee on Earth Day

Cuomo outlines plan for 'tracing army' to tame outbreak

Trump says he 'strongly' disagreed with move to reopen Georgia -- contradicting source who said he a

Chief Inspector Murphy says relax and socially distance from reality

Lockdown Protestors and Zombies graphic.

'My heart hurts': Cristina Cuomo reveals 14-year-old son Mario has COVID-19

Lawsuit Alleges Unsanitary Conditions and COVID-19 Spread in Prince George's Jail

Crime after Crime

Zoom Bombing - Conan Style

Marianne Faithfull Released From Hospital After Three-Week Coronavirus Stay

Biden makes end run around Trump as the president dominates the national stage

More Dr. Fauci

Does anyone know

Coronavirus: Issaquah Proposes Cuts With $10M In Lost Revenue

Alcoa to close Intalco Works smelter near Ferndale, lays off around 700 employees

Ammon Bundy Leads Protest At Home Of Idaho Cop Who Arrested Anti-Vaxxer

'We're getting flat out hammered right now.' UPS employees on working during the pandemic

Warren endorses 20 Democratic women for down-ballot races

NeverTrumper Lincoln Project is up with first TV ad endorsing Joe Biden

The Food Chain's Weakest Link: Slaughterhouses

I love that Rachel Maddow is covering the virus in rural areas.

Peter Frampton Comes Alive: SHOW ME THE WAY

The little Honda Tiller

Tweet of the night:

Maryland lawmakers will not hold special session in May

Ivanka Trump slams Biden for saying only Fauci should speak about coronavirus

My latest FB post. "Damn. Did you ever think you'd be jealous of North Korea?" That should yank some

More cartoons for 4/22/2020

I just have to say this.....

Politicizing the post office

Episode of "Mrs. America" called "Gloria" is up at 10PM FX

Holy Shit: Chyron of the Day

Trump threatened to fire CDC's chief of respiratory diseases in February

Lawsuit filed over coronavirus outbreak at Arkansas prison.

Biden Campaign Says It Has Refunded Donation From Louis C.K.

Jonathan Pie Lockdown episode #5

Democrats need to win 5 Republican held US Senate seats to get back in the majority in 2020.

Video: John Oliver speaking truth...

Kitsap Transit receives $13 million in federal relief funding

Jussie Smollett's lawsuit alleging malicious prosecution is tossed by federal judge

Washington state reporting 12,494 COVID-19 cases, 692 deaths

* Cong. Jan Schakowsky on rachel now.

Looking for a Silver Lining - Day One - Haircut

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says he won't be guided by 'irrational forces' that gamble with health

Trump, Biden Deadlocked in 6 Key States, CNBC/Change Research Poll Finds

Coronavirus in Wisconsin Tracking coronavirus in Updated daily..........

House Oversight chair demands administration not grant relief to Trump Organization

Vets to Receive Stimulus $

'We are not the Puget Sound': Spokane Co. leaders advocate for regional reopening

OK, I have to get this straight in my head. Didn't Trump say he ordered millions of the malaria

From now on, Pelosi is playing hardball

Gore says backing Biden isn't 'rocket science'

Firefighters say coronavirus will obstruct emergency service, evacuations as wildfire season closes

Here are 15 signs you may be a 'covidiot'

George Harrison's 1963 vacation in a small Illinois town right before he became world famous.

Beto O'Rourke tweets out profanity-laden takedown of Trump's virus mismanagement

Rushing likely deadly error

How yall doing here in Oregon?

Chuck Grassley warns Trump against sidelining watchdogs

Instructs Navy to destroy Iranian gunboats

Ian Lind shared some amazing photos from Honolulu in the 20's.

If you are undera clear sky and the sun has just set, go our and find Venus

House leaders enact new safety precautions for votes

'My heart hurts': Cristina Cuomo reveals 14-year-old son Mario has COVID-19

McDonald's To Give Free Meals To Front-Line Workers In DC

Come tell me to my face that "fear is worse than the virus!"

Do you think you might have had COVID-19 before we knew it was in the country?

Meet A Cat Who Goes Exploring On The Back Of His Best Friend

Mike Huckabee is willing to die for his kids' 401K

Please stay out of Coeur d'Alene, ID, on Sunday afternoon

Texas clinics resume abortion services as state acknowledges ban is no longer in place

Lawrence Wright's new book about "an upcoming pandemic"

Study out of New York may change everything we thought we knew about fevers and coronavirus

Trump and Fox News Are Suddenly Silent on Their "Miracle" Drug Hydroxychloroquine

Lawmakers Wear Masks as Coronavirus Upends Virginia Session

PPP Loan Terms Amount to Legalized Fraud/On Lawrence O'Donnell

I just saw the first Batman of spring

Two more Coronavirus parodies - Simon and Garfunkel this time

First the Watch.Then the Warning. Finally the siren.

Inova Health to Lay Off More Than 400 Employees

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Kim Jong-un's Heart, Kenya's Hennessy Fix & Germany's Blood Tests

Songs of the Times: We're reopening Georgia!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Because this is where the Dead and Stones learned the blues...

I think Trump told the Governor of Georgia to open things up

Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave

Is a Proposed Lithium Mine in Nevada the Future of Renewable Energy?

Sesame Street teams up with CNN to host kid-friendly town hall on the coronavirus pandemic

Does "crossing the Rubicon" and "jumping the shark" mean the same thing?

The Liar Tweets Tonight - a song parody. Hilarious.

Still reading about Churchill

Trump-friendly company under investigation gets $8 million no-bid contract to build 800 feet of wall

COVID-19 surges through Brenham nursing home

Always an interesting clip

Looking at Worldometer, resolved U.S. cases are at about 132,000...

Would anyone better at statistics than I care to help me debunk this article?

If you want to vote in 11/2020 - stay inside.nt

Rep. Marcia Fudge: Coronavirus aid bill "does not help everyday people"

Who's Organizing the Lockdown Protests?

Some nights only Sufjan will do.

Melbourne, Au. - four police officers die in crash

If I had to pick a favorite, though...

Social Security and Medicare Funds At Risk Even Before Coronavirus

If I were privileged enough to be part of the WH press pool, here is the question I would pose:

Election 2020 Think 1932

The Daily Social Distancing Show: California Animals Join Zoom Calls

Under pressure, Harvard says it will reject US relief aid

The last days of Cirque du Soleil: How COVID-19 brought down an entertainment empire

Florida Aquarium's latest discovery may help save the continental United States' only coral barrier

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Don Trump The Science-ish Guy Explains Hydroxychloroquine

And now Mr. and Mrs. 45 will fail at shoveling dirt into a hole.

Trump says he disagrees with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to reopen during coronavirus outbrea

Trump and Company used Vets as guinea pigs. Reminds me of: Tuskegee syphilis experiment

Anderson Cooper presses Las Vegas mayor over wish to reopen *Warning this is weird as hell*

GOP Rep. Pete King Shreds 'Marie Antionette' Mitch McConnell's Bankruptcy Plan

We can't let Trump roll back 50 years of environmental progress

Majority Of Florida Voters Against Relaxing Social Distancing Rules: Poll

MSNBC Host scolds Las Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman, for survival of fittest policy

I just want to express my appreciation for our democratic governors and mayors

Daily figures on SF coronavirus cases: confirmed cases up 0.2 percent and deaths at 21

I just can't even.....

KIMMEL featured the nutty mayor of Las Vegas. Full CNN video here. She's glam SHITLER.

COVID-19 Patients Given Unproven Drug In Texas Nursing Home In 'Disconcerting' Move

The First Earth Day Was 50 Years Ago, But These Photos Feel Timeless

This song is still magic

Up to 850 San Angelo ISD students have fallen through the cracks in online education

Abbott Picks Corrupt Influence Peddler as Chief Operating Officer

Idiot on Facebook actually believes this bullshit

Earth Day 1970 was more than a protest. It built a movement.

Of course McConnell does!

Michael Moore Reacts To Coronavirus Protests Backed By Trump Allies

*The American President on SHOWtime now.

Wait, what did he just say?

Many shuttered Oklahoma businesses can reopen May 1, Gov. Kevin Stitt says


NYC EMT Idris Bey dies of coronavirus, becoming 8th FDNY member killed by pandemic

Some free resources on meditation site

Banks Gave Richest Clients 'Concierge Treatment' for Pandemic Aid

Coronavirus lockdowns pit Republican governors against Democratic mayors

Texas will not release info about coronavirus clusters at state homes for Texans with disabilities

Tabakova: 'Pastorale'/Pejacevic: 'Cello Sonata in E minor'/'Sunrise of the Planetary Dream

Under Trump, coronavirus scientists can speak -- as long as they mostly toe the line

dump (twists what was really said): "NOT EVERYBOBY BELIEVES AS STRONGLY ON TESTING."

Trump doesn't particularly want Americans to be tested for the coronavirus.

This is the result of Republican leadership.

If Trump is 'running the country like he runs his businesses' then....

The Liar Tweets Tonight

Federal appeals court stops earlier order, says Texas doesn't have to give inmates hand sanitizer or

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump & Vegas Mayor Compete for Who's Crazier

Chris Hayes On Trump Admin. Forcing Out Top Vaccine Doctor Amid Pandemic All In MSNBC MSNBC MSN

Heather Cox Richardson - April 22, 2020 - Letters From An American

Justin Trudeau. The hair flip that broke the internet.

Drug rehab 'skirted compliance with the labor laws' for financial gain, judge rules

From now on, Pelosi is playing hardball

As US govs. rush to reopen businesses, "Excess death" counts begin to reveal true toll of pandemic

Kana Chan TV: 'll show you how to make a logo from the draft★WWE☆ASUKA★

Tooning Out The News: The grim reaper endorses Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/22/20

Vote Him Away! The Liar Tweets Tonight!

Dire Straits - So Far Away

Whitmer expands unemployment benefits eligibility

Elon Musk's SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida

Stephen Colbert: Chef Jose Andres Cooks with Stephen

Japanese actress dies of COVID-19 related complications.

COVID-19 appears to be causing strokes in younger adults, doctors say

Why is COVID-19's global mortality rate RISING???

NYT : Poland and Hungary Use Coronavirus to Punish Opposition

Revealed: Nearly 100 US transit workers have died of Covid-19 amid lack of basic protections

U.S. death toll tops 47,000

Amidst North Dakota's fracking boom, people keep disappearing

Sen. Byrd playing bluegrass fiddle at Carter White House event, 1980

Sen. Kamala Harris on the Inherent Inequalities of the COVID-19 Pandemic

North Korean Capital Sees 'Panic Buying' of Food, NK News Says

Luxury Hotel Executive Biggest Winner of U.S. Small-Business Relief

HEY SIRI...whats good? 50 Best Tips Tricks & Hidden Commands for Siri

ReOpen NC death cult protesters heckle a nurse about her weight.

(Jewish Group) 'Palestine' in Arabic spray-painted on UMass Hillel on Holocaust Remembrance Day

(Jewish Group) Berlin Holocaust remembrance event hacked with anti-Semitic messages and images

(Jewish Group) Statement on Comparisons of COVID-19 regulations to Hitler and Nazis

Fox News Executive Tries To Rein In Stars As They Cheer On Anti-Lockdown Rallies

"What did you do in the Great Plague, Daddy?"

They are really pissed that compassion is required

Drumpf screwed Kemp as payback for choosing Loeffler over someone he

Naval Academy to virtually commission midshipmen after Commissioning Week canceled due to coronaviru

A vast majority of Americans support restrictions that limit the spread of Covid-19

Trump DC hotel reportedly seeking government relief amid lost revenue from coronavirus pandemic

At least 5 dead as storms hit Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

Under Trump, coronavirus scientists can speak -- as long as they mostly toe the line

From the greatest Generation to a generation of degenerates

Drunk in a club after Covid

Top technology official out at Fairfax Schools, as fallout continues from online learning disaster

At what point does the charge of

Another stimulus question: Anyone make installment payments to IRS?

Elizabeth Warren Demands Investigations Into Trump's Shambolic Coronavirus Response

Veterans, just for fun

Former Labradoodle breeder tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Where does the money come from to give to everyone?

Is it too early

Ally Bank is wiping out customers' negative balances so they can receive their full stimulus payment

Kushner-backed program chartering flights to address hospital shortages raises questions in Congress


Thursday TOONs - I Can Name That Tune In One Note

Trump campaign hits local TV station with cease-and-desist over coronavirus ad

Banks Gave Richest Clients 'Concierge Treatment' for Pandemic Aid

Remarks by Trump and Pence at Tree Planting Ceremony in Recognition of Earth Day

Stephanie@StephanieKelton: Moments after ranting about "rich people" wanting to put workers at risk

Missouri sues China in federal court, alleging responsibility for COVID-19 pandemic

Mail voting expected to 'explode' in Florida as coronavirus reshapes 2020 elections

10% Of Poland's Largest National Park - A Wetland - Burns On Earth Day

Republicans I think are trying to avoid new stimulus

UN warns of 'biblical' famine due to Covid-19 pandemic

Pacific Ocean Marine Heat Waves' Impact On Key Fisheries Will Double In Next 30 Years

Gov. Lee plans to order 5 million masks for Tennessee

Mortgage broker who allegedly left scene of horror crash posted Porsche videos online

Study: Methane Emissions From Permian Basin In NM/TX More Than 2x Federal Estimates

Floridians want DeSantis' stay-at-home order to continue until experts say it's safe

April 22 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jim Langevin (D) RI-2nd

Brooke Baldwin: How fighting coronavirus taught me about the gift of connection

What if the true power behind Trump is.....Trump?

Donna Shalala failed to disclose stock sales in 2019 in violation of federal law

Here's Why You Should Pick Elizabeth Warren as Your Running Mate

50 Years Since First Earth Day; Average Temperature Rise Over Continental US 2.4F

Third Anti-Quarantine Protest Planned In Lansing, This One At Gov's House

R.I.P. to Steve Cash, the creator of "Talking Kitty Cat."

Breakfast Thursday 22 April 2020

LOL "about time we take Uncle Lou and this bunch on ride to a farm upstate where they can run & run"

Oh look, trump being shitty to another female journalist.

In New York's largest hospital system, 88% of coronavirus patients on ventilators didn't make it

Same shit different decade

Another Way COVID Kills: Hypercoagulable Blood ( Clots)

Gosh, guys

Wherein a Lou Dobbs guest worries North Korea might fall into the hands of a dictatorship...

By this Saturday America will have 1,000,000 cases of C-19 and 50,000 dead from C-19

4.4 million Americans sought jobless benefits last week, as economic pain continued

Foreign tourists are discovered hiding in a cave in India after running out of money during coronavi

The first ever YouTube video was uploaded 15 years ago today. Here it is

The Rundown: April 22, 2020

It just sunk in that I may be all alone for months.

Art of the Week: Week of 4/22/20

Hospice Foundation of America Grief Articles

Up to half of Europe's covid-19 fatalities were residents of long-term care facilities, WHO says

One of the leaders of the Michigan protests is a convicted felon (election fraud) ex-Trump staffer

I got an idea-- instead of sending the usual White House press corps to cover Trump's fartstream..

How Pepsi and Coke make millions bottling tap water, as residents face shutoffs

Isn't it ironic that Dr. Bright was fired

@FoxNews Stars Trumpeted #Trumps hydroxychloroquine Malaria Drug, Until They Didn't

'At times Trump seems to be collaborating with the virus'

Footage from Trumps lastest presser, sound quality is not great, but it is HOT ...

As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner. These before-and-after images show the change.

A couple reflective thoughts this morning...

I wanted to write something important for my 50,000 DU post and zoomed right by the milestone

The Orange Julius Caesar "juices" up another market...

Chump's handling of the rona is down to 41/54

The maw of disapproval is reopening - check the graph

Google says all advertisers must prove identities moving forward

Great anti-trump ad from Lincoln Project-Make China Great

DeWine: 'The buck stops with me'

@GOP State legislators in #Virginia and #Wisconsin sue to stop governors from protecting PUBLIC

Good Morning everyone - Can't we all agree that Burton Cummings can REALLY write songs?

Kentucky lawyer arrested for allegedly threatening governor over lockdown

If this is worse than the Great Depression...?

This may be the most important post I have ever written.

Is anyone still getting Status cannot be determined

Chris Hale doesn't seem like he'd be much fun at a party

How is Trump's greatest economy ever doing?

Self discipline during Covid 19 isolation.

Smile awhile with these pets. Take a chaos break

Daughter, 5, of Detroit first responders dies after coronavirus diagnosis

I just got off the phone with my Repuke Congresscritter's office.

Child Neglect

'Sadness' and Disbelief From a World Missing American Leadership


Op-Ed: GA Governor's decision to reopen businesses is political murder

Trump's "embers of coronavirus" nonsense.

Trump probably wants the postal system to fail so people can't vote by mail

Cross post from Florida. I was on the phone with my Repuke Congresscritter's office.

Remember all the fuss about Muslim women wearing face coverings like burkas & niqabs?

Do you remember Genesis: Jesus He Knows Me

Regarding our curve pushing upward.

Texas's Lieutenant Governor Says Dying Not as Bad as Living in State Where He Is Lieutenant Governor

My husband has been panic buying booze...

Grim Reaper McTurtle

RCP Average for April to date: Biden +5.9


"I did not sign up for the military. I signed up for Walmart."

Whacked Republican: There Are More Important Things Than Living

DASHBOARD VIDEO MANAGER Videos Playlists Copyright Notices Submit Retraction LIVE STREAMING COMMUNI

In Minnesota, Liquor stores are open, but tobacco stores are shut down. Both

Let this sink in

This Iowa family is behind the 'Reopen' protests popping up across the country

Researchers reviewed thousands of gun policy studies and teased out a consensus

All the (number of) jobs created since September 2010 wiped out in a month

You know just because Trump says it's ok to

So say some politician is endorsed by the Religious Right

Sweden resisted a lockdown, and its capital Stockholm is expected to reach 'herd immunity' in weeks

Georgia Governor's Mansion is NOT resuming tours

I've almost worked out the bugs on a prototype for a new type of mask.

The Anti-mask League - Spanish flu 1918

World Bank forecasts first global poverty increase since 1998

Seniors dying everywhere LIHOP. This is a stain that will haunt us forever.

NYC Might Have Had Almost 11,000 COVID-19 Infections Before 'First' Case: Report

Congress Convenes Amid Coronavirus Crisis

GOP governors may be reopening just to invalidate unemployment claims.

Why does Mass have about 5000 more confirmed cases than California?

Don Reed Herring, oldest bother of Sen Elizabeth Warren, dies of COVID-19

BREAKING NEWS: Senator Elizabeth Warren's brother has died of coronavirus.

The first question for the criminally negligent Shithound for today's shitshow should be

So--- What season is it?

2020 US Presidential & Senate Election Prediction- 50-50 US Senate & Biden-D wins the US Presidency.

A "Socioeconomic Disease"

Chuck Todd slams Tyson for their negligence & endangering workers

Mini cheesecake two ways recipe

Paul Lidicul does it again in a new video, this one is a little bit morbid though:

On Morning Joe today

MMM -- TVMovieThursday

Warren said "I will miss my brother" No family to hold his hand or to say "I love you" one more time

After Wisconsin, these four states' Supreme Court elections are key for stopping GOP gerrymandering

In House chamber this morning Nancy Pelosi wears mask, but some GOP reps do not

People Are Finally Starting to See the Real Ellen DeGeneres and It Isn't Pretty

Raining, self isolating... today's tasks so far


Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-22-2020

'A disaster': Roche CEO's verdict on some COVID-19 antibody tests

Copeland Covid 19 rap

U.S. Warships Enter Disputed Waters of South China Sea as Tensions With China Escalate

Elizabeth Warren's oldest brother dies of coronavirus in Oklahoma

McConnell's office is distributing a document titled "Stopping Blue State Bailouts."

Classic Republican/right-wing hypcocrisy

Idea to open the country. MAGA Rallies!!

Really struggling today

Interesting video on the restoration of the "Starship Enterprise" model, from the original series

Time warp effect: 4 score and 7 days ago Kobe Bryant died

Homeland Security official brags about new webcam of Trump's wall

Reggie Jackson 1977 WS

Poll: Opposition To Trump Likely To Motivate Young Voters,

My jalapeno seeds finally popped up this morning!

Play a game, earn free rice for the poor through the World Food Programme!

The mind and immune system

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 23 2020

Publix says it will buy farmers' excess food, donate it to food banks

I have deer in my front yard!

Republicans never say what will happen

Supreme Court eases path to deport immigrants for crimes

Pic Of The Moment: I Guess Trump Thinks Socialism Is Okay For Billionaires

Cool. So we're, like, done here?

3+ years into the trump presidency, a question occurred to me that i never thought about before:

Fresh souls in the corn field--Anthony put them there.

The Liar Tweets Tonight (parody of The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

Seven Natural Wonders of the World

'Ground Zero:' Cuomo to Crack Down on Nursing Home Outbreaks as NY Deaths Near 16k

Are you better off?

Gov. Cuomo tearing Moscow Mitch a new one

The first moments of a baby goat's life

Who Has Enough Cash to Get Through the Coronavirus Crisis?

Wall Street jumps on hopes worst for labor market is over

Track 2 of the Pandemic Tapes: Why Me?

Ocasio-Cortez says she will vote for Biden in November

Interesting COVID-19 data plots re: rates, curves, doubling times broken down by state

Currently my most blessed gratitude

Hmmm. I saw toilet paper for sale -- at Ace Hardware.

Since January, I have not cut my hair.

Cuomo just ripped McConnell a new one.

Activists Are Fighting To Keep Bernie Sanders On The New York Ballot

Task force members sent Birx to convince Trump to denounce Kemp's Georgia reopening decision

Trump is clearly mentally disordered and poses a grave danger to us all.

Trump Announces He's Throwing Himself A 4th of July Party During A Pandemic

Germany's Merkel cautions this is 'beginning' of coronavirus pandemic

Golden Conure

Nancy Pelosi Bluntly Sums Up Trump's Pandemic Response: "Delay, Denial, Death"

Another chain restaurant, Kura Sushi USA, is giving back small business funds

KY-SEN: How to beat Mitch McConnell

CA-45: As Katie Porter builds massive war chest, GOP starts looking at 2022

Donald Trump Is Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic to Sell Campaign Swag

States that helped Trump win see biggest job losses

Front page Australian Sydney Morning Herald.

Cuomo SMACKS McConnell: "Your state is getting bailed out. Not my state."

Harvard Institute of Politics survey finds Joe Biden leading Trump 60% to 30% among voters 18-29.

Researchers reviewed thousands of gun policy studies and teased out a consensus

Statement by Vice President Joe Biden on the Latest Unemployment Filing Numbers

It is unreal, what Trump, Republicans have been saying on video.

Fox News Hosts Make Fun of CNN Anchors Who've Contracted Coronavirus

Must-see tornado footage from April 22 Oklahoma storm

Gov. Abbott Tells Dallas Radio Station He's Opening Up the State the First Week in May

Stephen Moore-member of Trump's economic task force, suggests we "put everybody in a space outfits"

Just got off the phone with my car insurance agent. Omigod.

Re Moscow Mitch

What happens if our leaders "open up" the economy and nobody comes?

we should also be calling Mitch

Bill Kristol: "trump has been floundering this week...he's failing, which I think is dangerous. You

Trump's plan to reopen national parks sparks worry about coronavirus spread

Does anyone know where I can buy some gloves online.

Pelosi Fires Back At 'Insecure' McConnell After He Derides 'Blue State Bailouts'

Condolences go to Elizabeth Warren and her family.

Nikki Haley signs on to Mitch McConnell's "Let them eat cake." plan.

Beat Kidz -- Who Did You Exploit Today?!

Marcy Wheeler's follow-up to George Packers: "We are living in a failed state"

Cuomo rips Moscow Mitch a new one

Once things begin to clear up...

News On Sanitizing Cleaners

I needed a distraction, today, so I'll share pictures of a 2 year old Prince Louis

Oh, it's real - Charleston area breweries may dump beer as pandemic kills keg sales

Question: Who is the worst president ever?

Gilead Is a Bunch of BASTARDS !! Anything Trump touches DIES ! This company pumped & dumped

Animaniacs: You know you need this.

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Another grocery trip yesterday.

Handcuffed: Black Miami Doctor Who Works with Homeless Says He Was Racially Profiled by Police -


Deborah Birx Convinced Trump to Denounce Kemp

The Liar Tweets Tonight

Trump Adviser Suggests Putting Workers In Spacesuits

Michigan Republicans launch attack on Gov. Whitmer's emergency powers

I've made a huge, life changing decision today.

New data on Gilead's remdesivir, released by accident, show no benefit for coronavirus patients.

Breaking News New data on Gilead's remdesivir, released by accident, show no benefit for coronavirus

As a dying Salton Sea spews harmful dust, Imperial Valley water wars heat up again

Rep. Maxine Waters' sister is dying in Missouri from coronavirus

Citing coronavirus, Hot Pockets heir seeks to avoid prison time in admissions scandal

Nikki Haley endorses letting state governments go bankrupt -- and it immediately blows up in her face

NOW: The Rolling Stones release Living In a Ghost Town, first original music since 2012

Mike Luckovich: Both Barrels

Watched a World Series game from 1973 recently

The mass murderer infesting the White House must be held accountable

Commentary: What a lower death toll than first expected means

"The Liar Tweets Tonight" Facebook link.

I want one of these.

Fox News Doctor: 'People Will Die From Overdoses And Suicides' If Economy Is Not Restarted

New Dem Coalition Ad Drops COVID-19 Deaths At Trump's Doorstep

Editorial: Public health isn't part of Sheriff Fortney's beat

New Dem Coalition Ad Drops COVID-19 Deaths At Trump's Doorstep

Nicotine being tested for Covid-19 treatment. More woo?

Commentary: Right adds public-health efforts to enemies list

Making China Great Again - Ivanka and Donald, access for sale to the highest bidder.

Another Song Born Of Trump's Pandemic, Destined To Become An Anthem

About Fox News host "Laura Ingraham"...making fun of people with virus, I think she will be fired.

Another Song Born Of Trump's Pandemic, Destined To Become An Anthem

Democrats to censure MI state rep who praised drumpf for pushing hydroxychloroquine

Riding along in my automobile....

Rep. Raskin Flattens Jim Jordan For Whining About Oversight On COVID-19 Spending

Just Stop It - The 1% Can Give A Little Back And Take Care Of The Whole Country For A Year

Twins Die in Pandemics -- a Century Apart

About Trump's word salads:

How Germany And South Korea Have Battled Coronavirus Better Than Others--a good Health Care system

Cartoons 4/23/2020

Re: protestors

50,000 Deaths. . . .

Bike shops and trails in Snohomish County are open and busy

U.S. national parks could be privatized. Here's what would change.

Cuomo's GREAT response to McConnell's cynical suggestion that states declare bankruptcy:

These eight states haven't issued stay-at-home orders to fight the coronavirus outbreak

'The Marie Antoinette of the Senate': GOP Rep. King slams McConnell for suggesting states...

Mitch McConnell MADE to eat his words....."Let the states file for Bankruptcy."

Why Are Some Young, Healthy People Getting Severe COVID-19?

You raised $784.00 on April 22, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

McCain family to support Biden in 2020 race in bid to defeat Trump

'It's overhyped': Trump mega-donor pushes to end Wisconsin's stay-at-home order

Trump disagrees with Redfield, Fauci on return of coronavirus next fall

WI Repub Party Treasurer: "I implore you please leave Confederate flags & AR15s, AK47s, at home"

Kavanaugh and Roberts Side with Liberals to Hand Environmentalists Huge Win; Alito Is Not Amused

Americans overwhelmingly disagree with restarting the economy at the expense of public health

What could Trump have done to mitigate the damage from covid-19? Look at what Canada did.

Just once I want to see someone walk across the podium & tilt his head back up

The US economy has now erased all job gains since the Great Recession

Cuomo Reminds McConnell That KY Takes More Money Than NY: 'Who's Getting Bailed Out Here?'

New HHS spokesman made racist comments about Chinese people in now-deleted tweets

Big Finding By Northeastern University

The Case for Professors of Stupidity

Pelosi Fires Back At 'Insecure' McConnell After He Derides 'Blue State Bailouts'

Peter King: "I didn't think the Leopards would eat MY face!"

Coughing and spluttering Trump ally Jim Jordan is slammed for REFUSING to wear a mask as House vote

Life Care Center call logs show early clues to deadly COVID-19 cluster

Pierce Transit to dispatch buses as Wi-Fi 'hot spots' for students amid school closures

Gap stops paying rent amid coronavirus, says stores may permanently close

Jobless Numbers Are 'Eye-Watering' but Understate the Crisis

Time Magazine, 75 years ago today, on the new President:

New York antibody study estimates 13.9% of residents have had the coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo says

AP-NORC poll: Few Americans trust Trump's info on pandemic

Divided Supreme Court rules for Trump administration in requiring immigrant's removal

Dixie in the crosshairs: The South is likely to have America's highest death rate from covid-19

Here's how Intalco's loss of 700 jobs will ripple through Whatcom County

I guess by now everyone's heard Betsy DeVos decided DACA students get shit, and...

Washington Supreme Court to hear COVID-19 inmate case online

Wall Street swings wildly as volatility again seizes markets

New Polling: Biden leading in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina

On idiots suggesting wearing masks in restaurants or while eating hotdogs/beer at sports events

McConnell: Let's Use COVID-19 to Crush Public Sector Unions

UW, Microsoft release coronavirus contact-tracing app

[WATCH] Governor Newsom Coronavirus Update (links)

Which states rely most on federal aid.

Universities still waiting for promised emergency aid for students

2020 Horse Racing - Virtual Kentucky Derby to be Televised May 2 on NBC

Las Vegas workers push back after mayor's call to reopen casinos and hotels

I no longer wish to see someone sneeze in Trump's ugly face.

Elizabeth Warren's oldest brother dies of coronavirus in Oklahoma

A New Supreme Court Justice Could Swing Criminal Justice Decisions In Washington

DUers, what foods have you been craving that you haven't had since all of this went down?

Steve Miller Band - Swingtown

Donald Trump is in a life or death struggle to assert his pathological values and views on the US.

Baker calls latest coronavirus death figures 'staggering' (MASS)

U.S. Scientists Not Allowed Into China to Investigate Coronavirus: Pompeo

Reminder: South Korea controlled Covid-19 without a shutdown.

unique issues between Honolulu and state of Hawaii causing problems....

*Stay Home* advice even a tRump Licking Gun Humper can't argue with

More grim numbers in Mi. We are nearing 3,000 total deaths.

Seth MacFarlane Calls Out Oprah for Popularizing "Dubious Characters" Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #4 in B-flat Major, Op. 60

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/23/20

47000 dead we should be flying flags half staff

My god, the privilege is astounding but unsurprising (video):

Conversation With Dr. Mandy Cohen, Director, NCDHHS

Metro enacts 12-18 passenger limits on buses amid COVID-19 precautions

"Jack, at Jack's Tree"

Medical experts recommend extending Inslee's stay-home order by another three weeks

Gov. Cooper Presser, Staying Ahead of the Curve, Covid-19

Andrew Zimmern: 'We're Playing Russian Roulette With Our Food System' The Last Word MSNBC

My neighbors, husband, his wife, and 4 YO daughter just walked by and I thanked them

"Could you be truthful and stop the lies?"

Trump is great! All hail Trump! (Warning graphic):

Peer support site waiving fees for health workers

Nevada governor responds to Las Vegas mayor's remarks

Insect numbers down 25% since 1990, global study finds

MoscowMitch is a vile piece of shit

A little humor: DIY Face Mask Tutorial

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to getting back in the majority.

Trader Joe's and other US firms suppress unionization efforts during pandemic

Gov. Cooper extends NC stay-at-home order until May 8 amid ongoing coronavirus threat

I bet you forgot - Shakespeare birthdate/death date is today

Saving Your Health, One Mask at a Time, By Peter S. Tippett, MD, PhD

I propose June 14th be a national day of mourning for virus victims

Support your local COVID-19 fighting Grocery Stores!

Thine exuberance: tis irrational.

Pets suffering at the hands of quarantined owners

Wonder how POS will insult, demean and attack his own task force doctors today.

(Jewish Group) NY man charged with harassment for claiming Jews responsible for coronavirus

New data on Gilead's remdesivir, released by accident, show no benefit for coronavirus patients

(Jewish Group) Coronavirus crisis stoking anti-Semitism worldwide: report

Former Putin image-maker, now HHS spokesperson, Michael Caputo makes / deletes racist tweets

James Blunt - The Greatest

Mitch McConnell is as bad or worse than Trump

BREAKING: Georgia Democratic lawmaker who endorsed Trump abandons plans to resign

LGBTQ people have been hit harder economically by coronavirus lockdowns

JUST IN: Attorneys for Rick BRIGHT... say he'll be filing a whistleblower complaint with the HHS

'I'm confused': Twitter reacts to Trump criticizing Kemp's plans to reopen Georgia

Study: Elderly Trump voters dying of coronavirus could cost him in November

Andrew Cuomo: McConnell's Bankruptcy Suggestion For States Is 'Really Dumb'

Cuomo unloads on McConnell for saying states should declare bankruptcy

"Prayer for the Dead" sundown rituals surge in community

U.S. unsure it can meet deadline to disburse funds to tribes

I'm out of here.

For everyone who needs some joy right now, here's Disneyland at Christmas

Even the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) is staying at home - one Juggalo lost is too many

Jesus we're at 2000 new deaths already. we will hit 50,000 before morning tomorrow.

After Trump tried to buy Greenland, US gives island $12M for economic development

Donald Trump asks government to bail out his Scottish golf courses

Bugged: Earth's insect population shrinks 27% in 30 years

Republican @GovMikeDeWine: The buck stops with me. He takes Responsibility--and #Trump does NOT!!..

Smokers 'four times less likely' to contract Covid-19, prompting nicotine patch trials on patients

Latest scandal - WH ignoring early plague signs

State Compacts and their Logical consequences.

In case you missed the absolutely fantastic pictures in this months photography competition

Kicking is kicking and kicking is glorious

Facing furor, Ruth's Chris high-end steak chain returns $20 million small business loan

The Executive Order Stay-At-Home in Illinois

Orthodox Jews are donating plasma by the thousands to fight Covid-19

DHS warns of increase in coronavirus-inspired violence

Have there been any credible threats to Trump?

Note to Stephen King

Updating an earlier post with Mi. Corona virus stats

Trader Joe's and other US firms suppress unionization efforts during pandemic

It's confusing

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 23, 2020

In one graphic, here is why Georgia is wanting to reopen

Play Trump Covid-19 Blame Bingo!

The Cold Calculations Governors Will Have to Make Before Reopening.

Trump's Criminal Inaction Increased U.S. Coronavirus Deaths By 90 Percent

Appeals court finds Constitutional right to literacy for schoolchildren in Detroit case

aargghhhhhh! just got home from the supermarket [RANT]

Brazilian Communists sneak in ventilators to avoid confiscation by Bolsonaro or U.S.

I desperately long for an orator of President Obama's caliber to coalesce...

Trump administration considers leveraging emergency coronavirus loan to force Postal Service changes

Kamala Harris teaches Mark Warner how to make a tuna melt. (VIDEO) (not to be confused with Deadspin)

More than 1 million FL workers file for unemployment, as pandemic continues and benefit system

I wonder if the first NFL draft selection will get a congrats call from the orange anus.

Tweet, video from Mother Jones comparing Obama and trump:

Fitness Giant Gold's Gym Has Permanently Closed Its Dallas Locations

Fox News Devotes Entire Segment to Mocking COVID-19 Positive CNN Anchors

AOC says 'DON'T go back to work just to put food on your table...'

There is nothing "manly" about Trump. Trump is a weak man's idea of a strong man. Egomania. Bullyi

A Precedent Overturned Reveals a Supreme Court in Crisis. by Linda Greenhouse

The Smearing Of Joe Biden Part 2: Biden And The "Dementia" Conspiracy

35 employees at Gatesville prison units have tested positive for the coronavirus

Red Tulips drawing

Unopened bottles of Trump vodka shown to mitigate the disease

It's ironic...

Your daily shitshow is off and running

Shitty Tweet of the day.

msnbc cuts off todd to show live trump campaign rally/commercial. ugh

I really can't stay....


Televangelist Jim Bakker asks viewers for cash to avoid bankruptcy

NYC Firefighter's Baby Daughter Dies of Coronavirus

How is Richard Epstein still able to publish articles that aren't laughed into oblivion?

from Doctors without Borders, via e.mail:

273 Days to Freedom

Are abortions as essential service still denied? Warning, if you, or someone you love is pregnant

South Korean DongA news reports Kim Jong-un observed in Wonsan, NK

Well, there's some guy right now on the President Fishlips show that is...

Not even a mention at Dewines Covid

House creates new select coronavirus oversight committee over GOP objections

Who is Bill (solar heat kills Covid-19) Bryan - the latest tool the Con trotted out today

Bring joy to local senior citizens by writing a letter

Marine Corps Bans Public Display of Confederate Flag

Bring joy to local senior citizens by writing a letter

What about soap? Yes alcohol and bleach kill the virus but soap destroys

Trump administration considers leveraging emergency coronavirus loan to force Postal Service changes

House passes $484 billion bill with money for small businesses, hospitals and testing

Liberal groups attempt to rally supporters -- from an appropriate social distance

Ok! Trump has to be the dumbest person in Washington politics right now!

... "We're very close to a vaccine," Trump said ... "We're not close on testing" .. he clarified ...

The old paint keeps drying over and each day!

Michigan Legislature wants to create committee to oversee Whitmer's coronavirus response

New HHS spokesman made racist comments about Chinese people in now-deleted tweets

Summer's coming... let's all go outside and things will be fine!

Susan Collins heaps praise on testing company that gave her nearly $20,000

This press conference makes it very clear that Trump has no clue what is going on.

I had to take my cat, Rosie, to the vet today. They had good safety procedures in place, but the

The Pope being schooled in theological biology by an account dedicated to bat PR is ...

Anybody see the movie last night No Blade of Grass on TCM

Thinking of starting delivery for my signature recipes

I'm looking for a website where they present Shakespeare plays

Few Trust What Trump Says on Pandemic

What the hell is Trump talking about here?:

This Tiny Pig Acts Like A Puppy

AOC's Speech on the Bill

I don't usualy look at the idiot talking but today I looked at his eyes...

Cooper extends NC stay-at-home order

Guy rescues very pregnant dog from the middle of the woods!

Trump's briefings now providing diminishing--even negative--returns

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

"We're doing very well in terms of mortality..."

This Coronavirus Video Is Worth Your Time and Thought

Trump is a kook.

At first it was hydroxyclorozine and now its just good ole sunlight!

Pompeo says U.S. may never restore WHO funds; Democrats insist it must

The question I would ask Fauci at the presser

These People Had The Craziest Ocean Encounters

Amtrak expecting $700 million in losses, ridership down 95 percent during coronavirus pandemic

Trump team wanted 'nationwide' access to malaria drugs, ousted vaccine chief claims

D.C.-area forecast: Rain late today into Friday morning, then another soaking Saturday night and Sun

GOP congressman: People against reopening 'don't understand rules of economics'

Today's Been A Rough Day

Amtrak replaces Milwaukee-Chicago trains with buses

Guy Is So Gentle With The Wild Horse He Rescued

Trump adviser suggests reopening economy by putting 'everybody in a space outfit'

my. god. anyone listening to bryon williams of what went on at Press Briefing? who. stupid Trump

Watch what this otter does once he gets to know a deer family

i hate this piece of shit fake president

When they say test results are 15 percent false negative...


This guy let an injured pelican use his kids' pool until she was released into the wild!

McConnell sought funds for his state but doesn't think blue states deserve any

I'm mainlining Lysol and sticking a tactical flashlight up my ass.

Sen. Sanders Town Hall - Attorneys General State Responses to Pandemic (7PM ET)

we will pass 50,000 deaths tonight

Are hair salons, massage parlors, and tattoo studios essential businesses?

This woman couldn't sleep -- until she rescued a pit bull

trumpers: Please don't inject bleach into your body

I learned a lot about this pandemic (including how testing really works) from 2 podcast episodes:

Get a load of Dr. Birx's demeanor after Trump tells her, "I would like you to speak to the medical d

TRUMP: Right there. That's my vaccine.

it you're watching MSNBC, this is the message the Atlanta mayor is talking about

House Republicans suddenly against investigations when Americans die

Drinkin' Wine Spo-De-Oo-De

Tanning beds & Formula 409 sunscreen

who's gettin ready to get down?

And now a word about UV light and disinfectant's from the lunatic.....who thinks he is a doctor....

Trump's standing in battleground states may be slipping

A little while back I read an article on WebMD about nasal sprays

so all ya need is warm weather

Stay at home order is BULLSHIT. OPEN UP VEGAS

04/24 Mile Luckovich- Backslapped

So how many trump supporters will add bleach to their coffee and buy a sunbed?

Trump wants to inject people with disinfectant...or sunlight

Trump blames CNN for spreading 'fake report' of Kim Jong Un's illness -- and demands they not ask que

WTF: "We have a sleepy guy in a basement..."

Dave Mason-We Just Disagree

Trump Asks if Sunlight Can Be Injected 'Inside the Body' to Kill Coronavirus

Ingestibles and stuffables - my new business that will make me wildly rich!

The Damned Hypocrisy of Nikki Haley

Steely Dan - Do It Again

It's going to take awhile for faux news to clean that up

Trump suggests disinfecting COVID 19 patients with a Lysol equivalent can kill the virus

K*ren: "Arrest me" Cop: Okay K*ren: 😲

Just a thought.

Does anyone have a real light saber I can borrow?

Trumpers: Do not inject. Inhale!

COVID confirmed cases creeping up, back to April 20 growth rate

Solidaristic, social and sensible--reflections on progressivism for today and when tomorrow comes

Down by the River Neil Young Crazy Horse

It started small. Drinks on the Driveway.

True Americans

"I'm not a doctor'm a person that has a know what" -djt

Imagine you're a teenager whose parent goes on national television and suggests people

These assholes protesting the quarantines are getting way too much media attention

Trump - binge TV from 5am to noon - angry even w/ Fox, worried about extent history will blame him

The Secret to Germany's COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist

Oh goody... a #BeBest word search! So very creative!

Thursday CV-19 presser, trump suggests using UV light on ppl or injecting bleach to kill CV-19

State Supreme Court declines request to release more inmates

1 point 3 acres has us over 50,000 deaths and over 888,000 cases