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New York Gov. Cuomo says he had a 'productive' White House meeting with Trump

First COVID-19 critically ill patient at UMass Memorial treated with plasma showing significant

King County sees rise in coronavirus cases among people experiencing homelessness

Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Trump vaccine agency head suddenly leaves.

Non-profit helps Seattle restaurants feed hospital workers during pandemic

*Govs. Murphy (NJ) and Whitmer (MI) on Hayes show now.

Corporations and the Wealthy are First in Line to Recieve Relief / Inequality Media

Some US governors move to reopen their states, though some local leaders are pushing back

With 95% of the vote counted we are at 2765 deaths. Still waiting on states to come in.

What happens if Kim Jong Un dies?

Not Really A Sports Post

Senate approves measure to replenish halted coronavirus small-business loan program

Canadian police say 22 victims after rampage in Nova Scotia

MSM is missing the point about re-opening, it is used to lower the unemployment rate/claims

Cases, deaths continue to increase as Georgia prepares to start reopening

U.S. replaces director of agency overseeing COVID-19 vaccines, drugs

Paul Lidicul - trump does his best impression of Tony Montana in "Scarface":

Trump immigration order to last 30-90 days, apply to permanent immigrants -official

Missouri attorney general sues China for 'campaign of deceit' around COVID outbreak

What is more important than living? Funny how when its an actual human and not a fetus

President Jimmy Carter, on a porch, sitting in a rollator, holding a guitar

Trump to suspend immigration to U.S. for 60 days, citing coronavirus crisis and jobs shortage

Central pastor arrested, released after accusations he nearly hit protester with bus

Georgia Task Force Didn't Know About Reopening

Atlanta mayor: I'm at a loss by governor's decision to reopen

Is US rate of death going up or is the number so high now even a small multiplier looks awful?

Members of Kemp's coronavirus task force didn't know about his order to reopen businesses

The view from the Tenderloin

Covid toe. Symptom that's showing up fairly often.

Is Georgia getting it's Covid-19 testing swab act together?

IHME Projection Jumps Back Up to 65,976 Deaths by August 4

Anthony Fauci at one of trump's "press" conferences, don't know which one (ignore the Robert tweet):

dRump is a charlatan.

New York City announces $20 million fund to assist undocumented workers blocked from relief

Alexa Send All The Bodybags And Refrigerator Trucks To Georgia Now

How Trump allies have organized and promoted anti-lockdown protests

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Remember Remember!

2,804 Deaths Today, highest so far! nt

Could it be...

COVID yuks

Secret Recording Reveals NRA's Legal Troubles Have Cost The Organization $100 Million.


I'm so glad that these poor little snowflakes were not

Health care facilities have yet to receive 70 billion allocated a month ago

AOC coming up on Rachel in a few n/t

Since MAGATs are All Grifters and Criminals

Wow! Kudos to governor of New Jersey 71% approve!

millions support close downs by staying at home willingly. what are you hearing from

Michigan Cancels Contract with Democratic-Linked Firms

Pretty song by an often overlooked artist

US pressures Mexico to reopen plants amid worker walkouts

If North Korea...

Since we all could use a good laugh these days, I give you....."The Liar Tweets Tonight"

*Frontline TONIGHT, 10:30 PM ON WETA 26,

If it were easy, it would be easy... We must stick together and not give up.

Every single effort to reopen the economy early is about helping tRump get reelected. Period.

AOC interview on Rachel is must see.


two more: from "Covid is a hoax to bring down Trump" to sickness

I was talking to my friend who's a fairly high ranking NYC law enforcement officer about Covid-19

He really wants you to take this drug

Some citizens won't get stimulus if their spouses or parents are unauthorized immigrants

Ex-FDA chief flabbergasted by Georgia: It's like they found all the riskiest businesses to open 1st

This Really Could Be Drumpf's Hail Mary Moment

House on the market - for 5 hours!

Obviously Super-Healthy When Your Party Tells You "There Are More Important Things Than Living" (F)

The Quiet Hand of Conservative Groups in the Anti-Lockdown Protests

OK, time for a light hearted thread! Let's play...."What can Republicans not claim anymore?"

*Val Demings coming up on Lawrence show.

Air conditioning spread the coronavirus to 9 people sitting near an infected person in a restaurant,

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 22 April 2020

BBC World News: 'The coronavirus crisis is affecting people's mental health.'

Coronavirus Deaths Greater Among Fox News Viewers That Prefer Hannity Over Tucker Carlson, Study Say

The Death of the Department Store: 'Very Few Are Likely to Survive'

A song for our times

Facing uncertain future, Amoeba Music launches GoFundMe campaign: 'We are in trouble', raised $100k

They're slow walking remdesivir imo.

Lockdown Protestors

Study finds more deaths, no benefit from malaria drug touted by Trump

For Msgt

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Governors Ease Restrictions, Trump Shuts Out Immigrants

I'd like to exit this Stephen King novel I've found myself in now.

Anyone use Golden Paste for your dog and cats?

COVID-19 epidemiology/medical dictionary

How is everyone today?

Farmer says his 61,000 chickens were euthanized as demand for eggs during pandemic drops

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Could Dogs Help Test for Coronavirus?

Anybody remember the 1959 film "On the Beach?"

USPS is hanging on by a thread

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Jordan Klepper Beefs Up to Brave The Pandemic

Coronavirus: World Risks Biblical 'Famines' Due To Pandemic- UN

"The Wartime President" just sent 45,000 Americans to their graves with his incompetence

OFPS - Missouri sues China for 'not doing enough' to stop coronavirus spread

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Gov. Phil Murphy - New Jersey's COVID-19 Fight & Reopening Plans

Blue Angels/Thunderbirds Joint Flyover

Tooning Out The News: Trump's flipbook cartoon pig goes off the deep end

Far- Right President Bolsonaro Joins Anti- Lockdown Protests In Brazil

Despite scattered protests, most Americans support shelter-in-place: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Meghan McCain slams Speaker Pelosi for her fridge...

Pelosi on latest pandemic relief bill, expanding COVID-19 testing and Trump - PBS NewaHour

What the world looks like when humans stay home - PBS NewsHOur

Senator Doug Jones On Georgia Reopening Economy: 'It's Just Crazy'

Global Shutdown Becomes Environmental Experiment

Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains new study finds

Typhoid Mary Onettes - Sack Cartoon

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Fighting Coronavirus Isolation Over The Phone With Friendly Contact' : DW, Germany

'Fighting Coronavirus Isolation Over The Phone With Friendly Contact' : DW, Germany


The Liar Tweets Tonight a song parody

Wash. Gov. Jay Inslee Gives Coronavirus Update

Wash. Gov. Jay Inslee Gives Coronavirus Update

Emissions Are Way Down. No, That's Not All Good News for the Environment.

Wonder if any of the protesters have thought about how...

GOP Texas Lieutenant Governor: 'There Are More Important Things Than Living'

A different take on Dan Patrick's statement "There more important things than living"

Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen may not get released early due to new prison policy

Georgia Voters Challenge State's Failures to Protect Constitutional Voting Rights During Pandemic

I am confused on this

☦ Orthodox Christian Bright Week of Pascha

Meanwhile, at the White House press conference

Hi. I'm Gnu here.

As Deaths Mount, Trump Pushes Small Donors For $41,000 -- With No Mention Of The Pandemic

Y'all Better Be Watching Frontline

What is your pet doing that is novel while you are self distancing at home?

The coronavirus will devastate the South because politicians let poverty to do so first

Breaking News: First CA COVID-19 death was Feb 6th

Bobi Wine, Corona song

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump's Ratings, Kim Jong Un's Health & Dr. Zaius on COVID-19

Young Climate Activists Slowed by Pandemic, But Not Defeated

The *Other* Reason Cons Want To Reopen States

Tennessee woman gets coronavirus after bragging about not social distancing

Dr. Emma Long (PhD) explains how religion, COVID-19, & American History interplay creates our morass

Heather Cox Richardson - April 21, 2020 - Letters From An American

A Company Will Be Releasing A Home Covid-19 Testing Kit-Test & Mail In For Results - Is This Safe?..

Intensive care units mostly full in Central Jersey, health commissioner says

Florida Grim Reaper Tour

John Oliver on Fox news: "They only pretend to believe these things on television for money."

Dead and Company cancel summer tour due to coronavirus outbreak: 'We will survive'

The Windermere Children

Fitch Ratings Takes Scalpel to NJ Debt Grade, Cutting It Back to 'A-'

Its not "The American Economy" that these fucknuts are worried about...

Oh, no! Steve Cash is dead!

So what was done with the 29 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine Trump bought and..

Lottery Shortfalls Spell Bad Luck for State Public-Worker Pensions

Louisiana pastor who defied order and held services arrested

FRONTLINE: The Coronavirus Pandemic - A Tale of Two Washingtons

Groups Send Letter to Congress Saying T-Mobile Should Not Get COVID Funding for Merger Commitments

We got bored staying home


Murphy won't hug Trump if he comes to New Jersey

Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence

Today the US has almost 3,000 new deaths...

Covidiot from PA

With budget cuts looming, furloughed public workers may get federal help in NJ plan

Maryland anti-stay-at-home protest flops hard as only three people show up.

God must be a screenwriter in Los Angeles. Someone just told him his second act needs a twist

trump meets the honeymooners...featuring ralph and alice kramden...

Former N.J. councilman convicted of bribery dies in state custody

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/21/20

Former Democratic party boss, freeholder admits $250K tax evasion

Stephen Colbert - Michael Moore and his new documentary "Planet of the Humans"

Trump: "Hydroxychloroquine? I barely know the guy! I think he was getting us coffee..."

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney will not enforce

Coronavirus gives WWE's Vince McMahon legal double trouble

No, You Did Not Get COVID-19 in the Fall of 2019

Utah governor calls lawmakers into special session

Sisolak offers no date for phased reopening of economy

Laura,Hannity,Tucker, Guttfield,Watters, Rush etc etc etc

Wide awake laid off here in pennslvania we're decent peaple

In 1920, denim overalls were a symbol of protest

Goss: 'The Chinese Garden-I, II, III'

Breakfast Wednesday 22 April 2020

Tower Health begins furlough of 1,000 employees amid pandemic

Texas venue that launched Janis Joplin's career set to close

Setting the stage for possible Wolf veto, Senate approves telemedicine bill that constrains access

Roots: wypipo edition

Wolf sets May 8 as target launch date for gradual reopening

SOME tweets age wonderfully (read: horrifyingly) well, like this one from May 5, 2017:

Small pharmacies are under financial pressure just when they're needed most: 'The math doesn't work'

Bernie Sanders' bid for president is over but his campaign is active ... and going after Joel Freedm

Autopsies find first U.S. coronavirus death occurred in early February, weeks earlier....

😁April Photography Contest Voting Thread One 😁

😁April Photography Contest Voting Thread Two😁

😁April Photography Contest Voting Thread Three😁

😘April Photo Contest is now open for voting in GD😍

I'm not all that concerned about USAG Barr threatening to go after states that won't

We need leaders with foresight and vision.

Hospital reinstates suspended nurses who demanded masks

So now we know that the "Cov" in Covfefe was for COVID-19

🌍🌏🌎 Happy Earth Day 🌍🌏🌎

Have you seen the polls and how he's losing the seniors

Brutal breakdown of why Kemp is sending Georgians to die

On this day, April 22, 2004, there was a massive explosion on a train in North Korea.

Kerry on Morning Joe Scum - must see

Some Kind Of Auto Lending Crisis Is In The Making

Don't be like Becky

Coronavirus: Harvard rejects Trump demand to pay back aid

Nurses Outside WH: "You have failed to protect doctors, nurses and all other health care workers."

The people protesting aren't wanting to go back to their jobs, they're demanding that you do

The pandemic didn't come out of nowhere. The U.S. ignored the warnings.

I wonder if the people making these signs are also home schooling their children.

Georgia leads the race to become America's No. 1 Death Destination

Yeats was a prophet---

NYT Medical Editorial in Favor of Pulse Oximeters at Home for COVID

Wednesday TOONs - The Pod Peaple

Glen Campbell was born on this date-

Charles Mingus was born on this date-

Civil disobedience-ing when black/white

Emptiness Of Shitstain's "Big Oil Deal" Highlighted W. Oil Price Collapse; What Next For TX, PA?

Chinese Agents Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say

Scoop: Biden's "four Cs" of Trump coronavirus criticism

Britain's Real Coronavirus Death Toll Is Double the Official Number, Says Report

LabCorp's at-home COVID-19 test kit is the first to be authorized by the FDA

W. Processors Closing, Pork Producers Confront Possibly Killing Tens Or Hundreds Of 1,000s Of Hogs

Gretchen Whitmer: I Have Made Gut-Wrenching Choices to Keep People Safe


Rep. Ocasio-Cortez shows she can walk it like she talks it in door-to-door food delivery effort

Oil & Gas Industry Bloodbath Just Getting Started; Global Production 30 MBD Higher Than Demand

Bipartisan Senate report says 2017 intel assessment about Russian interference and Trump accurate

Happy Earth Day! It's the 50th. Anniversary of people trying to save our home.

"Trump is the match that has started a terrifying fire of hatred in America"

Trump orders US to 'shoot down and destroy' Iranian boats 'harassing' US warships

You're NOT Stuck At Home - You're SAFE At Home

Texas is Lying About the TRUE number of COVID Cases - Here is the Proof

Peter Frampton has a birthday today.

Study finds no benefit, higher death rate in patients taking hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19

Trump tries to reassure seniors he won't let them die after polling shows he's hemorrhaging their su

Chickens Also Moving North; PA Can Expect More Barns, More Pollution As Southern States Get Too Hot

Elizabeth Kolbert - What Little Remains Of GOP's Environmental Legacy Vanishing Into The Past

Democrats blast Trump team's handling of federal workers in coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus cure: When will we have a drug to treat it? From BBC:Health 4-22-20

This is what should have happened to save the economy.

Sienna and the Joey

Drunk in the club after covid:

On Top of Everything Else, My Dog Died

Chinese Agents Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say

Happy Earth day everyone!

Germany Approves Trials of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

Coronavirus at meat packing plants worse than first thought, USA TODAY investigation finds

"now do u still think it was just a flu?"

Georgia Democratic lawmaker announces resignation week after endorsing Trump

She's the ICU nurse who silently stood in protest at the Phoenix rally to reopen Arizona

NYT: How Earth Day started, its profound radical message

It's Administrative Professionals Day!

We can't let Trump roll back 50 years of environmental progress - Elizabeth Southerland

Well i took the plunge.

$700 million requested by DC will not be included in the next federal relief package

But he didn't know about it then!

When Trump appears on TV, I react like I accidentally stepped in a pile of dog shit.

LOCKDOWN PROTESTER should carry this:

Nearly 25K email addresses and passwords allegedly from NIH, WHO, Gates Foundation & others & dumped

Everyone who predicted Trump will 'start a war' to distract from his letting the virus wash over us

I don't want to look at myself and know that I am bluster and bluff and empty show.

I'm working from home.

We say that Republicans get elected, create messes, then Democrats get elected to clean them up

Game Changed

The impact of Covid19 on the Environment. MSNBC

To paraphrase Reagan: "I'm from the government and I'm here to kill you".

For fifty years, Trump has played the same horrible vaudeville act.

Biden v trump: NBC/WSJ Poll, April 13-15.

Republicans told us Trump couldn't handle being impeached AND respond to COVID

"Sacrifice the Weak"

Waterloo Tyson plant closing for indefinite period

The Rundown: April 21, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #83: Illusory 4th Dimensions (4/21/20 Edition)

4/22 Earth Day

Cartoon: Broken Test By Clay Jones -April 22, 2020 9:00 AM

Mental Health: In this crisis, you may be suffering from Depersonalization:

I submit for your approval:

For you people working from home...

So after Trump White House squanders $350 billion SBA loans

So, Ga. Govermor told restaurants they could open on Monday. Many of them said "NO THANKS".

I cracked COVFEFE!

Nobel-winner Stiglitz: Poor coronavirus response leaves US on course toward another Great Depression

Biden to announce VP selection panel by May 1

I cannot fucking believe it, it is snowing again here in upstate New York.

IQ45 can't even formulate a coherent threat.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Used Tanker and Fill It With Cheap Oil? An Investigation

Why Iran uses boats and why Russia uses jets to harass American vessels

Thx Gaylord Nelson - Happy Earth Day

Secretary Wilkie claimed hydroxychloroquine helped some coronavirus patients in VA

Are feds interfering with Phoenix PPE orders?

NYT: A Biden surge among the oldest voters

Are feds interfering with Phoenix PPE orders?

There should Many politically ads showing Trump pushing a deadly drug as a cure.

Trump CRACKS, Implodes in Childish Tweet Storm

Fox's Judge Jeanine Off Rails in Historically Toxic Show

Trump Announces Appointments for the Executive Office of the President; April 21, 2020

One righteous rant.

Report: Banks earned more than $10 billion in fees processing small business loans

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-21-2020

So if we're going to "Open" everything back up, why should we keep the "war on drugs" going?

What criteria do you think Biden should use for his VP pick? My own brainstorming for starters


Remembering Gaylord Nelson..................

Question: What will be done with the contaminated meats?

Las Vegas mayor: Reopen casinos, let the ones with the most infections then close

A chilling account of immigrant women in detention.

Earth Day, Then and Now

Steven Mnuchin wanting most if not all US economy open later this summer. ANOTHER STOCK PUMP & DUMP

Feeling nostalgic: For one glorious year...

Tweet of the hour -

In the past two days, I've watched the season/series finales of...

Air this as a national TV ad.

Going to Georgia?

Deja flu: A second wave of covid-19 hits northern Japan

Trump prepares to hit the road

The Secret to Germany's COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist

Republican operative accused of election fraud in North Carolina to face federal charges

Animals take to the streets amid lockdown - in pictures

Midday Music for Millennials -- WhatevWednesday

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Insults Governors For Doing What He Told Them To Do In The First Place

Best explanation for Dan Patrick's vulgar request

Let's hear it for Massachusetts.

Quarantine/ Stay at Home Videos..........And its Earth Day .....

These Are Not Protests They Are Trump Rallies Without Trump - The Daily Hate - From 1984

Just a heads up - Stacey Abrams is coming up on The View in a couple minutes.

Google, YouTube, Social Media

Profiles in Perfidy, XVI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

How Far Will the U.S. Economy Plunge During Lockdown?

Native Americans Helped Invent American Democracy But Are Often Prevented From Practicing It

Wasn't Trump and/or family supposed to submit financial records to one of the courts,

GOP senator who pushed 'miracle' drug rejects study showing it may lead to death

Death Cult - Brothers Grimm EP + Gods Zoo EP (1983)

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

U.S. is already seeing the uptick in Coronavirus Cases in the US, that was predicted ...

Armed police arrest Chatham 'balcony gunman'

Seems like the elders are not prepared to die for Trumps death cult

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 22 2020

Georgia Democratic lawmaker announces resignation week after endorsing Trump

Good news. My free tanker of oil showed up with a check for $147,000.

Tyson Foods to indefinitely stop production at largest pork plant

Pandemic could change public schools for decades to come, San Diego County official says

FOXNEWS: Russians fed up with Putin as infections, deaths from coronavirus grow. The same playbook

Governor Andrew Cuomo's dog, "Captain"

Did WHO discount human to human transmission of the novel coronavirus?

On this day in Baseball history

Re: Cuomo Presser on right now.... man is he killing it recapping his WH meeting with shitstain.

How long can the Trump government fund it's way out of a great depression?

World War II we had Rosie the Riveter...

A Must See

Delta to halve cash burn as it turns focus to choppy coronavirus recovery

11 words about Fox News from John Oliver

Pennsylvania dairy farmers dumped milk even as buyers couldn't find enough of it

Rachel Maddow Busts MAGA Myth That Americans Are Willing To Risk Their Lives For The Economy

Trump's Support Sinks Into The 30s As Voters Aren't Buying His Coronavirus Propaganda

Has anyone on SS gotten their stimulus direct deposit that has not filed taxes?

Cocktail of the day: Quarantini

Trump's Own Advisers Call Lack Of Virus Testing The Final Nail In His Coffin

This is The fire we need!

No, Mr. President, Your Immigration Powers Are Not Unlimited.

Flaw in iPhone, iPads may have allowed hackers to steal data for years


Live Cuomo

I thought the first payout was also to go to Social Security recipients.

Cuomo just read part of this quote - I dedicate it to the criminally negligent Con

Kim Jong-un tweets for Trump

Email addresses and passwords allegedly from NIH, WHO and Gates Foundation, are dumped online

Milwaukee to help residents vote by mail after in-person primary leads to virus cases

Vox: Sean Hannity linked to Coronavirus.

Meat Packing Plants, Prisons, Jails, Military Housing, College Dorms, School Classrooms?

Good job, Mitch

This is a must read - "The coming GOP plot to sabotage a Biden presidency"

Because of our nurses and and all healthcare professionals ...

Deer in the yard (no picture)

Dear proclaimed Christians: How about we all treat people as if they were LOVED?

Donald J Trump is irrelevant, spread it loud and far

Milwaukee to help residents vote by mail after in-person primary leads to virus cases

California needs 'an army of volunteers' for its coronavirus response, Newsom says

Cuomo is all in on testing. Cuomo knows how to talk to an American.

Oklahoma will let struggling oil producers halt output without breaking contracts

You Don't Need a Weatherman ...

The partial business openings in the South are designed to 1.Kill the poor and 2.Kick people off UI

Spanky drumph could seal the deal with his magats

Chase lawsuit for mishandling small business stimulus

Texas lawmaker celebrates state's abortion ban with anti-LGBTQ group

Stacey Abrams tells The View she thinks that Vice President Biden is "going to make a smart choice"

The past 2 weeks on a Covid unit

Leads you down the Putin path

A tongue-in-cheek observation.

Kristen Welker has mad professional skills (seen on MSNBC):

Coronavirus to spur largest single loss in insurance history: Chubb CEO

I'm Going To Walk Through Clouds Of Covid-19 Droplets / Vapor From Sick Customers Wearing No Masks

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/22/20

Stupid Wells Fargo question

My response to a listener to my show who said the 3/5-clause gave blacks like me humanity.

Trump aides explore ways to get a 'frustrated' president out of Washington

A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients

I am now buying yeast by the pound...

It's difficult to comprehend stupidity on this level.

No, Andrea. It's Republicans, not "government," that is rolling back ECO laws

Pentagon stopped reporting troop numbers in war zones, two years ago! FOIA requests made...

CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite talking about the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970

You might enjoy this .. "The Liar Tweets Tonight"

Has anyone here lead a community garden beginning? (Not startup, no money needed. Good joke right?)

Snohomish County sheriff says he won't enforce Washington state's stay-home order

Vice President Joe Biden Questions Trump's COVID Response

Alarmed as COVID patients' blood thickened, New York doctors try new treatments

Greta Thunberg Earth Day ad: "Our House Is On Fire"

So Trump just told the US Navy to "shoot down" Iranian boats....

The effing Dorr brothers stirring the shit at Governor's mansion "protest"

The Man Who Started Earth Day

Not one for conspiracy theories but - Melania's tennis pavilion

Just a strong independent meatball taking himself for a walk

As name implies Earth Day is about global issues

Senate Democrat shares tuna melt tutorial

Cartoons 4/22/2020

When dozens of millions of people are suddenly jobless

"It's the common cold folks."--Rush Limbaugh

Infectious disease expert: We're only in the second inning of the pandemic

Trenton council got letter from resident about cell towers, coronavirus then crafted 5G ban

A song for today

But I Don't Own a Cat

Mitch McConnell prefers to see states go bankrupt rather than send federal aid

My Democratic mayor (Athens-Clarke Co., GA) was on CNN to oppose Kemp's reopening of GA

Elementary school students in Princeton recreate famous works of art at home

Washington has its cleanest spring air in 25 years:

Wary Boeing workers return to the assembly lines in Everett

McConnell Says He Favors Allowing States to Declare Bankruptcy

I owe Jurassic Park an apology.....

Georgia mayors alarmed by governor's 'reckless' plan to reopen economy

US anti-lockdown rallies could cause surge in Covid-19 cases, experts warn

This article may save your life...

Abigail Disney unloads on Disney Executives

A HUGE thank you to Yo Mama Been Loggin

As doctors see coronavirus-kidney link, worry grows over dialysis machines

How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes

Exclusive: Harris County to require masks in public for 30 days as coronavirus nears peak

Seems the only path forward is a combination of treatments that can keep you alive

Today in history, two events!

Melania Trump's immigration lawyer bashes the president's 'embarrassing' response to COVID-19 pandem

How effective is the flu vaccine for 2019-2020?

Trump Organization seeks bailout money from UK and Ireland

Trump and love thy self all the way to hell.

hihowdi. completed my weekly shopping. a study of 2 stores .

No Emergency Aid for DACA Students

For info:

Does trump* know, on some level, he's going to lose so he wants to leave a huge mess behind?

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity discriminates against

Mar-a-Lago Furloughs 153 Servers, Cooks Because of Coronavirus

So, why wasn't money to the states included in this last package?

Trump "I Know What I'm Doing".

Corporate welfare is alive and well: Here are 4 appalling features of the taxpayer-funded coronaviru

Not quite sure how to Google this, so I'll ask here. Re: Protests in the US vs other countries..

Is anyone watching the interview with Carolyn Goodman (Mayor Las Vegas)?

Gov Gavin Newsom - daily presser [WATCH]

Correct terminology?

Has anyone subscribed to Amazon's Audible reading service?

Joe Biden and Al Gore are having Earth Day conversation live

Serious question about reusing N-95s

Gaslit Nation / Dame Magazine

Damn, right wing media is already starting the drum beat to cut SS and Medicare.

Quinnipiac Florida Poll Biden 46 Rump 42

2 Biggest Lies Trump said & Will Say. "It's the Democrates new hoax" & "We did a great job on this"

Wow, between Monday and today-what a difference!

Governor stitt of Oklahoma is going to infect barbers, salon workers,

All the other options lead to worse outcomes, what is not to understand?

Better numbers in Mi. today.

ABC 15: Arizona model shifts: May 22 or June 11 peaks possible (Tweet)

The Air Force Abruptly Ends Its Continuous Bomber Presence On Guam After 16 Years

Here is a game that trump played at his recent briefing...

IRS Frustration

Agolf Twitler is a fascist.

Conservatives storm the streets, Progressives say obey the government...WTF world...

New jam. Very new. Like posted today new

Star Membership Recurring Payments

Jay Inslee endorses @JoeBiden

Happy Birthday Peter Frampton: Do U Feel Like We Do

AP/NORC Poll: Few want virus restrictions eased

The Liar Tweets Tonight

Study Suggests Sean Hannity Helped Spread Coronavirus

There's a Trump tweet for everything.

2 cats in New York confirmed to have coronavirus, becoming first known infected pets in US

Woman's Death in California Upends Virus Timeline in U.S.

Right NOW go to and upper right corner you see INFORMED DELIVERY

The MAGAts violating stay-home orders are committing the moral equivalent of drunk-driving.

2 cats in New York confirmed to have coronavirus, becoming first known infected pets in US

Holy shite... more from the crazy-ass Las Vegas mayor (on Anderson Cooper):

Careful Research Debunks Stay-at-Home Protestor's Hair Claim

And so it starts...the damage to the economy thanks to Trump, Hubs not furloughed but laid off.

I am so sick of everything getting politicized.

Peter Frampton & David Bowie, Childhood Friends Look For A Beer In Madrid

New jam. Very new. Like posted today new

[Memphis!] Memphis-area private school announces reopening on Monday

Chinese doctors report coronavirus can survive in the human eye

About those nurses in Arizonia...

Michael Moore podcast Happy Earth Day from the Planet of the Humans

J'lem city hall was firebombed.

Question about a metaphor

2 cats in NY become first US pets to test positive for virus

Nothing will be the same again.

Elizabeth Warren endorses Kara Eastman in 2nd District House race (Omaha)

"Planet of the the Humans" -- anyone see it yet?

Georgia health board asks Kemp to reconsider opening of businesses

Planet of the Humans - a total bummer!

Las Vegas mayor won't give businesses guidelines for reopening: 'That's their job'

Dizzy Dean Funny Story

Excellent book on Earth Day: "The Genius of Earth Day" by Adam Rome

Covid-19 Updates and Links

You raised $2,443.00 on April 21, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

32 Millionaire CEOs Who Scooped Up Taxpayer Money Meant for Struggling Small Businesses

Seattle Area Braces For Long-Term Economic Impact Of Coronavirus

Jake Tapper up next: top doctor relieved of his job and why he thinks he was.

Could Democrats win 20 US Senate Elections in 2020?

the President actually went out for a cheeseburger !!!!!

Massive layoffs and pay cuts likely coming to state and local governments

This Day In History

She's like a bad SNL skit: @IvankaTrump: Peaceful protest & freedom of assembly are beautiful

Many small businesses say loans won't get them to rehire

Head of vaccine agency says he was ousted for resisting hydroxychloroquine

new tweet from Pres. Obama:

Postal Service collapse could devastate seniors, small businesses and rural areas

Conservative group seeks to stop June mail-in primary [in Nevada]

Rikers Island Guards Are Dying in One of the Worst Coronavirus Outbreaks

Everything you want to know about those stimulus checks

AP-NORC poll: Few Americans support easing virus protections

Man Allegedly Burned Down 'She Shed' Because He Was Angry He Didn't Get Stimulus Check

There's a growing possibility of a W-shaped economic recovery -- and it's scary

Now I'm hitting rethugs on FB.

I really don't like this 'imagine if President Obama had done it' bollocks

Doctor fired for vetting Trump's supposed "virus treatment" is filing whistleblower complaint

Pelosi postpones plans for historic change in House voting after Republicans object

Peter Frampton Live: Lines On My Face

Autopsy: Santa Clara patient died of COVID-19 on Feb. 6 -- 23 days before 1st U.S. death declared

45K Americans Dead...First Lady out planting trees in stilettos..

Few Americans Support Easing Virus Restrictions

The South was devastated by state-enabled poverty. Coronavirus will do it again.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-14: Wheel Of Corruption: The Phantom Menace Edition

Georgia's dangerous coronavirus experiment

Robert Plant:

Trump 2020 campaign coordinator facing charges after 'stupid' restaurant takeout brawl

CNN: Read whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright's full statement

FB post by a young physician I know in Arizona

South Dakota speedways expected to draw hundreds of fans to weekend races

Eewwww! I saw a creepy-crawlie in my kitchen sink yesterday! It was very small and black

Seattle U law students helping domestic violence survivors file protection orders

'China's Worst Nightmare': Why Kim Jong Un's Health is a New Headache

Stephen Hawking's family give his ventilator to UK hospital

Pandemic could leave $210M to $300M hole in Seattle budget

Joe Biden Leads By 4 Points In Florida As Independents Dump Trump

I heard it reported a while earlier that there had been no cases in Michigan today?

French researchers to test nicotine patches on coronavirus patients

A doctor says he was removed from his federal post after pressing for rigorous vetting of treatments

Coronavirus deaths reach 39 in Tri-Cities. More cases at Tyson and in health workers

Maryland's 'rock star' first lady delivers on virus tests

Today's shitshow is late again - now scheduled to start at 5.45pm

Say a little prayer...

US adds cameras at Mexico border despite drop in crossings

The 51st US Senate seat for Democrats from the 2020 US Senate Election results is going to be IA.

at the current confirmed cases rate, the US will reach 1 MILLION cases

Snohomish sheriff who refuses to enforce stay at home order gets slapped by WA Attorney General:

Tweet of the Day

Hospital delivers bodies to Pennsylvania medical examiner in the open bed of a pickup truck

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'That's really ignorant': Anderson Cooper destroys Las Vegas mayor as she argues to reopen casinos

Navajo Nation now has 1,206 coronavirus cases and 48 deaths

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announced she is launching a statewide trial of hydroxychloroquine

A Texas Cowboy Moves To Montana

'That's really ignorant': Anderson Cooper destroys Las Vegas mayor as she argues to reopen casinos

Is it just me or has anybody else thought ...

Note to the GOP

Ohio man dies of coronavirus after calling it a 'political ploy'

This is crazy -

$20 Million On An Unproven Malaria Drug, $650 Million On A Coronavirus Cure: How Trump's Government

Mail Voting Expected to Explode In Florida

Treasury chief warns larger companies applying for aid money

Think things are bad for airlines? It's about to get worse

Discrimination on the links? Black women golfers sue central Pa. course that called the cops on them

When will Disney World and Disneyland reopen? One analyst predicts it may not be until 2021

Joe Biden for President Ad from "The Lincoln Project"

We need to remember and remind our reps

Out In The Real World, A COVID-19 Nightmare

Percy Harvin says 'itch came back' to play football again

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 22, 2020

Las Vegas Mayor

Isn't "Star Trek Discovery" supposed to be on a new season by now?

"Dear Dr. Brix, buy a large television, and watch how fucking ridiculous you are"

National Six Month Emergency Fund

States rushing to reopen are likely making a deadly error, coronavirus models and experts warn

Georgia Tech continues to deny professor Lee access to fight COVID-19

Pa. teachers' pensions are invested in a NYC skyscraper linked to Jared Kushner, but they probably

Special Report: HHS chief Azar had aide, former dog breeder, steer pandemic task force

Vaccine expert removed from federal post after daring to criticize coronavirus treatment pushed by T

Steve Kornacki at the whiteboard talking about coronavirus data...

Inslee's press conference on TVW right now

Donald Trump said this in 2014:

How much you want to bet...

Remember who Trump trusted with his own health

Floridians want DeSantis' stay-at-home order to continue until experts say it's safe

I know we're not supposed to compare Hitler to MF45 but I just saw this program on AHC

Oklahoma Governor Stitt wants to begin reopening Oklahoma this Friday

Coronavirus has killed 28,000 more than the official count -- in just the last month: report

Brazil's government, states fight for pandemic supplies

Police unions sue Erie County over COVID-19 names

Brazil's government, states fight for pandemic supplies

Fox Media's Rupert Murdoch & Sons Have Toppled Govts & Subverted Democracy: What Do They Want? NYT

This couple moved their rescued lamb into their house to help him walk again

Patriots and Nazi Flags?

Anyone else having lots of allergy symptoms this week?

BBC: Coronavirus: Social restrictions 'to remain for rest of year'

I won't trust any covid-19 vaccine that comes out while Trump is president.

Someone next store, not far from my home office window, has been playing

Bonus Tweet of the Day

This baby donkey loves when dad brushes his teeth

So Trump saying in the fall corona will be embers that can be put down

Labor Department still overwhelmed with calls, emails as frustration mounts for unemployed

Fatal Ignorance

"But that's not true."

Me me me

Remember when repukes lost their shit...

mind boggling

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

This dog loves picking up trash in national parks

Firing of Dr. Rick Bright is proof that Trump only cares about himself no matter what.

A friend of mine is in critical but stable condition - EDITED TO SAY - He's home!

Lawmakers want more solar farms in Delaware, say it could lower utility bills

He just threw Kemp under the bus.

Pit Bull Gives All His Stuffed Animals To His Parents

Pony Boy

People Hear An Animal Inside Of Their Wall

November 17th, Rush to Walter Reed

Johns Hopkins cuts pay, warns of layoffs in wake of virus

The craze for Trump's chloroquine COVID-19 remedy is dying out

HEADS-UP: 'An Inconvenient Truth' on TCM tonight, 7pm Central

McConnell is playing with fire in his callous new attack on blue states -- and he may be the one that

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 23, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: New York in the 70s

'Too soon.' Trump urges Kemp to reverse coronavirus rollback

there's really only one reason republicans are talking about opening things up.

04/23 Mike Luckovich: Braintrust

How Betsy DeVos and the charter school movement are exploiting the pandemic to advance their agendas

Carney urges patience on reopening in Delaware, warns of grim budget outlook

Ha! Mike, of the daily "Don And Mike Show" just plugged UNIONS? Uh Oh

274 days

A silly question!

Focus On: Conversation W/ Dhhs Under-Secretary Ben Money

2:26 p.m.: Wisconsin records largest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases

Scoop: Biden's "four Cs" of Trump coronavirus criticism

Homeless have limited options as shelters close

OMFG he had the same crowd as MLK

Special Report: Former Labradoodle breeder tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Trump's never heard of Dr. Bright.

Funny: 'Too soon.' Trump urges Kemp to reverse coronavirus rollback

A Company Will Be Releasing A Home Covid-19 Testing Kit-Test & Mail In For Results - Is This Safe?..

"That's not true!' ABC's Jon Karl speaks out as Trump uses presser to trash media

Just got an email to confirm an NRA suscription. Deleted as SPAM

Notice how he reserves his nastiest behavior for Asian Americans these days.

Wawa pays $3M settlement to family of child scalded at Neptune store

Univ. of RI is converting used CPAP and BiPAP machines into ventilators

The Coronavirus Truthers Don't Believe in Public Health

Amazon Burning Season Begins In A Month; Imagine What Huge Air Pollution Impacts Will Do For COVID

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 23 April 2020

How would you............

This carefully laid out plan that Trump and Fauci et al developed...

Democratic senator calls for investigation into reassignment of key HHS official

Press freedom in Colombia deteriorated in 2019 amid persistent aggression and self-censorship

Barbers, salons may open to service essential employees

Warming May Cut Colorado Basin, San Joaquin Water Available From Snowmelt By 40-55%

Trump says coronavirus 'may not come back at all'

COVID-19 estimation updates

Bogota opposes Duque's plan to restart Colombia's manufacturing industry next week

Elizabeth Warren was made for this moment. Joe Biden should recognize that.

One percenters. Time to cough it up ($). We can do it the easy way or the hard way. nt

How concerned is everyone over the potential for food shortages or rationing?

Trumps neck has a camel toe.

Pussy-Grabber insults CNN Reporter (Surprise, surprise). . .

McConnell: I'd rather see states go bankrupt than use public money to save them

IMO, the US will be importing during the harvest the embers it has been busy exporting

New Study Shows Nearly 9 in 10 Covid-19 Patients on Ventilators Don't Make It

Hogan: Plan to reopen Maryland will come Friday

U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds doing a tour to promote national unity amid CV-19

Medical supplier says FEMA seized 400,000 N95 masks, has them 'just sitting on a loading dock at JFK

CDC director tries to walk back remarks on coronavirus

Brazil's Supreme Court Authorizes Investigation of Pro-Coup Military Act Involving Bolsonaro

Trump offers a sarcastic apology when a reporter catches him in a lie

Burials Triple, and Manaus Cemetery Opens Mass Graves for Coronavirus Victims

And now an two day oldie..............

States rushing to reopen are likely making a deadly error, coronavirus models and experts warn

A friend of mine sent me a link to many famous museums, castles and other wonderful places.

trump just said these pressers were FUN [watch]

Jeopardy - spoiler

Mothers of murdered sons fight for justice in Colombia

Mothers of murdered sons fight for justice in Colombia

Trump plans 4th of July parade/celebration

Trump 2020 campaign coordinator facing charges after 'stupid' restaurant takeout brawl