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Trump Waves Around Q-Tips And Swabs To Pretend He Has A Clue

Absolutely not a single red cent to the Big Petroleum ...

Massachusetts becomes coronavirus hot spot as cases surge

Massachusetts becomes coronavirus hot spot as cases surge

Social media calls out the governor for exaggerated claim on coronavirus testing

Why are Americans so servile to a clown president?

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Calls on Trump's Cabinet

People Come Together To Save A Trapped Leopard

George Washington confronted a smallpox epidemic with a belief in science--and a controversial plan.

Chunk made The Dodo again.

In remembrance of Trump's somber tone.🤣😂

EPA faces court over backing of Monsanto's controversial crop system

Defunding the WHO was a calculated decision, not an impromptu tweet

Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden Is Falling Apart

This is from yesterday............but it speaks volumes...........

The world needs more people like this

I'm binging "800 WORDS"

China Daily Bureau Chief: Trump a 'Racist A**hole' for Suggesting China Has More Coronavirus Deaths

Georgia Governor

Feature: First-ever China-Argentina direct flight travels over 38,000 km, delivers medical supplies

Cautious Pentagon extends troop travel limits through June

Trump just said he hasn't left the WH in months!

70,000 California students to receive devices for distance learning

Georgia Governor Allows Gyms, Salons, and Bowling Alleys to Reopen Friday as Coronavirus Cases Climb

What did you think of Dr. Birx bit tonight?

A tsunami of bankruptcies are about to wash away America's retail sector

Eight of 10 most-banned books challenged for LGBTQ content

A little help with file sharing, please..

Washington AG sues property management company, charges it violated eviction moratorium

Michael Franken on

Surgeon general gets pushed to sidelines, sparking questions

Is there a place that has transcripts of the Trump briefings?


Stocks close sharply lower as historic oil plunge stokes more jitters

The Governors who are opening up their states against the advice of the medical community


What Trump is doing with these protestors

(Minnesota) Outbreak at JBS pork plant triggers another meat industry closure

Banks warn that new small-business funding could evaporate in 2 days

Warren as Biden's VP choice? No way. Not after her dismal primary performance.

To reshape his coronavirus narrative, Trump is touting praise from Democratic governors

Interview with Barbara Kingsolver in 2019

Wisconsin cardiologist put on leave after protesting.....

Toll Rises to 19 in Canada's Deadliest Mass Shooting, Gunman was obsessed with police

Bellingham's Fourth of July festival and fireworks officially canceled by coronavirus

Second Line (Joe Avery's Blues) - Wynton Marsalis Quintet featuring Mark O'Connor and Frank Vignola

Seattle Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner donates meals to first responders fighting COVID-19

New Biden ad hits Trump for feuding with governors over coronavirus

BBC: Canada shooting: Gunman kills at least 18 in Nova Scotia

Less than 1 percent of federal emergency cash for college students doled out

Trump's support for right-wing protests just got more ugly and dangerous

Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and his supporters wouldn't abandon him. . .

Texas Puppies I am smitten with. Monday 20 April

Top Democratic super PAC reserves $65M in airtime across six battlegrounds

Will we ever look at Buffet restaurants the same way again?

Pressure builds on White House to increase tests

GOP moving 'full steam ahead' with summer convention plans

why has Trump, pinned this tweet?

Minnesota Pork Plant Shuts Down After Outbreak Among Workers

Come May 1 or May 15th, the pressure could be on to get back to work, but...

Trump's mission to reopen the economy is his Hail Mary chance at reelection

Requiem for a "Blues People" By Gloria Ladson-Billings --- the homegoing -- or what the rest of Americ

Detours around West Seattle Bridge can't handle pre-virus traffic levels

The problem isn't a lack of information. It's Trump.

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

Nova Scotia Gunman Reportedly Killed Couple in Front of Their Kids During Murder Spree

"I Have Not Felt This Way Since WW2": Memories of Dec. 7, 1941, FDR Radio Chats: Daily Kos Poster

I just saw a news clip from yesterday's killing rampage in Nova Scotia.

The Sundays - Wild Horses

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Remember Remember!

Federal appeals court says Texas can block pill-induced abortions during pandemic

South Carolina and Georgia

Don't believe the FoxNews Hype about Governor Whitmer's "draconian" shutdown.

More 420 photos

The view from the Tenderloin

The is a pathetic weasel acting as a president!

Still Corners - The Trip

What borders on stupidity?...

White House, GOP face heat after hotel and restaurant chains helped run small business program dry

if one turns down a back to work directive one may lose unemployment and

'Sleep Walk', an old instrumental by Santo and Johnny done by Jeff Beck

'Prayer Is Not Enough.' The Dalai Lama on Why We Need to Fight Coronavirus With Compassion

Can someone explain "herd immunity" to the rest of us?

Dove: 'Courage is Beautiful'

The neighbors sent over a plate again. I sent some TCHAIKOVSKY.

Brown County coronavirus cases explode to 292, with clusters tied to meatpacking plants in Green Bay

Proposed bill would cancel rent and mortgages during COVID-19 pandemic

The MAGAt filth found out black people were dying of COVID-19.

2020 US Senate Election- What will be the 51st Democratic US Senate seat?

Spain, Italy and Germany all have their lowest number of daily cases for five weeks or more.

Which one of your children should we throw into the volcano today???

The War On Drugs - Thinking Of A Place


I noticed a weird series of events in my state's CV infection data today.

Hillary was right, these pro-virus rallies prove it

Hey guys I need some help

Cue Music.........

Lockdown-defying pastor does something entirely predictable......

US source: North Korean leader in grave danger after surgery

Try to recall all of the times you've seen "we're fucked" typed here since November 8, 2016.

CNN: The US is monitoring intelligence that North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is in grave danger afte

The moment this puppy teaches himself to RUN

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 21 April 2020

The way these chimps help their friends is so human

BREAKING: Trump temporarily suspends immigration into the US

Kim Jong Un is brain dead ( Tweet deleted)

The Foxfire Book Series That Preserved Appalachian Foodways

It's time to open up the country again

Trump Exceptionalism: What happened to President Trump's approval ratings?

Who takes over North Korea now?

So my mother said

Cuomo Says Florida Beachgoers Travelling to New York Must First Be Tested for I.Q.

If These Re-Open The Country Protesters Are Exposed To Covid-19

NYT: The outbreak is continuing to worsen in some parts of America.

Trump announces he will unilaterally ban all immigration to the United States

What is Trump do about his best bud?

The Right Sends In the Quacks

For all the departed in the shooting in Nova Scotia, Canada

Is there a source other than the White House providing transcripts of briefings?

Carnival Row

Speed Bump (comic)

State of GA will open gyms?!?!?! God no.

Is Cuomo Really Going To Visit The White House Tomorrow?.....

Trump's Coronavirus Task Force Increasingly Ignores Trump

Help Save The Post Office With These Awesome Scale Models Of USPS Vehicles

Senate investigates Crossfire Hurricane

Yes our idiot in chief killed people...

So, our Gov. is opening up stores, barber shops, nail salons, Restaurants. etc. Are YOU going out

My mother just made a comment that rings so true!

Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane

Iron butterfly - In the Time of Our Lives

The Photographer Who Took Photos Of People In Scrubs Blocking Anti-Lockdown Protesters In Denver

Fifth Circuit Rules Texas Can Restrict Medication Abortions During Covid-19 Crisis

Though not yet confirmed, there are reports that, following surgery, North Korea's leader is

White House Sidelines Surgeon General

Every once in a while SCOTUS surprises you

Give her a Tony!

Shut down the borders to keep the invisible enemy out, but open it up because it's a hoax!

So this "invisible enemy" phrase Trump uses rather than Covid-19 or even virus

COVID-45 has now killed more people than the population of Bay City, Michigan.

Emergency room doctors facing pay cuts and understaffing during pandemic

OMG! I just realized....

So if the reports about Kim Jong Un are true?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Crowds Protest Coronavirus Lockdown

A Biden Presidency Could Be Better Than Progressives Think


Im confused....

Nurses union to protest at White House Tuesday

Bad me. Hilarious Twitter thread on Kim Jong Un

Kids these days:

America's Trump Problem Is Getting Worse Fast

This is a great explanation of the spread and mortality of Covid-19.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Stephen Curry - Helping Kids in Need & Homeschooling His Family

counts by zip code

South Korea says North Korea's Kim is not seriously ill..

The Daily Show Remembers: President Trump's Somber Tone

Someone on Facebook posted that the same number of people die each year from the flu.

Good night all

tRump is essentially writing ads for the Biden campaign

Feb 20th-neither US nor South Korea had a death from CV; 2 months later US 40,000 deaths, SK 236

We already knew the racist trumpists see this as a black disease they

Bread made with yeast water

Jesus H. Christ!

The Pandemic's Hidden Victims: Sick or Dying, but Not From the Virus (NYT)

Only 11 tests per 1000 people being done in US; Italy leads the world with 22 tests per 1000 people.

As a secular Jew, this is so foreign to me. . . But I DO find it entertaining to

Tooning Out The News: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' Mask Fail

Nationwide Protests from DM That Will Make You Shake Your Head

even the bunnies are getting slammed - Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2)

What should our Democratic leaders do?

Billionaire-Backed Human Rights Watch Lobbies for Lethal US Sanctions on Leftist Govts as Covid Rage

Bloomberg's final bill: $1 billion for a 104-day campaign

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Against Rushing To Loosen Coronavirus Restrictions

Bad News tweet:

This should be President Biden's theme song for rebuilding America when he becomes president

Why do these Nazi fuckers always have to have their guns?

"Jesus is my vaccine"

The Washington-Guaido Mafia Supports the Dispossession and Looting of Venezuelan Resources

Tweet of the night:

Just finished The Plot Against America on HBO.

Texas open for bidness...and this includes elective surgery

"See How We Are" by X...

Could this be the writing on the wall?

The Daily Show: Trump in February, March, April

Can anyone explain to me the importance of keeping open gun shops

First, restart White House tours.


Just watched a clip on Stephen Colbert. The first time in a few days I watched and listened

South Korea says North Korea's Kim is not seriously ill: Yonhap

Let's talk about reopening America and what a gate can teach us....

PBS Frontline: 'Patient One,' Saving America's 1st Known Coronavirus Patient

Don't fall for the bright shiny object! He's trying to change the subject

Alex Jones' ex-wife rebuffed in bid to gain daughters' custody after he courted COVID-19 at rally

PBS Frontline: 'Patient One,' Saving America's 1st Known Coronavirus Patient

DAMN: Chomsky Likens #NeverBiden to Nazi Enablers

Cancellation of 7-on-7 football will hurt, coaches say

Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina Move to Reopen as Hot Spots Emerge

What should Biden's campaign slogan be? Take a stab at it.

Frisco medical practice furloughs 50 more staffers after being rejected for small business loan

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Snoop Dogg on 4/20, Best Vegetable to Smoke Out Of & His Quarantine Room

Biden says he raised $46M in March


Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump Encourages Stay at Home Protests

Summon your courage.

Governor Whitmer's Lockdown Approval Rating Surpasses Trump's

UT Researchers Say Social Distancing Is Working. Slacking Off Could Put Us On A 'Catastrophic Path.'

U.S. colleges brace for a devastating summer and fall

I want to thank who posted a recent OP to buy stamps, a USPS mail truck replica, etc.

Shouldn't Our Elected Representatives Be on the Job Providing Essential Services?

Trump's Reelection Strategy: Pit Workers Against Democrats

China tries to revive economy but consumer engine sputters

Being stuck in the house made me realize that I

How George Washington Saved The Continental Army From A Deadly Disease

It's debatable: Who should bear primary responsibility in coronavirus battle?

One in five people in Russia want to "liquidate" the LGBT community

Went to CVS today with no mask while I was open carrying.

Hundreds of Amazon workers to walk off jobs starting Tuesday

Demand for Sharp's face masks crashes website and smart home gadgets

Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue sees $533 million 'small-donor bonanza' in first quarter

Joe is finally raking in small-dollar donations.

Ok, I just went on a little donation binge since I received a stimulus check.

This 1939 Novella Provides Peek Inside 1918 Pandemic

Texas Engineers Work In Labs, Living Rooms To Invent Ventilator Shortage Solutions

MSNBC If I See The Descovey For Prep Ad One More Time I Am Going To Vomit

c'mon, peanut gallery!! do it! shop at the post office store and fend off their demise

Same as it ever was

Tweet of the Day

Henry Geller, who helped ban cigarette ads on TV, dies at 96

there i go, checking LBN to see if trump's dead yet

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/20/20

Cuomo visiting White House Tuesday

Russian fatalism could have catastrophic consequences for Russia amid COVID-19:

Stephen Colbert - Trevor Noah: Trump's Response To Coronavirus Is Exposing His Lack Of Leadership

NOT The Onion, Testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus

Netanyahu's Power Is Extended as Rival Accepts Israel Unity Government

India reports biggest one-day virus spike as lockdown eased

(Jewish Group) Yom HaShoah

Breakfast Tuesday 21 April 2020

Netflix's 'Sergio' Chronicles Life Of U.N. Diplomat Killed In 2003

Trudeau promises gun-control legislation

How long to wear bandito apparel.

Chinese study finds coronavirus mutation has been vastly underestimated

MLB players say pay shouldn't be cut if empty ballparks

Black Bear Not Under Any Stay-Home Order Takes Stroll Down Main Street Danbury

VIDEO - Potluck Insurgency Forum for Iowa Candidates for the U. S. Senate

Queens trio arrested in alleged price gouging scheme after selling medical masks to undercover

Never tweeted of the day..

New York's largest nurses union sues the state and hospitals over coronavirus precautions

Let's watch the squirrels in the front yard together, pal.

And I'll raise your mutant coronavirus..

Ocasio-Cortez deletes 'absolutely love to see it' tweet about oil price crash amid conservative

Paper: Hannity viewers more likely to die from Covid-19 than Tucker Carlson ones

Dunning Kruger, yum

Let's watch the Melbourne night lights together, buddy.

Good morning, DU.

Feeling nostalgic for Windows XP? Or, feel like playing a prank on a co-worker?

Corona virus mask?

White Supremacist Nasty Nazi Distraction Tactic Alert

Tuesday TOONs - Liberate The States! Fly, My Pretties! Fly!

It's a bad time for the OCD to flare up.

First Civil War in History-Where the Rebels Kill Themselves

Study Raises Questions About False Negatives From Quick COVID-19 Test

U.S. News Releases 2020 Best High Schools Rankings

DeWine closes Ohio K-12 schools through end of school year due to COVID-19 pandemic

That effing mofo is tweeting about this awesome "ratings" & gop approval. I hate him.

Interesting bathroom tiles. Maybe not for those with a shy bladder.

My take on the oil prices!

Goat and man in heated discussion:

GOP Texas lt. gov. - "There are more important things than living"

Judge him by the company he keeps

Happy San Jacinto Day y'all!

You think testing is hard to do now, wait until a week or 2 after these idiot red states open up

Surgeon general gets pushed to sidelines, sparking questions

The sun is shining, we are in lock down so OF COURSE they do this...

Basically they are bunch of spoilt whiny brats

Rep. Swalwell: We don't need to protect America from immigrants. We need to protect her from you.

"Nutz on social distancing and it will save the country"!

"From below, from basements, from cellars, from sewers they rose..."

There is one political person that could rid this country of Donald Trump.

Speaking of the problem with masks, men and stereotyping (esp... POC). Not sure this would "fly"

'I'd take her in a heartbeat,'

US monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader is in grave danger after surgery

Dental Flossing

Testing -sign of the times

"He Wouldn't Call Up Obama, Clinton, or Even Bush During This Crisis"...

New Joe Biden ad from The Lincoln Project:

Virgin Australia airline seeks bankruptcy protection

Holy shit - can someone check me on this? NY state and city death rates...

Family Members Of Four Killed In Kobe Bryant Crash Sue Helicopter Company

Wow! It's a good thing that deaths are coming down in NY...

Miss. native and 'Green Acres' actor Tom Lester dies at 81

Richard Stengel: Why Trump's Coronavirus Optimism Isn't Working

WH Yanks Surgeon General From Airwaves After Official Comments On COVID-19 Race Disparity

"We Will Never Die" 1943 Hollywood Performance to Raise Awareness About The Holocaust:

'Everyone Was Screaming at Them.' The Story Behind Those Photos of the Counter-Protesting Health Car

Actual Doctor BRUTALLY Schools Fox News Host

Trump Speech/Brain Malfunction Leads to Nonsense

How Health Care Investors Are Helping Run Jared Kushner's Shadow Coronavirus Task Force

In loving memory: DUer pinboy3niner in front of the Vietnam Wall Memorial.

"I was told there would be a handbasket"

One of the "silver linings" about the coronavirus lockdowns...

BBB - Build Back Better

Man dies from coronavirus after calling it a 'political ploy

The Rundown: April 20, 2020

Kentucky sees highest spike in coronavirus cases after lockdown protests

Smithsonian Channel Plus

Millions rally at home in Phoenix to support stay-at-home orders

At least 7 new coronavirus cases appear to be related to Wisconsin's election, Milwaukee health comm

Operation Guinea Pigs: My code name for, open up the country.

Tom Brady ejected from Fla. park closed due to coronavirus pandemic

Kushner Squeezes Tenants While Lining Up for Bailout Money

It is puzzling the lack of literature and fact based movies about the 1918 pandemic.

Trump: "I'll probably be re-elected in a landslide"

Supreme Court denies to hear appeal from Kroenke, Rams and NFL in St. Louis relocation lawsuit

Some silly fun for your Tuesday

(Not) Coming to a Georgia movie theater soon

Nurses protesting outside the WH using social distancing

Here is one of the best all time music programs

Horses are finally back on balconies. Nature is healing. (Twitter)

This is making me crazy! (COVID stats).

Muh Crisis Bump

The United States government under Trump will rescue anything but it's people

dear car enthusiasts- i want a jeep gladiator.

Less than 10 days ago trump tweeted about his great oil deal.Now he's talking about bailing them out

Biden says he would pick Michelle Obama as running mate 'in a heartbeat'

To the greatest page

The world lost its leader at the worst possible time, The American president.

U.S. Debt to Surge Past Wartime Record, Deficit to Quadruple

#COVIDIOTS aka #BranchCovidians

Officer wants people to take COVID-19 seriously after his battle with the virus

Why are all the "Tough self-sufficient people" whining their

Some ducklings watching a yo-yo:

Cops threaten teen with "disorderly conduct" for posting truthfully that she has COVID-19.

NEW - Dan Scavino has been promoted to dep chief of staff for commnunications, per 3 people briefed.

Chuck Schumer: Agreement reached on major parts of $500 billion coronavirus aid package

A political scientist says the media is making a big mistake about Trump's chances in 2020

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-20-2020

Justin Trudeau Vows To Strengthen Gun Control Laws

Back to Work!

Popular right-wing social media figure drops all pretenses, goes full Neo-Nazi.

Fool me twice? For businesses and consumers, coronavirus is the financial crisis all over again

How does one social distance while getting a manicure or haircut?

Google ads keep downloading

Why I think that petulant child states re-opening won't be successful

Coronavirus death rate among veterans continues to climb

Company With Ties To Trump Receives Millions From Small Business Loan Program

Cartoon: MAGA Monkeys By Clay Jones -April 21, 2020 9:00 AM

Hey Texas this idiot thinks that there is more important things than it...........

Lincoln Project (Republican; Pro-Bidn) campaign ad: "Ready"

Air Force Ends Continuous Bomber Presence in Guam

Meat plant workers' jobs got more dangerous as South Dakota governor refused to help

Best homemade mask material per new study..and Quack Dr. Don was WRONG

to laugh.

GOP lawmaker: Congress voting safely from home is a plot to expand voting rights

Japan is offering sex workers financial aid.

"It's time to open up the United States now," she insisted. "We are not a communist nation."

Trump denies having rallies in March:

You raised $1,810.00 on April 20, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Trump wants golf back and the game plays up its advantage - privilege

Harry Harris posts photo of strategic asset acquired by S. Korean military

Conservative activist family behind 'grassroots' anti-quarantine Facebook events

Sick of hand washing ziploc bags and paper coffee filters only

Trump Says He's Aiming to Shield Corporations From Legal Liability for Workers Who Contract Covid-19

Jarabi (Djarabi) Suite

BLS Report: In 2019, 4.9% of families include an unemployed person, down from 5.2% in 2018

MSNBC host on COVID-19 protests: It is just plain dumb.


God damn Dorr brothers are lunatics!!!!!!!!

MMM -- TerribleTuesday

The Cure - A Forest (Extended UltraTraxx Remix) + The Cure - Let's Go To Bed (Milk Mix)

Dutch court approves euthanasia in advanced dementia cases

Queen Elizabeth II marks 94th birthday without fanfare

"Nice and easy, nice and easy. Just relax." *trigger alert*

Leadership During Crisis: A Conversation with Governors Gretchen Whitmer and J.B. Pritzker

How Much are Texan's Lives Worth to Greg Abbott? Apparently, $5.8 million.

Cat hats from their fur

The exact right guy found a German shepherd chained up on a mountain

Have you filled out your Census form?

Bernie Sanders Full Interview - Pod Save America

He became someone's treasure

😁 Coming May 16th

Austin in Quarantine

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 21 2020

I'm working at home. I've got my radio (my what?) tuned to a low-power FM station in

Israeli survivors remember Holocaust amid virus quarantine

Being alone is something I have enjoyed for years

Reporter Has Perfect Reaction To Herd Of Bison Crashing His News Segment

Ikea's famous Swedish meatball recipe.

Karma is a bitch. Another "COVID-19 is a liberal conspiracy" ranter dies of, well, guess what?

The boog gang rides I got a tip the local store will have toilet paper

Cuomo on his way right now to meet with trump. Please be careful

Pic Of The Moment: Another Smashing Success For The Greatest Dealmaker In History

I think I know what the problem is... RW Evangelicals must have different bibles than everyone else!

From 2012, but interesting: Pets good for kids' immune systems, researchers find

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others -- "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Can the coronavirus be spread through farts? - the New York Post

We still don't know if you can get it again if you survive it.

Cat Interrupts Interview To Show The World Her Butt

Front-Runner for Country's Dumbest Governor to Reopen Essential Bowling Alleys, Nail Salons Friday

Governor Larry Hogan - I just watched a great interview on The View of him. What a normal....

30 Photos Against The Quarantine (Some 'Stupid' Signs)

Donald Trump's Virginia stories

Who remembers a time when the incoming president would try to make

Bipartisan Senate report says 2017 intel assessment about Russian interference and Trump was accurat

CoronaLola: A Coronavirus Kinks Parody

Trump denies saying things he previously said about the coronavirus

Connie Mack

Why are Americans so servile to a clown president?

Okay, let's try this again. Let's say the total is ...

How long before give me some dirt on Biden and I'll give you a ventilator?

Costa Mesa man faces kidnapping charge after holding FOX 11 photographer at knifepoint

Joe Biden says Pence's Wisconsin visit uses state as a 'backdrop' during coronavirus crisis, critic

I guess it makes total sense

Bipartisan Senate report says 2017 intel assessment about Russian interference and Trump was accurat

Wartime Presidents:

Regarding the evil little shit: is he dead yet?

The Astro-turfed anti-stay-at-home morons have a great deal in common with the current price

Shindig! Episode 33: April 21, 1965

THIS needs to be @biden talking point!

Maybe a RETHUGLICON plan?

Biden commits to woman VP, but doesn't commit to woman of color

I Didn't Know Sh*t

Car registration renewal

It's a bird, it's a plane - NO, it's a cat in flight

Trump's own administration predicts at least 300,000 American deaths if lockdown is lifted early

Have The Governors Of These States That Are Opening Up Checked In With....

For those of you wondering about the best homemade mask materials.

Republicans And Their Allies Like Fox Are Making Sure Corona Virus Keeps Going And Can't Be Stopped

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/21/20

Donating o the Covid+19 Relief Fund?

Would you risk your life, or the lives of employees to sell to these folks?

Smartmeters -- some questions.

I'm waiting to hear how Trump's immigration ban will affect crop harvests and cause a food shortage.

New WH press secretary criticized for demanding media refer to Trump as 'President Trump'

Only 1 in 8 Floridians approved for unemployment benefits have actually gotten any money.

Why Democrats should stop worrying about Biden's low profile - Paul Waldman

More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study

Perhaps The Media Shouldn't Cover These MORON Protests

Interview with Dunning (of Dunning-Kruger) on Coronavirus

I'm sick of these yellow exam gowns.

I have our red state bumper sticker: Trump cares no more for you, than he cares for poop on his shoe


Finally! Bipartisan Vindication for US Intelligence re: use of Steele dossier.

Still no $1200 deposit/check here. How about you?

Bill Mitchell's grand display of republican dumbness.

On The Southern States Re-Opening Plan

Be Strong, Be Kind. Imagine if we had Jacinda Ardern as our president

Trump has created another big problem for himself.

Barr Says DOJ May Act Against Governors With Strict Virus Limits

Ready (Lincoln project's Joe Biden ad)

Rev. Dr.William J.Barber II @RevDrBarber: We should not listen to these governors who want to end

Comment: Their constitutions put states in charge for reason

Cartoons 4/21/2020

Wish I Was In Georgia!

Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick: "There are more important things than living..."

Ohio man, 60, who blasted COVID-19 lockdown as 'political ploy...dies of Covid-19

📩 APR 21 at 7PM ET - Saving Our U.S. Postal Service - Sanders Town Hall 📬 💌

Press giving Trump's 2020 chances too much credit

There Are Not Enough COVID-19 Tests. There Are Also Too Many COVID-19 Tests.

David Corn: Here We Go: Trump Has Started Accusing the Dems of Stealing the 2020 Election

Trump's miracle drug hydroxychloroquine - slightly INCREASES risk of dying from COVID 19

I gotta say this! The ONLY way i can see this (opening of the states) is

Juan Gonzlez: "Make No Mistake: This Country Is Edging Closer to Neo-Fascist Authoritarianism"

Crowds Protest Coronavirus Lockdown

Kentucky lawmaker accused of strangulation allegedly tried to hog-tie female victim

Restaurant issues "War Bonds" in UK to raise capital

'More important things than living,' Texas' Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says

Maryland Governor Befuddled By Trump's Anger Over Guv's Wife Obtaining Test Kits

"What do you have to lose?"

For all the people who've binged Tiger King

Don Lemon has message for those 'who just want to get a haircut'

More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study

Chef's organization to pay for hundreds of small restaurants to safely reopen and help feed familie

This dog is really living his best life

F-16 fighter intercepted even more Russian jets overflying a US warship, NATO says

This is overboard-thinking, but is POtuS starting a mini-Holocaust?

Molly Jong Fast and Rick Wilson have a podcast , The New Abnormal.

The White House appears to have silenced the surgeon general for his remarks on racial disparities

How Fox News Is Supercharging the Coronavirus Protests

How systemic US racism informs and motivates the COVID19 response.

Michigan's largest hospital to lay off 2500 employees

My County Is #2 In IL For CV19 Deaths

Trump's Excuse For Holding Rallies Amid Growing Pandemic: He Can't Remember Them

Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Stay safe.

Ohio and Kentucky have their largest daily increases in COVID-19 cases

"Old Hippie" Got Accused of Astroturfing the Right-Wing Campaign to Reopen the Economy

Israeli Embassy Holocaust Event in Germany Disrupted by Anti-Semites

About a Charity - 1-877 Kars For Kids..Information & it looks like a dishonest charity!

"I cannot see the enemy so they must be gone."

Covid-19 Antibody Test, Seen as Key to Reopening Country, Does Not Yet Deliver

Michigan governor: have not spoken with Biden about being his running mate

Shit got real

Naomi Klein@NaomiAKlein: There are things worth dying for. Going to a shitty mall isn't one of them.

Germany's Oktoberfest scrapped over virus in blow to beer industry

Bellingham plans to open showers at Civic Stadium during coronavirus pandemic

Okay, I can't hold it any longer. I have to brag on my son.

Biden Crushes Trump With New Ad Calling Him A Failed Leader Who Put Millions Of Lives At Risk

United Autoworkers Union endorses Biden

Stocks drop for a second day as oil wipeout continues

Here's One By A All-Time Fave Band Of Mine

Lot of "liberate" footage is meant to make these events look big. Here's what the protest in Ohio

Coronavirus brings spike in anti-Semitic sentiments

We go now live to Kim Jong-un's surgery.

How a rally for the right in Charlottesville emboldened a resurgent Religious Left

Farm workers to be exempt from Trump's immigration ban

Americans in substance abuse recovery face another huge challenge: COVID-19

Venezuelan Migrants Leave Ecuador as Coronavirus Hits Economy

Healthcare workers in Harrisburg PA are in the streets standing up & telling protestors to stay home

Biden raises over three times as much money as Trump in March

Oops wrong forum

More than 700,000 workers in Washington directly impacted by COVID-19: study

This is why the United States is being hit harder than any other "developed" country.

I think that we're headed for a second spike

Ferndale to allow construction to finish to prevent damage during coronavirus stoppage

Anybody watch The Plot Against America?

Coronavirus strains Tri-Cities food banks as surge in need expected in coming weeks

Getting REAL tired of the DNC and the like sending me "polls" via email

Bill Barr threatens legal action to force states to reopen: 'We have to give businesses more freedom

Trump is delaying testing in the states, and for a very simple reason.

Well, it's 13 o'clock somewhere

Washington COVID-19 deaths reach 652, cases top 12,000

Kentucky lawmaker who ran for governor faces assault charge

Steve Sack FTW

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard worker fired after raising concerns about coronavirus

There are more important things than living...

Ocasio-Cortez Will Oppose 'Insulting' Coronavirus Response Package

This Las Vegas Mayor Used To Be In Democratic Party?

New testing initiative in Iowa

Exercising outdoors? Air pollution has 'troubling' effect on COVID-19

WTAE:More than 40 workers lived at their help health care workers

Richard Branson offers private island as collateral for loans to save his airlines

Fed-up nurses file lawsuits, plan protest at White House over lack of coronavirus protections

Some perspective on testing.

Warren Buffett's favorite stock-market indicator 'scares the bejeezus' out of this investor

Kemp's strategic openings are more devious than you think

Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Rent Relief

Hondurans Protest as Elites Attempt to Use Pandemic to Enrich Themselves

Officials link 7 Wisconsin virus cases to in-person voting

Closing in on 44,000 deaths and 1,500 new deaths.

Liar tweets tonight.... Awesome video, gotta watch

Looks like the CA EDD Unemployment Insurance site is crashing right now

How much does a hazmat suit cost?


[WATCH] Governor Newsom Coronavirus Update (links)

😍Final Call For Submissions to the Photography April Contest😍

Using the Zoom App for face-time w/ Mom

What's next for troubled West Seattle Bridge?

Canterbury thief jailed after using hedge trimmer to rob taxi driver in Faversham

Spectrum cable employees are getting sick amid a debate over working from home.

Tell me if you have SS direct deposit and have received your $1200?

I don't believe the L A Fitness gyms reopened in GA

My Gawd My Michigan. Can't believe the numbers today. 232 new deaths.

Raccoons want to check out books and go in person to do so!

What happened to the Libbety vs Tranny sign? nt

I Will Not Lay Down My Life For The Economy!

New analysis recommends less reliance on ventilators to treat coronavirus patients

Ok creative people I have a wicked idea

Dan Patrick deserves three pats on the head from Trump.

If Trump opens up the country prematurely,

Does anyone know where the term "running a Boston" in Spades or Bid Whist comes from?

A "return to normal" must not be considered acceptable

Pa. Dept. Of Health Interactive Map Tracks Coronavirus Cases By Zip Code


Flu Klux Klan!

Judge rules Rick Gates doesn't have to spend days in jail during coronavirus pandemic

As we approach 44,000 deaths, do you think Republicans will have second thoughts....

WordPress mixed content warning help, please

White Nationalist Activist and Father Both Arrested for Crimes Against Women

Sometimes you just gotta wonder about people

#ReopenAmerica is all about saving Trump's reelection chances

If small business's already filled out the form to get one of the additional covid "loans"

SETI@Home is back. Now it's combating the coronavirus

When The Southern States Start Re-Opening...

A teacher motorcade just came down my street.

"Normal" requires a vaccine.


(Jewish Group) NJ man accused of ordering attacks on synagogues released from jail

Tweet of the Day

A form letter from governors of early opening states dated (approx) mid to late May.

(Jewish Group) The dad bringing Jews stuck home the sounds of Torah set to classic children's books

(Jewish Group) Jewish environmental group sounds the call: Blow the shofar on Earth Day

Does the origin of the virus really matter?

(Jewish Group) Firebombing damages Jewish center in Ukraine

Virtual memorial plaques projected on gates of Auschwitz-Birkenau for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Where zombie protesters come from--

(Jewish Group) Virtual memorial plaques projected on gates of Birkenau for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Cats know how to deal with the stupid overflow:

these 6 large resturants chains got PPP bailout money

John Prine, Austin City Limits

All this talk of opening red states is a republican distraction

Windows will soon generate electricity

Accused Monsey stabber not mentally fit to stand trial, federal judge rules

Speed Bump. (comic)

Beto responds to Trump immigration distraction

Oil prices extend slide one day after U.S. crude drops below zero; Dow plunges more than 600 points

Why did Cuomo agree to meet with Trump?

Coronavirus and the Height of Corporate Welfare with Robert Reich

New study shows hydroxychloroquine didn't work against Covid-19

Wisconsin legislature sues to block enforcement of governor's stay-at-home order

(Jewish Group) French-Jewish spy who survived the Holocaust celebrates 100th birthday with parade

More Deaths. No Benefits. Trump 2020 Campaign Slogan? (Twitter)

Coronavirus has mutated 30 times...

Trump's latest tweets are an alternative world where the pandemic takes a backseat to MSNBC coverage

Trump floats funding for oil after historic market loss

Is Trump a mass murderer?

The raccoons are returning to the libraries. Nature is healing. (Twitter)

GOP lawmakers ask Supreme Court to block Tony Evers' order to stay home

My laptop is slowly dying

Barr: Stay-at-home orders are like 'killing the patient' who has cancer

Trump Has Set A Trap For Governors.....

Drug touted by Trump showed no benefit and actually caused more deaths

Actor J. August Richards comes out as gay

Breaking NFL News - Gronk to Bucs

Kentucky state lawmaker faces domestic violence charges

The 100 Most Overpaid CEO's

UAW Endorses Biden Reopening Plan After Trump's Task Force Snub

Ticked off vic on mortgage relief nsfw

"I just can't do this." Harried parents forgo home school

A gathering of covidiots is known as a covfefe.

States smuggle COVID-19 medical supplies to avoid federal seizures as House probes Jared Kushner

Dave Alvin - for DU MA super star sweetloukillbot

Now religious extremists are claiming that the coronavirus pandemic started at a "gay conference"

GOP governor: Trump's new immigration ban 'doesn't make us any safer'

Ticking off rethugs on Tweeter....

The Ten Weeks That Lost the War: A Timeline of How Trump Lied, Bungled and Screwed America

Still can't get chicken?

Still can't get chicken?

Georgia to re-open movie theaters

Texas Democrats launch site to make sure residents can still register to vote

Check out Fox promoting Trump's fake (for corona) medicine:

CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus this winter will likely be worse

CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus this winter will likely be worse

US OKs 1st coronavirus test that allows self-swab at home

Nebraska governor refuses to issue safety measures even as outbreaks rise

Eagle Trapped in Mud Saved by Photographer

Study of Trump-Promoted Coronavirus Drug Finds More Deaths, No Benefit

Just talked with my new general practitioner.

Biden polls 7 points ahead *among seniors*.

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 21, 2020

One of the best examples of right-winger stupidity I've seen in a long time...

Trump/Cuomo meeting lasted 20 minutes?

Lee Fang@lhfang: GoDaddy records show that a public relations firm tied to the Koch network,

Woman Comes Up With Genius Way To Cut Dog's Nails Without Drama

Steve Doocy-Off the Charts

Just to note. V.P. Pence is here in Madison Wisconsin at the G.E. Plant congratulating them on

In front of White House, nurses read names of colleagues killed by coronavirus

Fred Guttenberg's excellent reply to Kayleigh's demand to call trump

Trump is a Rock Star! Six Nations Covid-19 Results Compared

How to take advantage of free online lessons while you're social distancing

"Reopen Wisconsin" protest permit denied; organizers say it'll happen anyway

The deep-seated fear driving Trump's invented and exaggerated popularity rankings

My sister came out of retirement in Washington State to resume her nursing career

Senate passes $484 billion bill that would expand small business aid, boost money for hospitals

Mama Duck Coaches Her Babies Out Of The Nest For The First Time

Seriously, what the fuck?

Gimme an "F!" Gimme an "F!" Gimmie an, oh, well, never mind...pardon me.

Chunk & Nibbles Are Cool Calm And Quarantined

Montana just made it harder for Native Americans to vote

Protesters Demand States Open,Notice Spike In Coronavirus Cases,Infuriate Them By Locking Down Again

Patriots trade Rob Gronkowski to Tampa Bay

Hungry Koala Walks Up To Couple Asking For Help

Donald Trump's weird tales: His call to "liberate Virginia" is even worse than you think

Does anyone know who I call to find out where my check is from the government CARE legislation?

Another good article on CV antibody tests and CV immunity.

IHME COVID-19 deaths model was low by 3K yesterday, looks like down by 4K today by days end

Speaker Pelosi press briefing just started n/t

@TheRickWilson the press briefing this afternoon is going to get ugly for the CommanderInChief......

People Rescue 700-Pound Moose From Railroad Tracks

Senate Interim Funding Bill for Coronavirus Relief Spurns Progressive Priorities

All of the ironies die everyday as this pandemic unfolds

Strangers come together to save a pit bull's life


"We the Peaple of Pennslvania"

Pupper's excited reunion with his human after being stolen on December 14, 2019

Oh, God. Here comes Dreary Donnie

In honor of Earth Day.

Another example of Nature's renewal:

Analysis of Relative Covid-19 Mortality of Hannity Viewers

Help Americans Make America Great Again for America

Corona Don What A Great Name

Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Hotel Relief

This is Sky and she is deaf ... but watch this

BTRTN: Trump Leading From (His) Behind

No Ice Cream trucks.

BTRTN: Trump Leading From (His) Behind

Maggot45's Mar-a-lago, Doral properties lay off hundreds of workers


04/22 Mike Luckovich - Both barrels

Watch this matted dog transform into the happiest tiny pup

some local Quarantine Drag Racing

Article: K.Porter Pushed To Help Oversee COVID 19 Bailout Fund

Trump on Immigration..Who will pick the crops on Farms?

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow: Just FYI: This would overlap with the election.

and just like that, our attention is directed

As we approach 2700 new deaths. What is our high so far? I think I tried to forget

He speaks like a half-bright, drug-addled, third grader!

Shithound just tried to dismiss the findings on the drug he has

Some Governors don't want testing???

'Open America' protests reek of Russian astroturfing

APR 21 at 7PM ET - Saving Our U.S. Postal Service - Sanders Town Hall 📬 💌

Herd immunity is a myth, infectious disease experts warn

Mike Anderson, retired reporter at WISN in Milwaukee has died.

Dog found 4 months after being stolen from San Francisco

Still going in to work in Pennsylvania amid the coronavirus?

"We have one of the most successful mortality rates."

Trump surrogates and Fox hosts Diamond and Silk pushed an unhinged 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory

Right-wing populism vs the medical profession - It's time to amplify and feed into this feud

Chipotle agrees to record $25 million fine over tainted food

The Infection That's Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients

Cnn panel is not happy with Dr. Brix--should have been more forceful in saying Govs need

Remember this blast from the tRump past: An Episode Of a TV Show In Which He Defeats Rivals

A tip on handling a facial mask for reuse from a paramedic...

large public companies that got bailout money

Rent, or food for the kids? An unfamiliar dilemma arises

Under court order, 46 inmates released to Snohomish County

20 minutes long but well worth a watch

The Liar Tweets Tonight

Dog Called 'Old As Dirt' Finally Finds His Forever Home

Trump Says China May Be 'Knowingly Responsible' for Virus

Same as it ever was ...

Speaking of vinyl, 80 yr old sister's birthday card this year

How can you have this resume and then lower yourself to lie for drumpf?

Secret Recording Reveals NRA's Legal Troubles Have Cost The Organization $100 Million

Want a laugh at Trump's expense?

Oh so many lies and some eat up every word Trump says!

Never look back...

Trump says the measure of his success against coronavirus will be the final death toll.

Can somebody tell me what the "Karen" thing is all about?

I didn't hear Mnuchin say if Trump....

What sense does it make for MSNBC to sit on Trumps shitshow for two hours

Article Congressional Democrats Cave On Critical Funding COVID 19 Relief Bill

The Liar Tweets Tonight

Gretchen Whitmer: I Have Made Gut-Wrenching Choices to Keep People Safe

The GOP Has Every Reason to Want the US Postal Service to Fail

Gov. Hogan on ABC: Trump "basically was encouraging people to violate his own federal policy."

I wonder where Don Jr, Eric and Melatonin are these days? Don't seem to hear anything.

U.S. Warships Enter South China Sea Hot Spot as Tensions With China Escalate

Sheriff Told Teen to Take Down Posts About Coronavirus, Family's Lawsuit Says

NJ Governor Murphy getting far higher marks than Trump

Anybody know of an online background check that lets you do just

Check out the Venice canals! They're clear, not muddy and stinky

Amtrak Suspends Several Routes, Reduces Service Schedules

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

If there is no ticket splitting in the 2020 US Presidential and US Senate Election,