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Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

We're over 1000 deaths just today!

Coronavirus Shows the Need for D.C. and Puerto Rico Statehood

Ernst is having a Facebook live town hall tomorrow 2PM

WTF?!? DeSantis now says he'll save Floridians ONLY - No other Americans or Canadians

Where the FUCK are the U.S. COVID-19 counts on the Johns Hopkins map today?

The Trouble with Triscuits

More than 1 in 5 ventilators in federal government stockpile is holding for emergencies don't work

Ernst is having a Facebook live town hall tomorrow 2PM

A**hole in Chief is obviously going to use

Lawmakers press IRS to get coronavirus checks to seniors

This is no April Fool's. British American Tobacco is trying to make a coronavirus vaccine

Colbert on March 1st and on April 1st

OMG! DeSantis: Religious Services Are "Essential Business" & Exempt From Stay At Home Order

The Mathematics of Predicting the Course of the Coronavirus

Trump blows up at Fox's John Roberts, denies disbanding pandemic response team. #AlternateFacts

oy just realized something ... taxes

100% vegetarian dark gravy:

Has anyone considered reusable PPE?

Washington Post today - Now Americans on SS have to file a tax return (discrepancy)

Chaichana the Bull Elephant Moves to Beethoven's Piano Music

Anthony Fauci's security is stepped up as doctor and face of U.S. coronavirus response

Stuck Inside? Here's an Australian Kids' Show Every Parent Can Love.

Social Security recipients who don't usually file tax returns no longer need to file them

The Woman Who Smashed Codes: The Untold Story of Cryptography Pioneer Elizebeth Friedman

Market Coincidence Today

😁 you know, it's funny......MEMES! 🤪

Mike Pence Visits Virginia While Actively Botching Coronavirus Response

Navy says it can't empty Roosevelt amid coronavirus because of its weapons, nuclear reactor

Coronavirus briefing is now about drug interdiction?

Port of L.A. engineer intentionally derailed train in attempted attack on USNS Mercy, federal prosec


An ad I'd like to see

Fauci's security is stepped up as doctor and face of U.S. coronavirus response receives threats

Advice from a respiratory therapist CORONA Common Sense

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 2 April 2020

Since I typically get my tax refund by direct deposit, does that mean I'm spared

The federal government has a ventilator stockpile, with one hitch:

I've completed my family's Census.

I swear to god, he might go golfing, see the link inside.

In case anyone needs a gif of John Roberts's "whatever, old man, just shut the fuck up" wave

Federal Court Tosses Florida's Poll Tax; Formerly Incarcerated People Can Vote in 2020

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! On The Road!

God, just think how the human toll will worsen when hurricane and wildfire seasons gets here...

Stimulus check, and Medicaid waivers.

Family's lockdown version of Les Miserable song

Flood of coronavirus data overwhelms state reporting system

Americans who know someone with COVID, less likely to approve of him

As California stops releasing data about health workers' coronavirus infections, nurses cry foul

A Vaccine From The 1920s Is Now Being Tested For Use Against The Coronavirus Pandemic

small relief

Inslee to state businesses: Pivot to make medical equipment

Detroit Amazon workers plan to walk out over handling of COVID-19

Coronavirus may permanently change how we buy our food

What was the #1 song on your 12th birthday?

Hemant Mehta (the Friendly Atheist) wins on Jeopardy today

Key ingredient in coronavirus tests comes from Yellowstone's lakes

A beautiful woman tried to seduce me once, and I messed it up. Missed my chance.

MyPillow CEO Rants Against 'Evil' Media For Coverage Of His White House Briefing

WTF?? Engineer tried to crash train into USNS Mercy in Los Angeles: Feds

Over 1000 American deaths in one day from covid-19

NYC's healthcare workers are at a greater risk of getting the novel coronavirus.

WTF ? Rachel Maddow is reporting that american companies

Something else to keep in mind.

Pence Confronted by CNN for Claim That Trump Never 'Belittled' Coronavirus Threat

Saw this comment on a youtube video

My Mother in Law Said "But She's Pretty"

New CDC report finds COVID-19 can be spread 1-3 days before onset of symptoms

Tourists brought prosperity to an Idaho ski valley. They also brought covid-19.

'We are on the verge of a massive collapse': Ex-Energy Secretary Perry says COVID-19 will ravage oil

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives emotional update on brother Chris Cuomo's coronavirus: 'I'm worried'

Grifter and convicted felon Kent Hovind back in the news.....

Isaiah Stewart announces he's leaving UW to enter 2020 NBA Draft

The roadmap for defeating covid-19 (WAPO)

Report card

Cruise ship passengers desperately plead with Florida to allow them in

Say it with me, "Trump Pandemic"

Who ever came up with the studio at the Biden home.. let me just say

Unemployment claims for last week could shatter record amid millions of new layoffs

The list of those who won't get a $1,200 aid check is growing and includes some surprising groups

Looks like the media is poised to handle the 2020 campaign just like the 2016 campaign

Jazz great Ellis Marsalis succumbs to coronavirus

Sen. Bernie Sanders Is Showing His True Colors

HI update - 258 diagnosed, 34 new, 69 released

Trump administration won't station US troops near Canadian border

Thruout the Irish Potato Famine, landlords routinely shipped food out of the country. During COVID19

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats will end up with after November 2020.

This Pandemic Is Not Your Vacation

Obamacare Markets Will Not Reopen, Trump Decides

I hope this is allowed in this group.

Inslee Adds More Stay-At-Home Guidance For Businesses

If you go back and watch the briefings on this pandemic right from the very beginning

Cheesy QuaranTuna Surprise

The Cult of the Shining City Embraces the Plague

*Adam Schiff coming up on Lawrence show.

Differing death tolls in California and Louisiana hint at the urgency to 'flatten the curve'

Crimes Agains Humanity

Coronavirus is dividing blue cities from their red states

SCHUMER, Wyden, and sanders call on Dept of Labor to Expedite Unemployment Benefits:

10 days for coronavirus test results, 160,000 backlogged tests:

I went to my first nightly "Howl" tonight. Someone started it in our

Odd, isn't it? Something is seriously missing among the many websites charting COVID stats

Rep. Devin Nunes calls California coronavirus plan 'way overkill' the same day Trump praises it

Looking for an early 2020 Christmas present?

Red Governor partners with Blue Doctor who volunteered for Obama

White House Correspondents' Association boots OAN from briefing rotation

Joe interview

Ron DeSantis said New York stay-at-home order caused flights to Florida to spike. But did they?

Trump is trying to deflect the issues at hand!

Social Security recipients who don't usually file tax returns will automatically get $1,200 payments

Any anecdotes about how people probably caught COVID-19 even...

Bernie Math

Corona virus: Number of cases in US for month of March and World trend graphs for deaths

A president unfit for a pandemic.

I love Steve Sack

Los Angeles mayor urges everyone to wear masks

Cuomo Is a Coronavirus Star, but Newsom Is Quietly Bending the Curve

The difference between China and the U.S., besides...

Hillary would have been on this like a dog on a bone.

my cousin died today, non covid19

Trump has put the MAGAs between a rock and a hard place

Who is on your (hypothetical) apocalypse team?

Why Germany's Coronavirus Death Rate Is Far Lower Than In Other Countries

BRAND NEW article on receipt of stimulus checks for SS recipients (YES YOU GET IT, NO NEED TO FILE)

Why won't Bernie drop out?

Great Job Mayor Eric Garcetti!!

Behind the scenes, Kushner takes charge of coronavirus response

Thanks, Everyone on DU Who Are Helping out the Hackers!

I don't want to make this a political thing but.....

Americans Hesitant to Return to Normal in Short Term

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: Holy Eparchial Synod Communique March 31, 2020

Let me say this up front: yes, I know how this sounds but---

Some luminescent language castigating several cultures in a history book.

List of my favorite Coronavirus links: State graphs, charts, maps, updated daily

Trump Let Contract With Ventilator Firm Lapse

So Dump went back to form?

"the quiet realization that she had just been killed on live tv"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's "New Tone" On Coronavirus

from Last Word w/ Lawrence O'Donnell SO GREAT

Well, Just viewed this on BBC"s Hardtalk. Previously aired in 2017? I cried hard. Blind backpacker..

why is mf saying it is a lie that the pandemic team was disbanded when we have proof

Trump Let Contract With Ventilator Firm Lapse

Madison doctor, husband victims of double homicide, family friends say

Trump announces enhanced counternarcotics operation at coronavirus briefing (and related story)

Some find creative ways to handle quarantine:

Defying Florida Governor, Miami Archbishop says there will be no Easter Masses

Creative way to handle quarantine:

Stop asking obvious questions, Brian Williams!

Musk promised ventilators but delivered CPAP machines

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer - What Michigan Needs to Fight Coronavirus

for those of us off road minded

How many coronavirus cases are asymptomatic? CDC and other data range as high as 50%

Four Americans died in the Benghazi attack in 2012 and Republicans had hearings for 4 years.

Rural communities with few coronavirus cases will get rapid-test kits over larger areas -- White Hous

A national emergency can't be jobbed out to the states

Seth Meyers: MyPillow CEO Speaks at Trump's Coronavirus Press Conference - Monologue 3/31/20

Trump's transition team "did not show up"

Gretchen Whitmer on The Daily Show

Cats get creative in quarantine, too.

Two Doctors Log Their Days Inside NYC Emergency Rooms (very moving)

Seattle's Museum of Flight now offers virtual tours, videos and collections from home

My Pinterest page filled with Trump spam....

On Brian Williams, one of the governors - don't remember who

This Is the Entire 2020 Election in One Screenshot

Cocaine Blues? Take Your Pick, Ladies and Gentlemen

Alaska's Remote Villages Are Cutting Themselves Off to Avoid Even 'One Single Case' of Coronavirus

How to see bright Comet ATLAS

Trump says considering canceling domestic flights to coronavirus hot spots

Coronavirus death toll tops 5,000 in US as officials warn it's going to get worse

Georgia Mayor Cancels Social Distancing Order Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Van Morrison - Moondance

Warren Condemns Trump for Outbidding States, Seizing Key Medical Supplies

Of all the time that we could have had an incompetent president

a puzzle for Wednesday evening

New evidence shows Trump--who says he knew Covid-19 was 'going to be horrible'--allowed exports of cru

Interesting that is pushing the covid-19 is a hoax narrative

Jang Yoon-jung - First Love

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren

"Dead peasant insurance and Covid19". My fevered brain went to that just now, as I was reading

Ok, DU Friends. THIS is what we are battling. . .

Three weeks ago, I went to a softball game.

Seth Meyers - Trump Pretends He Never Compared Coronavirus to the Flu: A Closer Look

Coronavirus explained by John Oliver

Health department looking for help with med background to trace contacts of coronavirus patients

Georgia House Speaker refuses to move bill for all-mail election.

For those of you who are working from home, are you doing video/audio conferencing?

When i start sewing masks Friday in need some advice. It will be two layers

Trump had the answers to the test handed to him ... and he still failed.

I'll get my own groceries.

So, what's the DU consensus re: Mask, no-mask?

The U.S. government has nearly emptied its emergency stockpile of protective medical supplies.

Today I was less than a block away from a coronavirus death.

Is it just me, or are others disturbed reading posts mocking people who died from COVID-19

I read that Trump's heavy old friend suffering w/ the virus was named publicly today..

Stephen Colbert: America's Obsession With Gov. Cuomo Has Gone To A Weird Place - 4/1/20

NORAD, Northcom Move Personnel To Cheyenne Mountain Bunker Amid Pandemic

Don Lemon Fights Back Tears Over Chris Cuomo's Coronavirus Diagnosis

Slate - The Establishment Didn't Destroy Bernie Sanders. He destroyed himself.

Trump's comatose friend was Charles Kushner's business partner.

Coronavirus III: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Back to work at the hardware store after 4 weeks off - but stylin'!

Hello. When can we have an app that tracks people with the virus?

"It doesn't have to be a mask. It can be a scarf," Trump said:" in a certain way, a scarf is better"

Troop Zero - Official Trailer Prime Video

Governor of Ga. had no idea that people without symptoms can spread COVID-19

Three Dog Night - Shambala

Coronavirus Deaths Top 100 in Illinois as Total Cases Rise to Nearly 7K

Not Orthodox, but I just found these prayers from World Vision site.

Will we ever know

This song kept my spirits up during my hospital stay, and using it again now...while stuck at home.

The Who - Squeeze Box

Coronavirus: Australian Scientists Begin Tests Of Potential Vaccines

So just who or what was it

Somber milestone - it looks like we'll have a million confirmed cases worldwide on 4/2.

I Be High - Kid Cudi

Ali Velshi exposes president's complicity in COVID-19 crisis

Trump may have lied about comatose 'friend with coronavirus'.

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to work out at Supreme Court private gym, her trainer says

Trump touts being #1 on Facebook as he discussed Iran

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 is winning-

Minority backs his pandemic response

Have a friend who is an ER nurse from NC wanting to come to NYC to help out

Trump begs Putin to send him supplies for corona virus.

This 30 day period COULD be pivotal in ending the crisis

Two bandits wearing protective surgical masks Snatch $250,000 from New York City Racetrack Guards

Incoming US Senators of 2020.

Coronavirus is not the flu, YouTube

Well I felt to good, Cub Koda style.

2020 Democratic US Senate Nominees likely to win.

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020-

Will there be a monument?

Jazz patriarch Ellis Marsalis dies at 85 while fighting coronavirus, son says

Because he can. Because, yes, he really is that petty.

Can't sleep? New podcast reads EULA term& conditions to you

"Unemployment will remain elevated as workers learn of generous benefits..."

20 US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.

I'm sure I heard this right

Worried About Coronavirus? Now You Can Text Message A Chatbot With Questions

Can citizens sue the Con,their governors and Fux Gnus

Do you think your governor has done a good job during the pandemic?

We need a laugh, OK? Outakes/Bloopers/Gag reel from the making of the movie "Ted"

Georgia Senator trades stocks.

(OPM: Veterans' Administration wants to rehire retired nurses, PAs, IT specialists, etc.)

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne co-founder, has died from coronavirus

There is a real truth here...

April 2 - Happy Birthday Rep. Chellie Pingree (D) ME-1st

A message from Samuel L Jackson...

I spose it was only a matter of time,

How sad it must be (From Democratic Socialists on FB)

Thursday TOONs - We Have Nothing To Fear But Trump Himself

Breakfast Thursday 2 April 2020

Home Depot executes 'stop-sale' order for N95 masks,donates them to health care workers during coron

Despite OK from De Santis, Miami archbishop says there will be no Easter Masses

Regarding this sick cruise ship Zandaam.

Here, have a square.... errr, a slice:

Southwest Airlines to apply for aid with U.S. Treasury after demand craters

A new Image for the Age!

Journalism Profs Call for an End to Fox News Coronavirus 'Misinformation' in Open Letter to Murdoch

Treasury backs off requirement that Social Security recipients, others take extra step to get $1,200

Trump's meeting with big oil execs at the White House Friday.

Trump campaign tells surrogates to paint Biden as 'the opposition' in coronavirus war

UN: 95% of Europe's virus dead over 60 but young not immune

Trump Let Contract With Ventilator Firm Lapse

Just As In 1918, Air Pollution & Susceptibility To Infection Connected, Esp. In Low-Income Areas

Who said exercising with your dog wasn't a bonding experience? 😂

The War President

Joanne Fabric Free mask kits.

Jules Feiffer: Remember To Wash Your Hands

Coronavirus: BA expected to suspend 36,000 staff

NY State Grid Operator Has +/- 40 Staff Living On-Site 24/7 - Planned For, But Never Done Before

We Can Finally See the Real Source of Washington Gridlock

Portrait of a psychopath

To Fight a Fast-Moving Pandemic, Get a Faster Hospital

Man accused of killing Nev. trooper was paranoid over coronavirus, court documents say

Kamala Harris: Social distancing is important, not emotional distancing.

SPIN THIS MAGATs: Trump Let Contract With Ventilator Firm Lapse

Former US Federal Judge Kevin Thomas Duffy Dies From Coronavirus

How did it come to this

CNN: Experts tell White House coronavirus can spread through talking or just breathing

Twin Peaks Shootout

In the week ending March 28, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 6,648,000

Initial Jobless Claims: 6.648 million.

A Million N95 Masks Are Coming From China---on the Patriots' Plane

Coronavirus in Europe: Spain's death toll hits 10,000 after record 950 new deaths in 24 hours

It's a hoax, right?

Somebody decided to invite Dr. Rishi Desai onto Fox. I don't think they'll be asking him back.

Florida man who raised funds for border wall hawks millions of face masks

Chris Kemmitt@ChrisKemmitt: Qualified immunity strikes again: the 6th Circuit ruled that police

Well, I'm now an official stay-at-home.

The FBI ran more than 3.7 million background checks on Americans buying guns in March.

Thank goodness this GOP "plan" was blocked by those evil liberals

Nelson Mandela was roughly the same age as Joe Biden when he took on saving his country...

Here's a blow by blow of Trump's ratfuckery in re GM and ventilators

Boeing to offer voluntary layoffs to employees amid coronavirus fallout -source

Some asked how did it get so bad in Michigan?

NFL agent Buddy Baker says his parents died from coronavirus 6 minutes apart

Putin sends military plane to U.S. with supplies to fight coronavirus after talking with Trump

Trump's 'new tone'

Frustration mounts as unemployment website crashes during COVID-19

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/2/20.

Journalists skipping Trump's daily press briefings, saying they don't have enough news value

Trumps refusal to do the obvious in order to save lives is premeditated negligent homicide.

Navajoland doctor says supplies and manpower critically needed, National Guard failed to deliver

Trumpists Calling Virus Death Toll is Fake

Christian "Finishes" Virus, Commands God to Destroy It

U.S. Jobless Claims Doubled to Record 6.65 Million Last Week

Right speech is one of virtues that we Buddhist try to practice.

The Rundown: April 1, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 04/01/20

Half-Box Cakes

Coronavirus Costing Trump Properties Over $1 Million Daily in Lost Revenue

Further Along

Ellis Marsalis has died

Joe Biden says he thinks the Democratic convention will 'have to move into August'

Truck Stuffed With Toilet Paper Catches Fire On Texas Interstate

For the first time in my life, I think a depression is conceivable

Janice Preschel, Teaneck activist who ran food pantry from her hospital bed, dies of coronavirus

Republicans were warned. Yet they persisted in defending Trump.

Chris Cuomo's 'haunted' night with coronavirus

AZ-SEN: Mark Kelly Now Favored In Arizona Senate Race

a record 6.6 million file for unemployment

A Million N95 Masks Are Coming From China--on Board the New England Patriots' Plane

"We're at WAR!----and now, a word from our sponsors!"

Do you think Pres. Obama

Remember the GI Bill?

The Apprentice: "The Governors"

I am not holding my breath but I am waiting

The incontrovertible evidence that Trump has failed as a leader is the number of private individuals

Interview with Iowa senate candidate Kimberly Graham at blogforiowa

'That woman from Michigan' shirt is hot seller for Farmington Hills business owner

Gov. Kemp on the asymptomatic spread of coronavirus: "We didn't know that until the last 24 hours"

I think we should support these Godly ministers who want to hold mass services

Actually, Many New Yorkers HAVE Fled to Florida

Trump Blames New York for 'Late Start'

My father-in-law passed early this morning in Amarillo.

Take this survey

NYTimes - A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci

Florida Gov. DeSantis says Samaritans need to stay on the cruise ship but Floridians...

Jazz legend Ellis Marsalis Jr. dies of coronavirus

As Maxwell Smart said, "you missed it by that much"!

Ivanka Trump

Trump Blames New York for 'Late Start'

Arkansas Covid-19 cases April 2, 2020 8:30 Am

The Age of Collapse: Why Everything's Collapsing, and What to Do About It

Homemade basic mashed potatoes recipe

David Corn: How Donald Trump Plans on Spinning 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths as a Win

Donald Trump is the only real winner if Bernie Sanders remains in the Democratic primary

Trump works with Saudi Arabia to keep the price of gas up.

Nine employee coronavirus cases force Walmart to shut down Bethlehem warehouse, source says

Oprah donates $10 million to coronavirus relief efforts

Food for thought

Trump lashes out at Schumer over call for supply czar

Born, on March 31, 1943: Christopher Walken

States, Cities Already Cutting Jobs With Financial Toll Mounting

Gov Cuomo giving daily Coronavirus briefing at 11:30AM.

Los Angeles mayor says all residents should wear masks

Most Often, Those Who Call for "Revolution" Do Not Actually Wish to Participate in One

Statement from Vice President Joe Biden on Record Number of Americans Filing for Unemployment


The Coronavirus's Unique Threat to the South

Dr. Fauci receives security detail as the infectious-disease expert has become polarizing...

Gov. Kemp (Ga-idiot doesn't know asymptomatic infectious): But take a look at the deaf interpreter

Bernie endorses Judge Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court

This is way, way beyond incompetence and immorality

Judge Roy Moore to represent Life Tabernacle Church

Let me see if I understand this

Trump campaign taunts Twitter with manipulated audio of Biden calling virus a 'hoax'

Working from home

US trade gap falls to $39.9 in February, lowest since 2016

Pelosi creates watchdog panel for coronavirus spending

We haven't seen the Washington DC streets this empty since trump's Inauguration

One of Joe Biden's most ardent supporters

Radio is losing it's ass too.

MMM -- MovieMusicThursday

Engineer Arrested For Derailing Train Near USNS Mercy, Claimed Ship Part Of 'Government Takeover'

Seeking shelter from extradition by going with your family to Switzerland.

Marvin Gaye was born on this date.

2/3/20 Army's projection for worst-case scenario in covid outbreak is NOW are best case scenario

Leon Russell was born on this date.

The My Pillow guy is Christianity at its most embarrassing

Dr. Fauci forced to beef up security as death threats grow

Here is some of Leon's stuff

Opinion: Census Day is Wednesday; coronavirus means college towns will be undercounted

Mr. Pookie says "Hi"

Nero Fiddled. You golfed. Sit down Bubbles.

Thank Different

Trump Administration Ignored Warren's Pandemic Preparedness Questions in 2018

Trump's Last Bankruptcy.

Emmylou Harris has a birthday today.

I fear "There Will Be Blood". Unless people are provided some relief from their feeling of

'It's not a Christian thing to do': DeWine says in-person church services are a huge health risk

Missoula, MT music teachers create video to inspire

Is the Sanders Campaign Hoping That Joe Biden Dies?

Please, do not wear masks. Health workers need them more that us.

Larry Coryell was born on this date.

Trump's Failure To Call A Nationwide 'Stay At Home' Will Only Extend The Length of This Crisis.....

How Christian Siriano Turned His Fashion House Into a Mask Factory

Trump resists pressure to declare nationwide stay-at-home order

Coronavirus Costing Trump Properties Over $1 Million Daily

2001; A Space Odyssey

Bernie Sanders must drop out - now - and clear the way for Joe Biden's nomination Editorial

Pic Of The Moment: COVID-19 Update: The Latest Emergency Order

Left-leaning group launches phone bank effort targeting swing states

Army Warned Two Months Ago Deaths Could Reach 150K

What If Trump Hadn't Ignored Months Of Pandemic Warnings?

Governor Cuomo has his brother on during coronavirus updates. nt.

Florida megachurch pastor says he's closing church due to 'tyrannical government'

Cuomo just announced they are using bi-pap machines as emergency ventilators

Help go after Trump: Tell the FCC to Stop the Spread of Misinformation About Coronavirus

Massive deaths, massive unemployment, massive government debt

Stupid Andrea Mitchell interrupted interaction between Governor Cuomo and brother. nt.

GOP Official Says Easier Voting Would Be 'Devastating'

Biden Says He Would Debate Trump Via Video

Why would anyone threaten Dr Fauci?

Democrats Postpone Convention Until August Because of Coronavirus

Called the governor's office, was hung up on.

Looks like we're off and running over 12,000 new cases

This ad will be played in museums decades from now

Can someone explain how the Dow goes up after 6.6 million file for unemployment?

How 3M Plans to Make More Than a Billion Masks By End of Year

Sean Hannity Has Full-On Meltdown Over Criticism Of Fox News Coronavirus Coverage

Ballet performance outside senior housing raise spirits of all

Pandemic profiteers are making a fortune off the deaths of Americans, while Trump stands aside

Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence during lockdown

Russia's Putin orders non-working month to curb coronavirus

Updated: Democrats to postpone convention amid COVID-19 concerns

Have you ever seen the stock market go up when news of unemployment rising breaks?

Nate Silver tweets, "ThE DeMoCrAtiC PriMaRy Is OvEr":

Toole County hit hard by COVID-19

Interesting Biden op-ed from January (COVID-19)

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-01-20

A question about

Coronavirus: Potential vaccine generates enough antibodies to fight off virus, first peer-reviewed s

I Noticed in Trump's Word Salad Press Announcement Yesterday

"Roughly 280 million masks in warehouses around the U.S. were purchased by foreign buyers on Monday

Trump attacks states and hospitals....again.

You can't "FIRE!!" in a movie theater.... So it follows that....

Democratic Convention Moved to August 17

Dr Anthony Fauci 'given security detail after receiving threats from far-right extremists'

The Pentagon is seeking 100,000 body bags for civilians in COVID-19 pandemic

Brian Kemp is BOTH a LIAR and a partisan MORON

Cleaned out my garage yesterday.

Reminder: Virginia voters are eligible to vote absentee ballots in May 5 local & special elections

Reports of Pa. price gouging rise into the thousands amid coronavirus pandemic: attorney general

If it's America first

pragmatic, honest Science based infor about Covid-19

UPDATE::::Can I Make Something Perfectly Clear About Blood Donations During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Alarm, Denial, Blame: The Pro-Trump Media's Coronavirus Distortion

Protect yourself & others from coronavirus (image)

The Mafia and the Russian mob envy Trump

New Orleans' Coronavirus Death Rate Is Nearly 3 Times New York's: Coronavirus & Obesity

Wendell Potter@wendellpotter: As a former insurance exec I knew my old industry was out of touch,

Sew at home face masks...

Kitty brothers:

An educated guess as to what the Corona Numbers Mean

Working from home

Bernie Sanders Soared Back To Life. But He Couldn't Close The Deal.

Has anybody here successfully filed a Florida Unemployment Claim

RIP Ed Farmer

SF Bay Area: 110-year-old Berkeley Farms closes for good (Report)

On a lighter note, today is a 'special' anniversary for the Evangelical Reich-wingers...

Toilet Paper Woes - I think the end is in sight, if not here

humor in the time of coronavirus

Devin Nunes, you asshole: how does 5000 deaths a week sound?

Georgia's governor illustrates the danger of living in the Fox News universe.

Cotton On payroll checks bounce, employees effected

Today, the U.S. has double the cases than any other country (See BOLD) ...


Michigan Schools Closed for Remainder of Academic Year

Dr. Robert Gallo on MSNBC last night

My roommate is an OR surgical Tech at Kaiser Hospital in San Diego

A Pa. pastor plans 'Woodstock-like' Easter worship service defying coronavirus precautions: reports

MI-13: Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones tests positive for COVID-19

Ok, here's the blog entry for my first "fake"-cation stop. Do you know where I am? :)

Interesting CV stats from LA County.

What if you threw a pandemic and the wrong people

It is SCIENCE that will save us.

Hadn't been out in weeks, decided to go to the store today

Shout Out to US Postal Service

Idea: How the news hosts can overcome the awkward lag from Skype and similar video chat apps

Covid-19 can be spread by talking or even breathing.

I'll go there. We are being told by perfectly earnest and sincere people that most of us

My father's cousin passed away from Covid last night

National Civil Rights Museum's April 4th MLK comenmoration to air Saturday on CW30 and LocalMemphis.

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #4 in G Minor, Op. 40

In Seattle, black and brown chefs cope with COVID-19 crisis by feeding the community

Kemp is a real POS but it's funny he keeps a tiny David Letterman on the podium beside him for ASL

Highmark waives deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays for inpatient members getting COVID-19 treat-

Millionaire who tried to charge Philly almost $1m to use empty hospital has property vandalized

Well hell daughters boss being tested for the virus

Trump campaign sends letter to Sessions demanding he stop tying himself to Trump - NYT

Cartoons 4/2/2020

Liberal super PAC expands ad buy attacking Trump's handling of COVID-19 in Pa., battleground states

Snohomish County inmate positive for COVID-19; still jailed

Watch How Politics Slowed Red States' Response to the Coronavirus

Boeing offers buyouts to workers, weighs wide-body jet cuts

We will hit 1 million official COVID-19 cases worldwide any minute now:

Former Chinese military man behind export of tonnes of medical supplies

Congress preps for next round of coronavirus relief; Democrats signal priorities

New self-swab COVID-19 test is just as accurate, study finds

Georgia GOP Leader: More Absentee Voting Will Help Turnout, Be 'Devastating To Republicans'

What's essential? Cannabis, and sales are brisk in Washington

Do you hear that, Fezzig? That is the sound of ultimate suffering

A normal President or Vice President would have condemned this during the briefing

Every day on page one I need to hear how the troops in the Teddy Roosevelt are doing.

Shout out to all workers in a plant in Fernandina Beach, Florida who

Trump Administration to Couple: Ditch Adopted Daughter or Risk Exile

Every day on page one I want to know about the Inspector Generals

Nice Covid-19 info resource - international scope.

I Hope Plans Are Being Made Now For How All Americans Will Get A Vaccine When It Becomes Available..

Can someone explain why wearing a mask won't help a

Bernie Sanders Calls For Wisconsin To Delay Upcoming Primary Due To Coronavirus

FEMA seeks 100,000 body bags from the Pentagon as coronavirus pandemic worsens

I have a 2012 MacBook Pro and suddenly it's not accepting a charge.

FDA eases restrictions on gay blood donors amid 'urgent need'

"Shelter in place" is impossible if you can't afford a home

Locked in Cages, Beaten and Shamed: Virus Laws Lead to Abuses

Joe opens up a 37% national lead over Sanders.

photo Social distancing :-)

BS campaign looking for organizers in NY.

Coronavirus vs. Governors: Ranking the Best and Worst State Leaders

Biden leads Trump by 9% nationally

A humble proposal to finish out the Dem nomination process

Given the events of the last couple of weeks,

I so hate the idea of postponing the convention

Masks? Trumpites believe the basics needed are a mask and a gun.

A coworker has tested positive for COVID-19.

Virus Rips Into Middle-Class America, Where Finances Are Fragile

Do You Need To Wash Groceries & Safe Shopping Tips

'It's like we are just a piece of garbage': Laid-off Philly workers face life without health

WHAT I would do to make this fat, orange motherfucker put on some scrubs and take care of

Judge Allows Ex-GOP Congressman Convicted for Insider Trading to Delay Prison Time

'I Will Bury You': Duterte Says Coronavirus Lockdown Violators Can Be Shot

Bellingham hospital requiring everyone to wear mask in ER during coronavirus pandemic

Photo tweeted from Stephen King

$15 million in grants, loans to help preserve hundreds of affordable housing units across Washington

So Pearl Harbor has been attacked

More young people in the South seem to be dying from COVID-19. Why?

This morning 538 updated their odds of winning the nomination. They have now forecast...

Shivering, hallucinating, beaten 'like a pinata': Chris Cuomo's 'haunted' night with coronavirus

coronavirus counts pass 1 million

Lynden Manor reports five residents have tested positive for coronavirus

Just dropping in from one of the parallel universes

417 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Pierce County, 7 Dead

Tight-knit family of Greyhound driving instructors mourns loss of two Richmonders

Puyallup's homeless wait out the coronavirus pandemic in tents along Riverwalk Trail

KING 5 poll: Hospital capacity worries Washingtonians in coronavirus outbreak

Italy's coronavirus deaths up slightly amid hope cases are peaking

Questions About Accuracy of Coronavirus Tests Sow Worry

Carnac break

Pima County Fair creates online auction to help 4-H students

Embedded link includes Trump's worst attacks on journalists.

Canada's Annual Hair Freezing Contest

Florida reaches deal for two cruise ships to dock, passengers to disembark

More than 1,000 in US die in a single day from coronavirus

Broken Promises: Bulk of 100K ventilators promised by Trump won't be there until June.

New US weekly jobless claims double to 6.6 million

Some May Not Get Stimulus Checks for 5 Months

The grim death-toll projections the White House offered Monday have already been revised upward

Special enrollment period for WA residents to sign up for health insurance extended due to COVID-19

'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' songwriter dies of COVID-19. His widow's story is heartbreaking

Design a wig - social distancing by default!

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Ernst Facebook town hall

Ernst Facebook town hall

Nation's top coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci forced to beef up security as death threats increa

Plop, plop, plop! (Cute puppies.)

Dog demands attention:

Supercuddly big pittie:

So a friend gave me a puzzle to put together, (I washed it off)'s 1000

What keeps me washing my hands, staying away from others, etc....

Democrats want FCC to reject Trump campaign threat to broadcasters

Bernie Sanders 'Morally Bankrupt' for Taking Campaign Donations During Coronavirus Crisis

all i ask - adele -- holy hell that woman's got pipes!

you are *kidding* me.

BBC: Photos Show Diserted Locations Around the World

Some Americans could wait 20 weeks to receive stimulus checks, IRS tells House Democrats

Good bois eating their veggies:

Well the Ernst two Hall was a total waste

Some states say you must wear a mask in public

I done told y'all it was a mess:

Georgia GOP Leader: More Absentee Voting Will Help Turnout, Be 'Devastating To Republicans'

Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments

The Czech Republic is an interesting study

Little girl pretends to like mom's cooking! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

A 104-year-old World War II veteran had a socially distanced birthday party after recovering from th

Unemployment Rate Expected to Stay High Through 2021

'Zero accountability': US accused of failure to report civilian deaths in Africa

'Zero accountability': US accused of failure to report civilian deaths in Africa

Thank me!

Hajj pilgrimage could be cancelled because of coronavirus

Home-grown solution to the TP shortage...

Radio host gets 25 years in Ponzi scheme targeting listeners

You raised $4,616.00 on April 1, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Proof this administration doesn't give a sh1t.

NYT March 17: Why Telling People They Don't Need Masks Backfired

Gun discharged in Richland Walmart

About One-Third Of Sacramento County Coronavirus Cases Linked To Church Gatherings, Health Officials

Georgia man pleads guilty to plotting rocket attack on White House

The good news is, my front flower garden is abuzz with bees

The DU has now raised OVER $300,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

Battling exhaustion and trolls, Fauci says he's OK

Nicolle Wallace is taking no prisoners today

Los Angeles mayor tells 4 million to wear masks

Stimulus aid for 'small business' will go to some big chains

Our hospital is short of N95's and PAPR's, respirators. Please sign this petition.

Anyone notice there hasn't been any bragging about how much candidates have received recently?

Trump campaign taunts Twitter with manipulated audio of Biden calling virus a 'hoax'

Pakistan court overturns conviction in death of Daniel Pearl

Greenville County, SC, is most-traveled large county in US during coronavirus outbreak (WYFF-TV)

Trump campaign sends letter to Sessions demanding he stop invoking Trump

My gf and I got our masks in the mail.


Getting the stimulus check if you haven't filed taxes for last two years?

Just received my 4th robo call today about Burial Insurance.

Lincoln Project's New Ad -- FOX News and their COVID Misinformation

Remote Arctic village residents send Quebec couple packing (flew in to escape C19)

Johns Hopkins Now Showng More Than 1,000,000 Confirmed Cases Worldwide

92 residents at Va. rehab center test positive for coronavirus

Oh what a thrill,.. no more efffffin ads any more....

I always thought John Bel Edwards would finish out his second term and go back to private life

The governor of Iowa is dumber than rocks.

TN Gov. Bill Lee signing order requiring Tennesseans to stay home

The view from the Tenderloin

Trump's Company Seeks to Ease Financial Crunch as Coronavirus Takes Toll

60s Catfood commercial, anyone else remember

Ten million masks available -

Cruise ships docking in Fort Lauderdale

Nissan recalls over 250K vehicles to replace Takata air bags

Due to the horrendous unemployment data, will the POS dare to have a presser today?

Navy Expected to Relieve Captain Who Raised Alarm About Covid-19 Outbreak on Aircraft Carrier

Wendy's just told those working in drive through they will be fired if they wear a mask!!

The US states which still aren't on coronavirus lockdown, Mapped


Arizona justices uphold Phoenix airport's Uber, Lyft fees

LOL! I knew Dumpy contracted the virus! (Twitter)


Navy expected to relieve captain who raised alarm about COVID-19 outbreak on aircraft carrier

Cuomo: New York could exhaust ventilator stockpile in days

Cuomo: New York could exhaust ventilator stockpile in days

Social Security recipients to get relief payments directly to bank account without filing tax return

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 2, 2020

Trump invokes Defense Production Act for ventilator manufacturing

The number of @Amazon workers testing positive for #COVID19 in the Staten Island warehouse is RISING

Jeff Tierich slams Trump again

Here come the email scams for face masks

U.S. Navy is expected to relieve commander of coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier after a letter w

Why politicians must be FORCED to divest:

"Bernie Sanders: Still Ahead of His Time"

Dr. Fauci not expected at today's briefing, per Jim Acosta (CNN):

CNN: Governor of Flordia: Churches are exempt

The Rude Pundit: Trump Must Resign or Be Removed from the Presidency

Ferret meets dog, falls in love

Trump's Net Worth Drops $1 Billion As Coronavirus Infects The President's Business

Sometimes it overtakes me and I can do nothing else while in its grip. Down home Blues has me

Shutdown Costs Reagan Library $150,000 a Week in Lost Revenue

Biden-Iran Sanctions

Rescued Elephant Has The Sweetest Reaction To Music

The next coronavirus package must prioritize tribal health care and economic support.

Storm that dumped snow in Virginia mountains is now a powerhouse Atlantic tempest, with an eye.

Storm that dumped snow in Virginia mountains is now a powerhouse Atlantic tempest, with an eye.

Trump considering some domestic air travel restrictions


Again, CNN is ignoring the shitbag's nightly rally

Piano Concerto #1 in F-sharp Minor, Op. 1 Sergei Rachmaninoff

4 major hurricanes are predicted as part of an above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Golden Retriever Welcomes His Marine Home

Chomsky: Ventilator Shortage Exposes the Cruelty of Neoliberal Capitalism

Who is the female ass kisser on now.

Just 18 total patients were sent this week to the USNS Mercy, Comfort

Sisters, sisters

U.S. Navy relieves commander of coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier

When Obama sent out those checks, it took months and months

Mama Deer Is So Worried About Her Baby

The Real Source of Washington Gridlock

U.S. officials redistribute protective gear seized from alleged hoarder

This Fireball Ignored the Solar System's One-Way Signs

Trump Congratulates Businesses for Helping Fight Coronavirus. But His Own Company Has Been Absent.

This dog goes wild every time his pig best friend comes over!

How the fight for the Senate is slowly moving toward Democrats

Opinion: New blow to workers: Some companies are cutting 401(k) contributions

Biden Asks Trump Campaign to Remove Video

As John Cleese would often say -Now, for something completely different

another reason to file your taxes

Some good news.

U.S. paying Russia for entire planeload of coronavirus equipment sent by Moscow: U.S. official

This bunny was an only child until her parents brought home a golden retriever puppy

Gig Worker Unemployment Payments - available yet?

Hello my lovely loungers, just a heads up in case you missed it, that...

A woman accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault, and all hell breaks loose online. Here's what we know

Instacart to distribute coronavirus safety kits after workers' strike

Oh F**K! Jared's at the COVID shit show! nt

About Half Of Working Households Lost Income Due To Coronavirus, New Poll Shows

She's a completely different dog now!

Republicans like socialism now.

Professor Michael Worobey CSI's the hell out of the 1918 Flu Pandemic

The doctor is in

Susan Rice Says Trump "Can't Stomach Strong Black Women" After His Encounter with Reporter


Leaked Amazon Memo Details Plan to Smear Fired Warehouse Organizer: 'He's Not Smart or Articulate'

Just put up a link in the Lounge for the April competition

Mike Pence Falls Apart As Wolf Blitzer Recites Trump's Downplaying of Coronavirus

Trump has taken to spelling out Covid-19. "C-O-V-I-D..."

It is all about his look politically!

Zoom boss apologises for security issues and promises fixes

Jared is going to speak! Oh CNN cuts away from Pence. Back for Q&A

Trump Practicing Distancing from All His Prior Statements About the Coronavirus

"April distance brings May existence..."

My workday is done, but I'm sitting in the same chair, looking at a different screen

Local radio in my right wing shithole county just announced 3 workers at our Medical

Chump comes up negative in second COVID-19 testing.

US sends warships to Caribbean to stop illegal drugs

US sends warships to Caribbean to stop illegal drugs

God help us...Jarred is now speaking.....there is no bottom to this ...

04/03 Mike Luckovich: Only the biggest

Guy Builds An Adorably Tiny Picnic Table For Squirrels In His Yard

Navy removes commander of aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus outbreak

Trump's Company Seeks to Ease Financial Crunch as Coronavirus Takes Toll

Confirmed coronavirus cases hit 1 million worldwide

1,002,159 confirmed cases worldwide

How We'll Beat The Coronavirus: EVERYONE Should Wear A Mask

Whoopi to Bernie - WHY ??

House Democrats add two more districts to their target list

Puerto Rico delays its primary a second time

Has anyone seen the FOX ad with several of their hosts advising people that we are all together?

Biden presses Trump to act on unemployment, says 'extraordinary steps' are needed

Pakistan court overturns murder conviction of Daniel Pearl's kidnapper. He's expected to be set free

Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls former Dallas police chief David Brown the right leader in a time of cris

Brace for the 'deepest recession on record,' says BofA analysts.

Watching the presser...

This is a white room.

Some poignant songs by Leonard Cohen

Now they need to make up another lie.

Telling us to wear absolutely useless masks from scarves and t-shirts is like telling us to buy toy

The best part of the forthcoming Trump movie

How big is your back yard?

Republicans reject Pelosi's rapid push for next rescue package

heartbreaking truth,,

Lt. Gov. Fetterman has some things to say

'We will not bow to a virus': Arkansas church still holding in-person services despite COVID-19

Finding Waldo- no problem. But finding the cat-well, that might be a problem

"Trump Time" - I could cry.

Al Franken: Mike Pence - The Banality of Banality

Peter Navarro @ Trump Presser just now, "we're doing these things in 'Trump Time'"

'The Beauty of this President'.....

WTF. Navarro......well, should have known, a tRump ass kisser......

Coronavirus: New York will run out of ventilators within six days, governor warns

"I have been incredibly generous, but they keep whining for more" IT IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY

This clown is a moron

This shit's still going on??

Officials in two states issue cease-and-desist letters after Hobby Lobby defies coronavirus lockdown

Did dump leave and then come back or what?

This is like watching a narcissist and his minions take turns fellating him.

Did he just say that he is not reopening the Obamacare market and will be handing out

A Cash Payment To The People Is Better Than Having Healthcare / Obamacare?

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Holy shite! President Trump has sent a letter to Sen. Schumer:

Can we class-action sue Twitler for his failure to act?

Good analogy for how U.S. is treating those fleeing violence in their own countries and

Joe Biden Warned In January That Trump Would Fail On The Coronavirus

'I Fled New York With My Wife, Kids And Dog-- Just As My Ancestors Fled The 1918 Pandemic'

Iran hits back after Trump claims it is planning Iraq attacks

Iran hits back after Trump claims it is planning Iraq attacks

I just found out my almost 70 year old sister needs a heart bypass

Public sector hospitals are not as attractive...?

Exclusive: The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming

Gov. Hutchinson explains why he hasn't issued 'stay at home' order for Arkansas yet

The biggest thing that bothers me about Trump and his lies?

AOC: You are not in this alone... We are all in this together.

Donnie Two-Scoops sent tons of PPE to China. MA and Kraft bought some back at $4 mil.

HALLWAY BINGO! (I love this idea so much!)

Mnuchin says it isn't necessary for the House to conduct oversight over Trump's corporate bailout.

Hockey players in the minors face uncertainty, job fears

Patriots use team plane to help Mass., fly N95 in from China

In Early February Army Memo Warned Of 150,000 Possible Coronavirus Deaths

Mice have a range of facial expressions, researchers find

Why TH is Toad on MSNBC at 7pm?

OMG ... They're going to blame the millions of infected people on Americans not themselves.

And in the world of Powerball...............

Why doesn't Yourube banish The Epoch Times? We are seriously underestimating the damage they are doi

WTF is Jared Kushner in on this briefing?

Trump says it 'doesn't seem fair' that 30 million Americans are uninsured...


Arizona COVID-19 Town Hall live tonight at 6

Trump finally invokes Defense Production Act -- 15 days after he said he would

Georgia GOP Leader: More Absentee Voting Will Help Turnout, Be 'Devastating To Republicans'

Say it ain't so. Et tu, Cenk?

4 died in Benghazi. 250K projected 2 die fm COVID-19. HouseDems should have hearings into response

GOP governors are using coronavirus to try to ban abortion

Jared Kushner going for the world record of most meaningless corporate buzzword used in one minute

Why I sometimes don't "play nice"

"Trump Pandemic", use it in a sentence today

[trump]Look everybody, I'm number one on Facebook

Okay its is the past the 6:00 PM self pity press conference.......and what do we get "WITCH HUNT"...

Albert Camus - The Plague

Despite Coronavirus Lockdown, Wisconsin Republicans Insist on an Election that Will Disenfranchise T

Stimulus aid for 'small business' will go to some big chains

Sadist dump cut his own sick nephew's health insurance

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 most likely to least likely to flip.

C.O.V.I.D. alternate acronym

Americans give high marks to their governors, middling marks to Trump

In Ecuador, families wait with their dead as bodies pile up

Secret Service sign $45,000 golf cart rental in Sterling, VA -home of Trump National

The President of the United States

NJ Gov. Orders State Police To Commandeer Needed Medical Supplies

Real courage is confronting something that you're afraid to do and doing it anyway.

Remember this guy's Economic Progress?

Is Bloomberg still planning on helping Biden?

Hang on, this is gonna be bad......

Dancing with tears in my eyes

How Trump let coronavirus take over America

Newly Elected US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Why even bother?

6,000,000+ Americans filed for unemployment.

Colombia's leading weekly under fire after sacking critical journalist, again

NYC residents should cover face when in public, mayor says

Anyone up for Corona haiku?

An Isolated Bolsonaro Seeks Support Among Military

Crazy NPR story

Trump organization requests financial relief

8:09 pm Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30 Sergei Rachmaninoff

Puerto Rico acknowledges missteps as virus peak looms

The media needs to stop calling them "briefings". They're not. They're campaign presentations.