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"Parched Earth"

"Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe

Explaining contact tracing: why it's effective, how the U.S. can implement it, and who's working on

DeSantis orders release of names of elder care homes with positive COVID-19 cases

Smile - Go Lady Gaga

Anybody else need a visit to the barber?

Donald Trump denies US has most coronavirus deaths and says 'strange things are happening' in China

Coronavirus set to usher in big changes at U.S. offices

Did trump actually say....

Dr. Rashid Buttar - Is showing up on my fb newsfeed?

Coronavirus spawns conspiracy theories

Senator Angus King tells VP failed virus testing is 'dereliction'

Some small businesses got $0, while lenders got billions

Back in the late 70's in high school, I had a job as a Nurses Aide. I wanted to be a Nurse.


Some bus drivers pleading with King County Metro to offer more protection from coronavirus

Trump Campaign Plans Broad Attack on Biden

Elton John performing in front of a basketball hoop

S. Dakota GOP governor busted by Harvard doctor for 'simplistic' plan to send workers back to jobs a

Senate battle hinges on four races

New rules for EMS: Don't bring cardiac patients to the ER if they're not already resuscitated...

A new description of Donald Trump, "Dude's uglier than an armful of assholes"

GLOBAL Citizen

A Key G.O.P. Strategy: Blame China. But Trump Goes Off Message.

Washington's 'hospital czar': 'We're not out of the woods yet'

Guys this is the theater but it is streaming...the Phantom of the Opera...performed in England is

Farm worker unions sue Washington state for safer work conditions due to coronavirus

Within a 5 minute walk of my home are...

Washington anglers protest coronavirus fishing closure

Michigan juvenile lifer who died of coronavirus in prison was weeks away from parole

Authoritarians are all-in until white privilege has it's fee-fees hurt.

MASSIVE ASTROTURF campaign behind the "reopen" movement

Rescued Giant Sea Turtle Is Thrilled To Swim Back To The Ocean

More testing needed before states implement Trump's reopening guidance, experts say

Puppy Lost After Typhoon Is About To See Her Family Again

Air Sculpture

Don't bet on vaccine to protect us from Covid-19, says world health expert

Hundreds crowd newly reopened Florida beaches even as the state sees a spike in COVID-19 infections

Let's face it, a lot of people aren't going to take this seriously till someone they know dies

the inventor of the N95 mask comes out of retirement

The Trump Organization Appears To Be On Verge Of Complete Financial Collapse


In the end, Who destroyed Donald Trump?.. ..It was: Donald Trump, " This is their a new hoax"

Happiest Dogs In The Whole Entire World

Chinese man diagnosed with COVID-19 on three separate occasions

Jimmy Buffett - Come Monday

This lady saw a dog in the window of an abandoned house -- so of course she went in

Experts Think The U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Will Hit 50,000 By The End Of April

Joe Biden ad for distribution. Thanks to @Politidope

This mama dog couldn't stop wagging her tail once she knew her babies would be safe

Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me

Don Henley - Boys of Summer

Service dog adorably fails out of school 😂😍

A new digital ad for Joe Biden says Trump "rolled over for the Chinese" on coronavirus response

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.

Oh Snap!

Two Keith Urbans, no three.

Yeeehaaaaaa love Keith Urban's spot.....

Anyone watching the Global Citizen concert?

Hey, can someone start a topic for all the acts on this TV special???

We should give thanks that Trump failed

Joe Jackson - Breaking Us In Two

The DC/MD/VA CV data: Those frogs are STILL being slowly boiled; don't loosen YOUR clamps

Permission slip for protesters.....

Somebody Please Make This T-Shirt....

Can someone explain this ?

My N FL cable tv: 5 channels "One World Together"...Covid info. Fox News show

This Is Gonna Hurt

Fabulous Poodles-Chicago Boxcar

J Lo has some guts to sing Streisand's song on the Global Citizen concert. She did well.

"Stand By Me" sung by Sam Smith and John Legend

Opinion: Coronavirus Exposes The GOP's MAGAstan and Its Long Established Inequities

Latest from Bandy X Lee, MD, MDiv on 45

Out of curiosity, is there anything in Gov. Whitmer's (or any gov) saying people cannot plant

J-Lo wearing her Babs top singing People. Cool.

From a litchman's keys perspective, Donnie fomenting social unrest is really stupid

Matthew really??? Oh my, I need a haircut, but this man.....

Warren hits Trump: He's trying to turn a health crisis into 'a political rally for himself'

Can't Wait To See Trump's Tweets....

I was amused to see Alex Jones trending on twitter

Putin leverages coronavirus chaos to make a direct play to Trump

Fact check: Herd immunity would not fully stop the spread of coronavirus

Hundreds swarm Florida beaches following reopening amid pandemic

This Global Citizen show is cheering me up - it's great to see

The Trump Organization Appears To Be On Verge Of Complete Financial Collapse

Trump attacks Drudge without evidence to support his claim because drudgereport negative on trump

How many deaths? Too many people have died? 3/63 at about 2:06 mark

Well done, Taylor.

F.U. Ivanka, you asked for it

Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic

all the people protesting have one thing in common

Wake me up when September ends

I cant do polls, but if this was a black guy in a tank

Salon: Trump admin awards N95 contract far above normal price to bankrupt company with no employees:

Trump is insane: And it's time for leading Democrats to say that out loud

Zinger Tweet of the Day from LOLGOP (re money to son's SOs )

is there a way to get a glossary of terms on here ?

Coronavirus House Cleaning -- What did you finally throw out.

Trump: "4 million Americans have been tested !"

Banks are taking stimulus checks to cover overdrawn accounts

Ivanka posts saturday activity tips: Shadow puppeting... she should have expected this response

Funny story re Gov McMaster

NASA, SpaceX pick May 27 to resume astronaut launches in US

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Count Fleet Sprint & 2020 Apple Blossom

Trump strategy on South Korea "shared military cost" negotiations backfires

Divided walk

The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism

Remind you of anyone?

Robbie Robertson - Showdown At Big Sky

Biden goes on the offensive with blistering attack ad.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Don't be like bob

Democrats, furious with Trump, more keen to vote now: poll

Walter Shaub on Mark Meadows' sobfests

tRump's Rewriting History - Joe Biden For President

Mind 🤯

Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love

La Bamba, Playing For Change, Song Around The World

CNN FACT CHECK: Trump's Saturday coronavirus briefing was littered with false claims, old and new

Global Citizen: the orange shitgibbon has to be fuming

but I gota ryte to get duh chYna vyris if I want!!

Come receive the light!

Russia tests anti-satellite missile and the US Space Force is not happy

COVIDIOTS: The rightwing groups behind wave of protests against Covid-19 restrictions

The Motels - Only the Lonely

Stand By Me, Playing For Change Band, Live In Brazil

'Dancing' star's weird, spirograph orbit proves Einstein right (again)

Some of the most beautiful pictures of New York City

New R.I. effort to help people with diabetes who face 'equity challenges' during coronavirus

Trump campaign concludes there is more to be gained by attacking Biden than trying to promote presid

Forget Potatoes. Beef Cheek Is the Irish Staple You're Not Making

Lamont Moves Presidential Primary to Aug. 11

Pussy-Grabber gets challenged on his Tweets.

Even your grandma knows how bad it is now :(

If America takes one hard lesson from this horror show

Take Me Home, Country Roads, Playing For Change, Song Around The World

Five dead after attending March basketball tournament amid virus outbreak

Andwella - World's End Part 1 & 2 1970

I know there are many good Texans

Will We EVER LEARN? 1918 Philadelphia Threw a WWI Parade That Gave 1000s of Onlookers the Flu

Is Trump not funding contact tracing and testing so americans will

Why isn't the GOP clamoring for regime change and taking immediate, drastic action to depose tRump?

☦ Orthodox Christian Pascha/Feastday of the Resurrection of Christ Our Saviour

Statewide, one out of every 12 nursing home residents has tested positive for the disease, analysis

It's really difficult to contemplate the devastation.

Stephanie Ruhle is right: This is socialism for corporations & capitalism for the rest.

Nevadans gather for 'Reopen Nevada' rally at state office building

'The Phantom of the Opera'

☦ Orthodox Feastday/Pascha of the Holy Resurrection of Our Saviour and Lord

Instead of one of my usual jerky posts, I just wanted to

If I Had A Hammer; Peter, Paul & Mary, Civil Rts March on Washington 1963

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Secretly Bought Medical Supplies From China. And The White House Is Not Happy

Well if our group theme tonight is music all over the world ... here's my contribution ...

CT food organizations struggle to keep up with demand amid pandemic

Indonesia Now Has The Most Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Southeast Asia

This Land Is Your Land, Pete Seeger: Obama Inaugural Concert Jan. 19, 2009

☦ Orthodox Pascha of Our Saviour and Lord/Live Service

Cecil Gant - We're Gonna Rock...1950

Feeling kind of melancholy tonight, so I would like to apologize for

This Joe Biden ad is going to make trumpty dumpty very, very angry

☦ Orthodox Paschal Homily/Hieratikon of Saint John Chrysostom

'Live Free or Die': Protesters march against California stay-at-home rules in Huntington Beach

Hoag's Object Is a Galaxy Within a Galaxy Within a Galaxy (and Nobody Knows Why)

'A common germ pool': The frightening origins of the coronavirus

6000+ USA deaths reported in past 24 hours. Topic should be testing and mitigation, not re-opening.

Is it normal to never get replies on dating sites?

Coronavirus forces Oklahoma City to change how it will mark 25th anniversary of terror bombing

This Michigan medical worker lost it when pro-Trump protesters blocked the entrances to the hospital

There really is no "too low" for these people. . .

Trump is refusing to identify nursing homes with COVID-19

Yale popular Science of well being course FREE!

Michelle Obama & Laura Bush: Together representing ONE Nation, under God, indivisible

Yale FREE Science of well being course!

The Zombies- "Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself" Live and In Color! 1966

Talking Heads - Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)

Yale popular Science of Well Being Course FREE

Why oh why

Judge Jeanine sounds even more unhinged than usual

Social Distancing - Sack Cartoon

I have a request


I have a request


I have a request

Trump is like a rooster crowing because he raised the sun.



According to Trump Advisor Stephen Moore, Stay-at-Home Order Protesters Are the 'Modern-Day Rosa

A Hard Day's Night: The Beatles Live

Federal judge blocks Kansas limits on religious gatherings

Eight Days A Week: The Beatles, Shea Stadium NY, Aug. 1965

Coronavirus: Trump says he would send ventilators to Iran if Tehran wanted them

Χρίστος Ανέστη! Christ is Risen!

In the past 6 weeks US Coronavirus deaths surpassed the yearly average for US vehicle deaths.

Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers Remain Open Despite Closures of Non-Essential Businesses

Legislator's request for nail touch up ends with ethics complaint

Democrats guaranteed pickup on Stanislaus County (CA) Board of Supervisors

There's Been a Spike in People Dying at Home in Several Cities.

Trump Dings Social Distancing At Air Force Academy Commencement As 'Politically Correct'

Neil Sedaka sheltering in nyc- A Medley To Brighten Up Your Day - 4/6/2020

Some faux news advertisers.

Is it too soon for the Biden ads asking: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

Yellowstone County judge suspended without pay for one month

Ex-mayor who quit after criticizing Trump dies in crash

New Mexico businesses itch to reopen, but state insists it's still too soon

The penguins who were let loose in a Chicago aquarium met Beluga whales, and it's hard to tell

China could face 'consequences' over pandemic: Trump

View at your own risk. What happened to his forehead?

chicago's mayor lori lightfoot sends a reply to trump's "liberate" bullshit

Reservation communities ahead of the curve with testing, response

Did I miss something along the way,

U.S. activates secret military task force to secure its capital

"And if Donald Trump told you ...

Trump Boasts He Likely Saved 'Billions' Of Lives In A Nation With 330 Million People

Coronavirus: 38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster

Prince..."Purple Rain" instrumental

David Furnish on Obama and Trump

Penguins take back Cape Town, South Africa!

Secretary Clinton, Robert Mueller, The Whistleblower/Pelosi gave us an off ramp-we didn't listen

Texas restaurants want to seat customers again. Here's how they plan to do it

Jim Jordan tells Fox News he wants Congress to investigate governors for coronavirus shutdown orders

RUMP PROTESTS: Protesters dump body bags outside Trump hotel in NYC

Neil Sedaka is adorable

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz may have violated House rules by shelling out $184,000 in taxpayer funds to rent

If Trump Didn't Ignore Covid-19 For Months The Governors Wouldn't Have To Lock Everything Down

Auburn mayor Bill Kirby, who was exiting post over Trump comments, dies in plane crash, family says

Uplifting and beautiful - Armonico Consort - Agnus Dei, From 4 Part Mass (by William Byrd)

This should be our National Anthem

Waukesha County's Ill Use Of The First Amendment

Depending on how many of Trump's dictatorial moves are ultimately accepted as legal by Republicans

Dr. David B. Allen: Robin Vos and his allies should be ready to answer this question

False Negatives Raise Doctors' Doubts About Coronavirus Tests

Make trump rallies legal and

Twist & Shout, The Beatles, Washington Coliseum 1964 Uncut

Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday Short Film HD + Night and Day

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) BYO LOLz N AWWz Edition

"Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?"

Hays Eaglets are getting bigger

25 years after Oklahoma City bombing, right-wing extremism in midst of resurgence

Pre natal care with a pregnant Pit bull, and we found her a home

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-17-2020

These far right white privileged bollocks protesting are absolutely infuriating

1 officer dead and 2 other injured in an ambush attack in San Marcos, Tx.

John Prine's Final 'Austin City Limits' Appearance Re-Broadcast

Per Capita?

'Kiss jaguars goodbye' in Arizona if border wall cuts off access from Mexico

Aged like fine milk


Global concert raises more than $127M for WHO emergency response fund

OLC opinion barring federal indictment of a sitting president isn't binding on Virginia prosecutors

Furloughs go into effect for thousands of Disney World workers

I don't wanna believe this is real

X-post from LBN. $127M raised for WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Pence to AF Grads. "..When hardship comes, Americans come together"

Keep your head down and your eyes up on this date

Craig Gilbert, creator of 'An American Family,' called the first reality TV show, dies at 94

Dead Chicken With Old Milk

Did anyone just see Pastor Spell on CNN?

Update On That Nursing Home

Steve King: Syrian Refugees Like Poisonous Grapes

Operation reopen America: are we about to witness a second historic failure of leadership from Trump

University of Nebraska to give free tuition to students of families making less than $60,000

Breakfast Sunday April 19, 2020

Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,

There is no normal for us to get back to.

She shot the most famous photo in Detroit sports history. Now she needs your vote

I personally know some refugees, they got compared to poison by the 'other side of the aisle'

From the CBC/Canada Broadcasting Corporation: Correcting the history of Residential Schools.

SHeesh - did you just see THAT on CNN? "Of 146 people who tested positive at a Boston Nursing Home,

Quarantine Catholic Confession

Liberate America

These people protesting the governors aren't protesting against inequality...

Spring in a Pandemic: Mary Shelley on What Makes Life Worth Living and Nature's Beauty as a Lifeline

Trump may have the single most debilitating inferiority complex of any person on earth

VOTE 2020 - More Then Ever ...

A complete list of people Donald Trump would kill or let die to be reelected and avoid prison

Broadway star Nick Cordero had his leg amputated due to coronavirus complications, gofundme 200K

No Plan In Sight: Test Troubles Cloud Trump Recovery Effort

French researchers: High temperatures ineffective against coronavirus

Made me laugh: a parody of the Kinks' 'Lola"

If anything we should be protesting about

Simon Pegg: The truth about Benedict Cumberbatch

Daddy's Wildwood Flower

Becoming pretty clear to me that Trump followers will usher in the 2nd deadly wave of infections

Republican presidents kill

The Grateful Dead - Ripple (Studio Version)

(N.M.) Law enforcement officer tests positive for COVID-19, exposes 41 APD employees

Hope I'm not about to break the forum rules, but...

Stir Crazy Pets

The New NBC/WSJ Polls

Unemployment Town Hall, with Symone Sanders and actor Tony Goldwyn, at 7 pm ET tonight

Funny how there was no talk of liberating anything until

Mnunchkin is a bald face liar.

When the insane speak: Social distancing works, we must end it.

New NBC/WSJ poll has Biden leading Trump by 7 points, 49% to 42%

First, the coronavirus pandemic took their jobs. Then, it wiped out their health insurance.

Is this correct? No events scheduled for today until 5 PM.

Hundreds defy Idaho's stay-at-home order at Capitol protest

MFV Ready To Mobilize The Latino Vote In The General Election

"Everything Trump...said about Va's new gun reform laws at #PressConference is a complete lie"

Giant Galapagos Tortoise gulps water at his favorite drinking hole

The reason we're not testing is because the 'president' does not want testing.

I hope everyone here has enough $$ for food.

CEOs, not the unemployed, are America's real 'moral hazard'

Landlords taking advantage of current crisis soliciting sex in exchange for rent, advocates say

Seems Verma

At Least 20 People Have COVID-19 at One ICE Jail. Those Inside Say Many More Are Sick.

These protests are just the Tea Party all over again

The Petri Dish Protest Movement

Poor Donnie. Obama took all the ammo and left him junky ventilators.

How Oklahoma City will commemorate the 25th anniversary of its bombing, with no crowds

This is not going to end soon, nor will it end well. (Edited)

Trump is reaching a level of evil that may rival the most evil men in history.

Progressives look for concession from Biden with running mate

One World Together at Home to celebrate COVID-19 Workers: all 8 hours!

In Pursuit of PPE

Van Halen - A Apolitical Blues

Another rough weekend. And this lockdown sure isn't helping

The majority of Americans feel that the Trump is worse than the disease itself

Coronavirus Advice From Abroad: 7 Lessons America's Governors Should Not Ignore as They Reopen

Internal Documents Show Federal Agencies Supported the WHO Before Trump Was Against It

Welcome to having a uterus

Van Halen - When It's Love - OU812

Ticked off Vic: Where is the help?

"Hail, Caesar". A comedy? Did I miss something?

Under pressure, FL identifies senior-living homes with coronavirus cases

Ohio: National Guard called to Marion prison as county coronavirus cases near 1,000

Covid-19 brings wave of anti-foreign sentiment in China (RTe)

Snowshoes in the Summer

Video: On CNN, VA Governor Rips Trump/Pence Comments as "Delusional," "Irresponsible," etc.

Unified Messaging

Blues Brothers: Soul Man - SNL

April 19 is Orthodox Easter. How are the churches handled Covid-19? Depends on where you are

Why does Mnuchin still have a job after holding up tens of millions of checks?

In my opinion, most of the Governors will be competent and responsible in opening the economy.

Latest pandemic shortage: Cheese? Aren't farmers pouring milk out onto the ground?

Van Halen - A.F.U. (Naturally Wired) - OU812

Adapting to the virus; That should be our goal, not attempting to go back to normal.

Chuck Todd must have had some lousy coffee this morning.

He's back to, "I inherited a broken system [from Obama]."

Do the Woodcock!

Charlie Kirk calls on Students for Trump members to launch 'peaceful rebellion against governors' ov

Bill Clinton: What Oklahoma City can teach us

CV-19 peaks don't work the way many people think they do

A pandemic is not the best time to find out your governor lacks leadership

"Capacity" is Dump's Orwellian word about testing

This is sky and she is deaf ... but watch this ❤

At the peak of the hostage crisis Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan by almost thirty points!!!

You raised $1,455.00 on April 18, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Here is a great timeline of the warnings and related actions by Trump, et al. re: pandemic prep

Liberate the Magats, not the state.

"Trump is insane: And it's time for leading Democrats to say that out loud."

American workers, sports players, are forced to pee in a fucking cup to get tested for drugs.

Where is a good place to buy some masks?

New Covid cases per day

DIY Face Mask Tutorial With Kay

How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes

Coronavirus hits Indian Country hard, exposing infrastructure disparities

TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND - Shelter ( Live From Red Rocks)

TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND - Shelter (Live From Red Rocks)

Government is everywhere now. Where does it go next?

Sacrificing MAGAts for herd immunity

Record government and corporate debt risks 'tipping point' after pandemic passes

Coronavirus: 38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster

New poll, 60 percent support keeping stay-at-home restrictions to fight coronavirus

The stupid - it hurts

Beware of "False Peaks"

Exactly twenty-five years ago far right wing terrorists 'liberated' the Murrah building in Oklahoma.

Americans don't need a lesson in financial literacy. The Trump administration does.

Profiles in Perfidy, whatever. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Joe Conason: There Is Nobody Else To Blame

Vermont's Great Experiment:A few weeks ago, National Guardsmen in the state got an impossible assign


Newseeek: Could Trump be criminally liable for his deadly mishandling of the coronavirus?

I hate the politics of this pandemic.

Maybe our ONLY option is to Do what we are doing and let the idiots do their thing?

Governors are not only having to secure and pay for their state's PPE.

Minnesota, which has one of the lowest per capita death rates

The People of DU need to organize.

Don't Save Yourselves Go Die For Me Trump Tells His Cult

I absolutely detest Piers Morgan. But his interview on CNN this AM absolutely SCORCHED Trump

Just having Piers MORGAN on Reliable Sources is an oxymoron

People should start putting GPS trackers on the shipments

USA 2020: Darwin's natural selection and voluntary political cleansing

MMM -- Sunday

Whaaaaa? A Federal CV-19 testing and contact tracing system??

covid-19 spread is limited by two things: herd immunity and social isolation measures

The U.S. now has 119 deaths per million citizens. Germany has 55, Japan 2. Israel 19. Norway 31

Does the Oath of Office give Trump an out?

Open the Government protesters stay in their cars. Chicken shits...

Okahoma City Observes 25th Bombing Anniversary

Astroturfing protests

Biblical end times

BTRTN: Maybe Trump Can Shoot One Person on Fifth Avenue and Keep His Supporters. But 39,158?

BTRTN: Maybe Trump Can Shoot One Person on Fifth Avenue and Keep His Supporters. But 39,158?

Mnuchin says coronavirus "checks" to be sent 'next week'

Here's more on the slipper wearing cat.

"Yesterday, I considered writing a will."

[Stay Home] I play video games while walking at home[The new diet to solve the lack of exercise] Kan

Excellent Biden campaign ad. I hope it airs widely.


How do you know voting by mail works? The U.S. military's done it since the Civil War.

Why doesn't seasonal flu overwhelm hospitals?

I only lasted 13 seconds

I believe Democrats, many independents, would walk through the fires of hell to vote this November.

On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five: Hardly a man is now alive

On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was introduced to the public at the New York World's Fair.

(worth repeating) Biden campaign ad in battleground states

Want to re-open the country? Need ALL of these capabilities first!

Kana Chan TV: [Stay Home] I play video games while walking at home[The new diet to solve the lack of

WaPo: Americans at World Health Organization transmitted real-time information about coronavirus to

*BOOM* Americans at WHO transmitted real-time info about coronavirus to Trump admin

From Tea Baggers to Body Baggers

Ya think Gov. Cuomo was talking about you, Donnie?

Even Banksy is working from home.

Cuomo just said it best.

Please, stay home. You don't want a purple box.

Conservatives Fuel Protests Against Coronavirus Lockdowns

IHME model needs updating badly

American Heritage, July 2004: Democratic Debacle

Another Smithfield Food plant has been struck by the coronavirus

My friend and unofficially adopted son is on a vent and needs a liver

The cabin air filter in our vehicles?

South Korea has brought its spread of new coronavirus infections to single digits

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-18-2020

If the big meat processing plants get shut down do we have the capacity to use local farmers,

Trump administration still not disclosing number of nursing home deaths

Warnings being reported on the news.

Our dog was in bad need of a grooming and luckily we found an electric beard trimmer

What we can learn from the "second wave" of coronavirus cases in Asia

'We hear you, Dad': A daughter stays on the phone for hours & hours as her dad dies alone from COVID

Why do cats scare the living daylights out of you by hiding???

Idaho's Worst Embarrassment: COVID quarantine order "like Nazi Germany"


Hey MAGAts protesting to "open the economy"!! If you survive SARS-CoV-2 infection

Time for us to do our own contact tracing based on the idiocy of conservatives

Informative graphic about the fatalities in Denver during the flu 1918/1919

People are ditching their homes and joining their friends to avoid isolation. It's called quaranteam

I think we had one of those pro-virus rallies in my town

The Theodore Roosevelt episode was no isolated incident, but a portent of worse to come

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 19, 2020?

This song CRACKS ME UP!

Will Mother Russia And Putin Bail Out Trump This Time?

North Korea denies that Kim sent Trump 'a nice note'

Your detrumpification ideas, please

Kids are pretty smart.

The economy: Trump took credit for everything Obama did. His voters believed it and now,

So, let's start showing up at these pro-virus rallies...

Blooming Trees

The two will do anything they can to hold onto their seats in the upcoming 2020 election.

Economic Impact Payment (stimulus) poll.

America is obsessed with top infectious disease doctor Fauci

Trump needs to be asked "How is the mis-information you spread on national TV in January & February

Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring by Bach...about a mile long

Seems IQ45's knuckle-dragging dipshit followers have already forgotten they recently got this card

Louisiana pastor who defied covid-19 orders is asking people to give their stimulus money to church

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan slams Trump claim states have enough coronavirus testing to reopen as 'abs

Can the house just send another impeachment due to Mismanagement of this crisis?

Joy Reid stunned after Trump supporter claims "very effective treatment" for COVID-19 already exists

Green Party has not qualified for the ballot in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, NH, Iowa or Minnesota

Alex Jones shaking hands and getting touched as he leaves the rally

Cat-"She hates cats, gotta sit on her"

Bolsonaro's War on the War on the Coronavirus

SHE discovered coronaviruses decades ago--but got little recognition

Bolsonaro's War on the War on the Coronavirus

Spare a moment today to remember the USS IOWA 47

Thousands Of Americans Died Needlessly Because Of Donald Trump - That Is The Frame

The White House Has Erected A Blockade Stopping States and Hospitals From Getting Coronavirus PPE

Alex Jones deserves to die from the virus.


1 in 1000 NYC residents have died of Sars-CoV-2

An Office Meme

I used to think, "I'll know I'm old when I start reading the obits"

FREE YALE "Science of Well Being" Course

From the start, Trump has used multiple distractions...except one.

Virginia Employment Commission website has PUA link

I'm so sick of corporations and the rich treating the US Treasury like a piggy bank

How much lower do oil prices have to go

[GOTTA STAY UP!] UP by Sena Kana

Cartoons 4/19/2020

Regarding the Gun Waving Guardians of the Steps

States in best position to make call on opening up

sad little orange man. can't go one day without bragging, lying, patting himself on the back

Singapore sees huge surge in new virus cases

How will it end? Testing, testing, testing, tracing and time

111 students from around globe stuck in Everett dorms

Pence Ducks and Dodges When Grilled on Trump's 'Liberate' Tweets

Schumer says he's focused on job when asked about possible Ocasio-Cortez primary challenge

And in today's news...............

Trump said China may have started the coronavirus deliberately

These babies are hearing for the first time...

Trump is encouraging a corporate-backed astroturf 'uprising' against his own COVID-19 guidelines

FYI - Biden wins Wyoming Caucus - 72% - 28%

Experts say it may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside

WaPo: How do we overcome fear?: Americans need confidence before life can return to normal.

Biden wins Wyoming Democratic primary

A private island off the coast of Miami paid $30,000 for 1,800 coronavirus antibody tests


Covid-19 has killed multiple bishops and pastors within the Church of God in Christ, the nation's la

Just volunteered and donated to Joe's campaign

Millions of masks and coronavirus test kits are sitting in warehouses and can't reach the US because

Another month? Computer modelers estimate how much longer coronavirus shutdowns should last

What those coronavirus protesters are really saying

(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay, Otis Redding 50th Anniv, Song Around The World

Dr. Fauci throws cold water on conspiracy theory that coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab

The Flying Burrito Bros.

Biden Wins Mail-In Wyoming Democratic Presidential Caucus

Trump Hijacks Dr. Deborah Birx's Coronavirus Presentation

There are some new signs up at the Trump Hotel in #NYC. #covid19

'They're killing us,' Texas residents say of Trump rollbacks

Words of wisdom from Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Dangerous Severe Storms with Strong Tornadoes, Damaging Winds and Flooding Rain Expected in the Sout

Maryland's GOP governor isn't sure why Trump is encouraging protesters

Answers to Important RMD Questions

Happy Bicycle Day; friends!

Pence says reopening economy critical to ensure 'cure isn't worse than the disease'

They are selling cloth masks now on Zulily site

Aretha Franklin, I Say A Little Prayer


Piers Morgan turns on Trump...

Coldplay - Everyday Life

Hilarious! 😂

Any time Trump and his supporters attack China over COVID-19, please be sure to share these quotes

A Key G.O.P. Strategy: Blame China. But Trump Goes Off Message.

15 times Trump praised China as coronavirus was spreading across the globe

nice graphic

#FloridaMorons trends after people flock to reopened Florida beaches

PBS, Open Mind's host, Alexander Heffner with Ben Collins Re: viral deception; cos.that enable it

Has anybody else noticed

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/19/20

US coronavirus testing needs to go up by 350,000 per day, researchers say

Find out if your ISP implements BGP safely

Seattle has highest rate of participation in 2020 Census so far

New partisan battle lines emerge over testing

First, the coronavirus pandemic took their jobs. Then, it wiped out their health insurance.

Governors across the country on Sunday pushed back on the Trump administration's claims that states

Chief exec of MA hospital interrogated by FBI for trying to keep feds from heisting PPE Order.

Navajo coronavirus cases increase to 1,197, one survivor shares his story

International league table of countries ranked by percentage of population tested

Blood for Free Labor - 106 Years Tomorrow

Targets Democratic advantage with PoC

'Heartbroken' Obama 'eager' to help Biden defeat Trump in election

Aliens have landed and are using the COVID-19 quarantine as cover to take over Earth.

The virus doesn't care what tRump says or what the MAGATs believe.

More stupidity "freedom protesters" in Olympia WA

Rural areas think they're the coronavirus exception. They're not.

Looks like we have a demonstration by idiots going on in Olympia right now.

Hold these Republicans accountable for deaths caused by recklessness

The Beatles, Help!

where did I see info of one entity organizing these protests?

'He's a weak leader': Nancy Pelosi forces Fox News viewers to hear truth about Trump 'mistakes

Bernie Sanders: The Foundations of American Society Are Failing Us

Cook a 3-course meal in a dishwasher

Advice please: I want to make a lamb stew and

Earnings are set for their biggest dive since late 2009 -- and it gets worse from here

Watch for the Lyrid meteor shower this week

The key undeniable fact to keep in front of voters: Trump FAILED TO DEFEND America

Please bookmark this tweet. You will need it in 2 weeks.

Yay! Costa Rica has registered its third-straight decrease in known active coronavirus cases.

U.S. accounts for ONE-QUARTER of the global total of COVID-19 deaths...

The power of a hug

Trump blows a gasket at 'dumb person' Nancy Pelosi after she calls him a 'weak leader' on Fox News

Trump Tries to Gin Up a New Tea Party

Tweet of the Day

Democrats guide to having a majority in the US Senate in 2020 is winning-

Dog and Cat opinions.......

Trump Thinks Quick Restart Will Help His Re-Election

Pro-tip: A quick way to check if your phone is on mute while teleworking...

Biden Maintains National Lead Over Trump

Shitshow coming up

I'm so tired. May I talk?

How do you know voting by mail works? The U.S. military's done it since the Civil War.

More Americans Concerned About Health Than Economy

Brooke Baldwin: How fighting coronavirus taught me about the gift of connection

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns Trump may put US in 'further danger' during coronavirus crisis

Tweet of the day: "If you don't want to quarantine, it's okay..."

A Beloved Bar Owner Was Skeptical About the Virus. Then He Took a Cruise. NYT

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 19, 2020

Attention Elway Supremo! Super bowl XXXIII is on now. Fox sports.

Who knew how intimate with were with each other?

Gunman arrested/died (?), at least 1 RCMP officer killed after rampage in Nova Scotia communities

Some other podcasts to help you make it through the day

My idea for an ad

Take the family photo off the wall, shelf, computer places

Trump and the billionaires funding his astroturf protest want to turn our country into a ...

Too much data, not enough road

Democratic candidates are using their campaigns to help communities hit by virus

Pupper helps with laundry:

Police: At least 10 killed in shooting rampage in Canada

Trump's path had been to polarize the electorte, and then energize and mobilize the pole backing him

Donald Trump's Kindergarten Evaulation Report

Found out today a friend died from Covid...

Mother Jones attempts to show Trump how language works

The Disturbing True Story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin

It matters that Trump was negligent...

I cant get over how adults can be so stupid

Take one.

Trump is encouraging a corporate-backed astroturf 'uprising' against his own COVID-19 guidelines

Another kitten watch at Tinykittens Youtube channel, Stella will

Usually the NYT "Sunday Routines" column are fun features...

Why some people die

Right Wing Watch Video on Out of Shadows

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Coronavirus: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics...

Sad Shelter Cat Gets Adopted And Purrs For The First Time

TV you'd rather watch than a frump covid presser:


'What we thought we knew, we don't know,' doctors say of COVID-19

Disney to stop paying 100k employees as cost-saving measure

Baby Elephant Smiles The Moment He Learns To Use His Trunk

My grandson just told me on the phone that he has hair in his armpits now!


The Governor of my state is a Republican

Facts you never knew about how dogs became 'man's best friend.'

I figured it out!!!!!

El Paso still waiting on $500K from Trump campaign for February rally

Michael Bloomberg - if you're reading this:


Would an anti-quarantine COVID-19 denier shoot his grandmother

The view from the Tenderloin

Guy And His Dog Are Walking Across The Entire World

Warning, Warning, The following post will not sit well with some, But to me it is funny

Fuck the media

"It was hard to get it aroused but we did get it aroused".

Looks like Trump's Dog and Pony Show is going on TV up against 60 Minutes

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Dog Takes Himself To Shelter To Get Rescued

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis launch Quarantine Wine to help CV-19 relief efforts

Coronavirus in Ohio: More than 1,800 inmates at Marion Correctional test positive for COVID-19

The moment this donkey runs on grass for the first time 😭😍

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

I'm noticing more and more memes and videos from so called progressives questioning Biden's mind

My 103 yo grandma had a heart attack today

President Trump: "We are now the king of ventilators."

The US is 42nd in tests per million, and falling (was 39th), Trump is a fucking pure galighter

Profiting off Covid-19

WTF was he trying to show a video of Cuomo's PC for?

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 19 2020

The daily brief is coming...


Fox News Hosts Weaponize Disinformation AGAIN

30-something Ironman nearly killed by Covid-19


Trump sees himself as the CEO of the United States.

Democrats gain new momentum in fight for Senate majority

The Beatles, John: 'Just Rattle Your Jewelry' Twist & Shout, Royal Performance 1963

I've been working and working on my figure drawing and I think I had a breakthrough this week.

Ok! We know you lied about everything since you were able to get away it!

BAM!!! Listen to @SpeakerPelosi speak the truth about the current occupant of the White House. He

Kroger's is really upping their game.

Americans at World Health Organization transmitted real-time information about coronavirus to Trump

How washing your hands with soap kills the virus:

Newsweek:. "FloridaMorons trends on Twitter.

One of many awkward moments in President Trump's self-praise session.

This is NOT the time to be reopening the country. Show some damn leadership @realDonaldTrump

Something just struck me. This is the "Wish Sandwich Presidency".

#FloridaMorons please sign this.

Van Gogh Film: 'At Eternity's Gate' (2018) Willem Dafoe

trump says states can't ask for help with testing and want control over when to re-open

Trumps attacks yet another woman of color at presser.

They say you can't fix stupid...

"Keep your voice down "......"Relax"

Trump scheduled his nightly campaign/political presser to coincide with 60 Minutes'Covid report

And now a word from a clairvoyant.................Tim Scott..................

CNN Jeremy Diamond - goes after Trump. Trump "you aren't using the brains you were born with"

OMG. #NewAdviceFromDrPhil hashtag on Twitter is hilarious. Some examples:

Trump last month: "Anybody that wants a test can get a test."

When the belly rubs are too good

When you're a good boy and you know it.

protest against Netanyahu--organizers spent hours placing countless Xs to maintain distance.

I can do that too

A baby elephant crosses the river with Mom.

The entire afternoon shitshow was worth it for this alone.

Navajo Nation makes wearing masks outside mandatory

Wow! Photo from the ISS:

Dana Bash just complained how Trump treats women reporters

This photo is from 1955, it was called "a few seconds before happiness".

You know that extra $600 a week unemployment benefit that passed congress has finally

Can't you write anything in the memo section of checks?