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Archives: April 18, 2020

Bill Gates, at Odds With Trump on Virus, Becomes a Right-Wing Target

Officials ask Tyson in Waterloo to close; plant staying open for now

Univ. of Washington ramps up Abbott Labs' 'fantastic' test for COVID-19 antibodies

Donnie found his canaries!

People are slamming Steven Mnuchin for suggesting the $1,200 checks could last people 10 weeks

HI update 4/17 - 553 diagnosed, up 12 - 390 released from isolation

Still no check

Wild animals relax in South Africa golf club during lockdown

Just went to Free Republic to see what they thinking about protests, etc

Ordering CV19 safety supplies online

"Build thee more stately mansions, oh my soul .." Oliver Wendell Holmes

Americans are much more worried about scaling back social distancing too early than too late

Internet laughs at protester whose sign says 'COVID-19 is a lie' even though he's in full protection

Arkansas Covid-19 cases 4/17/2020, 6:00 p.m.

Anyone have info on tonight's Real Time?

GOP lawmakers eye return to Capitol in protest of pandemic shutdown

Michael Lewis Explains Why We Should Have Seen The Pandemic Coming Full Frontal on TBS

This week my shopping outings showed that about half the people I saw (and me) were masked.

4 Days Old

White House moves to weaken EPA rule on toxic compounds

Trump-backed rally urges Gov. Tim Walz to 'Liberate Minnesota'

Jeeze, the doctor is only thirty...

Condoleezza Rice: China Wants To Shift The Narrative On COVID-19, Don't Let Them

Coronavirus Claims at Least 6,900 Nursing Home Deaths in U.S.

'They're Death Pits': Virus Claims at Least 7,000 Lives in U.S. Nursing Homes

"Governor" Ron DeSantis putting on his mask today! What a freaking moron...

California Drought Was A Blip In A Much Larger 'Megadrought,' Study Finds

Both Trump and DeSantis know more than doctors and scientists..

New moniker for Mr. and Mrs. Trump -- seen on twitter

Trump's Virus Focus Shifts to Reopening Economy, Defending Response

So We thought it might be the end of the world...

I wish someone with a national platform would call it surrender

How not to wear a face mask

With Abbott On Deck, Democrats Roll Out Their Own Conditions for Getting Texas Reopened

King County rental assistance program gets thousands more applications than it has funds to serve

Has a single ReTHUG condemned Don the criminally negligent Con

New Virus Cases Surge in Wisconsin a Week After Republicans Forced In-Person Election to Go Forward

Are any other countries dealing with this bullshit or is this strictly an American thing?

Time to fire Jared and Ivanka

The democratic governors should call out the SWAT teams or

GOP Rift Grows Over Social Distancing

Here Are The Billionaires Backing Donald Trump's Campaign

The coronavirus outbreak might be nearly over in China, but economic hardship is not

Has anyone on Twitter notices the recent rise in fake news the left is amplifying?

Republicans Fret as Mnuchin Bargains With Democrats (They want COVID-19 to drown the States in the

Iran Says It Wants Nuclear Subs to Power Up Fleet After U.S. Navy Incident

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Stuck in the Middle With You!

CNN-Texas judge rules all registered voters can vote by mail if they fear catching coronavirus

Democrats request probe of Barr's remarks on firing of intelligence community IG

A health-care worker took a covid-19 test and then attended parties. It came back positive.

"Take me to your scapegoats"

Our water bill this month is 30% higher than last month. Wonder if it's all the extra hand washing?

Greg Abbott looks to reopen Texas businesses in early May, but schools will remain shuttered

Heartland hotspots:A sudden rise in coronavirus cases hitting rural states without stay home orders

Stanford Study: More than 48,000 already infected with COVID-19 in Santa Clara County- HUGE NEWS.

Governor gives green light for some Fla. beaches to reopen

'It Really Is the Perfect Storm': Coronavirus Comes for Rural America

*Dishing with Julia Child, WETA, 10:00 P.M.

*Dishing with Julia Child, MPT, 10:30 p.m.

"Bob Ross - Joy of Painting" Every Episode Free on YouTube

Global coronavirus death toll hits 150,000

Central Washington national forest: C'mon over but keep to yourself

Recovered Washington Coronavirus Patients Asked To Donate Blood

You know, I don't like to stay at home. I live alone & call friends, read DU, clean house, etc.

Floridians now allowed to piss at one end of the pool from 6am - 11am, 5pm - 8pm.


Bull Session: Louie Gohmert Has a Cure for the Coronavirus--Imagination!

If Trump thinks America should reopen, then hold your nazi rally, motherfucker.

The Battle to Keep Trump's Coronavirus Response Effort Honest Has Begun

19 cases of COVID-19 confirmed at pork plant in Worthington (MN)

Arizona National Guard aids Navajos, others caught in COVID-19 'perfect storm'

Friday Talking Points -- Testing... Testing...

*IL Gov. Pritzker on Rachel show now.

Coronavirus could complicate Trump's path to reelection

Is anyone else experiencing Coronavirus CLUTTER?

A personal acknowledgement and declaration of war

Regulators approve major electric rate increase for Old Dominion Power

So Donald Trump's name will be on the stimulus checks.

A new mask that will save lives

Whats going to happen?

Lula: Bolsonaro Leading Brazil 'To Slaughterhouse' Over Covid-19

What is the site url to insure they're mailing the stimulus check?

Is ncov2019 down?

During the latest press conference Donald Trump stated

Shovel ready

Family of New York woman blames hydroxychloroquine combo for fatal heart attack..

Biden looks to placate Sanders by letting him keep delegates

Hormel plant ordered closed over covid 19 outbreak.

UW System Administration announces one-day-per-month furloughs through June 2021

Hard Times (Ryan Bingham)

How exactly are there "only" supposed to be 60,000 deaths?

Sally Field narrates Ruth Bader Ginsburg's words -- the Wisconsin election dissent

2 repuke IL politicians - Madison County officials fired for alleged dirt-digging

Somebody Please LIBERATE AMERICA From This Corona-Spreading Clown (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Randy Rainbow - Social Distance

Fox chryon writer may need new job at CNN.

Are there other "good" COVID-19 Republican governors besides...

"Experts say mass testing only path to reopening economy.''

Watching CNN they call out the lies. Where are the Republicans? McConnell? Graham?

Nina Turner:Progressive movement needs power acquisition

I received my stimulus deposit in my bank account yesterday

BBC World News: Ethiopia and Eritrea

California protesting lockdown

Tribes sue over distribution of coronavirus relief funding

Masturbating Man Zooms Into Election Meeting

Rep Dan Crenshaw is defending drumpf on everything. Maher.

Poor kid doesnt get to go to the Creation Museum now

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Good News: Free Beer for an Elderly Woman & Quarantine Olympics

Well, the whole article copied and pasted. Stimulus payments. Prolly a re-do of previously posted.


(Serious answers please) George W Bush supporters werent at this level

U.S. appeals to China to revise export rules on coronavirus medical gear

Deep in Trump Country: Small-town ICU overwhelmed as 35.5% of tests return positive for COVID19

Note to protesters coming to Madison Wisconsin to yell at governor Evers to open the state.

10 coronavirus-unit nurses are suspended, potentially for weeks, for refusing to work without N95 ma

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Christina Koch - Coming Back to Earth After 11 Months

wow this protestor

Can't hang out much - But I got's ta leave one

Request for prayers for my nephew, a fallen brother ...

Chinese investors seek forced bankruptcy of North Texas developments

Do any of us look in the fridge, see a spot of mold on something, and say, it's OK? It's tiny.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Hey, How's Lewis Black Doing?

here's another stimulus check address change.

Signs a Cat Has Bonded With You (ASMR)

U.S. announces $19 billion coronavirus aid for farmers, food buys for poor

Demonstration planned to protest governor keeping non-essential businesses closed

The chant changes midway thru

Vancouver company continues to see progress with possible coronavirus treatment

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

EY whistleblower awarded $11 million after suppression of gold audit

those liberate states people have alot of professionally made matching signs. tell

Wow. Dump is going all in

Seth Meyers - Trump Says America Is Past the Peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic - Monologue 4/16/20

US to give Palestinians $5m in coronavirus aid - 1% of what Trump cut

The madness of idiot trump continues to be documented on a daily basis

Today Show: What are 'COVID toes'? Dermatologists, podiatrists share strange findings

Maine could lose $1B by next year due to coronavirus

Outspoken Saudi princess reveals that she is in prison

Outspoken Saudi princess reveals that she is in prison

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/17/20

Top House Republican Backs More Hospital Funding

OK! Better go to bed now, so I can wake up bright and early and

Trump: "Hopefully, we'll get rid of this." 39 seconds of incoherent word salad and sniffling.

BIW, union extend contract for one month amid pandemic

Report on deaths & cases in U.S..Horrific numbers, so sad,...Warning: Horrific!!

I want to slap those anti-distancing protestors,

Trump pushing "Lab Virus" conspiracy theory now

Relaxing cyberpunk music for a Friday Night:

Sex trafficking survivor Alexis Martin will be released from prison by Ohio's governor

In a godawful time, remember there's still wonder:

Truth: MAGATs want to re-open because this pandemic disproportionally kills PoC, the old, & the poor

A Rose in my neighbor's garden...

Laura Ingraham asked Fauci a question. She got the wrong answer.

Trump tells a damnable and murderous lie

I can't decide which is worse---

The uncomfortable truth is that Trump left America exposed and vulnerable

Having fewer heart attacks? Congrats, you should quit your blood thinners!

many do not understand how tightly fox news and trump campaign are tied...

nolabear posted this, General Discussion..Alan Alda..originally posted..YES, YOU WILL SMILE

I wonder who in the gop

Just watched Judy Woodruff get bamboozled by Pence.

Jane Hull, first woman elected Arizona governor, dies at 84

Trump Offered Ukraine One Billion Dollars in Cash to Open Biden Investigation

Polluter bailouts and lobbying during Covid-19 pandemic

Need some good falling asleep music? Here you go:

'Coronavirus profiteers' condemned as polluters gain bailout billions

New Surge Threatens to Collapse Japan's Hospitals

Thunderbirds tomorrow

I feel bad sometimes, but I literally cannot stand to look at him or listen to him

Trump's Plan to Contain the Coronavirus by Unleashing Anarchy Seems Risky

Guttenberg:LIBERATE AMERICA you degenerate POS. Seriously trying to force gun violence...

Holy Crap ... this is a trippy tax thing ...

"We miss you" Teacher caravans driving through neighborhoods with signs and kids waving by bustops


April is the cruellest month,

Joe Biden just hammered Trump on China. But there's more to be said.

Trump: U.S. States, Not Federal Government, Must Improve Testing

It just dawned on me....


'Live Free or Die': Protesters march against California stay-at-home rules in Huntington Beach

Wow, I wanted to get my friend in Canada a gift of a breadmaking machine similar to

How Coronavirus is Upending Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Traditions

Walmart to hire 50,000 more workers in coronavirus-driven hiring spree

Trump allies press administration to unleash lawsuits against lockdowns

Pompeo has been feeding inside info to Seb Gorka!!

Tweet of the year (9 mins of Gov. Cuomo destroying the Orangevirus)

Keep campgrounds closed, some towns tell governor

At least we don't have to worry about Hillary's emails

Spaulding will recommend state college campus closures, consolidations with Castleton U.

"I want to talk about the big beautiful guppies we have at Mar-a-Lago! Biggest guppies in the world!

Any night owls up and about?

New wave of infections threatens to collapse Japan hospitals

Gov. Phil Scott announces first loosening of business restrictions

US coronavirus stimulus offers taxpayer cash to buyout firm companies

Sometimes more information can be a problem.

Vulture funds prepare to feast on troubled company debt

Fox News: "Michigan-protesters weren't Nazis. They waved the swastika-flags ironically."

Former gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist shares story of battle against COVID-19

WaPo : Stimulus checks and other relief hindered by 1960s technology and rocky rollout

Burlington City Council asks Gov. Scott to ground F-35s during coronavirus pandemic

Congress Is Investigating Whether a Ventilator Company Is Gouging the U.S. -- and Why the Government

Millions of Essential Workers Are Being Left Out of COVID-19 Work Safety Protections, Thanks to OSHA

Navy removes 116 staff from hospital ship after virus infects 7

The CDC and WHO Have Already Said Mosquitoes Don't Spread Coronavirus. Now USDA Will Study It, Too.

7 Midwest governors form bi-partisan partnership to coordinate post-COVID-19 economy. Iowa's governo

Land O'Lakes Removing Native American Woman From Packaging After 92 Years

We'll see more shortages of diagnostic tests if the FDA has its way

Trump plays Hardball politics 100% of his time in office.

Dummies are on the march, demanding their "freedom" to fatally infect you

Ahead of call with Trump, Baker cautions against 'letting up now'

Trump Campaign Secretly Paying $180,000 A Year To His Sons' Significant Others

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 if 2020 is a huge Democratic wave election year.

Warren carves out a big role in a moment of crisis. Will that include a vice presidential nod?

Criminal Louisiana Preacher kills one of his churchgoers, calls the Coroner a liar...

Democratic super PAC launches $15 million ad blitz slamming Trump on China and coronavirus

My heart breaks even more many people who have sacrificed family time

Michelle Obama to lend star power to Biden

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Ellen' Crew Furious Over Poor Communication Regarding Pay, Non-Union Workers During Coronavirus Shu

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will be winning are:

Stay Home! Back to Work! A Dog and Cat Debate Reopening America

Carrollton High seniors expelled for racist video 'will not be graduates,' district says

Trump's Civil War analogy?

Israel Is Reporting That The Trump Admin Reached Out To Them Back In November To Warn about pandemic

Don't be like Bob

VA Instructs Coronavirus-Exposed Staff to Continue Working, Places Those Who Don't in AWOL Status

Iran's dodgy coronavirus detector - rebirth of the bomb detector that killed many in Iraq

Pretty Cool Driveway Art

Santana - Samba Pa Ti (Live at Montreux 2011)

Letter to Mitch McConnell:

A modern-day Jefferson Davis of the Pro-Plague States of America

Great Rotation of Wealth : Democrats to Republicans

Earthlings Unite!

U.S. judge puts Amazon challenge to Pentagon JEDI contract on hold

Judge: Tennessee can't prevent abortions during coronavirus

Judge: Tennessee can't prevent abortions during coronavirus

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

I watched those MAGAs marching at a State Capital

Navy IDs Arkansas sailor as 1st active-duty COVID-19 death

Outer Banks Overrun With Seashells Due To Lack Of Tourists

Reinstate? Reassign? Navy to decide fate of fired captain

ABC News: Tracking Trump's COVID-19 promises

There is always a tweet

Scant testing in US migration system risks spreading virus

Scant testing in US migration system risks spreading virus

Tomorrow's LOLcats will be a BYO Edition

We're Doomed...

A mother's job is a tough one... Those kids...

White House moves to weaken EPA rule on toxic compounds

Medal of Honor recipient Bennie Adkins has died of coronavirus

Tonight at Bellevue Hospital we held a service for our beloved nurse Ernesto DeLeon who died...

Super cool. Good thing Belgium doesn't have earthquakes.

Could the Evangelists actually be onto something?

Another "No Sew" Mask

tRump blames WHO for spread of COVID19. Demands the immediate extradition of

The GOP has become a death cult

April 18 - Happy Birthday Rep. Gwen Moore (D) WI-4th

The picture that defines the Trump pandemic response, and his entire "presidency".

Gov Ron DeSantis putting on his mask

How a frantic trek to a McDonald's parking lot shows the scramble states are facing for supplies

For Caturday: A baby tiger and its mother sharing a moment..

Margit Feldman, 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, lost to coronavirus

"Re-opening the economy" now is like not finishing your antibiotics because you're feeling a little

It's a beautiful morning!

I've washed my hands so much, I found the

360 degrees of nature.

I hate what Retrumplicans have done to me

Contention: Ari Velshi is the hardest working person on TV....

Trump advisers on reopening economy gave half-billion to Republican efforts since 2015

Everyone when the lockdown is over!

Finally looking at Friday's toons. This one caused be to think of a great idea.

The Lancet publishes blistering editorial criticizing Trump's COVID-19 response

FOGHAT - I Just Want To Make Love To You (04/25/1997)

Trump will not leave the WH quietly.....

YouTube link for watching Global Citizen's "One World" concert starting at 2 pm ET

Michigan manbaby protest

All these blocks of states working together, while the federal government is ineffective

Owls suddenly realize they're on hidden camera 😧

Do you remember how well trying to force Democracy on Afghanistan and Iraq worked out?

Michael Beschloss is posting links to all kinds of musical videos

Babe Ruth at first game in New York City's new Yankee Stadium, April 18, 1923

"What am I supposed to do, send a bouquet of flowers?" -- Gov. Cuomo. Bwawhhh!!!

Ford Mustang was introduced to public at New York World's Fair, April 17, 1964:

Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz aren't coronavirus experts. So why are they talking about it on TV news?

Cohen Writing Book to 'Spill the Beans' on Trump

The day all of the ironies died

37,000+ dead, 700.000+ infected

GOP Rift Grows Over Social Distancing

U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono (D. HI) Endorses Joe Biden For President

Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi + Both Sides Now (BBC - 1969)

Hey, grandpa, what's for supper?

That Ohio protest photo looked like a zombie movie. Zombie movie directors think so, too.

We asked the man in the street what he thinks about working at home.

Trump Campaign Secretly Paying $180,000 A Year EACH To His Sons' Significant Others

As the world grapples with plastic pollution, Pa.'s ethane cracker promises more plastic

The White House praised hotels for housing doctors. Cities say Trump's hotels aren't participating.

Where's muh crisis bump that every president since Washington got?

Judus goat ...

Who is feeding the First Moron with these crazy and dangerous ideas about constitutional powers?

"If More Americans Need To Be Sacrificed To Open The Economy Then So Be It"

Do we still 'DU' polls? I'd be much obliged if you gave this one your attention...

Doctors I trust more than Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz:

How to Play Coronavirus Bear Market? Exactly Like the Bull Market

I am sorry, I must say this because it's the truth.

Eurreal Wilford "Little Brother" Montgomery was born on this date.

The Midnight - River of Darkness

As Trump Tries to "Open," We Can Refuse.

Salute to the healthcare workers, first responders and other essential personnel in Colorado

Jazz guitarst Tony Mottola was born on this date.

San Diego congressional candidates spent millions on primary; Hunter again draws FEC attention

Gatemouth Brown was born on this date.

The Trump voters rally cry.


Mutinies are fun. Insurrections are fun. People (Dems) dying is great for my re-election.

Texans plan to turn out Saturday calling to reopen the country

I wonder if the states could sell assets to foreign countries to get the emergency funds they need?

You need to arm the people before you open up the economy

Trump is Mark Twain's king, the great American con man.

Are we being slow-rolled towards herd immunity?

Howard Dean on Ben Rhodes' 2018 book on the Obama admin & what it says about Biden

Biden looks to placate Sanders by letting him keep delegates

For the kids! Read-Along Mondays with Michelle Obama

G7 backing for WHO leaves Trump isolated at virtual summit

I'm done with Bill Maher

Owner's Manual for New Air Force One Cost $84 Million

DeVos' dirty work

Just going to leave this here for your amusement on a locked down Saturday.


Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz

Let's go by the official US-government guideline how much a human life is worth in dollars:

Tennessee lawmaker works with cosmetology workforce to reopen profession

We don't need endlessly increasing production.

It's fortunate that Republicans have such low standards.

Do Re Mi - Covid-19 Version

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Birthday Plans as Coronavirus Hits Britain

Corgi chasing tail creates cutest whirlpool ever

IMF head warns on Brexit trade deal failure

Matt Gaetz Inadvertently Calls Trump 'President God' In One Of Most Sycophantic Tweets Yet

Haven't been listening to the orange shitgibbon lately

For anyone interested - Wyoming Caucus results start to come today.

"Mr. President, do you think its safe enough to hold one of your Klan rallies?"

The orange asshole is a regular modern day David Farragut

Protesters are stupid beyond stupid,.. just like Trump..

QUESTION: Has ANYONE proposed what adequate testing is to look like on city, county & state level?

Call 'em what they are, "Brownshirts" / "You Can't Close America" rallies.

Only about 20 thousand Americans are murdered each year. But nearly 650 thousand die

Local leaders face 'challenge' of how and when to reopen economy

The Trump administration plans to funnel $19 billion to farmers


A nice initiative from Spectrasonics aimed at helping musicians / artists

Poll: Warren tops VP appeal for Dem voters in Michigan and Wisconsin

Trump Sons' Romantic Partners Reportedly Receive $180,000 a Year From Reelection Campaign

Re infection numbers

Think This Pandemic Is Bad? We Have Another Crisis Coming.

How Does Coronavirus Kill? Clinicians Trace a Ferocious Rampage Through the Body, From Brain to Toes

Men - Paragon of thought, embodiment of dealing with the moment, encapsulation of stupidity

Pink Floyd Announces YouTube Concert Series

Recovered coronavirus patients are testing positive again. Can you get reinfected?

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary and Iraq war critic Paul O'Neill dies at 84: WSJ

Democrats guide to a majority control of the US Senate in 2020 is winning-

The view from the Tenderloin

Jeffrey Sachs Tells Vatican Conference: Trump's Re-election Would Make US "Absolutely Dangerous"

Trump and His Allies Are Worried About More Than November

A lovely day at the beach.....

Okay, the census pisses me off!

Midday Music for Millennials -- Saturday

A Gloomy Prediction on How Much Poverty Could Rise

What am I missing? Reported on CBS Morning News, so many restaurant owners feeding the poor.

(edited) Operation Gridlock protests planned in different cities, ARREST THEM!:

Trump setting up the pardon for Roger Stone

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update April 18 2020

Why Meat Plants are shutting down.

Asha Rangappa: "Darryl and Darryl"

Thanks to COVID-19, Social Security's day of reckoning may be even closer than we thought

(P.A.) Fire leaves 6 New Kensington residents, their pets homeless

Profiles in Perfidy, XV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump falls on his face trying to justify his tweets encouraging uprisings


How one Dem governor stays off Trump's enemies list

Karma is a bitch.

This explains why November could be in jeopardy.

Donald Trump is personally responsible for the death of thousands of Americans

Years ago, there was a company called "Flowers of Extinction", which delivered dead flower in

If you can use a lift today, this really had me beaming!

Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper?

Democrats Challenging GOP Senators Rack Up 2020 Fundraising Edge

Hong Kong police arrest democracy activists, media tycoon

Is there a chart per county that will tell us the actual number of cases for the virus,

The Rude Pundit: Andrew Cuomo Finally Gets Rid of His Last Fuck

A True Leader

Michelle Obama holds virtual storytime for kids every Monday

Texas Judge Issues Order That Could Greatly Expand Mail-In Voting

Are we back to the Trump is ten feet tall thesis?

So my favorite grocery store announced last night a worker tested positive for CV

So according to Cuomo it looks like the bottleneck for more testing is the reagents that are made in

More exploration of the OMD menu while staying home.

Question for those in Michigan about the stay at home order

Last November.

You raised $1,157.00 on April 17, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Very interesting, at least to me You Gov poll.

"Warning: Do not strike against hard surface, as chipping may result."

This protestor in Huntington Beach is wearing protection against #COVID-19, while saying it is a lie

Tribes press judge to halt Keystone XL work to protect communities from virus

One World - Together At Home - Today 8PM ET..

This is what differentiates Governor Andrew Cuomo from many other Governors today:

Facebook deleted my image of a red KKK hood with...

Notice anything in this Proud Boys pic?

Florida Opens Some Beaches On Day Of Biggest Coronavirus Case Increase

why I'm wearing this mask

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill dies at age 84

1932 General Election

Am I really writing it at all?

A Tourism Lull May Be Good for Animals--but Not for Long

Watch: the media will broadcast every other single one of these protests

10 years after BP spill: Oil drilled deeper; rules relaxed

In Trumps sick, twisted mind, he believes this should happen when he does his job.

The current "pro corona" protests made me think of a Twilight Zone episode:

Can a reporter please ask Trump if citizens should heed the advice of their governors...

So, if we start arresting these jacknut "open 'er up" idiots

Everything Trump Does Is A Distraction - The Media Just Doesn't Get It

Twittler can't go a day without his rally

(Jewish Group) This is why 'The Plot Against America' is the scariest show I've seen.

Contamination at CDC lab delayed rollout of coronavirus tests

'Captain Tom', 99, to help open hospital after raising $29 million

(Jewish Group) Sacramento daily apologizes for running Easter ad it says was anti-Semitic

A different college student recruitment video.

North Idaho about to have a spike in coronavirus cases

Protest against Michigan stay-at-home order compares Democratic governor to Hitler

Starbucks prepares to gradually reopen stores - but service will look different

'Captain Tom', 99, to help open hospital after raising $29 million

First COVID-19 death in USA was on Feb 28, less than two months ago

On the plus side, coronavirus has taken us to school

Breaking:Unreliable asshole goes on Fox to spew nonsense!

Happy dogs!:

So I forced myself to watch Fox news for one hour, it was hard.

Cartoons 4/18/2020

Seeing those people on the beach, not paying any attention..Reminds me of Joseph Stalin

CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK A timeline: 88 deaths in 90 days

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much done with being a witness to

Trump would have come out to join the protesters he's inciting but ...

Chris Cuomo Slams Ingraham, Fox News Over Coronavirus Coverage: 'Never Ends For State TV'

Breakfast: Saturday, April 18, 2020

Judge: Tennessee can't prevent abortions during coronavirus

Rally's underway on sidewalk outside State Capitol in Austin

How coronavirus testing and contact tracing work together to quell COVID-19

An informative article about the IRS website for those who are having issues

It's all fun and games until Trump incites the next Timothy McVeigh into blowing up another building

Matt Gaetz Hails 'Testing President' Trump In One Of Most Sycophantic Tweets Yet

Former U.S. Surgeon General: Coronavirus response is 'nowhere near where it needs to be'

Nancy Pelosi Hits Donald Trump Where It Hurts Over His Coronavirus Briefings

Where are the biggest spikes in coronavirus cases this week? States without stay-at-home orders


My father is a top virologist who believes the coronavirus vaccines won't be ready for distribution

How many Trumpsters would jump off a cliff if Fox News told them gravity was a lie?

Donald Trump: Post Tortoise

According to Stephen Moore, Stay-at-Home Order Protesters Are the 'Modern-Day Rosa Parks'

A Nurse's Texts Lay Bare the Coronavirus Horror at Nursing Homes

A little mellow 10CC

Putin leverages coronavirus chaos to make a direct play to Trump

Racial toll of virus grows even starker as more data emerges

When there's a waitlist at Cracker Barrel

U.S. Pays High Prices for Masks From Unproven Vendors in Coronavirus Fight

Vote for Biden? Sanders Supporters Say It's 'Up in the Air'

Fantastic literary geographies

Washington's Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 600; 293 New Cases

Fed Judge: TN cannot delay abortions, even by a matter of days, amid covid19

Trump Falsely Tells His Supporters They Aren't Spreading Virus With Protests

Floriduh- DeSantis leading by example.

Trump campaign vows rallies will return; experts advise large events return in 2021

Trump is responsible for the different state protests.

Washington unemployment website offline Saturday for update and expansion of benefits

Democrats in Key Senate Races Outraise Republican Opponents

'Vague and unclear': Twitter rules Trump 'liberate' tweet doesn't violate coronavirus guidelines

Operation reopen America: are we about to witness a second historic failure of leadership from Trump

I feel like we are at that part of the movie in Jaws...

It's a false equivalence and it makes me want to scream

Livestream Now: One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers

Until their is a vaccine, and or the Coronavirus burns out, nothing will return to normal

Report: Boxship Master Killed by Crewmembers in Port of Cartagena

Tweet of the Day

National Weather Service

I hate guillotine memes

GOP's growing open it up caucus urges fewer virus restrictions amid warnings from fellow Republicans

Apparently, they're gonna snail mail me a check...

Love my husband, but...

Here's an answer for the car gridlock protests:

My county has a huge cluster of COVID cases in a prison

Gretchen Whitmer Isn't Backing Down

This from my contacts in SW MO.

For first time in a month, Whatcom reports no new coronavirus cases or deaths Friday

The government shut down the ncov19 site that listed statistics re epidemic

Covid-19 - a blessing for pangolins?

Seattle's University District, Ballard farmers markets reopen this weekend with new rules

UW model: Washington could start safely reopening May 18

Had scissors in hand and considered it......

Venezuelan Central Bank Denounces New US Robbery of Assets

Where's your check? Ask GOP lawmakers.

Is it a mistake to think that if the virus disappears from New York...

Whatcom medics given a clean bill of health, so far, in fight against coronavirus

4 white deer seen outside WI town. 1 is rare enough, but 4? Cool!

COVID-19, gun sales and guns in homes

Eastern State Hospital nurse dies from coronavirus, family says

Normalizing the protestors

3 new cases of COVID-19 in Thurston County Friday, 82 have recovered

Trump Says U.S. Has Enough Test Capacity Amid Shortage Concern

Officials urge Tyson Foods to shut down plant after employees test positive for COVID-19

Joe Biden, Donald Trump in statistical dead heat in Florida


The Coronavirus in America: The Year Ahead.

Test to detect COVID-19 antibodies ready for public use, UW researchers say

U.S. sent millions of face masks to China early this year, ignoring pandemic warning signs

GOP had planned to go on the offense against Joe Biden

Two countries face a pandemic: Canada's teamwork; Trump's feuds

How about a joyous song looking forward to when this bullshit is finally over?

Sure, open the country back up.

Warren hits Trump: He's trying to turn a health crisis into 'a political rally for himself'

Holy crap! Check out this UK Daily Mail photo article about Coronavirus protests yesterday.

About Those "Stay-At-Home" Protesters...

governor newsom giving an announcement [LIVE NOW]:

Cuomo issues Exec Order allowing New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely

Trump ally compares coronavirus protesters to Rosa Parks

Brazil: judge bans missionaries from indigenous reserve over Covid-19 fears

Brazil: judge bans missionaries from indigenous reserve over Covid-19 fears

Think I'm gonna make a bumper sticker out of this for 2020

How many people will this kill?

CDC reviewing 'stunning' universal testing results from Boston homeless shelter

Should ALL DEM. states just come out and say

Something to make your heart sing, and potentially make you slightly weepy

Colorado's Jewish governor Jared Polis gets emotional when his stay-at-home order compared to Nazism

Take a look at these Michigan numbers. My hopes aren't up because, DAMN THOSE PROTESTORS

Texas state convention

Florida Beaches Packed As Trump Urges People To Break Quarantine

I'm absolutely fascinated by the gun humpers (and others) who appear at these protests.

please translate


Study: Amazonian Regions were Agricultural Landscapes Some 10,000 Years Ago

Found It!

this is why Trump's approval will never drop below 40%

Governors feel heat to reopen from protesters, president

New Covid-19 crisis hits ICUs as more patients need dialysis

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump Campaign Secretly Paying $180,000 A Year To His Sons' Significant Others Lara Trump and Kimber

Since there is no sports on at this time, you guys might enjoy this...

Number of New U.S. Infections Per Day

MY STORY, Episode 2 - I'm having a very productive day......

Italian Soccer Federation Rolls Out A Plan To Resume Serie A Matches In June

Biden Launches New Ad In Battlegrounds

Charles Pierce re: supposed spontaneous demonstrators

Model from the University of Washington on when it might be safe for states to open

People in Brookfield WI risking their lives for right to die in pandemic and infect others

A Special Circle of Hell Awaits


CDC Director: States Reopening Will Be 'Step-By-Step, Prudent Process' TODAY

An idea for anyone who follows these things: Track the inevitable spikes of COVID-19.

The death cult can never be allowed to claim pro-life status again, ever.

US Senate seats that Democrats will win to get back in the majority in 2020 are going to be-

trump tweeted that Dems and Media are "Rude and Nasty"

Fascinating baseball history

Bentonite clay for COVID-19??

(Jewish Group) OY VEY!

Democrats Challenging GOP Senators Rack Up 2020 Fundraising Edge

Apple & Google Announce A Coronavirus Tracking System; Benefits, Concerns

COVID-19 Protesters Just Like Rosa Parks, Says White House Adviser Stephen Moore

COVID-19: Rights experts highlight LGBTI discrimination, antisemitism

Study: Amazonian Regions were Agricultural Landscapes Some 10,000 Years Ago

Rev. Dr.William J. Barber II @RevDrBarber: When people say stupid things, don't get stuck on stupid.

Welcome to the No Lives Matter movement

Some Governors Look To Reopen States Amid Shutdown Protests TODAY

Joe's Vice President,

🇺🇸 Give me Liberty...or Give me MEMES 😆😁😀

Ethnic cleansing.

New Jersey Charges Organizer Amid Trump-Backed Protests Meant To 'Liberate' Stay-At-Home States

For all those "patriots" in Annapolis this weekend. Here's your treatment waiver.

Roof-to-Roof Tennis in Italy

U.S. Shipped Millions of Face Masks to China

Muddled thinking punctures plan for British ventilator: yet another Tory screw-up in procurement

What The Hell Happened This Week? The Daily Social Distancing Show

Melania Trump Tested People With A White House Puzzle. It Did Not Go Well.

Putin Leverages Chaos to Get Closer to Trump

#FloridaMorons is trending: 'COVID-19 is not here, bro.'

Trump Supporters Swarm Texas Capitol, Chant 'Fire Fauci!' at Coronavirus Lockdown Protest

Here is something interesting for Roku owners: CBC News Network, Canada's 24/7 news station

'Genesis Film Festival' To Provide Free Weekly Webcasts Of Concert Films

NIH: Antiviral Remdesivir Prevents Disease Progression In Monkeys With Covid-19

Mike Buchanan, multifaceted local TV reporter and anchor, dies at 78

"Update" starting now

Coronavirus in a psychiatric hospital: 'It's the worst of all worlds'

The shitshow is back - it was supposed to start at 4.45pm

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 18, 2020

A New Statistic Reveals Why America's COVID-19 Numbers Are Flat

British tweets and stuff about the quarantine

CNN not showing Red Donnie again today!

So who funds the WHO?

Drive-In Movie Theaters Thrive Despite Lack of New Titles: "People Just Want to Get Out"

Good for them - but leave us out..........

what is great is that if you don't watch the asshole's pressers...

Graphic: The 1918 Denver "double-humped" curve

MetroHealth employees must wear masks, starting Monday (OH)

El Salvador president defies supreme court order on COVID-19 detention

What protesters want: the good old days, ie 1918

Without More Tests, America Can't Reopen

'They're Coming Back To The Hospital Sicker': Boston ER Doctor...

Zelizer CNN article: VP

Whenever Trump starts talking about stock market, his record economy, or Obama, or Democrats...

a song for when you're missing someone ... someone still alive in this case ...

Found on FB

Help me out here...

Republican leaders furious with Trump for blowing up their key campaign talking point before the 202

Spain Covid- 19 Deaths Surpass 20,000

Hit the damn gong already!

Shithead breaking into presser

Joy Reid: Those Re-Open Protests Are All About Helping Trump And Wall St., Not Main St.

Did you just see that?

Doctor Charged With Fraud After U.S. Says He Sold Treatment as '100 Percent' Cure for Covid-19

I read the following quote in a book by Robert Heinlein and Spider Robinson, 'Variable Star':

WAPO review of Heather Cox Richardson's new book

Shock Doctrine and What We Can Do

This is like a catbyte thread, only with humans! Babies trying out hearing aids for the first time.

Trump is displeased with Angus King

Wondering if the "My Pillow" a-hole is getting the small business money. Seems like his

A friend of mine is a hospital nurse.

Texas Anti-Lockdown Protesters Are Coming for Fauci Now

MSNBC should cut away

Trump's still resting on his China travel ban that didn't stop travel

States could need tens of thousands more health workers to reopen

"You can't mourn anymore than us".

Just tuned in to the Trump show, According to Trump and his team, it's over.

Clearing out my Grandmother's house, I found an ancient postcard.

OK...where are the petitions to demand MSNBC, and other Local networks stop carrying this shitshow?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/18/20 (Things that make you go "Yikes!")

Contamination at CDC lab was likely cause of early delays in rolling out coronavirus testing

The rich want

Im not sure why dumb people

Conservative activists encourage DOJ to sue governors, local leaders for coronavirus restrictions

Refusing to watch Trump's Corona Virus Propaganda Show won't make it go away.

South Carolina to reopen public beaches, retail stores next week amid pandemic

Any other cities also doing this? I hope so!

Bailing out busineses in a crisis is bad idea. Better to bailout people directly.

Incredible: rooftop tennis--house to house!

Yale's massively popular 'happiness' course is available free online

Broadway star Nick Cordero to have leg amputated amid coronavirus battle, wife says

George Conway is digging on Trumps made up stuff about himself [John Barren and John Miller]

Did you know you can CALL worms to come right to you?

"He watched Fox, and believed it was under control,'' Kristen told me.

Biden should make a televised address on how he plans to help Americans devastated by the rona

The MSM is again giving too much attention to Astro turf protestors, reminiscent of the Tea Party

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a rising star for Democrats and a target for Republicans

A picture that puts the deaths from Covid-19 in perspective

Southern DUers from Eastern Texas pay attention to tornado warnings

Stupid people kill for stupid reason..2 examples: Bush Jr & Trump.

Say it, Vic!

New model: Some states could end social distancing in early May, others in the summer

Context Free Post

Did you notice all the billionaires out there protesting today? Yeah neither did I

So is Trump going for Kristallnacht part 2


Itching to participate in protest but can't leave your home? Want to support the US Postal Service?

10 questions you should ask someone before marrying them

Donald Trump has declared war on the media, on Democrats, on Governors, on China...

Form for Covid-19 Anti Lockdown protestors to sign

Another Funny Meme

How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes

photo: President Trump "Celebrating America's Truckers"

Health care workers protest for vital protection equipment

My Facebook response to "Freedom" rally next Saturday in Madison, WI....

He is heading for dictatorship. Was there ever a doubt that's what he wanted?

Andrew Romanoff won big today...

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is reopening retail stores and public beaches.

Who's up for a cat video??

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Trump Is Asking Us to Play Russian Roulette With Our Lives (T. Friedman, NYT)

"I Want My Death to Make You Angry"

Application for PA Pandemic Unemployment Assistance now available

To say, "The curve has flattened, open the states" is like saying,

Did anyone else hear that the reagent component of the virus testing in made in China and...

Late Night Hosts Another Edition of the Trump Blame Game

Where are Rep Josiah Magnuson's family from?

A family was told their dad at a Jersey vets home was rebounding from coronavirus. He wasn't.

Chief Exec of MA hospital had to get his Congressperson to keep Trump DHS from heisting his PPE

@HoarseWisperer Watch- Brutal and effective Biden ad. The truth about Trump & China

CNN is not going to show One World Together At Home

8PM Tonight "One World Together". All 3 networks. WHO & health care worker support

Canada, US extend border restrictions for another 30 days

Spare some good thoughts for my husband's and my friend

Krystal Ball Threw herself Under the BUS. Who Knew?

New Math.............from the Wharton School of Business......

Turn the water back on,

One World: Together at Home Fundraiser - Trumpists Are Spouting Hate In Reviews


In the last 24 hours we have 6383 deaths and 38939 total and he is

Application for PA Pandemic Unemployment Assistance now available

Florida to release list of nursing homes with coronavirus infections