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Has Trump finally met his match? The female reporters setting him straight

I could spit nails at this goofball

Here's an idea from a 16 yr old niece

Van Gogh Museum: 4K YouTube Private Tour Video, Part 1/7

Now Trump Blames WHO

National Archives Report Someone Tried to Scrawl "Total Authority" with Sharpie on U.S. Constitution

GOP begs Trump to make sure immigrants don't get help from relief bill

3rd environmental activist killed this year in Mexico

3rd environmental activist killed this year in Mexico

Nicaraguan president missing

Lou Reed. Live. 1973

Cuomo Says He 'Won't Engage' Trump, Then Offers a History Lesson

Nicaraguan president missing

Republicans handed millionaires another tax gift in the virus relief bill

Coronavirus: Amazon ordered to deliver only essential items in France

Coronavirus: Amazon ordered to deliver only essential items in France

31 new Covid-19 cases in Jamaica

Some DU help, please: Does any one know anything about FPUC benefits coming from the Federal...

US Intelligence say there is a possiblilty Covid came from lab. Articles everywhere here's one from

Goldman Sachs says downturn will be 4 times worse than housing crisis

Unclear how long coronavirus-related restrictions will remain on military: Pentagon

How many task forces does the psychopaths have now................

So. Guy I know on Face book makes a post and says,

Trial of Giuliani associates Parnas, Fruman likely delayed to 2021 after U.S. election

Ok. I am going to be a jerk here and present you a false choice

U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 25,000, cases exceed 600,000 -Reuters tally

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Dr. Fauci And Dr. Brix Haven't Done Their Job If.....

U.S. returns another $300 million of recovered 1MDB funds to Malaysia

Bellingham hospital cared for 36 coronavirus patients, has room for more, City Council told

Nancy Pelosi on Chris Hayes right now

More than 30 have COVID-19 at psychiatric hospital

Fact check: A list of false claims from Trump's bitter coronavirus briefing

Donnie and the GOP: Money Money Money

Can anyone tell me what this bird is?

"He's out of control. In full meltdown."

Paul Krugman: On cronies, cranks and the coronavirus.

Are you bored?

If a coronavirus particle was enlarged to the size of a tennis ball and you were enlarged the same

Some staff in the Capitol told to wear masks, but not lawmakers

Testing Reveals 'Stunning' Asymptomatic Coronavirus Spread Among Boston's Homeless

Congress has already authorized $122 million for the WHO for this fiscal year

how is it we are here?



Coronavirus takes a serious turn in Russia, and Putin no longer radiates confidence

In the words of President Obama

Email I just sent to my two Senators and my Representative---All Republicans

GM begins mass production of ventilators for US government

Documentary Grey Gardens (and Trump)

He actually does have devil horns.

Dogs (photos)

Some Republicans join backlash over Trump's claim of 'total' authority over coronavirus response

Unfortunately the US has 2 plagues to contend with, the corona virus and typhoid trump n/t

Does anyone ever experience "Hypnic Jerks" or "Myoclonic Jerks" when they are trying to fall asleep?

Is the Florida county information still available on the Dashboard coronavirus site?

Democratic voter motivation in Wisconsin has Republicans worried

Lawmakers introduce resolution rebuking Trump's claims of power of governors

So I was just on my back porch and I now have a new light show I will see nightly.

117 million kids at risk of missing measles vaccine during COVID-19 pandemic

Washington AG sues Facebook over political ads

Professional TV comedy writer says Trump's 'mutiny' tweet is beyond any parody he could possibly cre

Bet my chainsaw that Trump never makes it to the debate stage

Congress delays return to Washington until at least May 4

Delta Air reaches deal for $5.4 billion in federal relief funding

14 UW Medicine workers test positive for coronavirus

Did anyone watch the Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party on MSNBC?

What states will go into that rabbit hole when Trump says to open the economy?

Tricky - Black Steel [1995 - Maxinquaye]

Death toll soars after NYC counts 'probable' fatalities

Thousands of health care workers sickened by COVID-19 and 27 dead, CDC report says.

Democratic bills call for racial breakdown of COVID-19 cases

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stuck in the Middle With You!

Guatemala: US deportations driving up COVID-19 cases

Trump blows up & threatens to leave own press conference when asked about people not being tested

ACK! Anyone got a good LIVE link for Rachel?

If you think Trump is off the rails now.........

OMG. This demented lowlife, this cheap conman, is putting his name on the $1,200 relief checks.

Republicans decry Michigan governor's latest stay-home order

Trumpeter Swans -- Poetry in Motion

Let's Do This

Krystal Ball, no comment. SMFH!

Rita Wilson says she had 'extreme side effects' from controversial drug chloroquine during COVID-19

For the first time, San Francisco Pride is officially canceled

Wow, great opening on RMS!

Deep Hate For The Cheap Thug Trump Is The Ground Of This Election, Ladies And Gentlemen

It will be 30,000 dead by morning

Joe Biden has 5 million twitter followers...Bernie has 11 million.

Weird star explosion is brightest supernova ever seen

Trump: "What We Do With All That Money That Goes To The World Health Organization..."

So while he was spouting off and roll calling all those US corporations, no one told him that SAP

Burpee Seeds shuts down to new orders as run on seeds to start "pandemic gardens"

Trump: The authority of the president is total

Gov Newsom unveils his plan to lift California's stay-at-home order

Biden's guide to victory in the 2020 US Presidential Election Electoral College Vote.

Obama: "But if I were running today, I wouldn't run the same race or...

We need a poll: is a virus alive?

Dovydas always comes up with something

Our Pandemic Summer

I was feeling pretty good

Coming to your $1,200 relief check: Donald J. Trump's name

Do you hate Trump and want him beaten? Go buy some stamps. And then vote by mail.

You know what, I'm tired of stupid people masquerading as leaders

6000+ COVID-19 deaths in U.S. today?

Before repeating uninformed BS about WHO, read the timeline

Paul Manafort seeks release from prison due to virus threat

2020 US Senate Election Rating- US Senate seats that will put Democrats in the majority.

Please enjoy this rehearsal of Buffalo Springfield

Outcry as Chile seeks to include Pinochet human rights abusers in jail release

7 crew of hospital ship docked at Los Angeles have COVID-19

Looking for Warren / Castro endorsements. And a General Election Forum.

A touching NCIS. Season finale.

President Trump halts funding to World Health Organization

its not what you got its what you give ... it ain't the life you choose it's the life you live ...

Over Our Dead Bodies - Trump Will Declare Parts of Country Open on May 1


with very little effort, I found this January 13th WHO press release...

from Senator Van Hollen:

Separated by coronavirus, 88-year-old Watertown man uses bucket truck to see wife at nursing home

Dare I say.........when President Biden is ready to go......

You'll Have to Pry the Post Office From Our Cold Dead Hands, You Fucks (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Rep Adam Schiff: "His power isn't absolute -- but his incompetence is."

'I take no reposibilty at all' Pt. C0V

Step back and allow Trump to shut down the USPS

Yesterday Paula Reid really impressed me at the "briefing," and I wondered

'One World: Together at Home' global concert Sat. 4-18; collaboration of WHO & Lady Gaga

Nova Scotia lighthouse.

Gov. Cooper says relaxing NC stay-at-home orders would cause 'catastrophe' amid COVID-19

So after yesterday's melt down, I was all set to watch today for more-I fell asleep. What happened

Poll: Is A Virus Alive?

Really?! Delay the November election?

North Carolina legislature funding at-home COVID-19 antibody test study to help determine when to re

Any experts out there what was Trump's childhood like to make him so evil

Ticketmaster Quietly Rewords Refund Policy to Jam Ticket Holders During Pandemic

FIRST LOOK: 120-bed EMS surge center set up at Mid-South Fairgrounds to ease strain on ambulance sys

Donald Trump adds Vince McMahon to list of people who will advise him on re-opening the country

Revelation 13:5

We're number one! We're number one!

Halts funding to WHO

Hillside Democratic chairman charged with filing false tax return

Note to GOP Governors ...

How beautiful is it now?

Huge fundraising haul for Malinowski, who has almost $2.7 million banked

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Great Reopening Debate

We could hasten tRumps descent from his stained perch

CIA warned employees not to use unproven drug

Most common DU screen name...

Vomitus can't wait to open up the country

The Daily Show - EXCLUSIVE: The Missing February Section of Trump's Propaganda Video

Here's a summer reading list for you.

Democrats sue Sununu for control of $1.25 billion in COVID-19 aid from feds

Seth Meyers - Trump Discusses Reopening the Country After Coronavirus Lockdown - Monologue 4/13/20

Stimulus checks delayed because Trump orders Treasury Dept. to print his name on them

Residents, guards say Marcy psychiatric center is coronavirus hothouse

Yes - it's a cartoon - but nobody is laughing

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver

Four words:

Monadnock Rod and Gun Club ordered to pay $650K to neighbors

Some Quite Shiny Aeroplanes....

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump Is the Obstacle to Defeating the Coronavirus

Democratic Rout in Wisconsin Looms as 'Clarion Call' for Trump

Very powerful Biden ad on the lack of testing

As Trump speaks, Pelosi warns Americans to 'ignore the lies'

In hard-hit Florida, jobless workers struggle to get state aid

North Dakota details hospital surge plans as state confirms 10 more COVID-19 cases

From Brian Williams programs:

Postal Service deserves permanent bailout

Talking to a friend tonite. He hates trump and the rethugs

Abortion clinics: Pandemic boosts demand

The fallacy of regime change in N. Korea and distorted perceptions of defectors

Computer geeks check in! Just got an update from Microsoft on my son's WIN-10 machine.

Is it possible to save the USPS by buying stamps, et al?

Tooning Out The News: President Trump's female reporter detector reveals mommy issues

'Wonderchicken' is the earliest known modern bird at nearly 67 million years old

How do you hold an election in the midst of a pandemic? South Korea

US may have to endure social distancing until 2022 if no vaccine is quickly found, scientists predic

Tour de France called off amid virus, no new dates set

Can we move up the GE to July 1 to get rid of tRump ASAP?

Just How Much Of The Economy Is Shut Down?

Another way to entertain yourself during isolation.

What will the ass spew out tomorrow?

Warren County officials report first COVID-19 death of a county resident

Critics Mock Trump's Imaginary 'Authorizing' Order to State Govs: 'I Am Authorizing the Sun to Rise'

Kimmel Jokes Fauci Could Keep Trump Happy by Blaming Hunter Biden for Coronavirus

CDC State and Local Health Department Governance Map

U.S. Sailor From Coronavirus-Hit Aircraft Carrier in ICU

the tiedrich reply tweet made me laugh

Green New Deal a way out of this recession

☦ Orthodox Christian: Edification

This is ticking me off.

AOC throws Biden under the bus.

Update. Apparently my $1200 in stimulus money has hit my checking account.

This can't last much longer.

U.S. Republicans warn coronavirus aid program running out of cash

NO ... F CK NO!! TRUMP HAD ENOUGH WARNING !! It is a RWTP to place the onus of blame on China or WHO

Philadelphia's "Pizza Groundhog" is enjoying this coronavirus quarantine with a full stomach!

Almost 600 Theodore Roosevelt sailors have COVID-19, 4 hospitalized, Navy says

R-R-R epublicans

Pelosi's strong meme "Trump's coronavirus missteps 'caused unnecessary death and economic disaster'

Coronavirus lockdowns have sent pollution plummeting. Environmentalists worry about what comes next.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Claire Babineaux-Fontenot - Feeding America During COVID-19

Bernie-izing Biden

Rachmaninov: 'Lilacs' and Rimsky-Korsakov: 'Russian Easter Overture'

Uranium mining threatens our home, the Grand Canyon

Mayor Cantrell: No large events or festivals in New Orleans until 2021

Paper Stimulus Checks to Have Trump's Name on Them

Roger Stone: Bill Gates Created COVID So He Can Put Microchips In People's Heads And Force

Thank you, MLB Network

I just got the laziest scam email ever.

Retreats from absolute authority claim

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Remember GOP Bob Livingston who almost took Bill Clinton down?

'Beyond Predatory': Trump Treasury Department Gives Banks Green Light to Seize $1,200 Stimulus Check

Sanders Says Opposing Biden Is 'Irresponsible'

Guatemala health minister says more than half of deportees from U.S. have COVID-19

Joe Biden's New York Times editorial

AOC openly tries to weaken our nominee. WTF? Is she trying to help trump?

Wisconsin's election was a voting rights and public health disaster

some Florida humor: "Please remember to keep at least 1 large alligator between you and everyone....

KANA CHAN TV; [Osaka specialty]Eat all one can eat Kushikatsu!!!

Trump turns against WHO to mask his own stark failings on Covid-19 crisis

[Osaka specialty] eat Kushikatsu!!!

'Crime against humanity': Trump condemned for WHO funding freeze

Des'ree: 'You Gotta Be'

World coronavirus updates: Macron says U.S., U.K., China back UN truce call

Hospitals to share ventilators while production scales up

Adam Sandler Shares How He First Felt About Jimmy's SNL Impression

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/14/20

Lockdown video... I defy you not to smile

Stephen Colbert: Dr. Jon LaPook Answers Your Questions About Covid-19

"You know who you are"

Trump denies saying another thing he said and makes more false claims at coronavirus briefing

Officers Disperse Birthday Party Crowd Amid COVID-19 Pandemic In Los Angeles

😃😀😜April Photo Contest Discussion Thread😁😲😊


Trump: "Those tasked with protecting us by being truthful and transparent failed to do so.

We need a better healthcare system -- and Republicans have been fighting it for 25 years

What's for breakfast ???

Check out these virtual tours of museums around the world

Bernie quarantine nails with Cardi B

A Question about a COVID-19 vaccination (Years Away?)

A wise lady told me years ago to never put my plants outdoors....

New Ad Playing in Swing States "Frontlines"

Trumps approval in Rasmussen poll

strange times...

"Women Fill Most Of The Frontline Jobs"

Scientists Find Rate Of Submarine Melting At LeConte Glacier (AK) Up To 100X Greater Than Thought

Darn it, I left something on the stove. Give me a minute.

Please share with all your acquaintances who whine about "socialism"

Breakfast Wednesday 15 April 2020

Longview Power (WV) Runs 1 Of The Most Efficient Coals Plants In The US - It's Filing For Bankruptcy

Sneak Attackers

Have a Samsung galaxy tab..a, 10.1..

Senator Richard Burr Sold D.C. Townhouse to Donor at a Rich Price

Bailout Is Windfall For Wealthy Real Estate Investors

Wednesday TOONs 1 - Captain Blight

Wednesday TOONs 2 - ABSOLUTE POWER! ... itty-bitty thinking space

Guy gets 8 million in stimulus money

Shitstain's EPA Denies Need To Tighten Particulate Pollultion Rules, Despite Pollution-COVID Link

Our Pandemic Summer

STUDY: If potus had taken action 2 weeks earlier-90% of US covid-19 deaths could have been prevented

Biden moves to lock down Dems. Next up: Elizabeth Warren

Ecosystem Collapse Has Arrived For Coral; Growing Desperation In Various Plans To Rescue The GBR

Why Respectable Doctors Choose to Mix with Cranks and Quacks on Fox News

Stacey Abrams: I teamed up with @amyklobuchr to encourage #VoteByMail and call on Congress to act

I want to hear the truth. I do not want to hear whatever Fauci needs to say "to keep

04/15 Mike Luckovich-Who 'd Have thunk?

WHO? Has "failed in their basic duty and must be accountable"?

Dana Milbank@Milbank: As hospitals, states and local governments begged for help with the pandemic

China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days

First Case Of COVID-19 Transmission From Dead Body To Human Confirmed

I got this e-mail this morning titled "The Emperor's New Hazmat Suit (Fairy Tale) Plus

Ohio Senate candidate attacks DeWine's 'tyranny' in coronavirus response

Wow! Draining the swamp?

The WHO responds to Donnie Shit for Brains

Kentucky Republicans celebrate after making it more difficult for people to vote during coronavirus

Louisville Coal Plant Partial Shutdown Plus Scrubbers Cut Asthma Admissions By 400 In Just 1 Year

Kellyanne Conway: "This is COVID-19, not COVID-1 folks, and so you would think the people in charge

Empire State manufacturing index plunges to record low in April (-78.2)

Social distancing may need to continue to 2022, Harvard study finds

Okay...this is how I see America in 2020...

I'm a simple man. Try looking at coronavirus this way.

Friday was the last day, I listened to the news....

Great graphics! Visiting even 'just one friend' puts everyone at higher risk for coronavirus

In nod to governors, Trump walks back total authority claim

Profiles in Perfidy, XIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Pandemic shines harsh light on Trump's failure to protect pangolins

You could get a $2,000 per month stimulus check under proposed bill

U.S. Retail Sales Suffer Biggest Plunge on Record: Live Updates

Federal income taxes from the states should be apportioned like the electoral college

Citi 1Q profit falls 46% as virus hits US, global customers

America is moving on - the complete fuck is also

Elizabeth Warren to endorse Joe Biden on Wednesday

April 15 - Happy Birthday Rep. Colin Allred (D) TX-32nd

Pretty Polly

That uncomfortable coronavirus feeling: It could be grief

Trump Announces Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups

The IRS stimulus tracker says it can't determine if I am eligible Update

Trump's Remarks in a Meeting with Recovered COVID-19 Patients; April 14, 2020

Nurses, surgeons, janitors: the first US health workers to die from Covid-19

The double rainbow in New York last night

The Media is responding to Trumps propaganda video

Even if the U.N. and the WHO got it wrong, you're the President of the United States

There are no States in "good shape" in regards to Covid-19.

Economic activity drops by nearly 50% in Empire State survey

University of Wyoming analysis argues social distancing outweighs alternative by $5.2 trillion

Five-thousand-year-old Egyptian tomb opens for virtual tour

Bessie Smith was born on this date.

Coronavirus destroys lungs. But doctors are finding its damage in kidneys, hearts and elsewhere.

Five-thousand-year-old Egyptian tomb opens for virtual tour

Many Venezuelan Hospitals Lack Basics To Function, Let Alone Handle COVID-19

Roy Clark was born on this date.

Senator Elizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden

Childbirth in Venezuela, where women's deaths are a state secret

Dave Edmunds has a birthday today.

Exclusive: Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith have a plan to fix the pandemic child care crisis

Trump demanding his signature on checks is "delaying the needed money for an ego exercise"

Feds ship 22,000 non functioning masks to Michigan

Dylan: The Ultimate 'Like A Rollling Stone' (Live)

Furious Trump ERUPTS in Authoritarian Explosion

Absolute Lunatic is TOO CRAZY for Fox News

This hilarious PSA from the New Zealand Police pokes fun at the struggles of using video...

Foot sores could be an early sign of coronavirus, experts say

Elizabeth Warren endorses Biden

The Rundown: April 14, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #82: Running Out of Home Puns (4/14/2020 Edition)

Video/Transcript: Elizabeth Warren Endorses Joe Biden for President;"We're all in this together now"

No El Nino, But March 2020 Still Second-Warmest Globally In Instrumental Record

RETRO Comics Should Be Cheap! (4/15/2015)

Our Pandemic Summer

This certainly puts things in perspective.

President Abdicate, Doesn't know the meaning or consequences of abdication.

I Harvest Your Food. Why Isn't My Health 'Essential'?

Coronavirus testing is stalling. That's not a good sign for re-opening the U.S. economy.

Poll: Voters prioritize experienced VP for Biden over gender, race

Anthony Fauci: White House Coronavirus Briefings Are 'Really Draining'

Voters prioritize experienced VP for Biden over gender, race

Stacey Abrams: "I would be an excellent running mate"

eyed thought uall would enjoy this

Congress should require the Treasury to put this picture next to Trump's signature on the check.

Museum raising funds for protective gear with Birx bobbleheads

Arizona man, on brink of death, saved by ECMO

ACLU has some great comments on trumps election fraudster Hans Spakovsky

What a shot from NYC yesterday...

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

New index shows who is best at social distancing; See how where you live ranks

MLB employees participate in 10,000-person coronavirus study

The Pre-pandemic Universe Was the Fiction

Kelly expands lead over McSally in Arizona

Florida man charged with threatening to shoot up Publix because not enough face mask usage

Pritzker arranging secret flights from China to bring millions of masks and gloves to Illinois

Kellyanne Conway thinks it is called Covid-19 because it is the 19th one

I haven't received my $1200 and I filed in Feb this year. So....


What's the Trump body count up to now?

my sister got her relief deposit today

KellyAnne melts down in a quest for relevance....THIS IS COVID-19, NOT COVID-1!

Anyone else having trouble

Got my stimulus deposit and no mention of Trump! USA! USA!

A Month After Emergency Declaration, Trump's Promises Largely Unfulfilled

Cartoon: Hissy Fit Over Fauci Facts By Clay Jones -April 15, 2020 9:00 AM

Pic Of The Moment: There Are Only Two Options Here, Both Terrible

Elizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden for president: 'Empathy matters'

I got my Trump check today!

Leaked CDC and FEMA plan warns of 'significant risk of resurgence of the virus' w/ phased reopening

The stupidest thing he ever said. Friday..2/28/20...."It's their new hoax" pass it around..

Tonight's RUN FOR SOMETHING Panel Discussion

WHO is a "long-standing partner" to CDC, says Director Robert Redfield

Check in if you did NOT receive your stimulus payment and were supposed to

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) update: 615 positive, 5 in hospital, 1 in ICU

(Max Boot) Republicans who don't like Trump have no excuses: Endorse Biden

Early reports suggest Democratic Party win in S.Korea general election

I'm going on the record to say that Elizabeth Warren's endorsement of Biden is the best, yet

Using the "n" word by anyone is wrong and no way I am sticking up for anyone who does!

This is going to be one of the iconic images of the pandemic, from photographer @todseelie:

Pelosi: 'Lives will be lost' from Trump's lies about coronavirus

Sean Hannity revives Obama-story from 2008, laments that Obama is obsessed with him.

'Like I was calling into the void': Virginia Tech classes in the age of coronavirus

George Conway: Trump will never be able to accept that the presidency doesn't belong to him

Navy struggling to slow outbreak on USNS Mercy as 7 sailors test positive

Random pixs/random thoughts

With deployment over, Truman carrier strike group being kept at sea due to COVID-19

Martinsville/Rocky Mount priest to contest removal: 'I don't intend to go anywhere'

Americans Attempt at-home haircuts

Spike In At-Home Deaths In Detroit Suggests Covid Toll Higher Than Reported

A man and his duck

Best Buy to furlough 51,000 hourly U.S. store employees

Don't forget to wash your hands.

Tennessee abortion clinics seek order to keep providing care

BLS Report: Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers are $957 in 1st quarter 2020

All these trillions could have been spent on innovation, preparation, investment

'Pretty Catastrophic' Month for Retailers, and Now a Race to Survive

Question about people who get SSDI and Stimulus check...

MMM -- WhatevWednesday

Cooking - 101- 41 cooking tips

I guess Trump desperately wants me to see his name on a check.

Ocasio-Cortez on Biden endorsement: 'We'll see'

The Real Slim Shady


Thank you Sen Sanders and Sen Warren!!!!!!

(Face covering requirements spreading in Maryland)

Shouldn't tRump's name appear somewhere on every death certificate of COVID-19 victims?

Tour de France to go ahead at end of August after coronavirus delay

Abbott launches antibody test for coronavirus, plans to deliver 20 million tests by June

Trump denies saying another thing he said and makes more false claims at coronavirus briefing

The number of coronavirus tests plummeted in recent days

How Republicans deliberately caused the problems with the Postal Service they now refuse to fix

Texas Puppies and cuteness cuteness

We read this morning that people are refusing to distance

Dr Fauci on restarting major sports

Ryanair sees quick airline recovery marked by low fares

The IRS get my payment portal is now up.

Hearing on Texas Democratic Party lawsuit is on facebook

Americans may have to make some very tough decisions.

Brian Williams' 11th hour - trump's rules of phraseology

Coronavirus: G20 delays poor nations' debt payments

Pentagon probe unable to rule out White House influence on JEDI contract

Nice neighbor, not being nice regarding the virus.

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; April 14, 2020

It's Interesting That Many "Essential Workers" Are Also "Poorly Paid Workers"

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/15/20

A vet with a sense of humor

If You Don't Get Your $1200 Today,

Wet snow falls in Washington region's western areas and blankets the Blue Ridge, in mid-April.

we almost got a 2-hour daily Trump radio show

NM Supreme Court Sides With GOP In Fight With Clerks Over COVID-19 Mail-In Voting

I just got my tax relief

Biden: "I'm proud to have the fiercest of fighters, Senator @ewarren, on my side"

What Gretchen Whitmer could do regarding nurseries.

Italian Hospital Offers To Hire Dr. Fauci If Trump Gives Him The Boot

Musicians streaming free concerts during lockdown...

CA has developed 6 indicators that will help guide how and when we decide to re-open our economy. Th

Found out my 23 year old daughter will not be getting

Trump Gets Shredded For Sticking His Name On Taxpayer-Funded Relief Checks

Governors have confined 45 to the kids' table

Racketeering charges dropped against men tied to Vagos biker gang, including 4 Californians

Robert Reich details Trump's cascading coronavirus failures in devastating timeline

Dr. Birx 100% compromised.

Donald Trump names WWE's Vince McMahon as adviser to restart US economy

Even if Dr. Fauci is fired from donnie bodybags task force, is he still head of NIAID?

Share this devastating six minutes far and wide...

What's an Essential Service in a Pandemic? The Post Office

Illinois governor chartering flights from China in a 'herculean' effort to

March 2020 was the first March without a school shooting in the U.S. since 2002.

Sanders Tells His Supporters It Would Be Irresponsible Not To Support Biden

Breathless Trump Stumbles As Latest Propaganda Briefing Goes Up In Flames

Oil Futures. WTC is at $19.54.

How to celebrate an 18th birthday during a pandemic.

Good video series on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

This is couple days ago..........but she and others of this ilk, own this shit show..............

Just an idea about trump signed stimulus checks

@DrTedros [@WHO} called #Trump out for inaction on Mar 5; Trump went GOLFING March 8 &9...

Once again, Trump fucks himself trying to protect himself.

Adam Schiff: Russia Is Still Interfering With US Elections--and Trump Is Covering It Up

Old Fred Astaire movies all afternoon on TCM

Our New 'Five O'Clock Follies'

South Koreans head to polls despite coronavirus outbreak

Live Whitmer/Lockdown protest in Lansing MI

I am not sure why #HellOfABird is trending but here is one o

This ad--"King Trump"-- from @ForTheRuleOfLaw and @protctdemocracy will air on Fox and Friends

Alberta Hunter - My Castle's Rockin'

AZ-SEN: Mark Kelly Opens Wide Lead In Arizona

Defacing The Refund Check

Progressive group releases ad hitting Republicans over voting by mail opposition

Historic shifts seen in support for mail-in voting

Today at 2:30 pm ET -- Martha Matinees: Appalachian Spring

Governor Cuomo Coronavirus Update April 15 2020

NC-SEN: Tillis challenger Cunningham raises nearly $4.4M in first quarter

Flip it Blue Candidate - Donna Imam TX-31

De-funding WHO The Stupidest Idea Of The Stupidest Leader On Planet Earth

trump + kushner could reap a pandemic windfall.

Tillis says Burr 'owes everybody' an explanation over controversial stock trades

Poll: Voters prioritize experienced VP for Biden over gender, race

Obama No Longer Differentiates GOP and Trump

Of Course the Anthony Fauci Attackers Are Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theorists

Anyone else getting a "eligibility cannot be determined" message re stimulus checks?

What is this???

Nancy Pelosi: Trump defunding WHO 'is dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged'

The DU has now raised OVER $326,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

Cartoons 4/15/2020

False Prophet

Seems that most of us are "sheep, wimps, snowflakes"

If only it were possible to nominate processed meat for President...

Everett woman linked to prosecutor's death is back in custody

Twitter thread blows the lid off who's REALLY responsibly for it all!!

Horrified in Michigan

Edmonds College is the new name as school drops 'Community'

Interesting.....faux noise isn't carrying Gov Cuomo's virus update......

Trumpists Urging People to Leave Their Homes to Own the Libs

From Nick Kristof's newsletter today

Paine Field to get a paltry amount of airport stimulus money

Gas Prices in Oklahoma...89cents a gallon

The President Watching Robert Jeffress' Easter Sermon Should Be a Bigger Scandal

When life returns to normal, it won't be the normal you knew

Even in U.S. 2 towns with 0 virus cases, rural economy reels

Trump party Christians-in-name-only

Eagles - Desperado

Business and six feet apart

A 54 Car Pile-Up On A Chicago Expressway This Morning........

Indiana congressman picks saving economy over preventing infections

Hyped Malaria Pill (Hydroxychloroquine) Doesn't Help Clear Coronavirius in Study

Obama endorses Joe Biden, 11:57 ....4/14/ Tuesday

Jim Croce - I Got A Name

After Putin's bravado, COVID-19 is starting to hit Russia hard

If a school superintendent did this everyone would

This afternoon (3:00 PM Eastern): Virtual Town Hall with Joe Biden

WHO chief: Our commitment to the world 'remains absolute' despite Trump's attack

It's going to be extremely difficult to control the spread of the virus while Trump spreads it.

Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again

No Soap. Broken Sinks. We Will All Pay for Coronavirus Ravaging Prisons

US Ambassador to China - Braindead

10 apple types thought extinct found in Western US

COVID-19 Put Her Husband in the ICU. She Had to Be Hospitalized Next. The State Demanded to Know:

A Good Way To Visualize How This Virus Spreads In The Air Is.....

Cuomo on how citizens can enforce rules:

Got my checks today - sending some to Dem running against Gaetz

The way Cuomo engages the press corp...

Evidence that coronavirus originated at Chinese lab is 'inconclusive,' top general says

SCOTUS telephone argument on Trump tax case scheduled for May 12th

Theory of everything?

Underground antimatter experiment reveals hidden 'asymmetry' in the universe

Masks? What Masks? A Trip to the Farm Supply Store

Biden earns Warren backing in show of Democratic unity against Trump

Bill Gates has a big problem with Trump's 'dangerous' decision to defund the WHO

What we are seeing now, at long last, is "Trump being Trump"

Taking a break from the real world for a moment

Meet Ted & Ed, Two Giant Teddy Bears That Are Bringing Positivity To Their Entire Neighborhood...

Idea for a billboard

Judge rejects effort from Mike Huckabee, others to access private Florida beaches amid coronavirus

Herd immunity kitty:

Washington State Ferries relies heavily on fares to run. Ridership is at 1950s-era lows.

Deputies: Florida doctors who took down Trump flag arrested

Stocks drop as virus shutdown hits economy, bank earnings

Chris Cuomo reveals setback in his fight against coronavirus

Over 2 Million People Infected With Coronavirus Worldwide

CNN: French study finds hydroxychloroquine doesn't help patients with coronavirus

Navy secretary sought OK for $243,000 flight to COVID-stricken ship after returning from Guam

Sean Penn's NGO CORE is providing free testing

Speaker Pelosi calls out Trump's lies for the sake of the American people.

CIA and FBI are on the Zoom-bombing

'Should have happened yesterday': Republicans press Trump to restart economy

USA Today has a page asking viewers opinions about TV shows

Millions of Americans Might Not Get Stimulus Checks. Some Might Be Tricked Into

Venerable Ajahn Chah - "The Peace Beyond" - Thai Forest Theravada Buddhism

Trump Barged Into Coronavirus Meeting And Announced That He Wants His Own Radio Show

As promised - when I received my gubmint moolah,

Death, be not proud, John Donne

'She's a complete coward': Meghan McCain abruptly disappears from The View

Not getting a check it seems

Trump Wanted a Radio Show, but He Didn't Want to Compete With Limbaugh

From March 21, Ron Klain on Trump's Coronavirus Response and Joe Biden

West Asian Fable

Trump's coronavirus failure has Illinois governor flying masks from China. We should be outraged

'Coronavirus Cornyn': GOP senator's latest effort to downplay threat of COVID-19 massively backfires

Michigan Gov. Whitmer faces fierce backlash over strict stay-at-home order

What does that moron have against testing?

Summer events should be canceled due to coronavirus, Whatcom Health Director says

India News Reporter Calls Out Trumps Coronavirus Response

Tyson meat plant near Tri-Cities to stay open despite coronavirus outbreak there

on the stimulus check?

Fake coughing and approaching people

US coronavirus: Highest number of deaths in a day recorded after several days of a downward trend

Explosion reported at Androscoggin Mill in Jay

FBI: Government's response to virus spurred would-be bomber

We're All Stormy Daniels

Leaked CDC report: 'Significant risk of resurgence of the virus' under Trump's plan to reopen the ec

Apparently there is some kind of rally in Michigan (saw on MSNBC) within the past hour.

Something I can't figure out in my lil brain

After Trump suspends payments to WHO, other countries rally behind the agency

Largest COVID 19 Hotspot in USA- Smithfield at 518

Governor extends stay-home order to April 30 (Idaho)

Dear Donwald: This Will Not End Well

Military sees no quick exit from 'new world' of coronavirus

Caribbean nations can't get U.S. masks, ventilators for COVID-19 under Trump policy

OK, the money is there

As virus hits South America, Brazil's president mocks threat

Honestly, I can't stop thinking of Trump signing every stimulus check

Air Force officially awards F-35s to Truax Field in Madison

Stunning visualization shows how many lives could've been saved if Donald Trump had acted sooner

Congressional Democrats allege Trump's move to defund The WHO is illegal.

Virginia Governor Northam extends closures

'I see you're wearing a mask': Reporter hilariously nails Michigan protester

The view from the Tenderloin

YOU had one job!

There is no way to contact the IRS now, none. They screwed up my son's payment and there is no

I think Republicans are going to get wiped out this November.

As U.S. discouraged mask use for public, White House team raced to secure face coverings from Taiwan

'Biggest coronavirus stimulus of all': Richest man in the world Jeff Bezos

J.C. Penney explores bankruptcy as hopes for recovery fade - sources

"Staying Inside" 🎶

I think the stock market doing so well could actually turn around to hurt Trump.

Lauren Duca: I was on CNN with Kayleigh McEnany after the 2017 Women's March. In the elevator...

Nurses Mindy Brock & Ben Cayer (husband and wife) look into each other eyes in Tampa hospital

Millionaires to reap 80% of benefit from tax change in US coronavirus stimulus

Aaron Schock Slammed for 'Quarantining' at Mexico Beach Resort with 'Instagay' Crew

Dumba$$ Conway proves she don't know anything.

[WATCH] Governor Newsom Coronavirus Update (links)

Covid-19 Is Peeling The Veneer Off Of American Exceptionalism

CNN: Business leaders tell dumbass testing needs to be ramped up before people can return to work.

California unemployment office to expand call center hours.

In case of a tie the truck wins every time...

From WaPo:

This is one of the reasons I backed Warren - It's good to know she sees the same in Biden:

This waiting for the stimulus $ is killing me....

If trump's flight restrictions worked so well

Ballot drop boxes approved for Georgia voters during coronavirus

Jimmy Kimmel Live: George Stephanopoulos & Ali Wentworth on Having COVID-19

It costs me $10 a month for access to the Washington Post online.

Oh for f's sake, people thanking Trump for the stimulus act on twitter!

Some More News: Capitalism vs. Coronavirus

He thinks he's the center of the Universe.

Does anyone know why the discrepancy in US death count between different sources?

Something that concerns me

CIA: Please Ignore Trump's Medical Advice On Coronavirus

Joe Biden live now

While the idiots in my state were protesting Mi. has 153 new deaths.

If you're on Twitter and you don't follow John Cleese, you really should start !!

The sun is shining and it is snowing outside. As I descend into madness

More states finally paying $600 extra in unemployment aid

Woke up in the middle of the night thinking of something

Acting director of the Office of National Intelligence is encouraging citizens to break local laws

I am curious of who the candidates are, for House and Senate

"Step up"....indeed. 🙄

Turner Classic Film Festival - Special Home Edition

There's a joke circulating in Germany about stupidity

This is just a curious question, but did Nicole Wallace get some face work

Fauci Says 'There's A Way' For Sports To Return. Here's How.

Coronavirus destroys lungs. But doctors are finding its damage in kidneys, hearts and elsewhere.

Fauci Says 'There's A Way' For Sports To Return. Here's How.

Lansing Michigan "girdlock" protestors are blocking access to the hospital..........

60 years ago, the Cleveland Indians traded Rocky Colavito while he was standing on first base!

I've posted this recipe before, but I need help in

Turner Classic Film Festival - Special Home Edition

If you haven't watched Sam Seder in a while

Here's the note that should accompany Trump's name on each of our checks:

"From a (Social) Distance" Song Parody by Emma's Revolution. Funny, moving & musically excellent.

Missouri Gov Calls Absentee Voting 'More Of A Political Issue Than Anything'

UPDATE 2-Brazil government, banks in talks about bailing out companies

We've never backed a Democrat for president. But Trump must be defeated.

So, When Trump Personally Signs Those $1200 Checks

Can someone explain to me how Texas has been approved for $1 billion more in SBA loans...

Nearly in ruin, FL oranges rebound during pandemic as consumers recall immunity-boosting powers

Are Toucans fruit Loops? Maybe...

Trump Accused of 'Actively and Knowingly' Spreading Coronavirus to Central America Through Deportati

Trump Accused of 'Actively and Knowingly' Spreading Coronavirus to Central America Through Deportati

I'll be darned

"We need to change who is in charge of this crisis. Radar could've..." (humor)

Here is everything we need to say about "opening the country with a big bang":

French study finds hydroxychloroquine doesn't help patients with coronavirus

Meet The Adoptable Kitties...

Indictment of Trump and a Warning: 90% of US Coronavirus Deaths Could Have Been Prevented With Swift

Whitmer speaking live about virus and protests...

LA squirrels are apparently losing their shit

Okay NOW I see why he is pushing May 1st so heavily

Put Mike Black on the Montana Supreme Court -

Governor Cooper Covid Update

we're actually lucky that donnie is so incredibly politically inept

GOP Va. State Senator: Governor's COVID-19 Restrictions So Right Wingers Can't "Storm the Capitol"

Trump told testing is key to reopening during business panel call

Vichy Republicans still have a viable career option.

Pastor dies of COVID-19 amid Chile church service controversy

Claire McCaskell just verified something

New Yorkers must wear masks when unable to socially distance, Gov. Cuomo says

Trump resort in Doral lays off or furloughs 560 workers during coronavirus shutdown

NY-14: DCCC Says It's Prepared To Help Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fend Off Primary Challenge

There's about to be a problem in produce

Coronavirus Takes A Terrible Toll On Ohio Valley Nursing Homes

Monitoring Slave Labor in Brazil's Fast-Fashion Industry

Arlington National Cemetery: "We adapt and keep to our mission."

GOP loses lawsuit claiming they have a constitutional right to gerrymander Michigan

Best Les Miserables/Coronavirus video ever!

#ObamaCommencement2020 is trending

San Francisco Health Officials, UCSF Launch Digital Coronavirus Contact Tracking System

Missteps mar Puerto Rico's response to the coronavirus

Missteps mar Puerto Rico's response to the coronavirus

Census bureau is hiring.

Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates And At Least 75 Other Billionaires Donating To Pandemic Relief

Poetic Justice is good

Police department reminds residents to wear pants while checking mailbox

Mi. officials are warning against taking animal heartworm pills for "prevention or treatment of CO

What Happens When Coronavirus Invades a War Zone NYT News

Gunman attacks Brazilian radio journalist Vamberto Teixeira's home in Sete Lagoas

A very inconvenient truth: American racism and our Social Safety net programs

How I know we r winning.

I wonder how the people in the gated communities are holding up? It would be interesting to

Question about stimulus check and Social Security

Rep. Katie Porter: Staffing companies backed by private equity are, cutting physician pay, lying...

You raised $2,214.00 on April 14, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Trumpists Urging People to Leave Their Homes to Own the Libs

My Band's John Prine Tribute

Mexico. Execution-style murder of journalist in Guerrero

Half my income for 6 weeks has hit hard, I'm behind in my bills, but


LOL: Steve Mnuchin Thinks $1200 Will Last Families Up To 10 Weeks

Frontier Communications files for bankruptcy protection

Kellyanne Attacks WHO's Command of 'Facts and Figures' With Nonsensical 'COVID-1' Dig

Trumpists Urge Defiance of Social Distancing Rules

Rainy afternoon and Neil Diamond

Merkel announces plans to reopen schools and shops in Germany

Tillis declines to say whether Burr should step down as Senate Intelligence chairman because of stoc

Kentucky Just Made It Harder to Vote During Pandemic

Pennsylvania 93-year-old with 'I need more beer' sign gets her wish

Alexa, order ALL of the popcorn! All of it!

In this moment of crisis, macho leaders are a weakness, not a strength

Trump needs to put his signature on all the "Death Certificates".

Give Trump a Chance, They Said.

Gov. Bill Lee recommends to extend school closures through the end of the school year due to the cor

Basically trumper needed

Coronavirus US live: protesters chant 'lock her up' against Michigan governor following Trump critic

Lancet Editor Calls Trump's WHO Funding Freeze a "Crime Against Humanity"

Scientists confirm dramatic melting of Greenland ice sheet

Update: Cannot. Fucking. Win. Re: "Stimulus payment" for SS Recipients

Will be forever haunted by this image of protestors in Ohio demanding governor open businesses

Nurses, surgeons, janitors: the first US health workers to die from Covid-19

Following Dump's statement that he authorized

Folkstreams: Good entertainment during our isolation.

Which elder-care facilities have COVID-19? Florida won't say, filling families with dread

IRS Stimulus Payment Website Turns Into One Big Error Message After Launch

How to track your coronavirus stimulus check today: Here's what to know right now

May 12 - big day for SCOTUS

➡️ APRIL 15 at 7:30PM ET - The Future of Our Economy - Bernie Sanders Town Hall


(Hogan tweet: All Marylanders to wear face coverings inside any retail establishments 7am 18 Apr)

Daily Kos Article: tRump Declares Himself a Dictator

As U.S. discouraged mask use for public, White House team raced to secure face coverings from Taiwan

Tex-ASS threatens to "Criminally Sanction" groups pushing mail-in ballots to avoid COVID-19

Ok your choice! Who will be right

He hates the postal service, will not include it in the stimulus package

False Prophet: Trump's Coronavirus Message is Revisionist History

Texas AG threatens to criminally sanction any group that tells voters to apply for a mail-in ballot

Statewide FEA teacher's union asks Gov. DeSantis to close schools for the rest of the academic year

'Friendship' groups could hThe sight of tens of thousands of felp flamingos stay in the pink - study

We've never backed a Democrat for president. But Trump must be defeated.

We've never backed a Democrat for president. But Trump must be defeated.

Biden sees himself as a bridge between past and future. His choice of VP will say a lot about what

What's for Dinner, Wed., Apr. 15, 2020

Land O'Lakes quietly gets rid of iconic Indian maiden mascot

Millionaires to reap 80% of benefit from tax change in US coronavirus stimulus

Huh. Even fake rabbits f*** like rabbits.

Tweet of the Day On Michigan's "So-Called" Stay-in-Place Protest on 4/15

And in Texas they have the first the letter ...


Hooters to lay off 679 employees in Tampa Bay

Brazil Breaks Record with 204 New Coronavirus Deaths in 24 Hours

Nurses, surgeons, janitors: the first US health workers to die from Covid-19

Report: Paycheck Protection funds set to run dry by end of day

Your daily shitshow just started n/t

Italian businessmen call for end to US blockade on Cuba

Hundreds protest Michigan governor's social distancing order

Prediction: The press conference will be about him giving us money.

Does shitweasel's hair look gray or is it just my tv?

CBS is not playing Tribblehead's lie-fest

Can you help me deflate this republican talking point with my son?

Frontier Communications files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Only 20% of patients intubated survive

I think they should make insuring the food supply a priority.

Let us pay homage where it is due; Lead Belly, this is for you...

oh look msnbc is pimping itself to the sexual predator again. forgot its so late there, only

Navy May Reinstate Fired Captain to Command of Roosevelt

Bozo the Clown - 1986


CNN not carrying the shit show. Earlier they were showing that they were going to.


Texas Ordered to Allow All Votes by Mail Due to Virus, ACLU Says

The $1,200 stimulus payment was deposited in my account today.

The King just said he's going to dissolve parliament.

Florida fund for small-business bridge loans is gone. 1,000 got $50K. 37,000 got nothing.

Tweet of the (School) Year!

It is those Simple Acts of kindness.

Ocasio-Cortez Welcomes Business Opposition to Her Re-Election

Packers legend Willie Davis dies at 85

South Dakota Meat Plant Is Now Country's Biggest Coronavirus Hot Spot

If you can afford it, and if you want to be able to vote by mail, please do this

Guess who is having fun in our closed national parks? (1min 12secs)

Gov Jay Inslee Coronavirus Update April 15 2020

CNN went to Dr. B after dotard was finished. They didn't show any of him. LOL

This is what dump looks like to me. Forever.

Benjamin Netanyahu refused to give ventilators to desperate people in UK: report

Has anyone received his/her stimulus check?

"If the House will not agree to the adjournment..."

Did I Just Hear Emperor Oink Threaten To Suspend Congress So That He Can Make Recess Appointments?

Michigan To Receive 100 Ventilators From New York

Pa. Senate sends bill that would reopen businesses to Gov. Wolf

Trump's darkness: White supremacy, Christian nationalism and the coronavirus

My Band's John Prine Tribute

Luckovich-Fortunately, I can work remotely

'We alerted the world' to coronavirus on Jan. 5, WHO says in response to U.S.

Trump says he knows nothing about his name on checks and says checks are

You don't leave a law firm

Bali Hai (movie clip featuring original voice of Juanita Hall) - it's NOT about an island...

Grand Junction Sentinel Reporter asks the Governor about his orders being Nazism


Past Social Distancing

Geez how long did Obama wait for his appointments to be approved?

Here's what's going on here - a fucking partisan rally

We're gonna help Moscow with ventilators...

Newly Hatched Baby Owls Are The Cutest

Can trump really adjourn Congress?

An enormous rat just ran behind Trump in the Rose Garden per journalist

OK, it worked

This osprey was close to drowning so a surfer used his board to scoop him out

Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of Congress

Pandemic could affect food supplies, power grids, telecommunications, says government document

Researchers learned what pets dream about -- and it's the purest thing ever

COVID-19 Drive-Through Screening in Annapolis - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Gen. Trump Proudly adds New War Insignia Device to his Uniform...

Did I hear this right?

This bullshit about the WHO is really getting under my skin

Threatens to adjourn both chambers of Congress

Michael Pack (who Trump was whinging about just now) is a RW shitehawk with a very dodgy history

Guy Gives His Sweet Rescue Pittie A Bath

Where the Very Rich Fly to Hide, Wyoming's Jackson Hole has become a redoubt against the coronavirus

Texas AG: Fear of COVID-19 not a qualifying reason to receive absentee ballot

Federal health officials under pressure to publicly track nursing home outbreaks

Teeny tiny piglet rescue

Android phone won't allow internet - Kicks you off the internet

Florida Democrats urge preparations for huge increase in mail-in voting

I drove from Eagle Rock to Woodland Hills in thirty minutes.

Trumps Hair....

Barr Refuses to Release 9/11 Documents

Nursing Home Where BiL Was - 23 Dead. UPDATED

White House snubs Azar, installs conspiracy theorist as HHS spokesperson

Re: Lansing Michigan Organized Protest Mike Detmer R Candidate for Congress

What can the weather tell us about how coronavirus spreads in America? Researchers are investigating

Louisiana GOP lawmakers block plan to expand early voting

"His authority is total"?

Pittie Hasn't Left His Brother's Side In 7 Years

Mad! I can't get a badly needed haircut, yet IQ45 has a new 'do!

Trump bizarrely claims the United States is a 'developing nation' in confused anti-China rant

Stimulus Hit Account

Arkansas asks court to reinstate abortion ban due to virus

Biden Signals Preferred Super PAC

Will all the dead people get checks too?

Joan Walsh at the Nation-The Troublesome Tara Reade Story

Trump said not only did WHO not inform other countries, they may have done it intentionally.

Check the status on my $1,200 check

Trump Announces He Has Hidden 5 Golden Tickets Among Stimulus Checks

Democrats guide to getting a majority control in the US Senate in 2020.

Dog Gets Boot Stuck On Face And Pretends Absolutely Nothing Is Wrong

I'm going to use my Trump Check to support Democratic candidates going forward.

The WWE's Vince McMahon Is Advising Trump on How to Restart US Economy

Congressman and Chairman Adam Schiff endorses Joe Biden

Surgery during covid19 First topic

Trump's name on relief checks: "Well I don't know too much about it." Today, video:

Chiefs Super Bowl win saved lives in SF.

'Stuck in the middle with you'......talking to you trump...

Well in the last three hours the country gets this..............

Refresh my memory are we headed for a new high in deaths?

Republicans have a choice: Keep suppressing the vote -- or improve their product

So Trump is going to adjourn congress

Jazz fans, this is live on Youtube right now, just started

So what exactly constitutes a "crime against humanity"?

Has anyone who meets the below criteria gotten their stimulus check?

Derek Trucks & Jerry Douglas - "Little Martha"

White House Snubs Azar and Installs Loyalist

Never thought I'd say it but I miss Chris Matthew's no BS voice right now. Institutional knowledge

West Seattle Bridge will be closed through 2021, or forever

Pelosi calls Trump's name appearing on stimulus checks 'shameful'

Trump Fills Depend; Leaves Presser...

Builders ask Inslee to chart a path to restart construction

Connie Schultz @ConnieSchultz 3h Well, hair roots....

When Will We See At-Home COVID-19 Testing?

*If* the WaPo reporting about the lab in Wuhan (WIV) is correct,

As a Michigander, I completely disavow these willfully ignorant idiots.

How the Coronavirus Could Create a New Working Class

Bears thrive at Yosemite National Park without pesky humans around