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Voter fraud!

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

Thread to thank Wisconsin voters, activists, press, and organizers

With 58% reporting Jill Karofsky is leading WI-SC by 56,000 votes

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 14 April 2020

More and more I've been thinking about

People, Get Ready

Hoaxes don't kill people. Viruses kill people. Nt

I am going to watch Zombieland Double Tap and...

The Definition of Insanity Premieres Tuesday on WETA.

One city says builders can continue work despite Washington state's ban

Liberal Jill Karofsky defeats conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Daniel Kelly

(UK Labour) Keir Starmer orders urgent review into leaked antisemitism report

Total authority means no election this year

Today's judicial election could will an IMMEDIATE impact on November.

Coumo on MSNBC now - Awesome so far !!!

Washington, Oregon, California announce coronavirus pact

The folks on trump's re-open America council

I have a daunting feeling that there are Republicans who think that Jerome Adams is

Up to 950 inmates may be let out early amid COVID-19 concern

Newbie here

GOP Loses Gamble In Wisconsin

Trump Supporters Are Directly Responsible For The Enormous Coronavirus Death Toll

Socialized medicine at work during this crisis (supply chain):

George Stephanopoulos and wife positive for COVID-19. He's asymptomatic; she's 'never been sicker'

Inmates at N.J. Women's Prison Endured Years of Sex Abuse, Justice Dept. Finds

Scientists have found oil from the Deepwater Horizon blowout in fishes' livers and on the ocean floo

Home invader brings a knife to a chainsaw fight and loses.

FL Surgeon General Removed...After Saying Social Distancing Necessary Until There's A Vaccine

Trump Uses Coronavirus Briefing to Play Batshit Campaign Ad Attacking Press

Thomas Modly was reportedly angry at an aircraft-carrier crew's emotional send-off of the captain

Judge Kelly concedes to Karofsky - No challenge.

Wow. @PaulaReidCBS asked #Trump #THREE TIMES: What dId you do in February? ...

All of the WI Supreme Court, who moved to hold in-person voting last Tuesday, voted absentee

Coronavirus may give President Trump a long-sought chance to privatize the Postal Service

3 U.S. states are more 'structurally vulnerable' to coronavirus than the rest

NoShit...seemingly and dimmest

"When somebody is president of the United States, your authority is total"

"Pearls Before Swine"

Trump Sues Wisconsin TV Station For Airing Super PAC Ad Attacking His Coronavirus Response

UW Medicine begins coronavirus testing for all patients admitted to its hospitals

So; what's the Over/under on how long it'll take Trump to twitter rant that WI-SC was "stolen"?

Liberal challenger defeats conservative incumbent in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

LA Times - The Science Behind the Coronavirus, Series II

Wisconsin showed just how highly motivated we are to rid us of Trump everyone who supports him

Collins approval rating drops in Maine: poll

Well I'll be damned-we get the PPP

I swear, this asshole tRump in the White House must be the stupidest person in the US! -eom-

Jared Kushner Task Force Mocked as "the Children" in FEMA Headquarters

Wisconsin Supreme court seat loss is an unmitigated DISASTER for the GOP........

Coronavirus: Trump friend Stanley I Chera, who president revealed was in a coma, has died

Mitch McConnell tried to gut a CDC program directed at detecting & responding to infectious-disease

Biden should name his VP now. And it should be Amy Klobuchar -Rob Stutzman

How does an Economist get attention?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Not Quite Live!

What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Reponses Have In Common? Women Leaders

Those who *still* won't vote for Biden are making 'Farquaad's Sacrifice'

Jill Karofsky WINS Wisconsin court seat!!

Trump is the biggest fuck up in history. And all his rage and spluttering will not change that.

FDA approves first saliva-based coronavirus test

In coronavirus, the 'stable genius' confronts a 'brilliant enemy'

New face mask tech

Trump March 13, 2020 vs Trump April 13, 2020

We won't return to normal until mid-2022 at the very earliest. And even that's largely dependent on:

Senate Republicans plan coronavirus probe -- with a focus on China

Don't Forget to Blame Mitch McConnell for the Coronavirus Crisis

Trump says Jared and Ivanka won't be part of new economic coronavirus council

Just a note: Wisconsin elects a Human being to its Supreme Court.....just saying.

S.D. became a covid-19 hot spot after governor resisted issuing stay-at-home order

Ex-U.S. Marine's espionage trial begins in Russia under virus lockdown

Inslee to name new state Supreme Court Justice

" can go to hell..."

Michelle Obama: Americans should be able to stay safe, vote by mail

Taxes Paid By Billionaires Decreased 79% Since 1980; New Report

while we lament the absence of a president's competence, let's also remember the power of a speech

'The Authority is Total':Trump claims he has power to decide when state reopen

Florida's Surgeon General Scott A. Rivkees was removed from state Gov. Ron DeSantis' cabinet corona

WWE Deemed Essential Business by Florida Governor's Office Amid COVID-19

[Just a reminder, the First Lady is birther] Melanie's latest PSA:

Small business owners fear loan money will run out

Justin Amash weighing third-party run against Donald Trump: Americans 'deserve another option'

Congressional stalemate deepens as Pelosi, Schumer say they won't budge on coronavirus funding deman


Bay Area counties (& Sacramento) latest number of cases (per SFGATE)

Congressional stalemate deepens as Pelosi, Schumer say they won't budge on coronavirus funding deman

Whatcom reports only one new positive test for coronavirus and no deaths Monday

How do I know if I write decent poetry?

Statement from the Wisconsin Democratic Party on toinght's election.

Fundraiser helps Spokane restaurant employees while feeding health care heroes

Thank you, Wisconsin voters, for risking your lives to VOTE.

U.S. has 230,000 bridges that need major repairs or replacement, new report says

Senior Dems call for national plan to reopen U.S.

So, all of you people with great governors and/or mayors who have a

NPR: A Pound Of Flour To Go? Restaurants Are Selling Groceries Now

Susan Sarandon jumps on the Tara Reade bandwagon

Trump falsely claims he has 'total' authority

Great to hear on Maddow tonight

'Radical Uncertainty' Review: The Dismal Overreachers

Here's a report on today's weather here in Duke City/ABQ NM. Let us know how it is for you!

Let's talk about clarifying the President's authority....

Here is how Wisconsin Democrats won a major upset in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Glenn Beckert, Cubs All-Star who battled Mets for '69 pennant, dies at 79

today's nut scale vote on trump's presser

Wisconsin Justices All Voted by Absentee Ballot

CIA Warns Employees About Drug Trump Touted

This Gets Scarier Every Day.

South Dakota Resisted Shutdown, Now It's a Hotspot

How false hope spread about hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 -- & the consequences that followed

South Dakota Resisted Shutdown, Now It's a Hotspot

Made Lebanese Garlic Sauce - Toum

On Trump's claimed absolute authority over Governors/ promise of a "paper"--He need not, here it is:

Fly me to the Moon

Calling the spectacle wearers amongst us...

Anthony Fauci says he used a 'poor choice of words' in discussing Trump administration's coronavirus

What Can One Man Do?

Somehow we've managed to conduct a general strike in which our main demand

Illinois Democrats, sensible independents and Never Trumpers: early voting in our state

Elizabeth Warren Is Unveiling A 10-Point 'Bill Of Rights' For Essential Workers Urging Higher Wages

"COVID-19 has preyed upon our interconnectedness. The West Coast will flip the script."

Florida mayor says WWE deemed 'essential business' during coronavirus pandemic

Three really good things happened today:

Workers sue McDonald's over harassment at Florida stores

As I listened to Rachel detailing....

Trump Said, "Authority is Total" .The Republican Party Historically disagrees. This is the opening!

45's Covid video lifted in part from Hannity's FOX tv show

No, You Did Not Get COVID-19 in the Fall of 2019

Apollo 13 disaster in real time now.

Another "fake"-action pic, this time to commemorate our first family vacation, camping in NH and VT.

Can't file for the stimulats on my cell phone.

Man has plea deal over neo-Nazi group's 'swatting' calls

Putin's war on American science

Everyone on this super-rich Florida island gets tested for coronavirus -- even the staff

Who here remembers Michele Marsh from CBS Channel 2 in NYC in the 80's?

Governor Andrew Cuomo On The "Reopening" Question

Joe Biden thanks Wisconsin

Bonus Tweet of the Day

That pandemic response team Trump claimed could so easily be gotten back when needed.

Using vacation time while collecting unemployment - can you?

Air quality

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What The Hell Happened This Week?

The Democratic Party's guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

TN Gov Lee planning to "reopen" state early May. 😳

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Easter During Coronavirus

I've gone from bingeing TV shows to rationing them.

Crisis Exposes How Bolsonaro Is Dependent on Military and Cornered by Mandetta

04/14 Mike Luckovich: Too noisy!

The Daily Show: Trump Blames Everyone But Himself For Coronavirus

Tooning Out The News - Full Episode - Season 1 Premiere

Mad World performed by Curt Smith of Tears For Fears and daughter Diva under quarantine

This is the devastation caused by a virus that Trump and Republicans continue to downplay.

Joe Biden congratulates Supreme Court Justice Jil Karofsky

A question the press has NEVER asked Doturd:

Jonathan Pie.... Lockdown part 4

Brazilian president shelves plans for surveillance in fight against coronavirus

Trump Has Emergency Powers We Aren't Allowed to Know About.... Discuss

Which Side Are You On?

Brazil likely has 12 times more coronavirus cases than official count, study finds

I am sick and tired of radicalism

Brazil likely has 12 times more coronavirus cases than official count, study finds

What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Reponses Have In Common? Women Leaders

Coronavirus: It's safe to back in the water.

People hoping for food...So Florida, San Antonio, Pittsburgh

[Joe Walsh] Former GOP Congressman urges everyone to vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump

Pro Wrestling Deemed 'Essential' In Florida

Tooning Out The News: President Trump's brain is not a metrics guy

more valuable than beskar

Seth Meyers - Trump Looks to "Reopen" Economy After NYT Coronavirus Bombshell: A Closer Look

If he were normal, he would have said: yes, we made some mistakes

Donald Trump attacks Joe Biden as start point for his reelection campaign

Has anyone else lost their voice from not using it for days?

Amash 'Looking Closely' at Presidential Bid

"Walgreens Introduces New Dumbass-Only Shopping Hours For Dipshits Who Don't Know How To Stay

Way in over their heads ... Soulless?

Dear GOP, This:

Fact check: A list of false claims from Trump's bitter coronavirus briefing

Trump's obsession with opening the economy will kill people.

A U.S. Supreme Court first: arguments by teleconference including major one involving Trump

Bernie's endorsement of Joe.

As I watched the presser this afternoon I wondered what John Lennon would've thought of all this

Beijing tightens grip over coronavirus research, amid US-China row on virus origin

Back in the USSR ?

We need to clone Willie Shakespeare

Here is how Wisconsin Democrats won a major upset in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Where's the Beef? errr..... Medical Supplies?

I've either lost my freakin' mind, or I'm too damn high...

Bruce Mackinnon at the Halifax Chronicle Herald toon:

Let's not forget Trump's firing of Dr Linda Quick & Obama's Pandemic Infrastructure

Idiot DeSantis is now exempting WWE from shutdown as an essential business!

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Easter in Quarantine, Trump Shifts Blame & Bald Guillermo?

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump vs Fauci & Easter at Home

Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Graph Takes a Disturbing Turn

Millennials Don't Stand a Chance

Nearly Thirty Percent Of Americans Believe The Coronavirus Was Made In A Lab: Poll

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.

Appeals court backs ruling allowing abortion in Oklahoma during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus in Austin: Facial coverings now required

'We're in deep trouble': Noam Chomsky explains how Trump and his 'freak show' are 'moving literally

Generation C Has Nowhere to Turn

I really don't know if I'm going to make it through this latest challenge.

Thank you to all at DU.

With Each Briefing, Trump Is Making Us Worse People. He is draining the last reserves of decency

It's alright, Ma

230K Texas families filed for SNAP food assistance in March, twice as many as same month last year

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 16, 2020 -- TCM Classic Film Festival -- The Home Version

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 17, 2020 -- TCM Classic Film Festival -- The Home Version

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 18, 2020 -- TCM Classic Film Festival -- The Home Version

Cinemark lays off 17,500 hourly workers, drastically cuts pay for remaining employees

Dr. Robt. Gallo, Virologist, on Amanpour & Co.

I Know This Much Is True coming to HBO

The kids organized a Zoom birthday party for me!

I am not willing to die for corporate profit or Trump's ego.

This is what Trump calls "fake news" . . .

US court blocks Texas curbs on medication abortion during Covid-19 pandemic

LONDON might be 3,000 years older than previously believed.

Meaningful discussion about abortion. Worth the time to watch.

Discover Ozbaki hill that goes down 9,000 years in history

The War on Drugs - Thinking of a Place

Who Thinks Trump Even Knows This Isn't Going All That Good For Him Or Us For That Matter

*NOW, Democracy Now with NYTimes authors

There are officials, press and medical professionals calling this a war against Coronavirus

What's the plan for 6-8 months down the road when 30-40 million people are still out of work?

Insurance companies ordered to give refunds to Californians due to coronavirus

Are police incident reports usually this . . . spare?

60 Minutes: Mental health challenges during the coronavirus pandemic

☦ Orthodox Pascha Vigil/The Psalter of Prophet and King David.

San Francisco authorities shut down underground nightclub

The contagion and death rate in New Mexico is rising daily

XFL files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with an eye-opening list of creditors it owes

Modern irony: COVID-19 Forces Sen GOP To Chill On Judge Confirmations

Trump just stated publicly that he thinks he has dictatorial powers.

Disney Shares Its Churro Recipe

Ohio Lunatics

Posting is lagging badly again

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/13/20

Antigay pastor refuses to cancel church, invites hundreds of people to watch his son be crucified

Auburn mayor to 'hand the gavel' over after sharing meme comparing Trump supporters to KKK

Caltrans is speeding up highway projects while coronavirus keeps Californians off the road

I'm so old.....

Trump plays campaign-style video attacking press at White House briefing

Famous Mexican actor and federal health delegate publicly argue about conditions inside Tijuana

UC San Diego study solidifies loss of smell, taste as symptoms of COVID-19

Verizon fired traumatized Bay Area exec after she was sent overseas without security and raped

Loss of Smell and Taste Validated as COVID-19 Symptoms in Patients with High Recovery

San Francisco warns 4/20 lovers to stay home

New state mandate OKs quarantine shelters for emergency workers, homeless

I am waiting to see who will be the first ReTHUG

Amazon fires two tech workers who criticized the company's warehouse workplace conditions

The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes

It's amazing what you can see when you have really clean air.

How to beat Trump's vote-trolling: Virginia and Wisconsin show the way

Paul McCartney - Hope For The Future Fox News....(top of the page)

Trump's latest coronavirus press briefing featured one of his most memorable meltdowns yet

Apr 7 primary- Voters Spoke Loudly

Wisconsin moved on Trump like a bitсh.

Shadows In The Rain

With ban on non-urgent surgeries, Juneau hospital says it's losing $250,000 a day

Trump could introduce new panel Tuesday aimed at reopening the country

UB40 - Please Don't Make Me Cry live in London

85 Years Ago Today; The Black Sunday Dust Storm

Something meant to save your life in a car crash is being used to make

The Specials - Ghost Town

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me

Cute kitty pic for stress reduction

Jamiroquai - Too Young to Die

National Guard needed to clean up Anchorage homeless camps, city officials say

Photos show bodies piled up and stored in vacant rooms at Detroit hospital

Tuesday TOONs - Forced Task

The real reason for yesterday's press farce?

Social distancing restrictions could be in place until June as virus cases increase in Shelby Co

Breakfast. Coffee

Shelby County gets 'D' grade for social distancing

North Korea fires barrage of missiles from ground and air

Trump's February schedule

Can't Make This Up: All WI Supreme Court Justices Voted Absentee

Scientists Have Reported The First Case Of The Coronavirus Spreading From A Dead Body

Behold Dune: An Exclusive Look at Timothe Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, and More

"Broken" Department Of Interior Agency Oversees GOM Oil Production; Morale Cratering, Staff Leaving

U Mich Study: GOM Oil & Gas Platforms Release As Much Methane As Entire NG Supply Chain

Bishop who said 'God is larger than this dreaded virus' dies of Covid-19

CA Water Board Releases Key Permits For Removal Of Four Klamath River Dams

As for the Republicans...

I believe that at this moment drumpf is having Barr devise a way that he can control the states.

Shitstain's Own CAFE Rollback Specifically States That It Will Eliminate More than 13,000 Jobs

Trump's Mask

BC Pipeline Will Destroy Endangered Caribou Habitat, So Owner Paid To Kill Wolves As "Compensation"

Where is Homeland Security these days

White House Seeks To Lower Farmworker Pay To Help Agriculture Industry

CUOMO: "The Constitution says we don't have a king ... We didn't have King George Washington."

RIP John Conway

Chelsea Clinton tweet form earlier this month:

Interior Didn't Just Leave National Parks Open As COVID Spread; On March 18th, It Waived Fees

Oh no!!! Donny!!! Not even John Yoo will endorse your misreading of the Constitution!

Agencies Can Launch Retaliatory Investigations Into Whistleblowers, Court Rules

Shell Abandons Plans For Siberian Arctic Oil Project In Partnership With Gazprom

BTRTN: Hey, CNN... Stop Broadcasting Trump's Daily MAGA Rallies.

BTRTN: Hey, CNN... Stop Broadcasting Trump's Daily MAGA Rallies.

Image of The Day

"Front Lines" - Devastating new ad from Priorities USA

Trending hashtag" As a wisconsinite, ....Dear 45: We ain't your bitch.

Barbra Streisand 4/12/20

Trump Family Files Appeal to Keep Fraud Lawsuit Private and Prevent Release of 'Apprentice' Tapes

Whats the deal with Mike Pence?

Ex-Republican on Trump coronavirus failures: Our lives depend on electing Joe Biden

This is why the msm can't stop broadcasting his pressers

Next up: the Ohio Primary

TWO scott Walker appointed Milwaukee Cty Judges DEFEATED!! by huge margins..........

Amazon fires two tech workers who criticized the company's warehouse workplace conditions

How about if all MAGAs followed Trump's "reopen order?"

Fox News puts Trump in elite company 😆🥴🤪😳

Paul McCartney singing in a car ...

Saw this first thing when I went on-line this morning. Started my day off in a uplifted mood.

The Me President: Trump uses pandemic briefing to focus on himself

The Rundown: April 13, 2020

Last Witness to Assassination of Pres. Lincoln April 14, 1865: 1956 TV Game Show

Shitstain's Big Oil Deal Another Wet Firecracker; Touted 10% Production Cut Not Even Close To Enough

Ya know, in "The Ten Commandments", there was ANOTHER dude with weird hair

Trump Didn't Like Azar's Warnings. So He Disappeared Him.

Drs. Fauci and Birx couldn't qualify to hold Captain Crozier's Jockstrap

What an absolute monster. Even discussing the death of an acquaintance, it's all about him.

April 14, 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral procession on the streets of Washington, DC

Trump's Multiple Ideological Personality Syndrome (or MIPS)

AG Barr just signaled that things are about to get ugly for the Russia collusion team

Sanders' endorsement of Joe Biden gave him what Hillary never had to unify the party--plenty of time

Why we're still relying on a century-old strategy to treat COVID-19

Has Trump offered condolences re: those who have died...

Memorandum on Providing Fed. Support for Governors' Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19

No, President Trump, You Can't 'Reopen America'

America Can Afford a World-Class Health System. Why Don't We Have One?

Fauci CRUSHES Trump, Maybe Getting Fired

SEEK HELP: Trump Implodes in "Genius Germ" Rant

Oh Thank God: Trump Appoints Ivanka and Jared to Council to Reopen America

Every Time Trump Shows up for One of His "Briefings"

Our nation: Mass self-destruction, mass murder, and now a national game of death, Russian roulette.

It's Bengali new year. Shubho noboborsho.

In Today's Class we will show you the difference about Science and a Psychopath

Anti-malarial drug touted by Trump was subject of CIA warning to employees

In Today's Class we will show you the difference between Science and a Psychopath

Evangelicals gave us Ted Haggard. Jim Bakker. Jimmy Swaggart. And now, Trump.

WaPo: Tax change in coronavirus package overwhelmingly benefits millionaires (80% benefits)

How Secure Is The U.S. Food Supply Chain? The Last Word MSNBC

First Responders Read Notes Thanking Them The Last Word MSNBC

Just back from a grocery store run.

New name for the Chief Executive - the ABIC

A crowd gathered on the West Main Street Bridge to see FDR's funeral train in 1945

He is NOT responsible.

94 yr old woman spending her birthday alone is serenaded by a passing util worker 💗

Obama expected to endorse Biden MSNBC

The trees are budding and I am still wearing my winter coat.

WH's 1600 daily title "The media can't rewrite history" - Gallup

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses

The TRump Administration following their leader

Cuomo promises a fight

This is important-all 3 Morning news shows NBC, ABC & CBS

Loretta Lynn has a birthday today.

Wisconsin just goes to show

Vote 2020 - 3 November 2020 ... Successful Individuals ...

Barack Obama to endorse Joe Biden for president Tuesday morning

My sister claims her place of work (nursing home) won't let her use her phone.

Shorty Rogers was born on this date.

Cuomo says Trump is not a king, can't force states to reopen

Air pollution - Before/after lockdowns

YES HE CAN Barack Obama to 'endorse Joe Biden as Democratic presidential candidate today' 😎🎨

93 Year Old women needs her Coors.

A Month After Emergency Declaration, Trump's Promises Largely Unfulfilled

Trumps virus prevention strategy

Ali Akbar Khan was born on this date.

A toddler threw a self-pitying tantrum on live television on Monday night

Proof: Stay At Home, It Works, -according CDC,..CNN:

Best description of Dumpy yet

What Drumpf did in February

On this date in 1865

Ritchie Blackmore has a birthday today.

7 crew members aboard hospital ship Mercy test positive for coronavirus


OK, I'll play Captain Obvious for a bit

Trump White House Hands Out No-Bid Contracts For Pandemic Aid

Here's how a real president addresses a frightened populace.

Can't wait for Trump to hold another Nuremberg rally

Midday Music for Millennials -- TerribleTuesday

Pets have no concept of social distancing

Foreign-born medical workers ready to help save lives are 'ensnared by red tape and visa rules'

Ronna McDaniel weighs in on the Wisconsin "Victory"!! Too funny:

The latest Fox News poll shows that Joe Biden can walk down 5th Ave and shoot someone

Obama to endorse Joe today via video!!

Remember when we had a President who greeted people with a big smile? (Edited, with video)

Coronavirus-stricken Chris Cuomo trashes CNN gig during radio show meltdown

Trump Readying Himself For Press Campaign Rally To Explain Why Mar A Lago Claiming A Dem Hoax Golf

Tax change in virus package overwhelmingly benefits millionaires, Congressional body finds

'My life is hell right now': Frontline doctors are having their pay cut as much as 25%

MSNBC: Trump will visit recovering COVID-19 patients

During the current stay at home situation what are people opening the most

Trump tweet: Tell the Dem Governors that "Mutiny On The Bounty" was one of my all time fave movies

Devin Nunes planning late May winery tour fundraiser

Some questions about if a governor or parish police jury or city mayor defies a potential order from

Abso-b****y-lutely: Expletive Infixation

How the pandemic revived a distributed computing project and made history

NEW: Dems In Array

'Absolute Clusterf-k': Inside the Denial and Dysfunction of Trump's Coronavirus Task Force

5th Circuit is letting clinics provide medication abortions for now

Positive tests hit new high in state (Arkansas)

David Corn: Adam Schiff: House Dems Investigating How Trump Handled Coronavirus Intelligence

"Fired Up .. Ready to Go" President Obama will endorse his Vice Joe President Biden

My heart breaks for the dead and sick and families

Jackpot: Check to see if you have any local distillers in your area.

California starts sending out jobless checks with extra $600, governor says

Win in the West: Leadership Matters

Latest poll has Biden 9 points ahead in Arizona. Trump won by 3.5% in 2016.

Governor Andrew Cuomo UPDATE April 14 2020

JOE BIDEN!: "I am not running for office to be King of America...I've read the Constitution."

telling to me

Someone said snack? (Twitter)

Latest Virginia poll has Biden leading Trump by 10 points. HRC beat Trump by 5 points there in 2016.

What is the plan if Agolf Twitler loses in November and says he won't leave?

Trump is threatening to withhold #coronavirus Aid to Democrat Governors and its people ........

You raised $405.00 on April 13, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Poll: Black VP pick could boost Biden

Trump could not force me back to work, even at gunpoint.

Chrispy CHRISTIE ups the "both sides" to other level - needs a third mouth on him!1

Obama endorsement video

I have got to get my mind in a better place..

They did it in 2016 - don't let it happen in 2020

What is the truth about flu deaths?

Your Bank Can Grab Your $1,200 Coronavirus Check

US officials reportedly concerned that safety breaches at a Wuhan lab studying coronavirus in bats


Obama endorses Biden for president in video message

What I don't understand in regard to Gov Cumo's press conference is if he gets a question from the

To every rat bastard Republican sonofabitch lurking or trolling here:

Dark Humor

Slow witted imbecile thinks...

I am not in charge!

Omar looking for 'gesture' from Biden that he understands importance of progressive issues

@BarackObama I'm proud to endorse my friend @JoeBiden for President of the United States. Let's go:


Applications no-fee debit card with up to $1,500 for Los Angeles families in need begins Tuesday

Clever arrangement of bookshelf - someone had a lot of time during the quarantine (Twitter)

That time Trump read the constitution...

Keep poking him

Age 56, age 63

Want to see Trump shoot himself in the foot while it's in his mouth?

Crazy MF45 threatens 'Democrat Governors'

Looks like Gov. Reynolds forgot to show up to her own presser today?

I am not on Twitter

Pic Of The Moment: Closed Due To Excessive Rotation

The Endorsement.

The tide has turned

Man accidentally ejects himself from fighter jet during surprise flight

Captain Bligh got kicked off the ship and cast adrift in a little rowboat

Bette Midler: Huh. Not a good look (Amazon related).

Great way to GOTV while you watch TV

Dear Wisconsin, You did far more than win an election. You inspired & rekindled hope. Love, America


Now joining the fight against coronavirus: the world's armed rebels and drug cartels

Randi Rhodes Free Show On April 10th

Questions for OS Techs wrt Memory Usage

A Post-Democratic Primary Update to the Bitecofer Model

Hope we are looking at

There's something about Maggie....

Hundreds of Chicago Voters Warned of Possible Coronavirus Exposure After Poll Worker Dies

This is for you Wisconsin- Thank you for your courage and determination

Kimmy finally shows up! 50 minutes late

Biden tweet responding to endorsement: Barack -- This endorsement means the world to Jill and me.

Pic Of The Moment: This Easy Voter Guide Matches You To Your Preferred Political Party

Fauci: White House's Marathon Virus Briefings Are 'Really Draining'

Senator McCaskill

JPMorgan 1Q profit drops 70% as it readies for loan defaults

Trump finally had to pretend to show a little empathy for someone who died from this pandemic

CNMI Gov. Torres: Furloughing has always been our last option

Seeking advice: finally getting ready to cut loose

So people here in NC gathered in a group and protested the legislature to open businesses back up.

Trump: I'm Captain Bligh. What a fucking idiot.

President Obama's endorsement came really FAST on

Trump's epic failures aren't going unnoticed around the world.

Stocks are rocketing UP today! Anyone know why?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/14/20.

Idaho has more health care workers infected than people hospitalized with CV. That seems

Susan Rice on CNN

'60 Minutes' rolls out receipts after Trump adviser complains they never covered pandemic warnings

CNN's chyron writer has had enough, goes to town during Trump's coronavirus press conference

The view from the Tenderloin

Interesting and rather comprehensive timeline of Trumpy's follies, dating back to the '70's

What is up with the federal government SEIZING PPE shipments to states and hospitals?

Car repairs today

Congressional Body Finds Tax Changes in Coronavirus Bill Overwhelmingly Benefits Millionaires

Just as expected...

Trump's Mishandling Of The Covid-19 Crisis Is Confirmed By Dr. Fauci

I'm starting to think I may have avoided the excess skin flaps from losing weight.

Chicago's Weiner Circle Hot Dog Joint Mocking Repubs in Youtube Series (there are swears)

If you are locked out of the DEO's website because you need a PIN to file for unemployment-

Rolling Stone Timeline: Coronavirus in America

Ron DeSantis deems pro wrestling as 'essential'

Food Lifeline expands into Sodo warehouse to accommodate surging demand

Layoffs lay bare shortcomings in health care system

What Do Countries With The Best #Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders

The people have a right to know.

CDC Study: Coronavirus in Wuhan doubled every 2.3 days: R0 5.7

Dan Froomkin's excellent review of events in the Brady Briefing Room yesterday.


New Va. Poll: Gov. Northam at 76%-22% Approval on COVID-19 Response; Biden Leads Trump 51%-41%


Texas preparing to slow redistricting due to delay of Census.

Cartoons 4/14/2020

Consumer Reports: Household Products that Can Destroy the Novel Coronavirus

Sen. Hobbs to oversee National Guard support of food banks

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses

Coronavirus mutation could threaten the race to develop vaccine

Why Did The World Shut Down For COVID-19 But Not Ebola, SARS Or Swine Flu?

Chicago's Weiner Circle Hot Dog Joint Mocking Repubs in Youtube Series (there are swears)

Federal PPP loan money could be gone within days, Washington banking officials say

I don't know about you guys

Cuomo Threatens 'Constitutional Challenge' If Trump Orders States To Reopen Too Early

Boeing suppliers in Tacoma, Everett hit by hundreds of layoffs in aerospace sector pause

Donwald J. Trump Appears to Be on the Verge of More Extortion

I'm tired of hearing POtuS is incompetent.

Head lice drug emerges as potential coronavirus treatment, studies show

Court vacates Trump's rollback of school nutrition rules

The Eternal Return

Snow expected to fall within 60 miles of the District

Georgia Democratic legislator bucks party with Trump endorsement

Brazil Has 105 New Deaths from Coronavirus in 24 Hours; Total Is 1,328

'Game of Thrones' Star Kristofer Hivju and His Wife Have 'Fully Recovered' After Coronavirus

Has Trump mentioned the tornado damage and

No republican should be allowed on TV without being asked about "total authority".

As I predicted in posts some days ago Trump announced he will use Medical supplies

Meanwhile, in Costa Rica...

US blocks sale of ventilators to Cuba after acquiring medical companies.

US blocks sale of ventilators to Cuba after acquiring medical companies.

Seattle may be through the worst of coronavirus, but the stunned city is not celebrating

Just found these blueberries on my front porch.

Trump Tells Recovered Coronavirus Patient 'Stay Away From Me'

Senate delays expected return until May

Trump just wants to play the big hero who ends

As trump's melt down progresses, I have a prediction

'I'm Young, Healthy, And I Exercise Five Times A Week--And COVID-19 Came For Me Anyway

Trump Melts Down When Reporter Busts His Coronavirus Propaganda

Susan Collins Is Headed For Disaster As Just 37% Of Mainers Approve Of Her Job Performance

WWE deemed an essential service, returns to live televised shows

Is MSNBC mad at Katy Tur?

Neighbors cheer Jill Karofsky victory at impromptu street party

At home and bored so I'm wading through the legendary complexity of my OMD EM1 MK II menu.

CDC report says people in four key cities are listening to stay at home orders

'Blue State Governors Organize Pacts For Pandemic, A Breakup Is Now On The Table': Op, Kos

AZ-SEN: Impeachment and pandemic don't change Mark Kelly's fundraising lead over Martha McSally

Liberty U students file class action suit-alleging Falwell placed students "severe physical risk"

Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner dies at 63

I know this song has been recorded by a number of performers

Dozens of Tri-Citians sick with coronavirus from outbreak linked to beef plant

Tweet of the Day

Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible.

250 Seattle Businesses Receive Coronavirus Relief Grants

He identifies with Captain Bligh of the Bounty, but he more resembles Captain Queeg of the Caine.

Tri-Cities area coronavirus cases top 500, with death toll at 30

It's the Worst Possible Time for Trump to Make False Claims of Authority

Secret Service Oath of Office

World leaders,' U.S. governors' approvals rise abroad and at home, but tRump, not so much.

Harvard study: US may have to keep social distancing until 2022, scientists predict

Could not find Heavy Cream at the store

Arizona Congressman Calls On Fauci To 'Move Along'

One Man Puppet Dance Show

I have an executive assistant.

A Second Round of Coronavirus Layoffs Has Begun. No One Is Safe.

Hillary Clinton wins the Internet today

Getting ready to suffer through another episode of Whining and transparent Self Defense ---but

Thurston County COVID-19 cases grow to 81 after one more case is announced Monday

He can't help himself (and fuck her for playing a part in this shit show) ...

Senator Richard Burr Sold D.C. Townhouse to Donor at a Rich Price

Type O Negative - Haunted

Links for Governor Gavin Newsom Pandemic update: [LIVE]

Markets right now

Washington order protects workers at high-risk for coronavirus

Wherz mah fricken stimulous munny, huh? (Link for what to do.) Do not laugh. It's AOL. 😆

I find Trump's Presser's Entertaining...

I registered to vote by mail yesterday

flipping around News Stations this afternoon

Number of COVID-19 cases in Seattle hospitals flat, city leaders told

"You can't claim total authority and take zero responsibility"

Michigan not much good news here Looks like 166 new deaths.

Cuomo reacts to Trump's claim only he can reopen economy: "Absurd"

Gave up on the resizing.

What's up with Brian Williams

Governor: Guam still in the early stage of COVID-19 outbreak

had a problem with du earlier.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: A very different type of mask

A quite haunting and exquisite live performance

Raiders of the Lost Ark 1.2 preview

Doing a little birding from my living room window.

When Will Elizabeth Warren Endorse Joe Biden? Report Says That's Up To Joe Biden

Georgia state lawmaker bucks Democrats with Trump endorsement

Coronavirus live updates: Health care workers are 10% to 20% of US cases

My picks for Biden Cabinet

Ugandan floating island causes national power cut

Smooth evacuation for Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints missionaries on Monday charter

Liberty University Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Can anyone explain COVID19.TOPOS.COM to me?

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-13-2020

Hawaii explores deterring tourists by limiting reservations

Come this summer/fall, I think Farmer's Markets are going to be very much en vogue.

Here are the Democratic women governors (VP speculation thread)

Great News for the Millionaires. Not so good for the rest of us.

Amazon fires at least 3 employees who criticized workplace conditions

Black doctor who has been testing the homeless for COVID-19 in Miami racially profiled

How California bent the curve

trump: I don't take responsibility at all

governor newsom outlines six critical indicators the state will consider

When we wake from this nightmare, the Notorious RBG will be a hero.

remember after Hurricane Sandy when Obama made all the governors dance and beg for help?

Burr Sold D.C. Townhouse to Donor at a Rich Price

California's roadmap to Modify Stay-at-Home Order (this is all our futures)

What are right wing pundits and message boards saying about Trump's briefing?

Neanderthals spun fiber into yarn.

Come on, Nicolle Wallace

Now that Joe Biden

Clear skies, blue waters, replenished sea life

Newsom just said no large gatherings until herd immunity / vaccine. huge implications for big venue

'Voter Suppression At Its Finest':Wisconsin Citizens Say Missing Ballots, Lines & Coronavirus

Today: U.S.'s deadliest day so far; U.S accounts for ONE-THIRD of today's global death total

In case you haven't figured it out yet I'm reallllly bored today.

Liberty University Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Some social distancing may be needed into 2022 to keep coronavirus in check, new study says

Trump says his "authority is total" -- while he blames everyone else for his failures

Here's a link with info on how to track your stimulus check from the IRS.

Wonder what kids think more time has gone by..

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 14, 2020

The Devil's Kenneth Copeland Suit

The middle finger salute, now, coughing on people on purpose

How much time does Trump waste every day when he has his task force briefings?

Governor Newsom's Coronavirus presser from today can be viewed here

Cuba Under Media Attack for Sending Doctors, Not Bombs, to Help Covid-19 Victims

Cuba Under Media Attack for Sending Doctors, Not Bombs, to Help Covid-19 Victims

George Soros: Guarantee paychecks for all workers displaced by coronavirus to save the economy

Austin school district deployed over 100 school buses equipped with WiFi for students without intern

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing

Putin's Bleak Covid-19 Admission: 'We Don't Have Much to Brag About'

Highest deaths in one day so far, 2,147 and it is just 3:30 CST......

Jim Bakker: I never said that, please send money

No More Night Driving Restrictions For Oahu

Every time someone talks about reopening the economy

GOP Lawmaker Says Dying from Virus 'Lesser of Two Evils'

Since I learned NEVER to flush "flushable" wipes down the toilet (per my plumber friend), I have

In the Villages, America's biggest retirement oasis, the dangers of coronavirus stack up

Who will be the first Republican Governor to follow Trump and open up his state completely?

FEMA power question

New York City's death toll soars past 10,000 in a revised virus count.

We're being screwed because we play by the rules

Worth taking a photo of...

BREAKING: Louisiana moves Presidential Primary to July least the weather is nice...

Ford to start producing respirator masks and other equipment for healthcare workers

I wanted to say 'The Five' a Harlen Coben Mini Series on Netflix was one of the best series

So what is the best site that is free to copy YouTube videos?

Today's briefing is outside today.

NY Times. Trump was warned on Jan 30 of possible pandemic by Sec. Alex Azar II HHS

Even with Sanders dropping out and enthusiastically endorsing Biden, Jacobin doesn't let up...

Memphis, Tennessee

What does this clown think would happen if there was no social distancing?

Gov. Lee plans to open state next month; local leaders say it will be a process

So, is The Brak Show coming on today?

Hey Trump Ya Comin? The Media Has Some Questions For Ya 'Bout February Like Where Was Ya?

No Mask? No Problem!

Trump was absolutely right in his presser yesterday:

An update about Marianne Faithfull's Covid-19

In a matter of ten minutes today, while endorsing Joe Biden, President Obama did more ...

Tennessee health officials not recommending use of antibody tests

My family decided we needed to have "a talk" today

See the irrationality of religion exhibited in sharp relief!

Florida surgeon general removed from briefing after urging a year of social distancing

Hedge Fund Managers Are Claiming Bailouts as Small Businesses

Labor Organizations and Progressive Groups Team Up For Organizing Effort in PA

U.S. Death Toll passes 25,000, CNN:

At least, if we were to try him now, even Turley would admit that, no,

Republicans have a choice: Keep suppressing the vote -- or improve their product

Check in with the gas prices in your area

Oh God! The economy!

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, We're All Caregivers

Covid-19 is shutting down several meat plants

Trump and FOX have backslid?

While we applaud Paula Reid ....

Shitshow being scheduled in the Rose Garden, as it makes it easier to snatch away the mircophone

Adam Schiff Says Donald Trump's Power Isn't Absolute 'But His Incompetence Is' ...

Is DU acting up again for anyone else??

NY revises death toll sharply upward (by 3700); U.S. deaths now 23% of global total

From what I hear, Meghan McCain is a big idiot with no qualifications to make

DU Malfunctioning?

We probably won't know if crowds are safe again until about two weeks after the orange anus' next...

Just resign!!! eom

NYC death toll jumps by 3,700 after uncounted fatalities are added

Congress Won't Return Until May, As Talks Appear To Stall On Small Business Aid

GOP back to "You Should Be Willing To Die for The Economy!"

GOP lawmaker: "We must put on our big-boy and big-girl pants"

These two pitties insisted on being adopted together

Stimulus Oversight Panel Has One Person Trying to Watch $2.2 Trillion Alone

Statesboro Blues Live!

Fox News: Absolutely F-ing Surreal What They're Talking About.

This Dog Is Better At Life Than You

Dear Little Lord Tiny Hands,

even this is old , i thought it was cool. virtual choir singing " the strife is o'vr"

I was considering the downside of roadside testing

This Dog Is Better At Life Than You

Coronavirus: German Zoo May Have To Feed Animals To Each Other

Dog Can't Stop Smiling When He's Riding His Favorite Horse

Breaking - the Con cuts funding to the World Health Organization n/t

"Through the darkness we can see the rays of light"...and then I reached for the remote.

Trump just blamed WHO for the virus troubles.

Minnesota House And Senate Pass 'Alec Smith' Emergency Insulin Bill.

This Horse Won't Go For Rides Without His Dog Brother

I had to take a peak at him. He's in rare form tonight at his propaganda presser. n/t

trump, commander in chief, on his watch, collaspe, total failure to protect

A pick me up!!

Trump is trying to pass the potato of blame to the WHO.

This press conference marks the death of irony, right?

Gavin Newsom listed 6 steps for re-opening California. Here they are.

Re: WHO - If Trump knew about human-to-human transmission in China in December 2019

CNN fact checking/commenting as the donald speaks.

The scariest day of your life?

Watch what happens when this dog loses 100 pounds!

Orange Dirtbag is trying to work in saying "Death" as often as he can in his gibberfest.

AP Interview: Sanders says opposing Biden is 'irresponsible'

Trump acts and speaks like every Tin Pot Dictator have seen act and speak in my life.

6 Museums To Explore Virtually During Lockdown: The Louvre, Museum of The Earth, Van Gogh Museum...

A simple act of kindness can change everything for someone

trump blames WHO for the state of CV-19 in US and is pulling funding to WHO

Is Fauci there?

Woman Finds Tiny Kitten On The Side Of The Road

Is it a coincidence that old people in care homes are dying in huge numbers in the UK and the US...

Suggestion for POTUS Presser... do not ask any questions..

Without guests, San Diego Zoo Safari Park sees more mountain lions

He's bragging about the stock's down 5000 fucking points!!!!

25th now goddamn it

He could wish that he had "absolute power"!


Trump's hair looks blonder and fluffier today

Loyal K9 Cop Is His Dad's Best Friend

So are all these corporations paying EL PRESIDENTE a fee to read their names?

"Mumble, mumble, mumble We will hold the W accountable. mumble, mumble, mumble." George?

"We will hold the Governors accountable" - It's Official

CDC, FEMA have created a plan to reopen America. Here's what it says.

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 29

Trump halts World Health Organization funding over handling of coronavirus outbreak dropping.....all he can do....

Farmers destroying crops to prevent a surplus and keep prices up.

Twilight Zone episode for Republicans who want to "restart the economy"

George Carlin....Dumb Americans

Trump's new campaign slogan: "Remember how good the economy was just a little more than a month ago"

He reads in a sing song monotone.

Next he'll say Nitrogen, Oxygen, The Sun, The moon .... the stars, the sand, Trees ...

drumpf says he will "authorize" governors to reopen at time of their choosing

The US CV death toll is higher than the Dow now


81 NIH employees have contracted coronavirus

Turn him off.

"We've held...uh...(LONG pause)...great numbers, everything we've done, we've...

You're gonna think I'm makin' this up, but---


Major U.S. airlines accept government aid for payrolls; American also wants a loan

Trump is acting like the pandemic is over

You know they lost a lot of people in the civil war. This wont be near as bad.

Hey Shit for Brains, instead of spouting names of CEOs who, by the way know you are

GOP congressman says letting more Americans die of coronavirus is lesser of two evils compared to...

I just got done listening to President Obama's endorsement speech for Joe Biden!

Meltdown on full display

Did he say he'd shut the Governors down and start over???


Video showing coyotes howling at midnight last week in SF

IMHE revises estimated U.S. deaths UPWARD by quite a lot

Is he REALLY screwing this country on purpose OR IS HE REALLY THAT STUPID???

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if States try to secede at this point

As The Orange One speaks

Disposable Gloves May Feel Safe- But Don't Be Deceived (Vinyl, Latex, Nitrile) DW News

He is just hanging on by a thread of sanity.

27 migrant children in US government custody test positive for coronavirus

So he just said that he is going to let some states open sooner than May.

" Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. He's a showboat...if you keep talking, I'll leave ... just a loudmouth"

It's all set up. When grandpa and grandma die in the next couple of months it'll be the States

Talk me down... Did other presidents control mic volume

Trump says farmers are incredible

Trump yesterday: I have "total authority"...................

That truly was the Trump show

When someone says he's Captain Bligh:

Trump: "He couldn't be here. Who cares?"

Why Trump wants to open the US when he can't AND claim it's his most difficult decision

Nazi Death Camp At Buchenwald Quietly Marks 75 Years Since Liberation

San Francisco authorities shut down underground nightclub

I haven't watched his bullshit for over a month. The only thing that matters is

It looked like Trump just walked away from his nutbag show , everyone looked around like,

Trump announces 'halt' in US funding to World Health Organization amid coronavirus pandemic

Cartoonist wanted: caption to be "The economy is open!"

Pro wrestling 'essential' under Florida governor's order

On the bright side, thousands of cult members are making plans

We Must Not Support Any Of The Corporations That Will Have A CEO....

TRUMP: Don't blame me, I was tricked by China & the WHO

CDC, FEMA have created a plan to reopen America. Here's what it says.

Are there legal implications for a chain grocery store not following coronavirus safety guidelines?

UN chief: world faces misinformation epidemic about virus

Trump's Complete Reversal of "I Have Absolute Power."

Indiana republican congressman

Look at the date on this

Where is Dr. Fauci?

Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk

Broken Glass?

Soledad O'Brien: "If you've lost Brit..."

John Bolton's book is DOA

If occurs to me that we are few Republican Senate votes away from a remedy to our current situation.

Rhode Island orders employers to require masks for all workers

Here's A Sure Way That Trump Can't Lose In November....


Mike Pompeo Warns Iran Stockpiling Tubes To Build Ventilator

Televised raid on illegal Amazon mining angers Brazil government, leads to sacking

Televised raid on illegal Amazon mining angers Brazil government, leads to sacking

Opening up Republican states will not have a big effect on improving the economy.

Trump Blasts Dr. Fauci Over Repeated Negative Remarks About Coronavirus


McDonald's and its U.S. franchisees at odds over financial relief as crisis weighed