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New York City mayor orders public schools shut for rest of school year; Cuomo says it's his call

Blister in the Sun: Violent Femmes

23 die in state's second-deadliest day since beginning of crisis

He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump's Failure on the Virus

Life at Home:


In 2018, China Granted Ivanka Trump A Trademark On Coffins

Is DU super slow for anyone else?

Anyone else having trouble getting posts to work or loading DU pages? No problems

Coronavirus: Brazil Reports Over 1,000 Deaths

Where is the Kansas Supreme Court?

Rubber band Man

Report: Trump Privately Asks Why Government Can't Just Let COVID 'Wash Over' The Country

park was too crowded this AM so I walked the streets in the housing area...much better but

CEO shocks business news host, says billionaires and bad companies 'deserve to get wiped out'

Expressway to Your Heart

How Much Was Spent On Stock Buy Backs By The Corporations That Will Be Bailed Out?

Fire of Learning: What If We Collapsed Like Rome?

Stimulus packages around the world

Walt Disney World (FL) to furlough 43,000 workers

Alaska Democrats say they received almost double the ballots than in 2016 in vote-by-mail primary

Gov. Noem, Mayor TenHaken request Smithfield Foods close plant for 14 days

Me and Mrs.Jones

Woman in Canada applied for the COVID-19 benefit on Tuesday, 1st payment came 2 days later

Man Without Face Mask Removed From Philadelphia Bus

I just got my COVID test results back. I'm NEGATIVE!

Does anyone know how the Kansas church going case came out?

Trump has inflamed anti-Asian racism with his rhetoric

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Trump just called in to Jeanine Pirro's show

God will shield us from all harm and sickness:' Louisiana pastor expects 2,000 to attend his Easter

Top conservatives voice concerns over restrictions on religious gatherings due to COVID-19

New case of Ebola in DR Congo two days before WHO set to announce end to outbreak


China Will No Longer Classify Dogs as Livestock, Marking Push Toward Dog Meat Ban

Be nice to Trump, or drop dead.

La-La .... Means I Love You

Trump's 'Miracle Drug' Talk Could Kill Me

Artichoke drawing

The girl with all the gifts-Netflix

Russia Slams Trump's Space Mining Order

Osaka governor working so hard amid pandemic that residents ask him to take a day off

Disney World to Furlough 43,000 Employees During Indefinite Closure

DU Health Care Providers: Here is how to know if any donated N95 masks are "real" /not counterfeit

So, how many people got your bailout money?

Scientists chart weak spots in coronavirus protein that antiviral drugs can target

Just the Facts, please.

New Trump Ad Suggests a Campaign Strategy Amid Crisis: Xenophobia

You Make Me Feel Brand New

The view from the Tenderloin

Punxsutawney Don

Sean Hannity's astounding coronavirus hypocrisy

Thank you, Trump voters. You all share responsibility for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

Voting by Mail Could Be What States Need. But Can They Pull It Off?

My wife sent me this clip of a desperate woman in a closet,

Labor Sec Eugene Scalia faces blowback as he curtails scope of worker relief in unemployment crisis

Seems we want some grove tonight

U.S. States Prepare Test-and-Trace Programs to Reopen Their Economies

'Take this seriously': Southeast may see severe storms and tornadoes on Easter Sunday

Chernobyl Wildfires Reignite, Stirring Up Radiation

Medical databases show 1 in 10 hospitalized middle-aged coronavirus patients in U.S. do not survive

Trump wonders if COVID-19 genomes gave fake quotes to the NYT in bizarre Saturday outburst

'It would cripple us completely': Coronavirus takes toll on rural police agencies

Sizzler promo video from 1991. You gotta see this. 4:42

It's Erev Easter!!!

Wow, McDonald's is desperate......

'Disco' tardigrade parties under microscope, wins international photo prize

BREAKING:FL Gov DeSantis, seeking to hide Covid infections & deaths, pressures Miami Herald law firm

In isolation some personal bests

Bonnie Raitt -- Message and performance from HOME

Trump Family Loses Huge Court Fight to Force Fraud and Deceptive Practices Lawsuit into Secret Arbit

Ma (Little Star) passed away today at 5:08 pm eastern.

Kansas Supreme Court rules in favor of governor's order re. gatherings.

Hilarious "I've Been Everywhere" parody w/film by Tentin Quarantino.

Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

Saturday Night Live': How to Watch Tonight's Virtual Episode of SNL

Joe Biden wins Alaska Primary

Social Security recipients who have dependant children living with them need to file

Trump Got Constitutional Law Totally Wrong During White House Coronavirus Briefing

Our state is getting a bit too strict

My family celebrates Easter *RELIGIOUSLY* (in every sense of that word.)

Imagine if the people most susceptible to the coronavirus were affluent white males.

Biden wins Alaska Democratic presidential primary, claiming 9 of 17 delegates

Does the state of Insanity have a shelter-in-place order??

Oh, with John Denver and George Burns as God.....

What you get when you vote Republican . . .

Glory, hallelujah! Another soul saved!

Miami Herald: "Playing games with numbers: Florida's COVID-19 test backlog..."

Kansas Supreme Court says executive order banning religious service of more than 10 people stands

Judge rules cities' Affordable Care Act lawsuit can proceed

If Trump offered to bail out Russia, would any chickenshit Republican say even one word?

Richest GOP congressman Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) accused of 'insider trading' on coronavirus --

Trumps Easter

any news on Kansas lawsuit to protect us?

Stop covid or save the economy? We can do both

Governor Northam Signs Landmark Legislation on Historic Justice, Equity

Has anyone noticed that the number of people dying

President Trump is wrong in so many ways about hydroxychloroquine studies. Here are the facts

Roy Wood Jr. uses Iron Bowl rivalry to encourage social distancing in humorous PSA

Ivey: Prioritize safety from impending tornadoes over coronavirus

Trial Drug (APN01, Aperion Biologics) May Block Early Stages of COVID-19, Study in Human Cells Shows

My cat keeps attacking me

How Marcus Aurelius Responded To A Pandemic

9th street mural and weather report

Hmm I was just thinking that mf45 wanted everything open tomorrow Easter . Fill the churches

COVID-19 outbreak postpones Alabama's oldest LGBTQ pride festival, parade

Trump has new emergency powers

KY Gov Says In-Person Churchgoers Will Have License Plates Recorded, Be Forced to Quarantine 14 days

"Stunning details" from NYT re: "belated, chaotic" COVID response. SHITLER found BIRX "elegant"!1

Biden beats Sanders to win Alaska Democratic primary

I became aware of Dr. Anthony Fauci at the CDC when I was a Sophmore in college.

Reposting this for you fellow Montanans about GG

Bodies Rotting in the Street: COVID-19 Chaos Grips Ecuador

Inside the Fight to Topple Lindsey Graham--and Trump's Senate Majority Does Jaime Harrison have the

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Lazarus Saturday'/"Let's Get Out of This Place"

A Native American internet clip show.

The Worlds of the TV show "The Expanse (no spoilers)"

WaPo: Trump allegedly asked Fauci if officials could let coronavirus 'wash over' US

Ted Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert and Coronavirus emotions

So, the man who hates Muslims & Mexicans

Welp... So it goes... The first COVID-19 death in my (extended) circle of acquaintance.

The post office says it will run out of funds by the end of Sept. Is it just a coincidence that...

SNL At-Home - Opening and Tom Hanks At-Home Monologue

SNL At-Home: Zoom Call

SNL At-Home: Bernie Sanders Address

App to ease direct deposit of stimulus checks will launch next week, US officials say

SNL At-Home: Weekend Update

Good question.

"During these difficult times..."

The colors of ancient statuary (not white)

A lone bell in the night

A lone bell in the San Francisco night

SNL At-Home: RBG Workout

The 'Red Dawn' Emails

More than 500 Alabama health care workers infected with COVID-19

IRS Economic Stimulus Checks Update - Saturday April 11th

"The Animal People" on Netflix.

Doonsbury - Except for Press Conferences

It is delusional to think there will be a convention in August in Wisconsin.

How a pandemic prepares us for exploring and living on Mars

Virginia governor's slew of bills heralds progressive new direction for state

Postal Service looking into absentee ballot delivery irregularities in Wisconsin

As tornado outbreak looms, meteorologists say to put shelter above coronavirus concerns.

Gov. Reeves signs executive order to suspend business and political gatherings

Cooper Tire to reopen Mexico plant; US plants remain closed

Rare Event: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon To Line Up On These 3 April Nights

What are you streaming these days?

Coronavirus could drive half a billion people into poverty worldwide, warns Oxfam

Two Mississippi doctors fired after speaking out about coronavirus safety

India decides to extend nationwide coronavirus lockdown - state chief minister

Kremlin warns of huge influx of Moscow patients as coronavirus toll climbs

Some sports are slower. More about the strategy.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Op-Ed: NewSpace, the corporatization of space -- Ideal or horror story?

Seafood full of poison in the Stone Age, because of climate change

Wandi the purebred dingo thriving in sanctuary after high-flying ordeal

Concussion drug company (with ties to Brett Favre) ensnared in welfare fraud scandal

The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged

For The First Time, Astronomers Photograph a Jet Spewing Out From Colliding Galaxies

A couple questions about the stimulus payments

In Good News, Scientists Built a Device That Generates Electricity 'Out of Thin Air'

94% of countries have lower Covid-19 death rates than US

Governor Bans Abortions in Mississippi, Claiming Need to Preserve Medical Supplies

SNL At-Home: Visualizations with Aidy Bryant

New Orleans archbishop takes to sky for coronavirus blessing

Republican (Tom Cotton) who floated virus conspiracy says 'common sense has been my guide'

China Delays Mask and Ventilator Exports After Quality Complaints

Japanese health care facilities stretched thin

SC Sen. Lindsey Graham says coronavirus relief 'incentivizing' workers to leave jobs

NYC nurse opens up about 'worst shift' yet.

Rep. DeBerry to Appeal Removal from Democratic Ballot, Has Black Caucus Support

DeBerry, Four Others Dumped from Democratic Ballot

A nurse revealed the tragic last words of his coronavirus patient: 'Who's going to pay for it?'

landmark SF bookstore (City Lights) was on verge of perm closure. GOFUNDME raised $428,000 in 2 days

Knoxville Pridefest is postponed to 2021, but get ready for a new fall celebration

For Nashville's Homeless, Finding A Hot Meal Is Harder Than Ever

(Jewish Group) Landlord calls bagel shop's request for rent extension 'Jewish behavior'

Louisville workers use union tactics to gain COVID-19 incentives, protections

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Holy Week: Troparion for Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday

No school, no problem: Two teens start no-contact grocery delivery service for senior citizens

No school, no problem: Two teens start no-contact grocery delivery service for senior citizens

Andrea Bocelli performing on Easter live from Milan's (empty) Duomo Cathedral

Beshear stands by decision to take license plate numbers at mass gatherings

☦️Eastern Orthodox Palm Sunday and Paschal Traditions

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Finger Tip Toe Edition

Did you receive your stimulus check yet?

Everything That Is Wrong With America, In One Image

Everything That Is Wrong With America, In One Image

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

Easter Sunday 2020

Easter Sunday service with the Archbishop of Canterbury (from his kitchen)

Happy Easter!

"What Kind of Times are These"

Republicans cut right through red tape. Everybody get their check?????

1918 Pandemic Influenza Historic Timeline

*"blessed be she who is both furious and magnificent"*

He is risen! ...

I don't care who your dad is, this is an illegal gathering...

Has Anyone Found #Trump's Soul? Anyone? - NOPE Thumbs down #TrumpLiesPeopleDie Lying face

Born on this day, April 12, 1950: David Cassidy, of The Partridge Family

IRS deposits first wave of stimulus checks

Texas clinics ask Supreme Court to allow certain abortions

Happy Easter everyone!

Tim Brooke-Taylor dies with coronavirus, aged 79

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange fathered two children inside the Ecuadorian embassy (Daily Mail)

Swiss Village Lights Up Matterhorn

Contacting Potential Coronavirus Victims

State and city vs. churches: Don't drink the 'religious freedom' Kool-Aid -- it's deadly


Vote 2020 - 3 November 2020...

Governor Northam Signs Bold New Laws to Reform Criminal Justice

Beshear pleads with furloughed KY health workers to reject offers from other states

"Red Dawn" emails: Administration saw threat early

Hilton and Disney release recipes for their famous treats

Why Bernie Sanders Failed: The Sanders campaign and his supporters bet on a theory of class politics

When the quarantine ends, let's not

Gov. Hogan pushes back on claim states in 'good shape' for coronavirus response

Governor Northam Signs Sweeping New Laws to Expand Access to Voting

Happy Easter! This lamb was accidentally sacrificed through overwork. LOL

U.S. Trump said he would reject a bailout package if it included aid to keep the US Postal Service

PRESIDENT Biden's Easter Message!

Black Kentuckians are dying at 2.5x rate from the coronavirus, Gov. Beshear says

Hey, folks

Chicks go for a man in uniform:

IMO, the US can celebrate Memorial Day OR the Fourth of July: doing both is unlikely

Were we attacked

Some dumb ass put out a petition to recall Gov Whitmer

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 12, 2020?

His lawyer didn't fall in love with ASSANGE as alleged rapist, so she had two kids with him

Trump Says 'We're Not Getting Any Calls From Governors' About Shortages, Contrary To Reports

Around 400 people party where 6 were shot, nearly 100 casings recovered

More than 2,200 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, but federal government isn't tracking them

Houston Billionaire Tilman Fertitta laid off 45,000 employees quickly as a 'favor'

Making a mask from common household items

Florida nursing homes ask governor for immunity from coronavirus lawsuits

Trump's Message on Easter, 2020

Where's the photos of trump and family in church this morning? After pushing every one to go

Maybe next time you'll think twice before telling him to "fetch"

Happy Easter Mr.President is trending..

Trump Tariffs Contributing to Shortages of Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Ignorance of the law ...

Anthony Fauci admits earlier Covid-19 mitigation efforts would have saved more American lives

Watch as ping-pong balls and mouse traps illustrate the power of social distancing


Get the PDF for all 80 pages of the Red Dawn Email Chain Here:

I will try to put this the right way!

US coronavirus: Reported death toll tops 20,000, more than any other country

Coronavirus Florida: Trump asks about rent on his West Palm Beach golf club

So how do we mail in votes if there is no USPS?

Trump Wants to Kill the USPS - It Has Been Around Since the Beginning

Biden's To-Do List: Unite Democrats, Counter Trump, Raise Money

Trump's decision to reopen the country "very soon" aligns perfectly with...

What are some great SCENES in some otherwise bad or weak movies?

So Easter Sunday 2020 Breakfast/Brunch

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to have majority control in 2020.

The Buck Stops: Cowboys Hanging on Until Rodeos Start Again

Eric Zorn is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

So glad we're back up, so I can post my "Happy Easter 2020" Photograph

Best I've seen--captures what it's like now

Tara Reade's public incident report does not mention Joe Biden by name.

Take hope because we will get through this horrible situation.

Babies in popular low-riding pushchairs are exposed to alarming levels of toxic air pollutants

Charlie Daniels singing "He's Alive" with the WOWorship Team

Boris Johnson leaves hospital as he continues recovery from coronavirus

Viewpoints: Democrats pick pragmatism over consistency

Mystery (to me) tool

not my Commander-in-Chief

The President and the Plague

From tRump's inaction, you almost get the feeling he was told we're all doomed

Doctor Used Republican Connections to Get Unproven, Trump-Endorsed Meds

Peter Bowen, 74, author of Yellowstone Kelly, Du Pr books, dies

Very windy and stormy weather expected in DMV late tonight and tomorrow.

Let's talk about why Dr. Fauci wants you....

'Scared to Death' by Arbitration: Companies Drowning in Their Own System

Reposting this for a very interesting photo journey, thanks to Hiawatha Pete.

You raised $3,570.00 on April 11 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Virginia Cities Now Have the Power To Remove Confederate Statues

Aviation Enthusiasts; (2 of 2) Fascinating and artful airline air route maps from the old days;

Aviation Enthusiasts; (1 of 2) Ever seen a 5 engined 747SP? P&W Canada's testbed is interesting;

Where is that list of tRump nicknames? I have a good one to add---

Is The Next Great Depression Here?

Joe Biden: My Plan to Safely Reopen America

Save the Post Office - buy stamps

The view from the Tenderloin

Hockey on NBC

New Record Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory 416.45 ppm.

COVID-19 Is Not Going to Eliminate the Human Species

How Much Better would things be if a Democrat were now President of the U.S.?

Buy Stamps! If you can afford three or four books, Buy Stamps.

Wisconsin will begin counting votes tomorrow.

Billionaire CEO Brags About Laying Off 45,000 Employees: 'First To The Unemployment Lines'

happy easter du. thanks admins for bringing du back up :)

Hah - Joe Exotic evil but O'REILLY an *asshole*!1

Village on the Cliff

Mahler's Second Symphony with Garanca, Chichon and the Gran Canaria

Jonathan Pie - LOCKDOWN Episode 4

So, what do we call the grouping of blue states that will unite to actually address the pandemic?

For those safe at home. "I've been Everywhere" filmed by Tentin Quarantino.

Tweet of the Day

Investigative reporter breaks down the real reason Republicans 'threw a fit in Wisconsin'

The Guardian nails it " US's global reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump's coronavirus response"

Just in case you missed it Bocelli at the Milan Cathedral-Music For Hope 2020

MD: Two Teens Start No-Contact Grocery Delivery Service For Senior Citizens

Lawmakers Worry Jared Kushner Is Working on a Privacy Destroying "Surveillance System"

Union: Chief said deputy's virus death caused by gay events

When they write the history of Trump's COVID-19 failure, this NYT article will be the template

Democratic Socialists of America refuse to endorse Joe Biden for President.

In Naples Italy, Pandemic 'Solidarity Baskets' Help Feed The Homeless

Auto Union Official Fired for Warning Fellow Workers About COVID-19

tweet of the hour

Trump talks science

Do you have anecdotes about people who did everything right, but...

Eleven Films--the video sums up why we need vote by mail.

Far away, across the fields the tolling of the iron bell calls the faithful to their knees

I stopped at a local grocery chain Thursday to get a meal at the deli. I noticed no customers had

Happy Easter, everyone!

Why is South Korea beating coronavirus?

16 million people just got laid off but U.S. stocks had their best week in 45 years

Crimso fans...

Does the NBA read DU?

So when does Fauci get fired?

Boris Johnson says he owes his life to Britain's National Health Service

Start calling him "Socialist Putin"

US Super-Rich Philanthropy, Much Is Self-Serving, Fear Of Higher Taxes, Larger Safety Net: R. Reich


Trump is using the national stockpile as a ventilator slush fund to help Republicans get re-elected

Covid-19 Has Decimated the Fashion Industry & Could Spell the End for Hype Product

Coronavirus could attack immune system like HIV by targeting protective cells, warn scientists

I really wish President Obama were still President (portrait)

Psych Vacation

Smithfield shutting U.S. pork plant indefinitely, warns of meat shortages during pandemic

DER SPIEGEL asks: Are we witnessing the implosion of a superpower?

Michigan numbers better again today with a caveat.

Describe your easter finery here.

Trump's developer friend Stanley Chera dies of coronavirus

Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

good news: Virginia Gov. signs sweep of progressive bills

Trump's nightly news conferences is Ground hog day. nt

Sir Stirling Moss, F1 great, dies aged 90

Millennial Dems respond to DSA

For you lawyers here: can POtuS be charged with gross criminal negligence re: Covid-19?

The uncounted toll of this pandemic might be much higher then anyone realizes.

If the DSA refuses to endorse Joe Biden for President,

HELP THE POST OFFICE: Buy Stamps, Prepaid Post Cards/Envelopes, More at:

Who will be the first DU-er to report having received the stimulus $?

Reports of Fake Test Sites for COVID-19 Emerge Across U.S.

Should Covid testing be used with all fatalities, or reserved exclusively for the living?

Anne-Sophie Mutter

Psych Vacation

White House to skip coronavirus briefing for second day in a row

Jackson Browne - The Load Out/Stay

Since DU is back up.. Hey Family, how ya doing?

43 more die in Illinois from coronavirus as state case tally surpasses 20,000

Bishop who called marriage equality a 'Satanic plot' gives White House Easter blessing

Have you seen my ratings?

Isolation Project

NIH looking for volunteers for Covid-19 antibody tests.

ACLU of Indiana files lawsuit against new panhandling restrictions

I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

Trump administration has many task forces -- but still no plan for beating covid-19

LOL @ Easter Tweet by John Cleese!

'There was a lot of pushback': more lives could have been saved if Donald Trump lock downed earlier

The GOP is pursuing its longtime dream of privatizing the US Postal Service.

14 residents in Cedar Rapids nursing home have died after battling coronavirus

Quote of the Day

Kansas Supreme Court Sides With Governor, Preserving Ban On Large Church Services

What's for Dinner, Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020

Performance for the world

Easter in the South, 1958. Video was uploaded by my sister.

Are you going to mail in your ballot by UPS or FEDEX...?

Honestly, no matter how bad you have it, be glad you're not a teenager stuck with your parents.

To get political change we must listen to this doctor not only on this black reality

White House slams Voice of America, VOA fights back

Dr Fauci is on ReV Al now - just starting n/t

Turkish minister resigns over criticism of weekend lockdowns

US's global reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump's coronavirus response

US's global reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump's coronavirus response

Dedicated to those that we've lost...

Can Recovered Coronavirus Patients Test Positive Again? Here's What To Know.

One political campaign's surrogates have been pushing a story without evidence in hopes

The second-most-dangerous contagion in America: Conservative irrationality

Fauci just now: He knew "The middle to end of January" that virus was real danger

"Nice state you have here. Be a shame if something happened to it."

A couple questions for our Republican friends.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/12/20.


The outage this morning maybe had something to do with archiving the "Dem Primaries" forum....

Medical databases show 1 in 10 hospitalized middle-aged coronavirus patients in U.S. do not survive

How does one post a QuickTime Player movie?

Kansas pastor finds 'loophole' in order limiting church services by saying all guests are 'part of t

Tara Reade's accusation is swift-boating. (Link to evidence against her account)

Very large tornado on the ground in southern Mississippi. CNN

The latest California peak projections from the University of Washington (April 10, 2020)

New York Times 'Deep Dive' Clears Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct: 'No Pattern' Of Bad Behavior

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 14: Clifton Webb

Virginia Makes Election Day a Holiday

BELGRAVIA starting tonight on EPIX (if you liked Downton Abbey...

An Easter Lesson

BELGRAVIA starting tonight on EPIX (cross posted from the lounge)

The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend

All 50 states under disaster declaration for first time in US history

Powerful Cover - NY Daily News

Whistleblower nurse who spoke out about Littleton nursing home dies of COVID-19title

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 15: Doctors and Patients

Stormy Daniels rocks.

Andrea Bocelli concert earlier today - gorgeous!


Daughter of Impeach (SFV bagseed)

Billionaire Trump Donor, Personal Friend Dies Of COVID

Election day is now a State holiday in Virginia!

SNL just stop. That was horrible.

Life in the City

You can still order washable masks from Hilo Hattie. They're $11.49 & link is below:

Not all hero's wear capes

Why does Dr. Deborah Birx wear scarves?

He's like i have no idea what i did but i appreciate your appreciation

Joe Biden: My Plan to Safely Reopen America

Cuddle buddies

Still a puppy at heart

Actor tells fans to 'never forget' Melania and Trump are 'a hooker and a con man'

Looking around my trumphumper neighborhood in SW PA...

Arizona: All mail election debate gets new life, spurred by virus

Guy finds house full of chained-up dogs and rescues them all

This pittie has taught so many foster puppies how to dog

Trump gives up on COVID-19 efforts.

Virus Would Rebound If Country Re-Opened May 1

Online as of 5 hours ago. I know some have been diligent in posting links previously.

Most of China was locked down 01/23 and Trump restricted travel on the 31st. So weren't

Angelenos Overwhelmingly Support Strict Stay Home Orders, Even As 58% Report Losing Income

One of the incredibly sparse silver linings...

My God. 2+mile-wide, F-5 tornado on the ground in southern Mississippi NOW:

Hawaii peak day projected for April 16 - currently in good shape says this website

Perspective: As an ER doctor, I fear our era's defining symbol will be the refrigerator truck

Rescued Wild Bird Loves To Imitate His Mom's Voice

From 3 days ago, an astounding report by The BBC about who is actually affected the most by Covid-19

Top Minnesota GOP lawmaker opposes Gov. Tim Walz's extended stay-at-home order on coronavirus

Some of My Best Friends Are Germs

America - A horse with no name

Governor Northam Signs Clean Energy Legislation

Governor Northam Signs New Laws to Support Virginia Workers

So Boris is at his second home... pretty sure that is against the new 'suggestions' for compliance..

Devs ...

It's their world, too.

How the Hunt for a Coronavirus Vaccine Could Go Horribly Wrong

Record deal to cut oil output ends price war

Broadway Carpool Karaoke ft. Hamilton & More

Great video on how folks are coping with the I've seen on this

Creative Social Distancing During COVID-19

CNN: Virginia governor makes Election Day a holiday and expands early voting

The death notices of today's Sunday ⁦Boston Globe⁩ are 11 pages long.

Hubble image reveals the mighty baby stars that will probably destroy the 'Pillars of Creation'

Do you know when "Jesus Christ Superstar" is on tonight & what channel? nt

Today's Twitter Winner

So. NO video of Trump on Evening News.

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne

Dr. Fauci got Trump all stirred up:

Nineteen days ago...

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Lookin' Out For #1

Hackers disrupt "Zoom" Milwaukee voting conference...

Coronavirus spurs 'massive shift' in alcohol supply chain not seen since Prohibition

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

I HATE Every Last one of these Donnie Shit for Brains Sycophants, BUT

'We have thrown 15 years of institutional learning out the window'

Trump retweets call for Fauci to be fired, his first public rebuke of his top infectious disease exp

Explore ancient Egyptian queen's tomb and a Coptic monastery with this new 3D virtual tour

Texas governor vows to issue an executive order to end state's lockdown

Given the stories about people hacking Zoom, I worry that a virtual Democratic Convention

Heartbreaking thread on Twitter from Lisa Rowe - her husband Scott posted on DU

USPS the Grumman LLV - that Postal truck is older than you think

We got unlucky on COVID-19. The wrong man is in charge during a once-in-a-lifetime crisis

'Rejecting all oversight': is Trump purging government watchdogs?

Vanilla Fudge - Keep Me Hangin On

Black people account for 72% of COVID-19 deaths in Chicago while making up less than a third of city

I got a hold of a supply of toilet paper!

Republican Gov. Disputes Trump Claim About Medical Equipment Availability

"the Apollo program of our times."

Have our government agencies given any though about the coming wave of PTSD

AP FACT CHECK: Trump attacks govt watchdogs on false grounds

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Spooky

Thurston Commissioners vote to officially reopen county trails during COVID-19 shutdown

Undercover sting targets NYC pharmacist allegedly hoarding coronavirus masks

They Watch Trump's Virus Briefings Daily. Here's What They Have to Say.

Coronavirus Cases Surpass 10,000 In Washington; 491 Dead

For the Mashup Fans....

Viking Stories-An Easter Greeting

'Maybe we'll give that a shot': Donald Trump praises Xi Jinping's power grab

Public health professionals plead with Trump not to defund WHO

As leaders seize powers to fight coronavirus, fear grows for democracy

Ignoring WHO and doctors, Colombia's health minister wants to relax coronavirus restrictions

Has this been discussed here, as a way of supporting the Post Office?

Briahna Joy Gray no longer press Secretary for Sanders

State ferries extend winter sailing schedules

Advice for clinicians from the American College of Physicians