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Coronavirus: Great apes on lockdown over threat of disease

The coronavirus doesn't discriminate along racial lines. But America does.

PERFECT BOILED EGGS (EVERY TIME) hard boiled eggs + soft boiled eggs

A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it's not from the White House

Are you a fan of horror, thriller and suspense films?

Ghoulish Narcissistic Con Man: "Who Gives A Fuck How Many People Die If My TV Ratings Are Good?!"

Trump's Remarks at Easter Blessing with Bishop Harry Jackson

Mike Luckovich: Voting Danger

Universal Implementation of the DH

Trump rejected S. Korea's offer to pay at least 13 pct more for shared defense costs

Trump needs to answer questions on coronavirus surveillance plans, senator says

Where are the tests that Walmart and Target promised back on March 13?

Recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in blow to immunity hopes

Barr: 'Troubling' evidence in review of Russia involvement in 2016 election could lead to charges

CA Unemployment: funds deposited Tuesday, can't access them

PBS NewsHour: Bernie Sanders on pandemic health coverage and supporting Joe Biden

Interesting. Coronavirus cold viruses from 30 years ago haven't mutated hardly at all.

Gavin Newsome up on AC360. CNN talking about sharing his resources with other states.

Fox News' Brit Hume Hits Donald Trump With The Painful Truth About His Coronavirus Briefings

Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting

Ex-ambassador says Trump campaign fanning hatred with new ad

Goodbye XFL, We Hardly Knew You

Surgeon General Jerome Adams says 'most of the country' will not be able to open by May 1

Nancy Pelosi's New Anti-Trump Ad Should Bury Him In The Polls

Teams are retrieving up to 280 bodies a day from NYC homes.

IL Gov Pritzker Expanding COVID-19 Testing to Address 'Huge' Racial Disparity in Cases, Deaths

I wish someone would ask trump, if he overrules the governors to send people back to work,

Freddy Jones Band - In a Daydream

kickin off the friday pm MAG block party - sneakin sally through the alley

Audioslave - Like A Stone

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #7

Message For Trump? Obama Names 'Biggest Mistake' Leaders Make In A Crisis

Vanderbilt COVID-19 models show TN peak in mid-June

is the "normal" economy coming back?

Vanderbilt COVID-19 models show TN peak in mid-June

Animals Are Taking Adorable Field Trips During Quarantine

FDA warns Alex Jones to stop pitching bogus virus remedies

The Trump Family Is Taking 12x More Protected Trips Than The Obama Family

Mark Hamill Hits Trump With A Monstrous Coronavirus Comparison

My home desktop Windows 7 PC is telling me the disk is about to fail and I need to do a backup.

Poll: Key swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan leaning toward Biden

More Butchers and Builders

I am betting that Sweden is going to shut things down soon.

'No one went for a knockout blow': Inside Bernie's campaign nosedive

Friday night, some money, no place to go...

The US Postal Service is in peril as coronavirus eats into mail deliveries

Humans Have Been Taking Out Insurance Policies for at Least 30,000 Years

Billy Strings will be releasing another concert on YouTube

Maun Loa Observatory - 4/9/20 - Highest Atmospheric Daily CO2 Reading On Record - 417.91 ppm

Krakatoa volcano (Indonesia): violent eruption, ash to 47,000 ft altitude

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Not Quite Live!

Fauci: Coronavirus immunity cards for Americans are 'being discussed'


04/12 Mike Luckovich: Enemy territory

Champagne & Reefer

So primary forum is gone?

Friday Talking Points -- Worst President Ever

Endorsing Trump's Firing of Inspector General, Barr Paints Distorted Picture

X Ambassadors - Renegades

How much isolation are you enduring?

Rep. Pramila Jayapal Pitches 'Paycheck Guarantee Act'

Trump to convene council focused on reopening the country

Voting by mail, Election Day holiday recommended for NC's November election

Gregory Alan Isakov: 'Berth'

President Obama's message for local leaders


Homeless advocates push measures to stop coronavirus outbreaks at shelters

May 2, 7:30pm 2020 Neil Gaiman and N.K. Jemisin

A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it's not from the White House


MEMO: DNC general election programs to support Biden campaign and Democrats across the country

Tweet of the moment

I'm so mature I remember when having a stash did NOT mean food lol. you?

United Way program providing $5 million in rental assistance to King County residents

The one vote for Biden that puts him ove the top, will cascade beyond imagination.

Bellingham nursing home reports death of ninth resident linked to coronavirus

contacted my 4 dems reps and asked them to protect the post office ASAP

USA 18,719 Deaths; 502,049 Cases

Check out this new ad from the folks at @ProtectOurCare.

WSU researchers create map showing communities vulnerable to coronavirus

Why We're Turning to Pets During Pandemic, CNN:

Trump Misery Index (TMI) has been created and will be updated daily.

Donald Trump tweeted "Happy Good Friday" today.

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

Change in CDC definition of cases of COVID 19

Two potential COVID-19 treatments could be deadly when combined with metformin

World War Z - Mother Nature is a Serial Killer

Trump administration shuttered pandemic monitoring program, then scrambled to extend it

Canada Says Partial Return to Work by Summer Possible at Best

"Canada has tested more people than in the U.S. despite having about one-tenth the population"

Joe Biden: Faith Sees Best In The Dark

An interesting tweet about the Canadian government COVID-19 support

Los Angeles County to Extend Stay-Home Order to May 15

Cars line up at food banks:

Who is telling Trump to reopen the economy?

How Trump has Gone from Denial to Blaming Others, CNN: 3min, 11secs

Lockdown-defying Brazilian President wipes his nose before shaking hands with elderly woman

Lockdown-defying Brazilian President wipes his nose before shaking hands with elderly woman

Most Americans, unlike Trump, want mail-in ballots for November if coronavirus threatens

Psychologist starts Instagram series regarding mental health and well-being during COVID-19

Psychologist starts Instagram series regarding mental health and well-being during COVID-19

The Cranberries - Linger

Psychologist starts Instagram series regarding mental health and well-being during COVID-19

Trump called the Dr's and Nurse's on the front line, telling their stories "Fake News"..

Trump admin looks to cut farmworker pay to help industry during pandemic: report

French officials report heart incidents in experimental coronavirus treatments with hydroxychloroqui

Hidden toilet paper stash leads to violent fight between California family members

Simply Red - Holding Back the Years

I'm sure glad trump's cult

Incoming US Senators in 2020 if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Another Week in Hell, Another Never-Ending Parade of Buttholes (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Who's That Lady

Enlightened Napping

I'm wondering - How many lives has the quarantine saved?

Deep-sea worms and bacteria team up to harvest methane

"A Video That Destoys Trump" credit to Demovictory9, One Minute, 59 secs

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Darren Walker - Advocating for Prisoners During the Pandemic

Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Jordan Klepper Talks to Doomsday Preppers

Texas man arrested by FBI after claiming he paid someone to spread coronavirus at grocery store

Commodores - Sail On

No, You Did Not Get COVID-19 in the Fall of 2019

A little humor for these awful covid19 days:

just us kids hangin round 2day watching our long hair turnin grey not so skinny maybe not so free

Had a scare this morning.

I heard Trump say this today.

So do you go by The Stats/Data/Medical advice or by whats in Trump's head?

2022 US Senate Election with a President Biden-D.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Talking Coronavirus with Medical Professionals & Politicians

*Dishing with Julia Child, MPT now

Watching Real Time live stream

Finnish baker's toilet roll cakes keep profits rolling in

If it's Friday, put the dress and shoes on and

Seth Meyers - Trump Discusses Pardoning Tiger King's Joe Exotic, 3rd in Line - Monologue 4/9/20

The view from the Tenderloin

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind

Seth Meyers: Guest Jane Fonda Won't Let COVID-19 Deter Her Climate Change Activism

BTO - Lookin' Out For Number One

Trump needs to hold a rally May 1.

U.S.... Half A Million. 18 thousand dead.

Los Angeles adds new sexual battery count against Weinstein

Burning Man 2020 canceled amid coronavirus concerns; expects internal layoffs

Song for my Ladyfriend from Ohio ...

Krakatoa volcano Anak Krakatau erupts in Indonesia

Shaggy - Angel ft. Rayvon (Official Music Video)

Seth Meyers: Guest Yamiche Alcindor Shares How She Decompresses After Interacting with Trump

I never realized how many people reject a scientific point of view.

Texas to Ease Coronavirus Lockdown Under Executive Order to 'Restore Livelihoods,' Governor Says

Experimental drug remdesivir shows potential for coronavirus, early research suggests

Time for some Steve Earle!

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz, Social Isolation Edition. Ask me anything.

Does anyone have link to Harry Connick and Ellis Marsalis doing a "Caravan" duet?

Fox & Friends Host Tests POSITIVE for Covid-19

On Amanpour & Co./Rev. Barber: Immoral to not focus on poor.

Great. Now fucking Krakatoa is going up...

Bernie's Iowa operation was not so well organized.

SHITLER likes his military "central casting" but his bonespurs & hydroxy- "eccentric"

Stumbled on to this old Bjork video

☦💜➕ Light a candle and remember those who have died and are dying. Rev. Wm. Barber

Now the green blade rises

Song for our comrades in the Great White North ...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/10/20

Why I'm Voting for Joe is trending on twitter - here's one about the The Notorious RBG

Some different music

Royal Caribben wash hands they play it often before cruise starts

trump's hotels in D.C., NY, & Chicago all seem to qualify for benefits from the coronavirus bailout

Idaho May Primary Election Proceeding with Same Date, Will Go Absentee Only

A nightly dose of squirrel, for jberryhill

Very clever video shows why social distancing works:

Need help finishing off my lamb, but lost my photo reference.

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Memory Eternal'

Striking video graphic of cv-19 cases:

"Saving Your Health, One Mask at a Time"

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Evlogitaria', 'Trisagion Hymn'

Huge objects seen near our moon...!!

U.S military wants to build mobile microreactor in Idaho

Animals walking to the beat / Staying Alive

Heroic ER doctor fighting on coronavirus frontline has her four-year-old daughter TAKEN AWAY

3M sues distributor for alleged price gouging of N95 respirators in New York

Golden Retriever puppy logic: If I fits, I sits

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Remastered 2009)

Michele Bachmann: 'Obama will be running the country if Joe Biden is elected'

Ammon Bundy, health freedom group organize events to protest stay-home order

Al Gore: The Climate Connection Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)


The newfound popularity of America's governors shows what Trump doesn't get

South Korea reports recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again

The cannabis just kicked in...

Asked what metrics he would use in deciding (when to restart economy), Trump pointed to his head.

Boise State opens dorms for health care workers who need to isolate in COVID-19 crisis

2 friends' families affected

IT IS OUT! SEA OF SHADOWS IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME!!! See the fight to save the vaquita!

IT IS OUT! SEA OF SHADOWS IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME!!! See the fight to save the vaquita!

Dipshit Rand Paul COVID-19 Patient Zero: Look At Me! Attacks Kentucky's COVID-19 Restrictions

Sen Kamala Harris Wishes Delores Huerta Happy 90th Birthday!

Whistleblower alleges Valley Med nurses sickened with coronavirus while management stayed quiet

With 40 to 30 million unemployed the reopen won't be as hard as everyone thinks

The STUPID Rat Bastard is handing out ventilators as a form of patronage

My nephews girlfriend positive for CV. She has only

Coronavirus found in air samples up to 4 metres from patients: China study

animal shelters run out of of pets, even the bunnies and lizards. Fewer pets being relinquished too.

Coronavirus found in air samples up to 4 metres from patients: China study

Here is why this venture capitalist is right, let the billionaires get wiped out

Burning Man Festival cancelled despite being scheduled for August 30

Anne Francis vs. Susan Oliver: For all the marbles

The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: April 9 MSNBC

Prismsa Health offering free telemed covid virtual dr. sessions

As of Thursday morning, over 1 million absentee ballots have been returned in Wisconsin.

SC Free covid telemed sessions

Fmr. CO Governor Says At A Federal Level, Government Is 'Not Delivering' The Last Word MSNBC

Who's up to play eight-ball multiplayer against me?

Idaho not enforcing stay-home order for nonessential businesses

Why Republicans Are So Afraid of Vote-by-Mail

Here is the Rock you need!

New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa

2,500 Boeing workers to resume work in Everett and elsewhere

Reward for Insomnia

Why Biden may have an easier time than Clinton winning over Sanders' base

Dramatic and foretelling

Wow. Extremely low fuel prices in Red Wing, MN - 4/10/2020

Oregon rural hospitals losing revenue, laying off workers

Coronavirus deaths: Forest Park Walmart worker dies from COVID-19

The Gulf of Mexico is still hurting from Deepwater Horizon oil spill: report

I think its going to be the sports leagues that finally get trump to move.

Son whose dad was among first U.S. coronavirus deaths writes Trump a letter: 'I just want him to kno

U.S. Surgeon General, tells black people, Latinos and other ppl of color to avoid alcohol and drugs

MT-GOV: GOP congressman accused of 'insider trading' on coronavirus -- by a Republican AG

Amazon Prime's The Expanse is very good.

New Trump attack ad appears to suggest former Gov. Locke is a Chinese official, called 'a new low'

These countries are reopening -- here's how they're doing it


Coronavirus live updates: Fauci warns it is too early to ease restrictions as U.S. death toll tops 1

(Jewish Group) Synagogue in Huntsville,AL vandalized on first night of Pesach with neo-Nazi graffiti

'A big deal': Austin approves $15 million relief fund that includes cash assistance for residents

Quarantine at the Edge of the World: Portraits from the Arctic

Texas Anti-Vaxxers Fear Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines More Than the Virus Itself

Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic

When late stage capitalism takes a selfie

UK: 5G Cell Networks blamed for COVID-19: Three towers torched.

We need a graphic of donnie dotard filling a bag of cash as he works his way down a row of bodies.

Inside the union campaign that roiled left-wing network The Young Turks

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-10-2020

"For now we see through a glass, darkly..."

Wall Street Journal report casts doubt on Hilcorp's $5.6 billion deal with BP Alaska

University of Washington IHME projections may be somewhat off. At least for Michigan

Abortion clinic told to pause surgeries

Charter flight will evacuate LDS missionaries stranded in American Samoa

On this day, April 11, 1966, the last new episode of "Hullabaloo" was aired.

A Laredo ER spent $500,000 on coronavirus tests. Health officials say they're unreliable.

Hospitalizations slow. Lamont now faces questions on restrictions.

Mexico Closes US Owned Plant for Refusal to Sell Ventilators

Task force looks at reopening state economy

The Pond On My Window Sill

Vote 2020

A suggestion for the media

Everybody Needs Somebody

Trump is having a meltdown. Oh I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Oval.

Social Capital CEO: U.S. shouldn't bail out hedge funds, billionaires during coronavirus pandemic

Crime drops around the world as COVID-19 keeps people inside


"...studies the spread of ignorance" Agnotology

Toon .....Joe & Trump funny....😎😀🎨

Easter was always my favorite holiday.

Plausible for Republicans: The One Jew George Soros funding every group you don't like "Makes sense"

$7000 per person - man woman and child.

Coronan Rhampsody - (Donald Trump Parody) Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Gov. Don Siegelman to be interviewed in about one hour (9:00 EST) on WBAI (NYC)

Fascinating! The Dragon's Blood Tree, A Bizarre Keystone Species Facing An Uncertain Future

Bored at home? Why not help register voters.

81 Small Dams Being Removed From Four Streams In One SoCal National Forest

Breakfast Saturday10 April 2020

Movie Theater with a sense of humor....

Political artist's collective.

Foster Puppy Makes Her Hospital Worker Mom So Happy

Calling all Anti-Vaxers...

Ontario received 100,000 contaminated, unusable swabs for COVID-19 tests

Is it now time for Bernie , Warren and the House introduce a CV Anti corruption Bill?

A remote Amazonian tribe has recorded its first coronavirus case

Local distillery giving away hand sanitizer

Meep, Meep

Six THOUSAND families line up in their cars for hours at a food bank in San Antonio as millions acro

Those who wish to "soften the edges" of Trump's cruelty sometimes blame his

April 11 - Happy Birthday Governor Steve Bullock (D) MT

Ain't no kinda fair

Detroit ER Nurse: "We've Run Out Of Stretchers. We've Run Out Of Body Bags."

Nebraska Getting $300G in Federal Money for Each Coronavirus Case While NY Gets $12G

You raised $525.00 on April 10 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

The WH Pushed FEMA To Give its Biggest Coronavirus Contract to a Company That Never Had to Bid

Every Single Car Commercial During COVID

Nothing about the Wisconsin election was normal

Trump campaign currently selling a t-shirt that says: "If you don't like Trump then you probably...

William Barr is an enemy of the state.

What should we do with the antibody info when it becomes widely available?

I think we're wrong - they did take it seriously - very seriously

Strong Blast at Power Substation Sends a Fireball Over Burbank

Trump says the economy is doing fine..

Kentucky Will Record License Plates at Easter Services

orange asshole's base starting to peel off the wall? Latest adjusted Rasmussen - 37% approve!

Mother nature is all about balance. Push her out of balance and she will kill.

Navajo Nation Coronavirus Rapid Spread: 597 cases, 22 deaths, with 57-hour curfew underway

I had no idea when I changed my clocks last month I was going from Standard Time to

How liars create the 'illusion of truth'

"People don't eat in the long run, they eat every day." Harry Hopkins

I'm conflicted! Don't know where I should spend Easter.

What the Coronavirus Is Doing to Rural Georgia The pandemic hits a region that was already struggli

How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money (NYT)

May Special Election 7th Congressional District

The way back machine looks at GOP's 2010 darling Sarah Palin on bailouts

Southern Governors Argue Covid-19 Good Christian Virus That Wouldn't Dare Spread During Church

Name the only country in the world to record 2,000 deaths in one day

Lazy wolves howling 😍😂

Donald Trump has tested positive -- for the bulls**t virus

Mike Huckabee Just Sued the County Because It Closed His Beach

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Worst and Best case scenario for Democrats.

Hundreds of U.S. Meat Workers Have Now Tested Positive for Virus

Yep, he really did say this

The Pandemic Will Cleave America in Two

Not a Deer, Wolf or Fox, the Maned Wolf is Fascinating

One Woman, 17 British Accents (+ Bonus Video: A tour of The UK and Ireland in accents.)

Soros pumps more than $28 million into Democratic groups for 2020

WHO Says Looking Into Reports of Some COVID Patients Testing Positive Again

How do you post a picture onto a post?

Weekend TOONs - Open Sez-a ME

If one has symptoms but not to the point of hospitalization and is going to

Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Shut It Down

Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Shut It Down

GOP leaders refuse Dems' coronavirus demands, won't negotiate over small business lending program

The Secret Service has protected Trump family members on 4,000 trips in three years


If your family celebrates Easter

"Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting." 👀

What I posted yesterday has been confirmed. The Trump cult IS on a death march. God help us.

Well, we just passed Italy in #fatalities. #MAGA! We're #1!! We're #1! n/t

Demonstration of social distancing has opened up a portal for non-filers to enter their bank information. What about

Coronavirus case in State Department-provided housing alarms diplomats

Chris De Burgh. "Transmission Ends.":

Got my FiOS renewal, after some bait & switch pricing, they tried to jack my rates up over 10%.

Quid pro quo

Exclusive: Russia collecting intelligence on U.S. supply line failures amid coronavirus crisis, DHS

Nurses, lauded for virus efforts, find their tires slashed outside hospital (NY)

QUESTION: Has anyone seen any models factoring in dates of shutdowns in metro areas?

Midday Music for Millennials -- IshSaturday

Childhood friend's only son put on ventilator hour ago

I'm watching a TV drama that is like our present crisis

Bill Maher defends calling coronavirus 'Chinese virus,' blames China

'We're Going Down, Down, Down, Down, Down'

Mouse traps and ping pong balls

How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money

Trump official prepared WH people with mental illness can be effective leaders

'Playing games with numbers': Florida COVID-19 test backlog worse than state says

This is America: On Dec 7 1941 we were not prepared for war, then this happened.

Some laffs

With Each Briefing, Trump Is Making Us Worse People

Doctor gambles on clot-busting drug to save virus patients

My vision for Biden's daily Coronavirus counter-briefing/shadow briefing:

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Republicans follow Trump's lead in pre-selling "vaporware" post-CV good times. Should we?

Saturday no longer feels like Saturday.

I watched "The Social Network", about Zuckerburg and the invention of Facebook.

A Lasting Remedy for the Covid-19 Pandemic's Economic Crisis by Joseph E. Stiglitz

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Stay-at-home math question

Swiss prosecutors to drop one of cases against ex-FIFA chief Blatter

Two potentially worrisome U.S. pandemic scenarios I haven't seen discussed

Communication - Trump to Putin

Friend of mine did this with her children....

Why Florida is not a hot spot or epicenter despite later shut down order...

I'm feeling good and hopeful about November.

I believe this is the best way to grocery shop.

Lawsuit: Abbott overstep authority with bond order

Private jet carrying vacationers turned back after landing in the south of France

The Sad Irony. The Air.

Well, except for that one guy 2,000 yrs. ago

Sobering read: "Why Re-open the Las Vegas Strip?"

The farmers are dumping milk, it could be made into government cheese.

Two definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary

Song covers that are better than the originals.

Trump said it. Tomi Lahren believes it. That settles it.

BREAKING: The U.S. has overtaken Italy for the highest death toll in the world from coronavirus

Salvation Army launches nationwide emotional, spiritual support hotline

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

The Conditions of Michael Avenatti's Temporary Prison Release Are Extremely Restrictive

Oversight erased, Supreme Court hijacked: Trump turns the presidency into a dictatorship

Coronavirus: US death toll passes 2,000 in a single day

Anguished nurses say PA hospital risked infecting cancer patients, babies and staff with covid-19

I have no problem with people crowding churches tomorrow. Just lock the doors on them for 21days of

Governor Cuomo UPDATE April 11, 2020

This virus is very good at stopping our paychecks, it sucks at stopping our bills.

Gov. Larry Hogan Ask Feds For $500B On Behalf Of States Struggling With COVID-19 Shortfall

Some churches prepare to hold phone and video services on Easter amid virus

Texas nursing home COVID 19 patients given unproven drug

Guessing this took awhile to get right? And all that time in a sweaty Eagle costume??

Trump Has Emergency Powers We Aren't Allowed to Know About

Starting next week, Americans can give IRS direct deposit information to get stimulus check faster

So my state's governor wants to open businesses next week

Synagogue in Huntsville, Alabama vandalized on first night of Passover with neo-Nazi graffiti

Nurses, Lauded for Virus Efforts, Find Their Tires Slashed

Mom is coronavirus-positive

The danger of opening up the country too early is, we have to repeat what we are doing now.

How many missed? Texas is second-worst in the nation for COVID-19 testing

US death toll closes in on Italy's as Midwest braces

Forging America's Future In UNITY -- If We Don't, Government And Capitalism Will

'Undrafted but undaunted': Oilers' Colby Cave dies at 25

20,000: US death toll overtakes Italy's as Midwest braces

Kansas' high court weighs virus limits on religious services

Trump is at it again.

Tosca, for whomever's interested:

Prelim rslts: pts that got hydroxychlorquine did worse than pts who rec'd supportive treatment only

I found my model! Came home wagging his tail behind him.

"Not Wanted" and "Doing TIME"

Just wondering how DU'ers are holding up while

Life is not fair !

Trump Campaign Ready to Announce Major Changes

Born, on April 5, 1942: Allan Clarke, of The Hollies

Unfortunately, we all may have to face this reality.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker: Trump Has Caused a "Greater Number of Deaths Across the Country"

Let me know when to 🤬 hit search

Trump admits he is dumber than a germ

The son of one of the first to die of Covid-19 wrote trump letter saying he was directly responsbile

Coronavirus unemployment guide: What to do if you get laid off or furloughed

James Comey: We know what good leadership in a crisis looks like. This isn't it.

When I was a kid ( way, way, way long ago)I was told that one the worst things you could do was

Oxford scientist says Covid-19 vaccine could be ready by September

April 11 is officially the earliest I've EVER had to start the year's mowing!

Obama predicted COVID-19 (2014 quote)

In a Push to Re-Open Schools, Florida Governor Falsely Claims No One Under 25 Has Died from COVID-19

Welcome to the Trumpocalypse

Court lifts part of order blocking Texas abortion ban

Record Stores: Coronavirus 'Could Be the Death Knell' For Indie Retailers

For the cloth mask makers

Coumos presser. Thought it was masterful.

Are Ventilators Mostly Useless?

Dump's new panel unveiling is another fucking tv show stunt

any news on kansas supreme court and the church mess they are taking up right now?

U.S. Now Has the World's Deadliest Coronavirus Outbreak

Bumper sticker seen yesterday

Message to health-care professionals

Forget church-state separation: U.S. government to pay pastors' salaries with relief funding

More Disney workers reach deals on coronavirus furloughs

Just a thought; Did you see the massive line of vehicles waiting in line for food.

Cuomo rules out replacing Joe Biden as Democratic presidential candidate, says no to VP position: 'I

Funny tweet about test results. We need a laugh once in a while:

Barack Obama tweets about Wisconsin....

Costco, Trader Joe's, Target, and 4 More Grocery Stores Closing for Easter Sunday

A poem of hope in dark times.

Will you go to business as usual if trump tells everyone to?

Lots of people shopping today

Music lyric what if game.

This would make a good bumper sticker.

Doctor gambles on clot-busting drug to save virus patients

Damn, I missed Cuomo! Anyone have a link?

One of my patients has COVID-19. I spoke with him on the phone yesterday.

Self-dealing, election-fixing bitter pills to swallow

Harry Harris reportedly to resign after US presidential election in November

Risk of severe storms and a perhaps a few tornadoes in the D.C. area Monday

Does Vote-by-Mail Favor Democrats? No. It's a False Argument by Trump.

Risk of severe storms and a perhaps a few tornadoes in the D.C. area Monday

Delta Tells Sick Flight Attendants: "Do Not Post" on Social Media or Notify Fellow Crew

Cartoons 4/11/2020

The view from the Tenderloin

XFL suspends operations, future in doubt

Does a Dept. of Pandemics Sound Odd? Homeland Security Once Did, Too

Coronavirus case count nears 200 at local nursing homes

White House rejects bailout for U.S. Postal Service battered by coronavirus

King County public health officials will be distributing 20,000 coronavirus test kits

With Each Briefing, Trump Is Making Us Worse People

Go Potato 2020

Andrew Zimmern says Americans 'need to be using food as a prescription for better health'

To Call This Irony is to Give Irony a Bad Name

'It's positively alpine!' Disbelief in big cities as air pollution falls

Rand Paul, Thomas Massie slam Kentucky Gov. Beshear over quarantine plan for Easter churchgoers

Campaign bus

If Chump "opens" the country on May 1st I

Judge grants Avenatti temporary release from jail over coronavirus concern

Liar': Trump Fact-Checked For Dangerous Coronavirus Claims

Shelter in place skyline; LA air quality may be as good as it was almost 80 years ago

Face masks for a coronavirus-hit US prison became 70% pricier overnight

Melania Trump encourages face mask use with photo of herself

A watchdog after SHITLER's heart: Treasury top watchdog sez MNUCHIN o.k. not to release the taxes

The first ER doctor to die from the coronavirus in the US said he was infected because he had to wea

Boy from isolated Amazon tribe dies after being infected with coronavirus


Ozone hole three times the size of Greenland opens over the North Pole

First butterfly of the season!

Good news for those who receive food stamps. They have increased the amount.

Apollo 13 at 50: How NASA turned near disaster at the moon into a 'successful failure' in space

Reported on Maddow. Last night

This must be "share the virus with your extended family" weekend

Health officials report 27 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in King County homeless shelters

Trump Campaign Shifts Economic Message on the Fly

So, starvation is starting to look likely.

Treasury wants warrants, repayment from major U.S. airlines on 30% of grant money

Rep. Ted Lieu responds to being called an 'agent of China'

Top Navajo leaders quarantine as tribe prepares for curfew

Another political speculation & I hope it comes true..Trump looses every state in November, and

Burial Fund for those who have succumbed to Coronavirus

John Prine's Songs Streamed More Than 20 Million Times Since His Death

Spaced Out Lines For High Times In The Mile High City

Warm, Dry Summer Expected; NWS Releases 2020 Fire Season Outlook

WATCH: Magician Passes Through U.S.-Mexico Border Fence in His 'Riskiest' Trick Yet By Caleb HoweApr

Trump Got Constitutional Law Totally Wrong During White House Coronavirus Briefing

Unless Trump Can Assure Me That I Won't Get Covid-19 - I'm Not Going Out....

Kansas Supreme Court was trending on Twitter

How a stockpile of 39 million masks was exposed as fake

Tennessee volunteers check on people feeling lonely during isolation

Ivanka To Advise Her Father On When To Reopen The Economy

Predictions please....

I bet he is playing golf today just like last week.

Ted Lieu: We have a bipartisan request from governors, but @senatemajldr is blocking aid to states

#KeepTexasRed is trending on twitter which tells me that the GOP is worried

Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen out of solitary confinement

Russian bots are very active this weekend with end the shutdown, and impeaching governors who

With Postal Service on 'Verge of Collapse' 630,000 Jobs at Risk,Trump Slammed for Refusing to Act

Michigan numbers significantly better

At this point, the movie "Sonic the Hedgehog" is the odds on favorite to win the Oscar...

This Man Owns The World's Most Advanced Private Air Force After Buying 46 F/A-18 Hornets

Happy Fertility Symbol Day!!!!

Native Humor For The Quarantine


Please let your mail carrier know they are not alone. Last week I left mine a bottle of hand

California's early coronavirus efforts will cost $7 billion, Gov. Gavin Newsom says

Tweet of the Day

The form to get the stimulus check

Cho Friday

Shoveled snow off one of the raised beds in the garden so I could work the soil

Trump Winery Eligible for Bailout in Virus Relief Law

Experimental drug Actemra (tocilizumab) may help with the cytokine storm from COVID-19

Notary law changes amid COVID-19 emergency

Governor Northam Signs Virginia Values Act


DC Renters Organize for Tenants' Rights During Pandemic

Virus forebodes a mental health crisis

His show is over

The World's Longest Electrified Railroad

Avro Shackleton - Ecological Bomber

Biden sees opening over Trump with older voters

Did anyone else notice Alaska's primary results are happening now?

Obama pans Wisconsin 'debacle,' backs vote-by-mail efforts amid pandemic

This woman suffers from Alzheimer's. Her daughter is helping her eat.

Got the covid money deposited in my account this morning.

BAM! 'an intentional effort to keep data from being collected'

Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann

Trump campaign, RNC reach 17 million voters with digital efforts

Soros pumps more than $28 million into Democratic groups for 2020

Sitting in my woods.

Trump Administration Tells Employers Not To Worry About Recording COVID-19 Cases

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/11/20.

Carney expands community call-to-action

Joe Biden: Make coronavirus relief work for families and small businesses. Help them now.

Andrew Cuomo Wants Everyone To Know He Won't Replace Joe Biden (VF article, CBS video)

More from Mabel and Olive: Some sports are slower. More about the strategy.

tRump's polling numbers are flagging, even at RW Rasmussen

Positive cases on USS Theodore Roosevelt up to 447, more sailors moved off ship

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on Ru Paul's Drag Race this week!

GOP lawmakers: Fauci may be doing more harm than good

Sherrod Brown wants $25,000 for essential workers.

Trump makes it clear: Corporations First, People an afterthought

I got one of those "Amber Alert" sounding texts today from the State of Colorado.

I just watched the Secret Life of Pets 2.

profiteering pricks

Sewage analysis suggests a New England metro area with fewer than 500 COVID-19 cases may have expone

Steve Schmidt's 72 second rant

WTF? Star Cinema Grill Sues -- "Pandemic Insurance Coverage" Does Not Cover COVID-19

Just because I like this song. The video, too.

Washington Post reporter Darran Simon found dead in his apartment

Dyedinthewoolliberal sent me down the rabbit warrens again yesterday

Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic (NYT)

Trump Signs Executive Order to Mine the Moon for Minerals

Tornado season forces people to choose: Public shelter or social distancing?

Kushner Cos. Gets $800 Million Federally Backed Apartment Loan

I'm scared and having some kinda awful thoughts...

The "Choose your Quarantine House" from hell:

BP agent arrested after 4-hour standoff near Sierra Vista, charged with sexually assaulting a minor

Porn star Asa Akira donates PornHub income to NYC hospitals.

WS1988 Gm1: Scully's call of Gibson memorable at-bat

Donald Trump is psychologically decompensating by Dr. Jeri Fink

Investigative reporter Greg Palast: "The coronavirus is voting for Donald Trump"

Republicans Engineered Federal Reserve Cover-Up For $450 Billion Corporate Bailout Fund

Ohio congressman Jim Jordan has raised security concerns about the use of Zoom for House committee m

Out of 686 deaths to date in Massachusetts,

South Korea to strap tracking wristbands on people who defy quarantine orders

Surgeon general under fire for telling African Americans not to smoke, drink or take drugs...

9 visitors sent back to their home states under new coronavirus flight assistance program

Ron Reagan interview.

The e-file form for people that get SSI

Winter returns to the front range tomorrow

Brilliant mask

Carol Burnett is a Rachel Maddow fan...

The Historical Record Matters: 80 pages of emails re: covid 19 -That GOP cannot call "Fake News"

Will MLB give TV and Audio subscribers a refund?

Donald Trump has tested positive -- for the BS virus

What are the two Love Songs you'd play for your partner

State agencies, hospitals, senior homes hold tight to key details about the coronavirus pandemic

Our new Costa Rica Restrictions

Found a partial answer about MLB subscriptions

Even Melania Knew

An ER owner bought 20,000 rapid COVID-19 tests -- a week later they were seized

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 11, 2020

Come on, Reverend Al

To the IDIOTS that want to "reopen the country"

GOP lawmakers: Fauci may be doing more harm than good

Timothy Brown, NFL star and 'M*A*S*H' actor, dead at 82

Joe Biden on MSNBC tonight.

Trump responsible for the sailors on the USS Roosevelt.

"To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment & then ask how the chicken is cooked"

Social distancing in the park across the street on Saturday afternoon

The Amish respond to COVID-19:

Thousands of Wisconsin ballots could be thrown out because they don't have a postmark

Update on my brother (kind of funny)

Lawsuit Charging Trump Family with Pyramid Scheme Will Be Publicly Litigated

When going through old stuff, you sometimes find pieces of your life long forgotten

U.S. Leads World In Coronavirus Deaths

Is this where Trump got the idea?

Column: Leftist Policy Didn't Lose. Marxist Electoral Theory Did.

Battleground States Already Have Vote by Mail

Were a meteorite to hit Trump, martyrdom would follow

When You Put A Little Heavy Cream In Your Coffee...

Coronavirus Florida: Trump asks about rent on his West Palm Beach golf club

UK: Corbynite in-fighting signals death knell for Labour left-wing group Momentum

Virginia First Southern State to Provide Sweeping Anti-Discrimination Protections for LGBTQ people

Trump Org begging with Palm Beach County for help with their $88,338 golf course rent...

I can save the state some money. Take a map of food deserts and a map of COViD deaths

A spot to keep away from on the Col du Chat

V.I. Government Appeals District Court's Decision Ordering $63 Million Payment Owed to G.E.R.S.

How Covid-19 spread through a Central New York family after March wedding in Ohio

Gotten any robocalls lately?

The best that republicans can bring to the pandemic...

NYT, 'He Could Have Seen What's Coming: Behind Trump's Failure On The Virus'

Are Puerto Rico's COVID-19 Restrictions "Dictatorial"?

Millions Are Cracking Up At Cat Kneading Dog Sibling's Cone Of Shame

Trump's Economic Lie Is Crumbling: America Trusts Biden By 20 Points To Help The Middle Class

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Coronavirus cases plateau in Oregon; drop not expected for 6 weeks, new estimates show

I have noticed on the web site that Mahoning county Ohio

Millions Are Cracking Up At Cat Kneading Dog Sibling's Cone Of Shame

NYT, 'Five Takeaways On What Trump Knew As The Virus Spread'

It's no coincidence that the United States now leads the world in COVID-19 deaths and infections

Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting*

Hope this is right place for this.

Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary

Federal Court Says MGM Must Release Secret Trump 'Apprentice' Tapes

Dark Side of the Moon.

LA Times: "How a stockpile of 39 million masks was exposed as fake"

Is the New York Attorney General still investigating Trump?

one of the best Joe Biden ads I've seen this cycle

Puerto Rico fiscal plan to see changes due to COVID-19

Trump's incompetence is monumental. It equals Chamberlain's "Peace in our time quote"

Coronavirus Cases On USS Roosevelt Spike To 550

David Sirota is using Bernie Sanders email list to launch his new for-profit ($50/year) newsletter.

Hey Mcbride.................nice try but no thanks on elevating her...........

Judge: Kentucky church can conduct Easter drive-in service

Fauci Refuses to Say When It Would Be Safe to Reopen Trump's Mouth

American Deaths by Disaster: Fox News &

For how long do "covid plateaus" last?

A timeline of Greg Abbott's coronovirus response

He led a neo-Nazi group linked to bomb plots. He was 13.

Walking Blues featuring Keb' Mo' Playing For Change Song Around The World


The 50 Best Contemporary Novels Over 500 Pages

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish: COVID PPE/Protection in Public Health Sector

People are getting BORED!


Article: Russia Sends Plane Full of Medical Supplies

CNN: Every State Is Under Disastor Declaration For The First Time In History.