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Dave Matthews will do a tribute to John Prine on Colbert's show tonight

This photo choked me up, a little..

Rise in flu-like illness could be sign of coronavirus spread in the US


CNN scrolling random facebook and Twitter posts...

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 10, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Afternoon Movie: Fantasy Lands

3 warning signs for Trump in November: Biden stronger in swing states

Pharmacy Workers Are Coming Down With COVID-19 -- But They Can't Afford to Stop Working

GOP senator dismisses virus deaths: It 'can kill you, but so can poverty'

This Caribbean Leader's Blunt Coronavirus Message To Her Citizens Has Gone Viral

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 10, 2020

Obesity Explained

Some perspective on gaining Bernie voters ...

With Warship Coronavirus Cases Rising, Concerns Over Military Readiness

Today in sports on our local radio station it was reported that Tiger Woods

Russia Tops 10,000 Coronavirus Cases With Moscow At The Epicenter

Uhmm. Wow!

Florida Representative Neal Dunn tests positive for coronavirus

Trump team wants to 'open' the country again -- but they never actually closed it

Interesting experiment: next time a Trumper demands you explain what's bad about Trump...

About the rats that showed up in my yard...

For my fellow MAG peeps and worshipers at the altar of Jellyfish.....

Biden joins calls to release racial breakdowns of coronavirus cases, deaths

Obesity is major COVID-19 risk factor, says French chief epidemiologist

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- 50 Democratic US Senate Seats and Democratic Vice President.

How to clean and reuse an N95 mask

Neil Finn..found him on me Jellyfish station on Pandora. Dig this track man....

Being a senior myself, I can relate to this.

NYT Haberman - Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don't Like What They're Hearing.

Chamath Palihapitiya: US shouldn't bail out hedge funds, billionaires during coronavirus pandemic

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 13 April 2020


Grace one of the cats at Tinykittens will give birth soon!


Dem. And GOP Governors Enacted Stay-At-Home Orders On The Same Timeline. But All Holdouts Are GOP

Fauci: 'Absolutely no evidence' coronavirus death toll is being inflated

Trump Administration Using Relief Funds To Bail Out Churches, Pay Pastor Salaries

NYT : CALIFORNIA TODAY - A Call With Katie Porter: 'This Is Not a Partisan Crisis'

Here's What Voters Told Us About Voting In Wisconsin's Primary

NY-14: AOC challenger raises over $1 million.

Man I fucking love Bubblegum PopRock! You can't help but smile while you shake yo booty!

538: Why Bernie Sanders Lost

RE: Harry Potter

Remember Calvin and Hobbs?

How to re-elect Trump in one Tweet.

Coronavirus updates: UK's Boris Johnson moved out of ICU, more record jobless claims in US

Invitation to join Vice President Joe Biden for Three Virtual Events

Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary

Sanders' exit could bring Obama into the 2020 fold

Sportscaster still in lockdown:

Wall Street Has Now Morphed Into A Full Blown Soviet Sausage Factory

Gavin Newsom Declares California a 'Nation-State'

New Hampshire governor to allow absentee voting in November because of coronavirus outbreak

US states improvise rules to combat coronavirus in absence of federal leadership

Instagram hid a photo Donald Trump Jr. posted because it contained 'partly false information'

Do COVID-19 Vent Protocols Need a Second Look? NYC doctor speaks up

What is up with the recent increase in posts linking to instagram and twitter garbage?

Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don't Like What They're Hearing.

Border lawmakers urge Trump to halt wall construction, divert funds to fight COVID-19

Inside Wisconsin's Election Mess: Thousands of Missing or Nullified Ballots

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Not Quite Live!

How It Ended for Sanders

Last night I had a dream

Terminating DACA during the pandemic would be a callous error in judgment

Florida Democrats highlight disproportionate impact of coronavirus on black community

Grassley, in bipartisan letter, seeks 'detailed' explanation from Trump on IG firing

Sully Sullenberger doesn't appear to be a trump fan.

Wi. Republicans propose giving finance committee the power to cut school aid, slash spending

Biden praises Kamala Harris as veepstakes speculation ramps up

Bronx Assemblywoman returns to nursing on frontlines of coronavirus battle

Venture Capital CEO Dumbfounds CNBC Anchor by Saying Billionaires and Hedge Funds Don't Deserve a Ba

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 11, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Peter Bogdanovich

Governor Whitmer tweets cross-contamination video. Good information to remember.

A Guide to Grocery Shopping in Seattle Right Now

Coronavirus's Biggest Lession: America Needs A Public Health System For All, NYT

Young Kasey Musgraves sings to John Prine

Feds charge Georgia woman with selling illegal product she said would fight coronavirus

From the jungles of Fort Worth TX

US fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft near Alaska

Rachel is covering the COVID crisis in nursing facilities

What a fun (and funny)Irish tinged tune. If you're easily offended or looking for offense, move on..

For those who are missing sports

A complete guide to Seattle's virtual Easter church services

Coronavirus job losses continue in Whatcom County; 15% of workforce is gone in 3 weeks

Trump hits back at WSJ over editorial criticizing focus of virus briefings

Report: More than one-third of all Seattle households are cost-burdened

When I walk, Love walks with me

Trump praised former POWs. Meghan McCain lit him up

World faces new 'Great Depression' as virus toll mounts

Crazy ain't it? The Jellyfish roll pushed me into actual Glamrock. Some Bowie for muh peeps...

Cash-starved hospitals and doctor groups cut staff amid pandemic

Obama sideswipes Trump without naming him in new speech -- on 'the biggest mistake' for leaders in cr

Ladies and Gentlemen, the oft copied, ripped off, and downright stolen from...

All hail Trump, our dear leader!

Saw my neighbor talking to her cat. When I told my

DUers Stay Strong and Carry On

After this is done will the producers of

Official: Saints emails on clergy crisis should stay secret

Pharma-Funded Group Tied to a Top Trump Donor Is Promoting Malaria Drug to the President

The Dolls Live!

Coronavirus pandemic pushes US and China closer to cold war

One thing to be sure to tell our Joe

When Trump says the United States has tested more people than any other nation

Traveling minister accused of sexual misconduct with boys

dang. that was a terrible stretch in stir. so glad to breathe the fresh air, and

Ten times as many New Yorkers are dying in their homes than normal and they aren't being tested

Canada Lost A Record One Million Jobs In March

Aerial video appears to show burials of unclaimed covid-19 victims and others on Hart Island, NY

Missouri dad charged with accidentally shooting 8-year-old

Just now, I gave myself my first haircut ever

Word is that Brett Crozier investigation is over and reinstatement as Captain is on the table

Lunch with Sea Otters at the Portland zoo

Some more Marc Bolan for muh peeps...

A Woman was Arrested After Licking $1800 Worth of Store Items...(in California) CNN

Trump Allies Think Daily Briefings Are Hurting Him

Judge blocks ban on some Texas abortions during outbreak

Blackfield - It's Cloudy Now


Foxtrot is still a great album

Kinda different change. Uncle Tupelo covers The Stooges "Now I Wannna Be Your Dog"

Newsom: Intensive care hospitalizations decline

Drone footage captures NYC workers burying bodies in a mass grave on Hart Island

In East Texas, thousands of Easter lilies with no place to go

Trump hits back at WSJ over editorial criticizing focus of virus briefings

Fox News' Brit Hume: Donald Trump "Could Stop Talking Much Sooner" At Coronavirus Briefings, Avoid

*Senator VanHollen coming up on Lawrence show.

Repost Cause it's so damn sick! Lookiknatchoo Mr. Lebowski!

ESPN - 72% of sports fans won't attend events without a COVID-19 vaccine

Another reason why everyone should wear a mask today

In shadow of pandemic, Trump seizes opportunity to push through his agenda

Jared is doing a tremendous job - Sack cartoon

Just got this info from the net....Covid 19 cases, deaths

Trump has NOT directed ANY lifesaving equipment be produced under the Defense Production Act

Best. Meme. EVAH.

U.S. only detecting 1.6% of COVID-19 cases (Study)

Christine's Tune

This really sums the whole thing up for me. Full circle. ⭕️

During impeachment proceedings

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump's a Cheerleader & Bernie Drops Out

Are Go Fund Me links allowed for displaced restaurant workers

Huntsville synagogue vandalized with anti-Semitic slurs, swastikas as Passover begins

Steyer endorses Biden while prodding him on young voters 😎

WaPo : Trump administration pushing to reopen much of the U.S. next month

House probes role of Jared Kushner as federal government seizes orders of COVID-19 medical supplies

Katie Porter Coronavirus update. Current as of April 8th - MUST WATCH

Well, Stephen King endorsed it...

Another day done. Social isolating for the night. God, I'm bored!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How Is COVID-19 Affecting Relationships?

Cash-starved hospitals and doctor groups cut staff amid pandemic (WP)

Orangutans and otters strike up darling friendship at Belgium zoo

Jill Stein Rears her Ugly Gaslighting head 2020..

Channel switching thru all the global news channels

Bored tried drink mixing

How Did the U.S. End Up with Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags?

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Dos & Don'ts of Videochatting

Laura Ingraham and Fox News Medical Guests Met With Trump to Discuss Hydroxychloroquine: Report

Feeling lonely?

has anyone received their 1,200 dollar check/deposit yet?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Dulce Sloan Roasts the Media's Homes

Judge rules Apprentice tapes be given to plaintiffs in suit over scam by SHITLER & his spawn

How Physicists At CERN Are Aiding The Fight Against COVID-19

Welp my neighbor's tree just dropped a limb that took down my power line

*General Honore on MSNBC now.

Wisconsin clerks guarding ballots for days before counting

Well, so much for that cut in production by Russia and Saudi Arabia to raise oil prices...

Seth Meyers: Sen. Bernie Sanders Suspends His Presidential Campaign, Remembering Press Secretary

Trump Taps Once Exiled 29-Year-Old Aide to Help Him Purge Enemies and Watchdogs From Government

AP Interview: 'Lula' says Bolsonaro a disaster amid pandemic

No words can describe this properly. How to wash your hands correctly. 😁😁

Pelosi warns Trump not to reopen country too soon

Went grocery shopping in Delaware today

Like mine, your candidate did not win? Tempted to go 3rd Party / not vote? 2000/2016 REALITY CHECK

Barr says Russia probe was started 'without basis'

Ever notice how cigarette smoke travels when someone exhales it?

Colorado Springs road sign: F*ck Trump

This weekend is the Alaska Primary...

Louisiana lawmaker Reggie Bagala dies amid battle with coronavirus at age 54

Seth Meyers - Trump Wants His Coronavirus Failures to Be "Quickly Forgotten": A Closer Look

Sen. Sanders: To Defeat Trump, Joe Biden Has To Bring New People Into His Political World

Game of Bones

With future of COVID-19 uncertain, Minn. officials begin planning for pandemic-era voting

Joy Division - Isolation

Et tude, kitteh?

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 12, 2020 - Happy Easter

Inside Sinai-Grace 'war zone': 'We started to run out of body bags."

TCM Schedule for Monday April 13, 2020 - Star of the Month: Jane Russell

Sanders Drops Out, But Arizona Supporters Say They Are Still In The Fight

Here's an idea:

NY-14: Two years after upset win, AOC faces a well-funded primary challenge at home

We're Now Living the American Carnage Trump Promised Would End at His InaugurationTrump is not respo

I can't stand to look at that ugly face, where he tries to pose a steely countenance

Cannonball Adderley w/ Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones, & Art Blakey - Autumn Leaves (1958)

Tucson restaurants now allowed to serve as pop-up grocery stores

The Far-Right Helped Create The World's Most Powerful Facial Recognition Technology

How Did the U.S. End Up with Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags?

Arizona faces estimated $1.1B budget shortfall due to virus

And everything old is new again

For those of us working from home...


Do not let the Fringe Right Get Away with Propaganda about Budget Cuts Again

Act Blue will match your donation by 350% against Mitch Mcconnell.

US Senate seats that will put Democrats back in the majority in 2020.

"I'm a single-issue voter..."

Should Wisconsin Democrats have let the Republican judge win??!

In order to "heal the soul of the nation" President Biden MUST pursue justice against the Trump WH

LOL Obama has more followers on Facebook than Trump. Sad! He isn't number 1

Chris Mann speaks for all of us!

Has anyone heard from/about Bloomberg since he dropped out of the race?

Trump Is Getting Away With It - Thousands Dead Because He Is Useless And Ignored ALL WARNINGS

Apropos. I'm So Tired

air travel slows to a trickle. 94,931 yesterday compared to 2.2 million same weekday last year

Chef Pete Evans criticised for trying to sell $15,000 light device to fight coronavirus

Brazil's Amazonas state warns its health system overwhelmed by coronavirus

Brazil's Amazonas state warns its health system overwhelmed by coronavirus

Tweet of the Day

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

How the government delayed coronavirus testing

twenty one pilots these are cute kiddos catchy tune

watching the BBC good morning show. so nice not to hear trump. nice to hear what

Supporters turn on Trump for 'flat-out lying' about coronavirus: 'He's got no idea......

CBS Overnight News segment on the exotic wet markets. I had never been aware.

New Trump Attack Ad Falsely Suggests Former Governor Is Chinese (NYT)

Fox's Fake News Contagion

Song for a Sucker Like You - Ben Sidran

Aides and allies increasingly believe the president's daily briefings are hurting him

Golf Kept tRump From Focusing On COVID-19, Not Impeachment, Zings GOP Group In New Ad

House probes role of Jared Kushner as federal government seizes orders of COVID-19 medical supplies

People who choose not to have bank accounts are being discriminated against in the stimulus package.

Angry that President Obama got almost no help to rescue economy while spigot overflows for Trump.

Steyer endorses Biden for president

Why the Wealthy Fear Pandemics

Opec, Russia and other oil producers make draft deal to cut output

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/9/20

Stephen Colbert: The hosts of the Pod Save America podcast

Blues legend Bobby Rush suffering from COVID-19 symptoms

Stephen Colbert: Guest Presidential Historian Jon Meacham

500,000 COVID-19 swab test kits flown to Memphis

As Shelby County COVID-19 cases inch closer to 1,000, health experts ask more with mild symptoms be

Writing in self-isolation: 88-year-old blogs about childhood spent on Alberta farm

Rep. Don Beyer and other lawmakers call for stricter COVID protocols at airports

Katie Porter on where our PPE went

Tennessee election officials making adjustments amid COVID-19 spread

Bipartisan group of senators demands Trump explain intel IG firing

Trump approval dips as Americans question his handling of coronavirus crisis

Rachel Maddow on Trump's Corona Virus Response

83 residents at Calif. nursing home hit by coronavirus evacuated after staff fails to show for work

Lt. Gen. Honor: In a disaster the only priority should be saving lives

The Investigators: Feds say fake COVID-19 tests from China seized at Memphis FedEx facility

You will absolutely believe this: Trump considering pardon for "Joe Exotic"

4:25 a.m.: FDA, FTC send warning to Infowars & 25 others

Coronavirus: New York using mass graves amid outbreak

China is on a knife edge between recovery and another wave of coronavirus cases

Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT) on the Far-Side of the Moon

The way Sanders presented his campaign suspension by email

I became curious about the situation with N95 masks...

N.C. cases climb; additional social distancing requirements announced

I just read an article on a paper that accurately predicted COVID-19 on January 3--of 2013!

His friends are never going to believe this.

Montana issues permits for mine over advocates' protests

I was made "Cashier of the Month" for March!

Iowa Was Meaningless

Protesters try to disrupt Gov. Mike DeWine's daily coronavirus briefing

Breakfast Friday 10 April 2020

Don't Drift Away

Coronavirus is not some great leveller: it is exacerbating inequality right now

US Senate seats that will give Democrats majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Friday TOONs - Are We There Yet?

April 10 - Happy Birthday Mayor Marty Walsh (D) Boston

Petition to cancel off-campus housing contracts at BYU continues despite setbacks

You know, if Trump ends social distancing, there will be a grace period of about a week...

Testing. Trump-"We're talking about 325 million people and that's not going to happen".

Who's up for an Internet game?

Utah Supreme Court contemplates allowing law school graduates to practice law w/o passing the bar

Bethany McLean: US Fracking "Revolution" An Illusion Produced By Cheap Debt; Now, The Reckoning

AG Wm. Barr says "the Russian probe was started with no basis"!

Lets Build Biden's cabinet

Vote 2020 - The Way To Go Shall Glimmer ...

Gov. Herbert to require adults entering state to submit travel declaration form

So we're supposed to believe the

The Day the Music Died: 50 Years Ago Today

"Three Democrats and a German"--a one-act play put on 38 years ago today

CNN story on undercounted deaths in Spain. Okay, fine...

Colour it Rainbow! Chalk-coloured #Somerset house lifts lockdown spirits

#1 they say, we are exceptional they say

'Sentinel' Bird Found to Help Rhinos Evade Poachers

Biden joins growing call for release of racial data on virus

Tammy Baldwin, Ron Johnson call for Postal Service to investigate undelivered absentee ballots

'There was blood:' Fights break out at Miami detention center over coronavirus fears

The BBC's flagship news show blows open the real truth about Covid 19

Why should I care

BLS COVID-19 Questions and Answers

NYT. Krugman. This Op Ed should scare the shit out of all of us

This should be in every Biden attack ad.

CNN talks to Dr. Fauci faux talks to the wizard

WashPost article on Ohio--more national praise for the state

Sanders Confirms Obama, Biden Conversations Before Ending Campaign - All In - MSNBC

My mother went to local grocery store yesterday to find couple of meat roasts,

VentureCapital CEO Dumbfounds CNBC Anchor- Saying Billionaires& Hedge Funds Don't Deserve a Bail Out

Very Insightful: WI Poll Report

My apologies to David Crosby

Captain Trump of the RMS Titanic:

Would you rather have postal service or cruise ships. One is getting bailed out

Coronavirus Outbreaks at Food Processing Plants Have Inspectors 'Fearful' and Employees Staying Home

Watching MSNBC...

Should we expect a Biden polling bounce in swing states now?


Are we there yet?... Are we there yet?... Are we there yet?

but her e-mails........

I used to spin the toilet paper roll like I was playing Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I'm

For those looking for masks...

Inside Wisconsin's Election Mess: Thousands of Missing or Nullified Ballots

Wisconsin Gov Tony Evers closes 40 state parks, recreation areas due to COVID-19

There is NO PLAN to return to normal.

April 10, 1956: the night Nat King Cole was beaten on a Birmingham stage

Trump's Economic Lie Is Crumbling: America Trusts Biden By 20 Points To Help The Middle Class 😎Toon.

The Rundown: April 9, 2020

The origin of Superheroes: Bulletman and Bulletgirl

I am so happy to see the curve flattening in NY.. they have had the greatest burden of cases

Thousands cheer madly as Titanic leaves Southampton on maiden voyage, April 10, 1912

Dolly Parton wrote: "If the virus don't kill us, the stayin' home will!"

If the polls show Biden winning in a land slide and then Trump wins.

One ray of hope is the increasing assertiveness of states like NY and CA.

Meet AOC's Right-Wing Primary Challenger

As Paid Oil Shills Created Climate Denial, So Paid Climate Shills Created COVID-19 Denial

Himalayas Seen from India for the First Time in 30 Years Due to Air Pollution Drop

Rep. Don Beyer In The Chair This Morning In The House

John Prine - "Egg & Daughter Night, Lincoln Nebraska 1967" (Crazy Bone)

"I couldn't have done it any better". Trump cycles through targets to blame.

Mitch Kosterman@MitchKosterman:Dear Americans, you yourself can help the President deal with Covid19

Any suggestions for low-cost/free telehealth?

Good Friday 2020 Sunrise Series and Moonset

Golf Kept Trump From Focusing On COVID-19, Not Impeachment, Zings GOP Group In New Ad

Small Robots Twitter and the " You Can Only Save Three" current game

Here's a fun fact

A New Front for Nationalism: The Global Battle Against a Virus

Some Team Biden Members Always Believed That Biden Knew What He Was Doing

Denver Post editorial board: Trump is playing a disgusting political game with our lives

Yesterday 10,000 cars in San Antonio lined up for food distribution.

This Year's Bleaching Event Biggest Ever For GBR; Extends 2,000 Kilometers; 3rd Bleaching In 5 Years

There is one thing that scares me more than anything

Dan Crenshaw Implodes in Joe Rogan Healthcare Argument

6.6 Million MORE PEOPLE Lose Jobs

Ammon Bundy: Idiocy is also a deadly disease

A year and ten days ago, I switched my preference here from Undecided to Joe Biden.

Economic devastation looms on a Good Friday like no other

We MAY be about to witness the Trump voters embark on a death march.

Please, please, please, please, read this DU post

The Best-Case Scenario For Coronavirus? It's Super Infectous

Who wants some FUNNY? 😁 from Facebook but really funny

(N.M.) Lovelace Health System cuts pay, hours during COVID-19 crisis

They saw MS-13, a street gang, as an existential threat to the United States

Michigan Yooper home made mask.

Albuquerque Pride canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

California declares (rhetorical) independence from the undemocratic Trumpian States of America

Man arrested after making threats urging killing of Navajo people because of COVID-19 outbreak

Governors Consider Consortium to Skirt FEMA Dysfunction

Trump, Zydus Pharmaceuticals & Hydroxychloriquine.

Tokyo Olympic CEO hints games could be in doubt even in 2021

Sen. Heinrich warns worst is yet to come for NM in COVID-19 fight

White House blames the Voice of America

Green Party makes pitch for Sanders supporters

Babies get mini face shields - BBC

Tornadoes and damaging winds are likely Easter weekend

"So I married him." Happy Anniversary, Connie Schultz and Sherrod Brown!

Wisconsin health dept tracking whether new coronavirus cases are tied to Tuesday's in-person voting

More Evidence The Markets Are Irrational

i found this on youtube and i thought it was a message of doom and gloom by some folks here in usa.

Small Farms Adapt As Coronavirus Pandemic Shortens St. Louis Farmers Market Season

It's getting close to Obama time. I can't wait.

Sorry, Boris Johnson... It was for "medical reasons" LOLOL

Mixed feelings - Los Angeles without smog, with coronovirus

Phyllis Lyon, famed LGBTQ activist, dies

Trump administration reverses plan, will fund COVID-19 testing [UPDATED]

The most iconic tweet of the primary contest.

Company fails to deliver promised cheap ventilators, now charging 4x the price

Hamas arrests Gaza peace activists for Zoom chat with Israelis

Burton Snowboards is donating half a million KN95 respirator masks to healthcare workers.

So did anyone receive their $1200 yesterday?

As people hunker down, nature is rebounding - an appropriate song

Fauci: Coronavirus immunity cards for Americans are 'being discussed'

Peter Navarro: what Trump's Covid-19 tsar lacks in expertise, he makes up

'It's all gone': Cyclone Harold cuts a deadly path through Vanuatu

Stephen Miller's homemade face mask.

GOP Worries Trump Is Tanking His Re-Election

My friend doesn't think Biden can do it

Fauci Begs Pharma Companies to Speed Development of Anti-Narcissism Drug

Fears as Cambodia grants PM vast powers under Covid-19 pretext

Apparently the Guy that Rigs Rasmussen Polls Called in Sick 56% Disapprove 43% Approve

Shop cats - Keeping it real

Before anyone should return to work...

This is not incompetence. It's malice.

Pic Of The Moment: Old Re-Election Saying: "Don't Change Horses In Midstream"

Easter; When Christianity shows us their Whole Family

Americans have already rejected Don the Con

Went over to General Discussion. Lots of folks I don't know there, but

Regarding the USPS fully funded pensions......

What's the latest on CNN vs Trump?

MMM -- WTFriday

I wish I could tell Mike Bloomberg


tRump should ask his buddy Putin for advise on testing the population

How come the equal symbol doesn't show up in my text when I type it?

Farmers Dumping Food Even as Global Shortages Predicted

NASA Satellite Data Show 30 Percent Drop In Air Pollution Over Northeast U.S.

The defining photograph of the Trump Administration

Azul Rojas Marin: Peru found responsible for torture of LGBT person

Azul Rojas Marin: Peru found responsible for torture of LGBT person

Coronavirus May 'Reactivate' in Cured Patients, Korean CDC Says

US-Mexico border: Thousands of migrants expelled under coronavirus powers

Arkansas Covid-19 cases April 10, 2020 8:30 Am

IvankaTrump to small businesses: "We'll keep fighting for you."

Coronavirus: New York ramps up mass burials amid outbreak

Chills on my spine as I listen to Simon & Garfunkel's version of Times They Are Changing

'It Was For Medical Reasons,' Say Doctors Explaining Why They Had To Give Boris Johnson a Haircut

Because of Trumps failure/crime, we may have to sacrifice our economy in order to survive.

Posted without comment

Is anyone having problems with

Amneal running out of hydroxychloroquine raw material due to Finnish restrictions

Guess who voted by mail

Not to be a Buzz Kill, but didn't HRC want Medicare at 55, and add a Public Option for any age? nt

Coronavirus-hit airlines in push for divisive route subsidies

Trump tells two huge lies in almost every daily campaign rally he has been holding.

De Facto Republican Allies - non-voters and "progressive?" 3rd party candidates

Governors working on multi-state consortium to secure supplies

Governor Andrew Cuomo Update April 10 2020

Mitch and social distancing -

Exclusive: Inside Trump's Failed Plan to Surveil the Canadian Border

Fauci says he'd want Brad Pitt to play him on 'Saturday Night Live'

Some pink silliness

NC 2-1-1 has launched a new online search tool

Sen. Kamala Harris: 'We don't want a drug-pusher for president'

Has anyone seen "The Killing of a Sacred Deer"?

For Those Who Demand They Be Courted For Their Vote

This Biden video is so comforting as we face these uncertain times...

We're dropping money from helicopters and people are scared of incipient socialism

Serious question - Can the House of Representatives investigate that

On March 12, I posted this, It's the testing, stupid.

It is especially tragic to note

Some ask, what's a Yooper

Iconic City Lights bookstore on verge of closing

Can you believe this -For McConnell, virus carries echo of his boyhood polio

The price of Trump's chaotic leadership

Today the number 100,000 will be passed. COVID-19 deaths. let that sink in.

Trump can't even get Good Friday right!!

You, yes you, are here on this earth likely because of social 1918

Governor Northam Signs Historic Gun Safety Legislation into Law

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-09-2020

How long can we survive living outside of reality? It's been over three years.

Pretty stunning visual here.--US #coronavirus cases compared to other countries...........

'I feel defeated': inside New Jersey hospitals overwhelmed by Covid-19 (The Guardian)

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/10/20.

Remember this old song? I changed the date.

Why Trump failed with the pandemic?


'Saturday Night Live' will be back this weekend

Do they still make tires in Akron? Just curious. Nt

tRump has NASA send new rover, Vengeance, to Mars as Payback for it Kiling Opportunity

Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don't Like What They're Hearing.

GOP to spend more than $1 million on ads praising Trump's coronavirus response

Pandemic spurs court fights over mail-in voting

Read this about what's happening in Brazil. It could happen here.

Can States' National Guard Stop FED re-directing Medical Supplies?

a viral shot across the bow for humanity

'The Woman in Michigan' Goes National

CA-25: Race to Replace Katie Hill Moves from Lean Democratic to Toss Up

Why the coronavirus models aren't totally accurate

Wisconsin's Pandemic Election Is a Red Alert for Democracy in America This cannot become the new no

The Supreme Court's Latest Betrayal Should be It's Last

Health officials believe Philadelphia could become next coronavirus hot spot

These guys are just a solid St. Louis bar band

Planning Must Begin Now To Determine How We Will Vaccinate 380 Million Americans When.....

Trump occupies the White House. Is Andrew Cuomo the defacto president?

Coronavirus Inequality, 'The America We Need' Opinion, Editorial Board, New York Times

Quarantine Diary

Conway Twitty - When You're Cool

Look what Trumpy just posted a bit ago.............

For people who don't have direct deposit - IRS Launches Registration Tool For Stimulus Checks

Damn, cutting onions here

Whitewashing: How is this still a thing?

Here's a tool you might find useful. (Florida Dept. of Health)

Pentagon worries Capt. Crozier's concern for his sailors may be contagious

The Trump Family Is Taking 12x More Protected Trips Than The Obama Family

Brian Setzer has a birthday today.

3M sues distributor for alleged price gouging of N95 respirators in New York

Embrace Trump! It's the only way!

Yet again the shitshow is running late

in the meantime

Eddie Hazel was born on this date-

The view from the Tenderloin

Keep in mind....TRUMP IS NOT IN CHARGE !!

Kayleigh McEnany Says the Darndest Things

People are luring Instacart shoppers with big tips -- and then changing them to zero

Two things my cat likes to do (three if you count walking on my keyboard)

Post your survival renditions of breakfast and dinner dishes from The Before Time

Bernie Sanders Praises Biden's New Healthcare And Education Proposals

Katie Porter to Sam Bee on how she feels about appearing in every Republican's nightmares:

An Easter Service for LGBTQ Christians in the Social Distancing Era


'If It's Not True, Don't Put It on TV': A Former TV Exec on How to Save Live News in the Trump Era


Covid-19 is killing off the myth that we are the greatest country on earth.

Following Backlash, Trump Admin Now Says Funding for COVID-19 Testing Sites Will Continue

So I called the bank about stimulus money

Judge: Failure to help whales skirts Endangered Species Act Patrick Whittle, Associated Press Update

So, what's the plan going to be in terms of "re-opening the economy"?

Covid karma list

Ten days, 18 companies, 3,800 layoffs. These Washington industries were hit the hardest.

Coronavirus stimulus checks: IRS releases new 'simple tax return' to help Americans get theirs


Cartoons 4/10/2020

Video shows giant trench being dug on NYC's Hart Island to bury coronavirus victims

Downtown Everett isolation site has seen 3 patients so far

Bhasha Mukherjee is a doctor who specializes in respiratory medicine. She's also Miss England.

Why are some Sanders supporters saying that he hasn't dropped out of the race?

As Trump Bumbles, Biden Shows America What A Real President Could Do

It's mid-April and winter is finally trying to visit the Lower 48.

Monroe nurses join national demand for more protective gear

NYC ER Doctor Fears Being Fired For Speaking Out, 'It's Like Walking Into Chernobyl'

22% & 40%

After Monroe 'riot,' governor plans release for some prisoners

Franz Schubert Symphony #8 "Unfinished"

You raised $2,487.00 on April 9 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

That's what we got ...

Trump's narcissism is endangering his reelection. His own advisers admit it.

Dr. Drew Apologizes for Underestimating COVID-19 Threat NowThis

Curt Smith from Tears for Fears plays "Mad World" with his daughter Diva

U.S. Projects Summer Spike in Infections if Stay-At-Home Orders Are Lifted

PSA: Before you wear a mask out in public, wear it around the house for awhile.

I'm Turning CNN & MSNBC Off For The Day

Trump's MAGA: SA Food Bank @safoodbank 10,000 families served today!

In recognition of Covid19 and Easter---MAGA

Squirrel's Wild Ride On Bird Feeder

USAT : Golf, handshakes and a Mar-a-Lago conga line..

The Snortfest is early today

"It Can't Happen Here" free at Project Gutenberg

Will we see another Friday night series of firings today ?

Re Lincoln Project I'd like input from others

IRS launches new website for non-filers stimulis checks

Get out the vote! #GOTV

Most Americans Like How Their Governor Is Handling The Coronavirus Outbreak

Turtle and circle of reporters trying to social distance - or *ARE* they?!1

Pelosi says Trump will only 'make matters worse' if he reopens the country too quickly

Apple TV came free with my phone for a year...

Man Builds Two Cat Towers Inside His Home, And It Looks Like A Kitty Fairytale

Here we go again!

Bill Gates: 'We're in big trouble' until the U.S. has better coronavirus testing

Florida Governor Spreads Dangerous Falsehood About Who Dies From Coronavirus

Drums, dancers livestream as virus moves powwows online

Trump spoke with Putin today, and yesterday. (AP)

Meme of the Month

A relief organization is stripping their labels off boxes to avoid being confiscated by FEMA.

New Biden video

TV's Frank: The Key to Success in the Republican Party

FBI warns of 'money mule' schemes exploiting coronavirus

Happy Good Friday from Donald Trump!

...............President Kennedy's quote on the Republican Party.................................

An update on Mom

U.S. Rep. Denny Heck officially announces run for lieutenant governor

Covid 19 in the USA

Everyone Is Going Easy On Trump To Save Lives - Catch 22

Distracted (Lincoln Project anti-Trump Republican Ad)

The United States should issue letters of marque to fight Chinese aggression at sea.

Remember When Oranges had Seeds? or Watermelons?

Making America Great Again: Mass graves. In New York.

Most despicable MF45 tweet just now

New time for press conference....

Krystal Ball continues to battle the Democratic party

Listening to Pence just now, he must be the greatest ass licking ass wipe that ever lived ... in ref.

Many Americans plan to use their stimulus checks for bills and daily expenses

Global pact to contain oil price crash takes shape

Small business loans from SBA may not come fast enough

This Easter follow the Scripture...

Movies vs Reality

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I don't get it.

Who the fuck cares about oil?

Restaurants That Used to Be Food Trucks Return to Roots for Social Distancing

Woman Hears Tiniest Cries Coming From A Shed

I just tried to e-file my information

I am so tired of winning.

New York City hires laborers to bury dead in Hart Island potter's field amid coronavirus surge


US Surgeon General promotes racist tropes

EVERY TIME !!! EVERY TIME !!! Someone ask about testing we get a 123423 minute speech about

Bored, but can't visit your local library ? Check their online site, you may be surprised ...

Joan Baez - (2020) for all the Heroes. . .

U.S. spy agencies collected raw intel hinting at public health crisis in Wuhan, China, in November

My Tears Fall Down to the Top of My Mask

Everything Is Awful. So Why Is the Stock Market Booming?

U.S. Democracy May Be Dying With Authoritarian Rule Around The Corner (Wisc): NYT, Krugman

The 11 most logical picks for Joe Biden's vice president, ranked

A timeline of the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington

Florida Gov. DeSantis mulls reopening schools: Coronavirus 'doesn't seem to threaten' kids

I'm doing my Lenten penance listening to the nut case flapping his jaws to the "beeple".

Welcome to the Resistance.

DoubleTree has finally revealed the recipe for its iconic chocolate chip cookies

Seattle's largest parks to close this weekend to slow the spread of COVID-19

Now he's talking about how intelligent he is

"Why in times of COVID-19 you should not walk/run/bike close to each other."

Reports: XFL suspends operations, fires all employees amid coronavirus pandemic

South Koreans don face masks, plastic gloves to vote...

WSU researchers begin testing animals for COVID-19

This stray dog is so happy to reunite with her lost brothers!

Once again, I love my union!

Memphis zoo announces emergency animal support fund

Watchdog finds Trump admin spent $66 million jailing a few dozen at a time at migrant prison camp

Megachurch Pastor can't wait to read old parishoners will.

Michigan number looking terrible again. over 200 new deaths.

Colombia medical personnel walks out ahead of Duque's impending coronavirus catastrophe

Schools Are Cutting Back Meal Services, Putting More Demand On Food Banks

Power restored!

Gavin Newsom presser on CoronaVirus update (LIVE)

While we fixate on coronavirus, Earth is hurtling towards a catastrophe worse than the dinosaur exti

Why do the networks continue to air the "pressers"?

No pandemic will stop mass killings of Colombia's human rights defenders

I read somewhere that the virus hides in the throat and is expelled when we breathe

Tweet from Sanders' National Press Secretary...

Critics decry 'massive step in wrong direction' as big banks move to buy up fracking industry assets

Born on this day, April 10, 1880: Frances Perkins

Today's Luckovich toon

Face mask, sanitizer, gloves Vending Machines are happening....

Google and Apple team up to use smartphones to track coronavirus exposure

OK, he offered to end the Q&A

hey peeps. i'm out of jail. how is everyone?

The man who has several bankruptcies...

Rate of new US hepatitis C infections rises threefold in the past decade, CDC says

In a first, China knocks U.S. from top spot in global patent race

You think you have it rough !

I have to have some vision of a plausible future where thing are somehow better.

Pres. Obama tweet:

Border Patrol Forced an Asylum Seeker to Give Birth While Clutching Trash Can, According to ACLU

Chris Hayes @chrislhayes:The excess death data in NYC is so so upsetting and staggering

Border Patrol Forced an Asylum Seeker to Give Birth While Clutching Trash Can, According to ACLU

How many hours now?

Not a bad idea...

Watching today's doubt Trump is in early stages of Dementia

REVEALED: White House pushed FEMA to give its biggest coronavirus contract to company that never bid

Illegal loggers uncowed by coronavirus as deforestation rises in Brazil

The Orange Shit Ass Just Keeps Bumping His Gums. . .

He is rambling and nothing makes any sense!

trump says he's getting no calls from governors... LOL

Trump Regarding Stay At Home: "... I can override the governors ..." omfg

WARNING: Epiphany ahead.

Illegal loggers uncowed by coronavirus as deforestation rises in Brazil

I shut off cable nooz and the orangeanus and turned on Science Friday on NPR...

'Trump Wants 50 Wisconsins On Election Day' Opinion, J. Bouie, NYT

Want to see his followers freak the F Out?

fetch : the lazy version

Yanomami Indigenous teen with coronavirus dies in Brazil

Lockdown vibes.

San Francisco's bubonic plague epidemic has eerie parallels to modern day

Round 2: Hudson vs. The Ocean.

Frank Walker - Dancing In The Dark (just dropped a couple hours ago)

trump just said staying at home leads to death.

This family lost their dog during a hurricane.

YES !!! The IHME goes through JUNE !!! Birx is no doubt compromised, she's fillibustering ...

Mayor Duggan announces $800 extra hazard pay for Detroit employees working on frontlines

Place your bets!

It seems as though Trump is doing everything wrong about Covid on purpose

I know this isn't the biggest problem we face now.

"Well, at least it shows some familiarity with the concepts."

trump asks reporters if we should keep it going: it's all about HIM

Worldwide deaths from the coronavirus hit 100,000


Thurston County Food Bank offers drive-through groceries at Saint Martin's

Fairchild airman publishes book explaining coronavirus to kids

Bravest little puppy

I Will Not Watch the Flimflam Man

Cat cuddles ALL the animals:

President Krusty The Klown

People are luring Instacart shoppers with big tips -- and then changing them to zero

using his favorite word..." trump is the most tremendous failure of a president

Check out HBO "After Truth/Fake News"

Finally! He has shut up!

Virus cases soar to 416 on U.S. warship after captain fired

Coronavirus has shattered the "myth" of American global supremacy

Brian Williams about to interview Dr Fauci right now n/t

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly sues GOP lawmakers for revoking her order limiting church gatherings

Trump campaign ad singles out former WA Gov. Locke over race

Getting my meds tweaked again. Latuda?

Coronavirus Was Slow to Spread to Rural America. Not Anymore.

US bankruptcy judge to Tim Eyman: Pay up $278,137.92

That image of mass burials in NY should be the poster child of republican rule

How can our Democracy function; no educated populous

Pay roll tax holiday.

This is what a lot of love does for a camel who'd lost hope

The cat that kisses back.

So some Georgians are showing the importance of guns to them is top priority! One has filed a law

Sweden didn't lockdown - that decision is resulting in worst death count among Nordic countries

Every Day is a Winding Road

Electricity flowing through wet wood...

What the governor of Florida doesn't know about the coronavirus is a lot

middle America

In Trumps mind: What is worse for ME, many more deaths or a damaged economy.

Millions sick. Thousands dead. He should be impeached before he can do any more damage.

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 10, 2020

San Francisco mayor confirms COVID-19 outbreak in homeless shelter

What are the odds King Cockwomble actually goes to church and not golfing this weekend?

The Two States Where Trump's COVID-19 Response Could Backfire in 2020

Union leader: Casinos taking a pass on federal relief in order to terminate workers

Acosta asks Trump if his daily "briefings" are "happy talk." Bigly yuge pouting ensues.

Sore Ears from Mask Elastic?

Dang, I just had a FB battle about Candidate Biden

Why why why

Democratic governors are largely leading the fight against COVID-19 -- while Republicans fall behind

The "Governing Wars" are Flaring Up, and Democrats are Winning

Music for New York, State and City. I see you


Big George Brock has passed at the age of 87

Curve flattening in Southern Nevada, officials hope peak is 'sooner rather than later'

➡NEWS: Sanders, Jayapal Unveil Emergency Legislation to Provide Health Care for All During Pandemic

Feeling guilty about N95 masks

My boss died last evening.

Pew pew - texting that between iPhones makes freakin' lasers!

10,000 Asylum Seekers Deported to Mexico as Trump Admin Stops Processing Claims

Please archive and immortalize the forum

Is Trump in some weird coronavirus TIME WARP? He actually posted this 5 hours ago.

People complaining about Trolls World Tour Price

Chris Cuomo shares picture that embarrasses brother

2A Coalition Launches Lawsuit To Re-Open NM Gun Shops


OMG. That thing is insane.

What metrics will you use to decide when to reopen? TRUMP: "The metrics right here" *Points to head

India Hits Back Hard at Trumps Threat

"MY STORY" I have become a serial slouch...

Is Donald Trump a virtual black hole of disinformation?

3rd choice. Grow Up

COVID19 at Walmart

Are we going to let this psychopath kill us? Will we permit him to override our governors and bring

America, A Backward Nation? US To Hit 16,000 Coronavirus Deaths, South Korea Has Equivalent 1,311

Incredible Images Show The Moment The New Coronavirus Infects A Cell

Dr. Birx on CV-19 R-Naught values

"COVID 19 is Just Genius! "

Collecting unemployment in New York: Here's what to know about the new website and filing claims

PBS (2018): Hurricane Maria's New Death Toll Estimate Is Higher than Katrina's

Here is something not sure what to call it so I'll just say it's a tool

North Las Vegas council votes to penalize landlords who violate emergency directives

Inmates record riot inside a Dominican Republic jail where four prisoners died of COVID-19

Just wondering if the House has a copy of the Senate stimulus package (when ONLY rethugs met)

US Coronavirus: Antibody Tests Could Be Available Within 'A Week Or So,' Fauci Says

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Relationships? The Daily Social Distancing Show

33 Famous People Who Used to be Teachers

What's The Status Of The Congress Reps & Senators That Either Have Or Have Been Exposed To Covid-19?

A question for my mother:

Android Phone Question To Any Experts

I prolly have covid

Every time I see Donald Trump at a podium/ presser , I think of this song.................

He is just fucking nutz and or lying and or just making shit up.

The Universe May Not Be Expanding Equally In Every Direction, New Study Suggests

Just got an email from my car insurance...

Many Wisconsin absentee ballots were not postmarked, putting votes at risk of not being counted

MLB considering radical realignment for 2020 season: Grapefruit and Cactus leagues

Good representation of major coronavirus players

Please help me understand

Yup, he went there,.....

Broward County requiring face coverings as of midnight tonight

Astropharmacy And A Telescope On The Moon Among New Concepts Selected For NASA Funding

Question of the day: What are the two most import factors in determining the spread of CORVID-19.

My friend told me that her grandson noticed that he received ...

Need help. Trying to find a former neighbor, retired naval officer (Seabees) and his family.

Trump talking about the coronavirus----and " anti-antibiotic can't keep up with it."........

And this guy has "kids"...........................and runs a state ..................

TONIGHT: JudyWoodruff interviews BernieSanders about the COVID pandemic and his decision to suspend

BepiColombo Took Some Incredible Pictures As It Swung By Earth On Its Way To Mercury

Just going to leave this right here.

And now a word from authoritarians and woman's right to privacy..................

For Climate, and Corona virus, the "broad shape of the story is the same"

from MD Rep. Jamie Raskin:

from MD Rep. Jamie Raskin:

Coronavirus in Humboldt: How a small, rural county ended up with the second-most cases per capita in

Katie Porter: "If you're full of bullshit - I'm coming for you"

Andy Beshear: If you attend a mass gatherings in Ky, you will be quarantined for 14 days.

Got tested today. It is NOT that bad!!

Who has the guts?

Trump, Tiger King, and NASCAR

Trump, Putin speak via phone for second consecutive day

it's as if donnie said "send in captain america" and they all said "ok you heard him let's *do it*!"

You First

VA sees biggest single-day jump in reported coronavirus deaths

Quote of the Day

Trump Administration Proposes Expanding Hunting And Fishing At 3 Wildlife Refuges In Colorado

Two corgis and a baby play with stuffed animals in their mouths

You raised $2,487.00 on April 9 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

If you were milking a giraffe, would you have to stand ON the stool?

Wisconsin Tracks New Cases Tied to Election

Another Ancient Primate Lineage Sailed to South America

M.A.S.H. and the Coronavirus

What is Donald Trump talking to Vladimir Putin about for an hour and a half?

We have been cooped up since March 13. I broke down and cried huge tears today

Coronavirus infection may cause lasting damage throughout the body, doctors fear

HBO's VICE News: Shelter In Place

The latest in my wife's unemployment battle.

Ron Perlman...

🎶 COVID-19 Relief Benefit Concert with Vermont Musicians - April 11, 7PM


Jia Lynn Yang - One Mighty and Irresistible Tide

Oh look. It's Pride march.

It seems that David Sirota still needs an audience...

It struck me that Trump can't answer questions because he never asked the experts these questions.

Can I ever go a whole week without posting a TVZ song? Uhhhh, why would I ever even try?

Why isn't this person in jail...?

Texas AG Upset After Coronavirus Limits Access to Colorado Vacation Homes

America Trusts Biden By 19 Points To Help The Middle Class

Dropkick Murphys - Streaming Up From Boston

And now a word from Gollum................speaking to an absolute hypocrite..............

Pharmacy Workers Coming Down With Covid-19, Can't Afford To Stop Working

Pootey Poot and #orangeface spoke three times last week.

What Other Fresh Hells Await Us If Trump Is Re-elected?

'This is a bad idea... really bad': Bloomberg data strategy firm makes bid to run Biden campaign

The state of things clearly indicated.

The Real Typhoid Mary The Original Asymptomatic Super-Spreader

Easy question...Obvious answer...

Logistical Hurdles Leave COVID-19 Test Kits Unused

today's Jim Acosta / Trump Exchange

Louisiana Church Expects 2,000 for Easter Service

Went to flip channels, teevee was on McLaughlin Report.

The Butchers and the Builders with a cautionary tale

The Secret Service has protected Trump family members on 4,000 trips in three years

HI update 4/10 - diagnosed 410, up 22, deaths 8, released 284

I need some Manfred Mann Tonight.................Sky High.....

Primary Forum Disputants Have Been Loosed Upon The Land

Donald J. Trump COVID-19 Memorial Mass Grave

Coronavirus: Massachusetts AG Healey launches her own investigation into Holyoke Soldiers' Home

I just refilled my feeders. A pair of Cardinals is out there now.

"When late stage capitalism takes a selfie" - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats push to make voting safer as coronavirus upends elections

"I say this to myself to remind myself how blessed I am, to stay on track, and stay grateful.

Just a reminder my lovelies

Congratulations America on becoming the first country to have half a million +COVID-19 cases

"Fox & Friends" weekend co-host Jedediah Bila reveals she tested positive for COVID-19

How can anyone think Biden has dementia and not think Trump has dementia + insane on an epic level?

IRS says stimulus payments will begin next week

Add 2-3 weeks, divide by 3, multiply by 4, subtract by 8..

Trump says people who vote by mail are 'cheaters.' 11 people in his inner circle did.

Would you install a GPS tracking app on your phone to combat COVID?

Trump brags about TV ratings but stays silent about deaths of Americans

We had to wait til our capitalistic healthcare system decided they could make money...

Trump is going to open up the country early and screw this up. Mark my word!

Touch Me - The Doors

Skulls from the Yucatn Peninsula a Clue to Early American Settlers

Truckee now COVID-19 'hotspot,' visitors and part-time homeowners urged to stay away

White House Seeks To Lower Farmworker Pay To Help Agriculture Industry

Death and a vote.

A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it's not from the White House

Boeing, Nucor spearhead efforts to build protective gear for health care workers

Newborn babies at a hospital in Bangkok are being given mini face shields. Camera @GettyImages

Katie Porter would make a great VP choice:

Pollution made COVID-19 worse. Now, lockdowns are clearing the air.

Covid-19 online app

What is Quid Pro Quo

First day in USA over 2000 deaths

I'm ready to lay down some greens to watch Bloodshot.

Early coronavirus actions appear to be working in Washington state