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Thank you so much, for my hearts.

Breaking via NYT: Trump fires Gordon Sondland hours after dismissing impeachment witness Alexander V

You can't even write this stuff in a book... it isn't believable to the reader......

Who's next? I'm thinking George Kent? #purge


I'm so thrilled to have received a Valentine heart!

Question about the Presidential Medal of Freedom

With each witness Trump fires, Mitt Romney looks better...

Been supporting EW since

Chris Matthews is trying to stir animosity between the candidates.

THANKS for the Heart!

In 2016 I supported Hillary for President.

Thanks for the heart!

Ruth Marcus Was Just On MSNBC & She Needs To Own Her Part In Getting Trump Elected

I am so sick of the artful smears

So. It's The Friday Night Massacre

The Democratic impeachment managers will be on Anderson Cooper 360 at 8:00 EDT.

Kind of surprised...

The fucker fired Sonland today too.

Thank you, ❤❤

I bet Sondland wants his million dollars back?

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Let's name this

Can I buy hearts and have DU give them out randomly.

Interesting point: It's time for Sondland to tell us why he met with Devin Nunes in Brussels in Aug.

The past jumps up and bites Bloomberg in the ass.

25th amendment

Friday Talking Points -- A Momentous Week

Thanks for the Hearts my friends

Hell has frozen over - my Fox-watching father thinks Trump is "insane."

Thanks for my heart's. I feel very blessed

Thank you for my hearts!

On CNN now: Jeff Weaver is as obnoxious as he was 4 years ago.

Ted Lieu: If you still don't believe in climate change, you are STUPID.

Mark Esper said both Vindmans are welcomed back in the Pentagon

No words.

Future Trump Cabinet Meeting

Thank you for the Heartses!!!!

I think all predictions are nuts

Crews blasting hill in Organ Pipe National Monument to make way for border wall

Californians who register to vote would be required to cast ballots under new bill

Wonder how many questions were changed before tonight's debate?

Does Gordon Sondland get his one million dollars back?

Mitt is looking braver by the day.

All I can say "is thanks to those dumbasses GOPers"! (SARCASM)

Romney should run against Trump. n/t

I ❤️ D.U.

'Friday Night Massacre': Experts Says Trump Firing of 3 Officials... Is a Criminal Offense

Washington Examiner "Trump fails in his responsibility with petulant firing of Alexander Vindman"

The whistleblower better update his resume, if he has not already done

TY very much for the heart!!

Welcome to the Putinization of America

'Friday Night Massacre': CNN's Jim Acosta Evokes Nixon in Trump's Retribution

Ugh. Bill Maher is having Steve Bannon on tonight

Bernie turns his fire on Buttigieg

*****DEBATE THREAD #1*****

One of the funniest dog clips ever:

One of the funniest dog clips ever:

I wonder if Trump fired them in person?

Thanks for the heart

Thank you for my hearts!

Thank you for giving me hearts.

Does anyone have a list

Thanks for the Valentine heart--whomever sent it to me.

Another heart! Many thanks to the sender!

Rescues by chopper, front loader as flood hits northwest US

ABC's YouTube link for watching the debate:

Got another heart

Thank you❤

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Sanders leads Buttigieg by 4 points in New Hampshire: poll

I'm blushing, thank you.😍

Iowa Democrats extend deadline for campaigns to request recanvass of caucus results

Here's my idea about the relatively low turnout in Iowa. Do you agree?

Thank you for the heart!

Trump Fires Gordon Sondland, Ambassador Who Testified in Probe

NC-SEN: VoteVets go in big for Cunningham

Great time for the hearts. It's been a brutal week!

Bloomberg donates another $1.4 million to House Democrats

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ty for my heart 💜💜💜

Posted on Facebook today by William Boyd Grove, retired United Methodist Bishop of WV

Emails from my brother - jokes from his friends

You made my day! Thank you for the heart! Love you all!!!!

I love my heart! Thank you!

A Pennsylvania judge accused of making racist comments(R)

Roses are red...

Thanks for the ❤️!

Andrew Gillum political committee sends $75K to group backing Fl. Senate Democrats

Here's a prediction--Trump will be impeached again before November.

Judge reassigned for allegedly calling black woman juror 'Aunt Jemima'

Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre: Wikipedia (Nixon also tried to get even)

Judge reassigned for allegedly calling black woman juror 'Aunt Jemima'

Thanks for my heart!

I had a terrible day today. Everything went wrong. Thank you for cheering me up with the heart!

I got a ❤. And it really picked me up.

The GOPers will have blood on their hands when Trump gets some prominent person......

I don't enjoy seeing our candidates going after each other.

Thanks for the hearts.

The 'swarm': How a subset of Sanders supporters use hostile tactics to drown out critics

Judge weighs challenge to Tim Eyman's $30 car tab measure

House passes Puerto Rico aid in face of Trump veto threat

Dear bestower of my Valentine Heart,

Does Putin want *Germany* to go fascist...?

Impeachment THIS NEXT time might be different.

*****DEBATE THREAD #2*****

So anyone watch "Forensic Files" on HLN?

Thank you so much for my Valentines hearts!

Democrats sound alarm on Trump: 'He can win again'

Thanks to my anon sweetie for my heart!

Thank you for the Heart...

My cat Hughey, aka Captain Morgan, has been all over me the last 3 days.

Racist Old Man: "That Other Racist Old Man Isn't Really That Racist"

Just Wondering If Anyone Listens To Randi Rhodes

Thank for my hearts.

Lido Pimienta - Eso Que Tu Haces

Trump warns on impeachment payback: 'You'll see'

Who dat who hearted me?!

Iowa Democrats extend deadline for candidates to seek review

God damn, this makes me mad as hell - death of 4 yr. old

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Thanks for the hearts

The Nude Party - Chevrolet Van

Wherein Junior thanks Schiff for outting all the disloyal so his daddy can show his Mob Boss Skills

Grumpy Cat - New version 2.1

Puget Sound housing markets seeing record-low inventory, points to 'piping hot market'

Pence says on Fox: Pelosi is going to be the last Speaker of the House to sit in that chair...(?)

Lady Bird Johnson's Pecan Pie

G. Love & Special Sauce - SoulBQue

I've discovered that I can impersonate Mitch McConnell's voice perfectly.

Plane carrying travelers from Wuhan arrives Friday evening at Eppley Airfield

Help. I am trying to pay for valentines hearts directly through my credit card but the

Thanks for the heart.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Apocalypse Now!

Any guesses ...

Thank you for my heart (5 minutes ago)!

Thank you for the heart nt

Many Roads Still Closed Friday As Rain Continues

Faithless electors

Fruition - Dawn

ARIGATO GOZAIMASU for the HEARTS! Greatly appreciated and wonderful.

The DU has now raised OVER $95,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links

US preacher Franklin Graham tries to reverse UK tour cancellations

Irvin: 'Very significant people' say Cowboys could trade Dak, sign Brady

Have a good weekend everyone!

Trump doesn't realize that high horses have slippery saddles

Thanks for the hearts! Badly-needed day-brighteners

Thank you Anonymous for the heart. sniff...

Thank you for the heart!

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that will put Democrats back in the majority.

*****DEBATE THREAD #3*****

Thank you for the heart !!

How Trump's three years of job gains compares with Obama's

Esper & Norquist need to resign immediately

WT actual F is this photo of tRump?

Wow talk about an enlightened Trans group with this response re Bloomberg

Klobuchar says she'd be concerned about having a Democratic socialist at the top of the ticket

** Young Sheldon on CBS All Access Thread 1 **

Here is a link to one of The Ferret's brilliant posts if you want to give him a heart:

Presidential Things To Do List At SOTU Address 2021:

Thank you dear hearts 💕 for the dear hearts 💕!

White House asks scientists to investigate origins of coronavirus

Thank you, kind friend, for the heart!

Does Trump mock Christianity?

Can Barr be impeached?

So is this pic of Trump real?

Watching the Debate and kind of crushing on all of them.

Phone banking for Bloomberg this weekend

Giving out hearts is addicting.

The season of Valentine Hearts

After reaping attitude from an obnoxious 7th grade female student since September,

Rachel Maddow just played the clip....

Thank you so much for the hearts! It's humbling and very much appreciated.

Aw Thank you!!


Debates doing the work of the gop.

I have hearts ... who wants one?

I have hearts! Thank you for my hearts!

State of Things

Thanks to the latest heart sender!

Thank you to my heart donor!

Well, the Week's High Points Were Mitt Romney and Joe Walsh, So I'm Ready to Move On, Thanks. (F/SC)

Nancy Pelosi: McConnell and the GOP Senate are accomplices to Trump's wrongdoing

Kirk Douglass and John Wayne

Thank you for my heart!

I understand this is the tweet Steyer was challenging Biden on.

This vulgar man has squandered our decency

Secret Service corrupt! Good grief, Rachel Maddow demonstrates how the secret service has

I try to avoid arguing politics with my right-wing sister on Facebook...

NASA finds 'fundamental' software problems in Boeing's Starliner spacecraft

Gracias por los corazones

*****DEBATE THREAD #4*****

Republicans attacking Romney too hard could drive a wedge between the GOP and Mormons

I have my first heart! Thank you

Black lawmakers call Biden surrogate's comments racist, demand former VP disavow

My first heart. Thank you!

A heart! Thank you so much!

Hay now! Who dat givvin' me hearts?! I love you and all of DU much!! 😘

Uh oh...

When do star members get hearts to distribute?

Dang we have some good candidates.

Amy's kicking ass tonight! That is all. nt

Thank you for my heart kind stranger.

Amy won the debate.

Be still my heart! I got my first heart - thank you so much.

Thank you for my heart, it is greatly appreciated. n/t

O kind fellows! How yr. hearts have cheered me! I thank you from the bottom of my ❤️. I thank

I have a ♥️.

A spine is under a spotlight in the middle of a room full of Republicans...

Thank you for the Heart!!

Rachel is going to have to start a new board of those fired because

Thank you very much to whoever gifted me a star

Thank you kind people. Haven't been around

NYT Editorial Board: The Government Uses 'Near Perfect Surveillance' Data on Americans

Saying NO ONE likes or likes working with Bernie is a lie --- Proof

New Hampshire Debate Highlights Feb 7, 2020

Fact check: Warren claims 36 million Americans can't afford prescription drugs


Another heart! Thank you!

Thank you for my heart

WOW, on MSNBC, hayes interviewing NH voters who watched debate,

whow. Tweety is praising Amy Klobuchar over and over.

Thank you for the heart!

Thank you for the heart!

Here's a clue, Chris christy is praying for

Where in the hell has this Biden been?

I heart my hearts!!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Al Franken on Trump, Health Care & Impeachment

What's up with Microsoft? Their support for my Win 7 computer was supposed to end last month

I'm disappointed that history was ignored in the debates

Thank you for my hart , Bullet For My Valentine -

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Conservatives Outraged Over Pelosi Rip While Acquitting Trump

Thanks to those who gave me hearts.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Celebrates Almost Getting Kicked Out of the White House

Kris Krispy is obsessed with attacking Pete.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: MASH-UP: Obama vs. Trump at National Prayer Breakfast

Wondering the effect of this debate on NH.

Whomever you are... Thank You!

I don't believe you could have watched this debate without coming away impressed with

If you agree with Steyer's point that Trump will use the economy as a talking point

I heart the heart givers!

Thank you for the hearts, you kind-hearted people.

🐦 FEB 8 at 12PM - Dover GOTV Canvass Launch with Bernie Sanders

Feb 6-7 Emerson NH poll: Sanders' lead over Buttigieg down to 7 pts (from 15 a few days ago)

Someone said Amy took a swipe at Pete and mentioned cartoons?

🐦 FEB 8 at 4PM - Concord GOTV Canvass Launch with Bernie Sanders

🐦 FEB 8 Doors at 5PM - 61st Annual McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner with Bernie Sanders

Bill Nye The Groovin' Guy - why is he not on DWTS??

For whoever gave me a heart just let me say

Thank you so much for my ❤️❤️

You cannot end child poverty with education and childcare.

Aw, shucks! Thanks for the hearts. They are appreciated. nt

Thanks much for the heart nt


Amy Klobuchar: "I know you, and I will fight for you."

Tonight was Biden's strongest debate so far.

🐦 FEB 9 at 12PM - Plymouth GOTV Canvass Launch with Bernie Sanders

Who not on DU would you send a ❣️

Thank you, oh charitable heartgiver.

🐦 FEB 9 at 1:30PM - Hanover Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

🐦 FEB 10 at 10AM - Breakfast in Manchester with Bernie Sanders

Buttigieg Edges Into New Hampshire Lead

Is an impeached President now an IMPOTUS?

I love Andrew Gillium. Watching REal Time and Man I hope he runs in the future

Police identify suspect in string of pumpkin pie thefts

The Daily Show: The State of the Union - A Telenovela

Amy raised a million dollars tonight.

Maybe I am still a naive rube, but I was heartened by Sanders' full-throated call for unity

Expunge an impeachment you say? Let's go to the constitution...

Klobuchar spoke to me

The media needs to report the real story

Amy, this is disappointing.

The Daily Show: The 2020 State of Black S**t Address

Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull); drum cover by Sina

Cupid has struck!

Bloomberg might have benefited most from the debate.

Why do Mormons hate Trump?

Great Lakes' Water Levels Higher Than In Past Century; Homes & Shorelines Eroding Fast

I hate ALL repukes and I will shout it from the rooftops. Please heart me up I am SCARED

Seth Meyers - Trump Addresses His Impeachment at the National Prayer Breakfast - Monologue 2/6/20

We've seen the outcome of avoiding awkward conversations

Oops! Sask Town Evacuated After Oil Train Derails & Burns (2nd Such Since December In Same Place)

Michael Moore just said FDR was a democratic socialist.

How Is Trump Going To Take Out The SDNY....

2020 Democratic bumper sticker: "Getting tired of this shit yet?" n/t

Should Dems start giving money to get Even McMullen to run again?

Final approximate candidate speaking times from tonight's debate, per ABC

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Underpants returns to the SF Giants. - Hunter Pence signed a one-year, $3 million contract

Andrew Yang slams hyper-corporate capitalism on opioids

Norway - Is It The Perfect Economy?

Thank you my friends for the hearts! 💖💖💖

GOPus Delendus Est.

Lil Marco explained Lt Col Vindman's escort off WH grounds today:

To the kind person who gave me the heart, thank you.

I offer my heartfelt thanks for my valentine!

I am insane...

Boston Globe: Grading the debate performance of the Democratic candidates

Chris Matthews is insane

Pete overtakes Bernie in NH (Poll)

Barr's call for U.S. control of 5G providers quickly rebuked

Beluga whale returns a woman's iPhone after she drops it into the water

I Can Hear Trump Now - Mulvany Says To Trump - You Can't Do That It's Against The Law.....

Trump stumbles with traditionally-Republican religious group, may cause him major problems in 2020

Pete Buttigieg skipped more than half the questions on the NYT foreign policy questionnaire.

Korea Sijo (시조) in English -- by translation and original poems

Life is beautiful!

Diamond Princess passenger tweets food reviews during coronavirus quarantine

IN-05: Ready to Run

Thank you kindly for the hearts.

POLITICS Trump Had a Major Makeup Malfunction Today and He's Now the Laughing Stock of Social Media

Real Time Bill Maher 1/7/20

Did I miss it, or did Warrne,not talked about Medicare for All?

Judge upholds Maryland ban on pet stores' sale of cats, dogs

I Hated Bernie Bros..Until I Loved and Lost one

Someone clipped together Trump mocking the National anthem and complaining about football

Did Sanders answer how much Medicare for All would cost?

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/7/20

Klobuchar raises $1 million since start of debate

Caption Time

Mayor Pete's Invisible Black Police

How crooks elect presidents, according to Colombia's first and only voter fraud convict

Secret Service has paid rates as high as $650 a night for rooms at Trump's properties

President Trump: You are a phony prick and will go down as such in history

"Risk of Nuclear War Rises as U.S. Deploys a New Nuclear Weapon for the First Time Since the Cold Wa

Thank you so so much for the hearts! I love hearts in general, lolol

Chris Hayes...The Con plays his base for bitter fools lost in feeling sorry for themselves

From Venezuela with love: fugitive coalition politician drops corruption bomb on Duque's allies

Pete raises over a million dollars at end of debate

I got a heart!

The Who - Eminence Front (Live In Hyde Park 2015)

Speeding up an older computer

Brazil's Military Elite Sees France as A Threat

Government Wants Foreign Companies to Build Public Infrastructure Works

Exactly why comparing Trump to an orange orangutan is flat out wrong

Bolivia proved developing without IMF possible: Morales

I got my hearts

Prince - Chaos and Disorder

Thank you for my hearts!!!!

Terminally ill Peru woman demands right to euthanasia

Cyclone nears Australia's west with heavy winds, risk of storm tide

This orangutan saw a man wading in snake-infested water and decided to offer a helping hand

US Gov't Attempts to Railroad Venezuelan Embassy Protectors

Amazon deforestation for January hits record

Bloomberg already outpolling Bernie, Buttigieg, and Warren with Black voters in North Carolina

How in the hell did we get here

Tweet of the Day

Amazon deforestation for January hits record

xoxoxoxo's to those who lifted my heart this sad week by giving me a heart!

"Just Like You Said it Would Be" - Sinead O'Connor live

Hey hooman, play with me.

Bernie Sanders interviews Punks [1988]

Pat Benatar - You Better Run

バレンタインありがとう 日の心。

Pat Benatar - Cerebral Man

Thank you for the heart!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/7/20

Pat Benatar - "Rated X"

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that will give Democrats majority control in the US Senate.

Sia - I'm Still Here (JOKER 2019)

When Don Jr. made a comment about Satan quoting Scripture. . .

☦ Orthodox Church-Evening Prayers

Anyone watching BATWOMAN on the CW? Its free on the internet!

'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession

American citizen dies from coronavirus in China

Loners Group - Happy Valentine's Day!!!

The US women down Mexico 4-0 to secure an Olympic spot

Boog the chocolate lab thanks everyone for the hearts

America - Prince

Medicine for the People

Roger Federer and Nadal's embrace was the best example for children

Orthodox Chants by a Polish Choir and 'Agni Parthene' chanted by Matki Bozej Monastery

Orthodox Monastery of Chevetogne chants The Polyeleos

I don't suppose the Chief Justice has made a

Thanks so much for the heart!

Air Force suicides surged last year to highest in 3 decades

Elizabeth Warren speaks after NH Democratic debate

Russian State TV Spreads Crazy Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

The Four Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse

MLB will not schedule any more promotions of Roger Waters

When Americans Fought A War In Russia (with pics)

Just woke up to a heart!

NC-SEN: Cunningham Expands Primary Lead

Thank you for the heart...really means a lot.

Israeli airstrikes in Syria 'force passenger jet into emergency landing'

Kansas anti-abortion measure fails; Medicaid plan targeted

Carpatski-Rus Orthodox (Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox)

Eastern Orthodox Church: 'The Cherubic Hymn'/'Ize Cheruvimi'

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage

Bernie Sanders showed us he's a very skilled politician

Unity, dems. I'm begging you. Unity.

Pelosi Blasts Trump For Firing Vindman And Reminds Him He's Still Impeached Forever

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney Is Fucked and So Are the Rest of Us

Glioblastoma brain tumor

Thanks for the heart. I needed that. nt

Before you start popping that bubble wrap remember...

Breakfast Saturday 8 February 2020

Orson Bean death: Desperate Housewives star dies aged 91 after being struck by two cars

Getting ready to go. #MoralMarch

"Settling all family business"

Kamala Harris On The Impeachment Trial, Her Marriage & The Next Chapter

Jane Fonda brings climate-change fight to LA ahead of Oscars

Carter Ford Debate 1976 SNL

Trump's real message can be found in the firing of Vindland's brother.

So, idiot son#1 makes public tweet praising the purge of impeachment witnesses

Today's NY Daily News front page... Too true, unfortunately

African American homeownership lowest since 1968

Overwhelmed...thank you for the heart!

Many thanks for the hearts!

Photo: Post debate Bernie Sanders party at the Airport Diner

Bernie clearly won the debate...

Thank you, heart-givers!

Thank you for all the love.❤

DOE: $64 Million In New "Clean Coal" Funding; "Like DOD Spending $1 Billion On Musket Technology"

How sweet of you.

Actor Orson Bean struck and killed by an auto

Actor-comedian Orson Bean, 91, hit and killed by car in LA

Plants And Trees Safely Store Mercury; And When They Burn, You Breathe It In

If you needed further evidence that all conservatives were arseholes, as perfect a descriptor as any

BLOSCARS: The Griot's list of actors and films that should have been nominated

I think this was one of Joe's best debates for us here .....Go Joe 😎💙

Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate

The DU has now raised OVER $100,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links

Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate

Pete Has 40 Billionaire Donors. Bernie Has 0

Merci for the Hearts, like a taste of sweet Spring!

Large Majority of New Hampshire Democrats Prefer Death by Meteor Than to See Trump Win Again

Biden called for a standing ovation for Col Vindman during the debate.

My heart to your heart. Thank you so much.

Quarterflash - "Harden My Heart"

Bernie Sanders endorsement of Joe Rogan tanked his support with Black voters from 17% to 8%

Amy's debate performance was a Steinbeck "Grapes of Wrath" moment for me

Thanks to my secret admirer!!!

Some of the "journalists" on TV should be called out about this. They continue to tell

Power is everything - and progressives forget that at their peril

I have seen the future: Donald Trump is going to get worse

Rev Barber: "He looks like he's getting away, but pride & arrogance come before a fall."

Joe Biden gets Democratic debate audience to give ousted Lt. Col Vindman a standing ovation 💙

National Laughingstock Susan Collins 'Wishes' Witnesses Were Called

Nicolle Wallace FTW: "Can you do sanctimonious tool for us tomorrow?"

Chris Matthews on Amy Klobuchar: "She seemed like a president tonight. She seemed like the presiden

Thank you for the heart!

A "hearty" thank you for the hearts.

This Wilko Johnson, Roger Daltrey cover of Dylan's Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window is great

I am so sick to my stomach

Omg ... who did this? 😂 Lego White House at a mall has Donald Trump in handcuffs.

Does anybody have friends who are freaking out over the coronavirus?

Air Force suicides surged last year to highest in 3 decades

Frank Rich: We've reached the nadir where even Gordon Sondland is more of a patriot than Sen Collins

Don't lose hope. Be a fanatical optimist instead.

A Valentine present for my rescued pup, Hal.

An Agenda for Working People, Not Billionaires

My heart just can't handle this!

I woke up to find I have a HEART!!! (Contrary to popular belief. Haha) Thank you!

And the A-holes Of The Week Award goes to......

Can we label threads with political affiliation/location of candidates?

Meet Mike and Judge Judy in Oklahoma City

WKUK Clint Webb

From Charlie Pierce:

I got some hearts

Little Marco takes Friday night "defending trump on Twitter" shift

The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President*

Oh my, more hearts! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

I think you'd all enjoy searching Twitter for TRUMP PHOTO - link:

Everybody gets 1 heart

Sleep, Australia, sleep. Paul Kelly

The Reality of Living In A Regime Is the Question: Now What?

I wish I could write something more uplifting and profound

Steve Bannon Runs Maher's Interview -- One Panelist Told Him That One Can Do Nothing But Listen

Thank you for my hearts!

Pennsylvania judge is suspended after 'repeatedly calling a black female juror 'Aunt Jemima'

RIP - Actor-comedian Orson Bean, 91, hit and killed by car in LA

My thoughts about the election

JOKER - watched it last night *SPOILERS*

Iowa Democrats to undergo independent review of caucus chaos

Why is Bloomberg trying to derail the Biden Campaign?

Thank you for the heart. I needed it today. n/t

Kobe Bryant helicopter had nearly cleared blinding clouds

Lets Donate to Joe Biden...the best candidate to take down Trump...lets show Joe we have his back!

How A Republic Ends -- Not Knowing -- That's Us Now

The child Trump gave a scholarship to at SOTU already attends prestigious charter school

Buttigieg says he's raised $4M since strong showing in Iowa

BTRTN: New Hampshire Debate...Pete and Bernie Hang Tough Under Heavy Shelling

The "Firing Of The Brother" will bring Trump down.

Rob Reiner: We The People must put this Malignant Fire Out.

I woke up to hearts! Thank you

Appeals court dismisses Democrats' lawsuit against Trump

Biden says he'll 'probably take a hit' in New Hampshire primary

The Top 5 All Have Experience. That's Not A Coincidence.

➡️ SUNDAY on #CNNSOTU: Sanders, Buttigieg, Tom Perez

➡️ SUNDAY on #CNNSOTU: Sanders, Buttigieg, Tom Perez

Three. I have three hearts.

Refineries are spewing Cancer-Causing Benzene..

Long rant that ends with my concerns with Pete Buttigieg

Anticuchos. Yummy

What is the greatest and most imminent threat to our way of life

Michael J Fox to appear w/ Mayor Pete at NH town hall

Who would like a HEART???

Andrew Yang's post debate interview on CNN.

If the networks are going to get to air debates, they must make them available

For Donald Trump, Loyalty Means Something Different

Remember the movie The Big Short? What's the corruption rate?

Helping my hooman with her cycling.

If you missed the debate, here's the link to watch all of it, plus an hour before & after

Um... yikes. (Climate change)

➡️ THIS SUNDAY: One-on-one with 2020 front-runner @BernieSanders in a special edition of #MTP

➡️ THIS SUNDAY: One-on-one with 2020 front-runner @BernieSanders in a special edition of #MTP

Jill Biden to stump in Peterborough, Keene

How to get your Trumping Look (makeup video)

"I am invincible!!"

Klobuchar to stump in Keene

Sleep, Australia, sleep

I KNEW there was a reason I loved Graham crackers

Sanders, Buttigieg face scrutiny in Democratic presidential debate

Nice WaPo writeup of Ed McGinty (Florida man who is decidedly NOT "the" Florida Man)

Trump Psychiatric Assessment ; recent interview post impeachment

Thank you for all the love.❤

Find Rush Limbaugh

I'm bouncing around about the candidates

What is the collective name for a group of clowns

The Looming Sanders vs Bloomberg Showdown?

Hottest and Coldest Places on Earth..??

Culinary Union suggests Sanders, Warren asking union members to trade health plans for 'promises'

Suspected Thai solider kills at least 10, remains at-large inside mall (Thailand)

Dusting of snow this morning...

Three Score and Ten

'I'm the sheriff': Detroit-area lawman stops phony cop car

There's a mad man in the White House! . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

To those

Three reporters just walked the line for Biden...

The LOLcats won't be posted this week.

Arizona national monument, home to sacred Native American burial sites, is being blown up for the

Another one. Be still my heart so full of thanks!

It's been a week today and still

Biden called for a standing ovation for Col Vindman during the debate.

Klobuchar could shred Trump in a one-on-one debate

I can heartly take it. Thanks again.

Mr. Pasty Face's cover-up

Heart, Heart, Heart, I love my Hearts. Thanks to the kind people who blessed me with them.

2020 Democrats - Live "Our Rights, Our Courts", forum

Chris Matthews: Amy Klobuchar Looked Like A president During Debate

Amy Klobuchar talks to Fox News after the Democratic debate

I want to know what Steve Bannon said.

After yesterday I have made a vow to work my tail off in ways I have never done

Melania, do you bleach your asshole?

Woman visits wolf she raised

I have one heart left again today, who would like it?

"Was this retaliation?"

MIT Tech Review: "YouTube is a pipeline for extremism and hate"

So I guess this should make me happy.

What is cool about the valentine hearts is that a lot of us were geeks in school.

David Corn: New Hampshire Voters to Pundits: We Don't Need Your Stinkin' Lanes

Thailand shooting: Soldier kills 20 in gun rampage

Las Vegas Review Journal poll: Democrats beating Trump among nonpartisans

Every time a post complains about centrists,

Do you have opinions about Jaime Harrison? Apparently he's running...

➡️ SUNDAY CBS Face the Nation - Senator Bernie Sanders n/t

Bernie Sanders Support with Black Voters Cratered by More Than Half in a Week

How food delivery apps are saving restaurants

Ivanka Trump honored for boosting manufacturing jobs "like no one in government has ever done"

A heart? For me? Thank you!

As a relatively new, low-post DU member, I really appreciate the Valentine hearts.

Photos that have a tinge of Renaissance paintings to them

Getting emails from the Reich saying impeachment will backfire on Democrats...?

We need new words

I'm at the Biden event in Manchester....the crowd is not large...

Armed ecoguards funded by WWF 'beat up Congo tribespeople'

Armed ecoguards funded by WWF 'beat up Congo tribespeople'

We need them.

Escaping "Them"

My ♥️ leaps with love.

Meet the 71-year-old staging a one-man protest in his Trump-loving retirement community (in FL)

I Was a High School Band Geek.

In tweets, Trump defends ouster of 'insubordinate' NSC aide Vindman

In tweets, Trump defends ouster of 'insubordinate' NSC aide Vindman

@EsperDoD, #Trumps Deputy Sec of Defence PROMISED, ..,that he will not tolerate any RETALIATION

Axios: Bloomberg's big bet on the power of money

There was no Trump "Friday Night Massacre" yesterday.

The blue state / red state political divide has come the movie box office

The Call Of The Wild

The orange amphibian turd should be impeached hourly, on a rotating schedule

Florida teacher accused of knocking tooth out of 7-year-old boy

Grover Norquist's little brother is the Deputy Defense Secretary??

So 4 polls come out at the same time for NH. 3 Have Sanders ahead 1 Buttigieg and yet

Thank you again for the hearts.

Please don't tell me that using Congressional power to shut down the gubmint

Bloomberg is planning to beat Trump at his own campaign game

Composer John Williams has a birthday today.

Rush, suggestion for your tombstone

ATTN DU!!! Sanders should win NH.. he killed there last time by 22%. If Biden won the world would

If Donnie Dollhands begins arresting Democrats

Why Princess Ivanka deserves the National Association of Manufacturers' Alexander Hamilton Award

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the

Tom Rush has a birthday today.

Neverending treachery: SHITLER manages to alienate our closest ally, even BoJo

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NEWS: March For Our Lives Co-Founder, Matt Deitsch, Joins Sanders Campaign

Dem presidential candidates on Feb 9 talk shows:

NEWS: March For Our Lives Co-Founder, Matt Deitsch, Joins Sanders Campaign

I finally got certified in First Aid/CPR/AED for both adults and pediatrics yesterday.

Tea Party: GOP voters should help Sanders in Feb. 29 Dem primary

It's snowing in Atlanta!!

The electoral college will be our down fall if we are not careful

My wife and I don't agree always on primary candidates.

Student-teacher in Tennessee dismissed over Black History Month assignment on slavery

Trump on #Vindman: Actually, I don't know him, never spoke to him, or met him

CNN/UNH NEW HAMPSHIRE poll: Sanders 28%, Buttigieg 21%, Biden 11%, Warren 9%, Gabbard 6%,

The Acquittal of Donald Trump is BEING APPEALED!

Twitter and Facebook refuse to delete fake video with Speaker Pelosi

Debate shows desperation of everyone but Bernie

Sanders: 'In Many Ways, Donald Trump Is a Socialist Himself'

RISE UP, by Andra Day. Our anthem for 2020?

Treasury hands Biden records over to GOP after refusing to release Trump tax returns

The media finally got the message on stuttering! thank GOD

Awww. Poor Press Sec haz a sad

Pennsylvania judge is suspended after 'repeatedly calling a black female juror 'Aunt Jemima' while t

Starting to realize the NYT was right, Warren and Klobuchar are our best shots

Reminder to all Michiganders...

Thank you for the Hearts, everyone.

Thank you for the hearts.

Russian politician offers to fly political party to Florida to celebrate Trump's acquittal

Speaking time vs Words spoken. Sanders most deliberate speaker.

Bloomberg wins endorsement from Democrat who flipped Michigan seat

NBC News: 2020 Democrats speak at the 'Our Rights, Our Courts' forum

Jordan Peterson seeks 'emergency' drug detox treatment in Russia

Biden hits Pete hard in new attack ad

The Friday Night Massacre would be illegal but it isn't because, Barr.

Need a good laugh today?

Bloomberg blitzes Florida as 1 million Democratic primary voters receive mail ballots

The National Archives is allowing ICE to "delete or destroy documents detailing the sexual abuse and

Michael Bloomberg releases plan for military families

I think that whichever Dem wins in November...

Is there a word or phrase for people who defend a system where they benefit even though said system

GOP meeting in effort to save embattled senators from impeachment acquittal fallout: report

Coronavirus: Hong Kong imposes quarantine rules on mainland Chinese

Seth Abramson thread on retaliation

Bloomberg donates $4.5M to U.N. climate body after U.S. cuts

Ryan Nobles: Here is our full report from New Hampshire on the new @CNN poll

Iowa and NH

The number one issue for Democrats now is this, remove that asshole from our House.

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I have a story for you:

caption Trump photo

Biden has taken three direct swipes at Sanders at his Manchester speech

Statement from David Pressman, LTC Vindman's lawyer:

Decreasing poverty also makes rich people richer

Poll: M4A supported by 56% of Americans, opposed by 41%.

Highlight: Bernie Speaks at Our Rights Our Courts Forum in New Hampshire

SOTU prop, girl who got scholarship, was already at "sought-after" Philly charter school

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Any Steve Roach fans here? I saw him in concert last night.

Did anyone see the ABC WH reporter after the debate last night say none of the

Highlight: Bernie Speaks at Our Rights Our Courts Forum in New Hampshire

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Thank you for my hearts. You are gracious and kind.

The Trump admin... plans to shutter its bailout program for farmers hurt by tariffs - NYT

When the Democrats win in November...

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Last night my son was accepted into an elite college program

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Mayor Pete's campaign response to Biden digital attack ad.

Biden Tells Voters to Look to the Past.

the Resistance

When it comes to

It's the best of times, the worst of times...Be the Hero

This fall, Sara Gideon is going to ask Susan Collins if she regrets her acquittal vote

The only way we can lose our democracy is if enough people do not care.

Thank you for the lovely hearts

Bernie Sanders showed us he's a very skilled politician

New poll on popularity of MFA finds most Americans STILL have MFA confused with the public option

Statistics on Republican senate trial votes.

Did anyone see James Carville on Brian Williams the other night?

Can the Democrats stop attacking each other?

Your hearts are deeply appreciated, dear senders!

CNN New Hampshire: Sanders with 7 point lead.

Trump supporting CEO says life is "ruined" after caught on tape calling UBER driver N word

A drawing of my son when he was 14 years old

GOP sending out fake Census mailers to trick Americans into handing over their money, data

Who's to blame for the firing of impeachment hero Alex Vindman? Every senator who acquitted Trump.

Paul Krugman compares Republicans' stance on deficits under Obama to now.

Margot Robbie Pushes Her Limits While Eating Spicy Wings Hot Ones

Happy Caturday!

I talked politics with an African immigrant yesterday.

The "Trump is going to get worse" meme...

As Republicans back down, voters must now step up

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I hate trump. I hate the republican enablers. but - I LOVE the hearts! thanks so much!


Pete Buttigieg surges to small lead in New Hampshire amid post-Iowa bounce

Biden: "You will never hear me speak ill of another Democratic candidate"

When I talk to a Trump voter, It's like teaching a child the facts of life.

Cartoons 2/8/2020

On CNN, a guest - do not remember who - commented that Klobuchar's campaign is the only

Wuhan coronavirus: Deadliest day in outbreak as mainland China records 86 fatalities

They make me happy...

A former TSA agent is accused of forcing a woman to expose her breasts during airport screening

538: Trump Is The Most Unpopular President Since Ford To Run For Reelection

This is not normal to see such growth and power of radical extremists from the militant right wing!

In an early debate, Yang offered $1000 to five, or 10 viewers who would contact his campaign

Irony: Multimillionaire Bernie Sanders Attacks Pete Buttigieg For Influence of Wealth

Bill Nye struts to Lizzo on catwalk during NY Fashion Week charity event

Pope to visit Italian region poisoned by toxic waste dumping

Fight over Trump's impeachment shifts to battle over the impact on Senate races

Mudslides block access to Mount Rainier and isolate residents and park visitors

Los Angeles Plans To Build World's Largest Wildlife Bridge To Save Mountain Lions From Extinction

Trump's "acquittal" tour reminds me of OJ's hunt for the murderer of his wife.

First American Dies of Coronavirus, Raising Questions About U.S. Response

May be the prettiest front man,


Duterte Moves to Cancel U.S. Military Pact, Inquirer Reports

Kid Trump Highlighted Attends Elite Charter School

You raised $6,273.20 on February 7, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Daily Beast: Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine

"President" Trump just now is #cyberbullying Rep Debbie Dingle for her impeachment vote!!....

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Tacoma Community College reopens Saturday after week-long blackout

For my last post of the day I would like to say this.

NC State Researchers Find High Levels Of Firefighting Foam Chemical In Cape Fear Bass

'Heinous, corrupt and evil': Feds investigate after 15 dead in Mississippi prisons

Primary Homes: Where Five Democratic Front-runners Head After the Campaign Trail

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Collins says it would not be appropriate for Trump to retaliate against impeachment witnesses

I feel like Sally Field....

Woo-hoo! Job offer!

Arizona national monument, home to sacred Native American burial sites, is being blown up for wall

Humbled by all the love, thank you.

Graphic warning: This is the stuff of nightmares.

"We're losing our damn minds": James Carville unloads on the Democratic Party

Bernie is speaking in front of a packed to the rafters house.

Check out these Russian explosions.

Lucinda Williams

Esper Guarantee Against Retaliation Proves Faithless For Vindman

Susan Collins is a jellyfish. Not a senator.

For all the GOPearl clutching about the "Deep State"

Living on the Streets of L.A.


Does Biden have any actual executive experience?

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VA chief Wilkie sought to dig up dirt on woman who complained of sexual assault, agency insiders say

Rethuglicon votes in the senate should have come with a 30 day change your vote plan!

Heart 2 Heart ❤❤

Tax payers being charged millions for Secret Service to travel with trump.

A350 Pilots Banned From Drinking Coffee in Cockpits

Andrew Yang Post-Debate Interview w/ CNN

What is the legal recourse for an AG who won't investigate crimes?

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UCLA Data: Sanders Overwhelmingly Won Support in Iowa's High-Density Latino Caucus Locations

UCLA Data: Sanders Overwhelmingly Won Support in Iowa's High-Density Latino Caucus Locations

So he noticed the public mockery.

A matter of the heart...thanks!

More Than 3 Dozen Military Hospitals to Stop Treating Retirees, Families, Memo Shows

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"Nothing I can say (except THANKS!), a total eclipse of the heart(s)!" nt

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Heads up - HUGE Spectrum internet outage in the Northeast (fiber optic damage)

A Bloomberg Strategy

It's that time of year; hearts for A&A!

Trump publicly admits he fired White House official as retaliation for impeachment testimony

One thing Trump won't brag about in his State of the Union: his plans to cut Social Security.....

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This is my opinion only, of course

Bloomberg wins endorsement from Democrat who flipped Michigan seat

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538: Who won the debate?

Trump's Son Thanks Adam Schiff

Another reminder, and another photo to inspire you "Repetitions" is coming

VA chief Wilkie sought to dig up dirt on woman who complained of sexual assault, agency insiders say


The White House is the enemy

This Cannot be Unseen

There's a large crowd for Michael Bennet

This picture tho...

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I came across these General George S. Patton quotes the other day:

Bless the kind hearts who gave me hearts!

dave rawlings machine w/gillian welch (live on kexp-2010) - ruby ... it's freaking beautiful ...

What substantive step(s) could Mike Bloomberg do to win your vote in the Dem primaries?

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Trump's "total acquittal" was a "total whitewash".

What did I do to deserve all these hearts ???

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Wouldn't it be nice

Man drives into Moore OK girls track team, killing 2, his son was killed in car crash day before

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Mayor of Dayton calls out Biden's 2012 quote about not wanting to be Mayor because its a real job.

We shouldn't be conceding that Trump can fire someone for ANY reason- I don't think that's true

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Article: They Are Afraid

Thank you for my ❤️❤️❤️'S

Kim Gordon canvassing for Bernie

Bernie's campaign is in serious trouble.

Zelenskiy asks Pope for help in releasing POWs in eastern Ukraine

On this day, February 8, 1931, James Dean was born.

The myth of the manufacturing jobs renaissance

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 8, 2020

Spectrum outage stretches from upstate New York to New England, no cable or internet for users

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Thanks for the hearts!

Thank you for the heart...

Thank you for the heart!


Thailand shooting: Soldier kills 20 in gun rampage

I love Valentines Day on DU

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NPR: Who is getting the most PAC money

NC Spin Feb. 7th, Episode Number 1108


Need some peace and a quiet time break?

Jabba and the other Leia

God help me, but I agree with Orange Sphincter on this one.

Thank you, thank you to my valentine! It really made me smile!😍

I chatted with a Warren canvasser while grabbing coffee in Manchester

How the Australian fires are affecting the entire planet

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Lt. Col. Vindman Fights Back And Calls Trump A Petty Liar

538: Why Sanders Does Better With Independents (from 2016)

UNH poll has Warren in single digits...

NV Culinary Union suggests Sanders, Warren asking union members to trade health plans for 'promises'

How Does the New Coronavirus Compare with the Flu?

I despise clickbait headlines!!!

Higher Love.

Going to be a Three Dog Night

I'm not from here, have only visited a few times while trucking...

Life with a cat -- usually worth it #Caturday 😹

Tell me this doesn't sound like the end of democracy

Mama Dog Leads Rescuer Right To Her Puppies

(Ireland) Exit poll suggests three-way tie among largest parties

America's fatal flaw: The founders assumed our leaders would have some basic decency


16-Year-Old Was Allegedly Shot & Killed By A Boy After He Stopped The Boy From Bulling Another Kid

The deadly virus that threatens us all.

"Move little man! It's my turn now!"


This dog is more athletic than I'll ever be 👀

Joe Nemechek to run TRUMP 2020 scheme at Daytona for Mike Harmon Racing

Me doing my taxes:

This is how tornadoes start 🌪

To the sender of my heart, thank you

Joe on Pete: "Oh, come on, man. This guy's not a Barack Obama."

Nicholas Cage all over the place

I really appreciate the hearts. Home alone waiting for a biopsy

Pledging allegiance

Georgia Senate panel approves new dam regulations

What a nice surprise while I was away someone sent me a heart.

$15 Minimum Wage Legislation Advances In Virginia

The hearts are deeply appreciated, especially coming

Amazing doggy yoga partner right here...

Nancy Pelosi Rips Republicans For 'Normalizing Lawlessness' In Scathing Op-Ed

Not sure if this belongs here but, from Political, a good read

How Colombia's government officials led a political warfare campaign against journalists

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Faketangate: The Stable Genius Turns A ONE DAY STORY Into A Five Day Story By Denying it.

Trying out a new free image hosting website

Basil Smikle NAILED IT on Rev Al's show regarding Trump.

I have family in dire straits. One has lost her vehicle and on the verge of losing it all-the other

CNN Poll has Gabbard ahead of Klobuchar?

Democrats Better Pull it Together Now and Start Unloading

In the Pines

Farm bailout paid to Brazilian meat processor angers lawmakers

Otter attacks girl, dog in Lakeland home

Jesus H Christ, MSNBC...get Christopher Matthews the fuck off the air!

Susan Sarandon calls Warren out as a phony.

To the kind DU'er who unexpectedly gave me a heart

So which candidate is our best choice to put his/her Presidency on the line and

Delivered food, strong Wi-Fi and isolation: Quarantined visitors start 2 weeks at Camp Ashland

Surely Someone in the Democratic Party can figure this out...

'Wild Wild West' Star Robert Conrad Dead at 84

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House passes bill to allow VA to fund service dogs for veterans with PTSD

My cup runneth over! 3 hearts! Thank you, kind fellow

MSNBC panel: Warren will do poorly in NH

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Bill Nye dancing the runway and honors MLK

Buttigieg campaign mocked for adding applause to CNN town hall clip

Robert Conrad, Star of TV's 'The Wild Wild West,' Dies at 84

Crap Every Mountain: Replace every verb in a song with "crap."

Tell ya GOOPer friends. It's not photoshopped. You can buy it on Getty for $499

Thanks for the hearts...

Thank you for all the love.❤

Colorado Sen. Kerry Donovan wants to slow the roll on wolf reintroduction.

I want to

James Carville being hypocritical about "free college tuition"

Bloomberg surges to 2nd place in the betting markets

Trump flag seen flying in rural Virginia

Creamy Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Ben Carson explains how owning Mar-a-Lago proves Trump 'is not a racist'

What some (predominantly) white folks can tell us on Tuesday

2 U.S. troops killed, 6 wounded in attack in Afghanistan

Bloomberg blitzes Florida as 1 million Democratic primary voters receive mail ballots

Love Too Good- Jefferson Starship

Michael Douglas Makes Public Appearance at Mike Bloomberg Rally

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The streetlights are almost on and catbyte is the only one who noticed today is Caturday

You touched me deeply,

Question for those who vote with a mail-in ballot:

Coronavirus: Five Britons in French Ski Chalet Catch Virus

The price of used cars!

TONIGHT: Our 2020 McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Event kicks off at 7pm!

TONIGHT: Our 2020 McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Event kicks off at 7pm!

presidential scorecard: center for urban and racial equity

Here's what you, as a taxpayer, are paying for a cottage at Trump's Bedminster.

Coronavirus deaths surpass SARS toll, with officials reporting more than 800 fatalities in the outbr

Brutal Biden ad against Mayor Pete.

Seth Abramson...He's 😜 Crazy