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AND...the 2024 battle begins...

Democratic Iowa Caucus to release a correction. Up soon on CNN 7:01 PM nt

Pic Of The Moment: Guilty Man Found Not Guilty

A Complicated Map To Victory: The New Hampshire Towns To Watch On Primary Day

02/06 Mike Luckovich: Republican with a spine!

Rescue Kitten Teaches Dog How To "Dog"

Kirk Douglas has passed at 103 years old.

The Homeless Man VS Homeless Child! (Social Experiment)

Nevada Democrats attempt to calm nerves after problem-plagued Iowa contest, may transition entirely

DU annual Valentine hearts fundraiser

Be Best

Trumps speech tomorrow how bad will it be????

Bloomberg says campaign will have 800 staffers across California

Deaf Man Adopts Adorable Deaf Rescue Pup and Teaches Him Sign Language

Mitt Romney did his duty. Where were the other Republicans?

Acronym, the dark money group behind the Iowa caucuses app meltdown, Good read on app...📘📙💰

➡️ Starting tonight at 8PM ET - Democratic Presidential Town Halls - New Hampshire

It's now TWENTY years after "Y2K"...

Kirk Douglas has died at 103 years old.

How Pete Won

CNN: Senator Blumenthal is overcome with emotion recounting Senator Romney's courage

Iowa Caucus App Was Not Secure

Neuroscience Reveals: Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain to be Happier

Dog Has The Sweetest Reunion With Her Mom After Tornado Destroys Home

Hillary Clinton on Pres. Trump's acquittal

Trump- The OJ Simpson of the White House

Can I say what a breath of fresh air the DU has been during the primaries?

What Republican Senators Admit In Private

Joe Walsh on Tweety just said "chicken shit" on the air

There is motive behind amity's throwing Trump to the wolves?

This is one of the purest moments i have ever seen

on MSNBC:Joe Walsh just called the republicans Chickenshits.

Who needs this Valentine? ♥️ 😍😁

White House cancels press briefing minutes after Romney announced his decision

After the chaos in Iowa the party is looking like the Washington Generals

Warsaw woman creates Scrabble quilt for Buttigieg

Fire Season 2020: Pinyon Peak Lookout - Idaho

Mitt Romney

Kirk Douglas has passed at 103

This Will Come Back to Haunt Trump and His Enablers.

Limbaugh: Presidential Medal Of Freedom Less Of An Honor since Rosa Parks, Maya Angelo also won it

Michael Bloomberg's fast ascent unnerves rivals

Cat's wagging tail repeatedly boops dog on the nose; neither one cares.

Pete Buttigieg made history in the Iowa caucuses whatever the final results show

'LUST FOR LIFE': Dramatic Portrayal of Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh By Kirk Douglas, RIP

Trump was acquitted. But didn't get exactly what he wanted.

The talking heads on CNN were saying Impeachment has boosted Trump's ratings

North Bend Facility Chosen As Novel Coronavirus Quarantine Site

Pete Buttigieg Responds To State Of The Union Address, Early Iowa Numbers NBC News

ANALYSIS-Trump's trial is over but the final verdict is not yet in

Weinstein accuser says he trapped her during hotel assault

Rush Limbaugh's Medal of Freedom from Trump draws backlash

Romney surprised me.

Things could be worse.

Acquitted but not exonerated.

Was at work--did any Dems vote to acquit?

Coronavirus fears impacting businesses in Seattle's Chinatown-International District

This Will Come Back to Haunt Trump and His Enablers

Viewership down sharply for Trump's State of the Union

Fred Guttenberg expelled from the gallery last night

I would like to point out that V.P. Biden was my 2nd choice in this primary


I am Spartacus...

Impeachment not subject to double jeopardy

Rocky Lost

Joe Biden, in New Hampshire, calls preliminary 4th place finish in Iowa caucuses 'a gut punch'

Where do I find help on how the jury works & the process.

538 seems bullish on Bernie's chances for Super Tuesday and other early voting states.

Great Backyard Bird Count

Why not re- introduce SAME articles of impeachment? (i'm sure they can't)

Cat pix

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to flip.

Trump Supporter's Assassination Plot STOPPED

Iowa caucus app was rushed and flawed from the beginning, experts say ☢

Mitch Awarded Roberts With The Golden Gavel

Fred Guttenberg calls out John Turdley

My comments about Limbaugh's cancer may have been a bit thoughtless

Impeachment Helps Trump?

Donald J. Trump* [*still impeached!]

Axios accidentally tweets Bernie Sanders, wants out of prison early..

Here's why Democrats chanted 'H.R.3' in the middle of Trump's State of the Union speech

Poll: 57% of Pennsylvania voters oppose Trump re-election

2024 UT US Senate Election- Will Romney-R run for re-election in 2024 as an Independent?

Can I see the old Joe? If not, just say so.

I'M SPARTACUS! Kirk Douglas As Gladiator & Slave Leader of Roman Slave Revolt

What an exhausting day...

Arizona man is facing federal charges for threatening to kill Adam Schiff

So who is on Trump's enemies list and what will he do?

David Axelrod corrects Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 6 February 2020

Dog sleuths sniff out crop disease hitting citrus trees

They didn't know we were seeds.....

A company sent an Ohio man 55,000 copies of a letter

A Kirk Douglas movie I wonder if anyone else remembers...

Okay Duer's Its Payback Project Time

I'M SPARTACUS! Epic Film, Legend Actor Kirk Douglas RIP

Trump has published a hit piece on Romney on his twitter feed.

Activist William Barber II urges blacks in Congress to mobilize poor voters

Flashback 2011: Jon Huntsman calls Mitt Romney 'a perfectly lubricated weather vane'

Anybody know about Bang and Olufsen equipment? I inherited some.

The Atlantic: "How Mitt Romney Decided Trump Is Guilty"

After Iowa - All the speeches(I could not find Steyer) I finally listened to these posted by PBS

"We disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little".

Joke: Donald Trump is sleeping in the White House one night and...

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Back in the USSR!

I wonder what William Weld has to think about Romney's principled stand in the Senate??

Memo From Sanders' Iowa State Director

Gotta say... Biden's CNN town hall performance got me smiling

I hope this is not true but -

Jill Stein knocks Buttigieg as 'status quo'

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers endorses Biden

Doug Jones deserves a lot of our support. He has shown himself as a stand-up guy.

Does Mitt Romney have a diagnosis of something that

Luckovich has done it again

Night of the Long Tweets

I don't get the MSNBC spin on the Iowa results.

Chris Murphy Coronavirus tweet, this could not happen under

New Texas election process has Democrats expecting a delay in Super Tuesday delegate totals

Mitt Romney - the only Republican in the Senate with a backbone.

Mitt Romney became Sparticus...but with no allies

Dear Evangelicals

'Genocide' fears for isolated tribes as ex-missionary named to head Brazil agency

Madoff seeks prison release, citing terminal kidney failure

Adam Schiff coming up on Rachel in a few n/t

I think Romney should be encouraged to run as an independent in 2020

Trump supporter Rich Lowry hypocritically bashes Bloomberg spending.

What Strange Power Does Trump Have Over The Repug Senators?....

Any songwriters out there? We can make a mint but you gotta cut me in!1

Trump Administration Drafts an Executive Order Mandating Neoclassical Architecture

Did you go to a protest today/tonight?

How Life is Going to Change as America Collapses

Hillary Clinton will be a guest on the Ellen show tomorrow

Heads up! Hillary will be on the Ellen show Thursday, 2/6. nt

Colin Newman - Alone

Warren on cnn town hall

What's going on with the NY AG?

House managers: Trump won't be vindicated. The Senate won't be, either.

Romney gives MUST-WATCH interview on bombshell vote to convict Trump

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 6, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

92% of precincts reporting -

Uncle Joe on picking a Veep

Will someone please explain to me.....

My ranking of the candidates by speech making style

Economist/YouGov Feb. 2-4 NATIONAL poll: Biden 24%, Sanders 19%, Warren 18%,

Great quote by Bloomberg

DHS suspends Global Entry, Trusted Traveler Programs for New York residents in response to sanctuary

TV ratings declined for Trump's State of the Union speech. Viewership on Tuesday was a 20% decline

Klobuchar: I am the daughter of a lifelong public school teacher and proud union member.

Did anyone catch the short Barr edict on Rachel's show, tonight?

Warren is killing it.

Someone just told me Nancy Pelosi is 79 years old

Iowa Democratic Party is making a "minor correction" to results


Sen. Doug Jones reflects on today.

Buttigieg Campaign Removes Fundraiser Co-Host Tied to ICE Contracts

Living with someone who has a major personality disorder can make you crazy.

YouGov: Sanders nomination would disappoint more primary voters than any other except Tulsi Gabbard

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 7, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Pete Buttigieg will be on The View tomorrow (Thursday).

'Why didn't you stay in Mexico?': Man heckles Latino dad at community meeting on racism

OMG. These dozens of threads!!

That's it. That's the tweet

Joe Biden discusses stuttering at town hall

How to Bet on Politics: Everything You Need to Get Started

Biden needed a moment. He had it tonight in New Hampshire. (tweet with video - must-see)

New Hampshire Democratic Primary, RCP Average:

Gaetz has to be one of the dumbest people around-he is filing ethics charge against Speaker Pelosi

IT'S NOW OR NEVER, Elvis Presley

New Hampshire Democratic Primary, RCP Average:

sUsan cOllins is very upset about the angry voicemails she's getting.

Media is busy canonizing Mittens

Quote by Joseph Campbell:

52 Republican Traitors Betray Their Country By Acquitting Trump

There's a 70% chance of recession in the next six months, new study from MIT and State Street finds

Ex-Los Angeles sheriff reports to prison for corruption

1933 adaption of "Alice In Wonderland" has to be the strangest one.

Exclusive NH Tracking Poll: Sanders Continues To Lead, Buttigieg Closing In

Feds investigate Mississippi prisons after string of deaths

Once he got away with mocking the reporter,

I grew up with a stutter.

I sent Doug Jones 20 bucks.

I just saw Romney's speech. Two cheers for you, Mitt...

Homeland Security Suspends Global Entry for New Yorkers

What is the strategy for Elizabeth Warren?

Latest Emerson NH tracking poll has Sanders' lead cut from 15 points to 10

Pelosi echoed Captain Von Trapp ripping a Nazi flag.

Emerson College NH Tracking Poll: Sanders -1 Buttigieg +9

No candidate will win without the black vote.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 8, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Tulsi Gabbard is mad as hell, and she's not going to take it any more!

Me And Sarah Jane - Genesis

A Lamp to Dispel Darkness

I've Noticed Something Today

Breaking News: Counting Expert Called In to aid Iowa Democrat Caucus

Question to those who ski down snowy mountains: RE: straight-lining.

Any graphic artists out there?

FBI director says foreign disinformation campaigns 'never stopped' after 2016 elections

Apropos of the senate today. Volbeat - Still Counting

I feel that same exhilarating terror every human fighting for progress has ever felt.

Trump's Allies Suddenly Care About Decorum And Unity After Pelosi Tears Up SOTU Speech

Every Democratic frontrunner beating Trump in 2020

I don't get it. I take it for granted that we see the electoral college as evil

Sanders, Biden and Warren Bunched at Top in New Hampshire

DOJ reviewing allegation Erik Prince misled Congress in Russia probe

Customer (white male) today asked what I think of Trump

My wife doesn't support Pete...

Iowa - 97% of the vote is in. Top two are 0.1% different

Now You Own It All, Republicans

I'm upbeat about Biden! Making my third Feb donation...

☦️This night I grieve. Not for my departed husband.

The Daily Show: Trump Acquitted In Impeachment Trial & SOTU Fallout

If our nominee can't get POC out to vote we're toast

Warren: Male candidates who think they are better positioned to beat Trump are wrong

Our Post-Iowa Primary Forecast Is Up, And Biden's Chances Are Down

The Daily Show - American Democracy Is Going Great / Trump's Best Words: State of the Union Edition

538: Who will win the South Carolina primary?

Kirk Douglas sings!

Seth Meyers - President Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address - Monologue - 2/4/20

Seth Meyers - Senate GOP, Except for Mitt Romney, Acquits Trump in Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

We should be using clips from Reagan's budget director calling Trump an economic ignoramus

Why Acquittal Vote Could Have Wide-Ranging Implications For GOP In 2020

12:22 AM, and Trump's still attacking Romney and screaming "Read the Transcripts!"

Knock knock

538 does sports not just politics forecasts. They gave the 49ers a 93.8% chance of a Super Bowl win.

Lindsey Graham's Iowa deception shows Trump's corruption of GOP

Two guns stolen from lawmaker's home, including one he brought to Whitmer speech

Golden Gavel?

Gyeongbok Palace tour by Dr. Peterson

Virginia House Approves Ban on Conversion Therapy

FiveThirtyEight reports: Sanders passes Biden

Who's Safe? Who's Not? Breaking down the 2020 Pennsylvania House and Senate contests

Help! I'm trapped in this Abacab thing.

Virginia lawmakers consider $15 minimum wage

Uber To Bring Back Self-Driving Cars In California For First Time Since 2018

Went down to Lansing yesterday.

Glazunov: Harp Solo from Raymonda and the Raymonda Ballet Suite

GOP are nuts tweet:

Now this

Chief Inspector Murphy has something to say

Jackass penguin call shares traits of human speech, scientists say

GOP-affiliated group intervenes in Democratic primary for US Senate seat in North Carolina

Trump Fans Flooded Iowa Caucus Hotline, Democrats Say

Amazon paid only 162M on 13 Billion in profit. rate 1%

"Green crack" So Cal style :thumbsup: (eom)

The five: large telescopes

Scientists in Israel grow date plants from 2,000-year-old seeds

"NFL 2020" -- A Bad Lip Reading

Instagram dickhead said he had coronavirus on a plane. The viral stunt got him arrested.

U.S. warns energy cos like Rosneft, Chevron over ties to Venezuela's Maduro

Looks Like Bernie Won Iowa Caucus


Conflict between ranchers and wildlife intensifies as climate change worsens in Chile

Conflict between ranchers and wildlife intensifies as climate change worsens in Chile

The Cerro Caquilluco-Cerrillos Negros rock avalanches in Peru

The Cerro Caquilluco-Cerrillos Negros rock avalanches in Peru

Al Franken on Trump, Health Care & Impeachment, J. Kimmel Feb 5, 2020

Somehow I made it to 1,000 posts.

Will Trump Lie Later Today When He Speaks From The White House.....

How far has the Republican Party fallen? They are doomed, doomed I say (I command it)

☦ 'Memory Eternal'

"Will there be no retribution?"

"A person with HIV is an expense for everyone here in Brazil", says Bolsonaro

"A person with HIV is an expense for everyone here in Brazil", says Bolsonaro

GOP senator loaned her own campaign $5 million -- and she's charging interest

The slow creep of authoritarian rule need not be dramatic...

How do we get Romney to run

cruise ships quarantined in Asia stranding more than 7,000

Former welfare agency head, others arrested for embezzling millions intended for poor Mississippians

Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths

Nobody is above the law?!?!?! They have literally NO SHAME...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/5/20

Wondering why all the polls were wrong about the Iowa Caucus winner.


Stephen Colbert: Guest Jim Carrey

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats up in 2020 that will give Democrats 51 seats.

Breakfast Thursday 6 February 2020

Voters In Virginia May No Longer Need To Carry Photo IDs

Romney explained impeachment vote in note to colleagues

@GOP senators Ron Johnson & Grassley announce NEW Hunter Biden conflict of interest review

The streets of Wuhan, China remain empty under its #coronavirus quarantine

Bernie Sanders Raised $25 Million in January, More Than Any Rival in Any Quarter

oh for F'ks sake

Bernie Sanders Raised $25 Million in January, More Than Any Rival in Any Quarter

Florida Congressman Files Ethics Complaint Over Ripped State of The Union Speech

Christina Koch: Nasa astronaut sets new female space record

Last night, Schiff said they asked Bolton for affidavit after new info came out and he refused

Marie Yovanovitch: These are turbulent times. But we will persist and prevail (Must Read)

Signs of cancer can appear long before diagnosis, study shows

Defending Obstruction of Congress?

Pelosi ripping up Trump's speech on Colbert is will make your day! :D

Homeland Security suspends travel programs for New Yorkers

Gaetz goes groveling

Sanders Extends Iowa Vote Lead

Chuck Rocha: joining @krystalball to talk #IowaCaucauses, $, BIG news on #SuperTuesday

Less Than 1/4 Of Fortune 500 Have Made Climate Commitments; Meanwhile, Talk Remains Cheap

Chuck Rocha: joining @krystalball to talk #IowaCaucauses, $, BIG news on #SuperTuesday

Could even Stephen King, with his imagination, invent something

US Deploys New Low-Yield Nuclear Submarine Warhead

Eerie drone footage shows the deserted streets of Wuhan

Chuck Rocha: ''Bernie Sanders made us all a part of the overall campaign leadership! ''

Ocean Surface Circulation Speeding Up Since 1990s; Stronger Winds Powered By Warming Likely Cause

Steve Kornacki on Bernie's Chance to Win Iowa

John McCain's mother Roberta McCain turns 108 today

Labor Board majority shrinks size of union buttons on the job

Siemens Grabs Greenwash Brush, Blows Off Activists, Helps Adani Mine 705 Million Tons Of Coal/Year

Governors warn Trump rule could lead to big Medicaid cuts

The media bias in favor of donald trump

Conservative Climate Plans Are Neither Conservative Nor Climate Plans

Colbert on Collins from 3.40 - simply the best

The religious right should be careful what they wish for,

Twitter warning from Chris Bouzy (BotSentinel proprietor): 🚨I AM RINGING THE ALARM

Iowa App is no big deal. Paper Trail can fix anything.

FiveThirtyEight now says Sanders has a 49% chance of winning the Democratic nomination

February 6 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) NJ-12th

February 6 - Happy Birthday Rep. Brendan Boyle (D) PA-2nd

Shitstain's Big Speech: Lies On US Energy Independence, Not A Single Word On Warming

Mr. Kornacki, please be quiet. Just stop talking and---go away. Please. nt

ATU Local 788 ratifies new contract with Metro Transit

Thursday TOONs - The BAAA's Have It

Good News! GOP Representative Is Talking About Trillion Trees Legislation With Ivanka!!

Per November Polling, Global Warming Has Rocketed To . . . . #11 In Voter Concerns

To celebrate the date of his birth - here's Bob

When is Trump supposed to speak today? I thought I heard it was to be about impeachment. nt

Buttigieg Faces Tough Battle to Repeat Iowa Feat in Later States....Go Joe 😎🎨🏝

You think Trump supporters flooding Iowa Dem hotlines was bad? Just wait until 11/3/20

Michael Bennet's first House endorsement is from Trump Country

Biden campaign agonizes over Iowa shellacking

DHS blocks New Yorkers from enrolling in 'trusted traveler' programs over sanctuary law

The Rundown: February 5, 2020

This Month in Comics: January 2020

I want to make sure DUers know about this:

Art of the Week: Week of 02/05/20

NASA - Thwaites Glacier Tongue Has Gone From Solid To "Melange" - Mix Of Icebergs & Sea Ice

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/5/2020

RNC chairwoman on Mitt Romney, her uncle, voting to convict Trump: "I stand" with the president

Baby Hippo and Orphaned Rhino Fall In Love With Each Other

ISS Astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth with two cremates...

Common Cause Files Complaint Against Pro-Bernie Sanders Group Our Revolution for Violating Soft Mone

Bloomberg ad running in Colorado

I have a call-in to the Klobuchar campaign this afternoon...

Marie Yovanovitch calls out Trump allies' 'storm of lies and conspiracies' in scathing op-ed

Not quite cubism: 'Rubik's Mona Lisa' to go under the hammer in Paris

An Unsettling New Theory: There Is No Swing Voter (Rachel Bitecofer)

Bloomberg seizes on chaos in Democratic presidential race to escalate his campaign

FBI Director Equates Homegrown Extremist Threat In U.S. To That Of ISIS

Nothing says "National Prayer Breakfast" like Trump waving newspaper acquittal headlines

I just sent money to 4 people.

Salt Lake Tribune Ed Board: "All Utahns, all Americans, regardless of politics...should be impressed

Zelensky team member urged him to offer Trump opportunity to build a Trump Tower in Kyiv

Russian TV promoting CT Trump created coronavirus 'cause corona means crown & Trump held pageants

Does the shitball think he's Truman now?

now hear this . the first thing we need to do is unite this party and defeat the thing in the w.h

The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

Bernie is all over the news today. Could it be that all the talk about Bernie being deliberately

😀🇺🇸🥢☀️❗️ What's Your Favorite Food To Eat With Chopsticks? 🥢🍜🍱🍣🍤🍲

Trump looks like he's wearing an orange mask.

Good news about the quarantined patient in Lawrence, KS!

He's attacking the Speaker and Romney

Gawd...Teletrumpy sounds really creepy at the Prayer Breakfast. Nt

Rescue bunny says good morning to his donkey friends

The hypocrites at the prayer breakfast.

Bob was born on this date-

I didn't even realize

Kevin Kruse: I've studied the Natl Prayer Breakfast a good bit, and I can't say how bizarre it is...

Romney for President - he won't win, but he would take votes

Stephen ALbert, American composer, was born on this date

MF45 says he doesn't like people who use "faith"

Baltimore museum targets gender gap by acquiring only works by women

Baltimore museum targets gender gap by acquiring only works by women

Roy Smeck was born on this date in 1900

'Popeye,' the Colombian hitman who killed over 300 people for Pablo Escobar, dies of natural causes

Trump Dead Pool 2020: The Ronna McDaniel Edition (Mitt's Niece)

Trumpsters are livid at Nancy Pelosi for tearing up the speech at the SOTU.

I was charged for 2 star memberships.

The Babe was born on this date-

Feb. 7 Democratic debate: How to watch the candidates live from New Hampshire

I'm happy to report that taking 1/2 of a THC gummy has greatly increased my sleep time

Is DU selling hearts this year?

Did Satanas Trumpus really attack Mitt Romney's faith at the National Prayer Breakfast?

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz files ethics complaint against Pelosi for tearing SOTU speech

The (Totally Exonerated) Emperor's New Clothes

January 2020 Atmospheric CO2: 413.40 ppm; January 2019; 410.83 ppm; January 2018 407.96 ppm

'Dishonest and corrupt': Trump unloads at National Prayer Breakfast after acquittal

Our long national nightmare is NOT over


Military propaganda bothers me

We need to appreciate and applaud what Mitt Romney did

Presidential Race Tightens in NC; Cunningham Expands Lead

Biden and Warren Seek Revival, With Two Very Different Strategies

Pelosi did not tear up A SOTU speech. She tore up a propaganda speech.

I'm so tired of the media talking about in-fighting with the candidates

New York Residents Can No Longer Sign Up for Global Entry, DHS Chief Says

It's not just that Bernie got the most votes, it's also how.

Trump routinely tears up papers, in violation of the Presidential Records Act

Totally Non-Traditional Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Go) Recipe

Trump is a piece of shit

Trump Reality Show SOTU Ends with Pelosi Ripping Up His Speech

Ah ha ha ha ha!! Matt Gaetz burned by Laura Ingraham!

Trump's Brain Glitches, Mini-Strokes During SOTU 2020

Boris Johnson resumes deportation of 'Windrush' Caribbean nationals

Republicans foolishly believe yesterday was the end.

At Embassies Abroad, Trump Envoys Are Quietly Pushing Out Career Diplomats

If I knew someone who sounded like Trump sounded this morning,

Downplaying Romney's courage yesterday and casting aspersions that he may have ulterior motives,

Here's why you shouldn't write off Joe Biden

Well with 97% of votes tallied I would like to congratulate

Romney proved he is not a religious hypocrite, unlike the people at the prayer breakfast.

Mitch McConnell has done immeasurable damage to our institutions and our Constitution.

Ana Navarro-Crdenas: "Take a damn seat."

'I never did that': Haspel's clapping for Trump rankles intel veterans

Biden campaign touts backing of coalition of South Carolina women with focus on turnout

Equal Pay for Equal Work

I hope the Democrats understand this about their voters.

Why I Voted to Convict President Trump

Texas Democrats launch aggressive voter-protection effort

Help with video streaming from security cameras.

Greg Sargent: Trump's latest viral attack on Romney exposes Trumpism's ugly core

Nancy Pelosi was merely preparing for a ticker-tape parade

Surely they know, Donald Trump does not give them a lot of credibility?

Trump unleashes fury at impeachment enemies at prayer event

I suggest saying "Roger" when texting or using emails

I have a question about Netflix services.

BREAKING: Sanders' senior advisor Chuck Rocha reveals missing precinct data in Iowa

Trump won't step down if he loses

BREAKING: Sanders' senior advisor Chuck Rocha reveals missing precinct data in Iowa

Trump to sign executive order that federal buildings must adhere to Greek/Roman architecture

After Iowa caucus clisterfock, is anyone else not that surprised to see accusations here?

PPP NORTH CAROLINA poll, Feb 4-5: Biden 25%, Sanders 16%, Bloomberg 14%, Warren 12%,

Biden says he keeps in contact with about 15 people who stutter

25,000 Neti Pots Recalled After Defect Causes Water To Shoot Out Of Eyes, Ears

Heads up for Speaker Pelosi's weekly press conference -make sure you watch all of it

Now that every thing is over, the facilitator of evil, Barr, can come out of hiding.

MSNBC said, about Joe Biden

tRump supporters colluded to cause chaos on the Iowa Caucus hotlines...

538 giving Bernie a slight edge in Alabama!

Onething I learned this week is 538 is a joke.

To Trayvon, on Your 25th Birthday

There's a lesson to be learned from this

Jared Kushner appeared ignorant of what Nato actually does, book claims

So that head on a pike thing was true

This Day In Music

Chinese doctor who tried to sound alarm about coronavirus -- but was silenced by police -- has died

Dahlia Lithwick: The Law Is for Suckers

Check out the exploits of Zhdov Zhdonov!

Two links/ Permission to cheat??? Undetectable tampering!

Clogging the lines

Want to fix the presidential primaries? Revive the fairness and equal time doctrines.

Evangelist preacher Franklin Graham planned a seven-city UK tour. All seven venues have dropped him.

I will never forgive Jack Klugman's Oscar Madison for the abominable fashion trend he started!

The "Chuck Todd Theory of American Politics"

Trump administration urges court to allow food stamp restrictions to go into effect

Wow! Predictit now has Bernie with best odds in every state except SC!

Anyone else getting inundated this AM with calls for Donations?

A ltr to the Editor, from California, making the rounds:

Breaking: US Capitol Police investigating suspicious substance found outside Adam Schiff's office

Warren's Strategy going forward.

Learn from our struggles.. don't stick your heads in the sand!!

I nominate Cancer for the Medal of Freedom Award

Pelosi on Trump SOTU Obama slams: He "did not inherent a mess -- he inherited a momentum"

New gas station employee allegedly steals $17,000 on very first day of work

In Private, Republicans Admit They Acquitted Trump Out of Fear.

In Private, Republicans Admit They Acquitted Trump Out of Fear

When are people going to quit blaming Adderall for Trump?

G-dammit. Romney is NOT a hero. Stop praising him. Just stop!

Chinese doctor who tried to sound alarm about coronavirus -- but was silenced by police -- has died

Trolls on 4chan repeatedly posted the IDP hotline # telling people to "clog the lines"

Satan couldn't have said it better himself

Scotland's finance chief quits over messages to teenage boy

Pelosi, just now during press conference: "I tore up a manifesto of mistruths."

Pelosi: "I tore up a manifesto of mistruth."


A very Biden moment on the rope line in Somersworth, NH.

For Americans, a nightmare escaping Wuhan, then 14 days of quarantine


At Embassies Abroad, Trump Envoys Are Quietly Pushing Out Career Diplomats

"I tore up a manifesto of mistruth." Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi just said Trump "LOOKED LIKE HE WAS A LITTLE SEDATED" to her at the SOTU.

Analysis of why picking a moderate candidate is anything but safe.

Whoa! Nancy went there:

FiveThirtyEight's Dem Primary Forecast

Wuhan doctor who was Coronavirus whistleblower dies from virus

Trump today referred to Democrats as "dishonest and corrupt." He is talking about himself.

MSNBC is shellshocked over the "sedated" comment

Should every president be given a BLOOD TEST for DRUGS every year?

E.B. White's Beautiful Letter to a Man Who Had Lost Faith in Humanity

Some want to impeach Pelosi for tearing up a govt. document

Speaker Pelosi mentioned substance found by Schiff's office,

These southern Utah sites were once off limits to development.

These southern Utah sites were once off limits to development. Now, Trump will auction the right to

An Evening with Larry Sanders in Paris, hosted by France for Bernie 2020.

Rolling Stones returning to North America for 15-city tour

After the ass whooping trump just got from the speaker

My market value as a stay-at-home mom is 'zero:' Andrew Yang's wife

Extraordinary Popular Delusions

"Each side is famously stupid about who is electable"

Profiles in Perfidy. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

You can view Nancy Pelosi's video here:

Honestly I don't have much sympathy for Bernie Madoff's victims

Moderators for Democratic debate in Las Vegas

Coming up: Trump delivers a statement on the Senate acquittal on two articles of impeachment.

New Poll Shows Every Democratic Frontrunner Beating Donald Trump in 2020 Election

When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada's leaders have reached a new low

The Atlantic: The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; February 5, 2020

Pence's Remarks at the 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

Trump's Remarks at the 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

No new trends for the United States, Twitter anyone else

Why do we need the Freedom Dividend?

Buried in CNN article. Ted Cruz admits no one believed in "no quid pro quo"

Time for some introspective thinking

Cherokees become the first US-based tribe to deposit traditional heirloom seeds in the Arctic vault

Trump could get caught red-handed robbing a bank and he would lie about it.

From Beto O'Rourke: Is this the End of the last best hope

Nancy is comparing the MF to President Obama

Tweet O' The Day (So Far)

Maybe drumpf is

"BREAKING: The U.S. Treasury Dept. has complied with Republican Senators' requests...Hunter Biden...

Treasury Sends Hunter Biden Records to Senate

NYT: Iowa Caucus Results Riddled With Errors and Inconsistencies

So Sanders won 98% of every Latino Satellite Caucus

He's getting sedated..that's why he's late

JESUS, they're blasting "Hail to the Chief" as he enters.

If you can stomach it, live stream Trump.

Ruffles and Flourishes?

PELOSI on Trump giving Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh...

Trump's pity party begins...'it started the day we came down the escalator'

I was hoping for some comedy from this.

Nancy Pelosi

Twitter can have a little @AriRabinHavt dance break, as a treat


Trump is mentally ill.

Speaking of skiing!

Breaking: morning consults first post Iowa national poll

I agree with Trump.

So we're getting "Hail to the Chief" followed by a live-rally / Twitter-rant hybrid monstrosity?

"Had I not fired James Comey, it's possible I wouldn't even be standing here right now"

Thank You, Iowa - NYT Editorial

Post-Prayer Breakfast, Speaker Pelosi Tears Up Both Trump's Speeches


I Sense He's Going To Go On For Hours....

Don't think I ever heard Obama say "bullshit" during a public speech.

DNC calls on IDP to recanvass the results

DNC calls on IDP to recanvass the results

Let's keep a revenge log to show one by one what the trump cabal is doing

What a fucking circle jerk.

Am I the only one who thinks BS money is coming from outside our party?

Sending thoughts and prayers to Bernard Madoff. This is for you Bernie, and I really mean it!

Jesus! This Trump speech, or statement, or whatever the fuck it is

So am I right in thinking that

Love or hate Romney, he denied tRump a solid repub acquittal...

So...if Dems want to speak for an hour on NATIONAL TV about Trumps

Romney reached out to the WH requesting affidavits

Remember this monstrous rant. Every time you need to oppose them.

Trump is tying a dozen Republicans to his legacy with an iron chain.

Gosh Trump!

The media should cut this fucking rally

And Susan Collins thinks he learned his lesson????

Today Trump is clearly enjoying his...

My favorite Pelosi Quote:

Is Melania here?

How can any normal sane person listen to this

Heidi Przybyla fact-checking Trump in real time - this is how it's done


Bill Barr - Pinko Commie

Our Government Has Today Entered The Twilight Zone

New Morning Consult poll has Sanders w/ 1 point lead. But LW candidates have 36% to 54% for less LW.

This speech by Shakedown Donnie deserves a title for history. The "Bonkers" Speech?

This Trump "press conference" makes me think of Hitler congratulating his cronies....

Another reminder *** Repetitions Contest***- you have til Wed to tarry

I'm not watching this AH. Please let me know if there's anything gearing comes out of his mouth. nt

Oh my, now he is sucking up to Jim Jordan big time.

DNC chairman calls on Iowa Dems for immediate recanvass

Treasury Department sent information on Hunter Biden to expanding GOP Senate inquiry

China opens new hospitals for virus patients, deaths top 560

How We Can Commemmorate Our Fight For A Nation of Laws

Guilty Newfoundland puppy makes huge mess 😂😍

Devin Nunes Just Got A Standing Ovation....

Exposing the National Prayer Breakfast as a scam

tRump needs the traitors he's praising for his campaign...

The reason for this Trump speech is so hollow.

I was wondering why Snoop was trending (NSFW):

Damn this is so sad.

A confession... since the shitbag has been in the oval office, I have dropped the "F" bomb

Showing my age here, but...

Morning Consult polled Dems' feelings about 2020 after Iowa: Worried 65%. Confident 40%. Happy 34%.

Why doesn't MSNBC cut away?

Opinions on garden flame-throwers

I'm sick from watching this shit.

DHS bans New Yorkers from Global Entry and other programs over state law allowing undocumented immig

Dear Leader's Cult would follow him to his grave!

He has gone full Captain Queeg. I can hear the steel balls clicking in his fingers.

Two Impeached Presidents President Clinton apologized Trump whines

Festivus is trending on Twitter: "The Airing of Grievances"

OMG I'm gonna puke

"I want to apologize to my family for putting them through

Just turned MSNBC back on...he's still going after an hour, sniffling like a truffle hunting pig

Scenes from the Iowa Democratic Meltdown, Bernie supporters chant 'F*ck Warren.'

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow....

The "failed presidential candidate" Trump keeps attacking got 47.2% of popular vote. Trump got 46.1%

Today's latest from Real Clear Politics

For those of you who have been avoiding cable news for the past hour plus...

Washington Post, New York Times Editorial Boards Warn Donald Trump: 'It's Not Over' Both newspapers

LMAO Trump is totally squashing Limbaugh's triumphant return

Can someone please help me understand this?

In Unhinged Propaganda Rally, Trump Proclaims Victory After Impeachment Acquittal

On August 24, 1814, the White House was burned to the ground by the British Army.

trump: Had I not fired James Comey . . . its possible I wouldn't even be standing here, right now

Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X Lee's take on Trump's Grievance Speech:

The Battle for California's 20 Million Voters Came Early This Year

Pity Party Tour 2020 has kicked off

Pelosi On SOTU: I Don't Need 'Lessons About Dignity' From This President

It's time!

Will you vote blue no matter who?

CNN's Rick Santorum Sitting With Republican Senators, Not In Press Area.

Ten passengers on cruise ship test positive for virus - BBC News

And Now A Word From Bernie As "We Here in Northern England" Call Strong Victory Win

Reporter: "Mayor Pete's been declaring a win for days now--why should people believe your vctory?

NYT: Iowa caucus results riddled with errors, inconsistencies

The Treasury Dept has turned over the Hunter Biden files to the GOP Senate

If Donald Trump were to spontaneously combust on your front porch, would you ...

I'm prepared to go all-out for any nominee,

Trump talked about the shooting of Steve Scalise..............

Here's a very heartening exhortation to us all on twitter. Buck up! Work to do!

How do we beat Sanctioned Crazy? With all hands on deck.

Susan Collins won't care if she wins re-election

Has the Protracted Iowa Fiasco Damaged Biden More?


New statement from Iowa Democrats:

I guess a countries descent into madness is NEWS

Bloomberg is opening 11 additional field offices in Texas ahead of Super Tuesday

If you used reports from Vanguard in your tax return in previous years, and plan, again, this year

I wonder what was in Sekulow's folder that he opened and showed to Jared before Trump's spiel?

need to revive the old saying that referred to Barry Goldwater.

Introducing myself.

Bernie Raises More In January Than Any Candidate Raised Over 3-Months (Rational National)

Going to be so fun

New Campaign Slogan ideas for Democrats in General Election

Gabbard Campaign to Protest CNN Townhall over New Hampshire Snub

DNC Chairman Tom Perez Calls for 'Immediate Recanvass' in Iowa

Trump Holds Key to Republican House Chances

BREAKING: Yang begins to fire staff

Republican Congressional Cowards Sit Quietly As Trump Attacks Romney

Trump warned to stay out of 'foreign influence operations' by Senate Intel Committee

A judge overturned the convictions of four volunteers who left food and water for migrants in the de

Bernie Sanders raised massive $25 million in the month of January

The bottomless bollocks of Trump

Clearly the Rs in the E Room haven't considered...

to be lonely is a habit, like smokin or taking drugs ... i quit them both but man was it rough

"Substance misuse is only one among at least a dozen areas of concern"

Ukraine Says The US Is Holding Up $30M Worth Of Guns And Ammo -- And It Wants Its Money Back

Insights from Trump speeches today.............

Schiff Says John Bolton Wouldn't Even Give Affidavit

Probably lost a neighbor today....heh

This is a creepy display of an angry, sniffly little boy asking his posse if he's really a great guy

Sen. Jon Tester found it interesting that Trump would try to attack Romney's faith:

Need some negative economic bullet points for a tweet I'm putting together

Joe Biden kinda, sorta, almost endorses legalizing marijuana

Nancy Pelosi is right, we should be talking about John Lewis, hero in our country.

How big of a gofundme do we need....

Let's face the music: Americans can no longer be viewed as "generally kind and decent"

DNC wants to change IDP results from Sattelite Caucuses

Here's an interesting scenario to think about:

Trump Spends National Prayer Breakfast Attacking God For Allowing Impeachment To Ever Happen

Joe Biden Rips Trump For Giving Rush Limbaugh The Medal Of Freedom

A Dire Threat Emerges As Trump Poisons The Intelligence Community

Former Trump housekeeper slams SOTU speech: 'He knows immigrants ... kept his businesses running'

Marianne Williamson wants Tom Perez fired...

Advice on taking care of yourself in these dark times?

Why Donald Trump Threatens Public Health As Much As The Coronavirus

Sous Vide InstantPot?

Saint Mitt the Mediocre

Amy Goodman talks with Iowa Black Hawk County Board supervisor Chris Schwartz

Judge Napolitano: Trump Was Guilty As Sin

Katie Porter: the Anti-Gohmert

Cartoons 2/6/2020

Yang Fires Dozens of Staffers

Republicans Are Losing It Because Pelosi Refuses To Normalize Trump

you know the old expression "having the tiger by the tail"?

Michael Moore @MMFlint: Trump is a recidivist (a serial con man, serial rapist, serial liar, etc).

Trump: "I'm the only one that can do it."

Chen Quishi is now missing.

Too bad a reporter didn't get into Trump's face....

Housing costs, supply are getting dire in Snohomish County

Seattle shooting suspects charged with murder, assaults

Trump's War on the Poor Includes Our Children

Washington Post: Another happy print reader! Get a subscription today:

Mayor Pete Responds to Iowa Woman Who Was Horrified to Learn He's Gay

Email to ernst in response to her blast on female genital mutilation

Elizabeth Warren campaign to launch five-city Latino tour in Texas

WA Rep. Jayapal: GOP 'exemplified cowardice' in impeachment vote

What did Dr. Bandy Lee mean by this Tweet?

We are in for the fight of our lives...

Sanders Declares Victory In Iowa

Giuliani and other Trump allies are already cooking up new schemes after impeachment acquittal

2020, Every Day -- Rip It Up, Nancy!

Trump administration wants brief by retired Washington judges put on ICE

Trump Is Blowing Up a National Monument in Arizona to Make Way for the Border Wall

Pierce: Trump Marked the National Prayer Breakfast By Reading From Paul's Second Epistle to the Hann

A great cover: The Silkie, "You've got to hide your love away," 1966

Elizabeth Warren Praised For Preaching 'Compassion Instead Of Cruelty'

Utah Newspaper Editorial Board Defends Mitt Romney's Vote to Convict Trump

Prosecutors rest case in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial

Trump praises Stefanik and "that mouth."

Health insurers can use this loophole to push pricy medical bills onto you, the patient

John Fugelsang....

Monmouth NH poll, Feb 3-5: Sanders 24%, Buttigieg 20%, Biden 17%, Warren 13%, Klobuchar 9%

Earlier someone posted that Biden didn't

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 6, 2020

"Pete elbows Biden after the former VP went on the attack today."

Evangelist preacher Franklin Graham planned a seven-city UK tour. All seven venues have dropped him

Paid CNN commentator Rick Santorum seen yucking it up in audience with GOP senators at Trump speech

Biden and Warren Seek Revival, With Two Very Different Strategies

ICE agents, while arresting undocumented Brooklyn immigrant, wind up shooting second man

Judge Napolitano...?? A man whom I never respected..

Buttigieg responds to Biden Questioning his Experience

Amazon to create 15,000 jobs and build its biggest tower ever

Buttigieg campaign pulled in $2.73 million in donations since the Iowa caucus

Public Health Alert!!!

Let's say John Roberts stays on as Chief Justice another 16 years

Republicans get back to the hard work of investigating Hillary Clinton's emails

Fourth UW Student Tested For Novel Cornavirus In Seattle

Ted Cruz admits every GOP senator knew Trump's 'no quid pro quo' was a lie

You raised $730.20 on February 5, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

While cleaning out my flower bed today my neighbor ask me what I was going to grow this year.

The Art Of Health Care Haggling Full Frontal on TBS

Marcus Johnson & Joy Reid think if Biden loses black voters to anyone, it'll be Bloomberg

Flood damage could total more the $1 million in Whatcom County

Hypothetically in a debate with Trump if asked "To say one nice thing about your opponent"


ICE agent, while arresting undocumented Brooklyn immigrant, shoots brother of wanted man

Juanita Jean-Obama Beats Trump Again

Marie Yovanovitch: These are turbulent times. But we will persist and prevail.

LOL! Sanders had to cherry-pick Iowa results to claims a "strong" 3% victory.

Utah state lawmaker files resolution to censure Romney over impeachment vote

Washington lawmaker wants to keep death penalty after sister's murder by Green River Killer

Women of color bolt Warren's Nevada campaign in frustration


Lucky Chops On The New York City Subway

The Trinitones ☘️

Wouldn't it be great to form a group to defend election fairness and call it

Senate report criticizes Obama administration handling of Russia election meddling

Seen on facebook

About 50% of voters more likely to vote for Sanders after Iowa. About 50% more likely FOR BIDEN

Flood watch in effect today and tonight across Va; tornado watch posted for Hampton Roads, Southside

I have a question about a trust set up many years ago by my parents.

If that wasn't the biggest farce ever displayed Trump!

Forget A Recanvass, Democrats Must Refuse To Seat Iowa Delegates,,😲😲❓

'Virginia is for all lovers': House and Senate pass legislation to ban LGBTQ discrimination

Pelosi says she prays hard for Trump because he is so 'off the track'

Attention European Countries That Hate Trump

Vibes to the victims of this coronavirus outbreak and the hero healthcare workers

Video of Trump's noontime rant is here, if you just can't get enough.

NYT comment from Iowa precinct worker illustrates the depth of caucus count issues

The numbers game.

So I was called a Republican

The most interesting thing that happened at the prayer breakfast this morning?

Cold wave strikes Hawaii, temps plummet below normal...

PAC is spending $1 million in NC's Democratic Senate primary. Does it have GOP ties?

The Mother of Dragons is also Queen of Mascots, apparently.

Dog Puts Himself In Time-Out Too So Boy Doesn't Have To Do It Alone

Coronavirus deaths reach 563, with fresh cases on stricken cruise ship off Japan

AfD, Nazi party. candidate becomes Thuringa Germany leader

Interview: Trump's nuclear insecurities and other secrets from the author of "The Bomb"

Just got off a conf call with the Klobuchar campgin

SC lawmakers reject naming interchange for Trump or Obama

As a small token of optimism,

Excuse me, but I need help with something and can't find a proper forum.

The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President

A powerful moment during @ewarren 's #CNNTownHall --

So I'm still a bit undecided which is fine. How will each candidate beat Trump?

This is the asshole Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to

There is a lot of truth in this. 🐈🐈. 👩‍❤️‍👩

GOP lawmaker shreds Democratic resolution on House floor

Trump treated the SOTU like he was the ringmaster in a circus

Don't Just Get Mad. Get to Work.

The worst part of the unhinged impeachment victory speech

Trump hints at Republican compromise in messy Georgia Senate race

Dog Waits Every Day To Get A Hug From His Favorite Mailman

The Iowa caucus is not winner take all

"We won't tax you! We won't tax me! We'll tax that feller behind the tree!"

Bernie is Now 50/50 to Win Nomination as Biden's Chances Crater: Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight

Sounder North Evening Service Canceled for Thursday, February 6 & Friday, February 7

Stinky 1 . . . . Democrats need to win ELECTIONS, not arguments.

Neighbor uses crossbow to save man from dogs, but kills him

Assuming Sanders "wins" (not certain at all), let's look at it practically:

UT System proposes medical school in Tyler

My Brother & Sister-in-law, lifetime Independents, just switched to Democratic Party affiliation.

Fox News Internal Document Bashes Pro-Trump Fox Regulars for Spreading 'Disinformation'Article

The National Archive needs to have a glass display case

Impressive, but kind of takes all the magic out of it

Stinky 2 . . . I think it is time to recruit Never Trumpers and disaffected Republican strategists

Bernie Sanders has declared victory in Iowa, without the final results

Would you rather be stranded on an island by yourself or with someone who never stops talking? 🏝️

You know what would be a shame? A real damn shame?

If Republicans are this upset about someone ripping up a piece of paper, can you imagine how upset

Take a break a from the crazy and enjoy this kangaroo demanding a belly rub

Fox News Internal Document warns colleagues not to trust their own on air commentators

Va. House of Delegates passes nondiscrimination bill

Rick Scott proposes Constitutional Amendment to require 3/5 majority in House for impeachment

Fox released outside of Parliament

Requiem for a Senator: How Lamar Alexander maneuvered himself into the dustbin of history

AA Milne in Iowa

Well Well Top aide to Miami's ReTHUG mayor sent sexually graphic photo to teen's phone UPDATE

We are here...

Coronavirus Live Updates: Wuhan to Round Up the Infected for Mass Quarantine Camps

Cheers got it right

Bernie Won Iowa

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 7 February 2020

Betting markets very accurate at predicting GE races

FYI First Amendment: Twitter is silencing journalist investigating Deutsche Bank.

Should Democrats defend Mitt Romney?

easy HAY FEVER remedy. ORGANIC.

Jim Jordan picked to be top Republican on Judiciary panel

Current Composition of the United States Senate

Gee thanks Meghan McCain for introducing "partial birth abortion" back into the public discussion

Triumph of The Reactionaries

It's amazing how fast it all got real once voting started.

On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a mom not to give her son Tamiflu. He later died.

Goofy Newfoundland puppy gets head stuck in basket; seems to enjoy it.

Republican governor says Trump 'shouldn't be in office'

Romney stands up

Remember the ship that capsized off the Georgia coast? They're gonna start cutting it up.

"STATE OF THE UNION" -- A Bad Lip Reading

Amid frustration over Iowa, Sanders posts huge fundraising numbers

Miami-Dade Dems file bar complaint against Matt Gaetz for alleged obstruction of impeachment proces

Trump To Also Give Limbaugh The Presidential Medal Of Oxycontin And Racism

This is my 5th Presidential election cycle at DU

FFS -- Boeing finds *another* 737 MAX software problem

so pathetic. " complete vindication" does not happen when less

I met up with a friend yesterday, and finally realized he was a real "HERO"

Elizabeth Smart says she was sexually assaulted on flight

When people ask if I want kids

So Speaker Pelosi tearing up impotus' hate riddled speech is shameful while

Treasury releases Hunter Biden's records ..

➡️ Tonight at 8PM ET CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall - New Hampshire

Tornado alert in the South

This guy brought an injured baby deer into his house and became her dad 😍

Vulnerable House Democrats Crushing GOP In Fundraising

➡️ Tonight at 8PM ET - Bernie Sanders CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall - New Hampshire

Steve Sack FTW

Nope. Not today Karen (Squee!)

When you leave dad alone with the kids

I wish some reporter would ask Trump this question:

Susan Collins's rationale for acquitting Trump aged poorly before she could even cast her vote

Associated Press unable to declare winner in Iowa

Video: Bernie Wins Iowa!

Video: Bernie Wins Iowa!

Has Bernie speculated who he'd choose as a potential VP candidate if he wins?

Coronavirus claims the life of the Chinese doctor who alerted the world about the epidemic

Chants needed!

Someone needs to take polls


Duck season. Wabbit Season. Duck season. Wabbit season.

"BIDEN 2020" -- A Bad Lip Reading

A Tribute: The Films of Actor Kirk Douglas *Exclusive, RIP

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.