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Archives: February 3, 2020

I really did not think that the GOP Senators would say Trump was wrong to do it.

Montana state GOP lawmaker says Constitution calls for socialists to be jailed, shot

Pulitzer winner David Cay Johnston: Will Trump's America end in "firing squads"?

Katy Tur on caucuses: "Remember, this is all about peer pressure."

SUPER BOWL FREE ON FOX------- computer

Yes, we wanted Trump impeached from day one

Wow! Touchdown! That was some play by KC!

Our future depends on immigrants.

FANTASTIC! Biden Rapid Response Team Explains what ACTUALLY happened in Ukraine

Poll says GOP shrinking:

Biden Rapid Response Team Explains What ACTUALLY Happened in Ukraine - SHARE far & wide!

CBS tracker/yougov poll IA Biden 25 sanders 25 Buttigieg 21

Rivals warn Sanders campaign plans to game Iowa results

What the hell is the radical left?

It might be time to take Bloomberg seriously

This adorable husky doesn't want to stop smiling

Cool, a few licks of Bertha during a SB exit to commercial....

New Hampshire FPU/Boston Herald/NBC10 Poll Sanders 31% (+2)

New Hampshire FPU/Boston Herald/NBC10 Poll Sanders 31% (+2)

"Reject the Coverup" - DEMONSTRATE TODAY, 2/5, 5:30pm local time- mobilize!!!

Watching the new Amazon series on Ted Bundy

Why incumbent presidents have the advantage in re-election...

A Coronavirus cure found?

Despite the hype to the contrary, please do not consider the outcome of the Iowa caucuses as

TMZ always trying to start crap

Baboon with lion cub

Now we had to see a Fux Noise ad in the Super Bowl

FOX NATION - ad just now on the Super Bowl

They've got a name for it now ...

superbowl on CTV and C-band FTA

Ad Age sheds light on the logic behind how Fox ran Trump's Super Bowl propaganda film

President Obama talks about Joe Biden:

Ken Bone endorses Andrew Yang :)

Well someone was bound to do it: Shakira starts halftime with an ethnic mix of hip moves!

Help with hospital bed issue.

Best. Halftime Show. Ever.

Who ordered this Half Time Show?

In Iowa, anxiety and unpredictability cloud caucus finish

Budweiser Typical American 2020 Super Bowl Commercial

The best thing about the Super Bowl...

Tonight's Super Bowl half time show.

Half time show. Puerto Rican flag after singing Born in the USA

A Puerto Rico flag! A Puerto Rico FLAG at a Super Bowl half time show!!!11

Feisty Foster Kitten Doesn't Grow Bigger - WIDDLE

When SB Halftime Shows were good:

Best halftime show ever!

If most DU members would support Bloomberg over Sanders they haven't looked at his record

Bloomberg campaign ad came on after halftime show.

Saw a great Bloomberg ad watching the Super Bowl, minutes ago.


He Might Win Iowa. But Don't Ask Bernie Sanders How He's Feeling.

Stock market in China is open and tanking for the cellar. Look out below.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 3 February 2020

Need a DU show of many of you thought "John Carpenter's They Live" after seeing this?


Cat Lost Her Ears -- So The Shelter Made Her A New Pair

Man wearing fake bomb stabs 2 in London and is shot to death

Elizabeth Warren's campaign volunteers are providing free child care during the caucuses

Today in Lafayette, Colorado it was 74 F and not a cloud in the sky.

God speaks of super bowl...

At the 2016 caucuses, the leader had the nerve to begin the caucuses

Sanders, Warren go separate ways in closing pitches

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Withers, Robert B Lewis and Holy Bull Stakes

Shakira - Ciega, Sordomuda

Alternatives to SuperBowl, which would you pick?

First Look At Bloomberg's Super Bowl Ad - Morning Joe

Bill Murray for BEST Super Bowl commercial.....

John Kerry overheard discussing possible 2020 bid amid concern of 'Sanders taking down the Democrati

Trump Campaign Promotes Bernie's Rise

Wat was Trumps commercial? I saw one with some black women but I didn't get it.

Republican Tit for TAT... looks like we need

The Yellow Gloves On Some Of The Chiefs Players ....

Jill Biden rallies volunteers as Caucus Day nears

Yang talks student loan debt, economy Saturday afternoon

Dump's newest mouthpiece,

What's with the "Indian" chant on the KC side?

Suggestions for Democrats at the SOTU address...

Michael Bloomberg Remarks at 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC

Pardon Trump? Yang says he might

"They wanted to impeach Trump from day one"

Taxpayers Get $3.4 Million Tab So Trump Can Host Super Bowl Party For His Club Members

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes Appreciation Thread

Berkeley Elementary School Ordered To Pay $250 For Screening Disney's 'Lion King'

Super Rally: Mahomes, Chiefs win Super Bowl with late surge

Congrats to the KC Chiefs and Andy Reid


As someone who lived in NYC during the 12 years of Mayor Bloomberg, let me say...

CARTOON: 'Anchor Baby'


Congrats to the Chiefs fan!

The good commercial in the game?

I didn't even know who was playing until Trump tweeted this

The Pacific Ocean is so acidic that it's dissolving Dungeness crabs' shells

Trump deleted his tweet congratulating Kansas City, the great state of Kansas, and the entire USA.

Just remember......if we don't support Democracy everywhere....

Someone posted a tweet from Trump

BTRTN Iowa Caucuses Prediction: Bernie with a Solid Win, Biden Comfortably in Second

If you missed Buttigieg appearance on Bill Maher

Tying off the theme o'th'day (SupB), reflections.

Wow. Reverend Warnock for Senate.

In Iowa, anxiety and unpredictability cloud caucus finish

Antidote to today's crap: Kyma, T'ouranou-Anatoli

Joe Biden looks back on Iowa

Republicans' Emerging Defense: Trump's Actions Were Bad, but Not Impeachable

2 new cases of coronavirus in CA, bringing US total to 11 confirmed cases

State's levy lid lift for schools leads to large tax increase in South Kitsap

Pettiness and empty braggadocio

LBJ's example

Democrats make final Eastern Iowa sprint before caucuses

Secretary now dubbed dept of HHS the 'department of life' in honor of its anti'abortion stand

Biden in Cedar Rapids calls his plans 'significantly progressive'

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Senators admitting pressure on Ukraine was wrong

While I am for Warren and Sanders tomorrow if Biden or someone else pulls out the win


Super Bowl Halftime performance...

The perils of outrageous immunity

I won a big screen TV at the super bowl

It's official: Trump's tax cuts were an economic bust

A massive historical story

Downfall of the Republican Party

Democrats make their closing arguments to Iowans

Breaking: A rated New Hampshire poll just released

'Move for a mistrial': Legal analyst says Adam Schiff must end Senate trial before GOP acquits Trump

What Awaits A New Democratic President

Ahead of Iowa caucuses, Klobuchar makes last-minute pitch at Sioux City bar

Lindsey Graham Warns GOP Will Investigate Whistleblower, Biden After Impeachment Trial

After Super Bowl, Trump congratulates wrong state

Woohoo Chiefs!! Check in KC folks!!

Breaking - Mitch McConnell to call the Senate back for an emergency session tomorrow.

Don't forget, Trump once owned a pro football team and proceeded to destroy the whole league

A Russian satellite seems to be tailing a US spy satellite in Earth orbit

Carter Family, 'East Virginia Blues'; Bob Dylan, Earl Scruggs & Sons

The undecideds: Some Iowans finally picking a candidate, others remain undecided

Highlights of the BAFTAs

Koalas found dead on Australia logging plantation

Rick Wilson (Author of Running Against the Devil) on Joe Biden

Sanders Leads in Iowa on Eve of Caucuses in Emerson Poll

I must admit, Bloomberg's ads are EXACTLY what the Democratic Party should be running.

'Kansas City', Fats Domino; The Beatles

Ay que rico!Two multi-talented performers, absolutely gorgeous Latina superstars!

Good luck to your gal or guy in Iowa.

Shooting for top-tier finish, Biden says he's best fit to win and unify

dinosaurs in love (a song by an almost 4 yr old)

Critical fight looms: Bloomberg v. Democratic winner in Iowa

New Project Lincoln ad against Cory Gardner

Vampire Weekend show for Sanders draws young fans, but not all feel the Bern

Buddhist bodhisattva cat.

Has there really been no discussion of Bong Joon Ho's incredible masterpiece, Parasite, here?

Excerpt from a Handmaid's Tale

Pete Buttigieg asks likely caucusgoers: 'Are you ready to make history one more time?'

Joe: Why don't you all show Joni Ernst just how smart you are by caucusing for me?

Iowa inundated with caucus ads: $70M already dropped on the state; $5.5M by a pro-Biden super PAC

Dollar dominance: Average vulnerable House Democrat starts 2020 with $1.8 million

In 2020's Texas legislative elections, competition is tricky business

KT McFarland email, "russia threw the election to trump"

We Can Get Better

Tweet of the Day

Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say

FWIW, New Data for Progress Estimate Puts Iowa Too Close to Call

So... what does the result of the super bowl say about the stock market?

I think I found where Ghislaine is hiding out

A tweet from Ted Lieu

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER ..... No Trump you are not!!!

Trump spent $10 million on a commercial for tonight's #SuperBowl. We fixed it for him.

hard rain just started in OC. wasnt forecast

CBS This Morning: Mass migration of waterfowl through CA.

☦️ Orthodox Church of the Mother of God, 'Joy of All the Sorrowful', Prayer for Departed

Sanders once likened poor whites to blacks under Apartheid

What the actual hell is with this Bloomberg love?

dump visiting Charlotte on Friday/not known why the visit...

bloomberg : 2004 republican national convention

Rick Wilson: "... because you're a fucking moron."

G7 Health ministers to discuss coronavirus on Monday - Italy

Student loan forgiveness will sink any candidate that runs on it.

trump on Sanders: "I think he's a communist".

I can just imagine the Chiefs' White House visit

NH @7News / Emerson Tracking Poll Day 1:

NH @7News / Emerson Tracking Poll Day 1: 29% @BernieSanders

Breakfast Monday 3 February 2020

ABC News @ABC STICK TOGETHER: A mom and daughter dog team figured out how together they could...

The Groundhog Prediction is Correct only 35% of the time

Trump rape accuser wants his DNA for comparison to stain on dress

Caucus Day!

The real problem

My mom hated Trump, but she valued being a Republican.

Jennifer Lopez sings 'Born in the USA' while wearing Puerto Rican flag during halftime show

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'Exomologisthe'/'Slavite Hospoda'/Psalm 135--'Give Thanks Unto the Lord'/

Common Cause has filed a formal complaint against Our Revolution with the FEC.

Chuck Rocha: I'll be giving everyone updates throughout today on the #IowaCaucus

Yang asks supporters to applaud 2016 Trump voters attending Des Moines rally

Twitler was correct. Y'all didn't know Kansas had annexed west Missouri???

Poll: Voters Think Joe Biden Will Win The Democratic Nomination. Go Joe 😎🎨🥁

SOCIALISM: advocates that the means of production should be owned by the community as a whole

How Bernie should answer charges that he is a socialist and that's a bad thing.

61 Years Ago Today: "The Day the Music Died"

Taxpayers Get $3.4 Million Tab So Trump Can Host Super Bowl Party For His Club Members

This is a brutal ad.

Kerry unloads on NBC after report he was overheard talking about 2020 bid

Takeaways from the wild final days of the Iowa campaign

Throwaway twitter question "Who or what got you into the Beatles?" elicits best response ever!

Jeep "Groundhog Day" Bill Murray 02.02.2020

Need a smile this morning?

Turkish soldiers killed in Syrian army shelling in Idlib

Russian mass-manipulation of Americans via Facebook

Second Mexico monarch butterfly activist found dead

The Rundown: January 31, 2020

Monday TOONs - State of the Kingdom Harangue

Bernie Ebbers, ex-CEO convicted in WorldCom scandal, dies

Bernie Ebbers, ex-CEO convicted in WorldCom scandal, dies

Coronavirus: 6308 cases confirmed, 12 deaths (.2%)

After NPR dust-up, Pompeo defends press freedom abroad

Now we probably have to move the Kansas Missouri border. Or move the Chiefs to

"The Prevent Defense" is often not "the safe bet" that people make it out to be

The judge whose bail requirements leave cash-strapped defendants in jail

The judge whose bail requirements leave cash-strapped defendants in jail

My 28-year-old daughter's stroke's a wake-up call to all: Medicare for All.

'This was supposed to be reparations' Why is LA's cannabis industry devastating black entrepreneurs?

Barbara Smith Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

We're not in Missouri anymore, toto.

Barbara Smith Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Dog sledding down a hill, all by himself/herself

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Climate change: Sacked climate chief 'may sue government'

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Judge refuses to vacate Somali pirate's sentence

Climate change: Sacked climate chief 'may sue government'

Pakistan delays decision on movie that offended Islamists

Sobering tweet of the morning courtesy of Quinta Jurecic


Another bad night. Fell asleep at around 5am. The first robo-call came in at 7:55.

Iran plane downing: Iran ends co-operation with Ukraine

Fox & Friends hands Trump a Sharpie

Yesterday, I posted I wasn't going to watch "The Game"

Twitter bans Zero Hedge account after it doxxed a Chinese researcher over coronavirus

1 dead, 6 wounded in California Greyhound bus shooting, suspect in custody

Sen. Bernie Sanders Leads Iowa Poll Going Into Caucus Day - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Is it now 'normal' and 'okay' for foreign countries to participate and interfere in our elections?

Scientists fear the 'doomsday glacier' is in even more trouble than we feared

YouTube explains how it will moderate political falsehoods just in time for Iowa

Few Cities More Vulnerable To Warming Than Charleston SC; City Has Done Almost Nothing To Prepare

New U.S. Travel Ban Shuts Door on Africa's Biggest Economy, Nigeria

The problem with "social liberal economically conservative".

What everyone missed from last night

Tom Seaver

I have a question about this whole Ukraine-thing.

Trans activist Jessica Yaniv's complaints deferred until $6,000 paid to metro beauty salons

Biologist Explains Biological Sex

Sit Down, Young Stranger

Mick Jagger seduced me when I was 15: Canadian actor Rae Dawn Chong

REPETITIONS - Feb contest ***Reminder number one***

Little Boy Terrified Of Dogs Til He Meets This Senior Pup

Would some pathologist explain to me how they know it's the coronavirus?

Excuses for acquittal -by Tom Tomorrow

A Leaked Audio Recording Shows Iran Knew Immediately It Had Shot Down A Ukrainian Plane

Hunting is slowly dying off, and that has created a crisis for the nation's many endangered species

Songbirds to Raptor Eggs, the Looting of Latin America's Bird Species

OMG! I just saw an advertisement

Government Sued For Stripping Food Assistance To Caribbean Immigrants

Jill Biden says she no longer considers Lindsey Graham a friend

As New Coronavirus Spread, China's Old Habits Delayed Fight

Klobuchar Will Stay In Race Regardless of Iowa Result

Jill Biden was on Morning Joe's special Iowa caucus day program...

Second man with ties to Mexico's largest monarch butterfly reserve found dead

'La Bamba,' Ritchie Valens: Lost 61 Years Ago Today, Feb. 3, 1959

This "inappropriate" behavior did not begin in Ukraine.

Centrist Third Way, Funded by Corporate Interests, Attacks Sanders in Iowa

Non-Response From Oz Government The Perfect Coda To A Decade Of Climate Lies And Magical Thinking

Wonder if Trump will have KC, MO deleted from the maps?

Report: Trump's Border Wall Will Feature Massive Open Gates

Sexual assault involving multiple suspects reported at UVa

Oh shit Toto! We're not in Missouri any more!

"Subcool" died saturday.. and a piece of cannabis culture died along with him....

Bloomberg spent $12 million to re-elect Rep Senator Pat Toomey (PA) in 2016

United Arab AIR MATTRESS!!!!!

WaPo's Dave Weigel: "Random fact: All five of the leading Dems in Iowa are married to educators."

No more Iowa polls. That's over.

How Pete Buttigieg Found Support in Iowa's Formerly Anti-LGBT Communities

COP 26 Is Now 9 Months Away; Johnson Sacks Intended Leader Of Conference, No Clear UK Plans Evident

IowaCaucuses, RCP Poll Average: Sanders 24.2 (+4)

Will the KC Chiefs go to the White House?

What Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada mean for SC's Democratic presidential primary

IowaCaucuses, RCP Poll Average: Sanders 24.2 (+4)

Feds arrested Phoenix man for allegedly killing two Iraqi cops in al-Qaeda-linked attacks

China opens virus hospital, market plunges as toll grows

Another day for Dear Leader as he sits alone in his

A RedState WYite/Dakotan/Alaskan Has 40 TIMES the Polit.Power In The Senate As A BlueState Cali/NYer

Mighty Mike's Height

Watching Amy Klobuchar on Morning Joe


Don McLean, 'The Day the Music Died,' AMERICAN PIE 1972

Did you see that smart park car ad last night?

Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad

Height Republican Senators' Short-Sighted Justifications for Acquitting Trump

Right now Glenn Beck is playing Tulsi Gabbard for a fool

Law firm representing Rudy Giuliani beset by sordid allegations, partner exodus

Someone's being Schlapped on Twitter for a dumbass tweet

The Epidemic of Despair

Political journalists boycott No 10 briefing after PM's aide tried to ban selected reporters

Bernard Ebbers, ex-CEO convicted in WorldCom scandal, dies

As many expected all along, Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman doesn't want to hear any witnesses


Need to see a real smile on someone else's face to make you smile?

Most of you all know that I drive a truck for living?

Democrats on Twitter more liberal, less focused on compromise than those not on the platform

Felix Mendelssohn was born on this date

Why, why - That's just mind-blowing

??UK separates from EU, refuses to allow refugee children caught in EU to go to UK unite with parent

Hang this around the kGOPb's necks like an albatross.


How twisted are Senate Republicans? Wrap your head around this.

Unbelievable (documentary; mini series)

What excuses will Pollsters give when they turn out to be wrong about Iowa?

Bernie and AOC introduce bill to ban fracking by 2025

Jill Biden: "We used to be great friends... And now he's changed,"

To everyone whining about Iowa and how we do things.. if you have an open primary

Built in 10 days, China's virus hospital takes 1st patients

Trump's Super Bowl Ad Ranked Last

BREAKING: The Iowa Caucuses have BEGUN!

What a disgusting tweet from Ivanka ("trump force one"?)

Remembering CJ Roberts' "infallibility" on this day...

Today caucus-goers in Iowa woke up to more than a dozen kids in cages all over the city of Des Moine

A scam call? I'm guessing yes.

How my friend handled a Trumper relative

House Democrat to bring Khashoggi's fiance to State of the Union

Rick Wilson : Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump

Once again the Foul Orange Goon will be given a Free Pass

Democrats on Twitter more liberal, less focused on compromise than those not on the platform

9 reasons the Indian CEO keeps coming to the rescue

This is how you show a government that press intimidation doesn't work

Dave Daubenmire brings in a really vicious hate "pastor..."

Bernie Sanders holds "commanding lead" in New Hampshire, ahead among moderate and conservative voter

Susan Collins' Campaign Is Being Helped by a Mysterious Hawaii Company

What would be the reactions if Trump was removed?

So about the "State of the Union" bullshit

'You basically are nothing': the Americans shut out of the Iowa caucuses

Early Caucus indication at 8 PM...

I know it's not always right to generalize

Conspiracy theories swirl over canceled Iowa poll, pushed by Sanders and Yang supporters

Great CBS segment on income inequality!

A/B rated NH poll, Likely Voters: Sanders 23%, Biden 22%, Warren 19%, Buttigieg 12%

Trump is using Sanders to divide Democrats

Who Is Willing To Take On The Power Of The Oligarchs Who Run The Planet?

I am glad he's not going to be removed from office.

Jan. 28-30 Iowa poll, Likely Voters: Buttigieg 19%, Sanders 17%, Biden & Warren 15%,

If The Call Was Perfect You Wouldn't Have Gotten Caught Trump

Coming Soon: Hamilton - the Movie (Lin-Manuel just tweeting about it now)

New IOWA poll, if primary came down to Biden & Sanders: Biden 46%, Sanders 40%

America: Land of Make-Believe

So everyone and his uncle are now in Iowa - media people, that is

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'I Had Shoved Everything I Needed Into a Rickety Folding Cart'

Hello Mrs. Johnson you self-righteous woman. Sunday School teacher what brings you out slumming?

This is how you react to a despotic twit banning journalists who report bad things about the despot

FEB 7 at 9:30AM - Bernie Sanders to headline the @nhiop @NECouncil speaking series POLITICS & EGGS

New Lincoln Project ad (Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt project) on Trump religious hoax

No toilet wine for you

Hypothetical question to Joe Biden supporters.


3,000 HealthPartners workers prepared to strike over their own health care

3,000 HealthPartners workers prepared to strike over their own health care

Elvis Presto 1989 Super Bowl halftime show

Iowa Shock Poll-Mayor Pete Grabs The Lead

Tonight is it for me

Even the most low-information voter will know there were no witnesses...

AT&T Cuts More Than 37,000 Family Supporting Jobs Despite Promises of Job Creation

Thinking the Kansas City Chiefs are from Kansas, and Trump's many other geography flubs

AT&T Cuts More Than 37,000 Family Supporting Jobs Despite Promises of Job Creation

'It's not a turkey call': The cultural significance behind Shakira's meme-worthy 'tongue thing'

More retailers file for bankruptcy twice as they struggle with rising debt, pressure from Amazon

Which of the remaining candidates was most helpful in us regaining the House?

Randy Rainbow... Do You Ever Read DU?

Scoop: Veterans Affairs deputy secretary James Byrne fired

Trump: "Where's the Whistleblower? Where's the second Whistleblower? Where's the Informer?"

Biden: Impeachment hasn't 'shaken my faith' in working with Republicans

Definitely in the dog house!

On Twitter, Tom Nichols serves up today's portion of Trump Zen.

Gritty, Phila. Flyers Mascot: Police state there was no evidence assault on 13-year-old occurred.

Rep. Jackie Speier is bringing Jeffrey Epstein victim Courtney Wild to the SOTU address

The answer from Tom Cotton to my email about witnesses and documents

If you love your kids don't go with them on job interviews

You raised $635.20 on February 2, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

That hypocritical clown Ken Starr just invoked Dr. King.

HELP US RECORD IT: Valor vs. Treachery on the Senate Floor

Lights Out: Fireflies Face Extinction From Human-Caused Threats

Now that malignant clown is invoking Bobby Kennedy.

Reward to anyone who can remove tyre from giant crocodile

🐦 FEB 5 at 11AM - Derry NH Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

Swing Left: Let's Dethrone Mitch McConnell and 7 others

PS4 not connecting to any servers...

Can DUers at least agree that any Dems who don't vote or vote 3rd party are fools?

🐦 FEB 8 at 1:30PM - Rochester NH Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

Things I observed while canvassing in Iowa

I respect how open Larry King is about his various ailments

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Personal Cloud Server?

Getting 1 delegate tonight qualifies you for the Debate!

EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Sanders' campaign on key to victory

Al Franken will be on Jimmy Kimmel after the SOTU!!

Iowa, today is the day.


Crow feeds cat and dog

Should the Dems walk out on Trump's State of the Union Address?

Iowa, today is the day.

Stephen King quits Facebook over concerns of 'false information'

CA early voting started today

Iowa Loves Bernie

Iowa Loves Bernie

Pelosi intro at SOTU

Okay! You want to play games!

Honesht, ossifer!

I wish our Hawai'i caucus still met in person. We start mail voting

Threats Against House Staffers

Dog hugs cop after rescue

U.S.-Canada border crossings closed at Sumas, Lynden due to flooding

But, we didn't elect Giuliani, did we??

Senate Republicans could hide in a field of stubble

"Can you imagine being me???" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!

I sure missed a great super bowl

Florida (Obviously) Gym Teacher Arrested For Farting On Student After Monty Python Insults Hurled

Ukraine: Recordings show Iran knew jetliner hit by a missile

Cartoons 2/3/2020

New ferry terminal is making noise again; work on pier begun

I will be honest about setting expectations for my candidate.

Trump and Pelosi haven't spoken in months

Democrats should make an issue of Trump's gobsmacking ignorance

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to Key Administration Post; February 3, 2020

Michigan governor to take national stage to rebut Trump

MORNING CONSULT poll of Super Tuesday states

MST3K predicted last night's Super Bowl halftime show.

Finally made the drive to the only recreational shop in the Flint area

Just to review: Bennet, Gabbard Patrick, Yang, Steyer, and possibly Klobuchar...

Isn't Bloomberg going to just make it harder for Biden on Super Tuesday?

Bloomberg on Marijuana: Leagalizing..."Stupidest Thing Anybody Has Ever Done"

Bernard J. Ebbers, Convicted Former WorldCom Chief, Dies at 78

How many Democrats will stay home if Sanders wins the nomination?

2 dead in shooting incident at Texas A&M-Commerce residence hall

Texas oil spill restarts after previous containment: U.S. Coast Guard

Ottumwa satellite precinct, is the first Iowa precinct to caucus today. Starting at Noon

Would you be shocked if Mayor Pete won the Iowa caucus?

Ottumwa satellite precinct, is the first Iowa precinct to caucus today. Starting at Noon

How Bernie Sanders already won

Trump Hack DESTROYED By Brilliant Ad

Chilean protest song becomes feminist anthem and grows to global support - POWERFUL!

YouTube: No 'deepfakes' or 'birther' videos in 2020 election

Iowa secretary of State disputes viral misinformation about voter registration

If some of the Republican senators thought Trump was doing

Ten Fingers United

Bernie Sanders wins Keokuk, Iowa satellite caucus by 3 votes.

Schiff's final statements sounds like the estocada in a bullfight.

Shakira - It's called ululation, and here's some actual information:

2 dead, 1 hurt in shooting at Texas A&M University-Commerce residence hall


"Reject the Coverup" Demonstrations: Feb 5 at 5:30 PM

The economy has been unchanged since Obama's presidency

Indicted Parnas associate was set to partner with VA on cannabis research

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: In the homestretch

Democrats on Twitter are more liberal than those not on the platform Pew Research Center

This makes me much more comfortable with a potential Warren nomination

Loop di Love

Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer

Little victory

What if the meltdown is so bad tomorrow night that ReTHUGs have

Senate Republicans Walk Out On Impeachment Trial Closing Arguments

Iowa Precinct Chairs Report Issues Using Caucus App, Potentially Delaying Results

HHS notifies Congress it may tap millions of additional dollars for coronavirus response

Rush Limbaugh announces he has advanced lung cancer

The Neuroscience of Picking a Presidential Candidate (Sue Halpern, The New Yorker)

New Poll Suggests Iowa Will Be a Nail-Biter to the End

As others stand at attention for anthem, Trump fidgets, points, pretend-conducts the band

Earth Fare is closing all their stores!

When Trump Was a Lad

Does anyone know when senators will begin explaining their votes? nt

Friendly bowl of flour.

"It's Payback Time": With Acquittal Certain, Trump Plots Revenge on Bolton, Impeachment Enemies

Why I Support Joe Biden

Criminal Co-Conspirators

The Republicans' "OMG, DUH!" defense:

Iowa state @RepAmyNielsen endorses @JoeBiden for president.


Joe Biden claims a Caucus Day endorsement: Urbandale Mayor Bob Andeweg, a former Republican.

Mark Millar's amusing tweet supporting Yang

While Candidates Can Lose a Primary by Not Getting Any Delegates, Nobody WINS

Super Bowl victory celebrations

Technical issues with thing that tabulates Iowa votes up next on CNN 3:55pm

WOW! Murkowski will reveal her impeachment vote TODAY! Palpable SUSPENSE in the AIR!

Will even ONE RETHUG vote to REMOVE?

What time does the Iowa caucus end?

The realist's lament.

Ed Dwight Jr: The first black astronaut who never flew

Guy Sings 'Living On A Prayer' To Himself, The Entire Park Joins Him

There is nothing that Trump can say or do at the SOTUS to lose Republican support.

Window opens for tribes to seek licenses for internet access

'End of the Line' by the Traveling Wilburys---so good---adios

We can help save wolves.

I just read that Trump has declared that once he's officially "off the hook", it will be "payback


Democrats have boycotted the SOTU speech in the past.

Video of Trump acting bizarrely during National Anthem (no paywall)

disrespecting the anthem

Ou La La!!!

Final DU candidate preferences before results out of Iowa (candidates only, Undecided not included)

Schiff delivers his closing remarks in the Senate impeachment trial.

Rep. Adam Schiff Closing Argument 2/3/20 (Length 25:50)

SNL's Michael Che: Impeachment turned me into a Republican

Watching the Port Charlotte, Florida Caucus live.

fox news poll 2/2 head to head match up Biden 9, Bloomberg 8, sanders 6

The Right-Wing American Love Affair With One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killers

Video of Trump disrespecting the National Anthem:

Bernie Sanders's foreign policy is a risk for Democrats against Trump

Manchin calls for Trump's censure

Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer on faith, climate change and who goes to heaven

Sen. Manchin calls for censuring Trump over pressuring Ukraine to investigate his domestic political

Klobuchar: 'No scenario where I don't go on' to New Hampshire

Biden team admit 'it's not going great'

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin says the American Dream is best achieved in Nordic countries

US Immigration Policies Push Foreign Tech Workers To Canada

Michigan (Dem) Governor to deliver rebuttal to the SOTU

NBC caught up with @BernieSanders as he left the Capitol, en route to Des Moines

Tweet of the evening:

Taylor Swift and Kanye West

'It's Payback Time'

Buy the Msongs music CD - Tell Me That You're Gay + LA Shake! - CD or downloads

As others stand at attention for anthem, Trump fidgets, points, pretend-conducts the band

Why does Pelosi not disinvite him? What's the strategy here, giving him a victory lap?? nt

Manchin Calls for Censuring Trump

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Stock up on masks

What will you be drinking at tonight's show?

If you can't vote against them,

Final round in Port Charlotte, FL's remote caucus: Dem Moderates winning.........

thread deleted -- duplicate topic


That film of Trump disrespecting the anthem was taken by a Russian-American real estate dealer.

Just wanted to post something.

Pitcher with the most strikeouts in a World Series game

Since February of 2017, every time the SOTU Address invitation is announced, ...

As a clinician of 43 years:

Vein plaque

Swalwell calls out Trump after video of president during national anthem

Legal analyst explains why House impeachment manager must end Senate trial before GOP acquits Trump:

'Gods In Color- Golden Edition': New Light On Ancient Classical Statues, Frankfurt Exhibit

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 3, 2020

Here is Adam Schiff's closing argument from today

Speaker Schiff? Senator Schiff? Just Putting This Out There.

Oh my--Trump can't even talk:

The World Is Watching Iowa

The World Is Watching Iowa

Don't look now, but...

Majority of Iowa Democrats Seek Fundamental Change

I Love That Greta Thunberg Has Been Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize

A Rancorous Britain Leaves The EU: 'Bloody Furious,' RIP Democracy, JON PIE

Protester forcibly removed from Trump Iowa event after interrupting & approaching Don Jr

Climate Models Are Running Red Hot, and Scientists Don't Know Why

Sajid Javid's At War With Dominic Cummings Over The "Control Freakery" Of Boris Johnson's Top Aide

Conservatives spread false claims on Twitter about electoral fraud as Iowans prepare to caucus


Some of Bernie's Iowa staff, caucusing at a satellite caucus location in Des Moines

Some of Bernie's Iowa staff, caucusing at a satellite caucus location in Des Moines

This is how I felt inside while I was listening to Schiff's closing statement:

Negative Ads in Iowa

Many don't understand when Biden etc. talk about "working with Republicans"

Republican Bill Kristol comes out of the 'political closet' and declares he's now a Democrat

Thoughts and prayers for Rush Limbaugh

Wake up Iowa! Only Joe can beat Trump..................

OMG WE did it. SB Champs AND Mahomes is giving money to the Navijo tribe associated with them.

Chalk up another asterisk for that "strong economy"... Cost of living, esp. housing, going up

We are seeing greatness in Adam Schiff's closing statement. 25 minutes a must see.

Even if initially Sanders get most of the votes in a caucus,

Rep. Adam Schiff, speaking for the House impeachment managers:

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Trump Shows Active Disrespect For The National Anthem

Why was a satellite caucus being held at Drake University? Or did I misunderstand something? nt

This year

Bernie Sanders's foreign policy is a risk for Democrats against Trump

Why is McConnell rushing this acquittal vote in the Senate?

There is no global warming...

Klobuchar seems to be doing well in satellite caucuses...

I have just now, for the first time, witnessed a couple of the Iowa caucuses. They were

"It's Payback Time": With Acquittal Certain, Trump Plots Revenge on Bolton, Impeachment Enemies

Two good things for our party that I'm hearing re the Iowa caucuses:

DU Friends - a small request - needing help with a class.

All the right wing politicans giving thoughts and prayers to Rush

Brian Wilson disavows Beach Boys performance at TROPHY hunting convention featuring Donald Trump Jr.