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The dumbest people I know ARE republicans!

Dairy Queen will be doing their Free Soft Serve cones again this year on the first day of spring,

Which candidate, now in the race, do you think would inspire the most voter turnout in November?

New cnn poll: Texas. Sanders 29. Biden 20

Anthony fauci is on MSNBC being interviewed.

Mayor @ChokweALumumba is a strong advocate for progressive change and deeply dedicated to justice

Thousands join Greta Thunberg in march in southwest England


Know any good limericks about Shitler?

How coronavirus has deeply flummoxed conservative media

Marine general orders removal of Confederate items at bases

Dr. Fauci just on MSNBC,

I want Dr. Fauci back!!!!!

Real Time with Bill Maher guests tonight:

Colombia fiercely rejects UN's crushing human rights report

*Busting Coronavirus Myths: Yes, It's Worse Than The Flu*

Bernie Sanders will win South Carolina primary, George Washington University school says

COVID-19 coronavirus spike holds infectivity details

2020 head-to-heads from Fox News poll


Why didn't Dems talk about coronavirus during impeachment because


Every Democratic Candidates' 'Black Agenda,' Ranked

I voted for Elizabeth Warren in the Minnesota primary today (early voting).

We don't deserve dogs

Joe Biden is the establishment candidate.. hmmmmm

I think Sanders will surprise people tomorrow in SC

I got an email today from a republican group. Here's my response:

"We are 'magnificantly' prepared".

Some street art

I am a tad confused here.

Watch this wild baby seal overcome his fear of the water

OMG, Chris Matthews

Mexico Confirms First Case of Coronavirus

Classic Larry Summers reaction to Kudlow's investing advise on Erin Burnett. LOL

did anyone else get the AP survey card in the mail

CoV update from ECD, since we can't trust our trump team

Our most vulnerable House freshmen.

Since Warren decided to use PAC, why does not Biden?

Ted Lieu: "3rd new case in Santa Clara County of #coronavirus"

Slap Bass Lesson w/ Davie504

Trump just called Coronavirus a "hoax".

Office Pittie Makes Everyone's Days Better

It's the end of the world as we know it. (And I feel fine).

Photo: Bernie Sanders Rally - Springfield, MA

Photo: Bernie Sanders Rally - Springfield, MA

Learning to cook with Dad

Learning from Dad

Friday Talking Points -- Tax Cuts Will Save Us All!

A cardiologist weighs in on the question of Sanders's life expectancy

Happy puppy smiles!

The Doors, 'The End'

Big pupper smiles:

Do you have a Best Album Cover evah pick? I'm doing a project on Album cover art of the

Just sent my last 10 to Joe...Leap big on leap year day, Man!

For the first time, there are fewer registered Republicans than independents

I wonder what percentage of Bernie's vote tomorrow will be Republican's Operation Chaos voters

For Black History Month

Steve Bullock, Get Over Yourself And Run For The Damn Senate!

Major Asian leaders summit in Vegas called off as Trump tells SC MAGAts about coronavirus "hoax"

Feds reject removal of 4 Snake River dams in key report

UN report finds killings of women rights activists in Colombia increased by 50%

Trump Issues Executive Order For Dow Jones To Work Like Golf Scores

Why My 'Nana' From South Carolina Bodes Well for Joe Biden on Saturday

The Hunters

Spanish Flu: a warning from history

I think I will be able to heat my house for the rest of the winter

How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America

Indian Refiners To Stop Importing Venezuelan Crude

Coronavirus Is Here: What We Know So Far

Trump on corona virus preparation: "we're ordering a lot of different elements of medical":

Strange but beautiful

Why is Tucker Carlson playing it straight on Coronavirus tonight?

Bloomberg would not ban U.S. oil exports in climate plan, unlike rival Democrats

There are fewer registered Republicans than Independents for the first time ever

A report on Coronavirus and Recovery from the front line from a reliable source.

International Travelers Arriving At NYC Airports Concerned By Lack Of Screenings

I'd say Amy Klobuchar closing campaign strategy speaks volumes

Warren is a decent person at a time when our politics are very, very indecent

Mesmerizing. Instructive. And just plain, darn, cool.

Doublecheck that ballot: Controversial voting machines make their primary debut in South Carolina

Don't pay for Coronavirus testing!

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Who is strongest against Trump?

It could be quite a long while before we have results in California

Perspective: I have the coronavirus. So far, it isn't that bad.

North Korea's Kim guides military drills, warns 'serious consequences' if virus breaks out: KCNA

How many DUers have ever owned a vehicle with running boards?

Do I assume correctly that if someone presents at a hospital...

Questions to ask Trump about Coronavirus

I voted for Liz today in Texas.

Bill Gates says the coronavirus is a pandemic and a 'once-in-a-century pathogen.'

Start a sentence with "Despite the strong economy..." and finish it w something you'd NEVER see

Trump just told his SC supporters, who can vote in our primary, that Sanders will be easiest to beat

Asia Bibi: Pakistani woman jailed for blasphemy claims asylum in France

COVID-19 news update for 2/28/2020

Clowns in the Time of Coronavirus

Buffalo Roman Catholic Diocese seeks bankruptcy protection

Biden gains new energy in Virginia while Sanders, Bloomberg slide, poll finds

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! 1984!

The US has its first novel coronavirus-related drug shortage

And just like that...

Billionaire Steyer shakes up primary with slavery reparations plan

Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney suggests people ignore coronavirus news to calm markets

On my 1040 it has the addition SR

Humans get some of their knack for killing each other from the primate family tree, a new study says

Pompeo clashes with Democratic lawmakers in testy Capitol Hill hearing

Boeing blames incomplete testing for astronaut capsule woes

We nearing the time to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump

Freeman Dyson has died.

a historic 90-54 vote... one more step to go

"17 Maps Of The United States That Made Us Say "Whoa"

Not only does Coronavirus remind people of the importance of good government

Barry Sanders reacts to comical Garth Brooks scandal

Google employee tests positive for coronavirus as company further restricts travel

Argentine Congress passes anti-trust 'Supermarket Aisles' law

Argentine Congress passes anti-trust 'Supermarket Aisles' law

Federal appeals court rules against Trump in two major immigration cases

WWLP-22News: 1 on 1 interview with Bernie Sanders ahead of Springfield MA rally, Super Tuesday

WWLP-22News: 1 on 1 interview with Bernie Sanders ahead of Springfield MA rally, Super Tuesday

Many low-income residents rely on the bus. Now, thousands in King County could get passes for free

Investing in HBCUs

Trump officials discuss tax cuts, other emergency measures in hopes of tackling coronavirus fallout

Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a 'hoax'

Investing in HBCUs

Guess who

The fight over whether religion is a license to discriminate is back before the Supreme Court

The DU has now raised OVER $175,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

Vivica A Fox.. "South Carolina I'm here!! To Get Out The Vote for @JoeBiden"

"Let's hope the exorcism works this time"

Dealing with pollution in our community

Kudlow: People thought it was 'cool' to 'go on government assistance' under Obama

Independents outnumber registered Republicans for the first time ever

BTRTN South Carolina Preview: Can a Funny Thing Happen on the Way to Bernie's Coronation?

Dissent Excoriates McGahn Decision For Assuring 'Future Presidential Stonewalling'

What's the first step?

MSNBC video: Clyburn makes the case for Joe Biden

Third coronavirus case

Far Right Pizzagater Mike Cernovich Injects Self Into Bid For Roger Stone Juror Info

Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a 'hoax'

EXTREMELY normal Bass tutorial video nothing to see here AT ALL move along

Highly energetic crowd for Biden in Spartanburg tonight

Stephen Miller's new wife is in charge of approving all coronavirus communications

Has anyone else been polled by Edison Research?

WH cannot control the narrative about the virus...

2020 US Senate Election Rating.

Chinese laboratory that first shared coronavirus genome with world ordered to close

Azar Ordered Probe Of Coronavirus Whistleblower Claim, 'Will Never Tolerate' Retaliation

The Candidates' Wealth, To Scale

Buck Sexton on Maher.

****South Carolina Closing Poll Stations Without Notice****

On Real Time with Bill Maher, Buck Sexton is giving Trump a reach around.

Three generations in SC

Rep.Leiu to Pompeo: you're shameful! [Re:coronavirus; video/transcript at link]

Serious Question: How many dead due to COVID-19 before we should be concerned...

Stock-market expert says what many are thinking as Dow sheds 3,600 points in a week:

Established Systems

The Dow just lost 12% in one week. Here's why and what likely happens next

Goodbye BASS, Welcome GUITAR... (CURSED VIDEO)

Oregon coronavirus case shuts Lake Oswego elementary school

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Anyone remember Steve Forbes?

Mrs. Betty Bowers tweets out the Picture you cannot Unsee

I received an Email from Chevrolet about the C-8 Corvette that has some cool photos and vids

There will be turnout- it's why Joe is the man

Daily source of COVID-19 medical news.

Using Wood to Fuel a Generator! (How to Build a Wood Gasifier w/Demonstration)

Right-winger Makes A Fool Out Of Herself

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate and US Presidency(Sanders)

South Carolina Problems!!!

Is he gonna have rallies when he's out of office?

Anyone here have celiac disease? What experiences have you had after accidentally ingesting gluten?

Anyone understand CBC lab results?

Just saw one of these from Funky East Dallas Democrats

My mother is in the hospital ( non coronavirus related)

North Korea's first confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 patient shot dead: report

Has anyone drawn a hard connection between...

Why is COVID-19 causing global shutdowns when seasonal flu doesn't?

Washington state announced two cases of coronavirus of unknown origin

New Neanderthal bones found at famous Shanidar Cave (

The Establishment v Bernie Sanders, Coronavirus & the Stock Market: The Common Good w/ Robert Reich

The Daily Show: Is This How We Die? - Coronavirus, Continued

Just had a thought - many of us have speculated on how horrific it would/will be when the

Drunk-posting. I love you all. Thank you for keeping me sane.

The Daily Show: Trump's Secret Diet, Apple's Big Screen Rules & More Unrest in India

Trump Tells Supporters Coronavirus Is a 'Hoax'

Best of British....

trump Virus response has been woefully inadequate

Washington State press release: 2 new COVID19 cases there, one locally acquired, one via S. Korea

*Movie The Green Book on HBO now,

The Daily Show: 10 People Making Black History

Trump calls coronavirus Democrats' 'new hoax'

I haven't posted for several days and I have only looked in a few times. I don't know when

Black Swan vs Black Swan! OHMY!

Need some incomparable beauty in your life? Try Wagner's "Redemption Through Love" theme.

'A loser's idea of what winning looks like': Trump ripped for bragging about coronavirus response

Democrats in Trump districts cast a nervous eye at a surging Sanders

The Blackbyrds - Mysterious Vibes

New sense discovered in dog noses: the ability to detect heat

Seth Meyers: Coronavirus, Bernie Sanders to Hold Rally with Public Enemy and Dick Van Dyke - 2/27/20

Arizona's independent redistricting panel faces a partisan intervention


Larry David - Country Club Interview

GOV Inslee tells @VP Pence that work on #coronavirus would be better if Trump stuck to science and

TX-28: Henry Cuellar's Constituents Are Restless, But Are They Ready for AOC Ally Jessica Cisneros?

Who is strongest against Trump? Must-win states and swing voters show Biden holds edge over Sanders

TX-02: In Texas' 2nd Congressional District, three Democrats battle to take on Crenshaw

OK, I don't want to be odd or anything, but. I remember the onset of AIDS. And later EBOLA.

TX-10: 3 Democrats vie for Michael McCaul's seat

TX-24: Candace Valenzuela Could be the First Afro-Latina Elected to Congress

TX-24: Democrats Think They Can Finally Flip Texas' 24th Congressional District

TX-31: Eclectic crew compete to fill Hegar's shoes in bid to boot Carter

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/28/20

"Hey, Girl..."

A Coronavirus PSA From Vice President Mike Pence

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Gream..

Bolivia dismissed its October elections as fraudulent. MIT research found no reason to suspect fraud

Bolivia dismissed its October elections as fraudulent. MIT research found no reason to suspect fraud

WE are about to learn we just fought the longest American war for nothing.

Food Banks: Pls. Donate A Can Of Food, Or $1.00 For CV Prep, TY!

Have you ever noticed that in every disaster movie, there's always a scientist

Troubling Reports About Trump Administration's Coronavirus Outbreak Response - Day That Was

A new poll just found Obamacare is the most popular it's ever been

New case of #COVIDー19 community transmission likely in Snohomish County, WA

What David Brooks gets wrong about Bernie Sanders

Dan Patrick bans 'vulgar' clothing, launching free speech debate

New York Is Making Its Own Coronavirus Test After The CDC's Test Has Repeatedly Failed

State senator calls for inquiries into TRS practices

Punch Donald Trump

538: Biden has a 97% chance of winning South Carolina

Must keep up on Barr

The Spanish Flu Pandemic, 1918: 2nd Deadliest Plague In History

taj mahal & tedeschi/trucks band - leaving trunk (acoustic-2014) this is just cool to watch ...

Biden will live and die with the South.

Mennonite accountant admits $60M Ponzi scheme to scam Mennonite and Amish investors

Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post writes:

Pa. judge who called black juror 'Aunt Jemima' made other racial comments, transcripts show

*The CV Death Rate, PLUS Intensive Care Hospitalization, 4-6 Week Recovery*: Deeply Concerning

In final South Carolina push, Biden calls election a battle 'for the soul of the nation'

Eric Trump Billed Taxpayers $80K for Two-Day Business Trip to Uruguay

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/28/20

General Assembly staffers can't legally unionize, says organization helping them unionize

Stephen Colbert: Coyote Peterson Introduces Some Adorable Australian Animals

Librarians Could Be Jailed and Fined Under a Proposed Censorship Law

Utah is Set to Decriminalize Polygamy, and Right-Wingers are Blaming the Gays

Ted Cruz tried to mock AOC's scientific knowledge - it didn't end well

Local democrats vote against bringing a tax intercept program back to Anne Arundel County

I'm a "Good American" so I will never go to the hospital no matter how COVID-y it looks

Report: State Lost Billions by Not Closing Corporate Loopholes

Department of Justice backs wedding photographer who refuses same-sex couples

Trump urges South Carolina Republicans to vote for Bernie Sanders

Gov. Hogan's political lobbying organization to begin airing TV ads against legislative Democrats

A Hoax Question

Trump's border "wall."

Warren supporter wishing Joe Biden all the best in South Carolina today.

Here's why kids these days love socialism

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Musician wears Barry Sanders football-jersey, MAGAts freak out, think it's about Bernie Sanders.

High stakes in South Carolina primary for Biden, Sanders

WJBF One-on-One with Bernie Sanders

WJBF One-on-One with Bernie Sanders

What Being Jewish Taught Bernie Sanders About White Nationalism - Supermajority - Refinery29

What Being Jewish Taught Bernie Sanders About White Nationalism - Supermajority - Refinery29

Turkish strike in Syria kills nine Hezbollah members, wounds 30: source

The Coming Freak-out Over the California Primary

Gov. Northam-Backed Gun Control Bills Pass in Virginia

Malaysia's Mahathir out as former interior minister is named PM

Florida's GOP "Resiliency Task Force", With Ostensible Leader Leaving, Will . . . Uh . . . Hang On .

We're not voting for Bernie

'Bernie is what we've waited 244 years for, we can't squander it. He's opened the minds of millions'

'Bernie is what we've waited 244 years for, we can't squander it. He's opened the minds of millions'

Even w/o SLR, Charleston SC Neighborhoods Flooding Just Fine From Overdevelopment Alone

As India counts dead, brutality of Hindu-Muslim riot emerges

The Yemeni American Democratic Caucus Michigan Endorses Bernie Sanders

The Yemeni American Democratic Caucus Michigan Endorses Bernie Sanders

Court halts Trump 'Remain in Mexico' asylum policy, then suspends its own order

Court halts Trump 'Remain in Mexico' asylum policy, then suspends its own order

UA Fairbanks Study: Rapidly Rising Temps Bringing Changes "Decades Too Early" To Alaskan Seas

Joe Coulombe, founder of popular Trader Joe's markets, dies at 89

The Yemeni American News is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

The Yemeni American News is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

Happy Leap Year!

COVID-19 Coronavirus roundup. Headlines from the past hour.

Tell Daddy? Huh?

AFT Washington, AFL-CIO Endorses Bernie Sanders

After 2.4 Million Hectares Of Brazi's Pantanal Burned Oct/Nov, It's Burning Again After Rains Failed

D.C. mayor, police chief want to keep untraceable 'ghost guns' out of District

AFT Washington, AFL-CIO Endorses Bernie Sanders

Dr. Fauci of the NIH on MSNBC now.

Snake eats towel: A vet explains her strangest day at work

Over Half Of Gondwana Rainforest Affected By Record Bushfires Plus 100s Of Rare/Endangered Species

Is legit? Friend posted this on fb

Why did CDC send NYC man home without testing for coronavirus?

On Remote Indian/Pacific Islands, Plastic Trash Killing At Least 500,000 Hermit Crabs Every Year

Cat demonstrates how to get through to a Retrumplican

Voted in SC Democratic Primary this morning

538 Election Update: Biden Surges In South Carolina

Do we still have some of the most vulnerable

Chris Matthews accused of 'inappropriately flirting' with female guest

COVID-19 -- Serie A call off five games including Juventus vs. Inter Milan

The art of globe making hasn't quite died yet

Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a 'hoax'

Stating the obvious but bears repeating...

Leap Day! Saturday 29 February 2020

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Life, The Universe, And Everything Edition

Pete's San Diego Tribune endorsement

2 votes for Biden in North Carolina this morning

Chuck Rocha: Morning Update

Maddow guest predicts Capitol Hill will close due to COVID-19 Virus

"But we're ordering a lot of different elements of medical."

Anyone changing their travel plans because of the coronavirus?

Question about when they actually test for COVID-19....

Chris Matthews confuses Jaime Harrison and Tim Scott in bizarre exchange last night

My quadra-annual rant against Leap Day in February

Log bridge camera in Pennsylvania:

Excellent tweet from Jon Cooper:

Mayor Pete to be on AM Joy today.

The True Believers

This is brilliant! Seth Meyers on Sanders freak out.

WaPo: Life insurance estimates show risks of electing an older candidate

Dr. Pence on the coronavirus:

Happy Leap year Day.. any one celebrating anything? If so, Happy Whatever!

Big Game!!

Joe Coulombe, founder of popular Trader Joe's markets, dies

Killer Mike: The Time is Now

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Killer Mike: The Time is Now

Trump Towers Kabul??? U.S., Taliban sign historic peace deal

Let me tell you an anecdote (COVID-19 related)

COVID-19 in France. Its in the hospitals now

Ball lightning

Tome Steyer on the campaign trail.....

Coronavirus: In Daegu S. Korea: 70% of the 600 people tested WITHOUT symptoms had the virus.

At Darth is back! If you know, you know, if you don't go meet darth

Maybe a President's Age Doesn't Matter That Much

COVID-19 litmus test. Ironically, keeping your head in the sand isn't a bad idea.

My favorite thing about Biden might be high-speed rail.

Mammoth Cheese An article courtesy of the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia.

A message from Bloomberg 😆

Kurt Eichenwald: Govt's initial response to Spanish Flu in 1918 parallels Trump admin's response 👀

Today as I watched Joe Biden at the polling place in SC...

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Surf 🥩 and Turf 🍤 Day ☀️❗️What's Your Favorite Combo? 🥩🍤🥩🦀🥩🦞

Biden gains new energy in Virginia while Sanders, Bloomberg slide, poll finds

Biden made a statement re Trump 'Democrat hoax' lie from last night.

The either/or of housing

So sorry to some,however

Five Reasons You Don't Need to Panic About the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Mike Pence Calls For Urgent Research Into Which Sin Coronavirus Is Punishment For

Trump got irritated when a (visibly pregnant) reporter from NBC, @HallieJackson, slipped quietly...

France banning large gatherings to slow spread of virus

Drug sniffing cats? Never!!!

Having Failed Totally in COVID-19 Outbreak, Trump Calls It a Hoax!

Trump's makeup looks (even more) ridiculous from this angle. No mirrors in the WH?

Pence Attacks Coronavirus

Biden gets a late burst of cash at a key moment

Woman Asks Biden 'What is Your Fire' Like Bernie & Warren, Biden's Answer Gets Ovation From SC Crowd

Went into a newly remodeled Burger King the other day

There's an Unexpected Feeling at a Biden Rally: Jubilance

US and Taliban sign deal to end 18-year war

Hey gang! Let's play "Coronavirus"

Does anyone have experience cooking wild (feral) hogs?

Trump calls Democrats' criticism of coronavirus handling their new 'hoax'

Trump's DOJ Creates Task Force To Strip Americans Of Citizenship

Republicans put TWO wars on the US credit card. A massive IOU for generations to pay off.

The same people who told us Hillary had it in the bag are now telling us Bernie is doomed

Anyone travel a lot by air in February?

Why trump is So So Very Dangerous

Washington state has TWO new coronavirus cases (community spread), & NYC has one under isolation

A friend of mine just returned from a trip to Egypt and the Middle East...

Jimmy Dorsey was born on this date.

Send them to the White House....To recover from their hoax.

One more final SC poll! Emerson College shows Biden with 16% lead.

Coronavirus: Americans will pay for tRump's tax cuts/RW ideology with their lives

Was just watching my classical music channel...

This 'peace deal' with the Taliban is not really a peace deal

We should pay more attention to the Democrats who pay attention to reality

1918 World Governments Lied & Censored Coverage of Flu Virus -Eventually 56 million people died.

Bernie Sanders Is the Unity Candidate

republican cure for cuts.

Updated South Carolina Primary Odds: Joe Biden Surges to Be a Massive Favorite....

Ted Lieu's message to loyal Trump "coronavirus hoax" MAGAts is the best thing you'll read today.

If the Orange Blob hears harrowing tales of the Spanish Flu he

Carmakers will shed 80,000 jobs as technology and falling demand upend the industry

Whew, glad that question on the coronavirus has been answered

So, Which Super Delegates Do You Know or Recognize?

Trump's Environmental Rollbacks Are Deeply Unpopular With Swing Voters

Coronavirus-THEY Don't Want Us To KNOW.

Front page news in Detroit: Bloomberg opposed the Obama-Biden Admin's saving of auto industry

WH approves new contamination wear to combat coronovirus threat

Media Conspiracy Theory. Tell me I'm wrong...

Mike Pence: Evolution Denier

Heartbreaking - Photos that ended Child Labor in the U.S.

Black Violin+ One Step to the Future. Their music is on replay here.


"The American people do not want a revolution".


Really cool voting feature in North Carolina - drive thru voting for handicapped

Ranked choice national poll has Biden and Sanders within the MOE of each other.

"Do you want a doer or a debater?"

I just proudly and enthusiastically voted for Joe Biden in the SC primary.

Joe Sanberg, LA Entrepeneur and founder of Aspiration Endorses Sanders

Corona virus pandemic / Climate change

Nancy Pelosi: The #TrumpBudget priorities:

Joe Sanberg, LA Entrepeneur and Founder of Aspiration Endorses Sanders

Republicans, Democrats split on whether to back (anti-vax) Question 1 (Maine)

U.S. Surgeon General: STOP. BUYING. MASKS.

The Spread of COVID-19 Could Be Far More Extensive That We Know

42 Shincheonji followers came to Korea from Wuhan over eight months

You raised $2,415.00 on February 28, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links (fixed)

Can't support Warren anymore. Superpac was last straw

The corona virus in pets

Please Don't Make Us Vote for Bernie, These Carolina Voters Say

The corona virus in pets

My Vote By Mail Ballot for Warren had been received by the election board...

Ember the cat is redecorating.

We are about to reap the consequences of our shitty, dumb healthcare

Predicting President Biden and a Case for Stacey

Joe Biden: 'I guess I wasn't arrested'

When was last time a Democrat over 55 was elected?

I plan to vote for Warren or Biden when I get to vote in two months.

Democrats could face first brokered convention?

A few people turned out to see @BernieSanders in Boston today.

NY Times: The Pied Pipers of the Dirtbag Left Want to Lead Everyone to Bernie Sanders

Trump: says he's ordering 'a lot of different elements of medical'

Expect empty shelves in Walmart & Target

I checked YouTube the other day to see what Sanders likes to tell people about his early life.

Apricothellbeast is doing another presser on the Corona Virus per Daniel Dale

No one will spread this virus more than Typhoid Mary Trump.

How to post a photo?

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 is winning -

Trump orders AG Barr to take legal action against Covid-19.

Edited: Image hotlinking temporarily down while DU admins make security patch

Trump's $3.8 Billion Border Wall Diversion Targeted by ACLU

Supply Chain...thoughts, questions...

The delegate math

CNN: trump to hold another news conference 1:30

Sanders Is Looking to Knock Out Warren on Her Home Turf

Teach Your Daughters to Hit People Who Touch Them

Republican mega-donor buys stake in Twitter and seeks to oust Jack Dorsey - report

Remember the "H1N1 virus?"

An Honest Conversation With a Prominent Black Activist Who Works for Pete Buttigieg

If the DOW tanks another 1000 points on Monday....

Anyone watch Pluto TV though your ROKU box? It no longer works

Coronavirus and public social gatherings...

drumpf only cares about the Dow, not americans, and he is not serving either

The entire system that protects us has been weakened by Trump.

Found on Twitter. Did anyone see this?

Sanders overtakes Warren in her home state, poll shows

I'm with the cats on this.

I'm with the cats on this.

The guy that gave me boog the chocolate lab is here

State regional basketball games moved due to coronavirus

FAA tells Boeing more training for 737 Max pilots may be needed

How Long Can Coronavirus Survive On SURFACES? Copper, Steel, Cardboard, Plastic; Imports & Pkgs.

Edmonds felon accused of having 'ghost gun' arsenal in home

Just for fun, here are some random celebrity endorsements

Coronavirus test negative after Bothell High School shutdown

Lawmakers may steer up to $10M into coronavirus response

Jackson High student, infected with coronavirus, 'doing well'

The medical world should name the specific nausea

Can people who recover from a bout with coronavirus become infected again - and again?

Medical expert on coronavirus: Don't panic, 'prepare for the worst right now'

Several young doctors in China have died of the coronavirus. Medical workers are far more vulnerable

What happens when millions of people under the influence of propaganda, crash into reality?

Asked about coronavirus, Trump blats about ... the election? Completely out of it.

Flavor Flav Blasts Bernie Sanders LA Rally: 'There Is No Public Enemy Without Flavor Flav'

Trump reportedly put Pence in charge of coronavirus because the VP didn't 'have anything else to do'

Dems launch Justice probe, seek Stone-related interviews

Trump barred a top health expert from speaking freely about the coronavirus.

1 dead from coronavirus in King County (WA), health officials confirm. Details on 2 others now

AFT President Randi Weingarten to endorse Elizabeth Warren in Houston tonight

Opinion: The other warning from coronavirus: Invest more in science

Ho Hum so SHITLER was guilty: FOIA emails confirm the Ukraine decision was his, his alone


I just had a lovely chat with a Pete Buttigieg supporter

I Want To Know About The First Person That Is ID'd With Covid-19 That Attended....

I am not a Bloomberg fan but this quote is priceless

Introduction thread the second...also a newbie

WARNING: Trump to hold news conference on coronavirus shortly (1:30)

CNN Breaaking News: First US Coronavirus death confirmed in Washington State.

DHS employee told to report to work in Newark after China travel, violation of coronavirus quarantin

So Idiot will soon be talking about the coronavirus "hoax," in light of the first US death.

This stock market sell-off is scarier than 2008

Now, violence and fear are driving more Mexicans to the US.

"I'll double-down on you in a New York second!" . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump!!!

Is there something happening at DU? I can't embed pictures in my posts.

American people, can we please get rid of this asshole in the Whitehouse.

Trump needs to worry about the stock market less, and pandemic preparedness more

Trump administration considering stronger restrictions against...Mexico due to coronavirus

I think we can forget the government at the federal and depend on individual states

Number of coronavirus cases from unknown source growing in U.S.

What messages are we giving women? "Just be a lady, they say"

POTUS has told aides that Azar and others have an "alarmist" view of the virus. He has wanted...

Exclusive: U.S. weighs restrictions at border with Mexico over coronavirus threat

Biden blasts Trump for calling coronavirus a 'hoax'

Lol. Howard Fineman. May I have your worst take, please?

Flight to Asia with a long layover at Seoul (ICN) Airport - COVID 19

We are waiting, Mr. President.

Anyone else in Little Rock today? Nt


The Press Conference is to gloat about Afghanistan

Party selection issues may invalidate more than 36,000 Washington ballots


Trump Coronavirus live stream.

Party selection issues may invalidate more than 36,000 Washington ballots

How many times have you seen me post this.

Orange Julius looks like he's about to keel over.

Trump rambling about Afghanistan...he surrendered to the Taliban today...what a loser.

Trump Averages 2.5 Conflicts of Interest Each Day, Says Ethics Group Study

Fucking Pence is a cartoon character.

He's gotten the news of the first virus death and doesn't know what to do.n/t

Howard Fineman: Trying to win is bad and wrong

Rehumanize Yourself

Trump just said "22 cases" and the person who died "a high risk woman in her 50's"

Tom Steyer dances on stage in last rally in South Carolina

Betsy DeVos fails to answer basic ? asked by my Congressman Mark Pocan!!

I think the candidates need to start banging the coronavirus drum.

Why is trump holding a press conference about a hoax?

Tweet of the Day

Trump: If you're healthy you'll "go through the process" (with the virus) and then you'll be okay.

does trump sound like he's been injected

"We have 43 million masks..and a lot more are coming."

"We don't want to incite a panic"

did we just cut and run in Afghanistan?

I think we're all in the Clear.

Pence never takes his eyes off Trump.

trump looks like an orange raccoon

This is a sham. A collective trump ass kiss. Nothing more.

this press conference

Dan Pfeiffer: Watching Trump try to calm fears is like watching a hippo try to fly


Pope 'out' for third day with cold

45 is nodding off. . .

The exchange of CASH MONEY is one way of spreading the virus.

Under The Direction Of The President......

Photos: Bernie Sanders Rally in Boston - 13,000+

This presser is so pathetic that...

Photos: Bernie Sanders Rally in Boston - 13,000+

In Bernie Land, $42 Trillion in Revenue Pays for $97 Trillion in Spending

What Dems are saying cannot be a hoax

Maddow Guest, New York Times science and health reporter Donald G. McNeil, Jr. on 28 Feb 2020

When King Sniffles said, "In the not-too-distant future..", anybody else's mind go here?

(Jewish Group) New survey indicates Jewish Americans will vote for any Democrat -- including Sanders

Watford - Liverpool spoiler

Obama did not support going into Iraq you effin LIAR

Bloomberg Ads

ASSHOLE, 45 MFer ...STFU...

Indiana number 41 in health care: rankings:

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Saudi Cup

I feel so much safer now after the Supreme Arseholes 2nd ImPressed conference on Corona.

Does the 2020 Primary Race Need an Emmanuel Goldstein Candidate?

He doesn't care about the stock market

Speaking of nazis

Watford 3-0 Liverpool - Reds' unbeaten league run ended in stunning style

Undecided voter asks Joe Biden...,

What People Die From During a Pandemic

Would it be possible to cross breed a Carolina Reaper ghost pepper plant

MASKS: this is why they are making such a big deal about mentioning masks:

Trump: "So healthy people, if you're healthy, will, uh...go through a process, and...and..."

Tax Cuts - End Of Year - Hmmmm.....

Patient Zero

ABC poll: Sanders considered strongest contender among engaged Democratic base of debate watchers

Just learned something about the corona virus

Well - That Was A Confidence Builder....

Pence's decades-old 'smoking doesn't kill' statement resurfaces after coronavirus appointment

100+ Black Writers, Scholars & Educators Endorse Sanders

Wife and baby of US soldier who has coronavirus moved to isolation unit

This is a lengthy description of the good things accomplished by Pete Buttigieg while he was mayor.

Interesting English Language Phenomenon

So salty

First coronavirus death in the U.S. happens in Washington state

Updated lists of candidates' endorsements:

Disease modelers gaze into their computers to see the future of Covid-19, and it isn't good

Tim Cook didn't say apple is "back to normal" as the president just falsely claimed.

Did today's Presser help you to feel more secure about the US response to the Corona Virus Epidemic?

This song is how I feel when Trump speaks.

Coronavirus Cases from Unknown Origin Grow

NYT's Farnaz Fassihi shares video of Iranian child struggling on street w/ breathing problems

Trump: The hoax is what they're doing because we've done such a good job with the coronavirus

Weekend TOONs 1 - Ministry of Truth

Weekend TOONs 2 - 401Korona

TOON bonus - Non Sequitur: Cap'n Eddie and the No-News Cruise

JUST IN: more than 100 Black Scholars, Writers, and Educators announce support for Bernie Sanders

Trashopolis - how big cities handle their trash and waste - interesting series featuring

Real wage growth has slowed tremendously under Trump compared to Obama: study

I really haven't mellowed with age, I've just learned that some

Thank you, Tansy_Gold, again, for the clever cartoons in the stock market reports

The novel coronavirus can likely live up to 96 hours on phone screens

For the past 10 yrs we've been talking about this rising American electorate...

Am watching MSNBC and there's a kid behind the talkers on TV, he's wearing a tRump hat......

From Friday, after the Thursday downturn

Thanks Obama, Obamacare Would Make The Coronavirus Vaccine Free



Home Office chief Sir Philip Rutnam quits over Priti Patel 'bullying'

NBC: First coronavirus death in the U.S. happens in Washington state

Happy Leap

So just woke up to this...

Good info about WA COVID-19 death - it was a man in his 50's, not a woman

Don't touch the grass!

Boston Globe op-ed: Trying to win is bad and wrong

Oh Sh#t. He just said we have to get rid of some very bad people.

Voted Biden in SC Primary today

My wife became a citizen yesterday

Bill Maher New Rules: My Way Or Die

Biden supporters: Here's video from Raleigh , NC

Did anyone else hear possible record number of voter turn out??

Map of Pubs in the UK

Is the URL problem solved.

Scam calls - answer and hit 2. Learned this from a coworker.

Howard Fineman: Boy do #Dem Congress leaders despise @BernieSanders .

Legal to own a kangaroo in Wisconsin, illegal in New York, etc :)

First Lady of California endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

South Carolinians have already exceeded one 2016 voting indicator: absentee voting.

Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead

The only science Trump is interested in is

More from the Atchafalaya Basin Backwaters - Louisiana 2019

Trump Calls on Supporters in South Carolina to Vote for Sanders in Primary

New Chinese greeting custom

Some swamp pics to cheer you up (Atchafalaya Basin - Louisiana - 2019)

I was on this afternoon's CDC media conference call

Professor with history of correctly predicting elections says it's 'the incumbent's election to lose

American who died seemed to have contracted coronavirus from "community spread"

China's 'War on Terror' uproots families, leaked data shows

CNN with some serious commentary

White man can't dance

Bloomberg Will Speak to Nation About Coronavrius

Health officials: Dozens at Kirkland nursing facility reporting symptoms that might suggest coronav

Final DU candidate preferences before results out of SC (candidates only, Undecided not included)

spotting concerns about Coronavirus in southern Cali

Andy Garcia in Godfather III......

Huge upset in Ft. Worth!

CDC on the Washington State deaths

Seems the only reason the US has so few "cases" of COVID-19 is because we do so little testing.

Things to do to prepare for COVID-19.

Cruise ship returns to Port Everglades early after hundreds of passengers fall ill

So excited about South Carolina

How did the Diamond Princess get the Covid-19?

Stephen King...

Washington governor declares state of emergency over virus

And this is the crowd on the inside of @BernieSanders rally in Springfield VA now

The time to have begun serious preparations in the US was two months ago

My Super Tuesday polling place is just up the street

Of course the Con has conflicts of interest in Coronavirus treatment...

If not for the Stock Market and his approval ratings

Joe Conason: How 'Conservatism' Could Kill Us All

Bloomberg 'addresses nation' in coronavirus commercial

Joanne Wright (R), running for Congress in CA, explains the oranges of COVID19

Partnership for America's Health Care Future

CNN: SC Demographic Exit Polling Data (coming in)

Katy Tur gets exit poll answer of the night! 😄

The Stages Of Getting A Second Cat

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 29, 2020

Bloomberg: no other candidate has his level of experience

Where are the "has Sanders abandoned S. C."

I bet Trump is privately delighted that the first death is on the West Coast

Trump hugged the flag again at CPAC

Joe Biden: Strongest Against Trump

JOY REID on MSNBC has BS's Nina Turner on her program. I TURNED OFF THE TV IMMEDATELY

Just imagine having to listen to Nina Turner for four years

Trump, the Conservatives and Repugs are calling this crisis a hoax...

Mark My Words... Agent Orange will attempt ot delay the elections

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes Endorses Bernie

George Takei with another spot on tweet regarding coronavirus

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes Endorses Bernie

Unfortunately, Dec/Jan was the time for Preparation & Containment - Now is the time for Mitigation..

I hope the pay is good.

First Covid-19 outbreak in a U.S. nursing home [in Kirkland, Washington] raises concerns

75,000 hospital respirators in the U.S.

"Just cast my tactical vote for Bernie Sanders in the #SCprimary2020#MAGA #Trump2020"

Reporter asked Trump if using the word HOAX at his Rally will make people take the Coronavirus less

We're one news cycle away from being told that Bernie has no right to campaign in New York City

Senator Nina Turner on Bernie's History

You know something? I am a lot less afraid of Coronavirus than I am of another four years of

Trump told America a 'wonderful woman' died from coronavirus -- but the victim was actually a man

Clyburn: "I'm not going to sit back idly and watch people mishandle this campaign"👀


Two women charged in attack of Spanish-speaking mother, daughter

Does vodka kill coronavirus?

Huge line for Pete rally in Raleigh

Photo: Bernie Sanders Rally Springfield VA - 10,300

As of last night's presser with WA health officials, there were only 2 cases

Coronavirus spreads to Washington nursing home

Photo: Bernie Sanders Rally Springfield VA - 10,300

I've decided my coronavirus prevention will involve GARLIC

In Little Rock today

Exit Poll: 47% cite Clyburn endorsement as major factor in decision.

New NOAA Hurricane Dorian emails show how tenuous scientific credibility is in the Trump era

South Carolina primary live updates: Biden scores highest favorability rating in early exit polls

Another reason why Bernie is a risky candidate...

Coronavirus and the uninsured

trump claims responsibility for longest black history-m-in 4 yrs

Today is both Leap Day and Rare Disease Day.

Maybe a good move might be to cancel campaign events for awhile as a precautionary

Just got back from casting my vote for Biden!

Prominent SC African-American Abe Jenkins talks about Pete

25th Amendment. Now.

Maddow pointed out that young voter turnout lower than in 2016

Will Biden be declared the winner shortly after the SC polls close?

Nina Turner speaking at Bernie's Nevada victory party, dispelling many fallacies

Newbie intro

After a crappy start to my weekend, I'm cheered by seeing Rachel Maddow,

Could someone please answer this question...

Aseptic technique

Kathleen Sebelius said Trump and Pence should NOT talk about the virus--Instead let the scientists

The crux of the problem; '20% of Coronavirus patients need hospitalization'....Dr. Fauci

Out on the town here in Albuquerque,The Q, Duke City, The Big I, The 505 and probably a

It's so much fun to change the channel

If Biden is the nominee and wins the General Election, i suspect we will be seeing a lot of

Are you rooting for a stock market collapse over #Coronavirus just to hurt Pres @realDonaldTrump?

Washington state: several fire crews in quarantine following contact with patients in nursing home

2020 US Senate Election Rating from Safe Democratic to Safe Republican.

Mike Bloomberg will give a three minute TV statement on Coronavirus tomorrow...

Found Wisdom

When do polls close?