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Opinion: Why Pundits Can't Comprehend Bernie Sanders

*Bloomberg appearing on PBSNewsHour tonight.

New New Yorker cover

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 28 February 2020

Now he says he had a very good press conference yesterday and wants to know why

Haberman: Trump thought coronavirus would be gone by April because it's warmer then.

Virus spreading to college campus?:

Further Thanks, Further Apologies (Ferret/Shower Cap)

US economy grew at 2.1% rate in Q4 but virus threat looms

If you can do something inadvertently...

Trump faces credibility test as he plays down virus threat

Iran's Vice President Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Senator Nina Turner on Bernie's History

Senator Nina Turner on Bernie's History

Colbert2Warren,"Which debate moderator is the worst on a scale of Chuck to Todd?"

I'm 78. My IRA dropped 15% in 7 days.

Trump accomplishes what no other president has accomplished.

Bernie at 31, ahead by 13 in new Fox national poll.

New Yorker magazine: next week's cover [coronavirus is] "Under Control"

Why won't Bernie make his medical records public?

I'm going to Japan in a few days

Pretty cool optical illusion 🕯

if interested Lincoln Project livestreaming...

Post and Courier Poll: Biden 28% Sanders 24% Steyer 16% Warren 12%

Sanders holds 13-point lead in Fox News poll

Who's the best VP for each nominee?

New York Is Making Its Own Coronavirus Test After The CDC's Test Repeatedly Failed

POLITICO: "Joe Biden's campaign isn't dead yet"--in fact it is 'surging'

Historian Robert Dallek on his book "Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life"

'Rich People Have Profited Enough': New Poll Shows Two-Thirds of Americans Support Wealth Tax



"Be a Lady They Said"

Bloomberg defends the NYPD's surveillance of Muslims during his mayoralty

Which Democratic candidate for President do you trust more to handle this coronavirus pandemic?

2020 US Senate Election Rating

Trump's response to Coronaviruse has been incredible !

Big Majority Worried About Health Care Costs

Borderlands 3 dlc 2 announced - Guns, Love and Tentacles

538's "proximity ratings"

My son's relationship with Joe Biden showed me his great character and warm heart

NK News report on "corona virus like" cases in North Korea.

Just once I'd like to see them give Trump this treatment

New Biden ad on protecting and building on Obamacare

State breakdown of medications skipped due to cost (great topic, but the map in the graphic?)

Justice Dept. Establishes Office to Denaturalize Immigrants

Well, this looks like Trump's big disaster management test we all knew was coming.

WHY CANT Medicare For All be just that: Medicare (as it is now) For All

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

Commercial janitors in Twin Cities strike for better wages, benefits

Commercial janitors in Twin Cities strike for better wages, benefits

Commercial janitors in Twin Cities strike for better wages, benefits

Oversight hearing room named for Elijah Cummings

Tweet w/video from MSNBC's Deadline White House, about Biden's CNN town hall last night

Trump disses his boy Pence big time:

Have You Heard of The Special Forces Ghost Car That Operated in Bosnia?

Lithuania and Nigeria just confirmed its first cases of Coronavirus.

Update on the owl painting. I was able to get it to her via her husband before she passed away today

the flu pandemic of 1918 went away in the summer but.....

Coronavirus Threat in US Bolsters Case for Medicare for All and Universal Paid Sick Leave

Fear of the virus will affect voter turnout

Billy expanding his play list

I honestly wonder who pays for this nonsense....

Mia Farrow on why she's supporting Joe Biden

Pence's COVID-19 Task Force first meeting

Well this is a tad tongue in cheek, but not much...

Trump impersonator interrupts Vice President Mike Pence's CPAC speech

I was proud to work with Rep. Clyburn to secure ACA community health centers funding.

I was proud to work with Rep. Clyburn to secure ACA community health centers funding.

Buttigieg officially wins the Iowa caucuses

The typical US worker can no longer afford a family on a year's salary, showing the dire state of Am

This is a cool cover of an old Buck Owens song

The Sixty Trillion Dollar Man

Is Van Jones trying to rewrite history in order to help Bernie now?

Neoliberalism Has Radicalized a Whole Generation

It's that time of the year.

Bernie supporters using #PrimaryWarren hashtag on twitter.

Ex-Baltimore mayor sentenced to 3 years in prison for children's book scam

Pete's rules of the road

The next President who I dearly hope that is one of ours...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! 1984!

SEC orders Wells Fargo pay $35 million for recommendations of high-risk products

We should definitely break the rules to make some people feel better about the primary

Why Trump Tapped Pence for Coronavirus Effort

Mike Pence, hygiene and is in charge of the Corona Virus Response.

How Joe Biden could soon be the Bernie Sanders alternative

For first time in 10 years, more Democrats than Republicans are registered to vote in NH

How likely is it that some countries will lie about the level of coronavirus infection?

Blue bump: Democratic majority in Snohomish, King counties

Study finds 378,000 transgender individuals lack ID to vote

Who will get there first? - Sack cartoon

So Trump spent the day with producers of a play about Strzok & Page, and then...

The new coronavirus could circulate forever, experts say -- becoming another illness in the sea of se

U.S. judge mulls holding Russian firm linked to election meddling in contempt

U.S. judge mulls holding Russian firm linked to election meddling in contempt

Progressive group leader describes why Warren would be better than Sanders

Streets of Milan deserted as residents stay indoors over coronavirus fears

Trump tweeting crazy stuff

Profound words from Wet'suwet'en traditional territories:

When the warm weather comes, the stock market will heat up and the coronavirus will die.

Facebook to publicly track political sponsored content after Bloomberg's paid memes

US Navy orders ships in the Pacific stay at sea at least 14 days between port calls over coronavirus

Today we had our first of many

Will the coronavirus be Trump's downfall?

Hillary to launch podcast this Spring.

Trump Throws A Fit Because Nobody Took His Coronavirus Press Conference Seriously

Why Barack Obama isn't endorsing Joe Biden or anyone else for president

StarTribunr editorial: Sanders tries to rewrite his past on authoritarianism

AP decides not to declare Iowa caucus winner after recount

Senate Intel chair privately warned that GOP's Biden probe could help Russia

Reporter's notebook: I was targeted by the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen

Easy people, easy

America's bad paid sick leave policy could make the coronavirus outbreak worse

Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders

Plans for first US 'safe injection site' derailed again

Two coronavirus patients in UNMC's biocontainment unit improve, move to quarantine unit

It took stocks only six days to fall into correction, the fastest drop in history

Listening to Rachel Maddow report on the HHS handling of COVID-19

I am watching the Rachel Maddow Show. She is covering the corona virus.

Sanders' rise fuels Dems' angst; Pelosi won't intervene

Get him gone !

CDC Has Fixed Issue Delaying Coronavirus Testing In U.S., Health Officials Say

No. 1 way to prevent coronavirus isn't wearing a face mask

Bloomberg campaign asked Andrew Yang to be his running mate: Report

Trump wealth order probe urged over Scottish golf resorts

Trump wealth order probe urged over Scottish golf resorts

My grandmother almost died from the Spanish flu. That's why Coronavirus makes me nervous,

How the Democratic nominating battle could end in a messy 'brokered convention'

Drugmaker Moderna Delivers First Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine for Human Testing

Democratic Primary Voters Increasingly Worried About Climate Change

Fux Noise: Barr sounds call to push back against anti-cop attitudes

Illinois lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban Native American mascots

Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love

A year after House vote, Dems challenge McConnell on guns

Americans can't figure out what Ivanka Trump is doing in India

Here's a new record Trump can brag about!

Trump congratulates himself for "putting us way ahead in our battle with the Coronavirus"

Coronavirus Updates: Italy Reports 650 Cases And 17 Deaths

Court won't let Trump pardon void guilty verdict against Arpaio

Seattle Officer Fired Over Domestic Abuse, Bias Allegations

Asia- Who Will Stop The Rain

Judge: Trump Administration can't take $89m from Bangor pier project for border wall

Well, this is a bit of a proud moment for Mr. L ...

Coronavirus is drying up the supply chains of Southeast Asia's factories

When a Pandemic Meets a Personality Cult The Trump team confirms all of our worst fears. Krugman

South Texas county prohibits border-wall surveyors from entering lands near bird sanctuary

Trump says he can bring in coronavirus experts quickly. The experts say it is not that simple.

This time, Bernie Sanders 'rigged' the system against himself

Top 8 Largest Dow Jones Drops in American History.

Did DT eliminate a lot of professionals at the CDC? Sorry, there have been so many people he

Asian markets still dropping. Down 2.5 - 3.5% across most

Alabama senator's power play kept coronavirus cruise ship evacuees in San Antonio

Cats vs Invisible Wall Challenge

Red pandas are actually two separate species, study finds

Top 8 Largest Dow Jones Drops in American History belong to trump

"How likely are you to vote for President Trump?"

Tennessee doctor got his GOP rep to overrule CDC & repatriate infected cruise ship passengers.

Devin Nunes May Be In Big Trouble Over His Finances

I have a close family member working in a very large W. Coast hospital.

Tokyo Disneyland to close through mid-March on coronavirus concerns

Brand new ABC News article on Sanders' odd views on what causes cancer

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 1, 2020 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

TCM Schedule for Monday March 2, 2020 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Why Trump's press conference backfired

A thought...Trump throws Pence under the bus blaming him for the coronavirus screw

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump is DEFINITELY NOT WORRIED About Coronavirus

Bloomberg's Error

US is way behind other countries in testing for coronavirus

Meet five star reporters on the ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative team

Milwaukee gunman ("He was a great electrician. He taught me so much,") and victims

Warren, Castro hold town hall in San Antonio ahead of Super Tuesday

The Americans Joe Biden Left Behind on the Bankruptcy Bill

UC Davis student showing 'mild symptoms' of coronavirus. 3 roommates in isolation

FFS! I am tired of reading this S***

Anyone else into Old Time Radio

The Economist : What does Bernie Sanders's political revolution hope to accomplish?

Oil's Worst Week Since 2011 Puts Pressure on OPEC+ to Respond

Coronavirus is going to come home to roost

Donald Trump's night so far:

Bernie was here today in Winston Salem, NC. And I went to see.

"Northwest Natives rally for Bernie, honor MMIW in front of thousands"

How to use Clorox wipes (and how to wash your hands)

It's beyond belief. You could combine Caligula, the Republic of Fredonia, a Tarantino film...

Sanjay Gupta fact-checks Trump's coronavirus claims

Cast my ballot for Sanders!!!

Thanks tRump!!! UC Davis student showing 'mild symptoms' of coronavirus

Are you sure he doesn't drink? Two hours ago ..

Inslee on the Federal response to the Corona virus

The Daily Show: Celebrating Black History

A brokered convention will not affect the base

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper & Roy Wood Jr. Check In With Charleston Black Voters

The Economist : Countries that have benefited most from globalisation are the most fearful of change

You always get some new connection from Rachel.

If we're going to win in November,

'Bring back the deceased person': police chase down stolen hearse in Los Angeles

Turkey strikes Russian, Assad regime bastion Latakia, other targets in Syria with missiles

Seth Meyers - Candidates Share Personal Mottos During Democratic Debate - Monologue 2/26/20

Powell and The Fed must be getting all kinds of heat to lower rates yet again

"You can't gaslight a pandemic, Donald"...John Pavlovitz 2-27-2020


SouthCarolina DataProgress Poll:

Coronavirus patient at UC Davis Medical Center since Feb. 19 wasn't tested for days

Seth Meyers - Trump's Flailing Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Closer Look

I'm Concerned Of Late Night Show Hosts Making Fun Of This Virus Crisis....

VIRUS DOES NOT care IF YOU are a DeMocrat or RepublicaN, my first thoughts are for the vulnerable

trumps will use this chaos to his advantage, if it was not planned in advance

Democratic Presidential Candidates: Meet Texas' Fastest-Growing Demographic Groups

'We're Supposed To Do That': Bloomberg Defends NYPD's Spying Of Muslims After 9/11

Pts discharged from quarantine were self-quarantined for 4-5 days & still tested positive

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 28, 2020

@chrislhayes So here's what appears to be chain of events: #coronavirus

Pence Orders CDC to Quadruple Thought and Prayer Capacity to Combat Coronavirus

No No No ... Don't Pass Me By ... You See I Can See Good Things for You and I ...

Teachers union: Corpus Christi ISD administrator blames teachers for low reading scores

best tweet of the day

Always vote for any Democrat...

Unless you bought stocks since November, you're still ahead

U.S. mulls using sweeping powers to ramp up production of coronavirus protective gear

ACLU sues seven Texas towns for passing local anti-abortion ordinances

Get 6 months of needed medication if you can. You never know

New poll: supertuesday states Sanders 30 Bloomberg 18 Biden 17


NYT : The Superdelegates Are Nervous

S. Korea's only 'drive-thru' virus testing to be more available

"Obama has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in the US who contract Ebola!"

I wonder what the response to the coronavirus that Pat Robinson...

It would be ironic if Vladdy arranged someone..

preppers! remember them? can they say "I told you so" with their stockpiles of medical supplies?

When pandemics happen it's common to forbid...

Democrats Have Different Routes to Win the Electoral College. None Are Easy.

Trump's CDC is telling California labs they will not be allowed to test for Coronavirus

The One Percent Is So Happy To See Elizabeth And Bernie Lose Ground

Demographics and Climate Impacts on Embodied and Materially Retained Household Carbon

Cults and Conservatives Spread Coronavirus in South Korea

Pitt lab working to create vaccine for coronavirus

What were the dates of evacuation flights? (to US)

All schools in Japan told to close until April over virus outbreak

Joe climbs in the DU rankings too!!

South Korea says flight attendant infected with virus worked Los Angeles route

Heather Cox Richardson - February 27, 2020 - Letters From An American

US says, Chinese warship shot military laser at them.

Third Challenge Coming Up!

Battle For Future Of Democratic Party On Full Display In Texas' 28th Congressional District

Does anyone want to educate me on Bitcoin?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/27/20

What about herd immunity?

Iowa Democratic Party says recanvass resulted in no change to National Delegates

Stephen Colbert - Guest Charlamagne Tha God: Everybody's Selling Us Dreams

new Psychedelic Furs

Does someone have an email for the DNC that can get immediately

Montco lawyer gets 5 years in prison for running $3.4 million fraud

Colombia's ambassador to Uruguay returns over cocaine labs found on family estate

Psych Furs - Until She Comes

OK, panic time: Coca Cola says Diet Coke production may be disrupted

Project Chaos is what these repubs are calling it.

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Philly's soda tax didn't lead to people drinking less soda, study says

Ex-Pennsylvania state senator Mike Folmer pleads guilty in child porn case

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Washes His Hands of the Coronavirus

Maybe, I dunno, we should stop using the Dow as a measure of the economy

#CoronavirusCoverUp is underway.

Students stage sit-in outside University of Oklahoma offices

The 'Black Eagles' threatened Gustavo Petro and his family

Effects of Coronavirus on Primaries campaigns?

FDA reports 1st drug shortage due to novel coronavirus outbreak

In Regard to Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus pummels financial markets; Japanese island declares state of emergency

Americans are avoiding Corona beer amid coronavirus outbreak

Barros Schelotto, Tevez linked to Macri family wind farm business

Excellent Anderson Cooper (CNN) segment nailing Trump's response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stephen Colbert: John Turturro Talks About How He Brought Barack And Michelle Obama Together

Miami authorities must wait days for coronavirus results over delay in testing tools

US centre: No evidence of fraud in Bolivia's October polls

Big media is covering up Trump's terrifying incoherence in a time of emergency

comic creators from the world of DC and Marvel to tell the full story of why Trump was impeached

ATLANTIC: GOP is no longer a party of Ideas, but a party of Idolators

Let's start calling Wall Street a Giant vagina

The Absurdity and Danger of Trump's Deal to Send Asylum Seekers to Guatemala

Is superdelegate BS the only cadidate who hired a superdelegate to run his campaign?

A short essay for a Friday: God's Plan Edition

4Chan Trolls Have a Plan to Mess With the Democratic Primary. It Is Incredibly Stupid.

House of Cards How Joe Biden helped build a financial system that's great for Delaware banks and

DOJ Opens Office Of Citizenship Stripping, Because PRIORITIES!

Coronavirus: First Welsh case among three new UK diagnoses

Russian Firm Fighting Mueller Charges Faces Contempt Order

The Week: Democrats ponder a coup d'Bernie

Voter ID proposal draws crowd of opponents on final day of legislative hearings

54 Years Ago Today; Astronauts Charles Bassett and Elliot See killed when T-38 crashes into factory

Apparently the Pope is "indisposed".....

Coronavirus could cost Trump the election, Goldman Sachs warns

Trump fixes "boarder" misspelling on his coronavirus tweet, refers to himself twice in 3rd person...

Breakfast Friday 28 February 2020

Time: Coronavirus Patient's Pet Dog Tests Positive for 'Low Level' of Virus

Elizabeth Warren Gets Giant Lift From Persist PAC

Surreal: Russian Navy ships armed with cruise missiles sail past Istanbul on way to Latakia

Study shows rural Pennsylvania school districts not benefiting from nearby fracking

THAT'LL leave a mark...

Maximum protection across borders for the emblematic jaguar

Amateurs running the education system is going to have serious conseguences

Maximum protection across borders for the emblematic jaguar

Downside Potential: Warming Could Add Up To $100 Billion/Yr To Natural Disaster Costs By 2040

You Can't Gaslight a Pandemic, Donald

Buh-Bye! Rebekah Mercer, Who Funded Climate Liars, Leaves Museum Of Natural History Board

Desert Locusts Confirmed In Congo: First Infestation In That Country Since 1944

Trump is suing NYT for libel. Here's how this could spectacularly backfire:

Refugees head towards Greece as Turkey opens borders over Syria crisis

A candidate that gets 35% of the votes shouldn't win. But a candidate that gets 25% should!

Theories On What Will Happen If We Are Told To Stay Home?

Official: 2020 Geneva Motor Show Canceled Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


A headline for the ages...

MA polling looking good for Bernie!

I keep having to sign in. I'm a star member

A gymnast to watch!

February 28 - Happy Birthday Senator Maggie Hassan (D) NH

SENSEX (sort of the Dow Jones for India) sees largest single-day loss in history

Ex-Fed Gov Warsh sees coordinated global central bank action soon in response to COVID-19

Yet another example of why religious zealots in positions of power are dangerous

Two Questions: Will Trump Be Advised Not To Hold His Rallies??

Mulvaney tells people to turn off their TVs because the media are trying to bring down Trump.

The one and only @belafleckbanjo is performing at the Bernie rallies in Boston and Springfield

So we dislike the Electoral College but LOVE Super Delegates??

The HHS whistleblower report is evidence of Negligent Homicide

Miami to hold 'anti-Communist' concert after Sanders defends Castro regime

KRUGMAN: When a Pandemic Meets a Personality Cult-The Trump team confirms all of our worst fears.

a light moment...

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reads Green New Deal into Congressional Record

Rep Cicilline grills Pompeo on COVID-19 - Pompeo refuses to talk unless it's about Iran

Goldman Sachs tries to calm the markets

Teacher of the year suspended for showing students a picture of her fiance wins $100,000 settlement

True meme Tweet is true. GOTV

Trump covets the presidency more than anything in the world.

Much of a Dutchness: the Hotel Inntel Zaandam

I believe that whoever gets the most votes will be the nominee.

That thing's plan for fighting the coronavirus:

"Lookin Good with Uncle Chris"

Every American should see how President Trump decided to spend his time yesterday

Reuters: Evidence of coronavirus reinfection.

"The Pence Treatment"

Market futures have deteriorated since 4 AM

Profiles in Perfidy, IX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

our idiot orange baboon asshole soiling the white house has the market doing the limbo!

Saving An Iguana Four Miles Offshore

Uggh. Would you watch Nick Wallenda (LIVE) attempt to walk across an active volcano on tightrope?

Fox business doctor on with crazy varney

Profiles in Perfidy, X. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

After airstrike on Turkish forces by Russia or Syria, Trump forced to pick between Moscow or Ankara

Scientists Discover Protein in a Meteorite

On the brink of th SC vote: New Emerson Poll has Biden 41; RCP Average 34.3

The absurdity of the "Bernie wrote the rules" talking point.

VP Pence wiped his nose with his hands then proceeded to shake everyone's hands


Is the Bastard playing us all?

America is about to get a godawful lesson in why health care should never be a for-profit business

This is why narcissists should never be in charge: they are dangerous.

Trump put coronavirus-infected Americans on plane full of healthy people -- over CDC objection

With the virus threatening the health of Americans Drumpt surely has this concern:

Four Nominations Sent to the Senate; Issued on February 27, 2020

The Rundown: February 27, 2020

Pick of the Week: "Dial H for Hero" #12

I learned something today while viewing the BBC In Pictures offerings... I've long been using

The origin of Superheroes: Captain Marvel Jr.

Pope sick a 2nd day with apparent cold, cancels audiences

Our endorsement in the Florida Democratic primary: A fresh start with Pete Buttigieg Editorial

I still believe that the origin of this threat against our democracy is Trump's debt to oligarchs.

Garth Brooks' 'Sanders 20' jersey wasn't for Bernie - but angry comments still came in

For Biden to truly flourish Bloomberg has to collapse

Bernie Sanders campaign challenges Iowa recount results

And Justin Amash proves once again he's no hero

Dow opens down 1000 points..friday morning

Coronavirus-Czar Mike Pence jumps into action:

Trump ain't got NOTHIN' for black people just cuz he opens 15 new offices in black communities.

How you can tell if a news story is real

Aviation enthusiasts; The last A380 rolls through French town

So... if I wear a mask even though I don't have the disease, am I....

John Fahey was born on this date-

It is who has gets the require amount of delegates at the convention that will be or nominee.

I was just thinking. We're hearing that the vaccine for the coronavirus might

The new campaign slogan for Shitbag

The US should be screening people returning from Italy and South Korea but we are not

New S.C. Monmouth poll

Rep Andy Levin serves SMOKED Pompeo on a platter: "You can't classify something that doesn't exist"

Joe South was born on this date.

LOL: Trump Blames Stock Market Crash on Dem Debate

Trump: "Pray Away HIV" Pence in Charge of Coronavirus

this is the content i signed up for

All coronavirus communications must be cleared by VP's secretary--Stephen Miller's new bride

Everything the Evil Orange ShitGibbon got Wrong about the Coronovirus

DOW is already down 1000 points this morning.

Trump just tweeted that Steyer is "loser", "joke", "incompetent" while stock mkt tanking

Media Covering Coronavirus to 'Bring Down the President,' Mulvaney Claims

Bloomberg has half the support of Klobuchar here and barely edges out Gabbard


Every time the DOW drops a point, I think "Take that, Donald Trump!!!!"

Judiciary Committee Demands Barr Hands Over Trump Messages Related to Stone Sentencing

Big Gay Ice Cream Is the Best! (Bloomberg)

"Honest Election Project" trying to purge voter rolls in three states

WHO raises global pandemic risk level

Psychiatrist On Trump's 'Dangerous' Response To Coronavirus Crisis The Last Word MSNBC

Congressman Garamendi(D CA), said he's gonna kick don juniors ass!

MSNBC saying Republicans in SC being told to vote for Bernie.....

I just made an appointment for my annual Medicare Wellness vist.

Irianian well loved cat. #CatWorldDomination

Thought for a campaign ad:

How do we know tRump isn't serious about fighting the Coronavirus?

Pompeo just asked by Ted Lieu if coronavirus is a "hoax"--he refuses to answer the question

Dang... 2-year Treasury yield on pace for biggest daily drop since March 2009

DU Poll: Regardless of your first choice, would you be comfortable with Sanders as the nominee?

Sen. Tim Kaine endorses Joe Biden before key primary elections

TC Projects: Lead-Acid Battery Backup

Not the Onion: 38% of Americans wouldn't buy Corona beer due to coronavirus...

I hope to bid a farewell to

New Word "Coughertered"

This is why @JoeBiden is my guy!! You can't teach this stuff. It's within you from birth ♥️

Kudlow discussing grim economic news at the WH in the briefing room. (Pic)


Media Covering Coronavirus to 'Bring Down the President,' Mulvaney Claims

On this day, February 28, 1944, Storm Thorgerson was born.

Combine Germaphobe and Narcissist and what do you get?

Scotland Set to Be First Country to Provide Free Pads and Tampons

Donnie is having a sad

The Proper Way to Wash Your Hands..CNN:

Trump Wants to Take Away Heat From the Poor to Fund Coronavirus Response

Watching ongoing Covid-19 coverage on CNN - and bizarre anti-vax Maine referendum ads

Only reason they cut CDC budget by 16% is

The Boss Who Put Everyone On 70K Salary, Crusader Against U.S. Inequality

I am surprised that the full unredacted Mueller Report was never leaked.

Gold is absolutely tanking today

Pence is leading the coronavirus response but he's still heading to Florida to fundraise

Rep Garamendi: HHS Whistleblower complaint likely linked to Northern CA patient

Good news? China gets back to work -- sort of -- as number of new COVID-19 cases wanes

I couldn't work out why this massive dog just stood there while I barked at it.

FYI: New cases in Israel, Mexico and new suspected cases in Brazil

Former Federal Prosecutors Demand DC US Attorney Resist Political Interference

if I were a Media Executive making false stories about Trump

My Edward Jones broker just called to tell me to just not look

Want better election security? ABOLISH THE EC!!!!

Larry Kudlow now on COVID-19... Jesus

Fox News interviews PA man recently quarantined, but he can't stop coughing during interview

Just wish it all away......

The Terrifying Muzzling of Public Health Experts

Compare the Coronavirus-crisis to 9/11:

CDC transfers coronavirus patient to San Mateo County (Sounds bad)

We have a Pandemic and Trump is our President. We are fucked.

Finally we know what word he misspelled.

A funny letter:

Baby Lafant discovers it's nose

What is the best source for country by country corona cases? nt

Junior is spewing.

It's all about the cats - Google Earth and you shall find them

Bernie Sanders Can Beat Trump. Here's the Math.

'Down-Ballot Carnage': James Clyburn Sounds the Alarm About Bernie Sanders Nomination

Here is why Trump put Pence in charge of combatting the virus

How about a Sanders/Turner Ticket?

DC Circuit Rejects Wine Bar's Trump Lawsuit, But Ducks Ruling On 'Presidential Immunity' Claims

MAGAts freak when Garth Brooks wears a Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions) jersey in concert.

In 2014, Biden told his staff he did NOT want them missing family obligations for work

Midday Music for Millennials

Anyone feel like we're living the opening chapters of "The Stand?" One of

Trump Takes Credit as Markets Rise, Blames as They Fall

Star Wars is going back in time again...

Economy tanking, pandemic approaching, stock market crashing, and what is Trump doing today?

Biden acknowledges he wasn't arrested in South Africa despite earlier claims

How will the Coronavirus impact the Census?

WHO raises coronavirus threat assessment to its highest level: 'Wake up! Get ready! This virus may b

Bloomberg has spent $510 MILLION+ on his own presidential campaign.

We finally turned off cable TV, only have Internet

Leaving to go cast my early vote in Texas

Wildlife logging in

Which of our candidates would you have the most confidence in a crisis?

Tomorrow should be a good day for Trump


I'm so glad we don't get lake effect snow like this off of Lake Michigan.

I'm so glad we don't get lake effect snow like this off of Lake Michigan.

Hey Mr. Trump, why don't you worry about the coronavirus rather than disrupting in SC


I don't want to think about when COVID hits the detention camps

Listen to @DannyDeVito and help us reach our goals before the FEC deadline on Saturday

Jan 2020: Trump Has Sabotaged America's Coronavirus Response

MAyor of Jackson, Mississippi Endorses Sanders after Caucus of City Residents

Should We People Be Concerned About Domestic Travel?.....

Warren at risk of losing her home state

Mayor of Jackson Mississippi Endorses Sanders After Caucus of City Residents

Traveling the past two weeks - 30 to 40% don't wash hands

They are so above the law

DNC Superdelegate Promoting Brokered Convention Is A Significant GOP Donor, Health Care Lobbyist

Mexico confirms first coronavirus cases in two men returned from Italy

Which of our candidates would work best with leaders of other nations?

Lets face it: coronavirus will be cured. There's a market for a cure ...

Florida is a must win State in November for republicans.

Is there NO ONE who can just get a grip on the plans for the country to deal with the virus?

best tweet of the morning

AP: Sanders-linked group entered into racial discrimination NDA

This will make you feel better.

Details on tomorrow's South Carolina Primary

You people are exaggerating when you say Bloomberg is bad as Trump


Pet dog in Hong Kong tests 'weak positive' for coronavirus, officials say

Hammer Home the Message

Judge Blocks $89 Million Transfer for Border Wall

Now: Massive fire breaks out near central Paris train station

WaPo op-ed: Bloomberg's NYPD spied on me for being Muslim. He has never apologized

I'd say John Fugelsang is on a bit of a roll, here

Dump wants everyone to die

*Coronavirus, Cold Or Flu? Symptoms & How To Tell The Difference*

Ocasio Cortez Scorches Ted Cruz: 'You don't even believe in evolution'

Iran suspends Parliament sessions until further notice

I voted yesterday afternoon

Help! I have a killer idea for a meme or a Pic of the Moment!

Farnaz Fassihi: "Iran is now a main source of export of coronavirus patients around the world"

South Korean sect feels coronavirus backlash

A truthful meme

This can't be real! :

WHO Director-General's opening remarks at media briefing on COVID-19 - 28 February 2020

@ 12:50 p.m.

UT makes first 3D map of coronavirus, breakthrough in developing a vaccine

very bad news for every candidate not named Bernard

Some DUers have wondered who's behind the great ads for Bloomberg's campaing. Politico explains:

I will reassure you in this thread!

Don't panic

38% of Americans wouldn't buy Corona beer "under any circumstances" because of the coronavirus

RNC Stopped Paying a Data Firm After A Serious Breach. Then It Paid A Mysterious LLC w/ Same address

The Trump Administration Is Gagging America's Immigration Judges

Rep. Garamendi: NIH official canceled on five Sunday talk shows after Pence's office 'took over'

Do they strive to be creepy, or does it just happen naturally?

Mulvaney says....

MAGA ...

Hillary Clinton is launching her own podcast

No one in South Carolina or anywhere else in America should worry about whether

Democratic leaders willing to risk party damage to stop Bernie Sanders

DU Primaries Report, February 2020: Fasten Your Seatbelts! (With Guest Host Steve Kornacki)

A Trump impersonator, with a manneqin over his shoulder, interrupts CPAC gathering.

This is from Feb 2nd, "Last year, those parts of China accounted for more than 80% of national GDP,

Stocks are up 31% in Trump's presidency. At this point under Obama they were up 69%

My IPhone is doing something new today. Spam risk, telemarketer.

Breaking poll: cnn California. Sanders 35. Warren 14 Biden 13

I am usually not worried about the viruses that come ago, but...

Super Tuesday is in 4 Days and Buttigieg has not released any medical records.

Rushed US-Taliban deal -- a victory for Islamists? (DW)

The fashion equivalent of Donald Trump:

President Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy blocked in federal court

Dixie Chicks new material #Gaslighter coming 3/04/20!!

In Bay Area, candid Israeli historian Benny Morris sounds off on genocide and politics

Can Bernie Sanders Get Away With Hiding His Medical Records?

I never appreciated that a party's nominee is not only for President but for head of the party

My employer and teleworking

Donald Trump: "the first black president"

What if the buffoon is right?

We can stop worrying about this coronavirus now

China Spins Coronavirus Crisis, Hailing Itself as a Global Leader (NYT)

Livable Housing is a Human Right

Livable Housing is a Human Right

He is not a liberal, he's the end of liberalism - interesting perspective from... David Brooks

Sanders Group Used Racial Discrimination NDA

Our Revolution+ has a NDA entered into in 2019+ AfAm Consultant

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez: Guardians of the Earth

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez: Guardians of the Earth

Stu Redman just dropped by.

The greatest movie opening sequence of all time!

Are we headed towards another 1,000 plus point loss this week?

I'm headed to Sam's Club to buy a case of Corona

Bloomberg's already got an ad on slamming Ass Clown for slashing the CDC's budget and for

How's Your 401K?

Winter seasonal contest

CNN announces interviews with Democratic candidates on eve of Super Tuesday

Pence heads to Florida for fundraiser and meeting with Gov. DeSantis

Morans rip Garth Brooks for wearing Barry Sanders jersey onstage in Detroit

Buffalo Roman Catholic Diocese seeks bankruptcy protection

Superdelegates donating to Republicans.

Bernie Sanders's Scandinavian fantasy (Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post)

No TOONs post today

Trumper sister on kids held in Trump concentration camps

Corona Czar

When you try to fake-like black people and suddenly remember you left the tiki torches out in the...

Huge fire breaks out near Gare de Lyon train station in Paris

What Makes This Photo of Amy Klobuchar at the South Carolina Democratic Debate So Universal?

Babysitter Shoots Child During Gun Selfie

Young Democrats Have Rejected Biden -- And It Could Cost Him The Nomination

Freeman Dyson, a visionary and renaissance physicist, dies at 96

Melania always made a statement - with/without clothes; swatting SHITLER/kissing a firefighter

Fed to cut intrest rates?

Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump's Choice of 'Pray on It' Pence to Oversee Coronavirus Response

How Trump will steal the 2020 election

Roger Stone looks and acts like a supervillain in a Batman movie...

Amazon exec says recent head-tax stance isn't a reversal from 2018 position

Google Employee Diagnosed With Corona Virus


Presidential primary is a hit with voters in both parties

The Uncomfortable Question of Bernie Sanders's Life Expectancy

Edmonds City Council may vote on allowing waterfront hotels

'Minnesota tough with real world skills: Why Amy Klobuchar has my vote and should get yours.

Donald Trump Jr. suggested that Democrats are rooting for millions to die

What does Trump do next

A new approach to political forecasting...

Cartoons 2/28/2020

Ex-trump economist says recession likely if Coronavirus not contained...

I play Bass with a PICK... (FORBIDDEN FOOTAGE)

Steyer suggests Biden's talk of working with Republicans is naive

Appeals Court Blocks Wisconsin Voter Purge

Laura Bassett: Like Warren, I Had My Own Sexist Run-In with Chris Matthews

So could this virus be what does Trump in?

Congressman Threatens to Beat Up Trump Jr. for Claiming Democrats Want Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite trade war, most American farmers still support Trump 2020

How we ended up with Trump: Stupid People. Like those who won't buy Corona beer because of the virus

Michelle Obama petitioned to run as vice president to stop Bernie Sanders, report says

The Homeowners Association handbook CLEARLY states that all pets must be leashed...

As stock markets tumble because of coronavirus, this time feels different

Great piece by Charles Pierce

"The Trump Administraion will kick hundreds of rural school districts out of a federal program that

Stephen Miller's new wife is in charge of approving all coronavirus communications

Translated; Trump asked us to help in re-election...

I keep hearing there are too few virus testing kits available.

New Yorker cover: Under Control

You raised $2,710.49 on February 27, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Naomi Seibt: 'anti-Greta' activist called white nationalist an inspiration (and remarks about Jews)

Tweet of the day from Mark Hamill!

From the near future: "When I took over our government, we did not have a pandemic response team."

I just gotta ask this here

CDC admits rollout of Covid-19 diagnostic tests "has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked"


The winning never stops with Donald Trump

COuld be a third day below 1,000

Coronavirus 1,000 times more infectious than SARS...!

Vendor employee at Microsoft diagnosed with tuberculosis

Lawmaker: no memory of any confrontation at the airport as described by Biden

Apparently the Michigan Republicans have my convenience and well being, in mind

The proper way to wash your hands, according to the CDC

I Am Not a Fan of Any Primary Candidate

This wins twitter today.

GOP chairwoman suggests RNC plans to get 'litigious' over push for national popular vote

This is important.. The Mask does not prevent the wearer

U.S. oil futures suffer largest weekly percentage loss in over a decade

Democrats eye Super Tuesday even as South Carolina looms

Isn't it ironic that someone that believes in end times (pence) is in charge of finding a cure for,

SiriusXM folk - favorite channels?


NHL Seattle begins construction of training center, team headquarters at Northgate mall

Vox: What David Brooks gets wrong about Bernie Sanders

Amid Coronavirus chaos, Bill Barr quietly intervenes in a same-sex wedding/photographer case....

Let's get realistic about this election, people

38% of Americans avoiding Corona beer amid coronavirus outbreak: survey

'It's Scary': Residents Near Mystery Coronavirus Case Worry and Wonder

Sometimes, I think we could use a few more Republicans here in Germany

Super delegates, why they exist?

Border Patrol discovers new smuggling tunnel in southern US

Why didn't Franklin Graham stand up for persecuted fellow Christians in India

I don't buy Corona beer because it tastes like weak penguin piss

Trump aide Kudlow urges calm: 'Stocks look pretty cheap to me'

Jared Kushner Divests From Startup Cadre Over Future Conflict Concerns

WBUR Poll: Sanders Opens Substantial Lead In Massachusetts

Fox News to host Bloomberg town hall on eve of Super Tuesday

How far do stocks have to fall to enter a bear market as coronavirus-fueled selloff continues?

Hedge fund bears rake in millions from market meltdown

Republicans storm out of coronavirus briefing after Democrat rips Trump's response

Court blocks Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy

For that special garden...

Could coronavirus and economic slump cost Trump re-election?

Garth Brooks supports Bernie Sanders?? IM DONE WITH HIM

Sanders could not beat Trump simply by mobilizing turnout. Here's why.

I'm calling it: convention floor fight leads to Sherrod Brown getting the nom

need some thoughts..

Wisconsin court overturns ruling that ordered removal of up to 209,000 people from voter rolls

California patient with unknown origin of coronavirus is in serious condition, official says

Powell signals Fed is open to rate cut as coronavirus raises economic concerns

House Democrats Inquire About Political Interference at the Justice Dept.

200 people in Georgia self-monitoring for coronavirus

Dearest #TrumpRally fans. Try not to catch the #cononavirus. Cover your mouth when

Trump goes full racist, of course, to cover up coronavirus lies and incompetence

Last year I coincidentally reread "The Plague" by Camus

A poll from Trump's favorite network has him losing to his most likely 2020 opponents

Trump doesn't trust anyone who is smarter than he is, or has more degrees.

deleted. This might be an old post.

Ok.....did buy that new ipad3........

Just made my first-ever diagnosis of Hepatitis A. I owe my training for catching it.

Jeeesus besus...holy molee

Where did the new coronavirus come from? Past outbreaks provide hints.

Sanders shouts "SHUT UP" to a voter at his town hall. (Video)

Court overturns order to purge 200,000 voters in Wisconsin!


How long can the new coronavirus last on surfaces?

Proposal would strengthen Washington state's derelict vessel removal program

'Sanders Rose to the Top': Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Endorses Bernie After Citywide

All hail

19 years ago: Western Washington rocked by 6.8 Nisqually quake

Poll Shows Biden Stronger In 10 Battleground States

Over 3 Trillion lost in 1 week...

This will be a one term stolen Presidency

School policy forbids kids from saying 'no' when asked to dance

Suspect killed in gun battle with state troopers in Purdy

Updated: Live coronavirus virus update site. Here's what happened today

Two "medical experts" to calm the public's fear of the coronavirus

So weird. It looks smokey in my area of Central Florida,

I'm surprised Trump is still doing rallies.

Are computers no longer supported blocked from Internet

Superdelegate endorsements as of today:

America's crisis of trust and the one candidate who gets it

fox news just showed man who went thru quarantine process for coronavirus and coughing with his kid.

Trump wins appeal to block McGahn testimony

I have one question for everyone before we head into Super Tuesday

U.S. intel agencies warned of rising risk of outbreak like coronavirus

US military approves 11 coronavirus quarantine camps next to major US airports

Tweet of the Day

Im saying it now. Who should Sanders VP be?

Joe holds strongest lead over Trump in battleground states!

Post Malone - I Fall Apart (Live From The Bud Light x Post Malone Dive Bar Tour Nashville)

Bloomberg, his PR ppl and the Sackler Family

Did the 8 Largest Single-Day Stock Drops Occur Under Trump?

Stephen Miller's new wife is in charge of approving all coronavirus communications

BErnie Sanders Is Still Not George McGovern

World's Shortest Horror Movie

Our endorsement in the Florida Democratic primary: A fresh start with Pete Buttigieg

The Mayor Of Jackson, Mississippi, Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders After A Caucus Of City Residents

Pierce: It Became a Different Campaign This Week

Question for market watchers

Hillary posted on Facebook regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Why does anyone like beer? I know, different strokes.

I've always disapproved of Super Delegates

Better a Dash of "Socialism"

Bloomberg opposed auto bailout: 'I don't know where it stops'

Olivia Hooker Witnessed the Tulsa, OK Race Riot As A Child & Grew Up To Make Military History

It's been a bad month for Our Revolution. I really feel sorry for whoever's working there.

It's our 50 year Class reunion this year

BREAKING: Trump nominates Cong. John Ratcliffe as DNI

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 28, 2020

Thank you, Jerome Powell, miracle worker!!

Some Testing Kits Would Be Cool Mr Trump / Mr. Pence

Number to call if you have issues voting on 2/29 or 3/3

A second case of coronavirus found through spread in California.

Pence is holding a $25K/plate fundraiser in FL tonight instead of overseeing Covid-19 response

MAGAts are too stupid to breathe 😂😂😂

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts, 02-28-20

Just early voted in Texas Primary . . . had to scroll to last page of candidates to vote for Biden!

Trump's Remarks at a Reception for African American History Month; February 28, 2020

Mike Huckabee - Trump could suck the virus out of 60,000

Trump nominates Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Tex.) to be next director of national intelligence

This is interview is all wrong. OMG!!

Why Nashville Indie Musicians Are Singing for Bernie Sanders

Coronavirus Test Kits and How The Test Is Done

Former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, Endorses Biden

Trump's Remarks in Meeting with African American Leaders; February 28, 2020

Our tax dollars at work...

Breaking: Another coronavirus case confirmed in CA from unknown origin.

Canvasing while Black...

Court says it has no role between House & White House, won't make McGAHN testify

📺 SUNDAY March 1 ABC 'This Week': Sen. Bernie Sander​s

Killer Mike -- The Time Is Now!

📺 SUNDAY March 1 Face the Nation: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Feds to cut $400,000 from rural school grant program in Montana, $5.4 million nationwide

Bloomberg says Trump knew???

A cautionary tale: A Miami man doesn't have the coronavirus but may now owe thousands of dollars...

A New Generation of Leaders

By how large a margin do you think Joe Biden will win the South Carolina primary

A New Generation of Leaders

Being a sycophant to Trump qualifies you for every position in the Trump administration

Jon Favreau, formerly of the Obama White House, on Bernie's legislative accomplishments

A second case of coronavirus found through spread in California

Steve Sack FTW

Sanders takes swing at Trump at last South Carolina stop

Does the young vote really believe Bernie is going to be able

This is the person in charge of serving as gatekeeper on government statements on Coronavirus.

My new spirit animal 😍😁

"Don't ever go down to the end of the town if you don't go down with me"

I was listening in to a conversation between two co-workers today.

Animals make the world magic

Washington Post-Americans really dislike socialism. Can Bernie Sanders overcome that?

Today @704afge announces we are endorsing Bernie Sanders

This coyote got a dog to play with him

36-Pound Cat Finds A Mom Who Just Gets Him

4 people under investigation for coronavirus in Florida


Morning Consult: NEW post-SC debate poll

So, now the Trumpanzees are going after Garth Brooks for being a sports fan?

Dear Insurance Companies

People Have The Most Amazing Encounter With Wild Elephant

Will Trump leave WH if he feels the election was stolen by Coronavirus?

Just found out that a new knee costs $61000

Bernie isn't promising the moon. He's promising to *fight for* the moon.

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Endorses @JoeBiden for President