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New Hill Harris Poll - Sanders lead grows

Bernie and Fidel

Sanders surpasses Biden among African American voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

'RETAIL' comic strip ends

I'm with the media critics -- we're going to hell

My Gawd You Are Attacking Bernie With What? Really?

MT-SEN: Schumer meets with Bullock as Montana filing deadline for Senate seat nears

Atlantic Article: Moderates and the idea that only they can win

Laurence Tribe on The State's (South Carolina) endorsement of Buttigieg

Nicholas Senn: The Doctor Who Blew Hydrogen Gas Up His Patient's Asses

New Mexico governor to sheriffs: Enforce gun law or resign

Is It Happening Again?

Kentucky Democrats hold State House seat in special election.

Mike Bloomberg on Social Security, Medicare and dissuading poor people from using Medicaid

A joke- a dark , morbid joke

Trump loving hick preacher on the corona virus:

Dog doesn't quite pass the service dog test:

Massive Crowd Walked Out In The Middle Of Trump's Fumbling Speech In India

A Sanders Visit to New Hampshire Set Off Alarms He'd Primary Obama

How to watch the Democratic debate tonight in South Carolina

Far-right groups trying to turn teenager into climate change-denying version of Greta Thunberg

[Tik Tok Japan] 日本のティックトック学校 Japan High School Tik Tok #59 (Silliness from Japan)

Colombia ignoring mass grave with estimated 450 army executions victims: report

Note to Prime Minister MODI, know this:

We estimate another $773 billion a year is needed in revenue to fully fund #MedicareforAll

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

*****DEBATE THREAD #1*****

🔹Watch live: CBS News Democratic debate 🔹

Watch live: CBS News Democratic debate

Bernie supporters stalk a Dem candidate in Illinois, surround her car and shout "Block her in"

Ahem. Be advised that this crushes all

Colombia's former guerrillas take up pots and pans in protest of 'extermination campaign'

New headphones. Who dis?


What schools should be doing now to prepare for the school closings

BERNIE ..... stop waving your hand !!! He is SO rude!! He did the same thing to Hillary

Someone just pulled the Rudy, Noun Verb and 9/11, card!

Fidel Castro

*****DEBATE THREAD #2*****

Bloomberg and 9/11

Noodling around youtube and I found out that Omar Higgins passed last year. Well Shit

AOC: Bloomberg did not "cut back" stop and frisk

Jim Acosta took it directly to Trump today.

wow Biden!!!

Coming up at 9 PM on Rachel: My friend Laurie Garret talking about COVid19...


I love Elizabeth Warren.

Biden is super-angry tonight

Trump's DHS head has a brutal exchange on coronavirus -- courtesy of a GOP senator

I feel bad about feeling this way, but watching all this shouting...

For me, it is who will be your VP.

Computer Scientists Prefer Paper Ballots

Trump's Most Dangerous Destruction Yet: reshaping intelligence community 2 serve his political needs

Bloomberg on Democratic candidates: "I bought them."

CBS must monitor cable ratings

The Democrats need to hammer on the OBAMA ECONOMY

First Woman Set to Pass Special Forces Training and Join Green Berets

The Bloomberg ad in the middle of the debate

"Why did you vote to give gun makers immunity?" Sanders: "Joe voted for terrible trade deals!"

Suggested format for the next round of debates

All this complaining about yelling? I, for one, think this is a very spirited debate

This crowd is so hostile to Bernie. Biden packed the room. #DemDebate2020 -Krystal Ball

*****DEBATE THREAD #3*****

avenged sevenfold - seize the day (studio-2006) i want that to happen at my funeral ...

The media is trying to Hillary, Bernie.

Why do I have to keep signing in to DU?

Port of Moses Lake, Boeing in talks to extend 737 Max leases

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

Trump does not want his staff to talk about the coronavirus--it might hurt his ReElection bid!!

Paid family leave claims are triple what was anticipated

Did Bloomberg's support of House winners in 2016 make the Democratic party stronger? n/t

What would I do with 440,000

Even Republicans Are Worried the Trump Administration Isn't Ready for a Coronavirus Outbreak

Mallinckrodt Reaches $1.6 Billion Deal to Settle Opioid Lawsuits

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! 1984!

Maria Shriver is impressed:

sounds like the white mod guy is a bit of a turd nt

San Francisco's mayor has declared a state of emergency as the coronavirus continues to spread

Why did they change the moderators? Was that planned?

US companies face crucial test over China's factory shutdown

Biden is feisty tonight and I love it.

As Domestic Terrorists Outpace Jihadists, New U.S. Law Is Debated

Steyer just hurt Biden's chances in SC

Kentucky Republicans flip the other special election from blue to red.

Dow closes down nearly 900 points as coronavirus fears rise

"Otherwise you'd have a naked cowboy in every city."

*****DEBATE THREAD #4*****

The Naked Cowboy is a real person in NYC

High-capacity magazine issue brought back to life by state House

South Carolina: Gobs of jobs, but not enough offer living wage

NTSB: Tesla Autopilot, distracted driver caused fatal crash

A co worker just came back to the office after serving on a detail at LAX

CBS is showing favor to Bloomberg

Black And Brown New Yorkers Who Lived Under Mayor Bloomberg Are Urging Voters To Reject Him

White House economic adviser says US economy can ride out coronavirus

FLIPPABLE: Kathy Martins for NH-Merrimack 24 (Special Election)

Chris WALLACE throws a bone to journalism, then beats Jim ACOSTA with it.

Tex Harris, U.S. diplomat who helped bring Argentine dictatorship's crimes to light, dies at 79

A Democratic candidate for President just told me ...

Elizabeth Warren is wonderful

As Bernie Sanders's momentum builds, down-ballot Democrats move to distance themselves

Can we do away with this debate audience noise?

Did I hear Bloomberg right?

Man Who Saved Three Prison Guards Executed by Tennessee

Guaranteed Seats at Debate Tonight

TX-32: Most vulnerable Democrats are avoiding the presidential primary. Not Colin Allred

IA-SEN: Super PAC spending more than $1 million backing Democratic challenger to Ernst

We need debates operated by the Women's League of Voters!

Bloomberg Blew It on the China Question.

CA-25: The Young Turks' Progressive Founder Urged His Staff Not To Unionize

IL-03: Outside groups spending big to oust Lipinski in the promary

Holy SHIT.

Colleen Hanabusa running for Mayor of Honolulu

*****DEBATE THREAD #5*****

FACT CHECK: Is Buttigieg's campaign funded by billionaires?

1. Warren - 2. Biden - 3. Pete... Bernie lost this one tonight. nt.


Regardless of who you support, who's winning this debate?

VA-02, VA-07: For Luria and Spanberger, a Sanders nomination would complicate reelection

My sides-I can't take it

US soldier in Korea (Camp Carroll) has tested positive for COVID-19

PT - Russia on Ice

Dozens of HIV-positive S. African women forcibly sterilized

sad that cbs is promoting bloomberg during the breaks. there should be no political ads nt

Who of the candidates was coughing?

What does this mean?

FL-AGCOM: Lone statewide Florida Democrat could feel the heat if Bernie Sanders is the nominee

''Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it''

Bernie, 2012: "I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced primary opposition."

Voted today

Who won the debate?

Florida Democrats say they're on pace to register 200,000 new voters for November election

PA Dems To Launch "Back to Blue" Tour

I don't really know a lot about Gayle King.

Looking forward to hearing more enthusiastic support from my opponents tonight.

For those of us who dreaded a real emergency/national crises under this administration

Looking forward to hearing more enthusiastic support from my opponents tonight.

Maybe everyone else had to pee...

Warren strategy?

The biggest lesson learned about the economy from the Coronavirus

Watched Laurie Garrett, author of The Coming Plague, on Maddow talking about Covid 19

The Winner of the Debate

Did anyone notice that Terry McAuliffe was in front row?

OMG Yang is on the CNN post debate panel.

Yikes..How A Falling Asteroid Could Affect NYC

Amy Klobuchar Did Well

Stephan Ross, a death camps survivor and founder of the New England Holocaust Memorial, dies

A Socialist can't win

OK, after tonight I'm ALL IN with Joe!!!!

Bring it.

Did anyone notice that Terry McAuliffe was in front row?

Schumer meets with Bullock as Montana filing deadline for Senate seat nears

News flash to moderates re: marijuana..

That's it. No more undecided

Congratulations BERNIE!

Not a single climate change question. Horrifying.

Laurence Tribe: Good debate for Biden, Bloomberg & Buttigieg. Not so much for the others.

OH QUIET, matthews,

Gotta say as a 58 year old.... I love Mayor Pete's

Ask Yourself ...

Eugene Robinson: Biden had his best debate. Not just forceful, but substantive.

Dem strategist & Warren supporter Tom Watson: Biden won tonight.

e.mail from Katie Porter:

My friend Laurie Garrett: the 1918 Flu had a LOWER lethality rate than COVID-19.

Tweet of the Day

Symone Sanders: "Lmao we had 35 tickets, but ok"

"Not one of the 40 red to blue House freshmen supports Bernie Sanders"

Pro-MAGA Musician Drops New Country Single/Video: "I Love My Country So Much I Fuck The Flag"

Two Challenges Met With An Extra Debate For a WIN

Blue Cat in the Green Garden

South Carolina Primary prediction:

Andrew Yang: It was a great night for Joe Biden.

Poll: Missouri Dems favoring Biden, Bloomberg, say beating Trump most important

matthews coughing???

A faulty CDC coronavirus test delays monitoring of disease's spread

Did tonight's debate change the trajectory?

Why I hope Joe wins.

How come when Bernie wins a primary or debate, the losers don't say a peep but when he loses

The Daily Show: LIVE Coverage of the 10th Democratic Debate in South Carolina

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Parasite for Winning the Oscar for Best Picture - Monologue - 2/24/20

"We ain't Iowa or New Hampshire or Nevada!"

Seth Meyers: Jake Tapper Says Russia Is Succeeding in Sowing Chaos in the 2020 Election

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Learn How to Wash Their Hands

Joe Biden's the only Democrat who can stop Sanders

Making The Abstract... Painfully Concete...

who came out on top tonight? who tanked?

I was at my caucus tonight - did I miss anything?

I'm kinda drifting towards Bloomberg.

so what did u learn about these candidates tonight that you didnt already know?

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Joe style post-debate vs. "all the rest," just says it all!

Fact is.

Pete's Mayor Schtick is Wilting Under the Bloomberg Floodlights

For the second time in my life I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in a presidential primary

Boston Globe: Grading the debate performance of the Democratic candidates

Anyone see CNN 'focus group' just now?

Seth Meyers: Hey! Bloomberg Tweets About Bernie

Bloomberg Brags of Buying Congress in South Carolina Debate


Positively 4 th St.

USFK service member confirmed with coronavirus


Remember that old Pittsburgh Steelers song

Not that I think Trump's opinion matters much but Lev Parnas audio showed he feared Sanders

If Joe wins SC, be prepared for the Hunter Biden redux by the Rus-publicans

Chris Cillizza: Candidates should not be allowed to pack the debate hall with a cheering section

Is Bloomberg going to reschedule the CNN town hall?

CBS NEWS Post-Democratic Debate instant poll Results. (Video)

Being for something ...

What the right thinks on debate or what they WANT you to think, whatever.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Says Coronavirus is Very Much Under Control

WaPo: Winners and losers from the South Carolina Democratic debate

Good news for Warren...the right is scared of her. Even Coulter

TX-21: Wendy Davis crushes Chip Roy in 4th quarter fundraising

DU Poll: Which age group do you belong in:

No matter who our nominee is,

CA-45, CA-49: AOC jumps into California politics to help House Democrats

South Carolina debate watchers most impressed by Sanders and Biden -- CBS News poll

Pennsylvania Democrats hold onto State House seat in special election.

GOP (Putin) use of coronavirus scare to keep people away from the polls?

Sanders was right about Cuba's literacy push in 1961. They also got a hefty dose of ideology.

I Am So Glad Trump's Boot Lickers Ass Kissers And Blind Followers Are Keeping Me Safe From

How long have you been at the DU?

Remember, the republicans are conditioned against truth, use lies

So I watched the debate with a Republican co-worker tonight and there was one moment that

HIGHLIGHTS From Tonight's South Carolina Debate, NBC

Iowa Starting Line: Who's Running Against Joni Ernst

US Senate seats Democrats will win and need to win in order to get back in the majority in 2020.

Audio: Bloomberg slammed Warren as 'scary' and demeaned his endorsement of Obama

Hong Kong economy contracts 2.9% in fourth quarter

Climate Skeptic Naomi Seibt, 'Anti-Greta' Teen Activist To Speak At CPAC, Biggest Conserv. Conf.

Bloody eye sockets, defaced statues: the visual legacy of Chile's unrest

Only Joe Got It Done!!

Heather Cox Richardson - February 25, 2020 - Letters From An American

Costa Rican indigenous land activist killed by armed mob

Canada's government seeks to expand access to assisted dying

Tiny Chinese seaweed is oldest green plant fossil ever found

Nasa's InSight lander records hundreds of marsquakes on red planet

First US soldier in S Korea tests positive for coronavirus

Analysis: The Texas Supreme Court and the ruling class

Stephen Colbert LIVE - Monologue and Opening - 2/25/20

Seagulls favour food humans have handled

MI-06: Republican Fred Upton will run for reelection, cites Sanders' frontrunner status as a reason.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Former Governor Chris Christie

Kelp Rafts Are Bringing Invaders to Antarctica

Stanford scientists turn fossil fuel molecule into pure diamond

Stretchable, wearable coils may make MRI, other medical tests easier on patients

Is Jupiter A Water World? NASA Finds 'Abundance' As New Images Show Giant Planet As A 'Blue Marble'

Stone Tools Show How Humans in India Survived a Supervolcano Eruption 74,000 Years Ago

20 Year Fish Fight: Colorado Wildlife Experts Succeed In Saving Rainbow Trout

Baby-faced assassin: the 29-year old at the heart of Trump's 'deep state' purge

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Trump Should Recuse Himself from All Decisions Involving Future of the Country

Fluffy hates me

Bloomberg slams Trump on coronavirus: 'We don't have anybody to respond'

Evangelical Christians in Brazil resolve to 'bring Jesus' to carnival revelers

Worst 2 day slide in 4 years. Market lost $1.7 trillion

He raced through incoming fire so he could put himself between an enemy's rifle and a wounded Marine

Biden Tells Bernie That Being A Progressive Means Getting Things Done, Not Yelling Policy Ideas...😎

Steve Bannon's Use of Private Jet Linked to Chinese Businessman Could Violate Campaign Finance Law

Should I make out my Will?

Breakfast Wednesday 26 February 2020

Killer tits.

Well, she's got the "game face" part of the game down pat.

February 26 - Happy Birthday Senator Tim Kaine (D) VA

Take us to your leader...

Hurricane Balls

Jamaica: Cruise ship with patient in isolation denied docking at Ocho Rios By Jamaica

Huh, Imagine That: Amazon Forest Collapse Would Crush Brazil's Energy, Agriculture Industries

"Judge, lest ye be subjected to another four years of this."

Indonesia - Massive Bills Would Strip Environmental, Forestry, Mining Authority From States

Opinion: Militant Moderates and Bernie's Revolutionaries Are Donald Trump's Best Friends 🙄

It's Been Nearly A Year Since Shitstain Tweeted Something Stupid About Climate, Global Warming

Equinor (aka Statoil) Abandons Plans To Drill In Great Australian Bight Marine Park

Ann Coulter just gave one of the strongest endorsements yet for Elizabeth Warren

This Sounds Intellectually Bracing! Heartland's Plastic Anti-Greta To Speak At CPAC

The Symbolism of $$$$$$ at the Debate

When's last a president attacked a judge by stating criticism for what they do?

Mining Giant Rio Tinto Commits To Cutting Its Emissions By A Whole 15% By 2030 (No Scope 3 Targets)

NYT : How Biden's Campaign Explains His 'Arrest' in South Africa

JP Morgan 2 "Phase Out" Coal, Arctic Oil; Already Has $75 Billion In Shale, Arctic Loans Since Paris

ReTHUGs are dead set on tearing up the Constitution and installing themselves

Sanders Defends His Record, Says He 'Felt Good' About SC Debate - MSNBC

Sanders Defends His Record, Says He 'Felt Good' About SC Debate - MSNBC

Coronavirus cases rise in Italy, with children among new cases

CNN: Bernie Sanders shrugs off attacks at South Carolina debate

CNN: Bernie Sanders shrugs off attacks at South Carolina debate

(UK) Canary Wharf offices in lockdown after worker suffers coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report - 36 (World Health Organization)

EOS - "Diagnosing Thwaites" And The Pancake Batter Analogy For Antarctic Glacier Collapse

What the Cuban literacy program Bernie Sanders praised was actually about

The Globe endorses Elizabeth Warren

From 9pm-10pm tonight @BernieSanders supporters made *5* donations per second. New best debate hour

Bernie Sanders raised 56% of all money donated on ActBlue during the 9-10pm hour of the debate.

Bernie Sanders raised 56% of all money donated on ActBlue during the 9-10pm hour of the debate.

Very quick debate summary: Sanders: Noun-verb health care

Very quick debate summary: Sanders: Noun-verb health care

Interview with Iowa senate candidate Theresa Greenfield at blogforiowa

A New Leader at White House Personnel Office

Trump Trolling: I Wish These Were Posted on Every Billboard on my daily Commutes

"Dear news outlets, I don't care about last nights scream fest. Let's talk about the coronavirus."

This election is not just about electing the president.

Democratic voters who watched debate say Sanders impressed them most: CBS News poll

Democratic voters who watched debate say Sanders impressed them most: CBS News poll

The Latest: Buttigieg Sick, Cancels Several Florida Events

Markos Moulitsas: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders winners SC debate

ABC News suspends David Wright after Project Veritas smear-selectively edited to "I am a socialist"

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Trump Is Furious at CDC for Spooking Stock Market With Coronavirus Updates, Says Report

CBS News: Bernie Sanders on his debate performance in South Carolina

CBS News: Bernie Sanders on his debate performance in South Carolina

I wonder if Putin completely dismantled Russia's national pandemic response infrastructure

Virus: What could gov't. really do?

What will anti-vaxxers do when/if a vaccine for covid-19 becomes available?

Syracuse University to evacuate students abroad in Italy amid coronavirus concerns

Projected to start in AAA, but perhaps not for long

Politico snips on Biden's excellent performance

How do you prepare for a pandemic?

In which I teach the French word for "okra" to the veg stand guy

Obama deserves a lot of credit for his statements on Cuba

Iran COVID-19: Death toll 19 & 139 sick. Official numbers don't match medical staff accounts

Los Angeles firefighters respond to massive refinery fire

They're gonna lie about Coronavirus the same way

South Carolina debate watchers most impressed by Sanders (45%) & Biden (43%) -- CBS News poll

California @ChangePolls: Sanders 36%

California @ChangePolls: Sanders 36%

Some caution about SC polling: It often under-rates support from older Black voters

CNN Opinion: For Trump, it's ego over security when it comes to intelligence

An encounter with a Trump supporter

Can we have an "Anyone" option - I am really not "undecided"

Trump tweets that media is making "Caronavirus look as bad as possible..." (his misspelling)

Trump vs. "disease X" - The administration is setting up the US to botch a pandemic response.

Another Politico article solely on Biden--good, despite the corny title

"Mr. Right". Outrageously funny.

Are you excited about what your candidate will do and posting that? (Enthusiasm)

You're fired!

Sometimes it is good to remember...

James Clyburn is endorsing Biden at 9:15 am

Trump to address the nation @ 6pm re: COVID-19

BTRTN South Carolina Debate Analysis: Bloomberg's Back, Biden Battles, But Bernie Beats the Bashing

Warren did best last night contrasting herself with Sanders, wasted time going after Bloomberg

In the sliding doors version of America, where shit is still sane...

I wish some people were as unsettled by white nationalists as they are by democratic socialists

Jane Sanders' perspicacious pre-debate analysis

Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly (May 28, 2018)

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Fats was born on this date-

🥰 Everybody Loves Bernie 💞

Johnny was born on this date-

This should worry Biden

The debate last night was like "basic training" for the battle yet to come.

Debate thoughts. Biden probably wins. Bernie holds his own.

Mitch Ryder has a birthday today.

Another little girl drawing

Bernie's wife went on Russian TV to explain why open primaries, like the one in SC is democratic

Joe Biden's defense of Barack Obama

1 in 5 Europeans say secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds

Outback Introduces New Bloomin' Cow

If you haven't been following The Australien Government's Honest Government ads, you should

Morona virus

Slate: Tonight's Debate Audience Sure Did Seem to Like Bloomberg for Some Reason

Trump tightens his grip on intelligence

You wont see this again

The Rundown: February 25, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #75: Trekking Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be (2/25/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Giant-Size X-Men, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and More

did the dow open this morning?

Biden looks beyond Super Tuesday with more than 80 Illinois endorsements

Avenatti Prepares To Attack Stormy Daniels



Virus outbreak stalks markets as 2020 gains get wiped out

Clyburn giving a very emotional, moving speech endorsing Biden, now on MSNBC.

New Texas Poll: Sanders and Biden tied

New Texas Poll: Sanders and Biden Tied

This will be my daughter's first presidential election

LIVESTREAM of Biden responding to Clyburn's endorsement

An endorsement speech like only James Clyburn could give.

Emails Show DOI Falsified Fire Data for Political Ends

In Preparation For His Conference Tonight On Covid-19, Has Trump Called....

ABC News Suspends Correspondent David Wright Over Mysterious Project Veritas Video Footage

Roubini on Bloomberg TV

Wednesday TOONs - "Please Dear Leader" Is the New Mission Statement

Owen & Bartiromo have thoughts

Presidential hopeful Warren latest to press BlackRock on climate

The four NM lawmakers with the lowest attendance rates during 2020 legislative session

Republicans root for Sanders nomination in battle for House

Bloomberg improves from his last debate -- but is it enough?

Trump rallies

CNN video (4 minutes of the speech) of Clyburn endorsing Biden

The Onion: 'Tell Me About It, Stud,' Says Pleather-Clad Liz Warren On Debate Stage


Trump praises administration officials 'great' coronavirus response amid criticism


MEANWHILE, in Germany...

Disclaimer: Once seen, cannot be unseen..

Sanders campaign again refuses Bloomberg help in general election.

Missouri Farmer Wins $265 Million Verdict Against Monsanto

ABC News VIDEO -- 31 minutes -- of Clyburn endorsing Biden in very moving speech, & Biden's response

LA Times: Elizabeth Warren again is pressed on past claims of Native American heritage

Daily Kos: Warren: 'Who funded Lindsey Graham's campaign?' That would be Republican Mike Bloomberg

Chuck Schumer to request $8.5 billion from federal government to combat coronavirus: CNN

World markets drop for fifth day amid fears of virus spread

Anyone watch the Clyburn endorsement

Pete Davidson: 'I kind of got forced to apologize' to Dan Crenshaw

Brazil confirms first coronavirus case in Latin America

Lie-flat in coach? Air NZ eyes flying bunk beds

Feeding the horses Watching my wife of almost 34 years read the hungry caterpillar to our grandsons

Has any Democrat won the White House without winning the South Carolina primary?

Bernie Sanders hits self-described 'great genius' Trump on his lies about the coronavirus

One thing I hate about Trumpism (among others) is the evangelical nature of it...

2nd year of trump taxes

Bernie Sanders Launches GoFundMe After Tour Van Stolen Outside Debate

Me, leaving work

Florida woman accused of zipping boyfriend in suitcase, leaving him to die

Is the Corona Virus Trumo's "Katrina Moment"?

Very pleased to be****Announcing the Winners of the February Photo Contest****"REPETITION"

Facebook to ban misleading ads about coronavirus

The February contest Winners thread is up: "Repetition" here is the link

Trump hires a 29 year old to lead loyalty purge who then hires a 23 year old (to replace 70+ yr old)

B. Smith, Lifestyle Guru Dies at 70 From Early- Onset Alzheimer's Disease: What It Means

Arctic 'doomsday' food vault welcomes millionth seed variety

Overenthusiastic dog flunks out of service dog academy

A (Real) Military Trial Took Place at Liberty U., With Students as Lawyers

CNN: The government had a model for handling Ebola. Trump has ditched it

Pic Of The Moment: Nothing To Worry About Folks

Has a candidate of either party won the White House after losing the South Carolina primary?

Indian Crowd FLEES as Trump Mispronounces Everything

Profiles in Piss-It-All-Away! . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Are you kidding me?!?' Obama's former political strategist erupts at Trump's

CNN: This new South Carolina poll is very bad news for Joe Biden

Even With New Pay-Fors, Bernie's Agenda Still Has A $25 Trillion Hole

Just a reminder for everyone that can't get over the Castro "scandal"

Clyburn tweet about Biden:

Trump to detail US coronavirus efforts, Schumer seeks $8.5B

BLS Report: Unemployment rate for persons with a disability declines to 7.3% in 2019

Bernie Sanders Leads Among Democratic Voters on Who Can Best Unify the Party: Poll

Greg Sargent: As the virus spreads, Trump rages over the markets. That's alarming.

Any word from Judge Amy Berman-Jackson this morning

Death toll rises to 22 from Delhi riots during Trump trip

BLS Report: Boulder, CO, has largest county 3rd quarter 2019 over-the-year wage gain at 18.4%

BLS Report: Boulder, CO, has largest county 3rd quarter 2019 over-the-year wage gain at 18.4%

Why are people always surprised with polls like the one indicating Bernie won the debate?

Breaking: new California poll. Sanders 36. Warren 18. Biden 10

A handful of democratic socialists who support Senator Bernie Sanders for president stalked Democrat

And another smear attempt goes poof

Trump takes his unusual battle with the judiciary to the personal level

SC Palmetto poll (Clemson) has Sanders in third place and non-viable

Biden up by 18 points in SC!

James Clyburn Endorses Joe Biden With Powerful Speech: For the First Time I Fear for This Country

I've made my decision, and, it's BIDEN!

Fact check: Bloomberg falsely claims NYPD only entered mosques when invited in

Maria Sharapova retires: Five-time Grand Slam champion 'says goodbye' to tennis at 32

Going from Amy to...

Boston Globe endorses Warren

Trump Anti Biden ad in SC

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President

Why Trump is in a panic over Coronavirus

El Paso Times endorses Pete Buttigieg for the Democratic nomination for president. Here's why

Trump's DHS Secretary Humiliates Himself At Coronavirus Hearing

McConnell Warns GOPers Bernie Could Be A Bigger Threat Than They Think

I am feeling the Joe-mentum!!!

What's an indication of Sanders doing badly last night?

Be A Lady, They Said

Speaker Pelosi on Trump and the Coronavirus:

Paczki Day brings Chicagoans together for one last indulgence before Lent

Ham sandwich

Michael Hertz, the man who designed the map of the New York City subway system,

Buttigieg wins endorsement from South Carolina newspaper

Maybe We Should Drown The CDC And The WHO In A Bathtub Right Grover?

1929/30 Workers on the Chrysler Building, New York

"I don't believe in science," "Kansas is flat. I'm telling you, I've been there, it's flat."

Thank you, Jerry Brown!


Outrage as Jair Bolsonaro appears to endorse Brazil anti-democracy protests

Outrage as Jair Bolsonaro appears to endorse Brazil anti-democracy protests

On A Scale Of One To Ten How Close Are We To Idiocracy?


If you encounter a Siberian Tiger - DO NOT THROW a snowball at it

Pelosi says she'd be comfortable with Sanders at top of ticket

Bernie calling out ticket pricing at the debate

Update on major political endorsements:

I don't trust anything anyone in this administration says about the coronavirus.

Conspiracy theory about the CDC so unbelievably stupid that Trump will probably be tweeting about it

Why Bernie Sanders's repeating Cuban propaganda rankles so many Latinos

These could be the oldest plant fossils ever found...

The mortality rate of 2% for 327.2 million people is over 6.5 million.

Irish kid doing card tricks on the Ellen Show:

It's about sanity!

SCMP- secretive South Korean church linked to outbreak held meetings in Wuhan until December

"The W.H. urged the NSA, CIA, and Pentagon not to share info about Russia and Ukraine with Congress.

White House just hired a college senior to help lead Trump's loyalty purge

Congressman pushing for disturbed military graves to be moved to Jacksonville National Cemetery

RBG Says Trump Should Recuse Himself from All Decisions Involving the Future of the Country


The CDC has thoughts about soul patches and mutton chops... they have to do with preventing COVID-19

Leaked audio: Mike Bloomberg trashes Obama and vows to "defend the banks" in Goldman Sachs speech

CIA Director briefed the Gang of 8 this morning.

The Apprentice ... Pandemic Virus Edition.

Italy scrambles to contain coronavirus outbreak after admitting hospital mess-up

Grandfather of 1-year-old who fatally fell from Royal Caribbean cruise ship to plead guilty

Trump said "Everybody's fine" after the Soleimani strike, too.

SC SHOCK POLL! Clemson University Palmetto Poll: Biden 35% Sanders 13%

How One Strategist Thinks Democrats Can Win in November Amanpour and Company - Dan Pfeiffer

Democrats view Sanders as having best shot to defeat Trump

Trump might cross the Rubicon tonight.

On Cleaning a Litter Box and the Democratic Primary

So if Biden can stop Bernie's momentum in SC, is there enough time to impact Super Tuesday?

Anyone else have the sneaking suspension that Trump is about to do to the CDC what he did to the NWS

Made the switch..

Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof staging hunger strike in prison

Florida man sets bed on fire to get nurse's attention

Nate Silver is worried for Mike Bloomberg.

I love this video, wish it was longer:

Nate Silver: Bloomberg is in quite a lot of trouble.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus (in general, and CoV-19 in particular)

'Panties in a Bunch': Kansas Official Blew Off Concerns About 2018 Polling Place Move

The gains on the Dow Jones today appear to be slipping away.

Bolsonaro Seems to Sanction Anti- Democracy Protests; Outrage As Brazil's Modern Democracy Collapses

Facial-Recognition company Clearview AI's entire client list stolen in data breach

Sabotaged Science in the Arctic Refuge: Interior Department Works to Undermine Its Own Scientists

After doubling down on his praise for Castro is FL gone

New Joe Biden ad:

Washington Post-Why Bernie Sanders's repeating Cuban propaganda rankles so many Latinos

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Grills Warren About Bloomberg's Harassment Problem

Americans for Democratic Action Endorses Bernie

Americans for Democratic Action Endorses Bernie


Courtney Marie Andrews "Downtown Train"

His latest endorsement

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Pramila - Bernie Sanders

"Good work, this story is so complex folks will not make it all the way through it."

Watchdog group calls for ethics investigation of Devin Nunes over 'free' legal services

Pramila - Bernie Sanders

Rep. Nunes' Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits Against Media Potentially Violate House Ethics Rule

Saw ads for Pete and for Warrne on the morning WCCO show

A big thank you to Elizabeth Warren for taking on Bloomberg.

Schumer Demands DOJ Probe Into Grenell's Foreign Entanglements

New TX poll confirms that Bloomberg hurts Biden most.

East Carolina Univ. SC poll, Feb. 23-24: Biden 31%, Sanders 23%, Steyer 20%, Warren 8%,

Court says Trump administration can withhold money from NYC, 7 states in 'sanctuary cities' fight

Perfect -

Bloomberg hits Trump in campaign ad on coronavirus

Why is a debate "rigged" when it doesn't go Sander's way?

Calm down, establishment Democrats. Bernie Sanders might be the safest choice.

Calm down, establishment Democrats. Bernie Sanders might be the safest choice.

Over 200 Native Americans sign letter urging Warren to retract ancestry claims

Next monthly contest suggestions

For anyone who believes the economy is in good shape

Sanders leads by 17 Points in the Democratic Primary in California

Carville: Warren hates bloomberg more than she wants to win. Scared to attack Bernie.

Biden leads by 18 points in South Carolina

HMMM: Six House Democrats are asking the World Bank president (a Trump pick) about his Aug. 23-24...

Why are 41% of DU'ers still "Undecided" ?

Sanders, per MSNBC, rules out taking any aid or money from Bloomberg in the general

Coronavirus: from Sec'y of Homeland Security [Important! Must Watch]

George Conway - I started following him when he was bashing trump daily....

At this point in 2008 I was listening to Barack's speeches

The Triumph of Injustice

The Triumph of Injustice

FABULOUS Camellia Day, here in southern MD!

Author of letter from 200 Native Americans urging Warren to retract ancestry claims backs Sanders

We've reached a new level of crazypants... 🙄

Ah, the joys of bureaucracy!

It's funny that so many media people are referring to

JP Morgan Chase Will Halt Financing of Arctic Oil, Gas Drilling, and Coal Plants

Iran cites 139 cases of COVID-19 (CNBC):

CORONAVIRUS could spread into a global pandemic due to a freak slump in solar activity:experts

Carnival float in Spain features Nazi uniforms and trains with crematoria

Cartoons 2/26/2020

The Triumph of Injustice, Democratic Primaries version

Vox: Trump is facing a coronavirus threat. Let's look back at how he talked about Ebola.

Bernie Sanders Outlines Funding for His Plans, but It May Not All Add Up

This media narrative about Bernie not "taking Bloomberg's money" is the dumbest shit ...

Repealing Boeing's big tax break could be a bumpy ride

This pretty much summarizes the debate. And, really, a lot of the campaign...

I don't know the graphic artist, but I do like this

Earth's got a new 'moon' - here's what to expect

"Well, there's a short answer and a long answer to your question."

Rejected by Two Ports on Virus Fears, Cruise Heads to Mexico

Trump's 'Caronavirus' Fantasy World Might Soon Collide With Reality

Former Atomwaffen Division Leader Arrested for Swatting Conspiracy

Priest behind viral anti-Trump blog warns president may be 'God's judgement on America'

Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration's hiring freeze

Cosmic rays and Titan's organic molecules (

In 1992 Clinton did not win a caucus or primary till #6 which was Georgia at the time

Trump hires college student as top White House official

SC Republicans Plotting to Boost Bernie to Beat Biden, Help Trump

Congress warns Pentagon not to move money to fund Trump wall

Malcolm Nance tweets in favor of Biden and against Sanders

What did Bernie's comments on Cuba at the last #DemDebate mean? Here's where he (and Obama) stand

What did Bernie's comments on Cuba at the last #DemDebate mean? Here's where he (and Obama) stand

Democrats introduce bill to reverse Trump's shift of military money toward wall

This DUer is running for NM State Senate

Trump reportedly furious about stock market plunging on coronavirus fears

At least 24 dead in Delhi riots over religious citizenship law during Trump's India trip

Scoop: Census Bureau is paying Chinese state media to reach Americans

Coronavirus: 700 New York residents who traveled to China under voluntary quarantine

An evangelical missionary has access to the locations of Brazil's uncontacted tribes

Barr, DeVos speak at religious broadcasters forum

Film noir: A man, a woman, and a slap to the face.

Bloomberg ad: How many bills has Bernie introduced and actually passed?

Trump falsely claims Roger Stone was 'never' involved in his campaign

Coronavirus and "economics for the rest of us"

Boston Globe endorses Warren a year after urging her not to run

Trump says mission that to mean beware and be prepared.

Last night was not good for the Democrats. Very, very not good at all.

Trump administration budget cuts could become a major problem as coronavirus spreads

So why are the SC polls NOT polling many young people? On purpose or not?

Coronavirus Vaccine 'At Least a Year' Away, Health Official Says

538: 'What Our Forecast Says About Every Super Tuesday State'

Probably not the best usage of title wording when hyping the housing market

Europe Prepares for Pandemic as Illness Spreads From Italy

Philly City Councilmember Helen Gym has endorsed Bernie Sanders

Christian Persecution in India "Very Troubling" Franklin Graham Says, But Backs Trump Friendship

Trump praises Modi's record on religious tolerance as violence erupts over treatment of Muslims

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Michael Bloomberg on 'Kill It' Abortion Comment

Trump concludes India visit without major agreements

A week in Manila with Manny Pacquiao: senator, boxer ... and future president?

Seattle's Hockey Team Will Pay For Fans To Use Public Transit

In my eyes tRUMP and putin (with RETHUGS help) have succeeded in taking full advantage of

KING 5 News poll: Most Washingtonians concerned with climate change

Ivanka is picking out red embroidered MAGA face masks to sell on the Trump online store ...

Cuba Has Not Been A Bad Neighbor Or a Threat To the US -- Ever. There Is No Cuban Taint.

Tuesday: Man Accused of Trying to Blow Up Car in Pentagon Parking Lot

Strive - Bernie Sanders

Some thoughts about the computer, the internet, and going to the library.

Retired, or Hoping to Be, and Saddled With Student Loans

Why coronavirus could help save China's endangered species

Breaking: House passes bill to make lynching a federal hate crime


Trump has been incredibly lucky. But his luck -- and ours -- might be running out.

Post debate poll- Who do you support: Sanders or Biden

🐦 MAR 2 at 12PM MST - Rally in Salt Lake City with Bernie Sanders

Buttigieg Cancels Four-Stop Swing to Florida

Trump takes over Coronavirus messaging

How long until the repukes and EVILangelicals blame the Dems, Obama and/or Hillary

Hundreds of masks missing from Bellevue NYC-one of the few designated COVID-19 ctrs

🐦 MAR 2 at 7:30PM CST - Bernie Sanders GOTV Rally St. Paul w/ Nathaniel Rateliff & the Nightsweats

Everything you wanted to know about SC debate tickets. Spoiler alert: most tickets were free.

Oldest (1 Billion years) Green Algae Fossil Discovered in China

Bernie doesn't golf...

Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Minnesota the day before Super Tuesday

I got my first mailer from Bloomberg today

MEANWHILE, in Turkiye...

You raised $1,044.20 on February 25, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Bernie Sanders Earns Support From Black Women Activists

Bernie Sanders Earns Support From Black Women Activists

Climate Stress, Human Encroachment & Increased Cannibalism Among Arctic Polar Bears

fun video

The Boston Globe has just endorsed "fearless and brilliant" Elizabeth Warren.

Trumps AZ migrant detention facilities, where some sleep in bathroom stalls, are unfit for humans...

**Trump Can Block DOJ Grants to Sanctuary Cities, Court Rules**

Just a little rain 🌧

Kemp Praise Aides for Purging Voter Rolls

Pete talks about his debate performance in Charleston:

Trump campaign sues New York Times for libel over 2019 op-ed

Trump campaign files libel suit against New York Times over Russia story

"She Left Me for Jesus"

Chicago Archdiocese says no to veggie burgers during Lent

Street Photographer Captures Entertaining Shots, And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones

Bonus Quote of the Day

It can happen: ex Hillary Clinton staffer likes Bernie Sanders

MSNBC Benches Contributor Who Smeared Bernie Sanders Staffers

'Audience Full of Rich People'? $1,750+ Ticket Prices for Democratic Debate Spark Disgust

Laurie Garrett tweet 14% of recovered coronavirus people in China's Guangdong tested positive again

Can someone tell me why Amash voted against the Emmit Till anti Lynch federal law?

Limbaugh etc: CDC head is deep state

It's official, I'm running.

14% of recovered coronavirus patients in China's Guangdong tested positive again

83 people in Nassau County being monitored for possible coronavirus exposure

Breaking: new California poll. Sanders takes 21 pt lead

CBS News Instant Poll: Democratic Voters Who Watched Debate Say Sanders Impressed Them Most

No sound from Samsung Chromebook 3

Trump's Health Care Plan

Pundits say Democrats who want to ban fracking can't win Pa. Here's why they're wrong.

The first major challenge of a front runner: squash petty distractions

🐦 FEB 28 at 10:30AM - Breakfast with Bernie in Saint George SC

Richard Engel: "Don't panic. Doctors/ virologists I'm speaking to say 98% of people will be fine"

Grian Chatten speaks of the importance of the Youth Vote in the Ireland Election.

Clive Cussler, million-selling adventure writer, dies at 88

Active shooter at Miller Brewery in Milwaukee

🐦 FEB 28 at 1PM - Canvass Launch in Aiken SC with Bernie Sanders

Sec Robert Reich endorsed Bernie Sanders this afternoon

Whatever Trump Says The Opposite Is True

I'd pay attention if I were you!

Trump to hold news conference as White House is on defensive over coronavirus response

Expect to hear this at some point tonight

Bloomberg once said Social Security was the biggest Ponzi scheme and argued for cuts to entitlements

Coronavirus cases jump to 400 in Italy

(Onion): Sanders Supporter Sick Of Movement Being Defined By Small Number Of Toxic Members Like Him

Trump prepares for BIG CORONAVIRUS SPEECH by tweeting about the wall, Pelosi, sanctuary cities...

A-K and L-Z

🐦 MAR 1 at 1:30PM PST - Rally in San Jose with Bernie Sanders

House passes legislation, introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris, to make lynching a federal crime

Uncle Bernie's Anti-Semitism Problem

(Onion): Biden Asks Advisors How Much Longer He Has To Pretend To Be Confused And Doddering

Google defeats conservative nonprofit's YouTube censorship appeal

Louisiana Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham won't seek reelection

Democrats currently running for president are making great political ads for Trump...

Ugly pro-Trump ad weaponizes audio of Obama, showing what's coming

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 26, 2020

Great for Joe. Rep. James Clyburn has a GOTV operation he will launch for Biden in S.C.:

Author Fran Lebowitz on the stuff she hates, 1978: CBC Archives

Fascinating series of tweets from Jeremy Scahill's Interview in SC with Rev. Jesse Jackson

Shooting at Molson Coors Beverage Company headquarters, multiple down, reports say

Results of DUer "what age are you?" Poll...

Bloomberg Proposed Cutting Social Security and Medicare

What, if anything, are you giving up for Lent? Years ago I gave up

Shooting at Molson Coors Beverage Company headquarters, multiple down, reports say

The Trump-Sanders Alliance.

Phil Rucker; trump has no interest in the American Story (Steph Miller)

New polls: Sanders opens up big leads in Colorado and Virginia

Some Recent Data Progress Polls for CO and VA Conducted 2/23-25

When dad works from home but you just wanna play (Twitter video)

Missouri hunters donated nearly 350,000 pounds of deer meat to food banks this season

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-8: 4 Pardons & A Penance Edition

From the Mayo clinic--How to wash your hands:

'Cover-up': DWP destroyed reports into people who killed themselves after benefits were stopped

Trump Will Open Storefronts to Reach Black Voters

Trump Reportedly Trying to Siphon $37 Million From Heating Assistance for the Poor to Fund Coronavir

No worries, Trump's on top of it

Azar refuses to promise a coronavirus vaccine will be affordable for anyone

Reddit's Profane, Greedy Traders Are Shaking Up the Stock Market

Does Clyburn's clout extend to other neighboring states?

Joe Biden drops claim he was arrested seeing Mandela

We have to look at Elizabeth Warren's accomplishments.

"Abraham Bling-coln" ring made from 3D printer

Cracks emerge in the oil lobby over climate change

Word is that Alex Azar could be on the way out as soon as this week

Championing Women in the Workplace Mike Bloomberg for President

seven killed in mass shooting

Obama Demands TV Stations Pull Misleading Ad

Corona virus cell magnified:

Sanders, so soon? Let more Americans have their say.

Sharpie to the rescue

Havana gives front-page coverage to Bernie Sanders for praising Fidel Castro

Demolition company tears down wrong Dallas home

Bloomberg at 7 p.m. ET tonight on CNN town hall

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 27 February 2020

Oh look who is for open primaries:

Sweetest photos of babies 'n dogs to lighten your mood and bring a smile!

New 6x11 foot 'mini-moon' orbiting Earth -- for now, astronomers say (rare)

I voted in Ohio today for

Rev. Al in SC at Nat'l Action Network Ministers Breakfast telling audience not to by into Red Scare.

The Surgeon General

Mike Bloomberg's campaign is polluting the internet

The debate process needs to change

Rudy Giuliani asked me to cancel 2001 election so he'd stay mayor post-9/11: Pataki

Will He Sink Tomorrow's Dow With His Talk Tonight

Why do I never see any ads from Bernie Sanders?

Trump's deception and confusion about our jury process and our courts is intentional.

Paul Waldman: ABC News should be ashamed for caving to James O'Keefe's scam

Jarring contradictions cast doubt on Trump's ability to handle coronavirus

Last week Bloomberg released 3 women from NDAs, and since then, nothing?

The Truth About Sanders' Cold War Comments Is Too Complicated for Cable News

New theory: Donald Trump is actually ...

Ongoing DU Poll "What age group do you belong in?"

No, Democratic debate tickets were not $1,750 to $3,200 each

I early voted in Fort Worth (Tarrant County).

***Trump sickness press conference thread***

"Catastrophic": tRump Fighting With Advisers Over Pardoning Stone

If we keep getting federal assistance funds cut we

New 72 thousand plus case study: COVID-19 mortality rate for 70-79yo's 8%, 80 and over 14.8%

CDC warns men about facial hair dangers as coronavirus spreads

POLL: Which describes your voting district the best?

My journey to see if the Bernie Bro stereotype holds up

COVID-19 news update for 2/26/2020

What do you know about non-voters?

Viral 'skull breaker challenge' circulating on social media puts children in danger

This Raccoon Riding on a Garbage Truck Is the Only Thing in DC That Makes Sense

Why Elizabeth Warren's progressive pragmatism can take on Donald Trump

OH gooddee! Trump is going to talk to the nation about the Corona virus!

John Fugelsang:

Can't believe Trump is using the coronavirus as a reason to

Obama Asks TV Stations To Drop Anti-Biden Ads Using His Voice

Could Warren end up as the compromise candidate?

I despise dictators.. despise them because in order to keep power

Obama demands pro-Trump group stop using his voice to attack Biden

OMG the pink eyelids and the pink tie

Where is the bright line between "too cautious" and "too strident"?

What Food Trend Do You Hate The Most?

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth airs tonight from


Jeebus! What happened to Trump's face?

First U.S coronavirus case of unknown origin confirmed in Northern California, a sign the virus may

Trump just heard of Johns Hopkins

First U.S coronavirus case of unknown origin confirmed in Northern California...

I hope some brave listener will fill me in on what

Breaking: First U.S coronavirus case of unknown origin confirmed in Northern California

The deference must make Lil Kim green with envy

Sanders won't speak at AIPAC, but has no problem speaking at Liberty University on Rosh Hashanah

Ted Lieu: There is a big ballot flaw in LA County ballots & 1/2 voters in district may not see name.

Media, political elites who didn't see Trump in 2016 are blowing it again with Bernie Sanders

A wrongfully convicted man who spent 23 years in prison will receive $1.5 million from Kansas

Another djt babblefest.

Why do they keep saying 15 cases in the US? WRONG!!!

Colorado poised to become 22nd state with no death penalty

HAPPENING NOW: Poverty Forum w/ Senator Bernie Sanders and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber