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Protect yourself from a cat's evil thoughts - tin foil it

SC Poll: Biden and Sanders may be the only candidates to get any delegates from SC

Nevada 72% reporting

This Is So Peaceful And Pure

BREAKING: Judge denies Roger Stone motion to disqualify her, issuing a scathing rejection

Bernie on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper

when he dropped the ball it was like "this is getting good"

USA TODAY: Face Facts, Bernie Sanders Is Electable

Bernie is on 60 minutes, now.

Marianne Williamson endorses Sanders

Bernie Sanders says he would meet with Kim Jong Un as president

Bernie Sanders says he would meet with Kim Jong Un as president

Clyburn poised to endorse Biden in big boost before S.C. primary 😎

Remember all the complaining that Pete benefited from Iowa's way of giving delegates

A copy of one of the sexual harassment/discrimination lawsuits against Bloomberg.

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 with a Sanders/Warren-D ticket.

Well hello my name is Loca,

Eric Burdon And The Animals - Good Times

Did you catch the Charles Manson episode of The Monkees?

Bernie Sanders on the experiences that helped shape his political beliefs

Bernie Sanders on the experiences that helped shape his political beliefs

5 reasons you have Trump to thank if you get the coronavirus

Ginni Thomas is helping tRump purge "anti-tRumpers" from the gov

Our Victory in Nevada

Our Victory in Nevada

Susan Sarandon wants Nancy Pelosi out

Say goodbye to Florida

New revelations depict a Russian-sponsored assassination on German soil

Missing Toddler Case Is 'Unlike Anything' Before, not reported missing for two months

I sit back and quietly watch,,

Can someone explain how to post a picture?

Marianne Williamson Switches 2020 Support from Andrew Yang to Endorse Bernie Sanders in Fiery Speech

Interesting statement from Judge ABJ about reason for Stone's attempt to have her disqualified

I can't vote to abolish the CIA. No way.

Trump accuses Schiff of leaking intelligence about Russia to hurt Sanders

Is there hope that a big SC win for Biden would alter the fundamentals of the race?

Half of Americans Don't Vote. What Are They Thinking?

Harry Reid calls for end to all caucuses

CNN and other outlets are in Donald Trump's 'crosshairs': WarnerMedia CEO

Just watched the 2015 film Trumbo

Buttigieg jabs at Sanders in Virginia with eye on Super Tuesday

Kirk Douglas gives most of $61M fortune to charity, leaving nothing for son Michael

Each week my daily rag reprints an article from 99 years ago

Look to KY 99 as a bellwether of the Sanders effect

Any predictions of what we should expect in the upcoming debate next week?

Somebody sent this to me, and asked me to share it, around. Ummmm....... Ok.........

Is Politico reliable?

72% in - Bernie at 10 delegates, Biden at 2...all else at 0, all below 15%

MINIMUM WAGE TALKING POINTS.... I wish Dems would use

Trump asks if Democrats will launch an investigation into whether 'Russia' helped Sanders

Trump's IRS is shuffling forms, information all over the place

Chris Wallace Relentlessly Grills Top Pence Aide on Russia Briefing: 'You Say None of This Happened?

Study: Bots Are Fueling Online Climate Science Denialism

Sanders on 60 Minutes couldn't say what his programs will cost, how they'll be paid for

Jim Clyburn is going to endorse Biden

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

88% of NV now in, Sanders is at 40.7%, Biden 19.7%, and Pete 17.1% (raw final alignment votes)

Hey! Beloved Justice Clarence Thomas' beloved wife Ginni is helping Trump polish his loyalty oath!

We may need Bloomberg, nominee or not, to save us this fall

If a republican changes.his registration to vote in a Democratic primary to vote for

Jewish Group Demands MSNBC's Chris Matthews Apologize for Sanders Remark

Bernie Sanders VP runningmate in order to receive 270ev and regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

This is bad... South Korea reports 161 more cases of the new virus, bringing its total to 763 cases

Looks like we've reached the "Good Germans/Bad Germans" stage. JFC.

Brexit: UK reneging on Northern Ireland pledges risks trade deals with US and EU

PHOTO: Bernie Sanders Austin Texas Rally - Feb 23, 2020

PHOTO: Bernie Sanders Austin Texas Rally - Feb 23, 2020

CBS News poll: In South Carolina, Biden's lead narrows, with Sanders and Steyer on his heels

Surprised this name hasn't come up that I've seen - how about VP Joseph Kennedy III?

As Pandemic Looms, World's Top Disease Fighter Engages Xi

NBC News projecting Biden locks in 2nd place in NV

Buttigieg questions 3rd place finish in Nevada, cites errors

Trump's Intel moves spark Democratic fury

I am sorry Bernie folks

*What's eating America? MSNBC, now

Venezuela comparison more like Trump than Sanders

My Afternoon at Madrona Marsh........

if #fatdonnie wins

Takeaways on Warren in Seattle, comeback kid or last hurrah?

I hope the Dems do the one thing Trump's 2016 campaign did that was very smart

Bernie Sanders defends his 1980s comments about Fidel Castro in an interview on 60 Minutes

Former FBI Spec Agent & Lawyer Explains Why it's a DUMB Idea to 'Abolish the CIA'...

why exactly does Putin love Bernie?

What bothers me about South Carolina is Biden was ahead by double digits, and then suddenly it is

Which is worse, purely hypothetically, of course.

"This Land Is Your Land" - Written 80 years ago, today...

Willful ignorance in Apalachicola, FL?

Medicare Advantage Private Option Is Gaining Popularity, and Critics - NYT

Dr Berg Corona Virus clip

Thoughts on our chances in the Senate in Maine and Kentucky?

A Glimpse of our Future? The Coffin Homes of Hong Kong



I Found You

What is the map for winning the GE without Florida ?!

Finally saw "Parasite" this afternoon.

So we're ALREADY trying to lower expectations and delegitimize South Carolina TOO?


corona virus-what exactly does one look for ? Seems the symptoms are like the flu

Ok. My second try at posting pictures. This is what trumpers drive. It's so ridiculous!

If sanders gets the nom, I will vote for him. If biden gets the nom, I will vote for him...

US pushes changes to Western land plans that judge blocked

I just found this, and thought it would help us focus on what matters.

Will Mondale quip hurt Buttigieg?

Time to worry? U.S. job openings dropped by 1 million, and that was before the coronavirus spread


Sanders won't attend AIPAC conference, accuses it of providing platform for 'bigotry'

Central Colombia in flames after military attempt to clear nature reserve goes awry

Pink Floyd - In the Flesh

SFO - New Harvey Milk Terminal 1 is amazing

Ciro Gomes Blames Bolsonaro for Shooting Attack on his Brother

Britain's new passport was designed in France and made in Poland

If we take back the Senate and win the Presidency

I am voting for Warren on Super Tuesday!

Elizabeth Warren piles on Bloomberg at Denver rally, but avoids criticism of Sanders

Can we have an honest conversation about Bernie?

Bernie , Putin and the stock market

Report: Economic slowdown could hit Wisconsin in 2020

Berlinale study of slavery unearths the roots of modern Brazil

If I had any doubts about Bernie, Chris Matthews destroyed them.

A story making the rounds: Clyburn is going to endorse Joe Wed. which would be a BFD

Farm Bankruptcies Reach Great Recession Levels

Brazil to Woo Tesla During Bolsonaro's Trip to U.S. in March

The Call Of The Wild

Warren's Chances on Super Tuesday

There is WAY too much TV & Media and we are all too fucking wrapped up in it.

Anyone else see "60 Minutes" tonight?

How do I change my primary preference? Thanks for help

More of this ad, please.

If we stand for justice, if we stand for compassion,

Curb your enthusiasm.

Gaining steam, Sanders forecasts win in Texas

If your favorite candidate cannot beat Bernie, then how can you argue that they're more electable?

'Socialist' label hasn't slowed Bernie Sanders, but his march gives some Texas Democrats heartburn

Rousseff: 'elections without Evo in Bolivia would be a farce'

Sanders expands lead nationally over Biden to 12.1 points. RCP averages

Old news but worth revisiting

Does anyone happen to have video of CNN's Nevada Caucus coverage Saturday night?

和楽器バンド / 「Ignite」 MUSIC VIDEO / WAGAKKIBAND "Ignite"

Sanders leading in 8 of 10 Super Tuesday states, 2nd in the other 2. RCP

All I Want Is You- U2 at the BBC

Belgian prime minister says Jewish caricatures at Aalst carnival 'damage' the country

Good night all

Groups Plan to Sue Over Federal Change That Guts Protections for Arizona Waters

JFK, Carter, Gore, Obama all we're accused of being Russian assets

WAGAKKIBAND "Ignite" *(Rocking out Japan Style!)

A group allied with Trump is paying a German teen to question established climate science.

El Paso Chihuahuas, L&F Distributors release co-branded Budweiser beer can

In March 2019 Bernie Sanders swore an official affirmation that he will run as a Democrat

Democratic presidential primary candidate Mike Bloomberg to hold rally in Fort Worth

The more obvious strategy by both Russia and Trump is to divide Centrists and Leftists.

Saw "Call of the Wild" yesterday.... OMG AMAZING!

Bolivia: Contribution of Indigenous people to fighting climate change hanging by a thread

National Security Wiretap System Was Long Plagued by Risk of Errors and Omissions

Man detained after seven people shot at flea market near Aldine, Harris County sheriff says

Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower, found dead, police say

Santos Defends Liberals The West Wing

Introducing Gibby

Trump is in India and is seriously not looking well.

The country is of two separate worlds. It is as if we speak separate

You know, Bernie could be the one to beat Trump. Here's my reasoning...

Trump getting monkey gift from Prime Minister of India (see no evil, hear no evil, etc)

No Quarter - Anyone Feel Free To Use This

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Modi

Nine-year-old boy adorably asks Pete Buttigieg advice on coming out as gay

Thought I would make my own video

Let's Talk About Socialism - Prof. Richard Wolff

Castro? Jesus Christ, CASTRO, Bernie?

Donate, donate, donate- We have a narrow window to keep Biden afloat. This is how we do it.

Donate, donate, donate- We have a narrow window to keep Biden afloat. This is how we do it.

I'm just THAT happy for my friend

Nate McMurray- House special election in New York's 27th District on APRIL 28TH. Donate; support!

Elizabeth Warren to be in San Antonio Thursday for town hall event with Julian Castro

OK so let's talk about evidence

Is Trump in pain?

Nancy Pelosi gives Henry Cuellar a homestretch boost in intense primary, calling for "resounding

A Bernie Sanders presidency could be a nightmare for Saudi Arabia

Obama promised change -- he won. Trump promised change -- he won. Bernie promises change --

Texas sues company whose Port Neches chemical plant exploded

In Lake Placid, a miracle from 40 years ago still inspires

Here it comes! DJIA futures down 700+points

Cuomo: Feds can have DMV database, but not social security numbers

Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Killed In Crash Of Homemade Rocket

Sheldon Silver appeal bid fails

Link to The Guardian live update thread on coronavirus

Trump has a "Deep State" hit list... of course he has

My first POTUS Candidate Door Knocker - Bloomberg

Iran lawmaker says 50 dead from new virus in city of Qom

Paid to tweet for Mike Bloomberg -- not necessarily support him - Los Angeles Times

As president, I will support the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians ...

Y' alright, love?

"They're going to hate Bernie all the way to the white house"

Biden to grab second in Nevada, above threshold to win delegates, NBC projects

Good News

"I don't think he can beat Donald Trump and get a Democratic Senate and keep a Democratic House"

Must watch with sound

I'm not a Sanders supporter

Cat Expert Explains Why Some Cats Eat Human Corpses - WIRED

Climate change scares me more than a Bernie Sanders Presidency

Two SC senators, Orangeburg party chairman among new Joe Biden 2020 endorsements 😎

Clyburn poised to endorse Biden in big boost before S.C. primary

How much is too much Socialism for the #MAGits? I think i figured it out!

Your Vote Matters. Your Voice Matters. - A teacher lays it out.

Bernie Sanders Rolls Out $1.5 Trillion Plan For Free, Universal Child Care

Bernie Sanders Rolls Out $1.5 Trillion Plan For Free, Universal Child Care

Gov. Of State (LA) That Loses 1 Football Field/Hour To Rising Seas Is . . . Creating A "Task Force"

More Global Leederpship: G20 Communique Will Now Mention Global Warming! Ooh!

If Biden or Bloomberg win the nomination we'll lose a lot of support as well.

Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysian prime minister in shock resignation

just a few voters in Florida

Who is Bari Weiss?

And Much Of Eastern Kentucky's Under Water, But You Probably Hadn't Heard About It

Bernie is sitting at 12% here at DU

Candadates will have to slow Sanders

Anand Giridharadas calls out Chris Matthews for Bernie Sanders smears

2C Rise Enough To Effectively Wipe Out Tasmania's Kelp Forests; Sea Urchins Stripping Sea Floor Bare

They probably should have just loaned him an umbrella when he asked.

Nevada Republican activist says he caucused for Sanders

What We Know About the Trump Administration's Mishandling of the Coronavirus (Post everywhere)

Axios(?) Bernie's path to the presidency (no doom and gloom needed)

Lincoln provides the best answer as to the appropriate use of social programs to address needs.

Breakfast Monday 24 Feb

SOCIALISM IN REVERSE; NDAs, Non Disclosure Agreements, Randi Rhodes

The Deconstruction of the Administrative State

Why is it taking so long to get the full results in from Nevada?

India pours on the pageantry with colorful welcome for Trump

Bloomberg is going to take Sanders apart with a negative ad campaign.

With Trump unbound, the news media need to change. Yes, radically. The stakes are too high not to

People stream OUT of Trump address in India in droves!

In Case You Didn't Know

Final NV #'s are in (Turnout up from 2016)

🐦 FEB 29 at 8PM - Rally in Virginia Beach/Norfolk with Bernie Sanders

What happens with the Democratic Party if Trump wins a second term?

"Trump stands in front of a Taj Mahal that he didn't bankrupt, for a change."

Our Puppetmaster

Amazon's flawed new delivery process.

The Rundown: February 21, 2020

Bernie's path to the presidency

Foreign nationals living in a northern city in China

Trump is actually guilty of the crazy shit they have accused Democrats of

"Want people to be responsible for their own lives"

Biden proposes $640B housing plan

So Progressive Votes Beat Out Establishment/Moderates in NV...

First and Second round voting in Nevada.

PreMarket DOW

My biggest concern about Sanders as our nominee is that I have no idea who he might pick...

Oil futures down 4%.

From Ana Navarro , anti-Trump Republicans

How TrumPutin's Falsebook bots are screwing with Democrats. (a personal story)

Monday TOONs - So Disloyal!

What if the CDC has some bad news on the coronavirus after Trump shot his mouth off

You know if the situations at home get too bad

An honest conversation about Bernie Sanders starts with one basic observation.

Trump justice: He's using his office to reward friends, punish enemies and tarnish America

FL-26: Vulnerable House Freshman pushes back on Sanders's Cuba comments.

Question: What percentage of Democratic Primary votes will be cast electronically

The best strategy to defeat Trump and the Repubs is to unite the Democratic Party.

Shouldn't it be a criminal offense to lie to the American people?

Katherine Johnson, one of NASA Langley's 'Hidden Figures,' dies at 101

Trump And Modi Want A Lot From Their India Stunt. They Won't Get It All.

Chess And The Hijab: Iran's Dorsa Derakhshani Finds Her Way

DOW down 830 points at the opening

A Friend Needs Help....

Rep. James Clyburn will endorse Joe Biden ahead of the South Carolina primary

Why Don the Con is in India

Not all stocks are falling, Clorox is up over 2.59 %

Trump Speaks to Massive Indian Crowd, Mispronounces Almost Everything

Simple poll, can Bernie beat Trump?

Walmart employees say they're preparing for job cuts as retailer rolls out its 'Great Workplace' pro

Non-linear Mind Warfare Enables Mass Control, and Why the Magnitsky Act Helps Stop It

'I want to be brave like you': 9-year-old asks Pete Buttigieg to help him tell the world he's gay

Dow plunges nearly 1,000 points as coronavirus cases surge in South Korea and Italy

A rare endorsement that matters.

Bernie Sanders supporter helps Bloomberg volunteers clean graffiti off election office

Clarence Thomas wife among conservative activists leading Trump efforts to compile 'deep state' hit

Kyle Griffin: 'The string of events "suggests undue meddling by higher-ups at the" DOJ

Is corporate media creating a misleading impression of voter sentiment? 91 percent of Nevada Dem vot

Bernie Sanders, powered by diverse liberal coalition, forces a reckoning for Democrats

The Postal Service Fired Thousands of Workers for Getting Injured While Delivering and Processing

Can we please wise up to what Putin is actually doing?

Finally. An illustration that even a hard-headed MAGA would understand.

House Incumbent: I lose

Bundesliga club fans chant 'Nazis out' during tributes to Hanau terror attack victims

John Oliver nails Trump's issues with his father in an epic 30-second diagnosis

Reminder that Trump also praises Dictators.

How time passes... the monkeys took over the cabana six years ago

Sifting through the Nevada results - Some good news for Warren.

All of this Sanders dread is astounding to me

Primary candidates endorsements

I'm so tired of cable news pundits telling us...

Even the most local-level Florida Dems are pushing back against Cuba comments.

Holy Shit, Dow Jones down over 700pts today

Novel coronavirus cases top 79,000 amid worsening outbreaks in South Korea and Italy

Trump seems to follow Stalin getting his own Lysenkos in charge.

Ontario Provincial Police move in on rail blockade by Mohawks of Tyendinaga

Fact check: 4 of the biggest campaign promises broken by Trump

So, is our choice between plutocracy and polarization?

Those pundits

Trump spent the week lying about taxes, trade, Bernie, and his own power

Greg Sargent: Awful new details about Trump's purge should alarm us all 👀

It's pretty clear from what we know about coronavirus that there will be no protecting against it

Thank You Mijente for Endorsing Our Campaign!

Thank You Mijente for Endorsing Our Campaign!

Russia Doesn't Want Bernie Sanders. It Wants Chaos

Julian Assange lawyer tells court: After pardon fell through, Trump administration resorted to 'exto

W Ian Lipkin: "I think we are getting into semantics at this point. It's all over the world."

Bernie Sanders Is Making a Big Mistake

Informants named in WikiLeaks files disappeared, Assange hearing told

Barbara Elaine Smith died

Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician And An Inspiration For 'Hidden Figures,' Dies

Anyone else interested in building with shipping containers?

Japan Shows Coronavirus May Be a Gift--for Would-Be Dictators

HR McMaster to publish book that may pose headaches for Trump

Katherine Johnson, of 'Hidden Figures' & NASA program, has died, 101

my nightmare in reality...

Watch...COVID-19 will be Trump's 9-11...

The latest attempt to smear Bernie Sanders is stating that he "praised" Fidel Castro

Lesotho's PM Thomas Thabane seeks immunity over murder of ex-wife

The compassion of a millionaire and a billionaire

For those freaking out about the coronavirus, if they develop a vaccine, will you get it?

Wonderful Segment on Democracy Now w/Krugman and Wolff about Sanders & Socialism

'They won't survive': Trump gas wells would block pronghorn migration route

Sanders leads in Siena College NY Primary poll, BUT Bloomberg has the most Black support...

So many of the anti-Bernie attacks are about what "other people" will think.

Two memories related to Obama and elections

Trump said don't worry. He's got the coronavirus 'under control'

A Sanders-plurality convention is a nightmare scenario

I think South America is either not testing or not reporting covid-19.

"Eat your heart out, Gandhi!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Mike Bloomberg 2020 Campaign Highlights Bernie Sanders' Dangerous Record Fighting Against Gun Safety

We absolutely pillored people on the right for not giving us details on programs

Kirk Douglas leaves entire Fortune to charity

Dog goes into police station to report himself missing

Tweets from Ana Navarro. Disclaimer: I know she's a "conservative" but at this point in her life...

I am sorry for putting posts

Biden Unveils $640 Billion Housing Plan Before South Carolina Vote

Bernie's "Mansion" (Trump's words) in Vermont

Midday Monday Music for Millennials

Breaking: Ivanka hit with tomatoes at Taj Mahal 😀

Mike Pence's 2024 Presidential Campaign Has Already Begun

Why the People of India walked out

In 1844, the Democrats were split

Harvey Weinstein found guilty in landmark #MeToo moment

Has Oprah responded to her spiritual advisor's endorsement of Sanders?

This is incredible.

Dogs on dody

Harvey Weinstein trial verdict: Guilty on two charges, acquitted on others

Sanders reveals free child care plan for preschoolers

Bernie's entire agenda gets majority support from the American people.

Dimon and Blankfein clips ''Crooks on Wall St'' in a new @BernieSanders TV ad

Dimon and Blankfein clips ''Crooks on Wall St'' in a new @BernieSanders TV ad

Klobuchar and Buttigieg have yet to release any medical records.

Weinstein found Guilty

"A woman enjoys intercourse with her man -- as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously."

Secret Service Agent (Ret) Clint Hill shares how agents were lodged in FL during Kennedy Admin

@MikeBloomberg: The NRA paved the road to Washington for Bernie Sanders.

UN study: 1 of every 3 Venezuelans is facing hunger

Visa Obstacles Thwart Renowned Foreign Scholars

Warnings of 'Executions In Central Park' : MSNBC Chris Matthews on Socialism, Sanders

@MikeBloomberg: Bernie voted to give gun manufacturers IMMUNITY -- Care to explain, Bernie?

Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) FRONTLINE

'They wanted a better life': the young Venezuelans escaping into Brazil alone

You're Likely to Get the Coronavirus (The Atlantic)

NYT: Debating the Value of PSA Prostate Screening

One of the best descriptions of where we are as a country...

WATCH: Joe Biden claims that he was "arrested with our UN ambassador" in South Africa

Trump's helping Moscow muck with our elections fits the strict constitutional definition of treason

Supreme Court will take up dispute between religious rights and anti-discrimination laws

White House to request emergency coronavirus funds

Dow approaching -1,000 now -update −1,050.73

Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Killed In Crash Of Homemade Rocket

Amer Fed of Government Employees Local 704 representing EPA workers in Midwest Endorses Sanders -

Right-wing conspiracy theorist kills himself, predictable results follow.

Weinstein guilty

U.S. Supreme Court to decide winner in case of gas pipeline vs. Appalachian Trail

VA Poll: ALL Dems beat Trump, Sanders beats Trump with widest margin

Turning the purpose of White House's national security team on its head

The tyrannical idiocy of tRump and China's communist dictatorship may get millions of people killed

Trump is running for re-election also,

If we take back the Senate, what are the chances the legislative branch

Trump Struggled to Say Words Correctly as People Walked Out of Enormous 'Macho Man' Rally in India

University of Dayton, The Dayton Flyers Mens Basketball is now # 4 in the Nation.

Everything We Were Told About Bernie Was Wrong

Possible solution??

How we got here... Choice Paralysis

Car 'intentionally' plows into carnival crowd in Germany

Rep Omar (with clever tweet): "Donald Trump wants to cut Social Security"

This is so cute I can't stand it.

I think, it's a big problem that the US has no tradition of a moderate socialism.

Ready for St. Patrick's Day. :)

TinyKittens doing a live surgery (neuter) and

They Cut Regulations On Polluters And Still Have To Borrow A Trillion A Year / Economy Sucks

Canada Oil Sands Project Scrapped

Awful new details about Trump's purge should alarm us all

How Did Trump Escape The Fate That Harvey Weinstein Faced Today?......

I think you should get familiar with this woman now - so you can avoid the rush

Anyone heard anyone from #TraitorGOP mention Hunter Biden lately?

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Everyone

If you cannot say something positive about Democrats

How about Pramila Jayapal for Vp with Bernie?

What's the difference between Criminal Sexual Assault and Rape? Talking about Weinstein.

It's time for CPAC 2020.

Klobuchar and Warren are shattering the expectations of female candidates

Happy 70th 🎂 G.T. 🎸

Fix for a Hated N.Y.C. Highway: How About an $11 Billion Tunnel?

Bernie bombing 60 Minutes worse than Bloomberg

Corporate garbage-speak.

FL-07: Purple District Dem Stephanie Murphy comments on 60 Minutes interview

Great Pyrenees Pup for Adoption/Rescue

I proudly and heartily stand by this tweet

I can put it another way

Elizabeth Warren Is Running an Unapologetically Intersectional Campaign

crowd walks out on trump

U.S. Supreme Court turns away religious bias claim against Walgreens

The Postal Service Fired Thousands of Workers for Getting Injured While Delivering and Processing Yo

Someone on twitter suggests that Adam Schiff be our presidential candidate.

Horrible pro-Trump group glues MAGA hats and Trump wig to Las Vegas pigeons to 'protest' Democrats

Sisters 👯‍♀️

Scientists serve up 100% real meat, without the cruelty or carbon

As much as I love Joe,

Bernie Sanders' disastrous answer on '60 Minutes

Voting Rights Roundup: Kentucky GOP moves to strip Democratic governor of his power after election

Beyonce opening the celebration of life for Kobe, his daughter and their friends n/t

Bloomberg writes off Biden; polls better than Biden with Latinos in FL

With the UK's European door closed, it's open season for xenophobia

Sotomayor Accuses Supreme Court of Granting Favors to Trump in Blistering Dissent

How JPMorgan Chase Became the Doomsday Bank

Powerful Bernie Ad

Commentary: Hospital, others were ready for coronavirus

Sanders' comments on Fidel Castro are ill-informed & insulting to thousands of Floridians.

Finished watching Hunters. Carol Kane and Saul Rubinek stole the show! POSSIBLE SPOILERS

Cartoons 2/24/2020

Finally, Can We All Agree? Everything We Were Told About Bernie Sanders Was Wrong

Ginni Thomas: Supreme Court justice's wife leading right-wing effort to purge officials 'disloyal' t

Crackdown on immigrants who use public benefits takes effect

Math lesson about Nevada results lesss than 2% turnout total

I have some weird questions. Do people in the various boroughs of NYC,

With steak off the menu, officials scramble to feed fussy eater Trump in India

Most home runs hit by a pitcher

Dow plunges 1,000 points as coronavirus cases outside China jump

Oldest and youngest MLB players to hit their first home run

Bloomberg postpones CNN townhall for debate prep

Here's who will be onstage for the February 25 Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina

So, when is the stable genius going to save us from Corona virus or even talk the public?

NASA Remembers 'Hidden Figures' Katherine Johnson...

Mike Bloomberg praises labor strikes as 'highly effective'

Saving black churches: Seattle group partners with developers to generate funds

Other countries around the world understand the importance

People, it's not cool to share your drugs with the cat.

End this fetishization of "unity."

@MikeBloomberg: We already have a president who caves to the NRA. We don't need another one.

Putin as Russia's supreme leader? A constitutional rewrite brings out some 'crazy' ideas.

Cenk Urges TYT Staff Not to Unionize

In 2019 Bloomberg mocked a Brooklyn father and son who died from heroin overdoses on the same night.

Whistleblower says Saudi Arabia & the Emirate of Abu Dhabi bought the 2016 election for Donald Trump

Naomi Klein on why Progressive should support Bernie

'Truly shameful': Pro-Israel AIPAC slams Sanders after he says conference is platform for 'bigotry'

South Carolina is even more important than we all say it is this year

Jennifer Rubin

I've been doing mental exercises, practicing working for Sanders or Bloomberg in the

The Affordable Care Act is more popular now than when Obama was president

Oregon Senate Republicans announce walkout over climate cap-and-trade bill

I went out to pick up my morning newspaper from the pile of snow where it usually ends up,

White House readying coronavirus response request

Olympia considers banning sale of cats, dogs at pet shops

Clothes in counters . . .

Mike Bloomberg prepares media onslaught against Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders

Third Florida Representative disavows Sanders' Cuba/Castro comments.

FLORIDA Senator Annette Taddeo's response to Sanders' Cuba comments:

Report: Seattle 9th most liberal metro area in US

Born on this day, February 24, 1954: Plastic Bertrand.

Should Major Meetings/Conventions Be Cancelled Because Of The Covid-19?.....

Syria, where the world collectively lost its humanity

Democrats view Sanders as having best shot to defeat Trump: poll

Pete takes on Bernie re: 60 Minutes Interview

Why more older workers are finding themselves unemployed as retirement approaches

Florida Democrat likens Sanders's Cuba remarks to Trump's Charlottesville response

Trump heads to India in first trip as president

On this day, February 24, 1994, Dinah Shore died.

Noam Chomsky Is Capitalism Making Life Better.

Endorsements so far by 2020 candidates who've already quit the race:

Rahm Emanuel says last debate was "a bit amateur hour"

Bloomberg Prepares Media Onslaught Against Sanders

And the first nominee for A-hole of the week is......

NEW: Post-Nevada poll shows @BernieSanders strengthening his nationwide lead

Little Dreamer - VH

Car drives off top of Calif. parking garage, lands on McDonald's, driver survives

'Mad' Mike Hughes dies in rocket crash trying to prove Earth is flat

South Carolina Looks Like A Two Person Race

Kentucky "Denial of Care" Bill Puts Kentuckians' Lives in Jeopardy

When you accidentally open the front facing camera

This sofa is MINE!

To be clear, Bernie condemned Castro's authoritarian regime during the 60 minutes interview.

Shower buds

Avlon: Bernie Sanders' praise of Castro is problematic

I just have to notice, that the repukes . . .

Baby animals are trapped underground

Family Fights Over Who Will Get Huge Spider Out Of The House

Sen. Chuck Schumer confirms spending $8,600 on Junior's cheesecake

There are shenanigans that must stop

Fox News is for sale

Time to do away with caucuses?

Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff

Bernie said some true things, and we're supposed to be outraged?

Little Girl Takes Such Good Care of Her Special Needs Rescue Siblings

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 24, 2020

NEW: @MorningConsult - Sanders 32%

Double Digit Lead for Biden!!

Trump Supporting House Candidate Suspends Campaign After Heroin Overdose

Pit Bull Turns Into The Best Nanny Dog

NEW: @MorningConsult - Sanders 32%

Can you spot a pattern here?

Healthcare, American style?

Some extremely high-risk reading by Trump during his speech in India

Bad News For Trump As Poll Shows Impeachment Helped House Democrats

"Bernie is an extremely divisive figure in our party."

Re: Sanders Castro and Cuba

Guy Doing Chores Carefully Sweeps Around His Very Lazy Dog 😂😍

PETA Quietly Testing 'Coronavirus Is A Living Thing' Ad Spots In Few Small Markets

Heart Surgeon Admits He May Have Accidentally Left Sanders' Medical Records In Candidate chest.

Here is President Obama "praising" Fidel Castro the same way Bernie "praised" Castro

This deserves its own post. (Bernie's sex essy).

Political impact of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk covid 19 cluster (South Korea)

Bernie Praised Fidel Castro's Education System. So Did Obama.

New PPP South Carolina -- Biden regains big lead! +15 over Sanders

Weinstein convicted

CNN's Manu Raju: Senate will receive classified Covid-19 briefing tomorrow

Poll Shows Biden with Big Lead In South Carolina

Today in History: February 24

Democratic lawmaker's reaction to Sanders' comments on Fidel Castro policy: 'Absolutely unacceptable

Klobuchar's uncompelling argument to stay in the race

Here's some information for Mr. Anand Giridharadas, a recent poll among Jewish Voters:

Arizona congressional candidate suspends campaign after heroin overdose

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell's comment on Sanders' praise of Fidel Castro:

Here's to future court victories: SCotUS refuses religious claim against Walgreens

Woman's 'Cute' Photo Shoot With Dog Doesn't Go Quite As Planned 😂😍

In the delegate counts, so far Bernie's won 1 state (NV), tied 1 (NH) and lost 1 (Iowa)

Isn't Trump's alias "John Barron"?

Biden Jumps To A 15 Point Lead Over Sanders In South Carolina,,,,,Go Joe,,,😎

Dog Mom Runs To Help Her Daughter Move A Giant Stick

Bernie is electable. ALL of our Democrats are

In what scenario does Covid-19 NOT break out in U.S.?

Is there any way to post a Facebook video without linking to Facebook? I post a lot of

Bushfires burned a fifth of Australia's forest: study

Cardiology director says there's one heart measure Sanders could disclose but isn't

The Desperation Of Those That Continue To Post 5 Year Old Articles On Bernie's Essay

DOW is down 1,031 at the close

I would be interested in comments on the following quote:

New Biden ad: Sanders attempt to undermine Obama's reelection in 2012

Joe Biden: "Obama was one hell of a President... proud to stand alongside him every step of the way"

Buckle up fellow Bernie supporters, it's time for the kitchen sink.

Since the virus has already spread beyond China, can we be certain it was not found in Russia?

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Can't Be Trusted"

Senior Dog Is So Happy That People Remembered His Birthday

SHOCK! I actually found a Bill, proposed by Repubs, that is good & I like it!

Krystal Ball breaks down MSNBC stages of Bernie grief

A Miami man who flew to China worried he might have coronavirus. He may owe thousands. Read more he

Some of the world's biggest economies are on the brink of recession

A nation is reassured...

Obama For America Was Revolutionary In Its Time

New Bloomberg Audio: He would defend banks against Warren / His Obama endorsement was backhanded

Another Florida Democratic Congresswoman weighs in on Sanders' Castro comments:

Has anyone had this kind of experience with a car dealer?

Mike Bloomberg asks Sanders to explain his 2005 to give gun mfrs. immunity:

Some primary election humor.

A firearm safety lesson ended up with two people shot. Not The Onion

Petra Grey's brother Oscar dancing to "Bad Boys"

Sanders has failed to release a "standard" measure of his heart health

Sanders opens up 20 Delegate lead with Nevada 100% in

these huge candidate postcard mailers every day are drivng me crazy

United Airlines Gave Out $100,000 Downgrading Passengers On One Hawaii Flight This Weekend

Chunk Is Back! Season 2 Premiere

Dow closes down 1,000 points as coronavirus fears slam Wall Street

I was at The Hungry Heifer and ordered their Special Chicken Dinner

Biden holds small edge over Sanders in pivotal South Carolina primary: NBC News/Marist poll

AZ-01: Republican drops out after heroin overdose

Medicare For All

I am not cool with socialism.

Just for the sake of argument.. just for the fun of it.. lets say Biden takes the win big in SC

Richard Grenell's paid consulting included work for U.S. nonprofit funded mostly by Hungary

Richard Grenell's paid consulting included work for U.S. nonprofit funded mostly by Hungary

Breaking: new A + nbc/Marist SC poll Sanders and Biden within moe

Amtrak is making 'saver' tickets nonrefundable, embracing airlines-like fare policy

i voted for Warren today. california primary

[email protected]

Can we at least agree one one little thing?

Ana Navarro tweets about Harvey Weinstein - gotta love her!

I am not cool with the 1% buying elections, and pushing their propaganda

The Hill describes what's rattling DUers

I'm really enjoying being retired

Castro's "literacy program" was " cynical effort to spread his dangerous philosophy"

The crossover voters that voted for dotard and were not bothered by his past...

Fatfinger... share your views on all the issues important to voters in the 2020

So this SEC letter isn't good

I wish someone would poll likely shifts in support.

The view from someone who has largely dropped out.....comments on recent things

U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy on Sanders' Castro remarks:

101 pledged delegates have won so far. 1357 will be voted for on March 3.

If Biden consistently beats Sanders in the last several primaries before the convention

Bernies Proposals

Trump and the fall of the USFL

Bloomberg campaign tweeting fake quotes


Anti-Greta: Far-right groups trying to turn teenager into climate change-denying version of Greta

So many people concerned about democratic socialism. Why aren't they complaining as loud about

To be honest, I don't think any of the Democrats should be criticized at all...

Operation Chaos-trump supporters and trump PACs are supporting sanders

Sanders's Comments on Fidel Castro Provoke Anger in Florida

Sanders under fire from Democrats over praise for Castro regime

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff

Coronavirus: World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO

Coronavirus: World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO

Sanders praises Cuba

This is how you deal with a toddler, not a grown-ass "man":

Nothing that Bernie Sanders or any Democrat will do will be as bad as what Trump and the Repubs...

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part XXVlll

Trump asserts coronavirus 'under control' as stocks plunge

Trump asserts coronavirus 'under control' as stocks plunge

Any Sane Candidate Beats Trump. That is Why Russia Wants Us to Think the Sanders Campaign is Insane

Biden ad on Sanders' Attempt to Undermine President Obama

Was Bloomberg Obama's VP? From Bloomberg's

OMG #Wattlegate!

Bloomberg owes an apology

Sanders praises some of Castro's policies, angering Republicans and Democrats in Florida

Sanders's Praise of Castro Makes Him a Target

Mad people blame a company because a politician drinks their brand of tea

Former Texas tennis coach Michael Center sentenced to six months in college admissions scandal

Something more controversial than the recent caucuses - RAGBRAI or Iowa's Ride?

Bloomberg is fabricating quotes attributed to Bernie

Do the Russians want Bernie to win? Not really -- they want Democrats to turn on each other

KY-Sen: Two Polls Confirm A Toss-Up Race Between Amy McGrath (D) & Moscow Mitch (R)

Pompeo appeared to coordinate with Giuliani on Ukraine, new documents show

Spouse, Fed Ex, & I all have blame for no dog food...

Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing special favors for the Trump administration

Poll: Biden and Sanders are in a Virtual Tie in Texas

Amid Right-Wing Effort to Smear Sanders Over Cuba Comments, Campaign Issues Reminder That Obama Said

Now I wonder what assange has on dotard.

How coronavirus in China could cause drug shortages in America

OMG the Conservatives are all dressing alike to vote. Soon they will start marching.

Jeff Tiedrich does it again.

Foreign Policy Magazine: Trump Has Sabotaged America's Coronavirus Response

Ava Duvernay receives death threats from Bernie Sanders supporters

Makes you go hmmmm?

Girl, 11, brings AR-15 to Idaho hearing on gun legislation

Most Vulnerable Democratic US Senate seats in 2022 if Kelly(AZ) and Warnock(GA) does not win in 2020

Trump is in contact with everyone surrounding the Coronavirus