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Archives: February 23, 2020

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice

US Senate seats Democrats will win and need to win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate?

Buttigieg to hold rally in Arlington tomorrow at Washington-Lee High School.

It's Saving Democracy Stupid!

Its official - Amy is going on to South Carolina.

Does anyone know why the NYT site is stuck at 3% and CNN is reporting thousands....

Yes, Elizabeth is the answer to beating the Con...

Endorsement: Vote Pete Buttigieg president to make America good again

Cutest Golden Puppy and Parrot Duo To Make Your Day

We're screwed. Trump will probably win again and we'll probably lose the House.

We are the Democratic Party, are we not?

Who's ahead in California?

Essence Magazine: Elizabeth Warren has always deserved your attention.

Election-Year Trump Says He's Ready To Float Farmers On Another River Of Taxpayer Cash

The Cons rallies rack up unpaid bills all over the USA...

Sanders Won the Union Scorecard That Mattered

I'll know first.

Pentagon reveals deal with Britain to replace Trident

I'm happy to see Warren in second place so far.

For those asking for "moderates" to drop out

*Joe B. up on MSNBC now.

Biden speaks:

Trump chimes in. We need a nickname for Trump

The Con worries about bumbling Coronaviris response...?

Looks like Biden is going to have a solid second place finish.

The big "Mo" in primaries has been the story in the primaries for years (right or wrongly)

Time for Bloomberg to use his ad money to highlight the problem areas of Sanders' background

youtube links in email?

JustSecurity: Republican Leaders are Playing a Dangerous Game

US Senate seats Democrats need to win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

When are the Nevada Results expected?



Candidates opposing Medicare for All miscalculated...

NYT/AP calls Nevada for Sanders!

Harris County (TX) sues EPA over chemical safety rules

Roger Stone moves to disqualify judge in last-ditch bid to avoid prison

Michael Bloomberg said Saturday he's willing to spend a lot of money -- but "hopefully not" as much

More pictures from Costa Rica. Enjoy❣️

More beautiful Costa Rica

Tell vets you know that Sanders said US policy in Vietnam was almost as bad as what Hitler did

Nevada caucus numbers per ABC News

*Pete up on msnbc now.

Congratulations Bernie!

Why do we say someone who gets lets than a majority of a primary or caucus is the "winner"?

Good Amy is not Dropping.

I can see more people out my window than voted for bernie in 3 events

Remember when Bernie used to go on the shows disparaging Obama?

Talk-but-no-action candidate on assault weapons ban

Once again: From my brother's emails - this time anagrams:

O'Brien Says 'No Intelligence Behind' Meddling Claims

I'm not going to disparage any candidate tonight.

Clint hears a what

Wolf Dog Who Growls At Everyone Else Snuggles With His Best Friend

Msnbc: Sanders 13 delegates so far. Rest of the field zero

California hikers found alive after 8 days missing.

Bernie ready to speak! MSNBC CNN

*Bernie up now msnbc.

Relax everbody. Sanders now has 26 delegates out of 1991 needed. 47 more states...

Breaking: We won Nevada!

Chris Matthews Likens Bernie's Strong Nevada Showing to France Falling to Nazi Germany in WWII

The Southwest and Southeast are key to Democrats regaining control of the US Senate and Presidency.

Warren explains the difference between herself and Sanders

Wow. Lawrence O'Donnell

U.S. national security adviser denies Russia boosting Trump reelection

Sounded like the loudest cheer during Sanders' speech tonight was for canceling student debt


I received two pieces of mail this week Welcoming me to my New Home, with coupons ...

Where do you find Warren events schedule?

Clyburn on Russian election meddling: 'There is something going wrong'

So what am I supposed to do if Bernie is the nominee?

In Nevada, Ties at Caucus Sites Will Be Broken With a Card Game

Best Democratic recruit for the 2020 US Senate Election-

Has everyone voted? I just got home, filled out my mail-in ballot, and off to the PO tomorrow.

Devin Nunes vows to sue Washington Post for 'garbage' report on classified Russia briefing

where have u gone kamala and beto, our nation turns it lonely eyes to you lol

Sotomayor's Scathing 'Public Charge' Dissent Lights Up Twitter

Here's why I think Sanders' momentum is a good thing:

Does anyone imagine that Sanders will balance his ticket with someone less left-wing?

RCP: CA poll numbers

Why is Warren speaking from Seattle?

We're This Close To Done...

well first they cut of Pete for insufferable Ari

The Founders sing "The Day Democracy Died"

538: Who ahead in CA?

Stick a fork in me....I. AM. DONE.


My wife, a new Govt employee who may travel abroad on Government business...

Bernie Sanders takes wide lead in California primary, new poll finds

"were you there?"

One word about Trump that creates immediate dislike: Trump is a ..."BULLY"

Biden: "It's going to be hard to do it in the primary so it may have to happen at the convention."

"Adam Schiff is part of the so-called Democratic "establishment" & he fought his HEART out on the..

Numerous Super Tuesday Polls Released 2/18/20

Joy Reid just mentioned the "sense of mourning" among most Democrats she knows,

Does anybody get why the CNN results with 4% in are so different than this??

Biden looks to win S. C. primary after caucuses

People said Bernie tied in IA and won in NH because they were white states.

Wells Fargo to pay $3B to resolve probes into fake accounts

A lot of gloom and doom around here tonight.

Who's ahead in Texas?

Sanders got 53% of the Latino vote in NV. Nobody else close.

The Comeback Kid! Biden in Nevada after placing second is called the Comeback kid.

Judge halts plan to move virus patients to California city

Portland train attack: White Supremacist Guilty of Killing 2 Who Came to Aid of Black Teens

The President of the United States just shared a video from a supporter about his upcoming visit to

Biden may have run a fairly strong second tonight.

Before Trump a 12 pack of Diet Coke was $3 now it is $5

V.P. Biden has now become my second choice.

JFK wrote a book entitled-

Chris Mathews compares Bernie sanders winning to the Nazis taking France.

NPR live updates from Nevada

So, what's the winning path for Amy, Biden, Pete and Warren?

With 11.2% reporting

Trump sounds happy as he congratulates Sanders

Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses, Strengthening His Primary Lead

Democratic nominee for all of the US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

Biden running strong second at 25%. All others below 15%

Why is the MSM giving the nomination to Sanders when only 3 states have voted?

I'm all in if Bernie wins

This is not the time to give up.

Texas woman sentenced to eight years for illegal voting paroled, faces deportation

*Eliz Warren up now, msnbc.

Warren speaking now -- MSNBC!

I don't get all the negative posts about Bernie.

FLIPPABLE: Andrew Janz for Mayor of Fresno, CA (Election March 3)

Bernie as nominee would allow trump to steal the election with no questions asked

The Las Vegas Sun website is running an ad for Amy Klobuchar...

CA-12: Susan Sarandon is gunning for Pelosi in the primary.

Nina Turner trying desperately on MSNBC to sell the spin that Sanders is an FDR Democrat

Looks like some moderates are worried the Dem nominee won't line up with them ideologically.

Disney remake!

FDR Redux. We've been here before.

Please..It ain't over until it is over..

Write in Adam Schiff?

*Steyer on msnbc,

Exit polling

Van Jones: Establisment's jaws are hanging off their faces

Keep In Mind. Bernie Himself Fought All The Way To the Convention

A question for partisans of candidates other than Bernie and Joe

Pete Buttigieg warns against nominating Sanders as Vermont senator gains momentum

So how many Rs registered as "Dems" in Nevada up through today?

Warren makes fun of Bloomberg's height

"Obama has made clear in private conversations that he doesn't like the idea of Sanders as the

USA Today: Anti-Sanders Effort Targeted Nevada Republicans

Elizabeth Warren is wrapping up a crazy good speech in Seattle.

Only 23% precincts reporting?

It's not just bros: Sanders wins with a diverse coalition - Analysis: The Vermont senator's victory

Keep an eye on ex FOX reporter, now working at CBS News.

Joe Biden has still never won a presidential primary or caucus

This Gavin Newsom tweet... WTF???

A text from Joe:

"Mad" Mike Hughes dies in crash of homemade rocket

How the Supreme Court Contributed to Growing Inequality

"I felt so bad for this guy. He had good speed..was setting up for the main jump and BOOM!

Fatal crash of flat-earther's steam-powered rocket caught on video: report

Has Amy spoken tonight?

Russia-linked disinformation campaign spreading unfounded conspiracy theories about COVID-19: report

Missing Democratic Talking Points.... Fiscal.

Could Bernie re-label himself without seeming dishonest?

Joe's Nevada Speech

The case for regional primaries followed by a national primary.

Fake census forms from the GOP?

"Hard to know whether Sanders is electable until we see how he handles a fusillade of negative ads."

Just clicked wrong button as jury member. I meant it clearly doesn't break a rule but clicked

The dam is crumbling. . .

HACHIKO- Try not to cry

Ted Lieu words of wisdom

BETTER -- Hezekiah Walker

U.S. blocking G20 mention of climate change in draft communique - sources RIYADH (Reuters) -

Seoul- Right wing demonstrators violate emergency health ban

The Atlantic: Why Do Millennials Love Bernie?

Why can't every state have their primary on the same Saturday?

Slap Bass Lesson w/ Davie504

Let's do something different here. List your top four candidates in order of who you'd support

The U.S. has become a banana dictatorship in 3 short years.

Another possibility at the convention... Candidates combine delegates to make a ticket

Who else gets to vote on Super Tuesday? I can't wait until I do, but I wish Maine was

FDR Second Bill of Rights Speech Footage

MSNBC is not reporting the NV results accurately

Just reported on MSNBC:

I Pretended to be a GIRL BASSIST on the internet (GONE WRONG)

Do you think that it would be an outrageous suggestion

AP Exclusive: DEA agent accused of conspiring with cartel

Sanders eviscerates the conventional wisdom about why he can't win

What I keep hearing about Bernie....

RCP averages have Bernie ahead in all but two super Tuesday states.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has kidney tumor that's likely cancerous

Ween - Live in Chicago

Tuesday's debate is the last chance for most.

Is Sanders running against Trump or Democrats?

It's not like I don't think Bernie can win....

Sparks - Self-Effacing

Sparks - "The Number One Song In Heaven" (official video)

Trashing the Democratic front runner

Timothy Snyder

The Latest: Warren thanks Nevada for keeping her in fight

Sanders is winning 74% of the Latino vote in Nevada


FDA approves drug that lowers cholesterol in a new way

David Cay Johnston: Trump Republicans "giddy or smug" over Nevada; NeverTrumpers & Dems distraught

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood

I'm afraid of trump

depeche mode - new life (studio-1981) cuz if we're doing early 80's synth 2nite

Bernie Sanders Doubles Down On Support for Law That Protects Gun Sellers From Lawsuits

Tweet of the Day

Bernie Sanders: Guns In Vermont Are Not The Same As Guns In Chicago Or Los Angeles

Depeche Mode - Fly On The Windscreen

Bernie Sanders Claims He's a Longtime Champion of Marriage Equality. It's Just Not True.

Rare Earth - It Makes You Happy(But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long)

erasure - stop!/drama/chains of love (studio - 80's) an epic trio of singles ;)

Democrats will regain control of the US Senate in 2020 if they win-

new order - the perfect kiss (studio-1985) to complete the triumvirate of 80's synth

The 5th Dimension - Age Of Aquarius

Pete Buttigieg Speaks at Post-Caucus Event in Las Vegas, Feb. 22nd! 20 minutes long.

Here's a screenshot of the most astonishing & distressing page from the private JP Morgan report

Trends in Nitrate, Arsenic, and Uranium in Groundwater Beneath Irrigated Cropland.

One Corinthian. There's an app for this...

QUESTION: Do you think Sanders has Obama's Appeal In Swing States?

RCP: Trump job approval at record high of 46+ 51-

Michigan Democratic chair blasts GOP for fighting voting rights suits

Gary Numan - My Name is Ruin (from his 2017 release)

MSNBC Chris Matthews Loses His Mind: Compares Bernie Winning To Nazis Taking France In WWII

Wise words from Charlie Pierce

Biden: AUMF Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 & Bloomberg: RNC 2004 Re-elect W...

It's 5:47 am and I'm making corned beef & cabbage - ask me anything

Trump is sprinting to the top of the pyramid of white supremacy and that shit needs to be shut down

4,000 janitors to strike, affecting nearly all Twin Cities office buildings

Flat-Earther tries to fly in home-built rocket, crash-lands, dies.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Close To You Edition

Sunday 23 February 2020

"Vote Blue No Matter Who"

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warns of fascism at forum

Socialism is a scare-word

Photo: Bernie Sanders Claims Nevada Victory at San Antonio Rally

Photo: Bernie Sanders Claims Nevada Victory at San Antonio Rally

Simple urine test could improve early detection of bladder cancer - WHO study

Because they really enjoy living with an information deficit...

I'd never heard of Ryan Hall before, but I like his demeanor after winning:

Mayor Pete blasting Sanders

🐦 FEB 27 at 7:30PM - Rally in Spartanburg SC with Bernie Sanders

If elected, I expect a candidate to do the bidding of his/her donors. I'd prefer that to be millions

...there will be no one left to uphold the rule of law...

🐦 FEB 26 at 7PM - Midweek Service and Presidential Forum - Rev. William Barber and Bernie Sanders

I'll go ahead and type this post, because I type what I believe.

Sen. Sanders to visit ENC for midweek service, forum on poverty

Bernie (and Warren) could use the 2008 crash against Trump

Sen. Sanders to visit ENC for midweek service, forum on poverty

Some details in NBC's entrance polls with Biden strengths that might loom large in the SC

Ain't no Democratic Fascism.

The American Russian Embassy isn't exactly subtle about their goals here.

Warmest Winter In France Since 1900; Ski Resorts Closing Down; Artificial Snow Not A Likely Option

Engineered symbionts activate honey bee immunity and limit pathogens

Latinos, Sanders's secret weapon in Nevada, could make him unstoppable on Super Tuesday

Well, Florida's "Chief Resilience Officer" Is Gone - She's Off To DC To Work For Shitstain

Rapid Retreat Of Pine Island Glacier Reveals Uncharted Island, Poss. Insight Into Geologic Rebound

Let's talk about Bernie, Trump, and Russians....

"It's Getting Worse": Virginia Beach Sea Level Up Almost A Foot In 50 Years

The real nightmare scenario!!!

So Warren is all in on harassment?

Nine dead in Turkey as 5.7 earthquake strikes western Iran

75 Years Ago Today; We did this

Members Of Nevada's Largest Union Defied Their Leadership To Support Bernie Sanders

Interesting article about the contrast between Trump and Pete

Trump fundraiser in L. A. - food stored in bathroom. (TMZ)


MA Senate seat: I'm torn about my vote

What could be better than being a Zamboni driver?

This video is real. As Trump's mental, physical and neurological decline accelerates, the malfunctio

Watch this parrot totally imitate a door stopper

trump's next unhinged policy

Gallon quart storage bags I actually said this

Were these six Chinese trespassers confused tourists or spies? The FBI wants to know.

Ideological purity be damned

Mark Kelly now leads McSally by 6.7 pts! Woohoo! I think it's time again to donate to his campaign.

So the west is winning, is it? Only if you're a delusional Trump toady, Mr Pompeo


Across this planet there are way too many ignorant people

The slippery slope of slippery slope arguments


Political ads are flooding Hulu, Roku and other streaming services

Is this correct? Only 60% of the caucus votes have been counted in NV?

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd


In your opinion what is a bigger threat to America, Fascism or Social Democracy (N. Europe style)?

Howard Dean on CNN: Sanders showed last night he can energize our core base.

Trump has already 'joked' about defying 2020 election results. Here's what could happen if he refuse

This day on Mount Suribachi, 1945

Charlie Pierce: It's Time for the 2016 Primary to End.

Pierce Bush is running for TX CD 22 GOP nomination with ad named-stick it to Socialists

Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust

Trump congratulates Bernie

Nevada caucus As of Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020

YouGovUS Polls: WI: Sanders 30% - MI: Sanders 25% - PA: Sanders 25%

YouGovUS Polls: WI: Sanders 30% - MI: Sanders 25% - PA: Sanders 25%

Is DU out of step with the Democratic Party?

Sanders leads in another California primary poll

Handel was born in this date.

The Sanders win was emphatic

Who's ahead in South Carolina?

How many people have voted thus far in the Democratic nominating process??

Johnny Winter was born on this date-

Sanders, Bloomberg, Biden Lead Virginia Poll Ahead of Super Tuesday

Coronavirus: northern Italian towns close schools and businesses

FINALISTS *****February Photo Contest***** Winners all but please vote "REPETITONS"

nevada causus results 60%

Finalist Tread up for voting "REPETITIONS" -February Contest

David Axelrod: Portents for SC (Sanders had 28% of the black vote in Nevada, Biden 34%)

Bloomberg To Appear In CNN Town Hall

"I've got my back." . . . Please come CAPTION Richard Grenell, the new acting DNI!!!

There are two only two candidates with a plausible path to the nomination

In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government's entire pandemic response chain of command

The grandson of GHW Bush is running for TX CD 22 and is running against sanders and socialism

Has anyone here tried soil-block seed starting?

Can someone help me understand

Amy is not going anywhere just yet.

Something interesting I noticed in Bernie's victory speech yesterday.

Chris Matthews faces calls for resignation after comparing Sanders victory to Nazi invasion

Must Read Twitter Thread by Jake Tapper abt Natl Sec Official contradicting

What a young woman said to Adlai Stevenson, Jr., Democratic nominee for President, in 1952...

"Cable news did to our parents what our parents thought video games were going to do to us."

Buttigieg sounds alarm after Sanders wins Nevada

Where did this come from?

Rep. James Clyburn: South Carolinians 'leery about that title socialist'

My God, I just found out the Miracle on Ice 1980 Hockey Team went full Traitor

It's Time for the 2016 Primary to End. Bernie Sanders Is the Clear Frontrunner for the

Hungarians march to protest PM Orban's anti-Roma campaign

Although I've openly supported Biden, I could happily vote for Bernie.

If you have an IRA, 401K, or other deferred compensation retirement account- LISTEN UP

CBS News poll: In South Carolina

Bloomberg would be as divisive as Bernie.

If you have an IRA, 401K, or other deferred compensation retirement account- LISTEN UP

Broad-based support powers Sanders to big win in Nevada Democratic vote

Do you have a pension?

I'm not a Sanders supporter, but Chris Matthews has made me

Moderators for South Carolina Democratic debate

Last week, the temperature in Antarctica hit almost seventy degrees--the hottest in recorded history.

And the prize for biggest terrorist threat goes to...

Study: 50 Mill Americans Donate To Medical Crowdfunding; 8 Mill Started A Campaign for Themselves

Neo-liberalism began with Pinochet and will end when Don the Con and his goons

Trump calls for probe into leak of intelligence on Russian election interference

Biden says U.S. intelligence should brief campaigns about Russian interference.....😳

Actor Clint Eastwood shows support for Michael Bloomberg and criticizes Trump's behavior

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 26 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Two self-funding billionaires helping to get Sanders to the nomination...

Nevada Caucus speech transcripts, Bernie, Joe, Elizabeth, Pete, Amy

The biggest and hardest job is to motivate the unmotivated voters.

Anand Giridharadas has been *killing it* on MSNBC just now.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 25 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

If the choice is fascist vs socialist

I have been making jewelry and accidentally got into other things...

Sanders in the 1970s urged nationalization of most major industries (& accepted "communist" label)

Biden's Betting On Voters Of Color To Win. In Nevada, He Still Lost.

Is everyone comfortable with moderates telling people not to vote their conscience?

The tiny red shoots that are peonies are showing their little heads

New poll suggests Bernie Sanders building lead in Michigan

Fight for someone you don't know

Bill de Blasio: "hey @PeteButtigieg , try to not be so smug when you just got your ass kicked"

Biden's Campaign Reverses And Says He's Supporting A Moratorium On Deportations

YouGov: Bernie leading in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Intelligence Community Concerned Official In Charge Of Election Security May Be Ousted Next

I am bad at math, but right now 50% of the results for votes are in for NV

Obama honestly tried to bring the nation together; The Republicans turned into traitors.

Come see. Now.

Update on information about treatment for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-12/novel Coronavirus. Whew,

Do You Feel Financially Secure?.....

CBS/YouGov GE Poll: Bernie beats Trump by the widest margin (+3)

If you stand there and say nothing and take advantage of the

A bumper sticker I saw this morning: "ANY FUNCTIONING ADULT - 2020"

James Clyburn Warns Against Sanders: Democrats Will Have 'Real Burden' Selling a Socialist in SC

There's a reason the smartest man in the world,

Bernie can win the general

Delegate count, the only thing that matters, not polls

Newly discovered documents reveal what may have started Elaine Massacre 100 years ago

My apologies to Bernie Sanders and his supporters

The Power of Voting for A Democrat for President..Jimmy Carter saved tens of thousands of livies..

Nine year old boy asks Pete's help in coming out! Amazing video.

The minimum wage: Another example of how stupid Trump voters are.

I find myself so disheartened and distraught

Sanders Had Widespread Support Among Nevada Voters

Has Bloomberg's paid brigade started arriving at Discussion sites like DU yet?

The Cost of Child Poverty with Lenette Azzi-Lessing

Sen. Sanders tells 60 Minutes he would use military force under certain conditions ...

US Senate seats Democrats will win and need to win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Why Democrats Are Bound for Disaster

Honest question. No sarcasm.

When Do We Get A Full Accounting, 100%, Of The Vote In Nevada...

This is why Trump voters call Democrats far left evil socialists.

Will the Acrimony and Defeatism STOP once we have a nominee?

Joe Lockhart: Bloomberg needs to take down Sanders -- immediately

I wish everyone could have Medicare.

You raised $1,134.60 on February 22, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

PARASITE-Jessica song(Parody)full version-Korea song(독도는 우리 땅)

Pete complaining about Nevada results...battle for 2nd too close...

"other" is winning 60 -75% in 3 events so far. its time for bernie to drop out and support other.

posted already

I would like to express my condolences to all those here who have Trump voter family members.

Because I read lots and lots of mysteries

I don't know if this was common in Nevada

Bernie knew about Russia helping his campaign, Bernie took that help, and Bernie kept the Russian ..

Man, Putin's good.

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 23, 2020?

Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Newspaper Headlines

Who do you think House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn will endorse this Wednesday?

We all know that if Biden were ahead right now,

Democratic held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 likely to stay Democratic/go Republican.

Betting Odds Data - February 23rd

Brexit team seeks to evade Irish Sea checks on goods

Why isn't Sanders' health and lmited life expectancy after a heart attack a major issue?

CBS News poll: Most voters expect Trump will be reelected

In 1992, Bill Clinton lost four primaries/caucuses before Super Tuesday (blown out in two).

Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada -- Putting Him In The Driver's Seat To Win The Nomination

As Bernie Sanders's momentum builds, down-ballot Democrats move to distance themselves

According to 538 Bernie has almost a 50% chance of amassing a majority of delegates

Chomsky on Religion

Trump says Congrats to Bernie: "Don't let them take it away from you!"

Here is why Nevada Caucuses prove Medicare for All is 'hugely popular and the winning position'

Jews are vermin seems to be the theme this year.

The DISHONEST History Of The Electoral College

NYT - Trump Makes the American Health Care System Even Worse

Cartoons 2/23/2020

Body scanner could replace strip searches in Monroe prison

Interesting thing I noticed about "Bernie or Busters"

Trump Confirms He's The Bernie/Russia Leaker With Attack On Adam Schiff,,, omg 😯 🙄


Bernie Sanders, the Teflon Candidate, Faces Sudden New Tests

"People say Latinos don't vote. It's because motherf***ers don't ask them to vote." - Chuck Rocha

What national security adviser Robert O'Brien is saying about Russia briefing 'conflicts' with what

Nearly two-thirds of voters expect Trump to win reelection in November, poll finds

The Fools - Psycho Chicken (1980). To lighten it up

Buttigieg sounds alarm after Sanders wins Nevada


A mile-wide toxic waste site sits on the ocean floor off Boston Harbor

About 40 million people get water from the Colorado River. Studies show it's drying up.

Going to the Fillmore

Texas-based company claims to have completed coronavirus vaccine

The Seven Deadly Sins Embodied by One "Person."

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Hyacinth Stakes (JPN)

Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit -- and some new judges are causing a 'shock wave'

Yang calls on someone to 'pull an Andrew Yang' and bow out of 2020 race

If Sanders wins the nomination, I don't see how his VP can be anyone but Warren.

A free tool to learn how to prevent and defeat a coup with nonviolent methods by Gene Sharp

Analysis: Sanders' path has echoes of Trump's 2016 campaign

Tapping Trump's Anger About 2016 Surveillance, White House Seeks Overhaul of Spying Law

Why you vote for the Dem nominee in the GE, even if you have serious differences with him or her

Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower, found dead, police say

Italy coronavirus cases soar as authorities scramble to find patient zero

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Democrats guide to a majority.

Nevada Republican activist says he caucused for Sanders

12 King County Metro bus routes start on new downtown bus lanes Saturday

The Russia investigation was a "hoax"?

Nevada Republican activist says he caucused for Sanders

Is there another debate Tuesday night?

'Open, Insert, Squirt.' In This Town, Children Are Taught to Administer Narcan

Susan Sarandon pushes Nancy Pelosi's opponent

Buttigieg campaign claims 'irregularities' in Nevada caucuses

OK, will run parallels

Will Texas accept Sanders policy and opinions on guns? Just wondering

Buttigieg Campaign Seeks Fixes After Identifying 'Irregularities' With Results (NV Caucus)

9-year-old asks Buttigieg how to be strong and tell people he is gay too

Support post nomination

Warren finally took on Sanders, but it may be too late

Public Opinion on Single-Payer, National Health Plans, and Expanding Access to Medicare Coverage

This is the way to do it..Watch Chris Wallace Destroy..

A little humor. Woman dates every Democratic presidential candidate.

5 ingredient Black Bean Soup plus tweeks

How Elizabeth Warren would legalize marijuana

I supported Paul Tsongas in 1992

If Sanders becomes the nominee, I hope all his supporters are right...

Evangelicals in the center of Bourbon Street

Pro-Trump super PAC hits Biden with new Spanish-language ad in Nevada

Biden blames Steyer for drop in South Carolina African American support

Which of the F.D.R. Wannabes Actually Understands New Deal Liberalism?

My niece's husband was just killed in a

"Out-of-touch aristocrats in a dying aristocracy."

It's A Great Day For American Democracy

While in Vegas Trump charged taxpayers for a stay at his own hotel

Termite 'nation' as big as Great Britain found in Brazil

Love, Christine Ford

Beware! The "Apple Support" phone scam is BAACK!

Fears grow that Obama can't win - Historical Headlines

Comparison how Trump and Obama treat family members

I predict,

Bernie Sanders' revolution is coming. His rivals are running out of time to stop it

Trump Has a New Strategy for Fighting Corruption--Make It Legal!

"No one should feel intimidated."

Joe Biden - I ain't a Socialist

Will Virginia get a full Medicaid dental benefit? Advocates say it could be life-altering for poor

The Remaining Primary Calendar

Which would you prefer?

Tweet of the Day

Is Donald Trump charging the taxpayers or his campaign for these campaign trips?

Langurwallahs deploy ahead of Trump's India visit

Bernie was feeling the love in Texas and Texas was feeling the Bern !!!!

2022 and 2024 US Senate Election Rating with President Trump-R or President Sanders-D.

US politics After Bernie Sanders' landslide Nevada win, it's time for Democrats to unite behind him

PHOTO: Bernie Sanders Rally Houston Texas

PHOTO: Bernie Sanders Rally Houston Texas

Documentary..Won Oscar, Best Documentary 1972, "Hellstrom Chromicle"

"We're not looking to keep Pelosi because there's a progressive running" - Susan Sarandon

Buttigieg campaign alleges irregularities in Nevada caucuses vote

I sure hope Bloomberg doesn't go scorched earth against Bernie.

Right-Wing Megadonors Are Financing Media Operations to Promote Their Ideologies

How come Sherrod Brown(D-OH) did not enter the 2020 US Presidential Race?

Biden denies calling South Carolina his firewall

I was accosted by a dealer in front of the supermarket today

Comparing Sanders voting record with other top Dems

Rod Blagojevich Adopts the Trump Playbook

Joe Biden slams Trump as a racist at African American church in South Carolina. Full Remarks

Stop hunting unicorns. It's 1935 and we're squabbling over whether there are camps.

What is the story with Nevada results?

I am so grateful for the kind hearts on DU!

Democratic voters DO NOT CARE whether or not Bernie can deliver upon his promises.

It looks like the debate may have given Elizabeth Warren a slight boost in Nevada

New solution for today's issues....

John Legend to perform in Charleston, Orangeburg for Elizabeth Warren campaign

THIS! It's A Great Day For American Democracy

Elizabeth Warren picks up slew of endorsements from current, former Colorado officials

'Kiss Florida goodbye': Voto Latino head warns Democrats of coming 2020 debacle

It's the least we can do.

Today at Publix they asked me, "paper or plastic?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 24 February 2020

It seems Xenophobia is on the rise....

Mystery woman on the cover of Black Sabbath finally identified

If Sen Sanders does get the nod.. the Democratic Party will vote for him


Help me understand this "down the ballot" discussion?

Argentine Central Bank caps credit card interest rates

Argentine Central Bank caps credit card interest rates

The Nevada caucuses are a corrupt spectacle

Just voted early in Texas

Why isn't the "establishment" getting behind Buttigieg?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 23, 2020

If Bernie is the nominee, we can expect months of ads showing shirtless Bernie in 1988,


We have had only 3 states so far.

Which states on Super Tuesday do you think will Bernie win?

I'm leaving, might be back after the election


DU Poll: Bloomberg vs. Sanders... the sequel!


KanaChanTV: premium outlet las vegas

Which political party has a better US Senate recruit for 2020?

538's Latest Projection: SANDERS will get 1796 Delegates !!!

Someday Soon - Judy Collins

COVID-19 news updates for 2/23/2020


Gordon Lightfoot - Early Morning Rain

Housing advocates decry Trump budget cuts

Marianne Williamson endorses Bernie

Housing advocates decry Trump budget cuts

Vandals strike Sanders office in Seattle

Trump on My Corner

US Senate seats Democrats will gain and lose in 2020,2022, and 2024.

DU Poll: Sanders vs. Biden... the sequel!

Making it Through the Summer

Biden blames Steyer for SC slide as billionaire makes debate

Asha Rangappa on what Bernie should do if he's nominated.

After Bernie Sanders' landslide Nevada win, it's time for Democrats to unite behind him

South Carolina: Biden Slams Trump

This is the powerful speech by a mother who lost her 19-year-old daughter to femicide in Mexico.

Re. socialism.

He wants to be all the crats

If Trump wins, do you think he will shut down Democratic and Liberal websites?

Post a line from a TV or radio commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Goolge

Fixing the Senate: Equitable and Full Representation for the 21st Century

So I finally started doing some figure drawing.

Cutest Little Love Stories

Sultry Julie London - Cry Me a River

Bloomberg's Tennessee office vandalized

Rescue: Gigantic Python Mom And Her Eggs Are In Danger

Poll: 2/3 of Dems would be comfortable with Sanders as Nominee...

Ignis fatuus - an illusion- seen at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes.

The other 50+ states/territories might like to have a say in the process.

Susan Glasser: "Obama's silence is certainly notable." People are beginning to take note...

Italy rushes to contain Europe's first major coronavirus outbreak

He fucking ruins everything!!!!

This puppy trusts her rescuers so much