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The lone "government" agency that has the power to bring down Trump.

So I just read on a wingnut website

Jimmy Carter built a solar farm in his hometown and it now powers half of the entire city

Hanau shooting: eight dead in attack on shisha bars in German town

Exclusive: Ahead of 2020 election, a 'Blue Wave' is rising in the cities, polling analysis shows

I ventured over to Rush Limbaugh's show today

CNN alert: Obama will support Sanders if the nominee

US overtakes Switzerland in global ranking of financial secrecy hotbeds, Cayman Is. leaps over both

Earlier tonight, Ari Melber said, with a straight face, that Trump self-financed his campaign & won.

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51 seats without AL(Jones-D)

Former Vice President Joe Biden now boasts six supporters from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Wendy's fined for violating child labor laws

Is anyone excited about this debate?

Trump Expected to Name Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence

Camera falls from plane and...

Earth's coral reefs could be gone by 2100, research finds

Earth's coral reefs could be gone by 2100, research finds

Take Note Sanders' Campaign: Timing Is Everything - "Misspoke" is Disingenuous

Man in "Wall" coat leads "Build The Wall" chant at #TrumpRallyPhoenix

Early Voting

No Imminent Threat from Iran:Official Justification for Killing Soleimani Doesn't Back Trump Claims

What happens if Bernie wins the nomination and God forbid has another more serious heart attack?

Ah ha ha ha ha. Dershowitz says he'll be filing lawsuit. Says Obama had DOJ investigate for Soros

Some here have contracted the "Republicanifactus" virus. Those afflicted suffer from the

How to Watch Tonight's Nevada Democratic Primary Debate - please keep this kicked

Question about album covers

David Fahrenthold: Grenell's a big spender at Trump's DC Hotel - "Gold Status"

Martha McSally is in big trouble after impeachment votes: report

Wow spoiler - that was a great game of Jeopardy

Violence by Rikers Guards Grew Under Bloomberg

Martha McSally is in big trouble afte impeachment votes: report

About his health records.

Democrats Won't Commit to Same-Day Nevada Results

How to steal land the size of a small country Part V: the Medellin elite

does anyone know what time

Colonel confirms Colombia's army is trafficking drugs, intimidating soldiers reporting corruption

Julian Castro Says on MSNBC That Bloomberg Is Trump's 'Wet Dream'

Just voted in my States primary.

One of the best yet! And so true. Sully talks Biden in wonderful ad.

The 'clans': the criminal forces rigging Colombia's economy and democracy

Bloomberg Blamed Obama for more racism in America

Tweet suggests Nevada is out of Trump's reach for November

The panicked Democratic establishment wants a 'unity' candidate. That's Bernie.

Study: Tech pay gap in Seattle falls short of national average

Democrats Won't Commit to Same-Day Nevada Results

Coronavirus in South Korea taking off:

Boeing asks that its big state tax break be suspended

Hey, Rachel Maddow

Yang up on AC 360 right now as a commentator. FYI

Jerry Lee Lewis Returns to Music: 'I Thought I Would Never Play Again'

I have been thinking this, these "x can't win" discussions

Just a Comment

The Antarctic Peninsula is setting heat records. They won't stand long.

Everyone. The "conventional wisdom" is going to change 20 times between now and November...

Harry Reid

Meghan McCain confronts AOC over 'deeply misogynistic' Bernie Sanders supporters

Joe Biden - I don't endorse Republicans

Argentina on the march for abortion rights

US judge dismisses Huawei suit over government contracts ban

Argentina on the march for abortion rights

***** DEBATE THREAD #1 *****

Enough of the endless "Acting Director..." titles

I unfortunately left my tv on the channel with pro wrestling...

Shout Out To Senator Reid

Trump's pardons reveal his corruption of the rule of law

Michigan Woman Brings Miniature Horse on Plane as Her Service Animal: 'He Is So Bonded with Me'

Bolsonaro insults Folha Reporter with sexual insinuation

"My daughter is tall and busty and blond."

As Democrats debate, powerful labor union questions impact of Medicare for All

Joe Biden Confronted by Immigrant Rights Protesters Demanding an End to All Deportations

Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg are both right. The other guy's got issues.

Harry Reid on 'Medicare for All': 'Not a chance in hell it would pass'

Whites Still Dominate Advertising Representation in Brazil

LIVE: 2020 Las Vegas Democratic Presidential Debate

Republicans have unleashed an ethical monster

Former NBA star Tim Duncan backs Bloomberg in new ad

12 routes coming to new downtown bus lanes; good news for West Seattle, ferry commuters

David Sirota: President Obama Has Become the Bizarro FDR

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Apocalypse Now!

Today I heard a Sanders supporter parrot the "64 sexual assault accusations against Bloomberg" lie

Warren let's not switch "one arrogant billionaire for another" LOL!

Lame Duck Trump - imagine the damage

OOPS! Warren is out for blood!

WOW! Warren just burned Bloomberg down HARD.

Across the West Sound, rent continues to climb

Boston harbor brings ashore a new enemy: Rising seas

At this point in the primary I agree with Bloomberg. We need a single centrist candidate.

Thank you Pete! Needed to be said.

Burn this party down or buy this party out.........

Warren isn't out, yet, so stop writing her political obituary. There are 48 states left

If this debate is going to be solely about FLINGING SHIT, we maybe ought to apply to Canada now.

Mass shooting, eight dead, in Hanau, Germany

Ironic. Pete just polarized the room

**** DEBATE THREAD #2 *****

Bernie is in a bad mood tonight

Opinion: Trump's pardons demonstrate his belief that white-collar crime isn't real crime

The White House denies Julian Assange's pardon claim. Here's what we know about it.

Washington presidential primary ballots to be mailed this week

these guys need to ignore the moderators and stop talking about each other so much nt

Impeached Donald Trump and impeached Rod Blagojevich are corrupt kindred spirits

Bernie! Handling all the dirt thrown at him like a pro!

Are they gonna let Biden speak? Bernie is getting a lot of time. Biden hardly any.

Trump's latest pardons show how quickly he's normalizing corruption

Damn, Im gonna have to take a valium

Warren is going after Buttigieg!

Judges slam Washington's use of unaccredited school to retrain injured workers

***** DEBATE THREAD #3 *****

I just watched "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborbood"

Up to 40 tiny house villages allowed in Seattle after council approval

Ever go in to a movie after it started and stayed till the next screening to see what you missed?

Blomberg is out of his league. Sorry guys.

Sanders-Warren 2020 is my dream

I am nominating Chef Jose Andres for the We Love You award.

Trump threatens federal government takeover of San Francisco: 'It's worse than a slum'

Dershowitz: I Have Proof Obama Ordered FBI Investigation At Request Of George Soros

On Chuck Todd.. 🤦‍♀️

no doubt each of our people are representing themselves better than could donald trump...ever nt

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscal - Give Trump a call and tell him [email protected]%! You

What are they doing?

Tweet of the Day

Bloomberg is courting the socialist vote tonight by getting publicly owned.

***** DEBATE THREAD #4 *****

Jars of preserved human tongues found in Florida home

Warren is bringing it! She has Bloomberg on the ropes over

I have said Bloomberg was my second choice

I applaud the sure-shots at the circular firing squad on the TV tonight.

That swirling sound? Bloomberg's candidacy swirling down the toilet. nt

We can do better than Bloomberg, everybody.

Wow. Bloomberg just dropped from 25 to 20 in the betting odds in the last twenty minutes!

Bloomberg's lack of recent debate experience is showing.

Arrogant Billionaire Slayer

Bring Mondale into this in kind of a dick move? I love Walter Mondale.

Bloomberg sounds just like #fatdonnie

New song about Trump/Atlantic City

New Song about Trump Atlantic City

This debate is turning to shit.

Bloomberg dropping like a rock on betting market

A lot of fire going to Klobuchar tonight

Amy lost her composure.

So I have a roommate tonight.

Elaine Chao, Transportation IG's resignation, and Mitch McConnell's massive conflict of interest

I am watching the debate....

This debate is killing me.

Is The Only Way I Can Comment On Tonight's Debate - Having To.....

***** DEBATE THREAD #5 *****

Shouldn't you hold the debate before early voting starts?

NYT. com/speaking time

*I like Pete*

What about Second Impeachment?

Vigorous challenging and questioning is not

Warren flat out made a false accusation about Pete's healthcare plan

We've got it. Republicans are a different

Bernie is on point

Biden "would eliminate all subsidies on oil and gas."

I hope this debate sucks all the support back to Biden

Someone needs to fire

Biden: the only interest we can't go after are gun manufacturers thanks to my buddy here

We are not talking big picture? wth. It's really

I think we can kiss Bloomberg's money goodbye.

Warren's chief mobilization officer says they just had their best hour of fundraising to date

Bloomie & NDAs/from twitter

***** DEBATE THREAD #6 *****

The gay brow

Warren is better than previous debates. Hope she can get back her supporters from

Judges postpone emergency meeting re Trump and Barr

Warren and Biden are kicking ass.

Can I say something about health care?

Wow. What a performance from Warren tonight! Just Wow.

Bernie really

This Debate Underscores Why Warrren Would Do Great Against Trump

LL Cool J song for Elizabeth Warren

ICE rejects California law, arrests people at courthouse

$100.00 bucks for Biden! He is doing great!!!

per Wasserman

Did I hear Bernie mention a payroll tax?

Elizabeth Warren just ended Bloombergs campaign

***** DEBATE THREAD #7 *****

I ADORE my Democratic candidates.

Dr. Strangelove

Two Night Debates

Still upset the rules were changed to have Bloomberg on the stage?

really a cheap shot by Warren accusing Biden and Amy of trying to curry favour with Moscow Mitch

The looks Bloomberg just gave Pete were eerie

This is Joe's best debate yet

This is why Bloomberg had to be on the debate stage...

Tweet of the Night!

Amy to Pete: "you've memorized a bunch of talking points".

It is hard for me to say this about Amy,

Amy! You go, Girl!

Bernie's idealistic utopian promises sound wonderful. But,

Believe Me (The Words of Donald J tRump)

We just heard all the other candidates tell Sanders he won't be the nominee

Note to Chuck Todd

Hulk smashes white supremacy

The DU has now raised OVER $150,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!


I like Klobuchar. But I am wondering why she's shaking.

Whadda dick!

Bernie Sanders has the most ambitious climate change proposals

Warren just had her best hour of fundraising this campaign

Cynthia Nixon: The panicked Democratic establishment wants a 'unity' pick. That's Bernie.

I am so damn tired of the activists interrupting Biden at debates.

what were the protestors?

Who won the debate?

Who was yelling at Joe when he tried to present his closing argument?

What was that?!

My Heathcare idea

Trump's Pardons Are Meant To Normalize White-Collar Crime

Where was this Liz Warren in Iowa and New Hampshire? She killed it tonight!

Elizabeth Warren's takedown of Bloomberg shows she is the one to take Trump down

Debate poll #1 - Who won the debate?

NYT. com/Speaking time, 11pm eastern US

Debate poll #2 - How did the debate affect you?

Only two candidates stood out tonight, Sanders and Warren!

I just sent $100 to Warren

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Rudy Giuliani's SDNY office prosecuted and convicted Michael Milken.

Klobuchar voted for Linda McMahon's nomination and 12 other Trump nominations

Van Jones: "A disaster for Mike Bloomberg. Titanic meet iceberg, and her name is Elizabeth Warren."

How is Bernie the only person who supports

The truth is, I stopped watching the debate

First of Three Challenges Met

Here is my ranking of the candidates tonight.

THE BEST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE TO-DATE -- A Thousand Thanks to TexasTowelle!

did any of those senators vote for Betsy DeVos?

Here's What Protesters Were Shouting at Joe Biden During the Third Democratic Debate

Kickstarter 1st Tech Company To Unionize; Workers Across The Industry Organize

Biden is going to reclaim his support lost to Bloomberg

Internet Poll if you want to add your vote

Bloomberg might as well have come out dressed as Mr Monopoly...

Gabby Giffords thanks Joe

I'm an Amy supporter, and will remain so.

Here's what I noticed from tonight's debate.

OK you wanted to see him he came to talk some had strong opinions about him before the debate

Harry Reid: Brokered convention 'not the end of the world'

Bloomberg can take his fucking money and shove it up my ass.

Biden is killing it on MSNBC...really great.

My wife was supporting Klobuchar with Bloomberg as a backup. Now she's not supporting either...

My personal take

Sanders: 'Cheap shot' for Bloomberg to attack 'democratic socialism' as 'communism'

Has Trump turned off SDNY investigations into himself?

WOW! I was already going to caucus for Senator Warren on Saturday, but after tonite I have one Q:

It's time for Democrats to come out and tell civil servants

For those put off by the tone of tonight's debate....

Mayor Bloomberg, I thought the goal of billionaires was to own things, not get owned by others.

During the first hour of tonight's debate, @BernieSanders supporters made 15,218 donations

Pete Buttigieg was the smartest person on the stage...

Warren wins. Bernie holds his own as the frontrunner.

I think I figured out why Warren and Buttigieg went after Klobuchar

I think tonight's debate was bad for us.

My ranking

Crossing off Pete

Rudy Giuliani is racing back to Ukraine to gather dirt on Elizabeth Warren.

What Can Bernie Do About His Supporters? A Whole Lot Better

Debate speaking time

Waiting for Jennifer Rubin to write 'Warren was the big loser of the night'

Bloomberg takes a beating, Sanders defends socialism in fiery debate

What would a debate attacking drumpf tell Democratic voters?

So here's the deal.

Nothing happened to increase the chances

Nevertheless, she persisted...

Bernie is wrong in his assessment of why we don't have single payer

Great line about Warren's performance tonight:

I guess the sexist bias is unconscious, but it is sure as hell coloring some of the

Dems unwittingly gave up WH tonight

Can't all Democrats find a common floor?

And now back to Bernie-bashing on MSNBC.

Warren's already being attacked by Sanders supporters on Twitter for not agreeing

Everybody hears "I worked hard for my money" from the top .01%

Still working on perspective, and painting

Election Update: We Got A Flurry Of New National Polls. Sanders Led Them All.

Mulvaney says Republicans Hypocritical on Deficits

Texas Observer (1998): "Sanders to Sierra Blanca: 'Drop Dead!'"

Likely NV polling impact...

Voted for Joe Biden in my absentee ME Vote, but I hope Warren coalescences

Media Ignore Warren Again Tonight -- Except Chris, Surprisingly, He Says She Won

Why Immigration Is The Hole In Bernie Sanders' Progressive Agenda

UPDATE: @BernieSanders campaign today raised $2.7 million from nearly 150,000 donations

Boston Globe: Grading the debate performance of the Democratic candidates

The Sanders Campaign raised over $2.7million today.

A Little Help For Mayor Pete

A.B. Stoddard Just Shut The F Up About Bernie

Is Bloomberg actually running for a cabinet position?

'The Press Has Never Taken Reproductive Health Seriously': Hillary Lets Loose on Women's Rights

Media buys and Super Tuesday, place your bets ...

Debate Rerun Starts Now.

How Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel

I don't like being lectured by Bernie Sanders.

John Bolton condemned by Susan Rice for withholding Trump testimony

The Minnesota State Attorney General cannot find an unusually rude Sanders supporter

Someone has altered Bloombergs wiki page

Great tweet: "Bloomberg brought a wallet to a gunfight."

Picked my candidate

Bloomberg beats Trump by 4% in a national poll

I bought something on Etsy and this happened.

Elizabeth Warren needs Bloomberg like a "lion needs an antelope."

one suspects tonights alleged debate will have little to no effect on bloomberg because

Your top takeawy's from the debate tonight.

The Hidden History of Sanders's Plot to Primary Obama

New Machu Picchu trails are opening in 2020

Comedians are back at the WHCD !!! Two of them !

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

How large are the various groups of potential voters?

CNN: Jake Tapper calls out stunning falsehood from Sanders' campaign

Justices of the Peace, allies in the fight against forced labour in Peru

Everything you need to watch from the Nevada debate

Bizarre 'ice volcanoes' erupt on Lake Michigan beach

Nevada debate a disaster for Bloomberg, CNN political experts say CNN CNN

(Assange) Heather Cox Richardson - February 19, 2020 - Letters From An American

The Hoarse Whisperer's take on the debate.

Warren had couple of lousy debates and no one here called for her withdrawal

Bloomberg will pay you to say nice things about him

Bernie distances himself from AOC's comments, says Medicare for All is 'already a compromise

Another call out to Team Warren in New Hampshire.

MN-01: Jim Hagedorn, southern Minnesota congressman, announces he has stage 4 kidney cancer

Put a billionaire next to Elizabeth Warren and she really come to life!

Don't you want to see Elizabeth Warren on a debate stage with Donald Trump? I do.

I don't know who the winner was

I am reminded this evening of a quote.

Democratic lawmaker called his primary opponent an anti-gay slur

Elizabeth Warren may have put a dent in Sanders' support last night,

Christian parents sue their school district to force it to out trans kids

Breakfast Thursday 20 February 2020

Sanders' Support Grows In Texas, But Democrats Are Split On Plan To Ditch Private Health Insurance

When I was in college, I was the last in the room

US Blockade Prevents Public Health Supplies From Reaching Cuba

Michael Bloomberg was mercilessly attacked in his first debate - and he flopped

Update: Sanders raised $2.7 million today from nearly 150,000 donations - the best debate day ...

Everything Sen. Bernie Sanders Said at the Las Vegas Democratic Debate - NBC New York

Ancient Humans in the Sahara Desert Were Feasting on Fish 10,000 Years Ago

Volcano in Ecuador showing signs of 'potential collapse,' researchers say

Trump signs order diverting water to California farmers against state wishes

Coronavirus updates: 2 passengers die after leaving 'chaotic' quarantined cruise ship

Next time a Republican complains that the democratic primaries are rigged, tell them this:

After sentencing at 10, at 10:01, will the president will pardon Roger Stone?

Roger Stone sentencing predictions.

Ukraine Marks 'Heavenly Hundred's Day' On 6th Anniversary Of Euromaidan Bloodshed

Bloomberg is a media creation, nothing real

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is too far left for Sweden's ruling Social Democrats, official s

When I was young and foolish, I tried to become a blonde.

George Zimmerman pulling a Devin Nunes

S. Korea reports 1st virus death; 2.5M urged to stay home

'Lizilla' : The Real Elizabeth Warren Steps Up

"Each time a bomb drops they laugh by pretending it's a game so she doesn't get scared."

Jimmy Carter meets LI cancer survivor through Make-A-Wish (2016)

GBR On Track For 3rd Major Coral Bleaching In 5 Years Unless Water Temps Drop In Next 2 Weeks

Bloomberg's team is saying he was "the grown-up in the room" last night

It's Two Minutes To Midnight; Let's Hold A Conference On Preserving Earth's Ability To Sustain Life

Mining Giant Glencore Claims It Will Cut Its Carbon Emissions By 30%, Since It's Running Out Of Coal

Next morning quarterbacking about the debates.

Far-right motive suspected after deadly attack in Germany - Q-inspired?

Retail casualities continue to mount... "despite the strong economy"

3 1/2 Minutes is a lifetime in politics. This is how much LESS

NZ - Hundreds Of Thousands Of Mussels Cooked In Their Shells By Low Tide, Extreme Heat

Fat Thursday

"The best known socialist in America"

MSNBC just said 74000 early votes already cast

'Medicare for All' is driving a wedge through labor movement

Warren ad in Colorado this morning (implies Obama endorsement)

'Medicare for All' is driving a wedge through labor movement

How Saudi Arabia Infiltrated Twitter

Morgan Stanley to Buy E-Trade for $13 Billion

The official scorekeeper and referee of Westlemania has made it a unanimous decision

Thursday TOONs - A Pardon and A Nice Chianti

You know... I feel pretty good...

Thank you Sheila Woodcock: Hunter charities 'overwhelmed' by bequests

Father of slain journalist Alison Parker takes on YouTube over refusal to remove graphic videos

*****February PHOTO Contest--Preliminary Thread 1 OF 3 "REPETITIONS"

We should all be pushing back against to labeling pro-worker policies as "communism."

I think the big debate winner has the potential to be Biden.

*****February PHOTO Contest--"REPETITIONS"--Preliminary Thread 2 OF 3

Actor Maurice Micklewhite changes his name, due to airport security screenings.

Re. The cardinal that crashed into my building

Longtime N.Y. Rep. Nita Lowey endorses Bloomberg for president

🐦 FEB 23 at 5PM CST - Austin Rally with Bernie Sanders

Rep. Josh Gottheimer joins fellow NJ Democrats and backs Mike Bloomberg's presidential bid

Trump pardonee defrauded MILLIONS from Medicare that was intended to be used for senior citizens

Benjamin Dixon & other Sanders supporters (one posting a guillotine) threaten to not vote if

Only One Plan! Defeat Trump!

We are in for hell if we do not get off our bases and start

New Orleans: Woman run over by float, killed during Krewe of Nyx parade Uptown

*****February PHOTO Contest--"REPETITIONS"--Preliminary Thread 3 OF 3

I believe last night's debate 'froze' the primary race

John Bolton rebuked for withholding Trump testimony in new public event

We have raised $7,000 for Warren as of this morning!!!!

Just ran across this FDR quote that seems very appropriate for the times.

What makes dogs so special? Science says love

Billionaires did not use to be so common.

I didn't watch the debate last night.

Ohio man says law banning use of firearm when drunk is unconstitutional

Explosions and Sinkholes: The Sordid History of Sunoco's Pipelines in Pennsylvania

Our newest Trump-mocking video: Ghost Donald In The Sky. Our best sound track EVER!

Our newest Trump-mocking video: Ghost Donald In The Sky. Our best sound track EVER!

Our newest Trump-mocking video: Ghost Donald In The Sky. Our best sound track EVER!

If they're going to do the "brokered convention" thing, it had best be Warren.

February Contest Preliminaries are now in General Discussion "REPETITIONS"

Was Charles Lieber Arrested for Connections to Coronavirus, Wuhan Lab?

Susan Collins Is Concerned Again -- This Time About School Funding Cuts In Maine

Jimmy Carter the greatest ex president, thoughts?

Burien, WA: Kennedy Catholic High School students protest resignation of gay teachers

don't like socialism,

Disgraced religious order tried to get abuse victim to lie

Fox News Defends Blagojevich Pardon: Public Corruption Shouldn't Be A Factor

NFL's Saints head to court in Catholic Church email dispute

Why is Bernie so popular?

Lesotho's PM Thomas Thabane to be charged with murdering his wife

Colombia's Drug-Funded Rebels Are Back in Action Big-Time

Everything Sen. Elizabeth Warren Said at the Las Vegas Democratic Debate NBC New York

Barr's Message: Threats To Kill Witnesses To Help Trump Will Be Rewarded

I had one of those feel good dreams

538 Election Update: We Got A Flurry Of New National Polls. Sanders Led Them All.

The algorithm is watching you: British-Israeli professor denied US visa

Georgia, backed by U.S. and Britain, blames Russia for 'paralysing' cyberattack

Netanyahu announces plans for 3,000 new settler homes near East Jerusalem

The end of Michael Bloomberg in 2:19.

"Follow the rules" is not a rebuttal to "the person with the most votes/delegates should win".

Bloomberg nabs three new congressional endorsements

BTRTN Nevada Debate Analysis: The Bloomberg is Off the Rose

Roger Stone will be sentenced at 10am this morning.

Kidnappers prey with 'total impunity' on migrants waiting for hearings in Mexico

Kidnappers prey with 'total impunity' on migrants waiting for hearings in Mexico

Democratic Senate campaign arm raised more than $8.5 million in January

I think Amy was great. That is all. May pick her.

In 10 days, NYS implements a statewide ban on plastic shopping bags

Red-state Utah embraces plan to tackle climate crisis in surprising shift

Venezuela adds civilian militia to armed forces

Trump's Fed chair attended a party at Jeff Bezos' mansion --and @RepKatiePorter brought the receipts

Kevin Sheekey just admitted there is a real possibility Sanders basically wraps up a win on ST

Trump Has Put Jared Kushner in Charge of Pardons, Says Report

I probably shouldn't have laughed at this

Bloomberg gets "Ethered" by Warren ... Yes, Nas's beat ... she deserves it! She was savage.

Meanwhile in Chechnya...

Trump Triggered DAILY by Bloomberg, Now Obsessed

Trump Pardons Blagojevich After Wife Attacks Comey & Mueller

I haven't seen any viewership data for last night's debate.

It was a horrible night for Bloomberg. I don't see how he recovers

Trump's choice for Intel Director called 'a national disgrace'

I'm getting mail from Mike today

Maybe a dumb question BUT

Warren buys full page ad in Adelson's NV newspaper showing how much wealth tax he'll pay

We have the most unpopular President in modern history and

Florida feds knew of New York victim in Epstein indictment 11 years earlier

One of the big ifs people will discuss for years to come.. The Bloomberg effect

Living in the Moment during Primary Season

Former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid says 'not a chance in hell' Medicare for All would pass

Judge holds Trump administration in contempt for deporting immigrant children

George Conway: Trump's 'King Kong' nickname has come into full fruition

The Rundown: February 19, 2020

The Rundown: February 20, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 2/19/2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/12/20

Trump's new intelligence director has zero intelligence experience

This reporter is live Tweeting the Roger Stone sentencing

Will LA start building public housing again?

Will Trump scare some sense into the Democrats?

Dep NSA Coates leaving White House for post at Department of Energy-WH denies she's "Anonymous"

Public Service Announcement - Matt Gaetz will be on The View at 11:00 Eastern...

Fact check: Biden is right, Bloomberg opposed Obamacare in 2010

Kansas Republican holds health care for 150,000 people hostage for her Senate campaign

a question for bernie supporters.

A divided convention can give Bernie an excuse to moderate his policies

People in this world have hardships.

Onlookers yelled "Traitor!" at Stone as entered the building.

Mayor Bloomberg arriving at the Nevada Debate - ROFL

How many Democrats believe that if Sanders is the nominee Trump will be reelected.

He found his wife and 6-year-old dead on Valentine's Day. His teen son is accused of the crime.

Elizabeth Warren: They're Not just Afraid of Her, They're Terrified

Bloomberg Just Helped Every Other Candidate Prove They Can Humiliate a Thin-Skinned, Entitled Billio

It's sentencing day for Roger Stone, but is it also the day we bid a final farewell to justice?

CNN town halls with Biden and Warren tonight

Politifact - Warrens slam on Amy was of course not true.

How Common Are NDA's Used By The Wealthy?.....

Vox - Elizabeth Warren's evisceration of Mike Bloomberg should make Donald Trump nervous

Largest Muslim American Political Action Committee, Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President

Largest Muslim American Political Action Committee, Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President


Eight takeaways from the Nevada Democratic primary debate (No. 1: Warren won)

Back to the Garden

Morning Digest: Progressives can flip a key seat on Wisconsin's Supreme Court this April

Bloomberg on that stage was a great gift to Warren.

Judge says sentencing recommendation should be higher because Stone threatened witness

CBS announces O'Donnell, King as moderators of SC debate / Fox sets Klobuchar town hall

The biggest hits on Bernie are lies: "Communism" and "Bernie Bros".

Our healthcare system killed her 22 year old daughter

Stats on campaign hauls after last night's debate?

Don't Fear the Bern!

Medicare for all.

Obama: "One brief shining moment."

Sometimes I view the debates as being more destructive than positive as we try

If Trump pardons Stone the Democrats should impeach him again.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal @RepJayapal:Release her from the NDA & let her speak if she wants. #MeToo

Jimmy Yancey was born on this date.

Words and usages I am sick and tired of

BREAKING: Roger Stone Sentencing Hearing underway. Looks like 7 1/2 years

Judge in Roger Stone case needles Trump admin for reducing sentencing guidelines

Sounds like Judge Amy didn't appreciate Stone

If you drive drunk you get locked up

Jennifer Rubin: The Two Big Winners were Biden and Buttigieg

"Some pundits say that it was unsporting for Elizabeth Warren to rip Bloomberg's arms off . . . "

Rohrabacher confirms he offered Trump pardon to Assange for proof Russia didn't hack DNC email

Tiny snowplow (Twitter video)

David Ackles was born on this date.

Attract emus with this one simple trick (Twitter video)

Census year: scammers are out

Buffy St. Marie has a birthday today.

God @TheTweetOfGod spoke out on NDAs...

J. Geils (John) was born on this date.

Sounds like judge Jackson leaning towards sentence toward upper end of guidelines (Stone)

CAPTION this picture of the 02-19-2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus Debate.

So, how long after the sentence will Trump wait before he pardons Stone?

UK makes last minute bid for EU flood funds

Day after debate, Warren buys ad in Adelson's paper, saying he will pay $2.3 billion in taxes

Bernie And Elizabeth Gets Little Credit For Telling It Like It Is

According to Roger Stone's lawyers, he's a very "spiritual" person.

More fun with cats - Cartoon eyeing(?) them

Dumpy, yet again, tweeting abt on-going case (Stone) during sentencing

U.S. defense agency personal data may have been 'compromised': letter

UPDATED: Law Enforcement: Facebook is the source of almost all reported child porn traffic

While Republicans Applaud the president-

Per Bloomie spin- doesn't really matter how he did as he won't be on Nevada ballot.

An anti-vaxxer actually asked me for medical approval to be a foster parent.

Team Bloomberg: That moment when every candidate agreed with Mike.

Bloomberg: I would need "change all my views", do an "apology tour" to win Dem nomination.

btw, live blog of Stone sentencing at Talking Points Memo

Rep. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Rep. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Gonna tell you younger folk about Stone

Warren was on The View this morning. YOUTUBE VIDEO

How to move a post to different place?

Roger Stone got sentence enhancements. I KNOW a pardon is coming for him and Manafort.

Pompeo mixes official travel with political travel--on the sly..................


I am simply amazed at how people continually post the wrong subject matter in this forum

Todays date is 02/20/2020

New Trump Disability Rule Targets Non-English Speakers

Dem running against Matt Gaetz releases first video

Sounds to me that Judge Berman is going to throw the book at Stone

Someone just referred

A Proposal

Well I'm back to Warren

Michigan's Secretary of State offices are moving to an 'appointment' system

Good news, everybody! My mom is now CANCER FREE!

In my opinion, last night's debate was good for the Democratic Party.

Legal experts shocked as DOJ lawyers rebel against Bill Barr's new Roger Stone sentencing guideline

Bloomberg had an inept response about his NDA's.

It's Not Just Trumpers Spreading Pro-Trump Propaganda On Facebook. This is extremely worrying.

Adorable wolfdog pup howls for the very first time

Dear Rachel Maddow

BREAKING: Roger Stone sentenced to 3 Years - 4 months

Get your email from Pactothefuture this morning?

40 months.

New Quinnipiac state poll released minutes ago

What's your impression of the ninth debate?

The mating dance of the Peacock spider.😂

How many Dems here under 65 with kids living at home believe Sanders is unelectable?

Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison Published 1 min ago on February 20, 2020

Stone will not be going to prison today. The judge deferred the start of his sentence until she rule

It is a bit 'rich' for 'moderates' to ask why doesn't Warren try to take down Sanders?

New FLORIDA poll: Bloomberg 32%, Biden 27%, Sanders 11%, Buttigieg 8%,

Pic Of The Moment: When The President's Friend Does It...


what a bullshit sentence re: Stone

Early voted and was exit polled on the way out the door....

OK, an addiction threatens. (Warren)

Law abiding citizens. How are you feeling about this Republican lawlessness?

Reminder that Bernie's policies are not actually radical. At all.

NEW Quinnipiac Pennsylvania Poll - vs Trump: Biden in lead- 50% vs Trump 42%

Breaking: Federal prosecutors indict man for making death threats against whistleblower lawyer

This is who we got when Trump was elected

The Fight for San Pedro Border wall imperils Arizona's last free-flowing river

Matt Gaetz was such an idiot on the View today

Biden: I'm going to beat trump like a drum!

Luxury Bacon-Wrapped Shishito Pepper Poppers Recipe - with Crab and Truffle

Trump reportedly set to pardon former adviser and convicted felon Roger Stone

Greta Thunberg, Climate Activist Gets Her Own TV Series On BBC

I heard this on CNN about Bloomberg, after the debate

Sanders wins backing of top Muslim political group


Splitting hairs over "social democracy" versus "democratic socialism".


Meanwhile: Turkish soldiers killed in Syria amid threats of escalation - "things are getting edgy"


Bloomberg for the 'win'

Now This Is Interesting Regarding Stone Sentencing Today & The DoJ

Monmouth CALIFORNIA poll: Sanders 24%, Biden 17%, Bloomberg 13%, Warren 10%, Buttigieg 9%

GOP to spend $10 million to try to make it harder for people to vote

China expels foreign journalists as coronavirus deaths climb

My favorite "unintentionally humorous" moment of the debate?

"We are going to vote you out and Make America Great Again," the rocker wrote on his website.

Who won the Nevada Democratic debate? Our panelists' verdict

Swing State Poll: Trump Up In Wisconsin (Quinnipiac)

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Not Enough Focus On President Donald Trump Last Night.

Debate shows Bernie Sanders could win most votes but be denied nomination

Monmouth Poll: CALIFORNIA DEM PRIMARY POLL: #2020Dem nomination preference: 24% @BernieSanders

Facebook refused to remove false content in 2016 for fear of angering conservatives

Yang: Bloomberg is telling donors not to give to Democrats in the Primary

Monmouth Poll: CALIFORNIA DEM PRIMARY POLL: #2020Dem nomination preference: 24% @BernieSanders

Another Trump campaign promise broken

Harry Reid on 'Medicare for All': 'Not a chance in hell it would pass'

Just a reminder (from 2016): Sanders Campaign Now Embraces Superdelegates As Key To Nomination

Because of the 15% rule, the percentages from primary elections

Joe Walsh, David Crosby to headline Kent State's May 4, 1970 commemoration concert

The cruel indignity of not being able to afford health care

Elizabeth Warren, on Fire in Nevada

George Takei nails it again.

Dana Rohrabacher confirms he told Assange he would get Trump to pardon

Every Nation On Earth Is Failing Childrens' Hope For A Livable Planet; WHO, UNICEF, Lancet Report

Amazon ends delivery firm contracts, resulting in thousands of layoffs

Is there a betting pool yet . . .

Klobuchar rolls out ads in Super Tuesday states - VIDEO of two of the ads

Mulvaney Admits GOP Doesn't Care About Bloated Deficit Under Millionaire-Friendly Trump

The Computer Scientist Responsible for Cut, Copy, and Paste, Has Passed Away

Cartoons 2/20/2020

Someone asked me why I have a gun in the household.

New Monmouth California poll has Biden only 1 point behind Sanders with those who've already

Community Transit looks to connect Link light rail and Swift

Roger Stone: -- Three years???

NOVA: Cat Tales (full episode)

NOVA: Dogs Tales (full episode)

Elizabeth Warren Talks Bloomberg Attacks at Debate The View

Baby elephant on parade

When Democrats Vote, Trump Is Never Far Away

Joe Biden post-Debate email

How rational Democrats can beat Bernie Sanders

First UK patients get Novartis' Luxturna gene therapy for blindness

Napolitano thinks Trump won't pardon Stone because he got half of the expected sentence. Bullsh*t.


"Just brutal."

Prayer leader stabbed at London mosque as police arrest man on suspicion of attempted murder

Mike Lee Slams Equal Rights Amendment as Part of 'Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda'

I would have hoped for a longer sentence for Stone,.....

WAPO opinion on context of Klobuchar talking with Buttigieg (2/19/2020 debate)

Locked and Reloaded: There's No Shutting Down the Truth -- Warren's Praise for Coretta Scott King

Trump repeatedly struggles to pronounce words during conspiracy-laden rally

For those dumping on Judge Jackson for caving: some information

California Lawmakers Expected To Apologize For US Internment Of Japanese Americans

Trump, tweeting a Tucker Carlson segment, hints of possible pardon for Roger Stone

Dems in array.

I don't interpret Stone's 40 month sentence as "the judge caved" or "bowed to pressure".

How do you forgive yourself?

Why did Trump get rid of Acting DNI Joseph Maguire?

Trump allies target Mueller team, one by one

TV Ratings: Ninth Democratic Debate Breaks Viewer Record for Party

KFC is rolling out its viral fried-chicken-and-doughnut sandwich nationwide

Would the House have to Impeach Bill Barr?

Facebook sued by the IRS for $9 billion in unpaid taxes

Warren's Celebrity Endorsements and Donors

Bernie Sanders faces questions at debate over online abuse by supporters

Bills to limit gun magazines and restrict gun sales fail in Washington Legislature

Has LuckyCharms been around lately?

Bloomberg campaign manager: 'Mike's got to get his legs under him'

Intercity Transit ridership grows 20 percent in first month of zero-fare bus service

Still LOVE Mayor Pete....but I switched Tuesday

A man I represented is currently serving a sentence of 3-6 years in prison for stealing a jacket

Biden picks up series of endorsements from Hampton leaders....Go Joe 😎

U.S. agency responsible for Trump's secure communication suffered data breach

Trump's favorite opponent is................

This 5-year bear market in energy stocks could turn into forever

This whole deal is just silly

What does Orange Shitbag mean

This is so hard to watch. A 9 year old child is filmed by his mom after being bullied in school.

"Last night was a lot of fun."

Buttigieg Praises Denmark as Best Place to Live the American Dream

I found the debate to lack substance.

Fear of Conservatives at FB

If you have health insurance, I'm asking you to fight for those who don't.

Where's Tom Steyer? A Few People in Las Vegas Were Wondering

Paula White Claims to Have Gone to the Throne Room of Heaven Where She Saw the Face of God

Livestream of Mayor Pete at USC right now.

New Biden Ad: Holding Gun Manufacturers Responsible

Democratic Debate Sets Ratings Record

Trump Under Investigation For His Farm Bailout Scheme

Billy covering my favorite dead songs. That is all

Chris Cuomo argues Donald Trump isn't normalizing corruption; the GOP is

How many decided on or switched to someone other than Warren after the debate? nt

Florida Officials Rename Highways After Harriet Tubman

Elle magazine has shut down its public emails

University of Michigan investigates doctor sex abuse claims

Democratic Candidates Set a TV Ratings Record at Las Vegas Debate

Trump throws out a slobbering, lie-filled, incoherent warm-up pitch for a potential Stone pardon

Elizabeth is a game changer not a gamer....

Congresswoman sees Joe Biden or Mike Bloomberg, not Bernie Sanders, doing well in Florida...🏝🦩


First snow of the winter.

Little boy catches big fish and watch what happens:

Dude With Sign on Twitter is in serious error

Handing Trump a Second Term

I haven't changed my mind. I can't wait to vote for her again...

Calling for speculation or hard reality. Either one. I'm flexible.

Trump administration "needs more immigrants" - Mulvaney

"Three years! . . . Not three minutes!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Roger Stone!!

Imported Mexican Coca-Cola @ Costco ... it's worth the extra price.

How a Trump Administration Rule Could Kill Millions of Birds

pitbull-ish dog doing good. dog protects lost child even from neighbor who first found him.

Persist PAC (pro Warren) campaign ad: "Persist"

How a Trump Administration Rule Could Kill Millions of Birds

Gun Violence Prevention Activists Endorse Bernie

Gun Violence Prevention Activists Endorse Bernie

Voters want lower health care costs, but have doubts about Sanders and Trump's solutions

Here's A Video Of Bloomberg Hailing Republicans As 'The Wave Of The Future'

All that is said is, "Roger Stone sentenced..." Is he in jail yet??????

Over 570 Groups Endorse Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez's Fracking Ban Act as

20 million viewers last night...

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 20, 2020

When will we get together and fight as one?

The Economy....

Has everyone received their personal letter

Neil Young - Heart of Gold/Lyrics (Full HD)

The gummies and Pink Kush vape is starting to turn the tide on my insomnia battle

6-10 month appeal, just in time for trump's pardon of Manafort, Cohen, Flynn et al

They're headed home, healthy: The 57 travelers who were at Camp Ashland leave Omaha

Let's Join Together to Rid the Senate of Martha McSally and Elect Mark Kelly

We are forever indebted to Trump for solving one of life's mysteries.

White House's Mulvaney acknowledges GOP's deficit hypocrisy

Hair Club for Men founder -- and client -- Sy Sperling dies

What Is Our Most Important Objective?

Why Obama snubbed single-payer

Endorsement: Vote Pete Buttigieg president to make America good again

Which candidate will unify us the most, and which will unify us the least?

Coronavirus-infected Americans flown home against CDC's advice

I am curious how others refer to the Prez. . .

Pupper excited by movie action sequence.

Bloomberg brought his wallet to a gunfight...

Mountain of Hell

Warren Calls on Sanders to Release Medical Records

Empire of the Sun - On Our Way Home

I *WANT* an Angry Woman as My President, Actually

Just got this Trump 2020 email

Did Trump say that the lead jurist was tainted in Stones' trial?

So now in America, cheating is ok for both 'elected' politicians and major league baseball teams.

Judge Jackson: Stone not prosecuted for standing up to potus-Prosecuted for covering up for potus

PANTS ON FIRE..."Violent crime rates increased in all but 2 WI cities between 2008 and 2017"

So, if Stone's spokesperson is asking for a pardon, she's admitting he's guilty ...

People are sick and tired of gun violence,

Danish PM in US (2015): Denmark is not socialist

Call me crazy. Call me insane. Call me koo koo, but....

Bloomberg releases doctored debate video after disastrous performance

DU Poll: if Sanders is the nominee will tRump be reelected?

All of us could.

Photographers challenged to show what love is--

Intel officials warned House last week that Russia was interfering in 2020 election; Trump angry

This is the tiniest, bravest little boy rhino in the world

Comey strikes again

Russia Backs Trump's Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support

Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule

Being pressured to support Sanders by my son

Dog Who Was Shaking For Months Finally Wags Her Tail

A.B. Stoddard, on Cavuto's Fox show, triggers a Pavlovian dog rage tweet from Trump

Rohrabacher confirms he offered Trump pardon to Assange for proof Russia didn't hack DNC email

Trump Ousted Spy Chief After Election Briefing

I miss having a president

From Deadline WH: DNI McGuire was fired in blowup when Trump thought he briefed ONLY Schiff..

Why the focus on medical records for candidates for office?

This primary post is about Katie Porter, the most proficient dragonslayer in congress today.

Breaking News: Russia Backs Trump's Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support

Warren climbs back up to 20% DU preferred candidate

What Voters Don't Want In a President

The silence from ReTHUGs is not only deafening

Breaking: New Florida head to head matchups

Soccer Player Who Bit Opponent's Penis So Hard That He Needed Stitches Is Banned for 5 Years

Chubby Dog Gives Up On Exercise In The Middle Of Walk 😂

AOC response tweet about Warren

Ken Dilanian: "This is the worst nightmare of many of my sources in the intelligence world,"

US and UK accuse Russia of major cyber attack on Georgia

Stop hunting unicorns. A great commentary over on Quora

Comparing 2020 to 2016 GOP race (humor)

Dammit!! Democrats just lost a key endorsement, which could affect 2020's outcome

Why did Trump fire top Defense official who approved aid to Ukraine?

A valid Bill Kristol tweet

One of the truly worst movies ever made..Worst of the worst.."Plan 9 From Outer Space"

So How, Exactly, Do We Think THe Russians Are Interfering In The Dem Primary?

Would you like that with penicillin? 🍔🍟🥤

Nevada Emerson/@8NewsNow Poll: 30% Sanders

Nevada Emerson/@8NewsNow Poll: 30% Sanders

NFL owners approve negotiated terms for new labor agreement

NFL owners approve negotiated terms for new labor agreement

The Rude Pundit: Warren Finally Puts Back on Her Ass-Kicking Boots

Why isn't Tom Steyer being considered a viable moderate?

This gave me a chill and a little tear

After taking the moral high ground,

Maybe others have tried this or something similar

Trump says Roger Stone has 'very good chance of exoneration' hours after sentencing

We are so fucked

After reading the NYT piece tonight I believe any true patriot would say

UltraViolet Calls On DNC to Keep Bloomberg Off Debate Stage Unless the Billionaire Releases

Harry Reid: "They are doing it again and I don't know if we have the tools to stop it."

Biden Has Been Losing Black Voters. Will Bloomberg's Bad Debate Change That?

My thoughts on the primary candidates, personal perspective and Pennsylvania.

How a Bible Prophecy Shapes Trump's Foreign Policy

Lawmakers were briefed that Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020

I think it's time to stop blaming Russia

Bury Me In One Of Elizabeth Warren's Withering Glares At Michael Bloomberg

Can We Get a DU Forum "Bloomberg for Vice President in 2020"?

PDDNI Hallman also out. A purge happening before Grenell's arrival?

so what are intelligence staff supposed to do if being truthful gets them fired?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Honored by Hillary Clinton at DVF Awards

Sanders leads primary field in North Carolina, Texas, Klobuchar has edge in Minnesota

The Virtue of a Brokered Convention

Aide Accused of Being Anonymous Op-Ed Writer Is Reassigned to Energy Department

Canadian police had 'no authority' to search pipeline activists, says watchdog

Time for Nancy

Varadkar set to resign as Irish government enters stalemate

Elizabeth Warren's strong debate performance inspires best fundraising day yet

Warren endorsed by Black Lives Matter co-founder's Black to the Future Action Fund

How/why is Tulsi still at 1% in the DU poll?

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn or is that Bernie Bros'?!?!

Jewish voters (running) back to Biden.