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The sit-in at Woolworth's in Greensboro on Feb. 1, 1960

SNL tonight: host NFL superstar J.J.Watt. musical guest Luke Combs. nt

Dave Zirin: The Super Bowl Is a Grift of Epic Proportions

Trump administration reveals it's blocking dozens of emails about Ukraine aid freeze

For those who don't understand why Clinton said what she did about Sanders' role in Congress

Major union flips support from Sanders to Biden

Amtrak Downeaster set new ridership record in 2019

Arab League foreign ministers reject Trump peace plan

Wuhan Wilbur Ross - WSJ Editorial

Fun day with hubby. We picked up his Miracle Ear set and on the way home he said he could

There's dancing and then there's DANCING

The Sanders campaign reached their goal of knocking 500,000 doors in Iowa between Jan 1 and today.

Who should Democrats be bringing as their guests to the SOTU?

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon backs Bernie Sanders, says no more 'nostalgia'

Kupata, the stray dog who helped children cross a busy street in Batumi, Georgia has now been given

Donald Trump is 'just wrong' about the economy, says Nobel Prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz

NYCs first suspected coronavirus case identified recent traveler to China is stable at Bellevue

Dog Rescues Baby Squirrel And Makes Him His Brother

Dog Loves Protecting Her Raccoon Sister - JUNE & WAFFLES

Get a dog they said, it'll be fun they said 😂😂

The Texas Chapter of @unitehere is proud to endorse @SenSanders in the Texas Primary.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

She's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

The first step to fixing a broken medical care system

Pollfuckery can be overcome by an overwhelming vote.

Pentagon prepping housing for 1,000 people over coronavirus concerns

Easily the biggest crowd since Queens back in October.

Easily the biggest crowd since Queens back in October.

Poll: Support for Trump's removal remains steady

*Prime Suspect on MPT (ch 22) now.

The old saying is that "Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line"

China's Hubei province reports 45 new coronavirus deaths on Feb 1, total at 294

Interesting financial information about Ro Khanna, National co-chair of Bernie Sanders's campaign...

Men wanted by police in Seattle shooting arrested in Nevada

Another member of The Squad in Iowa -

Phillip Marlowe and Sam Spade- Humphrey Bogart's famous characters was a black man?

Iowa Beware polls

Just so you know how much the Bernie Bros really care about the Democratic Party:

Early missteps and state secrecy in China allowed the coronavirus to spread farther and fast

Interesting - I just looked up William Barr's Confirmation Count

Taylor Swift calls GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn 'Trump in a wig' in new documentary

Baristas For Bernie: Sanders' Service Worker Strategy To Win Iowa

As Voting Begins, Democrats Are Upbeat About the 2020 Field, Divided in Their Preferences

Baristas For Bernie: Sanders' Service Worker Strategy To Win Iowa

What We Know About the New Coronavirus


I can handle old

Why has my Facebook talk suddenly been in French???

Happy Groundhogs Day Eve!

Remember this unsolved matter from Mueller investigation?

You raised $1,274.00 on January 31, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Abbas Says Palestinians Cutting All Ties With Israel, US

Des Moines Register pollster might be delayed after Anne Selzer fucked up.

When a RETIRED Michael Jordan DEMOLISHED an Arrogant Bulls ROOKIE!

CNN cancels Iowa Poll presentation

Okay folks, let's review Monday's Caucus process...


Bernie's False Victimization. The Rise of Bloomberg Hurts Biden More Than Bernie

The DM Register poll mistake was pretty bad.

BREAKING: Des Moines Register, partners cancel release of Iowa Poll over respondent concerns

It's true. Bernie hasn't always gotten along with all his colleagues in congress.

Who do you think has the best chance at beating Donald Trump in November?

YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count

Fareed Zakaria: I don't give a shit if I misspelled his name.

About Hillary, Bernie, Talib etc.

Bernie Sanders vs. Homophobic Congressman in 1995

Twitter question

Border Patrol Detains Iranian-Born American Soldier at the Border, Seizes Their Phone

3 Senate Dems from red states waver on impeachment votes

Do Ancient Alien Astronauts Theorist ever say NO!

The real outcome of the DM Register poll fiasco...

John Nichols: AOC has bigger draw in Iowa than most candidates

See Pete Buttigieg tomorrow...

Hunter goes missing in Utah Natl Park, and someone uses his facebook account

We are powerful! The amazing Congresswoman Pressley for Sen Warren

Beto: "Wake the fuck up America!"

CBS reporter illustrates income inequality (easy as pie)

53 not 45

Update on what happened with the DM REGISTER poll...

The crowds for Amy Klobuchar's events are getting bigger and bigger

My newest bumpersticker designs:

The First Drag Queen Was a Former Slave

Don't Fear "The Base", Republicans

When will the shooting on 5th Ave.

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp: The Real ABUSER FINALLY REVEALED!!

Warren Campaign organizing childcare at caucus sites

Steve Kornacki breaks down the Iowa polls and the importance of the Iowa caucuses. VIDEO

Democrats guide to getting a majority in the US Senate in 2020 is winning

"I'm beginning to see why your wife left you"

Doritos always seems to have a good Super Bowl commercial

Just watched American Dharma about Steve Bannon

How about the Gold Standard DMR Selzer Poll?

James Gunn Is Getting Death Threats Over Rocket's Fate In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Senator Sanders addresses Rashida Tlaib booing Hillary Clinton:

Susan Kent ousts Tom Bakk as Senate DFL leader

Video of 45 "golfing." I can't breathe! 🤣🤣🤣

The Border Wall Is Falling Down

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse on Mitch McConnells dark money pac that keeps republicans

I saw this book on Friday the same day the GOP said no to witnesses

Favorite Kombucha

MI-08: Slotkin looking good heading into November

See Mercury beneath Venus at dusk (

See all 5 bright planets in February (

SNL Cold open up.

Study shows animal life thriving around Fukushima (

Beethoven Retained Some Hearing Later In Life, Heard His Final Symphony; Used 'Conversation Books'

MI-13: Rashida Tlaib is the most vulnerable member of The Squad to a primary challenge.

Southampton done and dusted

Pope Francis, a son of Argentina, welcomes its new president to the Vatican

Pope Francis, a son of Argentina, welcomes its new president to the Vatican

Pollster increased size of font which cut off Mayor Pete

Any fans of Vegetable Beef soup?

Cramer sees oil stocks in the 'death knell phase,' says they are the new tobacco

Sunday's date is a rare, extra-special palindrome

some groovy tunes by Fela Kuti

Massive Profit Losses at Nissan USA: Thousands of jobs on the block & two plants at risk of closure.

Prediction: Elizabeth Warren wins the Iowa Caucus

Jose Feliciano - The Thrill Is Gone


Warren, Biden interrupted by comedy pranks in Iowa

SNL: Impeachment Fantasy Cold Open

As Clinton slams Sanders, he tries to restrain his supporters

Hmm. Just heard that Susan Sarandon is at a Bernie Party in Iowa. Not sure how I feel about that.

SNL: Weekend Update

Portrait Artist of the Year

CA sample ballot

Prince - 2045 Radical Man - Live - it's time to get funky

Heather Cox Richardson - February 1, 2020 - Letters From An American

Why is Hillary doubling down on attacking a Dem candidate?

Alan Hovhaness: 'Symphony No. 2-Mysterious Mountain'

Did anyone expect the Senate to kick him out?

18 & Over - Prince

At least 20 killed in stampede at Tanzania church service

No matter what happens Monday, I'm sticking with Yang! Hope IA YangGang caucus goers feel the same!

I expect that everyone in the country knows if they want Trump again or not.

Afraid of walking

Prince - Automatic (Official Music Video)

Uruguay reopens case against unpunished former repressor

Critics Lash Jared Kushner For Saying Bolton, Kelly, Mattis Didn't 'Have What It Took'

Joe Biden says he refuses to bow to Vladimir Putin. "I will not."

Google and Prosecutors Fight in Court over User Data in Marielle Case

Mazarati - 100 MPH

GOP lawmaker can't identify where the constitution says socialists 'either go to prison or are shot'

US states join global push to ban animal-tested cosmetics

Police investigate Happy Brexit Day poster telling council tenants to speak English or leave country

Billionaire U.S. candidate Bloomberg floats plan to tax rich people 'like me'

☦️Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic✝️Oldest Known Hymn to Virgin Mary, Theotokos, Mother of God

Newly Released Emails Show Fallout From Trump's False Claims About Hurricane Dorian

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Natural Habitat Edition

Boy handcuffed by cops while having seizure, vomiting at fast food restaurant

SNL: Frozen 2

SNL: Society Debut

Latest Coronavirus data: almost 15000 cases, 305 deaths

Thousands of artifacts were taken when Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown. Now, some have returned hom

☦️Eastern Orthodox Hymns to Blessed Virgin Mary and other lovely hymns.

CBS News Praised For Report On Wealth Inequality, US 'Economic Pie,' Using Real American Pie

I Got You Babe -- Sonny & Cher

Breakfast: Sunday 2/2/2020

Iowa Caucus: is this for real?

"HELP!!!" Internal #SharpieGate Emails Show Government Officials Freaked Out...

People saying "Democracy is dead" are pissing me off

It's Groundhog Day

How do you fall for the Bernie Sanders scam? Martin O'Malley

Could the Democrats now call for a mistrial?

Is Hillary Clinton angling to become vice president?

Breaking Groundhog News - Phil emerges from his den and...

The new Ground Hog Day prediction?

The Elizabeth Warren rap video (oldie but goodie)!

NYC Subway Dogs Brighten People's Days

Kushner says Trump critics like Bolton 'didn't have what it took'

TR on Twitter (sometimes parody accounts can also be informative)

OK, what's the deal?

It is clear that the "R" stands for Russian (Stooges)...

CBC/Radio-Canada is a Canadian public broadcast service. Get the facts on coronavirus.

Yilal Andebete (My Mouth Shall Proclaim)

Basis For CA Outcome Totally Different, But Fed Courts Should Dismiss All Climate Suits - Oil Lawyer


Superb Owl Sunday IV

Law firm representing Rudy Giuliani beset by sordid allegations, partner exodus

Sinn Fin surges past Fine Gael, levels with Fianna Fil in latest opinion poll

How did Mary Engelbreit get so woke? St. Louis artist known for cute drawings isn't holding back

Americans know wealth inequality is a problem, but what does it look like?

What Do Wolfdogs Want?

2 Months To Go For CA Winter; Sierra Snowpack Down To 72% Of Average, W. Some Dry Weeks Ahead

38 - 24..Chiefs..

Time: A U.S. Plane Crashed in Afghanistan. Why So Many Believed a CIA Chief Was On It.

The Search For The Truth - Why are Republicans so afraid of it ?

Eric Rignot, NASA: "Point Of No Return" For Pine Island & Thwaites Glaciers In W. Antarctica

Pretty smart 4 year old.

In Response To Coal Bill, IN State Rep Amendment Would Ban Electricity, Replace It With Whale Oil

....a blow against freedom, decency & justice.

TRump is now "The Protestant President Pope" infallible in all Presidential duties

😀🇺🇸🥔👶🏻☀️❗️What's Your Favorite Tater Tot Dish? I'll Have Totchos!

A candidate on the march, on the surge in Iowa

Somalia Declares Emergency Over Locust Swarms

Trump: Talking Trash About Katy Tur & Meghan McCain.

Denied a Home for Being #LGBT Why religious belief must not trump human rights

I don't see Biden as being a very strong candidate against Trump.

Release of major Iowa poll scrapped after Pete Buttigieg's name 'left off survey'

Trump's Ugly Media Obsessions: 'Fat' Meghan McCain, 'Bitch' Katy Tur & More

Of the the nearly 70 people to play in both the NFL and MLB, zero have made it to Cooperstown.

Vatican palace turned into homeless shelter at Pope Francis' behest

Trump Has Sabotaged America's Coronavirus Response

One of the first "modern" rock and roll songs ...

Groundhog Day results 2020: No shadow! Phil predicts early spring is coming

There is a man from Delaware that would make a good running mate

Adam Savage on GOP Senators: "racist patriarchal Calvinist shitbags."

Franklin Graham's UK tour is in shambles after venues in six cities bar him from appearing

Low Rider night on San Francisco's Mission Street; pre-Super Bowl street party

Should Democrats quietly re-open the Mueller investigation?

VA Releases Updated List of Agent Orange Exposure Locations

The Downfall of the Republican Party

Any Human Resources folks on DU who can provide gender pay discrimination advice?

WTF Michael Moore?

THE COMMON GOOD: New Weekly Talk Show With Robert Reich

Bernie Sanders ad in the print Sunday Des Moines Register

How big of a tent is the Democratic Party?

Someone please explain to me why Iowa is so important in choosing the Democratic nominee.

Bernie Sanders ad in the print Sunday Des Moines Register

Oh NO! South Carolina slipping away from Joe!

'Jesus, Mary and Joseph!': Biden targets Iowa Catholics

"Avenue 5" on HBO is HILARIOUS

America 02 02 2020 Amerika

SOTU: A Suitable Protest

Kushner coming up on CNN

Separation of Three Phases, Gas, Liquid and Solid Using a Cyclone Injected with Hot Hydrogen.

Mark it down! After Wednesdays vote Feb. 6th. 5pm. ANY US. president CAN

A little verse for those evangelicals

Sunday Breakfast

NBC Breaking: Multiple people have been stabbed in Streatham, south London, assailant shot

Hypothetical: choose one

02/02/2020 is a Palindrome date, the likes of which will not occur again until 12/12/2121.

checks and balances

The big game's half time show today

My wife made me watch a wonderful movie with her yesterday.

Trump's Worst Nightmare

Count up the # of times that fighting between center-left and far-left cleared the way for the right

Trump's Worst Nightmare

"I feel like I'm standing over a casket"

Gen McCaffrey: 4 combat tours. NEVER EMPLOYED AP MINES

So I have changed from Undecided.

Bill Murray reprises Groundhog's Day role for new commercial

Every postwar Democratic President won his first term during a recession

Cornell West bashing Warren and accusing Obama of being "hijacked and co-opted"!

Man convicted of trying to steal Magna Carta from Salisbury Cathedral

Will we EVER get a decision from the court on

British Museum acknowledges Superbowl (2019), complete with haiku.

Racist 'Brexit' posters appearing in Norwich, UK

And As You Suspected, GOP Freedom Clowns' Climate "Policies" Are Just More Empty Political Posturing

Just a few hours away from The Big Event ...

Sous vide breakfast for the masses


Buttigieg's full interview on Meet the Press

NEW Iowa @CBSNews /YouGov Poll:

NEW Iowa @CBSNews /YouGov Poll:

CBS/U Gov IA Poll: Biden 25% Sanders 25% Pete 21% Warren 16% Klobuchar 5%

Pete Buttigieg is a must see on This Week on ABC.

Houston progressives at Our Revolution Texas Summit

Hudson: Higher Taxes on Top 1% Equals Higher Productivity

Pardon Trump? Yang says he might

On Groundhog Day, 2020...

Wondering if I can get a simple YES or NO answer her PLEASE!

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

Houston progressives rally at Our Revolution Texas Summit

Inside Trump's head: a putter, a cheeseburger, a porn video, and someone else's credit card

Tim O'Brien on AM Joy regarding Bloomberg getting into trump's head:

The Monmouth College poll for Iowa will come out this evening...

Houston progressives rally at Our Revolution's Texas Summit

Should Democrats boycott cable news networks?

It's summer in Feb in CO

Elizabeth Warren Has Latched Onto the Issue That's Beneath All the Others

Jascha Heifetz was born on this date

The Republican Party Is Now the Party of Putin!

Stan Getz was born on this date-

You raised $502.00 on February 1, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Will Elizabeth Warren's Stance against "Junk Science" Matter to Voters?

"you shouldnt be able to say that about the president of the united states!!"

I want to see an avalanche of political ads targeting Trumps ego.

Two revealing NYT editorials

First person outside of mainland China dies of Wuhan coronavirus

Some folks showed up for Sen. @BernieSanders field office rally in Cedar Rapids. More are inside.

Pete Buttegieg campaign ad: "Do Something Better"

Rivals warn Sanders campaign plans to game Iowa results

I didn't get to Woodstock...

The next nine months: We need the inevitable national, foreign policy crisis to hit.

New milestone in my artistic journey. I am sending away two pictures. Goodbye, Madeline's House and

getting a compliant driver's license

NBC/WSJ GE poll, Dems vs Trump: Biden +6, Sanders +4. Warren +3, Buttigieg +1

It is obvious, The Republicans in Congress believe the American people are stupid. Are they right?

Masked Men With Semi-Automatic Weapons Swarm Kentucky Capitol

The Dictatorship of the United States

The winning candidate will be the one that...

Depressed Groundhog Sees Shadow Of Rodent He Once Was

You'll TREASURE this photo of GIDDY THUMBS UP Mitch after the vote to not allow new witnesses.

Merit Badges for adults

UT Tyler TEXAS primary poll, likely voters: Biden 34%, Sanders 18%, Warren 17%, Bloomberg 16%,

Thought for the day.

After Trump is crowned King, What would you like the House to investigate/hold hearings about first.

UT Tyler TEXAS GE poll: Trump ahead of all Dems, w/smallest lead over Biden & Bloomberg

Bill Maher's Campaign Ad for Democrats That Mocks 'Neurological Mess' Trump (Video)

Fascism in the U.S.

U.S. Bank employee uses her own time and money to help customer in need, gets fired.

Frank Zappa wrote a song about Retrumplicans

Mayor Pete Fears Bernie Would Lose to Trump

Obama's birth certificate

I'm going through family photos and found a piece of 'mystery history'.

"Trump was a prince compared to Clinton." . . . Please come CAPTION Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)!!!

If its not one thing its another...


Twitter poll

Over 200 People Have Died from Coronavirus but 40,000 Americans died because of guns every year

Final Emerson college Iowa poll comes out at 6pm eastern

Baltimore Sun editorial board endorses Carter and Hawkins in District 7.

I want someone to make this political ad about Trump.

Latest Polls Reflect Movement

Pundits, NAFTA, IWR, Wall Street, and Electability.

You can't call witnesses who's testimony may send you to prison.

France to ban culling of unwanted male chicks by end of 2021

After Watching The Sunday Shows, Rick Wilson & His Fellow Gunslingers Can't Start Their Onslaught

The One Who Laundered Money For Russians For Decades Is Worried About Corruption

Bernie returning to DC tonight, back in Iowa for caucus night Monday 9PM ET


Only Two Presidential Candidates I Can Remember Alleged "Rigging"

Turkey in the oven!!!

From 2007 - NYT: The Socialist Senator

The Mission for 100-Year-Old Veterans: Super Bowl Coin Flip

Electoral alliances as a path to winning

Top Nazi Leader's Car - Extraordinary Barn Find

I saw a woman save her boyfriend's life on the parking lot pavement yesterday.

Sorry, NRA, but my husband can't join your club.He's dead.

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 2, 2020?

This may be un-American, but

Joe Biden receives surge of support from donors of former 2020 rivals

Democrats need to come up with some conspiracy theories of our own.

Just out of curiosity, if your voting for Biden,

"only for the purpose of responding to [his] sexual needs". Now a young woman is dead!

Transportation out here just sucks if you don't drive.

Video purportedly shows medical team boarding flight from Japan to HK - "7 people had a fever"

BTRTN: No Guardrails, No Restraint...No John McCain, No John Bolton

BTRTN: No Guardrails, No Restraint...No John McCain, No John Bolton

Does anyone have a dog with bladder stones history


Is Trump going to the super bowl?

Reminder: Kitten Bowl @ 2:00 (Hallmark Channel) & Puppy Bowl @ 3:00 & 6:00 (Animal Planet)

Stray Cat Shows Up At Fire Station And Moves Right In With Firefighters

Huoshenshan Hospital has been built in Wuhan - built in matter of days (time lapse video)

Walt Disney-Rise of Resistance

How Will Andrew Yang Pay for the Freedom Dividend

NBC/WSJ poll: Country remains divided over Trump's impeachment trial

We May Have Lost Our Best Opportunity To Remove Trump. That Was To Hold Him Accountable For Sexual..

Seattle breaks record with rain on 30 days in a month

New excuse; trump was Too Dumb to have known

Cocktail of flu, HIV drugs appears to help fight coronavirus: Thai Doctors.

The homeless that aren't being counted

Biden stretches lead to 17 points in Texas

"I Can't Believe the Amount of People Here": As Over 3,000 Rally for Sanders,

Commentary: What's at play in drop in timber harvests

Cartoons 2/2/2020

Inundation: Flood water 'higher than we've seen in years'

Another big office meet-and-greet crowd for @BernieSanders in Iowa City

Point Elliott Treaty returns to tribes here, 165 years later

Our primary is soon

NEW Iowa @Civiqs/@DataProgress Poll: Sanders 28%, Warren 21%, Buttigieg 15%

NEW Iowa @Civiqs/@DataProgress Poll: Sanders 28%

Decided to pick up the piano after a 45 year break

Sanders calls for unity, but his supporters have other ideas

Bloomberg Camp Hits Back at 'Lying' Trump: He Lies About 'His Fake Hair, His Obesity, Spray-On Tan'

Politics Rep. Danny Davis endorses Joe Biden....Go Joe 😎🎨🦩 Keep rollin......


Bloomberg adviser: Only things in Trump's head are a putter, a cheeseburger, a porn video, and

Jailed Like Ghosn, a CEO Took On Japan's Justice System

The morality of "Star Wars..." (mild spoiler warning)

Who will win New Hampshire? Unsure Democratic voters are watching Iowa with an eye on beating Trump

Pompeo says his attack on NPR reporter was "PERFECT"

Dang, someone needs to check under Kushner's hair

Trump attacks Bloomberg's height hours before their dueling Super Bowl ads

Schiff: Democrats "proved our case" against Trump in Senate trial

At some point I may have to get the newest version of Quicken

The DU has now raised OVER $90,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links

The growing threat of political 'deepfakes'

Democrats need four seats to flip the Michigan House. Our new data shows us the top targets

Japanese warship heads to Middle East to protect tankers

Future Sanders attacks on Bloomberg - Christie on ABC This week

Something is trickling down...but not what you think.

Bloomberg camp mocks Trump's 'fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan'

San Diego Zoo ranked 9th worst Zoo for Elephants by In Defense of Animals

Winning Super Bowl preference

LA-based dissident claims he was target of kidnapping attempt by Saudi Arabia

How does one get a star membership?

Mike Bloomberg would make an infinitely better president than Chump!

Oldie but goodie and never truer

Top NRA official placed on leave, Virginia court filing states

Rahm Emanuel on the danger waiting the party - ABC This week

Most Say Trump Abused His Power

Is Hannity interviewing Trump live? I imagine it's already done and just being shown

The Democratic Primary Candidates Are Being Pretty Polite, Overall.

Remember how we were told Iran calibrated their attack as not to harm any Americans.

Sanders and Steyer closing gap on Biden as SC 2020 presidential primary nears

Omg @TimOBrien just described Trumps head space as "A putter, a cheeseburger, a porn video, and som

Bloomberg campaign calls Trump a 'pathological liar' with 'fake hair,' 'obesity' and 'spray on tan'

Weekend in Atlanta

Donald Trump was, is and always will be a ne'er do well.

Any fans of WITCH HUNTER ROBIN?... loved this Anime..

A Biden/Bloomberg or Bloomberg/Biden ticket would destroy Trump

Rescind Trump's State of the Union invitation. The House must not be complicit in this corruption

55 degrees in the Chicago area, and many of us are canvassing today in the IL 3rd.

I'm honored to have Rep. Abdul-Samad's endorsement.

Illinois Rep. Davis endorses Biden ahead of Iowa caucuses

Awards (night?) - the BAFTAs - list of awardees, post #2 Renee/Joaq. 1917, Parasite, et al.

Adam Schiff Hammers Republicans For Complaining About Their Own Rigged Trial

Warren campaign to offer free child-care during Iowa caucuses

A big weakness for Sanders

Wig-wigs! I'm just gonna leave this here...

Video of anti Trumper at The Villages, a RW haven in Florida:

FALSE RUMOR: Caucus sites being changed at the last minute,

Who is your second choice for the Nom?

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for an old elephant

Shut your mustache! 😆 funny read

I think Harris and Booker dropped out too soon.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 4 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Imagine this scenario for the upcoming SOTU address.

One of the things any US President has to do well is get along

Coronavirus lurking in feces may be a hidden source of spread

Atheists and Agnostics Support Bernie Sanders While Christians and Jews Favor Joe Biden..Says Survey

Genuinely curious: What if Bernie Sanders or another Dem had endorsed George W. Bush and Pat Toomey

Sanders Campaign Manager on MSNBC: Sanders's opponents don't care about downballot Democrats

Per NYT: Sanders Leads Fundraising In 46 Of 50 States (Including IA, NH, SC, NV)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 5 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

JFC! Just saw a preview of Trump interview while watching the Super Bowl pre-game show.

I'm a little late but - RIP Andy Gill

This 45 interview. Damn. Just hurling insults. That's it.

I doubt Lamar Alexander is right that Trump will "think twice."

Harlots..... Anyone else watching?

Ernst: Republicans will immediately push to impeach Biden if he is elected.

Anyone have contact numbers for Fox Sports and the NFL?

Winter Storm to Spread Snow From West to Plains, Midwest and Northeast This Week

Timeless Freedom

Bernie passes Biden in new national poll

Beyond Bernie 4. Burlington's Socialist Mayor

Does anyone think the DNC rigged the primaries?

Trump is not the real problem.

Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say


Aw hell..NBC reporter claims they heard Kerry on the phone saying he might jump in the race..

On Chrome. DU link is now labeled Qanon. Anyone else?

Buttigieg draws 2,300 in Des Moines this afternoon

Generation Pickleball: Welcome to Florida's Political Tomorrowland

Sociopath Caught in the Wild

Paw-lease...look....these go into this!

Did anyone see the poll numbers that just flashed across the screen on MSNBC?

Joe Biden receives surge of support from donors of former 2020 rivals

Eight Thousand Hospital Workers Strike in Seattle

Eight Thousand Hospital Workers Strike in Seattle

If they really wanted to play dirty with the Republicans...

For info: "Roots" is on the Sundance Channel.

Kerry says report is "fucking false"

When Debate Is Futile: Bertrand Russell's Remarkable Response to a Fascist's Provocation

Photo: A note from Bernie to his field staff

New neighbor

Trump says Sanders is a communist [NO] and got married in Soviet Moscow {NO}.....

I am usually not much for celebrity endorsements but this one rocks.

We can become a nation where every person

Not usually much for celebrity endorsements but this one rocks

If you could choose only between Bloomberg and Sanders to be our nominee,

☦ Eastern Orthodox 'Christ In the Old Testament', 'Praying For the Departed' and Hymns

No Kumbaya BS

Joni Ernst: Republicans would "immediately" push to impeach Joe Biden

In His First Major TV Interview in Seven Months, the President Made Fun of His Rival's Height

If you set a record HIGH temp on Super Bowl Sunday-or got close sign in.....

It is interesting the African Americans in Iowa who are being interviewed and polled by

Psychology today: Some Media Outlets Are Gaslighting Us About Joe Rogan

A few distractions -

As you all caucus tomorrow, remember one thing...

I'm not going to watch the football game

Rather than just paying off student loans, why not give *everyone* that sort of financial security?

Bread and Circuses


Just got an email response from a woman I danced with years ago that "Dems are just as bad", etc.

Here's the Important News

Media Attacks Aren't Slowing Sanders's Surge -- They're Showing His Independence

No response from the senator.

Sit with me in the red sands of time, let us drink tea and tell stories

Today is a global palindrome date that hasn't happened in over 900 years

Schiff says Democrats "proved our case" against Trump in Senate trial

Rivals warn Sanders campaign plans to game Iowa results

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 2, 2019

BREAKING: Last Pre-Caucus Poll (Emerson):

Ali Velshi: Rep ⁦@AyannaPressley⁩ has joined the #baldsquad. Welcome!

ENDORSEMENT Former Ambassador & Senator Max Baucus Endorses @JoeBiden for President

Tribute to the flag


SUPER BOWL for free...

Taxpayers Get $3.4 Million Tab So Trump Can Host Super Bowl Party For His Club Members

Senate chaplain warns senators & girlfriend of Ted Bundy

What Sanders Can Accomplish by Not Acting

Al-Qaida in Yemen claims deadly Florida naval base shooting

EMERSON Iowa Democratic Caucus: 28% @BernieSanders (-2)

Can You Imagine If John McCain Was Still Alive

EMERSON Iowa Democratic Caucus: 28% @BernieSanders (-2)

Today's adventure in customer service...

Anyone done a Canada / New England Cruise?

Anyone done a Canada / New England Cruise?

Ok.....I have mentioned it before, now, I WANT IT TO HAPPEN.....

Bill Cosby would like the Trump special

If Joe Biden comes in first or second at caucus.. here is the reason!

Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Official Music Vid

Fox produces right-wing propaganda, not journalism.

Know what's the best part about the Super Bowl?

My Country Tis of Thy People You're Dying

Lawmaker: The Constitution Says You Can Shoot Socialists

What was that Trump ad? Saw the last few seconds...

A trump ad just aired during the superbowl where there are a bunch of

Presidential campaign ad in the Super Bowl?

Regal Eagle Catalina Island webcam