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Federal agents arrest man accused of acting as Russian spy in South Florida

Uncle Joe wants you...

Urban and Racial Equity Presidential Scorecard

NBC/WSJ poll with Sanders leading has both Biden & Bloomberg doing better than Sanders against Trump

My hope for the debate is that Bernie and Mike will go after each other,

TRUMP PARDONS THE SWAMP---front page of Huff post---great pic!!

Bloomberg Campaign Hints at Damaging Sanders Info

What Was The Tully Monster?

Memo to those MAGAgelicals:

Bernie Sannders resume isn't very impressive.

Joe Biden for President

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get back in the majority in 2020.

A beautiful video about 2 minutes long about Pete and his ancestral home, Malta!

Just a suggestion---especially during this crazy time, whenever you see a "new poll" cited as

The story that Trump hated the most today?

Bloomberg Campaign Claims It Has 'Very Damaging' Info On Sanders

The problem with Bernie Sanders is that he's a weak

Important poll #s

Trump Is Going to Cheat

The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Bring Out the Worst in Trump

Iowa Democratic Party just posted results of its recanvass:

Judge denies Roger Stone's request for sentencing delay CBS News

Warren: Mike Bloomberg approved and oversaw a program that surveilled and tracked Muslim communities

Bernie Sanders' Campaign to Request Recount of Iowa Caucuses

Insanity unleashed

Bloomberg helped get rid of squeegeeing guys in NYC

Bloomberg enrages Trump by buying Greenland (satire)

Here at UNLV @BernieSanders is rallying supporters on the last day of early voting.

'An affront to the Constitution': More than 1,000 veterans denounce Trump's attacks on LTC Vindman.

Bernie Sanders took much of the crowd to this early vote site at the UNR student union.

Bernie Sanders took much of the crowd to this early vote site at the UNR student union.

It's down to a two man race

Survey usa is now the 3rd straight national poll released today giving Sanders a double-digit lead

Trump Threatens to Sue 'Everyone All Over the Place'


Trump response to Coronavirus outbreak in the WH

Is Warren the glue that could hold together a coalition...

'It's reunion porn': Military wives say Trump's SOTU stunt disrespected families of servicemen

Bernie Sanders/Stacey Abrams-D ticket is a winning ticket for the US Presidency and the US Senate.

NEWS: Iowa Recanvass Reduces Sanders' SDE Deficit to Almost Nothing ...

Please stop telling me "what Americans want"....

The silver-lining behind Trump's drunk pardoning of Lex Luther level criminals.

NEWS: Iowa Recanvass Reduces Sanders' SDE Deficit to Almost Nothing ...

What Japanese Think of Religions (Interview)

Where is Warren

The Latest: Over 36,000 Democrats cast early votes in Nevada

You show them, Judge!

New NBC/WSJ poll, in a 1 on 1 primary race, Sanders 57%, Bloomberg 37%

Are the Media Erasing Elizabeth Warren's Presence in the Presidential Race?

Netflix Season 2 Dirty Money...Jared Kushner

What Mike Bloomberg wants to do to your Social Security

Blagojevich... They have the phone call with him trying to SELL President Obama's Senate seat.

Maxine Waters weighs in on Barr

Sanders CNN Town Hall Twitter

2 in custody after AK-47, Bible listing US cities found at Greektown Casino-Hotel

A long time ago, a prominent economist wrote about corrupt societies.

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 29

''Donations to @BernieSanders in the last 7 minutes''

McConnell, Graham and McCarthy vow efforts to 'intimidate' Barr will 'fall woefully short'

Greater Idaho: Rural conservatives in Oregon look to join Idaho

Bernie Sanders: It's UNFAIR for Bloomberg to not spend money he didn't raise in early States!

Trump creates a torrent of scandals so no one can focus on resolving any individual one.

New Super Pac ad supporting Amy Klobuchar

Soros calls for Zuckerberg, Sandberg to step down from Facebook in scathing letter

How many times have we heard Trump and his band of thugs tell us that "the people"

MEANWHILE. What is happening over at NBC? They just ignore the person who their own poll says is...

A Whale Blasted an Ungodly Amount of Ass Ham All Over Some Divers

I am 63.

Prelude to the NFL Draft: Future Washington-area pros that will be headed to the NFL combine

Former Staffers on coverage of Amy Klobuchar

Bloomberg has trump REALLY nervous....


Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Apocalypse Now!

Top Democrats demand answers on DHS plans to deploy elite agents to sanctuary cities

In under 3 years, the United States restructured the entire economy

2019 Video: Mike Bloomberg Calls Transgender People "It" And "Some Guy Wearing A Dress"

Bloomberg Doesn't Have the Right to Buy This Election - NV Town Hall

Bloomberg Doesn't Have the Right to Buy This Election - NV Town Hall

LMAO!! 😂 😂 No one can troll #Trump like @VicenteFoxQue!! He goes straight for the jugular!

Trump Contradicts Advisers on China Technology Fears

2/18/2020 Election Results

Injured transient orca swimming successfully near Anacortes

More data about Bloomberg from Huffington post

Durkan on state of Seattle: 'Strong and Resilient,' but not without challenges

#MoscowMitch stands by #BillBarr: "man of the highest character and unquestionable integrity"

You cannot be tried or convicted of a crime before you commit it

Mayor Pete is killing it at his Town Hall.

Trump Backers Want Extra $1 Billion to Blunt Bloomberg Spending

We Defeated Fascism. We Can Address the Climate Crisis. - NV Town Hall

We Defeated Fascism. We Can Address the Climate Crisis. - NV Town Hall

Remember when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on a tarmac...

Democrat Pete Buttigieg overstated pledges of support from black leaders, public figures

We Will Repeal Trump's Racist Immigration Orders - NV Town Hall

My coworker has a dry cough

We Will Repeal Trump's Racist Immigration Orders - NV Town Hall

Illinois GOP House delegation blasts Blagojevich commutation: 'The face of public corruption'

Bernie Sanders' campaign to request recount of Iowa caucuses

House passes bill to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Bloomberg would sell business interests if elected president

Colorado marijuana sales hit a record $1.75 billion in 2019

We Need a National Rent Control Standard - NV Town Hall

Rachel Maddow is a must watch.

We Need a National Rent Control Standard - NV Town Hall

Trump Says Bloomberg 'Illegally Buying' Nomination

**Breaking** Barr has told people close to Trump he is considering quitting over Trump's tweets...

Great performance by Freddie King in '72:

statement from McConnell, McCarthy and Graham defending Barr

Weinstein Jury Ends First Day of Deliberation With No Verdict

The GOP Doesn't Need Trump--It's Already Rigged the System (good overview)

GAH! youtube cut my Rachel Maddow feed...AGAIN! HELP!

Anybody watching the townhalls on CNN?

Buttigieg and super PAC improperly coordinated on Nevada ads, watchdog group says

Bloomberg Campaign Hints at Damaging Sanders Info

The recent news about the spread of this new virus has me worried.

TX-SEN: Joaquin Castro endorses Cristina Tzintzn Ramirez to challenge John Cornyn

Buttigieg, Sanders separated by sliver in Iowa after recanvass

Alf? Hey Alf!

Bernie is a

Al Gore launches new voter registration effort with Climate Reality Action Fund

From what I get from Rachel tonight the SDNY has been shut down by Barr.

Mayor of Tucson endorses Warren

I Beg Your PARDON, But It's Time for a New Blog...Get It? GET IT? (Ferret/Shower Cap)

This is far more than silencing Justice.

OMG, Kaitlin Bennett (Gun Girl) Is Literally Threatening Violence On Her Return To Ohio University

This Bernie "oppo" is starting more and more to resemble the Loch Ness Monster.

AZ-SEN: McSally ties Democratic rival Kelly to Sanders in new ad

A couple Tuesday night cartoons

Amy Klobuchar, Insurgent From the Inside

Just a Thought---Mike Bloomberg would make a great VP nominee.

State appeals court temporarily blocks voter ID law in North Carolina

RCP Poll Average

Emerson NATIONAL POLL: 29% @BernieSanders (+2)

Why wouldn't you want Bloomberg on the debate stage?

Next US Climate Assessment Process Begins; Happer, Other Trolls Eager To Stick Their Noses In It

Bernie Sanders is finally firing back at the "Bernie Bro" narrative on behalf of his supporters.

Emerson NATIONAL POLL: 29% @BernieSanders (+2)

Isn't That Nice? Perdue Will Allow USDA To Study How Warming Hits Farming (2/45 Reports Released)

Watching CNN Town Hall,

Barr considers quitting if Trump doesn't stop Tweeting.

Another RW thug threatening something...

Two different strong leading lady t.v. series. Both worth looking into.

Wisconsin Supreme Court race will pit Daniel Kelly against Jill Karofsky

Michael Bloomberg Surges in Poll and Qualifies for Democratic Debate in Las Vegas

Time to stick a fork in Bloomberg. He's done.

Has everybody already seen this?

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Southwest Stakes

Breaking: Citing "witch hunt", Trump pardons Tom Marvolo Riddle

Sanders says at town hall he won't release more medical records - some reactions

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 20, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 21, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 22, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

How does the second ballot at the convention work?

Gotta say Amy Klobuchar is coming across

Can anyone here read Chinese?

Bernie Sanders takes wide 18 point lead in California primary,


Barr is gaslighting

No! The Democratic majority in the House has NOT used all the power available to it

William Barr tells people he might quit over Trump tweets

Dan Pfeiffer: This is the best Senate map we'll have for years.

I think the field has to narrow before anyone can "lead"

Other than Bloomberg having a lot of money, I don't understand why anyone would pick him over Biden

We had two active shooter situations today, unrelated, close to my place of work.

PBS: Fran Lebowitz on Trump.

A-rated SurveyUSA CALIFORNIA poll: BS 25%, Bloomberg 21%, Biden 15%, Buttigieg 12%, Warren 9%

So obviously

Just want to make it clear that medical records are none of our business.

Don't shop until after election!

Why did betting markets suddenly flip to Bernie winning Iowa?

Boeing finds debris in wing fuel tanks of undelivered 737 MAXs, orders inspections

'Good Times' Ja'Net DuBois dies; co-wrote 'Jeffersons' theme

Remember the scene in American Graffiti where the kid tries to buy booze ...

Sanders refuses to answer question about taking money from Bloomberg

Life expectancy for men born in 1941: 78 years, 5 months.

A Bernie Nomination Could Destroy the Left

why are all the late night shows in reruns this week?

Buttigieg says he'd accept money from Bloomberg if he becomes nominee

Ancient engraving of warrior with 'elaborate hairstyle' and 'pronounced butt' discovered in Scotland

The Hypocrisy Of The Repugs Never Fails To Amaze Me ....

Median survival time for men Sanders' age who got a stent after a heart attack is 3.1 years

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020-

Because Trump is so dangerous & insane shouldn't we be voting exclusively on who has the best shot

Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

"MSNBC , why do y'all have Amy Klobuchar's face for Elizabeth Warren? C'mon man."

Crazy Vietnam War

What are you expecting from Bloomberg tomorrow?

Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

If the moderates expect to have a chance at beating Sanders, two of them must drop out soon

read this book

Sorry folks. There's no "secret shortcut" to taking Bernie down.

Bloomberg Will Dismiss Rivals at Debate

Down-ballot races are critical to turning Texas blue

Arizona a top Dem priority for president, Senate, legislature

john prine - fish and whistle (studio-1978) cause you have to smile when this one's on ...

(Jewish Group) Jews of Egyptian origin return for 'very emotional' service at historic synagogue

Pa. Republicans fear possibility of losing the State House.

Mass grave shows how Black Death devastated the countryside

Republican lawmakers advance amendment stating Iowa Constitution doesn't protect abortion rights

This is how easy it is to manufacture a narrative about mean people on the internet.

226 bills target LGBTQ Americans this year. One organization is behind a lot of them.


Rush Limbaugh says Donald Trump told him not to apologize for offensive Pete Buttigieg comments

Republicans in Oregon, California want to secede and become part of Idaho

The Day Democracy Died" Sung by The Founding Father

Costa Rica indigenous leader shot amid tensions over land rights

President Pardons Ex-GSA, OMB Official

Why aren't more DOJ attorneys in SDNY speaking up about Barr's actions?

BS for sure

The problem with crying wolf

"The Moderate Middle Is A Myth"

Two arrogant, self entitled, wealthy men went up against Elizabeth Warren

During debate, Texas Democratic U.S. Senate candidates differ on best way to oust GOP John Cornyn

Vox interview: why liberals are bad at politics

South Korea: Island State

This needs to be the anthem for November 2020 and beyond...

11 Democrats disagree on who can defeat Sen. John Cornyn, but all agree marijuana should be legal

Human Rights Campaign: Bloomberg should apologize for using dehumanizing language

Remember playing on a contraption like this?

The Fox News website has the news about the pardons, 21 screens down.

Art Exhibition By Satirical UK Artist For Public Download: 'YOU, ME & COLD WAR STEVE'

Are the republicans costing medicare for all to include the increased

Trump says Obama left him an economic mess. Here are the facts

How Does It Feel, Republicans?

I have gotten more calls on my cell

Why, if I had half a lick o' sense, I'd give you the bum's rush, mister, but good!

Coronavirus more contagious than SARS or MERS.

Jim Crow voting practices have spread to all red states

The Daily Show: The Daily Show Correspondents' 92nd Street Y Panel

Michael Bloomberg Leans Left With Plan to Rein In Wall St.

Experts Discover a 'Shrine' of 15,000-Year-Old Animal Carvings and Mysterious Symbols in a Spanish C

Texas history: J. Frank Dobie: 'Earth Rhythms and the Southwestern Tempo'

Large majority of nonvoters plan to cast ballots in November, new report finds

so Barr has his kids imbedded in the govt also?

Bungleton Green

Rod Blagojevich now refers to himself as a "Trumpocrat"

Hurricane Harvey most extreme U.S. weather event of last decade

A theory about William Barr's threat to resign

THIS says it all. The glaring difference between the two parties

Wages back above pre-economic crisis levels

(Jewish Group) Deborah Lipstadt's talk on antisemitism disrupted by anti-Zionist protesters

Should every Democrat have to make public their income tax returns?

'I like theater, dining and chasing women': Mike Bloomberg in his own words

Breakfast 19 February 2020

For the record Don the Con is stark raving

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are going to win are

George Zimmerman announces lawsuit against Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren for $265 million

"There is no fish in the ocean": The future has arrived in this Indian fishing village

National Democratic Primary, RCP Average: Sanders 27.3

Bernie Sanders opens up big lead in California poll

A 'Blue Wave' Is Rising In the Cities

"'s never involved me having to send hush money to a porn star..."

Morning Consult: NEW Super Tuesday tracking: Sanders: 29% (+2)

Morning Consult: NEW Super Tuesday tracking: Sanders: 29% (+2)

Can il drumpf's pardoned felons even vote?

They are dismantling The New Deal

Help finding something, please

Moses on immigration

Sanders and Bloomberg Rise, Biden Falls With Sharp Shifts in Views of Electability (ABC News poll)

Letters from an American 2/18/2020

The Primary is for Vetting... and some facts speak for themselves

Sanders Takes the Lead for Democratic Nomination, Bloomberg on the Rise (Emerson poll)

Joe Scarborough's point on Michael Bloomberg this morning

This Is What Four Years Of "Infrastructure Weeks" Does To Your Infrastructure, Planet

Bezos' Plan Too Big For Green Orgs, Too Small To Save Earth - But Poss Just Right For Politics

Breaking: Under SecDef for Policy John Rood asked to resign

Buttigieg blasts Trump: My marriage never involved 'hush money'

Time is running out on Buttigieg and Klobuchar

Cardinal McCarrick gave $1 million to group led by cleric accused of sexual misconduct

Bernie Sanders working the rope line and march to early vote NV

Utility Sector "Universally Opposed" To Shitstain's Gratutious Rollback Of Mercury Pollution Control

Bernie Sanders working the rope line and march to early vote NV

How Democrats Clean Up the Messes Left by Republicans

Pentagon's top policy official is expected to depart his post soon.

What a great photo for Bird Tinder.

Once again...

6-year-old girl attacked by a mountain lion saved by adult who punched it in the ribs

Why Sweden is encouraging citizens to become preppers

Barney Frank: Democratic Primary Voters Are the Problem

Where is my party? We have surrendered

February 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Raul Grijalva (D) AZ-3rd

Okay... Please hear me out. I just found the perfect 2020 campaign-slogan: "Law & Order"

February 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D) NY-12th

MSNBC lowering the bar for Bloomberg

Wednesday TOONs - Trump Adds "Pardons" to List of Biblical Plagues

Christian theme park Holy Land Experience will lay off 118 workers

🐦 FEB 21 at 11:30AM PST - Get Out the Vote Rally in Santa Ana with Bernie Sanders

One-armed soccer player inspires one-armed 2-year-old, and vice versa

A quote by Thomas Paine, to help raise your spirits.

🐦 FEB 21 at 3:30PM PST - Bakersfield Get Out the Vote Rally with Bernie Sanders

Iran reports its first 2 cases of the new coronavirus

General Grievous cosplay

New WaPo/ABC Poll: Sanders 32%, Biden 16%, Bloomberg 14%

Average Life Expectancy Increases To 18.2 Years For Americans Who Go Out Like Fucking Legends

Coronavirus May Have Accounted For 25% Temporary Drop In Chinese CO2 Output

If Biden spends his time in the debate attacking Bloomberg,

The Absurdly Beautiful Mountain Country You've Probably Never Heard Of

Oil companies out smarted me today.

Why Bloomberg Can't Beat Trump

Mysterious "Crop Circle" Forest in Japan Is the Result of a 50-Year-Old Experiment

Reason #8932 why I don't support NPR anymore.

Why is Mike Bloomberg joining the debate? Because he might win it.

Hogwarts Express rescues family stranded in Highlands

For the first time since Nov 7, 2007, Illinois does NOT have a former governor in prison.

How many candidates do you predict will remain in the primaries after Super Tuesday?

Uber, employment and the gig economy

Dear Never Trumpers. I really appreciate that you hate Trump as much as us. However...

Excellent series of tweets (20) by Physician regarding analysis of Sanders health letters

Can we even win at all?

*BREAKING A+ RATED ABC-WAPO Poll* --- Bernie by 11, Mike by 9, and Joe by 7 Over the Corrupt Don

Somebody has pointed out to Roseanne Barr

My fellow Americans, men and women of all Parties and persuasions.

Senate candidates keep distance from Sanders

House impeachment manager from Texas endorses Joe Biden Go Joe...... 😎 👧🏽 🧒🏽

7 mm kidney stone

Please carefully listen to this video

Smokey Robinson has a birthday today

Would you look favorably on our septuagenarian candidates publicly stating

'I'm Afraid of Americans': David Bowie

Sanders Would Crush Bloomberg In Two Person Race

Is Bloomberg the Trump knock off? I don't see that as appealing to anyone.

Sanders spokeswoman: We saw the consequences of a 'hold your nose candidate' in 2016

Asking about Bernie Sanders' medical condition is a "smear campaign"

Lou Christie has a birthday today.

Slow motion footage of Newman's ride

re. Peter Paul Buttigieg and liberation theology

Andrew Yang joins CNN as a political commentator

Stan Kenton was born on this date.

David Corn: Why Bernie Sanders Should Welcome Negative Ads Against Him

It totally boggles the mind

Gene Kelly amazing dance routine on roller skates......

This November, the patriots of America will rise, or they will lose all.

Charted: What the 2020 Democratic candidates did in Congress

Fmr FBI agent Clint Watts' Trusted Traveler Program application denied

Nevada Caucus Early Voting

There it is..."Attempt to Divide the Party".. Hillary was a "hold your nose candidate in 2016"

Rep. Sylvia Garcia (TX) endorses Biden - BFD!!! I guess there are still some who can't be bought.

US wholesale prices up 0.5% in January, most since late 2018

Nevada total early vote was 70,000!!!

Trump loves to rub his corruption right in our faces.

If you don't want Bernie or Bloomberg, it's time to unite. Now.

There is nothing more temporary than...

Bloomberg: "I know Donald Trump. He's a great guy...i'm a big fan of Donald Trump."

Bloomberg and his own kids in Cages

Bloomberg and his own kids in Cages

Ordinary workers pay into Social Security all year, but millionaires stop contributing today.

Ordinary workers pay into Social Security all year, but millionaires stop contributing today.

'Mr. Bob,' 88-year-old crossing guard, saves two children's lives before sacrificing his own

Philippine strongman Duterte endorses Trump's re-election

who are the hold your nose candidates this year?

Bernie Sanders says he won't release full medical records

Briahna Gray lied to John Berman on CNN this morning and got caught!

We are going to lose to Trump in November.

Albuquerque: More than 40,000 people called 911 and got a recorded message

Instead of bashing Bernie let's talk about why he is doing so well.

Maddow said something that caught my attention.

Trump Uncontrollably Tweets Conspiracies & Trash

Sanders spokeswoman distorts Bloomberg's heart issues and says health questions...

Republican Wildly Suggests Coronavirus is Chinese Biological Weapon

How many people here would have voted for the Liberal Party candidate for NYC Mayor in 93 and 97?

Greg Sargent: Trump's corruption will get worse. His own advisers just showed how.

What Voters Don't Want In a President

US ranks lower than 38 other countries when it comes to children's wellbeing

Profiles in Puffery . . . Please coem CAPTION Bill Barr!!

Beinart: Regular Democrats Just Aren't Worried About Bernie

Does it matter to you (or to the electorate) that these two people are NOT married?

11th Circuit upholds broad interpretation of Florida re-enfranchisement law

Which Republican Senators Come Up for the Next Election?

Trump Administration sues California over law that bans for-profit prisons

Interesting there is now a Super Pac to support Amy

a contested primary season may not be such a bad thing, actually

NC company charges veterans for services they could get for free.

A 'Blue Wave' Is Rising In the Cities

Bloomberg should apologize for comments about transgender people, Human Rights Campaign says

Josh Bernstein shows his inner Nazi...

Fifty States and 50 different state programs for "mental health"

Bernie isn't the first candidate to be attacked with the "socialism" fear both from the GOP & his

Just @#$&ing move!

List of Democrats on Texas Primary ballot in order

Well, it sounded good in theory: Warren Now Getting Help from a Super PAC


A friend just reported long, slow lines in Nevada

Bloomberg aide hits back at Sanders campaign over 'Trumpy lie' about heart attacks

Coronavirus Update: More Than 2 Dozen People Quarantined In Westchester County As A Precaution



Sanders says he won't release full medical records

Sanders' press secretary suggested questions about Sanders' health are comparable to birtherism

Donald Trump is attacking Mike Bloomberg...Donald Trump is supporting Bernie Sanders...

PG&E Union Warns Bernie Sanders Against 'Bird-Brained' State Takeover

Well I am so glad to see the enthusiasm in Nevada!! We sure did not have

The whole "75% voted against Bernie" thing.

***BREAKING A RATED SURVEY USA POLL*** Mike by 7 Bernie by 5 Joe by 3 over the Corrupt Don

Our bar is Barack Obama high. Theirs is Donald Trump low.

My scheduler can be amusing: "Cute respitory hyploxia".

Andrew Yang joins CNN as a political commentator

Seeking suggestions for menu ideas for feeding a film crew for an all day shoot.

Yesterday was awful

What poll do you trust the most? If any...

Bloomberg campaign: Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar should drop out

Sanders spokeswoman says she misspoke after distorting Bloomberg's health record

Bloomberg in 2011: Black and Latino men 'don't know how to behave in the workplace'

Blast from the past: KERIK's slightly less criminal exploits, featuring Judith REGAN

Passengers begin leaving after ship's virus quarantine ends

Someone glued tiny MAGA hats and a Trump wig onto pigeons in Las Vegas (WTF?)

The "Macgyver" explanation of Medicare for All

In the bell curve of American political thought

Any chance Bernie moves a little to the center at the convention?

Looks like Sanders' breaking his promise to release his health records is getting more attention

Why vote for a billionaire when you can vote for a millionaire?

Buttigieg, Sanders separated by thousandths of a point after Iowa recanvass

Coming to visit soon

CNN Poll of Polls: Bernie Sanders tops Democratic field

Assange was offered pardon to say Russia was not involved in 2016 leak of DNC documents

Bernie Sanders Spokesperson Releases Second Correction in Two Days About Mike Bloomberg

Midday Music for Millennials

Former Rep Dana Rohrabacher allegedly told Julian Assange Trump would offer a pardon to Assange

As Cases Mount, Japan Is Rapidly Becoming a Coronavirus Hotbed

This is very good:

Anyone here on Medicare that doesn't like it?

Look at us...

The age question.

Bloomberg: one more reason...

Oh Snap! New Biden web ad taking on Bloomberg....

Biden only one who maintains matchup lead in swing states

Pic Of The Moment: Corruption President Gives His Corrupt Buddies A Pass

Julian Assange says he was promised a Trump pardon if he would lie about Russia's DNC hacking

Joan Walsh FTW: "...a German word for the combination of arrogance and desperation this exudes"

Tonight will be interesting because we will hear and see an unfiltered Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Predicts Sanders will WIN Super Tuesday!!!

If Joe does as well tonight as he did on the Nichole Wallace show Monday

Question for all you cooks and chefs

This a-hole again! Just go the &$#@ away!

no posting today. I'm sick :(

Thanks for the pedicure . . . lemme give you a little tongue (Twitter video)

Suddenly It Makes Sense Why Trump Commuted Blago's Sentence Now.....

The most important company in the vinyl record industry burns down

Brooklyn Heights writes checks for Buttigieg

Sanders is "far-left"? 20% of adults think Sanders is too conservative...

Bernie Fans are Most Anti-Trump!!!

Exactly this.

We will not Win the 2020 Presidential Election Unless we Focus on Universal Health Care

Tweet of the Day

Trump has plunged $1.9 million in campaign donor cash into his own businesses: Forbes

We can strip cheaters of their awards and fame, but

Down Ballot Disaster

Convicted criminals are among the special police terrorizing Venezuela

Sanders surges into national lead in new Post-ABC poll

View profile Strategy for Democrats when asked about health care at the debate tonight:

Melania is getting a terrific award from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Shaun King is a never-Bloomberg, and hard to deny

Trump's Plan to Plant a Trillion Saplings Misses the Forest for the Trees

MIT Tangible Media

New National Poll Gives Bernie Sanders a Double-Digit Lead

The Secret History of Sanders's Plot to Primary Obama

Trump is doing what 'predators' do -- 'he's grooming his victims': former federal prosecutor

We don't need another racist president

The top three are white old men?


Gray this morning equated asking for Sanders' medical records with asking for Obama's birth cert:

Bernie hate needs to stop and soon

Neil Young Pens Open Letter to Donald Trump: 'You Are a Disgrace to My Country'

Our Kids Know Who The Horrible Establishment Really Is - They Want Change

E. Jean Carroll fired from ELLE magazine following Trump rape allegation

Harris/The Hill National Poll

Cartoons 2/19/2020

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on Sen. Sanders: "He was fighting for these things since before I was even born."

Bloomberg responds to Biden: We are honored to have Joe's support.

Inside the Fight to Topple Lindsey Graham--and Trump's Senate Majority

AOC on the View

Medicare for All Leaves No One Behind

Mr. Bloomberg LOVES his Republicans!

Medicare for All Leaves No One Behind

Whirling through life: Reflections of a female whirling dervish

Air Canada jet lands safely in Toronto after losing a wheel

Breaking: new South Carolina poll Sanders 23. Biden 23

Well, OK, but I still think it's an odd way to get a date.

'I've never sent hush money': Buttigieg hits back at Trump and Limbaugh

Worshiping the Bottle

Broken Promises

Christine Hallquist Endorses Bernie For President

Christine Hallquist Endorses Bernie For President

Should You Play Monster Hunter World with Your Boyfriend?


"The President barely knows Dana Rohrabacher"

'He might be a rat bag, but he's our rat bag': Australian MPs call for Assange's extradition to US

Trump is trying to steal another election. He has learned nothing.

Truly, I am not interested in any poll for open primary states.

George Zimmerman sues Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren over tweets honouring Trayvon Martin

And now for something completely different, it's...a quote from Michael Palin.

Seeing as how

Trump suggests Blagojevich was framed by Comey: 'He did not sell the Senate seat!'

Warren & Sanders supporters, a question

I stopped supporting the Human Rights Campaign

Ex-Justice Department Official Hits Trump With A Reality Check: The Law Is Coming For You

UPDATE: Ryan Newman released from hospital two days after Daytona 500 crash

Bloomberg campaign manager claims record on trans rights is stronger than any other candidate

Drumpf following democrats from city to city reminds me of him following Hilary

Should You Play Monster Hunter World with Your Boyfriend?

Trump rape accuser's lawyers says president is doing 'everything he can' to stop her case

I am reminded in some ways of the 1964 Republican primary race.

As his first debate nears, Bloomberg is having to answer about his past

Bloomberg supported Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren. That tells us everything we need to know.

The fact that Steyer is polling 20% in South Carolina should scare people

Exclusive: Ahead of 2020 election, a 'Blue Wave' is rising in the cities, polling analysis shows

Michael Bloomberg compared the AARP to the NRA

What is the 'boogaloo?' How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream

I am trying to figure out what scheme Barr and trump are planning with these

Trump says he has 'total confidence' in Barr

'Greatest abuse of power I have ever seen': Biden says Barr should resign over Stone case

Anyone hoping Barr resigns, you need to consider this:

Pentagon Policy Chief in Ukraine-Aid Case Exits Under Pressure

Buttigieg blasts Trump: "My marriage has never involved sending hush money to porn stars."

Chinta, female orangutan and oldest animal at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, died Tuesday at 51

Democrat Pete Buttigieg overstated pledges of support from black leaders, public figures

Officials: 746 people in Washington being supervised due to coronavirus outbreak

Sound Transit: vandalism to delay Link trains until Thursday

The white swan harbingers of global economic crisis are already here

Going to Warren

Bloomberg ad gives the false impression of Biden endorsing him

South Carolina Poll (UMass): Biden's firewall is cracking

Trump's pardon of Bernie Kerik also apparently wiped out Kerik's $103,300 debt to taxpayers

Obama campaign vets push back against Bloomberg

Biden focuses on the right target...

An Honest Question

Stacey Abrams' voting rights group attacked for accepting Bloomberg contribution

Charles Pierce: The WSJ/NBC deliberately excluded #2 Warren from poll match-ups

The Daily Show: "Hey NBC, you can't just ignore Elizabeth Warren."

Health Care Costs Are Top Priority of Voters

Health Care Costs Are Top Priority of Voters

Slave - The World's On Hard

Pardons - Movie "Clear and Present Danger"

I have this overpowering urge to stand up and yell "What the hell is wrong with people"

Rohrabacher says he was engaged in a "confidential interaction" with the WH on a pardon for Assange

Bloomberg's immense spending gets him 30,000 online ads a minute, and a whole lot more

A guy was just on MSNBC with Katie Tur about a book he wrote.

GOP Poll Has Arizona Going Blue As Sen. Martha McSally Trails By 7

Anyone understand how a rabbi performed the wedding ceremony

The President barely knows Dana Rohrabacher. . . .

The total mass of insects is falling by 2.5% a year

Trump pardoned a construction-company owner whose family donated over $200,000 to his campaign

More about medical records:

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, filed for bankruptcy

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Erase Elizabeth Warren In Their New National Poll

Malcolm Nance weighs in on the Al Franken Podcast

Exclusive: Ahead of 2020 election, a 'Blue Wave' is rising in the cities, polling analysis shows

I'm about to start taking Time Machine seriously. I've been years without a real backup strategy.

My Democratic Senate fantasy team- of all time

Voters in Kentucky break record for registration ahead of 2020 election

ugh the asshole is in AZ today. anybody in PHX going to a protest?

Court sides with ex-felons who challenged Florida voting requirement

Woman survives five days lost in Australian forest

Bloomberg endorsed and raised money for rThug Scott Brown in 2012

Pompeo condemns China for banning reporters weeks after he did the same

Let's talk about the time Mike Bloomberg spent millions to reelect Republican Pat Toomey in Pa.

Nevada Democrats' Goal: Turn on iPads, Then Run Smooth Caucuses

Florida's latest voter suppression tactic ruled unconstitutional by federal court

My first visit with an oncologist. Good news.

WaPo: The White House denies Julian Assange's pardon claim. Here's what we know about it.

When the dust settles it will come down to this

Regular Democrats Just Aren't Worried About Bernie

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Erase Elizabeth Warren In Their New National Poll

Confirmed: No Box.

'Empty the Pews' chronicles the 'nurtured insanity' of a fundamentalist upbringing

Please explain to me how Trump's "pardon offer" to Assange isn't another Quid Pro Quo.

Devices found in missiles, Yemen drones link Iran to attacks

We will not defeat Donald Trump with a candidate who advocated

ABC news poll: democrats now think Sanders has the best chance to beat Trump

Mitch McConnell is blocking action on voters' top two priorities

Just an observation that nobody has complained that the media/pollsters/DNC are "unfair" to Pete...

India Builds Wall to Hide Slum During Trump Visit

Melania Trump receives university's 'Woman of Distinction' award amid pushback from students

2 COVID-19 cases found in Iran. They both died the same day they were confirmed.

Melania Trump receives university's 'Woman of Distinction' award amid pushback from students

Bloomberg campaign warns of 'insurmountable' Sanders lead if moderates split votes

Charter School Mvmt. Implodes; WH Plan For 'School Choice' Leads To More Privatization of Public Ed

Elie Mystal: Ahead of tonight's debate: Democratic Candidates as poker gifs

Charter School Mvmt. Implodes; WH Plan For 'School Choice' Leads To More Privatization of Public Ed

Bernie's running mate


Biden praises Bloomberg in new ad

Based on video clips of candidate prep, the debate stage layout appears to be...

Who needs to drop out to keep the contest fair?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 19, 2020

GOP Giving Out Pardons. Now we know.

A man accidentally steps on Donald Trump's foot. The man says "Pardon me!"

Elizabeth Warren Exists

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 20 February 2020

American journalism is dying. Its survival requires public funds

Judges postpone emergency meeting to discuss Trump/Barr concerns

What's Eating America tackles immigration and the food industry

Medicare for All leaves no one behind,

I need help one more time....

Who was this dude Tim on MSNBC trying to spin away all Bloomberg's evils?

Trump is text book perfect criminal.

Why does Nate Silver complain about NYT lack of coverage of Buttigieg compared to Bloomberg

Laurence Tribe: Pardongate is meant to normalize white collar crime, bribery, and corruption

A message from Pete, can you chip in before the debate?

Clean Jokes

Those who say 75 % are against Sanders forget Obama 2008

CNN Medical Correspondent Weighs In On Sanders Health Record

If Barr leaves office before the end of trump's term, will he be replaced with someone

Pete Buttigieg Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Spurs legend Tim Duncan is supporting Mike Bloomberg for U.S. president

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-7: Bromancing The Stone Edition

Umm...any word on the emergency meeting of the judges?

Pete Buttigieg Net Worth Is Lowest Among All Democratic Candidates, Still Pays Student Loan

Court: Florida can't bar felons from vote over fines, fees

All right! PBS' "Nova" is about cats tonight!

Warren/Klobuchar? Why not exactly?

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Whoever wins the nom...

The current 538 "best guess" estimate of delegates is:


Trump's Dirty Dozen

California governor: Lower bar for forced mental health care

Can't wait until the primaries are over

So this is the best tbey could come up with for Moronia

George Zimmerman sues Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren for defamation over their tweets about Tra

Man arrested for threatening to kill Schiff, Schumer over impeachment

George Zimmermann is suing Buttigieg and Warren...

I apologized to my cats before I used the vacuum this afternoon.

Austerity for Billionaires

Austerity for Billionaires

Trump May Propose Minimum Corporate Tax

What is the 'boogaloo?' How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream

Julian Assange says Trump administration offered a pardon if he denied Russian interference

Neil Young Pens Open Letter to Trump & Slips in a "not formal" endorsement of Sanders.

No, Bill Barr Is Not Quitting

Wilful with more than a smattering of hate filled ignorance...

I had to turn off MSNBC for awhile.

Share a joyful song

Simple Twist of Fate

Trending on Twitter

1 hospitalized for coronavirus in Napa County, another being monitored

I heard this on Stephanie Miller.

Trump's corruption will get worse. His own advisers just showed how.


Why does it feel like Trump is on the verge of fleeing the country?

Afghanistan veteran talks about working with Pete (video)

How Bloomberg buys silence from criticism

Trumps shoots man on 5th Avenue with yuge manly bullets...

US judge sides with migrants in case against Border Patrol

Woman seeking Trump's DNA fights his effort to delay suit

Trump Expected to Name Richard Grenell as Acting DNI (**Firtash connection**)

So Blagojevich thinks he was politically persecuted?

How many folks here are familiar with the writings of Yuval Noah Harari?

You raised $1,105.40 on February 18, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Morning Joe.......Trump would arrest journalists he does not like if he could get away with it.

Did not know about this group.

Scientists Demonstrate Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans

Rod Blagojevich was Trumping in Illinois before Trump ever figured out how to Trump

I await for a good day tomorrow!

I thought this was interesting, re: wealth

Luckovich-How couldya possibly worship someone so vile???

You know, I'm no linguist or forensics expert, but I find it interesting that...

Mike Would Have Dinner Parties and Piss All Over Obama: Why Obamaworld Is Mad About Bloomberg's Ad

🐦 FEB 22 at 2PM MST - El Paso Rally with Bernie Sanders

Boots Riley, Rapper, Film maker and Activist Endorses Bernie

Memory Lane: Trump refuses to release medical records.

🐦 FEB 22 at 7PM CST - San Antonio Rally with Bernie Sanders

Watch this guy give his sweet rescue pittie a bath 😍

Just because .... "coldest winter in almost fourteen years"

Sex, drugs, teenage pregnancy, vampires, fire eaters, lawsuits, a dive bar and victory.

Susan Saranwrap has a woman problem

Russian state-media try and fail to debunk Assange-bombshell.

Biden/Bloomberg 2020! My dream.

Dog Does Parkour In Her Yard To Stalk Squirrels

It's Bernie and the 5 Dwarves Right Now - CNN The Point - Poll of polls.

What does it need?

Moms are actually superheroes ⭐️

Neil Young Pens Open Letter to Donald Trump: 'You Are a Disgrace to My Country'

Hanau shooting: eight dead in attack on shisha bar in German town - reports

Hairless little pittie pup was abandoned in a cemetery -- look at him now!

Trump to Award Medal of Freedom to Charles Manson

HI All-

Oil and gas firms 'have had far worse climate impact than thought'

Leaked Bloomberg NDA Protects Abusive Bosses

Watch this brave baby rhino learn how to trust ❤️

What if Mike Bloomberg had decided in 2019 to challenge Trump as the GOP nominee?

POLL: Sanders leads with African-American voters for the first time

can i hab attention pls

Why didn't you tell me this before?

Why do people imagine aliens from outer space as having human-like features??

Getting the hooman some exercise 😎

Love this picker - a new one for me.

Anyone listen to Al Jazerra?

Am a majestic beast