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I already miss all the little hearts.

Storm Dennis: 'Ghost ship' washes up on Irish coast

Bloomberg: "There are ways to slowly decrease the benefits or raise the eligibility age for Soc Sec.

I don't think that's the same stick 🤔

Bolton: Ukraine "like sprinkles on the ice cream sundae in terms of what's in the book"

Franklin Graham having a sad on about UK venues cancelling his crusade.

"The American president has to be honest with his own people" - Bolton prompts LOL's at Duke

Bloomberg drops $124 million on ads in Super Tuesday states. Rivals go on the attack

Michael Bloomberg's Campaign Is Huge. That's The Point

The Moron-A-Virus

And Out Come the Hugs... 'Fight Breaks Out At Bernie Sanders Rally In Colorado'

EXPOSED: American Justice, white, wealthy, connected, male, degenerate

Bloomberg's counterattacks may just resonate with Democrats

Buttigieg's Plan If Trump Refuses to Leave

Bolton: I had hopes that he might do the right thing for his country, but no. What a combination...

Sanders' Social Security 'adjustments' undercut Biden attack

A GA state lawmaker explains her support for Michael Bloomberg

Democratic Party Admires Michael Bloomberg's War Chest

Who was president when you were born? What was the earliest presidential election you remember?

Sometimes when I lose internet connection

More than 2,200 stores are closing in 2020 as the retail apocalypse drags on. Here's the full list.

Disgraced religious order tried to get abuse victim to lie

02/16 Mike Luckovich: Sit, stay, rollover...

Pier 1 Imports files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that is likely to change parties

Bill Barr Must Resign (Donald Ayer, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General under George H. W. Bush)

Is it my imagination, or has the entire 2020 Presidential primary season just been one big...

Man cleaning gun accidentally shoots, kills best friend

New Nevada Poll: Bernie 35, Elizabeth 16, Pete 15, Joe 14

Daytona 500

Do Mike Pence and Roger Stone look alike?

Ayer is on All In (Joy Reid in for Chris Hayes)

Former Deputy AG Under George H.W. Bush: Barr Is 'Un-American,' 'Must Resign' or Be Impeached

This is what a REAL Christian sounds like!

Ryan Newman wrecks Daytona 500 video.

His Country Is In Trouble...Where Is Mueller's Op Ed?

Trump whines after Obama reminds people he created more jobs

Who is earning the most excitement around the Dem party Platform? Sanders and his hard working team!

Pelosi Objects to CNN Anchor's Claim That Trump Was Acquitted in Impeachment Trial

Hundreds still flooded from homes in Mississippi capital

US Senate seats from GA and IA are key to helping Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Nevada Polling Aggregation: Sanders 27.2, Biden 16.2, Warren 13.1, Buttigieg 11.6,

CNN Journalists Respond to Sean Hannity's Twitter Attacks: Quite Rich of You to Make That Accusation

Earthquake experts lay out latest outlook for the 'Really Big One' that'll hit Seattle

538 Species, 581 Sites; Best Predictor Of Local Extinction Is Increased Annual Maximum Temperature

Ryan Newman injuries non-life-threatening following fiery Daytona 500 crash

Democrats fear rule of law crumbling under Trump

Pie for thought, the current state of the Democratic Primaries...

Trump campaign soils itself after Obama claims credit for economic boom

The Wuhan coronavirus has killed over twice as many people as the 2003 SARS epidemic

I guess I'm a Communist.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Apocalypse Now!

Rachel's here! And discussing Fed. Judges group.

Do heavy boots impact your driving with manual transmissions.

Bolton Warns of Possible 'Censorship' of His White House Memoir

COVID-19 keeping Bellingham family from bringing adopted son home

Alternative to Broccolive

What's the secret to getting Valentine's hearts?

John Quincy Adams. The first one I remember was Polk vs. Clay, and my first vote was for...

Guranteed winner od Wednesday's debate is................

USA TODAY/Ipsos poll: For voters, Bernie Sanders outranks Democrats and Trump - on values, empathy

'He acts like a caudillo.' New anti-Trump ads compare him to authoritarian leaders

PHOTOS: Tacoma Dome Getting Ready to Feel the Bern

A tweet suggesting Bloomberg doesn't think elderly cancer patients should be treated is DISHONEST

Turkey, Russia Standoff in Syria Endangers Millions of Refugees

Maddow talking about all the money Trump is making off being Pres. Also if you follow the money

PHOTOS: Tacoma Dome Getting Ready to Feel the Bern

California will officially apologize for mistreating Japanese Americans

If there were justice



Elizabeth Warren Announces Saturday Rally In Seattle

Can a Republican take on Trump and survive? Mitt Romney is proving it's possible.

Hospital video shows officers tackle, tase and punch teen

OK, here's my thoughts on TB12.

At 10 pm here (11pm Eastern) on PBS will be a show about the "Ark Encounter."

Things/not-soup to eat with a spoon

Fantastic fudge pie in a nut crust

This is how a never trumper express themselves....

He's known Bill Barr for 40 years. Now, he's calling for his resignation

Dominican Republic poll halted after electronic glitch

Andrew Sabisky: No 10 adviser resigns over alleged race comments

Andrew Sabisky: No 10 adviser resigns over alleged race comments

Dems, Don't Run a "Purity" Candidate Against Giuliani and the Russian Mob

Bloomberg on stage?

I don't recall ever seeing so many notations of "Message auto-removed"i and "Deleted by author".

David Jolly claims Trump said "Have you ever seen the nation so divided? I love it that way."

Why is it that it's only Bernie followers who seem to engage in widespread bullying?

Cameo - We All Know Who We Are

no news about Ryan Newman yet. I don't know how to feel. It feels like a long time

'Virginia Governor's Bill To Ban Assault Weapons Fails, With Help From His Own Party'

As a Sander supporter, any Sanders supporter who will not unite behind any other Democrat


My personal opinion is Bloomberg will get the votes of 1.87 disgusted

A few facts for repug anti-universal healthcare people....

Mock-up for my special project: "Read it again, Mama!"

Live Dead -1971 - Skull and RosesThe best live rock and roll in 1971. Next, up Rolling Stone's. .

So you want to be a rockstar...

'This Is the Wild West Out Here'

Bloomberg Campaign Opens First Attack on a Democratic Rival: Bernie Sanders

Buying an image of compassion...

The purpose of life....

Why are people still talking about winning over Trump supporters?

Soul Rebel

A truth about America from Shelby Foote

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 18 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Bolivia's Coup in Practice

I thought Kevin Costner did a great job introducing Pete

Andrew Sabisky: No 10 Adviser Resigns Over Alleged Race Comments

Better than a primary: humpbacks, northern right whale dolphins, pacific white-sided dolphins and

Biden Surrogate 'Forced to Resign' from Democratic Group Over Doctored Bernie Sanders Video

Yale Study of Medicare for All

German Far- Right Group Planned Mosque Attacks: Government

Will be reading Dark Towers soon; pre-ordered.

Have Zombies Eaten Bloomberg's and Buttigieg's Brains? By Paul Krugman

Giants say they won't include Aubrey Huff in 2010 World Series reunion ('cause he's an asshole)

To Sir With Love - Happy Presidents Day to our beloved President Obama

17,000+ in Tacoma!!! Great rally Bernie!

Maria Teresa Kumar Schools Chuck Todd on Sanders support

Liu Zhiming, head of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan, dies of coronavirus; Jingzhou woman dies of overwork

Frm AG, D.Ayer: Barr must resign, if not, then he must be impeached.

Bernie Sanders Dismissing Concerns of Minority Voters as Identity Politics

About the Ryan Newman crash (Newman listed in serious condition but not life threatening)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 19 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Bernie Voted to Authorize Homeland Security to Detain Immigrants Indefinitely

Bloomberg to pregnant employee: "kill it"

2,000+ fmr. DOJ officials call for Barr to resign; Bush '41 deputy AG says Barr is 'un-American'

'I Don't Do 'Presidents Day'...But Happy Birthday, Frederick Douglass!' Daily Kos

Democratic candidates are doing Trump's job for him. Eugene Robinson

Embracing Supreme Court Expansion Carries No Political Cost, Study Says

People who bully, lie, cheat and steal may have smaller brains...

SDNY Mulls New Charges Against Parnas That Could Pull Giuliani Deeper Into Scheme

Robert Reich - Why 2020 Won't Be Won By Centrists

270 is the magic number...

The high-stakes fight over Bolivia's lithium

Divide and conquer...

Boy Scouts seek bankruptcy under wave of new sex abuse lawsuits

RIP Nurse Kelly

Same issues as Vatican, vastly different power and influence...

After Trump's behavior this week, experts worry that 2020 could be our last free election

Michael Bloomberg says China's Xi Jinping is not a dictator

Warren: Sanders has a lot of questions to answer re. bullying.

Coronavirus: result of unregulated live animal market. See if Trump

Right-Wing Activists Discussed Wiretapping Seth Rich's Family, Three People in the Room Say

Boy Scouts of America, hobbled by multiple sex-abuse lawsuits, files for bankruptcy protection

"This college was accredited by a DeVos-sanctioned group. We couldn't find evidence of students or f

'I love my husband': Buttigieg responds to #bigot @RushLimbaugh claiming America is not ready for

The 3 Stooges #MoscowMitch #BIllBarr #Trump MUST RESIGN............

@JilWineBanks on 11th Hour #JillsPin says we need a new sheriff in DC....

Sanders up by 19 in Nevada

FLIPPABLE: Harold Hayes for PA-HD18 (March 17, 2020)

Bernie Sanders Praising Fidel Castro

I saw Rise Of Skywalker today

Brutal vetting of Bloomberg -- "The Dangers of a Plutocrat-on-Plutocrat Election"

2020 primary and election voters Polls too far away? Lyft offers free and discounted rides to those

This is a new low - Man arrested for attempting to crowdfund a 'horrifying' campaign to assassinate

'Leaning Tower of Dallas' survives implosion to become internet sensation

Without mentioning any policies, make the case for your candidate

Ran into a union brother I haven't seen in 20 years

The Daily Show: Global Edition

Diamond Princess: One in four passengers tested are COVID-19 positive, 40% are asymptomatic.

Jill Wine-Banks: "I Think You People Need A New Sheriff."

Heather Cox Richardson - February 17, 2020 - Letters From An American

Breaking: A+ Rated marist national poll. Sanders 31. Bloomberg 19. Biden 15

Breaking: Bloomberg qualifies for next Democratic debate

TSA confiscates $191.500 in cash, then claims they only took $159,950.

Breakfast Tuesday 18 February 2020

Morning Joe Scum begins with Obama's speech when he introduced the Recovery Act

Bloombergs - Racial Profiling, Multiple Racist statements about crime & Minorities, CP5 ..

Feisty live streaming British couple, aboard the Diamond Princess, just tested positive.

Horrific wreck at NASCAR finish...but the show must go on

It is clear now: Kamala dropped too soon.

Japan says 88 more virus cases confirmed on quarantined ship

Finding the best spot in one's cat bed.

The answer is: because Bernie threatens big corporate interests.

National @maristpoll/@NPR/@NewsHour Poll (2/13-16): Sanders 31%

Dinosaur found with signs of tumour-causing disease that afflicts humans today.

A boy and his 3 cousins went missing after a blizzard in rural Alaska.

Tesla remotely disables Autopilot on used Model S after it was sold

Extreme Weather, Record Demand Could Downgrade Power Grid Stablity

Top NSC official may be moved after "Anonymous" rumor fallout

Cat plays with stinkbug (Spoiler: Stinkbug is not in the mood to play with cat)

Warren Is Paying the Price for her Honesty. And Her Gender.

Mom makes it look SO easy.

Florida Senate committee refuses to confirm DeSantis appointee, citing 'concern'

10 Years In, UAE's "Green City Of The Future" Has 1,300 Residents, Accessible Only By Car

Australian condom commercial, starring Bush Barbie

For 70 Years, Allied Navies Fought Over This Old Photo Of Esther Williams

State Of Emergency In MS From Flooding; February Rain In TN 400% Of Historic Averages

Bloomberg qualifies for Wednesday's Democratic debate -- his first

It was a scary end to the Daytona 500!


These Black-Owned Breweries Give Us Hope for the Future

A Presidents Day Tribute to the Smartest Politician in Washington

A complete disaster': Fears grow over potential Nevada caucus malfunction......💻

digby: This is no drill

Charlie Chaplin narrowly escaped assassination by Japanese 'terrorists' in 1932

Tuesday TOONs - NASCARrion

Lots of people seem to have friends/neighbors who won't vote Bernie.

Biden Surrogate 'Forced to Resign' from Democratic Group Over Doctored Bernie Sanders Video

Sanders opens 12-point lead nationally: poll

America's 'recycled' plastic waste is clogging landfills, survey finds

How important are Party labels in today's political environment?

What? No Convertible?

"Your a lawyer, you have a duty"...Trump high-fives Fox / Napolitano call for new Stone trial

67% of Democratic voters in Monmouth poll want "unity" over "change".

Did most Americans have televisions when JFK was assassinated?

Neal Katyal: Trump tweeting about judges again in pending criminal mattters.

Phil Rucker: 'Something has to be done': Trump's quest to rewrite history of the Russia probe

Obama pushes Trump's button on economy. Trump responds: 'Did you hear the latest con job?'

Trump Waives Contracting Laws for Border Wall

Republicans owe Vindman a public apology

Sea Level Rise Increasing YOY At 27/32 Tidal Stations ; Rockport TX Can Expect 2.5 Feet More By 2050

Why did Elvis dye his hair black? Nt

What Obama Is Saying in Private About the Democratic Primary

Walmart employees are preparing for job cuts as retailer rolls out its 'Great Workplace' program

Christian Lawmakers Group Blames Satan After Twitter Poll Goes Badly Awry

If William Barr Truly Believed in Rule of Law, He Would Resign

More Rain Heading For Soaked Southern States; Yet Another Round Possible As Early As This Weeked

Bloomberg-do you trust him?

He wants to take back the Houe so he won't be impeached again? Good lord.

Kent State 'gun girl' Kaitlin Bennett flees hundreds of protesters at Ohio University

One point about Bernie Sanders:

Spring, 1962: A Day in the Life of a 7-Year-Old Boy (party lines, antenna TV, dirt roads)

How soon we forget to remember

What it really means when Trump, DeVos and allies refer to public schools as 'government schools'

One thing that Donald Trump and his supporters need to understand.

CNN's Avlon on Trump Hyping Bernie: 'A Trap' to Make a 'Radical' Democratic Socialist the Nominee

Major Latino group backs Sanders on eve of Nevada caucus

The Mark 14 Torpedo - Failure is Like Onions

So what are we going to do if tRump wins again? Leave USA?

The Rundown: February 17, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/12/20

Black History Month - The Afro-Mestizo President of Mexico - Vicente Guerrero

LOL: Georgia House leaders say "no" to many of Gov. Kemp's budget cuts

When I hear "locally sourced" I will think of this ad from now on

Exclusive Details on Michael Bloomberg's Plan to Rein in Wall Street

How Bloomberg would make community college free and overhaul student loans

'Truth is not the goal.' Facebook 'news' site admits to misleading 50,000 NC followers

Pool? When will the word "rigged" first be used

Trump ponders "suing everyone all over the place...MAYBE I STILL WILL. WITCH HUNT!"

Just leave this here for discusion Hadn't heard this here before. (daughter sent this to me)

Christian Lawmakers Group Blames Satan After Twitter Poll Goes Badly Awry

Biden supporters - how did Bernie & Pete attack Biden?

Hardly working: 3 MAGAt rallies this week, in Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and Las Vegas. Then GOLF!

Among African American Voters in A+ Rated Marist Poll- Joe 31% Bernie 28% Mike 16%

"We Neo-Cons is brave ones, we is!" . . . . Please come CAPTION John Bolton!!!

TX State Senator Kirk Watson resigning

Monmouth VA poll has Sanders/Bloomberg tie, and Biden & Bloomberg beating Sanders head to head

Thanks Ohio . Gun girl gone for now but said she will return ugh

Daily Effects of White Privilege

So Have We Decided Whoever the Candidate Is

ALERT: Trump Authoritarianism EXPLODES

Days After Impeachment, Trump Admits to Entire Thing

Time for a Show of Unity

Early voting starts Tuesday in Texas. Here's what you need to know.

Texas Central unveils first look at interior layout of Texas High-Speed Train

If the centrists want to stop Sanders, all but one need to drop out today.

Can someone tell me

Can you really feel good about a candidate who supported Bush over Kerry in 2004?

Most Voters Identify as Center-Right

Father in rehab facility dropped off outside home in wheelchair in rain

Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid new sex-abuse lawsuits

People are Lying when they say Bloomberg is not hurting Biden

It's back! Kenan Thompson to host White House correspondents' dinner with guest Hasan Minhaj

New Telemundo NV poll of Hispanic voters: Biden 34 Sanders 31

Bloomberg Leads Democrats In Oklahoma

Would Sanders allow Obama to speak at the convention?

Cute dog interrupts pro soccer game and handles the ball like a pro:

Cute dog steals ball at pro soccer game:

America Votes Lawrence: Top Priority For Dems Is A Candidate Who Can Beat Trump The Last Word MS

Turkish Gezi park activists acquitted of terror charges in surprise ruling

The Bernie fans can breathe a sigh of relief...

The ECONOMIST polling model has really been shaken up.

America Votes Lawrence: Top Priority For Dems Is A Candidate Who Can Beat Trump The Last Word

America Votes Lawrence: Top Priority For Dems Is A Candidate Who Can Beat Trump The Last Word

Some background on Bernie Sanders' early career(s)

Israel blocks West Bank exports as trade tensions rise, along with towers of unsold produce

If the race is narrowed to Bernie and Mike who will you vote for?

McConnell gets $50,000 from pharma after blocking bill to lower drug prices

Bernie Sanders 2020 Announces North Carolina Staff Expansion and Four Office Openings

Firefighter calendar too steamy for Ontario officials 🚨TRIGGER WARNING🚨

Jane Fonda and Elizabeth Warren

Question, on NOT allowed to vote. (Not my problem BUT)

Sanders expands operation in Michigan 3 weeks before primary

GOP senators hold hearing on abortion to attack doctors and peddle lies

Israeli Burning Man-style festival in West Bank sparks controversy

Bernie Sanders would be a disaster if he becomes our nominee..

At yesterday's annual Presidents Day Parade in Alexandria, I saw...

India hastily builds wall along slum ahead of Trump visit

Trump attacks jury and demands new trial for convicted felon Roger Stone

I agree with Jon Cooper here:

'What the hell are we doing?' Book reveals Deutsche Bank lawyer appalled that they

Trump threatens lawsuits over Mueller probe

Great British Baking Show

Zelensky: "And now I'm famous in America. But not the way I wanted!"

'The Price Is Right' on Hold Following the Death of Drew Carey's Ex-Fiance

DHS chief: SWAT-like teams wouldn't be needed if sanctuary cities would help ICE

Elie Mystal FTW: "If you're going 2 ask black ppl to support a candidate who threatened their lives"

U.S. blacklists Rosneft unit to choke off funds for Venezuela's Maduro government

U.S. blacklists Rosneft unit to choke off funds for Venezuela's Maduro government

Bolton: I 'Really Hope' My Book Isn't 'Suppressed' By Trump

February 18 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jared Huffman (D) CA-2nd

CREW requests DOJ records on Flynn sentencing.

Statement from Campaign Manager Kevin Sheekey on Mike Bloomberg Qualifying for the Nevada Debate

Bernie Sanders visits Tacoma Washington

February 18 - Happy Birthday Rep. Eliot Engel (D) NY-16th

At it again: Trump has signed an executive order granting clemency for Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

Bloomberg Qualifies For Debate, Faces Attacks On Stop-And-Frisk Policy And Sexist Comments

Maddow: NYTimes: Trumpian money-following and Deutsche Bank approach their time in the barrel

Problems with Texas Child Protective

Will any of the moderators ask Bernie about his plan to raise taxes?

Graham tells Defense Secretary Esper he could 'make your life hell'

BREAKING: Judge Jackson plans to sentence Roger Stone as planned Thursday

Randy Interviews AG "Roseanne" Barr

Tried new pancake recipe and they passed quality control Boog and Mr big paws

This could be Microsoft's most important product in 2020. If it works

Our two justice systems. Reality Winner gets 5 yrs for leaking NSA intel about 2016 Russian hacking

Devin Nunes' Cow Has a First Amendment Right to Call Rep. Nunes a 'Treasonous Cowpoke'

Trump pardons Edward DeBartolo Jr., former San Francisco 49ers owner

When your cat meows at you, and you answer back with a "Meow"

Bloomberg called paid sick "a godawful law," & Living wage reminds Bloomberg of Soviet communism...

Let's clarify where people here stand on Mike Bloomberg as a Primary candidate

Remember to check your voter registration...

Child given doll with noose at Mississippi Mardi Gras parade (hate crime)

Russia to consider making ex-presidents immune from prosecution - RIA

I'm glad Rachael even

Midday Music for Millennials

Judge will sentence Roger Stone on Thursday, but could postpone punishment pending bid for new trial

"Repetitions" has 6 open spots left. Would anyone want to enter a second one?

Bloomberg's business in China could create unprecedented entanglements if he is elected president

Which candidate would do the most damage to our candidates in swing districts?

If you like westerns (movies)

Big News from Black Rock: Is this the most important story of the new year?

Lies and the air of invincibility

Beacon research NV poll : Sanders 24, Biden 19

Would Bloomberg be able to restore trust between American and the rest of the world?

I honestly think we need to change the TONE of politics going forward.

Happy 100th Birthday Annie Glenn!

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "Greenwood"

McClatchy: Steyer says Nevada, South Carolina are 'do or die' for his campaign

Forget Willie Horton in 1988, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be star of the 2020 General Election

Top intel office lawyer who handled Ukraine whistleblower complaint resigning

Bernie can't win..etc

How unpopular is Donald Trump?

Shimon Prokupecz: William Barr still micromanaging Stone case

Is the media corrupted by huge amounts of money spent on TV ads?

Rising: Supporters are Bernie's Greatest Strength

If Barr resigns

Warren Says Bernie Must Answer for Fans Who Harassed Women Union Leaders: 'We Do Not Build On A

Someone went to a wrestling match and a campaign rally broke out...

Potable water... Is it "POE-tabul" or "POT-abul" ?

New Telemundo poll: BIDEN LEADS SANDERS with Latino voters in Nevada, 34% to 31%

Judge calls opponent "selfish" for wanting to "break barriers" as first elected female chief justice

Petition to demand that Barr resign:

Tom Steyer internal NV polling...

article: The Traitors Were Always Easy To Spot - A Rogue's Gallery of "Trumpromat"

Trump has tweeted 14, crazy, unhinged, angry, lie filled, tweets in the last three hours-What is com

Can you imagine a brokered convention where Bernie is not nominated?

Thank you Washington! Let's go forward.

A reminder about the Nevada Caucus: all the polling you've seen is FIRST ROUND preference...

Debate Survey

BREAKING: Trump expected to commute sentence of Rod Blagojevich

Sanders opens 12-point lead nationally: poll

Colorado skier dies from asphyxiation by his coat on a chair lift

I suppose it's too much to hope for at this point

I posted a video to the video and multimedia forum, and it shows there, but not on the home page.

Pete Buittigieg campaign ad: "Our Chance/Nevada"

US attorney for EDNY assigned to coordinate "several open matters" related to Ukraine👀

Expert's opinions on the coronavirus outbreak

So, Tuna recently had a pretty special meeting...

Amy Klobuchar campaign ad: "Bienestar" (Sp)

Bernie Sanders campaign ad: "Nevada First"

Bernie Sanders campaign ad: "Belongs to Us"

Streaming Service recommendations.

US or Russia? Proposed amendment to ensure president immune from prosecution after out of office

Anyone know when Morning Consult will release new numbers?

Weinstein Prosecutors Claim Donna Rotunno Op-Ed Is Jury Tampering

It's an honor to receive @ConMijente's first presidential endorsement.

Surprise text message from Sanders campaign...

Japan on brink of recession as economy contracts, virus heightens risk

Bloomberg vs. Bernie

It's Just the End of February. The Convention Starts on July 13!

#orangeface is gonna commute sentence of Rod Blagojevich

After rape exam, underclothes often kept as evidence. Nurse buys new ones, raises awareness

Baylor Students Furious After Chapel Speaker Offers Prayer to Mother Nature

Drawing of a little girl

Democrats launch $10M campaign bashing Trump in 3 key swing states

In this current crazy world I guess I am a moderate Democrat.

Aggressive dog gives in to hugs for first time after rescue from his aggressive owner -Takis shelter

Nominating Bloomberg will fracture the party.

Singing dog duet will make you LOVE the opera

Here's exactly how Michael Bloomberg is surging

If the race is narrowed to Bernie and Joe who will you vote for?

Prediction: Trump will commute the sentence of Justin Volpe this year

How Elizabeth Warren's Camp Is Seeking to Regain the Spotlight

Stephen Miller's Uncle Donates To Pro-Refugee Group As 'Wedding Gift' To Nephew

'What the hell's the matter with your campaign?' (Biden)

Bloomberg vs Bernie is actually a pretty decent test of electability for the GE.

John Flannery : 'Barr and tRump are running a crime syndicate out of the West Wing.'

17,000 people in Tacoma just sent a very powerful message to the billionaire class.

Advertising is incredibly effective for products of all types. Even candidates in primaries.

Kitboga taking on scammers! LIVE

Corporations are working with the Trump administration to control online speech

'Will He Resign?': Lawyers React After Trump Ignores Barr's Plea to Stop Tweeting About Judges

One of the most important U.S. alliances in Asia has been endangered

China sees fall in coronavirus deaths but WHO urges caution

Catholic school's alleged sacking of gay teachers sparks protests

Guardian OP-ED: Mike Bloomberg's election spending spree tells an ugly story

Joe Walsh: "Amy Klobuchar would absolutely kick Trump's ass in November."

Given electability issues re male candidates, which female candidate would be the best party nominee

Michael Moore; There are more of us than them

Roger Stone will be sentenced Thursday despite his ongoing bid to overturn conviction

Which candidate do you think is bringing in the most "new voters" ?

Trump expected to grant clemency to disgraced ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich

NFL all-time leading passer Drew Brees will pass on retirement, play in 2020

Poll: Bloomberg on the debate stage

Does trump want to run against the big bad scary word "socialism"?

This one precinct in Las Vegas shows people waiting 3.5 hours for early voting

Trump expected to pardon former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik

Word is that the Con is also going to pardon Bernie Kerik

Poll Results Are Not Static - As Things Change, Polls Change

Will Trump be the first ex-president to go to prison?

This Day In Music 🎶

Fred Guttenberg is not taking crap from certain quarters:

Bloomberg and his billions are what Democrats need to beat Trump

They all have flaws, but...

Latinx Group Mijente's First-Ever Presidential Endorsement: Bernie Sanders

Layer 2 is on.

Per NYT: **Ron Blagojavich's sentence has been commuted by tRump**

Breaking: Trump to posthumously pardon Richard Speck

TRUMP: "I'm actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country."

My conservative Republican friend who voted for Hillary

Much ado about Black voters


Trump Sends A New Paranoid Love Note To Bernie Sanders..😮⌚

Sanders surges to double-digit lead in new nationwide poll

Trump's pardons the last couple of days are all about reminding Stone that

This put a smile on my face

What will happen when the billionaires and the corporations are gone?

It Is Time for a New Way Forward

Trump Expected to Issue Executive Clemency for Ex-NYPD Commissioner Kerik: Sources

NEWS: 50,000 Join Sanders Across Presidents Day Weekend Swing

Creating a Campaign Organization - Three Approaches

NEWS: 50,000 Join Sanders Across Presidents Day Weekend Swing

America's 'recycled' plastic waste is clogging landfills, survey finds

Mike Bloomberg wants you to text him back

Another right-wing nutcase gets press credentials from White House...

Tales from Tennessee

So how many others have been separated from their wives and children

What a BUSY day it's been...

Seriously---no snark or "blindered" comments, please---which Democrat can best


#orangeface blames Comey for Blago prosecution...

***The Contest is filled up. "Repetitions" even had one entry too many***

About Bloomberg, it's not just the baggage brought up so far,

"You Tell Me You Can't Vote for Him?": Eddie Glaude Calls Out GOP Strategist

Mike Bloomberg releases plan to rein in Wall Street

"the always used National Security excuse" - is Trump's Twitter account now attacking him?

Why Trump's Approval May Be Inflated

Klobuchar scrambles to turn her magic moment into something more

Mijente Endorsement Video for Bernie Sanders

Those terrible billionaires some love to rail against

Mijente Endorsement Video for Bernie Sanders

When GHW Bush pardoned the Iran-Contra villains...

Trump's Approval Rating Is Underwater In 8 Key Battleground States He Won In 2016

Report: Patriots want an answer from Tom Brady before free agency

Has there been any word on when Trump will complete that physical he started

Just because the ignoratti came out in Idiocratic droves

Japanese couple who visited Hawaii were diagnosed with coronavirus, and Delta is warning passengers

Coronavirus update: more than 73,000 cases, 1,873 deaths, Apple warns on second quarter

This woman is pretty damn great

Stocks decline after Apple warns of coronavirus fallout

Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico-part of Clinton Foundation working w/Solar partners & maternal clinic

Tonight, 02/18/20, on CNN! 9pm ET/6pm PT!

Is he going to pardon

Top Intel Lawyer Who Handled Whistleblower Quits

Unusual joint statement from McConnell, McCarthy and Graham defending Barr

Is this a plausible theory for why the FBI is moving so slowly on Giuliani?

Chrissie Hynde directly appeals to Trump to drop charges against Julian Assange

Are Trump's pardons now just a preview of Trump upcoming pardons of Stone and Flynn?

Bloomberg advocated for cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.

Bernie Sanders is not "far-left" by any reasonable measure.

IL House GOP Leader Durkin: "I guess Trump's not concerned about IL next November"


Capybaras chillin' in a "hot tub":

Can we please stop attacking each other?

Bloomberg campaign writes off Biden

Pete Buttigieg says if Trump loses election and refuses to leave White House, he could 'do chores'

Early voted in Arkansas today

Trump is 'unhinged' over Bloomberg, former aide claims

Planning trip ...question about weather

Don't bet against Joe Biden just yet. He has an ace up his sleeve...Go Joe..You can do this..😎😄

New Rule?

You know that these pardons are completely bonkers when...

Waiting in line to get my taxes done today with AARP.

Patients Stuck With Bills After Insurers Don't Pay As Promised

Playful OTTERS frolicking with friends --for those needing a smile today!

Obama reportedly expects he'll have to play a 'prominent role' in uniting Democrats this summer

I'm sick of the media trying to push some candidates...

Thinking DU might find this interesting.

Yougov poll: Sanders 53. Bloomberg 38 head to head

Jeff Tiedrich nails it, as usual.

Graham tells Defense Secretary Esper he could 'make your life hell'

Every Trump Financial Thread Pulled Results In Scandal Rachel Maddow MSNBC


Milken made Nelson Peltz wealthy. Peltz is the billionaire who held the $10M+ fundraiser for Trump

Laurence Tribe provides soothing gifs to watch

75 years later, the Battle of Iwo Jima still haunts this veteran

"The Foreigner." Outstanding action/revenge movie.

Any positive things for us today?

Squirrels eating engine wires and hoses

Some dissent emerges on new engineering contract with Boeing

45 has commuted Blago's sentence.

Bloomberg's policy proposals, so far, are pretty good. But there's an obvious question there.

I just did something very liberating.

Trump Is a Fraud and a Liar

Venezuela Turns to Russian Money Printer to Buy Millions of Bolivar Bills

Trump Is a Fraud and a Liar

Homeland Security waives contracting laws for border wall

Dalhi - Bernie Sanders Ad

The day Democracy died....

Dalhi - Bernie Sanders Ad

'All we have are walls': crisis leaves Venezuela's schools crumbling

Biden and Bloomberg are both being called "Moderate Democrats" this year

Harrop: Next president will have to go back to move forward

Goodbye, Ferret Face!

Meat falls out of Florida man's pants as he tries to escape cops by stripping naked.

Sanders campaign mgr says Fox News "more fair than MSNBC"

Cartoons 2/18/2020

Sign CREW's petition for Barr to resign

You raised $2,215.40 on February 17, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Republican Senate candidate brings up Bernie Sanders...

Foreperson Tomeka Hart, Juror 1261, is questioned during jury selection, p. 39.

Bill would require kids' menus to offer healthy beverages

there is a clear historical precedent for this year but if I said what it is I would

Bloomberg campaign: Primary is two-way race with Sanders

The Rude Pundit: Bloomberg Plays Turd in the Democratic Punch Bowl

GOP leader claims Trump prefers hanging out with workers over the wealthy

Who is Trump Going to Pardon

Trump is showing all that he is an avid supporter of white collar crime.

Why are American Jews so afraid of one of their own?

Questions about Obamacare

More than anything else I am just so tired of Bernie

The only Black man 45 has pardoned so far....

Bernie lost to Hillary in 2016...

Coronavirus Creates Domino Effect in Global Automotive Supply Chain

Nevada, @UnivisionNews Poll Of Hispanics: Sanders 33%

Courts make photo ID less likely in N Carolina 2020 voting

Nevada, @UnivisionNews Poll Of Hispanics: Sanders 33%

And no-one suspects a thing. . .

The Nevada caucuses

"I switched from the Biden campaign to the Sanders campaign because

Randy Rainbow, No Rules For Donald

Amy Klobuchar, Insurgent From the Inside

Trump blasts proposed restrictions on selling U.S. jet parts to China

No politics here. He pardons people all the time, even Democrats

Question for mostly women, but if the guys here use a curling iron I'll surely listen.....

WRAL News poll: 3 tied atop Democratic presidential field in NC

SurveyUSA poll: Michael Bloomberg surges to 2nd place among California voters ahead of Super Tuesday

Damn, tweety bird was on tv again

will utah republicans call on romney to resign?

Bloomberg and Bernie

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 19 February 2020

"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think."

Maine Primary: Sanders - Buttigieg - Bloomberg

You know who else took control of the justice system?

When Trump promised to "drain the swamp" ...

From Venezuela with Love II: fugitive coalition politician confirms claims Colombia's 2018 election

It's POLLAPALOOZA today...

Colombia's war crimes tribunal keeps finding corpses in army mass grave


The anti-Bernie pundits would be more credible if they'd just say something like this:

Utah Senate votes to unanimously decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults

Who will be the next to drop out? And when?

On mercury pollution, Trump's EPA goes beyond industry requests

Harvard students to file lawsuit demanding school pull investments from prisons

Bloomberg may be paving the way for Sanders to win by splitting the moderate vote even more

Reuters/Ipos National Poll

Trump accuses Bloomberg of 'illegally buying' Democratic nomination

Trump pardons the swamp

LAT Op-Ed: Bloomberg is not the candidate to take on Trump. Here's why

I've been playing around with jewelry design recently


Trump declares himself the 'chief law enforcement officer of the United States' and admits

Left-wing blogger/podcaster Ryan Cooper writes...

Rachel Maddow: On Michael Milken pardon day, a story in 1 tweet, 2 links

SC Republicans want you to vote for Bernie

NBC/WSJ National Poll

ME-SEN: Maine Senate Race Is Very Tight

Stephen Miller's Uncle Donates To Pro-Refugee Group As 'Wedding Gift' To Nephew

Sanders Holds Wide Lead Nationally

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grants of Clemency


NBC/WSJ: Poll of negative candidate attributes...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 18, 2020

It looks like Bloomberg is going after the disatisfied Democrats, Republicans, and independent votes

It's Close At The Top In The Tar Heel State- BS 22% MB 22% JB 20%

I am so so so sick of hearing the words "Democratic establishment"

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure, Joint Base Andrews, MD; February 18, 2020

Elizabeth Warren: It's a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate

NBC News/WSJ poll: Sanders opens up double-digit national lead in primary race

National NBC/WSJ National Poll: Sanders 27%

Asking... why do Bernie supporters want him over Elizabeth?

Clip McDonald's coupons and send them to the White House

National @SurveyUSA Poll: Sanders 29%

National @SurveyUSA Poll: Sanders 29%

I am going to start swimming again. I have "caregiver stress" and it is catching up on me lately.


Put my Amy sticker on my car

The pardons are a distraction...

Kerik was no surprise, and white collar crime knows no party re: Blagojevich pardon.

On this day, February 18, 1970, the Chicago Seven were found "not guilty" of conspiracy.

How does a car fall off a ferry?

Born on this day, February 18, 1947, Dennis DeYoung of Styx.

41 years ago -- one of DC's most notorious blizzards struck on Presidents' Day weekend.

Mother Dog Protects Her Puppies By Making A Home In A Snowdrift

The emergency meeting of the Federal Judges Association is taking place Wednesday not today

Has Bernie released his health records since.......

Can trump pardon himself?

(No) Thank You Charlie Daniels!

Just your daily reminder that these people are *NOT* friends or allies

Former Obama aides criticize Bloomberg's new ads as misleading - Business Insider

Bloomberg builds 'massive' Mississippi campaign, most other 2020 Democrats focus elsewhere

Pardons for sale!

Pro-Russian political figures according to Russian state TV

Trump Grants Clemency to Another Round of Convicts He Saw on Fox News

Bernie mounted a more assertive defense against allegations of verbal abuse from his backers.

Bernie mounted a more assertive defense against allegations of verbal abuse from his backers.

I don't really understand how the Presidential Pardon makes sense in our system of government.

So..... when IS Sanders going to release his health records???

Someone get this man a uniform.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

She was stuck up there for four days 😱

The Cons day so far....

Dog always runs full speed ahead of his mountain biker dad 💚

The latest attacks against Bloomberg

even rightwing washingtonexaminer op-ed calls Trump pardon "swampy"

Biden campaign sr. adviser Symone Sanders discuses Michael Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders Gets Snippy with Local Reporter Who Presses Him on Ugly Supporters,

Regular Democrats Just Aren't Worried About Bernie

Ferret meets dog, falls in love ❤

DeBlasio does great job as Sanders surrogate talking to Chuckie on MSNBC.

Question about reinstalling Windows 7 on an Asian HP laptop

So the swamp that Obama emptied is back on the street?

drumpf's pardons aren't just about his friends............

Lies, Lies and more Lies....Peter Navarro, when shown the Obama numbers still Lies 😡

The 2020 baseball season promises untold anarchy and mayhem...

Ja'net DuBois "Good Times" star Dead at 74

Could Obama have made a recess appointment for Justice Garland?

The Bernie movement is about shifting the political winds back left.

Bernie helping a cameraman back to his feet who fell over a bench ...

My apologies, but I feel Self Funding of a campaign is better....

Bernie helping a cameraman back to his feet who fell over a bench ...

Is this a way Republicans have come up with

Susan Collins faces competitive Senate race, poll indicates

mike Luckovich 02/19. title, Trump happiness

Geez... Is there ANY good news today?

What is with Trump and the juvenile nicknames?

Um holy cow. A Mexican citizen was allegedly tracking a US government source in the US on behalf of

The Boy Scouts and the scandals that plague them

Any former Boy Scouts here?


"Worth the Price?" New Film Shows How Biden Played Leading Role in Push for U.S. to Invade Iraq