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In the race for California's 50th Congressional District Trump has become the defining factor

The electability business: is Bernie Sanders America's Corbyn?

Breaking news now MSNBC

Sharing some adorbs to make you smile! 😍 🥰

Biden calls on Sanders to take accountability for supporters' threats

Does large volume of Bloomberg ads raise price for others?

Trump's Lord Emperor's Midnight Song!

OH MY GOODNESS! More hearts!!!!

Taking a selfie through a toilet roll - Moonie shots

Biden: Bernie needs to "find out who the hell they are, if any of them work for [him]. Fire them.""

Trevor Noah explains eloquently why Bloomberg doesn't get it.

Memo Justifying Iran Strike Cites No Imminent Threat

More repetition

Outdoor hockey Colorado style

U.S. household debt hits record high of $14.15 trillion

6 year old girl on her way to 48 hour hold in mental facility and sedation.

Kobach Courts Trump as GOP Frets

Ex-diplomat's daughter charged with murder in fatal stabbing


Pelosi says she 'had no intention' to tear up Trump's State of the Union until she read it

Ex-diplomat's daughter charged with murder in fatal stabbing

Unpacking the legacy of stop-and-frisk in New York under Mike Bloomberg. #BetweenTheScenes

Warren will be in Seattle, Washington the late afternoon of February 22 (NV caucus day)

Big turnout of Latino endorsers for Biden in Las Vegas this afternoon!

'People Will Starve.' Experts Are Worried About the Hundreds of Thousands Who Could Lose Food Stamps

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren Mike Bloomberg is a billionaire who thinks he can drop a bunch of money

64 White Supremacists Prosecuted by DOJ Receive 820 Years in Federal Prison

I spoke to a couple tonight in Alexandria, VA

Bloomberg campaign downplays report he is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate

Hot damn, Bloomberg has Biff AND Scut Farkus in his new "There's a bully in the W.H." ad.

Road near Fall City landslide remains open to one-way traffic for now

Some Valentine Hearts!

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser endorses Bloomberg

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They Documented the Coronavirus Crisis in Wuhan. Then They Vanished.

Fido's - The World's First Dog Tap House

Courting young conservatives, Republicans speed up their 'evolution' on climate change

Psychologist Warns Of NEW Symptom Of Trump's Mental Decline

Trump Economy Truth Slips Out

Bloomberg's Billions: How the Candidate Built an Empire of Influence

Telling The Truth

'This may be the last piece I write': now a Xi critic's words ring true

Havaheart capture and release. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

What You Should Know About Bernie Sanders And A Controversial Proposal To Bring Toxic Waste To Texas

I want to thank everyone for the hearts this week. It has really

Bloomberg is basically an old-fashioned "Rockefeller Republican"...

A couple of words to Team Warren in the Granite State.

Ay otra cosa! Bloomberg alleged sexism, sexual harrassment--que mas?

'Hillary Still Ain't in Jail'


We had defections on the right and left in the 1948 presidential election and still won

Our search and seizure laws evolved out of the Brit's mistreatment of Americans. With Stop

I thought hearts were done on Valentine day

The booklet was produced by Elisabeth DeMarse, who worked as Bloomberg's chief marketing officer.

Bloomberg heckled by pro-gunners in Virgina

I got a mailer from Trump's campaign today and it didn't even have

Does any one remember what happened to Howard Dean

Oh, you shouldn't have!

Sanders attacks moderate rivals as voting begins in Nevada....👴🏻

3D Printing Is Changing the World VICE on HBO

Does any one remember what happened to Howard Dean

How do I get a photo on my iPad to DU???

Rather than spend so much money on ads

Biden calls on Sanders to take accountability for supporters' threats

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Worries grow as moderates split Democratic vote

Great new ad by Joe Biden calling out sanders false claims on social security

Bloomberg pledges to 'dismantle systems that are plagued by bias and discrimination'

Judge: City can remove 176-year-old slave auction block

Thank you very much for the valentines...............

''This is the most consequential election in American history'' - @BernieSanders

''This is the most consequential election in American history'' - @BernieSanders

Thanks for the hearts

The Divinity of Donald Trump: The Daily Show

President and VP don't necessarily have to be from different states.

Workers Face Retirement With Fear as GOP Refuses to Back Pension Protection Bill

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Exiting NFL coach raises $30k at Yard Sale for Charlotte Humane Society

Sanders Applauds New Medicare for All Study: Will Save Americans $450 Billion and Prevent

DUI driver goes airborne!

I love these new Biden ads on Gun Control

Do businesses like Wayfair know that inequality is killing their business?

My hearts are with me everywhere I go

1-833-NOT-ME-US (humor)

@FiveThirtyEight Forecast, Chance Of Winning #Nevada's Most Votes: Sanders 66%

Mike Bloomberg isn't the anti-Trump juggernaut he seems to be

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''As of 5PM we had more than 11,800 Nevada Democrats participate in the first day of early voting''

Our Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has spoken...

The Lancet: "Improving the prognosis of health care in the USA"

Nevada Democrats Hold Pre-Caucus Gala - WATCH LIVE FEB 15 - 10:45PM ET - C-SPAN

1-833-NOT-ME-US 'Economic Rights are Human Rights'

Deep cracks emerge in Biden's firewall

Syd Barret's Pink Floyd - The Scarecrow - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Not superficial but realiistic

Baghdad explosions: rockets strike near US embassy in Iraq

Wondering how much Barr might have inserted himself into Avenatti's prosecution.

Pompeo to western leaders: "How dare you question American leadership??"

Clayton Williams, oilman and colorful candidate for Texas governor, has died

I wonder how much you have to donate to trump

Let's try to keep ONE THING in mind, mmmmkay?

Syd Barrets Pink Floyd - "Pow R. Toc H."

The most obnoxious Trumpster is sitting too close to me at the bar.

Hmmmmm. Glanced down and a dozen threads about Bloomberg

Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, and Barbara Lee floated by Sanders aficionados for his VP pick


Dexterity puzzle

Texas Democrats worry about Sanders ticket

Jon Ralston: big number on first day of early voting in Nevada for caucuses

Arkansas early voting for the primary starts Monday.

64 White Supremacists Prosecuted by DOJ Receive Total 820 Years in Federal Prison

May fortune smile on you as broadly as I smile now because you have given me ❤️ emma

The new W76-2 low-yield Trident submarine warhead and North Korea?

Conservatives painting canada's indigenous ss privileged?

Regarding those hearts...

Thanks for the heart.

DNC announces debate qualification rules for South Carolina

Nikki Haley on the move in SC

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic nominee in all US Senate seats up in 2020.

Does anyone have an "Apple iPhone 7 Plus" ?

Remind you of anyone?

Baby Bears Standing in a Circle Playing

Sepultura "Territory" Vocal Cover By Māra

Wisconsin Voters flagged for deletion still live where list says they don't

What Sanders actually said: "Being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat"

Korn performs Sepultura's 'Roots Bloody Roots' with Andreas Kisser & Derrick Green

His dialysis center won't allow his life-size Trump cutout, so this Florida Man refuses to go

Over 1,000 Alleged Oracle Employees Have Signed a Petition Demanding Founder Larry Ellison Cancel a

Jon Ralston also said Sanders folks threw chairs back in 2016

I think I finally understand the goal of the Michael Bloomberg campaign.

Back to the Future' Writer: Biff Tannen Is Based on Donald Trump

A mock refresher:

Exactly how I feel.

SEPULTURA - Nomad , lit AF !

Sanders surges in Texas:

The Road To The Matt Santos White House - West Wing (1/2)

JAZZ HEAD REACTS To Rammstein For The FIRST Time! - Mein Teil


James Madison, not Thomas Jefferson was the shortest US President

San Diego declares two emergencies over coronavirus to free up resources

What to do with healthcare from an MD

Amazon gets go-ahead to build in Orange County

Dear Mr. Trump Go Ahead And Tweet Something

Alabama lawmaker responds to abortion ban with mandatory vasectomy bill: 'It takes two to tango'

Thank You For The Hearts

Tweet of the Day

The dark legacy of US intervention in Guatemala

Pompeo believes Washington leads coalition to overthrow Maduro

My recent interactions with real life "Bernie people"

Orangutan granted 'personhood' turns 34, makes new friend

How To Shut Up A Trump Cult MAGA Moron

High school band director asked her students to "be yourself" for their yearbook photo...awesome!

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, armed tribesmen battle illegal loggers for their future -- and ours

Brazilian journalist murdered at home in Paraguay

San Diego Aquarium Breeds Rare Sea Dragon

Science is ever evolving, just like the human race

Touch in Babies Provides a Foundation for Empathy

Early Infections Don't Seem to Prevent Allergies - But Getting Dirty in Nature Might

Canada driver captures rare sighting of mother lynx and her kittens

A reminder to get your pets chipped

Bjork - HyperBallad

Father of all Mother Fuckers - Green Day

Green Day - I Was A Teenage Teenager

Prince "Space" (Universal Love Remix) - 1994

American tests positive for Coronavirus, after everyone disembarked into Cambodia.

Breakfast Sunday 16 February 2020

Sanders steps up attacks on Bloomberg at candidates event in Nevada

Lisa Murkowski announces what her payoff was

At least one Iowa county shorted Biden on delegates.

@SecElaineChao Sec of Transportation announces 20M grant for @LisaMurkowski Alaska Port..........

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Go Go Catzilla Edition

"No thing is more threatening to a tyrant than truth."

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Risen Star Stakes

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 El Camino Real Derby

Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders' wife, marches for Native women in Minneapolis

I loathe them

Photo: Bernie at Clark County Kick Off to Caucus 2020 Gala in Las Vegas

Sleeping with dogs

Bernie Sanders directly addressed @MikeBloomberg's candidacy to Clark County Democrats:

Bernie Sanders directly addressed @MikeBloomberg's candidacy to Clark County Democrats:

Precinct annual meetings were held yesterday in Durham.

Do you think we will have martial law a ?

Why do we call out racism and racists?

My new heart!

64 white supremacists in North Texas sentenced in federal investigation

Photo: In Downtown Durham, Overflow Crowd Greets Bernie Sanders

Photo: In Downtown Durham, Overflow Crowd Greets Bernie Sanders

Judge: Pipeline through Hill Country can move forward

Wow, I'm not done with my coffee and another heart!

How to Vote for Bernie in California (in 3 minutes)

How to Vote for Bernie in California (in 3 minutes)

Sanders surpasses Biden in NV polls

Steel for border wall going up in Arizona made by company with Trump PAC ties

Sanders - RCP Poll Average Nevada

Pelosi Names First Director For Office Of Whistleblower Ombudsman

Haven't heard anything about how Brexit is going. Any specifics yet?

Would a President Bloomberg use his wealth to seek a third term if he wanted it?

Who's Ahead in Texas? Feb 15 - Sanders

Who's Ahead in Texas? Feb 15 - Sanders

BREAKING: 1100+ USDoJ alumni release statement condemning Barr & call for resignation

Oilman, former Texas governor candidate Williams dies at 88

To Jim Jordan from ex-OSU wrestler:'Other things are going to come out-it's just going to get worse'

Jon Fishman To Co-Chair Bernie Sanders' Maine Super Tuesday Campaign

64 White Supremacists Prosecuted by DOJ Receive 820 Years in Federal Prison

This is just so terribly disrespectful of the president even if it's true. (sarcasm)

'Trump is deciding who is American': how the new travel ban is tearing families apart

Jon Fishman To Co-Chair Bernie Sanders' Maine Super Tuesday Campaign

Remember Stefanik? Her local newspaper asked for a comment - she sent back a fundraising letter

This is how it REALLY went down...

Trump eliminates funding for program honoring Ambassador Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi

A new issue (bug) with "Link to Tweets"

I think Pete and Chasten are an adorable couple!

Do you believe that Obama should have done a better job pulling the country together?

25,000 Americans have died from flu so far this season

Here is my question to America....

Fearful of Trump's Attacks, Justice Dept. Lawyers Worry Barr Will Leave Them Exposed

If Trump managed to shut down DU and MSNBC what would the impact be on your life?

Do you believe that Americans should get over themselves. get behind Trump and make it work?

Bakers: I need some input/advise about pie crust

I slept well, I've had my coffee, and I'm ready to read inflammatory statements

Crossover voting could create political mischief in Michigan's March 10 primary ....🙄😲

Set your remotes to "Pander". Trump at the Daytona 500 today.

George Conway: There is no one to stop Trump now

What 2020 Presidential contender said the following?

Tom Steyer, Billionaire, has been a Presidential candidate for six months...

Trump wants to take a lap around the Daytona International Speedway track in "The Beast" this Sunday

No, radical policies won't drive election-winning turnout

Fred Guttenberg won't back Sanders because Sanders is running against the Democratic Party

Jumping Cats. . .an oldie but goodie. . .

Note: all swing/indie votes count the same.

This college was accredited by a DeVos-sanctioned group, no evidence of students or faculty

Bernie Sanders hits a ceiling in first primary contests

Sanders Steps Up Attacks On Bloomberg At Candidates Event in Nevada

Mike Bloomberg's Third Term as Mayor of NYC

I am posting this in the lounge because it has to do with Disney.

Biden targets Sanders's gun votes in remarks near Las Vegas mass shooting..😎 🏜

Sunday TOON Bonus - 28 Years of Non Sequitur

New study by Yale epidemiologists: #MedicareForAll will save $450 billion and prevent 68,000 deaths

"Elite ICE units"? Can you spell Gestapo, SS or storm trooper? Fanatical, cool aid guzzler, true

A Former Border Agent, at Risk of Deportation Himself

I am honored to receive another heart today.

NV infrastructure candidate forum today at 2pm - live feed

WTF...democratic mayor of Columbia SC

Bloomberg considering Hillary Clinton for VP

Barr, at Trump's request, was trying to orchestrate a sweetheart deal to please President Erdogan


Bloomberg on the 94 crime bill and Joe Biden.

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

"I am very proud that this picture goes around the world because it is a symbol of liberation"

Perfect response by Tim O'Brien now on AM Joy. (Re: Bloomie/Hillary rumor)

As a half ass cook I'm making veggie soup bear creek brand

Bloomberg Senior Advisor Tim O'Brien on AM Joy

Culinary Workers Secretary-Treasurer refuses to promise support for Sanders should he win the nom

Buttigieg: I'm not going to be "lectured on family values" from Rush Limbaugh

Biden:' 'He's been talking about Medicare for all for 35 years. Nothing's happened..'

Younger voters want some of that 'Boomer Socialism'

Black college swimmer on team trip had gun pointed at his head by police

Israel's Gantz vows to form government without Netanyahu

Sanders best on questions of character, values and empathy.

Ragnarok, A Norwegian 6 episode series.

More than 1,100 ex-Justice Department officials call for Barr's resignation

Watching Biden on MTP just now

Time to address the insanity from Republican Senators and House Reps.

Klobuchar shifts on immigration before Nevada caucuses

Trump's Socialism!

Mike Bloomberg Is Doing One Thing the Rest Are Not

Some of us are filing our nails and trying to "decide" who most "appeals" to out

J Street calls on DMFI to take down polarizing, harmful ads it's running against Sen. Sanders in NV

A taxi driver saved an elderly woman from being scammed out of $25,000

J Street calls on DMFI to take down polarizing, harmful ads it's running against Sen. Sanders in NV

Bernie Sanders was the roll call amendment king from 1995 to 2007

Photo Bumb of the Day NSFEyeballs

Clyburn on Steyer's surge in South Carolina: 'He has money, he has been spending it'

Spare ❤️ I could use one

Colorado - I've mailed my ballot for Bernie this morning

Chuck Rocha: Today (Sunday) at 11:15AM ET I'll be joining MSNBC Joy Reid

Chuck Rocha: Today (Sunday) at 11:15AM ET I'll be joining MSNBC Joy Reid

More than 1100 former fed prosecutors and DOJ officials have called on Barr to resign.

Did anyone see Mayor Pete on Chris Wallace's Show on FOX this morning?

Physico-chemical properties of Chernobyl "Elephant's Foot" Lava.

Thank you Skinner.

City shuts down part of a park for "snake orgy" CNN:

Who is that tRump-ass-kissing crackpot on AM Joy???

Klobuchar looks to keep surge going in Nevada

I hate mice.

Tom Cotton reiterates his suggestion that the Coronavirus originated at a super-lab in Wuhan

Are you fucking kidding me!!!??? Rant on:

Mother Jones Article on the Crazy Evangelicals

A portrait in class

Now that M4A has been conceded to be 'aspirational' the Magic Fairy Dust has relocated.

Sunday A.M. Aww pix

The DU has now raised OVER $145,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

FBI Warns Against American Dream Scam

Another post referencing that supposed mostly red map of the US.

Warren is paying the price for her honesty and her gender

Herb Garden

David Koch Inherited 10 Billion Died With 50 Billion And Paid No Income Tax SS Or Medicare

Bloomberg chose to avoid facing SC Primary Voters.

Bloomberg in 2013: Civil libertarians and teachers union are like NRA 'extremists'

I'm Happy for Amy, But sad for Cory and others.

Bad quarterbacks a big problem for the XFL

Missed Warren on AM Joy, saw this on Twitter.

Klobuchar gets the Houston Chronicle endorsement.

Bloomberg continues to attack Trump

The government required him to see a therapist. He thought his words would be confidential...

Why doesn't Netflix remember movies I've seen?

I can't

At some point; he will attempt to use Nuclear Weapons

Biden Vows to Emulate Bill Clinton With Comeback Primary Wins

Florida city shuts down part of a park due to annual snake orgy

An Economic Agenda for American Families

Wow. Even today black talent is being denied by Caucasian artists.

"Daddy drinks for the government!"

Bernie Sanders Minces No Words In Takedown Of Rival Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg VP

Something weird happened the other day

Rick Wilson strikes again: Roger Stone and Bill Barr -

It had gone far enough. One man had to put his foot down.

The dangerous, self destructive, cognitive defect infecting Trump voters.

Update on "REPETITIONS" February Photo Contest - we are at 23 entries

How Democracy is losing to Fascism around the world?

Otis Blackwell was born on this date.

Biden on Bloomberg: 'I don't think you can buy an election'

The Laurel and Hardy affect.

Last night CNN showed the Bush v Dukakis election.

Biden, Klobuchar hit Bloomberg's record ahead of Nevada debate

AM Joy missed most of show today

You raised $1,955.80 on February 15, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Billboard With a Simple Message

Is (?) are your politics about power or is it just a hobby.... NPR

Would you prefer your favorite candidate?

Koala cuddles.

BREAKING: Stone judge calling for "on the record" ph conf 2 days before sentencing

Thank you for the Heart....

All bow down for the Royal Princess:

Houston Chronicle: We recommend Amy Klobuchar in Democratic primary for president

Bernie Sanders lavishes praise on Communist Russia / Jonathan Alter comment

44 Americans on cruise ship docked in Japan tested positive for coronavirus, U.S. health official sa

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 16, 2020?

Brian Stelter creeping authoritarianism.

Amy's new Nevada AD

The Great hypocrisy of Republicans when it comes to national defense.

Trump vents over media coverage of his "powerful, under construction, Border Wall" that fell over.

Pete Buttigieg: The Big Gay Interview

It Would Be Easy For Bernie To Win - Zero Income Tax SS Medicare On First 50K Earned

The art of misleading the public

Trump about to ruin my favorite race day

Replace a word(s) in any movie title with "Snake Orgy"

Have you heard about Operation Chaos 2020! ?

Judge to hold conference 2 days before sentencing scheduled for this Thusday

Breakfast at VFW and primary chit chat

Free MAGA hats!

Is now the appropriate time to test it, when we're trying to remove this person currently in the off

trump named Grand Marshal for Daytona 500, will give "start your engines" command.

The price of wine is dropping fast!

There are 2 types of dogs in the world... 😂 �� 😂

I'm coming around to the idea of a universal "Copper" healthcare plan

I'm in a Super Tuesday state. We vote in less than three

Why isn't Mike 'getting it done'? Why no poll yet to get him in the debate?

Warren doubles down on a surprisingly risky pitch: Democratic unity

Klobuchar Doesn't Know the Name of Mexico's President

LOL! Bloomberg IS Mary Poppins!

I think Bloomberg pretty much already has what he wants.

A. E. Hotchner, writer and friend of the famous, dies at 102

Family Redux: I had a wonderful kind of angry bitter political argument with my son.

While Decent White People Were Sleeping, We Lost America

Tom Steyer calls out ThisWeek host Martha Raddatz for toeing the Trump economic narrative

An important set of intangibles

Bloomberg STILL has NOT Qualified for the Nevada Debate!

Trump's words used by kids to bully classmates at school.

Rescued kitten evolution in just 7 days

Viewpoints: Where Democrats stand on tax increases

Sanders supporters outside a Biden fundraiser. YES, they ARE Sanders supporters....

Cartoons 2/16/2020

Just FYI about Mike Bloomberg

County seeks federal aid after recent floods and landslides

Attention Wisconsin Voters. State election day this Tuesday. State Supreme Court ballot & regional

Not that anyone here does--or should--care, but...

Winter storm barreling toward the UK is possibly the strongest ever for North Atlantic

Car full of teenagers drives at, runs over officer who tried to stop them

Wait, *that* Bobby Rush?

Sex Abuse Scandal At Gym Jordan's Old Team Will 'Get Worse' For Him, Warns Ex-Wrestler

Bernie Sanders Seeks Greta Thunberg Endorsement, But Winds Up Pranked By Russian Jokesters

I completed my Primary Ballot.

Larry Ellison joins Peter Thiel in Trump's camp

Some black voters consider other front-runners as Biden looks to South Carolina

Liberal group mocks Biden with coffin to symbolize his dead campaign

Biden says he'd 'disown' anyone who made online attacks like Bernie Sanders' supporters

Extraordinary. Yes, Indeed.

Than you for another heart, you guys are the best.

Chris Hayes Names Only Thing Standing Against 'Authoritarian Decline' Under Donald Trump

About Avenatti

AG Barr Appointed Outside Prosecutor to Review Case against Michael Flynn

Bloomberg attacks Trump. Bernie attacks Democrats

I did it!

Don't know to whom I owe the hearts I got today but thanks, whoever you are!

"In many countries, the end of democracy often begins with someone who mocks it"

Trump blames his border wall falling over on 'big winds' and claims it's fixed 'forever'

Maine has simply had it with Susan Collins

Republicans Try to Shape Democratic Races in Their Favor -WSJ Washington Wire

Open primaries, anyone?

Trump translator reference card

Air strikes on Yemen kill 31 civilians after Saudi jet crash

I just want to say thank you for the hearts!

Coronavirus death reported in Taiwan, US cruise passengers released from quarantine

The Next Hurdle for Bernie Sanders: Nevada's Top Union Dislikes 'Medicare for All'

Mike Posner - Move On (Official Video)

My Heart Belongs to Beto, But I am Giving my Vote to Bloomberg

Democrats Weigh Whether to Pursue New Investigations as Election Looms

Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Denver Sunday with performance by Mike Posner

'Something has to be done': Trump's quest to rewrite history of the Russia probe


Trump pushed CIA to find, kill Osama bin Laden's son over higher priority targets

How does Mike Bloomberg feel about education and teachers?


Illinois man, 80, set for release in 1960 triple-killing

Trump made a statement to the crowd at the Daytona 500!

Joe Biden wants more than just to defeat Trump

A vet in your pocket

Billionaires shouldn't be able to buy elections in the United States of America.

someone forgot to turn off the loudspeaker used to inform residents about the latest on coronavirus

Trump wants to kill Grandma: Two items buried in Trump's budget call for big changes to Medicare

NV Dems sent out a call for "technical volunteers ... to help caucus staff use basic tech tools"

De Blasio: 'I have spent literally six years undoing what Michael Bloomberg did'

Axelrod: Biden's frustrated with Bloomberg's deceptive ads

It Looks to Me Like Bernie Sanders Is Very Worried about Bloomberg

Why Americans are carrying an average credit card balance of over $6,200

Once again I learned not to underestimate the strength of the human mind. Yesterday I spent a

I have seen so may posts here tearing down candidates thats not your choosing

MSNBC just put up the old ECU poll of SC and said it was the newest

The requirements for the debate turned into a hot mess and it was to some extent predictable

Buttigieg hits back: I won't 'take lectures on family values' from Rush Limbaugh

Mike Bloomberg getting black support despite stop-and-frisk controversy

'A complete disaster': Fears grow over potential Nevada caucus malfunction

NASCAR Races Into an Uncertain Future

If you are still undecided here on DU, why?

What a Dick

Ugh! Twitler is at the Daytona 500.

Now #MF45 has to ruin the Daytona 500.

Master of false news gives right-wing Americans headlines they believe

Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

Seattle ranks among the most walkable cities in the US

Several questions about replacement fan and define a term

bloomberg ad savages trump

Many white people are racist. Many white politicians are or have been racists. So what?

BWAHAHA! MAGAts ENRAGED as Fox cuts to commercial during Trump's Daytona speech.

Authorities bust cockfighting ring; humanely euthanized several birds

How many here are buying hearts and giving them to themselves?

Jane Fonda to speak at Kent State during weekend of events commemorating May 4, 1970

Trump Will Take Lap at Daytona 500

Amy K endorsed by Houston Chronicle & San Jose (CA) Mercury News

I saw a 1991 Nissan Figaro convertible today at the Ace Hardware parking lot.

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Bettings odds have now moved Bloomberg into a solid second place

Barr Protected Turkish Bank From Prosecution to Appease Erdogan

Poll: Who would be hardest for Trump to beat?

Lousiana's anti immigrant atty General in business with shady labor importer

Party run primary?

Sanders interrupted just now by two topless female protesters

In February, 1956, this song climbed the charts to #1.

I have seen the Bloomberg Obama-ad so many times, it seems like Obama is endorsing him?

Klobuchar Says She's Raised $12 Million in a Week

Learned something about my teenage son: synesthesia

I just went for a nice brisk walk.

Thanks to A Nonny Mouse who gifted me with another heart!

Warren's NEW ad

Watched Three Billboards this morning

If I could pick just one song for this moment it would be Peter Tosh

Trump wrecks another sporting event.

This nice chap from Idaho REALLY can't support Trump...

Of course Trump and Fox will NEVER bring this up :

Q for tax specialists

Houston (TX) Chronicle Endorses Amy K

Whether or not Bloomberg wins, i hope his team keeps up their Trump attacks.

Bloomberg on healthcare

Reports of the death of the Biden campaign have been greatly exaggerated

Bloomberg's harshest critics here will vote for him in the fall if he's the nominee

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Trump arrives at Daytona 500, sets off raucous celebration

Here's Mike Bloomberg's Tax Plan

In Downtown Durham, Overflow Crowd Greets Bernie Sanders

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Calls the Chicago ACT Ordinance "The Only Moral Choice"

Boy! Trump just lied to his fans!

Sanders supporters call for blacklisting of Bloomberg's campaign staff (and not just professionally)

Trump Breaks The Law With Campaign Stunt At Daytona 500

Sometimes you just need to fly down to Rio.

Mike Bloomberg adds Capricia Marshall, top Clinton ally, to 2020 campaign

Trump's Secret Service hotel racket is hiding in plain sight. And he's getting away with it.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 26, 2020

Alejandro Escovedo & David Hidalgo - "Like A Hurricane" (Neil Young cover)

I know this is a controversial statement to make:

I happened to watch last evening a BEAUTIFUL "Ireland's Wild Coast" on public television

from "Lovett or Leave it"- a new handle

This hasn't developed

Eric Holder message to men & women of FBI, DoJ: DO NOT RESIGN.

So where are my rights to be protected from trump?

The "Price is Right" just gave away a 1959 Edsel.

So Dump does his stunt show at the Daytona 500

Calls for Tory aide to be sacked over 'enforced contraception' remarks

U.S. Watchdog to Investigate Trump's Farm Bailout Program

For those here who throw up a little when thinking about voting for certain possible nominees

Mea culpa

Media innumeracy (or pandering) gives the wrong impression of Sanders as front-runner

The guitar that killed folk! - G.E. Smith on Mike Bloomfield's Telecaster.

Jacobin publisher/asset-stripping one percenter mouths off against the Culinary Workers Union.

trash has to make the daytonna all about him...then the weather changes and it is raining hard

TV contestant gets verbal spanking for saying the 1950s were a great time

"I don't want no handshake, I want a hug" a voter tells Joe Biden (Nevada)

i fear tRUMP is setting a NEW standard for ALL future RETHUG presidents!(that control senate)

Photo: Sanders Rally at Carson City, NV

Photo: Sanders Rally at Carson City, NV

La. Attorney General (R) caught up in immigration hypocrisy

Proof of the power of $$$ in politics.

Nyckelharpa slangpolskas

I've seen a number of OPs stating that a candidate should be "disqualified"

Trump loves NASCAR fans SO MUCH that he hauled ass before the event began. #RunningOnEmpty

Vermont: Images of the Green Mountain State

Trump to visit Palm Springs area for fundraising event at Oracle chairman Larry Ellison's estate...

I am going to infiltrate a local Sanders supporters meeting this evening.

I'm running against some folks who are billionaires.

Amy crushing Pete and Beating Biden

I have been watching reruns of "Madam Secretary" on the CW

'Festival 축제 Chukje 祝祭' (1996)

OMG. That thing can't even handle a softball NASCAR interview.

Can Americans Stop a Demagogue?

Keegan-Michael Key introduces

It's like comparing apples to cesspools

Dems: Keep calm and win the White House.

Inside Burlington, Vermont: Bernie Sanders' hometown (LA Times)

This was supposed to just be a scrap paper test for my Earth Day piece, but Brandon and I think it

Anybody have an air fryer?

Senator Murphy: "1000's of poor people are being put in jail b/c they are late on medical bills"

Homelessness Can Be Eradicated - Fight Big Real Estate with Nithya Raman

Tamarind Concentrate, looking for advice on brand names

There is very serious flooding in Mississippi

Bernie: "I am once again asking ... ''

Bernie: "I am once again asking ... ''

Chinese President Xi knew severity of coronavirus weeks before going public; 40 Americans on cruise

This adorable puppy wouldn't stop smiling in her shelter kennel 💗

It is not so much an example as an instruction manual

Parents are the best ❤️

NV - Sunday turnout for early voting is massive

These snoozing puppies will make your day 100% better

Just saw Hugh Hewitt on TV

Swan Stays By Best Friend's Side While He Gets Rescued

Blues Fans! Teeny Tucker is the featured artist on Sean Carney's Inside Blues tonight

Oh how very sweet

Dog patiently waits for his baby brother to grow up

Sanders interrupted by anti-dairy industry protesters during Nevada rally

People Take In Chubbiest Little Echidna They've Ever Seen

Bloomberg Won't Create the Energy We Need to Beat Trump

Sam Donaldson is all in for Michael Bloomberg.

Xi's early involvement in virus outbreak raises questions

Bloomberg Won't Create the Energy We Need to Beat Trump

People Are Struggling With This Weird Photo Of A Perfectly Normal Dog 🤣

Trump. Avenatti. Tales Of Two Extortions. Wildly different in seriousness, & application of justice.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: AG angst

At least The Guardian knows

Joni Ernst heard telling doners she wants to "change" Medicare & Medicaid

Rescuers Realize 'Injured' Owl Can't Fly Because She's Too Chubby

Judge in Roger Stone case orders Tuesday phone hearing

Bloomberg adds Capricia Marshall, top Clinton ally, to 2020 campaign

Wut? 😂

"If Hitler invaded Hell..."

Betting Odds - Democratic Presidential Nomination

Nevada's lieutenant governor endorses Biden...Go Joe.......😎🎨

Trump drives massive turnout in primaries despite token opposition

This has to be a dog thing. My cats just look at me like I'm nuts. 😂

Partisanship and dark money in the race for Arkansas Supreme Court

When the dj drops your jam

Klobuchar again voices concern about potentially having Sanders at top of Democratic ticket

In case anyone wonders why people attack Bernie supporters so much.

Bernie Sanders's Rivals Capitalize On Dispute With Nevada Union Over 'Medicare For All'

Remember, Roger Stone is only one of the bad apples in Trump's basket

2022 US Senate Election- Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats.

Just the tip of the iceberg?

Alert! Three random supporters out of tens of millions doing something crazy