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Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign has released a statement on the Culinary Union's non-endorsement.

Roger Stone enlists former mob-lawyer for help

Not for nothing, but building Fed bldgs that look inspired by Albert Speer is a bit on the nose...

Incoming Dem. US Sen. likely to run for Pres. in 2024 if Trump wins or 2028 if DEM wins in 2020.

Trump Jr: I Know What Poverty Is, I Stood In Communist Bread Lines

02/14 Mike Luckovich: Mar-A-Justo

Bernie said.."The goal isn't to win elections"

The Onion! Or is it?

Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection: stay home, people

BBC: Coronavirus: Why have two reporters in Wuhan disappeared?

What's next? Pardon for Mike Flynn

Tommy Chong - Sting Operation: When the DEA Is Onto You - This Is Not Happening

What is Kelly afraid of?

I'm a GRANDMA!! My son and his husband have adopted a beautiful baby boy!

I voted for Pete Buttigieg today

2 Shot in Busy Area of Downtown DC

7 amazing ways artificial intelligence is used in healthcare

Tommy Chong - Sting Operation: When the DEA Is Onto You - This Is Not Happening

Is Trump bringing in Preibus to replace Mulvaney?

Got my first cold of the season. I'm coughing. A little chilled. What is

Google Bomb Trump - Search Engine Optimization and hashtags

Took photos for you, 'cause I was nearby - Early voting started in NC

Sweden sees sharp rise in gender dysphoria among young people

Did ANYBODY expect anything different from this ugly motherfucker?

Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS One of the Best Motivational Speeches

This is Trump's America

Joe Biden on Lindsey Graham: "I don't know what happened. I honest to God don't know."

call you a carnival barking clown

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Trump to visit Las Vegas before Democratic caucus

Forget 2016! 1972 is the best way to predict the 2020 GE!?

Bloomberg once blamed banks making loans to black Americans as the cause of the 2008 financial crash

Has Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore or Hillary Clinton, endorsed anyone?

Carville fires back at Sanders for 'hack' slam: 'At least I'm not a communist'

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to flip if Democrats regain control in 2020.

Wonder what the senate rethugs would do if

I just answered a poll on my land line

🐦 FEB 15 at 5PM PST - Bernie 2020 San Francisco Town Hall with Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Vice Presidential runningmates to Bernie Sanders or Michael Bloomberg.

🐦 FEB 17 at 7PM PST - Rally in Tacoma Washington with Bernie Sanders & Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Happy #GalentinesDay to our Galentines -- all the @HouseDemocrats 💖

Weinstein lawyer: Prosecutors have a 'tale,' not a case

It feels like it's about time for a shitload of popcorn...

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal: Attorney General Barr Should Resign Hallie Jackson MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC

TRMS entire A block from last night - *must watch*

Fiber Supported Amino Acidate Functionalized Ionic Liquid Gels for Direct Air CO2 Capture.

Petes record with People of Color

PBS NewsHour: Bernie Sanders with Judy Woodruff

PBS NewsHour: Bernie Sanders with Judy Woodruff

Faye Swetlik, 6, found dead

Why are Priebus, Hope Hicks, Sean Spicer going back to

Elizabeth Warren humiliates Susan Collins on national TV

Trump to headline $580,600-per-couple fundraiser, the most expensive of his reelection bid

Trump to headline $580,600-per-couple fundraiser,

Jimmy Carter Added To Mount Rushmore After Becoming 5th Former President To Bowl Perfect 300

It is NOT going to get better. Fucker thinks he is invincable now

Thank you to those who have sent me hearts this week!

Bloomberg not being given a free pass on the campaign trail. Will this ever end?

Pompeo 'outraged' by UN list of firms with West Bank settlement ties

My wife is voting for Bloomberg

Rolf Mowatt-Larssen: 3 people Trump needs to survive; Barr, McConnell & his Russian handler

Sudan Says Deal Reached With Families Over USS Cole Attack

Sherrilyn Ifill for the win

I had a meeting this afternoon with members of the County Election Board.

anyone watching Chris Hayes?

Thank you for

Japanese Bean-Throwing Festival (節分) listening practice With subtitle

Yes, another heart thread...because of my genuine gratitude...

McConnell forces Senate votes on anti-abortion bills

Joe Biden seeks reboot after fresh stumble in New Hampshire

Ideology and race could shape primaries in newly blue NC districts

Today's Happy Break: Comedy animal wildlife photos because you need a smile.

The strategy of 'propaganda lies' - Vox

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How soon can scientists find a coronavirus vaccine?

Sanders campaign moves Sunday's Denver rally to bigger venue

Sanders campaign moves Sunday's Denver rally to bigger venue

Big Oil Warned Trump Team China Trade Deal Was Unrealistic

Palm Beach County elections office allegedly hit by ransomware attack in 2016

Bloomberg builds momentum on Capitol Hill with new endorsements

'Bernie Bros' not helping Democratic cause

Justice is Served - Sack cartoon

Hearts for Everyone...

DFA endorses Theresa Greenfield against Ernst

While I am not a Bloomberg fan Trump's racist/sexist/scummy past is worse.

Bloomberg would pay $3 billion less under his wealth tax than under Sanders plan

Trump repeatedly interrupted briefings to ask bizarre questions about badgers

I've got some stars

Trump campaign, pro-Trump groups raise over $60 million in January

I can't find my way home.

The media rather not dwell on this, but Biden has the lead in a 120 delegate state

Thank you so much for Another ❤!

Nevada Democrats announce new details on caucus reporting changes

Jason Johnson, re Sanders trying to claim those attacking Culinary Union weren't his supporters

Texas 2020 Hotlist: The most competitive races in this year's primaries

DC federal court chief judge: 'Public criticism or pressure is not a factor' after Trump ripped prop

Dan Rather: "And there folks is the tell.."

'It is hurtful': Biden speaks of the attacks on him and son Hunter

Need a Job with Amy

I love my heart! Thank you!

After Nevada, what other states will have a presidential caucus?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fire UK staff, close Buckingham Palace office

Camera Catches Coyote And Badger Friends Traveling Together

TX-SEN: Royce West helped flip Dallas County for Democrats in 2006. Could he flip Texas in 2020?

Donald Trump's Post-Impeachment Vendetta

Who mistreats staff? A friend in my state senator's office sent me this.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Apocalypse Now!

Thank you for the heart!!!

Almost 66,000 pot convictions dismissed in LA County

Getting screwed by Amazon, continued.

Giffords, the pro-gun control group, announced it was backing nine freshman Democrats

remember when #fatdonnie went to the hospital -the "first" part of his yearly? Media should ask...

The northern lights cam just turned on and it's the perfect season for ghostly skies

Trump will attend the Daytona 500, NASCAR's premier event

CA-25: Christy Smith is the best choice to replace Katie Hill in Congress

Warren on the ropes

Sanders Joins Trump in Telling the Media to Go to Hell

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Republicans must stop Trump's Fed nomination

Facebook LIVE: LULAC's Nevada Presidential Townhall

As concerns grow, Nevada Democrats clarify how their caucuses will work

"It is hurtful": Biden speaks of the attacks on him and son Hunter

White House Responds To Criticisms From Attorney General Barr - Bwahahahahaaa

North Dakota Tribes Score Key Voting Rights Victory

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My suggested SNL cold open addressing Evangelical love for Trump:

Dear 💕, oh my, two more 💕, and I just want to say

Bernie and his Supporters are Ruthless

Lawsuit: Mexican megachurch leaders abused woman for years

Tweet of the Day

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

Trump's rhetoric has changed the way hundreds of children are harassed in American classrooms

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If your candidate bows out

sorry I didn't know that my post about

Bernie Sander is coming to Tacoma

my kitty has pneumonia *UDPATE with donation request*

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WA Supreme Court upholds ST3 in separate car tabs lawsuit

Chilling: Trump enraged that Comey and other foes are not in jail

Bloomberg's playbook to buy the election

Of course, Sanders can win every primary and lose the nomination in a landslide.

The Extraordinary Details of Tiny Creatures Captured with a Laser-Scanning Microscope by Igor Siwano

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February 14th was my mom's birthday

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 16, 2020 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

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The thing about Bloomberg is that Trump is giving him a great big stage.

I am looking for someone who has no hearts

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We need to flood Chief John Roberts' office with calls....

TCM Schedule for Monday February 17, 2020 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Open primary lovers--Look here:

AOC signals support for Medicare option compromise

James Brown - Mind Power

I have a fond memory of High School in the 1970's

How you handle a fascist little punk

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Why did Trump meet with Governor Andrew Cuomo today ??

For those of us who were around DU back in 2003 / 2004, who was your favored candidate then and

Note to Donnie Doll Hands: Bloomberg and Putin are the same height. nt

The new GEORGIA poll with Biden at 32% and everyone else below 15% was done YESTERDAY.

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Barr blasted Trump over tweets?

Warren campaign shifts ad spending after struggle in New Hampshire primary

We're doomed, I'm afraid

Now John Kelly wants to tell the truth--ya que "amigo!"

Now John Kelly wants to tell the truth--ya que "amigo!"

Wow re: Jim Jordan

Where others failed, now Amazon is taking up the case against the president

Institute founded by Sanders' wife, son is shutting down

Colombia's former army chief reluctantly testifies before war crimes tribunal

Economic fallout from China's coronavirus mounts around the world (WP)


It's Easy to See Why Bernie is So Widely Attacked.

Senator asks that his cremation be prevented; A judge has already banned the ceremony

BBC: Mike Bloomberg campaign pays influencers for memes

U.S. income inequality at highest level in 50 years, economic gap growing in heartland

Hays Eagles laid egg today.

On social media, Bloomberg and Trump are fighting two very different fights

15 Years Ago, Missionary Dorothy Stang, 73, Was Murdered in Par

In five weeks, Virginia Democrats reshape decades of state policy

Kid redraws maps to create "Long Chile", Ohio 2, East Virginia, and WW3

For Your Consideration: Jessica Cisneros for TX-28

Trump contradicts past denials, admits sending Giuliani to Ukraine

Rep. Maloney: Republican Senators To Blame For Trump's Behavior With DOJ The Last Word MSNBC 50,

RK Pachauri, who led Nobel-winning climate panel, dies at 79

For Your Consideration: Royce West for TX-SEN

Stolen from FB.

US deports the son of Anglican Bishop of El Salvador

538 currently predicting "no majority" most likely outcome.

Jeff Weaver on Bernie's Senior Policy Analyst: "He really doesn't know much, to be honest with you."

Trump Now Admits He Sent Giuliani to Ukraine

What did Rachel talk about tonite?

Biden Leads Field In Georgia

Why were two Mexican butterfly activists found dead?

Native Americans defeat GOP's racist voter ID law in North Dakota

Thank you kind person and everyone

No climate change?

Here's Pete's interview with Judy Woodruff on the PBS Newshour, 02/12/20:

The Daily Show: Bloomberg Battles Trump and His Stop-and-Frisk Past

Maddow urges viewers to ignore the DOJ 'official lie' defending Trump and Barr: 'The truth is eviden

Yes, liquor store cat is judging you. Harshly.

Bernie Sanders cheats at Words With Friends!!!!!111!!!

The Daily Show: Yang Is Out, But Universal Basic Income Still Matters

Warren: We need to confront the racist legacy of redlining head-on

The Heung bu and Nol bu fable; 흥부와 놀부

The Black Man who created Jack Daniel's Whiskey: New Book and Movie Coming Soon!

TRIBUTE: ART BELL / COAST TO COAST AM (Bumper Music) FulciLives FulciLives

My Candidate is bigger and meaner than your Candidate

Happy Valentine's day to my valued and beloved DU - look who's talking:

Panama City metro expansion to go through tunnel under canal

Seth Meyers - Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary/International Darwin Day - Monologue 2/12/20

As sentencing approaches, Roger Stone turns to former mob lawyer for help

Seth Meyers: Andrew Zimmern and Jose Andres' New Show Combines Immigration and Cuisine

McConnell confirms he will ram through a Supreme Court confirmation just before the election if it o

Double talk Don has the budget perps trained to disguise his lies.

Seth Meyers - Trump and Barr Corrupt the Justice Department as John Kelly Speaks Out: A Closer Look

Bernie Sanders may be just what U.S. capitalism needs, says top economist: Don Pittis

America's 1% Has 50 TRILLION In Wealth - Maybe They Could Help Pay For Healthcare For Me

Health of vast Mesoamerican Reef declines after years of improvement: study

Samantha Bee Destroys Prager 'University' For Being 'Truly Batshit'

I've got the ticket!

Roger Hodgson - Had a Dream

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 14, 2020

The pain of stop and frisk

I can't be the only one that feels really depressed around here

Breaking: new Texas poll just released, Sanders 24 ,Biden 22

Bernie Derangement Syndrome.

😍 y'all a buncha sweeties! 😍

Global Mining Corporations Have a Friend in the New Guatemalan Government

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Sanders tweets support for Nevada Culinary Union days after health plan criticism

Brazil's Bolsonaro militarises his inner Cabinet

Trump Calls For End To Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Secretary of State Agrees to Settle Voter ID Lawsuits by Entering Into Consent Decree with North Da

THANK YOU...for the ❤! Happy V-Day DUers

Privatizing certain sectors costs more. Ask Norway about their trains & more!

California: Are you registered to vote? Tuesday is the last day

Revolt in Chile: Life Against Capital

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Frederick Koch, Low- Profile Koch Brother, Dies At 86

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Loves to Disgrace Us with His Presence

Buttigieg builds up staff in Super Tuesday states

Pompeo 'outraged' over U.N. list of companies in West Bank

Putter pat, pitter pat goes my joyful ❤️ for your ❤️, dear sender, has lifted me higher.

Rudy Giuliani: Dems 'Want To Literally Kill Me' Over Latest Bonkers Conspiracy Theory

What The World Needs Now Is L-O-V-E: Jackie DeShannon

California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours

Plans begin to display Greta Thunberg mural in downtown Fargo

In 2 years, Florida 'red flag' law removes hundreds of guns

What Barr meant in interview

Thank you to the heart donors that have graced me this year...

Industry Leader: Wyoming Uranium Industry on 'Its Death Bed'

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happy valentines day. thank you so much for the hearts.

DEA raids Newburyport office of Dr. Keith Ablow, controversial psychiatrist who settled malpractice

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/13/20

Stephen Colbert: (More with) Guest John Oliver

Projectile-Vomit Warning: McConnell Interview Re Tweets, House Bills, and Supreme Court Vacancies.

Iowa bill would ban teachers from saying that Pete Buttigieg is gay without notifying parents

Paul Krugman sat for an interview on BBC America yesterday.

Entire Board of French Film Awards Resigns After Giving Roman Polanski Film 12 Nominations

The earliest farmers of northwest China exploited grain-fed pheasants not chickens

MLB announces rules changes for 2020 season

Supporting our Veterans

What Mongolia's Dairy Farmers Have to Teach Us About the Hidden History of Microbes

Happy Valentine's Day, to all my wonderful DU peeps.

Would Bernie accept financial help from Bloomberg if Bernie becomes

Mike Bloomberg launches pro-black business ad campaign

The trouble with anti-populism: why the champions of civility keep losing

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters sees little difference in Bloomberg using his fortune and others....

Brutal UVa - Va. Tech joke

Key Florida Elections Office Endured Cyberattack Ahead of 2016 Election

Valentine's Day, Friday 14 February 2020

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Florida Republicans embrace the heavy-handed Big Government they once derided

Chuckie O'Brien, foster son of Jimmy Hoffa and featured in "The Irishman", dead at 86

Rural Georgia fury over power plants burning railroad ties spurs legislation

Iowa inches closer to vote on abortion amendment

Former Flint , Mi. mayor Karen Weaver endorses Bloomberg

LePage staffer forced to answer same invasive questions he asked SNAP recipients

Silent Sam settlement scrapped -- but questions remain

Houston mayor backs Bloomberg and will help launch "Mike for Black America"

A Small Victory

First full weekend home in a month for @SenSherrodBrown:

Atlanta Baptist group cuts ties with First Baptist Church of Decatur

To all who gave me hearts, I am truly touched. You have no idea. Thank you so much.

Bernie Sanders leaps to first among Texas Democrats in latest UT/TT Poll

Former Flint , Mi. mayor Karen Weaver endorses Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders leaps to first among Texas Democrats in latest UT/TT Poll

Maine Beacon: "History will remember Mitt Romney, not Susan Collins"

Rachel is worried, and doesn't seem to know what can be done.

Sobering read: Trump's authoritarian style is remaking America

"Your valentine's date has arrived..."

Leg-ankle update: T-4 hours

New Banksy art appears in Barton Hill, Bristol

Even GOP's Flaccid Climate Non-Plans To Date Draw Sneers From Right, "Meh" From Everyone Else

Mystery of the 844B pot in planned budget and uninsured are going up "despite the strong economy"

Human Incursion Into The Seas Accelerates; Even Deep-Ocean Vents Explored For Mining

Study Estimates Annual Costs Of India's Air Pollution At $150 Billion/Year - 5.4% Of GDP

The ultimate dance battle! 🤸‍♂️😂

Doubling Support Since October, Bernie Sanders Takes Lead in 2020 Texas Poll

Thank you.❤ Happy Valentine's Day.💋

Fred Guttenberg remembers Jaime, continues to fight on the 2nd anniversary of the Parkland Massacre

Our Republicans shooting rainbow piata

Shitstain's Rollback Of CAFE Standards Still Not Ready; Spelling Errors, 111 Missing Sections

Warren has raised $6M since Iowa, says race is 'wide open'

Antarctic island hits record temperature of 20.75C

If you're having a bad day, here's a Hedgehog on a camping trip.

Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York

Thank you for all the love.❤

Happy Valentine's Day DUMA

The Rundown: February 13, 2020

Pick of the Week: "Batman: Pennyworth R.I.P." #1

The origin of Superheroes: Justice League

I'd believe him...😂😍

10 straight minutes of Bloomberg on MSNBC. He has the machine, he's checking the boxes

Bernie Sanders leaps to first among Texas Democrats in latest UT/TT Poll

Happy Valentines to all the wonderful ladies on DU!

Plan B Releases New Heart-Shaped Tablets For Valentine's Day

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AOC on likelihood of M4A not passing 'We compromise deeply and we end up getting a public option.'

Did CNN report that Barr told drumpf what he was going to say about him

I'll have to admit...

Happy Valentine's Day, DU Gang!

Well, this sucks. It's -11 outside and my furnace has quit.

Nunes invited Lev Parnas to sign a Valentine's greeting for the Trump's.

Friday TOONs - Hip Hooray for Neville Pachyderm, we take our hats off to you

Esper defends shifting defense funds for Trump's border wall

Reading Rainbow, 'THE DOORS' (Jimmy Fallon) Amazing!!!!

U.S. House removes ERA ratification deadline, one obstacle to enactment

How do you feed your indoors-only cat? I mean your schedule.

Feds to track how private Medicare info gets to marketers

Not for easily offended but

***Sunshine State Shock Poll*** Bloomberg 27% Biden 26% Buttigieg 11% Sanders 10%

Please send this to your Senators today......

New Florida Poll puts Bloomberg in 1st...


California voters can switch party status on election day

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"Just a reminder: I have the right to interfere in legal cases"

Native Americans defeat GOP's racist voter ID law in North Dakota

McClatchy: newspaper publisher bankruptcy 'a loss for democracy', experts warn

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Dipshit: I didn't press fuBarr but I could have if I had wanted to.

Another Heart!

Enfant Terrible is tweeting that he has powers that he really doesn't have

US Government drops anti-corruption spending in Jamaica

Rick Wilson is not having it from gym j this morning.

Magic Sam was born on this date

Bernie Sanders will be good for American economy, top economist says after Goldman Sachs attack

Maceo Parker has a birthday today.

I don't believe for a minute this Barr v Trump act.

February 14 - Happy Birthday Rep. Donna Shalala (D) FL-27th

Corruption and good intentions are not mutually exclusive.

Question: If Bloomberg ends up in third place, after all votes are counted, will he be in a position

February 14 - Happy Birthday Rep. Richard Neal (D) MA-1st

Tim Buckley was born on this date.

Not to be a wet blanket, but the first Valentine's Day after your SO dies unexpectedly sucks.

February 14 - Happy Birthday Rep. Angie Craig (D) MN-2nd

Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces Minnesota Co-Chairs

Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces Minnesota Co-Chairs

thank you kindly for they hearts. :) nt

Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces Co-Chairs Across All Super Tuesday States

The Day Democracy Died

Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces Co-Chairs Across All Super Tuesday States

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Mascot can't stay on his feet in hilarious outtakes

Happy Valentines Day...and thanks for all the hearts...

Kudlow: New tax cuts will 'probably come out sometime in September'

New FLA poll with Bloomberg 27% Biden 26% Sanders 10% was done AFTER NH primary

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the Parkland shooting at MSD High School

🐦 FEB 17 at 12PM PST - Get Out the Early Vote Rally in Richmond CA with Bernie Sanders

'Livid and Frightened': Inside the DOJ Office at the Center of the Roger Stone Scandal

Me: "I love you."

Thank you, dear heart-giver!

Documents reveal DNC was 'intimately involved' in development of troubled Iowa caucus app

Battle for House Intensifies After Impeachment

from the CBC/Calgary: "Elk are passing disease to cattle and it could infect humans too

Bloomberg's counterattacks may just resonate with Democrats

Trump bucks Barr's request to stop tweeting about Justice Dept., declaring a 'legal right' to seek i

Pete to Dreamer at LULAC town hall: I want you to know I see you as an American

Q: 14 players with the last name Hart have played in the Major Leagues.

Happy "VD," fellow Evil DU-ers, & thank-you kindly for the hearts!


Fox News was right about William Barr!

Newsweek: McConnell calls to Cut Social Security and Medicare..

The Netherlands has universal health insurance -- and it's all private

Pelosi links the fight for democracy and the fight for 5G. Huawei cast as an instrument of autocracy

Trump's new tweet tells us he has the 'legal right' to ask AG to interfere in criminal cases.

America, the banana republic

We'll see how Trump reacts to Barr's rebuke.

Former county Republican chairwoman registers as Democrat -- to cast primary vote for Pete Buttigieg

This latest trick from the Trump administration is one of the most despicable yet

Valentine's Day 2020 - at Home and on DU

Are there any Spanish speakers here?

New Horizons images of Arrokoth show building blocks for planets

Justin Amash on donald trump:

Profiles in Perfidy, V. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

My photographic gift to DU today, anticipating February 2021

David Corn: Trump Unleashed: The Trump Presidency Enters Its Most Dangerous Phase

'Are they mean?' Donald Trump obsessed with badgers, new book claims

Feeling the Bern!

Bill Barr's "Tell"

💙 We are Motivated by Love ❤️ 💕

Elizabeth Warren Urges Putting Party First: 'We Gotta Beat Donald Trump' The Last Word MSNBC

? about Barr

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren wallops Mike Bloomberg as the gloves come off in 2020 Democratic primary

Trump Goes Full Authoritarian in White House Video

Democrats RAPIDLY Heading to Contested Convention

Okay, this made me chuckle...

If Bernie Sanders Wins the Nomination, but Loses in November,

No, really? Another heart for me ? ? ?

The Right's Big Lie About Roger Stone

GQ: Why Is Bloomberg's Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?

Murkowski gets her acquittal vote payoff from Mrs. Mitch McConnell

Couple will celebrate 75th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day

Married in secret during WWII, this New Kensington, PA, couple will celebrate 75th wedding anniversa

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow Read my column, "The Notorious Michael R. Bloomberg,"'

"Self-published" book goes off the deep end completely for a fundy...

There's no point in fighting Democratic candidates are wasting their time -- and hurting their chanc

CBS This Morning: Senator Bernie Sanders

Flu Pandemic likely & could affect 40-70% of world population, says Harvard pub health professor

CBS This Morning: Senator Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump's White House Purge - Remiscent of Twilight Zone's "The Mirror"

A heart for a quick story...

Protesters chant 'Drop out Joe' as Biden leaves Manhattan fundraiser

Disgusting NY activists show up with a coffin to protest Joe Biden fundraiser

Trump: 'Get bad people out of government;' Twitter: 'You first'

One morning Emma woke up with a start.

"It's up to the voters in November". Is it really?

Megamansion Skews Arlington Real Estate Stats

Thank Heavens: Australia Says All Fires In New South Wales Finally Contained

Warren trying the "blame the press" argument

Greg Sargent: Barr's ABC News interview is deeply damning. Here's what must come next.

Homeless man accused of beating motel worker nearly to death

Trump Allies Take Aim at Buttigieg's Sexuality

"Trump is tweeting this ramblefuckery to help inflame tensions b/t Bernie supporters and the DNC"

Culinary Union officials face profanity-laced attacks

Culinary Union officials face profanity-laced attacks after scorecard says Sanders would 'end'....

Caption this EPIC FAIL.

With tickets costing $580,600 per couple, Trump's Saturday fundraiser will be his most expensive y


Rick Wilson to Jim Jordan!

Thank you to the DUers who gave me 💕

Separated at birth?

Pence to the South Carolina Corps of Cadets, Charleston, SC

It's depressing me that Bloomberg's approach (see today's NYT editorial) is working..

Dating in a politically polarized world

Navy sailors reprimanded over 'Make Aircrew Great Again' patches

Another heart! You made my Valentine's Day!

A Valentine special

Mandatory vasectomy at 50 or after 3 kids? Alabama bill proposes it

Boris Johnson cancels trip to US after the toddler has a hissy

Thanks for the hearts received from whoever. They are appreciated.

I don't like Medicare for All as a litmus test

Awww. Something that might make this rough week feel a just a little bit nicer.

Bloomberg takes lead in new Florida poll

I had a ghost n my house last night

Webster's 1828 dictionary: Misdemeanor

Joe Manchin on Fox this morning--He says he might endorse Trump for reelection. WTF.

NDRC Invests Six Figures in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio for State Legislative Races


Anyone who plans on letting bygones be bygones need not apply

Thank you for my Valentine.😍

The Family Will Protect Gym Jodan


The Root: I Can't Believe Black People Might Actually Vote for Michael Bloomberg

The "No True Berniecrat" theory...

Bloomberg in Missouri, "... I didn't understand the consequences (of S&F)..." BULLSHIT!!

Trump Says Democrats Rigged Primary Against Bernie

"The Notorious Michael R. Bloomberg"

Fugelsang: Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovebirds out there


Thanks for the Hearts!!!

2020 Primary Polls Bernie Sanders Leads California and Texas

Thank you for the heart!

Thank you. I've been a far left progressive since birth. Active

Traveling teen mistakenly taken down by local police. ACLU has filed a lawsuit.

Krugman: Sanders isn't a socialist, but he plays one on TV. That's a problem.

Would you like to know exactly how popular soccer is?

May you all find something to love today! Many thanks for the support and smiles here!

Most stolen book at SF library is "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" by Michael Savage

You know, for a guy who's rather portly, Bill Barr still managers to be rather transparent.

Man arrested after slapping teen Trump supporter during New Hampshire primary

U.S. has reached a truce with Taliban in Afghanistan, official says

Man arrested after slapping teen Trump supporter during New Hampshire primary

Promises made -Promises kept?

Biden has a chance.

Pic Of The Moment: So It's Come To This

McConnell vows to block 395 House bills: 'We're not gonna pass those'

$580,000 Per Couple Fundraiser For Trump To Pay For All The Lies The Death Star Will Spew

For all the baseball/science fans:

Happy Birthday!

The industrial sector has been slowing significantly

Is decency gone from politics?

February Showers bring March Flowers

Laurence Tribe: Trump's Policy on New York's 'Trusted Travelers' Is Unconstitutional

Photo: Hello from Durham NC, where Bernie Sanders is holding his first of three rallies today

Photo: Hello from Durham NC, where Bernie Sanders is holding his first of three rallies today

Plastic Wrap Question

Anyone want hearts?

Secretary Clinton: Our democracy is in crisis.

No discussions on possible location shift of THAAD launchers in S. Korea

**Brand Spaking New Nevada Poll ** BS 25% JB 18% EW 13% TS 11% MP 10% AK 10% TG 0%

Bloomberg spent $3M backing Snyder

"PETE goes after Klobuchar in Vegas for saying he's inexperienced"

NEW #Nevada @AARP / @reviewjournal Poll: Sanders 25%

Andrew McCabe, Ex-F.B.I. Official, Will Not Be Charged in Lying Case

Andrew McCabe, Ex-F.B.I. Official, Will Not Be Charged in Lying Case

Megan is really worked up today, Valentine's Day...

Bloomberg's new campaign office in Youngstown vandalized.

Buttigieg lands black SC lawamker's endorsement

Anyone want brains?

Bloomberg's response to crime and crisis: "change the law or the interpretation of the constitution"

'Indiana Jones 5' Will Begin Filming This Summer

US appeals panel upholds block of Medicaid work requirements

Rick Wilson responds to McCabe investigation being dropped:

I asked my wife what she would like for Valentines Day. She said nothing would please her more than

rage tweets from twitler in 3,2,1.... DOJ drops criminal case against McCabe

Just my musing on giving hearts.

Biden Predicts 1st or 2nd in Nevada, 1st in South Carolina

Which Democratic candidate and supporters has spent the least time attacking his or her opponents?

Cutest ears ever! (Twitter video)

Trump wants $1.5B over 10 years to revive US uranium mining

Here's the Latest Twist in Bizarre Saga of IDAHO kids Missing since sept

McCabe Charges Dropped!

I'm watching The Tudors, and think 45 took a page from Henry VIII's playbook.

Which Democratic candidate and supporters has spent the most time attacking his or her opponents?

Bloomberg +1 in FL C+ Poll over Biden - Sanders fading fast 4th Place at -17.

Over 1,700 medical staff infected with novel coronavirus in China

The rich can probably escape new laws on inherited IRAs. But the rest of us can't.

Spanish-language absentee ballot instructions sent to Milwaukee voters with wrong date for primary

Appeals court rules against Trump's Medicaid work requirements

link to entire LULAC event

My Problem: Any Thoughts Appreciated

If Biden wins or places in NV and wins SC his campaign is in decent shape.

Bernie Sanders campaign has more than 250 staff in Nevada and 11 offices

Does anyone else here recall the magazine:

Facebook reverses on paid political messages that aren't ads

Esper defends stripping Stars and Stripes of all funding, says news organization is not a priority

COVID-19 is a very contagious virus.

You know how the right wing is constantly having 'socialism' vapours?

You raised $2,690.49 on February 13, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Attacking Bernie Sanders as He Wins?

Happy Heart Day! Bryan Ferry- A Fool For Love❤️

DeVos family pumps $800,000 into super PAC targeting Peters (plus an lol from Granholm)

This is Cool, we have a Hollywood star from Emporia Ks.!

DUers in Nevada! There's now a "how to caucus" video in Spanish.

Thank you to the Anonny Mousse benefactors that gifted me with 7th, 8th and 9th hearts!

Sweet JESUS, Diaper Don is STILL tweeting about Joe Manchin.

Ransomware Hit a Florida Voting System in 2016

Boston Pride to celebrate Pride Night in the NWHL on Feb. 15.

Has anyone received their tax refunds yet?

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it's Raman soups for me this week...

Bloomberg is dangerous. PLEASE don't let him win the primary

Pete Buttigieg is a top contender, so obviously high-profile Republicans are going full homophobe

Johnny Moses, ambassador of Pacific Northwest Indians on Scarefest radio Feb 14 10 pm est

Has Trump tweeted since the McCabe announcement?

Tomorrow's headlines:

Biden: From his ads, you'd think that Mike was Barack's VP

Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser

Johnny Horton: Sink the Bismark

New SSA Scam Call: Received a local spoofed phone call, Asking to dial (346) 248-3592

Why does anyone publish stuff from trolls?

Today, 30th anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot (

I've been trying to decide whether to share this or not

Here's why more travelers are joining the 'do not tip' movement

Joe Biden will be in Henderson NV with Sully Sullenberger this evening.

Let's Talk About The Only Campaign Promise That Matters

Salon took the mainstream press to task for buying Barr's bull

King County to collect 14 percent more in property taxes this year

Thank you for the Valentines, today of all days it means so much...

Cartoons 2/14/2020

Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser

For all the soltedas y solteros out there..Happy Valentine's Day!

Boeing and engineering union agree on new, extended contract

A passing thought. How many of you eat at some place safe because you fear being poisoned?

Sanders Good for American Economy

Coronavirus fears are impacting some Asian-American businesses in western Washington

For all the soltedas y solteros out there..Happy Valentine's Day!

Trump said,"I have a bad taste for the U.S. Intelligence Community because of Russian Investigation"

William Barr's interview: McConnell, top Republicans support him. Critics are suspicious.

Press Watch: Suckered by Barr's theatrics, political press sinks to a new low

'He's not going to be the nominee.' Miami's House Dems aren't considering Bernie

Manchester City banned from Champions League for two seasons

How would you fix the Iowa Caucus?

Fernando Cabrera, primary candidate for NY-14, on twitter:

russians Pressure U.S. Forces in Northeast Syria

Nevada Teachers Stand with Bernie

Michael Bloomberg Defended Fingerprinting Food-Stamp Recipients in 2018 Interview

Nevada Teachers Stand with Bernie

Thank you to the kind people who have given me a heart. We have a great group of people here.

Bloomberg has had 360 positions on every issue.

Thanks for the heart!

Former county Republican chairwoman registers as Democrat -- to cast primary vote for Pete Buttigieg

For Whatever It's Worth: Here Is My Assessment of the Leading Primary Candidates

Choose your poison?

On this Valentine's Day I want to thank all of DU!

Trump Claims 'Legal Right' to Interfere in Justice Dept. Cases

Evil is supposed to be self-destructive.

Pelosi: A.G. Barr 'has deeply damaged the rule of law'

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

Save the giants, save the planet (

Thank you all for the

DSA President wants to use $40 million in levy improvement funds to curb crime

Argument for Bernie Sanders

Huh, Rawstory seems to be offline.

So, the manipulators are throwing all this bull crap as though they have suddenly

With Liberty and Justice for Some

"Barr is going to burn DOJ to the ground from the inside in his crusade to advance the president's '

Barr Wants to Hide Trump's Authoritarian Plans, But Trump Keeps Confessing

Brrrr! Arctic front brings dangerous wind chills to Midwest

Dems will hold mid-March debate in Arizona

Feb 14, 2017 -- three years ago today -- Trump says to Comey

39 prosecutors blast Attorney General Barr for 'dangerous and failed' approach to criminal justice

Breaking: Michael Avenatti guilty on all counts in Nike extortion trial.

Trump's Rhetoric has changed the way kids are bullied in school "build that wall", "go back..."

BREAKING: Michael Avenatti guilty

Global novel coronavirus death toll reaches 1,383 as China purges officials in Hubei

Pompeo's wife travels to Munich conference as "Special Assistant to the Sec of State"

Disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti found guilty in Nike extortion trial

Washable and Breathable Orthopedic cast

"It might be an alien invasion. Or, you might just be in Weed, California."

So...Trump's thinking of announcing a 10% income tax cut for the middle class in September.

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson endorses Pete Buttigieg for president

Updates in the news about COVID-19 for 2/14/2020

China Trade War Walloped More Than Half of US States in 2019

Former county Republican chairwoman registers as Democrat -- to cast primary vote for Pete Buttigieg

Should you take a lie detector test at work?

The new UK Attorney General believes in an anti-semitic conspiracy theory

Is asking the name of the President of Mexico a gotcha question?

Bernie polls ahead of every other candidate in head-to-head matchup.

U.S. confirms 15th case of coronavirus


I gave my last hearts to people long gone, but missed.

Don Lemon isn't buying Bill Barr's rebuke of Trump

New poll shows Sanders beats other Dem candidates when in 2-person race

Happy Valentines Day message!

Proposed Alabama Law

Beyonce's video filmed inside the Louvre in Paris. What do you think?

Another union endorsement for Bernie - AFSCME Local 3299

2nd Annual Send a Valentine & Love To a Shelter Fur Baby

Bullies attack Asian American teen at school, accusing him of having coronavirus

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow I have all the perspectives I need: 5,000,000 of them.

Coronavirus likely to stay in U.S. 'beyond this season, beyond this year,' CDC warns

Trump to attend California fundraiser with Oracle chairman

Cockatoo filmed tearing down and tossing anti-bird spikes - My new hero!

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren Refusing to catalogue paid political ads because the Bloomberg campaign

What a croc !

Happy Valentine's Day! And thank you for the hearts!

McClatchy, publisher of dozens of U.S. newspapers, files for bankruptcy protection

Just a reminder that we are all on the same team and why.

Happy Valentines Day!

She pushed Trump to exit Paris climate agreement and roll back rules. She's returning to EPA.

Trump Is Key Factor for Voters In 'Blue Wall' States

Sanders Holds Lead In Nevada

Customs Agents Seize Bag of Dead Birds From Passenger Traveling From China

Thank you Bloomberg for killing this talking point...

In 1933, two rebellious women bought a home in Virginia's woods. Then the CIA moved in.

Bloomberg Overtakes Biden In Florida

Not sure where to post this - but wanted to say thank you for the hearts.

Trump Is Criminal

White House considers tax incentive for more Americans to buy stocks

Matt McGorry Endorses Bernie


Matt McGorry Endorses Bernie

Heart 🖤 Full of Soul - Yardbirds

Bloomberg Once Said Taking From the Rich Was a Bigger Problem Than Income Inequality

New Poll Showing Sanders Against Other Dem Candidates

A warm Thank you for the Valentine ❤️ !

Trump Just Lost A Big Case On Taking Away Medicaid Coverage

According To Ali Velshi...Pete Leads In Delegates

Does anyone know why Bloomberg switch to GOP to run for mayor in 2001?

Two bills the house SHOULD send to the senate before election day! (Senate will surely refuse them)

Bloomberg doubles his percentage here

It's Midnight in Washington DC. anti trump ad featuring Adam Schiff impeachment argument-must watch


Cue the rage tweets: "Army won't investigate Vindman over impeachment testimony, top leader says"

Post-NH primary SC poll: Biden 28%, Sanders 20%, Steyer 14%, Buttigieg 8%, Klobuchar 7%,

Trump demands border patrol agents "Say thank you, Mr President" for the wall he hasn't built

Thank you to all who have given me hearts..

The Dallas County absentee voting office is nothing if not efficient

Trump Admits He's Guilty Of The Impeachment Charges Now That He's Been Fake Acquitted

Army won't investigate Vindman over impeachment testimony, top leader says

The Unexpected Consequences of Impeachment

New Mars Curiosity Rover Pictures

Robert Reich on Universal Basic Income

@#$& carbon monoxide detectors!

The media swallows another whopper in one gulp. . .

How do people think a Bernie/Biden ticket would do?

Republicans love to call themselves values voters. And I agree with them, however,

New (post NH) South Carolina Poll

Georgia woman evicted after black family visits settles with landlords for $150k

For My Lovely Wife

Homes for All

WHOA! McCabe Judge Walton: "'s a banana republic when we go down that road."

The "M4A hurts unions" talking point is nonsense.

Don't forget Valentine's Day!

That's the Thing About Love

Lisa Page tweets to Andy McCabe

Video Clip: Bernie Sanders Charlotte NC Rally Crowd

And men like this...

Man upset he can't bring cutout of Donald Trump to dialysis

Homes for All

I'm a Democrat and not a Democratic Socialist

Senate GOP rejects election-security measures (yes, again)

The ticking Bernie time bomb

Vote Forward...

Thank you, benevolent heartgiver(s).

Amy's Favorite Stat

Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

Elderly, halfhearted Florida bank robber won't be jailed

Vox: Opinion: Why Medicare for All works for Bernie Sanders -- and nobody else

Jury convicts Michael Avenatti of extortion against Nike (Facing 20 years)

Bernie polls BETTER with Black voters and Hispanic voters than with White voters.

pRick Scott's reply to my letter re: impeachment

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Gets Us in the Mood for Valentine's Day

When Squirrels Were One of America's Most Popular Pets

Rare sighting of lynx family crossing road in Manitoba

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 14, 2020

Nevada's lone black congressman backs Biden before caucuses

Perfect Timing - February

NYT: We Checked the Iowa Caucus Math. Here's Where It Didn't Add Up.

ENVIRONMENTAL VOTER GUIDE. See how your choice stacks up.

In Interview, Klobuchar, Steyer Can't Name Mexican President

Thank you for helping me beat my all-time Valentine record ....

F*CK you Sam Stein

I get past the Trump Humpers by feigning ignorance

Bill de Blasio to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Bill de Blasio to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Texas Trump supporter unhappy with "the wall" on his property..."it's gonna ruin my lifestyle here"

How Many Ignored Reports Of Sex Predators Can You Get Away With In Ohio?

Breaking: Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

LOL. Westminster Kennel Club history.

Rush, please go to the light right now. . .

What's it going to take?

NBCNews has confirmed that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders in Nevada

Judge scorches DOJ prosecutors for "stringing along McCabe's case looking for a reason to indict"

What is your opinion on Bloomberg's track record and positions on gun control?

Photo: Bernie rally in Charlotte, NC Feb 14, 2020

Photo: Bernie rally in Charlotte, NC Feb 14, 2020

What men think women want vs. what women really want:

Ross Perot's memorable moments

Nevada's lone black congressman backs Biden before caucuses..Go Joe😎🎨🏜

5 U.S. cities to start testing patients with flu-like symptoms for coronavirus

* Spends 45 mins choosing film.

California voters can switch party status on Election Day

Sanders responds to DeBlasio's Endorsement

Susan Glasser: A President so unhinged that even Bill Barr says he's out of control

Exclusive: Republicans snooped on Democrats' House polls

Sanders responds to DeBlasio's Endorsement

The Secret World Of Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland Documentary) Timeline

Question. I have a Google Chrome Bouser..It doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

This mother dog is chasing after her babies

NEW VIDEO: Telling The Truth - Lt. Col. Vindman upheld his oath. @realDonaldTrump has not.

NASA flights detect millions of Arctic methane hotspots

U.S. Readied Sanctions on Russian Oligarch's Associates--Then Mysteriously Backed Off

Baby Jaguar Rescued From Life As A Pet

ACCE Action has made an endorsement for President: @BernieSanders!

What It's Like To Fall In Love With Your Rescue Dog

ACCE Action has made an endorsement for President: @BernieSanders!

Covid-19 quite likely to spread in US. Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?

Happy Valentines Day, DU.

Disneyland increases ticket prices again

Florida 'red flag' gun law used 3,500 times since Parkland

Saw something interesting today -- Re: trash day.

Anyone know about Facebook ad buying? Do you

Trump's story about veteran's comeback was not quite true

Choose a Bloomberg 2020 campaign slogan


EU spending tens of millions of euros a year to promote meat eating

Pete for America: The Record

NYT: What Being a Mayor Taught Pete Buttigieg

Tennessee Republicans worry women will go on tampon-buying frenzy

Robert Reich: Bloomberg Wants to Buy Our Democracy

5-Year-Old Saves His Family From House Fire, Helps Sister Escape Through Window

The GOP Senators calling for Congress to get to getting things done for the people . . . .

5-Year-Old Saves His Family From House Fire, Helps Sister Escape Through Window

Trump now deploying his version of the SS to the Sanctuary Cities

Canada: protests go mainstream as support for Wet'suwet'en pipeline fight widens

As the impeachment trial was ending authorities were still reaching

3 employees suspended in $4M Puerto Rico online scam

Friday night ...but seriously

What do you get when you put a bunch of liberal Democrats in a room? You get..............

Trump budget zeroes out funding for Stars and Stripes, the military's newspaper

Black Mormon missionary attacked in possible hate crime