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In Iowa, Biden outperformed Bernie by winning over swing voters who switched from Obama to Trump.

Obamas up for an Oscar tonight

Some people say it doesn't matter where a campaign gets its money from.

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I went to a safe space training on Saturday

Joe Biden should explain where his "Lying dog faced pony soldier" line came from.

Artist Arranges Stones In Stunning Patterns On The Beach, Finds It Very Therapeutic (30 Pics)

TESTING, 1,2,3---TESTING-----is anyone listening?

"Indiana on his mind"

Post a favorite easy recipe.

Get your Rotten Tomatoes handicapped Oscar ballot here

Antifa is "terrorist", but CPAC leader implies violence if Romney comes, and they're "conservative"?

Voter suppression is identical in effect to massive voter fraud.

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Crab filtering out sand for food - Industrious little bugger

Presidents with their dogs

The Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See

Buttegieg on Medicare for All

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NEW: The @BernieSanders campaign plans to ask for a recanvass of some Iowa precincts before deadline

NEW: The @BernieSanders campaign plans to ask for a recanvass of some Iowa precincts before deadline

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 10 February 2020

Giuliani says John Bolton is 'either a liar or a backstabber' following book revelations

this is for you Mitt Romney...

You raised $5,155.95 on February 8, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

New baby goat!

Awards nite - GO Renee & Joaq!1

It's Tarantino's night!

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Defense Department expected to announce billions more will go to border wall

'Stakes are incredibly high': New Hampshire voters feel the pressure as primary looms

Kim Jong Un cancelled a big parade yesterday

How Louisiana Lawmakers Stop Residents' Efforts to Fight Big Oil and Gas

Connelly: It's time for Washington to focus the mind on forest fires

Biden Retreats from Buttigieg Attack, Vows to Fight Past Tuesday

Got another pay or i'll tell your family and friends what you do in the Internet.....

Biden Sees Problem With Running Mate Who Backs Medicare For All

The "movie line" Biden used is one HE GOT FROM HIS BROTHER

Cost of "Healthcare/MFA/etc." vs cost of "Doing Nothing"

Congratulation Mayor Pete and his supporters on DU. YOU WON IOWA

Deutsche Bank, Trump, Russia, Saudi Arabia. MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!!

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An Interesting Lecture on the Technological Coding of Racism Is Now Online.

Alice Allison Dunnigan -- Teacher, Journalist, Civil rights activist

The Superbowl Half Time and the Oscar Opening

A week ago I had a mass removed from my colon.

The Strokes: Tomorrow--New Hampshire! Come on down!

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damn Oscars Pit on the impeachment court45 seconds less time than senate gave Bolton

Brad Pitt finally wins an Oscar for Acting and goes there...

Buttigieg wins Iowa

How Is Trump Going To Retaliate To Brad Pitt....

Iowa Democrats: Buttigieg edges Sanders for delegates

I find the variance between polling and DU informal polling to be interesting.

Bloomberg's Theory of Trump

Honor Bright?

South Dakota House of Reps (GOP controlled, of course) bans tribal IDs for voter registration

Kitten Bella rescue

Simple math is simple math

Brad Pitt, Best Supporting Oscar: I get 45 seconds; that's 45 more than they gave John Bolton.

Brad Pitt 2020 Dem Nominee??

Here is Brad Pitt tonight:

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day (Biden)

A dozen or more threads regarding a purposefully corny movie quote said in jest by a Democrat...

Meryl Streep warned us after she was attacked for her comments - she nailed it

Thanks and

Q: Who will be your Mike Pence? Warren: I already have a dog.

Graham shows the GOP hasn't learned its lesson

Sanders glides toward primary day as moderates brawl

I know i have complained about polls frequently but

Photos: Awesome to be joined by 1,981 close friends in Keene to see Bernie Sanders

Trump has said 27 times he won't leave office.

This might get locked but

here's a short demo clip of a new tune I'm working on. longer version coming soon...

Philip Rucker: Trump has spent a gorgeous sunny Sunday in DC tweeting his grievances

Kansas City Chiefs planning their trip to the White House

Trump puts himself in the frame of Frederick Douglass ---in his appeal to Black voters...

Trump Is Withholding Nearly A Billion Dollars For Clean Energy Investments

FoxNews: Bernie Sanders joins Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday'

Im so over Iowa and NH

Vindman attacked for being inadequate in Ranger school (Faux news, guest)

The Obamas' "American Factory" wins the Oscar for Best Documentary! Hollywood is ON IT.

American Factory wins Best Documentary!

American Factory Wins


Direct tv suffering total signal loss

$2,000 Tickets And All-Male Speakers: The 'Make Women Great Again' Convention Is Causing Outrage

What we need to do to counter the coming blitz of propaganda

Madame Tussaud's: Line for the Barack & Michelle Obama Display, Not ONE Person for the Trump One.

what happens if one stops taking insulin as a 9 month type II diabetic?

Barack and Michelle Obama's production company documentary wins Oscar

Sanders campaign to request partial Iowa recanvass

This got to be the most obnoxious women in the world

...interesting...interpretation of Orff's O Fortuna.

The difference between good and great.

Cory "the coward" Gardner auditioning for his next gig

BUSTED:Melania Trump Lied Under Oath in 2013 About Graduating From College With a 'Bachelor's in Art

Anyone here seen American Factory? From NPR FreshAir, Wikipedia discussions it sounds sad, depressin

Be ready for it- dump and co. are going to make life VERY tough for any one with a D even if its fak

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Guitar Cover HD)

County in rural Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debt

Oohhh... what a poetic tweet

Former NFL WR Matthew A. Cherry wins Oscar for short animated film "Hair Love"

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Mayor Pete explains Bernie's appeal to independents, and ability to work across party lines.

Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia has lost his purge suit brought by Greg Palast.

For the curious, the full movie is on YouTube

One of the most scary things I have ever read. We are well down the road to a Police State.

The Making of the Iowa Caucuses: 20 Minutes That Changed History

Bloomberg's theory of Trump

Liberal Redneck tells it like it is:

Paint It Black (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

20 minutes until the last WBZ/Suffolk NH tracking poll...

Dance Monkey (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah)

States Eye Economic Windfall of Replacing Iowa as First Contest

Final Emerson NH poll Sanders 30 () Pete 23 (+3) Amy 14 (+1) Warren 11 (-1) Biden 10 ()

The FINAL WBZ/Suffolk University NH Tracking Poll

Should I smack him? Shit, why not? - Cat whacks dog after thinking it over

Interesting numbers from the NH CNN/UNH poll: 30% undecided, plus 19% uncommitted.

Joaquin Phoenix's speech was epic. A must find if you didn't see it.

Solar Orbiter blasts off to capture 1st look at sun's poles - link added

2020 Academy Awards Music

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a sweet cat


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Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar acceptance speech

Sunday Doonesbury

You just can't make this shit up.

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Two NH tracking Polls show Amy at 14%

Joe Biden Is Running Out Of Gas

I wonder if I am on a list.

If you can't come here and talk about the candidate of your choice.

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Asuka's workout in a gym in Las Vegas

DU Poll: Bloomberg or Sanders?

Cruise commercial

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Tweet of the Day

To most of you

I like Joaquin's gutsy win for "Joker"

Biden was suddenly finding a rhythm.

Bloomberg to drive Trump nuts with a huge ad campaign attacking president's business failures

I disagree with a partial re-canvass. We should have learned our lesson in 2000,

Reports on the ground indicate a Bernie win in Nevada.

University shrugs off student who burst into LGBTQ Studies class to distribute antigay pamphlets

A Grammy and now OSCAR win for the Obamas....

So, that was the ninety-second Academy Awards show?

Tulsi Gabbard Defends Trump Firing Vindman Brothers

How to Make Mochi Ice Cream (Recipe) もちアイスクリームの作り方(レシピ)

How to Make Mochi Ice Cream (Recipe) もちアイスクリームの作り方(レシピ)

quiz, which President won the popular vote, two Grammys, a Nobel Prize and an Oscar?

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I thought Joaquin's Academy Awards speech was terrific!

Crispy MICROWAVE POTATO CHIPS (w/Ranch & BBQ Flavors!)

Post-Debate Suffolk Tracking Poll Trends Show Klobuchar Finishing a Strong Second in New Hampshire

Coronavirus: WHO Warns Transmission By People Who Had Not Visited China Could Be 'Tip Of The Iceberg

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tweet of the hour

For Your Consideration: Sima Ladjevardian for TX-02

Most overused word at the Oscars tonight

Those pushing the "popular vote" in the caucus are trying to have it both ways.

60 more test positive on the Diamond Princess, bringing the total to 130.

Scientists Discover Mysterious Virus in Brazil With No Known Genes They Can Identify

Scientists Discover Mysterious Virus in Brazil With No Known Genes They Can Identify

Walton Heirs Worth $174 Billion

Powerful Radio Signal From Deep Space Appears to Be Repeating in a 16-Day Cycle


Buttigieg is the one to beat in New Hampshire but Klobuchar also surges as voters weigh electability

wearing long pants and sweatshirt inside tonight in honolulu...cold and rainy brrr

Making Oscar history, 'Parasite' wins best picture

6 Must Have Chinese Ingredients - Chinese Cooking 101

Celebrity Defector: Speaking out against North Korea

Celebrity Defector: Speaking out against North Korea

Backed by soldiers, El Salvador's president briefly occupies Congress

Chinese in UK report 'shocking' levels of racism after coronavirus outbreak

Weird. Guess Pence meant last (Democratic) Speaker of the House??

Bloomberg Should Hire Someone To Investigate Trump's Russian Money Laundering

Harry Dunn's family seek answers over reports Anne Sacoolas was CIA officer

Nola Mardi Gras trump float. X-rated

A 'reverend' forged deed on $4M foreclosed Dallas mansion, court records say. The bank wants it back

Bloomberg campaign ad uses #orangeface's own words

DNA discovery in yogurt shop murders sparks FBI standoff

His master's voice? Jair Bolsonaro posts video of himself watching Trump rant

His master's voice? Jair Bolsonaro posts video of himself watching Trump rant

"You wouldn't think you'd go to jail over medical bills": County in rural Kansas is jailing people o

Iran again fails to put satellite into orbit amid U.S. worries

Of the Democratic presidential candidates, Buttigieg raises most from NH in 2019

A voter asked Warren who will be her Pence. Hear her answer

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Former Penn prof. Elizabeth Warren tells the DP America needs to work for everyone

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Do you think Boris Johnson will survive Dominic Cummings cabinet reshuffle?

Fires and floods: maps of Europe predict scale of climate catastrophe

Coronavirus cases on Diamond Princess cruise ship rise to 69, including 12 from U.S.

UK facing 'major outbreak' of coronavirus as disease spreads, expert warns

HIV-positive airmen fighting to stay in the Air Force in first-of-its kind case

Joe Biden is the Top Choice for the Democratic Nomination Among Small Business 😎🎨

Why would a democrat waste money on a negative ad against

So trump will now appear in every state the day before the states democratics primary.

With all the votes counted, Pete Buttigieg won the Iowa caucuses

Nevada Democratic Party's hiring of Buttigieg ex-staffer raises concerns

Left Out: A Documentary Short of the Economic Crisis Facing Black Midwestern Voters

Never let it be normal...

NH Dem Chair: Last time GOP jammed our phones, they went to prison.

Bernie Sanders' policies would be beneficial to all Americans, Rep. Omar says in Vegas visit

Puerto Rico governor rejects new deal to cut debt by 70%

Phone bank report

I visited NYC yesterday and rode on PATH trains (from Jersey City to NYC) and

Bloomberg's latest Trump-scorching ad...

Do you believe that Trump's muscle will put Charlie Hustle/Pete Rose

How two billionaires turned out so differently (Long)

NY Governor Cuomo hosts a conversation with Speaker Pelosi

Gov Cuomo hosts a conversation with Speaker Pelosi (National Governors Association)

Republican "Science" Revolves Around Money - Good 'Ol All-American Stupidity Just An Additive

Monday TOONs - All the President's Henchmen

Trump impeachment trial: Is US politics beyond the point of repair?

"Not MY House" - 1,000+ Resident Florida Survey Shows Flood Maps Don't Change Anyone's Minds

Mike Bloomberg: Fixing Inequality Is My Priority

I googled "Obama's Oscar"

Coronavirus: Sony and Amazon pull out of major tech show

"3 Years Of Crushingly Bad Numbers" For Northern California Towns Hit By Fires, Power Cuts

Oz Climate "Policy" Lets Industries Pump Out Millions Of Tons In Carbon Beyond Limits w/o Penalty

The Rundown: February 7, 2020

CNN: Trump weaponizes the Presidency after impeachment victory

(opinion) Does Pete Buttigieg have a path to become the Democratic nominee?

Gary Johnson offers to help Democratic Party candidate with

!?! Liberty U honors Brexit's Nigel Farage (blog the freethinker at patheos)

The CPAC chair said if Romney came to the conference his life would be in danger

That's just "Snoop Dogg being Snoop Dogg"

Have you ever given cash in a sympathy card? Am I wrong to consider doing so?

A lot of Russian girls are trying to hook up with American guys online.

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This is not even the end of the beginning, folks

For Kid's Coughs, Swap The Over-The-Counter Syrups For Honey

I woke up this morning and when I looked at DU I saw in my in box

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TWIDDLE - BERNin Down the House 2/9/20 Keene State College Rally

"My Bible's pages stick together. What's with that?" . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pence!!!

TWIDDLE - BERNin Down the House 2/9/20 Keene State College Rally

Piss-drunk ON-DUTY cop passes out in his patrol-car in middle of road. DA refuses to file charges.

Thank you so much for the hearts, kind strangers

Watching Morning Joe and they just showed a clip of Lindsey Graham...

Roland Martin: "Bill Clinton lost six in a row until winning South Carolina."

One day from the NH primary and over 40% of DU members are still listed as undecided

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Thanks for the hearts. I love the hearts on Valentine's

trumpets in SC

Ecuador Puts Ex-President on Trial for Campaign Finance Fraud


Do people really think a billionaire's $2800 is worth more to a candidate than my $2800?

Maduro Picks Surprising Tool To Level Out Venezuela's Tailspin: Capitalism

Need a heart? Come get a heart.

Venezuela seizes Citgo executives who were under house arrest

Pic Of The Moment: Support Trump Or Die?


NH State Senate President @DonnaSoucy has just ENDORSED @JoeBiden

Trump tells advisers he doesn't want another summit with North Korea's Kim before the election

We need a MEGA hat of our own.

"He got 44.8% in 2018. He suffered the worst electoral defeat in the House ever"

Russian anti-fascist group given 'monstrous' jail terms

Venezuelans are slowly starving to death as Maduro and Guaido battle for power

Coronavirus Cruise Crew Pleads for Help: 'Soon We Will All Be Infected'

How the Supreme Court Could Gut Reproductive Rights Without Ruling on a Single Abortion Restriction

(Germany) Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to quit as CDU leader amid far-right 'firewall' row

Are Americans Ready to Love Trains Again?

February 10 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) DE-at-large

6 tips for streaming TV without going broke

Tonight: join our GOTV Concert Rally with @thestrokes, @AOC and more in Durham, NH

Tonight: join our GOTV Concert Rally with @thestrokes, @AOC and more in Durham, NH

Sanders team leads in pushing idea of party selection conspiracies

Not so much opium for the masses, more like venom for the foul...

Sheldon Adelson to donate $100m to Trump and Republicans

Gallup Approval Ratings graphs from FDR to Trump

Float at New Orleans parade.

Aggressive Cat Melts When She Gets To Know Her New Mom

Breakfast: Monday, 2/10/2020

Storm Ciara helps plane beat transatlantic flight record

Michael Bloomberg's 2020 campaign ads are driving TV-addicted Trump crazy: report

Photo: Kudos to B, who has been going strong all rally.

Photo: Kudos to B, who has been going strong all rally.

David Brooks: The nuclear family was never going to last

Tomorrow may be my Gene McCarthy vote, 52 years later. n/t

The Billionaire Buyers Club. The most dangerous club in history.

New Hampshire @Suffolk_U/@BostonGlobe tracking poll, Pre Debate ➡️ Post Debate:

A #Russian prankster glued a massive portrait of Vladimir Putin inside a residential elevator....

Buttigieg is SURGING in New Hampshire! On Feb 4 he was at 13.9%, now at 20.7% according to 538.

For Your Consideration: Shannon Hutcheson for TX-10

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta just endorsed Joe Biden on CNN!

Has Trump Rendered the Political Gaffe Obsolete? (5/3/2019)

U.S. charges Chinese spies with massive Equifax hack

18 U.S. Code  1513.Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant

Barack and Michelle Obama's production company wins an Oscar and Barack shows class

UMass Lowell NH poll: Sanders 25%, Buttigieg 17%, Warren 15%, Biden 14%, Klobuchar 8%

Is Aridification the New Normal in Australia?

Justice Dept. charges four members of Chinese military in connection with 2017 hack at Equifax

Manchin on MSNBC re Trump calling him a "munchkin": I'm taller than he is, but he's much heavier.

YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count 🤷

THe Irony In The Con Phone Jamming In Iowa

Photo: ''Thank you for being here.. we are about to have a martial arts demonstration''

Ok back to inherent contempt.

Photo: ''Thank you for being here.. we are about to have a martial arts demonstration''

She really should smile more...

I helped coin the term 'identity politics'. I'm endorsing Bernie Sanders Barbara Smith

James Carville makes a hard-nosed pragmatic political decision to support....

Barr just addressed Graham's claim of DOJ-Giuliani channel: "We had established an intake process...

As the primary campaigns intensify, we hear a lot of high-sounding language about "doing

Trump's actions on Friday were even more vindictive than we thought.

Elizabeth Warren's challenge: Breaking out of murky middle

If it came down to Bernie and Mayor Pete who would you vote for?

Democrats Should Read This Before Voting For Michael Bloomberg

Bernie won 45% of the non white vote in Iowa

Donald Trump is a "lyin dog faced pony soldier"

Spectrum is still having widespread internet outages.

FOX tries to use Dobbs and Bartiromo shows as business shows.

Another Heart!

I was curious so I looked up the 2016 Iowa and New Hampshire primary results

"It was over two years ago when he murdered those people, why bring it up now?"


If it came down to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?

Sanders has been hitting Trump over Social Security for Months

this Bernie-driven #PetesBillionaires slag-off is disingenuous selective opportunism

Florida Lawmaker Ditches Biden for Bloomberg

TY soo Much!

This is how we do it! Rob Reiner--we've gotta punch him in the nose every single time!

European distillers are advertising against unfair tariffs and blatant protectionism

I woke up to a beautiful red heart this morning! Thank you!

Wow, I have a heart, Thank You.

This is how we do it! Rob Reiner--we've gotta punch him in the nose every single time!

This is how we do it! Rob Reiner: we've got to punch him in the nose every single time!

If it came down to Joe Biden and Donald Trump, for whom would you vote?

Nate Cohn: A Klobuchar Surge would be a dream scenario for Sanders

PUTIN critic throat slashed, dozens of stabs. SHITLER sighs.

Good new and Bad news for Bernie in New Hampshire...

Can you list a reason that each candidate MIGHT lose to Trump?

Go-pro mounts

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This is Mike Bloomberg

Four years later, is Seattle still 'Berning'? Warren, Buttigieg chase Sanders in campaign donations

James Carville Warns Against Dems Nominating Bernie Sanders (Mediaite article with video)

The hearts made my weekend. Thank you for that special feeling. We all need it.

Thank you so much for the sweet Hearts this morning

Democrats turn on each other after Iowa, complicating the party's chances against Trump

More Choices of Candidates. That's masking the real story

Someone REALLY needs to tell the talk show "hosts"

Some interesting short articles on health care/issues

Letters from an American - Heather Cox Richardson

Bring Presidential Back

Thank you!

The volatile retail landscape is hitting retail employees the hardest

Colombia's teachers ring alarm after one assassinated, 25 threatened in 24 hours

Kellyanne Conway bewilderingly argues the Vindman brothers weren't fired

I have been hearted

The 💟 are wonderful

The media in a nutshell.....

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers so thanks so much for the hearts friends nt

Earth-Shaking Irish Election Sees Left-Wing Sinn Fein Party Win Biggest Share Of Votesicle title

Biden, Warren battle for third place in New Hampshire

First day at my new job. Got a robocall from a Trump on the office phone

Bloomberg news: Barr says Giuliani giving Ukraine data to DOJ.

Here are the six programs that Pete was on, this last Sunday, Feb. 9th:

Sugar; the Government and Sickness

Is It Bernie's Party Now?

How Ponzi made his money and how his name became infamous

❤️ Thank you for the hearts and the attitude adjustment. ❤️

We can survive the "attacks" by one candidate on another

EU Copernicus Imagery Confirms Glacier 2X The Size Of DC Just Broke Off Of Pine Island Glacier

Schoolhouse Rock for the 2020's.


Billionaires Are Reaping Record Profits While The Ice Melts Antartica 65 Degrees Record High


Klobuchar surges in N.H., shaking up race

"Hair Love" -- Oscar-Winning Animated Short Film

Is this the start of something new at Amazon?

Exclusive: More than 100 U.S. troops diagnosed with brain injuries from Iran attack - officials

Lev's lawyer Joseph Bondy responds to Barr's open door policy:

What ever happened to HRMJustin?

Amazon wants to depose Trump over loss of military contract

To whoever gave me a special heart at 9:35 a.m.,

Iceberg that's twice the size of Washington cleaves off Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica, in a sign

AG Barr Admits You Can't Take Any Information You Receive from Ukraine at 'Face Value'

The life cycle of that cup of coffee you had today

Finally, There Are More Young Americans Who 'Believe' in Evolution Than Creationism

65 new infection cases found on Yokohama ship

Noise pollution from ships may scare Arctic cod from feeding grounds

TV-Watching Trump Increasingly Affected By Bloomberg's Ad Blitz

Horserace Horserace Horserace Horserace

Marijuana decriminalization passes Va. House 64-34.

UNH NH poll: Sanders 29%, Buttigieg 22%, Biden 11%, Warren 10%, Klobuchar 7%, Gabbard 5%

That's a LOT of "headaches"!!

Why did President Obama endorse Hillary but not Biden?

American Research Group NH poll: Sanders 28%, Buttigieg 20%, Biden 13%, Klobuchar 13%, Warren 11%

First, thank you for giving me hearts. Now let's spread them around.

Trump's $4.8 Trillion Budget Would Cut Safety Net Programs and Boost Defense

I just noticed I have 💜💙💚💛❤️!

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"We're doing a lot of things that are good including waste and fraud."

Idaho Proposes to Expand Wolf Hunting, Trapping on Public and Private Lands, Including Use of Snares

Well, we ended up getting 8.1 inches of snow...

Lindsey Graham Implicates William Barr in Massive Scandal, on Live Television

Thank you to my heart donor (just now).

🐦 FEB 11 at 7:30PM - Primary Night Rally with Bernie Sanders, Manchester

Michael Bloomberg's 2020 campaign ads are driving TV-addicted Trump crazy

The Day Democracy Died

🐦 FEB 10 at 4PM - Coffee in Salem with Bernie Sanders

96 year old Dancing Queen

Beautiful hoarfrost this morning!

Federal Judge Upholds Maryland Law Targeting Puppy Mills

Thank you for your kindness

Lindsey Graham slammed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom

The book, On Tyranny

Thank you for the Heart!

CNN: As expected... the @BernieSanders campaign has filed a request for a partial recanvass

What happened to us? Why did our investigative agencies stop from going after financial crime,

You know it hasn't occurred to me until last night:

CNN: As expected ... the @BernieSanders campaign has filed a request for a partial recanvass

Don't blow this

Hey! Thinking on a new four legged friend & roommate? Check on this short termer Sweetie

'Bernie Sanders Gives Me Hope'

This pretty Baby is a short termer, help a girl out!

Trial begins for archaeologist accused of forging earliest portrayal of Jesus' crucifixion

'Bernie Sanders Gives Me Hope'

Joe Biden: "I can get you a job chopping wood"

Elizabeth Warren didn't fall for George Stephanopoulos Socialism trap

Heads up! Trump plans to "shake up Dems" in Manchester tonight.

Woman called "lying dog faced pony soldier" felt insulted...

When will the madness end!??

Salt Shakedown -- How to Avoid Hidden Sodium at the Grocery Store

Samson came out of retirement yesterday.

Iraq faction hangs Trump effigies before memorial to slain commander

BREAKING: Over 100 US troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iran strike

I am MORE undecided as the polling keeps changing. My only criteria is the ability to beat Trump

Just wanted to thank my anonymous donor.

Watch this great ad from Denmark. Wish we could do something like this.

FINAL CNN/UNH tracking poll

Vindictive wanker behaves like a vindictive wanker? Surprise!

I appreciate the ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ from the kind donors

Next to the last reminder, and photo. "Repetition" contest starts on Wednesday

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Visit Nevada Ahead of Caucuses

Here's your goodness and happiness break for today! Some love to warm your hearts.

Bloomberg rally in Nashville

Two police officers were shot in a Walmart in Arkansas

George Conway: Trump is right. We might have to impeach him again.

Why do people keep giving me hearts?

The team that rigged the GOP primaries accuses Democrats of rigging Iowa against Sanders

A new way to profit from ancient Alaskan forests--leave them standing

Paying student debt monthly but debt keeps growing.join the club

The NeverEnding story: Bernie Sanders requests Iowa caucus recanvass after Pete Buttigieg declared..

This am on S. Ruhle new nat. dem polls on screen from morning consult:

"Our Very Existence Is the Resistance": An Hour w/ AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar

Yikes! Bernie crushes in new Quinnipiac national poll!

Trump eliminates 70 positions inherited from Obama -- including roles on the NSC: report

Merkel's Succession Plan Falls Apart As Her Protegee Bows Out

Stable Genius Say Coronovirus Will 'Go Away' In April

How a beloved organic grocery chain collapsed

Outstanding Imgur Thread


Very dumb congressman forgets that recessions almost always start under Republican presidents

?? EU may withdraw police cooperation from UK if Boris actually drops Human Rights Protections ??

Muchas gracias, those who gave me hearts! ❤️ nt

Pentagon to cut Stars & Stripes funding, leaving some troops w/o access to news

A 🌈 for our young sisters & brothers.

Some good news today.

Cartoons 2/10/2020

Another week, another deadline, and it's all about money

"Time lost can never be regained--not for love nor money." Sydney J. Harris, Chicago Sun Times.80s?

Meth, tire rubber among new pollutants found in Puget Sound

So the "moderates" are gonna split their vote and hand the nomination to Sanders?

Another heart!! Thank you so much. I'm over the moon!

Yang can unite the most people.

Trump's Budget Math Grapples With Economic Reality

""No, you haven't. You're a lying dog-faced pony soldier."..."Hi, Bernie People!"

Trump predicts impeachment will complicate reelection for Schumer, Nadler

Gabbard Says She'll Back the Democratic Nominee

Sanders overtakes Biden in Quinnipiac national poll

Article:Donald Trump the American fascist and authoritarian is no longer a hypothetical

More Than 100 Were Hurt In Iran Missile Attack

The New Coronavirus Is a Truly Modern Epidemic

Rachel Maddow: "This is the kind of quote for which bumper stickers were invented in the first place

RW players in massive welfare embezzlement case got millions from taxpayers, but helped few

'We Have to Show We're Willing to Take the Risk.' How Elizabeth Warren Plans to Turn Around

I just voted for Joe Today,,,,Yeah 😎💙

Handmaid's Tale

Kellyanne Conway says more officials may be ousted after Trump's Senate acquittal

Nevada Democrats hire paid Buttigieg organizer as their Voter Protection Director

Sanders Overtakes Biden In National Poll

Snohomish County community isolated after road damaged by mudslide

Who already voted

China hid the severity of its coronavirus outbreak and muzzled whistleblowers -- because it can

The headline Biden would kill for.....

Two-thirds of workers at risk of robot-driven redundancy are unaware of the threat to jobs (UK)

Thank you to whoever gave me the heart! I really appreciate it. Going through a rough patch...

Abandoned Kitten Crying At The Trash Cans

Trump Says Heat Of April Will Make Coronavirus 'Go Away'

Is Dump gonna burn out the MAGATs?

Here's why Warren is the best choice: She puts the issues ahead of herself

Study: SC workers among most at risk of losing jobs to automation

Mitch, make me a Sorcerer!

This made it to Snopes, ratf*&king by whom? About Buttigieg


Soccer legend Pele is depressed, reclusive due to health issues, says son

Salon:Why does the "BernieBro" myth persist? Because pundits don't understand how the internet works

Is this true? Nazis used meth extensively for energy--soldiers, workers, Hitler

Brad Pitt Calls Out Senate Republicans After Oscar Win

Here's @BernieSanders' letter to @iowademocrats asking for a partial recanvass:

America has been attacked and is being destroyed

Here's @BernieSanders' letter to @iowademocrats asking for a partial recanvass:

So, in the minds of some D's, a woman might not be electable yet --

Nate Silver: Sanders' relatively low absolute vote share more notable than his being in the lead

... and the numbers are in for President Obama VS Trump

Never Forget

Get ready, Washington voters: Ballots arriving this month for 2020 presidential primary


There is a difference in how different candidates deal with loss and winning.

Cruise Ship's Coronavirus Outbreak Leaves Crew Nowhere to Hide

Get ready, Washington voters: Ballots arriving this month for 2020 presidential primary

Pete on the campaign trail...

40,000 coronavirus cases may be 'tip of the iceberg' as death toll nears 1,000

August 5-8, 2020 - Watch This Date - Biggest Trump Rally Ever!

This poster says it all. Genius Truth Telling...

"We have to take the good over the bad"

As primaries heat up and the real thing approaches, don't forget to....

Politico: New poll shows Bloomberg eating into Biden's support among black voters

Sony, Amazon, others drop out of big tech show over virus

Biden campaign ahead of New Hampshire primary: 'This is game 2 of a 7-game series'

Everything will be fine. Just don't call it an app.

Want to see something gross?

Why Trump will lose in 2020

The Trumps and of course Jared should consider this..!! #TrumpTreason

DT budget does away completely with Lordstown Motors loan

Student loans and intergenerational warfare: random thoughts

Fed prosecutors gear up for fight with Flynn over his guilt by attempting to use his former lawyers

TPM: New Polls Suggest Dems Should Chill the F Out

Finally something Trump did that I agree with - for real

8 hours and counting.....

Thank you everyone on DU! I don't care what candidate you support. I love you! Procedure went ok.

Man hunts down alleged hit-and-run driver after wife killed

Do you want a president who consistently lies to you about anything and everything?

Bernie now saying M4A will be transitioned in?

Both RCP Polls and 538 are updating their results in real time now.

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Don & Melanie to visit India on 2/24 as his Airing of Impeachment Grievances Tour continues.

Mike Bloomberg announced Immigration Reform Policy

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Propping up the firewall...

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So what is holding Klobuchar back?

Oh Happy Day


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Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC just now is predicting Trump will pardon Flynn

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Just saw a new poll on MSNBC

This isn't good

Bob Barker would be SO proud of Donald Trump!

Fuck the polls and fuck open primaries

Trump requests sharp funding boost for NASA's Artemis moon program

War - Galaxy

You raised $1,925.40 on February 9, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

David Corn: The Great New Hampshire Voter Freak-Out


Great Bloomberg Ad


Trump Loses It After Ugly Photo Goes Viral

Can we buy a star for another DU'er?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Amy Klobuchar "troubled" by having democratic socialist Sanders atop ticket

I believe Donald Trump was sent by God.

The cherry on the Iowa sundae...

Gabbard, to Neil Cavuto on Fox, RE: Vindman firing: "there are consequences to elections"

The Supreme Court Is As Complicit As the Senate

Explainer: What's at Stake in the 2020 Rollback of Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protections?

IDP Chair Troy Price Skewered for making Excuses

Bloomberg: He's not as short as Trump is fat

Sorry, Trump Supporters, But You Lost The Right To Lecture America On Civility

I remember 1972

Florida Bar confirms active inquiry into Matt Gaetz for impeachment hearing stunt

Why does the SUBJECT line support alphanumeric only, no special characters.

Quentin Tarantino has this song in my head all damn day

Who cares so long as the stock market is doing well.

The Media Is Wrong As New Poll Shows Every Top Democrat Beating Trump 😲😲❔

What I've Done

Matt Gaetz Hit With Ethics Complaint After Whining About Pelosi

Lest we forget.....

Mike Bloomberg will be in Nashville February 12th.

White House budget to propose 'savage' cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Teen growing his hair for sick sister withdraws from Texas school when told to get haircut

Federal employee retirement benefits would be cut under Trump's budget

2018 was the prelude. If we remain focused, 2020 will be the main act.

County in Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debt

Lil Nas X-Old Town Road Gayageum ver. by Luna

Why we must focus on winning the Senate

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 10, 2020

Biden plummets in new national poll, ceding top spot to Bernie

The nicest story on the web today

Trump Budget Proposes Ending State Medical Marijuana Protections And Blocking DC From Legalizing

HRH II Queen Elizabeth grandson set to divorce...

Michael Bloomberg unveils immigration plan including place-based visas

Why did Lindsey Graham "rat out" AG Barr??

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The good news and the bad news---(IMHO)

I am getting so sick of hearing

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Trump proposes cuts to global health programs during coronavirus

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****QUINN POLL**** Sixty Three Billion Dollar Man Holds Largest lead Against Fake One

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Trump Proposes 25 Percent Drop in Fund Designed to Deter Russia

Trump's 2021 budget drowns science agencies in red ink, again

I just received a yellow alert

I just voted by mail for Nancy Pelosi.

The Lincoln Project placed this billboard facing NH Trump rally, offering a "warm welcome"

So the divisive cretin King Con met with select parents from Parkland today

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Luckovich-trump wants revenge on his makeup person

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Quinnipiac Poll crossroads: Biden AA support has dropped from 49% to 27% (CNN)

**Quinn Poll**- Among African American Voters It's Joe 25% Mike 22% Bernie 19%

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate- Sanders/Klobuchar win P/VP.

Anxiety of a Bernie Sanders Democrat ticket begins to spread down the ballot in Miami

I just cannot say thank you any more vehemently!

4 parties and a funeral: A day on the trail with Sanders and Biden

Feds ask judge for 7-9 years in the case of king ratfkr ROGER STONE

Federal prosecutors want Roger Stone to get 7-9 years ...

Philip Rivers, Chargers 'Mutually Agreed' QB Won't Return to Team

Comparison Chart: Previous Primary Wins - Iowa & NH, then Nominee

Biden Voters-Who is your second choice

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I'll give Mitt credit for doing the right thing.

"Dial 1-800-UTTER-BS" - Frank Figliuzzi's (ex-FBI) Conspiracy Hotline

My experience with CBD Oil

Well it's official. Hes gone

New species of tyrannosaur identified following Alberta fossil discovery

Sanders Calls on Congress to Reject Trump's Budget ''Of, By, and For the 1 Percent''

My experience with CBD Oil

Sanders Calls on Congress to Reject Trump's Budget ''Of, By, and For the 1 Percent''

It must be true; Rudy wrote it on a paper napkin

XFL commissioner: Kaepernick salary demands too high

Why Biden?

This New York deli offers customers free food if they can solve simple math problems

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Food fears grow as swarms of locusts reach Uganda and Tanzania