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I told Jeannie, "We'll just have to agree to disagree."


Hillary's rallying cry: 'Vote in overwhelming numbers to replace them'

Looking for some good movie recommendations for the weekend.

Ahhhh....I think it's illegal

Does anybody remember undecideds being this high, this late?

Pelosi statement on Senate vote this afternoon:

2020 GA US Senate Election- both GA US Senate seats.

FDA approves first treatment for kids with peanut allergy

Bolton's only chance for a viable political future? an interview on Fox this Sunday!

Does anybody know Mike Bloomberg's speaking fee?

Congress needs to keep investigating.

Erneido A. Oliva, 2nd in command of the Brigade 2506 during the Bay of Pigs dead at 86

Trump Was Just Concerned About Corruption in Ukraine? Well, Thanks To Trump and The GOP...

Can Roberts declare a mistrial and force a do-over?

Protestors yell Shame shame as Senators speed away in their cars........turn volumn up.....

Hillary Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders for Not Working to Unite Democrats in 2016

Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

She's still lighting it up on Broadway!

Teen Vogue faces backlash over article about Facebook's election efforts

The cringing abdication of Senate Republicans

It's ridiculous that each state gets two Senators, regardless of population...

Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson sentenced to more than 13 years in alleged terror plot

Mitch shut down the "trial" just as Barr shut down the Russian investigation.

The Senate can't wait 7 days for witness depos/testimony, but they can wait 6 days to give speeches

Princess Ivanka Tells Media 'Elites' Their Criticisms Make Daddy Cry On His Golden Toilet

Why isn't the MSM (and DU) talking about the latest Parnas bombshell?

It wasn't just the National Archives. The Library of Congress also balked at a Women's March photo.

Two Cats and a Piano

Environmental Conservation Group Fears Extinction Of The Vertebrate Republican

Jennifer Williams special adviser to Pence on Europe is leaving VP office 2 months ahead of plan

What "checks and balances" REALLY means...

America needs to do to the Republican Party what Gen Sherman did to the confederacy.


Does anyone see US Senator Amy Klobuchar(D-MN) as the 2020 Democratic VP nominee?

It only takes one term of controlling the House and Senate

Friday Talking Points -- The End Of The Impeachment Road

All the hand wringing over the kabuki theatre we witnessed is

C-span video: Bon Iver Caucus Concert

CPAC says Romney 'not invited' this year after vote at Trump trial

"Trump didn't hijack the Republican Party- He walked in the front door and they welcomed him

Lev Parnas on Maddow tonight.

Chris Hayes on Justice Roberts...

FULL letter from Parnas PDF Link

How strong is Tillis in his re election bid in NC?

He'll turn on you too boys

No witnesses at Senate trial - lies by omission

Maybe it IS time for America to have a different form of government.

Would it be appropriate for turtle to communicate with roberts without a Dem. present?

Trump Signed Off on McConnell Plan to End Trial

Impeachment Question - Anyone?

Well, once again! Trump may have pulled off another con job?

Michael Stipe Told Trump to 'Shut Up' at a Patti Smith Performance

Anybody notice this week how many folks on MSNBC

RIP Senate posted on Wikipedia


*Moonstruck on TCM now.

I'm going door to door tomorrow (Saturday) for Warren!


Real ID compliance may leave up to 85,000 stranded the first day; senators aren't having it

Amy has Real Momentum

What is the Republicans problem with "infrastructure" funding?

Just a reminder that every one of Trump's supporters is an idiot racist fuckhead

Lev Parnas makes another appeal to testify.

The good news

With God on our side

Human Test For People Who Work In An Office

Can Hollywood show historical truth? Or not?

John Kelly: Impeachment trial without witnesses is 'a job only half done'

There is a place in Alberta called 'Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump'

This is the way the world ends.

John Roberts, as Senate trial nears end, finally says he won't break ties.

Getting tried of some dems celebrating the fact

Be ready it's coming!

Navajo Code Talker dies at 96; less than a handful remain

Schiff calls out Trump lawyer Cipollone after Bolton places him 'in the loop' on Ukraine

The Muslim Caucus of America is Proud to Endorse Bernie Sanders for President!

The Muslim Caucus of America is Proud to Endorse Bernie Sanders for President!

Steve Sack FTW

RE/Financial DUers, how do mone launderers eventuall get their mone out of real estate transactions?

Woman Tricks Friend Into Quitting Job, Gets Over 2 Years

Joe Biden warming up for Monday night!

Navy to test drinking water from wells bordering Bangor for contamination

The good news is...there are still about 50 things Trump could be impeached for

Is any job, even that of US Senator, worth selling your soul for?

Man Dumped From Wheelchair in Dispute Over Parking Space, "Amazed no one intervened"

Friday's massive sell-off ruins January barometer market signal

For my entire career I have fought to protect and expand Social Security.

Jury foreman and defendant have worked out a deal to end defendant's trial next week

Trump administration restricts travel from Nigeria, five other countries


For Americans, flu remains a bigger threat than coronavirus

I don't usually share amateur concert clips... But I will make exceptions

We're finally out of reasons to look for heroes to save our Democracy

So, let me get this straight: The DNC is rigging the system against Bernie by ... helping Bloomberg?

Bob Martin on Twitter collected all the 2020 GOP Senators' phone numbers

Censure ! Why the fuck not?

Are there any demonstrations planned/called for yet regarding the Senate trial?

Bag with Star of David and soap left outside Swedish Holocaust day display

One defeat does NOT decide the entire war. Example:Sunday, June 22, 1941. Invasion of Soviet Union

Do Not buy Bolton's book

British school to change logo referencing anti-Semitic blood libel

I don't ever again, want to hear a republican candidate

DU Poll: Should Dems Impeach Him Again With Different Charges

Not so much about primary as about Joe.

nothing else has worked. Ima just gonna pray for dumbass to eat to death

Bolton's only way out is our way in! (A Sunday interview on Fox w/ Chris Wallace.)

US Constitution ... 1787 - 2020

Pro-Trump blog (Zerohedge) doxes Chinese scientist falsely over Coronavirus

changes you would like to see to the Federal government

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! That's All Folks!

Wait -- What's That?

37 years after immigrating from Poland, Wasthenaw County lawyer becomes judge

Quote Of The Day: Sen. Marco Rubio

Dow Jones Industrial Average, the DOW, closed today at 28,256.03

Liberal group endorses Democrats in competitive primaries

Apart from Trump, who do you see as the most villainous villain in this whole episode?

KY-SEN: McConnell's Democratic rival McGrath endorses Biden for 2020

No spin

What should be the generic Democratic Nominee 's motto during the GE against Trump?

Parkland survivor featured in Bloomberg campaign ad in Florida

Where's Rachel?

Murkowski is "angry at all sides" and "just going to chill." Awww. That is SO special! Group hug!

Justice Roberts' voluntary impotence

House Majority Forward is extending its ad buy in six House battlegrounds

Bill Clinton after his acquital

I Do Not Believe

NH-GOV: Bernie Sanders endorses Volinsky for governor

Latest 538 odds and delegate counts, just 2 days before the Iowa caucus:

Woman says Weinstein yelled, 'You owe me!' before raping her

Fort Bend's special election was first battle of the 2020 war between Texas Democrats and GOP

So what were the consequences?

It's on! Florida presidential primary ballots already going out

Senate Trial outcome plus Daily Religious Invocation proves there is no god

Bolton on Fox News this Sunday???? It's his only way.

Amy Klobuchar was kicked out of the hospital 24 hours after giving birth. Outrage fueled her rise.

Send this to every Republican scum you know

Republicans Now Say Trump Did What He Was Accused Of -- They Just Don't Care

I fear for the safety of some people after trump is found not guilty next week. Namely, the

U.S. Officials Warn of 'Real Security Consequences' if Trump's Acquitted

Giuliani Sought Help for Client in Meeting With Ukrainian Official

Lev Parnas and Bondy are on with Ari right now

Clinton: Sanders and supporters did not do enough to unify party in 2016

*The Apartment coming up on TCM

Chinese Coronavirus Cases Rise to More Than 11,700: Virus Update

Real Time with Bill Maher guests tonight:

Cold comfort but

FLIPPABLE: Sara Bitter for OH-HD27

Chinese Coronavirus Cases Rise to More Than 11,700

'Quarantine' Fought Disease Through The Ages: *Eyam, England, 'Village of the Damned' Plague 1666

'Quarantine' Fought Disease Through The Ages: *Eyam, England, 'Village of the Damned' Plague 1666

New York Times: Bernie Sanders's Surge Owes a Lot to Voters of Color

roberts wouldn't have broken tie against trump - cnn

I've Read 25 Books About America...Fuck It, I'M PRESIDENT NOW! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Republican senators are co conspirators

Photos: Over 2,500 Iowans and @boniver rallying for Bernie Sanders

So, one GOPer says the House Managers proved their case against Trump, but yet....

An Analogy Even Your Republican Uncle Can Understand. Bolton/Parnas Said They Had Evidence

Would $1000/month significantly improve your life?

Heroin hidden inside can of baby formula in New Kensington, PA apartment

" Today [Republican] Senators voted to cover up the crimes of the President"

This infuriates me!

Trump May Be Blocking Bolton's Book, But I Hear He's Writing One Himself.

Having Bloomberg on stage is a good thing.

The State of the Union is going to be vomitous

Carl Bernstein Rips Senate Republicans: 'This Is A Cover-Up, Plain And Simple'

OOOOPS. WaPo: Cipollone "might have been a fact witness to the scheme for which Trump was impeached"

The way I read the Dershowitz Precedent is this:

"There's still a lot of reckoning to come."

Repuke sleaze argument: Past election means no removal. Uh, the past is *OVER* & now is NOW!1

Guardian of Monarch butterfly grounds eulogized in Mexico

Senators have made criminality

One-Third of Youth in Iowa Poised to Caucus; Strong Support for Sanders

Worship pastor writes viral song calling out evangelical supporters of Trump


VIDEO: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib boos Hillary Clinton at Sanders event in Iowa.

Sanders Leads Trump & All 2020 Candidates in Donations from Active Duty Troops

The Hill is now reporting on Tlaib booing Clinton at a Sanders event

The Greatest Deliberative Body

Republicans Block Jesus From Testifying

OMG YOU MUST find Real Time's NEW RULES tonight.

Beto Was Right - We need Term Limits For All Government Positions From The Supreme Court on Down

One bad jury doesn't spoil the whole jury system.

The Daily Show: Trump Forwards His Xenophobic Agenda / Milk to Get You Through Impeachment

'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' The Original Carter Family

Hillary shouldn't have attacked Bernie. Tlaib shouldn't have booed Hillary for it.

Let's set the record straight.

Seth Meyers - A Portion of Trump's Border Wall Fell into Mexico - Monologue - 1/30/20

Comey: Acquittal works for him because in November, Americans can vote

Let's say you are at the most important interview of your life. About 3 minutes into the interview..

Late news just said they now have a meat patch

Try Everything, Don't Give Up, from Zootopia..Shakira. I want to try, even though I could fail


I'd suggest you call a mistrial

Good opinion piece from Krugman, New York Times

In the past, I thought the question of What happens when #fatdonnie refuses to leave was ridiculous

Chris Cuomo: You should be mad as hell

Bill Maher made a political ad for the Democrats!

"He's functionally a monarch."

How long are we in

Lincoln: "government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish..."

When the truth is found to be lies...

How Bernie's Efforts to Restrict Immigration Harm Social Security

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Polls show when Hillary and people from the old guard of the party attack Sanders he rises

Does It Matter Who the Democrats Choose?

Longer Than Long Shot - A New Way Forward

Bulldog Goes PSYCHO Over Classic Horror Scene

There are raccoons under my porch.

Bernie Says Immigration Threatens The Social Safety Net. Research Shows Otherwise

Santorum CRUMBLES Trying To Defend Trump

Ya going to drive me to drinking

Venezuela's Guaid angles for Trump meeting at end of trip

America's character is on the ballot,

Remember Grover Norquist's pledge of wanting to shrink government down small enough to drown in...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Nixon's impeachment started with a unified GOP

Vanity Fair: Get a grip, Bernie Bedwetters: His Message and Media Machine could be Potent Against Tr

A Dishonorable Senate

Thank you Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia

Behind Bernie's rise: A $50 million spending surge -- and more where that came from

Mayor Pete on Real Time with Bill Marr:

50 Years Ago - Busted, down on Bourbon Street...

DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention

New FEC filing: Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign paid $194,247.57 to Trump family members

Ayanna Pressley to deliver Working Families Party's response to Trump's State of the Union

Twitter Reportedly Shutters GOP Account That Pretended To Represent Democratic Candidate

Who's winning -- and losing -- the great 2020 money chase.

A comment on the Dixie Chicks's Not Ready to Make nice

Today I Heard The Impeachment Trial Called A 'Cover-Up Trial'.....

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 1/31/20

Portland 127 L.A. Lakers 119

What Will Trump Do Or Say Between Now And Wednesday's Vote That Could.....

Bernie Sanders' real obstacle is not Trump. It's the Democratic establishment

Utopia - Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Pat Benatar - Promises In The Dark

Trump is trying to go around Congress to gut Medicaid while bragging in public that he's protecting

Investors Business Daily Ntl poll 1/31: Biden 26% sanders 19 warren 13

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bernie Sanders' Iowa Army Is 'Effing Pumped' 'WE DESERVE BETTER' Some of Elizabeth Warren's Iowa sup

I promise not to post too much foreigner, lol. I'll Get Even With You

Don't be a Trump asset

Poison Something to Believe In

Does Rick Santorum Know How Pathetic He Sounds? Is He Being Paid To Gaslight Us Constantly?

Violet Vendetta - Ride [Official Video]

Prince - The Ride - Live In Las Vegas

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get back in the majority in 2020.

Everything Trump touches, dies.

Brazil's First Indigenous Congresswoman Wants Her Government to Save the Amazon

Senate Democrats outraise Republicans, but GOP has cash edge

The Renouncing of Pomps

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/31/20

It appears to me the Democratic base thinks this election is a gimme and electability doesn't matter

Aussie Soldiers and Koalas

10 pm Friday NOAA newsdump of FOIA docs re: Hurricane Doria/Sharpiegate

Rex has an opinion about his booties

In 2016 Bernie had the advantage in my state of a caucus system that gave him 73% of the vote

Creationist appointed to lead Brazilian sector agency


Breakfast Saturday 1 February 2020

Peru's New President Will Lower Environmental Standards

Why Jill Biden Is Taking Time Off to Help Her Husband Get a Job

Peru: why a fundamentalist sect became an unexpected winner in elections

5:30 am - watching Michael Moore speech for Bernie. a very good

2,000-Year-Old Monolith Engravings Recorded in Peru

2,000-Year-Old Monolith Engravings Recorded in Peru

When is King Trump the 1st Coronation Occurring?

Murdered Salvadoran journalist's boyfriend given 50 years for femicide

So there you have it -Coronavirus can be treated with cow urine, dung: Hindu Mahasabha chief

Breaking - Australian Open spoiler

Kenin beats Muguruza to win Australian Open

IF the Dems win the Trifecta in November.....

Someone should invite Parnas and/or Bolton to the SOTU

Was this a Have Your Cake and Eat it Too move for Susan Collins?

At the end of the day, a president is supposed to be "one of us", right?

town hall, Council Bluffs, IA Jan 31

Mumbai anti-honking experiment:


Today's Google Doodle

Reynhard Sinaga: 'Evil sexual predator' jailed for life for 136 rapes

Longtime Iowa Democrats Sue and Bob Dvorsky endorse Elizabeth Warren for president

The face of pure anti-American evil

Did some mechanics work today...

Elizabeth Warren works the phones to snatch up final Iowa endorsements while she's stuck in DC

John Roberts, you presided over the childbirth of the American Tyrant

Customers accidentally served shots of toxic cleaning solution at movie theater bar

The Democrats Dilemma (or is it?)

Breakfast pizzas And yes I thought I saw a Bigfoot in the kitchen

🐦 FEB 4 at 6:30PM EST - Not Me, Us Milford NH Rally with Bernie, Jane, Shaun King

Jeffrey Toobin: The President is guilty

I expect to see Putin sitting behind Trump at the SOTU

Dear Putin Putzes (GOP):

Airbus to pay record L3bn in fines for 'endemic' corruption

CNN News is reporting on the Tlaib booing at Bernie's Iowa rally - says it is going viral. Just saw

Trump can never say he was acquitted because the GOP opted for cover-up instead

🐦 FEB 3 - Bernie 2020 Caucus Night Party with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Des Moines

Florida man pumps gas through a fishing pole slot on his boat

Man dismantling stadium falls to death, missing safety by inches (Warning: Disturbing)

Bernie Sanders will be on the trail in Indianola and Cedar Rapids.

2010 - 2020: Amazon Basin Forests Lost 24,000 Square Miles; About Same Area As West Virginia

For his sake and the nation's sake, John Bolton needs to go on Fox this Sunday.

'A permanent asterisk': Acquittal at hand, Democrats sow doubt about Trump trial

Mekong River "At Breaking Point": Dam Building, Sand Mining, Pollution, Warming, Extinctions

I'm going to leave this here...

Sen. Bernie Sanders has scheduled a NH rally the evening of SOTU address

8 Years After Superstorm Sandy, New York State "Considering" Whether To Divest From Coal

Sen. Bernie Sanders has scheduled a NH rally the evening of SOTU address

Bank For International Settlements: Climate Risk "Uninsurable And Unhedgeable" w/o Systemic Change

Author Mary Higgins Clark, 'Queen of Suspense,' dead at 92

My biggest fear with Bernie

The voting will soon begin. I pledge to keep it positive.

Golf cart chaos in Florida! (The Villages)

And in this week's bizarre news . . . . .

Major union flips support from Sanders to Biden...This is Great...Wow.....Go Joe..😎🎨

It's all about blackmail

Bernie Sanders Leads Trump, All 2020 Candidates in Donations From Active-Duty Troops

I'm fine with Bloomberg in the debate

Multiple Arrests Reported At Anti-Police, Anti-MTA Fare Protest Amid Acts Of Subway Vandalism

Republicans march over the impeachment cliff - taking their self-respect with them

Pirro-Hannity-Ingraham raging at Roku for dropping all Faux. I say GO ROKU, support Roku!1

What we just witnessed in a nutshell: per their Constitutional duty, the Democratic House

The Latest: History arrives: UK leaves EU after 47 years

Mike Bloomberg: The friends and families of gun violence victims tell their stories.

Major union flips support from Sanders to Biden

Wikipedia-United States Senate: "It died on January 31, 2020"


NYTimes Editorial Board: A Dishonorable Senate

Minority Leader Schumer Called It "Perfidy."

On this date in 1960-

Will Iowa caucus goers be able to record video of any disruptive, bullying behavior by other

Why do the most horrifying thoughts come at 3 am?

Was impeachment worth it?

New history question...

Dogs Love Playing with Squirrel Sibling Rescued From Hurricane

How much of a game changer will the Bolton book release be?

Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart. A song of resistance and survival.

Roku and Fox Settle Dispute Ahead of Super Bowl, Fox Now and Fox Sports to Remain on Roku Channel St

When the impeachment trial ends, the Senate's reputation will be hopelessly in tatters

And now we enter that phase where we arguably have a poor track record: Messaging

Groundhog Eve 2020

A Dishonorable Senate

NO Witnesses, NO Documents, NO Acquittal.

Set this aside until the new democratic Senate comes in next January.

Projects.fivethirtyeight delegate projection as of Feb. 1:

In unanimous vote the Arab League rejects Trump's peace plan

Sanders spent more than twice as much as Biden in the last three months of 2019.

Rep Tlaib apologizes to Secretary Clinton

For his next impeachment, we need to get his tax returns

Stop Trump by making damn sure we take the Senate.

I know this is fantasy but what if they convict on Wednesday

So, SOTU is Tuesday, Vote on removal Wednesday...

***** FEBRUARY Photo Contest***** Announcing Rules and Theme

Rachel Maddow tweet: "Hello Secretary Perry"

Why were they so afraid of John Bolton?

I like Bernie. A lot. I just wish he wasn't running.

I'm switching to Amy

Photo Contest and Theme Announcement to the DU Public at Large

Photo Contest and Theme Announcement to the DU Public / Lounge inhabitants at Large

The Iowa Expectation Game

Harvey Weinstein deformed?

Poll: Trump trails 2020 Democratic contenders in Michigan

If you can't get the GOP senators that believe Trump did it to vote in favor of conviction...

After twitler claims he's exonerated, guess what he and #TraitorGOP will do about the Bidens?

2019: The Year News Discovered Global Warming; Strangely, Substantial Silence About Its Causes

Dahlia Lithwick: Three Branches of Government Conspired to Rig Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial

The Onion's Guide To The 2020 Democratic Candidates

Honolulu chosen as 1 of 7 U.S. airport sites to allow China flights starting Sunday

Why they cannot "Fix" the next election. It won't be close because Trump is a "liar and a crook."

Bad purchase

Man Arrested for Trying to Pay for Prostitute With Hamburger

Severe Bushfire Warnings Across NSW, Victoria; Heatwave On The Way For The Weekend

A short read about Founding Fathers views on impeachment

How serious were the charges against Donald Trump?

Jahana Hayes on trump's expanded travel ban..

Scientists: Do Not Expect Arctic Sea Ice To "Bounce Back", Especially Given Today's Massive Forcing

There will be LOTS of naysayers trying to make us apathetic and/or despondent

A breakdown of false and misleading claims during the so-called "trial"

Some are recommending a second impeachment.

Google's "doodle" of the day, 60th anniversary of the Greensboro Four lunch counter sit in:

Michael McKean to Jill Stein: "I don't remember anyone asking you a goddamn thing."

A Cancer Patient Stole Groceries Worth $109.63. She Was Sentenced to 10 Months.

I'm not volunteering, but I do wish someone would keep a spreadsheet of...

We need a war on republicanism. We've done the war on drugs, hate, racism...even war itself.

Tlaib's primary result in 2018:

Since the Rethugs complain that House Investigations takeaway away

Thank you Rashida Tlaib for showing us how we will defeat Donald Trump.

He did Nazi that Reich punch coming

The US Senate and Professional Wrestling have something in common...

Stand Up and "Do The Wrong Thing" -- Exposing, Not Normalizing, 45 in All His Ugly Lawlessness

The "talk radio defense" - that's what it should be called.

Breaking: OMB filing reveals Trump involved in discussions on Ukraine aid as early as June

Well here is one immediate repercussion for a Repub to vote for a real trial

After last nights vote on whether to allow witnesses in the most important trial of our time...

Kennedy nearly doubles Markey in Q4 fundraising

Biden campaign starts 2020 with less cash on hand than top rivals

It's been 28 years now...

When is the funeral for the rethuglican party?

Malcolm Nance: Joe Biden's commercials are the best

Bloomberg, Steyer spend combined $340 million in fourth quarter

Fox News Sunday and John Bolton NEED each other. NOW!

I'm old enough to remember when Republicans said...

Saving a dog's life

Should we quarantine suspected coronavirus travelers in tents - like Chris Christie did?

Biden Hopes for Strong Finish But Warns of Long Primary Fight

FINALLY, Recoveries exceed deaths in 2019-nCoV (Wuhan Coronavirus) Outbreak

Warren's Campaign Spent More She Took in at End of 2019

One of the many youngins for Yang shares his caucus presentation.

OMB filing reveals Trump involved in discussions on Ukraine aid as early as June

Sunday's date is a rare, extra-special palindrome

Krugman: Biden's probably most electable, and electability should determine union endorsements

Pelosi: Republican senators are "accomplices to the President's cover-up"

Bill Maher's Comments About Bernie's Ground Game

Pretty good Super Bowl ad from Ellen

Ted Cruz thinks he's clever. Mocking Nancy's SOTU clap.

Sanders supporter Nathan Robinson: Do everything possible to get people NOT to vote for Warren

Museum of Natural History: Human Population

My daughter is getting married tonight!

Will it become official that the call was not "perfect"?

Feux News now must stir division

Rick Wilson: We'll be is using all our frigging nasty tools to to make sure Trump is not re-elected

Ever notice how the goal posts the Republicans use have swivel casters on the bottom?

The Impeachment Trial Nears a Finale (NYT- LTTE)

The Democratic National Committee has made it progressively harder to qualify for debates ...

What are the chances of the Democrats taking control of the Senate?

You just know...

Population of states whose senators voted against witnesses are a minority

Drysdale and Mantle--Classic

Arab League rejects Trump's Middle East plan

Some "undecided"people here sure look decided to me.

can I now rob a bank

Trump expands travel bans to Nigeria and 5 other countries.....

If you are in or near Lee County...

Is Nancy still playing chess?

Every Totino's Ever - SNL

With Bloomberg polling as well as he is, it would be a mistake NOT to include him in the debates

One year inside Trump's monumental Facebook campaign

A Nashville Art School Will Purge All Non-Christian Faculty Now That It Has Been Taken Over by a Rel

Patient is on life support,

Our job is to give people hope. If we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

Our job is to give people hope. If we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

Can Democrats bring up new info regarding Trump's impeachment during closing arguments

Warren almost even with Sanders in UI mock caucus Friday

Reasonable Doubt......

FEB 1 at 8PM - Watch LIVE Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll

If there's one Bloomberg ad worth seeing, it's this one.

Video: Man interrupts Biden to ask him for marital advice, during speech...

Trump just got the green light to steal the election ... again

Words. Definitions. Understanding.

FEB 1 at 8PM - Watch LIVE Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll

Is anybody investigating McTurtle and Graham?

Those Of You On Social Media And Use It Religiously....

Politico: DNC considering rule change to allow super delegates on first ballot

If it's true that " every thing Trump touches dies, "

Mitt Romney not welcome at CPAC after impeachment witness vote.

The date, 1-31-2020: The day that will lead us to this catastrophic event.

Correspondence from Lamar

🔥 SIMPSON COLLEGE TOWN HALL - Bernie and Jane Sanders & Reps. Jayapal & Omar

A reminder as some are re-reading "1984":

As A Way Of Saving Themselves And Give Them A Talking Point For November - Will The Repug Senators .

Once Skeptical, Senate Republicans Are All In on Trump.

Our job is to give people hope.

!!! George Gershwin Porgy and Bess


Here's What Trump Has Been Up to While Americans Have Been Distracted by Impeachment

Sanders gets a big closing endorsement with well-known Des Moines State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad

Sanders gets a big closing endorsement with well-known Des Moines State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad

I'm glad Trump will not be acquitted before the State of the Union.

Trump's Wall Collapsed.....

For Americans, flu remains a bigger threat than coronavirus

Photo: In Des Moines, @BernieSanders speaks with @AFSCME and @afscme_c61

'Two very interesting teams': Donald Trump doesn't know who's playing in the Super Bowl

Mediaite: Rashida Tlaib Quasi-Apologizes for Leading Boos of Hillary Clinton at Bernie Sanders Rally

It's ridiculous that we don't EXPAND the House of Reps to accommodate our expanding population

Rudy Giuliani Admits That Bolton Meeting That Trump Denies Happened

Cartoons 2/1/2020

Did Biden contact any of the repub senators to try to talk reason with them about this momentously

Bernie Sanders outpaces every candidate--including Trump--in donations from active-duty troops

There is one group of Americans that can help us overcome a rigged election.

Tlaib vows to do 'better' after booing Clinton at Sanders event

MA-SEN: Kennedy nearly doubles Markey in Q4 fundraising

Washington Senate passes death penalty repeal bill

New study pulls back veil on Everett's coronavirus patient

Bernie Sanders sparks a debate over socialism -- and Trump is happy to engage

Time to play as dirty as Rethuglicans

America's Greatest President is trending on Twitter.

Calling John Bolton, Neo-Coward Supreme!

Facebook 'friend' outed whistleblower

How a VAT could tax the rich and pay for universal basic income

First time ever, I am not watching the Super Bowl

My Bold yet Insightful Amy Klobuchar Prediction for Iowa

Democrats Vow Trump Probes to Go On After Impeachment Trial Ends

Bernie Has Always Fought to Protect Social Security

Democrats launch massive battleground plan led by Obama general

Behind Bernie's rise: A $50 million spending surge

Chuck Schumer and Trump commemorate Black History Month in very different ways.

Think I've posted one of this guy's videos in here before...

'The center of the orbit': Endangered Republicans go all-in on Trump

To prove I'm a bipartisan Democrat, here is my list.

Bloomberg Proposes $5 Trillion in Taxes on the Rich

New Idaho Wolf Plan, Comments open until Feb 10, 2020

New emails show how President Trump roiled NOAA during Hurricane Dorian

Calif repubs never learn: at my local market this morn.. petition - recall Gavin Newsome/anti-immig

Can anyone tell me why the DNC lowered their standards

How many Democrats actually thought they would get 67 votes to convict??

For me, The number one issue this election has become this.

DU meet-up at the Super Bowl? 18 of us only need $24,388.89 each.

A sideshow no more: Michael Bloomberg's fast ascent unnerves rivals

Officials confirm 1st case of coronavirus in Massachusetts

Klobuchar wins endorsement of Rep. Linda Sanchez

Best-selling author Mary Higgins Clark dies at age 92

Quoth the craven

Jared Kushner says Trump critics like John Bolton 'didn't have what it took'

Is everything that happened during Obama's presidency covered under executive privilege??

Lemmings don't commit mass suicide. What about humans?


Can someone in the know explain to me how Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat in the Primaries

China's isolation grows as virus toll reaches 259

A surge for Klobuchar in Iowa?

Tacoma students kept off campus as 'precaution' following trip to China amid coronavirus outbreak

Republicans march over the impeachment cliff - taking their self-respect with them

Actor Jodi Foster To Direct Film Based On Infamous Theft of the 'Mona Lisa' In 1911

Democrats Are Calling on DNC to Allow Bloomberg to Join Debates

Hear SE Cupp's harsh words for Republicans

Citing coronavirus, Mills urges voters to uphold Maine's new vaccine law

Just back from my last Joe Biden event..

Trump Crowns Himself King

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 1, 2020

Correcting pagans

I just made a donation to Arizona's Democratic Party. And I'm not an Arizonan.


The Trump wrecking ball just keeps swinging

American Oversight received 139 pgs of records from DoE re: Perry and Ukraine

While these are dark days, the real question on whether the American experiment has failed

Trump administration reveals it's blocking dozens of emails about Ukraine aid freeze

Michael Moore going off on Hilary on MSNBC, for her comments re: Bernie. nt

It Took Twitter Only 90 Minutes to Track and Knock Out a Nazi

Pelosi: 'Sad' to see McConnell 'humiliate' Roberts at impeachment trial

Aqua Timez 『Natsu no Kakera』

SOTU Stormy Daniels sitting in front row picking mushrooms off of a pizza

Tweet of the Day

Sen Leahy tweet: The View from the Capitol Steps last night...

When I was young assholes got punched in the nose, at the very least.

Amy Klobuchar was kicked out of the hospital 24 hours after giving birth.

Bill Maher's Democratic Attack Ad

Final push by Amy Klobuchar in Iowa

Atchafalaya Basin Backwaters - Louisiana

Coronavirus Mapping - Weekly updates

Biden Confronts Prank Comics Posing as Voters at Iowa Town Hall: I Understand Why Your Wife Left You

Bloomberg's tax proposal to net $5 trillion

Dateline: Washington. D.C.----The General Services Administration announced today that,

Gang of Four Guitarist Andy Gill Dead at 64

KING 5 News poll: Sanders top pick in Washington Democratic primary

"Million Bonobos Demand" wins today's Internet for the perfect smackdown of Mideast Peace Czar Jared

Amazing how this virus just happens to be the perfect diversion for

Stretched canvas or canvas boards

Kelly O'Donnell is at it again

So when is John Bolton's big patriotic TV testimony scheduled?

I have NO idea about the Iowa caucuses

If America knew Trump traded the continuation of his licensing deal at Trump Towers Istanbul for a r

Mitch's BFF Lamar punts Trump's fate to November voters on MTP. What a patriot, he's my hero.

Anyone Disagree With The Conclusion In This?

Trump Threw Weighty Refugee Decisions to Local Government, With Painful Results

Author Mary Higgins Clark, 'Queen of Suspense,' Dies at 92

Amy Klobuchar: Pressing against entrenched interests

This is the richest country in the history of the world.

Ian McEwan: Brexit, the most pointless, masochistic ambition in our country's history, is done

Ant bait

Hillarious fan video for Bernier: Perfume for the people!

I think we have three choices we can make in 2020.

Chaos At Nashville Arts School Among Students & Faculty Over Merger W Christian Inst; LGBTQ Views

Michael Moore says he's proud of Rashida Tlaib for booing Hillary Clinton

I've figured out why Steyer is OK and Bloomberg is not.

Bloomberg tax proposal seeks to collect $5T from high-income taxpayers

John Meacham just said what I posted in a different way.

The Last Days of the Blue-Blood Harvest

Iowa Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders

Iowa Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders

MSNBC Anchor: Everyone's Drawing Huge Crowds in Iowa Except Biden (VIDEO)

DOJ *at midnight Friday* admits the have 24 emails the House Investigation sought

The Battle For The Third Ticket Out Of Iowa

I'm going to try to fill in a spreadsheet. I need your help.

Dream Big, Fight Hard! Go Liz, this is where it starts

Candidate shirts for sale made by Msongs. Get em while they're hot....

HS student punished for not standing for Pledge of Allegiance

Oh, God. Here comes Steve Kornacki

On this day, February 1, 1960, the Greensboro sit-ins began.

I like the word "rotten" more than "corrupt," especially concerning Trump

Zombie' campaigns could pick up support in Iowa caucuses

item on a crossword puzzle

Black Futures Lab/Black Census Project

I can't believe anyone is defending HRC's "nobody likes him" attack on Bernie.

Jared Yates Sexton is finding former Republicans in Iowa who are thinking of voting for Biden

Sea Coast Media Group endorses Amy Klobuchar

What's the biggest Trump revelation that will emerge between now and November...?

Just bought a $300 vaccuum for $120. Now, I'm happy.

Hymn for the 81%

School of Rock students - "California Dreamin'"

On this day, February 1, 1968, the Penn Central began operations.

Video: Hope - Bernie Sanders

Current Election Betting Odds

New FLORIDA poll: Biden 29%, Sanders 17%, Warren 12%, Buttigieg & Klobuchar & Bloomberg 4%

Hope - Bernie Sanders

Matt Leblanc v Benedict Cumberbatch

You say Ivanka created 10 million jobs? Surely you mean 15 million jobs.

super goodies. appetizers, sandwiches, cakes ??

What is now "legal" for the next president?

Bill Maher made a political ad for the Democrats! Honestly it's the best one I've seen so far.

Can we email Pelosi?

Photo: Sen. Sanders marvels at the number of folks crammed into the Grinnell coffee shop

Pelosi Sets Up McConnell's Republicans With Vote On Medicaid Cuts

The same "comedian" pranksters who disruped a Biden event did something similar to Warren today

The only way to peel away some Trump voters is if the economy declines.

This says it all really

news to me:

Dershowitz comment on every politician he knows believing their election is in the public

Would have liked to hear from ALL the rethugs OWN lips that

Q: What's the difference between a garbanzo and a Chick Pea?

Will Susan Collins vote to remove Trump?

Sanders, in 2015, said his favorite Republican was climate change denier Jim Inhofe, "a decent guy"

Maureen Dowd biting the dog

I will be so happy when these primary battles have ended

Amid Clinton attacks, Sanders tries to move past 2016

Buttigieg Senior Adviser Says Candidate Has Obama's 'It' Thing

Taylor Swift releases new song to encourage youth to vote

From "Don't boo, vote" to "No, I'll boo. Boo!"

Got an email from MoveOn asking for money for ads.

Posted in the wrong forum. Now posted in Primaries

Buttigieg Campaign Takes Swipes at Older Rivals Like Biden

Trump/Democratic US Senator states and Democratic US President/Republican US Senator states.

Interview with the man who gave Pete orders in Afghanistan: A great read!

Real Clear Politics Jan 31st

What Do You Mean The Super Bowl Is More Than An Hour Away From My South Beach Hotel?

Cruise ship denied entry into St Lucia harbour today

Nancy Pelosi has a very difficult job. (Reposted here, where it belongs)

Building the Political Will to Transform This Country

Democrats guide to a majority in the US Senate in 2020 is-

Building the Political Will to Transform This Country

oils vs acrylics - differences; similarities

82 percentage points separating the two parties in their views of the president ...

Is this a weird theory?

For Day 1 of Black History Month: strange fruit.

Emails show outrage over false claims on Hurricane Dorian

DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention

Adam Schiff for Profile in Courage Award!!

Coolest pizza parlor in CO, If not the USA

Threat to American democracy

Not everywhere - even in England- is celebrating

PG&E pledges to shake up board in bid to placate California

Republicans march over cliff

"Do you think the people would demand that I stay longer?"

Administration blocking dozens of emails about Ukraine aid freeze, including President's role

This is our star, look after it'-Pro-EU message from veterans projected on to White Cliffs of Dover

The Degrading of Presidential accountability

The opposite of democracy

Moya Cannon, Irish Poet wrote these words for today because it is St Brigid's Day.

The Cheering Crowds in Trump's Big Super Bowl Ad Were Forced to Be There

Campaign against reality in Iowa

Is This Coronavirus Multiplying/Spreading....

The GOP doesn't deserve to survive this debacle

Probes to go on after trial ends

So the donor requirement came back to bite us on the ass

May they reap what they "so what"

Pete on FIVE national talk shows tomorrow (Sunday Feb 2)

The Lincoln Project

Not sure if this clip has been posted before, but Joe Biden on Beau / Life

@SenSchumer The drip, drip, drip of potentially damning evidence continues. Every single Republican


Cool local indie pop group

*A League of their Own on HBO.

My wife and I were both truly undecided. We really could not choose....

Can We Just All Get Along Please?

Former Federal Prosecutors Question DOJ's 'Really Odd' Reversal on Flynn Sentencing

Pete Buttigieg's campaign doesn't think he needs to win Iowa

Metromover beats monorail for riders to Miami Beach, but costs more. Worth it?