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What rock did Lieberman crawl out from I haven't

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Democrats guide to 51 seats.

Is there a media blackout on Trump's possible drug use?

‪I always knew we weren't going to war because Donald Trump will never start a fight...

Beschloss tweet: FDR and Churchill at George Washington's Mount Vernon grave today 1942

#Dear Your Majesty

Low does aspirin

House to vote Thursday on war powers resolution after Iran attacks

Small rockets land near Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone

Did anyone catch Trump's Iran speech?

Get ready for the definition of "socialism" to change yet again

Fact-checking Trump's address on the Iran missile attacks

Family joins Seattle Children's lawsuit after infant infected with Aspergillus

Providence workers in Everett reach tentative agreement

When you accidentally open the front facing camera 😂

The cutest thing you will see today ♥️

Trump Furious at Iran for Distracting People from Impeachment for Only Two Days

Court refuses to greenlight Trump rule restricting immigration

Just heard a "snortism" from Dump's Iran speech-"these historic accompliMENTS"! WTH!!

All cults come to an end, often abruptly, the Trump Republican party is nothing if not a cult.

Trump has no plan

Trump's Obama obsession drives his foreign policy

One week after Colombia inaugurated mayors, four already in jail

This guy lost everything in a fire but all he cared about was finding his cat 💗😻

Sherrod Brown will be on All In With Chris Hayes 8 ET

I am trying to lose weight, cutting out sugar and carbs, eating healthier. And my scale

FYI: FAQ on the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani available from CRS (PDF)

JAN 8 at 8PM ET Livestream #NoWarWithIran strategy call w/ @BernieSanders ...

Trump's ignorance has created an international crisis

In killing Soleimani, the US gave Iran what it reveres: a martyr

Biden would handle Crisis best. Sanders best to avoid a new war.

2020 US Senate Election- KS & SC are the 2 seats that could put Democrats in the majority.


Mr. femmedem relaxing (charcoal drawing)

Ari just wasted electrons interviewing Lieberman on MSNBC

Poll: Global community doesn't trust Trump on foreign affairs

Monk Tries So Hard Not To Laugh After Cat Interrupts Prayer Service

IRS' failure to collect from tax cheats could cost you $3,000 a year

Joe Biden is the only candidate fit to contest Trump in what is now a foreign policy election

someone here knows this i don't, help please :)

Rand Paul, Mike Lee rip administration over 'insulting and demeaning' Iran briefing

Trump on NATO

None of Trump's Iran Policy Makes Sense. All of It Is Dangerous

Matt Shea is a man without a caucus. But he has a House seat

Caterpillar Has The Cutest Tiny Penguins On His Back

Little girl stuffed in backpack, dies in car. Lubbock man charged with capital murder

DISGUSTING!!! White Texas City Trying to Remove its LONE BLACK CITY COUNCILMAN

On Spotify, hate streams unchecked as playlists praise Hitler, call to gas Jews

Global Factory Sweatshops: Workers Create Corporate Wealth For Nike, GM, Apple, Walmart..

Here's what I think will happen next?


Pair Of Enormous Sea Lions Borrow Someone's Boat

Rep Omar talks about her PTSD - RWers act like the monsters they are


Criminal Factions Target Young Girls in Cear

Medicare For All Could SAVE $600 Billion Annually, on Bureaucratic Waste

End of an Era as Staples announces closing January 10th Downtown/Penn Quarter (ish) - Wawa Coming

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats need to win to get 51 seats.

"Fleabag" Wins Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy - 2020 Golden Globes

Former Secretary of State John Kerry extols Joe Biden's foreign policy experience

Do you have a favorite BBQ sauce recipe, perhaps something with brown sugar and honey?

Has trump* said anything, at all, about the loss of Canadian lives in the plane crash?

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 28

Carbon Output From Arctic Circle Fires In June 2019 Alone Totaled 50 Million Tons

Trump Sounded Drugged As He Slurred, Snorted, and Breathed Heavily During Iran Statement

Bad news: A patient had a psychotic break today and tried to trash the clinic.

Complete List Of All 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Candidates

Remember the guy who confronted Biden at a Town Hall in Greenwood SC in November?

DU Poll: Should Pelosi send the articles to the Senate by next week?

D.C. Will Permanently Remove Homeless Encampments Under NoMa Underpass

Bernie is the solution to everything. His highlighting the

Judge orders Google to turn over a full year of Jussie Smollett's data

People who voted for then-indicted Duncan Hunter to "own the libs" now shocked they won't have a rep

someone make this man's life story into a movie pls

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ro Khanna, Barbara Lee toJoin 12,000 Activists on No War With Iran

Fracking Boom Leading To 30% Rise In Greenhs. Gas Emissions By 2025: New Watchdog Report

I hope this isn't considered spam

Census question 2020

I took a pic of our dinner this past fall and only just now put it into my journal. I'm a bit behind

Ash From Oz Fires That Turned New Zealand's Glaciers Brown Could Boost Melt By 20-30%

My paintings are bearing fruit! Fireworks from a Kindergartener!

California governor seeks $1 billion to target homelessness

Where in the world is Susan Sarandon?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Apprentice: Wag the Dog Edition!

In This Forum, can we discuss 'Church Issues' as well as overall organized religion debates?

Cow plays fetch - This will make you smile

Our government's most pressing need is simply stated: more good people to get involved.

Beauty Tip

Jonathan Pie Blasts Hollywood Politics, Golden Globes

Hey Bolton, don't wait to be called as a witness.

Trump "loves" idea of Jordan, Ratcliffe & Collins at his Senate trial. The Senate does not love it.

Residents Of Kangaroo Island Town Of Parndana Given 5 Minutes To Evacuate

So Trump is blaming President Obama.

Probably the best vid online of David Gray in concert

Kangaroo Island, Before And After

Will 2020 Be the Election When Sanity Finally Beats the NRA? THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS FOR REAL

For the love of Doxies!

Moving? Can't lift heavy boxes? Need help?

NYS Republican Assembly Leader, Arrested for DUI, tried to blame Wife.

Tweet of the night:

Trump fave Lou Dobbs says Mike Lee had a "snit fit" and did a "Benedict Arnold impression"

Paul fires back at Graham over Iran criticism: 'He insults the Constitution'

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta on Bernie Sanders on Joe Biden

Grassley says he wants to rein in Trump tariff powers

Mayor Pete's Invisible Black Police

Today that FUCKING Cenk Uygur and that IDIOT Nicole Sandler

The Best Guitar Music Today Is Coming From The Sahara Desert

CNN announces moderators for Iowa Democratic debate

Pete Buttigieg in Denver

Nancy should add another "Abuse of Power" charge before she sends them to Mitch.

John Kerry will be on Lawrence O'Donnell this hour.

I just installed the botsentinel chrome extension. I feel like I have Roddy Piper's glasses!

Carpenters Close To You

Why vegans eat food that looks and tastes like meat (veg and animal rights group)

Good to see intelligent, sane John KERRY. On with Lawrence now.

CA-50: California governor declines to call a special election to replace Duncan Hunter

This is Why Bernie will Beat Trump like Many Hammers on Many Piano Strings!

AZ-SEN: Democrat Mark Kelly leads incumbent McSally in Arizona Senate race

An Iranian-born woman held at the Canadian border for 11 hours tells her story

SSDI: Trump Admin Proposes Rule To Punish Disabled People

Bloomberg to appear with Abrams at voting rights forum in Atlanta

I hope people are watching John Kerry on Lawence or will catch

Australians on SE coast urged to flee as fire risk escalates

Mnuchin aims to wait until end of 2020 to disclose Secret Service costs for Trump's travel: report

SSDI: Trump Admin Proposes Rule To Punish Disabled People

Former Castro supporters in Texas switch to Biden after Castro drops out

Trump sniffed 58 times during this mornings briefing--here's the video of all 58

If you did not see John Kerry on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight, find the interview online.

Why do so few Democratic politicians get pissed off? By "pissed off", I mean openly and

Jeff Greenfield noticed Trump's speech too

A drugged addle-brained clown being prodded by two Jesus freaks hoping for the rapture

Buck Henry Dies: 'The Graduate' Writer, 'Get Smart' Co-Creator & Early 'SNL' Favorite Was 89

Just Finished Season 1 of Undone (Amazon)

Senators basically advised to shut up and just accept any decisions when it comes to military action

@amyklobuchar: Some good advice to our Republican colleagues from @KamalaHarris ⚖️

People like to dredge up things that Joe Biden said in 1988, so I'll do it too:

S. Carolingians: Curious, who is Lindsey's base, core voters/supporters?

America's foreign policy director...

Justice Department Backs GOP Effort To Block Equal Rights Amendment

For our ER Professional friends:

Just Raging Against the Machine

Fuck all the perfect people!

What I learned from President Obama - Smarter Every Day 151

And now Linds compares dotard's snort-fest this morning to "tear down this wall"

Did the threat to Trump properties influence Trump?

SPOILERS! Jack Ryan Season 2, what was really unrealistic SPOILERS!

The Daily Show: Iran Retaliates & Trump Outlines Next Steps

Michigan GE poll that had both Biden & Sanders beating Trump by 12 pts now has Biden +7, Sanders +4

Seth Meyers - Iran's Foreign Minister Criticizes Trump's Military Strike - Monologue - 1/7/20

Seth Meyers: Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate Round Six

Stephen Colbert played the video clip of Trump having trouble speaking. nt.

How Rupert Murdoch Is Influencing Australia's Bushfire Debate

Seth Meyers: Guest Rachel Maddow Discusses Iran's Retaliation Against the US

the sun god

John Dean on Don Lemon: Nancy should announce that she's holding the articles until

538's Iowa Endorsement Scorecard

A question for Cory Gardner

#National @YouGovUS/@BrownUniversity Poll (12/19-23):

John Dean: Pelosi Still Holds All the Cards

I'm starting to believe

Seth Meyers - Trump Lies About Iran Crisis, Blames Obama: A Closer Look

Trump's dialated pupils

John Kerry fact checks Trump's lies about the Iran deal

BBC WORLDNEWS tonite: "Pelosi loses Senate Democrats on trump impeachment delay."

This highway in the Netherlands sings when you hit the right speed.🔥

#SniffyMcAdderall is trending on Twitter.

Andrew Yang Gets Endorsement From Comedian Hannibal Buress

Senate Ds calling for Pelosi to turn over Impeachment articles think they're more powerful

Former Australian Coal Executive Calls For Clean Energy Amid 'Existential Threat' Of Climate Change

Where are the little horn sheep?

Cuba highlights new judicial defeat of Helms-Burton Act

Former Australian Coal Executive Calls For Clean Energy Amid 'Existential Threat' Of Climate Change

(Jewish Group) Sen. Tom Cotton accuses Soros-funded think tank of fostering anti-Semitism

Old New Castle redevelopment plan

(Jewish Group) NAACP suspends official who said 'the Hasidics are generally not too friendly'

A look at how the firefighters union is hitting the ground in Iowa getting ready for Iowa caucus

Sviatoslav Richter - Grieg Piano Concerto, 3rd Movement

(Jewish Group) As a black Jew, I'm being forced to walk a tightrope after the Monsey attack

(Jewish Group) The minds behind 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' how they aim to represent Jews on screen

A Court Said Au Pairs Deserve Minimum Wage. Some Families Are Protesting.

Hawks star Trae Young donates over $1M to pay off medical debt of those in need

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg is trying to check the conservative majority

Woman Is Determined To Reunite Stray Dog With Her Puppies

anyone use skrill money transfer service?

Dramatic Images From Australia's Fires Show The Country's Incredible Suffering

Joe Biden calls for $15/hour federal minimum wage.

When College Republicans Unite With The Alt-Right, What Could Go Wrong?

Viking runestone may allude to extreme winter, study says

Harvey Weinstein was told to stop using his cell phone in court. Now, he wants that judge to recuse

Counting whales from space: scientists and engineers plan hi-tech effort

Buck Henry Collection on Letterman, 1987-1994

Dan Crenshaw On Cuomo - What A Disgusting Pretend World Dirt Bag

Cockatoos play drum solos to attract mates - video

Fox News Cuts Away From Mike Lee: White House Iran Briefing 'Worst I've Ever Seen'

The Cure - Like Cockatoos

Kiss, kiss, lick, lick...

Footage appearing to show Ukrainian passenger jet crashing broadcast on Iran state TV - video

The Cure - The Kiss

What Country More Than Any Other Stands In The Way Of Climate Action?

@LindseyGrahamSC also says #Trump's Speech as good as Reagan's 'Tear Down This Wall' speech

CNN very recent (2:00 a.m) updates regarding the Ukrainian jet tragedy.

Polling For Impeaching Trump Has Been Trending Up Since mid December According to 538

Dear WWC Trump supporters.

The clip of him just now, again, on CBS Overnight News slurping...

California will consider 'right to housing' legislation this year

Tweet of the Day

GOP senator slams Iran briefing: It was insulting (utah; mike lee)

All of the sudden,

Trump asks NATO allies for help with Iran after years of bashing the alliance

Lindsey Graham trashes Rand Paul and Mike Lee for criticizing Trump's Iran briefing: 'You're empower

Mnuchin begs Democrats to wait until after the election to disclose how much the Secret Service spen

Newly released docs reveal the lengths to which the Trump administration tried to stop Ukraine ambas

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/8/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest Larry David

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats guide to 51 seats without AL.

Kula Shaker - Govinda

Larry David: If Bernie Wins It Will Be Great For The Country, But Terrible For Me

Oh Heck, Stupid is just being stupid again!

My Arabic Orthodox Sisters-Brothers in Christ and All My Brothers and Sisters in Humanity

GOP rules... Rick Wilson does have a way w/words

Who are you feeling the love for in the Labour Leader race? (Poll)

I'm serious here. Has anyone thought up an appropriate T shirt and coffee mug for Lindsay Graham?

Hope, crying and smiling in one bloody marvellous tweet

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymns

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she is 'cancer-free' after spate of health scares

Breakfast Thursday 9 January 2020

Anybody else just watch Willie Geist fellate

Sunrise Movement Endorses Sanders

Sunrise Movement to Endorse Bernie!

Just a reminder (not that you need one) of another reason why 2020 is so important...

☦️Eastern Orthodox: "O give thanks unto the Lord for He is Good, Alleluia.

☦️Eastern Orthodox Psalm 117 of Thanksgiving:

Iran pledges to kill thousands of Americans by opening gun stores across the Midwest (satire)

China's economy czar going to Washington to sign trade deal

🌅 We are proud to announce that our movement has voted resoundingly to endorse @Bernie Sanders

Scotty From Marketing: Kangaroo Island "Open For Business" (Evacuated); "No Loss Of Life" (2 Dead)

🌅 Bernie Sanders's Latest Endorsement: The Sunrise Movement


NSW, Victoria Bracing Again For Temps Up To 110F, Merging Fires; 5% Of Victoria Already Burned

USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll, "A majority ... 52%-34%, called Trump's behavior with Iran 'reckless.'"

Australia: 2019 Hottest, Driest Year On Record; 6 Hottest Days Ever All Recorded in December 2019

John Kerry thoroughly debunks what he calls "an outright lie" by Pres. Trump about a payment Iran re

Team Work

Victoria Police - No Evidence Of Arson; "183 Arrests" Includes Warnings, Tickets For All Of 2019

Preet Bharara: "Who is running against this craven un-American ignorant asshole named Doug Collins?"

Thursday TOONs - The Beat of a Different Drum

Intercepted Iranian comms discuss plan to destroy America by infiltrating its healthcare system

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Jointly Urge Against War With Iran

St. Louis City, County Libraries Are Now Officially Fine-Free

Area Burned In Australian Fires Now Larger Than Kentucky; 10.7 Million Hectares Through 1/8/20

Do you believe "no Americans were harmed" by the Iranian missiles?

Bill banning abortion method among dozens introduced as Nebraska Legislature opens 2020 session

The Platters - The Great Pretender (Original Footage HD)

Anyone know what our government is doing

BTRTN: Forget "Wag the Dog." "Fail Safe" is the Telling Movie Parable for Trump's Iran Gamble

BTRTN: Forget "Wag the Dog." "Fail Safe" is the Telling Movie Parable for Trump's Iran Gamble

Misinformation swirls online after Iran's missile attack on U.S. targets in Iraq

Rep Adam Smith: "It's time to send articles of impeachment to the Senate"

Hit by devastating earthquakes, Puerto Rico still waiting on billions for hurricane relief

Buck Henry, 'Graduate' screenwriter who co-created 'Get Smart,' dies at 89

If I were (was) a Conspiracy Theorist...?

The Rundown: January 8, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 01/08/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/8/2020

Confused MAGA Guys Think The Impossible Whopper Turns Men Into Girls

Trump is not going to "Toler-right-it"!!!

Another weird thing about the presser -

Pete Buttigieg wins first endorsement from a black member of Congress

It's important to take note that McConnell said Trump deserved a trial just like Bill Clinton.

This Migrant Won In Immigration Court, And The U.S. Sent Him To Mexico Anyway

Laurence Tribe: "It's time to stop blaming @SpeakerPelosi for delaying the Senate trial."

No War With Iran: Day of Action

Americanization: A Movie

So true

Dairy giant Borden files for bankruptcy protection

Texas Shootout (Waco)

Youth-led climate group endorses Sanders for president

Surprise, Surprise: Under Current "Leadership", EPA's Superfund Program A Toxic Shambles

Limiting Increase To 1.5C Verging On Impossible: It's Time We Admitted It And Reset Accordingly

Shocked, Shocked! Shitstain Jr. Lied About Arsonists Causing Record-Smashing Oz Fires

Canada HELPED US during Iran Hostage Crisis

Iran says Ukrainian plane was on fire, tried to turn back

Coconut Cream??? Cross posting with cooking Group

The Mystery of Teen Vogue's Disappearing Facebook Article

Please come CAPTION Doug Collins (R-Ga.)

Coconut Cream? Cross post with veggie group

Stephen King: "Hey hey, ho ho, Susan Collins has to go."

Trump Admin. Failed to Convince Members of Congress Its Assassination of Suleimani Was Justified

'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession

Molly-Jong Fast: "Now they're just doing Straight satire"

"I always snort a healthy breakfast." . . . Please come CAPTURE PresiDented Trump!!!

Video: 🌅 Sunrise Movement Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Video: 🌅 Sunrise Movement Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

If you or someone you know is flying from Puerto Rico to DC, you can bring a rescue at no charge

Today's Smart Person on Fox. . . . Please come CAPTION Brian Kilmeade!!!

Was This Ex-Fox News Anchor Benched for Accusing Trump?

Joe Biden is the Only Candidate Fit to Contest Trump in What is Now a Foreign Policy Election 😎🎨🦩

Let's Talk About Colonialism

Senator Whitehouse: "I'm with the Speaker on this one. It's her call"

Preet Bharara Goes OFF on 'Pathetic' Doug Collins: What's He Ever Done for America But 'Preen and S

Pelosi has made it clear and when she says something I believe her.

🐦 JAN 11 at 4PM - Coffee with Bernie Sanders in North Liberty IA

m$nbc is all in on 'Pelosi must send articles to senate'

Bernie emerges as growing threat to Biden

Noam Chomsky: US Is a Rogue State and Suleimani's Assassination Confirms It

Trump statue burned to the ground in Slovenia.

NYT: Trump Moves to Exempt Big Projects From Environmental Review

Trump Moves to Exempt Big Projects From Environmental Review

My 5 year old daughter picked these shoes, and a boy at school said Star Wars is for boys.

Pulling out of the Iran deal. The Democrats should make this a major campaign issue.

"tolerize" and "abblomishments" are two new words we must put up with.

Equal Rights for Women.....Republicans OPPOSE them.....

Alexa has a strange attitude toward weather.

Court reverses $35M verdict against Jehovah's Witnesses

How's your 409K doing?

In my thread about Bernie the solution it was said:

New round of furloughs hits Norfolk Southern employees

Trumps Pupils The Size Of Basketballs Did Media Ask Why?

The Last Shadow Puppets - Standing Next to Me

Trump's stark mental impairments are now unleashing global catastrophes: mental health professionals

My friend Loree (email)

It's amazing the number of naive Democrats falling for the Republican/Media-driven story....

Untraceable dark money is making state Supreme Courts more conservative

Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Think a Billionaire Should Be President

GOP senator who erupted over Iran briefing shares awful new details (Ayatollah assassination?)


a Trumpian distorter of reality and divider of the American people, even at a moment of crisis

Democrats' contempt for Trump fuels an online cash surge

Why is Sen. Chris Murphy talking out of both sides of his mouth?

Trapped Watching FOX "News"....🤨

Garrett Haake: "a whooooole lotta Dems are walking back their comments (On releasing the articles)"

Pence Says Iran Intended to Kill Americans: Iran Update

Pence Says Iran Intended to Kill Americans: Iran Update

A rare serious post from me...about profanity.

Buttigieg Endorsed By Suburban Rep., Women's Rights Leader, Mayors

Thirtysomething else....

BREAKING: Iran Attacks US Bases, Trump Says "All Is Well!"

Trump Unintelligible in Rambling Press Conference

Politico: Trump more distrusted than Putin worldwide (only 29% 'trust')

Lindsey Graham's Bronze Star

UVa, Charlottesville Police Department at odds over investigation into brawl

Dr. Hepcat was born on this date.

'An affront to God's agenda': Christian minister calls out the 'distorted moral narrative'

Anybody had Laser Ablation?

Colbert Celebrates Chicago-Style Legal Weed Wacky Tabaccky on Pulaski!

Elizabeth Warren STEAMROLLS Meghan McCain on The View

9 Iran pundits with undisclosed ties to the defense industry

January 9, 2020, another day in which . . . . . .

She's. Not. Caving.

Voting rights group founded by Stacey Abrams reports raising $14.6M

Why has Joe Lieberman been exhumed to be on all the talking head shows?

Senate GOP Must Stop Confirming Judicial Nominees of an Impeached President

So there @#$&%!

Breaking - Newsweek - Ukrainian plane struck by and anti-aircraft missile system

Cholesterol's Cunning Comfort 'Cause Chickenhawk

You know the saying "Physician, Heal Thyself"?

Keep your boots on their necks Speaker Pelosi

How Elizabeth Warren Is Being Squeezed by 2 Democratic Factions

No more pretending

Washington Post Opinions launches interactive election simulator

So Lindsey has an AR-15

Pelosi now Live msnbc............

Red Hot Pears Salad Recipe

Brazilian judge orders Netflix to remove 'gay Jesus' comedy

Brazilian judge orders Netflix to remove 'gay Jesus' comedy


CBS special report just said USA confident that Iran shot

Rep. Stefanik tweets altered photo of Pelosi in GOP fundraising appeal

Eileen Filler-Corn of Fairfax sworn in as first female House Speaker in Virginia

Poll: Buttigieg, Sanders surge sets up 4-way tie in New Hampshire

Emily Ratajkowski Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Emily Ratajkowski Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

"Don't discuss or debate..."

Trump supporters are camping out in Toledo, Ohio *20 hours* before the #TrumpRally begins!

Coyote attacks 5-year-old boy outside nature museum in Chicago

Can We Please Stop Fighting About 'Medicare for All'?

Uri Geller calls for Dominic Cummings to hire him to secure post-Brexit trade deals

3fer *freaks*: Dr Drew vs SCHIFF; Rosenstein's corp. job; Ted CRUZ vacay in Mexico shirt on

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Page!

Polish president pulls out of Holocaust event in Israel over snub

Trump has two black eyes. I am not joking.

Trump on msnbc right now LYING to America about Iran deal again. damn

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I seem to recall a Tomahawk strike a while back...

"Liberal" - A strange thing happened to that word.

**BREAKING: U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner **

Trump just now: Trump: "so many people are walking around without legs".

I have been listening to the records curated by R. Crumb -

538:Who Will Win The 2020 Democratic Nomination?

Iranian Missile System Shot Down Ukraine Flight, Probably by Mistake, Sources Say

'Rogue royals'? Pundits furious over Harry and Meghan's step back

Sanders, Khanna Lead Dozens of Lawmakers in Introducing No War Against Iran Act

"NATO ME" - IMPotus wants to add Middle East Countries into NATO

Kerry fact checks Trump's lies about the Iranian nuclear deal.

Here is the full exchange w/ @BernieSanders regarding the Administration's lack of evidence ...

Why does Trump have two black eyes this morning?

Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump 'knew they were lying' over ploy to sell condos, book claims

OMG...LAM F/N A off!!!!!!

"we did not hear that there was any imminent attack being planned against the United States''

Q: What steps should Trump take now?@SenSanders:

Q: Why has congress in the last 15 years been so reluctant to use their powers@SenSanders:

Facebook Says It Won't Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads

Mansplaining convention coming to Orlando promises to 'Make Women Great Again'

Winners of the 2019 Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards

Texas Man Allegedly Killed Baby by Stuffing Her into Backpack He Placed in Trunk of Car TRIGGER WARN

Giant Chinese Fish Species Is Now Extinct After Surviving Millions of Years.

Wooden statue mocking Donald Trump torched in Slovenia

Can just one . . state the obvious: that this man is clearly mentally incapacitated?

Was the Ukrainian Air flight traveling in the normal departing flight path when it went down?

On the one hand, the field in close is both IA and NH polls...

New Hampshire State Senator Martha Fuller Clark Endorses Vice President Joe Biden

Hot damn!!!! New York Bar is after Fu-Barr's license.

Poll: Younger Americans Driving Demand for Full Impeachment Trial

Pence says sharing intel with Congress could 'compromise' sources

Trump on downed Ukrainian plane: 'Somebody could've made a mistake'

Evelyn Yang Opens Up About Husband Andrew Yang Running for President on The View

All that hard work at over 100million+ $

NYC Bar Assoc. has sent a letter to Congressional leaders, wants inquires into Bill Barr...........

Warren supporters need to know that their vote for Warren could wind up being a vote for Bernie.

Australia's Mean Temperatures In December Are What A 2.5C+ World Looks Like

GOP senator who erupted over Iran briefing shares awful new details

New Iowa Poll Coming Tomorrow

Missing journalist's body found in Mexico's Michoacan state

11 companies that own almost everything you buy at the grocery store

Senator Franken on the death of Buck Henry

Trump: "NATO, right? You have 'ME,' Middle East. You'd call it, NATOME. USMCA, like the song, YMCA"

Brazil: Bolsonaro's education minister ridiculed for series of spelling howlers

Davos 2020 Luxury Winter Vacation at Taxpayer Expense

March for Our Lives organizer Cameron Kasky officially joins the #YangGang, endorsing Andrew Yang

Video of Epstein's first suicide attempt deleted:

Batch File rename 2

KRUGMAN: Since Trump claims credit for fall in cancer deaths-I assume he'll claim credit for this...

George Conway group releases first anti-Trump ad aimed at evangelicals

I am proud to stand with my colleagues today to reassert our constitutional authority


Harris' national finance chair Jon Henes is going to open his donor network to back Joe Biden

"I Heard You Paint Houses"

Trump Is Trying To Hide The Cost Of His Travel Until After The Election

Fox News Cuts Off Mike Lee As He Rips Trump's Iran Briefing

Feds realize a jailed man's 3,000 pounds of 'marijuana' isn't pot, Texas lawyer says

Republicans accuse majority of Americans of hating America

"If any Democrat...": Part 50 gazillibillijillion

What Mitch doesn't like

I just saw Louie Gohmert --- IN DRAG! --- spewing his usual amazing ignorance

Blind, Deaf Dog Comforts Every Foster Animal Who Comes Through His Home

Automotive plant closures may be linked with a rise in opioid overdose deaths, new study says

Woman was worried before her plane crashed in Iran, her husband says. She called him 20 minutes befo

Seth Abramson...On Insanity Hannity's potential involvement In Iranian airliner crash...

Socialised Medicine? The Horror!!!

We Need a Ban on Fracking and a Green New Deal

We Need a Ban on Fracking and a Green New Deal

Deal Reached to Expand Medicaid In Kansas

Klobuchar Readies For A Show Of Force Before Caucus

Pelosi Signals An End To Her Hold On Articles Of Impeachment

The biggest voting rights win in recent US history - and the Republicans trying to thwart it

Exclusive: Americans say Soleimani's killing made US less safe, Trump 'reckless' on Iran

Popular comedy site CollegeHumor collapses after two decades of goofy viral jokes

Feathered friends: study shows 'selfless' parrots helping peers

GOP senator who erupted over Iran briefing shares awful new details

Booze is NOT the answer. Booze is the

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces vote to limit Trump's war powers against Iran

Mayor Robert Garcia endorses Joe Biden ahead of planned visit to Long Beach

Legendary Black actress and beauty icon, @MsVivicaFox has endorsed @JoeBiden

No witnesses, hmmm?

Amid GOP pushback, Pence says sharing intel with Congress could 'compromise' sources

Trump calls for new nuclear deal while bashing old one with misinformation

*NEW* Monmouth University (A+ Rated) Poll - N.H.: Buttigieg 20%, Biden 19%, Sanders 18%, Warren 15%

Pelosi, Under Pressure to Send Impeachment to Senate, Declines Again

Winning both Iowa and New Hampshire would catapult Mayor Pete

No child Left Inside: Brrrrrrr in Minnesota

Mike Luckovich-trump's grade on foreign policy

Modern day debtors prison? Mississippi is only state to still jail people for unpaid debt

409k Is Trending

Fox News reporter responds with utter bafflement as Trump asks how everyone's '409K' is doing.

After 8 months of campaigning, here's the change in net favorable ratings of the 2020 field in NH


Landslide threat increasing as powerful storm expected by weekend

Trump hick cultists claim an angel appeared behind him:

Ring confirms it fired four employees for watching customer videos

What we know about the Iran plane crash victims who were headed to Canada

You raised $104.40 on January 8, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Boeing training pilots ask to decertify union

Trump proposes sweeping rollback of environmental oversight

Seth Abramson: Did Sean Hannity say B-52's about to strike Iran when airliner was shot down?

20-acre waterfront park to replace viaduct space in 2024

Herr Drumpf is beginning to lose respect from even some GOP Senators.

New US plan keeps autonomous vehicle standards voluntary

Cartoons 1/9/2020

The only non-Yankee to hit 500 home runs and win 3 WS titles was:

TRUMP: "I give up my salary -- I give it up, usually to drugs." 😳

worst Village People tribute band of all time

Top House Judiciary Republican makes unfounded claim that Democrats are 'in love with terrorists'

Frum: We're Just Discovering the Price of Killing Soleimani

President Donald Trump Remains 'Relentlessly Obsessed' With Obama

Tweet of the Day

Amazon's robots are just the tip of the iceberg. Walmart, the nation's biggest employer...

Raise your hand

Rescuers race to save Australia's wildlife

I blame the unhinged impeached war criminal for

My 409 ? ya wanna know about my 409 !!1!

Trump just said that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are "defending Soilemani" and then a reporter ..

More Americans are killing themselves at work

'Same Lies I Heard 20 Years Ago:' Sherrod Brown On White House Military Briefing

Pence argues Congress is not entitled to sensitive intelligence

Why did the Iranians allow flights in the air in their airspace? They knew

Who Should I Believe Trump Or Iran?

Poll is in and drumpf's attempt to drum up support by killing Soleimani failed

It's pretty obvious that SHS has never read the Constitution.

Mississippi State hires Washington State's Mike Leach to be next head coach

Trudeau : Intelligence indicates Flight PS752 was shot down by Iran

NYT: Video Shows Ukrainian Airliner Being Hit Over Iran

Saw this joke on another site

Cory Booker calls out the Misogyny!

Iranians have asked for US investigators from Boeing to help investigate

I just gotta say thank you to all the DU posters who made me laugh today with their

Japan has special therapy forests where people go to get closer to nature

Video Shows Ukrainian Airliner Being Hit Over Iran

Facebook executive says company was responsible for Trump's victory but warns against policy changes

UK parliament finally rubber stamps Brexit in no-fuss vote

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, first vice chair of NHDP, endorses Biden for president

Heart eyes. 😍😍

Puppies and Heart Eyes

Graham to submit resolution calling on Pelosi to 'immediately' send articles of impeachment

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 9, 2019

The Boys Who Wear Shorts All Winter

Informants in Iraq, Syria helped U.S. kill Iran's Soleimani - sources

Buttigieg wins first endorsement from member of the CBC

Trump cultivated NY FBI agents with expensive meals, helicopter rides

McConnell backs measure to change Senate rules, dismiss impeachment without articles

Corporate giant is snapping up 89 BILLION litres of Australia's H20 as the country suffers

The photo I'm posting is the basis for a poem that was published today!

Obama on Australia Fires

Can Crash Victims' Families sue Iran and US?

Judge rejects Michael Avenatti's bid to dismiss criminal charge in Nike case

Mike Lee et al have a simple solution to rein in this monster

Trump's inability to learn anything new

Asylum seeker commits suicide on US-Mexico border bridge

Asylum seeker commits suicide on US-Mexico border bridge

War is never cost free.

Biden's Campaign Manager Slams Facebook

Jake Shermon of Politico appears to be an idiot. nt

McConnell May Change Rules Over Impeachment Delay

Our Economy is just freaking Great! and Trump deserves

New Yang TV ad in Iowa

Occam's Razor Vindicated Again

The American Cancer Society: Thanks Obama

Bill in Arizona senate bans sex ed in elementary, middle schools

I baked cookies today

Super PAC makes $2 million ad buy supporting Deval Patrick

64% disapproval rating for Donald Trump

Q and A

Unwell Trump Rants About The Song YMCA At The White House

Thank You Sunrise Movement 🌅

Thank You Sunrise Movement 🌅

Facebook again refuses to ban political ads, even false ones

Will Trump Get Away With This?

Around the Country in 17 Hours With Michael Bloomberg

Trump motion to dismiss Jean Carroll's defamation suit fails

NYT Editorial Board will endorse a Dem candidate for nomination January 19

Jeffrey Epstein: Jail CCTV erased by 'technical errors'

Donald Trump Not Causing Nuclear War Is What Now Qualifies as Good News in America, Hooray?

House debates/votes on war resolution live stream.

Wow. Trump looks wasted here:

Holy Crap! Matt Gaetz is supporting the Democratic War Powers Resolution!

House Won't Subpoena Bolton

Pelosi: Give peace a chance

What can happen in 24 hours is amazing??

This new BBC Nature documentary looks breathtaking.

What are the odds trump drops out of the race before Nov?

Press 1 to donate $35 to send a brick to chuck and nancy

The fact that Trump is a physical coward may actually prove to be a mixed blessing.

Local news in C-bus is showing the line of idiots

A little moon play in honor of California Peggy

Mike Leach leaves Washington State for Mississippi State

Army general denies request by officer pardoned by Trump to have his Special Forces tab reinstated

Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes has died.

Jan. 13, 1982: Air Florida Plane Crash Into The Potomac River, Wash. D.C. Area; 38 Yrs Ago

Why doesn't Nancy send over the Articles of Impeachment?

CNN: Democrats slept on Bernie Sanders. Now he's surging as Iowa approaches

Jan. 13, 1982: Air Florida Plane Crash Into The Potomac River, Wash. D.C. Area; 38 Yrs Ago

CNN: Democrats slept on Bernie Sanders. Now he's surging as Iowa approaches

The president is lying. He rolled back the Clean Power Plan, which will cause more deaths

Trump campaign blitzes Bernie over email for second straight day:

Firefighters from the US arriving in Australia to help battle the country's devastating fires...

I hope my 409 doesn't go down the drain?

Jeffrey Epstein: Jail CCTV erased by 'technical errors'

My best hope to see a woman president in my lifetime. This is short and sweet.

It was 5 years ago, today, that my sister died and I finally found a perfect remembrance

Joe Biden told this protester to 'vote for Trump.' Bernie Sanders just hired him....

Just discovered this; says it all!

BREAKING: Fox News SC poll has Steyer in 2nd place

Questions on Senate trial


8 House Democrats voted against War Powers resolution

Who are the 8 Dems who voted against restraining Trump

There is the vote on war powers in House:

House votes to limit Trump's military action against Iran without congressional approval

Bernie's attack on Joe? FALSE!

Hmmmmmm, anyone else noticing those hurt dogs howling ?! Looks like Moscow Mitch Blinked.

US firefighters arrive at Sydney airport to applause

Adolf would feel right at home with this crowd

A Cat Trying To Rescue A Bathing Dog.

Appeals Court Allows Trump To Divert $3.6 Billion In Military Funds For Border Wall

Polls show a logjam at the top of the 2020 Democratic field in Iowa and New Hampshire

Stayer in third (12) in Nevada (Fox News poll)

Our Galaxy Has Thousands of Alien Stars That Didn't Come from the Milky Way

Brazil's Supreme Court allows gay Jesus film on Netflix

Installing air filters in classrooms has surprisingly large educational benefits

Brazil's Supreme Court allows gay Jesus film on Netflix

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti backs Biden in Democratic primary

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51 seats from a landslide to narrow margin.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Joe Biden

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 10 January 2020

Luckovich: Sharpie time!

Piss off, Nikki Haley

📺 TODAY, Sen. Bernie Sanders joins Savannah Guthrie for an interview live in studio 1A.

📺 TODAY, Sen. Bernie Sanders joins Savannah Guthrie for an interview live in studio 1A.

TIME asked Nancy Pelosi if Trump's nickname for her, Nervous Nancy, is accurate:

House Press Gallery @HouseDailyPress The House is voting on H.Con.Res. 83

How Pompeo convinced Trump to kill Soleimani and fulfilled a decade-long goal

How Pompeo convinced Trump to kill Soleimani and fulfilled a decade-long goal

To battle high costs-Gov Newsom proposes California sell its own brand of generic prescription drugs

Trump at his rally in Toledo!