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Top 20 Greatest Inventions of All Time...Big Think: 1. Use of Fire by Man 2. Wheel 3 ???

*Senator Sanders appears on PBSNewsHour tonight.

So the Red Sox cheated to win the World Series.

Al-Asad airbase is "the one Trump said Iraq would have to pay for if the US leaves"

A sight that warmed my heart on this crappy news day...

This is not going to end well!

What the fuck did that fool expect to happen

When reached for comment from DOD officials (face palms)

The crowd at the Warren event in Brooklyn is predominantly White...

Trump: "Had a meeting with @kbsalsaud of Saudi Arabia. We discussed Stability in the Middle East!"

Joe Biden shows strength in Democratic race weeks from Iowa

Kushner and The Drumpt Progengy are the new Band of

Surface to surface missiles are landing on the heads of American soldiers...

Pelosi Could Hold Articles Of Impeachment And Have Bolton Testify In The House

Iran sends Trump-esque tweet 🙄

IMF Boss Says Raise Taxes On The Rich To Tackle Inequality

Dog Thinks He's Actually A Horse

To all those that called Hillary a "warmonger" and Trump would keep us out of Middle East wars...

Rick Steves on Iran (From his Facebook page)

Batch file rename

Fuck this this and that shit, media

Judge threatens to revoke Harvey Weinstein's bail over phone use in court

"Pray," Pelosi told members...

Wonder what James Mattis and John Kelly are thinking right now

Dog Stuck On Roof Looks For Someone To Save Him

It must be well past orangehead's bedtime.

Venezuela: Maduro opponents storm parliament to reinstall Guaido as leader

Venezuela: Maduro opponents storm parliament to reinstall Guaido as leader

"Defense Secretary Esper just arrived at the White House carrying a large bag. Secretary Pompeo..."

Is it possible my Blue Tooth mouse can get hacked?

Debate Will Be Rescheduled If Conflicts with Senate Trial

WE give Anti missle batteries to everybody EXCEPT

I told you they would attack our military. Trump made a big mistake, he started a holy war.

Aug 31, 2013: Yet another Trump tweet that, after tonight's events, really hasn't aged well.

Rescue Pig Meets A New Friend Who Makes Everything Better

Mental health break - too late. Anti-war Thursday - too late. Be paid back for the base - too late.

BREAKING: AT Least 3 US locations been hit in Iraq by Iran missiles.

A twilight zone nap.

Senator Inhofe blocks unanimous consent on resolution calling targeting cultural sites a war crime


'Free Markets' Will Be The End of The Middle Class; How Do Adv. Societies Keep A Viable Middle Class

Iran claims second wave of missles launched

HEre we go.....fucking trump got us to war. all you " Hillary is a hawk" folks can go fuck off

Just on Hardball...Ari Arouzi reports from Iran saying

Americans increasingly critical of Trump's record on Iran, most expect war: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The blood of our soldiers will forever be on the hands of drumpf. All

Aqua Timez ; Niji (Rainbow )

Heads up about fake news on Twitter - there's a spike

Fuck me, there is going to be a war now

Trump will blame someone else for this!

Aqua Timez ; Niji (Rainbow )

Pompeo Upended Middle East by Pushing Trump to Kill Iranian General

Our troops put their lives in our hands, and in the hands of American leadership.

CNN Says White House planning Trump address to the nation tonight.

This is what the GOP/Trump supporters wanted

Just made oven roasted asparagus with oilive oil, lemon, garlic powder, s&p,

On CNN just now...6pm Pacific

It's not Henry Mancini's birthday - Pink Panther Theme or Baby Elephant Walk

I'm not going to use this as an opportunity to take pot shots

New Ukraine revelations hang over impeachment trial

THIS !!! Says it all (pic)

BREAKING: Iran Air Force has taken off from its bases

Sobering tweet of the day

Official "Jill Stein Needs to Apologize" Thread.

Per CNN.

CBP's Detention of Iranian Americans Was Probably Illegal

I'm addicted to Kombucha

moveon "NO WAR national day of action this thursday"

Tweet of the Day

Over the last days I've heard many references to Tuchman's book "The Guns of August"

Crazy MAGAts on Twitter mocking Iran's Air Force as flying carpets, plane costumes, etc.

Seattle sees increase in median base pay year over year, no change in job growth, report finds

This is exactly what Trump wanted. He is now our dictator.

I'm willing to bet Putin knew which base would be attacked and even what time it would happen

Trump Was Just A Little Too Smart For Himself This Time And He Really Stepped In It.....

Intense 'firestorms' forming from Australia's deadly wildfires

MI-SEN: GOP frontrunner makes feelings clear about LGBTQ Michiganders

A reminder, once again. She warned us.

There is going to be lots of rumors

Flooding, Slide Activity Closes Several King County Roads Tuesday

Just a small point.

I'm 78. I did not want my last years to be like this.

Heck of a job, Trumpy

What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Look Like - The possibilities of an ''organizer-in-chief.''

Iranian Air Force Jets Enter Iraqi Airspace

"The American People do not want a war with Iran"

What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Look Like - The possibilities of an ''organizer-in-chief.''

Tucker Carlson Dissents as Right-Wing Media Weighs Trump's Iran Strike

'Only saved people can love Trump,' says televangelist Jim Bakker

too early to start drinking?

Terrified cries in this video. Iraqi soldiers are sitting ducks in the US-Iran conflict.

We need Joe now more ever

Winter storm to encase 1,700-mile stretch of U.S. in ice, snow

CNBC. Dow futures just dropped 400 points.

Where's Putin in all of this? He backs Iran? Or he backs Trump?

Iran's cyberattack on billionaire Adelson provides lesson on strategy

Richard Engel: Iran making threats of mass escalation (Attacks on Israel and Dubai).

Senior admin official says Trump may NOT address nation tonight (CONFIRMED) - George Conway responds

My cousin's son was stationed at Al Asad Air Base back in 2011.

Risk of pension meltdown grows as Congress fails to act

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump wagged the dog. Now the dog is wagging Trump.

I have typed and then scrapped several posts because they were inappropriate outbursts of anger---


Does China back Iran?

Trump, His Generals, and the Iran Crisis: An Interview with Author Peter Bergen

RE: voting in the primaries - A question for you...

Saddam Hussein feared Iran...

Here comes "the thoughts and prayers" from the GOPers!

Hunter Walker via Twitter: No WH Oval Office address tonight

No Presidential Address

I think his face is melting.

The worst possible leader for this situation

One takeaway from all the Warren events I've been to...

Odds Donnie cuts and runs, leaving the mess for Pence to clean up?

WH Press Secretary Grisham says NO ONE from the administration will address the nation tonight

Having flashbacks to the Cuban Missile Crisis -

Sanders Targets Biden Over Iraq War Vote, Repeated Attacks on Social Security

resident DOUCHEBAG will NOT address the country tonight

Just change the name and here we are again

This is madness ... I just can't take it.

MSNBC is not reporting casualties.

A third attack??

New Zealand troops at bases hit by Iran in Iraq.

TPM Marshall "A Dark, Dangerous Moment"

Coptic Orthodox hymn - for peace

Jeopardy's Best 3 is leaving me in the dust.

Trump told aides killing Soleimani would be politically popular & Iran wouldn't 'do anything too

For the last three years, every damn day

Woman Arrested, Accused Of Conspiring With QAnon Followers To Kidnap Son

Will the military at long last understand that republicans couldn't care less about their lives?

NO WH Statement tonight (what is going thru trumps mind??)

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fever Dreams!

FAA bans all commercial and pvt flights from flying over Persian Gulf / Gulf of Oman

When was the last time, under circumstances like this, that a President didn't address the Nation?

FAA issues emergency restriction for Persian Gulf airspace, citing 'potential for miscalculation

And the rockets red glare

Tag at the end of NCIS tonight

Knitters Unite To Aid Animals Affected By Australia Bushfires

Where do we meet up on line if DU goes down?

I wouldn't be surprised if Jared told Trump killing Soleimani would be politically popular.

What an Elizabeth Warren Presidency Would Look Like ( Warren is a "visionary implementer." )

gee if only America had thought to make some kind of nuke agreement

IRS Personal Income-Tax Audits Drop to Lowest Level in Decades

Which republican (if any) will be the first to break ranks

Does anyone else feel like we're being kept in the dark about something, here?

'Everyone's scared' - Puerto Rico declares emergency after earthquakes

'Everyone's scared' - Puerto Rico declares emergency after earthquakes

I think there is a hint of anger in Rachel Maddow's first segment.

"I'm the last thing standing between you and the apocalypse." Hillary Clinton

A bit of wisdom.

Senate Republicans close ranks on rules for Trump impeachment trial

Senate Republicans close ranks on rules for Trump impeachment trial

Reports of Iraqi casualties

Sigh. More good news for Biden.

Joe Biden tweet:

Chris Hayes War with Iran is madness, and it is strategically and morally a disaster in the making.

Iraq/USA/Saudi Arabia versus Iran/North Korea, what about China/Russia

Had to see what Hannity was saying...

Had to tune into Fox for a second

If rump responds, which escalates, and GOP wont remove him, America over

U.S. FAA bans airlines from flying over Iraq, Iran after missile attack on U.S. troops

Richard Painter on Trump:

*Tammy Duckworth on Rachel show NOW.

Janice Stein on the cbc said tonight the worst of this US-Iran potential

Thanks Bloomberg

We know Trump is a Traitor.

Jesus, I watched Hannity for a minute. Lindsey was on.

If Trump starts to appear in a military uniform, will Republicans finally break ranks?

Trump tweet: "All is well!"

What no service member wants to hear.

Ellen has set up a GoFundMe account to help Australians and the

"All is well!" POTUS tweets after Iran hits Iraqi bases housing US troops with ballistic missiles

Psychotic madman says all is well, while ballistic missiles fall on American troops.

Channeling Rex Tillerson this man is a "f---ing moron."

*Barbara Lee on Rachel now.

This Toronto landlord has only raised rent by $100 -- since the 1980s

Fox's Sean Hannity opens his show saying of Iran: "They're gonna get hit hard."

Send lawyers, guns, and money...

ME-SEN: Outside group attacks Maine's Susan Collins on prescription drug pricing

Stephen King: Trump did this. It's all on Donald Trump.

Pelosi not ready to send articles of impeachment, but could be 'soon'

The People Around Trump Are Totally Unqualified to Stop the Iran Crisis

Warren holds Twitter town hall with disabled activists

ABC News tweet about Trump's "All is well" tweet after the missile attack

This is how a Commander in Chief responds.


A Kenyan pastor fatally stabbed his wife in church and then killed himself on the pulpit, police say

MI-SEN: Republican challenger outraises Peters by $1 million in Q4

This is how a Commander in Chief responds.

Does this feel like Korea 2.0 to anyone else?

Marshall Is. adoption scandal: Arizona official quits amid charges he paid women to give up babies

Maggie Haberman: Trump tweeted the Animal House "All is well" meme words in a conflict statement

Lawrence O'Donnell

VT-GOV: Lt. Gov Zuckerman will run for governor; announcement coming next week

"Iraqi security officials are now telling CNN there are no casualties"

Hello Brooklyn : Julian Castro / Elizabeth Warren in Brooklyn

Official quits amid charges he paid women to give up babies

Crystallized honey

BBQ in Austin

An anguished question from a trump supporter:

Amy K on Lawrence show now.

Hmm, this hasn't aged well. Maureen Dowd, 2016: Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk

Elizabeth Warren on Iran missile strikes

If there are no casualties...


A Ukrainian passenger jet, a Boeing 737 w/ 180 on board, just crashed in Iran shortly after takeoff.

Ukranian plane crashes in Tehran?

Back in the early 70's, I asked my Mom ,why she voted Republican.

Remain calm, all is well!

Why no info on casualties yet, surely they know by now? Nt

David Gray - Nemesis (live at Zermatt Unplugged)

GLASS HALF EMPTY: He tweeted "All is well!" GLASS HALF FULL: He didn't tweet "thar she blows."

Ukrainian Airlines plane crashes in Tehran shortly after takeoff

Fake Military Draft Text Messages

Update on appointment with the surgeon and my fooked up hernia:

NYT Front Page 8 Jan 2020

Earthquake near Bushehr Nuke Plan in Iran

Pelosi Could Hold Articles Of Impeachment And Have Bolton Testify In The House

'All is well' Trump tweets after Iran hits Iraq bases housing US troops

At long last...

Caption Hair Fuhrer.

My view is probably one dimensional so wondering what the rest of the US thinks of this mess?

What Donald Trump's Mind says to Donald Trump every damn day:

Video of missile attack

The Daily Show: Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran

One - Metallica

Seth Meyers - President Trump Dismisses Concerns About Iran Retaliating - Monologue - 1/6/20

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren

trump tweets "All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq."

Eric Trump brags about Daddy doing great as Fox chyron reads "Iran Warns Attacks Are First Step"

Rest easy DU, in the Sit room tonight..

Ukrainian airliner crashes near Tehran

Was it assassination? Was it illegal?

Alright you fucking fundie assholes

Contractor whose death Trump cited was a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iraq

Demonstrations tomorrow

The Second Coming, by W.B. Yeats

(Jewish Group) Visualizing the Holocaust's Impact - Genealogical "tree" shows branches wiped out.

Stephen King made a prediction 1983

On July 3, 1988 the US Navy used missiles to shoot down an Iranian passenger jet

China's first launch of 2020 lofts mystery payload

Time for Trump to Use His Lying Skills for the Greater Good

If it's not already apocalyptic enough for you: a Red Sea locust outbreak

War criminal's daughter keynotes Consumer Electronics Show

Youtubers not reacting kindly to Ivanka Trump's keynote at the Consumer Electronic show

It's Official: Vera Rubin Observatory Named to Honor Dark Matter Scientist

According to trump's sister, trump's childhood nickname was-Donnie Dimwit

"All is well"?

Please watch this Joe Biden ad-it is very powerful

Mysterious 'Wave' of Star-Forming Gas May Be the Largest Structure in the Galaxy

on cspan "u.s. policy toward iran"

Newly empowered Virginia Democrats promise 'action'

Just a reminder that a Putin/Russian puppet/spy sits in the oval office. Ergo, no war with Iran

Governor Ralph Northam wants to make voting easier in Virginia

Joe Biden calls on federal government to step up support for Puerto Rico earthquake victims.

Study Finds Talcum Powder Not Likely A Risk For Ovarian Cancer

Inside the secretive Silicon Valley group that has funneled over $20 million to Democrats

KS-02: Topeka Mayor De La Isla launches bid for Congress, filling Democratic void in race.

Former GOP strategist scorches Trump as he explains Iran

Paybacks can be hell (news from Iraq via Jordon)

Shadow group provides Sanders super PAC support he scorns

Florida's 2020 ballot will include $15 minimum wage question

Puerto Rico declares emergency after strongest earthquake in 102 years

Ukraine President orders criminal investigation into Tehran plane crash.

The Second Circuit Rules in United States v. Hasbajrami

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/7/20

Video: The handwritten note found in Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell (60 Minutes)

Today is Kim Jong Un's b-day

Anyone here speak Iranian? Vice President Iran just tweeted this, no translate option.

I am scared that Trump

Both black boxes of crashed Ukrainian airliner have been found - Iran TV

PBS NewsHour Video: Bernie Sanders on Iran, health care and Democratic electability

PBS NewsHour Video: Bernie Sanders on Iran, health care and Democratic electability

Ozzy Man Reviews: Australian Bushfires

January 8, 2011

Iran avoided casualties by design. Gave heads up to Iraqi PM.

Will Trumps assassination of Shahid Soleiman prevevent

It looks to me like the trump campaign

Strike by millions of workers hit businesses in India

I think I'm beginning to "get it" :

Did Trump just get checkmated?

HUD seeks to roll back Obama rule on housing desegregation

Yashar Ali: This is likely not over, not by a longshot (good read)

Frank Rich: What will happen to the Trump toadies?

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg visiting 'left behind' South Side to push 2020 j

Wednesday TOONs - Expect it in 5,4,3...aaand it was optimistic to think it would take even that long

The loss of basic decency

Love Was Not Enough to Save Marianne Williamson's Candidacy

December 2019 Atmospheric CO2: 411.76 ppm; December 2018 - 409.07; December 2017 - 406.81

donnie dimwit is on a train with a single track that leads straight to impeachment. n/t

Judge Judy tells CNN who she's backing in 2020

Judge Judy tells CNN who she's backing in 2020

4,500 Flying Foxes Drop Dead In 3 Days In Melbourne Park, Unable to Withstand Heat

The Ukrainian air crash in Tehran was apparently due to an engine fire (per Iranian officials)...

2014-2019 Hottest Six Years In Global Record; El Nino Pushed 2016 To #1; 2019 #2 All By Itself

The Americans dying because they can't afford medical care

In Australia, A Self-Immolation In Political Idiocy And Denial - New Republic

This Month In Comics: December 2019

The Rundown: January 7, 2020

Colorado mom accused of planning raid with QAnon conspiracy theorists to kidnap her son from protect

The Webcomics Weekly #68: A Webcomic Called "Flesh Kernel" (1/7/20 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Batman, Marvels X, Doctor Who, and More

The first casualty of war is the truth.

As Caucus Night Nears, Viable Options Dwindle

Does no Republican see the irony, hypocrisy, delusion of a draft dodging trump starting a war?

The Rude Pundit: This Cowardly Nation Has Learned Nothing Since the Iraq War

Poll: 47 percent approve of Trump strike on Soleimani

Breakfast Wednesday 8 January 2020

If our country depended solely on Republicans, we would collapse in 24 hours.

Trump may rue the day.... "Trump properties could become Iranian targets"

I'm thinking Sanders going negative on social media will backfire.

Two things I don't get this a.m.

'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession

No Animal Should Have to Die Alone

Elvis is in the building!

David Bowie was born on this date-

Robby Krieger, lead guitar for the Doors, was born on this date.

Real quid pro quo: McConnell keeps funds flowing to Collins' campaign, gets her vote on impeachment

Twitter needs to take action. The POTUS is launching an information war against American citizens.

Happy Birthday to the Thin White Duke

Stakes High For Democrats And Republicans In Bid To Rush ACA To Supreme Court

CNN on trump talk: "Will the president lay out a cohesive strategy?'

Ongoing problem in Australia - Arson and negligence caused bush fires

So WTF happened with the missiles last night?....the American people are kept in the dark.

Susan Collins says she backs McConnell's rigged impeachment trial because Schumer is raising money f

Bernie Sanders: We will create a government that represents the working class, not billionaires

Important Work to be done this AM. Blow up their phones. We have to stop the madness.

Brian Williams And Donna Edwards Reduce Sen. Collins To Trash

What time is apricothellbeast speaking today? Thx

Trump Twitter Abnormally quiet

Bernie Sanders: America must end high-stakes testing, finally invest in public education

If I self publish my book, do I need an ISBN number?

Bernie Sanders: America must end high-stakes testing, finally invest in public education

Americans increasingly critical of Trump's record on Iran, most expect war: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Warren deploys Castro in bid to get her mojo back

Is fuckface addressing the nation this morning?

Elizabeth Warren. Cash bail is an unreasonably punitive and financially burdensome system

I offer the inimitable words of my old buddy Steve.

Donny Dimwit

Pic Of The Moment: President To Reassure Nation

Well it looks like the adult in the room is Iran

The US as provocateur.

Brilliant de Adder Toon:

Florida woman arrested for threatening to get McDonald's sauce by any 'means necessary'

My greatest fear

Pentagon Immediately Refuses to Commit Trump's War Crimes

Random Mar-a-Lago Guests Knew More Than Congress About Iran Assassination

Puerto Ricans left homeless after biggest quake in century

Orange Crush

Sanders reaction to killing of Solemani. (NPR Interview- 6 minutes)

if we win the presidency, we still will not be able to do anything if Moscow Mitch is there.

U.S. private sector adds the most jobs in eight months

White House confirms a Presidential Statement at 11 AM...

Trump's Republican challengers won't appear on Wisconsin primary ballot

'Kicking the Can to Next Week Is Irresponsible': Progressives Rebuke Pelosi...

"All is calm" Now where have I heard that before?

Some administration officials believe Iran intentionally missed areas with Americans

So, what will Trump say this morning?

Rep Dingell sending letter to facebook re: disinfo

1 dead, 3 hurt in shooting in Ottawa: Police

Kabuki Theater?

Trump said he wouldn't cut Social Security. He lied

Macy's is closing more 30 stores -- here's the full list

Why are Epoch Times pro-Trump ads allowed on YouTube

Guess who's back...yep! Uri Geller!

ABC News video shows Ukrainian airliner debris strewn over large area (new info)

The hashtag #IVotedforHillaryClinton has been trending on Twitter, now this..

Just for starters...

Once again, Trump does not pay a price for anything he does.

US cancer death rate sees largest-ever single-year drop, report says

On January 7, 2015, the Charlie Hebdo shootings occurred.

Osteoporosis: Researchers find another possible risk factor

"Don't believe them. Don't believe them. Question everything you're told"

Klobuchar vows to renew US leadership around the world

Will Cunningham announces bid for Van Drew's House seat

Iran says it will not give black box from crashed airliner to Boeing

The Trump administration doesn't have a clue

Why are some Democrats second-guessing Nancy Pelosi on releasing the Articles to the Senate?

Elizabeth Warren begins building out Georgia ground game with senior hires

Marshall Matz, a policy adviser for Sen. George McGovern's failed 1972 bid warned Dems

Warren turns things Around!

'Extreme privilege': Ivanka Trump faces backlash over keynote speech at CES

Majority of people in 33 nations surveyed disapprove of Trump

So Roberts would preside over a senate trial without articles of impeachment ?!

French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy to stand trial in October

Louisiana greenlights huge pollution-causing plastics facility in 'Cancer Alley'

Some belated New Year resolutions In case you can't - or didn't care to -

something bout the way you taste, makes me want to clear my throat

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren The IRS has no more excuses to create its own Free File program.

Macy's is closing 30 stores, per LBN headline. Online shopping can't do everything, though.

Two things are certain: we're all gonna die sometime and there's a trump tweet for everything

AOC said that the Congressional Progressive Caucus should start kicking people out

Mike Bloomberg to run $10m Super Bowl campaign ad targeting Trump

Federal Judge Invites Scammed Students to Propose Additional Punishments for Betsy DeVos

I haven't watched much TV this morning, but the several commentators and "consultants" I

The whole world is watching

Iran 'Concludes' Attacks, Foreign Minister Says

What Democrats Still Don't Get About George McGovern

AOC finds her perfect puppy - which other politicians have found theirs?

If Trump appears aggressive and revengeful about the Iran missile attack...

Fat ass can't even be on time for his own speech. nt

Erdogan, Putin call for cease-fire in Libya from Jan 12

As Trump waits to come out may I offer this Trump moment

Why is Trump late to address the Nation?

Public Policy Polling Iowa Survey Results

It looks like they are making last minute changes to Trump's speechifying

Holy shit

YouGov: Biden 27%, Warren 22%, Sanders 20%, Buttigieg 7%, Bloomberg 3%

Anyone else hanging out here rather than watching the vulgar talking yam on the teevee?

A few weeks ago, Iran took out a Saudi refinery with pinpoint accuracy.

Pier 1 will close up to 450 stores

The reason why no Americans or Iraqis were killed in the missile attack was because ...

The general to the right of tRump looks nervous.

RCP latest numbers

Trump is clearly snorting something...

the orange asshole just said

tRumps makeup is all messed up again -

Listening to Trump--- Anyone think he could pass a drug test? nt

Not one word. I do not believe anything he is saying.

Trump is not going to retaliate - Mission Accomplished

WHAT A FUCKING SHIT SHOW THAT WAS! Where did he dig up all those guys with the medals...

Republican Party is "absolutely unified" behind Trump. - Liz Cheney

Drumpt and a row bedazzled puppets. Nt

DR Congo measles: More than 6,000 dead in world's worst outbreak

So the Orange Anus never gave us any new information.

Australia fires: Thousands of camels being slaughtered

"We asked folks to identify Iran on an unlabeled map. 28% of them got it right."

Federal court revokes gas project permit in win for historic African American community in Va.

Atheists prefer cats, Christians love dogs, study shows.

Trump was clearly medicated, and it affected his breathing... slurring... odd pauses

Trump: "At this time, we will punt."

U.S. court won't let Trump enforce 'public charge' immigration rule

Officials Think Iran Intentionally Missed Americans

Va. General Assembly to begin session under Democratic control for first time in 25 years

How Not to Embarass Yourself when Visiting Germany

Funny. I don't seem to remember Iran ever shooting missiles during President Obama's tenure.

OK, so he DIDN'T declare war, blamed Obama, and promised new Iran sanctions. Could have been worse.

It's only going to take Hannity of Ingraham on his TeeVee calling him weak, chiding him

NOW, he is reaching out to NATO???????

Democratic Unity Will Determine Trump's Fate

why the fuck doesn't the MSM

Is there any video yet of Trump's comments?

Donald J. Trump is not at all well.

Why do pundits always fail to emphasize that the money that Obama released

What was with the bright lights in the doorway as Trump entered the room?

Trump speaks on Iran. (For those that may have missed it)

From Michael Harriot: the exact day Donald Trump thinks America was "great."

I'm afraid of Americans. Happy 73rd David Bowie

US emissions fell 2.1% in 2019. Here's why

Ps 144-- God trains my hand for war, my fingers for battle--on don jr's gun SIGH!!

PPP Arizona poll, Dems vs Trump: Biden ties him, Sanders -1, Warren -2, Buttigieg -3

Ken Jennings was asked to run for Senate

Juan Cole: "never do I remember the United States assassinating a Soviet general"

Does anyone else think there's something suspicious about the way it's all supposedly "well" now?

I reckon Kabuki Theater is better than war

Who Won Champion Jeopardy Last Night?

Bernie Sanders: We will create a government that represents the working class, not billionaires

I think he was in a panic breakdown last night & didn't recover - non/words, spaced out

As Pompeo and Pence Float into the Sky in the Rapture,

projects.fivethirtyeight poll averages as of today:

Ollie North, who secretly sold missiles to the Iranian regime in the 1980s, is on Fox ...

Laurel Heights, San Francisco, neighbors sue to stop massive SF housing project

"We're in the last 30 days of the campaign, and that's when people who are losing start attacking."

footstick alert: Lindsey Graham uses 'impunity' back ass-wards

Biden focuses on gun control with new Iowa ad campaign + YouTube video of two ads

Former Castro supporters in Texas switch to Biden after Castro drops out

That was the best speech by Trump, thus far!

Michael McKean: "What did the president snort and when did he snort it?"

Joe Biden is picking up Kamala Harris' old California endorsements

What are the BEST BOOKS you've read in 2020?

Patients Before Profits Ad Bernie Sanders

1 bottle of whiskey, I bottle martini, 3 bottles white rock all for $6.20---30s Erle Stanley Gardner

"When you know you're driving a stolen car, you want to avoid collisions."

Takata recall of 10M inflators could be last of air bag saga

Trump and Iran don't want war, IMO

Warren on Bloomberg 2020: 'I guess he figured it was cheaper than paying a 2c wealth tax'

Why were those foreigners on the flight? who or what caused them to leave Iran?

Newly unsealed search warrants reveal the FBI obtained electronic data on the Charlottesville rally

The Hoarse Whisperer: If Joe Biden had Bloomberg's money, he'd be running this ad on repeat

Shadow group provides Sanders super PAC support he scorns

Fears of Bernie Sanders winning growing among Democratic Establishment

For those that couldn't tune in.

The Republican assessment of Trump's speech? "Hey, he didn't say 'fuck', didn't call the Iranians

He wasn't slurring. He was talking in cursive.

Bernie Sanders after an Intel briefing on present US-Iran crisis. (Jan 7)

'The Conners' to debut with live episode starring New Hampshire primary vote

Bots Are Destroying Political Discourse As We Know It (Bruce Schneier)

Dream Defenders Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Either it's just my server, or the FOX"News" website isn't accepting comments ...

Dream Defenders Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Mike Pence and the Coming Rapture

I'll describe this post with one word: Fugelsang

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! "Macy's holiday season sales fall less than feared, to close 29 stores"

Thousands turn out for Elizabeth Warren at her first Brooklyn rally

Anyone upset that Morning Consult found more self-described moderate Dems than liberal Dems, please

It's actually very difficult for the poorest Americans to enlist in the military

Singer from the 70's, now IN his 70's ... dude hasn't lost a friggin' step ...

"I'll teach that little *#@*!" . . . Please come CAPTION John Bolton!!!

Time to fire Jared Kushner

Mike Bloomberg wants more engagement with Iran, North Korea and China

Harry & Meghan are going to chill with the royalty thing

US. Iran step back from brink; Trump says Iran stands down

Bernie Sanders Gave Joe Biden High Praise...

Suleimani's death is a huge blow to Iran's plans for regional domination

Iran plane crash may have been 'shootdown event', aviation experts say

What is your favourite coffee brand? Mine is Kicking Horse. Expensive

Chickenhawks squawk: 'This was an act of war'

"We love Americans, but we hate your president".

Washington native killed in attack at Kenya military base

The GOP had redefined politics. From the Latin:

The finals of the World Championship of Tag.

Iranian State TV says 80 American's killed

For thousands of Ohio Democrats, picking delegates easier than picking nominee

US hasn't decided on Iraq withdrawal, Pentagon says, calling general's letter a mistake

Americans Aren't Rallying to Trump

Wow, Florida Republican Francis Rooney appears on MSNBC and tells the truth about Iran situation.

You raised $3,108.00 on January 7, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Outdoor Recreation in New York

Say you go to a dealership to buy a car.

Let's not forget about all of Obama's scandals:

Let's Rethink What Counts As Paid Work

A tweeter has edited dotard's "speech" from this morning:

Demand the Trump Administration release the funds

It's the love in our hearts that makes this stuff hurt

Trump's Remarks on Iran: January 8, 2020

Two African American executives sue McDonald's for alleged racial discrimination

A Border Patrol agent who separated migrant families says it was 'the most horrible thing I've ever

Trump, Who Actually Loves Dictators, Smears Democrats As Iran Lovers

Bob and Nico - The Lounge Lizards

How to use your phone to spot fake images surrounding the U.S.-Iran conflict

Scientists give cuttlefish 3D glasses and shrimp films for vision study

Joe Biden, Seeking Commander-in-Chief Moment, Denounces Trump's Iran Escalation

With conflict between the U.S. and Iran escalating, Biden's support of the Iraq war is a liability.

Women are angry about Ivanka Trump's CES keynote

U.S. officials knew Iranian missiles were coming hours in advance

Everett Transit set to expand electric buses, cut fuel costs

Something doesn't smell right

How safe do you feel with Trump at the helm?

George Harrison tribute - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

An Iran Expert Explains What to Expect Following Soleimani's Assassination

Downed Ukraine Airplane Poll

Just a little encouragement to defeat Susie Collins. . .

GOP Rep Tweeted a Fake Obama Photo. Now He's Mad at Everyone For Pointing It Out

Senator Whose Spouse Runs Major Exchange to Help Oversee Regulator

Robert Reich: "This is by no means a comprehensive list..."

Mike Bloomberg Spends $10 Million on Super Bowl Ad to F--k With Trump

If you're still using Facebook,

"Winning"- Trump more distrusted than Putin, Xi

Richard Spencer regrets supporting Trump

Sean Hannity suggests bombing Iranian oil refineries to cause "major poverty for the people of Iran"

'Snowfest' coming to our mountains; later the lowlands?

Liz Cheney can be quiet now....

Trump rips Obama's Iran policy in address to nation

There are supposed "friends" starting to put pressure on Madame Speaker Pelosi to bow to MoscowMitch

Having given his penchant for over-the-top schmaltsy stage craft a trial run this morning,

'A Stopped Rolex Is Right Twice a Day':

Cartoons 10/8/20

Yahsar Ali: A word on "Death to America" chants in Iran.

Oregon woman sues Mormon church for $10 million for revealing husband's child sex abuse

American families are paying an $8,000 tax because of the greed of the health care industry.

Trump more distrusted than Putin, Xi: poll

Let this sink in: Politico is reporting that polling shows Trump is more distrusted throughout

Democrat Tammy Duckworth says Trump 'is as easy to control as a toddler...

House Democrat calls administration's Iran briefing 'sophomoric and utterly unconvincing'

squirrel enters thru chimney while family on vacation. causes 15K damage trying to exit.

'The worst national security team that I've ever seen'

Underfunded IRS struggles to send refunds, answer calls

🐦 JAN 10 at 3PM - Nevada, Iowa Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

Kentucky judge accused of courthouse threesome is suspended

Rockets have been fired into the Green Zone near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad

🐦 JAN 10 at 6PM - Perry IA Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

Satellite Photos Reveal Extent Of Damage From Iranian Strike On Air Base In Iraq

A DU'er posts Bernie tweet praising Biden. Tweet deleted. Pure Sirota.

Nostalgia: President Obama's 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech

Help me figure this out.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to 'Step Back' From Royal Family

How many swear words can you think of in a minute?

BREAKING: New rocket attack in Green Zone

Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight Speak to Democrats Abroad

GOP Mike Lee on Iran briefing, "The worst briefing in a military issue in my 9 years"

OMG, The Virtue Signaling On TV.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 8, 2019

It has been reported we watched Iran prepare to

U.S. to Outline Strong Support for Self-Driving Cars at CES

The Iranian Parliament show their ANGER in the best way possible....

Americans need to take away Republicans credit cards.

Irish rockers - Horslips

Weapons of Mass Distraction

His eyes show his addiction -

Adam Schiff Saying Evidence Doesn't Rise to Level of Strike

Army Warns of Fake Texts Drafting Civilians for 'Immediate Departure to Iran'

I wrote this while I was in college.

BREAKING: Sen. Mike Lee will support Tim Kaine's resolution on Trump air strike

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-1: Living In A Mobster's Paradise Edition

Democrat after Democrat and Republican after Republican, came out to talk after the "briefing"...

Bet Trump won't travel anywhere within range of an Iranian missile

Mnuchin seeks delay of proposed disclosure of Secret Service spending on POTUS travel until next yr

Poor Soupy Sales -- he has the same birthday as David Bowie and Elvis.

This is semi-long, but well worth it

I hope no one here is surprised Trump lied again about why he killed the Iranian general.

Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight Speak to Democrats Abroad

Here's your imminent threat right here.

That Mike Lee complaint is stunning - HUGE!

Hill Democrats, Republicans remain at odds after national security officials make their case for Ira

Everything Ain't Swell

The medications that change who we are - Psychology

The religious right has worked hard at turning this whole country into Jonestown.

Tax question.

Justice Ginsburg confirms she's 'cancer free'

Nissan Reminds Drivers To Knock On The Hood To Check For Sleeping Cats Before Turning The Car On In

There are many posts here that employ profanity.

Chairman Nadler: "Pres Trump not only represents a serious and pressing threat to our democracy..."

trump scared shitless, $80 mill from Iran for his head

U.S. NEWS A squirrel trashed home of family on vacation, and insurance won't pay

Stephen King offers $75,000 for White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham to do her job

Soon we will see the Senate be allowed by Congresswoman Pelosi to begin the impeachment trial.

McConnell says 'no haggling' as impeachment standoff deepens

I just read that the executive board of the county I live in wants to make it a sanctuary

Rep. Duncan Hunter's seat in Congress will sit vacant, as governor says no to special election

NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE for an "$80 million bounty" on [Redacted]

Rep John Rutherford (R-Ahole)"You and your squad of Ayatollah sympathizers are spreading propaganda"

Sen. Tammy Duckworth Rocks The Senate By Calling Out Toddler Trump

Pierce: We Took a Step Back From the Brink, But Not Because the President* Knows Where He Took Us

This is an ethics discussion. I'd like you to tell me what you

Op-ed by Buttigieg: Bring balance to the U.S. economy

Lindsey tells Mike Lee & Rand Paul that criticizing Trump is "empowering the enemy"

Rand Paul basically said they didn't learn anything from the briefing that they hadn't heard on TV

Charlie Pierce: Whatever the kompromat is, it can't be bad enough to...

This will not get Donald any votes

Norah O'Donnell has that idiot Mike Pence on tonite.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 9 January 2020

Insulting and demeaning': Two GOP lawmakers rip Trump administration

Robert Caro: He's written 604 pgs of his latest volume of LBJ (in other words, 10% done 😉)

Still worse.

Op-ed by Buttigieg: Bring balance to the U.S. economy

Air strike that targeted Soleimani and Muhandis also killed key aides

Politico: The left launches pre-Iowa assault on Biden

"Slurring," "Adderall" and #TrumpSpeech are trending.