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The Rock Obama

Feds slap 'racketeering' label on 2 ex-UAW presidents

remember when Taliban blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan?

Why Sabrina Haake is running for Congress in Indiana's First District

Tonight: @BernieSanders at 8PM EST will join Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Its Raining in Australia

Reynhard Sinaga Jailed For Life For Drugging and Raping Men In Manchester

Got some good news today

Joe Lieberman stands for _______________.

This stray puppy showed up in someone's living room update. (Happy tissue alert)

Is Pelosi being pressured to turn over the Articles of Impeachment ?

Emerson New Mexico (for some reason...) Primary Poll: Bernie 28, Joe 27, Yang 10

Emerson New Mexico GE advantages over Trump: Bernie +18, Buttigieg +10, Warren/Biden +9

Emerson New Mexico 2020 Poll - Sanders 28%

The Dam Is Breaking As #2 Senate Republican Signals There Could Be Impeachment Trial Witnesses

This is the world's sweetest dog - and he's raised a family of ducklings since they were a day old!

I need an anti Orange Hitler cult follower program

If John Bolton is truly willing to testify,

The scariest sound of all .... the baby 😂

Brain 'Shrinks' If Children Neglected

Questions on senate rules.

My Favorite Albums Of The 2010s

Baby mouse so small she eats off a strand of a paintbrush 💙

This duck wants to do whatever his dad's doing ❤️

Pentagon chief denies U.S. leaving Iraq; Tehran crowds mourn commander

India's 'Pickle Queen' Preserves Everything, Including the Past.

Dog Loves To Go To The Skate Park With His Dad

Chevron pulls oil workers from Iraq

This is what I call dedication (good photos from Guardian UK)

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: The media finally discovered Joe Biden

Bedbugs Released At Pennsylvania Walmart Prompt Investigation

In fairness.. let me give some props to Sen Warrens staff working in Ia..

Bloomberg's campaign hires 500 staffers in over 30 states

Eleven Senate Republicans co-sponsor resolution to dismiss impeachment articles against Trump

Donald trump has a new fav at faux news

FYI "McCarthy" is on PBS' American Experience tonight

Trump moves to roll back Obama housing desegregation rule

Radio Interview with Noel Casler, ex-Apprentice staffer , on Trump's drug use. Everybody knew

Sanders up on AC 360 about Iraq and Iran.

Opinion: Iran has brought down an American president before.

Daughter of late GOP redistricting expert releases trove of documents

If I were the leader of Iran, bent to hit Trump, I would do it targeted and safe for all NOT Trumps.

Bremerton man feels 'attacked' over Trump/Pence sign

My Nebraska Bruce Springsteen Tribute Album

The Crisis Clinic of Thurston and Mason Counties is facing a crisis of its own

Ayanna Pressley welcomes Julian Castro to the team.

A dad and daughter stole millions from the IRS. Here's how often such fraud happens.

Any electricians or handy people here?

Anderson Cooper: Bernie Sanders pledges to fight to stop Pres. Trump from starting a war with Iran:

Donald Trump Jr. poses with AR-15 rifle featuring images of Hillary Clinton behind bars

Anderson Cooper: .@BernieSanders pledges to fight to stop Pres. Trump from starting a war with Iran:

Trump overstates military spending and readiness as potential for Iran conflict looms

Juan Cole. Iraqi Parliament Resolves to Kick Out US Troops,Trump Threatens Mother of All Sanctions

if killing Soleimani was to prevent an "imminent attack"

Finally the evangelicals fix Trump!

Enten, CNN: When a candidate like Biden leads in polls & endorsements they've won 7 of 9 nominations

Right Wing Watch Jim Bakker declares that supporting Trump "is a test [of] whether you are even save

Murkowski Would Delay Decision on Witnesses

Bat populations in Wisconsin down to 0% at some sites

NJ-02: Trump to hold campaign rally in Van Drew's district

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Too Sick for WW3!

@ChrisMurphyCT Four. That's how many Senate Rs we need to vote for a fair trial where we actually h

Elizabeth Warren coming up on Maddow

ON THE BEACH: Post-Nuclear WWIII, Apocalyptic Sci Fi Film Set In Australia

Unique sex-abuse suit filed against Boy Scouts in US capital

SC-SEN: Graham challenger announces $3.5M fourth quarter haul

How Lindsey Graham Lost His Way

Safety fail:

U.S. Stops Dozens of Iranian-Americans Returning From Canada

Parrot screams, 'Let me out!' Florida deputies respond to 911 call

This is straight up slander from Chris Cillizza. We laugh at how dumb Cillizza is because he's truly

National Democrats jump into new lawsuit over Texas voter registration requirements

Collins Takes McConnell Line On Impeachment Trial

NYT: Esper has acknowledged that striking cultural sites with no military value would be a war crime

Article: Pompeo Awaiting the Rapture Pushed Trump to Strike Iranian General

A couple more insect photos.

*Eliz Warren up on Rachel show soon.

Fernando Cabrera tweet:

Joe Biden endorses Democrat in battleground Texas House special election

This is a song that I never heard until today

Trump Administration Drafts Sanctions Against Iraq

Hard Times & War Crimes: News From Hell (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Bernie Sanders Blasts 'Mass Chaos' of Trump's Iran Policy: Assassinating Soleimani 'Unleashing Inter

Tweet: Intel suggests Iranians have launched covert attack on Trump properties... (humor)

Morning Consult replies to AOC's comments on the Democratic party being too big a tent

Who else misses Steve Gilliard these days?

Cut and Run!

I have to consciously ignore Elizabeth Warren's voice. Not her words, not her ideas, not her message

*Susan Rice and John Brennan coming up on Lawrence show.

WashPo: Who benefits from heightened middle east tensions? Russia

Iranian-Americans Questioned at the Border: 'My Kids Shouldn't Experience Such Things'

Trump Loses It As He Is Forced To Face Consequences

Has Biden ever been interviewed as a candidate on MSNBC? Rachel? Lawrence?

Iranian-Americans Questioned at the US Border: 'My Kids Shouldn't Experience Such Things'

'The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled against Nestl's Ice Mountain water

Video Diary of Apocalypse: A Family Flees Australia's Fires

Powered By People: Join Beto on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Feds Not Liable for Stolen Gun Used in San Francisco Pier Shooting

from Capital Weather gang:JUST IN: We've INCREASED our snowfall accumulation forecast

Let's talk about spheres of influence and international affairs....

from Capital Weather gang:JUST IN: We've INCREASED our snowfall accumulation forecast

Need a laugh? Try this - Bike locks should be illegal. Kellen Erskine

Biden interview with Lester Holt will be on NBC Nightly News tomorrow

from Capital Weather gang:JUST IN: We've INCREASED our snowfall accumulation forecast

First potentially habitable Earth-size planet discovered by TESS mission, and it's nearby

Donald Trump Jr. shares image of AR-15 with depiction of Hillary Clinton behind bars

Prosecutors want to make public more details about Manafort lies to Mueller.

Trump will start the end of the world, claim Eevangelicals who support him

Anyone else here take periodic breaks from taking numerous supplements? (To cleanse internally)

Elton John - Gotta Get a Meal Ticket

Re-open the impeachment investigation in the house

Paul Gosar Tweets Fake Picture of Obama and Rouhani. Want to See A Picture That's NOT Fake?

Officials to kill thousands of camels in Australia as they drink too much water amid wildfires

American Experience: Joe McCarthy


Just changed my preferred candidate to Joe Biden, and volunteered to campaign...

The Daily Show: Trump Orders Assassination of Top Iranian General Soleimani

Biden and Sanders supporters please stop sniping at each other.

Japanese Ex-lawmaker Yukiko Miyake found dead in apparent suicide

Seth Meyers - Trump Threatens War Crimes Against Iran: A Closer Look

Trump administration denies Iran's top diplomat visa to attend UN meeting: report

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 9, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: National Film Registry

Cool photos of China's Harbin Ice Festival

The last thing anyone needed at the Golden Globes was Ricky Gervais to reprimand them..

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 10, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Douglas Sirk & Rock Hudson

This won't make you happy...

FAIL SAFE: Cold War Era Thriller, The US Heads to Nuclear War with The Soviet Union

Chicago runs out of rec. weed to sell.

After googling "Bone Spurs."

Martha Raddick looked afraid

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg clinched his first celebrity endorsement

Anthony Bourdain in Iran

01/07 Mike Luckovich: The biggest threat

Every Pa. county will have new voting machines -- with paper trails -- in 2020

Tweet of the Day

Christy Smith had a great fundraising quarter

Sen. Kirk Watson, Beto O'Rourke backing Democrats to win Texas House

US and Iran must protect cultural sites, says UNESCO

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 11, 2020 -- The Essentials: Remade in America

Has anyone here seen a show on Netflix

Trump could still renegotiate Iran nuclear deal: White House

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Anti-gay preacher: Australia's wildfires are God's punishment for the country banning me from enteri

Pentagon rejects Trump threat to hit Iranian cultural sites

Rodent workout session

Trump's Post-Soleimani World - WSJ Editorial

The People Around Trump Are Totally Unqualified to Stop the Iran CrisisIt's not clear they even want

MSNBC gives Bolton a 50-50 chance of testifying anywhere...House OR Senate

Trump gives bizarre Rush Limbaugh interview, claims Israel used to be the "King of Congress"

Why is Pence giving the speech to explain the Iran policy?

Lev's lawyer, Joseph Bondy, pokes Kevin McCarthy in the eye:

☦ The Orthodox Church in America: 'The End of the Age'/'Eschaton'

Astronomers Stunned by Repeating Fast Radio Burst Detected in Nearby Galaxy

I figured out Trump's philosophy...

Chris Hayes: This Is A Worst-Case Scenario All In MSNBC

women traveled 4 hours with 5 trucks of supplies to cook meals for exhausted Australian firefighters

Photos: Obama Behind the Scenes

re: lindsey 'like a pilot fish, living off shark's detritus.

In South Carolina, Spartanburg's Mayor White endorses Elizabeth Warren.

Damn! How long before Tucker is made to heel? Tucker Slams Soleimani Intel:

A Delaware man faces federal charges after he allegedly threw an incendiary device at a Planned Pare

OK, THIS is some freaky shit. I'm sure that there's a physics explanation to it...

a dream I had this morning

Well Amazon is coming here to NY

Julee Cruise - Mysteries of Love

Finland is solving homelessness not by expecting people to get a job but to give them "housingfirst"

Help for Australia: Direct Relief is sending 100,000+ respiratory masks...

Americans baffled by the size of Australia in bush fire map comparisons

New Emerson New Mexico poll out just now

Rachel Maddow Puts Mike Pence At The Center Of Trump's Criminal Ukraine Plot

Internal Document Suggests Pence Role In Trump Ukraine Scandal - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Eric Chewning memo to OMB RE @VP's mtg w/Zelensky ""We expect the issue to get resolved then"

Colombia's inflation rose to 3.8% in 2019 as particularly basic food prices soared

6.5 quake strikes Puerto Rico amid heavy seismic activity

Une fois dans une vie...

Protecting Two Key Regions In Belize Could Save Threatened Jaguar

Protecting Two Key Regions In Belize Could Save Threatened Jaguar

Is anyone familiar with the different types of Norton's Internet security?

OK, let's give World War Three a whirl, say weary Britons facing at least five more years of Boris

Donald Trump is so crazy _______?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/6/20

Daughter of late redistricting guru reveals more of his work

In case you forgot - a leading cheerleader of illegal wars

Stephen Colbert: Jane Fonda Gives Advice About Getting Arrested At Peaceful Climate Change Protests

35 killed in stampede at funeral for slain general, Iran state TV says

Sen. Sanders Full Interview - Anderson Cooper CNN Jan 6

Post the best music to listen to during the Apocalypse!

Period of Calm Obscures Deepening Crisis of Democracy in Bolivia

NFL Divsional Playoffs / Spreads

Iran, if you are listing

We have a new phase of insanity with this prez

The Long Read: Freedom without constraints- how the US squandered its cold war victory

Astronomers detect gravitational waves created by massive neutron star collision

U.S. scientists develop new method to search for life on exoplanets

A handful of recent discoveries have shattered anthropologists' picture of where humans came from, a

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico a day after another quake rocked the island

Chimpanzees learn to crack nuts faster than humans

Lindsey Graham explained by Steve Schmidt

If France's state military assasinated Jimmy Carter and called for destroying

Chimps Have Been Caught Throwing Rocks at Trees And Yelling For No Apparent Reason

Seafaring South Americans began settling Greater Antilles 5,800 years ago

Seafaring South Americans began settling Greater Antilles 5,800 years ago

The Breathtaking Unravelling of the Middle East After Qassem Suleimani's Death

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 39 - To Heal the World: Bernie's Jewish Roots (Joel Rubin & Katie Halper)

Ancient whale species sheds light on shift from limb- to tail-powered swimming

'They are so nervous:' Congressional Democrats stay out of unsettled 2020 primary

SpaceX sends 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit

Talking about how bad Soleimani was at this point does nothing but enable Trump.

Divers to retrieve Bronze Age artefacts from Swiss lake

Ancient copper smelting ruins discovered in SW China

NEW Morning Consult Super Tuesday tracking: Sanders 25%

Harvey Weinstein faces justice..

Subtle Ancient Footprints Come to Light

Discovery of ancient Egyptian beads sheds new light on historic trade routes

Sanders goes after Trump on Trade and Entitlements

Archaeologists Excavate 200 More Chinese Terracotta Warriors

Breaking NOT news: Collins and Murkowski will vote with McTurtle on witnesses

Demon Drawing Spotted on Assyrian Clay Tablet

It's 6:59 a.m. and it's coffee break time.

Morning Consult, 1/7/20, NATIONAL: Biden 31%, Sanders 23%, Warren 14%, Buttigieg 8%, Bloomberg 7%,

Morning Consult, 1/7/20, EARLY PRIMARY STATES: Biden 29%, Sanders 19%, Warren 13%, Buttigieg 11%,

Morning Consult, 1/7/20, SUPER TUESDAY voters: Biden 29%, Sanders 25%, Warren 14%, Buttigieg 7%

Kids were throwing snowballs at cars and a driver retaliated -- by shooting them

Stampede at Soleimani's funeral, 40 killed, 213 injured.

'It's miraculous': Owners say cultural burning saved their property (Australia)

Ricketts warns of 'creep of socialism'; Dems bring Republicans baby rattles, say they're scaring GOP

WTF, Clint Watts??

Steve Sack FTW

Morning Consult, 1/7/20, Dems vs Trump: Biden +6, Sanders & Bloomberg +2, Buttigieg +1, Warren -1

Scotty From Marketing Insists No Link Between Climate, Fires; Wants Rewards For "Beating Targets"

Total Burned Area In NSW Larger Than Denmark; National Burned Area (So Far) Larger Than Scotland

Congress Returns, So We Can Expect "Aggressive Climate Action" Sometime In 2021

Feeder Watch Cam

For First Time In Weather Records, Pittsburgh Has Two Back-To-Back Years Of 50" Rainfall

The new Who album is pretty frickin amazing

Democrats Accuse Texas of Voter Suppression

Elizabeth Kolbert: Every Decade Is Consequential; The 2020s Will Be Permanently Consequential

Hannity said "We must have more boots on the ground in the middle east."

Canberra Office Of National Emergency Service Closes Because Of Air Quality 2X Worse Than Beijing

Well, looks like the UN General Assembly will be getting a new home in the next decade

What A Surprise!! Site Of Proposed New Jakarta Is Site Of 162 Different Mining, Timber Concessions

The Rundown: January 6, 2020

You Will Never Look at Dairy in the Same Way Again Rutgers University Eye-Opening Speech

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 12/18/19

Russia offers Iraq S-400 air defense system to protect airspace

Tuesday TOONs - The Best Uniter

Multiversity Staff's Best Comics 2015-2019: A Journey in Two Parts

Multiversity Staff's Best Comics 2010-2014: A Journey in Two Parts

The Webcomics Weekly #67: Favorite Webcomic of 2019

Stepping away from the DU Primary forum until after caucus...

2019 Hottest Year On Record For Russia; New Years Eve In Anchorage @ Record High Of 46F

Oz Victorian Alps Forests Likely To Give Way To "Subalpine Savannah" In Wake Of High-Frequency Fires

Fmr Rep. Chris Collins closes political career by repaying himself $146K in leftover campaign funds

Twelve people were murdered by religious fanatics five years ago today in Paris.

"Here a quid pro quo, there a quid pro quo, everywhere a quid pro quo"!

Texas lawmaker Rafael Anchia latest Democrat to back Joe Biden for president 😎🎨

Who declares war in this country?

Former Castro supporters in Texas switch to Biden after Castro drops out 😎🎨🦩

Trump's Illegal, Impeachable Act of War

"Country first . . . right after book sales." . . . Please come CAPTION John Bolton!!!

Remember That Mike Pompeo Called It 'a Little Noise'

TV Pundits Praising Suleimani Assassination Neglect to Disclose Ties to Arms Industry

Japan issues arrest warrant for Nissan ex-chair's wife

Russia offers Iraq S-400 air defense system to protect airspace

Venezuela hyperinflation hits 10 million percent.

Venezuela's poorest struggle to take care of their dead

Michael Steele: Since when did the Pentagon start putting its "mistakes" in Arabic?

I'm sitting here generating some memes while waiting to meet with a contractor.

Proper Headline:

John McAfee announces 2020 Presidential bid (Libertarian)

Poll Shown on FOX: Trump is a greater threat to world peace than Iran's supreme leader

Kevin McCarthy blames Schiff for Soleimani. Can't make it up.

Is war with Iran a price Trump is willing to pay to buy the silence of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo?

John Bolton as a witness

Whatever happens, tRump properties are NOT cultural landmarks.

Adam Schiff's Committee should subpoena John Bolton.

Did the Americans, brits, French ever attempt to assassinate

Breakfast Tuesday 7 January

David McWilliams EP40: USA, IRAN and the 3 M's that precede wars. A must listen episode re Iran v US

Dems need to call out Reps pushing policies they hope will fulfill EndTimes prophecy.

Bolton has let it be known that he will testify...But what gives him the right to dictate terms?

Amy Klobuchar campaign organizes 99 'day of action' events in 99 Iowa counties

I hate to say this, but I think we need another "2nd tier candidates" debate

Allies ABANDON US as Trump Unhinged on Iran

Trump Casually Threatens War Crimes on Twitter

Elizabeth Warren's new plan to reform bankruptcy law, explained

Why Aren't Iranians Burning Russian Flags Putin Approved Hit

Congress needs to get their asses in gear.

I won't vote for Bernie Sanders in this primary

Ed "Deform" candidate Mike Bloomberg plans to Promote Charter Schools

California officials sue billionaire over access to beach

Russian trolls are targeting American veterans, and Trump's government isn't helping, group says

Aaron Rupar: "Jennifer Carnahan is the director of the Minnesota Republican Party"

Is the "Trump in a Flapper Dress" cartoon offensive, or not offensive?

How a 'quantum change' in missiles has made Iran a far more dangerous foe

Jim Bakker is now officialy declared insane and beyond redemption - IMHO

How a 'quantum change' in missiles has made Iran a far more dangerous foe

Twenty-one Nominations Sent to the Senate; January 6, 2020

Madam Speaker, I Rise in Support of Withholding the Articles

Ask Pompeo If Putin Ordered Hit - He's Having Press Conference

Trump has started listening to Tom Lehrer?

Article: Anti-Putin activist says Russian government likely scared by Trump's attack on Iran

Zora Neil Hurston was born this date in 1891

Secret evidence from Roger Stone investigation to be released - Raw Story

Zora Neil Hurston born this day in 1891, among other things, she left a legacy to admire

A photographer travels thru India -

Chris Hayes: "The biggest sin in 2016 was proportionality"

Can the House continue to add to the impeachment charges so long as Pelosi is holding Articles?

HarrisX: Trump approval reaches 90% all time high with Republicans (pre Suleimani)

Meet Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Releasing Troves of New Files

Joe Biden has picked up a crowd of new endorsements in California

A Month Ahead of Iowa Caucuses, Biden Is Democrats' Best Bet to Beat Trump

A transport to Auschwitz, this date 1943 🕯️

US trade deficit falls 8.2% to $43.1 billion in November

Hoarse Whisperer: "If Trump is going to send Iraq a bill for the base we built..."

When I was 20 years old, back in 1965, there were people

Melania Trump: First lady named Woman of Distinction

New: Trump had a secret meeting in the oval office yesterday with Saudis. Saudi gov. releases photos

Just my thoughts as we head into the election cycle

Article: Why Trump did it: Iran killing pushed impeachment out of the headlines

Wow! 😥

Biden builds primary strategy around general election

Paul Waldman's WaPo column Glimpse of How Far Right Will React If Trump Isn't Re-Electoralcolleged

SEN. JOE McCARTHY: Anti-Communist Demagogue The Second 'Red Scare', New On PBS

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Windshield"

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Only Way"

Look up in the sky - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a MEOWL

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Ready"

Who Thinks It Is 100% Safe To Stay At A Trump Property?

What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies? By Frank Rich

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Heart"

Teen firefighter is among dozens accused of igniting fires that have ravaged Australia

538: Trump Is The Most Unpopular President Since Ford To Run For Reelection

Cartoon: Whoop-A**

The World Speaks

Donating to the DNC a good idea?

Hi. My name is Mike Pompeo.

Rep. Duncan Hunter still hasn't resigned a month after pleading guilty to a felony

Deep Fake Comparison - Deeper metrics of Christmas by Jim Meskimen

Rescue swimmer awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for swimming through hell to rescue 59 others

You raised $345.00 on January 6, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

The "Encyclopedia Of American Loons" slams Todd Starnes big time...

Sources: Fotis Dulos in custody, expected to be charged with the murder of his estranged wife Jennif

GOP leader suggests Trump had to strike Iran because of impeachment

Parkhomenko's Daily Email: " Penta-gone to shit "

Trump is much too stupid to know who he is dealing with.

Marc Caputo: Biden has the widest lead against Trump (6 points) than any other Dem

UK will leave Iraq if Baghdad asks us to go: defense minister

Look, I despise Tucker Carlson, but if this is a crack we need to run with it

Henry "Red" Allen was born on this date.

***Rules for Monthly and Seasonal Photo Contests -- Revised January 2020***

Elizabeth Wurtzel, 'Prozac Nation' Author, Is Dead at 52

Updated: Ro Khanna moves to subpoena John Bolton for House testimony

Soul of a Democrat

'We're going to war, bro': Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East

Trump Wants to Drag Us Into War With Iran. Bernie Is the Candidate to Stop Him.

Americans Dying Because They Can't Afford Medical Care: 25% Delay Help Due To High Costs

On this date, January 7, 1980, Carl White of the Rivingtons died.

Warnings about Climate Change aren't just a recent thing:

I missed Steve Allen's birthday, on December 26. I'll add something later.

"Not the duration, but the intensity." Weather Service notes intense snow

Bernie Sanders announces seven R.I. endorsements

Funny and acurate !

Bernie Sanders is America's best hope for a sane foreign policy

Bernie Sanders is America's best hope for a sane foreign policy

This is what happens when you don't look back and hold people accountable

Watching a Bloomberg commercial I get: "Bloomberg says under him nobody will be denied

Man Filmed a Tree In The Woods For a Year [Klobuchar is] "A Democrat Who Can Beat Trump"

It's Republicans, not Democrats, threatening our constitutional order

Lindsey Graham, JAG Off.

If you do not let me violate the law and the Constitution

New: McConnell prepares to move forward on impeachment trial rules without Democrats

'When is snow worst? Precip already underway in our SW areas

Sen @BernieSanders is bringing Michigan Rep @RashidaTlaib to Iowa this weekend ...

McConnell's coverup for Trump cannot make this one thing disappear

Sen @BernieSanders is bringing Michigan Rep @RashidaTlaib to Iowa this weekend ...

Trump's ignorance has created an international crisis

The Divine Bette - Sage and Poet Extraordinaire !!

🐦 JAN 11 at 1PM CST - Town Hall in Newton IA with Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Bernie Sanders

🐦 JAN 11 at 6:30PM CST - Rally in Davenport IA with Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Bernie Sanders

Trump moves to gut environmental laws in infrastructure planning

*More Than A Third Of U.S. Healthcare Costs Go To Bureaucracy* NEW STUDY

JAN 12 at 12PM - The People's Caucus Presidential Forum with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Now: US Justice Department recommends 0 to 6 months of incarceration for Michael Flynn

A lot of current leaders in the U.S. watched the Viet Nam War with skepticism.

🐦 JAN 12 at 1:30PM CST - Climate Rally in Iowa City with Rashida Tlaib, Ro Khanna, Bernie Sanders

So Putin Orders Hit On Soleimani (For Sure) - Then Condemns It - Trump Plays Along Of Course

Mating Dance of the Ostrich.

A thought just popped into my head (no, NOT the first one in days!!!!)....

Meanwhile, the Chinese are measuring the drapes

The first major league pitcher to win a World Series game in three different decades

Benefit for immigrant and refugee families...Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, and more

"Evil does exist and it touched us." SERIOUS TRIGGER WARNING

Michael Flynn deserves up to six months in prison, U.S. Justice Department says in reversal

Live in Wisconsin? Vote in 2016? Were you a "Persuadable" voter? Watch this Democracy Now edition.

Bankruptcy: Warren has a plan for that!

Is this Philosophy?

Bloomberg Will Target Trump in a Super Bowl Ad, Spending About $10 Million

Cat Toys in use (not my cat)

Why not go ahead and bring the witnesses?

GF just got back from a cruse....

McConnell says he is ready to proceed with Trump impeachment trial with no agreement on witnesses

Republicans meeting behind closed doors this morning to count heads...

What do color blind people do when told to

When an old man eating bread only on the street, what will people do?

My mother picked my name before I was born. She didn't want me to grow up to be one of those

When I was a kid my dad made me go for walks in the park. We couldn't afford a

Boeing Will Recommend 737 Max Flight Simulator Training for Pilots

What is the most important issue to you in selecting a primary candidate?

Another first by the most corrupt president in America's history...Twitter War

Sounds like Trump has entered the "I killed Soleimani and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" zone.

2 Children Shot By Driver After Throwing Snowballs At Passing Cars

Elizabeth Warren on The View discussing Iran

No Take-Backs! Iraq Still Expects US Withdrawal Mistakenly Promised In DOD Letter

Elizabeth Warren Shuts Down Meghan McCain's Defense of Trump on Iran

Take a break: Hilarious new podcast episode from Al Franken with Conan O'Brian...

Look, we have to beat Trump but at this point, we need the senate more.

'Blinding Sun' Causes Crash Involving 30 Vehicles On Interstate 95 In Maine

Activists: Keep people engaged with pleasure activism

New: New incident at Mar-a-Lago under 'criminal investigation' by Secret Service

Last call for aging white evangelicals: The political marriage to Trump will collapse. What then?

Meanwhile, prosecutors know a coverup when they see one...

Happening now, in McConnell's office: Protesters are reciting Article II, Section 4 of Constitution

We call them "Architects of Terror".

From hot to cold -- Zamboni change saves Kamloops money and energy

Hello darkness my old friend...

Hong Kong to add mystery illness to reportable diseases

Can Trump lead us into a nuclear war? You bet.

My wife got kicked out of work today...

Excellent Brit series

Meanwhile, Putin schemes with Butcher of Damascus..

Is Iran a Rational Actor? We're About to Find Out


McConnell says Pelosi being 'contemptuous of the American people'

National Democrats target Republican candidate over a child abuse case in battleground state House r

National Democrats target Republican candidate over a child abuse case in battleground state House r

One of my New Year's resolutions was to cuss more....

GOP rep releases campaign ad ripping Kaepernick, 'The Squad'

Schumer vows to force votes on impeachment witnesses

Pompeo says US 'got it right' by killing Soleimani as Iran vows 'harsh revenge'

Anti-abortion, pro-gun

More wisdom from The Rude Pundit

Pentagon Initially Told Lawmakers Letter Was Faked

Seattle DOT projects face federal audit over use of government funds

In Iran Speech, Biden Calls Escalating Tension Avoidable And Dangerous

How Trump Threatening Iranian Cultural Sites Sabotages American Values

UK would not back US bombing of Iran cultural sites

Biblical Sites, Ancient Wonders, the Last 'Garden of Eden': What Trump Just Threatened to Bomb

Trump speaks live.

Garrett Haake: Schumer suggesting "it may now be time to send articles."

"More Hitlers have served in the US Armed Forces than Trumps."

New incident at Mar-a-Lago under 'criminal investigation' by Secret Service

UN highlights treaties signed by US not to harm cultural heritage sites

Pete Buttigieg Fails To Secure Delegates In Illinois' Most Diverse Districts

Astonishing, how many political cartoons from the 1940s are still completely relevant now...

Top GOP lawyer: Attacking Iranian cultural sites would breach Hague Cultural Property Convention

Amanpour presses defense secretary: Are you ready to refuse Trump's order?

Lard Butt just backed off of his threat to destroy Iranian cultural sites.

19 deaths confirmed from flu in Washington state, including 2 children

Amanpour presses defense secretary: Are you ready to refuse Trump's order?

Rain, avalanches, mudslides coming down, possible 'lowland snow' ahead

Facebook is banning deepfake videos

U.S. says it's ready to send Mexican migrants to Guatemala, where few seek asylum

Reasons the Conflict with Iran is Giving Us Iraq War Flashbacks

Trump Inaugural Committee Donor Accused of Obstructing Probe

Trump Inaugural Committee Donor Accused of Obstructing Probe

Former GOP senator Gordon Humphrey explains his Biden endorsement

CNN settles lawsuit with Covington Catholic student, Nick Sandmann

Trump to attend college football championship game between Clemson, LSU

'Chain-reaction crash' involving 30 vehicles shuts down I-95 North in Maine for hours, police say

Want choice? Democrats will have 13 for presidential primary

Joe Biden speaks on Iran -- and bolsters his electability argument

Iraq has received U.S. letter regarding troop withdrawal -PM

Facebook executive: we got Trump elected, and we shouldn't stop him in 2020

You know who I never saw when President Obama met with foreign dignataries and

Cartoons 1/7/2020

Cadet Bonespurs touting his military experience

Now that is funny!

Mike Bloomberg 2020 Announces "Day One," The Kickoff of a Nationwide Campaign on Saturday, Jan 11

On impeachment, a head-in-the-sand caucus takes shape

Shut the fucking Senate down.

Marianne Williamson: "Love vs Fear" (email)

My live-in-the-basement MIL has mild dementia,

Does anyone remember that Trump was involved with the Iran Contra Scandal?

The Atlantic: Pelosi and McConnell Are Playing High-Stakes Poker

DNC says next debate will be rescheduled if it conflicts with impeachment trial

The world is better without Suleimani...

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "Colin"

Why the Jersey City official who called local Jews 'brutes' has not resigned

I learned something recently...

📺 JAN 9 Senator Sanders - The Late Show

Senate trial WITHOUT the Articles of Impeachment?

📺 JAN 9 - Senator Sanders - The Late Show

Col. Wilkerson Speaks Out Against The March To War

Nancy please tell Moscow Mitch to go fuck himself

State Representative Mike Connolly endorses Bernie Sanders

State Representative Mike Connolly endorses Bernie Sanders

Go, Nancy! Who besides me needs one of these?

Bernie Sanders could actually win this thing

Indeterminist physics for an open world

Beautiful World

Pompeo again declines to present evidence of 'imminent' threat that led to strike against Iranian ge

Biden: Mitch McConnell Will Become 'Mildly Cooperative' With Democrats Post-Trump

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 7, 2019

Here are the seven QAnon supporters running for Congress - Media Matters

Bernie Sanders announces Washington state campaign hires

This is offensive

You've been doing it wrong . . . how to play catch with your dog (Twitter video):

History Lesson: Chief Mouser - The Downing Street Cats

Warren's Middle East Strategy The View

Woman Sues TripAdvisor After Falling off Runaway Camel

Fact check: The @USArmy is NOT contacting anyone regarding the draft.

short people problems....

House should subpoena JB & withhold the articles until he testifies, then amend existing articles

I started eating low-carb Oct. 2 2019

When Disasters Hit California, Sikh Temples Provide Meals and Refuge

Of the 13 democratic candidates left, there are 5 candidates that I won't vote for in the primary

Video shows Las Vegas man, 93, open fire on apartment maintenance worker

Rep. Duncan Hunter will resign from Congress on Jan. 13

I think at the next debate that ALL candidates be asked a yes or no question

Jeffrey Epstein was blackmailing politicians for Israel's Mossad, book claims.

In 2020 there is a new story to tell...

More Than ONE BILLION ANIMALS Killed In Australia Wildfires, 'Very Conservative' Estimate

I grew a beard and mustache, and started wearing glasses so people couldn't

Mitch wants to do the trial same as Clinton's not mentioning it was a Republican

Hey Ladies, How Could You POSSIBLY Resist...

New incident at Mar-a-Lago under 'criminal investigation' by Secret Service

Remember the Keane big-eyed kids paintings? See any similarity to anime eyes?

9,000 RSVPs for 4,209 seats at the Warren rally in Brooklyn

Nine million American pensioners forced to work into old age

Donate to Moscow Mitch's opponent, Amy McGrath

I know Elizabeth's plans are for all the American people but I wonder about those

Joe Biden: We can, and we must, restore the soul of our nation

01/08 Mike Luckovich: He'll sing.

Wikipedia has been hacked -- to honor Senator Flimsey Graham.

Australian crews race to contain blazes as damage bill soars

Downing Street says such military action would break international treaties in implicit rebuke to

How To Help Australia Wildfire Victims As Blazes Continue To Burn

📺 Jan 7 - Sen. Sanders interview tonight on PBS NewsHour

Real photo of Boris Johnson.😳 You have to open the tweet to get the full picture.

CNN Settles Lawsuit By MAGA Hat Student

I think it would be a real power move

Military confirms an ongoing rocket attack on Al-Asad airbase where US troops are based

Study Shows Medicare for All Could Save US $600 Billion Annually on Paperwork and Other 'Useless Bur

How To Help Puerto Rico

Julian Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren -- "No One Is Working Harder Than You Are" -- A Good Leader

No War With Iran' Marches Set for Thursday Across US

DU has raised OVER $75,000 to defeat Trump in 2020 (ActBlue POTUS donation links)

Great Pyrenees needs rescue, or will be put down

Iran launches missiles into US air bases in Iraq: US official

How Iran could really get at Trump without firing a shot.

Why Is Mitch McConnell So Afraid of John Bolton?

Schiff and HIC should interview Bolton

Joe Biden- I stand with the people of Puerto Rico, our fellow citizens, in this moment of need

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: These rates will eat you alive

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 8 January 2020

When Americans start coming home in caskets maybe people will realize what he's done.

Save The Children (Powerful)

The US response to the attack on the Al-Asad airbase in Iraq will be announced just as

Speaker Pelosi has a reason to hold up the Articles of Impeachment.

Where are our artists who used to hold a mirror to our faces and make us look at who we are?

2020 US Senate Election - US Senate seats that will put Democrats in the majority.

Some love to warm your hearts - animal BFF photos for today's mental health break.