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The Beatles: Yellow Submarine

Trump's threatened attack on Iranian cultural sites could be a war crime if carried out

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Master Class Will Teach Us How To Think!

Congress responds to the Orange Jesus

The Most Important Dates In the Democratic Primary

Is there any chance the DoD deliberately led Trump to paint a target on himself?

Border Patrol denies claims of order to detain Iranian-Americans

Does NATO defend the US if Iran strikes in the US?

Three Americans killed in Kenya terror attack

Pompeo and Esper, West Point classmates, were in "lockstep"- Both supported the move

Weird how the "people on the street" who are pro-war may very well be the same ones back from 2003

I don't support Trump's actions against Iran (or anything else), BUT...

Jackson Browne, CS&N - The Pretender

Killing of Soleimani follows long push from Pompeo for aggressive action against Iran, but airstrike

Officials Oppose Trump Targeting Iran Cultural Sites

Iowa: Sanders, Biden and Buttigieg in three-way tie as caucuses loom

New Trump: "we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites? It doesn't work that way"

They need to find a way to get Pence in and Trump out.

trump chomps on his War bridle ...

Elizabeth Warren joins campaign's door-knocking effort, gets 'commit to caucus' card from Iowa forkl

Outrage fatigue is not an option

The unsinkable Joe Biden? Many months and many gaffes later, Biden is still ahead

'We believe in her'; Sen. Eric Lesser leads Elizabeth Warren supporters to New Hampshire

Fluffy Cow Is Obsessed With This Little Goat - BUCKLEY & RALPHY

All These Beautiful Forests Around Seattle COULD BURN NEXT SUMMER

Rooster Meets His Favorite Girl at Her Bus Stop Every Day

In light of recent events, I have decided to choose a candidate.

This fuzzy little cow follows his mom everywhere

Drunk History: Nephew Willie Hitler Sticks It To His Uncle Adolph

The consensus of the locals here in rural Indiana...

*Fiddler on the Roof on TCM @ 8, est.

This guy never planned to open an animal shelter -- then he met hundreds of dogs who needed his help

Butterflies drink turtle tears when they need salt ❤️

Terrified Stray Dog Learns What It's Like To Be Loved

on the impeachment trial, Republicans - pick your poison

Just got back from Senator Wyden's town hall this afternoon, and he said that if Trump ordered

The sparing of Kyoto during WWII (RE: Trump's threat's against Iran cultural sites)

For anyone holding out hope Bolton might turn on Trump.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 6 January 2020

Barron must be 6' 8":

Thousands March in NY to Support Jewish Community Following Wave of Anti-Semitic Attacks

Now he's threatening sanctions--even harsher than those against Iran--if Iraq kicks us

...there is widespread opposition within the Trump administration to targeting cultural sites in Ira

Trump's says his Tweets are "Legal Notice to Congress." He is wrong & needs to be removed.

Jeez my plain old ordinary mixer died tonight can I blame Trump?

"A nasty, brutal fight": what a US-Iran war would look like

When Idiot45 callously and deliberately destroyed an Art Deco treasure while building Trump Tower

Any "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" fans here?

George Orwell's Dystopian Novel '1984': Why It Still Matters

Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring

Remember when righties said people who wanted to take down confederate statues were just like ISIS?

Anyone else digging Hodo yuba noodles?

CNN: Prosecutors tell judge almost ready to unseal docs on Manafort's lying to FBI.

Just started watching Good Girls on Netflix

Trump threatens to slap sanctions on Iraq 'like they've never seen before'

NYT: Iranians mourning death of Gen. Soleimani. ( Wow!)

The key word in U.S. justifications for the killing of Iranian general: 'Imminent'

(Jewish Group) Social Justice in Detroit

Trump Reiterates Threat to Target Iranian Cultural Sites

I've got a suspicion that Trump miiiiight not understand what winning hearts and minds means

Buddhist Monk and the cat

US military families caught off guard as thousands of troops are deployed to the Middle East

Trump Decided to Kill Iran General Soleimani in Part to Appear Stronger Than Obama Was on Benghazi:

Bernie says he will "probably not" be releasing his full medical records after all.

It Wasn't Enough, Republicans ...

US Border Protection denies reports that Iranian-Americans were detained at Washington-Canada border

My lifelong Republcan mother just called

BREAKING: Lincoln Chaffee files for Presidential campaign as a Libertarian

Ha - Golden Globe Animated movie award went to...SPOILER

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Found an excellent labor documentary

Howard Dean calls out Trump and Pompous Asseo.

Imagine that the Traveling Wilburys had been together longer.

Seth Moulton endorses Joe Biden

Russia announces plan to 'use the advantages' of climate change

The long-awaited defense of Hunter Biden

2019 Ended at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory reporting a 3.54 ppm increase over the last 2018 reading

Missing From Democratic 2020 Ad Wars: Attacks on Rivals

Patricia Arquette goes there at the Golden Globes...

An Open Letter to the Democratic Presidential Candidates

N.A.A.C.P. Tells Local Chapters: Don't Let Energy Industry Manipulate You

Mississippi Hill Country legend Jr. Kimbrough.

Some will be offended but I hope oil prices spike and cause widespread economic anxiety

From two years ago. They had her number.

CNN, Joe Walsh: Trump is absolutely incompetent and unfit

CNN, Joe Walsh:Trump is absolutely incompetent and unfit

One of my New Year's resolutions was to cuss less...

608 # tuna sells for $1.8 million

Waiting for Mitch to set the trial rules

My knowledge of Iran is very limited. Tonight I went in search of videos

UGC 2885: Gigantic 'Godzilla galaxy' spotted by NASA's Hubble telescope

Trump's One Foreign Policy Idea is to Make America More Like Its Enemies (NY Mag)

Trump spars with House panel, threatens Iraq and Iran

Chuck Todd allowed Pompeo to lie and Blame Obama for Iran failure without pushback

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

Rally Bus to Women's March...

Trump doubles down on bombing Iran's cultural sites

well, I'm in it for Joe

"Women, when it's time to vote . . .,

A war with Iran probably won't help re-elect Trump

Falling ash, skies of blood - and now Australia's anger smoulders

Biden is the antidote for Trump, but......

Reza Marashi weighs in on the absolute lunacy of Trumpco's approach toward Iran.

Tweet of the WEEK!!!

John Bolton who was on the outs with Trump over Ukraine. Is NOW praising Trump for killing Soleimani

Five Stories from Asia You May Have Missed

Impeachment Discussion with Law Professors Cspan Jan 3, 2020

Trump really pissed at Iraq!!!

Pelosi announces war powers vote in attempt to limit Trump on Iran

The Moment Many Feared Most About Trump

Trump has declared that his tweets are official documents.

MA-SEN: Kennedy Outraises Markey In Senate Primary

Zero Percent of Elite Commentators Oppose Regime Change in Venezuela

Awkwafina first woman of Asian descent to win Golden Globe for lead actress in a comedy

Pelosi Calls War Powers Vote

US-led coalition sets aside campaign against ISIS to prepare for possible Iran attacks

Choose a Democratic candidate that DOESN'T support war

According to Nate Silver, Joe Biden is leading in Iowa

We are hostages.

Banned Euorvision Song : We Don't Wanna Put In

Massive Black Holes Found Wandering in Dwarf Galaxies

Ivanka and Trump Organization linked to Suleimani's front company: New Yorker writer

Please respond to Randi Rhodes if you're on Twitter.

I met a flat earther today.

Delegate distribution may dilute California primary's impact

10 Things About Japanese Schools I learned this year

Jill Biden travels to Matamoros to shed light on how these policies hurt asylum seekers.

Cancer survivor thanks Joe for helping to pass the Affordable Care Act


Obama surprises then-VP, Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Tell The Iraquis We Can't Leave Till We Find The WMD's

If you want a quick primer on the Trump/Iran situation...

Cuba's Revolutionary Origins: a Personal Reflection

Decolonizing the Western Worldview: Interview with Cherokee activist/scholar, Randy Woodley

How to eat a crisp sandwich - Brit standard daftness required.

U.S. Encirclement Endangers Cuba's Economy, Provokes Response

We Must Call a Coup a Coup

(Jewish Group) Far-right Trolls Pose as Jews to Aggravate Tensions With African American Community

Trans activist Dustin Parker murdered

US Foreign Policy by Assassination

This is what love looks like.❤💔

One reason some Americans are so gung ho for war is...

Starlink satellite system is not ready for a commercial rollout, confirms Elon Musk

When your Imaginary Friend tells you to kill people...

Scotty From Marketing Claims NSW Liberals Turned Down Navy Help; NSW Liberals Turning On Him

Total Area Burned In This Year's Australia Fire Season Now Bigger Than South Carolina

Major Energy Policy Fights To Watch In 2020; Not Surprisingly, Almost All At State Level

TX Oil Industry Wants Billions In Public $$ For Sea Walls To Protect It From Climate It Destabilized

Lost Worlds: Persia's Forgotten Empire (Ancient History Documentary)

Rick Perry Rejoins Board Of Company Behind Dakota Access, Bayou Bridge, Other Pipelines

The British Museum Won't Have BP Sponsor Major Exhibition On Arctic Cultures, Climate Breakdown

Pity the Nation

US spy agencies reportedly detected Iran readying ballistic missiles after Soleimani killing

Phyllis Wheatley's poem from Elizabeth Warren's New Year's Eve speech in Boston

Researchers Discover Walruses Were Involved in the Mysterious Disappearance of Greenland's Norse Col

Venezuela crisis: Juan Guaid tries to climb over fence to enter parliament

Greta Thunberg responds to Meat Loaf: "It's not about you. It's not about me..."

Reza Marashi: "I've spoken extensively with career U.S. gov officials ... re: Trump ineptitude"

Video: Andru Volinsky Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Nipsey Hussle was a bookworm. Now black men are finding inspiration in what he read

5.7-magnitude quake strikes Puerto Rico, damage reported

Nazis get a 21st Century Makeover

Monday TOONs - The 20s: The Decade Is Off With A Bang

It's Monday!

Scoop: Trump officials tried to stop Iraqi expulsion vote

Deval Patrick campaign ad: "Not Too Late"

Judge Judy rules in favor of Mike Bloomberg, will join him on campaign trail

Croatia elects leftist challenger Zoran Milanovic as president

Nancy Pelosi says House will vote to limit Trump's war powers on Iran as tensions grow

Boeing has uncovered another potential design flaw with the 737 Max

Blast from the past: Laura Ingraham compares activists removing Confederate monuments to ISIS

Joe Biden wins sought-after endorsement in SC 2020 Democratic primary 😎

Only _____ can beat trump

Iran FM: Senator Sanders is very right in advising Sec. Pompeo that his job is to advance diplomacy

The assassination of Soleimani has been a game changer for me.

Quilting and Crochet

5.7 Earthquake hits Puerto Ruco

Does anyone else think that the impeached Trump

Government website 'defaced' with pro-Iran messaging, hackers claimed responsibility

Breakfast Monday 6 January 2020

No amount of skill justifies that kind of disparity - it's about power.

Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

"The Danish Girl." What an incredible movie.

That old familiar melody - by Tom Tomorrow

BTRTN: What You Can Do TODAY to Help Defeat Trump in November

Palau is first country to ban 'reef toxic' sun cream

Thinking about going to Poland. Any advice? Tips? Recs?

Article: Mike Pence shows just how much contempt he holds for the American public with tweet

Anyone have experience with those pocket electronic translators?

60 Minutes investigates the death of Jeffrey Epstein

American taken hostage by Iran in 1979: "I for 1 want no part of president's posturing about Iran"

FL State GOP Rep Springs Into Climate Action, Calls For . . . Creating A Study Group!!!

Remember when the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statue of Bamiyan in 2001?

Graham suggests changing Senate rules to begin impeachment trial without articles

Steve Benen: Endorsing apparent war crimes, Trump abandons all subtlety

Remember Salman Rushdie?

Like Alexander Gardner's Photos Of The Rail Fence At Antietam, But For Animals

Is this who we want to be?

Did Trump attack Iran hoping for Fatwa Sex?

Newsweek: Trump Is 'More Unhinged By The Hour'

Listening to the news about Trump this morning....

11 minute interview with Pete Buttigieg! Covers a lot of ground and does it well.


AOC: "In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party, but in America, we are."

Junior poses with weapon. Looks like he's ready to join the army.

Shaking Pittie Was So Sad, Now He Has The Best Family

20/20 vision

If Trump commits war crimes and attacks Irans national treasures, Iran may attack back

Neat pic of Jodie Foster and Rod Serling (in a rare acting role) - Ironside, 1972

Senior Liberal MP Manages To Step All Over His Dick On TV Defending Scotty From Marketing

The Forced Ejection of US Troops from the Middle East

Ricky Gervais blasts Apple's Tim Cook at the Golden Globes:

I was listening to a couple of interviews with

Julin Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren

David Corn: How was your golf outing this past weekend, Mr. Busypants?

Michelle Williams to Women: VOTE!

Rep. Conor Lamb endorses Joe Biden for president

Two Crises: One at Home and One Abroad

Child care should not cost parents more than sending their kids to college.

Biden Again Falsely Claims He Opposed Iraq War

Biden and Sanders Differ on Foreign Policy. They're Happy to Tell You So.

Cory Booker campaign ad: "Rise"

The one play which sealed Seahawks victory over Eagles...

Nancy Pelosi: House Will Vote On Resolution To Curb Trump's War Powers This Week

Iranian State TV Announces $80 Million 'Reward' For 'Head' Of President Donald Trump

Lockheed's stock went up 2.0 percent on Thursday, the day before the attack

Take a Break: Towering ice palaces at China's Harbin Ice Festival

Former US Sen. Humphrey among 100 members of 'NH Independents for Biden' coalition

What happens if Iraq orders US out but Trump refuses?

I could understand if it was Choc-Ola. But Dr. Pepper. Gimme a break!

Should coattails or help with down ballot candidates be an important consideration

Does AOC's attack on Honest Joe make you more or less likely to support her?

Nice job Donnie!

Patients Before Profits - Bernie Sanders

Rob Thomas- Little Wonders (from Meet The Robinsons)

Joe Biden endorses Democrat in battleground Texas House special election

Earl Scruggs was born on this date-

Harvey Weinstein arrives at a New York City courthouse for the start of his rape and sexual assault

The official Trump line on Soleimani strike starts to unravel

Trump's Iran mess is getting worse. Here's Adam Schiff's idea on what to do about it.

Kim Wilson was born on this date-

Okay AOC said she would be in a different party in another country

Is it safe for the president to campaign now?

Women were the last ones executed at Auschwitz for resistance

Pianist Buddy Weed was born on this date-

Cause for alarm: Tens of thousands of Ohio children have lost health insurance

MAGA-Fail. MAGAt goes after @greta for Climate Change activism...

Starting the first week of the year in a stately way: Ludwig's Sym. #7, 2nd Movement

28 days to caucus... and the lines are being drawn in the sand.

Every day Trump goes into a private room to unveil his picture

Women Were The Last Ones Executed at Auschwitz

One of America's oldest and largest milk producers files for bankruptcy

video of Aussie fire damage......

The more that Trumps throws temper tantrums

Warren: People are reasonably asking about timing of US strike that killed Iranian commander

Judge Judy endorses Michael Bloomberg

Julin Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren

Stop saying Biden is the 'most electable'. Trump will run rings round him

Ossoff to report a seven-figure haul in his Senate bid in Georgia

LIVE Reuters funeral procession for #Soleimani..........

If the Iraqis tell us to leave--what if Trump tells them to fuck off...?

Where would you place Joe Biden on the American political spectrum?

Sacha Baron Cohen Goes After Mark Zuckerberg... again.

TWITTER....Now a Branch of Government?

Lincoln Chafee, who can't choose just one political party, is running for president as a Libertarian

You raised $571.00 on January 5, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

When I was a teenager I was a dipshit

Our campaign is about bringing millions of people into the political process for the first time.

Obama Envy!

Lev Parnas has begun the process of sharing his materials with the House Intel Committee

Things to ponder

Remember the lessons of 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Raising sons who became daughters is a shared story

A Democrat Who Can Beat -Trump Why Amy Klobuchar still has a chance.

High carbon footprint families identified by sweets and restaurant food, not higher meat consumption

Donald Trump's belligerent threats to Iran's cultural sites are grotesque

Right-wing media use Soleimani assassination to lie about 2015 Iran nuclear deal

'Aliens exist and could be here on Earth'

"War. What is it good for? Plenty." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Donald Trump!!!

There's a Giant Mystery Hiding Inside Every Atom in the Universe

Media Leave Yang Out of Candidate Conversations

Breaking - Bolton willing to testify to SENATE if subpoenaed

BREAKING: per NBC Bolton willing to testify if subpoenaed by Senate

BREAKING: Julin Castro endorses Elizabeth Warren for President!

Bolton Says He Is Willing to Testify in Impeachment Trial


Harvey Weinstein limps into Manhattan courtroom ahead of long-anticipated sex assault trial

Bolton agreeing to testify now that we are at war with Iran smells like ratfucking

NO, Not Again.

Can military leaders refuse to carry out orders

Will Iraq become Syria 2.0?

Ava DuVernay: When They See Us director 'thanks' Golden Globes for snubbing Netflix show

Does McConnell have 51 votes to block witnesses in Senate trial?


Fri. (1/3): we are cyberattacked

Sanders starts 2020 in strong position in Iowa and New Hampshire -- CBS News Battleground Tracker

2020 Ohio Election Dates, Keep these in mind

If you're so great at parking, why are you getting these angry messages?

Susan Hennessy is saying Bolton agreeing to testify means McConnell's effed...

The Economist: Biden continues to lead Democratic primary race


The $80M bounty on Trump's head will stand until he drops dead.

Who or whatever created this world fucked up badly

Julin Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren For President

Saudi envoy arrives in Washington amid fear of U.S.-Iran war

Should Bolton Be Trusted?

Fear of war mounts as Iran and the U.S. trade escalating threats

War crimes, Trump, and The Hague

Forgive Me But....

Be happy ... "it" is getting to him. 1/4/20 Trump looks like shit.

Any Future Movie on the Trump Administration

Column: Amy Klobuchar offers a return to normalcy in the White House

Coaxing Rogue Obama Voters to Go Democratic Again

We were use to pictures from bomb strikes right to the target. Remember?

AIA Statement Condemning Intentional Targeting of Iranian Cultural Heritage Sites

The Irwin family has saved over 90,000 animals, including many injured in the Australia wildfires

Media are asking what's Trump's "strategy" in Iran- I'm more interested in PURPOSE.

Trump tweets Iran will 'never have a nuclear weapon'

The religious right have NO FUCKING IDEA of what the war will be like UNTIL

A friend has an American relative in Lebanon.

The State of The Union....Televise or Cancel?

2010 Mustang Windshield

Qassem Soleimani Killing Leaves Trump's Middle East Strategy in Tatters

Packed events in IA look so exciting!

US Ambassador to Afghanistan steps down

News Media Begin to Shift Blame from Trump to Pelosi

From today's perspective, it seems pointless and impossible

Yeah, it was a "good" idea to assassinate someone at an airport.

if the turtle doesnt cave, the house should call bolton.

For Trump, the Burden May Be Proving This Is Not the Moment His Critics Predicted

Why Castro just endorsed Warren's "fighting Democrat"

Remember to watch PBS this evening about the rise and fear of Trump


Mar-a-Lago in the firing line: Iranian presidential adviser posts list of Donald Trump's propertie

Comedian George Lopez Under Fire for Instagram Joke About $80-Million Bounty for Trump's Head

pet peeve

Trump's desire to decrease U.S. Middle East involvement another lie?

Bolten on board?

Awww. Susan Collins is "wholeheartedly disappointed.":

The Iowa Town Where Marianne Williamson Is Already President

State timber plan worries the biggest employer in town

Speaker Pelosi response to Bolton statement

Organizing for Warren in one of Iowa's most rural counties

Democrat Elizabeth Warren plans Flatbush rally with Julian Castro

How The Irishman's Groundbreaking VFX Took Anti-Aging To the Next Level

Gov. Cuomo cuts someone out of a car accident

Eyman wants to know, should he run for governor as a Republican?

Ayatollah Mystified That He Is the Only Dictator Trump Dislikes

Sensational Baptist opinion editorial: Last Call For Aging White Evangelicals

Bolton conferred with Mitch before making announcement on testifying before Senate

How do you do?

So...I drove by Mar a Lago this morning.

If I Worked/Lived at either Marm-a-Lardo or [Redacted] Tower in Manhattan, I'd stay away...

Should US pull out of Iraq?

Rally planner Elliott Kline jailed for defying orders

AZ-SEN: McSally pleads for outside help on the airwaves

Cartoons 1/6/2020

Another right wing religious nutcase for Trump

I'm not sure if I have a ton of free time, or if I'm just

NEWS: Sanders meets with nearly 6,000 supporters latest Iowa swing, over 6 million watching online

I'm trying to figure out whatever happened to this court-ordered release.

I think The Great Negotiator should hop on AF1 and fly to Baghdad, walk into the crowd

Trump faces Iran crisis with fewer experienced advisers and strained relations with allies

"I'm on my mark!"

Joe Lieberman Sad Democrats Aren't Supporting Trump's Iran War

Los Angeles charges announced against Harvey Weinstein as his Manhattan trial begins

Eggs from endangered sea turtle stolen from Thai beach

Why Pence's falsehood about Soleimani and 9/11 matters

Which Presidential candidates are being promoted or attacked by Russia?

Spartanburg SC Mayor Junie White endorses Sen. Warren

Biden calls Trump out on another broken promise

Best suggestion I have heard today re John Bolton.

Sorry to be cynical but...

Oh good lawd, The Goop is coming to Netflix:

I just found this post on Facebook; I am quoting it in its entirety.

On the thirteenth day of Christmas....

Major breaking news:

Democratic PAC Targets Four State Legislatures

Just an FYI here

Can the House subpoena Bolton?

"American Experience" on PBS tonight, will look at Joe McCarthy.

Ex-Rep. Scott Taylor (R): Reps. Spanberger, Luria Are "girls [with] national security backgrounds"

Iran officials hint at possible attacks on Trump properties

A Public Service Announcement: Citizens are warned to avoid ...

Donald Trump Jr. shows off assault rifle magazine featuring Hillary Clinton behind bars

BREAKING: ***Iranians Hit Back HARD !!!**** ..................... AGAINST TRUMP PROPERTIES !!!


Trillions In New Debt - WWIII - Give Iraq To Iran - Polluters Unleashed - America Tired Of Winning?

I would think all of the Trump family would be hunkered down in a bunker.

U.S.-led coalition tells Iraqi military it will withdraw from Iraq

Amy Kennedy Joins N.J. Race to Defeat Van Drew, Who Switched Parties.

Ayatollah Mystified That He Is the Only Dictator Trump Dislikes

Nats sign Hudson. Apparently no Donaldson though.

Since We Helped Saddam Kill / Gas Iranians Does America Have Blood On It's Hands Too

Barbara Starr tweet: Pentagon to begin sending 6 B-52s to Diego Garcia

Sitting US Congressman tweeting doctored photos - of course, it's Gosar 🙄

accounting question

Trump Did Say He Would Cede Iraq To Iran And Surrender To The Taliban In His Campaign Right?

He is Our Great President, and we should support Him!

For the safety of our entire planet

Breaking: US-led anti-ISIS coalition to withdraw from Iraq

More Quid Pro Quo?

US allies distance themselves from Trump decision to assassinate Suleimani

What would the Dicktator do,

And McConnell "speaks"

Ha ha!

Laugh at this and extend your time in purgatory.

In case you didn't see it

This is huge!

We're apparently leaving Iraq

In letter, U.S. military tells Iraq it will withdraw

Alex Trebek to Rep. John Lewis: Let's survive cancer in 2020

My Insurer is Dysfunctional

Trump . . . has sparked a catastrophe of his own making and left himself globally isolated

Yea!!! The first recreational sales shop has opened in Genesee County, MI!!!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 6, 2019

US military mistakenly circulates letter suggesting they'd remove US troop from Iraq

The sun sets in DC today at 5:00 p.m.

Daughter showed me Twitter video, Ayatollah stated "Death to America" meant Trump, Bolton, Pompeo.

Andru Volinsky Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Soleimani's daughter warns of 'dark day' for US

Puerto Rican natural wonder, Punta Ventana, collapses amid 5.8 magnitude earthquake

THAT's going to leave a mark...

Which countries are supporting a possible Iran war?

Libyan general Khalifa Haftar's forces seize key city of Sirte, as Turkey sends troops

Growing doubts on legality of US strike that killed Iranian general

Donald Trump Jr. shows off assault rifle magazine featuring Hillary Clinton behind bars, crusader cr

Gen. Clark And Jon Soltz Launch

anyone who thinks Adam Sandler cannot act...

BERN NOTICE: Biden Is Trying To Erase His Iraq War Record


Gen. Clark And Jon Soltz Launch

TOMORROW (Jan 7): Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro in Brooklyn

Rep Paul Gosar POS

Arizona Republican congressman shares fake photo of Obama with Iran leader on Twitter

Name One GOOD Thing That Trump Has Given America? Here's One...

Why we need national health care

U.S. Blocks Iran's Foreign Minister

Pier 1 will close up to 450 stores

Hope everyone is recovering and feeling better. I'm asking for suggestions for filing setup and

Looking for answers about creek/runoff erosion control.

Pelosi Says GOP Has 'Run Out of Excuses'

With Bolton Willing to Testify Before Senate, Sanders Ask Trump: 'What Are You Afraid Of?'

43% Support Trump's Order to Kill Soleimani

Am I the only one who doesn't trust Bolton?

My wife and I were talking about New Year resolutions yesterday.

The Hays Eagles roosting in the nest tree.

Seriously thinking of going Vegan.

Krispy Kreme is rolling out a mini version of their classic doughnuts

Has anyone seen the picture of the alleged whistleblower circulating on FB?

Mike Pompeo Is Said to Decide Against Running for Senate in Kansas

Severe childhood deprivation reduces brain size, study finds

Romney wants 'to hear from John Bolton' in impeachment trial

By attacking Iranian cultural sites, Trump is saying that we hate Iranians.

Why don't Dem's trumpet this Democratic Party achievement!!!!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Harvey Weinstein charged in rape trial

Can't believe my aunt

538: Biden has a 35% chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

Trump Made His First Real Enemy and It's Going to Hurt Him Financially Like He's Never Seen Before

Heavy traffic backup on Coronado Bridge due to increased security at Navy base

The longer you look the weirder it gets.

Today a twenty-something told me that she doesn't plan to have children because of climate change.

Paul Gosar, republican from AZ-04, posts a disgusting fake photograph:

Obamaworld Hates Bernie--and Has No Idea How to Stop Him

Paws To Relax: Dogs Ease Stress At Russian Airport

Another Chinese New Year's painting for my Kindergarteners.

Not 1 chance in a million that I won't vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary.

If you like Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), you'll love his letter to William Barr & John Durham

What was Amy Klobuchar's position on the Iraq War?

Flashback: Joe Biden's first presidential run in 1988 cratered amid multiple instances of plagiarism

KS-SEN: Pompeo will NOT run for Senate

Has the United States declared itself a conquering force in Iraq now? Seems so says trump.