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Archives: January 5, 2020

Remember when there was "talk" of Iran being blamed for a blob (birds) captured on radar?

trump explained

Tucker Fucker Carlson rips Soleimani killing: 'Washington has wanted war with Iran for decades'

Schaston Hodge, black man killed by white Texas troopers, was shot 16 times

I had faith that our Generals would stop this MANIAC!

Hear This Dog Sing Along To Saxophone With Perfect Pitch, Killer Vibrato

Church doesn't track minority survivors of clerical abuse

Kitbull - short tear maker from Pixar

Trump warns Iran if it hits any Americans or American assets 'we have targeted 52 Iranian sites'

Portland, Ore.: Woman accused of using Muslim student's hijab to attack her

No eyes? No problem. Marine creature expands boundaries of vision

8 Amazing Groups Dedicated to Saving Animals in Disaster Situations -Austrailia needs us!

I was looking for lentil soup recipes and found one from Alto Brown that calls for grains of paradis

Madame Speaker is having none of this - new tweet

170,000-Year-Old Cooked Starch Found in South Africa

🔥 Rally in Mason City IA with Bernie Sanders

Democratic Party Activists May Be Cooling On Warren And Warming To Biden

Fox's Tucker Carlson on Iran: "Who's benefiting from this?"

'Wait Wait' For Jan. 4, 2020: Best Of The Decade

I will never forgive him.

Seth Abramson.

Iran conflict WILL NOT help Trump

Violation of the Geneva Convention.

On this day in 2007, Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as the first female speaker of the House in U.S. hist

Let's hear it for malaise as she nears two hundred thousand posts.

Thoughts on the Iran crises from a peace activist

Are Eric and Donald Jr signing up for war? Will Jared join the military

Meet Steve, the winter sky phenomenon

How Donald Trump's perverse brand of BS took over American politics

Dear Twitter:


Let's have some hopeful news from Australia

The earth is the closest it ever gets to the sun Saturday night

I'm not really sure what this is, government website hacked by Iran Cyber Security.

As Tensions With Iran Escalated, Trump Opted for Most Extreme Measure

Asteroid alert: NASA tracks a 'potentially hazardous' 1,800FT rock on Earth approach

Yeah for the Texans

American strike in Iraq prompts anti-war protests in U.S. cities

"Four-Times Size of the Milky Way" -Mysterious, Starless Ring Observed Around a Distant Galaxy

Australia's fires could change the country forever

I predict that as usual the US is prepared for the last war, not the next one

Officials 'Stunned' Trump Took Most Extreme Option

Libyan authorities report airstrike on military academy

Iranians Close Ranks Behind Leaders After U.S. Kills Popular General

Trump trashed the Iran deal which led to Iran acting out and then

Dog Follows Pregnant Mom Everywhere -- Even Into The Shower

Shouldn't Pentagon leaders refuse to commit war crimes?

For whoever needs to hear this: Warren has focused on working family financial issues

Trump has made the US a dark, unpredictable force in world affairs.

I hope my fellow Minnesotians would show some kindness to our four footed friends

Linda Ronstadt on CNN Now

They've GOT to be stopped: "2024 lookahead poll: GOP voters eye Trump dynasty"

Bernie: I apologize to nobody for my working class roots

Ilhan Omar: ‏ Impeachment isn't a performance evaluation, it's a charge of misconduct!

The generals were never in positions to keep Trump "in check".

How to Retire in Spain

Esme has figured out that she can slide when the kitchen floor is wet

Ezra, a service dog, got to meet her favorite character stitch

Mike Pompeo admits that there was no imminent threat to the US homeland posed by Qasem Soleimani

Double shit.....

Who talked Trump into killing Soleimani?

Daimler recalls 744,000 U.S. Mercedes-Benz vehicles for faulty sunroofs

Angel from Montgomery: Bonnie Raitt & John Prine

Trump tweets

Protests across US condemn action in Iran and Iraq

Marco Rubio upset that Iraq is not happy with Gen. Suleimani's killing

LIE US INTO WAR - a Parody

Head Of Rural Fire Service Found Out Scotty From Marketing Was Sending Troops From TV News, Not Gov

Scotty From Marketing Now Says His Gov Has Always Connected Warming To Massive Fires, Droughts

What is this weird "I apologize to no one" routine from Sanders? Has anyone asked him

Sanders calls for vaping industry shutdown, then walks it back

Brazilians Ask Bolsonaro Not to Comment on US Attack in Iraq

Biden: Trump is 'incredibly dangerous and irresponsible' as the 'walls close in' (UPDATE: VIDEO)

Sitting At The ER

Chris Murphy: The moment we all feared is likely upon us.

Orthodox Christianity--John Tavener: 'Memory Eternal'

This song seems apropos in light of the last couple of days "Radioactive Toys"

Don't look now, but the betting markets are now strongly going for @JoeBiden .


Look at the crowd for Biden in Des Moines tonight!

Pats Lose. Omen for Trump?

State Senate Republicans are leaving in droves. What it means for NY and their constituents

Name a Country "NOT" Experiencing Some Political Turmoil or Natural Disaster?

Google and Amazon are now in the oil business...

A recap of December 19 though 30 what Trump was up to before this mess we're dealing with now.

As Tensions With Iran Escalated, Trump Opted for Most Extreme Measure

Titans beat Brady and the Patriots! Wow!

Bye bye Brady and Kraft!

My guess is that there will be muliple retaliatory attacks over...

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Is Pluto TV free?

QUESTION: Was Qassem Soleimani a cabinet level official for Iran?

What I think Tucker Carson will do on his next show

"Make sure to use the 'Extra Fluffy' setting..."

SHITLER's foreign & domestic Policy in a nutshell: Do the opposite of anything OBAMA did.

I think Trump knows that he is in big trouble.

Lil' Drac Rocks...

"Mister Mind here..."

Deployment Statement from Gov. Cooper

Did Trump Tweet Multiple Predictions That Obama Would Attack Iran?

Trump re-tweets Dan Crenshaw, who asks "Why is this basic truth of foreign policy so controversial?"

Wait a minute!

How many other times has trump blustered and threatened right to the brink?

Now more than ever...

Tonight at the local bar..

The Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Take 1 / Audio)

My god. He's been doing this all night. He's decompensating.

Walter Geoffrey Christmas Special

How Australia's massive bushfires are generating thunderstorms

I'm listening to an interview of Tom LoBianco on Sirius XM right now. He wrote a book

Military Madness

The Boondocks 2004 is still accurate

Doonsbury - Ilalliterate

"Hackers claiming to be from Iran attack US government website" no big deal yet.

HA! Just heard what DT uses faithfully to keep his "Orange Hue".

'In 70 Cities, 1000s of Americans Protest Against War With Iran'

Al-Shabab militants carry out raid on US-Kenyan military base

Judy - Dr Hook - studio version...

My two favorite covers of 80s songs

Nora En Pure

In light of the idiotic, pathologically lying, Ignorant AF, bitch to pootie-poo, TREACHEROUS,

"Wag The Dog" Movie

I'm leaving you all tonight with this thought...

Does it ever just kind of hit you?

Here's why Trumps are so giddy about this war -- look at stocks of weapons manufacturers

Millions of Iranians flock to the streets for the funeral procession of Qassem Soleimani

Warren ends wine cave offensive

Democratic super PAC targeting legislatures in Florida and other key states

This is what we are up against: Misleading video of Joe Biden is another test for Twitter, Facebook

At every opportunity, Trump recklessly degrades American justice

An example of how George W Bush plotted his policy toward Bolivia in 2008, already posted here then:

(Jewish Group) The Normalization Of Antisemitism In The U.S.

(Jewish Group) The Tell: How to fight anti-Semitism in 2020, DC edition

(Jewish Group) How Anti-Semitism Rises on the Left and Right

Orthodox ☦ Christian: Theophany (Epiphany) 06 January

I'm probably gonna get pummeled for this, but regarding Trump & Soleimani...

Orthodox ☦ Christian Theophany and Festal Hymn by Cappella Romana

Raab to meet Pompeo in Washington on Thursday

Five myths about rural America that muddle the political realities

Sen. Thom Tillis is busy working

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Act Normal Edition

How ironic it would be if Iran played a huge role in helping Frump lose the election

Millions mourn Soleimani in Ahvaz, Iran "hardly a Soleimani stronghold"

Wheel takes flight after falling off Air Canada plane

I still think this is part of the reason for the assassination of the Iranian General


Ilhan Omar on same shit, different decade...

Major Logging Outage Disrupts Thousands of Drivers and Carriers

Mother gives birth to twins born on different days, months, years and decades

Howie Carr says BLOTUS was "cool, calm and collected" the night of attack

Bibi lets the cat out of the bag - Israel has nukes! (gasp!)

Listening to our son playing Wes Montgomery,bumpin on sunset

US government agency website hacked by group claiming to be from Iran

Welcome to the 2020 Hays Bald Eagle Nesting Season!

Support our troops!

A Message for the socialism hating #MAGits out there...

You've Got To Wonder ...

Why "Rise of Skywalker" is objectively a bad movie:

On Iran I told my wife we always stumble blindly into shit

Richard Kind: "Jack D. Ripper is our president. Suleimani is Farsi for fluoridation."

Donations to non-profits dropped by over 3% despite, you know, that "strong economy"

Do I have this right? Trump canceled our deal with Iran and is now trying to start a war w/Iran.

I was really hoping Cummings would be toast in the New Year


I'm having a celebration party. What do you think of my playlist?

I"ll say this now: anyone on our side of the aisle in the Senate who does not vote to

US military confirms terror attack on US base in Kenya

And in the other timeline...

Any artist out there? I did something, and I don't know how I did it.

What We Learned About the Digital Divide in 2019

It takes only 4 seconds for flames in the distance to overrun the position of these fire fighters

Susan Rice: The Dire Consequences of Trump's Suleimani Decision

Breaking: 5 dead, 60 injured in massive crash on PA Turnpike outside Pittsburgh

Operation #nocomparison

Operation #nocomparison

Thanks Bernie for this CNN headline! "Biden brings weak record and

Exclusive: Supreme Leader's military adviser says Iran's response will be 'against military sites'

My daily comment

Rod Stewart, son, accused of battery in New Year's Eve fight

Skepticism mounts over evidence of 'imminent' threat that Trump says justified Soleimani killing

China might take Iran's side in a war with US (Asia Times)

The state of Florida had more of a connection to the September 11 attacks than Iran ever had

Kerry to lead 'We Know Joe' tour across Iowa to support Biden ,,,,,,🚌,,,🚌.. Go Joe,,,and Kerry

Pompeo on with Jake Tapper right now

Sunday Morning Breakfast 5 January 2020

Don't abbreviate 2020. It's for your own good

Cal Perry NBC: Iraqi PM tells Parliament that US troops should leave the country. (Updated)

This is something I like about Buttigieg, a REAL Democrat: Jake Tapper just asked him...

LOL....SO many questions......

Had a Dream - Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer

Red meat plays vital role in diets, claims expert in fightback against veganism

Just got my ass kicked

Reckless, Not Bold

All of this is true

Flush with cash, Yang wrestles with where to spend it

'Iranian hackers' breach US government website operated by the Federal Depository Library Program in

Iran situation casts Buttigieg's candidacy in a different light

Bernie Sanders Announces Bill To Block Funds For War Against Iran

Repeat after me ......

Trump has turned us into an arrogant, foolish super power. We will pay a price for that.

Men At Work - It's a Mistake

BREAKING: Iraqi parliament just approved a draft bill to expel U.S. forces from the country.

What if Bernie wins?

One way to stop wars forever...

Help finding Twitter Follow and Following lists

Pompeo is out this morning blaming Obama administration.....fuck these 'people'

"My think tank is the greatest in the history of ever." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDente Trump!!

You raised $198.00 on January 4, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Lets all cheer for military equipment! It shows how big my (mushroom) dick is!

"Australia Will Continue To Burn" - The Atlantic On What 1st World Death Spiral Looks Like

Pull up a chair, kiddos. You're about to re-live history...

The definition of capitalism in today's world. All for me. Fuck everyone else.

Lets look at the bright side. Maybe this mistake ends Trumps presidency.

Some Advice Moving Forward - Maintain Your Rage

What do DUers think of Russia coming out against the assasination...

Listening to Jake Tapper about how the republicans are retweeting altered videos

***JANUARY PHOTO Contest*** Announcement

Just chuck it, it's only taxpayer dollars

Local authorities: Mysterious illness in China is not SARS

Panama Canal Operations Faltering - Ongoing Drought, More Evaporation Cut Water Needed To Run It

Iran - Neocon - Trump - ? ? ?


Iranians Flood Twitter With Photos of Favorite Cultural Sites as Trump Threatens Them

"Because an international crisis with Iran won't keep Trump from his golf game"

For those of you who didn't live through the invasion of Iraq, here is what is about to happen

"Contractor" or "Mercenary"?

I'm so tired of feeling helpless.

Bernie Sanders promised to disclose his medical records. What happened?

Some are saying that the Con also hated the General

Sorry, but that monstrosity of an embassy is hubris in action

Just to establish some parameters said the Professor

What if Iran fucks with the 2020 elections - AGAINST Trump.

With Donald Trump, the takeover is complete (of the party, but not of the county - yet)

Pompeo Says Any Actions by Trump in Iran Will Be 'Lawful'

Hold the articles, the House may have to start an investigation into war crimes.

Will Bernie voters vote for Biden when he wins?🙄

What Does a Real President Do after Ordering the Killing of an Enemy?

A reminder, just for today you do not to need to do your addictions

Iraqi Lawmakers Vote to Expel U.S. Troops as Iran Mourns a Slain General

52 cultural sites in the US... in red states... I won't name them here but,

Amy Klobuchar campaign ad: "What It Takes"

The "just take my word for it" president

Australian News 9 reporting on brush fires

Why Would Putin Advise Trump to Assassinate an Iranian General?

BREAKING: CBS News Iowa Poll: Buttigieg 23, Biden 23, Sanders 23

Impeachment lite hoax

Iraq's prime minister says 'urgent measures' should be taken to remove foreign forces

BREAKING: CBS News NH Poll: Sanders 27 Biden 25 Warren 18

Could the strike on an Iranian general trigger a draft? The Selective Service, explained

Latest NATIONAL polls, all from the last week of December:

IA and NH polls suggest Jan debate will be Biden-Buttigieg-Sanders-Warren-Klobuchar

Question about Iran nuke deal

A nuclear armed Iran. It's coming people, Trump has left them no choice.

Richard Engel: "More danger. More instability."

Thanks Bernie!

Serial liar Trump doesn't get the benefit of the doubt on leading us into war

Trump has really stirred up the hornets. These are Iranian mourners:

Can Trumps lawyers, criminal political loyalists save him from this mistake?

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Sham Stakes

Hundreds of thousands descend upon Ahvaz, Iran for funeral procession for Soleimani

*New* Sanders is in a first-place tie in Iowa, has a narrow edge in NH

*New* Sanders is in a first-place tie in Iowa, has a narrow edge in NH

I wonder...will Donnie JR and Eric be signing up to fight in Daddy's war with Iran...

"Atlantics"? Did anyone else find it confusing?

are we "more safe" now?

Thousands of Marines Head to Middle East on Navy Ship as Iran Pledges Retaliation

I'm starting a series of paintings of vintage cameras.

When a man loves a woman

What happens when a corrupt, incompetent, vengeful, delusional reality TV host controls the world?

A few thoughts about current events

Attack hits military base used by U.S. forces in Kenya

US Suspends Training Mission in Iraq, Heightens Security at Bases

Elizabeth Cotten was born on this date-

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to play free concert series to expand reach amid financial struggles.


Sam Phillips was born on this date.

How Bernie Sanders hangs in

Iraqi decision to tell the US to leave. Beau of the Fifth Column.

Programming changes at MSNBC

If Iraq was a FUBAR clusterfuck based on lies, what are we seeing unfold!?

The question no one is asking. Why did the DOD go along with this?

RUN!!! It takes only 4 seconds for flames in the distance to overrun the position

Retired general, citizens support U.S. airstrike on Baghdad that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleiman

I am no military historian.

Do you remember Lynne Cheney, near the end of W's 2nd term, calling for a "Bush Dynasty?"

Since Its Birth The USA Has Only Had 17 Years of Peace

War as Murder in the Middle East

If Trump commits War Crimes in Iran - would the Democrats impeach him for that too?

When are we going to hear, "Obama is to blame"

GOP, at least PRETEND to regain your sanity...

Is Trump playing golf, today? One last fling at happiness in the sun before he faces facts at home?

Trump Ordered The Military To Ilegally Assassinate The Iranian General

Pentagon Officials Reportedly "Stunned" by Trump's Decision to Kill Soleimani

Celebrate Three Kings Day (Epiphany) with A Traditional Spanish Pastry

Trump, SOTU 2019: "As a candidate for president, I loudly pledged a new approach to endless wars"

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 5, 2020?

Visualizing the Holocaust's Impact - Genealogical "tree" shows branches wiped out.

Breaking: Iranian state TV reports Iran will no longer abide by any limits of its 2015 nuclear deal.

Adam Schiff's take on the intelligence that led to killing Soleimani

Looking the Bully square in the eye...

The fires in Australia have me in tears!

Well, if Senate Republicans were smart, they'd take Trump's assassination of

At some point, if the Tangerine Mussolini

there needs to be a meeting of the impeachment committees on mon morning.

My dream candidate exists - and her name is Elizabeth Warren

There Goes That 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal Down The Tubes....

Indian university student body president injured in police crackdown

Cooking with Wool animation by Andrea Love

The truth must be very blunt.

I suppose there's a helipad on the roof of the embassy in Baghdad.

Our presidential nomination process has become absurd

Stocks For Weapons Makers SURGE As Trump Moves Closer To War With Iran, (Cui Bono)

Lindsey Graham Calls Colin Kaepernick A 'Racist' For Opposing The Killing Of 'Black And Brown People

Has our brilliant A**hole made a statement about being kicked out Iraq

Across California, Iranian Americans are shocked, alarmed or relieved at the killing of Qassem Sulei

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: Trump 'has made a mess of foreign policy'


Pelosi slams White House's War Powers notification on Soleimani strike

The Latest: Iran will no longer abide by nuclear deal limits

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

AOC calls Trump 'a monster' over threat to Iran; Omar, other Democrats warn of potential 'war crimes

Don't let Trump change the subject! IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT! Witnesses, Fair trial!

How Republican hawks primed Trump to strike back at Iran

Warren questions Iran attack timing with impeachment trial looming

Lindsey Graham wants to start Trump impeachment trial within days

Iran expert: U.S. airstrike was "stunningly stupid and counterproductive"

Adam Schiff: It was a reckless move.

With Trump's farm bailout came surprising profits but little help for the neediest

I don't know what is going on in FoxNews, but what I'm hearing from MSNBC is more

U.S.-Led Coalition Halts ISIS Fight as It Steels for Iranian Attacks

I'm switching my primary vote to Sanders

Use Constitution to reclaim government for all

The Iran Deal is dead.

CNN interview-Buttigieg (State of the Union) Jan 5, 2020

Iran 'offers $80 million bounty for Donald Trump's head' after death of general (UNPROVEN)

New Polls show what Amy needed

Mar-a-Lago Guests and Israel Had More Prior Knowledge of Strike on Soleimani Than Democratic Leaders

Paradise: John Prine

Advice For Chuck Todd's Career Comeback - Republicans Are Treasonous Lying Scum

Cartoons 1/5/2020

Rep. Jayapal: Deeply disturbed by reports that Iranian Americans, including U.S. citizens, are being

Iranians flood Twitter with photos of favorite cultural sites as Trump threatens them

I celebrate 4/20 on 1/5

Impulsive cannot be an option when nuclear weapons are involved.

Tucker slams 'chest-beaters' cheering US strike on Soleimani

Venezuela's last democratic institution falls as Maduro stages de facto takeover of National Assembl

Pompeo: 'We are confident that the Iraqi people want the United States to continue to be there'

There Is Zero Chance The Assassination Of Soleimani Was Not WAG THE DOG

Pompeo after Soleimani strike: 'The Europeans haven't been as helpful as I wish that they could be'

Sanders campaign volunteer tries to swiftboat Pete Buttigieg

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 8: TCM Spotlight: The Roaring '20s

Wolves can help Aspen groves, opinion piece, Colorado

Mighty Awoooo

Support rural Americans.

Biden begins his Sunday morning at Corinthian Baptist Church in Des Moines,

The view from Russia...

'Ducklings With Hands'

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 7: Star of the Month: Patricia Neal

Deceased GOP Strategist's Daughter Makes Files Public That Republicans Wanted Sealed

Here is what I know, what I believe and what I am not afraid of...

Trump killed Soleimani while on way to meet people Trump asked to negotiate with him.

Well, it's looking likely that Iraq is about to throw US troops

The Iraqi prime minister seems to be suggesting that the US essentially lured Soleimani into...

The Democrats shouldn't try to balance costly social programs on the backs of rural Americans

It's an awards nite Golden Globes GERVAIS!1

If the CBS/YouGov poll is accurate (and there's nothing saying they aren't), here is how...

" God is on our side" - Trump told this to his evangelical audience

Time for a joint statement from all former Presidents

Americans die while Trump plays golf:

(Jewish Group) More threats against Jews reported in Crown Heights

(Jewish Group) Resignation calls for Republican leader in Delaware over Facebook posts about Jews

(Jewish Group) Brooklyn Black Lives Matter leader expresses solidarity with Jews after Monsey attack

Bernie Sanders announces bill to block funds for war against Iran

Here is what is about to happen (the coming RW propaganda push)

Corporate whores and their corporate wars.

Two Delaware GOP leaders are facing backlash over homophobic and anti-Semitic comments

Report: Tom Brady Won't Take Hometown Discount With Patriots

Elections have consequences. A Democratic House is the only thing keeping us from all-out war.

Three rockets are fired at US embassy in Baghdad and 'hit an apartment complex killing civilians'

Question on war declaration

Outdoor Recreation: Show Me the Money

North Carolina will be a political hot spot as 2020 election nears

Can someone translate this newest Trump tweet?

Now who says you can't find love in this world?

Female Wolf spotted in North Belgium, Limburg

I just have three words

Tapper calls out Pompeo for defending Trump's war crime tweet

Can someone please tell me how a draft is implemented?


As we joke about WWIII

Trump declares that his tweets are now "Legal Notices To Congress" for whatever he does in Iran.

Sweet Home Chicago: Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Jeff Beck, Beth Hart

BREAKING: U. S. Rep. Conor endorsing Joe Biden for president!

Humiliating footage resurfaces of Trump with no clue who Iran's Soleimani is

Larry Sanders: Bernie friends who are getting out the Democrats Abroad vote for Bernie ...

Soleiman, WMD, Israel, and The Trump Organization

For now, I'm shifting my preference here to Sanders

Senior US officials say there is widespread opposition within Admin to targeting cultural sites

Don't put your phone on speaker if talking to a magat...

Serious question.

Two Pa. reps in battleground districts - Chrissy Houlahan and Conor Lamb - endorse Joe Biden

Virginia Freshman Elaine Luria endorses Joe Biden

Finishing 2nd in Iowa behind Bernie would make Biden the moderate alternative.

The CEO of a sanctioned Russian bank is at Mar-a-Lago right now

resizing to fit avatar

Iranian Americans are being illegally detained at our borders


Trump is not going to be very happy.

Will Amy Klobuchar lower the kaboom on Mayor Pete in Iowa?

This is why you don't make flamethrowers at home

Don't we pay people to stop this shit?!

Trump's America stands utterly alone

Ok, I gotta stop....

Who are all these people on stage with Trump at that evangelical rally?

Interesting story on bighorn sheep and domestic sheep, Fish and Wildlife keep from mingling Wyoming

A what-if Plan: What if Iran didn't take the bait & went to the UN and The Hague?

Trump all smiles at the golf course:

3 Americans Killed In Attack On Kenyan Airfield By Al-Shabab Militants

3 Americans Killed In Attack On Kenyan Airfield By Al-Shabab Militants

Ironically, When Russia Assassinates People, Bernie Votes to Support Russia

Hawaiian Hawk Removed From Endangered List


What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 5, 2020

CNN Exclusive: Khamenei adviser says Iran's response to US will be militarily

Our Reality President

📸 That moment when Bernie hops off #notmebus for a stroll and meets a volunteer out canvassing

Barack, BRUH, cuz' the world needs ya, BIGTIME! 'NUFF SAID!

It's as if we are living in a version of

Classic folk melody and an excellent lyric

If I could speak to the Republicans in Congress, I would be tempted to say "At long last, have you

So Jared, how are your plans for peace in the Middle East coming?

It's nearly 17 years since the war in Iraq started

Massive Elk Herd Moving Across Colorado Landscape

Warren at Bonneroo

Anyone watching the Eagles-Seahawks game?

It's time to take off the restrictions on the Gang of Eight.

My favorite Warren Hayes song done live and acoustic

Fox News display our Ally's poll results of Greatest Threat To World Peace

Fredericka Whitfield of CNN simply cannot be that stupid. "But the Dems can't politicize this..."

tRump seems to think he can notify Congress with a tweet. This man needs to be gone.

I have one question, why would a campaign hire Briahna Joy Gray as their National Press Secretary,

Today's boop quota: Filled.

Charles Booker: It's official: I'm running for Senate to defeat Mitch McConnell.

Rev. Rob Johnson from Corinthian Baptist will help lead faith outreach across the state.

I Would Not Like To Be In Any Trump Buildings - Hotel Or Home Owner....

Three Democrats who flipped House districts endorse Joe Biden

I'm booked for New Hampshire...

Welp here's another fucken Mess You got us into..

The House Foreign Affairs Comm.responds to trump's demented tweet.

Biden Says Walls Are Closing In on Trump

Graham Suggests Changing Senate Rules to Begin Trial

Pompeo on Chuckie Toad's show

What's that sound?

SHITLER should have been kicked off Twitter long ago. He's calling it his State organ?!

No Decision on Sending Impeachment Articles to Senate

The real question in the primary. Can Biden get 51% of the delegates?

malaise watch 199,992 posts

Donald Trump finally draws a crowd

5 dead, 60 hospitalized in Pennsylvania Turnpike crash

Killing of Soleimani follows long push from Pompeo for aggressive action against Iran, but airstrike

Nanners Yum!

'Look in the mirror': Lindsey Graham calls Colin Kaepernick a 'racist' for opposing murder of 'brow

Important safety tip if you got an Occulus Quest or other VR headset for Christmas...

Right-Wing Group Blames "Unhealthy Hatred" Towards Trump "Among Suburban Women" For Democratic Wins

Does anybody here know; does Barack Obama still get the daily intelligence brief he's entitled to?

Congressman Conor Lamb Endorses Former Vice President Joe Biden For President

Iran unfurls symbolic 'red flag', vows to avenge Qassim Suleimani's killing

Warren Questions Timing...

Flouting War Powers Act, Trump claims his tweets are sufficient notice to Congress that U.S. may str

Trump is Greg Stillson

Pentagon official refutes Trump over list of '52 targets' in Iran: 'No list adds up to that number'

Curse the Iranians for flying those planes into the World Trade Center.

Jeffrey Epstein Note to be Shown Tonight (1/5) on 60"

Chuck Todd drills Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on statement that Americans safer after Soleimani

Jesus. Map overlay of Australia fires on a map of the US

Biden today repeated the falsest version of his claim about where he'd stood on the Iraq War