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An election-season resource list. Can you add to it?

Revolution LA Proudly Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Deleting, 2 other threads already

White House quietly threatened to veto spending legislation over 'dreamers' issue

''I'm thrilled to join the @BernieSanders Campaign as its Director of Jewish Outreach.''

Everything Old is New Again (Steppenwolf)


U.S. strike on top Iranian commander sharply divides Congress

so---I welcome other nations to decide dotard is plotting against other nations

There was no imminent threat

Geraldo Has Flashes - heated discussion on Fox

This raven acts just like a puppy with his dad 💙

How will Iran retaliate to Soleimani killing?

Another GOP House member says he won't seek reelection.

The fucker broke our deal with Iran He is out of control and it was only a matter of time till he

Harvey Weinstein's Criminal Trial Starts Monday - Here's What to Expect

Trump begins his speech to an evangelical group by bragging about assassinating Soleimani.........

Nothing has changed, Steve Korn-HACKIE

Watch these baby bears leave the circus and be free for the first time!

Second air strike in Baghdad.

House counsel warns of 'gun battle' in fight for Trump information

California Rep. Duncan Hunter silent on when he will resign

Lagging Rivals, Elizabeth Warren Raised $21.2 Million in 4th Quarter

When the mother fucker was impeached-someone should have taking his "powers"

Today is Greta Thunberg's birthday

So much about Iraq being a sovereign state

"The polls are what the polls are": A reminder from 2008

I think every mf45 supporter should immediately enlist in the military and support their man

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

And when words fail, the basic functioning of democracy is at risk....

This horse only likes going for rides when his dog brother can come too ❤️

Trump's administration is deeply dishonest and it's foolish to trust them

Deep down I think the Evangelicals

Washington Post-Opinion: Why Democrats need to talk about their faith

Trump's Iran strike puts 2020 primary on edge

I Just Bought My First "Legal" Weed In Illinois

Democratic states appeal Obamacare ruling to Supreme Court

Democratic presidential candidates react to Soleimani strike

Biden campaign is launching the "We Know Joe" tour across Iowa featuring great Biden supporters

2020 US Senate Election- Trump/Democratic US Senator & Democratic President/Republican Senator state

*Susan Rice will be on Rachel show (9 est)

The link below allows you to type in whatever topic you want to ask Pete about:

Video Shows Guy Rushing To Save Dog Whose Leash Got Trapped In Elevator

Truck drivin' kitty:

Score: Trump 1. Obama 0. So much winning.

Sanders, Khanna Announce New Legislation to Block Funding for War with Iran

Sanders, Khanna introduce legislation to block funding for a war with Iran

How the Soleimani strike could kneecap the fight against ISIS

Biden on Bernie...

Bernie Sanders: Solidarity March in Foley Square

Clever Cat Lets Mom Back Inside House After She Locks Herself Out

Trump Wants America to Trust Him on Iran

My mom died last night.

2020 Dem Yang hits Biden over coal miner-tech remarks

Bolivia: Socialists Lead Polls, Coup Plotters Frightened

Trump suggests he would not have accepted losing the 2016 election

Science Says Being a Cat Lady Can Be Good for Your Health

Communities in Ecuador fight back against palm oil

Ex-CIA boss: "There will be dead Americans" after Iran general killed

War With Iran?

Cats Cuddle With Mom To Help Her Feel Better After Surgery

Trump Told Mar-a-Lago Pals to Expect 'Big' Iran Action Days Before Soleimani's Death

Army officer's mom deported; he says he feels betrayed

Deval Patrick makes first ad buy

Dow drops the most in a month after US airstrike on Iran's top military leader spooks investors

I am assuming Trump will be at risk the rest of his life

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Soul"

Boy, for something that started out as the laughing stock running president?

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Integrity"

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Enough"

What are your predictions for the 2020s...?

Florida man wakes up to find another man sucking on his toes

Deval Patrick interview on Boston Public Radio

Trump Warned That a Weak and Ineffective President Would Start a War With Iran to Get Re-elected

The Rise of Eco- Anxiety, France24

Hasbro Releasing "Trumpnopoly" Board Game Where Winning Players File Bankruptcy and Duck Income Tax

Trump endorses tweet comparing top Senate Democrat to Iranians

Friday Talking Points -- On The Brink

Curious of whether Putin manipulated Trump for the attack

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Gone Viral!

FBI raids home, office of lobbyist Michael Esposito, who claimed close ties to Trump

Why Obama, Bush, and Bibi All Passed on Killing Soleimani

Amazon Prime sucks

I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq.

The Rise of Eco- Anxiety, France24 (xp)

The Impeachment Stalemate Is Working Fine for Democrats

He Would Rather Be Homeless in California Than Live in Alabama

Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder doing Statesboro Blues

OMGOSH...WISCONSIN BADGERS knock off The Ohio State Buckeyes.....

War, Too? Sure, Why Not? or, America Was Fun While it Lasted! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Curious......when did this "I need it now" mentality start???

Calling for Lounge Latin/heraldry speaker to do the lingo thing for my motto

one might think trump's warmongering is really aimed at americans who dare to

is there any doubt now what putin called mother fucker for?

Susan RICE just put the lie to the canard that OBAMA refused many chances for this kill.

I'm 61, but I have the body of a 40 year old

Dispatch from Portland's #NoWarWithIran protest: and #NYC Protest......Other cites tomorrow.....

Any other DU-ers watching "Nobody's Looking" on Netflix?

*IF* there is a draft for a war with Iran, Canada will NOT be an option for draft evaders.

The same deplorables that accuse of being pro-terrorist

Betting tip on the upcoming LSU vs. Clemson game

Beyond Bernie 4. Burlington's Socialist Mayor

Why War With Iran Is Just....A Horrendous Idea

Bolton: 'I hope this is the first step to regime change in Tehran'

So what is Iran's next move?

Yang to launch write-in campaign for Ohio primary

Gabbard blasts Iran strike: 'Trump's actions are an act of war'

Amy Klobuchar returns $1K donation from Central Park prosecutor Linda Fairstein

Sen. Tim Kaine Will Force A Vote On War With Iran

Use "TPTLIHCFMCAWCA" in stead of "Republicans" where you can.

Sanders, Ro Khanna push to block funds for military force against Iran

Politico's Natasha Korecki: How Biden stopped his Iowa tailspin (note: it wasn't a tailspin)

'Just' another deflection. :mad:

Once Again, Jane Fonda Protests Climate Change On Capitol Hill

Who is the best campaign strategist, on the scene?

So I heard Pompeo say -

A Dad's Gratitude to Bernie & his Staff for Welcoming his Emotionally Disabled Son

Trump repeatedly claimed in 2011 and 2012 that Obama would start a war with Iran to win re-election

(UK) Ethical veganism is philosophical belief, tribunal rules

Major US cities step up security efforts after strike against Iran

Is there such a thing as Free Speech?

Hanukkah machete suspect indicted in New York on six counts of attempted murder

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu meets Katy Perry[English Captions]

Trump tells evangelical rally he will put prayer in schools

NO WAR WITH IRAN protests tomorrow! Sat, Jan 4th.

Love this photo...and this prediction:

Poll: Biden holds double-digit lead over 2020 Democratic rivals

Australian government deploys army reservists, third navy ship to support firefighters

Selective Service System website crashes amid questions and fears of another US military draft

This Is Where We Are After Killing Soleimani. Only A Complete Fool Thinks This Is The End Of It.

Who is the best campaign strategist, on the scene?

Graham was briefed on the Iran strike while golfing with Trump. Pelosi says she was left in the dar

Grandma's down with the sickness

More people live in the red area than the purple. While LA County is represented by 2 Senators who v

The first non-pitcher to win a Golden Glove in both leagues was?

Obama, Aug. 2008: "Joe Biden is what so many others pretend to be: a statesman with sound judgment

*DC Circuit oral argument on Mueller investigation,

Why does the left internet media absolutely despise Buttigieg?

Mitch McConnell Impeachment Trial Scam Devastated By Ukraine Emails

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

White House Withholds 20 Emails on Ukraine Aid

Did Trump's deep jealousy of Obama fuel his decision to assassinate Soleimani?

Argentine health minister releases millions of vaccine doses impounded by predecessor

Argentine health minister releases millions of vaccine doses impounded by predecessor

Trump's Biggest Fox News Boosters Suddenly Stop Railing Against 'Deep State' Intelligence

10 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade

Vision of the Gods

Excitable Boy (2007 Remaster) Warren Zevon


One person killed, two injured in stabbing attack in Paris suburb

Do you think France will help us fight Iran?

Again, this Orthodox Christian must give thanks to St. Anthony of Padua.

'the Pentagon said they were unaware of anything new about Iranian behavior in recent weeks'

Is it likely that the protest on the embassy in Iraq was ginned up to provide cover for the strike?

At least six wildfires raging in Chile

Front-line activists 'Primera Linea' protect Chile's protesters, but some criticize their methods

The Greatest Threat To The Human Race - Is Donald Trump - Use That Democrats

DLCC Targets PA House, Senate to Flip in 2020

America's Wealthy Have Volunteered To Pay For The Entire Iran Conflict Since They Have All The Money

What We Know

Trump Is Wildly Swinging The Dog Above His Head By The Tail

Trump Rule Would Exclude Climate Change in Infrastructure Planning

Photographer Found Stabbed to Death After Covering Anti-Government Protests in Chile

Link to The Guardian live thread on Australian fires

US, Iran on precipice of unpredictable Middle East war

Tin foil hats please: A president would sacrifice the lives of soldiers

And on January 4th.....? Pestilence?

Dancing for the Christ Child, Peruvians continue to celebrate Christmas

Oh my goodness! What if Iran retaliates by

How Biden stopped his Iowa tailspin

Prominent Christian activist says "the Nazi Party started in a gay bar"

Rose McGowan admits she's a Republican & "cannot vote Democrat"

Pre-Inca Canal System Uses Hillsides as Sponges to Store Water

US Soccer postpones Qatar training camp after Iran general killed in Baghdad

Pre-Inca Canal System Uses Hillsides as Sponges to Store Water

There's a fire in Australia the size of Manhattan

Trump asks New York judge to dismiss rape allegation case

Machu Picchu rubbish crisis threatens UNESCO heritage site

Watched a movie tonight because I was sick of politics. "The Philadelphia Story".

NYT: Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide

Threatened Hawaiian Bird Strives To Make Comeback

Astronaut's blocked vein, treated in space, brings medical insight

The Internet has a better memory than this turd.

QAnon Believer Teamed Up With Conspiracy Theorists to Plot Kidnapping, Police Say

Murdoch papers downplay wildfires in Australia. Stories moved off the front page.

Republicans know that Americans don't support their anti-abortion extremism

'He was sent to us': at church rally, evangelicals worship God and Trump

In Australia, It's Not Just Countless Animals Killed By Fire, It's The Erasure Of Their Habitats

Scotty From Marketing "Inclined Not To Proceed" W. India Trip Designed To Promote More Coal Exports

Oz Climatologist: Scotty From Marketing's Call For Patience "As Infuriating As It Is Condescending"

1 Months's Drought Energy: Equivalent To A Microwave At Full Power For 6 Minutes Per Square Foot

Australian PM puts up fire appeal FB page with scam 'Donate' button

9 year old Yoyoka Soma - Led Zeppelin + Stray Cats cover on drums

Fox's Pete Hegseth on Iran: We Can Still 'Work With Allies...Like the Kurds'

Sydney Suburb Of Penrith Hottest Place On Earth At 120F; Winds At 80 MPH, Fires Generating Lightning

Scotty From Marketing's Team On Warming: "Raving Lunatics" & "Woke Greenies" - A Timeline

Consult your cat before starting an exercise program.

If you're guilty and you know it, start a war

Breakfast 4 Saturday January 2020

Interesting if true - did Herman Gref, head of Russian Sberbank, fly into FL late last night?

Sam's History of How (Congress) Destroyed Healthcare FullFrontal

Russian State Media Blames Impeachment for Trump's Iran Strike

Remember when Trump drew on a weather map with a sharpie

Exxon Mobil Australia Actually Sent This Tweet - "Stay Safe And Have Fun." No, Really.

53 dead in landslides, flash floods in Indonesia's capital

Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Indict Trump

Death Toll In Jakarta Flooding Up To 53; 173,000 Evacuated After Over 1 Foot Of Rain Overnight

Australian families fleeing fires turned away from Navy ships

Not getting enough exercise? Perhaps you need a Golden Retriever to motivate you.

😀🇺🇸🍝☀️❗️What's your favorite spaghetti?

Trump Considers Pardoning Blackwater Mercenary Convicted of Murder

Trump rallies evangelical supporters: 'We have God on our side'

Well, that was scary. I just wrote a check for $614,000.

EIA Projects Nearly 50% Increase In Global Energy Consumption By 2050

Trump Thinks Attacking Iran Will Get Him Reelected. He's Wrong.

Thousands in Baghdad mourn Iranian general killed by US

The continued complicity of the Republicans is stupid.

Rukmini Callimachi: Evidence used for justification of Soleimani assassination is "razor thin"

Weekend TOONs - Perfect! Then we'll head them off at the pass

Impeach (SFV bagseed) update...

Trump endorses tweet comparing top Senate Democrat to Iranians

What it's like working with wildlife rescued from Australia's deadly fires

Illinois breaks one day sales record for the sale

Texas appeals court grants order to delay taking Tinslee Lewis off life support

Hey, does anyone remember when the President messed around with a firefly girl..

evidence suggesting there was to be an imminent attack on American targets is "razor thin"

When chaos overtakes chaos.

Albuquerque man accused of robbing drug store with umbrella

Chiefs..can they do it?

Albuquerque man accused of robbing drug store with umbrella

Florida's shaping up to be Trump's main election staging state.

De Anza Motor Lodge open for business, iconic sign to be re-lit

The Phase Diagram of Supercritical Water + Sodium Chloride

Trump to Americans: You may have to die for me!

Bernie rose to 9% on DU preferences.

There Is No Check on Trump's Rage Going Nuclear

The new year starting bell on the very real, very scary war on reproductive justice

Pro Tip: If Your Hair Is on Fire,

Happy 60th Birthday Michael Stipe! 🥳

Trump Promised to End Endless Wars

Yale psychiatrist urges Pelosi: Request 72-hour mental health hold on Trump after Iran attack

Pastor John Pavlovitz dissects Evangelical Trump support pathology

When they strike against western allies or directly at us...


Project 538 as of this morning - Biden leads in all FOUR of the early states and nationally!!

You raised $183.20 on January 3, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Remembering the food of my childhood

Don't get fooled again

The first player who played on a WS winning team his first 4 seasons.

Bloomberg rises to third place alongside Warren in national poll

Thread for VOLUNTEERS to HOST monthly Photography Contests for 2020.

Joe Biden Fires Warning Shot Over 'Ridiculous' Sanders Comments: 'Bernie's Got Enough Baggage'

Meat Loaf says Greta Thunberg has been 'brainwashed' over climate change

"Once again the joke's on them." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

The Real Battle in the Primary Race Is for Second Place

The Country's Going to War - The Marx Brothers

But his Emails!

Betty White 1940

Bernie Sanders's Antiwar Message Highlights Ascendant Young Left

Leaving Neverland: Court rules accusers can sue Michael Jackson companies

caption Trump photo

Slim Gaillard was born on this date.

Is there a new format or am I noticing things?

Mississippi prisons on lockdown after five inmates killed in a week

Impressive young pianist plays Queen songs in China

When Will Putin Tire Of Winning?

U.S. Soccer cancels plans for Qatar camp amid turmoil in Middle East

Good discussion on this illegal assassination on AM Joy

The contradictions are in force.

The Iran strike is the result of NOT holding the Bush administration accountable for Iraq

Andrew Yang on Iowa Press

Fact check: Pence Links Suleimani to 9/11. The Public Record Doesn't Back Him.

Andrew Yang on Iowa Press

Well it sure is good to know Trump is anti-war....🙄

Deja Vu all over again, from 2004: Mike Pence proudly declares that WMDs were found in Iraq

Former Fox News reporter says Trump invited her to his office 'so we can kiss'

Rachel Maddow last night. ....Iran has long arms......

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran!

NBC reporter Ali Arouzi in Iran: "The red flag symbolizes revenge"

Let me make this pellucidly clear - there is no justification

Florida Python Challenge

The 8th of May, 2018: The day Trump lit the Middle East on fire.

With Obama, we made progress with the agreements. Now, this damn fool has destroyed everything and

Singing Mozart in an MRI - Too fascinating

Prosecutors back off felony claim against Patriots owner Robert Kraft

America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy...

I wonder if the Iranians' are using

White House Withholds 20 Emails Between Two Trump Aides on Ukraine Aid

Nuclear is the growing option for war. The USA can't fight a long conventional war because most

Andrew Yang Rising Redux (supporter-made video)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is now a third tier candidate

If Moscow Mitch refuses to hold a fair trial, I hope Pelosi does this.

Per Shimon Prokupecz, fkn Lavrov expressed condolences (for) Soleimani, US strike violated int. law

What are campaigns focused on? What's important to Americans?

Can anyone make a podcast? How do you do it?

Killing a top general would not stop an imminent attack. Which means we are being lied to again.

'If You Are Wondering Who Benefits':

Troops to help Australia

So, this is what's developing, on my kitchen window sill

The keys to understanding American anti-Semitism -- and fighting back

Gen. Petraeus on Qasem Soleimani's killing: 'It's impossible to overstate the significance'

The "imperfect vessel"

'He was sent to us': at church rally, evangelicals worship God and Trump.

This is just a guess. When Iran responds I believe they will attack a military target.

Whatever happens with Iran, I'm confident Donald Trump can get us through it

Time to look up that post that reported there were sightings of multiple drones.

Book recommendations on US Iran History

Forgotten Shoot down of Iranian flight 655. (and Iran's Retaliation for that Shoot down)

Takei: If war comes... "look out and stand up for your Iranian American neighbors"

Registering for the draft

Joe Biden:


US singer Pink pledges $500K to fight Australia wildfires

Why is Trumpco trying so desperately to tie Iran to 9/11 and Al Qaeda? (Hint- AUMF)

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: What are we having?

Apocalyptic Fires in Australia Are Now Generating Their Own Severe Weather Systems

Bernie Sanders Is Struggling With Older Voters

Stephen King nailed it on twitter.

Evangelicals say God sent this man to us?

Interesting nugget from the CNN Mueller Interview list story from yesterday

The role we play in protecting our servicemen.

AlJazeera English.

Were Gore and Hillary elected astrologically

New ad - Who is Joe to his supporters?

The impeachment of Donald Trump is not similar to impeachment of Bill Clinton

Before Dubuque event, Bernie met with hotel workers to hear about their organizing efforts

We Had A Peace Deal With Iran - Till Trump

Warren ends wine cave offensive

If you want to have a good idea of how the Iranians will react

If you're a Terry Gilliam fan, first, he's alive. Second, don't read this interview...

It is about the Senate! It is about the Senate. And judges

I guess Trump doesn't care about "Killing People" (his election is more important than killing)

Qatari FM Al Thani is in Tehran talking to Iranian President Rouhani.

Nate Silver: Biden has been *leading the whole campaign* and rarely been covered like it.

If You're Guilty And You Know It,

Iowa voter, who beat stage 4 throat cancer, thanks Biden (and Pelosi) for passing the ACA

Are American foreign policy shots being called by Putin, Erdowan?

Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak 'shows global manipulation is out of control.'

D.N.C. Tells Pollsters to Do More Polls

Bernie Sanders' full remarks on the situation in the Middle East this morning in Dubuque

Outstanding twitter thread by NYT Rukmini Calamachi on Suleimani assassination

Missiles hit Green Zone and Iraq base housing US troops: security sources

Malcolm Nance: WARNING: Ketaib Hezbollah's warning for Iraqis to stay 1km from US bases...

U.S. and Iran Exchange More Threats as Democrats Question Timing of Strike

So what are you doing to get your mind off the Iran fiasco

Malcolm Nance: Ketaib Hezbollah warning civilians to stay 1km away from US bases

Trump is much too stupid & selfish to know about....."WAR"

Lindsey Graham openly suggests we commit war crimes

When the United States and Qasem Soleimani worked together

Republicans swoon over their creme de la creme picks for 2024 POTUS: Pence, Don Jr, Haley, & Ivanka

Nine states face economic contraction, the most since 2009 crisis

Hey Guys...Just another bit concerning what were up against.

Demographic Shift Poised to Test Trump's 2020 Strategy

Appeals court dismisses lawsuit against University of Texas over removal of Confederate statues

Hoboken is Burning: Yuppies, Arson, and Displacement

Washington military families on edge as tensions escalate with Iran

1 Million Dead - 7 Trillion Dollars - Replacing Saddam With Iran's Ayatollahs

Who is Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the man who stumped Trump? (Who's on First?)

State ferry, light rail changes begin this weekend. Here's how to navigate them.

Don't worry, Trump means the other people

Lawmakers chew the fat with civic leaders in session warm-up

U-Haul to decline job applicants in Washington who use nicotine

Wow, interesting point about qualifying for the January Debate

International Criminal Court

Thousands of Koalas Believed to Have Died In Australian Bushfires

The post Trump economic depression is already starting.

Thomas Ricks: Closing the embassy in Baghdad would be a wretched end to the U.S. relationship

So much for Bolton testifying in the Impeachment trial

Cartoons 1/4/2020

Be Careful When You Let Kids Use Alexa Devices (Funny Twitter Video)

Has your daily routine changed in any way because of the events of the past few days?

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

Mindless Anti-nuke Recognizes the Materials Problem with So Called "Renewable Energy."

They WANT a war.

What the heck? (MS Publisher question)

Trump wanted to prove he could kill someone in plain sight and get away with it

Rice: Risks Likely Outweigh Benefits Of Killing Qassem Soleimani

Venus may be the only other planet with active volcanoes

WaPo: What it's like organizing for Warren in one of Iowa's most rural counties

NASA Has Reportedly Proposed Taking Japanese Astronauts to The Moon

United Methodist Church Announces Plan to Split Over Same-Sex Marriage (NYT)

Scientists Find Evidence a Strange Group of Quantum Particles Are Basically Immortal

Republicans Panicked As Public Opinion Shifts Against Them

It's raining!

A Massive 'Blob' of Hot Water Is Threatening New Zealand's Marine Life

Mysterious Swarms of Giant Drones Keep Appearing at Night Over Colorado

Outdoor Recreation in California

Hyde: It's a civil war in Coral Gables -- and a troubled Hurricanes football program is at issue

False Alarm: The So-Called 'Angel Particle' Is Still a Mystery

"The question is why now?" Long analytical thread, already unrolled

Not nearly as many people as there are in the streets of Teheran, shouting, "Death to America,"

Marianne Williamson interview on CNN

Washington Post Retracts Bernie Sanders Image After Charges of Anti-Semitism

Early Poll Finds Trump Kids Popular for 2024

Do you think Trump has a clue as to who he ordered killed or what he's done?

🔥 Bernie's Response to Those Who Question His Age

Bernie's Response to Those Who Question His Age

Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak "shows global manipulation is out of control"

New Cambridge Analytica leak shows out-of-control global election manipulation

Pompeo: European response to Suleimani killing 'not helpful enough'

From resort amid palm trees, Trump settled on Iran strike

Orwell: The war is not meant to be won...

It's 54 degrees in NW Wyoming today, 1-4-2020

Railroads are slashing workers, cheered on by Wall Street to stay profitable amid Trump's trade war

AWKWARD Moment on Project Runway when Karlie Kloss's connection to the Kushners is brought up.

Take a road trip to help Pete win the nomination and then the Presidency!

Tweet of the Day

FINALLY after decades of trying for a photo - I present the Cat Moth

Two endorsements highlight the quandary for Democrats as they look for a nominee

Right winger shut down in Pittsburgh: Who is he?

Selective Service website crashed by people worrying about being drafted to fight in Iran war

Nanolaminated MAX Phases and Maxenes.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is endorsing legislation to reduce the punishment for simple possession

The Earth Will Be Closest to the Sun This Weekend -- but That Won't Make It Any Warmer

Tulsi Gabbard Breaks With Trump on Iran Strike

When You Look Just Like The Painting

📸 Just hanging out in Dubuque with over 650 of our closest friends

Small Cracks Appear In GOP Unity on Impeachment


Iran's Retaliation

This orphaned baby elephant is basically a Disney character ❤️ 🐘 😭

Listen to Trump babble away pretending he knows what he is talking about......

Careful how you use the hand gesture "O.K"

WH to issue formal notification of Soleimani drone strike to congress,

Couple Gives Their Cat A Life That People Dream Of

Dog Surprised With GIANT Tennis Balls

Times opinion editor: Bret Stephens column was edited

Most perfect dog ever 😂

Professor: Trump assassination of Iranian General just narcissism. Very Dangerous precedent.

A night on the plains: Chasing the mysterious drones of eastern Colorado

Getting Anything Done With Cats Around Is Basically Impossible

John Cleese: I like the idea of bombing someone to stop a war

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 4, 2019

***JANUARY PHOTO Contest*** Announcement

Trump administration warns Congress Iran could retaliate against US 'within weeks'

Reporter asked Trump about an exit strategy and Trump says " Not gonna need an exit strategy."...

Maybe Trump did his murder as a sop to Bolton ...

Pence in 2004 on WMD lie on video

Space Photos of the Week: Postcards From a Martian Winter

Remember Trump tearing into Jeb about Iraq in the second republican debate?

David Corn, Matt Cohen:With a War Against Iran Brewing, Don't Listen to the Hawks Who Lied Us Into

11 Things You Really Should Stop Recycling

The cost of war in a tweet.

When HelloFresh meets set-in-their-ways.

Astronomers confirm 1,300-kilometre-long fireball grazed Earth and bounced off into space

Former Obama Aide: Iran Strike 'Insane Way To Conduct American Foreign Policy'

"Bomb, bomb, bomb...... bomb, bomb Iran" ... remember that

Found an interesting documentary on Tubitv - The Aryans

Joe Biden's New Mission: Selling the Iran Deal (2015)

Good news for skygazers: 13 full moons, including supermoons and Blue moon to appear in 2020

A Surprising New Source of Attention in the Brain Raises New Questions

The White House has formally notified Congress of the Soleimani strike

Trump: "As hard as I work, it is ashame that the Democrats spend so much time on Impeachment"

Capturing CO2 Directly From Truck Exhaust and Reducing Emissions 90%

Sanders: 'if Congress wants to go to war, let Congress have the guts to vote for war'

ICYMI - Great article on Katie Porter. Dem Making Conservatives Squirm

Earth is about to face close encounters with five gigantic monster asteroids

Let's just stipulate that all wing nuts have a warped sense of reality...

For an explanation of "razor thin" reason for killing Soleimani and more go to twitter chain:

A bellicose lunatic is tweeting - threatening all-out war if a single American is harmed

Doubts grow over US case for Suleimani assassination as Iran urges revenge

Have any of our allies released a statement in support of the strike on Soleimani? n/t

A new self-portrait drawing. Wanted to work with charcoal on toned paper. (large image)

Terry Gilliam faces backlash after labeling #MeToo a 'witch-hunt'

Nine States Face Economic Contraction, Most Since 2009 Crisis

Buttigieg fails to muster delegates in all Illinois districts -- unlike Biden, Sanders and Warren

Suspect in 'Porta dos Fundos' Attack Flees to Russia

NATO suspends training mission in Iraq citing security

US 'targeting' 52 Iranian sites if Tehran attacks

Bonus Tweet of the Day

TX-28: Democratic Congressman Cuellar endorses Trump's drone strike

Top 10 Obama Scandals The Daily Show

PLEASE, Is there a no kill shelter for a dog who has bitten someone?

It Looks Like Health Insurance, but It's Not. 'Just Trust God,' Buyers Are Told.

*Linda Ronstadt documentary on CNN again, @ 9 tonight.

*Linda Ronstadt documentary on CNN again, @ 9 tonight.

Can Some Repug Give Us Assurances That Trump Will Not Use Nukes Against Iran....

The Immortal Sydney Bechet

Go-Pro advice?

Trump took a human life for personal gain.

Was it an act of war?

Pilot dies in fiery crash near Southern California freeway

trump is tweeting intent to commit war crimes