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What is Trump thinking?

Bloomberg Says He Won't Accept Contributions to Make the Debates

Klobuchar endorsed by 3 current, 3 former NH House members

Steve Sack FTW

Holy crap I'm 40

01/31 Mike Luckovich: The pledge


Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow really doesn't want to talk about who's paying Rudy Giuliani

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 31 January 2020

Progressive groups unite to boost Bernie Sanders as Democratic attacks on him mount

Katie Hopkins. Even worse than you think.

Donald Trump addressed coronavirus: 'We think it's going to have a very good ending for us.'

Progressive groups unite to boost Bernie Sanders as Democratic attacks on him mount

Trump's Border Wall Needs Storm Gates Left Open

Judge rules that Parnas 'cannot' be shut up...

Sitting at a bar watching Trumpers in Sedona....

Our city just quarantined the first potential corona virus case in Kansas. But of

It's The Law, James...


Damned if they do, doomed if they don't: Why Sanders rivals don't go negative

2020 GA US Senate Special Election can result in 2 Republicans competing in Jan. 2021 runnoff.

Nancy Pelosi...

Trump is worse than a crook. He's a traitor.

God, now they want President Pence as the cure?

She 'knows how to leverage power': Internet cracks up at 'fastball' Elizabeth Warren pitched Roberts

Adam Schiff speaking earlier--"No trial, no vindication."


What was RUSSERT's quote, "Idealism is for suckers"? Now it's clear The Law is for suckers.

Luke Skywalker has spoken.....

I may get flamed for this, but Patrick Philbin...

Jack McCall got a better trial

Old age is like the horizon.

Pierce: Rand Paul Flirts With Outing the Whistleblower at the Senate Impeachment Trial

Biden: "I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace ..."


Can't make this shit up

KANA TV: Operation

Corporate Media Are the Real 'Sanders Attack Machine'

He begged jail staff for medical attention. They ignored and mocked him. Then he died.

"Sen. Lamar Alexander just had a Senate page deliver a note to Sen. Mitch McConnell."👀

Wouldn't it be nice ...

☦️"O Lord of hosts, be with us, for we have none other help in times of adversity but Thee."

Does anyone know how many people the 47 Senate Democrats and independents represent

UAW President Emeritus Bob King Endorsed Sanders

A Democrat should ask

American Airlines pilots sue to halt flights to China

American Airlines pilots sue to halt flights to China

SHE WENT THERE...Warren sends question to Roberts about his credibility

Warren co-chair Pressley says primary order should 'absolutely' change

Town Hall Index Forecasts Sanders' Carrying New Hampshire Primary By Yuge Margin

Trump's english friend

Video of Biden's speech in Waukee IA this morning

Des Moines Live - Really Trump

Barr names new U.S. attorney in DC

New Bloomberg ad blitz to run in 27 states

Warren puts Justice Roberts in awkward spot with Supreme Court legitimacy question

Coronavirus live updates: China says death toll hits 213, confirmed cases rise to 9,692

Data Reveals A Moderate Democrat Is The Best Chance To Beat Trump

Dirtwitch didn't do the pukes any favor did he!

Middletown leaders endorse U.S. Sen. Sanders for president

The more I listen to Republican bullshit

Bloomberg surges past Warren into third place in new national poll

Question I wish was asked ...

Question of the day

Heidi Przybyla: 1 more R needed to hear witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial

Costliest U.S. Carrier Isn't Ready to Defend Itself, Tests Show

New (Jan. 29-30) Ipsos/Reuters poll: Biden 23%, Sanders 18%, Bloomberg 12%, Warren 10%,

Son. This is shit. This is Shinola!

The PROTUS Lawyers have only one real agenda right now

Port of Seattle moves to combat human trafficking at airport, maritime facilities

Who would be interested in starting a ham radio group?

The Democratic Party all the way up and down gave it all they had

Seattle's tech salaries are second highest in the U.S. -- and they're on the rise

Sanders introduces bill to ban fracking


Please Remember: Trump (and Putin) want to divide the left.

Pat Cipollone seems to haves lost the script.

What I learned watching Bernie and Biden for hours on end

Rand Paul names alleged Ukraine whistleblower after Chief Justice Roberts refuses to read his questi

Cipollone and Philbin sound like something happened.

I came home from work today and

Ebenezer pastor Raphael Warnock enters US Senate race

EMILY's List 'hyper-focused' on Senate elections in 2020

Block Grants Cut Medicaid and Put Millions at Risk

Jury nullification

McConnell group to host Super Bowl weekend fundraiser

Voters Really Want Joe Biden To Pick A Woman For Vice President......👩🏻👱🏻‍♀️

More Chinese push to end wildlife markets as WHO declares coronavirus emergency

Biden holds 7-point lead over Sanders in Pennsylvania

I just donated $50 to Adam Schiff's campaign.

About last night .....

Democrats vs. Republicans (re: whistleblower):

DC mayor endorses Michael Bloomberg

Anti-Berners have unintentionally shredded their own "Bernie isn't vetted" talking point.

The God President

Where is Waldo?

How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Kung Fu Panda is back with the San Francisco Giants. One year deal.

Democrats regroup after Republicans score easy win in Texas House special election

Pence totally clueless on Trumps Medicaid & Medicare cuts

New York mag's Olivia Nuzzi on Trump's people locking credentialed press out of rally

#ArrestRandPaul trends on Twitter after he walks out over impeachment question

Sen. Collins (R-ME) claiming she is getting threatening calls and voice mails

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Sound of Silence!

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to have majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Biden Criticizes Sanders for Not Being a Democrat

I'm trying to find the thread where a DUer asked why Don the Con has not been forced00

Delta Airlines cancels flights from Seattle to China amid coronavirus outbreak

The outcome is known; all the "defense" arguments are actually about the post-acquittal politics

So Hillary Clinton and a Free Press interfered with a free election?

Could multiple candidates 'win' the Iowa Democratic caucus? New rules make it possible.

Trump's Mideast Plan Leaves Palestinians With Few Options

Bolton Presses White House in Standoff Over Ukraine Chapter

Fifi Rong - 出路 (Way Out) Official Audio

Postal Worker Rented Storage Unit To Hold All The Mail He Failed To Deliver

New Video: Rep. Pramila Jayapal Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

James Corden 's Carpool Karaoke is a sham!

New Video: Rep. Pramila Jayapal Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Trump vows to reverse course on deportations of Iraqi Christians

U.S. GOVERNMENT: "Do not travel to China."

In my opinion, behaving as if or counting on justice Roberts to render actual justice

Doctor confronts VP Pence about cuts to Medicaid in Des Moines

Real Time with Bill Maher 1/31/20 Guests

The Trump Administration Is Coming For Medicaid Again

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 2 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

I'm so old, I remember the REAL corporate media.

So McConnell's job is getting anti-American judges to usher us into the new era, right? nt

"Strongest walls ever"?

Tweet of the moment: "Well shit. Look who is on my flight."

Trump: Dems want to nullify your ballots, poison our democracy, overthrow entire system of gov't

Trump in Iowa going round the bend - "They want to kill our cows. That means you're next"

Virginia House passes Dems' gun reform laws 10 days after protests

Three anti-Bernie articles in the media. Same source. And guess what?

WOW!! Ernst's question: She wanted to know the relevance

I remember reading a horoscope of the US in Vanity Fair in 2006.

Fuck, me, I'm 2/3 to 100.

Any traitor tweets or is he having his diaper changed?

TRUMP: "They want to kill our cows. That means you're next."


TCM Schedule for Monday February 3 - 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

Molly Tuttle - "My Life In Five Riffs"

So defense is threatening dig for everything on the whistle blower 'we go down the road to witnesses

We asked Bernie about the first word that comes to his mind when he hears the name "Betsy DeVos.''

We asked Bernie about the first word that comes to his mind when he hears the name "Betsy DeVos.''

Can anyone with PBS on recently confirm re: Alexander?

Zuckerberg lost 16.8 billion yesterday. Partially due to reduced FB use. BOYCOTT FB

The Onion wins again

I heard Trump just said "They want to wipe out totally Iowa ethanol."

I just got off the phone with a friend who lives in Des Moines!

Fucking Rand Paul

Holy Hot Tub Time Machine - George Wallace Is Trending On Twitter

A new to me player from down under - Andrew White knows his way around a fretboard

Trump Orders Navy to Strip Medals from Prosectors in War Crimes Trial

Absorption of Sulfur Dioxide by Deep Eutectic Solvents

I know this is almost over - but this seems to be turning into a circle jerk. They just

Companies Trump said would create thousands of jobs have failed to deliver

Every Time Palestinians Say 'No,' They Lose

Richard Painter on Dershowitz:

George Conway tweets his thanks to Rep. Adam Schiff,

Adam Schiff - Poet for Our Democracy

'Jaywalking While Black': Final 2019 Numbers Show Race-Based NYPD Crackdown Continues

Trump allies are handing out cash to black voters - events where they lavish praise on Trump

I tuned into the Impeachment hearings late.

Journalist Gwen Ifill Honored With Black Heritage Forever Stamp

Keeping it simple

White House National Security Council to reduce staffing by a third

Justice Gorsuch wants to strip power from lower courts to help Trump

Lamar Alexander has informed Mitch McConnell his vote. He will inform

Susan Collins Yes on witnesses

Quokka Selfie Tutorial - How to take Animal Selfies - Ultimate Guide

Well, here's some stuff Bolton said today in Austin

I think the rolling policies that Trump has been proposing are quid pro quo's for votes

All this fucking Kabuki Bullshit. It will turn out with 3 Repubs voting for witnesses and we lose.

Oh please Oh please let it be Amy

Alexander is a no vote.

Alexander is a NO....per CNN. FUCK HIM.

Watching Alan Dershowitz

Alexander is a No

Lamar Alexander is a no. No need for witnesses or documents. The people

Mike Bloomberg's Bought and Paid for GOP Senate Majority will vote against witnesses


Time for Bolton to go public. If they won't let him testify

If you wondered what the Reichstag fire

Goodnight and Goodbye, America. It Was Good to Know Ya.

Lamar: He did it, but we shouldn't do anything about it.

Trump Impeachment Trial: Live Updates on the Last Day of Questioning Alexander

Remember, The SC Gave Bush/Cheney The Presidency & They Practically Destroyed The Country So Why...


These are the ppl that stole an election (Bush), stole a SCOTUS seat (Garland). Of COURSE they will

The fix is in

Hirono: I think our country is in grave danger.

So a man goes to a lawyer to get some advice.

Tweet of the Day

If you need to explain to a "low information" voter why this impeachment trial exposes all GrOPers

The Daily Show: Exclusive Impeachment Trial Footage of Pam Bondi

Any word from Van Hollen on motion to Roberts re: subpoenas?

The Daily Show: The Trump Truck Hits D.C.

Cory Booker's Answer To The Normalization of Lawlessness -- Do Not Lose Your Outrage

Dave Chappelle campaigned for Andrew Yang in South Carolina

For those interested, watch the WHO press conference declaring global emergency.

We should do something to show

Border Wall Blow Over

What I am concerned is the final vote

Jimmy Kimmel tonight

January 30, 1933...

Lindsey Graham quickly scuttles press conference after being linked to Ukraine scheme

Seth Meyers - John Bolton Tells Conservative Donors President Trump Is Mentally Unstable - 1/29/20

Jan F and M Poll results

don't take this virus concern lightly

Seth Meyers - Trump's Impeachment Lawyers Argue He Can Do Whatever He Wants: A Closer Look

US troop injuries after Iran missile strike rises to 64

Biden Highlights Sanders Mixed Record on Guns, Party Loyalty

Watching Bourdain, better than 'real life.'

"Democracy is alive, and like any other living thing it either...

Ahead of Trump rally, Biden makes his counter pitch: 'Character is on the ballot'

thank you adam schiff

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, January 31, 2020

The GOP is dying, and this sham trial is a feeble attempt to ward off death.

I knew it, the Freepers blame the democrats for the mess in New Jersey...

Trump team caught on video writing questions for GOP senators

(Jewish Group) Argentine journalist uses conspiracy theory about Jews to explain Kobe Bryant's death

Helicopter in Kobe Bryant Crash Wasn't Legal to Fly in Poor Visibility

As seen in a Mexican newspaper...


Trump trial could end soon; Alexander says no to witnesses

What type of government will we have....

Speaker Nancy Pelosi hints House could take further action

2nd NoVA Coronavirus Patient Awaits Test Results; Va. Dept. of Health, VDH Update Page

honey i been thinkin bout you ...

All this penguin / woodchuck fighting misses the point

Road Warrior World or Green New Deal?

Time to boycott SOTU address.....

Chance that Roberts will join with the 3 Senators and call for witnesses?

Chilling scene from Star Wars that seems more like where America is about to go

honey i'd hate to lose you now ...

WAIT. I thought the GAO said Trump broke the law

NASCAR commentary on the Ben-Hur chariot scene

This trial is a mockery of a travesty of a sham !

Pitiful. Just pitiful.

TIME: Why Conservatives Praise Bernie Sanders on Immigration

Captain the Kidd

I hope people around the world

Please make this video of Pence goes viral

Another major Iowa endorsement for Joe Biden-State Senator Pam Jochum

The Lumineers - "Stubborn Love" (Official Video)

alicia keys & john mayer live in times square 2016 ... trust me it's awesome ...

GOP senators need to know of impending effort to digitize, expose RW radio

This was always the conclusion. We're just here a week earlier.

☦️ Ancient Faith Ministries--Homily: 'Repent Like Zacchaeus'

Texas Civil Rights Project and state party win court case on Motor Voter Law

Texas Civil Rights Project and state party win lawsuit on motor voter case

bill clinton needs to demand a new trial

The coronavirus: what you should pay attention to

Dr. Rob Davidson confronting VP Mike Pence about the Trump Administration plans for Medicaid cuts

Happy Birthday President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jan. 30, 1882: *The Other FDR Memorial, WDC*

Sometimes wonderful things happen in a game..

Earn $$$ USA Will Pay Your Country $$$ Millions $$$ For Dirt On Biden! Call Rudy! Earn $$$

Tomorrow The Constitution Dies

Vote to censure?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/30/20

Stephen Colbert - Guest Samantha Bee: We're Going To Try To Have Fun At The 2020 Conventions

Stephen Colbert: Guest Michael Stipe Once Told Donald Trump To "Shut Up" At A Concert

Kunst bar - a very artistic place (animation)

Student opens Multicultural Week with "Anti-Zionist vibes only" t-shirt

January 31 - Happy Birthday Rep. Charles "Dutch" Ruppersberger (D) MD-2nd

Nazi SS Officer Adolf Eichmann, Architect of the Holocaust: Prosecutor

☦️The Life of St. Anthony, Father of Monasticism

Two coronavirus cases confirmed in UK

A controversial Trump legal opinion weakened a law to protect birds. Now it might be made permanent.

Joe Biden swipes at Bernie Sanders as the Iowa caucuses close in,,,,Go Joe...😎🎨

Friday TOONs - Bad Hombres

I am beyond stressed today @ what the future holds

The BEST Response

Replace *marijuana* with *corn* in any news story lol

NPR Donations Surge After Mike Pompeo's Ugly Confrontation With Reporter

The Time is NOW 🔥

The Time is NOW 🔥

McConnell Now Likely Has Votes To Block Witnesses; Trial Could End Soon

New NBC/WSJ national Dem WH poll

Blunt message to the cult of maga

US advises no travel to China, where virus deaths top 200

Video Shows Grounding Line @ Thwaites Glacier - What Had Been On Bedrock Hours Before Now Melting

Here's What the Orange Asspickle Will Do Now

Continual Wildfires, Greater Heat/Drought Extremes Mean Forests May Be Unable To Regenerate

How lethal is the new coronavirus?

We'll Just Plant Trees! Like Turkey, Where 90% of 11 Million Saplings In Mass Planting Are Dead

"A cross between clown show and a whore house."

Tracking Methane In The Permian: Under Shitstain's New Proposals, It's About To Get Much Worse

Pelosi, "You cannot be acquitted if you don't have a trial," she added.

GOP Senate is about to hand Trump absolute power to do anything in order to win elections.

Rev. William Barber: Mitch McConnell Is Bringing Old Southern Justice to U.S. Senate

New NBC/WSJ national Dem WH poll Sanders 27%

355 days left until we swear in a new president.

Today is Brexit day. A victory for nationalism.

The Con and his goon are trying to do to Biden exactly what they did to

They survived fire and toxic fumes. So what happened next to Notre Dame's bees?

Today is BREXIT day...

I live where Lamar Alexander grew up

Breakfast Friday 31 January 2020

Online ads still vulnerable to manipulation in US election


Hey Citizens! Senate Switchboard #(202) 224-3121, call leave a msg

The Second Article Is The Dictator Or Not One

Fighting for Disability Rights

Fighting for Disability Rights

Rahm Emanuel: How Impeachment Could Flip the Senate

Judge to sentence Coast Guard officer accused of terror plot

I received my first robo-call, of the day, at 5:55 am.

Who's Winning the 2020 Presidential Delegate Count?

A quote by who? answer later, but my guess you won't need to wait..

The origin of Superheroes:Flygirl (Archie Comics)

The Rundown: January 30, 2020

Alan Dershowitz quits Donald Trump's impeachment trial after saying the president CANNOT be removed

Pick of the Week: "Green Lantern: Blackstars" #3

John Delaney drops out

America's Great Divide: Robert Reich Interview FRONTLINE

The Cheering Crowds in Trump's Big Super Bowl Ad Were Forced to Be There

David Frum: "They're all Carmella Soprano now"

Tell me again!

NYTimes: We May Never See John Bolton's Book

All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose

They think they get to decide a new definition of justice. Well fuck them.

The Trump Presidency is a "Hoax"

Mexican Forest Guardian May Have Been Murdered

Donations flow to NPR after Pompeo clash with reporter

This is ridiculous! Why can't we find out the truth?

You know who's having one of the best days of his entire life today?


John Delaney drops out of 2020 presidential race

Ever been asked if you *believe*

The "Never Trumper" conservatives get it. Will WE?

Ted Cruz was like a butterfly flitting around the Senate...

Albuquerque Police Department unknowingly hires 3-time felon

Irma Grese, SS Nazi, Sadist Guard At Auschwitz, 'Beast of Belsen,' Death Sentenced

Did Warren Get Her Ad Campaign Wrong in Iowa?

FACTS are not "partisan".

Bloomberg and Biden barrel toward Super Tuesday collision

New Park Street Strategies Iowa poll

'You're A Piece Of Shit And I Hope Everyone Like You Dies,' Says Biden To Democratic Voter

Star membership auto renewal

The Rude Pundit: No, Republicans, You're Fucking Lying About Biden and the Ukrainian Prosecutor

Trump's next move will be to indict the FBI and attempt to arrest James Comey?

New LA Times national poll: Biden +16

He said, She said . . .

I don't give a shit what Lisa Murkowski has to say.

U.S. farm bankruptcies hit an eight-year high: court data

Senate impeachment question on Roberts

It doesn't matter...

Republicans are pursuing acquittal in the worst possible way

Trump claims Democrats 'want to kill our cows,

People I utterly despise

CBS Inks Deal For 30-Episode Bloomberg Ad

Ryan Goodman: "The quid pro quo is ongoing"

In Austin, John Bolton voices support for officials called in impeachment hearing

Farm Bankruptcies Hit 8-Year High

Mango the cat making itself comfortable at a police station

Investigators Interview IRS Whistleblower Who Said Trump or Pence Audit Was Interfered With

This is about loyalty to the U.S.A.? Or is about loyalty to the Republican Party ?

In the long arc of political history what is going to happen today will eclipse the long list of

I'm confident that Biden, Bloomberg, Buttegieg and Warren will work out a deal to have a nominee...

Clinton Refuses to be Served Tulsi Gabbard's Defamation Lawsuit

McConnell challenger McGrath endorses Biden

Even when raucous, keep the caucus

Of all mornings I am now stuck in a dentist's waiting...

Buttigieg releases 'closing argument' ad

The Legacy of John Roberts

Trump and Republicans join forces to attack Biden ahead of the Iowa caucuses

Is it possible that this sham of a trial will invigorate the democrats to show up in droves?

Trump's Remakrs at a USMCA Celebration with American Workers; Warren, MI

5 Reasons Why the XFL Will Succeed

today the senate will pass the enabling act

Happening right now @Remove_TrumpNow has shut down Constitution Avenue in DC near the Capitol and i

Nearly fell off the couch laughing yesterday at a comment by Claire McCaskell on MSNBC

Trial and tribulations

Silver Lining - After "acquittal", America gets to see Trump unleashed

Dershowitz Is Wrong -- Abuse of Power Is Grounds for Impeachment

Trump administration disguises plan to cut poor people's health care

My Pollyana prayer:

I Flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to Win a Fake Award

Trump's attorneys have butchered a crucial Founder's take on impeachment

Senate ramps up investigation into IRS whistleblower's warning of interference with Trump or Pence a

Never a fan of Maggie but on this she speaks truth to the current bollocks both sides of the pond

Impeach (SFV bagseed) update...

Novacyt shares jump 32% on launch of coronavirus test

'Pathological': Trump Cabinet member slammed for saying Coronavirus outbreak will bring jobs back to

How Mitch McConnell pulled off a near-impossible impeachment feat

"He who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind"

coronovirus case possible here in Eburg...

Constitution Avenue is closed, man!

Iowa? New Hampshire? Florida Democrats are already voting

Thank you, Chairman Schiff

The REAL question i have is

Happy 69th birthday, Philip Geoffrey Targett-Adams. You know him as Phil Manzanera.

"Trump not only had the right, he had the DUTY to investigate Biden." Come CAPTION Alan Dershowitz!

"They are coming after me because I am fighting for you"

Throwback Thursday on Friday: November 15, 2017

U2, Keith Richards and Ziggy Marley - Love Rescue Me (live)

Is it really over?

Trump's border wall, vulnerable to flash floods, needs large storm gates left open for months

ALL Of my Friefox bookmarks are gone after an update

Tweet of the Day

Heard a rumor that it might be Friday. Sure hope that's true

The message for the rest of 2020...."Democrats DID the RIGHT THING"

How a once good man dies:

How Repukes view witness testifying

If you're worried about the November election, read this by Teri Kanefield.

Franz Shubert was born on this date.

'In Trump We Trust': Ice cream shop resists town orders to take down its impeachment banner

Biden Leads New @latimes National Democratic Primary

TODAY pompeo met with the president of Ukraine....says not ready for white house visit.

Ari Melber just tore Dershowitz a new one!

Spot on....

UH-OH: Trump Tweets Self-Incriminating Video of John Bolton

Coronavirus Outbreak Reaches United States

Lafayette oil company, owner plead guilty to environmental violations

Some smooth advice

American Airlines agent said Orthodox Jews only bathe once a week, lawsuit claims

If there is 50/50 tie in the trial.............what is the law and order judge going to do..........

Latest WHO data map of coronavirus outbreak

Thank Goodness the Iowa Caucuses Will Happen on Monday!

9929 cases 213 deaths 3 hours ago.


Bari Weiss is in with the Yang Gang!

hey, check out this rapper. eta- how come nobody told me i forgot the link?

I Got Called For Jury Duty Next Monday

Senate Repukes vindicate NIXON: "...when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal."

Joe Biden is the best candidate to help win down ballot races

Parkhomenko on a roll today: Speaking of the Super Bowl, tough guy real man doesn't seem to know who

Looking at the bright side: The Republicans foolishly ignored this fact.

Anne Cox Chambers, wealthy newspaper heiress, dies at 100

Charlie Musselwhite has a birthday today.

This 2017 article predicted what's happening today

I don't have the stomach to listen to the impeachment trial today.

Terry Kath was born on this date.

NYT: How Chaos at Chain Pharmacies Is Putting Patients at Risk

New IBD/TIPP national poll (A/B rated)

Pete's newest video before the Iowa caucuses:

Schumer and Democrats Hold News Conference - LIVE

Biden burns Mayor Pete: "I've gotten more than 8,600 votes in my life."

Naomi Klein @NaomiAKlein:Watch this entire thing: it doesn't matter how well oil stocks are doing,

Tucson potholes get green turf toupees

May The Road Rise With You

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause"

For the first time in my life I do not feel free, instead I feel threatened.

This is for the Trump trolls and lurkers. If you have not already, we know that some of you will

NYT Impeachment Live Updating: What to expect today

Talking about policies among Presidential candidates is, ultimately, silly

Union solidarity drives fight for $15 at MSP Airport

Let's be perfectly clear:

Bloomberg lands Utah's lone Democratic rep as sixth congressional endorsement

Anti-Warren nemesis Tommy Christopher admires her callout/question of CJ Roberts

The Senate RETHUGS have two choices when they vote

I just renewed my DU star membership. Please join me in supporting this great group of DUers!

If "Bernie can't win" why is it mainly GOPers and GOP-funded groups writing about that?

Purity Police Pick Perfect President!!

Which of the remaining contenders has the best chance against Donald Trump?

After today, should we call him OJ Trump?


Two new GE polls both have Biden doing better than Sanders against Trump

Trumps glorious "new record everyday" dow in the tank

A 3 year old child has more wisdom and common sense than Senate republicans.

"These people are going to hell!" LANGUAGE WARNING Would embarrass a drunken sailor!

Editorial: Trump campaign mishandles, mistreats the press in Des Moines, #IOWA

Enjoy The Last Day Of Democracy America

Which candidate will be helped the most by John Delaney's withdrawal from the race?

You raised $483.27 on January 30, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump-approved "news" preacher smears "the Jews" again...

Bernie Broke My Heart When He Embraced Rogan's Endorsement

Chief Justice Roberts will forever be known as the "Kangaroo Court Justice" if he does not insist th

Now That Trump Will Be Declared King What Will His Crown Look Like?

We're on the ground in Iowa asking all the candidates if they'll address the #ExtinctionCrisis

Interesting thread on Twitter

This Day In Music 1967

Chris Matthews just predicted Trump's approval going to "49 or 50%" by the end of SOTU week

Bernie Sanders's Surge Owes a Lot to Voters of Color

We can stop saying nice things about John Bolton now.

Onion: Sanders Campaign Doubles Down With Ad Warning Americans About a Female President

Rep John Dingell: "You write the substance, I'll write the procedure & I'll screw you every time."

We cannot keep a system that forces people with disabilities into nursing homes and institutions

New Iowa poll shows Sanders with the lowest net favorability of the top 5 candidates

Which way is the air blowing? We explain the Washington Monument's bewildering wind currents.

Bernie Sanders's Surge Owes a Lot to Voters of Color

Breaking: Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says

Prediction - Bolton is going to

A farming empire: JK Moving's Kuhn acquires 305 acres from Sandy Lerner

How Bernie Sanders Broke the Democratic Primary

Breaking: New - Trump trial could go into next week, maybe even mid-week (UPDATED)

Wildfire creates state of emergency in Australian capital

Unimaginative Republicans

Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says

BREAKING NYT: Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says

Hey Family. just a reminder

Man thrown out of wheelchair for reminding able-bodied SUV driver not to park in handicapped space

I believe the best chance at eliminating Trump

Charlottesville's 14th Street Bridge eats seafood

18 U.S. Code 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

Trump's border wall, vulnerable to flash floods, needs large storm gates left open for months

Did I correctly hear that Pat Cipollone was in the room

Jan 31 is now Vlad's Glad Day


Roku will stop offering Fox channels to users on February 1

Mayor Durkan announces citywide actions to reduce synthetic opioid overdoses

Wet weather continues in Seattle with a chance for snow this weekend

Jeff Tiedrich sums it up perfectly

Delta / American / British Airways suspend all flights to from China

King County's $130M electric bus purchase 'one of the leading moves in zero emissions for transit

gate crasher - shots fired at Mar a Lago.

Happy Birthday, Marcus Mumford!

Cartoons 1/31/2020

Embraer malfunction similar to 737 Max issue probed by NTSB

Claire McCaskill: McConnell issues statement that he'll adjourn after today until Wednesday

Warren debuts new ads in late 'electability' push / YouTube videos of the ads

All eyes on Murkowski as decision looms on witnesses

Joe Biden is betting the farm on Iowa

Statement from Chairman Nadler

Bolton hits back, decries impeachment witness 'retribution

NEW Iowa American Research Group Poll: Sanders 23%, Biden 17%, Klobuchar 16%

I always thought it was God Damn that was considered curse words

Our democracy is slipping into fascism,

US issues 'do not travel' advisory for China

Harvey Weinstein's Use Of Black Cube To Spy On Accusers Becomes Topic At Trial

Lamar Alexander's "inappropriateness"...

51 to 49 against calling witnesses. My prediction.

"Mayor Pete fell far short of pledge to help Minority Contractors"

How about a Biden/Bernie ticket?

Adam Schiff - Nominate him for JFK Profile in Courage Award?

Bernie Sanders Can't Win - Timothy Egan, liberal columnist for the NYT

What if there's a 50-50 witness vote? Everything you need to know about a tie in Trump's trial

Taylor Swift Finds Her Voice and Dunks on Trump in New Netflix Doc: 'F*ck That'

It's times like these that I really miss Terry Coppage and his!

Reports that Senate Republicans were cheering in the lunch room.

Watching Brexit celebrations in the UK. A pattern is emerging.

I have to rant. I hate them SO goddamned much.

Charities steered $65M to Trump lawyer Sekulow and family

SUV breaches security checkpoints at Mar-a-Lago; shots fired 2 taken into custody

During the fucking Super Bowl Pregame?? Are you fucking kidding me??

Nurses, Caregivers Return To Swedish Friday After 3-Day Strike

Bernie Sanders leads Donald Trump in polls, even when you remind people he's a socialist

The hearing is starting late. 🤔.

We can't trust our government

Bernie Sanders leads Donald Trump in polls, even when you remind people he's a socialist

Do unto others . . .

Expedia supports a King County business tax to address homelessness, while critics speak out

**Breaking** on WAPO ALERTS: Murkowski opposes witnesses

Since removing Trump seems to be something everyone has given up on

Swedish Medical Center workers end 3-day strike; some workers turned away while temporary replacemen

Murkowski: "I have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the Senate."

Why are George Soros and Charles Koch collaborating on a U.S.-bashing think tank?

More Iranian students are being deported at US airports, advocates say

After 5 tedious hours of debate, the witness vote will be 51-49.

How Can Cipollone Face This Body Of Senators.....

David Frum: Trump was not "democratically elected" - he lost by 2.9 million....

NJ mayor admits to getting drunk, taking off his pants and passing out in employee's bed

The one about Rick(y) Nelson and Madison Square Garden.

Stocks decline as coronavirus keeps traders on edge

Ben Sasse: "Let me be clear; Lamar speaks for lots and lots of us."

Barry Black, Senate Chaplin, I looked him up.

Every repuke that votes against witnesses and acquits tRump, I have this to say to you...

$ x 23

Police: Man agreed to pay prostitute with a hamburger.

A pro-Trump group helped fund the nonprofit holding cash giveaways to black attendees

Seriously, threatening Senators via school kids??

CBP memo appears to order border stops of Iranian Americans, others from Middle East

Look, 40% of people are just bad people.

The Republican party is totally corrupt and is destroying our country.

Jan 31 at 6PM CST - Bernie Caucus Concerts 🎸 Bon Iver

Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post Intelligencer slaps Ted Cruz (figuratively)

Chris Hayes nails the motive of Murkowski's vote

hasnyone sen lucychrms arnd?

Little Marco--Chickenshit: Gets ridiculed for claiming Trump's actions impeachable, but votes 'No'

Cat World Domination

Red States, Blue States, Purple States and...Beige States?

This Tweet from The Hoarse Whisperer sums it all up brilliantly

The Republican party will henceforth be known as Whores For Trump. (WFT)

Who is doing our response to the SOU speech?nt

Taylor Swift calls GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn 'Trump in a wig' in new documentary

Politico reporting that final vote may be delayed until next week

John Delaney Is Dropping Out Of The 2020 Presidential Race

Joe Biden Lights Up The Heartland As He Blasts Putin Puppet Trump Before Iowa Rally

Rand Paul

I've been watching dancing tutorials for beginners on youtube, and mirroring the steps.

Rubio: "Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment does not mean..."

Authorized: non-persistent landmines specifically designed to reduce unintended harm to civilians

Here's what Giuliani told NYT reporter Kenneth Vogel:

John McCain, "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin"

Is The Ohio Congressman Who Paid Us $30,000 For This Feature The Future Of The Democratic Party?

"If you don't respond to 75% of the American voters and have witnesses, it's a job only half done"

Trump's Border Wall Gates Need to Be Open for Months to Handle Flash Flooding

New Bolton revelation: 'The kind of bombshell Mitch McConnell has been afraid of all along'

Fighting For Bernie With Every Last Breath

Another thing for Trump to be PO'ed about. Joe Biden on the cover of Time

There will NOT be a donor threshold for the Feb. 19 Nevada Dem debate, per DNC announcement --

Republicans are finally taking off the mask and showing the nation their moral corruption

Fighting For Bernie With Every Last Breath

That's...a lot of money

10 Things To Do That Aren't Watching the Super Bowl

John Bolton fucked a lot of this up...

It started in Early May..not later. Bolton vs Trump..Who is the liar? Trump or Bolton?

Jon Cooper: "These six hashtags are trending right now"

I think the successful installation of the Dershowitz precedent signals the end.

Best bass intro ever!

12 Schools were included in a threat towards Sen. Collins

If McConnell postpones this hearing until next Wednesday, it means...

Four new Warren campaign ads in Iowa

Bernie Sanders Leads Trump, All 2020 Candidates in Donations from Active-Duty Troops

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in Jerusalem (uncut)

Portman (T - OH) wants the Senate to get back to its work

75% of America thinks what Trump did was wrong so I don't see how Alexanders helps Trump?!

Bernie Sanders Leads Trump, All 2020 Candidates in Donations from Active-Duty Troops

Find it!

Randi Rhodes Homework Page

WEALTH INEQUALITY: The richest 1% controls more wealth now than at any time in more than 50 years

March For Bernie New York City - January 30, 2016

Hawk's head stabilization 👀

How Iowa Could Decide Joe Biden's Fund-Raising Future

Bernie Sanders Leads Trump, All 2020 Candidates in Donations from Active-Duty Troops

I am not without hope.

GA-SEN: Special Election Moves From Likely to Lean Republican

Trump threatened GOP Senators. If he gets aquitted wouldn't that

SUV breaches Mar-a-lago security; 2 in custody after chase

Republicans in Congress are COWARDS compared to Revolutionary War patriots!

Long live King 🤴 Trump ... in Hell 🔥🔥🔥. nt

Bernie & Yang are the only ads I'm seeing from local TV stations

Gee....I wonder why the NYSE

Mitch McConnell and AG Barr have corrupted their branches of government in a very similar manner.

Stock Market: Is It A Coronavirus Sell-Off Or A.....

Dubuque, Iowa 8th graders hold a (bipartisan) caucus

Missouri book ban could jail librarians for loaning 'inappropriate' content


That time of year... do we use the $3 to the presidential election fund on our tax form?

The Problem With Sen. Alexander's Argument

Is the stock market crashing right now?

Stricter Qualifications for the Next Debate!

Senate Chaplain Barry Black's prayer - Sounded like he was speaking directly to Republicans

John Kelly: Without witnesses, Senate will be forever known as shirking its responsibilities

Lisa Murkowski is a NO vote on witnesses and documents.

He's not and they aren't.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop series on Netflix slammed by NHS chief

Call your Senators NOW!

Ari Melber on the myth of the "independent" "swing vote"

"They're Done": CNBC's Jim Cramer Says Fossil Fuel Industry "In the Death Knell Phase"

Has anyone noticed the body language

US neo-Nazi Scott Rhodes faces $12.9m fine for sending racist robocalls

Murkowski said:

When Will The Repugs Come To The Realization That The Root Of All Their Problems.....

Don't worry about the election folks

The Weinstein case just went in a direction I didn't expect

I believethis is all true

Wonkette: Trump Tried To Grab John Bolton By The Mustache In MAY. F*cking MAY!

Forward Opinion Column: "Bernie Sanders' shocking hypocrisy"

Captain Morgan the cat brought two oven mits into my bedroom doorway last

LA Times- Come cook with a North Korean

📱 🚨 Text Scam Alert! The article is several years old but I just received the referenced text.

Huh is Mitch looking to delay till next week to screw with the Caucuses?

Republicans must HATE Mike Pence. I mean actually hate his guts.

As soon as this farce is over Schiff needs to hold hearings and subpoena Bolton, Giuliani, Parnas et

Parnas' Lawyer just sent a 3page letter to McConnell the testimony. Damn!

Does anyone know when Trump's

Parnas helped arrange the Trump-Zelenskiy meeting at UN & was in "constant contact" w/Rudy & Yermak?

Can The Repugs Risk Trump Delivering The State Of The Union Address....

Some Pundits Have Called Trump A King

The PETA Super Bowl Ad the NFL Apparently Doesn't Want You to See: 'Don't Stand for Injustice'

Lisa Murkowski Can't Fix Democracy, but She Can Fix a Trial

Time to Tax the Billionaire Class

Murkowski to vote "no" on witnesses.

Time to Tax the Billionaire Class

Super Bowl flyover planned by the Trump campaign.

Jeff Bezos met FBI investigators in 2019 over alleged Saudi hack

Shit's getting serious.

How should Speaker Pelosi introduce Trump at the SOTU on Tuesday night?

Looking out of my lonely room, day after day

Suspected Senate plan...long break shows its being discussed...per PBS

Did I get a scam voting notice in my mail yesterday?

The juicy details of the 4th quarter financials are starting to be revealed...

Parnas' attorney just blew it all up...implicated Barr, Pence, Graham, Pompeo, Perry and others

isn't Murkowski's "no" to protect Roberts a pretty blatant admission that he's on their side?

Parnas has named several high GOPers in the meetings with Trump!

DNC Drops Donor Requirements for Debates

Female genital mutilation: Parents arrested after death of girl in Egypt

David Corn: With Trump's Impeachment Trial, Republicans Have Convicted Themselves

Don't Answer Me

Trump Administration Curbs Immigration for Additional 6 Countries in Election-Year Push to Restrict

"Democracy in Action"

Bolton may have known about Devin Nunes and that's why he didn't want to testify in the House

Abuse of power IS an impeachable offense

Quiet little liar. Trump's guy "summing it up" .. who is that @ss-hole. Every word spoken is a lie

A Republican makes a surprising case for Elizabeth Warren

Betting markets point to Bernie being most electable.

Why is Sekulow talking about "If we call witnesses"??

x-post from E&E: Mexico: Forest guardian suffered head trauma and drowning

Coronavirus: US declares national health emergency, with quarantine order issued for nearly 200 Amer

Capitol police arrest woman for wearing " trump is guilty " tape on her mouth

Darkest Hour

FOR SALE: Rethuglican votes for any corrupt politician in the country. See Moscow Mitch

New DNC Debate Rule Change for Nevada Debate

Joe Biden ran an ad on FOX AND FRIENDS this morning!!!

How to get a Real ID: Here's what to do, which documents you need and where to go

There is no way Sekulow would win if this were an honest trial.

A longer from traitor murkowskiovich than I have seen...

Bonus Quote of the Day

drumpf is not being exonerated from impeachment. HE IS IMPEACHED. Senators refuse to

Iranian Chess Official Fears Going Home Over Hijab Photo

QAnon conspiracy theorists are telling people to drink bleach as a cure against coronavirus

Jan 31,2020--GOP Senators smash Constitution, Brexit 'done deal' PUTIN WINS

Hey GOP, remove him and start to breathe easy. Or acquit and wait for the videotapes and receipts.

Blind Rescue Puppy Wins Over Every Member Of His New Family

Farm Bankruptcies Hit 8-Year High

For those who follow Miss Myrtle Resists on Twitter:

From the former president of Estonia-No more lectures on rule of law from the US!

Breaking--"charities" steer $65 million to Sekulow and family

To combat coronavirus, U.S. to deny entry to foreign nationals who recently visited China

Troops Support Sanders

A List of Things Bloomberg Actually Said About Fat People, Rape, George W. Bush, and J.Lo

As Caucus Day Nears, Iowa Voters Guided By Big Health Care Changes

Did Trump just admit his lawyers sucked? Had none?

Has the vote on witnesses taken place?'s time to leave the UK.

Remember, remember, the third of November that Donald Trump's treason and plot

Trump sends this tweet as Admin. officials are in briefing room talking about containingCoronavirus

Bloomberg would hire tRump......

I am awaiting the Deus ex Machina.

Norah O'Donnell Confronts Bernie Sanders on Campaign Promises: 'You Don't Know How Much....

PETA consistently targets black Americans

WaPo: New Bolton revelations show Trump's trial is more corrupt than we thought

Why Did Dershowitz Leave The Trial....

I am interested in a small hot air fryer, got recommendations?

It's Time to Start Taking Mike Bloomberg Seriously

DU Primaries Report, January 2020: The End Of The Beginning

How Mike Bloomberg could actually win

video of Pete's town hall in Decorah, IA Jan 30, 2020


Pierce: Rudy Giuliani Isn't the 'Hand Grenade' That Blows Everything Up. John Bolton Is.

Vote for Biden. Or dont. 🤣

Coronavirus outbreak spreads globally

Just spitballing here but it seems as if there is enough evidence that Pelosi

Rubio Previews The Knot Twisting Republicans Are About To Engage In

If the Republicans all go home, can't the members present just

Long Island ice cream shop removes pro-Trump sign after tussle with town

Gunmen, Some In Masks, Swarm KY Capitol For 2nd Amendment Rally

On Tyranny -- Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Bloomberg Spent $200 Million In Five Weeks

It appears that Lard Butt may not get to take his Super Bowl victory lap ...

The worst part of this is watching racist old men

In order to save the republican party

OMG--I just got a survey/fundraising solicitation from the RNC........!

Bernie Sanders: I'm honored to be endorsed by the Zero Hour Movement

Bloomberg surges past Warren into third place in new national poll

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this tweet...

Would a viral poll against all Aquiting Senators help

McCaskill's been invaluable during MSNBC's coverage

They were all involved. He names the names.....

Marie Yovanovitch has retired from foreign service

The Senate Can Stop Pretending Now

My strategy would be to delay & buy time for Trump to confess during his Super Bowl interview

Video: The Zero Hour Movement Endorses Bernie For President

I think Trump team is up to something on FB..I noticed

The Zero Hour Movement Endorses Bernie For President

Michigan couple sues airline after getting kicked off flight

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 31, 2020

Obese Owl Too Fat to Fly Is Released Back into the Wild After Following 'Strict' Diet

Vote on witness/documents question

My dad worked at the local school for what we now call the mentally challenged

Susan Collins ALWAYS votes the right way

Sen. Gardner just signed his political death warrant in CO.

The Westminster Tower is about to sound a paean to the UK's membership in the EU

Senate Blocks Motion to Call Witnesses


Monica Lewinsky just made an excellent point.

I fixed the goal for donating to Amy Klobuchar

So, my brother and friends went skiing in Italy last week - and now all have severe colds

Witness vote 51/49 against witnesses.

Guy Finds A Tiny, Matted Dog In His Yard

The reason music is important

Nothing a Republican President does is impeachable, no matter how clearly it breaks the law.

And my POS senator put it over the top

LUCHA Arizona members voted overwhelmingly (93.7%) to endorse @BernieSanders

Is this the worst cover-up aka violation of law by a President in American history?

LUCHA Arizona members voted overwhelmingly (93.7%) to endorse @BernieSanders


A-Hole Award for January goes to.......

Every cat deserves his own castle 👑 🐱

And now for a laugh. We need one...

McConnell just followed precedent

Today is a sad day for democracy.

Dog van life 🐶 ❤️

Today is a sad day for democracy.

I will happily welcome a principled opposition party.

This election will be the most important one since 1860.

Senate vote on calling witnesses fails, ushering in trial endgame

Big Ben just rang in Brexit.

You can't cancel an audible subscription on your phone.

It's still January

Well, Burkman and Wohl tried their latest stunt, and it failed, badly.

Don't Worry, Voting To Exclude Witnesses Was The Second Worst Scenario For The GOP.

my mom sent me this video of a dog with the monks at a temple in Laos (Jools Calangi FB)

At the Stroke of Brexit, Britain Steps, Guardedly, Into a New Dawn.

It was a run that lasted almost 233 years, Ben.

Bernie Sanders Has a Big Lead With LGBTQ Voters

If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing

Biden gets endorsement from Gary Locke, first Chinese American named U.S. ambassador to China

When tug of war lasts so long that you both fall asleep

Bernie Sanders Has a Big Lead With LGBTQ Voters

Remember This Day

what's happening

Fucking Republicans

Stupid John Bolton. Now the dictator will prevent his book from being published.

welcome to the new Putin autocracy. n/t

Does the lack of witnesses in the impeachment trial reflect badly on Roberts?

Today is a day I thought I would never feel,

Just what the hell is going on?

So basically the bullies won.

Sham trial. OJ Trump walks.

Does anyone even know?

Bernie Campaign Ad - Betrayed (A look at potential GE messaging)

The 51 Repuke senators will be as branded as the 8 Black Sox of 1919 vote till Wednesday....just reported

Police: Dad 'made up' home invasion after 4-year-old son shot himself in Philadelphia

Closing arguments Monday. Tuesday & Wednesday, deliberations. Vote on the articles 4 PM ET Wednesday

2019-nCoV Global Cases (by Johns Hopkins CSSE) As of Jan 31, 2020 5 pm ET

No victory laps for Trump!

WTF? Can someone tell me what happened to our Democracy ?

Woman with viral 'F Trump' sticker on truck gets fraud charges dropped

Small Victories People

No Witnesses. No Evidence. No Rule of Law. Welp,

Sanders campaign hits DNC over new debate criteria: 'The definition of a rigged system'

Aaron Glantz: Behind the new housing crisis in America

They unleashed a MONSTER!!

Trump surely can't be happy with the latest developments!


this is an oldie (two weeks ago/forever) but a goodie--a wordless answer to Trump's "perfect call"

White and Cooder

Welp. We have it on record.

Switching to Amy

Here is some inspiration from around the world:

The Grand Old Perfidy

FWIW it appears Collins and Romney were the pukes that voted with the Dems

In 2020....... we run against the GOP.... not just drumpf

a number of GOP senators were furious at the suggestion Trump might retaliate against them

Not to Ruin the Super Bowl, but the Sea Is Consuming Miami

Well, it only took 244 years,

John Bolton, Chris Wallace is waiting! (as is the nation.)

Biden picks up endorsements from two more Nevada lawmakers

U.S. farm bankruptcies hit an eight-year high

NPR: Marie Yovanivich has retired from State Dept

They're in the street outside the Capitol tonight.

Do it again

Your Daily Greenwald, "Human Centipede" -Edition