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Archives: January 29, 2020

Trump Team Wraps Up Impeachment Defense With Bolton Testimony in Question

Is there anyone here that regrets Nancy and the Democrats impeaching Donald J Trump?

Tonight on PBS American Experience Dr. Harvey Wiley: Father of Pure Food The Poison Squad

Architecture School By Frank Lloyd Wright To Close

CBS reporter doing live shot at Biden event gets more than he bargained for

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Argues John Bolton's Book 'Inadmissible' In Senate Trial

Breaking CBS reporting WH considering suspending ALL flights between US & China

Judge rejects Sandusky's latest request for shorter sentence

It is not about sex. It is about a hatred of women.

'I believe John Bolton': Former Trump chief of staff John Kelly backs Bolton in Ukraine dispute

You raised $652.83 on January 27, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

McConnell Lacks the Votes to Block Impeachment Witnesses

Promises Made. Promises Kept. It's a no-hitter

Poll: 75% of voters want witnesses for Senate impeachment trial

EXCLUSIVE-OxyContin maker Purdue is 'Pharma Co X' in U.S. opioid kickback probe -sources

Anybody still pushing for a "witness swap?"...

Expected closure of National Archives' Seattle office sparks backlash

DU has now raised OVER $85,000 to defeat Trump in Nov. ActBlue POTUS donation links

So will the Con order them to remove the vindicated ads from

Question about old color photos, please

Yeah, let the voters decide ...

Can someone give me a staight answer about witnessess

Daily Kos New poll: 82% of voters say Bolton must testify in impeachment trial

Our Grassroots Movement Will Prevail against Big Money

A simple perspective on Trump Impeachment vs Clinton Impeachment

Ha! "you won't believe who just walked in..."

Our Grassroots Movement Will Prevail against Big Money

Former IA state rep asks Biden to stop pipelines. Biden tells him to vote for someone else.

Ky Gov Beshear just said he'd fully fund Medicaid expansion

Amanpour to Jared: You talking to ME?

Trump. NJ: "The American people are disgusted by the Washington Democrat wish..wi...uh, you see it!

🌎 Well, Joe, you're wrong. Scientists agree:

🌎 Well, Joe, you're wrong. Scientists agree:

Sen Schumer: "I think there are 10-12 Republicans who are in play."

US State Department charter flight departs China amid coronavirus outbreak

Trumpworld torn over running against Bernie

Trump Congratulates Pompeo For "The Job" He Did Bullying NPR Reporter Louise Kelly.

"Let the people decide" (Part II)

Nancy Pelosi has no leverage. The sound you hear is Mitch McConnell's laughter.

Just a little food for thought:

From Pew Research -- Nine months before Election Day, three dozen House members heading for the exit

Is BS misrepresenting what Biden actually said?

More Trump in NJ: Mexico is paying for the wall, new middle income tax cut "by the end of the year"

'Not a Peace Plan' - Robert Malley and Aaron David Miller Op.Ed.

If There Are Repug Senators That Are Considering Witnesses - It Should Follow That....

I remember DUers pitching in and buying roses for Helen Thomas

It's no secret that we're taking on the political establishment and the big money interests,

You, The People - Bernie 2020 🔥

Daily News cover: Chicken Kiev... ;)

You, The People - Bernie 2020 🔥

Former NFL player now leader/member of a cult? 2 of his followers are facing weapons charges

In a single day, reported cases of Coronavirus up 1459 in China - exceeds SARS total

When will we see results in the Texas run-off? Go, Markowitz!

WaPo: Trump and Netanyahu have made Mideast peace an even more distant prospect

Doesn't today prove Bolton has the goods?

Earl Scruggs & Bob Dylan, 'East Virginia Blues' 1971

Reading Buttigieg-A former teacher's perspective

Iowa Democratic Caucuses - By Age Group

Am I right about what I heard on NPR?

Iowa Democratic Caucuses - By Age Group

#YangGang The 'Miracle Economy' - today's Denver Post.

'Antiques Roadshow' guest collapsed when he learned the real value of his $345 watch

Has Trump 'dirtied' the Biden Name?

During last weeks Mass Shooting in Seattle

Here's the exact transcript of the reporters' conversation with Dianne Feinstein,

Joe Biden ad: Imagine all the progress we could make in the next four years

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Sound of Silence!

GOP confident of win on witnesses VS McConnell tells Republican senators he does not have the votes

E:60 - Meet 'The Michael Jordan of Dogs'

QAnon-ers' Magic Cure for Coronavirus: Just Drink Bleach!

Amy's in Iowa tonight

Fox cuts away from Trump as he says "crimina blub blub blub LOOK..."

White supremacist appeals death penalty in church massacre

Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with no Palestinian support


Ingenious Villages rescue elephant from hole ...then run like heck!


For Boomers who still work, a question.

Iran missile strike: 50 US troops now diagnosed with brain injuries

West Virginia Governor Urges Virginia Counties to Secede

Theoretical question about Bolton's book.

McConnell Doesn't Have the Votes to Block Witnesses

Why doesn't MSNBC show the time anymore?

Sen Rick Scott, #Florida Repug: I've been held hostage w/ 99 other people in the U.S. Capitol. Why?

David Cameron, Who Brought Us Brexit, Now Has Helpful Advice On Climate Policy

Government agency admits it's not monitoring foreign spending at Trump hotel

John Bolton told GOP donors that Trump is 'mentally unstable': report

We're learning about trump's shakedown of Ukraine. What about Saudi Arabia?

Ernst clip made into a commercial for Biden

Outskirts Of Saint-Louis, Senegal's Old Colonial Capital, Already Drowned; World Heritage City Next

Rachel started with some repug history,

CBO projects a decade of trillion-dollar deficits and soaring US debt

Which candidate would stop to help you? Chris Matthews projects

Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal [Best F***ing Cover?]

Do you by chance remember at Christmas?

And Again: Massive Fire 8km From Canberra's S. Suburbs; 40C+ Days And High Winds On The Way

iPhone maker Foxconn says coronavirus outbreak won't affect production

Snopp Dog narrative of a nature show

Mr. Parnas goes to Washington

I have to admit I am pretty surprised that we hear so little from our living former presidents.

Pentagon: 50 troops suffered brain injuries in Iran strike

BODY COUNT - Civil War (feat. Dave Mustaine)

My Apple iPad Air is 6 years old......

The ping pong kid:

Why I'm for Warren

Netanyahu to Fly to Moscow to Update Putin on Trump Plan

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction (VEVO Presents)

Parnas can attend Trump's impeachment trial, but judge won't let him take off ankle monitor

Trump garbles his rant, FOX cracks up with laughter

Megadeth - She Wolf (VEVO Presents)

Time Of The Season - Company Of Thieves (Live from Daryl's house)

What the transition to getting older looks like

The anti-Bernie attacks are really getting ridiculous...

Anti-McSally ad - doesn't hold anything back.

Feeling pretty stupid

Bruckner Symphony No. 4 - Celibidache

*Tribe on Lawrence show, re: dersh

entagon: 50 Troops Suffered Brain Injuries in Iran Strike

For the first time in 30 years, the satellite receiver is unplugged.

Something weird at TSA pre-check.

CO-SEN: Cory Gardner will vote against witnesses

Think Lindsey reads DU?

Thank you Ted Lieu !! (Re: servicemen brain injuries)

Trump administration 'rolling back women's rights by 50 years' by changing definitions...

Almost $1 million in counterfeit seized by customs -- all in single-dollar bills

Lawrence O'Donnell: The next two days will involve setting the dogs loose

I feel sorry for San Diego residents

Just got a pop up on my phone.

Bob Shane, last of the original Kingston Trio passes

"Fantasyland" pretty much sums up it up

VFW Demands Trump apologize for downplaying severity of TBIs

Pentagon raises to 50 the number of US service members suffering traumatic brain injuries due to

Warren Fares Better Against Biden Than Sanders

Warren Fares Better Against Biden Than Sanders

GOP Sen Rick Scott airs anti-Biden ad in Iowa amid impeachment trial

Republicans weaponize Trump team attacks on Biden

The nuns who could help Biden win Iowa

Pinging Malaise: Were you affected by the earthquake?

Fate of 'national security Democrats' provides key to House majority

Bob Shane, founding member of Kingston Trio, dead at 85

I Can't Believe This Bumbling, Flaccid Penis In A Suit Beat Bill Nelson In Florida.

Guraranteed - this is what is going to happen.

With all the noise going on, remember this tragedy....

Mike! Mike! Mike! Bloomberg gonna be on Jimmy Fallon now.

Hey folks, our reporter misheard the question to Biden in a crowded gaggle, and we certainly...

Details emerge in FBI's case against SF Director of Public Works, Lefty O'Doul's owner

The Daily Show: Virginia Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment

Trio of Dem senators considering vote to acquit Trump

The Daily Show: Fox News Turns On John Bolton

I've been prompted by DU: Introduction

Time to play a game of "What's In The Background?"!

Peru's opposition leader Keiko Fujimori in custody again

Seth Meyers: Trump's Impeachment Defense Team Presents Second Day of Opening Arguments

Fugitive Colombian senator Ada Merlano captured in Venezuela

Gym Jordan can't remember his own talking points

Updating from Undecided to Warren

Seth Meyers: Hey! Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Feud with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly

Golly, Jared is a bit of a dope

Tom Dooley LIVE, The Kingston Trio, RIP Bob Shane

Quinnipiac poll numbers 1/28 who has the best chance of beating trump Biden 44 sanders 19

Sacramento native Dusty Baker, Astros working on manager deal

Republicans overseeing impeachment trial got campaign cash from DT legal team.

ad for susan collins to do her job and vote for witnesses at trump trial

Health warning: I had an asthma attack in convulsive laughter at 0:54

Peru election: Crushing blow for president's opponents Popular Force

San Francisco Public Works Director Arrested On Alleged Public Corruption Charges

Interim Bolivian president Anez calls Indigenous citizens "savages"

Australian coronavirus evacuees to be quarantined on Christmas Island for 14 days.

Quinnipiac Poll: Which candidate do you think would be the best leader?

Global Dissatisfaction With Democracy At A Record High, Research Says

Drone footage of Wuhan:

Amateur Photographers Have Discovered a New Form of the Northern Lights

Jackson Browne - The Pretender.

A few observations RE: Bolton vs. Trump...

looking for the video of colbert's parody of Aquarius

U.S. weighs ban on all flights from China over virus outbreak: report

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control in 2020 is

How Ancient Poop Debunked Myth of Native American Lost Civilization

I Keep Hearing From Trump's Lawyers That Overturning The 2016 Election And....,

Green turtle rescued from fishing net poops out all kinds of human trash

Democracy Index 2019: A Year of Setbacks & Protests, The Economist

Bubbling carbon dioxide vent discovered on the seafloor off the Philippines

In rare surgery, hospital swaps man's lost thumb for a big toe

Doc on plane diagnoses man's unusual condition midair

Towering dinosaur with radioactive skull identified in Utah

Gary Gates defeats Eliz Markowitz in Texas House District 28 runoff in Fort Bend County

Gary Gates defeats Eliz Markowitz in Texas House District 28 runoff in Fort Bend County

Colombia is systematically killing off its black citizens Opinion

Energy Department Releases Documents Relating to Perry's Ukraine Trip

Pastor's fight against KKK becomes movie that may aid battle

Trump's EPA is about to give a big gift to the coal industry

Are rethugs looking for a way out from their obeisance to Dump? Is their

Vienna Blood

Coronavirus deaths now 132 with 6057 infected.

Maryland cop was charged with murder after a man was shot 7 times inside his police cruiser

Trump-loving conspiracy nuts tout drinking "dangerous bleach" as miracle cure for coronavirus

all the Harvard Law students got up & left in solidarity with Palestine

Next in the Trump impeachment trial: 16 hours of questions. How that will work

"Why his hair more cantilevered than usual? Any farther out he could use it as a curb bumper."

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/28/20

Jane Fonda & Greenpeace Bring 'Fire Drill Fridays' To Los Angeles. Kick Off, City Hall, Feb. 7, 11AM

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Coronavirus live updates (US flight diverted to air force base)

Breakfast Wednesday 29 January 2020

(video) The ancient oak tree that taught the world a lesson

Progressives say Perez's list of DNC nominees is loaded with enemies like Barney Frank & B. Sellers

Just a reminder that dirt or even hand sanitizer in a voting booth

One year inside Trump's monumental Facebook campaign

These online Captcha pictures are getting really difficult

British Airways has suspended all flights to and from mainland China

Evacuation flight carrying 240 Americans from coronavirus epicenter Wuhan DIVERTED to military base

Americans Trapped in Wuhan Aren't Angry at the Chinese Government. They're Angry at Their Own

Sanders under increasing pressure on funding for 'Medicare for All' (It's Happening)

Does anyone on DU know about "American Advance, Inc"?

Sheet cakes being delivered today to GOP senators that say "Let Bolton Testify"

Americans pass health test after being evacuated from China

Obama Endorses Oxygen...

Last night was the Texas HD-28 race that Democrats made a play for. Never had a chance

GOP wins closely watched Texas special election

Help requested, please.

Rural Alberta Chose Jason Kenney; Now He's Telling Them To Eat $173 Million In Unpaid Oil Taxes

Ernst for President? Memoir in May.

Trump allies target African American voters with new tactic: Cash giveaways

Oh, Great: Some Blends Of Lower-Sulfur Marine Fuel Now Contain Nearly 2X As Much Black Carbon

NYC Doesn't Even Hit 20% In Amount Of Residential Waste That It Recycles; Business About 25%

State of the Union address?

New Beatles Single? - "Here, there, everywhere, the Yankee will die"

Dutch Trump superfan who claimed he surveilled Ambassador Yovanovitch told people he was DEA

Wednesday TOONs - Boltonavirus (plus more Ann Telnaes hearing sketches)

"Pearls Before Swine" salutes DU

Alan Dershowitz called Trump corrupt in 2016 and said he could be corrupt as President

Trump allies target African American voters with new tactic: Cash giveaways

The Rundown: January 28, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #71: Themeless, Without A Rudder (1/18/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Marvel: The End, Batman Loves Catwoman, Sex Criminals, and More

Rep. Collins confirms he will seek Senate seat in Georgia, triggering GOP brawl

The Clean Water Act was a staggering bipartisan achievement. Now Trump is gutting it

New Iowa polls

Oh, Great 2.0: Microplastics In Soil Eaten By Earthworms In Test; pH Dropped, Germination Rate Fell

Iran's only female Olympic medalist reportedly defects

At least one US senator being held hostage -

Happy National Corn Chip Day? How Do You Like Them?

New (Jan. 27-28) FLORIDA poll: Biden 41.3%, Bloomberg 17.3%, Sanders 9.4%, Warren 6.9%,

Be kinda fun if Bolton has to enter his entire manuscript into evidence, making it downloadable

Sanders' Social Security 'adjustments' undercut Biden attack

Official Charts Company confirms Ode to Joy set to appear in Top 40 this week (EU anthem)

DELAWARE GE poll, Dems vs. Trump: Biden +16, Buttigieg +5, Warren +3, Sanders & Bloomberg +1

EU Anthem Ode to Joy

David Axelrod's take on Iowa... (from his HACKS ON TAP podcast)

Who won the last 24 hours of the presidential race?

Joe Manchin thinks Hunter Biden is a relevant witness

Manchin is MSNBC!

Who won the last 24 hours of the presidential race?

Boeing will NOT rename the "737 MAX"

How It's Made - Ketchup

France is losing the battle to save the baguette, warns leading bread historian

Commentary: Could the Democratic race come down to Bernie Sanders vs. ... Mike Bloomberg?

Joe Manchin never ceases to disappoint. Being from a red state does not "justify" giving

Editorial: Klobuchar is the one (Quad Cities Times)

Changing my preference to Warren.

You know the scene in Poltergeist.....

Just heard on CNN:

Bonnie's dad, John, was born on this date.

IMPEACHED presidents should NOT have pardoning power.

Rev.Dr.William J Barber II: Republican extremists tried every racist trick to take our voting rights


Why the attacks on Bernie aren't working.

Gabbard says she's received no reason from CNN for non-invitation to town halls

mr. president sir, you should fire the moron who hired John Bolton. he's the real idiot

Lev Parnas' lawyer ties Lindsey Graham to corrupt Ukraine scheme

Why just one witness?

Shock poll puts Mike Bloomberg at No. 2 behind Joe Biden in Florida's Democratic primary

Ezra Klein: I don't know how to communicate how constitutionally dangerous the senate situation is

Jerry West will move you

Will Lev Parnas Be Able To Attend Trump's Impeachment Trial? His GPS May Get In The Way

How the MAGAts left Wildwood after their anti-American hate rally

Living in a world of nuts and Bolton?

Trump Lashes Out At Bolton In Wake Of Bombshell Manuscript: 'Nasty & Untrue Book'

Coronavirus. British teacher in Shanghai: "We will only leave if we can go together"

Ice cream vendor was denied Swiss citizenship in 2015 because...

From the Clinton years, remember Bob Barr?

Republican senators are more afraid of trump than 75% of the voters....

SHOCK: Republicans May Vote for Bolton to Testify in Impeachment

WATCH: Breaking Down Unhinged Pro-Trump Propaganda & Lies

Amy in Iowa last night

New York Times Keeps Republishing Same Brad Parscale Press Release

Joe Biden is the only candidate with a real shot at getting things done

The Piece Deal

Kobe Bryant's helicopter not equipped with vital warning system

Dogs may be our best friends, but a cat will never tell the cops where the

NYT: Pompeo Called Me a 'Liar.' That's Not What Bothers Me.

Iowa @Civiqs/@IowaStateU Poll (Change since mid Dec) Sanders 24% (+3)

DNC heads to Iowa to help protect caucuses from digital attacks and disinform 😎🎨

Iowa @Civiqs/@IowaStateU Poll (Change since mid Dec) Sanders 24% (+3)

Warren Buffett Will Sell His Newspaper Empire

538 just fixed a bug in their forecast model that had hurt Biden, so Biden now has 1,704 delegates

The end of separation of powers.

Trump's lawyers gave thousands to Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz

#NEW #Florida @StPetePolls :

Longtime Gwinnett sheriff will not seek reelection (Georgia)

A mini-rant: I suppose this will show that I am, indeed, an unsophisticated fossil, but

New Monmouth Iowa poll...

My puppy crush in his new home. Looks like the land of gravy and peanut butter bones

Anybody heard what happened to the Dotard AFTER the cameras cut away from him when he started

#MittOrGetOffThePot: Romney urged to 'save GOP from itself' and vote for impeachment witnesses

Ten Nominations Sent to the Senate; Issued on: January 28, 2020

Matt Duss @mattduss: This ultraprivileged little child who has never earned a thing in his life

This is how fast it happens in Australia:

Could Biden steamroll the Democratic field......😎🎨

New Monmouth IOWA poll finds Sanders' net favorability dropped nearly 20 points this month

Lindsey Graham is a connected to the corrupt Ukraine scheme to frame Biden

Pete Buttigieg Announces National Campaign Co-Chairs

Greg Sargent: Hannity's ugly meltdown at Romney: Wanting the truth is 'Trump hatred'

Shortage of 400,000 welders predicted in next 4 years

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; January 28

Monmouth IOWA: If only 4 candidates viable in caucus: Biden 29, Sanders 25, Buttigieg 20, Warren 19

Are Democratic Voters Truly Divided by Ideology?

I promised pictures: Birds from our yard in Costa Rica

Lev & Bondy on Capitol Hill now. Lev says he wants to tell GOP that Trump knew everything

Comparison of the Monmouth (Biden Leads) and NYT/Siena (Sanders Leads) polls

Coronavirus statistical updates

House Democrats to Unveil $760 Billion Infrastructure Plan

Compliment A Politician

China Cases Near 6,000 as WHO Prepares Briefing: Virus Update

We Need to All Unite

Trump's legal team gave thousands in contributions to Republican senators ahead of impeachment trial

The Republicans are literally telling us to take the constitution and shove it up our asses.

Don't try this at home...

YouGov/Economist National Poll: Biden 26 (-2), Sanders 24 (+6), Warren 20 (-1)

Who do you think will win the Iowa Caucus

Truck with electronic billboard driving around capitol bldg with clips of trump insulting senators

In April 2018 meeting Trump discussed Rick Scott with Lev Parnas. Hmmm.

World War Six????

Title X Gag Rule Has Led to Increased Funding for Anti-Choice Clinics

Experts debunk fringe theory linking China's coronavirus to weapons research

A giggle for your day: Ringo the dog loves to swim

BLS Report: Gross job gains 7.6 million and gross job losses 7.4 million in the 2nd quarter of 2019

Sanders endorses 9 progressive House candidates

US Archives confirms it won't take steps to certify ERA

Media panels this morning

Steyer rebukes Biden for arguing with supporter he thought was Sanders voter

Senate enters swimsuit competition portion of Trump impeachment trial

Trump's legal team gave thousands in contributions to Republican senators ahead of impeachment trial

OUCH! I imagine Martha McSally is even grouchier than usual this morning.

Whoopi Goldberg just slammed Douchewitz who was filibustering - "I'm going to move you on or....

Republicans are massively hurting in Fundraising.

Chuck Schumer provided Lev Parnas's ticket to the impeachment.

Should one of the charges against Trump have been treason?

DOJ Position And Trump Impeachment Argument 'Cannot Be Reconciled,' House Lawyer Argues

Someone traveling from Wuhan is being quarantined at our local hospital.

Politico: Trump campaign is flat-out giving away cash to black voters via a shell organization

Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines now canceling all flights in and out of mainland China

Klobuchar shoots down Biden bid for alliance

Texans' Views on the 2020 Democratic Primary

The real reason for the Hunter Biden bullshit is projection...

John Bolton Is a Shark, and There's Blood in the Water

Read between the lines here in this Lindsey Graham statement:

Question. If Bernie really thought M4A would bankrupt the country, why would he be for it?

Tampa Bay Times: Donald Trump and Lev Parnas discussed Rick Scott in secret recording

Watch Out, America: John Oliver Is Officially a U.S. Citizen Now

Donald Trump could shoot John Bolton on Fifth Avenue and...

Question about the apparent Bernie surge, and a small rant

True Fact

Puppy milestones


Let them eat cake, & vote for witnesses.

"At the End of the Day"

Salad Dressings, from twitter

A funny cat story from a Reddit contributor

Nicole Wallace "The Call Is Coming From Inside The House"

WH issues threat to former national security adviser John Bolton to keep him from publishing book

Australia to Quarantine Evacuees From China on Remote Island

Leaked report shows United Nations suffered hack

Cringeworthy - How a root canal is done

Pic Of The Moment: Strong, Steady Republican Party Leadership In An Age Of Uncertainty

Trump Lashes Out At Bolton In Wake Of Bombshell Manuscript: 'Nasty & Untrue Book'

Medicare for All a Vote Loser in 2018 U.S. House Elections

HERE COMES TEXAS. Bernie surges in Texas. Biden drops in Texas.

Michou, flamboyant 'minister of the night' who led Paris drag cabaret, dies at 88

Only one candidate has net positive favorability among D's, R's, and I's

Rep. Brad Schneider endorses Joe Biden,,, Yea Joe....😎🎨

They are deplorable

Who should give the response to the State of the Union?

Regarding Black/Brown/Jewish/Muslim/"Other" Republicans

Bolton isn't about Democrats. He represents a Republican Party split

Iowa teens choose Andrew Yang as Dem presidential pick, followed by Bernie Sanders in straw poll

This is something we all know, but maybe a reminder is in order.

Emerson has Yang in 4th nationally!

Hey Citizens! Senate Switchboard #(202) 224-3121, call leave a msg

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly Defends Press Freedom After Mike Pompeo Interview


Posting deep fakes on congressional social media accounts could violate House rules

But the economy.

A commercial on MSNBC with the impeachment trial of trump going on is for therapy

NYT Live Updating: Lev Parnas arrives at the Capitol as supporters chant "Let Lev speak"

What happened with the Jacob Wohl/Jack Burkman "press conference" that was supposed to happen today?

Rick Suttcliffe Pitcher

Lindsey Graham again a no show for presser!

Don't Bogart that my friend!

House foreign affairs chair Engel talked to John Bolton on 23 Sept: "Something Improper Occurred"

Lev Parnas plans to make news on Lindsey Graham today.

White House has issued formal threat to Bolton to keep him from publishing book

Jared Kushner: Palestinians Have Never Done Anything Right in Their Sad, Pathetic Lives

"Not My President" by Staceyann Chin from the Laura Flanders show

"Nobody wanted to call it a subsidy. It wasn't a subsidy. It was really a targeting fee...."

Sen. Whitehouse Stuns Bill Hemmer With Assessment Of Dershowitz's Arguments

Lev Parnas' lawyer ties Lindsey Graham to corrupt Ukraine scheme

John Bolton Likes Tweet Saying Trump Should 'Fire the Moron Who Hired John Bolton'

Another dog saves kitten clip

RIGHT NOW: Hundreds of protesters silently swarm the Senate to protest Mitch McConnell's impeachment

Congressman Brad Schneider endorses Joe Biden

I'm hearing that Lindsey failed to show for a Press Conference

Harley-Davidson's Slow Decline Is Getting Hard To Watch

If the framers only wanted violations of criminal statutes to be grounds for impeachment

About one of the revelations from Bolton's manuscript?

BREAKING: Bolton urged Democrat Eliot Engel to investigate Yovanovitch ouster

How 'bout that Dish Satellite TV raising their rates!

Engel says Bolton warned him recall of Ukraine envoy may have been 'improper.'

Rick Wilson comments on Trump's latest tweets, which continue the Bolton character assasination

LOL! When Trump supporters call themselves Sapiosexuals

Always Fighting For Us - Bernie Sanders

Q poll from yesterday AA voters go for Biden 49% sanders 17%

Always Fighting For Us - Bernie Sanders

Just left Walgreens. There were two Chinese women with babies

Has anyone ever been to Savannah, GA?

Lev Parnas arrives at Capitol, goes to Schumer's office

17 African Community Leaders in Nevada have endorsed @JoeBiden .

Jail staff mocked a sick man as he begged for help, video shows. Days later, he was dead.

Dershowitz in 2016: "Trump is Corrupt"

Hate graffiti hits Seattle's St. Mark's Cathedral over Martin Luther King holiday


Latest Texas GE Poll: Bernie comes closest to flipping TX. Performs better against Trump than Biden.

Patient at UW Medical Center tested for coronavirus, Sea-Tac Airport starts screening

Workers Defense Action Fund is proud to announce our endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President.

Alan Dorshowitz on The View- worth watching his babbling and the ladies taking him down

Workers Defense Action Fund is proud to announce our endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President.

Could Biden steamroll the Democratic field?

i'm thinking we WILL get witness's NOW

Rick Wilson: anyone who thinks Bolton deliberately filled his book with classified is a damn fool

The upside of Vexit is that it has the potential to raise both states' average

Cartoons 1/29/2020

Everett might declare a climate emergency, adopt action plan

This thing where the GOP snake is swallowing its own head?

Deal ends legal fight and allows Tulalips a cut of sales tax

Breaking news...Californians hate Trump

Throwing 20 home-made bombs and a child porn collection? 1 to 2 years in county jail

Coming: March 3rd, open primary for Colorado.

Apt building fire in LA - pulling people off roof via helicopter

Joe Biden is the only candidate with a real shot at getting things done

Swedish Edmonds nurses and caregivers begin 3-day walkout

Boeing posts first annual loss in more than 2 decades

Bernie Sanders endorses Jessica Cisneros, primary challenger to Henry Cuellar

The Daily Iowan Endorses Sanders

The Strokes to Play Bernie Sanders Rally in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders endorses Jessica Cisneros, primary challenger to Henry Cuellar

China Accuses U.S. of 'Ill Intentions' in South China Sea

Denver Post just confirmed Corey Gardner intends to vote AGAINST witnesses. Coloradoans,

Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham says John Bolton should share what he knows -- at a news conference

The Conservative Case For Removal

The thing about dangerous viruses for which there is no vaccine...

538 chances of winning : Biden 1 in 2 (46%), Sanders 3 in 10 (28%)

Knock me over with a feather: Jerry Moran (Senator, KS) is a possible yes vote for witnesses!

Republicans push a risky plot to block witnesses -- but public pressure is building against them

Americans are losing millions of dollars to Social Security scams

NPR demands answers from Pompeo about reporter barred from trip

Elizabeth Warren's Iowa Pivot: From Her Plans to Her Plan to Win

Gee, it almost seems like both parties already know the questions their own

Virus cases in China top SARS as evacuations begin

WWE Star Asuka Eats Japanese Eel Gochi Gang

Doug Collins launches Georgia Senate bid, setting up GOP clash

The Philadelphia Ward system

Are there films of Dershowitz's "massage" at Epstein's "pedophile utopia?"

Legislature making progress on bills addressing homelessness

Here's a great question to ask:


Anatomy of a 'smear': How John Bolton became a target of the pro-Trump Internet

Brexit: European Parliament overwhelmingly backs terms of UK's exit

Manchin says Hunter Biden is relevant impeachment trial witness in break with fellow Democrats

If Jesus was our nominee, would he defeat Trump?

18th 'Net Nanny' Operation Leads To 7 Arrests In Snohomish County

Twenty-eight years ago

The Final TV Ads: Each Candidate's Closing Iowa Pitch

Rideshare surge pricing during Seattle shooting sparks council backlash

Wow, massive mess left after Trump rally in Wildwood, yesterday

I thought hip waders would be enough...

I'm Listening to Some of These Senators' Questions, and MAN...

A quote from a 75 year old

Dershowitz is drunk on the kool-aid!

Is that kosher? I just made some matzo ball mix that expired in

BEST question to ask? Let's hear it. (one question only please) mine is

White House trying to block Bolton from releasing his tell-all book!

Another question for D Senators to ask


White House has issued formal threat to John Bolton to keep him from publishing book

Elizabeth Warren proposes criminal penalties for spreading voting disinformation online

Two dead satellites might collide above the US today

If Republicans really wanted Hunter Biden as a witness, they could easily call him, since

Help needed: Anybody remember what Claire McCaskill called Alan Dershowitz on MSNBC this morning?

I can think of another question for the Dems to ask

Wasserman: Beware of using rallies to gauge legitimacy

It's amazing how obsessed the COn's lawyers are with process

Google searches for "corona beer virus" and "beer virus" jump amid coronavirus outbreak

Evangelical Singer Calls Out Trump's Christian Supporters In Scathing New Song

Not with a bang but a whimper

Workers Defense Action Fund Texas Endorses Bernie

For the President's Counsel:

Bernie Sanders talked to CNN about the challenges the impeachment trial presents his campaign

Bernie Sanders talked to CNN about the challenges the impeachment trial presents his campaign

Venezuela says arrested politician spilling beans about corruption in Colombia

Colombia's claim FARC members plotted to kill leader doesn't make sense

Andrew Yang says he's been approached by other campaigns for Iowa caucus alliance

USMCA: "He didn't get much, he got to rename it," Kirkegaard said.


We are watching traitors in action. I know that

I like this format.

Hilarious. Where's Trump Calls For Graham. Graham Is Hiding Under His Bed.

Shadow groups running attack ads are only bad NOW

This sounds like some real horseshit they're talking now....about subpoenas.

200 SC educational leaders and teachers endorse Joe Biden

Hopefully Corey Gardner's ass is toast after this. . .

I have a big fear that trump will raise the working age

You raised $2,588.20 on January 28, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

John Flannery: Another way to secure witnesses in the Senate trial and requires no vote

Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band

If, as POTUS managers claim,

Trumpworld Is Trying to Make Don Lemon Its 2020 "Basket of Deplorables"

Joe Biden Said No Scientist Supports Bernie Sanders' Climate Plan. Dozens Just Did.

Democrats Buying Millions of Cell Phone Numbers (but...)

Ha! 🦨💨

Peter Griffin Predicts World War 5

Unity Pledge

Is Dershowitz insane?

Do The Hustle.. Dance by Japanese group PERFUME

What is the status of Julian Assange's extradition? I thought

Pope Francis remakes the American hierarchy, one bishop at a time

Trump lawyer: Foreign intervention into election can be considered in the nations interest

Man I'm glad that's done! I just put a rear end in my

The Trump administration's cruelty knows no limits. Here's the latest.

Super PAC attacks Sanders in an ad. Sanders raises $1.3 million

If I were a Senator, here would be my question

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 29, 2019

LIVE: GOP Sen. Rand Paul was blocked from asking his question because it would reveal the identity o

As Other Democrats Feud, Bloomberg Hammers Trump on Health Care

Deficits to average record $1.3 trillion over next decade: CBO

Advocates: Crucial bank law softened under Trump proposal

Here's Big Kiss to trump....a chance to slag Obama on Ukrainian aid

The CDC is developing a coronavirus vaccine. Great. Something else for the idiots to refuse.

I did this too...

How Under Armour Lost Its Edge

Campaign Raises 1.3 Million Day After Negative Ad

Beach chairs, blankets and trash. Massive mess left after Trump's Wildwood rally.

This q & a session is like a have your teeth pulled!

Trump's brain glitch from last night.

Senate GOP Will Move to Acquit Friday Night

Senate GOP Will Move to Acquit Friday Night

Dog rides bus by herself every day to play in local park - then takes bus home again

Report: GOP locks in votes to block witnesses and end trial with acquittal as early as Friday

Aha, so this is who the NYT interviewed for their "Bernie Bro" story...

Whole World Must Be Ready To Deal With Coronavirus, Says WHO

Wow. It only took 244 years but it finally happened.

only five years separate these photos. Mighty Ducks star on meth UPDATE

Parnas Lawyer: Giuliani Delivered Graham Letter Calling for Sanctions on Ukrainian Officials

John Bolton's Book Is Making Fools of Trump's Republican Enablers

Kitten Becomes The Leader Of Her Dog Pack

"Hey Red State people- have a long hard think about this."

Where do they find these A-holes!

Duck Loves It When His Dog Brother Takes Him Swimming

As Other Democrats Feud, Bloomberg Hammers Trump on Health Care

Judge: Milwaukee man to face trial in racist acid attack

Alan Dershowitz's latest defense of Trump would let presidents get away with almost anything

"Unidos" Spanish Language Anthem for the People's Movement to Elect Bernie Sanders

"Unidos" Spanish Language Anthem for the People's Movement to Elect Bernie Sanders

Anti-human-trafficking groups refuse to attend Ivanka Trump's White House summit

Parent resistance thwarts local school desegregation efforts

Are men the weaker sex?

Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution Is Long Overdue


Spiders... enuff said

The big money interests can run all the negative ads they want. It's not going to work.

Stiglitz: 'Macri bet the house and lenders followed him blindly'

Here's the thing

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-4: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Angry Edition

Deployment of new US nuclear warhead on submarine a dangerous step, critics say

A Classic Midwestern Dish Becomes a Talking Point in Iowa

ムック (MUCC) 「モノクロの景色 (Monochro no keshiki)」

Travel to an early state to canvas for Bernie

USA Today..Dems court doom by backing Sanders

Serious question (and I've not watched or listened to a second of the impeachment

At N.J. rally, Trump warns people about loss of cows, saying there are no cows in Wildwood

Trump allies are handing out cash to black voters.

The Day I Realized I Would Never Find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

"It was a panic" inside Zelensky administration after initial news broke of aid being withheld

Knocking on Doors in Iowa: It's Bigger Than Bernie or Warren

Republican Efficiency Experts

She's been gone for 2 years ... look at her dog's reaction when she recognizes her

MSNBC ..... stop showing those a$$-hole commercials. I don't give a crap about commercials.

Andrew Yang Says Supporters May Go Sanders in Iowa Caucus

Lungs Have Almost 'Magical' Ability To Repair Damage From Smoking - If You Stop; Study

Best Photo of the Day?

Someone should try to find out what McConnell is doing to flip votes on the witness issue.

Mairead McGuinness mood listening to Nigel Farage farewell speech...

Crazy argument from Idaho:

East Lake Meadows

➡️Tonight: join @janeosanders, @NaomiAKlein, @kendrick38, and @lascafeteras for a rally in Iowa City

Pam Bondi is not too good at this

Conspiracy theorist blames Hillary Clinton for Kobe Bryant's death...

Keystone XL gets a 'no' recommendation from Nebraska county

Starr is insane. Seriously - that boy is 'off'


If This Era of Automation Mirrors the Past, We're in Trouble.

Yes...another IA poll Biden 19 Buttigieg 18 Sanders 15 Warren 15

It feels so strange to be going to the grocery store, doing laundry... when on Friday

University of Chicago Student Newspaper Endorses Sanders

Koala Who Burned All 4 Paws In Fires Is So Happy To Finally Be Safe

Get your entire week's worth of BAD news here.

Most Think Trump Did Something Wrong with Ukraine

The new Seattle hockey team name! I hate hockey but am now a fan!

Wait. So. If Dersh said what Twitler did was ok, then the same logic applies to Biden, right?

Remember how apeshit #TraitorGOP went at Chinese campaign funds into the DNC?

Could someone PLEASE throw a butterfly net over Dershowitz? nt


What the MAGAts left behind after trump's NJ rally:

Abuse of power is not impeachable.

Amazon's Ring security shares your personal data with Facebook and Google, report says

Coronavirus: China accused of 'burning bodies in secret'

Coronavirus: China accused of 'burning bodies in secret'

A live Epstein might of hurt Trump's reelection chances

QAnon YouTubers Are Telling People to Drink Bleach to Ward Off Coronavirus