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Hillary Clinton....

I. Don't. Trust. Bolton.

No party emerging as clear winner in Peru congress elections

Didn't this Robert Ray using the Nixon comparison convict Trump?

Trump has lived most of his life, with others taking the fall for him. This time is different.

Lawrence O'Donnell just said something interestng.....

#BoltonMustTestify Trends Amid Reports Trump Told Former National Security Advisor He Wanted to Free

Chris Hayes....

Bernie Can't Win Like David From or not he makes all the points

What would be the downside ( if Robert's isn't in the tank for Trump) of proposing to

Kellogg's commits to reducing widely used herbicide in supply chain; wheat growers surprised

A "large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking the east-bound lane..."

Peru Congress fragmented by Fujimori opposition collapse

Pompous Pompeo is apocalyptic....

Ezra Klein debunks Republican's argument that impeachment requires criminal activity.

Wonder if there will be reporting on Late night lights on at

If I were an Iowan I'm afraid I might switch to Biden.

Robert Ray neglects to note that 53.7 percent of voters voted for someone OTHER than Trump.


Yep, This Happened

Prince Andrew giving 'zero' cooperation to Epstein inquiry, say US prosecutors

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 January 2020


Lawrence Tribe...

To Pam Bondi: To paraphrase an old joke, "We've already established what you are. Now

How does it make sense for the trump defense team to attack Hunter Biden?

Property taxes rise for most of Snohomish County in 2020

Pa. Speaker Mike Turzai(R)(scumbag)will retire from state House after current term.

State Department removes NPR reporter from Pompeo trip

State Department drops NPR from Pompeo trip after Ukraine dust-up

Mark Meadows: Republicans would face "repercussions" for breaking with Trump

Democrats win major voting rights case in Arizona

Why is it so hard to say trump is corrupt?

Nuestro Futuro - Bernie Sanders

This Ray man is one dull clucker.

In wake of Bolton book news, White House allies say Trump lawyers bungled defense

Will be seeing Joe on Saturday in North Liberty!!!

Man arrested after firing gun on Bremerton ferry

3 University of Washington students tested for Coronavirus after traveling to China

Alan Dershowitz up now. Admits he looked throught dusty old books from

Swedish Medical Center Will Close 2 ERs Amid 3-Day Strike

Eric Garland - They're not trying to win the case. They're trying to destroy the institutions.


Joni Ernst admits plot to take down Biden before Iowa

On Friday, January 27, 1922, the Knickerbocker Storm started.

US companies suspend China operations, restrict travel as coronavirus outbreak spreads

Newest GOP senator accuses Romney of trying to 'appease the left' in favoring witnesses

As I watch a certain cretin on my TV, I thought of this very popular local song

LMAO 😂...newest repuke defense

Don't know why I thought of this--'Lady Jane"--Stones --1966 Brian Jones! Mick so young

In 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court allows Trump plan to deny green cards to those who might need gov't aid

How's this for a scenario? Biden gets the nomination and beats trump. Then he names his cabinet....

Shkreli Sued Over Alleged Antitrust Violation in Drug Pricing

Republican senate dedfense of Trump is about effective as

Has there been a dinner break yet?

DOJ Assistant AG Apologizes to Judge After Illegally Practicing Law for a Couple of Months

Bloomberg Is Taunting Trump, and Trump Is Taking the Bait

Impeachment coverage: WOW Dershowitz is going full gollum!

Trump waived executive privilege when he called Bolton a liar

John Bolton Knows What He's Doing

Two downtown Seattle shooting victims remain hospitalized; two suspects still wanted

Is it a crime for a President to be incapacitated?

Dersh seems to be conducting a con law class.

Seth Abramson on Dershowitz...

The DERSH ain't "gitter done" for SHITLER'S zombies: Too many words!1

Geoff Bennett: Bolton plans to testify as fact witness

Whoo Hoo! We have a new Dr Who, and she is a black woman

What the fuck is wrong with CNN

'Wants to appease the left': GOP senator blasts Mitt Romney

Has it been confirmed if there will be ANY witnesses at all?

Fascinating presentation in the Senate right now.

What we're seeing from Trump's lawyers is exactly what is to be expected when you have . . . . .

So four days after Bolton sent his manuscript to the WH, tRump assassinated Soleimani

OK To A Witness Swap... Hunter For The Betrayer In WH

New Book Leak: Bolton Was Concerned That Trump Did Favors for Autocratic Leaders, told Barr

My experience in Cuba

A real dumbass Tweet from Matt Gaetz

Missouri Scout Poll: Biden 39, Bloomberg 14, Warren 9, Klobuchar 8, Sanders 7

Has the mango maniac threatened to sue Bolton yet? Or maybe Nunes will?

GA-SEN: Collins Will Challenge Loeffler for Senate

But wait there's more. Bolton's manuscript pins new data point in Barr timeline.

Trump's Middle East peace plan expected to offer Palestinians conditional statehood

Voting in Pennsylvania

House Democrats are making McConnell -- not Trump -- their new boogeyman

Melber: 'Constitutionally, We Just Watched Ken Starr Punch Himself In The Face'

UCSD Study - Loss Of Arctic Sea Ice May Be Directly Impacting Winds & Weather At The Equator

People who have bad timing (how do you change it?)

The hell with Burisma--We should be looking at Rosneft.

GOP Iowa senator suggests Trump impeachment defense could hurt Biden at caucuses

"We should not be scared of what will happen if we try.

1 Of 4 Atlantic Right Whale Calves Born Past Breeding Season Hit By A Ship

If Biden gets the nomination

Progressive group targeting vulnerable GOP senators on impeachment witnesses


Gun control group plans to spend $60M on 2020 elections

Vale - #2 Mining Company On Earth - Has Filed 214 Applications To Mine On Native Lands In Brazil

Roy Moore files $40 million 'fake news' lawsuit

There was no general federal bribery statute at all until 1853.

Bolsonaro Announces Creation Of "Amazon Council" - Whatever That Is . . . .

House Democrats to spend $1M on ads targeting GOP on drug pricing

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Sound of Silence!

Cipollone is not an inspiring speaker.

Bloomberg to send mailers to 2.5 million voters across Super Tuesday states

I Wanna Be Sedated

Who is the worst Trump impeachment defense lawyer?

Fact-Checking Joe Biden Before the Iowa Caucuses

TX-HD28: Texas House special election to gauge suburban mood

I Don't Know Why But While Dershowitz Was Talking I Kept.....

Beaten, mutilated and forced to undress: Inside Chile's brutal police crackdown against protesters

Moulton endorses Biden's presidential bid

Panama's Drought Pushing Shipping To The Suez Canal, Driving Costs Higher

the Dershowitz argument

Having A Climate Minister In The Cabinet Would Be "An Irritant", Boris Johnson Is Warned

Bolton gave the WH one copy and somebody made copies!!

Joe Rogan: Cornel West Interview 7/19

Arizona Republicans discriminated against minority voters, court rules

Arizona Republicans discriminated against minority voters, court rules

AngryBlackLady on joe rogan..

Watching the Aussie Open, I got ideas for SNL skits...

Bolton Was Concerned That Trump Did Favors for Autocratic Leaders, Book Says

This is what a blue state looks like: Rapid change roils Virginia Republicans

Medicare for All 'Is What Patients Need'

'Reagan & Thatcher Week,' Latest Skirmish In Bolsonaro's Culture Wars of Brazil, 1980s Cons

Question for those who have worked both in government and private industry:

Controversial comedy 'Faith Based' pokes fun at Christian films -- to a point

TX-HD28: Democrats confront bellwether expectations as Texas House special election reaches end

I can't listen to the defense lawyers when driving.

I don't trust John Bolton, and have no doubt his book will be shown to be bullshit.

I wonder what kind of interesting tidbits Dan Coats could add regarding

David Olney - Sweet Sugaree

Bernie welcomes the economic elites' hatred in Sioux City

John Bolton Claims Trump's Daily Hair & Makeup Routine Takes 2 Hours

Tammy Duckworth responds to Ken Starr: "Let me tell you..."

Manchin said Dershowitz did a good job and it

Kentucky doctors could be arrested for transgender youth treatments under a proposed bill

Chairman Schiff tweet: They have no defense.

To me it feels like the impeachment is doing some serious damage to Trump

Under court review: A little marijuana, a life sentence

Just read someone's thoughts that Trump is going for the ineffectual counsel defense.

Corona virus deaths now at 107, with 4474 confirmed cases.

You raised $605.00 on January 26, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

At the end of the day, who did Pres. Obama trust to be a "heartbeat away"?

Peter Karmanos asks the Trump to pardon Kwame...

"We took him out. That should have happened a long time ago." Donald J. Trump

"The defense team's strategy rests on pretending that news doesn't exist."

At the Dawning of the Age of Impeachment, a Murderstache Shall Guide Them! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Bolton's book leaked to NYT via photocopy from THE WHITE HOUSE. #PerfectCopy

This idiot drew the short straw and willfully went on the Sunday shows

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 14

Was Pam Bondi on break from her role as an aging high school musical queen on Glee?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 30, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: The Magnificent Seven

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 31, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: New Yorkers In Love

The People's Perfume

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 1, 2020 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 360 Degrees of Oscar

LOL! George Takei tweet, minutes ago:

For All (Nevada Ad) Bernie Sanders

Rachel said PENCE was "in the middle of today's proceedings" - wha hoppen?!

For All (Nevada Ad) Bernie Sanders

John Bolton sent one copy of his book to the White House, and then it was copied and leaked.

Inside the Paris Department Store where Nazis Shopped for Stolen Jewish Belongings

Fox News poll: Half of Americans say Trump should be convicted and removed

Father arrested in killings of 5 of his infant children

Wilco Johnson of Dr. Feelgood and Roger Daltrey

I ❤️ NY. Watch Rudy walking down street

Joe on fire tonight as he goes after Trump

A Notorious Sandy Hook Tormentor Is Arrested in Florida NYTimes

Shittiest job in the US right now?

A Monstrous Fraud Was Perpetrated on the Senate, and John Roberts Had to Know It

Wag the Dog (1997)

Fox News Desperately Tries to End Unhinged Giuliani Interview

Rudy gets a hero's welcome in NYC:

No Rhythm Revolution: Attack of the Manbuns

Not cult like at all...😂

This stray dog was hiding her babies to keep them safe ❤️

Finally Somebody That's A Better Liar Than Trump.....

Biden on Ernst:

Who are Trump and Putin afraid of?

"Our ancestors managed fire country for millennia. We yearn to burn once more"

Qassem Soleimani

Florida pastor and Trump spiritual advisor prays for 'all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now'

How much of Trump's "base" have watched the senate trial on TV ...

Donate to MoveOn to support impeachment advertisements

WaPo on coronavirus: 'Here's what we know'

Jack Evans to run for D.C. Council after resigning seat amid ethics scandal

I noticed that FOX went to regular programming when near end of lawyer presentations?

US Outraged by Spanish Insubordination - VP Delcy Rodriguez and Minister Jose Luis Abalos Meeting (S

Trump administration seeks to make it easier for banks to reject loans for people of color

Celebrity star-power fuels Bernie's final Iowa sprint

Brian Williams commented that we are living through a Scorsese movie

Wisconsin governor signs order for redistricting commission

TX-HD28: Early Voting Turnout in Texas Special Election Runoffs

The Daily Show: Bolton & Parnas Throw a Wrench in Trump's Defense / Trump's Defense Team Plays Dumb

Seth Meyers - Trump Issues Threats Amid Bolton Impeachment Bombshell: A Closer Look

Biden tours Iowa while senators stay benched

I think that the House managers knew the Bolton info was coming.

The Auschwitz Protocol

'Five Eyes' intel alliance ties up with Japan over N. Korea

Anti-Semitic graffiti painted on door of Italian Holocaust survivor's home

Mitch McConnell is angry at White House over John Bolton manuscript, report says

Los Angeles Times honors Kobe Bryant

Trump Targets a New Group of Immigrants ---African immigrants appear to be in the president's sights

The heinous crimes of the Nazis against thousands of queer people must never, ever be forgotten

75 Years ago: The liberation of Auschwitz and the GLBTQ communities

Thom Hartmann: Beware of Democratic Super Delegates in round 2 of a brokered convention!

Guaido Has Links With Money Launderer Defended by Rudy Giuliani (Lev Parnas)

Survivors call for end to world indifference at Auschwitz memorial

I . Dont . Trust . John . Bolton

'I see it as a chance to finally say goodbye': Auschwitz survivors tell their stories

Former Green Bay Packer and his two buddies like playing games in court...

'The Poison Squad' Review: A Spoonful of Borax Helps the Rancid Meat Go Down

First Amendment activist making video has encounter with guard at York County (PA) Prison

Got my DNA results back

Biden handily beats Trump in new Delaware poll. Other Dems only manage tie.

Mom of 2 missing kids found in Hawaii with new husband

(Jewish Group) n January 27, 1945, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz. The date is now consecrated as

British man dies in US immigration detention in Florida


If Toomey's Bolton for Biden trade makes you enraged, remember Bloomberg helped get him re-elected.

Advertisers are showing womanhood in all its bloody, hairy glory

Survivor of Nazi Twin Medical Experiments at Auschwitz, Eva Mozes Kor

Bernie is surging ahead in Iowa.

45 and ALL his minions are having a stroke over this tonight!

Bolton to Reportedly Claim He Raised Concerns About Trump Doing 'Personal Favors' for Erdogan, Xi Ji

Heather Cox Richardson - January 27, 2020 - Letters From An American

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that are likely switch political parties.

What is the "Lower Cost, More Cures Act" I keep seeing advertised on DU?

Coronavirus: Death toll climbs to 106 as China tightens measures

Appellate Court Weighs Florida Law on Felon Voting Rights

Prince Andrew told to 'stop playing games' over Epstein inquiry

Arizona Republicans discriminated against minority voters, court rules

Has physicist's gravity theory solved 'impossible' dark energy riddle?

Police: Handcuffed Man Shot and Killed Inside Cruiser

CHICKEN KIEV...(Daily News Front Page)

Kenin through to the semis

Some of my favorites that transport me to another realm.

Is it possible to hope that Bolton is going to burn the building down?

Bernie 1987: "If we expanded Medicaid [to] everybody....we would bankrupt the nation"

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 42 - Right Now (with Jeffrey Sachs & Ari Rabin-Havt)

Confederacy of dunces

Antarctica melting: Journey to the 'doomsday glacier'

Sanders' rise shows voters want someone with courage, principles and the right priorities.

Sanders' rise shows voters want someone with courage, principles and the right priorities.

Russian 'Propaganda Machine' Selects Kansas City As Its Second Radio Broadcast Site.

Breakfast Tuesday 28 January 2020

Bolton Was Concerned That Trump Did Favors for Autocratic Leaders, Book Says

Why Biden scaled back in New Hampshire

A week away from the #IowaCaucus: Here is the RCP Iowa poll average Sanders: 25%

Sanders allies in new uproar over DNC convention appointments

A week away from the #IowaCaucus: Here is the RCP Iowa poll average: Sanders: 25%

Republicans can't stop talking about Obama during Trump's impeachment trial

Iranian w/a student visa was detained at Detroit airport. he 'gave up' after hrs of questioning

Google ad Celebrating Black History month - #TheMostSearched in the U.S.

Two Men Have Died in ICE Custody Since Saturday, Says Report

They are not outraged, not outraged in the least.

Warren's allies push to include Bloomberg in upcoming debates

I think it's going to rain today, Nina Simone

Is a Good-Enough Candidacy Good Enough for Joe Biden?

Is it possible to hope that Bolton is going to burn the building down?

Atlantification - What Warmer, Saltier Water Means For The Arctic Ocean

Tuesday TOONs - Conceal, Don't Feel

Princess Ivanka dislikes "disgusting arrogance, mocking accents and smug ridicule"

FL GOP's Laser-Like Environmental Focus: Find Out Whether The Sea Is Rising Or The Land Is Sinking

The Rundown: January 27, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 01/22/19

Rolls-Royce plans to build up to 15 mini nuclear reactors in Britain

Taliban Repels Afghan Forces Trying To Reach U.S. Jet Crash Site (Updated)

To call Hunter Biden as a witness question

Bernie Sanders grabs lead in California presidential primary

Bernie Sanders grabs lead in California presidential primary

Amnesty International Says Possible Saudi Arabia Purchase Of Newcastle United Is 'Blatant Whitewash'

Australian Climate Denial To The Blazing Bitter End: Murdoch Rag - "Warming Is Good For Us"

Hunter should agree to be called as a witness and then answer every question with: I'll answer that


Some Headlines for Today January 28th 2020

I had posted this almost exactly a year ago stating that Sanders had a good shot

GOP Senators need to talk to some of the Trump organization's contractors to understand their role

CNN reports only two more hours

Huawei set for limited role in UK 5G networks

We need more of this Joe!!

Washington Post reporter who tweeted about Kobe Bryant rape allegations placed on leave

Someone on DU made a great point about the Rs love of putin and russia

Grand Valley State football coach suspended after saying he'd have dinner with Hitler

Our expectations for Republican senators are so low it's astonishing

"It's what's in the trunk".

Question: who leaked the Bolton transcript?

Man found stranded on Canning Stock Route was stuck for three weeks with no fuel, dwindling supplies

A plausible hypothetical regarding Sanders and Bloomberg

Morning Joe rant on Kenn Starr

Coronavirus: Academic publisher Wiley has compiled 54 research articles - Free until April

Family survives 34 days in Peru jungle 'eating berries'

Coronavirus: Academic publisher Wiley has compiled 54 research articles - Free until April

Don't F**k With Cats

Tailorbird building nest.

I missed it....

Sanders allies in new uproar over DNC convention appointments

Bolton would take copious notes, at times angering a president known to mistrust note-taking

Sheriff's deputy stops Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, issues verbal warning for Move Over Law.

Toles re: Impeachment - "Was The Crime Done With A Silencer?"

How many witnesses should Democrats request?

Protesters arrested at Joe Biden presidential campaign field office.. ☹

Cover of NYDN: "Chicken Kiev"

I think it's time we add Speaker Pelosi and congressman Schiff's heads to Mt Rushmore.

The Eternally Unvetted Bernie Sanders

"This Is Kavanaugh All Over Again," Say Republicans. They're Right.

Mississippi cities to Mobile: Commit to Amtrak's Gulf Coast return

January 28 - Happy Birthday Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) NH

Mississippi cities to Mobile: Commit to Amtrak's Gulf Coast return

January 28 - Happy Birthday Rep. Linda Sanchez (D) CA-38th

January 28 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bennie Thompson (D) MS-2nd

Tuberville says 'God sent us Donald Trump,' in new radio ad

January 28 - Happy Birthday Rep. Antonio Delgado (D) NY-19th

Obamacare's Secret Success With little notice, the ACA has racked up a big win

Fox news is not good source for info...

Neither Pelosi nor House Dems who helped negotiate China Trade deal are invited to Wed signing

Lindsey Graham cancels presser, is completely confused on how to proceed.

Morning Consult 1/28: Nat'l JB 29 BS 23, Early primary states JB 26 BS 20, Super Tues JB 28 BS 24

Scarborough Reacts To Starr, Calls Trump Defense Team 'A Confederacy Of Dunces'

A GOP lawmaker, the son of an Auschwitz survivor, compared doctors treating transgender children to

I have to laugh at this statement.

If I see the Joni Ernst "I really wanna see what happens at the KAWKISS" clip again i'm gonna scream

French climate alliance takes legal action against Total

Top Ukraine Official: I Trusted Bolton More Than Anyone

So Trump doesn't know Parnas despite all the pics with him. Someone should try and find another

Puerto Rico opens only 20% of schools amid ongoing quakes

Bernie Sanders Surges to Lead in California Propelled by Liberals

Why is the only witness being considered a known RepubLIEcon

Are you an "elitist?"

Everyone is raptly focused on the first four primary events. Bloomberg is not.

Bernie vs. Biden on the Green New Deal

Jamie Dimon Is Fine with Corporate Socialism

Jamie Dimon Is Fine with Corporate Socialism

Sanders' Popularity With Oldest Primary Voters on the Decline (Morning Consult, 1/28)

Impeachment Trial Recap: Trump Lawyers Forge Ahead, Rejecting Bolton Relevance

An idea to keep from losing things around the house. Put "it" where you can see "it"

Iowa Really Is a Toss Up

Is this the happiest dog in the world?

It's a mistake for the DNC to stack the convention committees with anti-Bernie centrists.

GOP strategist Rick Wilson roasts Pompeo's response to NPR incident

ME-SEN: Collins challenger Sara Gideon raises $3.5 million in fourth quarter of 2019

DCCC unveils initial dozen candidates for 'Red to Blue' program

"I worked out for weeks to be able to carry this load in here." Come CAPTION Alan Dershowitz!

Poppycock, pettifogging, and foul calumny: Trump's team tries it all in Senate trial

'Fresh Air' Marks The 75th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Auschwitz

Official: Remains of 2 US troops recovered from Afghan site

This is not a criticism of the Democratic Party but since they are

The debate over nationwide injunctions [ SCOTUSBlog ]

Damn people. NINE PEOPLE died in that crash.

DCCC outraised NRCC by $40 M in 2019

Sitting on steps on back deck thinking of my kids

Bernie Sanders Fans Leave Iowa College's Mock Caucus in Protest As he Gets Trounced by Warren

Bernie Sanders 2020 Makes $2.5M TV Buy in California and Texas

Bernie Sanders 2020 Makes $2.5M TV Buy in California and Texas

DCCC adds 12 challengers to first round of 'Red to Blue' program

DNC Committee Appointments - Who Gets Chosen?

Have to share a track I just CANNOT get enough of lately...

NY Mag: Running Bernie Sanders Against Trump Would Be an Act of Insanity

I have a message for the top 1% and the large profitable corporations in this country:

George Conway's on a tear on Twitter eviscerating Trump

Bloomberg hits 12 percent, surpasses Buttigieg in new national poll

Daniel Ellsberg. Remembering My Hero, Howard Zinn.

Running Bernie Sanders Against Trump Would Be an Act of Insanity (Jonathan Chait, New York magazine)

Tom Steyer campaign ad: "Fired Up"

Moved to Dem Primaries forum

Alma Adams endorses Joe Biden for president...Go Joe 😎🎨

Artur Rubenstein was born on this date.

Wanta take a guess what creature has these "cute" little paws?

GOP senator admits she hopes Trump's impeachment hurts Joe Biden

Klobuchar: If @GOP isn't sure Bolton, Parnas are telling truth, let them testify...........

Trump refuses to invite Democrats who helped pass trade deal to his bill signing

Sarah has a birthday today.

Trump refuses to invite Democrats who helped pass trade deal to his bill signing

A Dallas Morning News reader

Senate Democrats' super PAC raises record $61M in 2019

Missing from Trump's speeches to Congress: Melania's work--on #cyberbullying....

Pam Bondi and what she really is.

One good thing about the centrists in the party warming up to Bloomberg...

Bloomberg's rise sets off alarms on the left

Vt. Legislature passes family leave bill opposed by GOP governor

CIA chief 'behind Soleimani's assassination' killed in downed plane in Afghanistan

DOJ Denies Bolton And Barr Discussed Trump's 'Personal Favors' To Autocratic Leaders

Bloomberg is spending an unprecedented amount of money on Pennsylvania TV ads

It is VERY VERY VERY wrong to mock Southern accents.

Virginia finalizes passage of Equal Rights Amendment, setting stage for legal fight

WH Accuses Bolton Of Selling Out 'Potential National Security' With Bombshell Book

Bloomberg campaign manager: Trump would 'decisively' beat Sanders

U.S. Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000

Rep Swalwell: We must all remain vigilant and vocal to prevent a sham acquittal.

Criticize him all you like, but Alan Dershowitz's technique for public speaking is actually genius.

I guess I should get used to Mr Schumer being cut off

Boy, 9, charged with attempted murder after repeatedly stabbing sister, 5

It's funny cuz it's true.

Not Me. Us.

MORNING CONSULT The 2020 U.S. Election

Not Me. Us.

Are those upset about Sanders lack of "Democratic loyalty" similarly upset about Bloomberg?

VIDEO LEAK: Trump Says "Take Out" US Ambassador

Older than a stony old faces old things

Huffpost: Joe Biden Led Budget Talks Where Social Security Cuts Were On The Table

Trump Declares 'Beginning of the End' For 'Really Pathetic' Fox News

War criminal Eddie Gallagher posts video of his former troops..."cowards"

Warren Offers Infectious-Disease Plan Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

1986 Bernie on feeling sick watching President Kennedy speaking out against Communism in Cuba.

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Imagine"

Why do Repukes always seem to pick stupid, ignorant presidential candidates?

Elizabeth Warren's Year of Plans Faces Judgment Day in Iowa

Meet the Palestinian professor who took his students to Auschwitz

Breaking: Harvard chair and Chinese national indicted for lying to US govt

Top Ukraine Official: I Trusted Bolton More Than Anyone (Bombshell Daily Beast must read interview)

Bloomberg Seeks to Limit Drug Patent Protection to Reduce Costs

Email from Seth Moulton supporting Kai Kahele, who is running for Gabbard's House seat:

God gave Rock and Roll to you.

As Sanders Surges, Moderate Dems Issue Warning To Iowans

White House is reportedly considering taking out a restraining order on John Bolton

Retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher strikes back at SEALs who testified against him

Morning Joe Blasts Trumps Defence, A 'Confederacy Of Dunces'

Nothing happens until after Senators question time

Puppy Who's Been Through So Much Loves Her New Family

Biden campaign ad with Jill Biden: The Future I Want

16,000 Lies - 16,000 Lies - 16,000 Lies - 16,000 Lies

TX-HD28: Voters in the Houston area will head to the polls today for a special election runoff

Andrew Berry officially named Browns new GM and Executive VP of Football Operations

Got through on first try with Senator Collins' Bangor office. A bit surprised that

Note to TV talking heads: STFU about a stupid deal for witnesses...

Has anyone noticed there are more books out there against Trump than for him?

House Majority PAC raised a whopping $41 million in 2019,

Joni Ernst going off on Biden about the IA caucuses may have handed him a win there.

Breaking MSNBC: John Kelly Backs Bolton

Senate Democrats' super PAC raises record $61M in 2019

Pic Of The Moment: Alternate Titles For Bolton's Book

Former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly tells Sarasota crowd 'I believe John Bolton'

Picture of the day!!!

Trump's Defense Shifts from Complacency to Urgency

Anthony Cody on Sanders Supporters

Biden: This guy, like all bullies, is a coward. He does not want to run against me

Does Dershowitz know everything that is in the Bolton manuscript?

I may know why we haven't seen AG Barr lately.

AOC: We Shouldn't Be Scared of What Will Happen If We Try

Today In Music History:

John Bolton's publicist and publishers are using Trump

AOC: We Shouldn't Be Scared of What Will Happen If We Try

Biden maintains solid lead in South Carolina

Trump predicts the "beginning of the end" for Fox News and their "pathetic" impeachment coverage

Trump just praised Pompeo "for the job he did on her"


Bowtie-Wearing Bunny Travels First Class And Gets Her Own Ice Cream Sundae

Netanyahu Officially Indicted in Court

Biden Says Ernst 'Spilled the Beans' with Comments

Claire MCCaskill: Senate Republicans are angry today

Chris Lu: "Pelosi is the one person who has consistently out-played Trump."

Pop quiz. Who do you think was for gay marriage first: Joe Rogan or Joe Biden?

More true then I'd like to know

Iowa Really Is a Toss Up

Electricity turns garbage into graphene

House GOP leaders warn of fundraising crisis ahead of 2020

Fotis Dulos, suspect in estranged wife's murder, has died, sources say


Chumpy unloads on FAUX News - wow!

Hunter Biden would be a "political" witness if he testified.

Warren's drop in the polls is the signal that we're not yet ripe for structural....

Let's not forget in all of this that

538: the poll numbers in early states change daily. But most of these changes are within MOE

Rick Wilson's famous map of Ukraine

Holy fucking shit.

Former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly tells Sarasota crowd 'I believe John Bolton'

NBC New York: Source: Prisoner Escapes in Newark Airport Bathroom, May Be Hiding in Ceiling

I knew one of these fakes would do this, sooner or later...

John "No Relation" Kennedy

?!? 😂

Where is Anonymous?

Tech Companies File $350 Million Lawsuit Over H-1B Visa Fees

Breaking: GOP senators to meet to discuss calling witnesses in Trump trial

Pasta is now a vegetable in American schools under Trump guidelines

Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with two-state solution, tunnel connecting West Bank and Gaza

Trump Sees Witnesses as Likely

Smart Cat Shocks Owner By Teaching Himself To Use The Toilet

House GOP Leaders Warn of Fundraising Crisis

Levels of disappointment

Joe Biden gains SC endorsements from former Kamala Harris co-chairs ....😎🎨 🚒Go Joe...

A question for some of our legal beagles: other absolute powers of a POTUS--- to classify or

Win the battle lose the war. Keep exposing negatives about candidates

RCP Betting Odds Upset: Bernie Blows Past Biden

Dzogchen Practice in Everyday Life

Sanders in 1987: 'Astronomical' Cost of Single-Payer 'Would Bankrupt the Nation' (VIDEO)

Tacoma schools warn of dangerous new 'penny challenge' on social media

Seattle status check: Still rainy, still haven't had a sunny day in nearly 2 months

Bloomberg creates a parallel presidential race. Can he win?

The "Whistleblower" and the ICIG...

Lovely Stephanie Miller says Mahomes isn't as cute as Garoppolo

Feds: Smuggled Marysville guns were part of Nazi terror plot

Trump's tweet about Schiff, stated another way:

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang campaigns in Council Bluffs before Caucuses

Apparently if you signed up for the Marianne Williamson campaign mailing list...

2 county residents among 8 statewide tested for coronavirus

LOL. Trump and Netantahu meet. One criminal to another.

'Tiger King' sentenced to 22 years for violence against tigers and people

Lawyers Aren't Supposed To Lie In Court, But Bolton Shows Trump's Already May Have

So what makes Kobe any better than Brett Kavanaugh?

'It's going to be harmful': Republicans weaponize Trump team attacks on Biden

Trump Defense Finale Puts GOP Near Moment of Reckoning on Bolton

Trump's Lawyers Keep Referring To The Perfect Call....

NYT Live Updating: 2 GOP senators back proposal to privately see Bolton's manuscript

Senator Doug Jones says Trump team made 'persuasive' argument against obstruction article

Is there really anyone left who needs Bolton to help them make up their minds???? nt

Mitt makes his move

MLK & Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

You know what I'm for? I'm for having primary elections and letting them

Don't go to Giuliani's website - malware laden??

Graham Says There Are 51 Votes to Call Bidens

Dershowitz sleight of hand...

Tax Wealth Accumulation Not Wages

Mississippi governor to close notorious prison unit after string of inmate deaths

Wet January leads to landslides across western Washington

Affluenza. Jacob Wohl arraignment date pushed again, now February 24th.

Richard Engel: Jordon rejects any plan that leaves the Palestinians out - serious blow to the plan

Earthquake in Kingston Jamaica right now

Giuliani furious Democrats want testimony from Bolton but not him:

Why are California's mayors lining up to endorse Mike Bloomberg?

In video of Trump high-fiving Pompeo over NPR, his eyes never open past tiny little slits.

Yay Bernie! Yay Trump! Yay Trump Jr. 2024!


Danger! Danger! Danger!

Bernie Fans Leave Iowa College's Mock Caucus in Protest As he Gets Trounced by Warren

I'm sorry, but when he says "Danger, danger, danger..."

'Vile man': Mother of viral meme star orders Rep. Steve King to stop using her son's image

New Ad Campaign Targets Ernst As She Doubles Down On Impeachment

Amy's Hotdish

Seems like "duly elected" is the buzzword du jour...

Your honor my client was only there to rob the bank

Netanyahu pulls request for immunity on corruption charges

If they were so concerned about corruption in Ukraine, why send them weapons?

3 weeks of no smoking. Yay! Using the Nicorette gum and

This campaign is not just about me. It's about us.

Congressman Tim Ryan stumps for Biden ahead of caucus...Go Joe....🎨😎🦩

Good point by point rebuttal of Dershowitz from yesterday

Cartoons 1/28/2020

Americans will inherit $764 billion this year, mostly tax-free

Amy Klobuchar heading to

U.S. deficit to eclipse $1 trillion in 2020, CBO says, as fiscal imbalance continues to widen

Help Me Here - Did The WH Approve Bolton's Manuscript?.....

TRUMP and Musk-We gotta protect our genieses.

Jay Sekulow argues senators can't remove 'duly-elected' Trump from office 'during an election year

ME-SEN: Bloomberg Will Back Challenger to Susan Collins

Massive 7.7-magnitude earthquake strikes between Cuba, Jamaica

US budget deficit to break $1 trillion in fiscal 2020, CBO says

Krystal Ball: Why establishment scramble to stop Bernie will fail

Chipotle violated child labor laws

Trump's legal team just wrapped up their opening statements

McConnell says question-and-answer portion of trial will happen over next two days

tell me again how crazy expensive a real health care plan would be

How many of the 75% who want witnesses do you think are hoping for Hunter Biden? nt

Elizabeth Warren's response to trump's "Peace Plan"

New Quinnipiac poll on impeachment: 75% want witness testimony

Happy National Blueberry Pancakes Day!

Iowa @PodSaveAmerica/@ChangePolls: Sanders 27%

New Hampshire, ARG Poll: Bernie running away with it

Mohammed Nuru, head of SF Public Works, arrested by FBI

A letter from Auschwitz

Have you noticed the difference in tone between Managers and Repub lawyers?

Updated: (not) LIVE NOW: House Managers are holding a press conference

Today's quote of the day.

DOJ Position And Trump Impeachment Argument 'Cannot Be Reconciled,' House Lawyer Argues

Australian lab first outside of China to re-create coronavirus

How do you get a revolution with the highest economic confidence in 20 years?

Daily Show truck going around Capitol playing clips of Trump insulting senators in impeachment trial

GOP Senators Want To See The Bolton Manuscript

Donnie Dollhands was worried President Obama had him bugged

Do you know what's happening to your clothing donations?

Meanwhile in New Jersey

Evacuations in Miami following the quake

How fitting. The Repugs are currently caucusing in the Strom Thurmond room.

If Trump's NSC refuses to "clear" Bolton's book for publication because it "contains too much

Will Senators That Ask A Question Have To Be Identified By Name?.....

Lighten up! Cats Reacting To The First Snow

If in the end no witnesses are called, can Justice Roberts call for a mistrial?

Be prepared for hysterics and even a fainting spell...GLORY BE

Trump's Biden gambit is going according to plan

Budget deficit to break $1 trillion despite strong economy

Got time for a glacier lesson?

On January 26, 1945, Audie Murphy found himself surrounded by six German tanks.

Kobe Crash-Keep the Children on the Ground!

How Fox News is hurting our country - Chris Cillizza

The case for registering firearms.

In Klobuchar's past, questions about a teen jailed for life

Barry Commoner's 'Four Principles Of Ecology,' China's Coronavirus & Human Self Destruction

Nostradamus He Ain't: Bernie Says No Blue Wave in 2018.

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 28, 2020

Hearing Thursday: Parnas asked judge for permission to release more evidence. US is fighting this.

New Hampshire, ARG Poll: Sanders 28%

Either way republicans vote, they lose...

New Hampshire, ARG Poll: Sanders 28%

My first and last day as a CSI ride along: Detective: "Volunteer Turbo, how do you think the victim

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have picked up a joint endorsement from Unite Here Local 11

Coronavirus... interesting...

White House credentialed journalist blames Wuhan corona virus on trans kids & sexual immorality

Joseph Bondy

RCP, Biden is leading. New Quinipiac as of today showing Biden winning. No Sanders surge!

Trump rally tonight in NJ...........

US state department bars NPR reporter from flight, calls media 'unhinged'

David Pakman on the Sanders / Rogan story

Is there any place to find how much money our candidates

Kushner: Trump has been "totally vindicated again" by "great" impeachment.

Greta Versus the Greedy Grifters

Apologies to DU re: FAKE tweet!

Sweet puppy with 2 broken legs healed and happy:

And Ukrainians saw right through it....

Colombia jails army colonel over assassination of demobilized FARC member

Wow..GOP waiting to see if JB Impeachment slams affect IOWA

Israeli Baseball: Now Starring Actual Israelis

A list of some of Sander's accomplishments

I want to do more

Quinnipiac Poll on the Democratic Primary

Trump and his demons: Why the assault on democracy will get worse

My Corona...

Biden engagement with a voter...

Really Diane Feinstein? Really

Chuck Todd just compared...

Just saw some of the pix of the crowd lined up in Jersey for Trump's rally. As usual,

Bernie Sanders campaign ad: "Generations"

It would be surprisingly stupid...

Hell yes! The USS Doris Miller, CVN-81 will soon set sail.

USSR - United States Senate Republicans.

Groundhog's Day

Groundhog's Day

Hold the phone: McConnell Says GOP DOESN'T Have Votes to Block Impeachment Witnesses

Bernie Sanders shows support for St. Louis protest

In case anyone wonders who Trump fears the most, we already know.

Terminally Ill Patients Face Obstacles To Assisted Dying As Catholic Hospitals Expand

Trump praises Pompeo over handling of NPR reporter: 'You did a good job on her'

''I am honored to receive the endorsement of @UNITEHERE11''

Clinton says she feels the 'urge' to defeat Trump in 2020....Thank-you Hillary 👱🏻‍♀️

Terminally Ill Patients Face Obstacles To Assisted Dying As Catholic Hospitals Expand

Simon Rosenberg: Where Bolton Is Headed -- Putin

About that Sen. Feinstein article... The reporter who asked the ?s says article isn't correct.

RCP Poll Average - New Hampshire

Hey Chuck Todd:

U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding


Bolton confirms what we have been saying here (new):WARNING GRAPHIC!


In Wake of Coronavirus, Canada's Chinese Community Faces Racist Abuse

Trump praises Pompeo for confrontation with NPR reporter: 'You did a good job on her'

Meme of the day!

McConnell tells GOP senators he does not have the votes to block witnesses in Trump's impeachment

The Trump Administration Weakens Standards for ICE Detention Facilities

WSJ: MoscowMitch doesn't have the votes to block documents or

🐦 JAN 29 at 8PM CST - Iowa City Rally with Jane Sanders and National Surrogates

B9 or Jay Sekulow?

WSJ exclusive: McConnell says he doesn't have enough votes to block witnesses

Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

🐦 JAN 30 at 6:30PM CST - Unidos Con Bernie Caucus Concert w/ Jane Sanders & Las Cafeteras

Mitch McConnell has way too much power.

Auschwitz at 75: From sorrow to song

WAPO OP ED: GOP Trapped, Thanks to Speaker Pelosi

Flame Interactions of K, S Cl and CO in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres.

I'm wondering what this setback will do to potus.

I would avoid the windows 10 upgrade-My hard drive failed

Falwell and W.Va. governor pitch Virginia secession plea "Vexit"

01/29 Mike Luckovich-Witnesses

🐦 FEB 10 at 7:30PM - Bernie Sanders GOTV Concert Rally w/The Strokes, Durham NH

Why I am going to work my ass off to get a Sanders win in the Primary

If Bill Clinton had been a Republican would he have been impeached?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Rep. Barbara Lee @RepBarbaraLee Trump's one-sided so-called "peace plan" is anything but.

WaPo reinstates reporter who it suspended over Kobe Bryant tweets, saying she didn't violate policy

The Bolton Bombshell and the Unwaveringly Pro-Trump G.O.P.

Chipotle Fined $1.37M Over Thousands Of Child Labor Abuses

Headline and Picture of McConnell

Remember cock-of-the-walk Trump crowed about no injuries?

First on CNN: 50 US service members diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after Iranian missile st

So, where are all the talking heads that said Pelosi's delay was a pointless waste of time? nt

Jerry Nadler, such a great, wonderful man. Why? He spent his day with his wife

Is This Where We're Headed?


Senator Feinstein clarifies -- and reporter confirms -- LA Times story about Feinstein was wrong.

I have been contemplating a tattoo...maybe this one!

50 soldiers were injured in that Iran attack on the American base in

I'll say it. NBC News' Heidi Przybyla is pretty badass!

Video: Standing with WV Gov. Jim Justice, Liberty U. President Jerry Falwell Calls for "VEXIT"

Fortney reinstates 2 more deputies fired by previous sheriff

If Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020, which US Senate seats will they be winning,