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US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win in 2020 are-

Veronese, not Michelangelo

Is FOBO Paralyzing the Democratic Primary?

Michelle Obama wins her first Grammy for 'Becoming' audiobook

Adam Schiff responds to Bolton report

Breaking via NYT: Trump told John Bolton in August about quid pro quo

Did Trump plagiarize Obama's Kobe tribute tweet?

Time to mourn, but not time to forget our country is on the edge

Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says

Subpoena Simon & Schuster for the first draft of Amb. John Bolton's forthcoming book

This Mainah is calling Susan Collins' staff tomorrow. Anything you want me to say besides

Music addicts...

Bernie's Demeanor is to divide not to unite.

Mountain Lion near Jackson Hole Wyoming

Songs you sang to your babies.

A History Of Quarantines From Bubonic Plague To Typhoid Mary

Not a chance in hell, trumpy wrote that tweet about Kobe

I am watching the "circus" on Showtime and they were in Iowa

Alicia Keys at the Grammys Went there in song. dumpt impeachment and bad guys win when good sta

Sioux City,IA for @AOC, @portugaltheman and @BernieSanders - there are still 289 people in line

Pelosi should win an Oscar

538 - Election Update: What Are The Chances Of A Brokered Convention?


I had a weird momentary feeling when I attended a recent all-provider meeting.

Did Trump commit an impeachable offense using this sentence?

Schiff, Calling Trump 'Wrathful and Vindictive,' Sees Tweet as a Threat

TX-28: Texas AFL-CIO endorses Cuellar's primary challenger

Ad on Lounge page says, "Come in to a Chick-fil-a Today!"

Trump impeachment: Rep. Zoe Lofgren says 'country's fate hanging' on outcome

Arizona, California cases push US tally of new virus to 5

The Guardian View On Holocaust Memorial Day: As Necessary As Ever

Trumps spiritual adviser advocates abortion?

Final ATC recording from the Kobe Bryant flight...

Mayor Bernard Sanders 1981

Pierce: It Is a Terrible Irony That Kobe Bryant Should Fall From the Sky

A Deep Earnings Recession Could Crash The S&P 500: Economist

Alicia Keys Moving Speech and Song From Grammys :

"In every stage of these Oppressions...."

Coronavirus death toll jumps to 80, five US cases confirmed: Everything we know

I have discovered something Trump is great at, and that is: "STUPID TWEETING." I have never seen

White House reportedly credentials again website that called impeachment a 'Jew Coup'

IOWA Emerson College Polling - Sanders 30%

IOWA Emerson College Polling - Sanders 30%

Iowa Emerson College/ @7News Poll

Here's Joe Rogan making a case for medicare for all.

Marshall, TPM re Bolton "A Disgrace"

No Trump in the White House this time next year

Appreciation thread for the Bryant's.....

Biden and Sanders are breaking away from the pack of candidates among Democrats nationwide

Trump threatens to cut NPR's funding after Pompeo meltdown.

SpaceX Is About to Launch a Historic Mission With Actual People on Board Crew Dragon

Does THe Bolton Info Insure The Cons Will Vote Against Having Witnesses?

Bernie has a lot to like about him, but if he becomes the Democratic nominee

Billy Eilish (and her brother) are awesome!

Ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Responds to Pompeo

Removing Prieto Wolves is Not the Answer, The Wildlife News

Bloomberg Watch

So here comes the painfully obvious, perhaps foolish, yet inevitable impeachment question.

Journey To Space (2015) - Documentary - Patrick Stewart - 2160p 4K UHD

It's funny how Steven Tyler got older, but I did not

You want to see unity ?

Study claims some cancers 'better left undiscovered'

Awards night (*my* least favorite) - Grammys. Next week BAFTAs

Anyone else think it's hilarious that Bolton could screw tRump in the end?

Kobe's Oscar Winning Short Film and Love Letter "Dear Basketball"

Masterminds: Crazy Eddie ..... sound familiar?

Biden leaves voters and reporters hanging during swing through N.H.

Buttigieg Draws Applause at Fox News Town Hall For Bashing Trump: 'Echoing the Language of Dictators

Postcards To Voters

Not a fan of Joe Rogan but what I find interesting is that Sanders who is so far left

'Mozart v. Salieri': 'Amadeus' Best Picture, 1984: Musical Genius Wolfgang A. Mozart

Will there be anyone else on the republican

Is Trump actually a Christian?

538 Forecast on early and super Tuesday states Sanders has the best chance of winning

This is how f__king scared WH is of Bolton:

"Warmest condolences?"

Medieval Times - SNL

Bolton's Attorney confirms NYT report & Bolton has offered to testify to the Senate

MSNBC: Reporter Says She 'Did Not' Use Racial Slur During Kobe Bryant Report

Any Doctor Who fans in the house? *Spoilers*


Why is Bolton doing this when his book....

Journey To Space (2015) - Documentary - Patrick Stewart - 2160p 4K UHD

Southern Avenue - Keep On

Give America a fair trial. She's worth it.

Former CIA Station Chief in Moscow: Trump is a Russian Agent

International organizations announce oversight of Uribe case

Colombia arrested 6 social leaders on terrorism charges ahead of protests

Fact that book publishers know more about Trump's bribery scheme and cover up than U.S. senators..

Powerful documentary shows where we're headed if we don't do something about what's happening in US

A republican told me he heard a joke about Social Security...

Bolsonaro Considered Bringing Back the Ministry of Public Security

NYT: Fact-Checking Joe Biden Before the Iowa Caucuses.

2020: Different year. Different Decade. Same shit.

Patrick Stewart admits to using Medical Marijuana

Folha Leads Circulation among Brazil's Newspapers in 2019

Twitter to label trumps tweets that break rules.

overview of how to report potential violations of the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service.

Time to put the GOPoo against the wall

My Little 16m Tokyo Apartment Tour (& Answering Some Questions!)

"its wonderful to be 84 years old"- "the prime of life can hit you any time" - carol channing

So, who will the Walking Orange Turd piss off he shouldn't when...

Peru's Revolt Is About More Than Corruption

Why Bernie is best suited to lead on foreign policy.

How I Learnt JAPANESE (Mikan)

This is incredibly sad

Kobe Bryant Speaks Italian

Iowa: Emerson Poll real news Klobuchar in 3rd

Bernie Sanders Admits That "Nobody Knows" Cost of His Health Care Plan!!!

And in sentimental yet substantive news . . . . . .

Chris Hayes on MSNBC just said that this is an absolute bomb detonating across Washington tonight

Bolivia president asks all ministers to resign

My one and only thread on Joe Rogan.

NBC 4: Va. Investigating 3 Possible Coronavirus Cases: VDH, Va. Dept of Health Update Page

NYT: In book, Bolton says Trump tied Ukraine aid to inquiries, implicates senior cabinet officials

Tweet of the Day

ISLAMOPHOBIAChristian protesters confront Muslim school children: 'Repent or go to hell

What will Trump's lawyers say tomorrow?

(Jewish Group) France's tiny Jewish minority targeted in majority of racist incidents in 2019

IA USA/TODAY Suffolk 538 Poll rated A- Biden 25 Sanders 19 Mayor Pete 18 Warren 13

(Jewish Group) Dutch prime minister apologizes for how government failed its Jews during Holocaust

Trump just sent 3 frantic tweets denying the "Bolton bombshell," which of course, CONFIRMS it.

Trump just tweeted about Bolton (somebody else is on his account and wrote these tweets)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Tori Avey/She offers quite appealing recipes plus. (To me anyways!) Bought 2 bags CaraCaras. 🍊

WAPO/ABC poll. Who has best chance of defeating trump: Biden 38 Sanders 18

"Just Mercy" is a powerful biopic

I hope Bolton doesn't get Epsteined

Trump Spiritual Advisor Calls for Miscarriage of 'Satanic Pregnancies'

As Coronavirus Fears Intensify, Effectiveness Of Quarantines Is Questioned: NYT

The Weather Channel Forecast for Caucus Day as of 1/27

"Schiff 'has not paid the price' for impeachment, Trump says..."

Annie Lennox sings Fool On The Hill

Can we have a thread where we each say something nice about the candidate we like the least?

There was nothing to stop Bolton from testifying in the House

Three rockets hit US Embassy compound in Baghdad

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 1/26/20 (Chris Hayes filling in for Lawrence)

Ezra Klein of VOX on the Sanders / Rogan endorsement

Call the phone of Chief Justice Roberts Monday morning!!

Elizabeth Warren on the last world MSNBC (at the 9:00 spot)

The WH has had that book draft since December 30. And yet they've lied repeatedly.

(Jewish Group) Muslim leaders & Holocaust survivors to pray at Auschwitz in 'groundbreaking' visit

It is a corrupt gigantic cover up organized by the GOP.

5 Takeaways on Trump and Ukraine From John Bolton's Book NYT

Given his large leads in a slew of early state polling, is it too early to declare Sanders nominee?

Adding to my Susan Collins call list: Witnesses and evidence you'd like to see in the trial.

2 points by Bolton spokesperson per MSNBC this morning:

US Senate seats Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

Sometimes Looks Are Everything

First repuke I've heard on Bolton bombshell

Slovenian Prime Minister Sarec resigns

Ariana Airlines plane crashes in central Afghan province - official

Neal Katyal: John Roberts can call witnesses to Trump's trial. Will he?

We are now seeing why it was brilliant for Pelosi to hold off on sending the articles...

Breakfast Monday 27 January 2020

Rep. Seth Moulton Endorses Joe Biden for President.....😎🎨

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, as we remember, they want the horrors be forgotten...vicious oafs.

NH Primary Source: State Sen. Melanie Levesque, citing 'proven leadership,' endorses Joe Biden 😎🎨

Outspoken Senior Russian Clergyman Dies Unexpectedly At 51

Russia releases new batch of propaganda: "True liberals don't believe that Russia helped Trump."

The Promise: Why Albanians Saved So Many Jews During World War II

McEnroe interviewing Rafa Nadal after his win

The Promise: Why Albanians Saved So Many Jews During World War II

China extends holiday to contain virus as death toll rises

Pete Stark, congressman who reshaped health care, dies at 88

Bernie Sanders And Racist Lou Dobbs: Fighting Amnesty Since 2007

Within a few days, Trump threatened Adam Schiff and NPR.

In the latest polling, Sanders' strength is among younger voters; Biden's is among older voters...

23 Died In WV In 2016 In 1,000-Year Floods; "Resiliency Office" Created In Response Has 1 Employee

Blackjewel Bankrupt Since July, But Coal Company Still Racking Up 100s Of Environmental Violations

NOAA-Funded Study: Acidifying Seawater Weakens Dungeness Crab Shells From Moment Of Hatching

Liverpool venue cancels Franklin Graham event

Senate Republicans Shaken by Bolton Revelations

Muoz & Co. CEO Stepping Down, Citing New Role in Biden Campaign...Wow...😎🎨

Trump Planning How to Celebrate Likely Acquittal

Monday TOONs - Space Piracy

New Emails Reveal that the Trump Administration Manipulated Wildfire Science to Promote Logging

The Rundown: January 24, 2020

Trump has probably already boxed in his lawyers.

Italy's far-right Salvini fails to gain foothold in key regional election

How we stand up to giants

I'm thinking it's always been either Putin or more

Texas AFL-CIO COPE's election endorsements announced

NY Times 5 Takeaways on Trump and Ukraine From John Bolton's Book

In every hypothetical matchup presented in the survey, voters preferred the Democratic candidate by

Mitch McConnell and the GOP

Adam Schiff on CNN -NOW

With Virginia poised to pass ERA, Trump administration, Republican AGs move to block it

A squid fossil offers a rare record of pterosaur feeding behavior

It is just this simple: we should not abide a POTUS we FEAR. nt

Merrick Garland Was Just A Trial Run, Suckers! - Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Bloomberg snags fifth congressional endorsement

Bloomberg heads to Florida in search of Jewish votes

Trump's spiritual adviser responds to backlash after abortion sermon goes viral

Southeastern States Face Warming World W/O Plans, Commitments, Spending Or Emission Targets

Liar-In-Chief is Lying Again

Again, the hopeful speculation that maybe, just maybe, the "Bolton Bombshell" will persuade

Is Kobe's death the saddest sports death story, ever?

LOL: They were betting Trump had all this nailed down better.

This Is How Trump Would Destroy Bernie Sanders

Awwww-Poor FOX has a sad.

Republicans in congress foolishly believe protecting Trump will protect them.

So Pompeo is calling a reporter a liar?

The WH has had this Bolton Info for weeks & has still fed us BS

Just more proof that Trump is a rotten, incompetent president

''We are their worst nightmare!''

My Thought Experiment That No RW'er Has Had The Guts To Answer

''We are their worst nightmare!''

Joe Biden has a 6-point lead in Iowa over his nearest 2020 Democratic rival .....Go Joe 😎🎨

Chuck Todd said something intelligent for once.

God, 60's style.

'J.K. Rowling Returns to Twitter and Calls Out Fake Propaganda'

Dow down 414 points on losses for American Express, UnitedHealth stocks

'J.K. Rowling Returns to Twitter and Calls Out Fake Propaganda'

Oops! 🤷‍♀️

Pretty Stray Cat Gives Birth Under A Guy's Bed

Trump's Remarks to the Nation's Mayors on Transforming America's Communities

Texas Democrats roll out plan to win state House in November

Portman of Ohio DC#number--1- 202-224-3353, call remind him we are watching

1-(202) 224-3121. Senate Switchboard-- #. Call often Citizens

Laurence Tribe: WH sees Bolton book on Dec. 30th then Trump suddenly attacks Soleimani on Jan. 3rd

This White House is so corrupt that they cannot go one week without a major revelation.

Emails cast further doubt on Pompeo's claim NPR reporter lied to him

GOP Scared!

In the House That Kobe Bryant Built -- Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men

Hmmmm, is Lindsey Graham moving towards witness's?

The squirrels are coming, the squirrels are coming and Eagle in Calif has laid an egg

Pence's Remarks to U.S. Troops; Issued on: January 25, 2020

Third sexual harassment claim against Sen. Pete Lucido surfaces

The WH lawyers knew about the manuscript...

Senate Republicans Will Push to End Impeachment Trial By February 3

Democrats are not trying to reverse the election. Pence, a Republican will be president.

Top WH official tasked w/ pandemic response left in 2018, Bolton axed NSA position shortly after

Virginia Teachers Are About To Swarm The State Capitol, Demanding More School Funding And Raises

Breaking: Romney thinks other repugs will get on board for witness testimony

iOS 14 to support all the same phones as iOS 13.

NSA faces questions over security of Trump officials after alleged Bezos hack

Dog destroys snow-cat with extreme prejudice

Frenchie busts out hilarious dance moves to try and impress cat

It's hard to overstate how damaging this new John Bolton news is to every aspect of Trump's defenses

Hope is Kindled 🔥 #Bernie2020

When good timing meets up with taking a picture

Hope is Kindled 🔥 #Bernie2020

Daily Show satire: working title for Bolton book

Mozart was born on this date-

Welcome to Coffeyville, Kansas, where the judge has no law degree,debt collectors get a cut

Call Senator Ron Johnson at (202) 224-5323 and Senator Tammy Baldwin at (202) 224-5653.

😀🇺🇸🍫🍰☀️❗️ What's Your Favorite Chocolate Cake?

Three things that cannot be long hidden

UPDATE: Senators Braun and Barrasso will still do the conference at 11:35

✨MAGIC Coffee Whipped Cream - 3 ingredients, no dairy, no eggs in 3 minutes?

✨MAGIC Coffee Whipped Cream - 3 ingredients, no dairy, no eggs in 3 minutes?

Hacks at Fox bemoan the collapse of the cover-up

On this day, January 27, 1945, Auschwitz was liberated.

Unusual: SDNY US Attorney will give press conference outside of Epstein's mansion at 11 am

Chris Matthews: Which of the candidates would stop and help you if you had a flat tire?

Elmore James was born on this date-

Which Candidate is Actually Surging?

Settle this here and now, once and for all! Does the cream go in the cup before the coffee or after

Alabama fire chief confirms deaths as fire destroys 35 boats

Dem senators news conference

Schumer presser on now

Is it ethical to misrepresent your constituency when calling a member of Congress?

Trump Hotel Sale Has DC MAGA Groupies Scared

Bye bye Don the Con -Throw the book at the crook!

Exclusive: Hackers acting in Turkey's interests believed to be behind recent cyberattacks - sources

Generations - Bernie Sanders

Generations - Bernie Sanders

New Bolton book doesn't look good for Trump

Steve Doocy's shifting perspective on Trump and Ukraine

Journalist who linked to story about Kobe Bryant rape case suspended

John Roberts Can Call Witnesses to Trump's Trial. Will He?

Michelle Obama's scandalous sleeveless gown

Susan Collins moves from 'concerned' to 'open'.

Impeachment is about proving Trump's illegal actions. NOT manufactured impropriety by the Bidens!

There's a Trump tweet for everything.

One perspective: from "Mississippi Burning"---

U.S. military plane crashes in Afghanistan, Taliban claims responsibility

Yola, from her 2019 CD, Deep Blue Dream

WHY don't they want to talk about BOLTON?

2020 Grammy Awards: The Full List Of Winners

Could THIS have been the trap set by NANCY??

Tarnopolsky: "#Breaking: A member of the Israeli delegation tells me..."

All the victims of the helicopter crash

Poll Results Put Andrew Yang Back On The Democratic Debate Stage

Why is there so little discussion about Warren or Klobuchar in this thread?

It just got *a lot* harder for Republicans to vote against witnesses in the impeachment trial

Elections aren't determined by candidates' policies.

Republicans Can Call A Witness But Can't Control What They Say

Fox News derides Bolton as a liberal, suggests that Obama testify about Ukraine.

Kicking the crutches from under Trump supporters

Romney: Increasingly likely enough republicans will vote to call wintesses.

Australians engulfed by dust storm bigger than Britain

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: 'My guess' is John Bolton is telling truth about Trump and Ukraine

Buttigieg Bets on Friends-and-Family Tactic to Win Iowa Caucuses

Is there a Barry Goldwater amongst them?

Pic Of The Moment: It's Like The Old "Soon" Meme Except

Trump defense team grows again

I am Puma

Bloomberg Opposed Iran Nuclear Deal But Also Trump's Withdrawal

Well, this week's hearings are kind of ridiculous

Schumer: "We're all staring a White House cover-up in the face"

You can't buy happiness

Ever have dreams about some random childhood memory for no particular reason?

Elizabeth Warren seeks a spark in the final sprint to Iowa

Has the POS had his presser yet?

Perfect mac and cheese

Indiana U to Bobby Knight "You're fired" Ohio State to Woody Hayes "You're Fired" Senate GOP

For 100 years, presidents have talked about the need to guarantee health care for all.

The Republican Party is the party of, "..the earth is flat, not round."

Seniors cannot live in dignity when they're trying to survive on $13,000 or $14,000 a year

Call your Senators! (right fucking now)

While this post doesn't relate directly to the Presidential primaries,

Who is this woman?

Dear Basketball - Kobe Bryant

Election tomorrow

CDC Urges Americans To Just Say No If A Friend Has The Coronavirus

Finished watching Banshee season four. Rarely have I seen a program with so many unlikeable

Where are we?

I think attacks on Bernie just make him stronger.

You know, when I really think about it,

Elizabeth Warren campaign ad: "Betsy"

If the leaked Bolton manuscript causes this much Republican panic.....

Truest Kobe quote ever - on Trump


Why didn't AG Barr and the DOJ investigate the Bidens before Biden announced...?

NYT: Prince Andrew Offers 'Zero Cooperation' in Epstein Case, Prosecutor Says

The Democratic Party in Calif encourages those who don't wish to identify as Democrats to vote in

Auschwitz survivors warn of rising anti-Semitism 75 years on

Trump misstates the record on John Bolton

Parkhomenko thinks three will vote for witnesses

Romney: 'Increasingly Likely' More Republicans Will Support Calling Bolton As Witness

Plea deal? MSNBC panel discussing repubs talking censure instead of impeachment

Alexandra Pelosi said her mother would would "cut your head off and you won't even know


Fed Prosecutors want to talk to Prince Andrew

Mulvaney issues a statement

Hey Repug Senators - If You Are Going To Go Down The Path Of Censure.....

Sensing a trend

What?! they open with prayer????

Sekulow is going to ignore the Bolton charges.....

WH sources telling ABC News they're prepping for the possibility of witnesses

Starr doesn't look real happy this morning

Sanders up 13 points in Utah

Biden Stickers

RNC sends out email attacking Bolton

Sekulow speaking from a firm foundation

New Yang ad in Iowa

Why doesn't Trump release the full transcript?

In Crucial Pennsylvania, Democrats Worry a Fracking Ban Could Sink Them

Ken Starr sounds like he suffers the same shortness of breath as trump.

LOL. Fox and Friends on Ukraine quid-pro-quo, then and now...

They keep saying Trump is giving more support than President Obama did to Ukraine

If Trump is removed, then what ...?

Fuck you Ken Starr

Trump And His People Continually Criticize Schiff For His Satirizing Of The Perfect Phone Call.....

The Minnesota Primary will be a Semi-Open Primary.

"very likely Trump could be the first president in history to be removed from office."

I didn't recognize him as Ken Starr. Put on some weight.

What Ken Starr is actually saying.....

I'm trying to follow what Starr is saying. Not connecting with me.

Today in history:

How GOP Lawyers Undercut Their Own Case Against Obamacare

So---uh---are we ever going to hear ANYTHING that even begins to address the mountain

Impeach A ment

The Daily Show: Have *YOU* Read The Transcript?

A reminder about Ken Starr

An oldie: What is brown and black and would look good on Sekulow?

helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant & 8 got special approval to fly even though the foggy weather

if you allow an age of presidential overreach, expect more frequent impeachments.

Audio books revisited: Why they read so stupid?

The fate of the Earth


NYT Updating: "Take a deep breath," McConnell privately urges (GOP) senators

This guy here. This fuckin' guy.

This Week, We Find Out if the Media Can Destroy Bernie Sanders

The Good News

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I thought of this video from 1988:


Who is the most vile scumbucket that Alan Dershowitz has ever represented?

Ken Starr lamenting impeachments happening "too frequently" is better w/ a laughtrack

Bloomberg courting voters with letter to 2.5 million across every Super Tuesday state

STARR doing damnedest to shut down arguments

Cartoons 1/27/2020

Wow! I can't find anywhere on Faux News where they describe this as "boring".

If you are interested in the push for firsthand witnesses and documents

NEWS: Sanders Statement on 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

And another disgusting SCOTUS decision that will probably not get the attention it needs:

Biden: Trump has left US unprepared to respond to epidemic

Deputy who fatally shot Edmonds man sued for dog bite

Hope to God(dess) Democrats don't drift toward becoming a "Don't walk on my lawn" Party

NEWS: Sanders Statement on 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

Maxrandb responds to Ken Starr

Advice For Republicans Again - Every Single Senator Vote To Remove Him

Fox News host knocks Pompeo for attack on NPR host: 'Don't be such a baby!'

Tweets about Kobe Bryant get Washington Post reporter suspended for 'poor judgment' Read more here:

Kobe Bryant helicopter crash investigators to review records, fog conditions, experts say

CDC: 110 people in 26 states being monitored for possible coronavirus

Hooray! Hubby is getting a hearing test on Wednesday!

Luckovich-Kobe and daughter

Romney, Collins say Bolton claims strengthen case for witnesses in impeachment trial

Bolton revelation could scramble Trump's defense

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 "Pastoral"

Bloomberg to push for Puerto Rico statehood, opens campaign office there

Ken Starr: rich

Supreme Court Gives Go-Ahead To Trump 'Public Charge' Immigration Curb

The term "obsequious pettifogger" was MADE for Ken Starr. Feel free to drop it into any discussions

If This Is The Show Trial That Trump Wanted.....

There's something else at stake in Trump impeachment: Control of Senate

Introducing myself

D-oh! Sekulow just stepped in it.

They are presenting trump as an honest 'president'.

Remember when Sibel Edmonds was big here at DU?

So Ken Starr somehow invoked the Peter Principle in defending Donald Trump?

Starr mentions Henry Hyde, who had his own extramarital affair but kept it secret

Saddest Fact Ever - Party Of Lincoln Now The Party Of Trump

Federalist Society US Supreme Court waves through Trump's immigrant wealth test...

Any pooch could tell the Republicans, once you've been neutered ...

Meghan McCain Dismisses John Bolton Because His Book Title Is 'Stupid'

Black Sabbath - But not the famous stuff

I'm just going to drop this here, 😆😊😆😊

Virginia Democrats Advance Bills To Expand Abortion Access

BROKEN: Mitch McConnell Excuses Self to Take a Phone Call

Prince Andrew called uncooperative in Jeffrey Epstein probe

Boston Herald: Sanders surges to top in latest N.H. likely voter poll. S.29% B.22%

After Bolton Bombshell, Up To 10 Senate Republicans Could Vote For Witnesses

Saudi Prince Courted Amazon's Bezos Before Bitter Split

From the archives: Ken Starr and the Clinton

China coronavirus death toll climbs to 81 with nearly 2,900 cases worldwide

Are Republicans a different species than the rest of us?

Whoa, sparks fly on Fox

George Conway suggests Trump's impeachment lawyers knew exactly what was in Bolton's book

NPR: Angus King Sees Up to 10 Republicans Backing Witnesses

Obama Grieves Friend & 'Legend' Kobe Bryant After He Dies in Helicopter Crash with His Daughter

Australia's rainy respite from bushfires seen ending

How record-high turnout in Iowa could shuffle the 2020 race

Stocks tumble as coronavirus fears rise

NRCC hires new senior adviser amid 2020 worries

He used the "E" word. "Exonerate"...

Why waste all this time in Iowa?

Discovered archaology and geology on You Tube

Recording Shows That the Swamp Has Not Been Drained

Rep. Adam Schiff makes the irrefutable case for Bolton's testimony

Sanders Seizes the Momentum in NH, NBC10 Boston/Franklin Pierce/Herald Poll Shows

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Whine launch

Republican Sen. James Lankford on Lev Parnas "Certainly the President meets a lot of people"

FUCK SCOTUS!!!! Statue of liberty needs to be altered.

Leftover chili on leftover tater tots! 😋

Ari Melber is spitting nickles on MSNBC

Guy finds a dog swimming 135 miles offshore and becomes his dad 🙏 💙

OPINION: Amy Klobuchar is the Democrats' best choice to move the nation forward (Keene Sentinel)

This guy is trying to round up five tiny kittens who were just abandoned 🙏


Dog found in hurricane rubble has the best reaction to his new life ❤️

More Gaslighting from Jane Raskin: The House managers didn't care about Giuliani.

It's good that Joe Rogan endorsed Bernie. Now we have to organize.

Sanders' support among younger voters has a lot to do with the financial inducements of free college

Stop the C-O-V-E-R-U-P!

Watch this pig "sit" just like a dog 💞

Never thought I'd live to see the day.

Once in a lifetime 💛

Dark legacies

Joe Rogan is NOT going to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Mitch McConnell Is Alienating Republican Voters With Impeachment

The elephant mom was so protective of her baby, she wouldn't even let rescuers near him 🐘 💕

Patrick Philbin -- Deputy White House Counsel --- Dork Whack Job

Sad and disturbing!

Wife of Canada's first coronavirus patient tests positive; 19 under investigation

'I'm being raped': Weinstein accuser details alleged assault

A funny I had to share

NYT Live Updating: Senators yawn and take notes as the defense team talks

DNA tests show Belgian ex-king is father of artist, lawyer says

Q: If Trump is removed from office, is there anything to prevent him from running again in November?

A handy field guide for the various types of nuts.

Joe Rogan ridiculed high taxes on the rich, said divvying up wealth "makes lazy people happy" (2019)

NYT Live Updating: Trump's lawyers plan to fight Bolton's testimony

Winning friends and influencing people...

Biden's Iowa team courting Klobuchar backers with a possibility of her being his running mate...

I'm used to seeing people switching from Bernie to Yang - but Biden?

France warns U.S. against pulling troops from fight against Islamists in Africa's Sahel

Not afraid trump being removed from office, heck let's do it, let's solve some problems immediately

CREAMY scrambled eggs with...CORNSTARCH!

Forgive me but I must. There's so much information out there about this (Mueller Report) and yet

Trump will spin immigration ruling

I ain't watching the Republican Liar's Festival

Rep. Seth Moulton endorses Joe Biden

Nigeria had no warning on potential U.S. travel ban

Take President Obama's name out of your mouth, Sekulow

Twerking dog (Twitter video)

Is this bearable if you're high?

I can't take my eyes off Pam Bondi's circus performer outfit.

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

John Kerry this morning on why he's backing Joe Biden

Why is Pam Bondi standing on live TV lecturing us on corruption?

US military plane crashes in Afghanistan In area controlled by Taliban


Aaron Rupar adds a laugh track to Ken Starr's solemn remarks about "all too frequent" impeachments.

BREAKING NEWS: Pam Bondi abruptly cuts short argument alleging corruption by Hunter Biden.

Welcome to Medicare, Mr. Chief Justice Roberts

*80,000 leagues Under the BS Seas, Pam Bondi

Have you ever Googled "treason weasel" or "team treason weasel" (w/ or w/o spaces) ?

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day January 27, 2020

Stocks, oil prices tumble as deadly China virus rattles markets

Samantha Bee's assessment of the Bolton news

Ecuadorian shrimp farmers battling surge in organized crime

Exiled Morales's candidate returning to Bolivia for campaign

A One-Minute Summary of Trump's Defense

Elizabeth Warren bet big on Iowa. Will her elaborate organization be enough?

Angus King Sees Up to 10 Republicans Backing Witnesses January 27, 2020

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 27, 2019

By Popular Demand. Who Do You Believe?

It's Go Time!

"The Story Lady"

John Kelly: No one there who knows how to be chief of staff

Buttigieg takes his case to Fox News before Iowa

I'm a Christian, but I think the Lord missed a chance today.

Pierce: If a More Sanctimonious Toad Than Kenneth Starr Ever Has Crawled Through American Politics..

Who Wore It Better? Pam Bondi or...

did i hear right? Theres going to be witnessess?

British National dies in ICE custody..

Wouldn't it be cool if a foreign government offered a safe haven to any R senator voting "guilty"?

NYT Live Updating: Another Republican senator says he's open to a witness exchange

McConnell was blindsided

Is throwing stones at the Bidens the best they can do by way of defending Trump?

NYT Live Updating: Lawyers begin their assault on Joe Biden and his son Hunter

C Pierce: "pitching a story made up by Russian intelligence services. This is truly remarkable."

Two to three days ago,

Please go on and tell us about nepotism

Mitch McConnell is angry at White House over John Bolton manuscript, report says

45 collecting DNA from immigrants with plans to expand pilot program nationwide.

538's latest forecast of delegate totals: Biden 1,619. Sanders 1,265.

A house manager needs a quick dinner and get on CNN

Listening to the radio on the way back from the doctor just now:

Mrs. Betty Bowers cites Federal law to respond to Ted Cruz's call for Hunter Biden testimony.

These asshole lawyers for tRump act like it's Obama being on trial.

Why would Obama and Biden supply military aid to a Russian backed Ukranian puppet government?

Do These Clowns Read Or Listen To The Things They Say?

I come home and turn on the telly to see that Obama is being impeached.

Trump and Hunter Biden

Joyce Vance:Trump argument abt invesitgating Hunter Biden Burisma work opens the door for Jr, et al

How many caught Trump saying there is a "tape" of the phone call?

'The People's Perfume' Sprays Cold Water on the Bernie Bro Narrative

'The People's Perfume' Sprays Cold Water on the Bernie Bro Narrative

Who is this bser who is this BSer at the IMP trial? I just got home so didn't see intro. Nt

Sanders scores highest on green group's voter guide

Sanders scores highest on green group's voter guide

Chiefs quarterback Mahomes builds tiny homes for veterans

Trump's EPA Huge Cancer Risk: 'Free From Regulations' Chemical Cos. Poison The US With Toxins

GOP senators "feel blindsided" over WH having visibility into Bolton manuscript. #ThoughtsAndPrayers

Dang. My local Lowe's and HomeDepot ran out of

Chris Hayes just said

The GOP can vote right now to call Biden's son

Pompeo puts NPR reporter off his plane

From Christine Pelosi:

Trump lawyers paid off Republican Senators

College football assistant coach suspended for praising Hitler as a great leader

My personal experience with pompous pompeo . During his first run for congress from KS

Today's attack on the Bidens and Obama .................

Am I the only DUer feeling like the dumpster fire is just getting started?

We Need a Media System That Serves People's Needs, Not Corporations'

Mitch McConnell is angry at White House over John Bolton manuscript, report says

And I am not holding my breath...for Collins to do the right thing


Sanders' support from mortal voters has a lot to do with his healthcare plan.

Mainers Care About Collins' Impeachment Vote. But Her Reelection Is About More Than That

Seth Abramson....

The republicans total bullshit

Public pressure is getting to Toomey re: witnesses

I Bet Trump Is Waiting On The TV Ratings Of The Impeachment Trial Today To....

Truth is dogshit. Power is everything.

I have a bad feeling