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Now how's this for a light fixture?

"I gave up my life to move to Washington to help Americans," Ivanka Trump says in Davos interview.

DMR endorses Elizabeth Warren as "the best leader for these times"

Does a newspaper endorsement make a difference?

What Bernie supporters think about Nancy Pelosi.

White House is reportedly worried that House Democrats will continue to dig up damaging information

Des Moines Register Endorses Warren!

I say put Justice Roberts in a position to choose between fascism and democracy... 1-202-479-3472

Question on Catalytic Combusters for Consolidated Dutchwest Woodstoves

Early voting is underway in Michigan's presidential primary ,,,,,,,yea Michigan,,,😎🎨

How many Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that is likely to go Democratic and vice versa?

AOC's support of Sanders fuels 2024 speculation

Golden Earring - The Vanilla Queen

Impeachment Is About Corruption and How That Drags A Government Down

Remember when the Con said he had someone investigating

FROM MSNBC: the full 1 hour, 23 minute audio of Trump's meeting with Lev and Igor

The first mission of Space Farce:

Liberals Say Sanders's Acceptance Of Rogan Endorsement Sends Dangerous Message He

secure the vote

Elizabeth Warren wins coveted Iowa caucuses endorsement from the Des Moines Register Newspaper.

U.S. companies are forcing workers to train their own foreign replacements

#RightMatters transcribed the FULL Lev Parnas meeting w/tRump audio!

Macron pleads with Trump not to cut off U.S. support for French forces in Africa

Election Security In Georgia

No one should have to watch a loved one die because they don't have health insurance.

She looks EXACTLY like my wife when we married in 1974!


🐦 JAN 26 at 9AM - Ankeny Field Office Stop with Bernie and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

One evening, a phone call

🐦 JAN 26 at 2PM - Fort Dodge Field Office Stop with Bernie and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

Unnecessary remakes: Disney Is Going to Kill Bambi's Mom Again

CREW sued and got it! Pompeo's speech at #FakeChristian, faith-based media briefing

Tape Surfaces of Trump Allegedly Firing Ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine

Here's the truth !

Sanders tops another poll just before the Iowa caucus

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Bob Seger - Turn The Page

CA offers to reimburse Trump for abortions-but he has to free women from non-disclosure agreements

Trump Jokes About Not Being Able to Abort a Child

CANDIDATES UP CLOSE - Michael Bloomberg

WaPo: White House eyes Joe Manchin to vote for acquittal in impeachment trial

Vampire Star System Undergoing Super-Outburst Witnessed by Kepler Spacecraft

Senate makes rules for impeachment trial but if rules are illegal

Who is the Trump tool on Joy?

Danes for Bush movie from 2004, gonzo filmmaking

Pompeo Cursed Out National Security Reporter, Asked Her to Find Ukraine on a Wordless Map, She Did

Sanders supporters have weaponized Facebook to spread angry memes about his Democratic rivals

Trump Worried About Hillary Picking Bernie for VP

The demo of technical report "Everybody's Talkin': Let Me Talk as You Want"

Turkish leader slams 'propaganda' as quake deaths rise to 29

PA state rep Malcolm Kenyatta: Character above all else is on the ballot and Biden has it in spades.

"What am I missing?"


4 vice police officers disciplined for 'improper' Stormy Daniels arrest at strip club

On Revolutionary Chickens

Coronavirus Is Spreading -- And So Are the Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories Around It

How Stress Causes Gray Hair: Harvard Scientists Solve a Biological Puzzle

He's not going to leave...

China virus toll rises to 54 dead, more than 300 new cases: govt

Sanders tops another poll just before the Iowa caucus

Record rainstorms in Brazil claim 30 lives: officials

Trump tax reform has made it more costly to live in some states

Tick, tick, tick...

so what is on the new tape that msnbs reported on?

Steven Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton posts and quickly deletes Instagram backing Greta Thunberg

DMR also praised Warren's rivals, said some of her ideas go too far and her rhetoric is divisive

Arkansas, sixth-grade science teacher told students Earth is only a few thousand years old?

In recording Trump asks how long Ukraine can resist Russians

UK prime minister called Trump about securing 'justice' in car crash involving American: report

OUR OPINION: Biden represents best choice in Iowa caucuses (Sioux City Journal)

Tonight's SNL guest host is Adam Driver; musical guest Halsey.

The new Lev tapes reaffirm what we know.

Presidential primary early voting is underway...

Cities Prepare for the Worst as Trump's Food Stamp Cuts Near

Louise Linton takes a swipe at her hubby...

Do you know how I can tell the chump in the back of this blurry photo is Traitor Tot (Don Jr.)?

In this constitutional crisis, if you feel dread like I do, this book can help.

Has The Space Force Been Funded By Congress?....

Trump's religious adviser commands "all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now!"

How Early Intervention Changed My Son's Life

Just a gif of Andrew Yang chasing after Marianne Williamson to give her a hug

FBI says monitoring of ex-Trump aide should've ended sooner

Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Has 'Authoritarian' Views on Misinformation

Seth Abramson:Firtash end of the Ukraine scandal makes it one of the worst in US history

Attn Mike Pompeo (aka Mike Pandejo) Turns out Mary Louise Kelly is an expert on geography.

BREAKING: Lev Parnas has MORE tapes of Trump

'It plays to our worst fears': Coronavirus misinformation fuelled by social media

Essential reading on the Wuhan Virus

I hear Bernie's...

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Pegasus World Cup

A worthwhile live thread of the Parnas tape.

Would Bernie....

'Just go ahead. Let's do this.' Dem presidential contender Pete Buttigieg takes on protester...

What Clinical disorder does Trump have?

A dog concerned for her puppies led shelter volunteers to a home where animals were being neglected

Okay, so we buy things made in China

Does anyone watching skating??? The USA nationals pairs are on NBC SPORTSNETWORK.

Editorial: Amy Klobuchar can win (Manchester Union Leader)

Uh oh. Do we need to cancel Mayor Pete too?????

Chuck Schumer "dares" Republicans to call Hunter Biden as a witness.

My Guy

New Rule: Big Show with Crazy Maniac- Real Time with Bill Maher

Schumer continues call for witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial

Joe Rogan: Biden, Warren, Buttigieg asked to appear on his show

The White House is reportedly worried that House Democrats will continue to dig up damaging informat

EUREKA, found the answer to Screen Mirroring: on tv go to MENU NETWORK SCREEN MIRRORING - voila!1

Long but funny - Rickles on Carson. 1973

Rick Wilson: "We know donald trump couldn't find Ukraine on a map if it had a big U with a picture..

Is vegetarianism dead? These days it seems you have to go full vegan to show you really care

This Wuhan virus reminds me of the girl with an infectious smile who gave me contagious gum disease

Jury results

Cutting urges

Joseph Bondy Tells CNN Lev Parnas Has More Recordings of Trump Which Could Be Released Publicly

Tom Perez announces members of the Convention Committees

What makes Coronavirus worse than the typical seasonal flu?

Why didn't Leon Redbone and Hot Tuna collabtatate

Meet the Maybe Bunch.

Ah, anyone watching the two young tennis players from the USA that are going

Prep for the coming Oscars. Guess who the model for the Oscar was.

SNL is back. Cold open is Senator TURTLE and quaky voiced Susie COLLINS

Hunger will kill more people than coronavirus this year

Cold Open - Jon Lovitz as Dersh

CNN: Biden & Warren campaigns said they hadn't asked to appear on Rogan's show

NH Union Leader newspaper endorses Amy Klobuchar

NH Union Leader newspaper endorses Amy Klobuchar

Machu Picchu Installing Cameras, Adding Drones to Deter Naughty Tourists

Had a late supper, now I feel like 'dropping my lunch'. Flipping thru channels saw tillis yakking.

Pompeo. First in his class at West Point? Here's the HONOR CODE of the cadet.

Today I felt like I was in the beer garden scene of "Cabaret" - SHITLER sales at the flea market

Peruvians to vote for new Congress as country seeks to turn page on crisis

Donald Trump is guilty as charged. He did it.

Biden: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time. No room for compronise.

Moscow Mitch is taking it on a new nickname

Biden holds steady, Warren slips in national poll as Iowa caucuses approach

OMG!!! - In middle of clip, Rick Wilson, Don Lemon & Wajahat Ali totally crack up!!

Trump's 'Merica! Q anon people are voting for the GOP.

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune dies of cancer at 61.

Biden holds steady, Warren slips in national poll as Iowa caucuses approach

LIKELY VOTERS polled in new ABC/WaPo national poll: Biden 34%, Sanders 22%, Warren 14%, Bloomberg 7%

What to make with nut pie crusts?

Toxic PFAS Chemicals Contaminate Tap Water In 44 Places; NY, DC, Phila, Chi, Atl, Mia, Nola: *NEW

Green Day Live in St Louis MO - NHL on NBC, 01-25-2020 (American Idiot)

A year ago, a Brazilian mining dam burst, forever burying a town. Now executives face homicide charg

The real reasons people are fleeing Honduras

TX-HD28: Texans come out in huge numbers to GOTV for Eliz Markowitz

17 Big Cats Saved from Suffering as Circus Animals Find Freedom at Sanctuary in South Africa

"I support Bernie Sanders because I believe he will lead from a moral center

Brave Dog Saves Hundreds of Sheep by Herding Animals Away from Australia's Wildfires

Images at southern border 'wound the soul,' says Mexican bishop

Joy Reid thanks Steve Cortese for coming on her show?

SNL: Alan Dershowitz Argues for Trump Cold Open

Coronavirus Exposes Core Flaws, and Few Strengths, in China's Governance (NYT)

Watch this amazing new shark species take a 'walk' on the seabed

I really want to like this BUT - NFL's Botham Jean Ad

Sen. Josh Hawley drafts subpoenas for Bidens, other witnesses

My buddy Spot

SNL: Weekend Update

Army Identifies Reserve Soldier Killed in Syria Vehicle Rollover

Bolivia coup government suspends diplomatic relations with Cuba

Veterans group demands apology after Trump said traumatic brain injuries from Iranian attack are 'no

Pentagon's vow to protect Vindman against retaliation tested after Blackburn attacks decorated veter

538: Biden projected to win the democratic nomination

The Guardian: live update thread on coronavirus

"Judge" Jeanine's reaction to Rudy Colludy's claim of evidence is priceless!!

More than this - no there's nothing.

Joe Rogan is an actual centrist.

The Revolution's Big Tent Gets Bigger? Whiter? Plus a Neo-Nazi Gets Punched. (SFW)

Scientists created snake venom without snakes

Surface water on mars was mineral-rich and salty

A slingshot to space

Breakfast Sunday 26 January 2020

The lives of woodpeckers

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) After Sea Edition

Mysterious Footprints Indicate Neanderthals Climbed a Volcano Right After It Erupted

14th-Century Steam Bath Found in Mexico City

14th-Century Steam Bath Found in Mexico City

Mysterious 'Ghost Tribe' discovered as scientists recover Stone Age DNA

'You Think Russia Ever Goes In and Gets Ukraine, or No?': The Wildest Things Trump Said...

Ancient Vesuvius eruption turned victim's brain to a glassy rock in rare, poorly understood process

My puppy crush has gone to his forever home

Anthropologists confirm existence of specialized sheep-hunting camp in prehistoric Lebanon

We briefly set an all time new record for CO2 concentrations at Mauna Loa in January(!!) 415.79 ppm.

Neanderthals may have been shallow free divers, suggests a new study

Ancient Cave Filled With 10,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings Accidentally Discovered By Egyptologists In

Witnesses loom large in Republican minds.

"You wanna talk about vulgarity? Take a hard look at the pharmaceutical industry. ''

Lou Reed: "Is common ground a word or just a sound?"

Hillary Clinton Says GOP Is 'So Cowed, So Terrified' of Removing Trump: 'I Hope This Will Haunt Them

Alan Dershowitz labeled Trump 'destabilizing and unpredictable' in 2016 book

Australian bushfires may have damaged thousands of Aboriginal sites

"Take her out"...

Trump Makes Powerful Pro-Life Case By Speaking About The Joys Of Neglecting A Child

Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders - Aug 6, 2019

Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders - Aug 6, 2019

Taiwan fines coronavirus patient $10,000 for 'hiding' illness

Maddow: After being told Ukraine would "last 30 secs" w/o US help, he held aid anyway

Biden leads 2020 pack in congressional endorsements 😎🎨🥁

That latest tape really exposes the Con

Novel Coronavirus: China bans wildlife trade

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Novel Coronavirus: China bans wildlife trade

A TV satellite is about to explode following 'irreversible' battery damage

Remember when GOP Senators were sooo offended that Schiff dared to say Trump threatens people?


A man diagnosed with Wuhan coronavirus near Seattle is being treated largely by a robot

Porcupine follows kid in adorable viral video

We can't have it both ways about Green Party voters

CNN poll: Sanders adds to momentum with lead in New Hampshire

Myth Busted: Turns Out Bankruptcy Can Wipe Out Student Loan Debt After All

Sioux City newspaper endorses Biden ahead of Iowa caucuses....😎🎨

CNN poll: Sanders adds to momentum with lead in New Hampshire

Norm Ornstein ... on the GOP/Trump's lawyers arguments yesterday in front of the Senate

The story on why Planters killed off Mr. Peanut

Andrew Yang qualifies for New Hampshire primary debate

Baby's first AC/DC song:

Is FOBO Paralyzing the Democratic Primary?

Is something about to come out about Trump-Ukraine? Is that the reason for Republicans to speed up?

Was Trump's real goal with Ukraine to give it to Russia?

New @NBCNews / Marist poll of New Hampshire voters - SANDERS: 22%

RCP poll averages, Jan. 26: Biden 29.5, Sanders 22.6, Warren 14.5, Bloomberg 7.5, Buttigieg 7.0,

Should the "Whistleblower" testify in front of the Senate?

New @NBCNews / Marist poll of New Hampshire voters - SANDERS: 22%

Coronavirus Live Updates: Death Toll Reaches 56 as U.S. Finds Third Case

Buttigieg to focus on converting Trump voters for final week in Iowa

Joe Rogan on immigration

The Judicial Branch Should Be Required to Fast Track Impeachment Cases

And this is the "Best" of Trump's legions.

We are fighting a "fire hose" and conventional wisdom that turns out to be naivete.

The Con has attacked Adam Schiff again this morning

Mitch McConnell is manipulating Trump to keep him from prolonging impeachment trial: NYT's Haberman

New Faux News poll has 50% calling for impeachment/removal

Iowans -- do you have any idea how often caucus goers switch party registration that night?

Trump launches wild accusation at Schiff as a 'sick man' who must be made to

Fox News Poll: Sanders gains among Democrats, Biden still best against Trump

Cream of Wheat and "crispy"

More Late-Deciding Activists Move Warren's Way

17 days to spring training (pitchers and catchers):

Williamson Returns, Makes Case For "Happy Warrior" Yang

Candidates' Last Month In Iowa By The Numbers

Adam Schiff is not a sick man. Donald Trump is a mentally sick man.

January 26 - Happy Birthday Rep. Albio Sires (D) NJ-8th

Bernie Sanders shaped this small city, and it gave him a moonshot to the national stage

I heard something yesterday that explains everything for me

House impeachment leader Schiff accuses Trump of threatening him on Twitter

NASA's "Name the rover" contest ends 9pm PST, Jan 27th

Politico: Republicans pray for Bernie as Democratic nominee (Republicans including Joni Ernst)

4 Missouri River states unite to try to limit flooding

A third case of coronavirus is confirmed in the US as China struggles to contain outbreak

The Saudi Hacking Scandal Is Much Bigger Than Anyone Realizes by Juan Cole

Question about RCP. Do they always just use reg. dem's for their #'s?

Mayor of Wuhan: Five million people have left the city

Common Cause complaint targets Sanders super-PAC

How Trump has plans to win in 2020

Dinner with the Mad Hatter

Trump's base only leaves him when they feel betrayed

Democrats running for Office in 2020.....PAY ATTENTION to the current events....

CBS News Poll - Battleground Tracker IOWA

CBS News Poll - Battleground Tracker IOWA

Do Americans not care?

Adam Schiff: A True Hero for Our Times

Pixs - The lonely soul

Stephane Grapelli was born on this date.

Bill Penzey and Fox News

Joy-Ann Reid is not letting Jack Kingston

AM Joy - Jack Kingston? Wth!

Jimmy Van Heusen was born on this date.

There's a panoply of new NH and nat'l polls and they don't look so good for the Chumpster

Trump just openly threatened Adam Schiff on Twitter

Wedding invitation said "Assault weapons optional"

Coronavirus contagious even in incubation stage, China's health authority says.

The Chinese Coronavirus Strain Is Dangerous Because It Is Novel

"Why Democrats Still Have to Appeal to the Center, but Republicans Don't"

Liquor essences?

BREAKING: With 81% of the member vote, @reclaimphila has endorsed @BernieSanders for President

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Dear Republican Senators & Chief Justice Roberts. Are you absolutely sure..."

BREAKING: With 81% of the member vote, @reclaimphila has endorsed @BernieSanders for President

Pompeo posted a lovely biblical quote this morning:

$38 Million spent on Mueller Report

YouGov Iowa: Bernie 26% Biden 25% 6 point swing from last which had Bernie up 7.

Even Fox News's Poll Shows Voters Want Trump Gone

Breaking: Sirens and rockets landing in Baghdad Green Zone

Who are the Bernie Sanders supporters here.

FOX "News" Poll: Senate should vote to convict Trump and remove him from office by 50% to 44%

On the Senate floor, neglect of the truth is on garish display during Trump's impeachment trial

For 1st Time, Davos Global Risks Perception Survey Dominated By Environmental Problems

Endorsement: Elizabeth Warren will push an unequal America in the right direction - DMRegister

A quote from Mark Twain, talking about the impeachment of Johnson.

'Penis Man' Graffiti Artist Arrested

UK will set out EU trade objectives next month: Brexit secretary

So, it turns out ESPN is amazingly STUPID

"October Faction" on Netflix

Did the aid $ to Ukraine actually get paid?

53% of Bernie supporters will vote for nominee. My son says Biden is just like a Republican.

Energy Cos Respond To Green Concerns - Tougher Protest Laws, Voluntary NG "Plans", Crocodile Tears

"Elizabeth Warren will push an unequal America in the right direction"

Why the hell would Joy Reid even have Jack Kingston on her show?

Male role models may still exist

The maximum number of US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 the Democrats are likely to win.


I hate to keep saying this and I will be the first to say I was WRONG. But the elections have been..

CNN poll: Sanders adds to momentum with lead in New Hampshire

Democrats Vote for Democrats!

Huey Lewis and the News - Power of Love (Official Video)

Bernie: More jails and 'tougher' penalties in certain cases in 1994 remarks backing crime bill

These people fight on TV and then hang out at cocktail parties and have play dates with their kids.

Sanders first candidate to call for Ban on facial recognition

Interesting, betting odds have recently started favoring Sanders over Biden to win Nom

New law will allow Illinois students to miss school to vote

Lucinda Williams has a birthday today.

Sen. Tom Cotton on TBIs: " he's not dismissing their injuries, he's describing their injuries"

My wife is from Hubei.. the situation is not good

I understand why the Republicans fear Trump. It does not fully explain their behavior.

Succinct WAPO analysis of Parnas tape damage bottom line

God I Hate What Murdoch And Fox Have Done To America

Chief Justice Roberts lets Senate Republicans show blatant disdain for impeachment proceedings

If Republicans refuse to call any witnesses, it will mostly help Democrats?

Perfectly worded billboard

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 26, 2020?

Thinking about Primary Election Turnout

Will Senator Collins now say Trump lost her when he threatened Schiff's life?

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Bloomberg

A Celebration - Republicans without ethics.

black-ish "Lemons"

I wish I could give these traits to all Americans.

Senators will have 16 hours to ask questions of the defense and prosecution.

Trump calling for violence: "he has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!"

What are the odds? (sorry Bernie)

Making it legal DOES NOT make it right - Contrary to some political thinking

The biggest national security leak in American history.

NPR Fundraising Idea:

Influenza will kill 50K-60K Americans this year

Total Synthesis of a Stereochemically Pure "Topoisomer."

Emu chasing a dog around a tree

Bloomberg is taking the battle to Trump. Good for him.

RIP Pro-Life Movement. 1976 - 2020.


Hillary (Official) Trailer A Hulu Original Documentary (VIDEO)

Cartoons 1/26/2020

The gold standard for election security.

Jeff Bezos corruption party at his DC house.

Viewpoints: We're not ready for a pandemic; here's what we need

Michigan teen beats cancer, smashes 3-D replica of his tumor

Updated Iowa polling averages, including the flurry of polls released in the last few days:

China's Omnivorous Markets Are in the Eye of a Lethal Outbreak Once Again

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Joe Rogan

Why is Warren but not Bernie hurt by Medicare For All?

Listened to Jamie Harris - Lindsay Graham's Opponent talk about this today - More hypocrisy

Parnas releases extended audio from 2018 dinner with Trump

Stop babbling about this president

Trump Team, Opening Defense, Accuses Democrats of Plot to Subvert Election

Coronavirus in California...I guarantee trump will do NOTHING as it gets worse...

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Confronts Giuliani to Reveal 'Evidence' of Biden's Alleged 'Corruption'

DU Poll: Is impact on downballot Democrats a factor in choosing a presidential candidate?

What it will take to contain the Wuhan Coronavirus. CNN:

Parents outraged that teacher accused of racist tweets still works in Kent School District

National polls are not important in the big picture but some find them useful. RCP and 538 averages:

Polling roundup: Sanders challenges Biden's frontrunner status

China Orders Centralized Response to Virus Outbreak as Alert Level Rises

Perfect summation of tRump's brags and denials!

Coronavirus outbreak: US citizen says she's angry and scared

Foreign Service Officer: When I was in high school (class of 1963), we had career days

The Joe Rogan brouhaha does raise an interesting question

Pompeo says NPR host 'lied' and mistook Bangladesh for Ukraine but doesn't dispute he cursed at her


Melania Says She Received 'Einstein Visa' Because She Was Such a Successful Model, ' I Did So Well!'

Another reason Trump is an idiot

I Guess I'm A Democrat Now: I'm leaving the Republican Party -- here's why you should too

Why did this video not emerge in 2016?

Retiring GOP operative Mac Stipanovich says Trump 'sensed the rot' in Republican party and took cont

Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 in Helicopter Crash in California

The actions were bad, but no impeachable

A fourth case of Coronavirus, is confirmed in the U.S.

Having a dickens of a time finding surgical face masks on line

Joe Rogan changed my life.

Stop Children! What's that sound?

Donald Trump impeachment trial: For Republicans, patriotism has left the Senate chamber

Bernie Sanders said country needed more jails and 'tougher' penalties

Kelly And Pompeo: How A Journalist Masterfully Combated Gaslighting

Two sources tell CNN that Kobe was on the crashed helicopter.

3 New Suspected Cases in Virginia

Biden announces statewide bus tour ahead of Iowa caucuses

I've decided to give away my book by posting it online.

Kobe just kicked the Con right off of my TV

Trump Threatens Schiff In Tweets

Twitter: "I've seen nothing to change my mind."

The world will mourn for Kobe

LOL! Fox & Friends covers new Fox News poll, leaves out part showing Trump losing to Dems

Kobe Dies In Copter Crash

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 29: The Roaring '20s

Joe Rogan was a GD "Birther".. spin that "centrist" shite..

Sniffer Dogs In Medicine Help Detect Diseases & Aid Patients; Cancer, Diabetes, Autism, More

Gee, he kind of sounds like a cop.

Kobe and Gianna Maria...

The Legend of Kobe Bryant (Tribute) - 20 Minutes of Kobe's TOP 50 NBA Highlights 🐐

5th US Coronavirus case was someone at ASU, one of the biggest universities in the country.

Breaking: US Embassy suffers 3 direct rocket hits in today's attack on Green Zone

My score is 17. Geez, I'm so boring

Indiana: Images of the Hoosier State

Maybe you sit this one out Donald

CDC confirms fifth coronavirus case in US

Just asked @BernieSanders about Kobe Bryant's death:

Super Humans: 4 People With Extraordinary Abilities Reveal How Their Superpower Shaped Their Lives

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 28: Star of the Month: Patricia Neal

Do you have friends who told you they were voting for Trump because "he tells it like it is"?

This could be another upsetting night for the Con.

Question about "Medicare for All"/Single Payer funding

Biden reacts to Kobe Bryant's death: 'It makes you realize you gotta make every day count'

I want to hear the following from CJ Roberts

Super Humans: 4 People With Extraordinary Abilities Reveal How Their Superpower Shaped Their Lives

Remarkable moment to start the Raptors-Spurs game. Running out the shot clock in honor of Kobe

Obama honoring Lakers and Kobe 2009

If you can tear yourself away from the Pro Bowl ...

Biden: "You've got to make every day count....."

RIP Kobe

Three Rockets Hit U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Reports Say

For Kobe: goodbye, my friend

did you know?

Did you know?

Rep Nadler statement on missing part of the Impeachment Trial on Monday due to family health matter


I know that this isn't a political topic.

There's an easy way to solve this Pompeyo bullshit

GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump

Joe Rogan Is No Friend of Democrats

I posted an article in Democratic Primaries on Buttigieg's Iowa strategy

The President Responds To The Kobe Tragedy

Bernie's Candle

Joe Biden reacts to Kobe Bryant's death

Senate impeachment trial: Fact-checking opening arguments of Trump's defense team

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will definitely win is-

Answer for Screen Mirroring - on tv MENU NETWORK SCREEN MIRRORING - voila!

Trump is afraid of germs.

Imagine what Russia has on him.

Real POTUS and Reality TV POTUS react to the passing of Kobe Bryant

Passage Shadowing This Political Time

Saudis Tried to Kidnap Me on U.S. Soil, Regime Critic Says

Trump Threatens GOP With MEDIEVAL Punishment

Max Boot's apology to Rex Tillerson

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 27 January 2020

How in Gods name can the trump* defense team come in yelling, screaming and lieing...

Watching poll-watching is an entertaining study in psychology.

Giuliani says he wasn't at that April '18 dinner with Lev, but the Press Secretary says he was OOPS

Jay Williams emotional in the wake of Kobe Bryant's death SportsCenter

Excellent twitter thread on U.S. Attorney SDNY Berman's record of Trump protection.

Michelle Obama just won a Grammy Award for her narration of her memoir!

Movement to highlight missing Native women expands to males

Sneering, Condescending And (Above All) Ineffectual - The GOP's Climate "Shift" In A Nutshell

[Cooking] sumo wrestlers' stew [Kana]

*NEW* Suffolk University (A- rated) Poll - Biden 25%, Sanders 19%, Buttigieg 18%, Warren 13%

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 26, 2019

Ah, Sundays! I had time to work on a painting of Mr. Femmedem this afternoon.

You know that Twilight Zone alien from "To Serve Man"?

I'm hearing that lots of Bernie supporters might not vote for another candidate in the general.

There were nine people who died on the helicopter with Kobe

Thank you to our Seven Samurai

Update - helicopter crash. 9 bodies confirmed by LA Co Sheriff

I've worked too damned hard for downballot Dems to watch the wrong POTUS nominee take them out

Songhoy Blues - from the album Music in Exile

[Cooking] sumo wrestlers' stew [Kana]

Poll: A week before the caucuses, Joe Biden leads an Iowa race that remains unsettled

Congrats Michelle Obama

I had the privilege to see Kobe's last game.

Buy an EV, or, never buy another car?

What is the coronavirus?

In response to trump's tweet threatening Schiff,

DO NOT SAY 'I think...' - say THIS instead - 21 more advanced alternative phrases

Nadler announces he will miss parts of impeachment trial as his wife undergoes cancer treatment

Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says

Bolton's book draft says Trump told him in August that he wanted to continue freezing aid to Ukraine

New Blues Show on radio--Sean Carney's Inside Blues

He Spent His Whole Career - Decades - At BP Developing Vast Oil Projects, But New CEO "Green"

10 WEIRD Things I Noticed When I Moved to Japan

The WH had a draft of Bolton's book.

Polling roundup: Sanders challenges Biden's frontrunner status

I am looking forward to the DU - undecideds to make a decision.

Im Meinem Leben

Sean Carney Inside Blues-New Blues Show on line, cross post from lounge

The inaction and the indifference

Now it's 9 people killed. This is awful.

Please tell me I am wrong and Trump tweeted the ...

Dear GOP Senators: If You Vote To NOT Remove Trump From Office, You're Responsible For Everything He

Why hasn't our greatest Doctor of all time, believe me, gone to China yet? Why?

KTLA reporting that baseball coach, John Altobelli, his wife and daughter also killed in crash today

One thing I think we can probably safely say. If Sanders doesn't win Iowa he is probably done.

A Science Odyssey: Mysteries of the Universe - Documentary

You raised $115.00 on January 25, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

**Breaking** Bolton's book draft confirms Trump withheld aid to Ukraine pending help with Biden

Surprisingly human statement by trump, wonder who wrote it for him: