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About Trump: Johnny Cash and Marilyn Manson agree - sooner or later .....

The guy who needs to be questioned: John DeStefano

The deportation of an Iranian student shows the unchecked power of Customs and Border Protection

Trump not fit to be let in the house

Rep Swalwell: There's no need to protect him any longer. This is the last year he will be president.

Christine Hallquist, (first openly transgender gubernatorial nominee) plans to endorse Bernie

Ari Melber saying not enough to impeach. What a dildo.

Germany Rejected Nuclear Power--and Deadly Emissions Spiked

Lev Parnas Says He Has Tape of Trump Calling for Ambassador's Firing

Val Demings mocks Senators walking out: Evidence is painful for them

Rod Serling speaking at UCLA 1971 - Twilight Zone and lots more

The irony of Trump basing his entire defense on a (bogus) nepotism charge may cause me to explode.

A direct pointing instruction from Lama Tsultrim Allione

There was a 6.8 quake in Eastern Turkey

Bernie Sanders is climbing everywhere

When you sort through all the rap lyrics and pretension, Ari Melber's guiding principle

Today was deadline for State dept to turn over documents on Ambassador Yovanovitch "security threat"

Next-stage Cordcutters, will an app work to mirror MSNBC?


First 3 women to be impeachment managers say public will see trial as 'rigged' if Trump is acquitte


"That has been proved"

Nadler: "He is a dictator."

Joe Conason: The Shame Of The Senate

So... who knows any good "Yo Daddy" jokes?

The crime that underlies all of Trump's other crimes is treason-

HRC President on Joe Rogan Endorsement, Sanders Campaign Response:

Homeless count strives for greater accuracy in annual census


You believe that you are the state and that anyone who contradicts

Satire -Sen. Hawley: "The Democrats Are Really Terrified We're Going To Impeach Hunter Biden"

Are these job qualifications reasonable?

Richard Sherman 'doubts' he would visit White House

NFL's Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

The Lawyer Who Fought Dupont's Pollution For 20 Yrs & Inspired the Film 'Dark Waters'

Trump unveils Space Force logo

Bank calls police on black man trying to deposit checks from racial discrimination settlement

Donald Trump Still Faces Dozens of Ongoing Lawsuits, Investigations After His Impeachment Trial

CBS Evening News: Bernie Sanders Interview

CBS Evening News: Bernie Sanders Interview

I don't understand, me being progressive as they come, why he's getting popular?

Adam Schiff and his team present an historic case...

The Supreme Court could upend consumer financial protection as we know it

4 police officers disciplined for 'improper' Stormy Daniels arrest at strip club

Adam Schiff makes a good point

Update: Navajos, Apaches Working to Deny Trump Arizona's 11 Electoral Votes

digby: The delicate Victorian spinsters of the GOP Senate are "offended"

Nadler Says Trump Acting Like 'a Dictator': Impeachment Update

Schiff lobbies Chief Justice Roberts to rule on questions of executive privilege

Moral Courage.

Trump May Skip Debates, or Seek New Host, if Process Isn't 'Fair'

Human Rights Campaign president rips Sanders's embrace of Rogan endorsement

Vandalizing America has been a group act starring Trump and Republicans

NJ-02: Van Drew said he wouldn't vote for Trump weeks before switching parties: report

Susan Collins getting A LOT of attention from GOP leaders. As dinner break started, THUNE, CORNYN,

Liberal super PAC to run digital ads slamming Trump over Medicare comments

Luckovich-we need dirt on the founding fathers

Joe Bondy, cannabis business attorney.

Gabbard tells Fox that Clinton's 'Russian asset' remark is 'taking my life away'

DCCC to run ads tying 11 House Republicans to Trump remarks on entitlements

Norah ODonnell : How are you gonna pay for your Cancel Student Loans and Free College?

Friday Talking Points -- My Impeachment Reactions So Far

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Friday 1/17/2020!

CA-25: Special Election Moves From Lean to Likely Democratic

*Attorney for Lev Parnas to be interviewed on Rachel Show.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff

"Only a headache"?

I really like Neil deGrasse Tyson. Too bad he's canceled!

Register to vote deadline is Feb. 14th here in Ala.

Democrats start effort to loosen abortion laws in Virginia

You Did It Again Rep. Schiff!

LGBT bills clear Virginia Senate and head to a friendly House of Delegates

As Schiff was now detailing what Trump did, I was reminding of

Live Beatles tribute on Youtube

Coming up tonight on Rachel: Parnas Attorney talking about newly discovered tape recording

TX-HD28: 2020′s first big test? Not Iowa, but a tiny Texas House race

Lawmakers weigh proposal to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines in Washington state

Iowa City Rally with AOC, Michael Moore, and Mike Posner

Schiff did a outstanding job

Bill For A N.H. State Climate Action Plan Gets First Hearing

Schiff for PRESIDENT! And soon!

Member of Albuquerque teen gang "Get Hard Crew" is now on city's most wanted list

Schiff: "I once doubted RFK words, I thought this was a sacrilege; in a

Uhm space force is real??????? they have a logo and everything

So Collins shouted, "That's not true" when House Managers

The Jay Sekulow Band...

Republicans livid after Schiff cites supposed threat to GOP senators

Twitter on the space force .... from the "DPRK" ....

I know I'll get slammed for this, but I don't think the Parnas tape on ABC shows a hit order

Trump unveils Space Force logo

New York Times obtains secret videos from inside Wuhan

(Jewish Group) Putin skews Holocaust history at global Auschwitz commemoration event in Jerusalem

(Jewish Group) Swastikas painted on synagogue in New Zealand

(Jewish Group) Diego Schwartzman writes about his family's Holocaust history

(Jewish Group) As number of Holocaust survivors dwindles, educators assess the impact of living test

(Jewish Group) Morocco opens $1.5 million center dedicated to Jewish culture in city of Essaouira

(Jewish Group) Restorers find chest full of precious Judaica items in former Polish synagogue

Please consider showing support of Adam Schiff

Pup Found On The Side Of The Road Can't Stop Giving Kisses

(Jewish Group) Reclaiming Jewish Life After the Nightmare of Communism

If Paul Simon Wrote a Song About GOP Senators, It Would Be "53 Ways to Fail Your Country" (Ferret)

Officer Charged in Murder of Son, 8, Kept in Freezing Garage, Police Say (NYT)

(Jewish Group) Joe Biden: My plan to fight anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Pete Buttigieg: My administration will devote $1 billion to combat anti-Semitism and

With Booker out, New Jersey officials start leaning toward Biden

(Jewish Group) Jeff Goldblum, Terry Gross and Marc Maron get emotional tracing their Jewish heritage

Susan Collins becomes the Joe Wilson of the Impeachment Trial.

Weird conspiracy theory about Wuhan Coronavirus I just saw.

Will Trump's people use the full 24 hours?

Former local man, injured in Charlottesville, wins judgment against David Duke

Rachel is about to play the tRump Yovanovitch tape. Right Now!

The point of the newly revealed audio tape:

autistic son of NYPD locked in unheated garage overnight. Father and girlfriend charged with murder

Why do people still wear watches?

Former PA state lawmaker pleads guilty to stealing from charity

Former PA state lawmaker pleads guilty to stealing from charity

Pic Of The Moment: Famous Saturday Morning Cartoons

Most to Least Vulnerable Democratic and Republican US Senate seats up in 2020.

Probe launched in Argentina's National Bank over $292 million in bad loans to agro firm

Probe launched in Argentina's National Bank over $292 million in bad loans to agro firm

FOX just questioned Trump himself on Yovanovich live

The campaign against Yovanovitch originated with Poroshenko & Lutsenko

Behind the scenes video of Eli's retirement.


***JANUARY PHOTO Contest Winners*** Thread posted in GD

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg to campaign in Maine on Monday

Why has the US made the arbitrary decision to fund public education only till Grade 12?

Stacey Abrams: Time to stop fighting past elections

Stacey Abrams: Time to stop fighting past elections

On the tape Trump says "get rid of her" and "take her out". He does not say fire her goddammit!

Tweet of the Day

Berners trying to besmirch Obama's legacy?

West Point Seriously Needs To Take This Asshole's RING Back. Pompeo NPR Interview...

Blue state people, you are going to have to carry us and take

Tonight I went to a retirement seminar. Found out I can buy my 2 years service in different state

The Daily Show: Mitch McConnell's Weird Impeachment Rules / Getting a Word In with Rudy Giuliani

My Tweet of the Day: Brian Schatz to gop senators

It's in the news

Seth Meyers - Sen. Richard Burr Gives Out Fidget Spinners During Impeachment Trial - Monologue 1/23

This Trump tape raises the 2020 stakes higher than ever

Seth Meyers: Guest Lewis Black

Hair Dyes & Straighteners Linked To Higher Cancer Risk, Esp. For Black Women; New Study

Jill Wine-Banks' pin on MSNBC tonight is awesome!

Well, this is a shock.

A recording of Obama or Clinton saying "Take her out" "Get rid of her"

Question about zoom text on Apple

CBS News is a million times more credible than repuker faux news...

Compare and contrast who a candidate surrounds himself with

Joe Biden pays tribute to the Guttenbergs

I have a good feeling

"Get rid of her" and "Take her out"

Joe Biden: These are the stakes

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Smug and righteous ... November cannot come fast enough....

I've been doing it wrong....

Pompous Pompeo threatens NPR reporter....

Huge Question: The evidence that the dems wanted to produce but werent allowed

The day after the senate votes not to convict

Former California Congressman Pete Stark dies at 88

WAMU-NPR: Local Health Agencies Prepare Response To Deadly Coronavirus

'Blatant manipulation': Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Love this Photo

Lindsey Graham says he's not going to live in a country where Trump is investigated and Biden isn't

Prince - Animal Kingdom

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 1/24/20

Every media outlet has ignored the QUESTION regarding the Parnas tape.

Report: Trump and Parnas Discussed Firing Ukraine Ambassador in 2018--At Trump's Hotel

Impulse buying is a marketing concept - but mattresses?

Did you catch the news that Junior was in the room when the audio was captured.

long long train of military vehicles pass by in California

The Cure - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

Tweet of the late night:

USA can't survive with live repug 'party.'

Rarity : Dean Friedman - Ariel - 7/23/1977 - Asbury Park (Official)

Campaigning is fun also

'What he means to the psyche of the African diaspora -- we can't measure it': Obama rejuvenates, capt

Iowa Senate Republicans advance plan to ban abortion

Prince - Girls & Boys

The Time: Ice Cream Castles

The Time: Chili Sauce

Prince - Forever in My Life

Probably dumb question: why didn't the House Democrats subpoena Bolton to testify?

Heather Cox Richardson - January 24, 2020 - Letters From An American

The Good Life Dancin Divas Mix NPG

Most Political Unrest Has One Big Root Cause: Soaring Inequality; Effects of 2008 Crash Still Here

Just watching Washington Week. There are some interesting angles presented in re: the TRIAL.

My Grandmother Kept Telling Us About the Nazis. Now I Know Why.

Ripple the dog doesn't care about the weather forecast

'We Have So Much More To Do,' Youth Climate Activists Declare As Davos Forum Closes

Several from Arthur Foote (New Englander!😁)/Margeret Ruthven Lang/John Alden Carpenter

The Parnas Tape.

The Truth

Don't Play Me

Kevin J. Lawrence plays...

US confirms return of former leader of Colombia's AUC paramilitaries

Republicans Say There's Not Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump, But Too Much To Call Any Witnesses

Like It or Not - Genesis

A Thought Experiment for Republican Senators

Stupid Talking Point # 5 : "All Presidents ask foreign leaders for personal favors."

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Happy Chinese New Year...The Rat

Trump to sit down with Hannity for Super Bowl interview

China's dams isolate Asian Elephants.

Coronavirus reaches Europe as France confirms 3 cases

After the skunk GOP senators acquit the world's greatest criminal, and we know

Absorption of Water Molecules on a TiO2 Surface and the Water Gas Rxn Have Been Visualized.

Anxious time...

Mutant goat born with human face worshipped as a divine avarar

Listening to Adam Schiff last night, I hear him say he was tired.

Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds

Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds

How Bernie Sanders' Radical Plan to Fix Markets Could Save Capitalism

"He Really Thinks His Call Was Perfect. It Wasn't": Trump at Odds With GOP, Kushner, His Campaign...

How Bernie Sanders' Radical Plan to Fix Markets Could Save Capitalism

Fiat Chrysler denies union bribery allegations in GM lawsuit

Fiat Chrysler denies union bribery allegations in GM lawsuit

Well, this REALLY isn't encouraging (Coronavirus) 👀

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to have majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

A Ball State University professor called the police on a student after he refused to move seats

Poll: How long do you think you'll last before turning off the Sekulow / Cipollone defense attempt?

Don't be lazy or cheap ...

Cindy Axne, Congresswoman From Iowa Swing District, Endorses Joe Biden 😎🎨

WAPO OP ED: The impeachment evidence will catch up to Republicans and Trump -- whether they ignore

Sam Stein: "Inches away from voting to convict the president for an elaborate scheme"

Weekend TOONs 1 - Kangaroo Court is in Session

Weekend TOONs 2 - Ann Telnaes Sketch Recap: Tuesday-Friday

David Rothkopf: "Reagan led to Gingrich led to the Tea Party led to Trump - it's all one story"

WAPO OP ED: As Trump's lawyers begin their defense, the biggest obstacle is Trump himself

FWIW: Trending this morning on Twitter

Naive Republicans?

Jelani Cobb: "we look at Presidents and point out how quickly the office ages them"

So who intends on watching the rethug rebuttal, and

I woke up at 3:30, wrote this down, and 10 minutes later went back to sleep.

"Oh jeez. No one's watching!"

Breakfast Saturday 25 January 2020

How much would 53 fainting couches cost the taxpayers?

Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight (An environment of misery)

Trump moves to gut Obama housing discrimination rules

Maher's Warning -- Democrats Better Have A Plan & Play By ONE Set of Rules

Iraqi security forces raid Baghdad's main protest camp, shoot at demonstrators

My take on the "its boring" and the pearl clutching

Molly Jong-Fast: Trump has used expression "head on a pike" before

IL Gov. Pritzker signs law capping insulin cost at $100 per month

2020 CO US Senate Election- Democratic Nominee- John Hickenlooper-D.

So the Chief Justice's role is only to announce dinnertime and bedtime and give an occasional scold.

Is Trump the new template for the Republican Party?

Rick Wilson: King Trump Wants Heads on Pikes. The GOP Can't Wait to Oblige.

Bernie Off The Top Rope

Bernie Off The Top Rope

Note that Trump has talked before about putting the heads of reporters on pikes:

Pentagon says 34 US soldiers suffered traumatic brain injury in Iran strike..TRUMP SAID ZERO INJURED

The God Damnedest stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard

When Pompeo seethed in anger at grilling by local Nashville female journalist

Ali Velshi's new Sat. a.m. show makes me miss David Gura.

Adam Schiff stood like a Billy Graham and preached the truth to the US Senate.

Man strangles rabid coyote to death after it attacks his son

You know it's never good when a public health scientist starts off a tweet with "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD"

Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that are highly vulnerable.

How many times will we hear, "Democrats want to Remove a Duly elected President" today?

So I hear that Bernie Sanders isn't really a Democrat

70% of the public want witnesses called

As Act II Begins, Republicans Coalesce Around a Verdict: Wrong, but Not Impeachable

Funny that the "Heads on a Pike" story did not spark outrage until Schiff repeated it.

Grizzly not a fan of surveillance state:

Trump increases tariffs on derivative steel, aluminum products from some countries

Neil Young is now an American citizen (dual) and can vote

Help, I can't find the awesome clip of Schiff's words compared to senators words. They just played

What Are 2019's Tax Brackets, and Who Gets Audited the Most?

When does ordinary Republican partisanship become treason?

Substitute teaching a challenge in Jimmy Carter's class

Why your zodiac sign is probably wrong

Which states that will get 2 new US Senators in Jan 2021?

False outrage over "heads on a pike" reference by Schiff - its called GRASPING AT STRAWS, folks.

NPR reporters & this Administration

Need To Pretend You Care About A Destabilizing Climate? Davos Shows You How!

Wuhan bans cars, Hong Kong closes schools as virus spreads

This tweet was ACTUALLY written by the sitting President of the United States of America.

Sleepy John Estes was born on this date-

Boris Johnson & Conservatives Miss Their Tree-Planting Target By A Mile, But It's The EU's Fault

A question on sanders voter revolution

Forget the "elephant in the room" There is a DEAD SKUNK in the Senate chamber.

Ewan MacColl was born on this date-

Why are Yahoo! Comments so overwhelmingly red as a baboon's ass?

Will CJ Roberts make a ruling on "executive privilege" before the Senate votes to acquit?

Trump method of handling communicable disease outbreak

Do you support or oppose the electoral college?

The Boss of Bossa Nova was born on this date.


Etta James was born on this date-

Cindy Axne, Another Congressperson in swing district endorses Joe Biden

"Republicans are tough. Democrats are spineless." Can we please now stop repeating this idiocy?

Showing Bold Climate Leadership, NY Raises Electricity Rates To Build Out More NG Pipelines

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

How many minutes into their argument will the WH counsel first mention the Bidens?

What I think the defense lawyers will argue?

So effing sick and tired of hearing the senate beg god for his guidance.

******* Impeachment Live Thread 1 - 1/25 *******

Forget impeachment. Republicans fear Ukraine revelations could spill into election.

They are going to be finished in three hours at most

Thai officials accidentally auction off car loaded with amphetamine

Trump admin finalizing plan to convert funding for 37 expanded Medicaid states to block grants

Waiting to hear: "It's all Obama's fault."

Our Crayola crayons didn't have a "fleshtone" crayon, we used "peach", which is why I love this ...

"... all they do is talk ... " regarding security of Ukraine is Putin's line !!!

Sources Say Trump Looks To Ban Nigerians From Entering United States

Sanders' student debt forgiveness plan could give 100x as much to future lawyers, execs and doctors

January 25 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bill Pascrell (D) NJ-9th

It's An Incomplete Summary With Biden Refrences Left Out

VSAP: California OKs highly questioned LA County voting system

WaPo: Coronavirus live updates: China's leader warns of 'accelerating spread' of virus

A message for Joe Biden from his father's ghost:

Gil Scott Heron--Whitey on the Moon (relevant again due to Space Force)

John Roberts comes face to face with the mess he made

Largest Veterans organization demands apology after Trump said traumatic brain injuries from Iranian

Have you wondered about the rostrum's background at the Senate trial?

Pompeo statement on yesterday's NPR interview and after it 👀

March For Truth Wednesday January 29th

Anyone Have The Stomach To Hear All Trumps Lawyers Distortions

Canada Globe & Mail: Wuhan authorities deliberately downplayed the coronavirus and silenced doctors

Please consider nominating Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch for the JFK Profile in Courage Award.

Biden unspools an endless supply of 'Bidenisms'

Seriously, I urge Democrats with blood pressure problems not to watch or listen to

Trump's defense is using the "hearsay/no facts" testimonies from Schiff's hearing

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia

Trump Defense team bingo terms

Rick Wilson: A friend asks "How can any Republican's head end up on a pike..."

Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds

How long before one of these lawyers starts crying?

FICO changes mean 40 million Americans could soon see lower credit scores

How Many Other Grifters and Spies Have Incredibly Damning Recordings of Donald Trump?

This is for those of us who need to destress

"Paused" in Trumpspeak

trump's lawyers are following his lead, LIE LIE LIE

You raised $335.00 on January 24, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

"Real Clear Politics" average of Iowa polls

Fox News has to break in with an Alert!

This one's for you, [Redacted]...

Vice: Sanders' embrace of Rogan's endorsement is "an unforced error"

So now trump is the CORRUPTION PRESIDENT.....

Poll: Sanders leads field in Iowa

Even if the Senate votes to allow witnesses to be subpoenaed, the public won't see their testimony

WaPo: The fastest-growing vegan demographic is African Americans

Hannity to interview Trump for Super Bowl.

One of Sanders' Legislative Accomplishments

It can serve as blackmail against Trump and others, just as it's being used now

Now Sekulow is parsing

Wife Dies After Husband Trips While Carrying Her, Husband suing over pothole that tripped him

******* Senate Impeachment Live Thread 2 - 1/25 *******

Sen. Sherrod Brown Rips 'Spineless Republicans', Trump's 'Lapdog' McConnell

Trump lawyer says Dems want to 'overturn' last election

The Guardian has outed the true identity of the mysterious founder of the Base

Thank you to those watching the traitor party lie fest on the senate floor today.

"Heads on a Pike" would be a great name for a punk rock band.

Just a friendly suggestion for Sanders' opponents.

The Expanding Universe Nova HD 1080p

The same NYT/Siena Iowa poll with Sanders ahead in primary has Trump beating Sanders by 6 points

Florida man attorney

Trump's legal team to launch unbridled attack on Biden

First suspected cases of Coronavirus in Israel, several hospitalized

Trump lawyers attacking Bidens during impeachment trial would blow up in president's face:

Candidates weighing using private jets to get to Iowa

Philbin is complaining a lot about the process.

LGBTQ Nation: Joe Rogan may cost Bernie Sanders more support than ever

Facebook apologizes for mis-translating Chinese president's name as "Mr. Shithole" (not the Onion)

The Rude Pundit has summed it all up very nicely.

Decided to read the WSJ editorial after the first day of the presnetation

Happy New Year

Before members of a cult will go against their cult leader, something really bad has to happen.

House Intel is live-tweeting point-by-point rebuttals to WH claims!

Trump hammered for ugly rage attack on Pelosi and AOC: 'You sound like an escaped mental patient'

Pence, apparently, submitted an op-ed to the WSJ

Pompeo responds (Notable he's not denying he cursed, swore and yelled at her.)

"Heads on a Pike" or "Take her out". Which phrase wins the week?

BTRTN: "McConnellism"... Power, Party, and the Death of Good Faith

BTRTN: "McConnellism"... Power, Party, and the Death of Good Faith

New York power set comes off the sidelines to back Biden

Didn't Trump try to sell the Space Force

"Remember us -- if at all -- not as lost Violent souls, but only As the hollow men The stuffed men."

Almost all Americans don't know the mess John Roberts made. They think it's about this trial. NO.

ACLU @ACLU Eviction screening policies perpetuate discrimination against low-income Black women.

Rep Schiff: After listening to the President's lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations:

That wasn't a defense

Unclaimed Property

Obama 2012 Finance Director: "The world will breathe a collective sigh of relief" w/ Biden as POTUS

Florida Man goes nuts with paint on house he doesn't live in...

Updates on Houston, Texas explosion.

are the 2 articles of impeachment voted on separately or together?

"Irresistible" Trailer Jon Stewart

Join Your State Leadership Team

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD - the new coronavirus is a 3.8!!!

Doctor at hospital in Wuhan dies after treating patients with coronavirus

Well, that was a farce!

George Takei: drumpf's space force is mirror image of Star Trek

With GOP supermajority at risk in 2020, Texas Senate may lower threshold to bring bills to floor.

Bombing Auschwitz

House Managers Press Conference on now

Cool - Schiff is continuing the trial in a press conference! Countering every point made

"Not that I loved Rome less, but that I feared Caesar more.

Pompeo attacks reporter again

The Bidens know

Take her out. Neither Lev nor Igor had the authority to fire Yavonovich.

If Trump is acquitted, this will become the number one question.

Ground Beef Recall, I'll cross post to GD as well

Ground Beef Recall, cross posted to Cooking & Baking

George Takei... Star Trek as hopeful. Trump is the mirror image

Engineer in deadly 2017 train derailment sues Amtrak

Lawrence Tribe also thinks "take her out" sounds ominous and MOB-like

So long 'original intent,' 'rule of law' and Constitution

Welp! Here he goes again...

Why does Pompeo have an unlabeled world map lying around his office?

The great Republican Party gamble.

Cartoons 1/25/2020

Bill would eliminate most elections in odd-numbered years

I can never figure out those medical bills I get.

Health district says the number of people who might have been exposed to the patient is up to 50.

New poll: 83% of African Americans say Trump is a racist

Shitstain's Environmental "Positions" - A Moving Target Of Conspiracy Theories, Ignorance And Lies

Trump Demanded No Quid Pro Quo, Lawyer Says: Impeachment Update

Report on the Abundance of Floating Plastic Particles in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Racist threats rattle students, faculty at university

Tweet of the Day

SNL is new tonight.

Bill Maher is dead wrong re: Trump supporters

Andrew Napolitano...Impeached trump should be removed from office

This History-Making Gay NBA Executive Just Married His Partner

Met Office: Expect A Substantial Rise In CO2 In 2020 W. Weather Events Pushing About 10% Of It

Pompeo lashes out at journalist; NPR defends its reporter

Conservatives: "Democrats haven't mentioned one thing Trump did that was illegal."

Andrew Napolitano...Impeached trump should be removed from office

With their base, it doesn't matter if Repubs vote for witnesses or not.

He wanted them to take her out for a nice meal...


China and the coronavirus

Hong Kong Leader Declares Coronavirus Emergency And Halts Official Trips to China Mainland

U.S. Plans to Evacuate Citizens From Epidemic-Stricken Chinese City

Matt Gaetz praised Democrats' impeachment presentation and skewered Trump's defense...

Adam Schiff's Observations on Trump Lawyers' Opening Arguments

108-year-old high school among those to be rebuilt if Tacoma approves $535M bond measure

Trump's Legal Team Opened Their Impeachment Defense With a Blizzard of Lies

Song for today by John Lennon

***Something EASY and IMPORTANT for you to do today.***

How do you clean pewter?

No witnesses, acquittal, equals this.

Bodies of U.S. firefighters retrieved from Australian air crash site

Bernie Sanders: Oklahoma's fight for public education is far from over

Bernie Sanders: Oklahoma's fight for public education is far from over

Democrats Manchin, Jones signal they're undecided on Trump removal vote

Crime scene tape put up in front of McConnell's office

MoveOn calls on Sanders to renounce Joe Rogan endorsement

Geraldo Rivera Throws Giuliani Under The Bus

Molecular tuning of CO2-to-ethylene conversion

Any fellow GAD people here?

Bayard Rustin was convicted for having sex with a man. Lawmakers want to finally address it.

Adam Schiff destroys Donald Trump at impeachment trial. GOP, did you listen?

Attn DU lawyers, law and order lawyers, and govt. process nerds ... Help me out.

Is it hyperbole to say we are teetering on the edge of a dictatorship?

Some SNL 'slob' humor ... watch it to the end ...

Are you getting PMs from a DUer named Automated Message?


Some Like It Snot. . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pompeo!

The Sneaky Simple Malware That Hits Millions of Macs

Today in history, the 25th of January 2001....

Mayor Bernie Sanders Created an '80s Trans Mecca in Burlington

Senator Sanders might well not have known some things about Joe Rogan.

Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds

How do I update my payment information for my Star membership?

Ratings Show Americans Don't Care About the Impeachment Trial Enough to Watch It

'He Did Nothing Wrong In His Mind!' Screams Lindsey Graham

Trump doesn't know Parnas but oders him to 'take out' Marie Yovanavitch:

Mimi Rocah: Does this [Sekulow assertion] offend you @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski?

Florida brewery features pups in need of homes on its beer cans

Pressure Republicans Senators with #didyoumeanit

Have a beer, adopt a dog

Rep Hakeem Jefferies: Trump Defence Team strategy - Nothing. But. Smoke. And. Mirrors.

Democrats Drop 28,578-Pages Of Trial Record On The Senate As Trump Introduces 0

Donald Trump is suddenly scared of Mike Bloomberg -- as he should be

Report: Ford to pay $30M-plus for lawsuit over transmissions

There's a critical witness impeachment is missing

We should brace ourselves. If it becomes certain that the Republicans will defeat a vote

But the Clintons were involved?

Concrete Blonde - Caroline

So when this bastard is acquitted

Welp, here's Lev's recording - his lawyer Joseph Bondy just dropped it - 1:23 of listening pleasure

Siena/NYT Poll just below the surface

Right-wing media have been laying the groundwork for Trump's acquittal for half a century (NYT)

There's another "tape" -- breaking on MSNBC now

Poverty Penalty - that's what I call it... BULLSHIT from the IRS

Intriguing Details of Giant Straight-Tusked Elephants Chronicled in New Study

Joe Rogan, Bernie Sanders and Essentialism

Joe Rogan, Bernie Sanders and Essentialism

Graham's quote is downright insightful "...he did nothing wrong in his mind."

My message to the GOPher who holds one of the Senate seats for my state*:

🐦 JAN 25 at 5PM CST - Marshalltown Rally with Bernie, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez & Michael Moore

Unexpected Discovery: Chemists Find Fungal Shrapnel in the Air

UPDATE: @BernieSanders is joining @AOC & @MMFlint at tonight's rally in Marshalltown

Major Meltdown for Hottest Planet: Even Molecules Are Torn to Shreds

Geoff Bennett w/ Ali Velshi: "This is on track to end without witnesses or additional evidence"

Do you want to have a little fun?

Louise Linton (Steven Mnuchin's wife): I stand with Greta on this issue.

You know what would drive Trump nuts?

My Message to Senators

It's not just us, the whole world is watching, watching how the greatest

One of the great things about the Rogan endorsement people miss.

Our side should be ruthlessly chiding Trump's cowardice if he doesn't testify before the Senate.

Raw ground beef recalled in nine states due to possible plastic contamination

How Pro-Trump News Sites Use Google Ads To Spam Seniors With Terrifying Medical Misinformation

We deserve truth, dammit, not more doubt.

Romney 'Very Likely' to Vote for Witnesses

Massive protest planned in support of Trump's removal on Wednesday of next week

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God were free at last!!

Etta James was born today, Jan 25th, 1938

Now there is 80 minutes in the Parnas video/audio:


'Who Will Protect My Right NOT To Pay For Your Child's Religious Education?' SCOTUS Case

Arizona man dresses up fake skeleton to drive in HOV lane

Just out on MSNBC: Rep.Val Demings, the ex-police chief and excellent...

Fantastic sign from juanita Jean

Could someone explain why anyone should really care who Joe Rogan (who?) endorsed or

'Who Will Protect My Right NOT To Pay For Your Child's Religious Education?' SCOTUS Case

Parnas is sure covering his @$$!

'What kind of dumbass commits impeachable offenses while being impeached..?'

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 25, 2020

Warren Campaign Deletes Tweet of 'Interfaith Council'

Adam Schiff....

Jeff Flake Explains Why Republicans Are So Afraid Of Donald Trump

Burning Rope - Genesis

Republicans set to give America a new form of government...

Now that he let a deadly virus into the US tRump should heed is own words

🔥 Marshalltown Rally with Bernie, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez & Michael Moore

Coronavirus in canada. 1 patient in TO.

Latest on Coronavirus...

Me and Bobby McGee

Sen. Harris Considers Endorsing a Former Opponent

Bolivia religious debate: The Bible vs Andean earth deity

King Donald IV

Rick Wilson....

XTC - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead

US Vice President Pence to Pope Francis: You made me a hero

Here is a world map of coronavirus outbreaks. FYI buy your masks now.

I am absolutely not watching these Trump lawyer lie,

MAHER falling all over Meghan KELLY. I guess COULTERgeist is stale now.

Pompous Pompeo is an embarrassment to West Point


"How can any Republican's head end up on a pike if it's already stuck up Trump's ass?

This may come as a surprise, but tonight Imma drink some whisky - 'cause IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT

Shannon Freshour is gym jordans nightmare...

Everybody in Colombia can guess who the Aguilas Negras are, except the Aguilas Negras

'Blatant manipulation': Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

Bernie Sanders' National Press Secretary tweets about Rogan, 2 weeks ago before the endorsement:

Anyone else noticed the right-wing talking points

The Cons acquittal will cost the GOP at least 6 senate seats 💺

World Health Organization: 1,320 cases of coronavirus so far

FICO changes mean 40 million Americans could soon see lower credit scores

Super Bowl ad SPOILER

Aren't you glad Trump is President while the coronavirus continues to explode?

El Salvador general admits army carried out El Mozote massacre

Graham vows Biden, Ukraine probe after impeachment trial

Killer Mike!

And now for something completely different.

Bloomberg to launch national Jewish voter coalition in Florida

My only caveat: I want voice analysis. Just recalling a certain "typewriter trap" that wrecked...