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Looks assured there will be no witnesses or subpoenas in Senate Trial

Adam Klasfeld, Ace Reporter, asked Jay Sekulow, LOSER, about his Parnas/Fruman email to Dowd

Luckovich-trump must have seen latest polls

The first mark of existence: Impermanence

Senator Collins is not the worst one, but I find her particularly repulsive just

Former Presidential Candidate showing his support for Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Matt Gaetz sees 'brush back' in being kept off Trump's impeachment team


Fox News Keeps Telling Its Viewers That Impeachment Is Too Boring to Watch

Remember when a group of House republicans tried to barge there way into

Why I Support Elizabeth Warren for President

WH Guts Safeguards For US Streams & Wetlands; Threatens Drinking Water For 117 Mill Americans

Susan Collins, Do Your Job!

Cory Gardner, Do Your Job!

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Warren becomes fastest first-time presidential candidate to hit 3 million donations

Prince Charles snubbed Mike Pence at Auschwitz?

2020 US Senate Elections that will give Democrats majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

❤️ Valentines Day at Waffle House - they are dimming the lights and taking reservations

Overcoming the challenge of up-is-down, day-is-night politics

Are We Supposed to Believe That tRump

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 24 January 2020

Are the wiccans still

Trump promised his mileage standards would make cars cheaper and safer. New documents raise doubts a

Better view of my fire lookout for 2020: Pinyon Peak, Idaho


Dear Sanders supporters: while Bernie is not my first choice in the primary, I will absolutely

The Stump Speech Analyzer: Elizabeth Warren

Brexit is finally happening. On January 31. For real this time.

Science ranks grow thin in Trump administration

Twitter thread by Seth Abramson on the new CNN/no witnesses story

Democrats roll out multimillion investment in six battleground states

STUDENT TOWN HALL AT GRINNELL COLLEGE - Michael Moore, Phil Agnew & Stacey Walker

Oh Slam!

GOP Senators Complain About Lack of Anything New

Six Teen Boys Played A Ding-Dong Ditch Prank. Minutes Later, Three Were Dead.

CALL THE SENATE! (202) 224-3121

In a nutshell, this says it all.

Was it Trump's idea?

Had a heart opening experience today. Goodness and happiness for today's mental health break!

Need a legal pot shop in California? Grab your smartphone

2 Columbus officers fired, 2 supervisors suspended over Stormy Daniels case

The real Bernie Sanders exposed

Regime Critic Says Saudis Tried to Kidnap Him on U.S. Soil

Soon the Republicans will be voting in a king as the ruler of America.

I think the REAL reason for no witness's or documents is

Today's republicans probably would have yawned at the Constitutional Convention

Republicans complain about the impeachment trial's lack of new evidence while blocking new evidence

Kamala Harris Mulls Endorsement of Biden

PBS coverage has gone beyond both-siderism.

Cameron Collins gets probation - and his father gets all the blame

As it is.

We are approaching a "tipping point" I am not talking about the environment and the "tip"

Biden leads Democratic primary field nationally

Kellyanne Conway knocks Biden, talks up Sanders in Wash Post op-ed

I Already Know The Info They Are Presenting and Still

Kamala Harris Is Said to Be Weighing an Endorsement of Joe Biden

America's Forgotten Titan: George Westinghouse

If you had "obstructing investigation of the obstruction of an

Biden to go on Iowa tour with swing district lawmakers

Most of us saw and heard the House testimony regarding impeachment when it took place

Trump's conduct is not 'America first', Democrats argue at impeachment trial

The stench and stain of trump will forever envelop republicans, especially senators, after this

Lightfoot presidential endorsement: Likely not Sanders, Warren or Biden

Senate GOP uses Trump's executive privilege threat as rallying cry against subpoenas

Bloomberg gets under Trump's skin as he ramps up spending on 2020 ads

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Friday 1/17/2020!

Texas student who traveled to China being tested for possible coronavirus

A good defense attorney these days would ask for Republican senators

Vatican women's magazine blames drop in nuns on abuses

Former senator and White House hopeful Bill Bradley backs Biden

Reuters/Ipsos poll that had Sanders +1 last week today has Biden +4

Face Masks Fly off Shelves in Seattle After 1st Coronavirus Case

National Emerson College Poll:

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Can this Iowa couple work things out?

National Emerson College Poll:

Just glad to know that EVERYBODY here agrees that NO MATTER who the

Why Biden's rivals can't break his lock on black voters

Zookeeper who killed tigers and tried to have rival murdered is sentenced to 22 years in prison

Decoding the polls: Sanders surging and more takeaways from the newest numbers

Playing with a fidget spinner???

Trump, Guns, and White Fragility

TX-HD28: DLCC to spend another $125k on Eliz Markowitz

Trump says he has all the evidence and Dems don't

Human Rights Campaign is endorsing several Democrats in key Senate races

A Brief Global History of the War on Cannabis

Pa. GOP House Speaker Mike Turzai is retiring

FLIPPABLE: Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin State Supreme Court

To anyone who votes Republican: That "tight" feeling around your throat?

Scary Weaponized Ignorance from Trumpists

Biden leads Democratic primary field nationally: poll

I went to a homeless symposium today

I made the no-bake cookies

Jason Crow Rocks !!

Angry Father Confronts Warren on Student Debt Plan: 'The Ones That Do The Right Thing Get Screwed?'

Trump's reelection looks more like a long shot than a slam dunk

Has anyone been to see Steely Dan in the past year or two?

Chris Matthews belittles Bernie Sanders ascent in polls. Why?

"What's Eating America" new MSNBC show with

Russian Stand-Up Comedian Who Joked About Church, Putin Flees Country

This Biracial Farmer Explored Her Heritage Through Food

Crossroad Blues

Alberta has 94,000 inactive + abandoned oil and gas wells. Why? Industry self

the Turtle - Sack cartoon

Somebody went there! I can't stop laughing!!!

BREAKING: A possible Coronavirus patient has been hospitalized in NJ.

Officials believe they've found the 'Pillowcase Rapist.' The suspect was building a 'dungeon' beneat

Coronavirus: NJ patient being evaluated for deadly China virus

Republican senators at the impeachment trial, summed up in a couple of lines from "Goodfellas."

TX-HD28: Eliz Markowitz's closing ad.

The biggest fear should not be Progressives staying home, it's guys like this.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Republicans Are 'Looking Concerned' As Impeachment Trial Continues

Iowa Catholics talk about caucuses. "I'll vote for Peter Pan if he beats Trump."

Officials believe they've found the 'Pillowcase Rapist.' The suspect was building a 'dungeon'

Amy Klobuchar On Republican Colleagues: 'To Me They Look Embarrassed' Rachel Maddow

Adam Schiff is a hero.

*Rachel on with Lawrence (and others,)


Because right matters

Saw McConnell walking out of the chamber.

Bernie Sanders Boasts of Joe Rogan Endorsement Calling Him 'Insanely Consistent His Entire Life'

Adam Schiff....Thank You

Some---even some on this board this evening---have complained that the Democratic House Managers

And now we wait

Lindsey Graham MELTSDOWN When Asked About Trump's Impeachment Trial

My tweet to Marsha Blackburn in response to her denigration of an American soldier...

Something soothing for you to listen to as you wind down...Max Richter from his Sleep album

American firefighters killed in Australian bush fire plane crash identified.

GOP senator attacked Lt Col Vindman for not being patriotic -- while she was ignoring the impeachment

It dawned on me why Trump can't shoot someone on 5th avenue...

Ted Cruz repeatedly refused to answer if he agrees with Trump -- and then ran off

Cat Lovers Get Surprised By A Box Of Kittens

*Amy K coming up on MSNBC.

US general says troops could be in Middle East for a while

A few more insect photos.

Bernie Sanders Has Been Planning A Social Security Fight With Donald Trump For Years

Why does Tom Steyer want Congressional term limits?

Right Matters. Adam Schiff Closing tonight ...

TCM Schedule for Sunday January , 2020 - Deanna Durbin

Senate GOP Is Coming Around To The Idea That What Trump Did Was Okay

TCM Schedule for Monday January 27, 2020 - Holocaust Remembrance

The Daily Show - Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial: Day Three

The Daily Show: The New York Times's Dual Endorsement & Michael Bloomberg's White Privilege Speech

Schiff on why Trump needs to be removed.

CBS News: Trump team warns "Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike."

Seth Meyers - Senator Bernie Sanders Passes Joe Biden in New National Poll / Impeachment

I think Mitch is regretting at least one decision...

Seth Meyers: Journalists/Authors Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig ("A Very Stable Genius")

So how long until Twitler blows up at Schiff's impassioned closing argument?

New York On Track To Ban Cashless Stores And Restaurants

Insys Therapeutics: Ex-pharmaceutical exec gets 5 1/2 years for pushing opioid

Does Trump WANT to be removed from office? It's possible...

Seth Meyers - Trump Confesses Amid Senate Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group

Focus Features email for Jon Stewart Movie uses "Democrat" slur

Trump Administration Warned GOP Senators 'Your Head Will Be On A Pike' If They Vote Against Him

For anyone who missed Adam Schiff's closing tonight, here's a link to a video.

Genocide expert breaks down how all the warning signs are present in 45's America

Firesign Theater predicts the future.........

Charles Pierce, 2020 and GOP: The fever will never break. Patient will have to die.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, January 24, 2020

It's not music but it is entertaining!

CBS News is reporting that the Trump team has threatened GOP senators that if they vote against

I Have A Gift For Republicans - Every Republican Senator Vote To Remove Trump - Every Single One

☦ Eastern Orthodox (Greek Orthodox) Hymn, 'The Lord Is My Shepherd'

A GOP senator traffics in flimsy allegations to impugn Alexander Vindman -- again

No Change

A special election to test the red-blue shift in Texas politics

Voting in Texas on Super Tuesday: Everything you need to know

'Denial of justice': Britain rebukes U.S. for not giving up diplomat's wife

Ivanka Trump was involved in inauguration's inflated payments to family business --lawsuit

Yang: Trump followers 'kind of like me'

Pa. Poll: Biden 31, Sanders 21

Here is the closing of House manager Rep. Adam Schiff's summary statement tonight: Video

Trump's a two-bit, wanna-be Colonel Kurtz

John Roberts comes face to face with the mess he made

If Bolton Gives An Interview In The Press And Tells It Like It Is.....

There was a fish symbol on the piece of strawberry shortcake I picked up at Publix last evening.

What about student loans constitutes a "crisis"?

Robert Reich: Davos Is The Source of All Our Ills

California vineyard spills nearly 100K gallons of red wine


Coronavirus: Chinese Hospitals In Chaos As Lockdown Spreads To Affect 33M People

Photographer Captures Powerful Waves on Lake Erie as Liquid Mountains

Tulsi Gabbard hires Giuliani's attorney in lawsuit against Hillary.

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats will end up winning in 2020.

OZ Open - Spoiler

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening (& Jon Stewart) - 1/23/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest Chris Cuomo

When tyrants tremble in their fear ... how can I keep from singing?

How to Volunteer for Bernie Sanders

Laurence Tribe sums up Adam Schiff perfectly ...

the democrat's outstanding impeachment display

Soros gives $1bn to fund universities 'and stop drift towards authoritarianism'

'Aunt Lydia' Collins, betrayer of women, wants to clear the press out of front row

Marsha Blackburn's tweet

Remember, Blackburn and King partied with Nazis at the innaugural.

The people of Puerto Rico brought a guillotine to the governor's mansion

Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism

Three female House Impeachment Managers: Public will see trial as rigged if Trump acquitted

Obama feels Sanders is unfit to battle Trump - and he has told people he might say so publicly

Militant sentenced to 19 years for role in Benghazi attacks

The lesson for today

"I'd rather have Pence."

Jury Nullification

npr has lost it.

Obama fundraising chief backs Biden Rufus Gifford, one of the Democratic Party's ......😎🎨

Bernie Sanders - Not a niche candidate.

Bernie Sanders - Not a niche candidate

Republican Senators Admit Trump Doesn't Know What He's Talking About

I once was a faithful listener to NPR


Impeachment trial: Trump win shows anything can happen, even Senate conviction and removal

Trump: "My lawyers will be forced to start on Saturday, which is called Death Valley in T.V."

Rude Pundit: Republicans Believe the US Is So Weak That It Couldn't Handle Removing Trump

Former Iowa Gov. Chet Culver endorses Joe Biden for president.....Go Joe 😎 ,,,Wow

"Never mind what they say"?

The Doomsday Clock is now at "100 seconds to midnight." Here's what that means.

Updates: Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Global Cases (map)

Graham is really arguing that Trump's ignorance

Coronavirus: NJ patient doesn't have virus sweeping across China, hospital says

6-year-old hero: New Jersey girl saves family from devastating home fire

Adam Schiff's closing argument 1/23/20

Some in South Jersey have a message for Trump: Pay your old Atlantic City casino bills

Friday TOONs - Weep the People

Alberta Report: Almost Complete Failure At Old Well Sites; Dept That Produced Report Eliminated

Democratic Attacks on Sanders Are Long Overdue.......🙄🎨

Shitstain Has Made 492 False Or Misleading Claims About The Environment Since 1/17

Trump's Treasury secretary just admitted the tariff rationale is hogwash

Breakfast Friday 24th January 2020

You KNOW..

Daddy's home!

Aaron Rodgers: How Can Anyone Believe in a God Who Sends People to Hell?

"You won't believe it, but . . ." Please come CAPTION Rudy Guiliani!!!!

Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group

Farm Bureau Federation Barely Marginally Grudgingly Kinda Sorta Acknowledges Global Warming

Republican Virginia Delegate Says He'd Support Giving Alexandria And Arlington To D.C.

The honest Trump defense that is too embarrassing to advance

Schiff should open today with this

Molly McKew: "Republican Senators now believe that they themselves don't matter."

Heartland Instituite Clown James Taylor Tells ID Legislature How Good Warming Is; Thanked By GOP

Houston building explosion is felt for miles, scatters debris (Video)

'Blatant manipulation': Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

WaPo: Bloomberg gets under Trump's skin as he ramps up spending on 2020 ads

Trump is up bright and early-- feeling sorry to himself, crying like a baby, and #cyberbullying

Lisa Murkowski

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia

They are still at it!!!! This is Guiliani this very morning on Fox & Friends!!!

Tulsi Gabbard and mental stability

The death of the cookie signals a new golden age for publishers

Consensus seems to be that the "President's" "Defense" team will do all they can to

Naval Station Great Lakes on lockdown; all personnel instructed to take cover

How does one imbed a video in the Video & Multimedia section of DU??

Jimmy Fallon has a bit called Hashtags

The investigations will continue.

January 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Tom O'Halleran (D) AZ-1st

Don McGahn on Harry&Meghan: "I heard she called the queen & said she thought it was a perfect call"

January 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. John Garamendi (D) CA-3rd

Letter from Alabama: 'Rabbi, will you take my dog when the Rapture comes?'

January 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Mike Thompson (D) CA-5th

The Rundown: January 23, 2020

January 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lou Correa (D) CA-46th

Pick of the Week: "Wonder Woman" #750

Finally, the Trump-is-a-psychopath defense.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

January 24 - Happy Birthday Governor Laura Kelly (D) KS

Buttigieg gets air support in New Hampshire

The origin of Super Villains: Black Adam

Adorable showdowns: Aussie puppy takes on Santa ornament

Bernie's labor support snowballs

Enormous swarm of locusts 37 MILES long and 23 miles wide

A Lousy Reason For A Planet To Die.

Newsweek: #YangSurge Trends After Latest Emerson Poll Ranks Andrew Yang 4th Nationally

It takes nothing to be kind to animal Clydesdale hugs

Papyrus, another mall staple, is closing all its stores

Are marches being organized and scheduled? How do we find out? nt

New Details Found In Bayeaux Tapestry...

Iraqi demonstrators demand withdrawal of U.S. troops

Ivanka At Davos: "I Gave Up My Life For Washington"

So their "heads will be on a pike" if they don't obey. What a slimy bunch of cowards republicans

"On day one as president, I will order the release of every document related to this impeachment"

"Washington (CNN)Senators are soon going to start seeing Adam Schiff in their sleep."

Obama fundraising chief backs Biden

Pyrrhic Victory

Friday's AWWW - Having a moment with your cat

New Biden ad: Threat (Every day he's president Donald Trump poses a threat to America and the world)

Dems offer to take pikes our of GOP arses, Trump threatens to put their heads on it....

... (it) is not a defense -- it's a bribe.

Fox & Friends Audience Gasps After Geraldo Laments the Fall of Giuliani: Deteriorating Right Before

Trump BREAKS TWEET RECORD, Loses Mind Over Impeachment

40% of Republicans Senators Missed Schiff's Speech

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight


Friday Morning Gratitude List

Wuhan, China, is scrambling to build a hospital in just 6 days to treat coronavirus patients

Susan Collins Takes Hours to Decide on Lunch Before Ordering Exactly What Mitch McConnell Is Having

Erin Brockovich: 'Shit Flows Downhill': What the Trump Clean Water Act Rollbacks Really Mean

1-(202) 224-3121. Senate Switchboard-- #. Call often Citizens

Invite Zelensky to SOTU Address

'I can't wait for revenge': White House aide vows payback over Trump impeachment trial

Dear and Glorious Leader pixs as a youngster

Dark money groups tied to Sanders launch attack ads against Buttigieg

Meet the pastor who wants the poor to pick a president

😀🇺🇸🥜🧈☀️❗️What's Your Favorite Way To Have Peanut Butter? Me: Bacon Peanut Butter Waffles.

Warren Zevon was born on this date-

Funny Yang video from the New Yorker

Cats eating bananas????

Iowa Starting Line: What Endorsements Remain? (email)

Seth Abramson: "Unclear How or Why These Threats Would Not Constitute Major Federal Felonies"

National Archives replaces altered Women's March photo with original version

CDC confirms second US Wuhan coronavirus case

DC's longest-serving trash collector is also a retired rodeo cowboy with ten ponies at his farm.

How Joe Biden went from slumping to surging in Democratic presidential race in Iowa

There's a remedy for Senators who leave the chamber

Deputy uses stun gun to settle a beef between K9 and cow

Warren Pledges To Release Impeachment Docs Withheld By WH

Crunch time, a little more than a week from the Iowa Caucus, and Biden is "sittin' pretty"....

Gantz considers turning down Trump's White House invitation

Warren Pledges To Release Impeachment Docs Withheld By WH

Rogan's Bernie Endorsement Draws Outrage As Clip Surfaces Comparing Black Neighborhood to 'Planet of

Joe Bidens new book.. or newest book actually . son says it is jaw dropping

Emerson Poll: "Will you vote for the Dem nominee if he/she is not your personal choice?"

Warren campaign hits 1,000 paid staffers

Someone on MSNBC was saying that Trump should be censored instead of being convicted!

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to deliver Democratic response to President Trump's State of the Union

Media Bias Watch: Bias by Photo

Whitmer/Escobar will deliver SOTU response

When police say they can smell pot, they can search you.

You raised $895.00 on January 23, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Dear Leader Trump never stops working for us

Trump impeachment prosecutor, Adam Schiff, is becoming Exhibit A in president's defense

Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired

This is a shocking poll result:

"Exoneration" vs. "Acquittal"

"Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike."

What the hell, Yang supporters??

From my Pulitzer Prize winning friend: Chinese Coronavirus checks will miss 60% of infected...

If Escher was an ironworker:

Do not yell at me for posting this video of Julianne Hough. (WTF?!)

Teens rang a man's doorbell as a prank. Then he rammed their car, killing 3 of them

Napolitano: "ample and uncontradicted evidence" supporting Trump's removal.

Why does the US media pretend to present balanced reporting?

ABC has a recording that appears to capture Trump telling associates he wanted Yovanovitch fired

Media needs to stop calling Murkowski, Alexander, Romney or Collins

Warren rolls out council of interfaith advisers

Ohio Republican Party calls on House candidate to drop out of race over Ashley Madison account

Note to MSNBC: Chris Matthews is way past his "expiration date".......

ABC: 'Take her out': recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine a

My letter to Iowa's Senators

The National Portrait Gallery's Obama Portraits Will Embark on a Five-City Tour

Cruz went full mean girl in replying to Raju's tweet, first mentioning the "pissing fight" with McSa

Call Justice Robert's office and leave him a message!

On January 23, 2016, "Snowzilla" happened.

My family's travel is upended by the coronaviris.

Police: 1 missing after building explosion shakes Houston

Financier doubts add to Boeing's MAX headaches

Taylor Swift says "F__k that. I don't care"..."I want to be on the right side of history".

Trump impeachment trial TV audience drops 19% on second day

Cincinnati-area judge says he calls ICE when he suspects defendants could be here illegally

If the sack-less Republicans are so afraid of trump...

SSL on a WordPress website

White House cybersecurity chief quits, says leadership is inviting an attack

Dems pick Whitmer, Escobar for Trump State of Union response

Warren: "Unfairness" of loan relief is like saying no to SS because prior generations didn't have it

Speaking of peanut butter, have you ever had potato candy?

Antonio Brown turns himself in to police on multiple charges

U.S. says 34 troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after Iran strike

On January 22, 1984, Apple made the only nationwide airing of its "1984" TV commercial.

34 US troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iranian attacks

Go ahead and Google "head on a pike"...

VA doctor sentenced to probation for sexually assaulting 5 patients

Trump's "The Bidens Made Me Do It" justification defense

People: 27 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Having Miscarriages

Happy 79th birthday, Neil Leslie Diamond.

Who are these people 'The Base' that have land in the PNW?

GOP senators were warned: "vote against the president & your head will be on a pike."

"Take her out."

Lets talk about joe Rogan endorsing Bernie Sanders

"Take her out."

Drag Queens plan protest at MO state capitol

Tinhorn John Gotti..."Take her out"

Pentagon Confirms 34 Soldiers Hurt In Iran Attack


BREAKING: Al Jazeera reporting apparent dead bodies on Wuhan Hospital floor

Call The Obstruction Of Justice By Trump What It Really Is......

CIA Used Prisoner As 'Training Prop' For Torture, Psychologist Testifies

Phil Donahue, Opus, penguin lust, nun beating and two cartoons

California threatened with funds loss over abortion coverage

Sanders taunts Jamie Dimon again

Is Igor Fruman also cooperating??

Just Noticed The President's Lawyer's Table.....

Does anyone here know what CJ Robert's schedule has been this week?

Lindsey Graham's excuse, and more than you needed to know.

Wondering this AM. After tRUMP trial

Re Calling Representatives

Warren Defends Student Loan Plan

This physicist's ideas of time will blow your mind.

First choice, Andrew Yang. Second choice, Donald Trump: Iowans for Yang mull options before caucuses

Trump invites Netanyahu to White House, says Middle East peace plan imminent

McCaskill yesterday said that a woman senator does not want reporters to sit to in the front row

Trump Tells Anti-Abortion Rally He's Strong Defender of Unborn

When your dog's life coach is your cat.

He used the phrase about assassination of Soleimani

Does The Final Vote In The Senate For Removal Or Aquittal Have To Be.....

Arab Countries Say "We Miss the Jews"

Would anyone here EVER say "Take her out!" when talking about firing someone?

Expanding the party, and Joe Rogan.

How Trump's hold on military aid to Ukraine helped the Russians?

A Civil War-era 'witch bottle' may have been found on a Virginia highway, archaeologists say

The Arabs used to chant that Palestine did not exist

I'm wondering as well. Why is the House not doing any 'further' investigations (or keeping quiet

Man fatally shoots six family members in Germany, police say

I don't know about you, but it's my stomach that is surging.

Cipollone, one of Trump's lawyers in the Impeachment trial, was involved in the cover-up.

Warren's Mission: Kill The Anxiety About Her Campaign

The 2016 election was like the Big Bang for Trump's ego

GOP Senators face the "Prisoner's Dilemma" with multiple actors.

The Radium Girls: An Illinois Tragedy

Senators better be careful because drumpf might order

Speak Up, Stand Up: Arizona students gather to address suicide, bullying, addiction

Charles M Blow: "Never going to forget what they did to Emmett. Think abt it ALL the time."

None of the Democratic Primary Candidates Are Our Enemies.

Drink this: Scuttlebutt no longer brewing with English ale yeast

Old and free: Monroe mill operators' 1903 houses up for grabs

Way to go, California!

The Biden Plan for Education Beyond High School

2020 Dem Convention Keynote Speaker should be: Adam Schiff

I'd readily vote for any one of the top 5 or so candidates

Sanders isn't sexist, but he benefits from sexism

Before deciding whom to support, look at campaign promises.

Greg Sargent: Damning new audio of Trump illuminates scandal's back alleys

Trump brushed off traumatic brain injuries of 34 American soldiers from Iran attack

From Republican Voter To Pete Buttigieg Precinct Captain

2nd virus case in U.S.; 43 came in contact with patient here

'Jury tampering': Internet explodes after WH threatens that senators' heads 'will be on a pike' if

Young People & Socialism: Video from June 2019-The Daily Show

Charles P. Pierce: Republican Senators Are Co-Defendants in a Moral RICO Case

Why Democrats still have to appeal to the center -- and Republicans don't.

Bandidos Motorcycle Club involved in 2017 quadruple murder of Seabeck family

Seattle Mass Shooting - My Instincts Were Right This Time

Any scuttlebut about how the 4 senators are handling their Iowa and NH campaigns?

Concerning student loan forgiveness: just remember the rethugs used resentments to bust the unions

Colorado Senate president, others endorse Joe Biden in Democratic primary

The Lawyer Who Fought Dupont's Pollution For 20 Yrs & Inspired the Film 'Dark Waters'

College student shot during alleged fraternity hazing incident

Insurance Companies Are Spending Millions on Attack Ads Against Medicare for All

82,000-gallon sewage spill reported in Bremerton

Deadly Seattle shooting could impact gun laws in 2020 legislative session

tweet from Sanders and retweet from Nina Turner:

Wait. Neil Young is married to Daryl Hannah?

Rival Campaigns Are Starting to Take Bloomberg Very Seriously

Even Fox News Admits There's Ample Evidence To Remove Trump

Trump vs. Bloomberg: Fortunes collide in pricey knife fight

Cartoons 1/24/2020

Someone needs to make up an invoice listing

E.P.A. Is Letting Cities Dump More Raw Sewage Into Rivers for Years to Come

H G Wells invented hobby wargaming--see his book.Little Wars, online at Project Gutenberg

Biden's student debt plan offers $10,000/yr debt forgiveness for up to 5 years for public servants

Stocks drop on news of second US coronavirus case

Dems should offer discretion and immunity to any Senators who come forward with evidence

CNN to host two straight nights of Democratic town halls before N.H. primary

If I were a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President

'Fox & Friends' Desperately Tries to End Unhinged Giuliani Interview, Repeatedly Fails


Did Harvard Pay Elizabeth Warren $400,000 to Teach One Class?


Chicago mayor weighing possible Bloomberg endorsement

Mnuchin vs. Greta on climate change: What economists think

Elizabeth Warren campaign hires new staff in Utah

Schumpeter: The last GE Man

Opinion: Trump opens door to Social Security cuts

Democrats argue Trump's blocking of probe rates removal, too

I do not like the fact Chump is edging up, even in good polls.

So... Are we even going to have a conversation about WHY

"Ignoring Bloomberg's record to endorse others made no sense"

i can't stop crying. CONGRESSMAN Schiff ... laying out Trump is a traitor. Trump echoing Putin

CNN to host two straight nights of Democratic town halls before N.H. primary

Not an Expert - Wondering if Someone Could Help with a Post about Mitch McConnell

Another Sasquatch sighting? WSDOT says creature spotted near Snoqualmie Pass

Adam Schiff: "I don't know if there's ever been a greater success of Russian intel."

How Republicans made millions on the tax cuts they pushed through Congress

"I like soldiers who don't get traumatic brain injuries."

caption TRUMP photo

Question about hacking countermeasures

Sanders doubles down on Rogan

Jeff Van Drew -- "I haven't voted for him, I didn't support him, I will not vote for him,"

Genius "Medicare For Y'All" South Carolina Billboard Campaign!

Remember 2012??

When McConnell just asked for a 15 minute recess...

Adam Schiff

Dems need to show a clip of Jonathan Turley...

Kendrick Sampson Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Kendrick Sampson Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

One hell of a disturbing fim..

Trump May Propose New Firm to Host Presidential Debates

"She's going to go through some bad things" and "Take her out."

Home Health Care Workers Deserve Respect

The FBI reportedly stopped a Saudi plot to kill a Youtuber.

Home Health Care Workers Deserve Respect

I am going to get a bottle Laphroaig quarter cask for my Birthday.

Angus King On Trump impeachment: This Is More Serious Than I Thought

CNN reporter talks to conspiracy theorists at Trump rally

Pentagon Confirms 34 Soldiers Hurt In Iran Attack

The cognitive dissonance of the Trump defense

Sekulow just went into an unhinged rant to reporters during break on MSNBC.

I don't know...calling for heads on a pike

Danny Masterson and Church of Scientology Accused of Killing Dog

I used to be a libertarian. Then the US healthcare system taught me how wrong I was

Living near traffic corridors linked to risk of MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease: UBC study

Laurie Garrett: Welcome to the Belt and Road Pandemic

Open Letter to one of my Senators, Martha McSally

Sincere advice to Mr. Sekulow: Jay, Jay, Jay! Your faux indignation on TV just now as you---

Biden 2008: Promises to pursue Bush Administration crimes: "No AG or President is above the law".

Val Demings appreciation thread 🇺🇸

Please...a gentle reminder about Joe Rogan:

I know they have to do it, but buttering up the Senators sounds so hollow...

Martha McSally's tweet is hilariously ironic.

Right Matters Video

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 24, 2020

Fox is so sure of Trump's innocence, so certain of the brilliance of his lawyers ...

Orange Julius just tweeted the new Space Force seal

ACLU @ACLU We need the Senate to pass the Equality Act NOW

Don't forget Lev Parnas feared for his life

Trump's defense is on a Saturday which is a "ratings graveyard" - to which I say...

Interesting tweet about the reaction to Bernie retweeting a compliment from Rogan

The most shameless man in American politics... and the award goes to... *drum roll*

Caligula once warned his Senators...

Children of H-1B Visa Holders in New Jersey Can Get In-State Tuition


Question for DUs Constitutional Experts

"Take her Out"

Pompeo always ALWAYS defends his State Department team, ALWAYSDAMMITLADYLEAVEMEALONE

Inherited guns?

Thinking about dropping Xfinity and getting an antenna. Anyone using a DVR to record OTA programs?

Powerful earthquake strikes eastern Turkey

tRumps whining tweets about Saturday 'ratings graveyard'

Recommendation- Modern Love on Amazon

America's Radioactive Secret

Send Moscow Mitch a Message & Send Him Packing

Seen in DC Trump 2020 bus

Actor John Karlen passed away recently

Witness intimidation is a federal crime! How come we haven't heard more about this??? nt

Agents recover stolen 500-year-old copy of Columbus letter

Ahem. We are expecting some royalties from this...

Bernie Sanders' Embrace of Joe Rogan's Endorsement Sparks Backlash--and a Backlash to the Backlash

Another good one

How is defying multiple subpoenas not obstruction?

Lancet: Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China

"Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again?"

Here I go, this may be the end of me, but Joe Rogan is not an enemy.

This is who Jay Sekulow is

Schiff calls out the Three Amigos. Make that 4 Amigos.

Excellent perspectives on U.S. involvement in the Middle East - Video interview

Osmonds/Jackson 5 parody - you cant judge a book by its hair (credibility gap)

Per Jim Acosta:They're going to go after Joe.

Heather Cox Richardson - January 23, 2020 - Letters From An American

Cop arrested for leaving 8yr old son in unheated garage 19 degree temp.

So Burisma is now the new Benghazi?

Pompeo threatens NPR's Mary Louise Kelly

Does anyone have a link to the "table of contents" of the Democrats opening remarks?

George Takei: Ahem. We are expecting some royalties from this...

It's distressing to see Chairman Schiff and the House Managers

Outrage as Uganda activist cropped from photo with Greta Thunberg

Is there any chance that Trump is going to be removed from office?

Went skiing today - did Trump actually make the "head on the pike" statement

Sanders supporters have weaponized Facebook to spread angry memes about his Democratic rivals

Joe Rogan

Coronavirus claims 15 more lives in China; first two cases reported in Europe

A question about the impeachment

The Onion: Rogan Endorsement Sends Dangerous Message He's Trying To Win Election

Racist ICE detention center (CoreCivic) captain has just been fired

Sanders Campaign Response to the Joe Rogan Endorsement

US border officers were told to stop Iran-born travelers, officer says

David Corn: The Main Trump Super-PAC Is Covering Up Its Own Role in the Impeachment Scandal

It Gets Better: Heartland Clown Testifying In Idaho Kept Referring To The State As "Iowa"

US fines Delta $50,000 for booting off 3 Muslim passengers

After A Dozen Years, Voluntary Measures Not Working On Lake Erie's Recurring Cyanobacteria Blooms

Exclusive Polling: Iowa Youth Poised for Historic Caucus Turnout

Exclusive Polling: Iowa Youth Poised for Historic Caucus Turnout - highest for Sanders

More people will be killed by guns in the USA alone this year than

Just wondering about court decisions

Adam Schiff's perfect shutdown of Trump's 'executive privilege' claims is mandatory viewing

Republican lawmakers personally made millions from their giant tax cut: report

The Cloud Over The Grammys: Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, Vote Rigging

So let me get this straight (so to speak)

COCKWOMBLE - an obnoxious and foolish person. Trump is a COCKWOMBLE! Love the word!

The Siegfried Line

Saudi Arabia 'planned to spy on Khashoggi's fiancee in UK'

America is an idea. God help us all if we abandon it. - Hakeem Jeffries

A Senator Wants Congress To "Unilaterally" Release Information On Jamal Khashoggi's Killing...

Republican senators should realize that voting to convict Trump...

The Democratic House Managers Succeeded...

Mitt Romney whines he's bored and doesn't care about impeachment because 'no one is watching'

Yamiche Alcindor: Parnas atty turns over hr long VIDEO of Trump talking about firing Yovanovitch