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There's just a TEENSY LITTLE PROBLEM with Dershowitz saying "I'm not a full-fledged member..."

This Trump tweet might as well be gasoline...

Can anyone recommend a good biography of the Dotard? Nt

A woman left the ER to find another hospital after a long wait. Two hours later, she was dead

The Question

Dog Finds Biggest 'Stick' Ever And Tries To Take It Home

Excellent Yale360 Video On Australia's Climate Predicament - About Five Minutes

Reminder about Impeachment regarding high crimes, misdemeanors.

Think of how intelligence falls on a bell curve.

Rudy Giuliani. Alan Dershowitz. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. Louie Gohmert. Jim Jordan.

100s Of Thousands Of Fish Killed In NSW's Macleay River After Rains Bring Down Ash From Fires

'You Have Not Seen Anything Yet,' Climate Activist Greta Says Ahead of Davos

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to end up with 51 seats.

Don't Worry, Humanity -- Selfless Billionaires Will Save Us All

Albuquerque tops FBI list for most stolen cars in 2018

Epstein introduced first victim to Trump when she was 14 years old

Albuquerque ranks among country's most dangerous cities for pedestrians

Demand a Fair Impeachment Trial

Sanders Leads Democrats in New National Poll

Maddow made history, as her Lev Parnas interview was the most-watched cable news program in history.

Republican Senators Maintain They'll Weigh All Evidence Before Carrying Trump Out On Shoulders

What do Jeffrey Epstein, O.J. Simpson, & Donald J. Trump have in Common? ⭐️WARNING⭐️

Tweet of the Day

New evidence shows frequent contact between Parnas and Nunes aide

Anyone ever experience sleep paralysis?

Embattled Rep. Matt Shea grabs the spotlight at Capitol gun rights rally (The Olympian)

DNC Modifies Qualifying Rules for Next Debate

watching Sen. Amy K on Seth and I just can't put my finger on why she bugs me

Police warn of highly addictive substance hitting the streets.

🐦 JAN 22 at 8PM CST - UNI Rally CANCELLED - Cedar Falls, IA

With all the evidence aginst tRUMP He would be found GUILTY in 10 of 10 court cases BUT

US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate.

Human behavior, unscientific poll.

My sugar free cheesecake non-fat instant pudding tastes like egg custard

Help for blocked post

did you hear there's a new season of Sex ed coming- so excited

Virginia's highest court upholds weapons ban at gun rally

Nationalist 'antics' or the future of the GOP? College Republicans are at war

Has anyone here experienced night terrors?

Wendy Williams mocks Joaquin Phoenix's cleft lip

Buffoons, idiots and rogues could bring down a president. It wouldn't be the first time.

iHeart Radio coins a new "The Two Bobs"-style euphemism for "layoffs"..."employee dislocation."

Pelosi on Real Time with Bill Maher season opener tonight at 10PM

Trump surrounded himself with yes-men who treated him like a cult leader.

Men discussed opening fire at pro-gun rally in Richmond, say officials

Richard Wolff on Capitalism, Socialism, Slavery, & Corporation

Did anyone catch Constitutional Scholar Dershowitz say Hamilton was a murderous VP?

Senators prepare for contentious Tuesday session that could stretch hours and could go behind closed

CNN tonight Alan Dershowitz has lost it .... BTW I am not a lawyer

i can barely pull myself away from these videos

In case you wondered what Rob Hyde is actually like...

*NEW* Survey USA (A rated) National Poll - Biden 32%, Sanders 21%, Warren 14%, Buttigieg 9%

Ukraine's Leader Rejects Premier's Resignation Over Leaked Audio

Paging Stormy Daniels...

Defying court order, DoJ holding back Mueller memos re: Kushner interviews

Sen. Martha McSally Won't Apologize To CNN's Manu Raju: 'Called It Like It Is'

Friday Talking Points -- Republican Senators Prepare To Violate A Sworn Oath

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! "Jay, Bondi, Rudy"!

Don the Con supporter Rep. Chris Collins sentenced to 26 months in prison in insider trading case

Who shot a federally protected bald eagle in Tacoma and left it to die?

Rachel's interview with Parnas has been made part of the officlal impeachment record.

Its very important that we contact our Senators next week about the impeachment of Trump.

HAYES said, in introducing Rachel tonight, transcript of Rachel's Lev interview is OFFICIALLY

Pilot arrested for writing racial slurs, pro-Trump graffiti at Tallahassee airport

Va. Supreme Court denies effort to overturn Capitol Square gun ban

@RepSwalwell Please master English first. Then we can talk about new languages. Maybe we can evolve

Op-ed: Sanders is worse than Trump on USMCA trade deal

Nunes aide communicated with Parnas about Ukraine campaign, messages show

Trump lashes out at HHS secretary after briefing shows Democrats leading on health care

Are cows better represented in the Senate than people?

House Democrat chases Trump crony out of UDSA

NYC to Rename Public Toilet After Trump

Sanders to headline Iowa event amid impeachment trial

Texts suggest Robert Hyde passed along details about Yovanovitch movements

Bloomberg's congressional endorsers grow to three

Former Rep. Chris Collins was sentenced 26 month in prison!

Minnesotans line up to cast first-in-the-nation votes in 2020 primaries

Hannity previews Trump's final defense: So what if he's guilty?

Biden gains endorsement from Alabama's lone Democratic House rep

Pelosi raises record $87M in 2019

WCPO, Cincinnati ABC affiliate and the Senate trial

jeff's tweet

NRCC scolds House Republicans to raise more money.

Democratic Governors Association raised $45 million in 2019.

When we elect a Democratic President


Bloomberg's transportation plan envisions walkable, transit-rich neighborhoods

Bloomberg viewed as having best chance to beat Trump in betting market analysis

Secretary Julin Castro Canvasses with Dr. Eliz Markowitz to flip HD 28!

Democrats plan major investments in state legislative races

Bill Maher is back tonight and Nancy Pelosi is a guest

US states sue Trump administration over drastic cuts to food stamp program

SpaceX test Saturday could be final one before firm carries people

Adopted dog's first night in new home results in heart-melting reaction

***Sunday night, MSNBC re-airing Lev interview.

I thought I heard Masie Hirono (D-HI) tell Rachel that Parnas had been subpoenaed (sp?)

Gretchen Whitmer speaks out on Mi. Sen. Peter Lucido's comments to reporter

Real Time with Bill Maher with Nancy Pelosi live stream.

Rain brings joy for Australian firefighters, farmers

Nancy Pelosi on Bill Maher now! EOM

Southern Man

A driver hit a pack of bicyclists and killed two. Her penalty? A suspended driver's license.

Life with the Liars

My nominee for most pretentiously silly word: "quotidian"

Hillary Clinton chides Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for tweet calling voting a 'privilege

XMM-Newton discovers scorching gas in Milky Way's halo

Evolving Energy of a Solar Flare's Explosive First Minutes Captured With New Radio Telescope

Royal carribean proves grandpa knew window was open

Donnie Cracks While Lev Talks Smack and Flynn Backtracks as McSally Cries "Hacks!" (Ferret/ShowerC)

National Archives exhibit blurs images critical of President Trump

If this is a repeat, it is worth seein again

Dems plan marathon prep for Senate trial, wary of Trump trying to 'game' the process

She didn't lose Bill, it was stolen!

DoD decides on camo space force uniforms because... there's shrubbery in space?

Antonio Brown's NFL career is done -- as it should be

Guys I still don't know how to make heads or tails of this Anthony de Caluwe thing

Oh great Nazi racists making guns and psychedelic sink drugs . A good combo Not

Groom Accused of Sexual Assault at Reception Gets Probation

Joe Biden is Still Against Legal Cannabis

The Daily Show - War in the Middle East: This Time It's Persianal - Trump Tweets in Farsi

They truly are evil.

Republican fundraiser gets 3-year prison sentence for fraud

'Wheel of Fortune' Host Pat Sajak Reveals He Bought Donald Trump Impeachment Pen

Dog Surprise Reunion with Prisoner Who Saved His Life

Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump's Doctored Photo, Man Arrested at Catholic Church

Ya gotta love photographs! Brian Williams has 2 (so far) quotes from 2 diff. DT buds who claim

DNC announces new criteria for New Hampshire debate

On this day 100 years ago, Prohibition went into effect

Kansas City radio station agrees to broadcast Russian-owned program

I have only 1 question for MAGAts at the Impeachment Trial.

Ukraine Clown Posse - Rick Wilson tweet

Joe Biden Up 11 in New 'A-Rated' @SURVEYUSA Poll

Susan Bysiewicz: Joe Biden for president

Friday Night Wish-I-Was-Buzzed; but I'm on call instead. Ask me anything.

#NEW California A Rated @SurveyUSA post-debate poll:

Liverpool at home vs. United on Sunday

Ken Starr and Larry Flynt

Aaron Hernandez's Alleged Gay Lover Describes Years-Long Relationship in Netflix's 'Killer Inside'

What about refrigerating the oceans

Aaron Hernandez's Alleged Gay Lover Describes Years-Long Relationship in Netflix's 'Killer Inside'

Joe Biden Reaches 50% Support from African Americans in New @SURVEYUSA Poll

"... Bannon called Nancy Pelosi "an assassin" after she checked Trump for lying..."

Dan Buettner on Amanpour this evening. I took to heart what he had to say.

Fists of Fury

We're getting about 6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.

Kenn Star

Disappointed that Maher, Meachem, other guest place more confidence in election than impeachment.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 1/17/20

Progressive group aims to turn Florida House blue; GOP says 'no chance'

Richard Wolff on Capitalism, Socialism, Slavery, & Corporation

Toyota to move Tacoma truck production from US to Mexico

Trump declared Open Season on Virginia Legislative Democrats

Study Traces Evolution of Acoustic Communication Back to 350 Million Years Ago

Trump threatened UK with 25% tariff on its cars unless it agreed to accuse Iran of breaking nuclear

Republicans are afraid

Millions Expected to Join Global Women's March on Jan. 18 to 'Act As A Catalyst for Political and So

Rick Wilson warns about Derek Harvey, Nunes aide.

Heather Cox Richardson - January 17, 2020 - Letters From An American

The Third Wave - It took five days

OK Call Hunter Biden Republicans - We Call Don Jr

WTF How has this not gone viral Racist Faux news Guest

Booze Brothers

Styx - Best Thing - 1972

BUSTED: National Archives caught doctoring exhibit to remove criticism of President Trump from women

Styx - Too Much Time On My Hands -1980


2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to getting a majority of seats in the US Senate in 2020.

Coyotes are busy ,Was Looking at guitar porn with boog the chocolate lab online

Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes

The Hooters - All You Zombies

Kix - The Itch

"But what about him?"

Pentagon loses track of $500 million in weapons, equipment given to Yemen

Bowie: Inglourious Basterds: Shoshanna Prepares for German Night

Shoshanna Prepares for German Night w David Bowie

Asian American super PAC endorses Joe Biden

Horny Toad

Sheila E w Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

Dammit boog do not try Jedi mind tricks on the man

Don't buy a pillow from this guy.

THE RAVYNS "Raised on the Radio" - 1984

When will my favorite band make the R&R Hall of Fame? The Detergents.

Im Afraid Of Americans David Bowie Trent Reznor

Help. Got burned by Verizon. Update

Im Afraid Of Americans David Bowie Trent Reznor

Will they do absolutely anything to get him re elected?

Tweet of the morning

Chess (1984) - The Deal (No Deal)

Chess - Argument

Happy Elijah Cummings Day!

Iraq's security forces kill at least two protesters in Baghdad

Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie - Woodstock 94

Where, oh where, has the gravitas gone? (Space Force Edition)

Dersh is going to make a fool of himself with his planned defense of Trump

Good night or good morning y'all...💞

Alan Dershowitz: "Abuse of power is not an impeachable offense."

Sad: JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Florida Supreme Court sided with Gov. Ron DeSantis in a legal dispute

Whataburger is giving away free weddings on Valentine Day

When you're at a WWII military exhibit...

"Let's Be Clear About Who Is Rigging What":

Police: Georgia men part of white supremacist group planning murder

San Francisco Giants hire 1st female coach in MLB history

Gov Pritzker today signed the License to Work Act, which eliminates driver's license suspensions for

New Chinese virus 'will have infected hundreds'

Breakfast Saturday 18 January 2020

Bernie Isn't Trying to Start a Class War. The Rich Are Trying to Finish One.

We're playing with Evel knievel stunt cycle ,It's snowing here how about you were gonna sled later

Storm, flooding misery follow bushfires in Australia

Trump administration abruptly moves hundreds of immigrant hearings out of San Francisco

Teenage girls attack mother outside Union City high school, family says

Trump warns Iranian supreme leader who called him a 'clown' to be 'very careful with his words'

Let's be clear: at this point, Alan Dershowitz is a "constitutional scholar" in th same way that

The Guardian: The red wall is cracking: Buttigieg gets ovation after expecting protests

86 year old robs a bank...

Mayor Lightfoot Makes Emotional Speech as Chicago City Council Debates LGBT Business Issue

Kentucky republican sponsors "fascist "Name and Papers" law..

California teachers sue after jetliner dumps fuel on schools

A hugely problematic choice...

Cat adapts to winter:

Weekend TOONs - Here, let me disappear those for you

Don't you feel grateful?

MSNBC reporting that some Republican Senators have "resorted to prayer" to get them

New Records Bare Extensive Links Between Devin Nunes Aide And Lev Parnas

RE: Abuse of Power as Impeachable

The origins of "Abuse of Power"

It's back to normal, here in Wisconsin!

FBI official expresses 'fair sense of worry' over Monday's pro-gun rally in Richmond

Huge 'hot blob' in Pacific Ocean killed nearly a million seabirds

Pete Zouza: "POTUS with a peach as opposed to an impeached POTUS."

Intellectually bankrupt!

Trump called his generals "Dopes and babies."

New records shine light on Florida oil tycoon's relationship with Lev Parnas

How Kanab UT Turned Back A Corrupt And Environmentally Destructive Fracking Sands Mine

What about torches?

Maybe tel your independant friends in California to register Democrat

Trump recounts minute-by-minute details of Soleimani strike to donors at Mar-a-Lago

Joe Biden Doubles Down On A Racist Myth About Black Parents

21 kids sued the government over climate change. A federal court dismissed the case.

Meet Derek Harvey. (Nunes staffer working with Lev Parnas)

Forecast for Richmond VA on Monday - s___storm.

An update on my rescued tomato plants. SUCCESS!

How Many Republicans Does It Take To Change a Light bulb?

The Rude Pundit: Trump Loses Any Time He's Judged Objectively

Barack Obama's Fault...

"Respectful attitudes after a relationship ends is mark of manliness." Wish culture would teach it.

Why did Trump pick Epstein's lawyers?

Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer - 30,000 ft View of the Trump Ukraine Bribery Scandal

'This is not how sequoias die. It's supposed to stand for another 500 years'

Kraptastic Kleptocrat-supporting Kochtopus targets almost 200 races in 2020

Ohio State doctor abuse investigation, suits have cost $9.8M

January 18 - Happy Birthday Rep. Debbie Mucarsal-Powell (D) FL-26th

January 18 - Happy Birthday Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) Atlanta

Barr dropped into Giuliani meeting at Justice Department in previously undisclosed encounter

Donald John Trump wants a "Show Trial".

The guy on the left just hired the lawyers who defended the guy on the right.

Faux News Breaking: Are gigantic rats overrunning LA? 🐭🐭🐭

Joe Biden to Campaign in Indianola Today....Go Joe....😎🎨🦩

Fogive me, but I don't understand..

When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran's Defenders

Ron Reagan Goes Scorched Earth On 'Traitor' Trump: My Dad Wouldn't Have Voted For Him


Five current Repub Senators who thought abuse of power was an impeachable offense.

Yesterday and today

Man takes out garbage and ducks into shed as Moose investigates

Trump trying to rile up the MAGAt gunners:

Why Bernie Sanders' Arabic Social Media Posts Matter

kitten vs malamute

Rachel is on AMJoy

''We need to get our country back on track, and Bernie is the leader to do it.'' -Jeffrey Sachs

''We need to get our country back on track, and Bernie is the leader to do it.'' -Jeffrey Sachs

Pro-gun activists threaten to kill Virginia state lawmaker over bill they misunderstood

Rosenstein 🐍 leaked the Strzok / Page texts to the press, late night court filing says

"No, your Honor, YOU'RE out of order!" . . . Please come CAPTION Alan Dershowitz!!!

Audience Roars As Adam Schiff Criticizes Meghan McCain On Trump's Impeachment

Joy-Ann Reid to headline MLK Day event, Nashville, Jan.20

U.S. Space Force Utility Uniform -

You raised $271.69 on January 17, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Kid glitches and dad resets

What's the name of the song playing while Whoopi Goldberg's dress is caught in the paper shredder...

Jeffrey Sachs, the Susan Sarandon of Economics

What do you do with a dead chemist?

more than 80% 0f Black Americans view trump as racist. 90% disapprove of his job performance

Jan 20 - Bernie Sanders to attend King Day at the Dome event in Columbia, SC

Jeeeeeesus! The information about Barr and his power on AM Joy right now is

Winter storm brings heavy snow, ice to Midwest, Northeast

Records reveal concerns of deceased GOP redistricting expert

The National Archives, literally the keeper of history, "photoshopped" photos of anti-trump protest

The biggest con job of them all...

Jill Wine Banks is wearing a "hear no evil..." 3-monkey pin!

I was held in place by Dixie this AM

Incoming US Senators from 2020 if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Is there a Republican that Lev Parnas didn't take a photo with?


GOP senator who calls impeachment a 'hoax' says Democrats are too biased

Trump's team announced yesterday a witness in impeachment proceedings

Star Wars Rise of Resistance at Walt Disney World

Not just a recipe: Shrimp Curry A La Zephyr Wright

Dark money ads show same phony constituent complaining about 11 different Democrats

Senate Democrats should file a motion with Judge Roberts to have GOP senators dismissed,

What is Andrew Yang history as a registered Democrat?

49ers General Manager John Lynch Named Executive of the Year

U.S. Supreme Court takes up presidential Electoral College dispute

Missouri court permanently blocks key part of voter suppression law

Ukraine: Remember, this is the second scandal and coverup by the entire Republican party.

Trump has attacked federal unions. Now, for the first time, he's trying to bust one.

It's cool to kill foreign leaders in a third country because they say bad things about us.

Civil rights groups battle Trump in court to block legally dubious Census data grab

Myanmar, China ink deals to accelerate Belt and Road as Xi courts an isolated Suu Kyi

Jesus on the dashboard - To test her faith, woman drives into oncoming car

Susan Collins gets public shaming

Space Force unveils service uniforms with camouflage design

Space Force unveils service uniforms with camouflage design

Impeachment lands Sen. Collins in familiar spot: crosshairs

After base shooting, Pentagon restricts foreign trainee access to guns

MLK had his "Letter from Birmingham", but Sanders has his "Letter from Burlington"...

Kansas City radio station agrees to broadcast Russian-owned 'propaganda' program

Why only Biden can beat Trump.............

U.S. will work to determine if ex-ambassador Yovanovitch was under threat -Pompeo

When your ship is sinking, there comes a point where you must abandon the ship.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

LGBT activists say new bills target transgender youth

Congratulations AM Joy! 1/18/2020

Latest polls (RCP)

Rev. Barber: "I mourn for Trump."

Reservations brace for winter storms amid slow recovery

The Big Picture

AG Barr: I want him indicted, convicted and then imprisoned.

WTF? Bloomberg, who's older than Biden, is suggesting Biden will be a "lame duck" because of age

SPACE FORCE is going to have its own SONGS too. They are working on it.

Taliban aim to sign deal with US by end of month: report

Rough seas delay escape test for SpaceX crew capsule

SC Justices taking up bans on state money to religious schools

Police: Georgia men part of white supremacist group planning murder

2020′s first big test? Not Iowa, but a tiny Texas House race

The Republican case for Joe Biden......interesting....❔❔😮

Who The Hell Had Lev And Igor Arrested - Trump Has Been Screaming For A Week Now

Many of our older presidential primary candidates

2020′s first big test? Not Iowa, but a tiny Texas House race

Trumps Economy

Bernie believes that racism is a reaction to economic anxiety. This lame excuse ignores rich Trump.

Where does Astros cheating rank in scandals? Ask Pete Rose

Breaking: USN to announce their 4th Ford-class aircraft carrier to be named after Dorie Miller

A Lost in Space Force for a Lost in Space country.

Smerconish said that the Rs underestimate Hunter Biden

Two former Vermont governors attack Sanders over scuffle with Warren

Iowa Postal workers Local 44 Endorses Sanders

Next Ford-class Carrier to be Named After Pearl Harbor Hero Doris Miller

Writer M.C. Beaton has died

Maybe our enraged and decompensating president will spill the beans on everything.

What do you call a group of chubby babies?

Which candidate do you think Trump fears the most?

Trump to India .... It is not like you've got China on your border

Biden's birthday tweet to Michelle Obama yesterday:

Navy to name new aircraft carrier after Pearl Harbor hero Doris Miller

Iowa Postal Workers Union Local 44 Endorses Bernie Sanders

The Senate Trial: This is what is really on trial.

Facebook apologizes after vulgar translation of Chinese leader's name

Lisa Page just responded to the Rosenstein news:

That map Trump uses is of course fraudulent:

Defiintion: Alan Dershowitz

Info for Warren and Sanders supporters on Twitter re: bots (UPDATED)

Move 9 member Delbert Orr Africa freed after 42 years in prison

Bernie Sanders airs ad aimed at women

Bernie Sanders is planning to join the Seacoast Women's March today in Portsmouth's Market Square.

Bernie Sanders is planning to join the Seacoast Women's March today in Portsmouth's Market Square

Anti-abortion group reveals $52M budget to help Trump, Senate Republicans in battleground states

A seasonal change in Texas politics, as November trumps March

Joe Biden accepting Freedom Award from National Civil Rights Museum in 2018,

Meanwhile, they defused a 2200 bomb in my city

Bloomberg now has 1,000 workers for U.S. Democratic presidential campaign

Joe Biden Doubles Down On A Racist Myth About Black Parents

Beto and DLCC president Jessica Post canvass for Eliz Markowitz

Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show in 2009 - explaining the need for banking regulations

Rod Rosenstein says he made call to release Strzok-Page texts

Pelosi should uninvited Trump to give the State of the Union speech.

Trump privately detailed the Soleimani airstrike to donors at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser

Food for thought.....what if tRump is removed before November?

🔥 LIVE: Bernie Sanders - Seacoast Women's March

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Breaking: Queen: "Harry and Meghan no longer working members of the royal family"

My question about the pic of Rudy, Parnas, and Fruman.

Public option vs Medicare for all

O. M. G. - Reality meets sitcom - former GOPer guesting on MSNBC, and "Seinfeld's" George Costanza

LIVE: Bernie Sanders Seacoast Women's March

Harry and Meghan will no longer use 'His and Her Royal Highness,' Buckingham Palace says

Exciting news about projected turnout for November 2020!

The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles - This is as close to abdication as it gets

Man found $43,000 in a secondhand couch. ...

Trump lawyer dismisses photos of the president with Lev Parnas, other evidence

Cool VOtE meme...... and a couple more 😁

If Billionaires Paid Their Fair Share Of Taxes America Wouldn't Have A Homeless Problem

Analysis: New text messages put Devin Nunes on the hot seat

Wow, "Rosenstein" is trending at #9, and not even *one* tweeter is defending him, not a one

Fed judge has granted North Dakota Republicans the ability to block Native Americans from voting


Henry Cisneros throws support to Joe Biden....Go Joe..😎🎨🦩

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

Some history concerning the Socialist Workers Party, The Iran Hostage crisis, and Bernie Sanders

Biden Leads First Post-Debate Poll By 11 Points Over Sanders, 18 Points Over Warren

LOSER45 to his Maralogians: "Who the hell cares about the budget?"

'Take your letter and shove it': Rep. Ted Lieu sends fiery response after Devin Nunes threatened to

With governor's reprieve, man released after murder-for-hire

The US National Archives: We made a mistake.

Nurses, caregivers announce strike at all Swedish Hospital branches

Supreme Court to hear Washington case of 'faithless' electors

'Shove it,' Rep. Ted Lieu tells GOP colleague Devin Nunes in response to lawsuit threat

Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Trump's economy is an absolute disaster for people and the planet

It's a NEW letter to Trump from 9 year old Dylan, whose friends call him "Pickle!"

Anyone counting on the election as the salvation better be fighting 24/7 for election security.

Court portrait of writer of notorious slave ruling reviewed

Records reveal concerns of deceased GOP redistricting expert

This can't be what the founders had in mind, can it?

Court Tosses Landmark Climate Change Case Brought On Behalf of Youth

The cost of Sanders' agenda -- possibly $60 trillion -- would set a peacetime US record

IMF boss says global economy risks return of Great Depression

Question for our people in the know here!! Anyone got the answers?

Interesting Iowa Voter Sentiment

Frontier Tells Creditors It Seeks a March Bankruptcy

Famous last words to a relative you'll never speak to again.

Thousands gather for Women's March rallies across the US

Okay, I know I'm older than dirt, but why do folks online misspell girl as "gorl?"

Cartoons 1/18/2020

AZ-SEN: McSally dismisses calls to apologize to CNN's Raju for 'liberal hack' comment.

ME-SEN: Poll shows Collins displaces McConnell as most unpopular senator

ME-SEN: Democratic group plans mobile billboard targeting Collins on impeachment

Facial Recognition - A Test of Google's Image Search

As a researcher who studies college sexual assault, one of the most common questions I'm asked is,

Sanders and Warren haven't spoken since debate clash on sexism allegation

Andrew Yang's wife, Evelyn Yang, calls for 'big structural change' at 4th annual Women's March

Daily Kos: McConnell readies nuclear option for shielding Senate trial from public view

OAS human rights expresses 'deep concern' over Colombia spying scandal

Buttigieg takes dig at Sanders working 'for years' in Washington

Quiz: which candidate agrees with you on the issues?

Barack Obama's own words about Joe Biden

📸 Lunch Break

Congressman Colin Allred backs Joe Biden for president in front of Dallas visit

FBI announces new policy to give election officials 'timely' notification of cyber breaches

"Assume Putin decides to RETAKE Alaska"

US vows to invest 'billions' in Colombia's countryside to combat drug trafficking


Amy Walter: Wisconsin is Ground Zero


..Look to post # 16, Republican Values.."not getting caught"

Medellin's homicides finally dropped in 2019, but what about the 294 who went missing?

Amtrak pressed to explain why a conductor asked a Maryland lawyer to give up seat

Discuss amongst yourselves...

Harry and Meghan no longer allowed to use the royal

Beautiful harmonies and genuine skill on their instruments

Dear leader 1140am twitter account

Who's a Royal and Who's Not a Royal?

I saw a great lecture today on how technology encodes racism.

My daughter and her husband went to Women's March

RecentRCP polls including National,Averages,States and Betting Odds... Enjoy!

Ida Mae

Will Iowa have a Tribute/Protest vote?

LOL! Perfect

Susan Bysiewicz: Joe Biden for president

Harry and Meghan no longer granted free admission

Tweet of the Day

The Queen's Announcement about Harry and Meghan

Amtrak Asks 2 People Who Use Wheelchairs To Pay $25,000 For A Ride

Unkle - Eye for an eye

Ted Lieu tells Devin Nunes to 'shove it' after Republican colleague threatens lawsuit

Senate GOP Mulls Speeding Up Impeachment Trial

Harry and Meghan visit the Home of the Whopper

some encouraging news out of South Carolina

Kansas City Radio to Broadcast Russian Propaganda

A dog gives birth to a green puppy, now named 'Hulk.' Here's the science behind it

Poll: Why was space force created?

Gee whiz

Seth Abramson's brilliant suggestion on how to get Lev Parnas on TV and under oath NOW

Harry and Meghan no longer allowed to use throne

Great news because if something happens to meghan

For you naysayers that claim Republicans have no sensible response to global warming, Mr. Rand Paul.

ha ha! Portuguese President almost yanks trump out of his lift shoes with a power handshake

Jane Sanders returns to NV next w/e to meet with @SEIU1107 and speak at @BattleBornProg

Trump Is Trying To Whip Up MLK Day Violence In Virginia

Having a dog -- SO worth it ❤️

TSA apologizes.. agent pulled Native American woman's braids and said "giddyup"

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seats will put Democrats in the majority in 2020?

Economist Rosenberg Warns Spread Between CCC, BB Is 'Canary in Coal Mine'

Guy Devotes His Life To His Paralyzed Pittie

Crippling Newfoundland, Canada, Blizzard From Bomb Cyclone Smashes All-Time Daily Snow Record

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren brings campaign back to South Carolina this weekend

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 18, 2020

A message for the anti-American Trump cult

Queen: Harry and Meghan still a Royal pain in the ass

FBI arrests reveal shocking details in case against former Canadian reservist Patrik Mathews

Melvins - A History Of Bad Men

"one minute to live, sir", Trump shared details of Soleimani assassination at Mar-a-lago fundraiser

Former Republican U.S. congressman Collins sentenced to 26 months for insider trading

Buttigieg tries to recapture Iowa magic

New criteria announced for New Hampshire debate

Fun as all. 😁 You want some irony???

Naughty Pug Discovers How To Lock His Sister In Her Crate

Change for a Dollar

Tweet of the day:

John Kerry on activism - and the need to fight climate change

🔥 🔥 🔥 Troll level: Master Ninja 🔥 🔥 🔥

repubs need to be on the couch, RADICAL ACCEPTANCE, tune in

Women's March in Ketchum

I am so old that....

Seth Abramson...

House Lays Out Case for Trump's Conviction Days Before Senate Trial

Glenn Kirschner's take on Lev Parnas' decision to go on Rachel (from Joy Reid's show)

Marijuana must be legalized.

How to copy Twitter link inside a post?

Capt. 'Sully' Sullenberger: Like Joe Biden, I Once Stuttered, Too. I Dare You to Mock Me. (Part 1/2)

Art Buchwald: We've heard it all before.

Warren Picks Up Key Iowa Endorsement

The American people chose Hillary Clinton...

Trump, who wanted a TV legal team, is 'distracted' by impeachment trial, source says

My underwear was on...LOL

Emptywheel: Kevin Downing Was "in the Loop" of Silencing Lev Parnas on October 8

Why doesn't anyone call him "Don?" Nt

2020 US Senate Election- A 51-49 Democratic US Senate-

In it's brief House relies on several pieces of new evidence that have come in since the impeachment

Trump's finances appear shaky, opening up more opportunities to buy presidential 'favors'

Trump team response to House brief:

Trump Team Response (Clown lawyering)

Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video, calls it a lie

House Democrats say Senate must 'eliminate the threat that the President poses to America's national

fun pre-birthday video - NH "candidate cafe"

Something to keep in mind re Alan Dershowitz:

We took cardboard Bernie to

BONDY: Trump's Lawyers & others were updated about Parnas up until the day before his arrest -Why?

The Village Genius: Astonishing Photos Of Soviet Life Found In An Abandoned House (7 BW pics)

A second horse has died at Santa Anita Park since the beginning of the year

Rudy Giuliani wanted to sell the license of NYC's only public radio station when he was mayor.

Midwestern Seminary prez accused(!?!) of asking MO Gov to accept more refugerres

When you have a government agency altering public images to appease

Impeachment managers release trial memorandum detailing why Trump must be removed from office

OKay, NOT a harry&meghan thread...BUT ... lmao


Ghost - Cirice

Molly Crabapple: Today I drew @BernieSanders's town hall in Exeter, New Hampshire

Ron Wyden Shocking memo, Saudi government helping fugitives flee US justice system

Trump throws pity party over being "great" and "belittled" in new Rucker "Stable Genius" book

Maybe it's a coverup..............Maybe it's Maybelline

With Respect To All The Pictures Parnas Has With Trump, Trump's Family, Administration Officials ...

Demand A Fair Trial