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Dogs Who Are Guilty AF

Here we go again. Sanders - Clinton redux.

Bulldog FREAKS OUT When Reunited With Parents

Lev Parnas on why he flipped: 'I Felt Like My Family Left Me'

The look on this dog's face when her favorite cat is grooming her 😍

Anyone here try Intermittent Fasting?

Trump-Democratic US Senator and Biden- Republican US Senator states after November 2020.

(Another) Dog abandoned on a desert island is thrilled to be rescued ❤️

Senator 'Sanjew'?

Lev Parnas started working for Fred Trump, when he was only 16 yrs old.😳

Warren gets endorsements from over 100 Latino leaders.

Lev sings for Rachel Maddow, here's a playlist:

They are conspiring in the Oval Office right now:

It's funny that Rudy G. has gone under ground since the Parnas bombshell dropped!

Georgia election server showed signs of tampering: Expert

Woman Sets Up Cozy Little Home For Opossum To Spend The Winter In

Susan Collins' remarkable 5-year journey from 2nd most popular Senator to LEAST popular. #ETTD

I just watched the Trump tantrum from ealier today!

Judge upholds ban on weapons at gun rally in Virginia

Here are your friends, Donald Trump.

SnoozeFest 2020 💤

Kelly Holds Big Cash Lead Over McSally

A New Hampshire state lawmaker switching support from Warren to Klobuchar

I Am So Proud Of Our Democratic Leadership!!


mf45 wants to bring back prayer in school? All muslim members should bring their rugs and pray

Lev Parnas is on anderson cooper right now

Parnas is in LIVE with Anderson Cooper CNN

Florida Supreme Court Rules People With Felony Convictions Must Pay Off All Fines And Fees Before Vo

Evelyn Yang: I was sexually assaulted by my doctor when I was 7 months pregnant.

Bloomberg Proposes 'Fire Corps,' Double Wildfire Spending

AZ-SEN: Mark Kelly heads into election year with big cash lead over Sen. McSally

if #fatdonnie is not removed from office-I fear the America as we know it is over...even before 2020

Bloomberg makes his case to Dems on Capitol Hill

Unlocking P(V): Reagents for chiral phosphorothioate synthesis of nucleic acid based therapeutics.

Diego the Tortoise Retires After Helping to Reproduce 2,000+ Baby Tortoises

With no honest brokers left at State, Justice, etc...

A good day as a lawyer.

Democrats try to expand House battlefield by targeting six more districts

Stephen Miller Hurt At Being Passed Over For Job Stalking Female Ambassador

Meet Officer Mader: Fired For Trying To Do The Right Thing

Hispanic Democrats give Bloomberg camp warm reception

The President is lying about American casualties overseas.

Three Mothers Occupy an empty house in Oakland for 2 months are evicted with armored vehicles

Here's your Texas 2020 March primary ballot

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 17 January 2020

We need a new WPA

How John Roberts will approach his role in Trump's impeachment trial - PBS NewsHour

Ignorant people should not be voting

Who did this?!

Proposed Book Banning Bill in Missouri Could Imprison Librarians

Jill Biden tries to close the deal for her husband, one tiny Iowa town at a time

Texas Democrats launch largest voter registration campaign to hobble GOP's grip on the state

Trump is so corrupt I suspect a crap load of damning October surprises

'It's so bad': How Warren and Klobuchar are navigating sexism

US 2 fully reopens over Stevens Pass after days of heavy snowfall

Sanders climbs, now tied with Biden among registered voters: Reuters poll

Florida Lawmakers Strip Phrase "White Supremacy" From Bill Condemning White Supremacy

NBC: Two New Hampshire state reps switch their support to Amy Klobuchar

Snopes is raising funds ahead of 2020 avalanche of misinformation

@chrislhayes.... it's his blankie

Thought for today--8 words -1 sentence.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! "Jay, Bondi, Rudy"!

Pa. House Democrats accuse Speaker Turzai of making votes on defeated bills disappear

The Era of Fed Power Is Over. Prepare for a More Perilous Road Ahead.

If Sanders becomes the nom

Ted Lieu says Nunes threatened to sue him over criticism

Martha McSally is a RW POS

Maddow right now-- Part 2 of Lev Parnas Interview

Poll: Almost equal number of African Americans open to voting for Biden, Sanders

11 U.S. troops were airlifted for treatment of treatment for TBI as Trump tweeted "ALL IS WELL!"

Parnas: Trump is not like organized crime; he's like a cult leader. And he became much more powerful

We love cartoons, but we miss the great ones posted in the Economy group

Bernie Sanders: President Trump is playing the ''blame game.'' (NYT Interview)

Davos 2020, Trump Could Have Awkward Encounters With Greta Thunberg, Zelenskiy, Soros And Others

Tweet of the Day

NEW SENATOR APPROVAL RANKINGS: @BernieSanders retains his spot as the country's most popular senator

Donald Trump says he doesn't know Lev Parnas. Parnas says he has pictures with Trump

2020 US Senate Election- Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Just left our monthly Democratic Party meeting

A new day

FBI visits Robert Hyde's home and office after he's swept into Ukraine scheme

Putin's ministers were not told of resignation plans in advance

Sanders-Warren: An Alliance, if Not a Close Friendship, Suddenly Fractures

Progressive groups are uniting to call for a truce between Sanders, Warren

Nancy Pelosi gave out souvenir pens after sending impeachment to the Senate -- & Republicans are POed

New Hampshire Emerson Poll - Sanders 23%

Rachael Maddow is the best interviewer ever. ny

Massive oil refinery leaks toxic chemical in the middle of Philadelphia

Voting Starts Friday

Looks like there'll be another room temperature hamberder spread at the White House tomorrow.

where was this inteveiw? Is that a hotel room or an office?

"This Is Pretty Bad. Rudy Strikes Again": Inside Trump's Whack-a-Mole War--Gabe Sherman, VF

Trump:"I never knew the guy"... except when you gave consent

Earthquake-damaged buildings cripple Puerto Rico

Florida lawmaker backs Bloomberg

'Repent or die': Panama: 7 killed, 14 tortured in exorcism terror rituals

US troops were injured in Iran missile attack despite Pentagon initially saying there were no casual

US troops were injured in Iran missile attack despite Pentagon initially saying there were no casual

Two important questions no one is discussing re Parnas, let alone asking Parnas directly:

'It's heart-wrenching': 80% of Blue Mountains and 50% of Gondwana rainforests burn in bushfires

LA county's new $300-Million$ voting machines have over 40 violations

Trump Stays Up All Night with Sharpie Crossing Out Lev Parnas in Photos with Him

Election Update: Two New Polls Show Biden's Upside Scenario

Hong Kong Express Airways sorry for making woman take pregnancy test before flight to Saipan

A nuclear research facility is about to open in Everett

Billionaire Oil Magnate Funded Travel by Lev Parnas

Did Parnas just implicate Lindsey Graham?

The Mayor of Barcelona Proposes Ending All Flights to Madrid

When Trump says to disregard Parnas because he is under indictment

Lev Parnas is much more credible than any of the high level Republicans involved in this scandal.

It's just so freaking frightening and so simple.

They're All Dirty.....

I hope Rachel has many more hours of interview

Parnas on Biden:

Christopher Tolkien, Keeper of His Father's Legacy, Dies at 95

Former Vermont Governor: Sanders 'will play dirty'

New Emerson NH Poll: Sanders 23, Buttigieg 18, Biden 14, Warren 14, Klochubar 10

Former Vermont (Democratic) Governor: Sanders 'will play dirty'

New Reuters National Poll: Sanders 20, Biden 19, Warren 12, Bloomberg 9, Buttigieg 6

How Come Igor Fruman's Name Or Involvement.....

Hawaii dems mess up minimum wage AGAIN darn it...

Poll shows Collins displaces McConnell as most unpopular senator

Dan Rather: "A classic Russian ploy is to sow division and distrust between natural allies."


What Separates Sanders From Warren (and Everybody Else)

Twenty dollars to Joe

11 U.S. Troops Hurt In Iran Missile Attack

Did anyone notice a tremor in Chief Justice John Roberts right hand?

Washington Supreme Court OKs lesser version of carbon cap

Exclusive: Evelyn Yang reveals she was sexually assaulted by her OB-GYN while pregnant

Does your candidate support the USMCA?

Ryan Montbleau Band - Songbird

Miami Herald: Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders is worse than Trump on U.S. trade with Mexico

Luckovich: We have a verdict!

Man goes on rampage at Bloomingdale's.

Why didn't Rachel or Lawrence discuss Ukraine's announcement of opening a criminal investigation of

MSN Daily tracking poll shows Voters Support Conviction and Removal in Senate Trial by 17 points!

Anyone here try intermittent flashing?

Georgia election systems could have been hacked before 2016 vote

The Daily Show: Senate Impeachment Trial & Lev Parnas's Maddow Chat/Here Are Your Friends, D. Trump

Lev Parnas reminds me a little of Michael Cohen.

Seth Meyers - Speaker Nancy Pelosi Announces Managers for Trump's Impeachment Trial - Monologue 1/15

Seth Meyers: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Talks Democratic Debates, Ambassador Yovanovitch and Trump's Trial

Susan Collins surpasses McConnell

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 19, 2020 - You're My Inspiration

Grammy Award winning song: Calle 13 - Latinoamrica

TCM Schedule for Monday January 20, 2020 - Overlooked African American Performances

My shunned life as a Conspiracy Theorist is finally paying off. nt

Putin's entire govt quits, but it is not on the news, why?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, January 17, 2020

South Korea should coordinate with U.S. to avoid 'misunderstandings' when engaging North: ambassador

I attended another private fundraiser with Joe Biden tonight

(Jewish Group) NJ pizzeria fires manager who went on anti-Semitic tirade over day off for Rosh Hasha

(Jewish Group) FBI arrests 3 suspected neo-Nazis who planned to bring weapons to a VA pro-gun rally

(Jewish Group) Vandal paints swastika on stairs of NE synagogue, then takes a picture of his work

Rand Paul still wants Republicans to call Hunter Biden to testify

(Jewish Group) Italian police arrest suspected synagogue vandal caught on video

Sesame Street's "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other" game, special Muppet Lindsey edition

Colombia's anti-government protests to resume on January 21

Parnas said he is speaking out because he is afraid of William Barr

graham all up in the Ukraine drug deal

Bernie Sanders's Foreign Policy Is Too Evidence-Based for the Beltway's Taste

roody joolany put out a statement that he's dumpty's

Dark Side of The Moon - Time, Breathe (Reprise)

Republicans boost Sanders in bid to revive discontent from 2016

So, Homeland Security decided to restart their color code Advisory System with a few updates

Trump threatened UK with 25% car tariffs unless it agreed to accuse Iran of breaking nuclear deal

Sanders climbs, now tied with Biden among registered voters: Reuters poll

This Is Really Not Good - Not Sure How To Put It Here My Friends


Mother Dog Found Tied Up In Park Finally Has A Real Home

Just donated to Mark Kelly again....she is a sick repuker

The world is drowning in debt

Heather Cox Richardson - January 16, 2020 - Letters From An American

Is there a way to watch the full Parnas interviews online?

This is how we make change

Michael Moore on Trump, Baseball, and Lying

Televangelist Acton Bowen Sentenced To 1,008 Years For Sexually Abusing Children

Ukrainian PM Resigns

McSally Your Friends Do Crimes - The Press Reports Your Friends Crimes - They Ask For Your Comment

Sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off, but the answer is yes.

Three from North Texas Wind Symphony/Adams/Schubert, Uchida on piano

Here's what I think Hyde did

They are all tied together. It started with the 2016 GOP convention

Russian state-media refuses to report on Parnas-revelations. (And what that tells us.)

CBS Overnight News/Explanation why Ukraine funds held back.

Nancy Pelosi on "Real Time" tonight.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/16/20

I did not know that Allie Willis had died....

Stealth Disease Likely To Blame For 20% Of Worldwide Deaths.

Pete Buttigieg is an undercover CIA agent according to a new conspiracy theory

Does anyone here remember Maude Frickert,

Curious how they date this January 17th.

"everybody was in the loop." Trump must be convicted and removed from office

Iran's supreme leader calls Trump 'clown' in rare Friday sermon

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Friday TOONs - Because They're Not "Pretties"

When Republicans say "Elitist" they really mean "Smart".

Breakfast Friday 17 January 2020

"Bannon whispered to colleagues, 'She's going to get us. Total assassin. She's an assassin.'"

Trump May Be Even More Unpopular Than His Approval Rating Shows

The astronaut and the fighter pilot........

Good morning nerds 😆

If anybody really wonders why Parnas came forward, just look at what happened to Epstein

Happy 98th Birthday Betty White!

WaPo-IPSOS Poll. 8 out of 10 Black Americans think Trump is a racist

🐦 JAN 20 at 4:30PM - Des Moines Rally with Bernie Sanders and Iowa Campaign Co-Chairs

Why Trump, McCarthy seem so eager to side with Bernie Sanders

14 with church ties named in Alaska misconduct review

WikipediA Poll Agregation as of 1/15 & 1/17: Biden 26.7, Sanders 19.5, Warren 16.7,

Bishop Talbert Swan: Trump - 3558, Obama - 0

JAN 20 at 2:45PM - 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum with Sen. Bernie Sanders

America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump

Another goofy statement from Senator Rand Paul!

➡️ January 20 - 2020 Iowa Brown&Black Democratic Presidential Forum

Anderson Cooper Roasts McSally for "liberal hack" smear of Manu Raju

Intuitively obvious to the most casual observation.

Happy 98th Birthday to Betty White!

Trump and His Aides Focused for Now on 2 Rivals

Republicans cannot save the Republic and are a real threat to our national security.

Don't worry, Arizona...

FWIW, Evan is a big Sanders supporter...

''Playing the Race Card''

BC Hydro Describes "Colossal Waste" At Site C Dam; Costs Up From $6.6 To $10.7 Billion

Don't Expect A "New Normal" - Expect Unprecedented, Disastrous And Lethal Climate Events

Here's where we're at: US Ambassador Marie Yovanovich was surveilled and stalked

Lev Parnas does not want to go the route of Jeffrey Epstein:

Hong Kong airline forced Japanese woman to take pregnancy test

Australia Has Always Been On Leading Edge Of Warming; It's Now Entering Utterly Uncharted Waters

Janis Joplin - 1968

China reports 2nd death from virus behind pneumonia outbreak

So the White House says Parnas has a credibility problem.

The Rundown: January 16, 2020

Pick of the Week: "Rom: Dire Wraiths" #1

The origin of Superheroes: Spike (Marvel Comics)

Meanwhile, outside in Minnesota:

Missouri Republican pushes bill that could jail librarians for handing out 'inappropriate' books

Let's play a game: Can you name a book or movie...

What kind of perfect phone call would you get impeached for?

7 killed, 14 tortured in Panama exorcism terror rituals

Trump lied again.

Gladys Bourdain, Who Helped Her Son Reach an Audience, Dies at 85

They voted for trump and all they got...

House GOP Meets To Talk About How To Talk About Global Warming ("Innovation!" "Carbon Capture!"

Fascism. Communism. Totalitarianism. Trumpism.

He can be impeached again.

From the Rucker/Leonnig book: Trump bellowed "You're a bunch of dopes and babies" at generals

The Pardon Conundrum


BAS - Why Is Blackrock (Ostensibly) Going Green? Returns On Energy Stocks Might Show Real Reason

Joe Biden boosts Super Tuesday case with Sewell endorsement.....Go Joe 😎🎨🦩

From the Rucker/Leonnig book: The reason Tillerson called Trump "...a fucking moron."

Google owner Alphabet becomes $$TRILLION$$-dollar company

Who tipped off Lev and Igor

Biggest food brands 'failing goals to banish palm oil deforestation'

Dare we hope: some GOPers misled

The Long, Glittering, Empty History Of Greenwash ("You Don't Need To Change A Thing, Citizen!")

'Rachel Maddow Show' Hits All-Time High With Lev Parnas Interview

They took his legs at Kent State 50 years ago, but not his heart: Paul Keane

Wyoming: Images of the Equality State

W?T?F? Owner Of 3 KC Radio Stations Will Begin Daily Broadcasts Of Russian Propaganda (Sputnik)

Trump to top Generals: "You're dopes and babies..."

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Wide, Wide Open...Four Way Tie in Iowa with Billionaires Ready Down the Road

'It was going for my throat': Florida python hunters wrestle invasive snakes

In the Year of our Lord 1651...

Oh, sweet Mary in the morning! Read this! WaPo

"She's going to get us. Total assassin. She's an assassin."

"Herewith I name the maggot the national animal." . . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

What is the "On the left" on the home page about?

US housing construction jumps 16.9% in December

Barr Is Just As Guilty As Trump

Benjamin Wittes: The deep staters are coming!!:

Little deer meets little human.

California Congressman Harley Rouda Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President

President Obama wishes his FLOTUS a Happy Birthday!

I'm sure it's been said a million times, but

DU help please didn't Trump write a letter to Lev Parnas thinking him for his help in 2018?

Dershowitz and Starr for the defense - they just named WH defense team:

It' the new toast! With your champagne!

Barack Obama's "Happy Birthday" to Michelle!

Lev Parnas sings!

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls Trump a 'clown,' defends Iran's military

Ivanka Trump's Sister-in-Law Karlie Kloss Says She Voted Against Trump in 2016 and Will Again

Pic Of The Moment: I Think I See Where This Is Going

Interesting prediction on how primaries and election will go down.

Trump adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to impeachment defense team

How 'bout it? Gym Collins, Doug Jordan, and all the House Clowns? Part of Trumps defense team?

GOP senator attacks government watchdog for doing its job

Warren and Bernie try to move on as conflict shakes 2020 primary

Rep: Terri Sewell: Joe has a special combination of vast experience, respectability and authenticity

Flipping the Texas House: Inside Democrats' effort to turn a red state blue

In China, Birth Rate Falls To Lowest Level In 70 Years

Conservative Supreme Court justices prove they don't really care about free speech

Believe it or not, I'm insulted by Trump's legal team.

I'm not watching the senate "trial"

Cyber is a whole thing?

Pic Of The Moment: Meet Donald Trump's Top New Impeachment Defense Lawyers!

Eric Trump's wife Lara mocks Joe Biden's stutter

There's a reason for the seemingly-impenetrable GOP wall in the Impeachment

Eartha Kitt was born on this date-

Trump and Bernie Are HUGE Where It Counts!

Steve Earle has a birthday today.

It's not a bug, it's the feature.

Tiedrich FTW: "imagine being such a loathsome piece of shit..."

Australia's Fires may have shifted the conversation on climate

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate races Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate.

Trump says Democrats are rigging the election against Bernie

Monica Lewinsky reacts to the news about Trump choosing Ken Starr for his legal team:

This is why AAs are determined to vote for the most electable candidate, to deny Trump another term.

Democrats stop betting on a Biden implosion

On the road for Joe Biden, John Kerry seeks to rekindle his Iowa magic,,,,Go Joe... Go Kerry...😎🎨🦩

Barr is on drumpfs defense team - just not specified as its a given.

Guess who said this in Nov: "Sondland's bombshell testimony is evidence of impeachable offense"

William Barr was responsible for Jeff Epstein's safety.

I just found the weirdest tRump meme -

Barr Is Going After Trump's Enemies One by One

Check out these InfoWars assholes trying to start shit with a cop.

Medicare For All: It's about empathy, math, and morality

Joe Biden slams Mark Zuckerberg as 'a real problem'

I love Frankie Bergstein!

U.S. will look at sudden acceleration complaints involving 500,000 Tesla vehicles

Jill Stein makes the "American Loons" web-page...

Quick...let's have the House add an impeachment charge for the Stormy Daniels payoff.

Powerful Sculpture Reflects the Heartbreaking Impact of School Shootings

Why discussion boards are far superior to oral conversations:

11, she was 11🕯️

Adam Shatz: Trump is 'neo-infantilist' - from "Too Important to Kill"

Sanders can't win

New Biden TV ad "Who Joe Biden is" - featuring the words of Barack Obama...

Trump tweets minutes ago: Dems unfair to Bernie, rigging election, Pelosi giving edge to Sleepy Joe

I want to thank President Obama

Trump talking about Ken Starr: "he is totally off his wacko...lunatic...freak..."

WOMEN'S MARCH 2020! Sat., Jan 18th!

For anyone still wondering about Trump's intelligence and judgment, here's a "tell".

Radio Host With Ties to Trump Campaign Suggests Charging Security Barricades at Richmond Gun Rally

Colorado antique store owner under fire for racist merchandise

Bernie Sanders, most popular senator, 4th quarter Morning Consult Poll.


Trump's proposed legal team not as partisan or divisive as his House defenders

Trump just now called himself a "son of a bitch"

AAPI Victory Fund endorses Joe Biden

nice WBUR (Boston NPR) article on Pete's political evolution at Harvard

Your daily reminder of who Pam Bondi really is (she's on Trump's impeachment legal team)

Sanders should respond to Trump by affirming party unity & ridiculing Trump AND conspiracy theories

Trump Screamed At Pentagon Leaders And Told Them They Were 'Dopes' And 'Babies'

Pompeo Denies Knowing Parnas Or Anything About Yovanovitch Surveillance

Gas and coal fading as wind and solar grow

Wind & Solar Power Will Dominate 2020 In US, Despite Trump

Republicans Just Vote To Remove Him Now - You Don't Need To Go Through The Grinder

Big Mood (Twitter Video)

All The Loop Has To Do Is Stick Together - Stick To The Same Story And.....

GOP Sen. Facing Tough Election Takes Trumpy Victory Lap After Calling Reporter A Hack

Which of the remaining contenders and his or her surrogates has run the most positive campaign

Migratory Lake Dolphins Return to Hagerstown City Park.

The Netherlands has universal health insurance -- and it's all private

Jeff Tiedrich on Donnie Dimwit's legal team

Trump was impeached for extorting a foreign government into lying about his political opponent.

Virginia AG urges justices to prevent tragic rally violence

If you're a progressive or whatever label you use,

"They want to impeach the son of a bitch"

I'm a one-cup-of-coffee-a-day guy currently on his second cup.

US states sue Trump administration over drastic cuts to food stamp program

Josh Chafetz: "Pack of wolves. Pod of dolphins. Murder of crows. Shrewdness of apes."

The Senate is going to acquit Trump come hell or high water.

I voted NO because the future of our planet is more important than the short-term profits of Exxon

About that 2018 Meeting Between Warren & Sanders...

Trump judge lashes out at a transgender litigant in a surprisingly cruel opinion

Which of the remaining contenders and his or her surrogates has run the most negative campaign

You know what sucks most?


OK OK OK....

Fecal iceberg.

1952 World Series final game right here:

Disney Drops Fox Name, Will Rebrand as 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures

Who loves you baby? No better welcome than from your dog.

Brazil's culture secretary fired after 'coincidentally' quoting Goebbels

Obama Center constantly receives barriers for its being built. Seems shigiddy to me!

Wasn't Dersowitz Tied To Epstein?......

250 pages. 37,500 words. Not a single damn mention of ''climate change.''

The age of Arctic sea ice

'Lord of the Rings' protector Christopher Tolkien dies at 95

A bombshell just dropped on the MLB cheating scandal:

Latin Americans are one of the UK's fastest-growing groups. So why aren't they recognised?

Trump's new impeachment defense team has been on Fox News over 350 times in the past year

Everyone's focused on Starr and Dershowitz, but for me, the real audacity is Sekulow and Bondi.

As much as my heart goes out to her

The rethug administration forgot to mention one member of their defense team: Barr

You raised $270.00 on January 16, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Former San Antonio Mayor and Hud Sec. Henry Cisneros Endorses Joe Biden

See all the new impeachment evidence relating to Lev Parnas

This pretty much explains today's world

I hope Laurence Tribe is continuing to consult with House Impeachment Managers. He's on it:

Shit ya can't write

Why are there no honest members of the Trump Administration?

Trump on Ken Starr, 1999: "A lunatic... A disaster".

I wonder . . . . . .

Is the media about to have a conniption fit over Bernie Sanders?

Facebook Political Ads: Which States Are 2020 Democrats Betting On?

Hyde speaks - holy shit, he's even dumber than you might've expected!

How many of you grew up with one of these in your home?

I'm hoping Trump adds Bill Barr to his "all-Starr" celebrity impeachment defense line-up

I encourage people between 18 and 39 years old to vote in their primaries.

Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova: guess where their son works?

Great op-ed in the NYT: "Trump's Evil Is Contagious"

Border Agents Turned Away 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome And Heart Condition

Submissions for January Photo Contest will close

Trump's LSU victory celebration @ the WH: "You got a good POTUS & they're trying to impeach the SOB"

538: Biden within 1 point of Sanders in IA & NH, 3 points ahead in NV, 21 ahead in SC

Since repugs want to follow the Clinton impeachment map, let's get Trump to testify for four hours.

Hillary: Take your primary vote seriously

Trump and his key impeachment defense attorneys all have links to Jeffrey Epstein.

A big oil pipeline heads our way: Canada's high court rebuffs B.C.

A big oil pipeline heads our way: Canada's high court rebuffs B.C.

Oh please let this happen for entertainment value: Rudy says he might be a witness at senate trial

Ex-White House Ethics Chief Calls McConnell A 'Perjurer' After Senator Takes Impeachment Oath

Some random pixs for Friday---

The younger folks tend to support Sanders

Royal flush: The power of Donald Trump's toilet politics

Suddenly Trump has lost enthusiasm for his trial

Barack and Michelle....

I have a question

Hidden cameras capture misinformation, fundraising tactics used by anti-vaxx movement

Paris Louvre museum closed amid strikes over pension plans

Machu Picchu damage tourists deported, banned for 15 years

Paris Louvre museum closed amid strikes over pension plans

Paris Louvre museum closed amid strikes over pension plans

Twenty something cashier at my market: "I wish I was born sooner so I could've seen those old bands"

Seth Abramson...

JAN 18 - Unidos Con Bernie Soccer Tournament and Caucus Training - Des Moines

Today and this weekend are going to be BIG weather days

Evangelical nonprofits trying a new strategy with the IRS that allows them to hide their salaries

CDC screening passengers from China at SF, LA, NYC airports--new virus

Toyota to move Tacoma truck production from US to Mexico

I really did not expect

4 changes coming to Social Security in 2020

I can name three of the greatest journalists who define what journalism is.

On Michelle Obama's b'day Trump admin proposes school menu change for more pizza and fries

Trump admin considers changes to 1977 law prohibiting US companies from bribing foreign officials

If there were Political boundries 300 million yrs. ago

The Deep Sea: This is absolutely fascinating!

If Dolt 45 is so innocent...

Lara Ttump mocks Biden's stutter.

Bellingham area still digging out from wintry blast

An accused rapist will present the Cons oral argument on senate floor...

This Was Biden's Best Week of the Whole Campaign....Go Joe 😎🎨🦩

So I'm driving down the road

Deaf man sues PornHub over lack of closed captions

Tweet of the minute 😁

Hackers Are Coming for the 2020 Election -- And We're Not Ready

Trump hires Dershowitz, another visitor to Epstein's orgyville

On Ken Starr...

Nuestro Futuro. Nuestra Lucha

Nuestro Futuro. Nuestra Lucha

Trump allies draw up plan to limit damage from impeachment trial

Great story about Babe Ruth being involved, as a pitcher, in a no-hitter and near

NYT: 19 Women Accused a Gynecologist of Abuse. Why Didn't He Go to Prison?


'Never heard about this at all': Pompeo says he knew nothing about alleged Yovanovitch tracking

Free Admission to State Parks: Washington

Tongue Boy Trump and his screaming assistant:

Ask Wheaton, Illinois how that worked out for alcohol...

Brazil's Culture Minister Fired After Echoing Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Chief

An Impeachment Trial That Could Unfold Out of Public View

I loved the Lord Of The Rings And All Things Tolkien

Cartoons 1/17/2020

Drag that piece of shit out of the White House

EXCELLENT timeline re: Parnas, Giuliani, Yavonovich, et al on Twitter

No more 20th Century Fox!

Lindsey Graham Says Lev Parnas Is 'Crooked As a Snake' After Evidence Disclosure: 'I Smell a Rat

WH staff DIDN'T want Trump to pick Dershowitz

Repent or die, they say

Joe Lockhart: What should we name the legal team?

How an Anti Sexist Candidate got cast as Sexist

Trump's Racist Demagoguery Only Works, Says Sanders, Because Too Many Americans Feel Establishment

BREAKING: Alan Dershowitz Distances Himself From Trump Legal Team: 'I'm Not a Full-Fledged Member'

Pence urges Senate Democrats to flip on impeachment in op-ed

DB: When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran's Defenders

re: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime..

Court Tosses Landmark Youth Climate Change Lawsuit (damn)

Brazil's Culture Minister Fired After Echoing Goebbels

Beautiful New Bernie Sanders Ad Is A Must-Share

Winter storm takes aim at northern tier, bringing blizzard conditions, wintry mix

"Everything You Need To Know About The Current State Of Major League Baseball..."

Trump Again Denies Knowing Lev Parnas Despite Video And Multiple Photos

So I asked a #MAGit how do you further divide a 50/50 nation?....

Biden: Tech's liability shield 'should be revoked' immediately

My heart stopped yesterday.....

Well if the people are buying tears I'll be rich someday ma

Biden In 1974: Women Don't Have Sole Right To Say What Should Happen To Their Bodies

11,500 People Evacuating in Dusseldorf, Germany as another WWII Bomb Discovered

Closing arguments

Joshua Gone Barbados

You'll never find a more wretched hive of villainy and scum.

Have your views on abortion changed?

It's raining in Australia!

Breaking: SCOTUS agrees to hear Faithless Elector case

white House Considers Changes to Law Banning Overseas Bribes

Dipshit's inspiring speech to LSU

(Jewish Group) Simon Schama on Auschwitz and the new anti-Semitism

1/16/20 episode of Evil: what the

'You're a bunch of dopes and babies'

Biden leads in post-debate California poll

Are taxpayer dollars paying for trumps huge defense team?

NEW post-debate SurveyUSA CALIFORNIA poll: Biden 30%, Warren & Sanders 20%, Buttigieg 8%

Justices Will Hear Trump Appeal In Birth Control Case

Joe Biden has something to say about FB and Zuck. And, it isn't nice... 😳

Sudan Archives - Paid

New from Vanity Fair: "Not A Joke: Trump Is Looking At Making Bribery Legal"

White House Considers Changes to Law Banning Overseas Bribes

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz Expected To Join Trump Impeachment Defense Team

Pete Buttigieg is thinking big about religion and politics

"Hillary" Documentary to debut March 6 on Hulu

Boeing discovers issue with 737 Max flight computers, source says

Joe Biden's long evolution on abortion rights still holds surprises

The lunatic is defending the lunatic

So, Alan "I Kept My Underwear On" Dershowitz Is On The Trump Legal Team. I Guess Trump is still

Baseball - Tony La Russa had a sign stealing camera in the 80's. (Palin supporter)

Intriguing on the Michael Cohen docket.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 17, 2019

After more than 48 hours of silence, Pompeo says State will investigate possible surveillance of ex-

Klobuchar Pushes For Bill To Lift Protections For Wolves

I took a candidate matching quiz online and I agree with Donald Trump...

When You Can Vote in Your State's Primary or Caucus - AARP

Great Biden video:

Head of IMF Says Global Economy Risks Return of Great Depression

Would it be a good strategy to get the Chief Justice more involved with the trial?

Chris Collins sentenced to 26 months in prison!

The Master Plan

Tweet from Joshua Collins, candidate for Congress in Washington's 10th District.

Senate GOP weighs accelerating the pace of impeachment trial, making it "far shorter" than Clinton's

Notwithstanding extremely stiff competition, GOP Senator Joni "Pig Castratrix" Ernst has

Gun safety groups call off MLK Day event [larger event still happening]

Change the ending of a classic movie. At the end of Their Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy says "There's

NRA continues its public sponsorship of this event in Virginia which appears to be a magnet for...

Top 2020 Democrats to face Iowa voters in CNN town halls one week before caucuses

Rachel Maddow Makes History With Record Ratings For Parnas Interview

Val Demings is being pushed as VP candidate.

Better Call ending after 6 seasons....season 5 Starts in Feb this year.....

digby: Quid pro quos all over the place

"I think Ken Starr is a lunatic"

Pierce: Of Course Trump's Impeachment Defense Features Alan Dershowitz and...Ken Starr

John Fugelsang: About the Starr-Dershowitz-Trump-Epstein connections:

'The Truth: Trump's Economy Is An Absolute Disaster For People and The Planet,' Joseph Stiglitz

01/19 Mike Luckovich: Batman working overtime.

US court dismisses suit by youths over climate change

Pete wins important NH endorsement

I received a letter from americans for posperity today (they don't deserve caps)

Biden to NYT: "You all declared me dead... I ain't dead and I'm not going to die"..


Butt slap leads to arrest warrant of Odell Beckham Jr

**Friday night news: Another Lev Parnas document dump tonight w/ link to files

Our primary candidates who are Senators will be pulled off the campaign trail while

White House hopes to derail Congress' threat assessment briefing

Citing Murder, Top Trump Official Condemns N.Y. Sanctuary Policy


Bondy (Parnas attorney) is a master troll.

If Biden gets the nomination....

Here's why Elizabeth Warren didn't run for president in 2016

Do attacks on your favorite candidate make you more or less likely to support him or her?

Trump again denied knowing Lev Parnas. So Parnas' lawyer posted more robust proof.

Ted Lieu shares letter from Nunes' lawyer threatening to sue him - and his response

2020 US Senate Elections from Safe Democratic to Safe Republican.

Judge sentences Chris Collins to 26 months in prison

Trump to roll back Michelle Obama's school lunch rules on vegetables, fruits

Day in Impeachment: Senate issues a summons to President Trump

This little dog hiding from the train

Biden surrogates make stop in North Augusta.....😎🤩

Absolutely terrifying.

Guy saves hummingbird's life

What type of example do you wish to set for your children?

More pizza, fewer vegetables: Trump administration further undercuts Obama school-lunch rules

Texas Gun Control Advocate Prevented From Getting Free Locks

Lengthy text chain showing extensive coordinating between Parnas and Devin Nunes's aide Derek Harvey

well, well, well, lookie here:

Geesh! Just got off the phone with a survey. A long survey that I finally hung up.

''Let's be clear about who is rigging what ... ''

How Did Humans Come to the Americas?

Alan Dershowitz is full of shit.

Ex-RNC Chair Exposes 'Un-American' Hypocrisy Of GOP Senators In Donald Trump Trial.

Dog Finds His Favorite Toy After Family Loses Everything In Australian Fire

Who Decided to Put 60 Seconds in a Minute?

Another benefit to Universal Healthcare, no more Workers Comp Medical Ins

'You're a bunch of dopes and babies"

Nonbelief Relief will Continue IRS Challenge

Tucker defending Bernie?

Donald Trump's Long, Strange History of Using Fake Names

Why the Hell is Jeffery Toobin still on CNN..

Is it Nunes' time in the barrel?

Question on Barr!

N.M. Gov. Grisham calls for recreational marijuana legalization

NM Gov. Grisham calls for recreational marijuana legalization

Field of Vision - In the Absence

US to screen airline passengers from China for new illness

Iowa Democrats treat Warren-Sanders dust-up as 'Who cares?'